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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/31/19

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, NBC News and Mediaite falsely claim that Mark Levin played a role in President Trump’s Mexico tariff plan and has caused the stock market to respond negatively. Interestingly, the poorly-sourced articles fail to note that Mark has always challenged Trump on tariffs with the exception of China which should be heavily tariffed for their theft of U.S intellectual property and animus toward our nation, nor did they even bother to reach put to Mark for a comment on the story. Later, the President has done everything conceivable to secure the southern border, but the Democrats want to politicize this issue and the Republicans when they controlled the House did nothing to secure the border. So Trump must play the hand he has and uses the executive branch, which he is in charge of, to remedy this situation by leveraging tariffs to push Mexico to secure their own borders which in effect will help secure ours. Then, the New York Times has banned their reporters from appearing on Don Lemon's show on CNN and Rachel Maddow's show on MSNBC because they are too partisan. This is simply the NY Times trying to look more objective despite their social activism. Also, Attorney General Bill Barr reiterates that the Department of Justice applied the traditional standards of law, unlike the overreach presented by Robert Mueller. Barr also stated that many of the facts related to the spying in question don't quite add up as he continues his investigation into the genesis of the Mueller probe. Finally, in breaking news, 12 people have died and six are hospitalized after a shooting in Virginia Beach, VA.

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your Friday evening, Friday afternoon, depending on where you live, we got lots of stuff to do here. All of it fascinating olive, an interesting one, but in particular MR producers sent me an article today. From this website mediate, I told you what a left wing cook website it is, after all, was founded by Dan Abrams. Who wears a hare helmet on his head with crazy glue? He the ABC News, legal correspondent. I wonder if he is aware on his own website and submission reduce your senses. To me in the headline is Mark, I live in reply. Thirdly, helped inspire Trump plan to improve, tariffs, tanking stock market.
And I said to Mr Producer- I did what did I do- that. I inspired the five percent tariff plant, I don't believe I raised at yesterday. Did it MR producer? Now, once I haven't The president about this. He hasn't talk to me about this. Mark Levine, reportedly helped inspire Trump plan to impose tariffs Taking stock market, so I'm responsible for taking the stock market, even though I've absolutely no idea what Connor Mannion is talking about. I don't know who Connor Mannion is. But he miles or right for the National Enquire approved. Shall I continue this article, which is all news to me, a new Oh NBC News Reports has Fox news, weaken host, and
They cater radio broadcasts. Remark. Levin may have helped President Donald Trump. Well, there's mexican tariff planned. That is clear. Thanking the stock market Creasy, Conor Mannion and mediate. Trying to say that I had a rolex thanking the stock market. Ok, let's go on happen trumpets- threaten to impose a five percent tariff on all mexican goods, starting ex month cause doubt attack about three hundred points Friday, as investors feared, the plan could spargo new, NBC News reports. The trump returned from his trip to Japan riled up about the surge in border crossings for Mexico source has told the news organization, his Imitation was also due to input adviser, Stephen Miller. Comments made by Levine about immigration. Let's go back to the title of this point.
Mark Levine, reportedly help inspired Trump play to impose tariffs, think tank in the stock markets ever the embassy story. First not what the NBC story says. So this is absolutely manufacturing. Let's go to the embassy story showing seed a good enough for mediate, actually report the news on what's happening. It's not good enough for NBC, actually report the news what's happening. Somehow we got a great controversy, Have occasion so I live in, is responsible for the stock market tagging. Is this dumbest thing I've ever met, but I'm just giving its approval. I could do this every day with these articles, so let's go take a look NBC showing on by Comcast. Ninety per cent of its reporting, the first hundred days at the Trump Administration negative and they
Our report is on this Rebecca shop, Jeff, Bennet, Kristen, wealthier and Clia pushy. Several Republicans in Congress and major business groups on Friday. Slam President Donald Trump threat to impose a five percent tariff on all Maxie good starting next month. Warning the move would hurt both the U S economy and the change Congress approving a major trade deal with me To go and Canada the present said Thursday, that the terrorists would rise monthly to his eyes, a twenty five percent level. Unless Mexico substantially stops the number of migrants entering the EU s illegally A senior administration official in two sources familiar said busy. Groups and federal agencies were not informed of the President's terror threat ahead of time. Fourth source familiar, the relevant congressional committees were not notified Trumps threat was hurried out the door by White House age to appease the President and administration official said Friday behind the scenes the official said: there's pencil
squabbling at the staff level about the threatened potential blow back to the: U S: embassy, ay and overall economy. Administration shores, this You know this is not a single person on the record here. This is part of the problem. With this Sir Democrat Party Press. Second administration source described the situation is flying blind and there was no internal guidance on how to explain the terrorist threat to the business community. So, We have sources. Identified trashing their boss? Now, let's continue The terror strategy was spearheaded by White House adviser Stephen Miller. Two sources said how many sources are we talking about now reached ten. Take ten sources who Trumps, IRAN, his trip last weekend, Japan truck returned from Japan riled up about the surge in border crossings due to Miller's inputting comments made by concern?
We'll talk show how smart Levin? How do you get from that. That I am responsible for the five percent Mexico Tariff planets. Thanking the stock market corner. That's all that NBC has. There is not another syllable, it doesn't It makes sense. I don't even understand what NBC as written, then media with its national enquire headline that. I influence the plan me And I support this particular tariff by the way I didn't talk about a yesterday haven't talked to the presidency. Talk about a yesterday of and talk to the president's. It's not like the present cause me for advice. I haven't, disgusted with the president. I wasn't on tv. I've been all over discussing it. This is the first time I brought it up the media, an embassy. As far as I know,.
I inspired the plan, ladies and gentlemen, that is taking the stock market stock mark drop three hundred points. Little pick up again: that's why that's how it works. They don't understand this, and these social circles in the Democrat part But how do you write stuff like this? But how do you write stuff like this? How do you write stuff like this will mediate, publish a correction while they apologize. Will Dan Abrams glue as hair back on I'm gonna be seen apologize? No will they cleared now, while NBC explain what the hell they're talking about course, not and it will be forever in the internet forever there that Mediate that NBC, is what the president means by fake news. That's what I mean by flat out wise. You had a narrative and you want. Pushing and you.
It pushes many people into your narrative as you could. And so my name comes up Could have any management. Yes, I rail against lawlessness on the border. I rail against the Democrats. You don't believe in securing this nation IRA. Against other countries who push them people out of their country in My country I am against energy. On the border. For citizenship,. I'm for assimilation, I'm from Awful immigration, this used to be the position of the country up to about two and a half years ago,. But you guys in media and NBC you're, disgrace you'll always be a disgrace. She can't help yourself can't even count how many anonymous sources are in this NBC story all, How to do is ask me talk to anybody the. Why I'm talk to anybody about signing talk to MR producer about us.
