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On Friday’s Mark Levin show, most of us can’t remember when the unemployment rate was 3.6%, which is considered full employment. The media should be celebrating that capitalism works, tax cuts work, deregulation works. This is the exact opposite of what Democrats are saying works. President Trump’s economic policies are fantastic even with no Democrat support and under vicious attack by the media and Democrats pushing impeachment and investigations. Also, Trump is constantly accused of abusing his power. Did he abuse his power like Barack Obama, Lyndon Johnson or FDR? No, Trump hasn’t done anything like they have. Not even close. Trump has been one of the most transparent Presidents in history. Later, China is our enemy. The Pentagon says that the Chinese military is growing fast enough and could challenge U.S. military superiority. Under Obama they undermined our military and Trump is trying to reverse course.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year, Hills there is a truly independent institution where learn surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground, boughs, with a hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three Eight one one about we have a lot of positive news right now: huh, how about positive news
Well, I'm a little over sixty and sixty one years. All that's not the positive news. The positive news is, Remember when the unemployment rate was three point: six percent three point: six percent unemployment and you're not hearing this on the new saw state is considered full employment. That is there's always a couple per cent in the population who leave their jobs looking for other jobs, or maybe somebody get pregnant, they leave their job or whatever. So there's a little bit a room for voluntary decisions when it comes to employment or unemployment. Three point: six percent unemployment means ninety six point: four percent employment. And again, I'm telling you I don't ever remember that maybe it happened when I say
for five or six years all, but in modern times. I don't remember that. And there's a reason for that. It's the lowest unemployment rate in forty nine years in half a century. People should be celebrating in the streets. People should celebrating and happy hour the media To be celebrating, their hosts have smiles on their face ear to ear. This is incredible, it truly is, It truly is a massive economic upswing, certainly. Compared to recent administrations and unquestionably compared to the last administration, capitalism works. Tax cuts, work,
Deregulation works, in other words, the opposite of what democratic power potential candidates for saying works, the opposite: Nancy Policy and the other thugs in their house wanna do works. It works. Unemployment among Iraq and Iran- vets one point: seven percent unemployment. Among you know we have to things in the ethnic racism sober agent, two point: two percent two point: two percent unemployed Among Hispanics four point: two percent. That is a record low. Since it's been tract in nineteen. Seventy three unemployment among women record low unemployment.
Among workers dead, who do not have bachelor degrees are above, fell to the law. In nineteen years, nineteen years three point: five percent with high slow degrees without with college degrees, without black hispanic white asian women, men capitalism works. This president, his economic policies are and tacitly successful turn about tariffs that everything I'm torment is. Economic policies are fantastically successful and it had an effect.
Its having an effect on his popularity rate, it's going up the stock market surge bouts, any economic activity. The stock market is way up, while arch dress for the rich, I guess don't have a pension plans, that's not just for the rich any, can participate, and most of you do employer related pensions, or I raise for on case, whatever. What that means is that these Businesses are healthy and they hire hardworking middle class people that they pay and by the way wage growth is up. Three point: two percent first quarter, growth. Just a little while ago, the so called a car
we're talking about a recession. Recession. This academy, exploding with growth and good news, and you have an absolute no choice: the Obama policies, big government there sat in the others we just kind of plot along and try and break out or capitalism. Capitalism. And as a guide Benson over a town hall points out the Trump bounds on the economy. His ratings is the best. Economic approval ratings. Yet- and this is based they see an import and I'm sure they're grinding their teeth right down to the bone present
trumps approval rating on the economy is had a new high according to CNN Paul release. Today or yesterday, a majority responded. Fifty six percent said they approve of trumps here The economy compare with forty one percent of disapprove. The president's previous high market economy in the CNN Paul came in March. Twenty seventeen fifty five percent. Fifty. Percent of those Poland, the new service said he has done a good job in keeping the promises he may the campaign trail. Forty six, and said he had done a poor job for presented our opinion. This is great news, very good news and he's done this despite fact that he's had absolutely no support from the Democrats in Congress been under relentless vicious attack
by the media that seeks to burden him that seeks to drag him down, and yet this man presses on and so and so the Democrats push impeachment. So the Democrats push investigation. At your going after the attorney general, the United States, for the reasons I said yesterday and have been repeated by virtually everyone today, because he's leading zone investigation, into what took place to launch the phoney Russia collusion argument. The investigator only Russia collusion argument, investigation. But I want you to listen to this two from hot air I'll abundant. None of that data sites are tracking impeachment Paul. So there's no handy list of numbers. He says for me to compare to this, but twenty Percent, twenty
Nine percent is the weakest support for impeachment. He says I can recall saying from any major pollster less than a week ago, ABC Washington Post found thirty seven percent in favour of impeachment another bad number for Democrats and the resistance, but only that's that's nearly ten points, tire than what Wikipedia seeing today, twenty nine percent, twenty nine percent. Support for impeachment had been holding steady in Quantity act surveys that thirty five percent in December in March figure far too low, events Democrats to go through with it but a solid base, but ten in which they might Buildeth Mahler came back with evidence that trumpet conspire would Russia now the report is in, he didn't and impeachment is dropping like let alone
Twenty nine percent- and you know they're the dead Anders now. What does that mean? Seventy percent oppose it. The only sub groups in favour are Democrats and African Americans and each is below sixty percent, even Numbers are more easily explained by residual default, anti trumpet Then some sharp new concerns about powerless raised in the Mulder report. Worse yet for the left, when a man. Sir asked whether Conway should at least continued to investigate tromp with an to potentially impeaching him a majority against that idea to five forty seven. Fifty one person with independent split at forty five. Fifty three most people seem to be done with Russia, gay. So majority says that's enough: with the investigations. Super majority says no to impeachment.
President's ratings are on an upswing. On growth. And I am telling you these unemployment rates The vitamin ethnicity genitalia, whatever they want, our unbelief You will believe, allow unbelievable you wanna get mortgage there still around. Four percent: this is a terrific economy. Democrats have spent the past forty eight hours, insisting that bill bar gain public opinion for a trumpet summary by declaring that posted obstruct justice. If that this in turn the obviously did a poor job. The fifty four forty to split
is in line with the results to the same question and many previous pulse, suggesting bars Verde didn't do much to dissuade people who already suspected trump of obstruction. The point is this: despite the mass media propaganda, despite the antics, Of the royal Democrats in the House of Representatives its having no effect no effect. Now they ve turned their guns on the attorney general. The United States, now members of the house have filed complaints, Marylin Virginia bars to try and get attorney general bar punished or disbarred. You believe us And they're talking about impeaching him and, of course the goal As I explained yesterday in the back benches are repeating today
does so dirty him up there when he comes up with these unbelievable findings about individuals who were involved. In interfering in our election, the universe, those who were involved in trying to take out candidate trump. The interview Those who are involved in trying to smear present an electron the individuals today who are stolen, Rob and trying to remove President Trump. They want to be able to say what we expect that comes from bar. Tell me why the Democrats so defensive, Mr Petition. They have something to hide. Why the Democrats so worried about the inspector general report that comes out four to six weeks, why they so worried about Bill BAR and his investigation,
leads straight to the oval office and it President Name Barack Obama. That's why the greatest scandal in Medical history and the media covered it up on behalf of Obama and the Democrats or not the phoney Russia collusion now The Obama ministrations interference with our election, the so the FBI potential. The CIA Justice Department. And apparently the willing dupes, who are called judges on the face of courts who haven't lifted a finger to correct what took place In those secret hearings of Ben
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well, ladies and gentlemen, over the washed and compost Carol, Leon now oh and an eye g, washed and copper Watergate, had the Nixon tapes Mahler had any Donaldsons notes while Watergate. What does she talking about? Let's check the notes scribbled rapidly on illegal, had captured the fear inside the White House. One present from parades over the Russia Investigation in decreed was firing. The FBI director, who let it is it's too big in the end thanks filled entry is part of a shorthand diary. They chronicled the chaotic Asian trumps West Wing eight trove that the special council
port cited more than sixty five times as part of the evidence that the President's sought a bluntly an investigation bearing down on him wow. They bore down on him And is a main wasn't charged with anything, but that does not go up the public during other notes, which doc, and then Whitehouse Council Donald began, contemporaneous account of events and his fear that the press, was engaged and legally risky conduct has infuriated trump. First of all, why They taking notes in the meeting or why were they, no two after the meeting this is appalling. You're, the lawyer for the President, since your assistant? I guess any Donaldson. Are there? No ethics left. And number: two: why does it Carol Leon Nick at the washed and compost point up The only reason they have those notice, because the present the United States did not start,
second of an attorney climb privileges let's go on, watch out for the paper that take so called when the notes never existed until needed trump toilet, after the release of special council Rabanus, smaller thither report, while he's right the scribe, keeping track of the president's actions was any Donaldson Miguel. Chief of staff, a loyal on low profile, conservative lawyer, who figures in them Report is one of the most important areas of internal White House turmoil. Now, let's just stop a second President Santer, daily attack. You ve got all these prosecutor who out to destroy him. I mean put yourself in position, whether you work for somebody else, whether an independent contractor worthy run, a business, whether you?
