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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Joe Biden is feeble yet he says he will eviscerate President Trump in his Iowa speech. Trump fired back that the do-nothing Democrats in Congress keep talking about impeachment with no case. Trump said he prefers to run against Biden than the others because Biden is the weakest, mentally, of the 2020 candidates. In his comments, Biden referred to Trump as an existential threat to the United States. Biden has never called out the anti-Semites in his party yet projects their own actions on others, painting Trump as a bigot. Biden says Trump is wrong to call media Fake News and has flip-flopped on so many issues over the last 50 years. Then, Sen Elizabeth Warren keeps moving further and further to the left. She wants to reshape the American economy, but what she will do is destroy the economy. Democrats want to replace republicanism with mobocracy. Later, Trump is now facing blowback from GOP lawmakers over the budget and debt ceiling.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented podcast, as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year. Hills there is a truly independent institution where learn surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Well, let's get down to it, so the bad and campaign puts out in advance.
To their media friend, said he's going to eat viscera tramp in his speech in Iowa. And so this is where we see the leader of his speech, and I were the Cairo and all over the place that bind will evaporate Trump seen an important Constantly showing how objective later I watched but had to say this man is feeble feebly reminded me, a Mahler someone he's having difficulty speaking he's having differ, multi thinking I mean more than usual, more than usual. So the presidency's this coming.
And he's asked about it outside the White House today is he's going to a helicopter cut to go and see them ass. The democratic party is mass they're, doing everything, they can win the election in twenty twenty. They are guilty of many crimes, many many crimes, what they ve done, the guilty of men, many crimes and hopefully, in a short period of time, that'll be seen. They should never have done what they ve done at all. They do is wasting time on these investigations, where there's no obstruction, no collusion, no, nothing, and in the meantime they can't get a border deal. They can't do anything we need, in addition to the great deal with Mexico. We need them to work on illegal immigration or lower drug rises on infrastructure and they're, not doing anything. Isn't it amazing.
The real narrative oughta, be the do nothing Democrats in Congress that really ought to be the maritime and I've been thing about this. To this whole issue of impeachment, it's all manufactured and it is daily, it is repeated, our hammering and hammering in hammering there's no case for impeachment the american people, no stomach for impeachment. The majority of the radical cook base of the Democratic Party wants it but the vast majority, the american people don't, and so weird and by the radical coop base of the Democratic Party. Meantime Congress is supposed to be looking at, and agree with all that here, the president mentioned, but issues that Congress is supposed to be looking at their not looking at. I think this makes them very, very vulnerable and twenty twenty we'll see.
Then, of course, as I said, the bag and campaign put out. Maybe they're really gonna eviscerate Trump, really eviscerate Trump card three go. Well, I heard by the who's the loser. I'm in luck, Joe, never got more than one percent, except Obama took him off the trashy, but now it looks like he's failing. It looks like his friends from the left are going to overtake him pretty soon, but I heard he get his whole campaign is. Did trump you look at what the Obama administration did in terms of the military in terms of security in terms of other nations, in terms of almost everything. Much of it. Fortunately, for everybody here has been overturned. Butt lift Imagine my name. Seventy six times in its wake me Jesus job now have the thirties different guy. He looks different that is to be accepted that
it is even slower than it used to be so I don't know, but what emerges my name that many times I guess I should be complimented. I think this is true. He looks Actually older than he is age has not been good. The drawbacks. Mean use was not good to draw by, but age is definitely not good to Joe by it should not. He? Seventy six or seventy seven lets a hundred Are we resolved to me more cut forego No I'd, rather RADA gets either via that. Anybody, I think, is the weakest mentally like running. It gives people that are weak, I think we could hear the other ones have much more energy. I don't agree viruses, but I think Joe is a man who was I call of one percent Joe, because until Obama came along, he didn't do very well.
And, of course, Obama has any will endorse the means and the media all but ignore that. So here is Joe Biden, and I would today cut five go You know the, and I think that I believe that the president is literally an existential threat. America, for three reasons: one: how do you know what an existential threat is an existential threat? That is a threat that threatens the very existence of our nation. This is about as demagogic as it possibly can get I mean that is unhinged, though I know the man can't spell the word. Jobs.
