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On Friday’s Mark Levin show, Back in February 2018 Mark was furious that there was an absence of defense for Paul Manafort. When the conservative media was backing away from Manafort, Mark explained his admiration for him not buckling. It wasn’t about him being guilty or not, it was about what our government is turning into. Now there’s finally a judge who gets it in this case and suggested that Mueller lied about the scope of his investigation and that Mueller just wants to get President Trump. Also, almost a year ago Mark laid out the case that, according to Department of Justice policy, you can’t indict a sitting President. If a president can’t be indicted, what’s the purpose of Mueller’s investigation? To get to the bottom of what happened in election? No, not according to Mueller’s questions to Trump. Mueller’s appointment was illegitimate because there is no crime for him to investigate. Trump needs to use his constitutional powers and fight back against Mueller’s probe. Later, we’re now seeing the democrats plans to fight Trump if they win the House. They’re not interested in bipartisanship. Trump is up against radical leftists who don’t believe in shared government. Finally, Ainsley Earhardt calls in to discuss her new book, The Light Within Me.

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Now, let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven three ape one three, eight one, one, I'm glad you're here, I'm glad you ve been here all week or month all year decade, because we have led this battle. Had we not. We have laid this up. We have said: what's unconstitutional the abuses of power from day one we knew right after the election. They would seek to impeach this president, I'm not gonna play,
but here we that before or before or decriminalize as presidency, back in early may of twenty seventeen, what was taking place. The domestic eavesdropping, the domestic eavesdropping devices the unreal. Asking the involvement of the FBI. We laid it all out right here, despite the abuses that we took, I've been pointing out For some time you, Canada, It is sending president dug up the two old memoranda, each memorandum, one from nineteen. Seventy three one from two thousand Lang up the Department of Justice, his case that you indict a sending president and, in fact, all that's involved in even bringing through the criminal processes with something that the Department of Justice said as its official position.
What undermined the presidency would undermine the president and would substitute a prosecutors power and the power of a patent and grand jury with the power of Congress should come to impeachment. That is the people through the body politic, need to make the decision on whether president is to leave office, not a prosecutor with his own agenda. I talked about. Being an appeasement investigation early on not really a criminal investigation, although if they think they can get away with an indictment, they would and will end
but in the end this was about impeachment, we talked about those forty nine questions NOS forty, nine areas, and it was obvious that no crime has been committed. No criminal statue was mentioned, choose me and then in fact, no obstruction had taken place of any kind and the investigation that the Justice Department has wanted to do. The justice department is done without any interference from this president. So then it got down to the intention of the president to obstruct justice getting into the presidential prerogatives. That is the president's right to fire higher, whom everyone's for any Dan reason. He and as we. Many many months ago he cannot be charged with obstruction of justice.
We have laid this out, ladies and gentlemen, day after day, month after month, as these attacks have come, and I hope you been with US robbers. I hope you ve been with us for all, as you and I together been repression about this, not because we geniuses, but because we understand what's taking place, and when you study the constitution and study the law, when you ve had experience of the justice Depart, for many many years at the highest levels. You know, what's going on. No, why my bringing all this up because we're taking the next step you heard about this federal church in the eastern district, so called of Virginia? What it is they who federal Court House an alternative agenda? I have what's call the rocket docket, it's one of the fastest targets in the country. They pride themselves he's federal district judges are moving their cases quickly. They demand quit briefings or arguments in then
themselves. They demand to issued this opinions relatively quickly, because you see they understand that whatever they do go on appeal anyway. What's particularly important about this particular federal district, is it handles the cases that come under the Pentagon because that's where the Pentagon? it handles. The cases come out of the CIA because that's where the CIA is it handles. The cases come out mostly with federal contractors, because that's where most of them reside. It handles very sophisticated spy cases and in Fortune cases it knows how to handle information in a very sensitive way. And so now we have the case upon motivate poor manner. For you know, I've been tracking this very carefully, which I will prove to you in a minute. Made the argument and a civil aspect of the case in the District of Columbia, where they brought a simple case, saying
your mother's operating outside of us of his mandate, and that the mandate that was assigned to him has nothing to do with the allegations that they have brought the charges they brought against MR management. The judge at the time seemed somewhat sceptical, although somewhat in trade and in the end she did what most liberal judges do got. The wrong now was brought up again in context of the criminal charges against manner for at this time, in the rocket docket Eastern District federal district, and it's a little bit more compelling because now here you have the issue of liberty or not, that is criminal case criminal cases. Much different, and so are the same. Arguments were raped by the man of her team and they got a completely different response from the federal judge. I dont know if a whole, I hope he carried through
we'll see, but before we get into that, you ve heard others talk about a bee, Evans and others talk about it. Actually, no other talk about you, ve heard others talk about it. I will get too, but before we get to that, it is crucially important that I lay the foundation because that's what lawyers, the February? Twenty three: twenty eighteen February, twenty three twenty eighty. Six weeks ago I was watching what they were doing, the manifest piling up charges, piling up charges, piling up charges and here's what I said in part cut twenty go. This is alter my commitment to defend myself against the untrue piled up charges contained in the indictment against me. I'm starting to have admiration for this poor management.
I'm starting to have admiration for this. Let's stop right. Had you heard a single other person, sailor February, twenty eighteen sing, mother TV show host radio host lawyer, not one because there are cowards. Now. Look at this case. That's why I hope you stick here anyway. This was related to a deal Let his partner gates made to plead on some such thing in order to get a area a softer sentence, and this is where and if we put out a statement, say: hey, hey, hey, I'm ready to buckle, go ahead, he's the one guy wasn't buckled, trying to realise their. And to punish him. They ve now brought indictment until jurisdictions, Washington, DC and Virginia, figure out how to deal with that.
The agents of the direction of the special council and his team of Democrats. As you all know, charged in the manifold apartment. What's going on at six, a m in the morning. While he and his wife were sleeping in bed, you do that mobsters. You do that for terrorists, you don't do it for accused white collar crimes. There are leaking relentlessly friends of the media who hate tramp and would do anything to try and bring trumped up at a cost. An effort is well known as a republican lobbyists. Again he was coming pain German Scott. These fine deal So forth, and so on, you look at how this man's being treated.