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For in House Dale dot com, that's l, e g! I am for hills Del that come I'm sure o by making one lie after another, about guns will be backed up by the washing compost, CNN and the others who are tracking the trump. Why. Is Obama. Unfortunately, Is a serial eirik more on that later? think it during the break. I'm looking at this article NBC News they for reporters. Endless number of anonymous sources and Not one of them could contact my producers, how one of them Not one of them today can point to any evidence for any of this. Nothing zero!
got their narrative and they're going to push it and then this this sort of crap website. Which really does it produced anything original just leeches onto other stories? Politically fog? Another television outlets mark Levant Reportedly helped inspire Trump plan to impose tariffs, tanking stock market by Conor, Mannion Conner, Maybe that's not his real name. Maybe he's a russian spy, maybe the troll, maybe he's plant a cute Who knows but seriously is a punk he's already demonstrated, is incapable of being a newsman. We're gonna have a wonderful book signing the MAR. It's a big deal Saturday. It's gonna be a beautiful day ten, a m Saturday, Come first serve you wanna, come related, Thyssen's corner
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New York Times is cracking down on its own reporters, stopping them from appearing on certain primetime cable news shows seen as being too partisan. According to a new report, cracking down on its own reporters stopping them from appearing on certain primetime cable news shows seen as being who partisan according to a new report, vanity, fair, publish the explosive report which allege MSNBC, Rachel, mad cow and large, so down as well as seen in Ankara Don Lemon made. The newspapers no go list. The magazine began its report by alleging that Times financial editor David entering had initially accepted an invitation to appear in the Rachel man, I'll show, may twenty to discuss, report involving President Trump and Sun Cushman transactions with Deutsche Bank. At to outset turned down the appearance after inform the communications Department Vanity. Fair report is based on information from sources inside the gray lady. According to the magazine.
The times was wary of how viewers might perceive a down the middle journalists like anorak talking pie, It takes with a mega video, the court house, like mad cow, Vanity fair, as media corresponded, Joad Palm Pale wrote Sources told the magazine: the Times executive enter dean, Backup, Exe concerning certain primetime shows are becoming more opinionated. The report, appear on their shares will be perceived as being a line with the shows politics. Thinks it's a real issue once or said another adding their views at intentionally or not it if it affiliate the times reported with a bias. Both them, as in the constipated news network of hired several prominent near Ex limes reporters. Contributors in recent years, but it's clear from the Vanity fair report if they would be discouraged from appearing on, shows the two parties and so the the predictable take was
seen in an MSNBC there, too, biased even for the New York Times. That's not the story. Here's the story. Few reading on freedom of the press, you know the answer. Is a battle going on and newsrooms. It's not whether there too biased or not. It's not whether their mixing opinion with news, Whether their abandoning progressive ISM for objective reporting they're not doing any those things. The debate is whether they should be fully out of the closet or try to continue to conceal who they really are. There's a school of thought, a very aggressive of growing school of thought within them, A cross party progressive media that says, as I say, the first trap re look, let's admit who we are, there's no prob We should be ashamed of it.
Let's manage our brand, explain that you know, but for us there would have been a civil rights Movement and Obama Karen and a minimum wages that lets let's embrace it, but say we are, who we are in that the so called news will be laundered through are grass of ideology, and we should even become social activists Chuck Todd when he says you know Forget about anybody who denies man made climate change or its effects so truck. Is a progressive democrat social activist than theirs? there times. It says now we know who we are and are we cover the holocaust. We covered up a stolen slaughtering ukrainians, pushing Kathy's, a third Reich like anti semitic cartoons about jews- we hate Trump,
We we publish anonymous, you understand all the leaks, we, we publisher, anti, tromp or anti whatever end. You know I found her ox. He said you know, we need to try and be an objective, so we'll try be objective or pretend we are anyway and will continue to do a widow so that what's going on the New York Times, doesn't want to be out of the closet. It wants to remain in the closet. But there's no getting around with the New York Times is yours and getting around what CNN and MSNBC are. So wasn't the New York Times? Hey, hey, you know what we don't want to be linked with these guys, Causer Lapwing coax now it was We don't want to be linked with these guys because so help expose us where we are, That's! What's going on, no other hosting America would tell you that you want to know why cause I've done sixteen months or research. I know who these people are. I know what the battles are in the newsroom. I know
The ideological battles are. When it comes to Progressive ISM, the Democratic Party, social activism, it's just a nuanced situation. There going to abandon it. That's why they are that's what they believe. That's the real story behind New York Times. And that story. As you probably heard by now, our spectre the attorney general least. He seems to be to me, was on CBS News today, he gave a freely lent the interview with the report: a Crawford, Proffered who has a history of being a fair deal? There's one right there. Her career will be short, lived anyway up or their central off to the gulag of media. You know that is MR producer, MSNBC or CNN. That's the gulags media. And they played me
today you know they tease it out for ratings, these news organisations or a cloak. The pie was really superb, so I want you to hear some of this caught one. He said that he couldn't exonerate the president that he had looked at the ever there. These eleven Encinas. This, of course, is Mahler she's talking about go ahead,
he couldn't exonerated president. If he could, he would have stated so you looked at the evidence and you did me what's the fundamental differences between your view and his well, I think Bob said that he was not going to engage in the analysis he was. He was not going to make the determination one way or the other, and he also said that he could not say that the president was clearly did not violate the law, which of course, is not the standard we use to the partner. We have to determine whether there is a clear violation of the law, and so we applied the standards we would normally apply. We analyzed the law and the facts, and a group of us spend a lot of time doing and determine that both as a matter of law. Many of the instances would not amount to obstruction manner of large amount of law. Another we didn't degree with the legal analysis. A lot of the legal analysis and the report did not reflected these department was the views of a particular later or lawyers, and so we applied what we thought was the right law tackling in what
bar was doing with Rosen Steen and career lorries, I'm sure at the Department of Justice, but the office illegal counts on the criminal division. As apply the usual traditional standards not like vitamin. And the other little vice men's. Who working for a mother. Let's take a look at, This has become a dirty word. Somehow it hasn't.
You ve testify that usually spying occurred since that time. You got some criticism for using that word I mean, I guess it's become a dirty word somehow it has never been for me. I think, there's nothing wrong with spying question is always whether its authorized by law, some former intelligence. She said the president has made that word somewhat pejorative, there's fine, which is a hoax and so here use. That word makes your loyalist is part of the craziness of the modern day that if a president uses a word, then all of a sudden it becomes of thousands. It's a perfectly good. English word continue to use way. Have you see what evidence? What makes you think? I need to take a look at that. Like many other people who are familiar with intelligence activities, I had a lot of questions about what was going on. I sometimes get answers when I went in, and I have not got adds, says factory and probably more questions and that some of the facts have learned. Don't hang together with the official explanations of what happened. What do you mean by that? That's all. I really will say things are just not jiving that is
big deal. A big deal when he says something like that. He really is that's the headline. That's the Marquis story that Israel Not being played anywhere, I mean that is a big deal, and that is why they try to destroy this guy when you listening is an enormously intelligent, must reduce or making a lot of sense ages. So if the politics Selina fine, I got it. I get a follow on. They turn he generally states. Cut forego.
We are in a saddle, shit figure in a way you ve had a long career in Washington, but you're working for man he's not establishment and some of his tweets about officials and the rule of law. Hetty react when you say that you on Twitter do read his tweets now, not on twitter everyone's here, while I tweet is brought to my attention, but my experience with the president. As we have a good professional working relationship, we talk to each other and if he has something to say to me, I figure he'll tell me directly. I don't look to tweets for I don't look at them is directed in sore as official communications with the department but the media do. Mr attorney general, hang on every tweet. Then they criticise in persuading them this thing I'll be right.
