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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/10/19

On Monday's Mark Levin Show, Unfreedom of the Press is what we're facing, like the reports that President Trump did nothing to get Mexico to add 6000 of their own troops to secure their side of the border. Then, the Koch brothers might back Democrats based on immigration policy through their PAC and Super PAC Americans For Prosperity known collectively as Stand Together are looking to challenge “restrictionist immigration preferences” rather than call it what it really is — open borders amnesty policy that matches up well with Sen Bernie Sanders. This radical libertarian approach undermines our existing immigration laws. We need to fund movements that support our values not work against them. Later, Sen Cory Booker compared refugees fleeing poverty are the same as Jews escaping Germany during the Holocaust. Afterward, disbarred former White House Counsel, John Dean, gave testimony on Capitol Hill today. Perpetuating pseudo-events just like the ones Jim Acosta promotes in his new book entitled “Enemy of the People." Interestingly it's not an autobiography despite the self-descriptive title.

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