Versus how Hillary Clinton entreated Algiers, look, how Hillary Clinton has been treated cover up obstruction, destruction of information, look, how she's been treated I look how this guy's been treated, and you know what I'm saying he sang federal government, MR smaller. You're. Sixteen Democrats, including this guy Weissmann, Hoosier than this years ago, in my humble opinion, you're FBI agents. But when I go blank, I'm gonna fight you we suffer. Most men could not withstand there in the folly investigation have withstood there remember this is from February twenty,
However, this is from February twenty three twenty eight team wearing a continue cause. I'm like a foundation for what happened in court today. Go ahead, prevails prepared to spend time in prison just here over and if it says this is not only my commitment to defend myself against the untrue, piled up charges containing the indictment scarce I can be like every other radios in America area. Heavy hosted America who claims to be a republican occurs. Whenever something that site- and yes it quietly all this is taking place, there absolute abuse of power. Again, ladies and gentlemen, live again, I was so furious, not only that there was being done, but there was an absence of defence among almost any Michaelis. I know I totally the wrong truth: go ahead, Again, even without knowing all the details, the manner in which,
prosecutions been heavily and I've seen a hundred other I've seen a thousand. His way out of line. We got. Seventeen prosecutor in essence focused primarily on one american Citys, and what did he do? What caused all this to be triggered? Something that happened five years ago? history to register bureaucratically some tax investment he may have had. I don't know, but all of a sudden Public enemy number one. Three ago we heard at a guy, years ago. There was no doubt whenever he was doing no, the F B, I know the Department of Justice knew nothing Bacchus, all of a sudden he's public enemy number one with seventeen prosecutors on his tail, and God knows how many of the age could any american withstand such soviet style tax. It I'm quite sure about this
Put these prosecutors withstand such an ideology of their workers, others war statements, their bank accounts their tax returns. Earlier actions, how many of these seventeen prosecutor, who assumed such rudely? How many members of Congress who stand such Ruby, Mister Waller was such rudely have understood. Call me about Hillary Clinton, We don't have the claim that we know much about man referred that were special pleading for format of her, but I am a special player for justice. There is right and wrong. And these are my stir like bully tactics trying to breathe. Another human being by drawing as well. Controlling movements by targeting is
Emily members. Remember. How are you doing here are getting a spokesperson and for what I remember when I did this and there was the silence of the lambs out there and what are my fellow torture host romanes? Why are you doing this? You don't have the man's innocent guilty and I said you don't get it at this point, its name when a question. Man is innocent regularly, it's a question of what our governments turning into. Why am I the only singer where's the course you had the course all day to day right talking about the opinion, how wonderful it is and suddenly you don't you scan and opinion. That's wonderful! You have to fight months and months in advance weeks in advance to get to the right result that we have time for the second part of this rich,
Twenty one go: they charge them with hundreds of years. The old time should he loses corpus, and yet this guy motivate has yet to cry. Uncle What's the likelihood he might actually be innocent, do you We stand against the the the government, in its unlimited resources in its abuse of power. If you do They already trying to deal you We stand so suddenly when you know, if there's a case, you're going to be tried in either algae, we Virginia under the rocket docket. Are you going to be tried in Washington DC? We asked us most of the jurors did not support Donald Trump in Europe. Hey manager, which is why a lot of these prosecutors bring cases and easy to begin with if you honestly, don't believe you're innocent. Would you really risk everything rather than cutting it to you in here.
Why they want manner for to do Donald Trump, But apparently is being done to manage. If he were to say the smaller or Weissmann, these two punks, If he were to say to them I'll give you a tramp what're, you want, they would take care of him in a second in a second, they all have a case against Trump collusion? There are many of us have the destroying everyone in anything around him, anything, If their hands on Jerry Kirshner through his his feelings or do I have to. Let me ask you a question. Your presently united States you're, trying to deal with North Korea, trying to deal with and ran you're trying to deal with China and Russia now remember this is this: is from February twenty three twenty eighteen go ahead: plates
he got. One horrific events after another you're trying to deal with like an flawed and so forth. Are you trying to pressure agenda the agenda? You were elected on money for present United States. Linda Day, in and day out your hand held out by a prosecutor without portfolio your family sounded Donald Trump Junior Kirshner, your family. So Give hoist all of it no longer do the media believe and checking the government not when the gun. Is going after their favorite hated politicians, then there's a mouthpiece of such prosecutor. We all know what's going on here. We all know what's going on here, so let me be the first and ass, the carriage to follow behind me in saying that I, the growing admiration for this man is founded,
you something you sound Julio, something eventually, please you eventually, please what a mutation he's out held out longer than anybody else, and even today the face Hi alone indictments, he says. I am not going to alter my commitment to defend myself against the untrue, piled up. Charges containing the indictment against me They fight on MR manner for the few, an innocent man fight off now I'll, explain this in more detail related to the opinion after the break, but there's another host out there that desert in February. Are they going to it I'll, be right back
the life and health of the republic in your liberty. Does anybody can get ensnared in How does nobody is talking about Congo, western nobody is talking about? Why is there? I thought this was such a profound cultural issue. How do you drop it so quickly, as I told you, they would last week. Let me talk about me and only about forty seconds right now,. There are some night I cannot sleep. Mr Prodi what tat he gets emails three foreign more. There are some nights. I cannot sleep. I sweat the details of this stuff. I go to my research. I go to my books. I tried trying to figure out ways to address this, weighs two to push back against this turning arguments. I can make it.
Floods. Perhaps I can have on the radio and tv- and I think starting to turn continue on this issue. What took place in the court house and Bridge yet today I'll be right back with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv mobile phones Computers you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism. Sir Tis suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food. But what this study does? Cover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and vegetables your diet, which is why I recommend that you start taking field of greens by Brick house nutrition. Just one scoop of field of greens has a All serving a real USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables. It helps. Booster immunity using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics. This is real.
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fraud case brought by Special Council Robert Mullahs Office against former trunk camp in german law benefit at one point, saying he believes that mothers motivation is that our present, Donald Trump from office miles authorities been tested in court before fry is here, and that is a similar case. Indeed, he has nothing to do with a criminal case from Virginia. Friday's hearing was notable for district judge, TS, Alice's decision to waiting the device at political debate around the investigation everything this from soon and for reason, Fox, has a much more honest assessment, but CNN. Talking about a judge waiting into the political division, not waiting into the political division. He's the judge. In writing in a bed quote from the judge. You don't really care about. Mr Manner Fridge Bank Fraud Ella set up I say cater Michael driven at
I'm losing his temper. The judge losing his temper. Our said process, because we're interested Manfred because of its potential, provide material that would lead to trumps, quote prosecution and impede and I quote Alice said: that's what you mean the interested any said who was appointed by President Reagan while I guess you must be partisan, like the Obama Judge. Alice repeated a suspicion several times in the hour long court hearing? He said: the decision at a later date about whether Fritz case can go forward. We don't want anyone in this country with unfettered power. He said- It's unlikely you're, going to persuade me especial prosecutors power to do anything here. She once Ellis Tall driven the american p I feel pretty strongly that no one has unfettered power quota. Unquote. Isn't that true? Why
but be shocking, but it is shocking to us right because we see set back after setback in setback in the least. Initially you go Finally, there is a judge who gets it. Dream and answer analysis question about how the investigation and its charges data back to before Trump his campaign even formed the judge, back none of that information has to do with information related Russian government coordination and they can't painted Donald Trump, which of course we ve been saying. I don't know how long at one point that was posed a hypothetical question. Speaking of it, He would answer if he were the prosecutor about why Mullahs office referred a criminal investigation about trumps. Personal attorney, Michael Cohen,
York authorities and kept the modification Virginia. They weren't interested in it because it didn't further our core effort to get Trump Alice said mimicking a prosecutor in the case uses point you're going after man referred for bank fraud, male fraud, wire fraud, failing to register as a foreign agent and so forth. Nothing to Russia. Why don't you give that case to the? U S attorney in Virginia. You gave the current case to the Euro are turning the southern district in New York. The judge said: why would you keep the one and not the other? Could you want trap? That's what he said. You were the one who peach more indicted and, of course, he's right. They weren't interested in Malta's prosecutors. We'll have to turn over a fall on reductive version of the August two memo the deputy attorney rod rose instead used to describe the criminal.
