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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Memorial Day is a time to honor all of the brave men and women that made the ultimate sacrifice to serve this country. During the American Civil War, our nation lost 750,000 Americans, in WW2 we had over 400,000 deaths. This is why we should be angry when people trash America. Also, in his continued effort to provide transparency President Trump has given the green light to AG William Barr to declassify everything so that the American People can see how the Russian collusion hoax was perpetrated against him. Later, we need to send a message to the media that we are a movement; the new Thomas Payne's. We're going to spread the word, just like the Reagan revolution and the Tea Party, that we want our freedom of the press back. The Democrats have to stop fighting against the principles that matter to us. True freedom of speech will prevail long past our modern media. Finally, Rep Chip Roy calls in to discuss his no vote of the $19 billion disaster relief bill. He opposed it because it did nothing to address the emergency at the southern border.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now, two hundred and seventy fifth year hills is a truly independent institution where learning Surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale further sponsorship now run only underground, boughs, with a hidden somewhere under a brick and steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader of an here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, one. Three, eight one one well Monday is memorial day. We call this memorial day weekend.
It is a very, very important time. Coming away, we call a holiday, but I guess we do And Time to remember and honour all the people who died serving the United States, armed forces. And people going to the United States armed forces for one reason and one reason only to protect our liberty, our sovereignty. And our constitution, we, the people. And some people make a career out of it. Then they don't try other things where they can get super rich. Are super famous. Of a quiet life They prepared in one form or another one way or another to defend us. And we men and women all over the world do exactly that. Some among come back.
Some of them have not come back threat history, this country. We ve had citizens have stood up and fought for this country. Even look at the Revolutionary WAR went on for a long years. Brutal punishing war The worse people remember there now taught about in school, family suffer, they love lose your loved ones and very, very difficult. And really, I think, the best of us the men and women to go and that a military going to law enforcement. They really are, And so before we get and all the other stuff then at the end of the programme at the beginning of the programme. Many of you in the cars
they're here wherever. I want to start stoner. The men and women who have perished. Defending us in the United States military. As always do wanna, give some perspective historical perspective here, about the Americans who died in verse. Wars who are on it's not a holiday, and it's not happy. Memorial day, it's memorial day to somber day. The civil war, one thousand sixty one sixty five estimated seven hundred and fifty thousand deaths, not what you think about that four and a half years: seven written. Fifty thousand deaths there about twenty five million people in the country. World war to nineteen. Forty one to forty five over four hundred and five thousand deaths. Well, war, one!
over a hundred and sixteen thousand deaths than we were. Therefore about eighteen months. The Vietnam WAR over fifty a thousand deaths. The korean war. We were there. Three three and a half years over fifty four thousand deaths, american revolution. I went on for over eight years, twenty five thousand deaths. About half of them on british prison ships, the war eighteen, twelve? Does anyone know what that is had taught in school anymore? I doubt it fifty! thousand deaths the MAX american war over thirteen thousand deaths. The Iraq war. Forty five hundred deaths, the Philip in american war. Forty two hundred deaths.
The spanish American WAR twenty two hundred deaths, the worn out Understand over twenty two hundred deaths and their many more. Many more when you look at certain specific battles that took place in Korea in Vietnam, in world war, two And where one there, evolutionary war and the civil war. This is why my guts to get turned inside out when I hear people on tv and radio trashing this country who have sacrificed nothing, nothing, wonderful, Americans, white, black, latino,
asian gentile, Jus, muslim atheists doesn't matter Americans. Assimilated into an american culture Putting their lives on the line so weakened live free. So unappreciated today we reinforced patriotism in our schools. We certainly don't reinforce patriotism and colleges and universities, stead. We have american haters, his tenure professors. Giving graduation speeches it and why you and other places, parasites. Living off the carriage of these men and women. Instead, politicians, largely in the Democratic Party. Some of serve some habit.
Trashing, our history trashing, our country. People in the media doing exactly the same thing. It's appalling. Its appalling people have given the ultimate sacrifice that are not living anymore: somebody's father, her husband or brother or sun somebody's mother, her sister, her daughter. That's the point: a memorial day Memorial Day week and all you folks in your cars Ex listening to me, it's important that we keep this in mind, significant country with a magnificent beeper You truly are, despite our politician, despite our universities and the media. Are they
Ben its founding in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech, digestive hailstones college in primacy is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published a nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job issues like free speech, the regulation of big tech don't illness and the American Medical insurance system and because
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So fifty hours off, your first set a sheet plus free shipping at ball on branch, dotcom with promo code mark. That's ball, and Branch B, O L, L, ball and branch dotcom pro mark did. I was off balance Start COM, promo code mark. Now the present in the United States. It's doing something that's actually quite important. He's dead, classifying everything Made it to the lead up of the coup attempt. By the Obama administration. And all of a sudden, the democratic, don't want transparency. They went every word every line of the Mulder Report, even though they have ninety nine point. Ninety nine percent of it right, but they one more fine, but when it comes to this we're gonna we're gonna hurt you know, there's you can't do that. My back! I can't do anything,
What the president said today ass? He was leaving the White House lawn for Japan. Cut six, go what have we very transparent? So, as you know, I was everything they want. I put it under the auspices of the authority. Generally, it's gotta be a charge of. It is a great gentlemen at a highly respected, then, so everything that they needed to be classified they'll be able to see how this, how the Alps, or which started why it started, was a had attempted to attempt to take out of the president of the United States, never ever Aphrodite body of its very important people asking me to deep last five for a long period of time. I've decided to do it learn a lot. I hope it's gotta be nice, but perhaps it will be. This coup language signed,
we started here on this programme, because that's exactly what its been I didn't then the term, but we introduced it into our society. More cut, seven go even now. Let's stop right here, so we have a reporter all doesn't want. No anyway, why can. We trust attorney general bar. I mean that democratic said you know that concerns about him. So she she's in the media sosius concerns they have concerned. She has concerns, therefore something she's for something these people out of the closet and its A pretty sight. Go ahead.
The question is so falls and so phony the attorney general Lebed. Here, let me explain his journey. General is what are the most people in this country and he has been for a long period of time is going to look at a lotta documents. Zombie might find interesting, maybe I'll find not interesting, but for over a year people of ass we see classify. So what I ve done is I'd, be classified everything he could look and I hope he looks at the UK and I hope he looks at Australia had. I hope he looks at you pray. I hope you have said everything, because there was that was perpetrated on our Godfrey. Its greatest is being its greatest. Stop there listen to her yelling at him. Try interrupt him. She asked the president. The question is not finished.
And she wants her question, which is the question at all to be up front. Paramount because she's a Democrat, progressive, sir? trot activists, that's what she is She won't even let us finish without yelling at him. Go ahead I probably in the history of our country, somebody has to get to the bottom of it. We'll see, but for a long time of time they wanted me to, if had I give it I want to remind you of something this has actually been an issue for a long time on this programme. Back on March, fifth, twenty seventeen. Fourteen months ago started pulling together exhibits of leaks to the media. They talked about her on the radio programme. Then
fox and friends repeat heads her parent she's me, who is terrific just based on the public accounts in the newspaper. They didn't expect anybody to sit down and put all the puzzle parts together. They just thought keep trying to tear down the present the United States. Hate him smear him. So I pull all this information together. And I want to tell you I spoke about this. And I came under brutal attack by virtual every one of the Democratic Party media outlets Handful of my colleagues in this business defended me. Ok, in defend myself, Your produce will die for two weeks. That's why we did and we push back. Not knowing what's taken place, knowingly, information. That's come out! No thanks to the media.