And I'm sure he can't spell the word existential, but the people who who write this problem- under his face for him to read the idea that the President of the United States is an access. Threat to the United States, and this comes from a man who supported a hundred and fifty billion dollars to around they hate. Try, More than they hate the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, Comes from a man who supported opening diplomatic relations with the Castro whose Tens of thousands of innocent men and women. Castro is not an existential threat, Islam that's it you're, not an existential threat, but Donald Trump as an existential threat to believe this. And he will not be held to account by her his
rageous statements. He is a blunder and a liar, I had he is a genuine threat to our. Our core values He wondered. I want you to listen to the way he talks. Listen to the way it's like his ventures are coming loose. Dave. Core values. I remember what happened and Charlottesville. I never thought I see that happen in my lifetime, but of course you do because doing bussing in Wilmington, Delaware You were for at least a period of time. You are segregationist, Sikorski, solid in your time. You slobbering all over Robber bird, who, as we all know, is the grand klingle of the clan in West Virginia so course
Don't play games with us. We know who you are go ahead. Oh, come climbing out of the fields and on from under rocks, carried, tortures, contorted, say Chad, immediately for sons again, Tita. But this is more of an effort to try and tie Trump to NEO Nazis to clansmen to anti Semites. This is all a propaganda effort. That's what it is in the democratic parties very good at. Very good of projecting their own history. On the other individuals very projecting their own history. Under Republicans, there is absolutely nothing in Donald Trump background. Nothing. That gives a hint of racism. White supremacy
Nazi fascism, Anti Semitism, nothing Zira, yet look at the propaganda effort, Joe Biden can run on his record it's fifty years old and what is it exactly wrong? ninety eight percent of the time. That's his record. Go ahead, anti semitic by chance! Europe, Germany, thirty semi, exact line, learn on and you must be confusing him. The New York Times, cartoons. Notice, he's never spoken out against Omar or to or a yo see or Ellison or fair com sharply, notice he's never done that. The anti Semitism forth wherein within his own party, notice. He's never done that and he's not going to do it, it's better to print
and the Donald Trump has some kind of an association with these. Kinds of us line boss when he has none go ahead. Current Nazi fly accompanied by white supremacist by the bicycle, Klux Clare. Front by design prey is not a clue. Klux clan clueless. It's the coup, Klux Clan Coup, Klux clan thee cried party officials should be familiar with the coup collects clan since it was given birth by the Democratic Party in the confederacy. And since it had a major role in its conventions, right up to and through nineteen twenty four during the clan Bake in New York City
It's cool Klux clan, you Eddie, it go ahead, not a my city and what happens when he was asked to comment. He said quote: there were very fine. In both groups. Now we listen for We spend a lot of time on this and for reason they are quite obvious. Really outrageous, the media and the Democratic Party one and the same, keep pushing So the big lie that were trump meant by that. Was good people in the clan and NEO Nazis. That's not what he meant. That's not what he said. The entire context as ripped away spend a lot of time on this on the radio over many months the president was on this programme. I specifically asked about it again: they insist on putting words in his mouth. They insist on spinning. They dont want
run against Donald Trump. They wondered run against a caricature that they're trying to create that's what all this impeachment crap is about, That's what all this Russia collusion crap is about will use our criminal. Justice will use our congressional system, though the media, the media will use them they're using every force that they have to try and create something manufacture, something rather than take back power that's what they're all about it's about following the money. It's about power, our and more power go ahead. President United States Democratic Republic has ever ever ever Something like what are you talking about you idiot. What are you talking about. Maybe your unfamiliar with Woodrow Wilson.
Who was a racist and Segregationist Woodrow Wilson? The the civil service and the milk, That had been integrated and reset corrugated them We even know this. This guy doesn't even know the history of his own party. He doesn't no, the history, the progressive movement. What is he talking Woodrow Wilson was an out of the closet. Since segregationist there simply question about that. And anti? Semitism ran rapid and Franklin Roosevelt's administration, while he was too bring down attention to the hall. Caution in the media. Follow right behind, ran rapid and it was Franklin Roosevelt,
whose separated japanese Americans and Americans of japanese dissent from the population. Issued a military order. I think it was nine zero. Three three it's off the top of my head and had the military forcibly removed the Japanese in this country into internal camps in the interior of the country No, its own history go ahead. And it was a response heard round the world know it was propaganda. Pushed around the world propaganda pushed around the world by the likes of you and your party, that is the media, go ahead. Instead of repairing the relationship with our allies, it continue to damage really. Why don't you ask Israel?
They thought of Obama, Biden Verses, what they think of trumpets, which allies are you talking about. Our closest allies were thrilled that you and Obama were gone, thrilled, the eastern european countries,. The Hungarians, the polls, the Czech Republic, asked them what they thought about. You and Obama the Ukrainians, what they thought about you and Obama versus oversees Trump and. You liar about our allies, give a hundred feet billion dollars to that our ally. Say: Syria, you better start getting your own people, here's a red line,
gazing their own people, and you do nothing tat, an ally. I don't think so. Go ahead. Think about is no press United Spaces ever ever since the end of world war, two we built the Atlantic Alliance and NATO ever threatened. Leave NATO. Never built NATO. More money now is being put in the NATO by NATO member countries than ever before. It's just a joke, It too stupid to understand what he was doing too. Stupid to understand what he was doing. You are the guy's undermining Europe, undermining it Take Larissa Europe, you other guys Slash the United States military, which Am I to NATO to you are the guys who rejected. Cause to stop with Euro ran deal you're the guys who wonders.