tired in your home, you have seventeen prosecutors all focused on trying to send you to prison. Would you be a little upset, doesn't mean you? You you, your ear exuding, you know Anything wrong: you have emotions passions. Maybe there is some turmoil surrounding it, but so what, her daily habit of document in conversations and meetings provided the special council office was its version of the Knicks and White House tapes, a running the president's actions, albeit in sent and fragments and concise description. The episodes, memorialize and Donaldsons notes and memos the President's rage when it be directed James, becoming confirm. The existence of the investigation in a possible ties between and the trunk campaign. There were no as you idiot, trumps efforts to pressure attorney
Jeff such and not refuse himself from overseeing the probe and what is wrong with that, but I'm I've always wondered and is pushing Mahler disqualified and remove the special council, which was fine to me, politically wise, but he had no legal issue there. Masturbation would have gone on. But Mahler has proven to be everything that trumps Eddie is a partisan but he's a Republican already myself, a partisan hack. That's why you have two hundred It is a non matter that was never brought I'll, be right back since family in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech die as the hills, the college in primacy,
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still America's passionately, so we broke voice talk with, voice now, eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one. You know I have to admit I, the big smile on my face. These economic figures are unbelievable. I think the demo That's are setting themselves up. They don't realize it's gonna, be painful for the country. But I think in the end they will suffer. Plus I've gotten a number of comments back on my It's unbelievable they're, just they come in, you know you send what's Kigali copies to certain people, get the impression Cow Thomas, the great cow Thomas was slowly floored by the book. I'm at the fine that email Jaw Pollack over bright boy said: I loved it.
On high Bush, the directive, the Rangoon Library, was profuse. And in his compliments. And I don't have the more in front of me, but it's really cool that's really good because it reinforced What I've been saying to you? You know these are third parties who are looking at what I've written and are. I like it, I wrote the dancing What did it make sure it's understandable and compelling in use for substantive, but. You know something that can be easily digested in its turn out to be all those things on. Freedom of the press is my beautiful wife who put them in the bunker course. So that's all good! You brought me some chocolate, honey. Here's, the goodness! I love chocolate. Here's the badness how'd you get here.
Canada, China? Mr I tell you the truth: Donna trying to lose ten pounds but bra That is very nice that you brought it. Thank you so there we got to see happen though, very excited about that. I'm also very excited that this president really is so successful. A very excited about that. I am also very excited that this president really is so successful. So successful southern times when we get downright mostly We listened Democrats, we get down mostly when we listen to so called journalists. We get down. We put them out of our ears put amount our heads and think about what's going on it's pretty cool with, as president. Later in the programme. I want to talk to extend some extent with about China. That's not call.
China is the enemy. China is the enemy, and here again under he undermined our military. They're mine are GEO political strength and It is trying to reverse course- and I respect the Democrats today- could care It's about China. Joe Biden thinks it's no big deal at, saw, he's not qualified to be president. It's not just the presently United States, whose pointing out what China's doing all the experts at the defence department. The intelligence agencies. I mean the good people who are not spying on Republicans, all turn about China, the people I brought my programme life, Liberty and Levin, who are experts on China all concerned about China. This is no joke, donation of one and a half billion people their steel.
Our technology blind. And they using it against us. And it's more more a centralized iron fisted fascistic, communist regime, is about a contradiction mark, no, not the least not in the least just another form of of autocracy with a better up press. Place and so will be talking about that a bit later to now, let's get back. Did this Washington Compost peace by a reporter. I guess the Harvard LAW School graduate, unflinching words. This is any Donaldson. Their new here are the chief of staff them again. Who was the White House counsel. She wrote just in the middle of another Russia fiasco. Unquote she wrote art to twenty. Seventeen have come
the die hard Republican and an unfamiliar role as a truth, teller heralded by trumps foe for providing what they view is proof he's unfit for office. This is sick house, judiciary, Committee Gerald Meddler has already signal. He intends to subpoena. Donaldson is critical. Witness yes! He is quite a little fascist Disney. Mr producer Oh he's appealing family and friends and business associates he supporting all kinds of stuff in a neighbour, constitution, of course, and oversight. Of course, Donaldson who lives in Montgomery Alabama, where husband recently got a job as a federal prosecutor did not respond to requests for comment. Shield the White House in December both proud of her service and also somewhat stung by our experience in Washington friends, said those close, the Donald
she will be thrust into the middle of the building war between congressional Democrats. In the wider look, look like President's gonna. Just issue again get a privilege trigger exact Privilege she's not gone anywhere, but that's ok, the washed and compost likes them. With the american people did for two and a half years. Some privately why we should become a targeted. The president, despite having work, are to help implement its agenda. Will then, why are you taking notes like this that have certainly no legal significance whatsoever. But are now used by the president's political opponents. Why did you do that? You're, Harvard lawyer. Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang. My only turn for her now is not getting too caught up in this Washington meet grinder. When she will did the right thing and cooperate, and she was directed said former republican Senator Luther strange who the Donaldsons Workin as law firm in Alabama, although they wanted corn Adler Brow, as Mackay
chief of Staff, Donald was charged with managing thirty to forty lawyers and the council's office. Getting wider policies legally vetted Kay traditional nominations, on track and working with began on trumps top priorities and apparently taking notes all the time took notes during the meetings after the meetings kept files and the president, why are we wanted to provide the very best legal advice from no. No. Why. Along the way she did. What virtually all lawyers considered a necessity, keep a record of decisions, disputes and test left to do So now the washing compost is building up. They don't care about her. They don't know her. When down with her little throw off the cliff like they do everybody. It's no big deal just get trumped. Gotta get up, get em. Nearly every day when began, emerge from the oval office or other West wing meetings. She would take notes, as he recalled significant
discussions with the president of his team corner the people from it was her role will he just higher, like the paralegal or a secretary to do that Mr Producer Harvard lawyer, and they it's a mix, Nixon Watergate, Watergate Nixon Surprise or not, quoting John Dene here or some former no name Watergate special prosecutor, the case of Nixon the discovery of his White House taping system provided unquestionable. Proof of his role and a cover up of his care paints spying on opponents precipitous his resignation and nineteen. Seventy four now listen to this Mahler had these notes every damn page. How the hell is this Watergate. The president didn't commit any crimes I mean, Would be the greatest travesty in
Like an electoral history, it they're gonna, try peaches, presently United States who gave the prosecutor everything, including the notes from it. If a staff of his White House counsel- but he doesn't have to go on The present United States Canal, Sir Executive privilege, a map Tis with Mr Nablus and his Lynch MOB and trumps case, Donaldsons notes depict Mcgann and others is worried that the president can be accused of criminal obstruction and seeking to prevent from his impulses, said interesting com. It takes notes and began people take no, it's everybody's, taking the notes- to see why I accept the president President just doing his job like a deed, this spanish memo again this one guy here, It's over this guy, An entry on March, twenty one, twenty seventeen now this is why volume to as written proclaimed,