Knowing what the president said today, I want to take you back fourteen months. Go ahead, MR, but is the evidence, is overwhelming this is not about. President runs between this is about your boss. Administrations, spying. The question is whether it spied we know they went to devise the court twice. The question is: who did spy on extended spying at is the trunk camp. The tron transition Trump surrogates and I want to walk you through that's. The american people exist, one exhibit one. This is all public headstrong. Two separate sources with links to the counter intelligence community have confirmed that the FBI and was granted a farm in town, Surveillance court: this is fine in October you encounter intelligence permission to examine the activity of quote. You has arisen in Donald Trump campaign
eyes for Russia. Let me go on since it me You say the first vice request sources say named: Tromp was denied back in June denied by the court, but the second was drawn more narrowly and was granted in October after evidence was presented, a server possibly related to the trunk campaign and its allies. Links the two banks now sources suggests that they face a. Why was granted to look at the full content of emails and other the documents that may continue as persons vinyl people are hung up with trumps worldwide. What have they get access to the server information as a really matter? If it was wire, having electronic surveillance or whatever it was ignored. To the guardian. I well known right wing british papers, Here it is called the guardian has learned the FBI applied for a warrant from the foreign intelligent surveillance court over the summer. In order to monitor for members of the trunk, you suspect irregular contacts with russian officials, open minded
going a presidential election. The president. The incumbent party is now investigating the presidential candidate of the Republican Party and his campaign to some extent a fighter. But turned down the application asking f b I can't or intelligence investigators tomorrow, it's as I one report. The FBI was granted a worn in October exhibit three Michael. Another well known right wing newspaper here they have agencies, headline FBI, five, other agency, other Obama, administration agencies, probe possible, covert crumble Aid to drop the FBI, I have other law enforcement intelligence agencies have collaborated four months in an investigation into russian attempts. Towards the November elections, including whether money from Kremlin, Only eight presidential, like Donald Trump too,
familiar with the matter said. The agencies involved in the inquiry are the FBI, the CIA, the USA, the Justice Department the financial crimes enforcement that work and presented and the director of the national intelligence? A? U turn A Barack Obama didn't know it was mine as local agencies. As you. Ok, you go on back on. I need to make the case The media seems to be confused about our own reporting Times another other no liberal outlet interest russian communications, part of inquiry into Trump Associates January. Nineteen, guys leading the investigations aided by the other, the CIA Treasury departments, financial crimes unit, They gave have accelerated their efforts in recent weeks, but found no exclusive, conclusive evidence around to listen to this. One very well said: intelligence reports based on some of the wire tat, indications provided too
the White House, this the New York Times, and we know that or another right wing out that Japan, China, times again and ass it gets more latitude to share intercepting communications in the final days of the Obama administration Illustration is expanded: the power the USA to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government's sixteen other intelligence agencies in for applying privacy protection Why would they do this on the way out the door? Well March? One Exhibit six administration rushed to preserve intelligence. A russian election acting in bomb administrations last days. Listen to this sum! Why house of fish? scrambled to spread information about russian average undermine the presidential election and about possible contacts between associates and present a like Trump and Russians across the government. I'm not done
eggs. Seven New York Times Flynn is said to have pop the Russians about sanctions Trump took office. What word they get this information well You know the vice a gourd there always monitoring the the russian ambassador, and so how do we know that? Maybe they are maybe they're, not there's an awful lot of other activities to where we have Washington Post one more Washington Post Marge. Second, you Investigators have complex attorney general sessions with Russia officials. During the time he was advising Donald Trump campaign, the folk so the? U S, Counter intelligence investigation, on communication between Trump campaign officials in Russia. There's no this. Korea, involving sessions, is examining its context while serving trumps foreign policy adviser in this the boy and summer, twenty sixteen bring on for a year now lie that was actually twenty. Six months ago, two years and two months
accurate. Wasn't it MR producer? national treasure. He really is, and I will play the final two minutes: box and present trends and outside this PETE Hexes as a real national treasure. He really is, and I will lay the final two it's her. So when we return I'll be right back folks, many of our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and how What is good, but sadly many have lost their way locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism, thankful
There's hills Del College, since its founding in eighteen, forty, four hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety and his hailstone enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple and yet profound to help students understand what is no blossom best in yourself and the World Hills Del colleges, liberal arts, education and vibrant campus community help students form a foundation for the rest of their lives, a truly life defining experience. So, if you're looking for a college that prizes learning and values, intellectual enthusiasm,
Everyone shares a strong sense of meaning and purpose welcome to hills, they'll college, please visit hills, they'll, Don T, you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more, that's hills. Dale Don T, you slash admissions little over a minute. This is how that discussion of the exits, Foxen friends twenty six months ago ended go ahead. I'll carbon argue that this new at this investigation, which was on russian, so called russian hacking. But now the White House, as this morning, will be broadened to looking into executive ovaries. How come we are equally way find something that I don't They are they got in October, whether the Obama administration, spied on the request, pain or transition, or certain limits surrogates. The issues, the extent of it they want for a second time, they were so aggressive. They waited for five months ago, back in October, we
before the general election, they narrow other request. All of a sudden. We have leaks coming out on Flynn. Then we have a horrible meeting that took place between sessions and so forth, and I'm telling you, as a former chief of staff attorney general, the United States in the regular ministration these police data No one! Ever Iraq Obama, you know every I just read you park apart from one or two, articles. You know, I know they're, not males papers, it's right. There Oh Barack Obama not only knew this, but he gets a deal. Intelligence briefing and let me tell you, something about Billy Intelligence briefings. If Europe, attorney general and you're FBI bona fide court They got a warrant twin The gate aspects of an opposition party in the middle of a general election campaign- If you want about the present United States knew that I don't want you and its which serve the farcical
It had been my second time saying at first on radio them there, and the third time was unhandy show. So I we broke that story. Other started jump in really good. Reporters like Solomon Carter, among others,. But I remember that day and are very proud of. And is it turns out, ladies and gentlemen, it was far far worse than I was able to know based on the accounts at the time. But I knew the leaking was coming out of the FBI had to be, to coordinate this other information relating to the Washington Post, leading to the New York Times League linking legal and that's? Why The New York Times and the Washington Post will not apologise because they were The cabal to try and unseat the President, the United States, before that, to try and prevent them from being present in the United States too. I wrote this
Can freedom of the press? I've had enough of it. And so is very, very important what the president did today. He declassified all documents. From twenty. Sixteen, on related to this scam that took place the greatest scandal: american history, the one the reporters not only covered up, participated in. No, no, not Russia collusion with the attempt to take out a president, And I want to congratulate the New York Times for leading the charge receiving all these leaks from the police state tax. The bad cops in the FBI? congratulate them. First, the slaughter, the Ukrainians, the slaughter of the Jews and other Flora, the constitution, unbelievable Back then, every human being has a common problem. How do I live well
Venus and well being depends on how we answer that question: Hills Doc. President Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm a key and ethics and new, free online course from hills. The college shares Aristotle's teachings that. Why help The most complete happy life possible register for this. Recourse Introduct, Aristotle's ethics, how to lead a good life During lessons from the greatest self help book ever written at Lavigne, for hills, they'll, dot, com, injustice and on demand videos each other. Thirty minutes long you'll, learn how to confront the chief obstacles to happiness and make the choices that bill good character. Aristotle presents a guide for securing a virtuous life, and if you take this recourse the Hell's, Dale and he'd Aristotle's advice, your life will change for the better. You can learn how to lead a good life justice. Every here The college student does it's yours for free.