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Everyone shares a strong sense of meaning and purpose. Welcome to Helstone College. Please visit hills, they'll, DOT, Ye D, you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more that's hills. Dale DOT Eu slash admissions than a shooting at Virginia Beach. Eleven dead extra hospitalized enjoying break at the top of the hour, I will gather all the information reported to after the top of the hour eleven dead six. Supplies and the initial reporting here by W Av. Why. In Virginia Beach, Then they final clip. We have, the attorney general BAR interview with CBS and Jack Crawford. You can tell it she's a real journalist cut,
I've go, but when you came into this job I mean you had a good reputation on the right and on the left are you're. Now someone who is queues of protecting the president, enabling the president lying to Congress, did you expect that coming in a way? I did it back to me because I realized we live in a crazy, hyper, partisan period of time, and I knew that it would only be a matter of time if you, if I was behaving responsibly and calling them as I see that I'd be attacked, because nowadays people don't care about the merits or the substance. They only care about withheld benefits, whether my side benefits or the other side benefits. Everything is gauged by politics and, as I say, that's antithetical to delay the department runs and any attorney general in this period is going to end up losing a lot of political capital, and I realise that that's one of the reasons it ultimately was persuaded that maybe I should take it on, because I think it my state life. It really doesn't make any difference into your career. At the end of my career life, as it with the amateur reputation that you worked here, her life and heroin dies. You know, I don't believe in homeric idea that you know, and mortality comes by having owed some she'll over the centuries thing. You don't regret taking the job, brilliant answers right,
the Virginia pilot Eleven dead. If the shooting at the Virginia Beach Municipal Centre police eleven people were killed and six injured by shooter, who was shot and killed by police at the city's municipal centre in Prince, and on Friday afternoon, Virginia Beast Police, Virginia Beach, police chief, Jim severe. I said this is A devastating day in the history of Virginia Beach, Mayor Bobby Dwyer, said the people involved are our friends, coworkers neighbours and colleagues. Gale guarding a And terror spokesman said in an email that five patients went to Virginia Beach General person had arrived at level, one trauma centre and so forth. Let's see here, I'm looking at more news despair with me, because the times when you're on the radio lie that you need to deal with this at sea, Hon I've got another story here, that's breaking bear with me here we go
here we go here. We go get it right. Levin people, as you know, shot killed W av wise any fox reports, multiple city resources sources say the suspect, whose the ceased disgruntled former city employee who was fired on Thursday and multi people are feared to be dead following the shooting. We now know, multiple people are the it is died at some terror folk are so you have a ages, Ronald former municipal employ apparently was fired or let go back in a luminous while building any start slaughtering people and next day break I'll, see if there's additional information see here. There's now twelve debt
Twelve dead, including the suspect, six injured, I hesitate to tell you more because I don't know anymore and I will take a look during the brake and go as much information as I can. I, ladies and gentlemen, stick with us. And we will give you some real news in about five minutes I'll be right back. Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Vandemark living here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one now
where do I free trader, stand on tariffs with Mexico in this project, For instance, Anybody who would listen to this programme with its mediator NBC knows. I don't believe in hitting our allies with terrorists. I believe that undermines our economic growth. Tax in the american people and the taxes go to the federal government. We believe in tariffs against China. Because our national security comes first. I don't think it helps us economically. But it's also the way the president has done it. Hurting China, hurting China. Because it interferes with the flow of trade and that's the President Purpose Chinese keep stealing our technology. So you don't just Only trade with crooks and their worse than crooks,
That is the chinese government to our enemy. And for those who say we have free trade with China. Are you tell me that we ought to get rid of all of our export controls, Hoover Entire export control regime that limits the kind of technology We can sell to China that they can use from any of our companies. Certain types of material as well. It's rather extensive reassigned to get rid of those two course they're, not. China is a different bala wax as they say the now Mexico. Here's the problem, The president has done everything conceivable to trial. Persuade the Democrats and prior to the Democrats, the Republicans too sick the border they risk used to do it. They are sabotaging our country for polluting Purposes the Republicans. When they control both houses,.
Because of rhinos. Have refused to secure the border now with a president who's trying to do that he's the commander in chief, he sees it with both of his eyes the depart. Responsible for securing the border reports to him. And is doing everything possible to secure that border and prevent. The masses from flying in our country- and they are. And we need to go through why that's bad for them and bad for us. We already know this. That's a given. And so he puts in place the hatred, the national emergencies active Team: seventy six any court blocks. Even though its thoroughly constitutional has been used in the past, but a core blocks meant Obama, judge. He's been trying to persuade Mexico to secure its own border in order to secure our borders.
Suppose been giving the president the rope adopt sure we will look at this. Caravan will do, but they won't do it. Fundamentally, they won't do it so like with Chinese. As you know what I can it cannot survive. Cannot survive these endless Where's of foreigners coming in here we don't know who they are. We don't know their backgrounds, we don't know their illnesses, we don't know anything, but even if every one of them was an angel cannot be assimilated into society or detention centres are overflowing, releasing hundreds of thousands over time of illegal aliens into a mess. In communities would know, Place to stay no place, they eat, they just released them. It may be, some of you haven't felt that yet, but I don't know where you live. But where I live in Virginia and so forth, its felt.
And the costs are enormous. On top of everything else,. And so he said, I look, I've had it. I want to tell the government of Mexico about five percent hereupon their goods, Coming into the United States and every month they continue. This will continue to do it every month to twenty five percent, because there Herod doesn't work so now I'm gonna apply the stick. I We would the president on this, not because it smart economic policy, because once again,. Its national security policy. When you have countries abusing us. I'm not even time economically, I'm talking about militarily. Immigration laws which are pathetic. So this is the first time I've set in any comprehensive way that I agree with what the president is that I had no idea was going to do it. Nobody consults me, that's not how works meeting
it is a lying rag as his NBC. Marks plan The president heard my show, and I happened to be really speaking aggressively about the open border and that's that that spared him to act and in this case embrace this plan. I have no problem with that not my plan. I didn't tell but the do. Thinking of the stock market, you know when he went, he Addressed with China was going to the United States a few weeks ago. The stock Attacked and then again almost everything back But when you are a Grass socialist, like Most of them over their media, you don't understand how markets work. You don't understand. Other stock market works plus if you're gonna, accuse me something at least listen to the show and b c
immediate, mediated sorted this again parasite that chest urgent dates which already out there and then puts these. He's the lying aggressive outrageous headlines to it. You won't even know it exists, but for me, but I'm not letting you know. I've, no new information on what took Virginia Beach, this sum conflicting reporting. Whether the mass murder is dead or is taken into custody, Reports, I see is that he was shot dead, but maybe not Eleven other people were slaughtered and six were wound. I dont know the condition of the So we wanted he went into the year mean, both centre in Virginia Beach. Apparently he had been let go for Think of that sort. The day before Thursday, yesterday. And here.