GIN and Watergate, and how the president's neck is on the line and on and on on and on and on. One volume too should not even have been written The columns talk about next sin and Watergate and how the president's neck is on the line and on and on and on one volume should not even have been written in an entry on March twenty one, twenty seventeen Donaldson recounts, our trump again. He was furious when the testimony they come and gave the Congress about their Roger prove the day before funding is if he might, fire on the spot. President fell between they call me had failed to do is trumpet ass to tell the public that It's not personally under investigation, but tromp was right. Call me told him in their meeting at the Trump tower that he was not under investigation and the present deep, Saint Wolf tell that to the public, tell it to the public and any testifies
credit Congress and tell them, though, the president not an investigation and the president's furious. Wouldn't that be the right reaction. Miguel was so concerned. The firing was imminent that the council's off drafted a memo analyzing the president's legal authority to do so. According to the report, Ganz lawyer, William Burke, declined to comment that day trumpet Italy pressure began to get the Justice Department to intervene donaldsons. They are told investigators Mcgann, then all assistant attorney general, Dana boy, whatever asking whether officials good correct MRS perception that the president was under investigation, the press and is surrounded by incompetence by people taking notes. By an FBI directorate who's out the sabotage he's under investigation President tell the world yet
Let me tell the world now: I can't do it. Why. At one point, Mcgann, warn the president that some of the actions he took, such as Call me to let go of his investigation of Flint, it can vulnerable to accusations of obstruction of justice. Biggest exposure quote other contexts cause ask regarding Flynn. Donaldson wrote that day. Then, of course, what do we know about? Flinty was set up. He was set up and the present the United States is looking at this hero. This retirement and a general. This return lieutenant General a hero, any thinking. This is wrong. What they're going to this guy theirs thing wrong with this, and he was right. He was They set em up
we want to interview you, Mr Flynn. Ok, we recommend you don't need a lawyer, the eloi words just within its an informal discussion. Well, ok, but we already covered this grandma. That's ok, Mr Flynn. We just want to clarify a few points. Don't worry, I'll need. Ok, that's stroke to Flint. Then the interview him set em up and in data White House, It's her no Donaldson, so they are confident her notes are an accurate account of events and trumps white, see other billinger up for her part. Donaldson is dismayed. Her confidential work, product documenting sensitive conversations with president. There were no may be shielded from public view by executive. Preludes is available for all the sea colleague said. I doubt she had any notion that these notes, whatever end up in anyone's its level of mothers said why former White House official Rick,
Stan anonymity to describe internal dynamics. Why don't understand this at all? You want to know why. Stimulator once oppressed, it leaves office and after a period of time, it's all public. It's all public, their government documents. It's all part. There is no longer an issue of separation of powers, is no longer an issue of executive, privilege, attorney, client privilege and so forth and sunk as the governing stops. The president has left so at some point. Everyone sees these nuts So how can anyone say she was she never expected these notes to be seen at some point they would be seen and why notes that do not expect to be seen. I'll be right back folks, many of our nations, oldest colleges, were to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but
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Thursday. I don T use lash admissions to plan a visit and learn more. That's hills. Dale Don T, you slash admissions. Here's the problem with the Us Judiciary, Committee Politburo and its We a trim, and Mr Natalie, the president, has the facts: the law and the people on his side, faint ass accomplishments, look at this economy. I have never seen anything like this. Have you any does it despite the fact. That these your keys keep biting at his heels. He just keep ploughing ahead. It's like the media, then their own reality left wing cook bubble. And they're, not having a great impact.
The problem is it's early yet its earlier economy. Strong Think to myself imagine how popular this president would be even more so but for the constant lies in it. X on CNN and Emily sit well forget about them. Nobody watches, but you understand what I mean: we're gonna have more fun, no listen to some audio of an insane asylum- that's cool The Amis Alice d an insane asylum, that's called the constipate constipated news network it sane asylum, much called the Democratic Party, we're going some fun. With these four I mean these people will be right back
he's here now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader how everybody Mark Levant, here our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seventeen three eight one, three eight one, one living nights produce Taiwan laughing I'm watching. Television so forth during the break caring for the next signal for the next hour. Going over my thought, processes, and people are saying correctly. This latest
planet, storing the New York's limes up, Others, by a leak that occur Because they know the ideas on their tail may know that bill bars on their tail they're, trying to he got bill bar the Idee Michael Horwitz, I'll be up for his two, but the people are beginning to see through this. And the commentary is amazing thing. You know the president was right. I mean he knew something was that there was some kind of spying going on new over two years ago in March, and I've had the specifics, but he was right generally. That, ladies and gentlemen, what I think yeah laughing because you are here. You heard me here: one was at a Thursday night rich behind this microphone back. March of twenty seventeen and then on
Fox and friends cited airs Sunday and then on Hannity Monday. Why laid out the case based on we obviously from the upper my of the FBI Bright, z, espionage, going on spying, something going on with respect to Trump and the campaign and post campaign. And of course, as you know, if your regular listener we took an this abuse. My buddy draw Pollack bright bar. He picked up on that He added some of his own thoughts. He wrote it up to. We came under wholly hell. I did for weak. My but he Hannity defended. May there were several local guys that defend me, but that was about it. There wasn't much in terms of support, and I started my guns because I didn't invent these things. I just
get them out by their media reports that have taken place over the period of the lack of a six month period. I went back and I just started looking and looking lie. That's what I do. I research I back. Positions on an advocate fear for the truth and for principle. And now we know there was Harper. There was this woman. We know that Philip bump The washed and compost hasn't written. Another piece has MR petition. Quite obviously, that the FBI implanted yet another spy ought wasn't it Esther another spy back, some ten or twenty. Sixteen, Mr Bump, last time I checked that was before the election. I sleep naturally took place. The union a write, a new up at their power. Come on fellow you gonna write a new. I bet over there, the watchman compost Corti one baby was the new slimy. I don't know that the same thing I mean twins of leftism. I can't remember
These clowns, whenever held to account in the media ever except now without, freedom of the press. I want to read to you a cow Thomas wrote to me. How Thomas is one of the biggest syndicated calmness and the country, so brilliant man, you said I've read many it takes of contemporary journalism. But this is the best scholarly while research compelling. The evidence and arguments are irrefutable, the major. Networks and newspapers would only pay attention to their problem and fix it. They could slower even stop their downward spiral and, of course they well they? Ladies and gentlemen, they want my body, job Pollack,. He wrote me this evening. He said locker. I read your book. I gonna reveal
I go ahead imposed by so doing we come to where I said. Did you like? It said I loved it. Can wait to read, is real Molly telling you these things, because those of you who have pre ordered. It's what you to. I really do not believe you gonna, be disappointed in any respect Beyond my computer, you'd be disappointed, goes a damn thing just shut down on me again. This is what happens, however, parodies let's see Let's go to our favorite foil, he's our fate, Foil, nobody listens to this guy. He's got an audience of about twelve, which is about the same as if, as I q, that's how it works at MSNBC. They hire hosts. And their audience sizes highs there. I q