And the state of Israel can go on and on, and I shall we'll be right back. Folks, many of our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good but sir, Many have lost their way locked in the grip of political Agnes. They no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism. Thankful There's hills, they'll college, since its founding in eighteen, forty, four hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety and his still enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple and profound to help stew I understand what is no bless him best in yourself and the World hills.
Colleges, liberal arts, education and vibrant campus community help students form a foundation for the rest of their lives, a truly life defining experience. So, if you're looking for a college, their prizes, learning and values intellectual enthusiasm, everyone shares a strong sense of meaning and purpose. Welcome to hills a college please Hills, Dale, DOT Ye you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more: that's hills, Dale, DOT, EU slash admissions and I want to play this seven- and I want to talk about it after the bottom of the hour, because this is the what I want to get caught. Seven go. It's always been about the abuse of power. Look what he's doing he not only attacks courts because he said how judgment. Mexican ancestry treat me fairly. I don't know
it wasn't talking about an Indian had had done doughnuts was mister producer go ahead News media all back there. There are fake news, he says now. Everybody just cannot mean much, but look at the people copying his ways all around the world are there Romania and Hungary, whether in the Philippines Bertha. All over the world using the same kinds of language is this is this is really what we're gonna dig into. Because- binding sounds like Jim cashed in Jakarta sounds like buying about fucking things, the both hawking things ass. This hawking a lie in the name of his book. In his hawking ally in the name of his speech so you're gonna want to return. I'm gonna pull this off together, we'll be right back. Every human being has a common problem. How do I live? Well,
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for the better. You can learn how to lead a good life justice, every hills. The college student does it's yours for free at Levin, for hills down that calm. That's l e, The iron for hills, Del Backup, seventy proud of it call the provincial seven seven three one, three eight one, one Joe Biden, but today claims to be defending a free press. Now, when you listen to this, I watch we keep a few things in mind, while let's, let's play at first, let me not give up the punchline let's play at first and then I'll. Tell you what I'm thinking about this cut seven go. It's always been about the abuse of power and look what he said: do you not only attacks courts because he said how can I judged mexican ancestry beat me fairly the deed
news, media! Almost back there there are fake news, he says now, everybody thinks says, mean much by the way, as I think about what I said about the indian Access and Duncan donuts I think about how he and bomb treated Netanyahu when he came visiting their time. Remember made him go down the back steps. While they reading heard Obama was eating dinner. Whatever was pretty damn appalling, pretty damn. Appalling. When I think about the way Joe Biden treated Clarence Thomas in Africa, American. I don't think we need any lectures from from oh by nor saw segregation Joe and nineteen. Seventy five when there was sing and warming tinny trying to take both sides, the issue. Finally, he took tea aggregation side and later the integration side.
This. This man is, he he's an appalling politician for half a century guy at the world, whether its or modern Hungary, with us in the Philippines thugs all over the world using the same kind of language is usually, and what of what are we saying to the world? What are we saying to the world and functional? The goal was simple Funny discredits the news discredits the free press. He gets to ride roughshod over the country by the way you ve noticed, presses always at great for me. I'm not that crazy about him sometimes do day right, but they are. The fourth estate is Jefferson, said five to choose paraphrasing them, one of the three branch of the governor of free press. I pick the free press yeah, but you know what you didn't when you are Vice President
I'm always present, and you didn't pick a free press, and I want you to listen to this. Ladies and gentlemen, is page one twelve and beyond, and on freedom of the press, Barack Obama. Like Franklin rose about Obama, acted against the media in a variety of significant ways: hired Washington Post executive editor riding on the opinion page explained that the Justice Department secretly subpoenaed and seized from telephone companies too. That's a records for twenty Associated press phone lines and switchboards used by more and one hundred reporters in four of its news bureaus Bomb Administration, subpoenaed seed records of telephone calls and emails, several New York Times, reporters and government officials between a fox, this report on the State Department contract analysed and between two
Sonny former CIA officer. He lectures from buying is the last guy to talk about a free press, specifically in twenty two, the FBI spied on James Rose and then Fox NEWS report collecting a cell phone records ceasing to day this personally mouse and using estate security badge to track as movements in and out of the department, thereby also accused him, a violating the espionage of nineteen. Seventeen at the very least, either as a major, a better and or cold conspirator court quote with one of his government source. James Rise and not to be confused with James Rose and Jane rise and a report for the New York Times was also treated as a co conspirator with a government source. Who was indicted by the Obama administration under the espionage ACT of nineteen. Seventy rise in the report,
there was subpoenaed. The government sought access to his phone and computer records tried to compel him to testify against one of us. Forces and for several years threatened him with imprisonment. Rising, would later described the Obama administration, as growth quote, the greatest enemy of press freedom in a generation. Unquote, The associated press found that quote, the Obama administration use the nineteen. Seventeen espionage act with unprecedented vigour. Protecting Choose me prosecuting more people under the law for leaking sensitive information to the public than all previous modern administrations. Combine, Obama's justice, our MID Doug into confidential communications between news organisations and their sources. As part of that effort choose me.