Levin for hills down: dot com, that's avian flu for doubt that come hello. Everybody Mark Levant here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one. Forget Sunday, night life, liberty and live in ten dot m Eastern, some Pm Pacific guess what we're doing it's a special programme where Replace Sean Honeybees interview of me last Friday. And you can see. How well we do together question and answer session, and so for because we know each other so well and I think those of you who didn't see it. You really ought to check it out. Those of you who have seen- and I think you might want to watch it again. I shall also be onward: Judge Janine, a lovely lovely lady and smart, as can be.
That's on Saturday night on Fox, So we have that also fox and friends, Sunday I'm and keep track Wallace I will be on the nine, a M, our foxen friends, Sunday, ninety eight hour or so judge, Janine Saturday, night, foxen, friends, Sunday. Nine, a m our of course, my own show life liberty and live in Sean Hannity and me go out to do. And, of course, Saturday will be at the book rich New Jersey, one p That's tomorrow, heading up there to MAR with my wife. We will be there and if we look very much for the sittings, many views possible area. Donald Trump outside the White House. Today I mean he the media law, opportunities to question him than any present that I can remember
Listen to this one cut to go so the question is whether delicate what do you hope to accomplish with your personal attacks on the speaker. The speaker manoeuvres that about her personal attacks on the present. Coming from the media. That's pretty funny. I wept section in the bucket goes on five pages, long single space of what the media have called the present United States. I would include journalists, news hosts guests aid contributors is shocking. And so coming from the media. This is really precious. Don't you think, anyway. Go ahead
This is just how thick you and the news are. When you say what you say, a personal attack. Did you hear what he said about me long before I went after? Did you hear she made are about through? You may see a terrible things, so I guess we find guide. You think Nancy's. The same issue was maybe we could all say that, but I think I think rankling I think right now we are always speaking for myself. I want to do its bit for the country. I think Nancy Policy is not helping this country, I think the Democrats or from their wording our country very very badly. We can vary so many different bills right now, but all they wanted. Who is investigate because they failed with Robert Valor, the Mulder report. They want to try and get you over the Butler report. It doesn't work that way: that's it
I write any right. Now, as for ninety Pelosi, I believe something is wrong with her. I really do Maybe we need to bring in some psychiatrists to write a book about it. Some professors who can come in on it from, are, of course, that's the best way to do it. And so there was a montage Nancy Pelosi. Stammering, I believe, was put together by Lou Dobbs on the facts. Channel when some Like this cut one go, we had long took on the floor, chastity chastity and the border pitch border. Everyone had started: things sending signals the? U S, Mexico, Canada, it's not the accurate some people called after after some court after two point working together to make
that task that night. If we work for the staff with the three things, the three things, the three things, the three things were very busy people no one of the main. You know what that played. No one of the media attack the president. There are only goes one way. You understand It only goes one way where also Trump outside the White House today, this Yes, two important things. He signed a blow off
going to cut five. Mr producer go ahead for you. I don't know my Paul numbers are very good. You know, like the report of my boy, I guess we have a forty eight. Today we have a fifty one. We have very good all members sitting. I have to tell you. If you bring forward, gives great knows we have seventy three, maybe seventy five, but you don't give reducing effect, is with fake news, I'm still winning the election, but if you gave serious, do you suppose I probably be a seven year. Seventy five based on the economy alone, you see. The present is not only finding the Democrats he's having to fight the media day in and day out. You see that. The very interesting piece, the other day, the Fox NEWS website in the title is Jimmy costs to CNN role, further muddled by upcoming book. You can't
the difference between him and he paid pundit. Now you know we ve been saying this now for some time, and this is also a very important point in my book. But let's read this seen in White House corresponded. Jimmy cost is upcoming book on June. Eleventh. Raise eyebrows inside and outside the network's newsroom the odds we're. Gonna cost is being criticised by insiders and academics alike. For further blurring the line between being an unbiased reporter or commentator pushing his personal prospectus about I see this would Maggie have remained on the cable channels. She's The New York Times reported, and she pops often gives our opinion Alla time. I'm sorry, you gotta pick one side or the other, you news or you opinion. The problem is The overwhelming vast majority of so called journalists won't pick one side. A cost
book the enemy of the people, a dangerous time to tell the truth and american listener. How idiotic and hysterical at is how self serving that is. Comes out June. Eleven and publish your Harper Collins has placed a strict embargo on its content, while the book we kept under wraps until the publication date. A quick glance at the official description leaves little doubt that or paint the president in a negative light. A book is Build as the book as an ex, So first hand account of the dangerous exude me. I'm doing this for one Ike's closed a reading it on my Iphone of the dangers of cost of faces, reporting on the current White House, while fighting on the front lines impressed Trumps war on truth, as like enemy number one. We believe this guy. Is he reporting from around no. You reporting from China now his reply
from Russia now he's real, running from CNN Lafayette Parties he seven of course, meal every dinner I mean it is it's hilarious, Scripture coincides with the feeling that it costs. There is a grand stander whose button Empire is seen and in House Thorn in Trump side lead week was accused of being dishonest, while covering trumps immigration. Overhaul remarks, one haven't seen and employ told Fox that threats to Repression obviously be taken seriously. Reporters need to seek the truth. Report about a costume may no longer be right for the job. May no longer be right. He's a joke. Chemicals tat is a lot of times asking the right questions, but it doesn't always need to be about him at his grandstanding, the CNN staff reset people. Tired of cost is supposed to be a corresponding reporting. The facts
can't tell the difference between him and paid pundit. The sea and enter sent a cost, as actions have resulted in some I rolling around CNN the temperamental correspondents. Colleagues haven't thought too much about the upcoming book. If we I have to talk about Jim Acosta. We don't talk about Jim Acosta, they employ said, Report covers the White House for different news organization. Echo. Those sentiments support reporters even irredeemably biased once having. Just to the White House, but it costs should consider house behaviour effects. The rest of the press corps for there to be taken seriously report the news rather than to boot. Their own celebrity. The journalist told Fox NEWS and the condition of anonymity, frustrated reporters are the only ones concern about the idea of a White House reporter writing a book about a sitting president as some