in the case of sharp any has no audience is a negative iq. They would negative IQ territory. Let's take a look at that. To MR bidders, here's the morning, Schmahl. On the morning small show the favourite show of the north korean generals cut to go. I gotta say And I want a democratic like hearing me say this. I think it needs to make a snap nobody's lit Don t you idiot more people are listening to you and I we play your stupidity. Then, when you are on the air, don't you get, it I and tell me I write. Does he not look like the banjo player on the bridge and deliberate? Does he or not. Does he or not, and what's with the Woody Woodpecker haircut, I'm just saying go ahead
on impeaching Donald Trump? I think at this point is now a political battle between the legislative brands and executive red fight that out. Let the voters decide in this case maker. I don't think the house has shown say have to teach and attorney general who was caught on tape in front of the american people. On April nice lying under oath to Congress, committing perjury which, yes, even the age of prompt, now shut up. You idiot Let me just say this: even have the listener. Look carefully at the back and forth. It took place, between this congressmen from Florida had been the attorney general who then the governor and went from being public into an independent to a this guy Crest who has his own issues,. You don't even have to have a twelve
I Q, like Joe Scarborough, if you're just cause, I literate. You will understand what took place: This congressmen and I paraphrase ass, the attorney general. If here, views were challenged to reflect the views of members of the special council staff. Members of the special Council staff Then he said I don't know pretty much the tests. In general, since I don't know. Mahler calls the attorney general. Complains about his press. We talked about this list. But I have to underscore list. Even though others have regurgitating today. It calls the attorney general. Complaints about his press, not the accuracy of what the attorney general said they just needs
there's no one here. He says builders nuance here that you do not get in the car, next the nature where there's a prosecutor, folks, who should have written this at all, but he's now clearly A publicity hound, which is why I am convinced that whole damn operations been leaking since day. One very disturbed by this. You know you should at least put the summaries up, Mr Attorney general, and of course he did Attach them to the full report, but Being is fundamental, comes through the Democrats on capital held their fundamentally illiterate. So so do the attorney general lie under oath. No, of course not now what the members of Mahler staff thought he didn't talk to them. Although a few weeks, new Excellenza, washed and compost. Are you watch this jerk Jeffrey Tobin that
Ernie the rest of them, he would have known cause they leak, but that, aside, that aside, so well He didn't why let alone can perjury and your Joe Scarborough Who was a lawyer, he says he was a lawyer was obviously us, can fall as he is a slip and far television host. Doesn't know what the hell are you talking about. He just regurgitating with the Democrats in peace the attorney general. Let's just listen to these four. The last few months they wanted to impeach the president in disenfranchised Sixty three million voters they wanted to impeach brick cabinet. Even though its breath Cavanaugh, who was slandered in defamed.
You're all he was involved and ten gang rapes. He was the leader, the crap, give anyone around waitresses witnesses yet have any was involved and ten gang rapes now help sickening namely pathetic as that, Do you know who drove you don't know me? How do you know the driver? I don't remember the idea, I don't remember there. I don't remember anything, I don't know anything, but I was involved. Ten gang rapes now help sickening Lee pathetic. Is that in a way downhill from their meat proud of themselves. They giving this voice Kip, giving at attention. Show. Cavanaugh needs to be impeached. Now, Turning general needs to be impeach, what's going on here. Folks, what's here with a Democrat Party, the Democratic Party is a party of Reprobates
talking about at the highest levels, not the membership, although why the hell would you be a member of the Democratic Party is in and humiliating, really embarrassing and so forth. Slavery Party of Segregation Party, Jim Crow, but we put that aside for now, isn't an incredible. So we should pay. The price and peaches Supreme Court Justice Impeach, the attorney general. Now I don't think so. I don't think so. Meanwhile, they could muster the courage to pass a resolution condemning alien, Omar, the Minnesota, a big it. Anti semite Sometimes over. Why don't we can't do that? However, we will say, as were against Anti Semitism, this Oh beer, that phobia see we cover. There is.
You didn't condemn her, because your party is more more accepting this, like the other, I leave the other first woman, Muslim and in the house, presented. Tallied things that she has said condemn her or a at eight o c. Twenty nine year old nitwit, whose leading the Democratic Party but really take a look at this guy Natalie. Now, there's been around a long time, I remember when he was about six hundred and twenty pounds, no offense. Look. I've told you before I'm chairman of FAT is united her I feel I am all, I can say the Adler is. He should join up here, he's the face of a few.
But he went and had they proceed. You know one of those procedures and has a really help them. You still dumb as adorn up. So he's up there like, like some type of Of a soviet commissar putting out subpoenas on you're gonna, replied o my subpoena and you're gonna show up and you're going to do what I tell you to do and we're going to change our roles and so forth and wild destroying the constitute. He waves around the constitution, that's the tricky issue, and he knows they'll have people in the media to defend him like Joe Scarborough so let me ask you a question, ladies and gentlemen, over there Marcella stay there line up. Is that a new network or an opinion that work? Why would you put Joe Scarborough make emergency on tv, certainly not for their looks
Why would you put them on tv? Did they bring anything substantive, anything profound anything interesting now did you bring ratings now? Why would you bring Chris Matthews on TV. The lesser into spittle watch does the guy the spittle comes out of his mouth falls on his loafers this this guy? is a real mess. This list, It's a Chris Matthews used to write speech. For Jimmy Carter, does anybody remember a profound Jimmy Carter speech? Only one I can remember is when he was a trashing America remember going too. The oil crisis. It's your fault, America, cheerful. And he was also a cheap mockery mark- would Tipp O Neill Nother loser. There is one? I myself stay Rachel Matter, a k anyway, Rachel Matter Raw
on everything they talk about Alex Jones, you conspiracy, not how come she's not banned from Facebook these are not how come she's not banned from Facebook pushes the lead? What else do they have on that? Damn us, the don't even know who watches ethic. All crazy, Larry O Donnell, what's noise? What's that Larry set on a website like dynamic watch, our guys staff, you're gonna, get fired, stop denies. Crazy Larry, O Donnell now that actually The best showy ever did Mister petition accurate dead. It was great. I will be right back
Let me remind you of the great on free press and our Trees, John Solomon pointed out September five. Twenty eighteen number samples of media government collusion to try and take down this president fired FBI Israel, Peter stroking, his alleged paramour former Happy Laura LISA page texted, frequently leaks in the media affecting their cases and even suggests The FBI was behind some of them FBI, deputy director, direct Mackay Fired for lying about one media leaky authorized the FBI a face, a warrant against trumpet Campaign Adviser Carter page in part by setting a Yahoo news article by Michael. It's that it turns out, was based on a leak from Ps Zone in form, and in that case, former British Intel operative Christopher Steel, whose dirt on tromp was bought and paid for by
couldn't campaign in the DMZ and turn out to be absolutely false, the court that approves the surveillance warrant apparently was never told that the article was not independent, corroboration corroborated, but rather. Circular intelligence from the poison still tree Yo Jane no recently, provided the Congress show one of the media leaks with way steel was involved was considered by his boss, fusion g has found a glint Simpson be a hail Mary attempt to swing the election rather informed. Yet the courts and struck sewn up here. Communication show the FBI after firing, steel contain. Illiteracy versions of his now infamous, but still and very by dossier on alleged, in collusion with Russia and Course, there's stuff and a helper spy, and then this
whatever name is Turk spy lot despise now step back any patriotic objective. American look Yet this should be scared, tat. How about the police state? ethics employed by the Obama administration, am I wrong. Does the F B, I just act on its own there's a department of There's just act on its own The only person in America who didn't know about this Barrack Milhouse Benita Obama. How did I know about it back in March and twenty seventeen, because I read that damn newspapers that I know about it and we're Toto what was never briefed on any of it. Why wouldn't have been by his body com?