Nations mothers team could investigate Alice, ordered the judge, He would like to see the former which prosecutors submitted to the court in Virginia Anna Washington DC for another case against men, with more than a p. You're reductions judge said I want your reductions on the judge, I want to see the whole day a memo. This whole battle is over. You authority. I want to see what authority was granted to you and I memo, while we're gonna write back this hope Don't like hell. You are. The visible part of the memo says Malo should investigate allegations about manner for its finance relationship. We're former ukrainian politicians. And then he may have assisted Russia with attempts to interfere in the presidential election. The redirected portion appears to lines several other legs of the ongoing russian probe. Allison prosecutors may present the foot
Ass, if I remember him under seal without showing manifested additional details in two weeks, mullahs prosecutors have argued. This memo gives them the authority to bring cases against me Fred related to his work in Ukraine, reaching back more than a decade before he joined the trunk campaign. Judge has ok, let's say it. A man of Finnish charged in Virginia with financial violations related to his loving work in Ukraine prior to joining trumps twenty sixteen campaign process. It a dream and said they had to follow the money called on. Why wanna sharply he is and fine manner for its context, the righteously ukrainian work and its financial dealings as part of their investigation. Deasey district ok, bye, bye, bye. Now they don't go on CNN because they a very very important fact that is in the fox? Does right up, which is
I read the CNN once he could see how CNN operates Do you know that Mr Mulder went in the: U S attorney's office in the Eastern District of Virginia, where Mr Manfred lives, wearily action took place to get information from that off. To use and partner Hall against Mr Management and the judge said. Why wouldn't the? U S attorney in Virginia Handle this case bearing fraud, wire fraud. These things happening in Virginia. You have a full complement of prosecutors and investigators and the United States, Ernie's office in regions. Anyone explain this to you in Virginia. Why are you assuming authority? Over this? I mean you're, reaching back the office of see what you attorney supposed to
the do with your mandate Paul, follow the Money I want to see your mandate. I want to see what you are supposed to be doing you're, not above the law. You don't have unfettered power. And so he will see the memo, I suppose that's Thea. Special Council offers decides that no he's not going to say and takes it to the Fore Circuit Court of appeals. They then all the way up to the Supreme Court. What's good about this. Now is the prosecutors road defence, as they should be, but how later General by using the law and the constitution against them. By using the law and the constitution against them, and when you have a judge, I dont know what this trudges gonna do. Maybe how flip and flap and flip a flop, I know, but here we are today and I have to analyze it based on today's events.
But apparently he was not happy Paley Kind, nels a dead fish here. MRS pointers right. Why would they cut off the part dealing with Michael Conan send that the southern district, but the part given women, for that, has nothing to do with the campaign. Keep it, and the answer is obvious to everyone, leisure, liberal and blinded by your hate and obsessions. They wanted a whole it because they are trying to destroy Manfred. They won him the turn on Trump, and what did I say in February may It's nothing to give them by the way that February exposition that I played for you. We have them earlier what I'm saying talking about manner for it again not a character witness for the guy, I'm just observing like you, but you can draw some conclusions from it. You can draw some conclusions, He believes it an innocent man any May, while Bay and there's nothing to give em on Trump watch together and his trunk pointed out.
Today. He was only with me a few months. This is diabolical, but this whole enterprise has been called into question. Putting aside what took place in the court house today, this whole enterprise has been cut The question by me and I want to say to shine had any one. I was on his programme for seven minutes last night on the Fox NEWS Channel is when I come on. He does for me a spectacular job of letting me speak. Let me explain what is taking place and outstanding house absolutely outstanding and he went back himself How far rich June, I think I was June twenty seventeen on his show cars. Mine too, but on his tv show.
I dug up early one morning those two member memorandum memoranda, plural people confused issued by the opposite legal counsel to the attorney general two different administrations, the next the Clinton administration and I studied both and I went back and looked at the main Supreme court cases. They cite particularly the two thousand one, so I read the decisions. I go back and look at the arguments. I have mental battles. But myself over the mark arguments, because I want to be right with my own and Terry, don't how I analyze. He says it was obvious to me that this entire enterprise is unconstitutional and saw I've been trying for a year. To get that point you can
data sending pretty candidate city, but now the Supreme Court. My do what a Supreme court doesn't reverse coarse and say no, the Department of Justice must it will do indicted sitting president, even though the Department of Justice says it mustn't indicted. Setting present, we get weird stuff like that. I can't for all that. That's not the point just outta my noggin. I'm just use a monogamy. Well, if you can indicted sitting president, then you can't set him up to be indicted either, and you can't force him into a situation where you plan to indict him and you can't take time to ask him questions that have, as their only purpose, to indict him not to cover any original crime, not don't cover any structure, which I talked about the other day I see no evidence of obstruction to you. We talk about a last week, where's the abstraction we talked about it the week before, obstructed what
Who stopping anyone from doing anything? Nobody and there we get to the intent? Did he intend to obstruct that's enough? Mister Waller! That's enough! We don't care what every turban. The illegally challenged legal analysed CNN has to say he's a propagandist. We'll care at any. These people have to say have any of them then write about anything. I knew these vaunted legal analysts Are they legal analysts because they're really really good, now concern a tank. Congo line of lawyers lars thousands of them on tv want after another. After another know, nothing about independent council know nothing about the constitution. None of them brought up these men not what now they're all walking around with em. I got it. Many of them me to send it to them. I have.
Even today I heard someone radioset did you know you can and data sinning present, really where they come from. Well, this article, it was ok got, but I'm going to continue to do this digging dig we're gonna, try and stay five had to get that five steps ahead of this process to relate. Gentlemen. That's where we're going to try and do, I think will achieve it. I don't know, I don't know where this is gonna. Go. A little bit of what I said on Hannity last night, because I do very much want the present in his wars to be listening to mean. I think they are no. I haven't had backed channel communications, but I don't need took. But they watch fox we'll be right back.