In response, the Obama administration, surveillance of the Associated Press, it CEO Gary poet, wrote that quote these records potentially reveal communications with confidential source across all the news gathering activities undertaken by the aid be doing a two month period provided road map to appease news gathering operations and disclose information about a is active at ease and operations that the government has no conceivable right. You know nobody question and show by the way, I'm questioning him right now. Nobody, that's why they're tenable, modern mass media is not the media of a free press. That's why these came about fraud. Well, read my book won't talk about my book, at least in any intelligent way.
The Obama administration also briefly entertain the idea of overseeing the content of radio programming because of these structural imbalance. Current code of such content, the draft proposal from the FCC's legal department included a program. I would place government model there's a news to determine how stories were selected, whether there was bison reporting and whether critical information needs were being met at the programme have been instituted. The monitors would have in place not only in broadcasts newsrooms, but also print meat, outlets that the Ep Cc had no regulatory authority. We don't need any lectures from draw by Donald Trump. Hasn't done this to the media, Joe Biden, that
to the media says we ve never seen anything like this before talks about dictators really David Beetle again. This is from on freedom of the press again. This is why I strongly encourage you to get at this book Is really trying to say without seeming to a self serving here jack? I just wanna strolling carried you together for fathers. They, let me put it to you that when you can read and draw your own conclusion, David Beta B E, I t owes Professor University Alabama stock about after After a war against the press during the new deal later World war to, for example, at its inception in nineteen thirty, four, the Federal Communications Commission reduce the license renew a period for stations from three years to only six months. Why? This alone,
rose about maxim of authority over the life and death of radio stations. Meanwhile rose about TAT Herbert Petty as Secretary the FCC. Petty, had overseen radio for Roosevelt in his one thousand nine hundred and thirty two campaign. After his appointment, he worked in TAN The day see the hand Radio matters corner club about the networks and local stations remember radio was even bigger than it is today was bigger than tv. It did not take long for broad just to get the message. Nbc announced that it was like broadcasts contrary to the policies of the United States government CBS. Vice President Henry Bello said that no broadcast would be permitted over the column.
Broadcasting system that in any way, was critical of any policy of the administration. He elaborated that the Columbia system was at the disposal of present, arose about and his administration and they were permit no broadcast. That did not have his approval, but listen. This just shows you the lies that we get from Biden belies that we get from San Donaldson today. Defending Jimmy ass. The lies that that come out of Jim Cost, his mouth Roosevelt's manipulation and reach went well beyond the nascent broadcast media. The profession plain that Roosevelt's intimidation efforts, reach their apathy and they have of this special Senate committee. On lobbying, the president indirectly recruited sent Hugo Black Democrat Alabama, a zealous and
effective new deal loyalist this chair and by the way, his first nominee, he would become First nominees associate justice to the Supreme Court and Black was a lawyer for the clan in Alabama had been So here is a senator, the black committee. It took a wide, ranging investigation into anti new deal critics, including journalists, Senator Black was granted access to tax returns dating back to nineteen twenty five of such critics as data aren't so the United States news. He then demanded that is, targets turn over their private telegraph sound familiar Mr Adler turn over their private telegrams and the telegraph companies. Let the committee search copies of all incoming and outgoing telegrams for the first nine months of mine,
In thirty five, when Western Union refused on privacy grants the F c c a black to comply, data that governments, intrusion into private telegram, communications were shocking, over a nearly three month period at the end of nineteen thirty five rights, professor biter F. Our committee staff researched great stacks of telegrams and western Unions DC office operate virtually no restriction, they read, they communicate. Of sundry lobbyists, newspaper publishers and conservative political activists, as well as every member of Congress writing to black one investigators stated they got through thirty five thousand of fifty thousand pellet telegrams per day, Various newspapers are members of Congress later estimated that staffers had examined some five million telegraphs over the course of the investigation
The committee use the information it found as a basis for more than one thousand subpoenas. One of these was for all incoming and outgoing telegrams, not just those sent through Washington, D C. W H, coals anti new deal newspaper chain in the northwest, go on and on and on, and the book does, and yet they pay Trump is the great danger Trump as the great races. They will be Woodrow Wilson, the anti Semite there would be. The Franklin rose about administration. There will be the New York Times covering up the Holocaust as a as as a man who hates the media, none of actually mean hate the media. The media are destroying the free press.