and academia also have an issue with it. It would be who see an end to remove a cost that, as a be reported for the White House and instead simply label him as a potato analysed Paul university. Professor media critic, Jeff A call, told Fox NEWS: he could don't freak of the White House Press facilities and do a commentary from the White House, but in Europe responded should now provide the day to day news updates on White House goings on corner Professor William, a Jacobson told Fox NEWS: costa writing. An ant tied Trump book is not, pricing and simply compounds as pre existing conflicts. In a better world some over the cost is biased, wouldn't be on the White House beat. But these better times Jacob. Some said too many in the mainstream media view themselves as part of the resistance, the Trump universally North Carolina media ethics, guru, lowest point in fields. Put seen in a bit of a pickle because a cost. First hand experience, makes for an
Christy narrative, but likely creates a conflict of interest. The very minimum he and CNN must consider the perceptions, that yours will have about his dual role and how much weight they give those perceptions, she told Fox the end of the day. It's what the view I believe that matters I can do everything by the objectivity book, but it's the consumers who get the final call. And the professor added that there is a role for antagonistic journalism within the bounds of a free press protected by the first amendment does observed much too now has much to say, because it was perch at the White House The question now for CNN is Recast as finally crossed the threshold from being a porter who is supposed to provide measured and impartial news coverage of the White House. Into the role of a com, Taylor has pushing his personal perspectives a good now, people likely think it cost us already crossed the line, but this book Seem to cement his role as commentator over simply reporting. Professor
a call said, and it goes on And a cost is not alone. Specifically address him. And on freedom of the press, and they want to remind you all the media outlets circle. The wagon around this guy, when disrupted a press conference was pushing. His personal philosophy. Our beliefs and agenda interfering with Whose information for the american people and is pass was pulled. See an unseen and many reporters who were stellar, but his major news organization that I'm aware of certain the wagons around a cast, a reprobate and that's pretty shocking. And, of course, say more about this in on freedom of the press and their right on professors and, in the rest, I'll be right. Back
now run only underground boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader eighty Pelosi earlier this week. Listen to this one go ahead. Mr Deva. For the house Hello say think she knows more about having babies than the Pope imagine really guys, do you know when you see, I may say them lined up in their origin somebody why she means the Republicans lined up on the floor of the house, go ahead the days the the house for US
house guys guys guys got just White, guys guys signing for their discharge petition in a way that is, it really doesn't even represent the truth of what they are putting down there. Why Here we go again white, guys choices in thanking MR producer white. Guys, like us, isn't diplomacy married to a white guy. Come Harris married to a white. Isn't me Pete married to a white guy, he is. All kinds are white, guys. Empower positions in the Democratic Party isn't by a white guy. Why did they come. Is it Bernie Sanders a white guy or very white.
How about this guy swore? Well now the White Guy habit and look where now there's a name pickin loafer like I. What else do we have running their MR producer? white guys, running married, guys, summit I can't count that's right here step behind the number to the majority leader that never a white guy who, like. Now there's something wrong with white guys there. Now the common about abortion can block I've come about abortion and latino guys come about abortion. Can gay males common about abortion. I think we need another one of these lists whose allowed the common and whose not in
its policies world only women. Oh, why women. Latina women, women who can comment the lad, become it pretty shit? Don't you think. Since its the vast majority of men who construction workers I'll go down this lane, we can have a good time. Vast majority are men, should only men be allowed to common about worn peace? I'm just curious about this. How does this work. Should only men be allowed the common about war and peace since The vast majority of men who can Action workers I'll go down this lane. We can have a good time. Should only men be able to talk about how much is spent by the federal government on infrastructure, just curious.
Since the vast majority of the border control and ice, our men, not all ladys, please you understand what I'm saying since the majority are men: should only men be allowed to talk about secure The border I mean stop. It is this very. No wonder a oh she's taken over the Democratic Party believe it or not, name policy is dumber than a oh say she just as well why the media keep trying to proper up now how she's running circles around Trump. No she's not running circles around truck, that's her kind of direct stuff kicking it, but she does I can't move global wherever it's true. She's not running circles around anybody. Point of fact houses isn't doing anything. Anything significant about anything
nineteen point, one billion dollar programme. For disaster relief, but they cannot. Over four billion dollars for the border. We have disaster on the board, not going to touch that. Wait: don't care, there's all kinds of diseases. Kids are sick, it spreading The tension Senator Detention Centre are poor. Fellow On Foresman is overwhelm. We ve got. A hundred and eighty five thousand people have been released throughout the country Because our detention centres are filled in hundreds of thousands more coming in here illegally, who aren't even caught. Not on that's, not a no problem. There. And we had one gutsy congressmen, one one
who said now you want Dastardly from all forward, but there Disaster on the southern border and you need to include it, and he said now A vote this unless you included chip Roy and you'll, be on, text our love in no one ever I give a little bit of information about how publishing works. In writing words near times list works or doesn't work seated myself, Mister produce one on Belarus and all the people care about the word inundated will increase. None arose tell us more. How does this stuff work? Because you know most I don't know about I need to explain this point the first. We could book is released. It stone, Tuesday and the weekends said:
midnight I dont know why. That is It's a short weak. So all the sales that occur in books from Tuesday through Saturday count towards the first week. And this is very important for a publisher and very important for an author in order to launch their book. It's very important in that respect,. The New York Times has some kind of calculus that nobody knows nobody stance, but its waited this much. We know. And they tend await bookstores we're living. Buy books, A tree in prose and sorry you're, not gonna, many, people go into this poetry in Prose Bookstore in Washington DC and by on freedom of the press, but
Ganz book review all these small bookstores. Yes, people buy books in these places. I can remember one rescuing sprite came out member that book. It's these. Second book. I ever wrote. And I wrote it. I read in a final time after editing And I ve never read it again. Because it breaks my heart. I can't read my book. And yet many of you out there say it's really helped you when you ve, had to put your dogs, cats, sleep and so forth. I can't read it, because it was a very painful to write it in the first place. But I remember MR producer you'll vouch for this Looked at over a book south when the near I'm jealous comes out.