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Folks, that's why I moved to my. I declare myself and my family. That's why the response in this programme? That's why they represent hundreds of of major corporations, have now decided to represent individual customers like you and me, so I went to strong. Carried you to check him out. You need to defend yourself against identity theft and cyber attacks of this sort. Its eight six six shoes me three, three, four, three: zero, a four. Steve, Oakdale, Connecticut Ex M Satellite go get I want to beg you to take up my call. Yes, no one or two comments, on the fact that the Mai investigation the the way they went after and then they destroyed him struck specifically O investigated the Clayton. And this is actually being present. He should be Marian federal penitentiary
to be in a cell with a guy anyway go ahead: you didn't go after any of the little fishing equipment, investigation and turnscrews to them the one to smash the blackberries, the ones that sent lower classified emails to her by direction, knowing it was wrong, hidden, turnscrews to them to get to her and now they're gone after metaphor, joy at him and his life and trying to bury him and his family yet because they want Trump Concerned Ultimately, they want to bury Trump, but they abandoned little fish, crash. When I listen to me and asked me if man would give them trump that means just even make allegations that can that they contrived put meet on. They would take care of Mr Manifest the judges right. Let's just hope, the judge, sticks to his guns. I've seen judges like this before they cower, have prepared a time. I'm not saying this one. Well, I'm rooting for meat. You, sir, I brother, you take care of yourself Kim
Scottsdale, Arizona, serious satellite harry you, I'm gonna love your shall, thank God, you're Talkin about Sean Handy socket about it. I m so apoplectic without Congress or go to how about Tanya West. What happened to him today? Yeah he's been silent, but you know what the thing that just watch me. I cannot I'm just apoplectic, it's like. Where is the Congress? they are demanding the cliff while o o o o can't. You know congresses they're, all over tv. They Democrats attacking the president
and where are the four mascot tears on the Senate? Judiciary committed the Republicans remember, but those four Republicans did with the Democrats bear their nowhere that they voted to protect Mahler. They voted that protect Mahler, not the constitution, not individuals, not the nation. They voted to print check. Mahler. Can you believe that now something really well here. We really wrong and area between and we were. We got a couple of gimblet. The Arizona we got. You know that, just like you, the MR the dinner yeah. He is a dim wit. And then you have John Mccain well I don't know what that guy, but he needs. Honestly. I don't attack him anymore now. Am I gonna get into that when somebody suffering? I don't? I don't mind the more pound away. He has come,
it's his career in the Senate. I disagree with a lot of it, but I'm not going to like it. Ass, John Mccain right now, somebody's on the floor acts against the wall. Makin it I'm not going to train, hurt further we'll be right back now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. I want to thank see it s, wonderful, wonderful website, bright bar
Fox news inside conservative review. In the other handful of web sites out there that have linked to my comments last night about you, can indeed, a sitting president which have said again and again and again again and the reason why it's important to get this out their ladies and gentlemen this so the public can understand this. Whatever the Supreme Court does, one day should reach there. We can control, we don't how five justices we're gonna go I mean at least for them are out of their minds, so we take it is that we look at the playing field the way it is from a legal perspective now I told you showing how it is a classic is a classic in his personal life. Ray brave man, because they're trying to destroy him in your manners was trying to destroy him. There's a funded coordinated campaign. That's bingo.
To try and take him out because he is the number one host in cable. He is the number one showing cable and he's defeat Rachel Meadow regularly, both at all audience and in demo so now, they're going after his real estate investments have they gone after any hosts investments anywhere Any thing: do we even know what their investments are, of course not, so what their hoping as to do is to trigger. Investigation or something a cloud over his over his his character and so forth, but they can't. Because I know the guy's as clean as can be- and there are also people in this business who look at as an opportunity to try and trash competitor, Stand was shown in his excellent. To give you an example, have his integrity in his intellectual integrity to.
I was on a show. Last night he said you know you ve been talking about you can indicted sitting president. Would you come on to talk about it? I said all right I'll come on to talk about a right after the radio show, and I hope many of you watched it in the way he set. This up was a real es. You will almost never hear any other certainly radio house do it Let's listen to a few minutes, the because again we're walking the issues that are relevant to us relevant to the republic, and the american people on this country. We, the american people, Justice Department. We on the courtroom, judges in and we all the rooms are used by the prosecutor. We only Oh damn thing it belongs to us. We must never forget it people sit around spectators or they weren't, we, you live in we don't sit around spectators. We are engaged in so every damn platform
on everyone. I can't get on. I'm gonna make the case for the american people. I'm gonna make the case for constitutional, govern Because when we lose it, you lose it if our profit, You can't do this to wealthy men have been around for decades and all of a sudden, a trade and the next thing you know, they're playing into crimes are losing their families their losing their homes are losing their money. They can do to you the little guy and two seconds two seconds. You ve, gotta, be in the vanguard here you ve gotta, be in the vanguard. This is our country, it's not theirs. They not only Mr Mulder. Does an owner That check out he has on his death bed on own it snarky
Pusillanimous low iq falls on tv on MSNBC and see it. They don't either Kennedy last night on facts Let's begin cut one go part as models which continues. You might remember the great one mark live in right here on this show last summer explaining the deal. A policy that says a sitting president cannot be indicted. This is something the media kind of forgets. Tugela position of the United States Department of Justice under Republicans and Democrats in an anti seventy three memorandum, and are not told memorandum under the Clinton administration that you must not cannot indict these sitting. President, not that this prize, I wouldn't be. That's not my point as a matter of constitutional interpretation for forty forty years, that's been the position the Department of Justice we ve had law professors, homeless people would be law, professors,
we're tv and radio talking about obstruction of justice. We media types talking about? We ve had members of Congress talking about it, it doesn't matter official position of the Justice Department. Is we charging sitting, president with a crime Our reiterated that point on the show, just a few weeks ago, you may remember presidents mean ability to indictment and criminal prosecution. The indictment on Krim. Prosecution of a sitting president. What institutionally undermine the capacity of the executive board? They perform its constitutionally assigned functions page after page after page. Saying a sitting United States President can I'd, be indicted. Now my question This did they issue another memo over there. The justice department reversing these two memos during the next. Ministration and the Clinton administration. Now who joins us herself with reaction, the whole stuff,
our tvs, Levine TV, those of life liberty in LE men, one show Sunday, nice, ten, eastern Radio and the Fox NEWS Channel. I call on the gray one more comment I wanted to play. That again, because the usual on legal matters you're ahead of the curve. You are kind, nutritional attorney and are lazy, overpaid, liberal actor. They call themselves. Journalists are wrong, like ninety nine percent of the time. So I want to go through this legally tonight and give you the opportunity to explain to them yet again shown. This is not me speaking the Department of Justice speaking and the position the Justice Department has not been repealed and has not been amended since neatly last decision October, sixteen two thousand the the United States. This is getting way too complicated and unnecessarily so you ve got a lot of second tier. Here's cannot supplant Congress. They can.