The boy did they love Franklin, Roosevelt. They love Barack Obama, it enormous damage to freedom of the as in the media and yet they're gonna can you were, there lies in their propaganda whether Jimmy cost. Our same Donaldson are Joe Biden, they all sound the same. They all sound the same. I'll, be right back more than six, family in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call. It has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speed. Digestive hailstones college in private is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty, by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published and
Eighteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a stay like free speech, the regular a big tech, mental ill. And the American Medical insurance system, and because a man as founding principles are so important hills, though often Primus, absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's I want you to do I should a visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus. I M p r. I am I S. Dad still that EU welcome to Hell
the freedom of the press is obvious. Now that they ve tried to tactics or my book, they ve tried personally attacking me But I have this megaphone, this microphone and I respond, and now they give you the silent treatment like you, don't exist. They don't want America to be aware this book and sadly there not the only ones, there's even some people in my own business there knock and allow the title of this book to cross their lips. As the reading it and cherry picking it, that's ok, There are millions of you who do care about this who are engaged in this. And when you hear what it Joe Biden says, when you re What same Donaldson said today, obviously running foreseen and when you watch Jim Costa,
at work shows or wherever years you know their frauds. You know what they're saying can't be true, And I'm gonna give you the muscle, the substance The actual news and information to argue with the facts: they don't want you. About this. They don't want you to know about Franklin rose about. They don't want you to remember Barack Obama. They don't want you to know about Woodrow Wilson, so they keep Kip, keep telling you that nobody's ever done. Anything like Donald Trump, ladies and gentlemen, Donald Trump hasn't done anything to them. He fight back, he defends himself, he defends his family. He defends his businesses, he defends his reputation. He defends his office. He fight back
trying to beat him down day in and day out, but we need to fight back and beat them back with our napkins with our heads with our brains. How many times have we invited Jim cost on this programme is to produce a bunch? He won't come on why not Mr Costa you're everywhere else come on. My programme will talk about. What's in your Book and we'll talk about which in my book he won't do it. How come CBS Sunday morning with all the music in the picture, the butterflies and the flowers and and the quiet lakes, and everybody talking like zombies, Krajina, putting it asleep if you'll wake up on a Sunday MAO, let's watch Sunday morning with Jane Paulie. Why?
pray. Tell me where the news media, afraid of me happy I have a serious intellectual engagement with them and I'll go through the stats and I'll go through the facts on I'll go through history and I'll talk about propaganda techniques. I'm ready. Are they ready, of course, they're? Not and that's why this book was written for you not for them, and father stays the perfect time. There's Joe Biden out there telling you that The things Donald Trump says you hear these things said by dictators. Let me tell you something dummy you always have been a dummy and always will be a dummy. Let me tell you something: Barack Obama. One overshoot went overseas and trash in his own country that was music to every year of every dictator.
Barack Obama eviscerated, the United States military, every dictator, every enemy of America, love that one Barrack. Mama sided with the Muslim Brotherhood against the egyptian people, the Muslim brothers, but against the israeli people. Our enemies, love that I loved it and when Barack Obama tax this country, whether its neck, The two issues are the declaration of independence that dummy sat right, still smiling the whole time a k, a Joe Biden all they love our country. So much don't you know I'll be right back.
Now run only underground boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, hallo everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one: eighth, when seven three eight one three eight one one now Jack Schaefer has been maybe still is a fairly senior writer politicos big Lib, He is sarcastic not pretty the sharp at every now and then he write something that's interest and when I write His books, I do a lot of research.
Was extremely critical of the fact where the Obama Biden administration to reply to fire requests. Then he said under the Obama administration, the US government has set a new record for withholding freedom of Information ACT. Requests corner the Associated Press investigation for and replaceable view under the workings of the executive branch. So here we abide. Railing on paraphrasing Jefferson. Without timely release of government documents and data, vital questions can be answered and stories can't be read nieces then I point out no matter for the vast majority journalists. Obama's transformative progressive agenda is paramount and the democratic power. Press was mainly there to help him, but she,
a route that an award ceremony for excellence and political reporting, Obama was the keynote speaker and he praised let's just like bind Us Schaefer, noted that The last person in the world, who should be lecturing journalists on how to do journalism, is President Barack Obama and equally play Obama will buy it Obama was a journalism award ceremony, yodeling banalities about the role of a press in a free society mon over the dangers posed by he said she said reporting and to that end,. The assembled audience attacking Donald Trump in every way, but by name the press, heavy crowd, clap Obama's thirty minute address. Encouraging is best tromp baiting lines about free media and the dangers of false equivalence. What they should have done is but Barack Obama, would rotten fruit or ripped him with rest areas for his hypocrisy. Schaefer, who dislikes trump
Tumbles around the point, that is, the journalist agreed with Obama's policies and politics, just as they did Ben Franklin, Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, Jim as they deal with John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. Buying is in no position, no position to pretend is the defender of a free press and let me something more in all seriousness. Ladies and gentlemen, in all seriousness,. Is there another person in broadcasting anywhere in this country whose raise the point I have which are We import is there another one? No, and we can criticise the press, that is the Democratic Party press Dave.