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use the F B. I like Lyndon Johnson and Kennedy in empty are no. Haven't those files. I wound up in the Clinton White House member that Hilary that a problem at the Trump minors no no problem there. How many reporters his trunk block that none of newspapers, as he shut none by last count how many did after shut down, how many people that he lock up. We can go on and on. I want to touch on this subject in the on freedom of the press. Each one. Ninety to those of you who are going to get it. Newsrooms. An editorial pages, insists that president trumpets, frequently and relentlessly abusing power in more ways than one can counter. Categorize By way of news reports, news analysis, news, interpretation, news round, tables, expert commentary and clear cut propaganda. The pub
sir by the Democratic Party Press, a daily dose president trumps alleged criminal violations, legal violations, ethics violations, norm violations, unprecedented actions, bullying, threatening, etc, so testing or asserting the trumpets, a tyrant or would be tyrant a typical example. Huffington Post they contributor Philip Ratner, good name, their POW, Philip. Proclaimed on July twenty seven. Twenty seventeen only sick, once into the Trump presidency. They quote down Europe is using the bully puppet of the presidency to political is the criminal justice system. Punish politician to one tat was lying and humiliate private citizens who dare to speak out against him. Whether trumps, abuse power. Criminal A dangerously unethical probably depends on whether he has crossed the line in criminal obstruction of justice. That judgment
they may by Special Council Robert Mahler, assuming the mother, will be allowed to complete his investigation all cycles. Course. Mother did finishes investigation and there no criminal abstraction of Justice Ratner later declared that neither criminal accountability. Nor the prospect of impeachment takes the full measure. Trumps abuse of power. More important is the damage trumpet selecting upon the rule of law, separation of powers and the checks and balances that protect our democracy. To help with this We all know about any of that. And as I write and on freedom of the press, writers widely absurd and his miracle assertions are not. Common among those who work in America's newsrooms. The mass media coverage, Donald Trump, treats as a given that, power, hungry lawbreaker, but to what end t supposedly so inclined he is financial enriched himself is present or, on the contrary, he left the lucrative.
Business career, create, run and then servant public office and don't, his presidential salaried government and charities he's, not in eighty alike, who seeks to fundamentally transform America and, as such it is not against the Alex will is Barack Obama they proclaimed are like Senator Bernie Sanders and other democratic candidates seeking the presidency have declared. He's not assumed or exercise presidential powers and some extraordinary way, despite, for example, efforts too fast, characterizes use the national emergencies ACT of nineteen. Seventy six and the funding of barriers on the southern border as such by the way, whatever happened to be manufactured crisis on the southern border, looks like a real crisis to me. What's manufactured is the bs that comes from the Democrats. An examination of news reporting, immediate commentary over a score of months, demonstrate
Many of the president's statement, decisions and actions are met with a predictable. Major course of media explorations at allegations, however, seem to one point: President trumps firing a former FBI director. James call me who's Ignatius removal, democratic officials and the Democratic Party press how earlier demanded turned out to be especially traumatized event for them media or more accurately and opportunity for them to four lies: there loathing for the president. I ran a set of accusations such as content, national crisis, obstruction of justice and cover up which they hoped would It was political and legal undoing. Our friends at the world Free beacon observe that Commies dismissal deregulation said trot was trying to cover up the federal investigation into collusion between us. The campaign and the Russians and twenty sixteen scene and legal analysed, he's more
Legal analysed. I would say MR producer Jeffrey Tobin, said the firing line. Grotesque abuse of power by Trump and was the sort of thing that happens and none democracies fellow scene and analysed, and this guy failed at meet the press, David Gregory. Transactions in the subsequent Whitehouse been demonstrated disdain for the presidency Rebecca, also reported that MSNBC host Christmas You called it the Tuesday night massacre, a wreck, so the Saturday night Massacre when Richard Nixon, the firing of Watergate special prosecutor, Archibald Cox in nineteen. Seventy three are added transactions, had the width of fascism to them. One of the report is broken. A gauge scandal. The bloated dummy Carl Bernstein, said on CNN, that the dismissal market terribly dangerous moment in american history and then ABC, Kogi Roberts, she said the Watergate. Comparisons were understandable:
msnbc loathsome House, Joe Scarborough, said that the echoes the Watergate were filling Washington D C. The quest This morning is whether the centuries old system of checks and balances, swing into action. What was missing from most of these reports was accuracy and context. There are many good and legitimate reasons for commies firing, the many democratic on record denouncing him, for example, and to twenty sixteen Bloomberg. This report called Senator Charles shimmers joining a growing course of criticism over FBI direct James Commies decision to alert lawmakers two new emails, potentially The bureau's investigation of the Hillary Clinton private server- I do now have confidence in him any longer tumor set by the way truck that corn, that stuff you planted in your forehead- it's not taking hold, must be climate change on
and only thirteen twenty seventeen in a story, headline tensions boil up between my cracks and F B. I directed CBS reported that chemical Storm that of a briefing on russian hacking furious the briefest combing, the the director has no credibility, said representative that data Maxine waters. California, my confidence in the EP directors ability this agency has been shaken, so representative Hank Johnson of Georgia. Now, of course, on May nine. Twenty seventeen, the but he attorney general of the United States ROD Rosen Stein set forth in it detailed memo titled, restoring public Confidence in the FBI, the real and he and the Department of Justice had lost then call me in the basis for his fire. Among other things, he wrote although the president has the power to remove the F B, I directed the decision should not be taken lightly
it was nearly unanimous opinions of former FBI officials. The way, director handled the conclusion of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. And as a result appear is unlikely to gain public and congressional trust until it as a director who understands that gravity, the mistakes and pledges never to repeat them. We refuse to admit as errors. The directive cannot be expected implement the necessary corrective action. In fact,. Shortly after his fine come. You stated in a letter from himself to all court quote. That called, I have long believed that a prison can fire an FBI director for any reason or no reason at all, I'm not going spend time on the decision of the way was executed. Now, of course, Disgruntled call me has never stop criticising the president for his removal, but at the time he understood to be a perfectly legitimate and legal presidential action. Now
standing that the Russia Investigation, was never hampered in any way during or home firing, the president, did nothing to limit its reach or its funding Trumps abuse of power narrative persists in the media. The fact is that proper ministries, use of executive power has hardly been abusive. Indeed, it has been unexceptional even tame and those of you who prepared the work. What you'll find is, I then give actual examples running shocking examples that I bet I dug up of the course of months. Of Franklin rose about of Eleanor Roosevelt. For that matter, you be shocked to learn of John can of Lyndon Johnson. And yes, some of Nixon but Nixon was acquired
Compared to Johnson and that's the truth, that's the truth. I mean Johnson, is I've, told you before. Literally wiretapped Hubert Humphreys follows his own. Vice president, Because he wanted to know what Humphrey was gonna say about the Vietnam WAR, as he was running present in the United States against Richard Nixon. He had Hoover sending FBI agents into his own convention, the democratic convention of the landing city, to keep an eye on those who would oppose him, cleaning the Kennedy clan and had more Luther Kings- hotel phones, bugged, but he was just doing that from which he learned from the Kennedy Brothers Robert Kennedy agreed I've Hoover should go ahead and bug Martin Luther kings found they knew every
king was doing everywhere. He was going and Robert Kennedy advised Hoover just be careful. This is a very delicate matter. All those kids over there, the washing composts they just love their man Ben Bradley, mean after I brought I'm Nixon and publish the Pentagon papers, what a man, what an icon of journalism? No wasn't. Was in John Kennedys Back pocket, you see before Bradley Work that the post They worked Newsweek owned by the same company, any help covered up some of kennedys activities and even worse,.