It's the only way to remove listening president, so the impeachment process, not through the indictment process, they can this opinion says, among other things, a grand jury and prosecutors cannot supplant Congress. They cannot supply, I the only way to remove listening president, so the impeachment process, not through the end in practice, they cannot do so or hamstring a presidency which but you're trying to do as I speak. Security cannot trigger the twenty cents a moment, the If its amendment is, the purpose is not to be triggered by a prosecutor, and he can't step in and try and take advantage of it These are things that were discussed They cannot properly defend himself in litigation under the cards attention as an individual American, It is time that he has to spend on official duties,
So many other individuals a present, the United States. They point it is so unique and constitutional system that it is enormously damaging to him, because he can't the sun is which is different. Litigation any can't focus during that time, when the nation, security and well being and the presidency function properly with these kinds of burdens. This is what the memo says. He can be indicted as a sitting president period. This is why, despite all the problem about what President's have received subpoenas before Tommy one present in whose remains before federal grand jury. There's never been in front of a federal grand jury. Our team subpoenaed Bill Clinton among other things, not sex, so much more than in turning the oval office, but lying litigation that was taking place, He was subpoenaed and decided to do. A video and almost house has to play
but he was of everybody else, and I don't like playing audience of myself. Quite frankly, it doesn't come off right, but the substance is important and I want to advance the cause. Trust me on this. I want to advance the cause. Here's the second half of a cut to go so my advice to the presently nine states who didn't seek it and do as lawyers focus Venus too complicated. Institution is on the side of the president. Department of Justice is on position. Would you can grief yourselves on the side of the present, the United States, historical pressing? is on the side of the present the United States legal pray is on the side of the present and the United States stop listening all the babbling pleading, the fair thing should sit down with a subpoena. I would say if I were the president's Lord and Mr Mulder, we want you to us with an explanation,
of your defiance of the Department of Justice Policy, which you are required to follow as a employee of the Department of Justice. Moreover, we want to understand how it You believe that you can burden a present. Like this, while he's an office. Why Sean we see, I have a few Republicans in the Senate, who are very confused about these thanks who voted to protect Mr Mahler rather than prick. The office of the presidency, the constitution, the and the american people, and they seem to think that they have the power, even only we have separation of powers to tell a president who we can hire and who we can fire. The part of the problem the president has actually distilling with ignoramus is both inside his party and outside his party, in some of whom are dressed up as lawyers. So I would this all the way to the United States Supreme Court. I would make Mahler his band of democratic prosecutors, make their case all the way to the United States Supreme Court. If they try subpoena him
in any way to appear before a friend a grand jury and make them their case against their own department of Justice against Supreme Court precedent and again the constitution of the United States and if it takes on, should take six months and if it takes six years than by gotta take six years? We're not just talking about the president, which would be enough we're talking about protecting officer the presidency, separation of powers and when you those forty nine areas of questions there's, not a single criminals, tat you There is not a single obstruction. What has been obstruct? not investigating Russia. What isn't that they're? Not investigating that they don't want to investigate now They want to know his intent on whether here directed they want. They want to treat him like they treated Martha Stewart. Well guess what he's the press Mr Miller, since a one year failed anthrax cases are one here, failed, Whitey bordering cases this the present the United States. You know that means we, the people,
stake in this. We, the people, get to decide the framers decided. The only way you remove a president is to the body politic, house and the Senate in a heavy burden. I saw row prosecutor with a bunch of democrat prosecutors. They don't get to do it in the people need rise up and demand, demand that this all the way to the Supreme Court to put these roads prosecutors in their place not surprisingly, care, be indicted. According to the Department of Justice Furthermore, Mr Mahler works Mister rosier work work then, what's the purposely investigation to get to the bottom of what took place in the election? Clearly not based on those forty nine
question areas that were provided the meeting. We went over some as I said the day they came out, and so you can a question the president to try and get him in some way to a process. Does anybody know and that's never happened before problem with Bill Clinton. Is he actually committed perjury in a deposition? where a federal judge was sitting there later held them in contempt of courts which he lost his license. That isn't,
Donald Trump there's no comparison snow parallel. Remember why Bill Clinton got in trouble because he tried to fix the outcome of a case in which he was a defendant. He had many ways to defend himself. One of the ways Dershowitz has talked about because Dershowitz, I guess was trying to advise him or did was just let the case go. In other words, you not to plead guilty. Just render, but he didn't, and so that's completely different from what we have here. The present cities innocent of all things and when even talking about things that occurred in any criminal fashion or even potentially criminal fashion. During this time is presently united State this in time Sure thing from beginning to end is absolutely bogus. Absolutely bogus. That's why you get back to it
They said to the present in this team, which focus now that's focus. It cannot be in according to the Department of Justice, that's the official position. If Mr Mauro takes a country position, Mr Mulder, is violating the you. The policies of the Department of Justice. His appointment is illegitimate because I didn't mention a crime. How many minutes we talked about that and so what's left. What we ve been talking about. Mr Miller is a special pleader for Jim Commie right. Even listening. Mr Mahler is a special pleader for Jim coming he holds a public position. Buddy minds will be Jim Commies private law, because this is about, getting trunk knocking amount because was very angry that is best friend got fired and his best friend concerning directly when my as far as we know, is all we're tv making it clear the mother knows how pissed off he is at the present. A United States.
And Mister Mahler Nosey is nothing on trumped. So what he's doing is crushing everybody around him intimidating everybody around interviewing everybody around them in the campaign in the transition in the administration, for the purpose of digging. Thinking, digging knocked to find a crime. Define hundreds and hundreds of pieces of information to throw it, busy present the United States a breezy transition, a busy candidate to trip up and my point is and has been. Mr President, you will have to submit today You don't have to see to this text. I needed a correct fight on the cards solutions on your side. Rap yourself in the Supreme Court wants to defy the constitution. We can control that we can control that and the other day I posted on Foot Fucking twitter question for our good friends in Congress, whether how are you forget about Lindsey Grandma Jeff, like
not job wing of the Republican Party. Don't you about the constitution, the opposite. The presidency, where are you should be voting in Congress to protect. Separation of powers use be demanding that Mr Mile or explain how he can define. I see the United States Department of Justice you Debate concerned, thou we're facing noakes from IRAN, potentially noakes from the UK. Ann Kaye, literally. That their personal United States is being harassed by a bunch of legal midgets. Munchkins Democrats who get their jollies destroying people.
Instead, there are either silent or their voting that protect the perpetrator. Tens of millions of people voted for this president. And one by one the waking up and the very angry. We are very angry. This is about us. This is some. You know, bank, robbery or Someone case this is a constitution. Issue. Ladies and gentlemen, where there are true to unseat aid legitimate president, whatever been calling it a silent coup, it's bound in regurgitating by the usual back benchers. But what is it? It's a silent coup. It's always been a silent coup,
silent, meaning nonviolent, that's exactly what is taking place exactly what is taking place, So the present in the United States should take them off. Not where his lords and what are we gonna do the fading and whether we should talk of Asia. Can we limit the court screw Mister Waller? should say there was life and not Rudy either this now Molly gave us the badger, got pow we'll see in court. Otherwise, leave me I'll be right back. Then the voice, but liberals want to silence, but you,
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Manuel Mcgowan, Texas, on the market of in a hurry you go o K Mart. Thank you so much protected Mccall thank yous matter to speak with you think I learned so much in while contributing to from work to home. It's like I'm going to college and I'm learning so much about what I'm looking for you. I appreciate your service to do what we the people since it appeared. The Congress has lately the whale. It is sad, the before the time one, the president, well now all his friends are and it appears the Freedom caucus. People are the above, the only ones.