Day, as cited in my book page after page. They call this President Hitler. Even now. In this speech by the I see you then he's Better than a NEO Nazis clansmen, it's sick. Let me give you another example. This is report at all ties in what's going on politics and current events in the future, this country, to my shock- and it is a shock. There was a decent peace in mediate. If the guy's name hadn't been somehow removed from my printing of the article, I would give him that is due him, the daily beast, the daily basis, a left wing website, so left wing whips. Any rights are the daily basis worried about Fox NEWS, channel speck.
Leaning baseless lay about the health of former vice president current senior citizens, Joe Biden for the highest office in the land for the moment leading the pack on twitter. Ellie, beast editor. Sam Stein, tweeted about sharing the article from his website is. Editors are wont to do so. In other words, the day beast and other so called new sites are true. I shall Fox NEWS, which is what they do all the time and by the way, how come Democrats trash Fox NEWS: how come on Libya, Trash Fox NEWS, we don't hear, quotes from Thomas Jefferson. We don't hear comparisons with the critics with Kim Jong on our era. One is that interesting, just a fact,
So the daily beast is very upset. How bear anybody had Fox question question Joe Buttons, health or mental acuity in any links to this this daily peace, peace. Look at this, the president, by by gal she he, the president attacks the mayor San Juan after a devastating hurricane. Is the death toll rises in his main you and speech he threatened North Korea will total destruction his tree storm showing narcissistic mine obsessed with cunning down critics and igniting culture wars while ignoring the responsibilities of his office. No wonder I knew Paul shows that a stunning fifty six percent of American, Believe Donald Trump is not fit the service president. Now this is an older piece, of course, October three, twenty seventeen, but it goes.
My one much of America's begun speaking openly about the mental state of their president, the actual professionals in the field of psychiatry are prohibited from doing so because of the good. Ignore imposed by the American Psychiatric Association. Until now,. Twenty seven imminent psychiatry and psychologists, including profess from Harvard Yale Stanford have rebelled against so called Goldwater rule in favour they see as their own ethical duty to warn the public at the perils of being led by a president who will this malignant narcissism at any cost. Their essays are collected in a powerful new book called the dangerous Donald Trump, which hits bookstores on over two. They warn that the trouble This created a malignant normalcy, a collector psychological, Anastasia, it's the kind of hush that far before an impending hurricane or in October. Surprise, as
footing, as this law may feel evidence mouth ever mounts that the worst is coming this, Not a bleached academic text, it is kaleidoscope of vivid observations of a bath personality, these experts, jobs, excellent observers of behaviour argue that this president, I urge them with a vast treasure of public performance. Is videos twitters it's on which to base their assessments of his mental state. That was mental state. But don't say anything about Joe Biden. Don't even Just he doesn't look. Healthier slurs his words or anything of the sort, and certainly not Hillary Clinton when she was running now again Page, eighty and beyond and on freedom of the press. October, three, two three: twenty seventeen.
These twenty seven psychiatry Psychologists colleges released a book the dangerous a signal, trap and summarised their position as follows:. There are those who still hold hold out hope that this process can be prevailed upon to listen to reason and curb his erratic behaviour are professional experience. Suggest otherwise, collectively with our co authors, we want anyone is mentally unstable, as Mr Tromp simply should I pay entrusted with the life and death powers of the president. This was all given enormous media attention. They got platforms all over the place. And its revealing, I write than in the books, Prologue Lee and Doktor Judith Louis Herman disclose that soon after the presidential election in twenty sixteen alarm, the apparent mental instability of the present any they right. We buy
Separately circulated letters among some of our professional colleagues expressing our concerns, so their quest to alert the world Donald Trump alleged mental instability began to me. Italy, after his successful election over Hillary Clinton, whose Mental Instability is never question. The various essays in their book were written a different authors, but dont say nothing about Joe Biden. The daily be says not a word, while they hawk this, while they hawk this a year and a half ago. Each assigned a chapter with the title, such as page eighty three for those folks unbridled and extreme present hedonism. How the leader of the free world, as proven time, again he's unfit for duty, pathologic narcissism in politics, a lethal mix, sociopath III, Donald Trump is a bad, be mad see all the above cognitive
A pair of these chapters cognate impairment dementia and poses a clinical case for dangerousness of Donald J Trump banks. Idee trump effect on the mental health of half the nation at special population. In relationship with an abuse of president trumps Daddy choose a toxic mix for America who goes Trump many as a triumph of narcissism, got the world in his hands in his finger on the trigger the twenty fifth amendment solution. One gene. There are three twenty eighteen Lee professionally in congressional Democrats and Republicans Senator met in secret and political reported lawmakers concern about president trumps. Mental state summoned Yell University psychiatry, professor doktor brandy Ex led a capital here last month for two days, a briefings about his recent behaviour.
