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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/11/18

On Monday’s Mark Levin show, Tariffs are taxes imposed by our government on the American people. We're not taxing foreign countries - we're taxing Americans for buying foreign goods. These tariffs are crony capitalism because it benefits certain businesses. The vast majority of businesses don’t benefit from this subsidy taxation (tariffs). It’s the government that benefits from these tariffs, not the people. We still have plenty of steel and aluminum in the US and if we we're ever under attack, we'd do what we did in WWII and have our American assembly lines produce weapons. We don't need to buy steel from Canada for a strong national defense. Then, should we have an international minimum wage? Should we compel other countries to pay their workers more wages because they earn less than ours do? The bottom line is that products and services are imported to the US because we want and need them and American products and services are exported because we don't want or need them and other countries do. Finally, it makes no sense to include Russia in the G7 (or newly proposed G8). We can’t copy what the socialist countries do because we'll become poorer. As for the Summit, Trump has driven this whole thing in North Korea. Barack Obama wanted no part of it because it was too hard and he was busy selling us out to Iran and Cuba.

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