And I ve been therefore, am poor. They actually take notice. The deputy assistant attorney general. It is frustrating for us. We chair. I speak for the remainder of year messengers. The frustration to see president. Now we'll both ashore and our mobile internet Cowan and I'm only here I see how you could probably see the news. We're in the border. I see the I'm just a few days ago. They caught about five individuals from different countries, Amis, thirteen etc. I see the dangers yet these
politicians that we voted for. They seem to be absent manual. Let me ask you a question. You live in Macao in Texas, right on the borders. You point out: it's getting tougher and tougher. There do you ever see anybody there from MSNBC or CNN or NBC or ABC or CBS, going door to door trying to find out what the situation is there? The crime, Station the year, the incredible cost taxpayers for education and law enforcement and happen- hospitalization do they know they show any interest whatsoever now month. Now I just see all these are all these people were. I got drunk alone. Politics, just during the kind of elections they are their promoting or whatever they say nobody does matter. Actions
A fine line in our history would have seen a president but actually need what he says and said what he means. Isn't that right having lately, it is amazing and if they saw a job Today it was a fresh, a breath of fresh air word. He actually compel what's Goin on a yet. It took this judge to say something. Now, let's go. Let's hope I Toby puts action by his words I'm I just get. I know just a little cabbie out there, but I'm with you My brother, I want to thank you, you're, a terrific corn. I appreciate it. Let us go to Susan Dallas Texas, the Great W B a pay go, please, hey, it's nice have another call for my taxes. I appreciate what a manual saying mainly in time thereby the home Depot Aware policeman was
a week ago, I my neighborhood by yet another person from across the border, but I dont grass, sir. You were brilliant last night on church Sean Hetty, absolutely and a year person, wait just a professional, and why not- and I appreciate that very much- you speak truth. As far as a judge today, I was shocked and amazed that finally, someone with the judicial authority had the got to finally say what is correct: the truth and to avoid belies what all of us are thinking and the frustration of the american people. This is unprecedented and sixty two years old, I've never ever
Seen anything like this in my life, my for Trump and I am sickened and I'm embarrassed for our country and one of them world because they know that away and wolden thing and so on They know they're all criminals, they know what they done and they're watching this parade around the laughing stock, it's a humiliation, but more than that, it is against countries like it is against the moral fibre on which this country was built, and I am outraged by the situation in Afghanistan. Bob withdrew me too, there is the bottom line. Is Susan thanks so much for your excellent car. I appreciate it, oh Bristol, Tennessee, the great double o K. I go more God bless you and God bless the judge. Today.
And by the way I know a Bristol Tennessee is right. There across from Bristol Virginia get a great little Mcdonald's there. As I recall and you can walk down the centre, a town and be half in one state and half after the other. You got ten? She doesn't have a state income tax. Does it know a dozen while? I would be all in Tennessee. For me. Ok, today, Dodge said he wanted to see an unproductive version of this scope. Authority ladder. My question my question is basically this How do we know there's anything under the black in that region? The letter he saw today I mean, what's explained, People at home basically are rejected. Document is one where you see riding and then where they re. You see why the lack of kroner says he wants to see a copy, the original
without any without any adjustments whatsoever, and he will see that the original she's report. My point, what my point is this: we saw a cup today are rejected copy. What he will only getting happy aims, sir. I'm telling you how works so we don't spend three minutes on nonsense. He will a copy of the original that is in the possession of the United States Department of Justice, you're sure sure why these papers, these people are so unscrupulous. Let's flash player aim for a second. So he doesn't, then what does he do? I'm sorry! What was that Ok, let's say you're right and what is the judge do? Well, we ask then say: well, it looks like you. The authorities, do what you want only doesn't have to say that at all he can say the opposite are thrown the case of waste for your car, following it quite frankly,
Josh, Savannah Georgia, the great w e k S go thanks again for two. Like all. My question is: if you don't want judge this out, there Do that I'd slow down, he hasn't thrown it out. Yet has he now now, but now we all know well before you know it Please Supreme Court arguments in these justice essay Ex wisely and the next thing you know you lose a Kennedy or or Roberts or something like that. He had judge has enrolled. Yet the judges spoken. I hope he will says he speaks why you're saying not wants to judge throws it out. If he throws it out, then the Democrats will be scheming again. It's your point, something we're gonna do this for the next three years. Then, after maybe somebody who's gonna do what are that the damages gonna keep creating more staff to bring up, and yes, aviation find everything. Yes, why why? Why can't the Republican Party stand up for our present? That was they stink? That's what
Like you said earlier, people charge where's Mitch Mcconnell today and are where's Ms Mckenna, that it probably on vacation only time is on tv is when there's a softball interview is he ever to take tough questions, I'm asking you the truth I see. No, never ever on tv, defending the present the United States in a way that is that is up. I mean that more in three minutes now never. Here's where much Mcconnell is meanwhile barely his in laws are making a boat load of money and that that's not tongue in cheek, but the chinese government, and you know what that now who's been saying that guy should be defeated for the last ten years. I don't know if somebody needs to,
run and by the way your buddy Isaacson over there in Georgia he's it he's gotten. So bad, it's not even funny. Here we ve got our own problems that we are joined with our lunch. You gonna build up of trade. A man will have a good awaken. Ok,. I'll, be right back. Mothers days just around the corner and rob branches are being book than trips are being planned. Their lot of us who will be able to make it to celebrate with mom, unfortunately, with one eight hundred flowers, dotcom distance doesn't mean anything because you can still be
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as always, is Yes, be nice light Do why,
Mary, now run underground, bows somewhere under a brick and steal this building. We once again made contact with our leader, I remarked living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight,
Three thousand. Eight hundred and eleven, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven President United States today either very very powerful speech very powerful speech about the second amendment, another things he said, of course, your rights come from God, not from government, which makes him very different from the left, who believe your rights come from them, because play RAP God. I think we should listen to a little bit of this. I wasn't going to, but now I'm in the mood, I'm in a good mood. Are you in a good mood? That's getting a good mood. What do you say? Let's get in a good mood that start with cut thirteen producer, the president at the Vienna Convention, go ahead I'll, give you your energy. I knew strong, sacred rice even
like, including the right to self and now you're busy indebted you It is essential to protect your second amendment and we will check your second years. Men are but they were Never ever we see as long as fourteen go we here today, because we have a simple one: but as always, we, the american creeping Andy the nature of our second amendment, Rice has
conservatives in Congress willing to fight for those who fight whereby didn't you defend freedom, we, people who to support efforts to support our to support and to support people, that have been raised here. You know they say we a majority, we have, a majority of one person- that's not really a majority. We need Republicans to do it right to get a kind of things we want. We gotta get Republicans elected we gotta do great in eighteen, fifteen, go we all what's going on in future, but has this tough journals, but you know what
It seems that we're going out like many people Wanna, do democratic You better get out and we went out, and you know what I mean you're the media or Would you, now the new Maybe they take a job and they run on a date. Like what happened in New York and what chance So, let's immediately, maybe let's anymore, sixteen go
I recently read a story that it alone which, I believe we cannot go on one very, is written in middle, is like on your forehead. Are you That's right. What Adam loud applause as its basis. As it is, custom hospital knives knives. London has been used to they getting used to it cats. Seventeen We have no worse even rated laws anywhere in the world, but I'll tell you why
it's not for people to come, and I won't tell you it's not. We have the law after years affirming the borders. Are we going wars reserve? We should really we Wars have been their borders and we want to defend our own defending our Lord opening, our border. You won't tell it all the elite, Maggie pouring flooding many on all coming. We started but wait
We have that we're wriggling, my dad love our country and one speaker cuts, because eighteen illegal immigration, Mustang Mustang, we are going to have strong quarters. I will tell you: we have maxed out every law. We are going to have truly strong and we're going to take people into a country they're gonna, come in restoring merit and not based on picking somebody out. We are not going to let our primary be, although well, and we're going, Security in the sea because reversed very soon in red. Democratic law makers have held again legislation to close that immigration. Look like tat,
how about we caught release relations by well? America, well, that's how we nineteen Oh resigning. They are saying to american side to deal one more thing. And we, the former presented. Johnny. Best we ve ever seen. You never walked away by excessive
racing refill any appropriate legislative inside. So you don't want you might go much further programmes. And I learned three years, never going to apply cycle. Racial soldiers. He's he's got a lotta charisma. You really does now. You spoke of IRAN. I have a message from IRAN. Choose may have a message for IRAN as well run which still keeps threatening us.