Private meetings with more than a dozen members of Congress had on December five and six Lee Brief lawmakers her National warning to capital hell he's going to unravel and we are seeing the signs and the Democratic Party press More than happy to use this slander, the daily beast, which is attacking Fox NEWS for raising what obvious what you see, what both your eyes and hear about your ears when it comes to Boston. I'm not doing an analysis of his mental state, their say how lucky Sounds says: he looks that now the daily bees hawk the Lee book pushed it and our tax Fox news again Is these constant attacks on Fox there's? Nobody ever says: you're hurting the free press when you attack Fox NEWS Nobody ever says you sound like the dictators from around the world when you attack Fox NEWS known on.
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And I want to reiterate, I am prepared to debate Mr Costa here by my microphone. Olive in tv on my factual I'm prepared to do that. I'd like to do that. Rather than him getting away with these relatively easy softball areas, he positioning himself has somehow defending the first amendment in the press and stay tyrant of a president who has no idea What a tyrant of a president is why, although fluff coverage of Obama and abides, got the stick down the Donald Trump as against a free press, Donald Trump, as against a free press, he's against the Democratic Party press, a design.
Mass media that wraps itself in the first amendment, while its destroying the first amendment, which is what progressives do they wrapped themselves in the constitution like NAD, learn chef, whether destroying the cat? detention, while they reject the electoral college in the outcome of the vote in twenty sixteen and they detest the people who support trumpet who voted for trumped, just like than ever trumpet just than ever. Trumpery CNN is a dishonest organization. This was seen in what it ought to have up there is this: a CNN Democratic Party press would be doing the same thing at Amazon Basin. While I'm a semi see they could say. You know marxist press, something like that, but you get the point. Same of the nightly knows the near times. Really ought to change its banner from all. The news has fit the print.
Does something more honest, like the Democratic Party newspaper. Least, there was some integrity from seventeen. Eighty two eighteen sixty give or take least there was some integrity, When the media self identified but most Media today lies to you. They lie. Do you about who they are and what they're doing. And then when you raise it, they say you're attacking freedom of the press. When I play that game anymore,. We're not playing the game anywhere. We don't have to go along with this anymore. You're the one who believe in freedom of the press, not them at them. MS pack review? Dotcom bears pack
if you d, come no by sin and slammed for hyperbolic Cairo and declares Biden to eat sir a Trump, and I was Peter. They suggest today by Vex Sacks INA. CNN is biased and hypocritical. Seeing is arguably the author rights heavily partisan network whose can Bitters anchors and pundits have no qualms about openly display. Their pro democratic, anti republican bias. For instance, the glaring biased Kai. Appeared on CNN early this morning after twenty contender former vice President Joe Biden, released a transcript. What he intended to say during an event in Iowa And he's going to eviscerate Trump, here's what they Iran set all day by
two eviscerate trump- and I was speech today that was the CNN Kyra as if they are the campaign the wing of the Democrats already in buying, which they effectively are worrying, And was to highlight the former Vps plans to criticise President Donald Trump during his speech, and I were the choice of words drew it. On social media for a couple, a notable reasons for one: the dictionary deferent deafened This is to take out the end trails of and disembark according to marry him Webster. Was seen and therefore condoning violence, They weren't condoning violence there just illiterate and hysterical and unhinged in their hate. Four Donald Trump and his supporters- and let me tell you something they are used to Republicans like Mitt Romney.