Kennedy through one of his surrogates peer, sounder, shared FBI files, we ve been Bradley how about their shared tax information now giddy and others would ban Bradley. There's you washed and compost. Questions have even been raised about the way that Bob Woodward forget it. Thea, the slab he was along for the ride is too stupid to do anything. It's a little bit more conniving, of course, these men I'm nothing personal against them, just As I see it, Vince questions about their reporting stuff hidden in flower pots. Nobody believes that They just had a kind of dress it up. Ben Bradley, didn't believer.
They're getting most of their information from the deputy director, the FBI knives aside point, as I say all this is an on freedom of the press as a side point. This is kind of how I knew that these leaks two years ago were coming out of the senior level the FBI I'm on other places, because they done it before there was marked felt. The former deputy director he was deep Throat, as all these investigations. Roads all led to the senior level. The FBI you ve got Bread investigations going on right of individual, but they off I'm all in they all funnel through. That's how I knew it had to be coming from the top literally apply when I the face a leak, and I reported to you two years ago, when I read what I saw
they come from the FBI, the empty eyes instigating and involved in the initial aspects of a face application. So you had to know that that's where was coming from Brian stouter, he's not hard to notice he's his tall is wide he's a little marshmallow, Ah, but anyway he an argument that how do you know about face? told us about. Mean you're not reading the media but you can independently verified that this is what I'm dealing with an absolute. Certified a moron. It. No curiosity whatsoever and studies start, you can lead a liberal to water, but you can't force them the drink. Up, not being to make it home, Arms to celebrate mother's day with her, it can be very hard
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maybe I am every time, that's berries that come collect the microphone enter code. Levine now easy. I am MR producer. Let's do one more these before we go to our next hour, Alison, comrade unseen internationally on Fox she's, always asked me to come on the shelf. There were much cared for even then, not particularly bright that is one of the qualifications over their CNN. He constipated look and not particularly bright cut. Three go. I guess my point John and I'm sorry. If I, like they ve broken my spirit. However, her spirits been broken. And John John Berman go ahead. I think that's the goal to well.
Works, because I think that I am channeling of many members of the american public who feel that these past two years been disheartening limit limit limit. Let me help you, you know channeling anything and you get Dummy next year, this guy John Burma has a year a constant stupid look on his face. Who are you people? Why did you come from what are you offering the american people If I were sitting at a diner in you in Burma in the corner talking the way you are, I move I'd go somewhere. Wouldn't you must have Ado, sir? Henry Allie shoving doughnuts in your mouth, I'll be right back with a daily fake news dump pouring through your tv mobile phone bones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism
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greens, gotta brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levin, dot com offered code Levin, now run only underground in the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a non described filtering. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody Mark Levin here are number eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one one? One we're gonna have a great life liberty in LE then this Sunday, ten p M Eastern Sevenpm Pacific. The lady, but a name, a Sally pipes- know many of you may have heard of her. She runs a group called the Pacific Research Institute
She's, an expert on health care. It's a fascinating one hour, discussion Medicare for single pair. What's really going on in Canada in the UK, really responsible for so many of the problems in our health care system. I learned an enormous amount. This programme could have gone on for three hours, I'm so we're not going to be discussing with the Democrats want us does, of course, right now impeachment and The rest willing to discuss some other things. That's the point of the Sunday shell. When I need to jump in I jump in, but this sunday you want to learn but what's going on with Medicare Medicaid, the chip programme you want to learn what it means. Medicare for all. You want learn about all that's going on behind the scenes and what all this means I help you
I suggest one hour Sunday night, ten p m Eastern some Pm Pacific. As you closed down your weaken, the purpose of the programme one hour of intelligent talk this one hour, you know not fourteen guess interrupting each other but nothing wrong with anxious. Now what I want to do so, I think, like it very much here we have. The college fix tat. Come wonderful group, only two hundred universities and carriage, facilitate irrigation among students of color the National Association of Scholars recently released a study document, voluntary racial segregation of students of color or nearly two college campuses across the country. Keep him on your paying for most of this. The Association of COIN. This trend neo segregation,
in its report. Its rise returns, college campuses, two separate, but equal facade of Jim Crow Segregation era. The time, has come to bring down the cardinal neo segregation. The way the Supreme Court in Brown and the civil rights movement brought down the curtain on the old fashion forms of segregation. The report says that hundred and sixteen page report is the result of two years- a research, it documents, one hundred and seventy three colleges and universities across the nation- that off the wide variety of voluntarily segregated programmes such as clubs, meetings, men orientations, housing and graduation ceremony. What we found was that NEO segregation is widespread of not pervasive that forty six percent aid, colleges of the hundred seventy three surveyed, segregate student or patient programmes. Forty five percent- that seventy five It is out of the total offers
brigade residential arrangements. Seventy two percent that is a hundred if I've colleges out of the total. Second, Graduation ceremonies, the report says these, forget it. Graduation ceremonies are held in addition to the main commencement saw graduates attend. Though these arrangements are ostensibly voluntary. Students can easily opt out. The report says we tracked Numerous indicators of NEO segregation from diversity fly ends. Sixty percent of the total colleges, offer minority students and expense paid, segregated preview of the experts. Instead awaits them. Should they unroll to set gated alumni groups, all items to study, tallied included, segregated save spaces. Irrigated mentorship programmes, race to scholarships race, conscious, hiring committees, events, exe
simply for students of color and more. The report also starts with an in depth case study of yell universities, NEO Segregation effort. Since the nineteenth sixties, the report argues is hurt students of color, far more than it helps them it states the most readily apparent harm from such segregation? Is headed fosters a sense of insecurity that members the segregated group are taught to fear other groups, especially white students, while who does this mean National Association of Scholars. The report goes on They are encouraged to see themselves as victims or potential victims and is Here's to the past grievances any students to see themselves as vulnerable to the trains of a larger intolerance are bigoted. Community is poor people. Creation for life and american society, students outside the segregated bubble mean
even counter some hostile attitude and stereotypes, but Really it is better to learn how to deal with these realities, then the hide from them. I mean these cuts campuses now, ladies and gentlemen, our disgrace absolute in decades, leading to an increasing sense of emergency among jewish communities. World. Now we have this from a p. Anti semitic attacks spike. Killing most choose in decades. I said well what world is this? The associated depressed Israeli research has reported Wednesday that violent it, Ex against Jews spike significantly last year, but the law This report, a number of Jews, killed and anti semitic acts in decades leading
an increasing sense of emergency among jewish communities worldwide. Unama, to tell you something if you're, jewish and you're in France, or your jewish and you're in Germany, your advised not to wear your yarmulke star David Mazurka to hide your religious affiliation. And of course, let's be honest- I'm gonna be very blunt here. A lot This is the result of the wave and wave and wave of people coming in from the Middle EAST. That's the truth! That's the truth, The true shall set you free set me free a long time ago, by the deadly shooting. They cut. Eleven worshippers Pittsburgh tree of Life Synagogue on October, twenty seven assault. Targeting Jews, rose, thirteen percent and twenty eighteen. Now the group recorded nearly four hundred
This is worldwide with more than a quarter of the major violet cases taking place in the United States I wonder why that is MR producer. Out of this relates to immigration. You have Omar. You have to leave. They are, for Your second generation. You hear how Omar speaks in arms. Sad to tell you she's, not the only person who talks this way, who here, how tallied, speaks she's, not the only person who speaks this way. We really have never seen anything like this and our Congress. Then, of course the Democrats, party won't step up in the House of Representatives and punish them in my view, was you don't? aid to condemn them with a resolution. Omar should be expelled, expelled
There is an increasing sense of emergency among Jews. In many countries around the world, snuck that Anti Semitism is no longer limited to the far left. Her far right and radical Islam is triangle. It s a mainstreaming, often accepted by civil society like increasingly within the democratic party? Look, I'm gonna, keep saying it. I don't care how much I'm attacked. I will tell the Obama administration was one of the worst then I believe helped unleashed this in this country. Tel Aviv universities, Canter centre for the study temporary European Drury releases its report every year on the eve of Israel's Holocaust remembrance day, which began Wednesday at Sundown this year, the report I was just days after another fatal shooting in your where this in California, in addition to shooting attacks, assaults and vandalism can I also noted the increase in anti semitic vitriol
online and newspapers, including a recent anti semitic cartoon that appeared. The New York Times are actually two of them. And I'll, tell you what he read on freedom of the press, chapter seven, you will never look at the New York I was the same again never weather jewish, whether Ukrainian, whatever you are you never going to look at the New York Times the same again, nor should you, nor should you. The ascendancy the British Labour Party leader Journey Corbett, has also contributed I want you to see these are left parties, the Democratic Party, the Labour Party, you don't it in the Tory Party or the Republican Party. The and then see british Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbett has also contributed to a growing sense of fear among Britain's jewish community critic sake. I ve been a long time. Critic of Israel has long allowed anti jewish prejudice to go and checked his supporters
accused of sharing Holocaust denial, international jewish banking, conspiracies on social media. So members of the party of quit the party in protest. Similarly, the inclusion of anti semitic activists in the yellow vast protests in France average greater concerns in a country in which Anti semitic, tasted medic acts already account for half of all its documented hate crimes, I'll tell you what these are scary times in many parts of the country in many parts of the world they just are, and they won politics who speaks out most forcefully against? This is Donald Trump, not Nancy Policy, not trucks, humor Not stani higher, not Dick Derriman Donald Trump.