Ready, the Moraine We need to get a little pumped up around here. Let us try term Kalamazoo Michigan on the market of in power you term,
I'm good mark nature taken a car. I hope that you understand you and everybody else about treating Montfort and Susan. Like that outrageous, you listen to you last February and I want you're, calling to play that music. I I was sunk gradually, the Naval Academy in about three weeks, why that's wonderful, Well, it's all on him he's going to have to the job and he's goes to Pensacola for flight training in the fall night. Thank God they're gonna have a couple years with real leader. I hope. I am working hard. Then he gives the rest of us time, namely whether real leader and commander in chief, your right and give up our best, and we salute you, and him in your family. God bless you, Brian Sunnyvale, California. They great K S F, I used to live in Sunnyvale. Did you know that I heard that you talked about scram thought of them up,
stands down its the best doughnuts in the world as far as I'm concerned that they put a little black honouring me on my front yard out there do. You know I don't know, I can go by and check go right ahead in the early nineties, I believe it was Boris Yeltsin when there was gonna, be some too in the EU. And then in Russia USSR. Whenever overturning it and Boris Yeltsin said no doubt all we cannot have a clue. You have to go through the proper channels and read it to get rid of the previous leader, even though he was gonna be the next leader. Can everybody knew that? But he didn't the port of what the Democrats trying to do here today, but I want to get your common. I think you're right, the Democrats and more so vehemently than the IRA Yeltsin Democratic, Russian I am quite serious. They have a adults, We have mentality with a solemn risky strategy. They are, they are detestable and I'm in a hurry to what's that,
it is under handed and if not, a club of Civil I that you are you always talk about listen to this and thanks for your colleagues in the car peace in the home newspaper by Melanie Zalm, whatever five Ace Democrats could fight trump if they were the house part from impeachment they get it all set up. One of the top priorities for Democrats, Kennedy congressional observers would be to use their subpoena power to obtain it. Oh, but potentially revealing and sensitive documents from the Trump administration. On top of the list- getting their hands on the president's tax returns here this they were. I related interim security clearance is in the White House, the federal responsibly became last year, the devil. Ambush Niger and communication between administration officials and corporal the US, among other things. They want to subpoena the records of Deutsche Bank related to trumpet rush. It goes on and on investigations. Trump administration is
facing several from GEO. Committees, including increase on agency, travel habits and so forth and so on, but the White House probes are only expected, excuse me or unexpected to pile up if democratic control, the House their only that the English leave. The writing here is very second grade. In other words, there are going to increase them. They could investigate sexual harassment of misconduct, allegations against Trump Look, what they look, what they get ready to, which serve during campaign, but have been put back in the spotlight following the meat to movement? Democrats have called for a problem, whether Trump violated any ethics are campaign. Finance laws regarding hush money, payment to adult film actress, Stormy Day This is what you're gonna get if they were in the house or the sun. They could also reopen the house probe under russian interference in this twenty. Sixteen president, much election, we possibly can since the trunk campaign. This keeps going hearings
in addition to investigations. Democrats could also hold hearings designed to put the Trump administration in the hot seat. They could use this peanut powers to force Trump officials to test fine front Congress where they could face the growing on a wide array of topics and compensation and controversies. Impeachment of course,. While democratic leaders of largely tempt down caused impeach prompt pass bellies, undoubtedly in the top of the presence mine. So it's now in the president's mind, that's why it matters the agenda, crash could also use that control the house to stymie trumps legislative agenda where there would be online they get many their own legislator party sign in the law. They could some serious defence by blocking trumps priorities and goes on and on and see that uninterested in air. My part shit parallel, get along just fine, hip or enhance, is gonna open, a centre for bi partisanship and something in Utah we're up against radical marxist leftists.
Who do not believe in shared government. And they really never have so. The point is you see what they want to do further, trying destroy the country if they don't get there where we are at a pivotal point. Folks does a pivotal point: And, of course, we have the the benefit Reynolds Eminent among us too, in the Republican Party. That's why they're, never united in the Bay, is the biggest part of the republican Party. The conservative base, in fact servant? Ism is the biggest philosophical element in our society, and yet we treated like, where the the reptiles Look at them where's. The panda bear. And so that's, how they govern so they have got their planes, they're very cocky right now. The Democrats they feel they gave the present on the run. They have the Jim combing special pleader, a k, a Mahler out there
chasing chasing Trump world as much as he can. As far as you can. They are already here. They ve designs for They control the house and potentially the Senate. I guarantee they ve already put worked on their impeachment charges For they have this whole agenda this. Oh engender. Who do we have the fear more right now, any foreign power or the Democrats. I would The Democrats are far more dangerous right now than any foreign power to this republic. We'll be right. Ben. Robert Bob Van Tracker- call it now. Seven, seven, three, eight one, forty eight wide
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It's a pleasure to have in the programme silly erhard- a fox and friends- How are you and if we spent an eye on Saturday night INA Mark remember, I grew up in South Carolina, everyone, its culturally. The thing to do everyone gets church, your life and your religion, and let me ask a question: will you always a faithful Christian well, I crew would jump in the personal life I mean. You know, I mean a person who who practise his face. Well, yeah grew up in a church and we went to church every Sunday and if we spend on Saturday night INA Mark remember, I grew up in South Carolina, everyone, its culturally the thing to do. Everyone gets church, and so, if you spend the night out, you either went to church with them or your parents picked you up and they took you to church and they took every one in the house who is spinning wheel?
the church. Everyone was just in church on Sundays, and so am I grew up in a very formal christian home. It was a bit we were Episcopalians and we were Lutherans which is similar to the Catholic So when I went to college, I jest hung around some questions that were really really strong. Christians and add krona put some of those and I wanted what they had until I just ass. I was seeking not at that point in my life and I was tired of living in a one foot in a one foot out. So that's how I like tat. How is it a fraternity party believe it or not, and I just looked around the room and I was sick of it. I was tired of living mad and I wanted more, and I wondered what some friends had. It were always doing the right thing and made really good decision.