Anyone in there and kill people, that's very, very troubling on these very, very sad. He really is but we have to continue until we learn more. I want to talk about Disney for a moment,. I like Disneyland, I, like Disneyworld, our kids, Multiple multiple times when the Disney, where we used to broadcast from Disneyworld, you might remember this programme, shot an eye and our families would go to Disneyworld because ABC Radio network. You start on these platforms and I'm on end and these indication that I have. But through various generations different carbon just bought one after the other, after the other So I've had no affiliation with dismally. There's, a man that runs Disney S name is Eiger and he's a liberal and
Bob I see your Disney makes an enormous amount of money. An enormous amount of money, I have to say the cost, to get into these. These this is Disneyland Lane. Disneyworld really are prohibitive for an awful lot of families had some enormous amount of money. Basically, you get to take three or four rides cause they're, so busy I do enjoy their twenty five pound. The suppression Mr Petition or their big faker, Turkey and Viking type legs. Even like sitting on the bench and just watching the world go by it's a fun place to be really is. But unfortunately, they can't stop their politics either, like Gucci Gucci now is all out for abortion. As if we need input from Gucci. This is from the daily collar or use human rights violated. That is putting Muslims and internally camps, and I might remember, where's with China, which,
That's Muslims in interment camps, the walk. The company is considering boycotting Georgia over its new abortion law, even his Disney profits from doing business in China. Tories human rights violated that is putting Muslims and internally camps that I might remind everybody that are really wasn't that long ago and China was forcing abortions on its children on its mothers. To remember that one child policy Jesse C, o Bob Agur told Reuters on Thursday the company's likely to cease filming in Georgia. If the pro life law takes effect quote, I think many people who work for us one. I want to work there and we will have to heed their wishes in their regard. Augur said right now, we're watching it very carefully becomes law. I don't see how practical for us to continue to shoot their anger said There's an apparently is no issue would doing business in China, which has, under
taken: mass detentions of Luger Muslims, placing them in a determined camps, He opened a five point: five billion dollar resort in Shanghai, China in twenty sixteen, You called Shanghai Disney the company's grey. Stir, whatever the printer didn't work chinese authorities in twenty eighteen dramatically stepped up repression and systematic abuses against the thirteen million Turks. Muslims, including uterus and ethnic kazaks in China's Northwestern Jean Region, Human rights watch noted in its annual report on China. Thirty who carried out mass arbitrary detention, torture, mistreatment of some of them in various detention facilities increasingly imposed pervasive controls on daily life. This. Is human rights watch the authorities in March implied it would cease operating its internal camps for the country? Has no more Muslims to put in the camps and went on?
Care keeps protesting against the United States in my red China, one of key, While open a branch over there in China, other gutless wonders they want. Do I call NEWS Foundation reached out to Disney's pressed him to enquire whether company sees any contradiction potential like Georgia, continue to profit from its chinese business partner. The DC enough did not receive a response by press time. Of course We also feel movies and middle eastern countries with Victor abortion laws on the Georgia bill. Disney recently filmed in Jordan and the United Arab Emirates says they washed and free beacon. First note so, Mr Augurs Asia of freight. A fake fake in a fraud is a liberal. He's a knee jerk level, not particular bright now, Eiger pick
Were Eisner left Eisner is the one who really built Disney under the powerhouse. It is quite frankly, may I say yes, I am lots, more I'll, be right back. Early this book on freedom of the press limitation and I think you'll find interesting thing about this. My wreck action is that there's really only too well In journalists who as to talk to me about my book on freedom of the press.
There will be pop adored, the washing examiner and Brett Barrett Fox. That's all unaware terms of the the bigger press platforms. And I am not surprised that complaint I went. I just want you to know this cause you don't know who contacts has done so far, to the best of my knowledge at it. There are others. I didn't review was Cheryl Atkinson. So well, I'm not time by then I'm talking about on these bigger platforms that you're familiar with Dr David Brody's wonderful sepia increased from broadcasting your again, I'm not talking about him. I'm talking about these other platforms, Put him up another certain people. I wouldn't talk too because they not. So not shears people are not real. Shall I give an example. I were actually
actually receive an invitation. I was about to accept by the I believe, it's cool public radio, neither Hitchcock no seeing stop. It came out of the box him before the king put him up and others. People I wouldn't talk too, because they not shears people Rachel. I give an example, actually receive an invitation. I was about to accept by the I believe it's called the police centre in New York. As these various forms on journalists. And they wanted to have a discussion with people from different sides on the activity or not, and journalists thinking? I think I'm gonna do that, but they I saw they had a list of their invitees for this panel and included media manners. Media matters. Media matters is in a new operation it is a political operation, even an opinion operation. It exists to try and put other
but out of business. It leads boycotts, and conservatives and Republicans and leads boycotts against talk. Radio hosts leads boycotts against hosts on Fox and Fox generally, that's not an appropriate for a radical political, organization like medium matters, so I told them, because invited media matters have had they not invited medium manners. I would have been more than happy to go on their power, even invite o Brien stouter. I would love to devour Brian stouter in a neutral fora. But it's not gonna happen because media matters doesn't it at the time of day. It's a criminal from as far as I'm concerned, because I believe my opinion that advice waited tax, exempt stance. It's a partisan operation. And so were just giving an example how this works Eric
this caught my attention. This is very, very sickening, very signet, Reuters. You see this North Korea executed its nuclear envoy to the United States as part of a perch. Officials who steered negotiations for a failed summit between leader Kim Jong on and you as President Donald Trump A south korean newspaper said today Kim HAWK Troll, was executed in March at Miriam Airport, beyond Pon Pyongyang, along with four Foreign ministry officials after they were charged with spying for the United States. You know they come up with these phony stories. They chosen elbow room. What did signing an unidentified source with knowledge of the situation
He was accused of spying for the United States for poorly reporting on the negotiations. Without properly grasping. U S intentions, the source was quoted as saying. The February summit Vietnam's capital Hanoi. The second, between Kim Interim, failed Reach a deal because of conflict zones There is cause for completely nuclear rotation of the Korean Poland Peninsula. Carrying demands for sanctions relief These are sanctions this president put in place by the way that Obama did not. Rudders was unable to independently confirm the report. Previously, some north korean officials are reported to have been executed. Her perch, reappeared later with new titles, Oxfam, that South Korea's Unification Ministry decline to Common Whitehall bugs woman's. Sarah Sanders declined to comment on the report. Saying I'm not going to common on one way or another. United States
tempting to check on the reports of the envoys execution sectoral state. My papa said going visit to Berlin. On Friday, one asked about reports of a shake up of Kim Jong on negotiation team and may five interview with a b c news. Pompiers It did appear that its future counterpart will be somebody else, but we don't know that for sure. He diplomatic source, told Reuters. There were signs Kim young tall and other officials were punished. But there is no evidence they were executed and they may have been sent to labour camps free. Connection well, this is He's a sick guy. You know his grandfather was a stolen. I stolen put him in place. His father same thing now the grandson,
the country over wonder the next to the next to the next, for the people, of course, for the people, so that people will always be equal. There aren't any people there, except for the people on the government. No six.