In the media in our country have given voice Too many these hateful voices over the past several years, they ve also bread propaganda against the present, a United States, its just like the smaller thing, We ve never had a president who's been more transparent. Fighting information to prosecute I'm telling you never. And yet now they want to accuse him of obstruction never had a president. It's the truth, whose pink closer to the state of Israel and the Jews. Then this president, and yet they column anti semitic, This is what goes on with the left, ladies and gentlemen, Marxism in Wonderland- and I am not just talking about the democrats-
already. I'm not just talking about liberal academics are not just talking about the foolish actors and actresses in Hollywood. I'm talking about the press, Jim Acosta, Jake, Tapir, Wolf, Blitzer John. And their elk not dimension AMOS Hosty, then, times a washed and put the rest of them a president that has Jews and his family president. Whose done things with and for the state of Israel, no president could ever even conceive up and did it against pressure from within his own party, the Democratic Party and and leaders through, the rest of the world? He. Is Anti semitic and they actually want. You believe this. The head of the ideal, as
rotten rat. Thank who used to work for Obama. Burma was special assistant, Obama, bankers, names, green black. Their apologists so lousy allows the organization used to be a great organization, but, as usual, the liberals ruined. So there is spreading anti Semitism all over the world and in this country and in this country, and while a laugh wants to keep putting words and the president's mouth about Charlottesville, which I accept. In weeks and weeks ago, and we unravelled and they still purse their propaganda. Their hate speech. When it comes to Omar, the New York Times comes to her defence. It comes to Omar and eighty Pelosi comes to her defence when it Omar the Dnc comes to her defence when it comes to
Martha media come to her defence. Why she's a reprobate, We know why I'll be right. Back, and you folks know, This programme were big supporters of the people who defend us. Military police, firefighters, emergency personnel? they do things that the rest of us. What do say about operation, deep, blue national police with police. He kicks off this coming Monday may, sixth It was started in nineteen sixty two. Now week honours our law enforcement, who paid the ultimate sacrifice.
While serving in the line of duty. Of thousands of law enforcement officers from around the world will converge on Washington D C. Participate in a number of planned events all week, and this year is the inaugural year of operation, deep blue was created to raise money in awareness for the national law enforcement officers, memorial, fun, darting at nine a M eastern time tomorrow morning operate. In deep, blue federal and local Law enforcement officers will begin kayaking I came from New Jersey too Do you see tat a total of two hundred and twenty five miles over seven days crow. And the Delaware River through the Chesapeake Delaware Canal Elk River heading south on the Potomac before right up there, Germany, at the National Harbour in Maryland, on Friday may ten the way federal, state and local law enforcement marine service units,
engraved on it. Twenty one By providing safety boats, for those of you who are in the Washington DC area come to the national law enforcement officers. Memorial in Washington, on Saturday may eleventh at two thirty p m to me, is brave operation, deep blue crackers personally, and it too, Thirty they'll be especial ceremony honouring officers who died in the line of duty and sadly- With the addition of recent fallen heroes, the memorial. Why have twenty one thousand nine hundred and ten officers names engraved on it? Twenty one thousand nine hundred and ten good, Lord Now this is important. It's important to me, and I know how this audience reacts to something like this. Because we recognise
our men and women in blue every single day, I would ask you all to go to W W W operation deep blue dot, Org W W EU operation, deep blue dot, org and if you can donate weed We did do it. This is a very worthy cause to cause that I support fully So I would encourage liver knights to go to W W W that operation deep, blue dot. Org must reduce. Let's put that on my social site place and I know what you can do this worthy cause but to donate a lot just don't know what you can I thank all the individuals were involved in operation. Deep blue. Thank you very, very much higher their bidders gimme a call? A guy had do your best I live in Laura in Illinois. One minute go
mark you wanna. Thank you for one for everything you do me. You mention Mahler complaints by the proudly right now, you're not going to. Thank me, for instance, when I travel a cake, are you I mean you do big for a lot of us. We don't have a platform that you very so again. Thank you. They mention how our complaints by the prize, you write the latter elite that Dnc pay mainstream media go along with it. In the same week, Facebook has now taken down tat, who fir to speak out, and what I want to do in the stalinist is kind of way of thinking is, give you a rhetorical question and encounter it with a short comment that I believe will be in your body. Have you thought we have a break coming and slow these people were concerned. Are there actually crackpots, but that doesn't change your point? I don't think, They're right back,
serves to show the New York Times is paid out. Call eight hundred seven seven per year, one three eight one, one that weakens most upon us folks, perfect time to go to Amazon, dot com and honour on freedom of the press are believe its forty percent off. It won't stay that way and it comes out like two weeks or so it comes out very sir, so I hope you'll get your copy now. I wonder why you take a quick look at the sum standing free classes? You can register to take Levine for hills doubt that come only Two weeks remain free to register to take these free online courses from hills there. If you ve ever- wished. You know more about how politics and constitution work or how to explain that princess between capitalism and socialism, you can learn these things for free taught by the best professors, hills, they'll college
as a service to our country offers you free online courses that provide a taste of the core curriculum that every hills college student takes the core It teaches how to think critically enact virtuously just I for one or more of hills, most popular courses for free, start learning whenever you like this Then, for hills, Delta come right now and you'll, be your way to a rich and meaningful education. So a distraction page It's gonna disappear soon and they're gonna, replace it so jump in now register today for free and watch. Whenever you want that, then for hills, Del Dotcom, Ellie for hills dot com Lara go ahead, quickly, as I want to Rwanda couple. Other subjects go ahead thanks one of the better than a rhetorical question. When will we have to raise the platform for alarm Bell? and one of the things that I wanted to go on. What I was talking about before is, but I think you will talk about in your book is regarding. Your time neglect,
to report on war or two in regard to what the will be in Germany were doing, and what I thought any kind of my brain today. Reading a different black was that it help Roosevelt with his and turn that can american, Japanese, to similar tactile due to out of bright out of mind. I want to know your opinion on that. I'm trying to follow A question said again, so I wrote my basically want to kind of shut down the news as far as what was going on around the Mattel that's going on, but though he had been the german while the Holocaust, our car, and did he do. Only because I believe in nineteen forty two roads about Bob and turned american jacket He now wondered really want to do the other and, I might add one- he moved the Japanese Americans and Americans of Germany's descent through his military order.