A number one was way ahead. Number one. And there I am with the second book ever written. My dogs. And we sold far more book. Then Tom broke all who wrote a book I think was called boom. Wasn't it rich boom? I think aware, and yet my book at third place in his pockets, place. I was gonna new to this was. My second point is that how they have, as has happened on the merits. We sold far more books than Tom broken his book boom and my book rescuing sprite. Because they wanted to give it the Tom broke her. They didn, on a conservative picture housed in his book, About his dogs to defeat right. Con Tom broke
in his book. No. And that's what happened and this happens a lot too conservative. Almost never the liberals have you noticed. So we're going be watching very, very carefully this time, because you, Many of you have ordered your books many of you are going to order your books tonight or tomorrow. Over the weekend. When you're a cask or Walmart a target or be Jays or SAM's,. Are you: gonna go online. Which is very easy to get Amazon an order and get it the next day And you ve been doing all these things: Including going to your local bookstore. I will let you know what happens I'll be I'll. Give you. Whatever information I have. Monies, are hardly not a holiday the day off on Tuesday Let you know whenever I know
Terms of numbers and so forth in there You find out Wednesday evening. These secret committee, nobody knows their names. Makes a decision. Nobody knows how exactly. And so this is what I told you earlier on. We need to send a message to the times. We need to send a message to all the media. There we are leading a movement to take our press back To promote freedom of the press. That we are the New Tom pains and pamphleteers. There we are going to spread the word through this book, all the research has been done. All the arguments have been made. All the evidence is there. Spread the word. Just as we did in the Reagan Revolution as we did in the tea party revellers justice, We do
I have an hour doing in the convention estates revolution, just as we have in the Trump revolution we want our, a speech and freedom of the press back. We are going to actively pursue it. In our homes, Churches and synagogues and mosques and wherever in restaurants,. Social events, barbecues and communities all through this weekend. We're. Gonna learn again have a car, Instead,. Had a share news with each other. That matters have. An alternative new sources- Encourage the creation of alternative new sources, I want this to be the beginning of a reformation, the beginning, not the end. Where we think differently, where we think about options and alternatives and competition, and we
big to each other, about the news more opportunities now than we ever have forgotten seen in an MSNBC forget about the New York Times in the washing and postnatal matter. I mean they are hurting the country. But they don't matter in the sense. What I'm saying here, which is. You can find these sources of news all over the world. You can find the right bloggers, the right thinkers. The right writers they're out there. You don't need Jake Tapir to show you you don't He'd, Rachel man I'll show you. You don't need the discredited near times to show you. You don't need that Rub Washington Post to show you you'd only People who hate your guts, who do not share your values, were advancing the cause of the Democratic Party day in and day out, who are true its disenfranchise, those of you who voted for Donald Trump
undermining our constitutional order or undermining our economic system, who are doing exactly the opposite of the Patriot Press and then, when you Warrior College: the enemy, the people. What are we supposed to call you when you're? reminding freedom of the press. And the principles that matter. To us in this society Dna is dying. The Washington Post was dead and Toby's has bought at the New York Times. Dying until the billionaire in Mexico put a fortune into it. Msnbc is nowhere to go after the trio presidency, but they prop up these entities problem up. I am convinced That freedom of the press will always survive. I'm Events that the modern mass media will not
maybe I'm wrong- God forbid, because well our republic, if I am. But you have a role. There's no ten point plan. Do this. Do this to the there's? No ten point plan. The plan is we inform ourselves the plane is we, information laid out in a very Annabelle way and they compelling way the of scholarship and facts and knowledge to advance the cause of a true free press, a true free press That's the point of on freedom of the press, many it will be in retail stores. This wicked men you will be on the internet this weekend now The time to act, to enforce to spread the word. There's millions and millions of us imagine.
You can have an enormous influence on your small circle of people that you're with this weaken. It starts now we're going lose it in my opinion, all right, let's take some cause here. I think I'm tired- and let me say we have here, ladies and gentlemen, give me a second. MR producer, when he got there met Kate Virginia the Great W Emmy I'll go place high mark in Africa, Thank you. I, how you know what I mean is set hollow Anyway, I will buy your book tonight. I promise you, don't even have the can't say that I understand anyway granted motors, let you know No. I want to make an observation about all these democrats. Squealing like
that over a president trumped up- all of this information. I rang but Mother mother, saying I feel that this political, when they have nothing to worry about I there to be political. It would have made it would have to reveal it was going to reveal something damaging. Why I would just say to them, and here what here, when you worried about. Does it won't hurt you there's nothing there yet another lawyer, but now we I don't care about, classified information democratic. You prove that in the last month or two with the Mullah reports you have nothing to worry about from Berkeley, will require I don't care point by point. What is we do? Not military if I had done one hundredth of what she had done, I'd still be alive or dead, you being the brig, and I would be a maybe they send you the Guantanamo. You never know I can see that
Here I terrific I point out to you: I'm gonna give you a copy, assign copy. You had to go and buy tonight. Mary Kate, don't hang up, and thank you for your service lies. Is it all Jai California said I you pronounce it oh hi, I'm sorry, oh hi, California, eight! Seventy! The answer go ahead. I within networks, answer they see, can I'm about what does that mean? Well, we were the ones that took care of it. Haste and integrity of network programming, really yeah including game, shows to make sure they were paid, played fairly and squarely cause. It is a federal, offense like, a game show. But so I ended up working strike duty in the can be see new studio for five months. Eighty one is strike duty. The neighbours which is the technical, They went on strike
So you have, you have to go in and help out. I had to operate a camera. Ok, you! But when you have your head Hassan, you hear everything going on the manoeuvres room in the control room wherever and they? I mean at that time. Reagan was president and they did everything they could to make him look really stupid like the star wars program that he wanted to do so, I went there. You are a regular meetings and I said why are we not taking care of making sure that the network puts out the real story and was told down. Actually the news is sacred. We never touched the news division, so I said happening in the eighties- and that was put brightening, that's sacred and it's not sacred. No, it's not Should it be sacred. There should be vigorous debate
There should be vigorous discussion about. About what should be provided to the American There's no diversity in these newsrooms I am I like my paycheck so I understand, get to say much more than that, but I will be buying your book at the Reagan Library of our wish to see either yes I'll, be I'm buying them for some of my recovered liberal friends. I'll. Tell you what here's? How I look at this This is a rallying cry to protect freedom each! That's what the book ass a rallying cry to my fellow citizens, absurdity rallying cry a new path for the pamphlet tears out there to protect the first amendment, and freedom of the press? This book is not as for considers this book transcends politics, spoke about liberty. This book is about the constitution,
because about who we are because that's what the first amendment is all about. I'm trying to yank back the narrative from the left, who wraps themselves in the first in freedom of the press, we're them should defend. Freedom of the press were the ones defend the first amendment and all the amendments to the constitution and the entire constitution, they must be allowed to advance their structure of agenda, their fundamental transformation of the civil society in our constitutional republic. In the name of freedom of the press. That's the Purpose of the book take our pre back language back. Take our speech back. Take our press back Thank you for your car. I look forward to seeing you I'll be right back with a deal a fake news dump pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news. Like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism. Sir
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the arrest for mailing. You ask, their fresh start in one of the biggest breaks the IRS has ever offered, and if you qualify, you can save files since even tens of thousands of dollars optimize plus raided with a better business bureau. They have solved over a billion dollars and taxed at for folks, like you, you deserve a fresh start. Don't wait call for your free consultation aid, Four for nine nine sixty three hundred aid nine Bela, three hundred eight Four: nine sixty three hundred. Let us go to Tom Girl, Andorra, California, their great eight. Seventy, the answer k, R L, a go hey! Thank you mark. Thanks for bringing a relentless gutsy brilliant defended. Freedom in the constitution can thank I like you and I we Bela Lugosi right that is now to stretch Polar bellowed,
Bela Cosy, but Bela Lugosi is pretty good too asked of other you'd like him for the IRS that you just referred, the about intimidating, reprehensible scoundrels, for they have with the EPA. The economy paralyzing Erhead for GMO Casa Our cost for Barack Obama, about king the door. We spend a worse yes, I said what you got time well, you know mark I'm very fearful that smear campaign at the universities, in the media, the entertainment it is going to convince a knob, lazy voters. Our problem is the monster that they disgusting portray him as an die, I hope that his poll numbers that are fairly I will hold up and I'm just worried if I would say if we get
Any Democrat in with the gang green new deal of ale, see with Medicare for nine, would Medicare for all with were university, we're dead and we become a so well. Let me let me say this in this election everything's on the line everything off oh, it will be energize. In their view, to the constitution, their abuse, the FBI, their abuse, the intelligence agencies, their abuse, the face a court, the Democratic party media will be energized. You'll see that the Republicans will start to slink around. They won't want to take stands although becoming deals would be utterly unprincipled. So your exactly right. This is a huge back on track. In advance of that, both trot a battle try to make the case may be become a stronger act of grass roots that we need communicate with as many people as we can there's more of us than them that is in the media and that's
Exactly where we need to do, and I hope we will Tom thank three, a call very, very good. I appreciate it and well I back, then hello, everybody Mark Levant, here our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one. When I tell you. I'm really enjoying your own. Thank you, people leaving five stars on the Amazon com and border and the break up and reading them. I mean I really am blushing. I appreciate it. Garbo is one of the lowest of the low lives on tv or anywhere for that matter and he really is a disgrace to the idea of freedom of the press.