A stories separate people again, but I want you to know: there's no wage gap, there's a minimum wage, very minimum wage of Iraq. If you have a moment, I want you all to go to a brick house. Levine dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you, brick house for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and your welcome Steve and subscribing a smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps booster immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic some probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back go to brick House Levine, dot com are call eight. Three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levin, that's brick house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three three ring be h:
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entertaining to you can do that. And the news is now really not so much news on many of these platforms. Cnn Msnbc times are washed imposed, push off a lot of problem. Don't they these many these tv shows are interested in soundbites in many of these newspapers are interested in headlines. Levin TV. We do our homework we're bringing you analysis, history called economic stories that matter from an american perspective These are the tools you need to stay and formed so right now A free, thirty day trial, a he's tv, our network, which means In tv as well by the blaze, tv dot, com, blaze, tv guy come or better yet give them a call their there right now, eight for food. Levin tv again, that's aid for four l e g. I am tv and
I want to thank all the affiliates all the hosts who had me on the radio programmes local hosts national hosts. You really been wonderful. I want to thank the relative handful of people not allowed who written reviews in my book. As one that I posted workers from my buddy, David Limber, who were who had a very nice peace as have and you can go to my website. Mark Levine showed that calm and were posting all of them but there has been a whole lot of colonists who jumped in on this. I wonder why and again there been certain affiliates certain house been absolutely tremendous and by the way, as great questions great questions, when I will become out every. For three years, and I am sorry to our affiliates and I speak to their hosts on these various stations Billy come come out of it positive vigorous
because you realize we have such a big country, and so many smart people on conservative talk, radio, earnest people. Many of whom were my friend, some of whom I don't know. But a really really terrific, and somewhere in our own, by less Westwood one. The company that I'm involved with some of them are not from the marine heart, radio and calm Salem. You name Really really terrific people see. Interested not just in the book, but what's in the book information the press it's really quite an exquisite experience, and I I do it every day now will slow down next week and even more the week after from about six in the morning to Lieutenant after the programme. I also want to thank all the folks on tv who have been very, very supportive and also concern about this issue in the
most of all. I want to thank you. In my audience. So far, a hundred and fifty thousand over have eight million and a half million on my radio show, but Fifty thousand of you have decided to jump in, and I want to thank you very very much. You are really the pioneers here, the Thomas, and you are spreading the key pamphlet keep up right now during this period on foot the press- and I can't thank you enough, I hope more and more of you will join gonna Amazon dot com, any major bookstore, very exe supper is plenty out there all right. Let me try and pull up the car, you people must laugh when I'm fine My call screen finding that my computer, that's what's gonna that guy. I only wish. I know I have the word. Luck with the technology and the big dark, I don't really know a lot about it. Do I, MR produce?
And I'll tell you what it is you are. They were brain for this stuff EDA. My problem, some utterly disinterested in it utterly disinterested Eric, ah and Texas Ex M satellite go great one. Thank you for taking my called fans have taught you. Thank you so This morning I was listening to the top the hour radio and I always screaming at it. They said a good care of him the market to marketing tagging. It was down a couple hundred point Mark out towards interesting to me. We all know what the markets doing one of the good. Would be a change today. Communities and see error Secondly, the markets, more complex than that, but they always do the same thing they simplified at the top of the hour trumpeted this before the market. Did that
and when it well out towards interesting to me, we all know what the markets doing they go down in these communities and see where illegal immigration is the one up like the local market when it's doing the housing, what it's doing to hospital costs, what its into the cost of law enforcement and their resources Why? What are they take? A look and look at other markets while whether at it, because this, human consequences that this open border nonsense. People coming This country, like this, no country, all right, I can't think of another one. Well, that's not true. Europe is dying, they do, but that's not a good example. Is it and these are the same Democratic used to support border Security- wanted then twenty billion dollars on a wall because politically they genuflect and they decided to go in another direction both for up.
Political well being and and to undermine the president, not the country's wellbeing Does it mean the rest of us have the general like with embezzled Eric? you for everything you do, and I thank you. Thank you again for take my tale at a menace annually signed copy of the freedom of the press. So don't hang up. I appreciate your car jos, in Japan, Cobby Japan, on the mark, Levant Joseph, how are you my friend, I'm fine, thank you Thank you so much for the wonderful work as the air like a man. Can you been is about out here I mean a terrific. I just got to know your shoe about three months ago and I can listening to you almost every day, but unfortunately, always after listening to a recorded vote, you're sure about today. Saturday? I was able to clean in life, and I am very glad I have now. Are you a japanese citizen,
I'm a guardian, just graduated from Tokyo and I'm thou wakening call me it's not so intimate use must be three languages the Japanese? I speak English a little bit of ranging from got your language is in that on blue you're. Really sharp do No, not really an unnecessary yeah, but- I read your book on freedom of the press and I want to say that we must wait for all people who, just get in defending rationality and common sense coming in a bit of it. Make it also didactic, and I was really impressed. I'm not an american, but I think, All who are interested in rationality and common sense should read this material at its core, a wonderful book. Aren't you kind you do honour its ram? Is on Amazon? Have yes, I They kindled version
well an end was an easy to read. It was low. Academic understand, but but it, but it was He simple right a couple of settings and you were done you back at making then that it has a lot of this historical, In addition to wait, wait I've Leave would be very good for history. Holly and be journalistic criteria I think you're, very good book, I really want to thank you for your forty two a fourth right, less your your kinder yes, it forward less visa. What we if you really think we need to hear people like you every day, because encouraging although we are not alone- and we know that like you, great, Come on the kind these costs. We have every day, especially considering the way the left was going. I'm terrible
Well, listen! I can't thank you enough for listening in calling Joseph, and for reading the book, and hopefully one day I'll figure out, we can figure out how to meet, and God bless you, my friend, how do you like that, Japan, Israel, Ireland, all over the globe and that's what podcasting thus just Vienna Charlotte Chicago Ellen. I, on the mark, Levant go back Can the chinese government with cracking down on Muslims in the last hour. There also kit cracking down on Christians in the last nuptial and they ve been doing that for many years. Actually getting word closing the House churches hand cuffing pastors putting them entail all cross China regulations. You know you have to have a government permit in my good, Totalitarian
freedom of religion, it is amazing to Charlotte here. The present United States stands knows too knows Toto. Was she his instituting all these in in policies, genocidal policies, taking them on. Is being very responsible and Halley is addressing with China is doing to our economy when it's doing to our technology, how its threatening us militarily. He no credit whatsoever. Does he know he doesn't, and there you have it. Look it up on the internet, where not hearing from the mainstream news. Guess what this is? What's so great? This is what I tell people, if you think it then get your news from New York Times the washed imposed on CNN and MSNBC? You need to understand their picking went in for to provide Ya what analyses and interpretation to give it through. Progressive mindset,
and they are social activists they are tied to. The democratic party going to lose the ability to actually know what's taking place in this country and throughout the world. And so you want to go to a real free press. You go around these institutions. Not through these institutions. You go around these institutions, not through these institutions, on casting their show this show after I get off radio Stripped down, maybe the commercials and then other commercials, rather than we are therefore wonderful advertise it, because we believe in capitalism. Here this is an NPR. We don't taxpayers to subsidize my views and my opinions. But this Outcast goes all over the world. Streaming of the radio show by. And so we can reach into these other parts of the world, but they can reach us too. So it's very important. We gather our news, use our own organs and weed.
Need to have interpretation in analysis by DOM women by tomorrow by Chris Matthews. I Chris Cuomo by Wolf, Blitzer, by the pages of the New York Times, though Suppose you know what thank you list, Charlotte such a brilliant point. If we had an internet or war too,. We wouldn't have had to realise a country your time so the washed imposed for information about the Holocaust, which was not forthcoming. We would have learned about it by citizen journalists, Modern day pamphleteers with their own, I fought with their own eyeballs with their own skype. With there information from all over the world. No thanks to the New York Times.