Term in camps in the Interior, the United States. It didn't come under much criticism on the media I may be. The media didn't wanna, go more towards what was going on. I want I'm telling you I researched this one had nothing to do with the other. There are many reasons why they wouldn't cover the holocaust. Ministration was trying to downplay it Had even within the New York Times you had, the jewish ownership was trying to downplay because they wanted to appeal to the more broader universal american population. And the owners of the owner of the New York Times was hostile to the idea of an Israel. As an example, sly explain at all in a book in chapter six. Thank you, my and I want to add a few other subjects hear them subject they were hit. Is China Ladies and gentlemen, China is the enemy. And it is very, very important that the president is engaging with China economically, China still vulnerable, economically weak,
so much more powerful economically, but they are stealing us blind. They are stealing our technology in their applying it to their military and they're gonna, a good damned job too, and I ve been doing it a long time, The problem is our own companies go over there and they caught up our technology in order to do business. There. And I want you to listen to these headlines all today, As a result of a national defence review conducted by our government, ABC News. Pentagon warns about China's increased activity in the Arctic. Growing patient to expand its presence and by the way the same goes with Russia Airforce Times China is laying the groundwork for war with Taiwan. Fox news, these forces expanding the contest. U S military superiority! You pie Chinese military growing fast, a challenge to US military superiority. The telegraph
a guy says China plans to build military bases around the world to protect its bout and road project international business times you s in China, military strength, comparing defence capabilities. I've had a number shows. Then TV and on life, Liberty and le them with some great people. We ve spent significant amount of time talking about China. And one of the other main areas in which China is very dangerous and its kill, satellites Dubai administration would not fund, kill satellites. So we don't have kill satellites in space. The chinese and Russian. Targeting satellites, What what do you mean Mark? I'm gps systems and so forth. The Chinese do is to take out our eyes.
Site to destroy our gps and GPS related type technology. In case there is a war their massively building up their navy. Their massively building up their air force They're moving resources away, mostly from the ground? Because, although they are very significant, To these other areas, because they don't believe they're, gonna fight, the United States, chinese territory. There also. Building bases in relationships all over the world, including in our own hemisphere, so they can move their navy as they wish. They do it sometimes straight up and other times and diabolical ways. For instance, they give these these mass of loans to third world countries that are sinking then they start. Our countries can pay for them as collateral they'll take a base.
Take something outside a strategically important to their military. The I'm administration turned its back to all of this Biden said the other day. That train is really not that big of a problem turbine, disqualified because of the low I q buddy. Be disqualified because he's been wrong, sickly about everything about everything. So is a big problem and they I am, as the Pentagon said today Twenty forty nine to have the biggest most. Our full military on the face of the earth, backed up by one point: five billion people. And here we are allowing the my cracks in the media to dry our attention away from things that need to be really seriously doubt with.
Two lies about the attorney general, the United States to lies about the President of the United States. On top of Mickey Mouse crap that they bring up there's another big problem with the media, omission, self censorship and so forth. There's a lot of time, today about the Facebook and twitter and their banning people and so forth, and that we need to do something about. I definitely understand why people feel this way. But what do we do about What are we going to do about? These? Are private company while they should be treated like public utilities.
Companies should be treated like public utilities and what company shouldn't be treated like public utilities seriously, to think this through. We can't sound like a bunch of leftists. I do think Yoda, put pressure on these companies because that's the nature of capitalism to cut it out. And tell them we're not gonna buy any products that appear on Facebook or twitter. If you keep this up, there are other platform, out in their other platforms being developed, and you should look into that as well. You should look into that as well. I'm no fan of these companies, we know who runs them. Oh the agenda that their push it. Like the internet media, the union a media's hard core leftwing with you accept
of course, but hard core left wing just like the old media. You just have a problem with the iron fist government. I really do. Because I know The left will one day. Control the only of power and maybe one day soon, six years, those? very fast. Ladies and gentlemen, if you create a precedent, you better be sure that your creating a precedent. You can't live with her on it and had consequences. I don't have all the answers. This is a tough one. It's a tough one. I think we ought to be very vigilant. In keeping an eye on this? We are to be very vigilant in using our clicks and using our postings likes. We should be very vigilant in Hawaii, side too
I'm an who we decide not to buy from other ways to deal with this? You know these are private companies. But they make their stock available to all of us. You can have a campaign to buys much stock as possible, not just to invest. To try and control what they do You can show up various meeting. Sometimes they are public quarterly meetings they always have. Public annual meeting for shop, the Facebook eating shop at the twitter, meaning, Make yourselves hurt, make it clear what you think about. I'm no special pleader for these people billionaire Leftists Billy. Left us are the worst they are the worst. They the biggest hypocrites on the face of the planet. I'm just not sure
I want governmental solutions because we don't control a government they do. Let me put it this way: they control it more times than that. And they know how to use it, and why not the government- that is the day various agencies and departments, try to help the left progressives. The Democrats, while they try to sabotage Trump Reagan and other Republicans and conservative just need to think it We'll be right back No it's annoying, You know what else is annoying the fact that break ins are still happening, but there are plenty of people their evil
People out there, I want to steal what your hair, or they won't, do, harm to you and your family. I can explain: they just is what it is, and it happens all the time now, wanna try and cut your losses right. So what do you do You need to protect your home in your family and that's why I always recommend getting a top not security system are what's the top notch security system that I believe in it simply safe. It's my favorite home security system and we have it. It's fantastic protection for your home They keep working of the power, goes out of the wifi goes out or even if a burglar smashes, your key pats, other anticipating efforts to try and Undermine your security system, they have some of them es this response times in the industry, ready to send help twenty four seven. If there is an emergency, so maybe it's a big surprise that simply safe is the top choice security system foreseen at
pc magazine more than Three million Americans, including me and I hope you soon and, ladies and gentlemen, I hope your watch on Sunday, life Liberty and live in you can record at ten p M Eastern Sevenpm, Pacific, wonderful discussion. Almost fast as you can, because let me tell you something when these hoodlums, when they. Take out a play, sir, when they're trying to figure out what a place than to bump off you have a security system there? are more likely to go to somebody who doesn't show more people have security system is more more view, will be safe, simply safe, mark that calm, simply safe mark that come. Suddenly wonderful weekend, ladies and gentlemen, I hope your watch on Sunday,
Life liberty and live in you can record at ten p M Eastern Sevenpm Pacific wonderful discussion about health care, how the care markets or really. Why thank you, need the watch. This particular show, because we talk about Bernie Sanders in his plan in the other plans and we're gonna forget, dress them like nobody else is done and talk about alternatives like nobody else is than trust me. It is fascinating It is something that will keep your attention even laid on a Sunday night and I hope you'll go over to Amazon dot com, get ready for a battle with the fourth estate, which conducts itself as the fifth column and priority or copy
on freedom of the press. I, ladies and gentlemen, every Friday, America in honour of you
Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency person, law enforcement. Thank you so much good. I can I sprite again I gripped Fagin, I Pepsi. Can I smoking? Can I Zelda? Can I Gigi can I dad. Can I mom I LEO. Unfortunately, the list gets long ladies and gentlemen, have our wonderful weaken enjoy the amazing economy gamblers
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