But he could careless and the very hate Guy, very poisonous guy, and of course he was on the show called the morning, Joshua Of course, I call the morning. Schmo show. It is there that would Brzezinski. That is your name. And so there circling back to attack, take that they use to the press against the president several months ago and it was really evil, then at its evil. Now, but that's Joe cut three go Tweeting, after nine p m last night, the President shared a who cares, if he's twinning after nine p M list, what are you doing up to nine p m last night? throwing down your six scotch or something what, if he's tweeting after nine p m at night, reporting this breathlessly,
twenty after nine p m. Last night, Joe, from the top cut three Go Twitter, after nine p m last night, the president shared a video editing to show Nancy Pelosi stammering during a news conference which you don't stammered during those covered. That's the truth. People are wondering if there's something wrong with her. She stammers she shakes, she's, largely incoherent. Unless she has a script. Hu, I memorized talking point: It does any question about that. Go ahead, suggesting the speaker is in a man. Decline, but she appears to be in a mental decline again. Nothing personal. Something's, not right guide,
bake videos of policy altered to make her sound as if she is flooring. Our words has spread online in recent days. You see how they do that MR reduce or those are her words. Aren't they rich they is cut and paste them together right. You look them together. That's nothing fake about those videos, that's her slurring! Her words! We can lay yesterday that current Corey she's too but he had of the House of Representatives and she's got the iq of year. Professor on core, may I say with all due respect of course, go ahead Wonder what that's about graduate. We know whence actually have been on hold on there is the voice of the grim reaper, where we we know what it's about maker. We talked about, this last night. We know what this is about maker. Nor are we now.
President sectors, Hitler, Stalin, meagre member. He's he's dangerous he's a dictator survey. These are white supremacist. Why nationalists he's all right? He's anti semite come on maker. Whether meagre. Is that your name meagre. Meek and what is making me. My guess, is it meagre mica anyway go ahead. This block before the present. Of course, during the campaign we sat at people close to him told us that they feared that use and metal decline, Agar Nigger debate, made the very toxic woodward. They had met or decline. So they're circling back. You see. But he's in a mental decline, Ninety Pelosi sharp as attack. Straight as aboard when she's Donald Trump,
until decline. She I work. And, of course, you know something about mental decline. Looks and a mere everyday, along Long time go ahead, People very close to him told us that they feared that use pre dimension. That he'd say now. This is this is really unbelievable and this they kind of poison the dispute on MSNBC. He's sitting in a news position. It is a news programme, current events and news where they have a discussion and Oh Scarborough has open. I am the Donald Trump is a mental decline in dementia credible And I proud him Andrew lack who's. The presence of embassy thinks this is great. And you despise them, and you despise him- and you despise this? Don't you
They will be around- I predicted five eight nine year that they're just not gonna, be around. There's no point to MSNBC. He would grow Scarborough says To do a drunk face down in the sewer on the street and you're here just Scarborough same thing, My main man go ahead. You watch Donald Trump in the late nineteenth eighteen watch him. Even the nineties, you watch and now he has this watch and Donald Trump in the late nineteenth eighties and late. Ninety year, ear, yellow secular, obsess their job they changed. I ve no Nancy Pelosi and been working with her since nineteen. I innovator this way, while you did why maker how'd you get there. There has been a tough get. And an Jos noticing ninety ninety four wow, she's the greatest tough, smart, sharp
four, namely met at war quarter of a century of now Nancy Plus, I can tell you Nancy Policy- is tougher sharp, as at tat tougher today and sharp is now, ladies and gentlemen, these two liars. Does she sound sharp, is attacked here but let me live my that doesn't sound shop is attacked me and she said: FR today, no she's dumber today. I had twenty five years ago the difference between Nancy and Donald, not even close. He knows he slipping, he knows he said and what is with his axe and what kind of action is that Mr Petition, Thank you to the accident stupid. He knows he sleep. He knows he slipping. So. We have a Joe Scarborough. An unlicensed psychiatrist, More like a psychotic.
He knows he's he's sleeping snot, even Klaus, between Nancy and Donald Meagre Sharp, as at that. I'd known her a quarter of a century, I've no Nancy. I can tell you she's tougher today, she's tougher today, maker sharp is at that This a comedy show these two, I gotta accommodation, Dean Martin Earth Sack on Wednesday. I can't decide. Embarrassing. These two. The two m they haven't. I care about seventeen and a half. That's just my humble opinion, They don't sound very bright to me now Speaking out and we're gonna have about fifteen minutes chip. Roy. Solid conservative. Who said you know. I I'm all in favour.