The very very important point I think Charlotte hang on, I want to send you signed copy of on freedom of the press, will be right back a MAC. Ladies and gentlemen, twenty twenty will be the most important election in our lifetimes big issues or on the ballot. The border. The second amendment, I term abortion, a k, infanticide, freedom of speech and conscience. Explain some of them all health care. The liberals are pushing a plan called Medicare for all, and they were, take a programme seniors paid into all their lives and open it up to all comers, including the children of illegal aliens poring over our borders right now, should be Medicare for a nun
because seniors will be forced to get a lie, what people have paid nothing into the programme? It's wrong. It's unfair it will destroy the world's greatest engine of healthcare innovation, whereas a r p on all this. Where are they Lobbying hard to stop this rating of your Medicare, while we know why they say A r p, backed Obama CARE. And that's why merging all of you to join a MAC right now like I did, because, unlike a r p M act, will fight hard against men. Therefore, I and by the way they have trim- This benefits and discounts. You don't want to miss those either. Become a member of a MAC dot. U S! That's a Emma S. The? U S, Thanks, I ve never been higher visit a MAC, not U S and Teddy Just in Cleveland, Ohio, exam satellite go.
I was wondering how much longer are we concerned is going to tolerated censorship on Youtube, twitter and our well the investor, to create an alternative platform that I have some good news for you. I want you to go online. On one of those sites like Google or banger whenever you like. And I want you to look at my interview with George Guilder and I believe Puts up what twelve or fifteen minutes the opening mister booth. And I want you to take a look at it because this is a brilliant man who has forecast a lot of innovations that have taken place in these become wealthy as a result of investing in them and he made it abundantly clear that these Existing platforms will go the way of the landline telephone and about ten years or less. The Israelis and the Japanese are working on brand new platforms. That will be available in that, greatness of America. Just as we do. Our way out of these situations
as long as we allow capitalism to flourish, and we will develop our way out of these situations and in the meantime, for but can do whenever Facebook does, but I can do whatever twitter. Does you stove access to the internet? You starve, just a whole bunch of, bloggers and new its websites, communication capabilities all over the world together all kinds of information and facts, and to discern for yourself What you believe actual news is or is not correct. Absolutely but what did what I'm worried about those leading up to the twenty twenty lacheneur? I noticed that my favorite conservatives on Youtube there their views are dwindling in other than, The review is to be an hundreds of thousands another tens of thousands, and I know that there are there There are manipulating search results so that do not even learning showing up on and maintaining. I listen listen to me before you jump off the roof.
There are many ways to get information. We cannot control Facebook and Twitter, certainly not. Today,. I'm telling you there are things going on on the internet. The? U need to embrace. People on the internet who you need to embrace. One of them is my buddy Stephen prouder he's you too. He's one of the biggest guys on Youtube who exists. We can't He can't fix all these situations by whining about them and expecting Washington to do anything before the twenty twenty election. The Democrats, I'm going to do it, so in the meantime, take advantage of those platforms, those individuals that we can ok, great remark. Brother, you take your, I understand the frustration, but you can't let it destroy you. You ve gotta. There are things going on out there. There are things that are in place. That are available to us just go, find them they're all over the place. We don't need to be bullied lecture to beaten into the ground.
By phone ease, dressed up as journalists. Who are condescending. Do you who view you, as NEO Nazis, her deplorable or ignoramus or whatever it is screw them. However, ladies and gentlemen, one big our left this week this way don't mess it. I've got a lot. Scan with. I hope, you'll come back and don't forget tomorrow, those of you who are they. I've Thyssen's Corner Vienna, my clay Virginia Barnes and noble ten, I am sharp. I look. Or the saying, thousands and thousands of you we're going A blast I'll right back, with a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism,
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A brick house, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levin dot com offered code Levin now run only underline the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: this Care is an american hating, Jus hating organization. But there is no way around us. See I r. And I looked at the daily wire care ass. A mayor to retract support for Jerusalem Embassy, demands apology.
Now? This is part of the fifth column in this country carries with it. Ties that Hamas. They're, not a muslim civil rights organization, let alone the largest muslim civil rights organization. They re hate, America, hate, Jus organization,. So, let's put right out their care. Muslim and jewish activists groups, another certain jewish groups that loaded with self haters, so haters. Unfortunately, this is this: is plague Judaism since the beginning. And it continues to this day. Muslim in jewish activist groups, are demanding an apology. From LOS Angeles, democratic mayor Eric our city over recent comments, backing a Jerusalem based. U S, embassy in Israel.
What does we backing in authority happened? So He's a democrat any backs. The embassy in Jerusalem and care wants them to apologize. A hundred percent cook bailiwick voiced its approval of the changed during a trip the Israel earlier this month. I support a name. It should be the council on hating America in jewish relations. Pending letter to Guard Seti last week requesting he retract his support relocating operations from television where the embassy had been from nineteen sixty six until May. Twenty eighteen. Garcetti, who describes himself as half chicano and half jewish a hundred percent cooked by the way voice, approval of the change during a trip the Israel earlier this month. I the port, the embassy being their guard then he told the LOS Angeles limes, Israel should be the only country in the world. They can't determine where its capital will be, but there's
surely a process to do these things rather than what seems like an overnight one sided partisan see this but the quisling still is equivalent. He wants to have it always and in the end he gets it in no way. There's absolutely a space to be pro Israel and pro Palestinian. Our city continued an event: He thinks there will be resolution of this conflict. How can you not be pro both one, not pro both. I don't mean I'm Anti Arab. The Palestinians are represented by terrorists. A new who listen to this programme, you know well They had mucky muck, I'll Estonians during World war, too was a Nazi was Almaty And they were doing the business of Hitler, so Car Seti, how you cannot be pro-
I was studying just right there, that's an example and in fact, in many ways they continue in their Nazi technics. What it might say I ass. I sat at home, ass, hot ass, And the Palestinian Authority. Jill killers get pensions, and if you dare to sell your home to a Jew, your executed, I know the facts now, let's go, Car Seti's remarked prompted a letter from leaders of several interfaith groups: Floating care Ella executive director who some of those who asked. Who asked him to reconsider his stance and stand against trumps. Reckless decision- Embassy was a dangerous and offensive action, a wise, a dangerous. Are they.
And by the way, have you noticed that the Jew Haters hate Trump to let let's reverses the left or the left, which is loaded with Jus Norton, notice how they say An anti semite and yet look, who stands with them, care that the palace In authority. Bernie Sanders Omar tally at all on the left. The letter talk our city moving? The embassy was a dangerous and offensive action, Eliza dangerous or they planning to do something. They planning to do something. Why is a dangerous. And called on the mayor to apologize to constituents for supporting the switch the coalition wrote, we distraught when hearing of this news, especially in the month Ramadan. Excuse me, you idiots well, what month would please you know months, but please you.
Here's a partial transcript. We were deeply offended at your recent endorsement. Of the unilateral decision to move the- U S, embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, this play What Palestinians call our cards the Holy City shoot me. Is this a joke. This is an anybody, show me history, the taller than a hundred years old. The Palestinians called drew's. Their holy city go ahead, prove it to me. Its sacred to Christians and Muslims alike, not just to israeli juice, I wonder how many Christians Care represents their best interests there, began to cheer. We strongly believe that the status of Jerusalem is a matter for negotiations. No, it's not. Tat a matter for negotiations at all. It is what it is.