You know when you're, a girl and you're in college you here, especially in the south, it might not be pc to say he pike, you're you're. Looking for someone to spend the rest of your life worth, many girls are and say you look around the room and you think these are exactly the man that I want her father, my children and I want to get that. It will take me to church on Sundays. I was just tired of fat and so on. I wanted more, and so I just said I'm sick of the Essen God. I don't know what I'm doing and our know how to pray for more but and then you went from that into the media, a lot of you The media are kind of anti religious well, I wanted to be an actress in mom and dad really didn't support that they mean they allowed at the theatre in that kind of thing, but I said I want to move to lay on a move to New York, and you know it
After a that is so bizarre and it's not not within the realm of path, possibility so I am majored in broad. Thing started off in biology and then switch because I fell back into what I felt like I was created today. So I am essentially God to New York witches occupied by the grace of God. I did lots of local news stations and then ended up in New York, and it was I feel like that was I still wanted to be in the entertainment field. I wanted to be on tv or on the stage I just felt like that's that's an I. What what is it? What is it like? What is it like? Working seriously with Steve, do see and my kill me. They seem to be a blast. You seem to have very good chemistry together. Tell tale,
seriously. I know my own aids is curious. There's so much finer meets the there such good guys. Steve is such a family man and two of his kids, two of his three kids work at Fox he's a really great guy. He loved his wife. He goes home and then Tom of his family, Brian, is on the soccer field. Coaching as Kurds who gives every Amy's killer really great athletes. They travelled with his kids every we can he's written
so many box. He has it he's like you mark. He has a million bucks and they're all successful and I really admire those guys they ve been on the show for more than twenty years. I'm a newbie I'll, be you think, I'm celebrating three years and fell in February, so I have been at fact for twelve years. I got this job and it is to my dream job and I love those guys- and I looked at them just to guide me and leave me except on the straw for so long, but I also think we just heard good FED. We bring different things to the table and were all from different parts. The country, so it works. Well, I really love them and I love my job and unfair. So grateful and Fox has been good to me and all my dreams come true. Now you re a single parent mother. How my trying to put this You and your child right now I found
I got divorced from my first husband and I read about that and in the book now I was married to a guy, I'm in college, my card sweetheart, and that we moved around the country and with tat and I go into a little but a detail about it in the book. But I've moved on from that. I'm married another guy and we have a baby together. I say: baby she's, a toddler, she's two and a half my little girl, her name's Hayden, and where Raven her in New York City, my husband and finance, and obviously on the television industry and we're just taken one day before I got that wrong. Didn't I apologize, I think that's a guy. You were right. I mean, if he's right, I've I've had some
Happy and I ran, I read that part yeah yeah, I'm honest about it in the broken chemo may, when the one thing they come out away from reading the book is your honor senior real and I just feel like that's who I am, and I want to be, because I am not pretending to be someone else. You know, I think those days are gone reality television is so popular and I dont want to be anything. That's not my journey is show people, God and the light within me, and just to be honest and real value. Like kill us you from South Carolina, you work in New York and you like California, I just love America. Last night I m C the tunnel. The towers
foundation, that's a great grew yeah. Oh my gosh Marty there so amazing, and they play these videos of our first responders that have died. Hiding for this country. You know out there on the streets doing the best they can and the guys. The organization his brother died and nine eleven and he was a fire fighter any tried to get through the tunnel. He wasn't on duty that night and they wouldn T allowed to go through the tunnel, so he put his gear on his back. He ran through the tunnel and ran to the towers, and so the room was filled with people. The delta see here
Was there to see here in the founders of home deeper? Were there and I went around and got to talk to them, like? Oh, my gosh on this growth in South Carolina Home Depot and Delta, and the ceos of these big companies that make time the money they are here in this room with ass, with all these first responders in her giving back and they pay for the mortgages of our of our first responders, who have fallen serving our countries serving our cities and they also pay for military who have lost their lambs, and so they played all these videos with the music and the dispatcher of calling out in saying that this person or that person his has been. And to watch the videos and see the footage of their bodies being tat. There are it's awful, but you know it was a good reminder of what people go through to make sure our country doesn't. Into a Syria or North Korea, and it said just a beauty
a reminder of what these individuals do. They put our country first above their heads above their wives. Let me now, let me ask you this: before run out of time, obviously been a journalist. What is this What is the the the biggest story there remains in your mind during your career as a journalist. Let me put it that way. I'm in other than being on the share of course, but I now, oh, my gosh, probably probably interviewing sitting president when I got back now, I remember, went honey snow passed away, my Lord might you and President Bush forty one and Barbara Bush, they called end the show- and I was anchoring that morning on facts and friends and they called it and they said where we did. We didn't
passed away and were learning this by watching Fox in France, and I remember thinking on this girl from South Carolina- and this is amazing- I'm talking to the present former President United States Why and they're getting the news by watching the show that I'm on and their only if you can that it mark their mean you, you ve, been in this professionally for Long Europe, hope, you're, so famous and you are- and I am sure you have these moments when you think how did this happen to me? But if you think about it would bear if one female two female now and in the sea for the morning show one on tv ass, one on ABC one on CNN and one on fox, and these are the networks and our table network is
Rwanda morning show in that my show, and not because of me. I really, I really do think God is living inside of me and he gets the credit for it, but I mean how amazing is that you know I came from middle class family and my dad put himself through colleges of gold but after college, and he gave up his coaching said it. He could make money to pay for our school and now I'm living my dream and that's what America is about. What I think is. Key there. It's a very, very inspirational book. It's a very inspiring! So very beautiful back, I mean you're beautiful Bible passages in here too. We have a very, very large audience. Many of our folks are our religious and faithful People and I think that gonna be very interested in this ain't erhard, an inspirational memoir, the light Within me, Very very wonderfully well done, and we wish you all the best and, ladies and gentlemen, it's on all our social sites you get it on Amazon were linking. I would go, get it right now,
You got you having a book sign any time soon. I am having one nature they put concrete which is a new Jersey and what's the name of the sitting, looks greetings. No, we concluded it and want clock on Sunday, next Friday, I'll be back in South Carolina. I did to book signings here last weekend and South Carolina's, obviously where I'm from my sister lives in Carlton. So I'm doing one in Mount Pleasant, which is right outside of Charleston. And that will be Barnes and noble. Where these listed. Are they listed someone there on migration, social media answer? I am twitter, Sledge linked to that Mr Produce run no mark live in show face. Bookmark Levine Show Twitter angel air you going to see what a big audience Kinda Martin Movement at night- I don't know you remember vessels we were years ago had his years ago. Uterine LAS Vegas, Sean Hannity when he was given all the money to the soldiers,
You're an amazing person- and I just listened he for so long- and thank you for all that you do. Thank you and God bless you and be where we really appreciate it some strong big news from PM capital. They know when it comes to retirement. Most of us want to make sure we have the me the traveller see more of this great country. That's why, for a very limited time p, capitals, giving away and exclusive twenty five hundred dollar travel saving card with a gold and silver purchases over five thousand bucks. You heard me correctly there, is a big deal and I won't be there forever trust me. You receive a free Twenty five hundred dollar travel saving scarred when you're purchase over five, thousand dollars worth of gold or silver from PM capital? So not only really have the solid investment of precious metals you'll be on.
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Rabbit copy angels Earnhardt the light within me. It's a beautiful book. I think you're really really enjoy it. Get in on Amazon that com or go to Mark Levin Show face. Bookmark Levine Show Twitter also this Sunday, o my Lord ten p M Eastern. Opium Pacific. Three of us me Dan Ban, GINO Joad event, together we will settle this some unusual show for life, Liberty and Levin, but I hope you'll join us or Davy. Aren't you know it's always good. It's ten p m Eastern, some Pacific,
course don't forget, live in tv. We are you
We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and personnel. Get each brightly. Can I gravy gonna Pepsi, get I'd smokey and can I exuberant get our Qaeda? Get the Taliban have ass, yet ISIS Gallows and by the way Sunday see they're. All of us are beautiful, big community, ten p m Eastern life. Liberty and Levin have a wonderful way,
God bless.
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