Disaster relief, but why the hell are we just take four billion dollars out of this bill that was intended for them for the border. Why did everybody cave on this? be the Mister Smith, who goes the Washington and I'll, say no and he's being act viciously by the Democratic Party in the media and their one and the same. Then we are richer Blumenthal of sin, and you know him. Ladies and gentlemen, the man from the grip dash dash Now the Democrats wanted, on their there their own the declassify aspects of the Malo report. Member all gave it ass our ass. We're going to come to the Justice Department. Handcuff you and drag you it to the House of Representatives and we're gonna put you. The camera anger aunt. Em, we're gonna, put you in jail and we starve? You and we're gonna put punchy sticks in your toes, We are
we're gonna, get less speech. If this speech at this speech and ninety Pelosi, weren't we're gonna, get you anyway richer. My mother now. Why is richer Blumenthal on tv all the time why then that he's outrageous. He says the things that They want to hear on CNN and MSNBC, it's not for you and me it's for them. They they they do. They want to promote their there. Their favorite senator. Anderson Cooper, who will never be He'll live down that magnificent interview. He did with Stormy Daniels nobody Can any a porn actress better them? Anderson Cooper man, this guy breaks news all the time and his body have a naughty. Cut eleven go there,
there's just find him distract from a day, a very someone talking about declassified this instrument and unless, as is the real question senator who is trying to distract from a day, a very bad news for the present has no interest in this whatsoever. Absolute blockhead and look at this stage, the district that they feed the malines they feed they nobody's gonna, say, and so they it that they put question marks on the UN and raise their voice like they're. Asking a question: is this going to distract day a very bad news for present in terms of his own performance? I ask you guys There is this just find him distract from a day and very bad news, For the present, in terms of his own performers ring is a memorandum telling agencies to cooperate with the attorney general is really
well, I'm glad Anderson. You gave the answer that I wanted to give, and so I will library, for your very, very sharp, are very elucidating their Anderson. I mean that's very good, Aviation well distract as you point, although of course are well Anderson, Zoo, really necessary course, not Anderson, so the I go in there, then I'd even question in any serious way. Go ahead, as a former United States attorney and a state attorney general. So a lot of farmers, this guy. Former human being go ahead. I am baffled by doesn't say much to baffle is more an arena and baffled. I've never seen anything like this before here
We are demanding classified information in the Mulder report Manning information. We have ninety nine point. Nine percent are demanding classified information. Now the president who has the our declassify information, He D, suffice. All information about Russia collusion Koran quoted in the police. Tactics of the Obama administration. I must tell you that is a distraction. We wanna get to the bottom and that Mr Malo didn't want to get to the bottom left you Anderson! You don't want to get to the bottom of I were all how united in this, but that so he wants to get to the bottom of this As a former: U S attorney s ear former turn General to a state. As a year. Former waiter and I hope, as a year. I'm too, I just never seen anything like this and I live. I Anderson thank you for asking me go ahead
memory and seems absolutely no reason for agencies have a legal obligation to cooperate with the attorney general of the United States. So why do you care so We give them so why is Anderson Cooper asking you why they reporting on it and why you wanting like a stuck pig? What are you worried about, Otis, what are you worried about issues object. There do there that their distracting us from the business of upholding the constitution against a rope president weak to control the narrative in the media, Anderson we get too. You know since these pseudo news we get to advance our propaganda Anderson when he does things like this. You know it's very distracting to our mission have the american people, of course, Anderson, and you know. As a former state attorney general from yours turn haven't. I have no understanding of what they're trying to do here and not none whatsoever. But thanks for asking
Thanks for sending me the questions in advance. It yes go ahead: and it seems much more like an effort to distract with frankly. Yes, the aid down rusty object, not remember you did not honour, he didn't you distract with a dull rusty. I ve ever been distracted, Mr Blair's with a dull rusty object. When I think of this guy, I think of a doll rusty objectively perfectly honest with you- and I like! I need a tetanus shot everytime. I watch this guy guy and I think that we already have shut up you, rambling, buffoon, yes, am I get such a jerk He's trying to make up his words and his idea. Are you trying to gonna rusty, shiny, abject rusty object, yea and I've never seen anything like this before you have a lot of shock on your face. All the time do face you really
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Merci trip, don't put it off, they will sell out. They always do why because of all of you in the audience that's immersed. Crews, dot com. After the bottom of the hour, we are scheduled chip rye and the programme. One of the great conservatives in the movement when the great conservatives in the House of representatives he's being attacked as a result. By his own party by the Democratic Party in you, and here the media, talk about em they're, just so lonesome and he dared to do something. When everybody else said yes, we're gonna for this disaster bill he's a wait, a minute. What happened four billion dollars for the border. Why? I will do it later. Maybe tomorrow may maybe next week next year, the year before next year, you never know now, I'm objecting this, what you want to vote for come back the Washington, let's have a roll call vote, but I'm objecting the four billion dollars for the border. Help me.
I don't you're all Democrats talk about how much better the European Healthcare model is, but is it. Are they over there getting their healthcare there have at their family members know, I don't think so. Your people leaving the United States for the great healthcare system in Britain, the gray Daniel. Can Britain? No, I don't think so, because in England, right now, a patient with a doctor's refer for cancer treatment awaited sixty two days just start treatment. No, that treating cancer in the earliest stages gives the patient the best chance of beating it would you on your love, one away more than two months before they can even begin treatment? Does that sound better to you?
Her spirits may not even have access to the latest cancer drugs because their government run system dictates that they'll pay or even though the cover a new treatment So you don't know what you're paying you don't love her covered, so gotta true healthcare facts that come true: healthcare, facts, dot com, that's true! I shouldn't care and long waiting lists. I see pushing socialist drug price controls and changes. Domestic care that would deny seniors access to the latest and best treatments. Why do we want that here in country it doesnt work. Secretary Aser can bring down the cost of prescription drugs; very simply: competence And transparency, one size fits all mandates and price controls so why is he still pushing socialist solutions? We'll get the facts gotta true? care facts that come true: healthcare, facts, dot, com, that's true, healthcare facts, dot, com
Kip Roy is a very good friend of mine. He is a principle conservative very for common sense, gentlemen, and he's really sick and tired of what Washington is doing these just gotten here, although he served his chief of staff to take cruiser one point. He's looking around at this relief bill and he said of fellows Ladys its missing something chip. How are you mark I'm doing great guy. How are you my plan very well? So now the democratic party sleeping you, the media, is Miss reporting about. You saw me Republicans or rolling their eyes? Are you tell everybody? What's going on well yeah that usual say two: what happened over the target by you're not get black, do not drop in Somalia, farms on the target. Basically, what happen is it for eight months now there this debate about a disaster relief bill for Georgia, What are we going to other spots in the dealing with disasters,
none of us what a jack reasonable thought, all federal expanding. To describe the orders ass. We need to be dealt with, but we do want He thought about how much for spending that we're not spending too much that at the outset, and we also deal with the very dangerous Situation ever border an emergency there in the detail. Supplemented with additional funds, so we found tell the position with the Senate. Has this happened what is actually bill yesterday that did not include border funding and was not limit. Let me stop either Mcconnell is out of control since he's been they later. The republican Party, the debt in the has to try and get him back right now. Right, MR producer shows, and the b a fiscal conservative anymore anyway go ahead? Well, What about the problem of funding and conclusive? Often until yesterday descended path,
not all I wished. I lose you again like last time. Are you? Are you Sidney one place for staying in one place,. We lose trip already. Let's try and get him back he's a very big strict and sometimes when he's on his cell phone travelling, it's right, difficult to get in the working to try and get him back right now right, MR producer, Complaint is theirs. Out of featherbedding in this bill is just a lot of fluff in this bill and they put the the title. Disaster relief on there and they pretty much spend whenever they want to despite all spending, they don't include money to secure the border and help what's going on down there, which is an outrage I checked had started away. You left off, please back mark. I apologize yeah go yesterday. The same path supplemental velvet, with nineteen billion dollars for disaster, only unfortunately
they did so in the house had already a turn for the memorial day need support. I knew that says she was doing it too then schedule this boat Day until schedule for the Billy come before on Friday and just ass, the animal consent without a vote and that's away to his passage through, I simple, hey, I offer for unanimous consent, if not it has and nobody would have jack- was nobody there. What is there everybody for home? So I certainly my colleagues, I checked leadership. I checked with the White House. There was a lot of concern about this. That is bad for America that we would have the nineteen billion dollar bill pass by unanimous consent. That's not offset but is there any doesn't have any borders but so they don't have any way for to pay for it, nobody's area of Jack and ate in this. Rip out the money to to help with the border exactly right, and so I decided
when I arrived from the airport last night, I was going to get on the plane to fly to taxes to be home for the district. And they are Gordon outstanding. Finding out the scope is gonna happen. So I canceled why I turned around and shut down with staff, and then started calling ever body to make sure our light shone out that they were gonna feel so I went to this this morning in Eleven- and I like, I explained why wasn slackening the to the idea that the proper much have somebody dealing with the disaster, but I was expecting to a blank cheque, injustice, ending, that's, not shut, and did not dealing with this disaster at the border, where we have a hundred thousand illegal aliens being apprehended every month where we have children that aren't don't have a clue, the bees and salary at district you're, the only member of the House of Representatives. Who said number one you strip that them for the border number. Two nobody's here of Jack and number three:
This is wildly beyond the spending. That's necessary. There's no offset the deficits going through the roof. I object It is true I was the only Republican there to a clinic, but I was not the only Republican you objective. In other words, there were a lot of folks who wanted to jack. They talk to me by phone, or No we're back home in their desperate eyes. I was I was rapporteur. Number frustrated Republican who didn't like what was happening. And die. So I was happy to go down today go ahead and I thought I did so far. God. I wonder what the reason why and die and look. I've got an awful lot of our boys in tax and thanks. As for my colleagues about publicly and privately and and I think that we did the right thing and how the media treated you. Well I've been taking sides, as you would expect that that some fair treatment by people shot thereby pressure working at all, be gathered.