You dont negotiate away your historical capital. This has been the capital for the Jews longer than virtually every other capital on the face of the earth. Every other country on the face of the earth, but Air says they got to negotiate. The Trump administrations decision to move the. U S, embassy undercuts our governments reputation or we have agreed reputation, Americans do with the wood the palace, In people doorway item When you travel To the Middle EAST, do you say show me the palestinian areas I want to go into the Palestinians. I want to tell them I can't do that now. Why don't you do it. Member Louis celebrating on nine eleven and handing out candy to the little ones, I believe The palestinians- that's just. My recollection.
It also supports the racist intentions of the Netanyahu government and its supporters say. You're, not a gorilla carrier, racist, but the fact is its care. That's racist and anti semitic. Say loathsome poisonous organization And its supporters, who would ethnically cleansed the palestinian people from their homes and Jerusalem tell me is that what's happened, since nineteen sixty seven, the Palestinians have been ethnically cleansed from their homes and Jerusalem. Memories are so short member. What the Jordanians did blowing up synagogues. Stealing homes from Jews. The combination was co signed by friends of Sabena, nor America, f, O S, any Islamic, sure accounts of southern California. American civil council, the elevator
there's a jewish voice for peace. That's a Soros front group by the way, jewish voices for peace. What a joke! And the episcopal Peace fellowships Palestine, Israel network. Car Seti issued a statement responding to the criticism quote. This weasel recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and I've always recognised Jerusalem as the capital of the end Then? It fully sovereign, sovereign palestinian state that we all want to emerge from negotiations towards a two state solution. I don't. You have a big Gaza Strip, idle Have the Palestinians and demonstrated they want to live in peace. What are they put on all those rockets? We want to live in peace now. Other Jews and swastika swastikas
As I made clear my comments last week, I strongly disagree with how the Trump Administration made its decision. It was outside the scope of any talks without balanced coordination, with whom you idiot, with whom. But we cannot allow this president's thoughtless citizenship, by friends and this this guy's, such always. Let's disgusting, it's disgusting, so it's trumps That he's criticized its trump swap. All these guys run on this for present United States Trump. Finally, does it you have to Chats in negotiations at the, which means it would be killed, you would be killed, In other words, Gar Sadie. In the rest of the arab world is out how they do things, discussions and negotiations and all the rest.
Liberals really do have a suicide mission. I just choose not to participate, ladies and gentlemen I'll be right back, When I first started doing radio at a national level, I was worn, don't take on care. That a few radio hosts. It will boycott your advertisers and you know what I said I want on the air and I took on care. And I said, if you think, you're gonna knock me off the air. You gonna have the most. Powerful law suit you ve ever faced. I will get all your records well your phone logs. I get all your donations. I know more about your organization than any other human being on the face of the earth, including you.
Moreover, I will become even richer than I am. I say that tongue in cheek. You understand, because you're interfering, tortuous interference with my business contracts. And then more more hosts suddenly became, braver and braver and too on this organization. Is a nasty enterprise A very very nasty enterprise. It supports the Democratic Party in the Democratic Party supports it. I just want you to keep in mind what we're dealing with here. Oh more and to leave would never run as Republicans and they're, both bigots. He's Alison couldn't be the debt. Chairman of the Aral Sea, he was the deputy chairman of the DMZ. Bernie Sanders gets away with his head. Semitism and his support from anti Semites on the left.
You might say we're marquise, jewish. I could kill us what he is. The palestinian flags hanging during the democratic convention. And the media give this a pass. Why? Because the media are part of the same thing. The same problem: if you're gonna give the New York Times a pass for its Mass of inhumanity holocaust. Well, of course, united. We gonna blink and I. Over Omar and Tal leave and all the rest. Fact yoga hidden, published on Third Reich like cartoons. I wanted to point that out for you now Swing in another direction, Shelly. The guy's, a joke and sows Nancy. Its he believes, but she goes on these shows and soda stretch, she goes on the Jimmy Kimmel Shell. This just shows you how and serious she is
make him or is a. Lounge act, but he's not even allowed Jacket LAS Vegas fact he be allowed Jack, probably where workers They must have reducing, came the New Jersey. Maybe he's allowed dragged in let's pick another one, aren't Kansas, in other words the guy's, a joke. And so Nancy Place. But she goes on these shows and so do the others, not because I know these house or not only stupid, but their leftist. Jimmy Kimmel and debts. Ass night had Nancy Close units programme and it was a laugh right. Ladies and gentlemen, cut six go. Let me just say this: a modest slave. I probably have a better idea
As to what the president has to be held accountable for than anyone listening to this for- and she says it and modestly absolute- not job And I said that today on Fox and friends and upset the internet near the cooks. Go ahead, read them all before we have, even though slap you read the model. And another, you read the Bible, not with my brother, mumbled, red color and within my remit perfectly with among them even my mama. Not only do you know about my men and women. Yes, she has, she says she's, a liar, she's not read the Mulder report. She is a liar she's been too busy posing for the Washington Post travelling the country she's, enjoying this owe so much guy.
Now calling for that, we, whenever they would show it to me when I say, I'm not gonna. Let you sure too near you, show it to the whole continent, show the whole country grand jury, information which would be illegal, and classified information, except, of course, will exposes the about administration, Democrats, senior level, the FBI, the dossier, the Hillary Clinton campaign and on and on and on others We want to see everything. Will she release her taxes. Jimmy Kremlin bits won't ask. How about her bank records Jimmy Kimmel on? How about her finances Jimmy can own bits will live. Not interested in her. You say. Don Junior contrasted Junior about her five children do even other names, no it on other names with Google and refer
Should they be household words to know, of course, that don't go after the children unless of course, they're trumps children Let's go go into now. These audiences are always Packwood clapping seals. We're gonna, take your health care away and have socialists, healthcare workers Tax, your wealth, YE re, open Yeah, what I gave you a phrase that year. By the way, if you want to use the atm, it's three thousand fifty cents hey what now Not pay three hundred at three thousand fifty cents get my own money out of a machine. And don't forget, ladies and gentlemen, family leave.
And we're going to grow their attacks, claret. That's gonna cut, seven, go yeah, I think. Sometimes they do things and they all that's not allowed, and then they gonna go back and try to figure out what it was and how they can keep it quiet. You know what really bunch me about that, because when you see what do I do now- and you know it was wrong to talk the Russians about those I'm you now a clam. That would be you with the clown makeup. Clown, I seem to you, met Assad in Syria. Who is a fascist life? Socialist whose slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own people? This would be the daddy of the current mass murder. Eighteen waiting, you gonna, walk area wrong to talk the Russians caught the Russians. But of course
when I talk to a sad in theory and I'd like to publicly find my way? No problem whatsoever. Go ahead: Why dont Howard, is how to explain that to kids in the hood when the kids are heard in she cute, Kids, in their hurrah Nancy, such a bond with kids in the hood. When's. The last time Nancy was in the hood the last time she walked in the hood along. When's, the last time she walked in the hood at night time. Then she would know what a hood is other than when it rains to put a hood overhead. Some kind of joke What are you, what are you? How do you explain this? The kids in the Hood How do I explain you two kids, that hurt She's insane, oh ok, I'll be right back.
The liberals and the with pubic ends. Don't like him, but America does. You can call MIKE Levin at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven. You know I one of these shows a natural when I need to have an exposition on technology and on people are afraid of technology. No, it does not cost jobs and create jobs. It saves lives, improves as with Tommy which take technology should do without washing machine drier, toasters, automobiles here air conditioning computers calculators Who draws the line and where do we draw the line? I don't understand. Industrial revolution, certainly for its time greater all kinds of new technologies. New technology is MR producer. It
Creativity of the mind fascistic in communist. Take another sort of talk receives, do it try to control them. They try to control that you Can't control it, I mean tempted control it creates a police state of sorts. But that's what technology is. People using their brains to great things, to improve things to advance thanks to progress whatever it is futile. You can't do that think about it, just in your own. What no you can't you can't what He can't think about how to improve things, to make them faster, to make them slower to make them bigger than make them smaller. Whatever? What will we be. So technology is about the freedom of thought. They create a mine, by capitalism is so great. Capitalism is the closest economic system to human nature,.
And capitalism is in a system, you create capitalism. Is this, You can destroy it, you can regulate it, you can reject it, but capitalism. Trade, commerce. Free will using your noggin, that's humanity, And so all these efforts by the left and some on the right, but all these efforts to this Us destroy you to destroy your nature, to control you. Would you think, all this stuff in the hospital he's destroying jobs really. Technology in the end always creates jobs. But it makes things more efficient, exactly. So that resources brain power, so that material can be In different directions and create other thing, a where does it end? It never ends
till the human race. Hence. Tell your ability to think about great technological advances and police states. Ass. They steal it from us. When do you think all this stuff in the hospitals come from all these, these medicines that you complain about taking? What do you think they come from to me When you're sick, he says there appeared a cabinet there. May I ask you whether you looking for technological advances. Looking for for something out there right. You don't say you now admire. May I my I've got the swelling in my foot, cut it off now known. We don't do that, typically sawed off. Just let me have some run If we think about the opposite of technological advances,. You wouldn't want to live there. Neither would I.
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But investigative reporter look rosy act at the daily collar has. Member logic Cummings. He's hanging colonel low right now is neither kind of hanging out A visit to the Witness Protection Programme Duncan he'll be back. Eliza Cummings wife's refusal to turn over records on her non profit is illegal exports. Oh. This caught my attention, I'm thinking to myself, I'm sure Jerry, Nobblers gonna, want to look into this room. Its of Eliza Cummings, why friends, a non profit. She's breaking the law by not revealing financial disclosure banner Non profit, and uninvolved legal expert told the Daily Collar NEWS Foundation, Maya Rocky, more Cummings say what my rocky more Cummings runs a nonprofit called this
For global policy solutions, that is closely intertwined with a fork. Profit consulting firm About policy solutions, L Elsie. The non profit is received, millions of dollars from groups with interests before the congressman's committee put. Actually buying them favourable treatment according to a complaint filed with the iris, but their national legal and policy centre at least three different groups have requested the forms and to each rocky more coming sets. Elijah's wife has refused even Told that the law requires that she refused on the phone. To the national legal policy centre and did not answer formal request to view the forms from the Washington examiner and Daily Collar NEWS Foundation. Well, that's a legal sally wagon makers, Chicago attorney specializes in nonprofit tax law told
Ellie collar interesting and sad. You have the right to get them. The organization absolutely is required to provide the information, so do not do It would appear to be flying the law. Larger cummings? Why, following the law, never never. As a family member of an elected official we'd exe The high road integrity and compliance If anyone should be responding promptly, it should be her. He should be above reproach says the expert rocky more Cummings did not by any reasoning for her refusal. The congressmen later launched at when I'm attacks at the requested Hang the examiner National legal policy centre, leaned conserved, so what you lean marxist and you are demanding all this stuff from the present in his family. What's the deal with anything genius.
They leave conservative without explaining how that would negate any potential legal issues, the laws, the laws pow you pass them, but I'm allergic cummings from above the law. But the present you say he's a Butler Mona. He can't be a bundle I can be above the law. Baltimore, you must be very proud of your congressmen Then his lovely wife, not Fats must publicly disclose information about their operations. In exchange for being tax exempt from taxes and the As former which they disclose, the information is called a form nine. Ninety. What are the policy reasons Disclosure The able. To eliminate conflict, interest and the media's role is to help eliminate that, and I guarantee that Brian stouter healthy out. There he's out there. He sees demanding
this information back the cabin OZ, you know Great photos they go back to a trump; they want to those from four hundred twelve years ago, Elijah Cummings, where you gettin rid of this non profit. Your wife said Are you gonna get a law says you must not injured And the same media that was utterly disinterested in the through Russia Collusion story is utterly disinterested. The true cronyism of Asia and Rocky more cummings. The two hours and rocky more or one two hours. If you were curious,. Coming chairs the House Committee on oversight in government reform. It was the same committee that one country by Republicans used its oversight powers we're federal agencies, including the Irish to subpoena lowest learner then the irises head of non profit, compliance, then trim and our allies said. The IRS nonprofit tax division was
Elective Lee, enforcing the law based on politics, giving tee party groups are hard time, while looking the other way at violations by democratic groups Like Ms Rocky more coming screw. Coming as is also demanding President Donald trumps, business records. Tom Anderson investigator worthy now, illegal and policy centre, a good guy script that leans conservative. Oh, my god. They do. Tell the daily collar that his group's found cause where the Rocky Mark Cummings, who is charity, Marilyn Democratic Party, where a bizarre experience, so you see, Coming chairs this committee is wife runs the I cried party amount plus she has this nonprofit group and this consulting room. We called the phone number for the non profit and she answered it like her personal sulphur. And every time we asked the question she just repeating and how can I help you.
And then finally hung up. It was so creepy. We pointed out that it was required by law and a response was, and how can I help you? It was so weird Eliza and a weird I think we need a hearing. I think your wife should be supported. It's against the law. You have to hand those over where a five or one c. Three and if George Soros or ten year old kid requested our nine ninety tax return. You'd have to hand it over on the spot. The idea that she thinks she doesn't have to his outrageous supply, Ms there are millions of dollars coming into these entities from corporations and special interests with business. Be Eliza Cummings any time you have that every rule has to be followed, or else it open. The door from mass of corruption and that Or whether the politician in question is tromp, Eliza, Cummings or someone else
ok, more Cummings at HTTP, Eliza Cummings, one on a ran about how worried conspiracy right wing group for super mega billionaires, which like some out of star wars experience Eliza and Rocky more Cummings speeded up. Give us the details. Otherwise, I must conclude The great Mahler did in his rambling diatribe and I cannot prove that you are innocent of any crime. Mr comings and rocky more coming up here Ben on Twitter. Just want the cost going. Las Vegas didn't see your book there look folks. If you go to cause, go to Morrow
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every Friday in honour of the Patriots Levant ICE America? Here you go
gentlemen. Tomorrow we made at ten a m Jimmy Carter, Mall, Barnes and know about Maclean Virginia thousands. Eleven I'd, send patriots I'll, see you there. I can't wait. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters see personal ice, all law enforcement. Thank you. Can I,
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