In short thing, I'm objecting in blocking, and then I want Women and children die, and I want all these people disasters the sovereign and then the left has taken for that, but you know what I've got a lot more positive feedback look on social media and, more importantly, directly from constituents tired of this law is swampy is thing you can do to sports, they got autopilot of then. How can I come out of a Republican, controlled Senate. Because both the controlled Senate doesn't actually cause conservative policy they sending off of great concern. The policies over the house give horse tugboats on the speaker, unspeakable she got out representative and instead we get us a year ago we get some bill on raising the tobacco ace they want, and we get a night. Ten billion dollars on all and by and by the way. What is it all about? Why? Why are we all suddenly obsessed with their? Why? Why do we all have to follow Mitch? Mcconnell? There is
something's gone on Kentucky than a missing. I think it's all about it, and I think it's a local, lacking Chuckie issue- I find it do it. We have a lot of the big tobacco companies were actually okay with the twenty one. Eight, because I probably help them with baby in summary, we see the pictures of the G eyes Donwell or to seventeen eighteen nineteen, twenty year olds with cigarettes in her mouth, One of the one of them was my father: now I'm not promoting the smoking and so forth, but I'm sorry what we need a federal law now on this? He had seen her Margo I've literally, never smoker any product like my life, meaning that product grandma itself agitated about it. How do you know what I called for integrating and consider? But if you can, Why? For our country anyway, just smoke a second I'm not gonna. Stop you mean they once sixteen year olds. The vote I mean in eighteen, oh, wants to smuggle not for it, but what are we gonna do lock him up right and importantly,
Governor Connally dollars a demo racking up a hundred million dollars an hour. I hope your conscience walking. A hundred thousand people are coming closer order every month in being managed by the cartel. This is the response by the Republicans. So I've been very pleased today to get a lot of people backing me up and just accept see any kind of five march. We put out a letter last week asking for speaker ones, the cap, the spending. Perhaps you know that better current law better, then I think the cap spending billions No good luck with that you, and I both know of the law on an issue which will carry the american people want to see a five year out? Forty, forty four, how Scrambridge refined onto it? What keep, building and watch Oh, that better swab. There were serious about bending restraint, healthcare, freedom, secure born common sense. Now, you are quite right.
Are you my friend good job. I appreciate what you did. You get a lot of courage and- and I think my audience now understands a heck of a lot better than listening to the news. I can tell you that well, I appreciate you back to me thanks. Realistic, I wouldn't be off, is without a doubt they use the continued support, the swamps it After me, I really appreciate tat. Although they do, I take care. You still have a good argument. I remarked So, honourable and decent decent They see now get the facts was who this guy? He just stop. Sir leave going to people who need help me so number one there's an enormous amount of money here. That's not gonna go to relief number two, Congress cannot control itself, it doesn't have any offsets for its spending. Everybody else has Could the massive debt that we have. Number three Nancy Pelosi. Did this in a way
be impossible to stop her. Unless I turned around from the airport went to the house, for she was gonna pay. I want you to listen to this part She goes on and on about the responsibility of Congress that they represent the people that we need to follow the constitution right. So Does she know. You won't hear this on CNN and MSNBC there. So what did she do? She said There was a vote on Friday when nobody's gonna, be there and not a single Republican who has a problem with this. So Chip Roy from does hears about he's gone to? The airport turns around right back to the House of Representatives go therefore the house, it's brought up. They don't expect any debate, any roll call out nothing she's. Gonna ran through over nineteen billion dollars. They stripped out Mcconnell in the Senate. They strip that the part about, securing the border because the Derek said it comes out we're not going to support you. Finally, they buckle the bodies Boggley in my house and Mr
let's go so Washington shouldn't. I says I have. The media, at a wash and look at the sky with what he did. He stopped. I'll be right back Twenty Twenty will be the most important election in our lifetimes. People have at about past elections. Now this is the biggest one, big issues or on the ballot. The border second amendment late term, abortion, freedom of speech and conscience, most decide. Expensive of them all health care, the rules are pushing a plan called Medicare for all. They want to take a programme seniors paid into all their lives and open to all come even the children, of illegal aliens chip. How many care for none, because there the destroy it seems
will he forced to get in line with people who have paid absolutely nothing under the programme, including non citizens who are here illegally. It's wrong. It's unfair it'll destroy the world's greatest engine of healthcare; innovation. Where's the a r p on all this one a lobbying hard to stop this rating of your medical care, and we know why name, a r p, backed Obamacare than the back pocket of the radical Democrats, and that's why merging all of you to join a MAC? Now, because a ip, a MAC will fight hard against Medicare for all They want to say many care, for you become a a MAC dot. U S! That's a m, a sea that, U S! Stakes had never been higher visit. A Dont? U S enjoying today, lot got on this weekend. We Our fallen soldiers at first and foremost, I'll be a lot of activity on Fox, at least with respect to me,
so I said I'll be on judged Janine, on Saturday night. I will be on Fox and friends Sunday Sunday morning in the ninety am our, and I will be on life. Liberty and Levin were running a re run of the Hannity interview have made because it is through the roof and you people loved it. And I think a lot of people will enjoy it. Also not forget the book signings very important tomorrow tomorrow, it's here Saturday book one p, M what Ridge, New Jersey, See all of you were gonna have a blast the next day Sunday a twenty six. One p M book review hunting to New York and further. So the country, in all retail outlets costs, Walmart, Barnes and noble, be J Sam's target Amazon, dotcom right now, Encourage all you live in nights. Amazon, dot com and let's act and lets say freedom of speech, here we go
but the weakest with along weaken its here memorial day is Monday and we salute the deceased. God bless them all. And we salute our armed forces: police officers, firefighters, emergency person, ice border patrol law enforcement. Can I it's Friday really. I Pepsi denied smoking in I'd Zella again I dad I'm gonna mom. We and to make you proud,
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