After a couple of bruising rounds a day or two or three or a couple of weeks. They buckle their use to two republics: who not only back over then throw in with a democratic party press on policy, more than buckle on Obamacare, more more than buckle, and so called man made climate change. They joined in attacking the president when he was trying to use the tools that he had to force the next. Government that help us when illegal aliens travelling through Psycho become a country. President we keep looking over his shoulder The kind of Republicans they like and you and I detest. I'll be right back
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I would love in love in champion of freedom. You're. One of the greatest champions of freedom in this country is not in the English speaking world. More call mark at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one. This Elizabeth Warren is like a shrill loose cannon because she's, a woman because she's a shrill, loose cannon and there's a Cairo up now how Lisbeth warns proposals could reshape the american economy, reshape the american economy. Will destroy the american economy, and why do we want to reshape the american economy? What is this crap, greatest economy, on the face of the earth. Why would we want to reshape reshaping into what. Now's, the time by a pop up and say,
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in thirty five dollars for just fifty nine. Ninety nine go to all my stakes: dot, com, type in code, love, then I'll eat the iron into the search bar. Don't wait! the offer and soon fathers tried upon us, gotta, alma, high stakes, dot, com, been code Levine alleviation and get that deal better An incredible deal. Your father, your husband, your son, you you will love that deal. I know you will both warrants proposals could reshape the american economy. Yes, they could in she qualified to do that. Does anybody know houses this I would call an egghead but she's, not even an egg she's had dunderheads And she keeps moving hard left hard left hard left. The hard left The democratic party keeps dragging us into this abyss. Have you noticed by the way couple more
But states are going for the National Popular vote initiative. A national popular vote initiative, while son, so democratic. The point is to try and on institutionally get around the electoral college, so California goes so goes the rest of the nation state. What the framers intended then you have these idiots in the smaller states the go along with it. They don't realize that they're they're giving up there autonomy, it's incredible, the destroying the power of their state, the vote in their state and, as I have said before- and of course, the back ventures PETE it might get rid of the U S Senate. Why do we have to senators from low pop Nation states that hardly corner quote democratic.
But just always keep something in mind. Folks, the Scratch believe the end justifies the means, so they support the popular vote, except when they disagree with it, then they support a judicial oligarchy. Certainly, does I agree with it. They always support the permanent bureaucracy because created in its in their back pocket. And that massive army, that permanent bureaucracy has nothing to do democracy, indirect loud, that's, the point, its permanent, unelected judges who served for life, have nothing to do with the popular vote. This is a very serious matter: in a democracy where republic, where Republic,
and so again they want to fundamentally transform the country they wanted. Republicanism and replace it with Mama Chrissy, just listen, how they talk so funny thing Everyone hangs on every syllable the president trumpet uses. Every syllable of every word and each week? Look look at this and what did he mean by national or make a mass day merge do? What do you mean? Can call it a such nasty than what gives Damn about the princess. All of a sudden the lives care about the royalty. Is this a joke? But anyway, that aside, but You talk about fundamentally transforming America, the seat, the Gatt. I would love to debate these people they want the Bateman This comma Harris how many times have we tried her mister produce? Half a dozen.
How many times over the years of I tried humor twenty. Even tried, Romney he's hiding under Iraq. I wanna talk to them wonders pop: where does the popular vote and and lifetime appointment of judges begin? It needs to understand this: what is the constitutional authority freight million persons, strong bureaucracy. When we discuss it with them. They don't want to discuss it. I want to Deep with mister, Bernie Sanders. I want to discuss marks and Hegel. Andrew. So I wanted this guy The roots of his ideology with him thou clapping seals audience hand picked.
Dunderheads out there who are dressed up as journal? None, I want to question him, but they don't want to be questioned. We ve tried Elizabeth Warren Right, MR beneath her now go. We ve tried. Almost all we ve tried this guy. What's his name small, what is his name, this congressmen. None at all, you just send me an email and said he won't come on Russia, cesspool team he was former special forces right. Massachusetts. He won't On the programme is a tough guy, I don't know, I won't come on the problem. He said some ass, a nine things are last week and I want to question him. He won't come on. The programme sets won't come on the programme they're all over like they won't come on the pro we ve tried to get Jerry Adler over the decades won't come on the programme. Adam shift
actually wanted now. What are you afraid of. I'll be very respectful to them. I won't treat them the way they treat us. I want read them the way they treat Republicans. I won't treat them the way they, read the present I'll, be very respectful. I mean very well I'll, be very respectful. We can't get em, they don't want to talk made rather caricature us. Characterizes made the rather argue with their own self, create an image of us they composition themselves? I believe in free speech. I believe in debate I believe in freedom of the press,
ass. The more come on the brook. None of them will manifest. None of them. You're a big audience folks, these millions of millions and millions of you out there you're a big audience, but they're not interest while so be it, Let us, let's see Scott Why blow Colorado the great cavy o r go right ahead, Sir thanks My call another listen to your pleasure, like you like you, I'm a psychologist, and when you talk about, psychologists who wrote a book and diagnose somebody that completely Loretta called it
diagnose somebody from their public persona. I would never let an internal supervisory do that. I have a lot of issues with them, so I get a lot of problems with that right off the bat like and I can also list amount, but I mean one of the things Do evaluations, or we do assessment of somebody You collect a lot of data points and one of the things I like I said I tell my internally to provide these. You don't just collected data that support your theory. And throw out all the stuff that you don't like to talk about is then we're still scientists sending the other thing. I am prompted when it's like thirty seven people agree that we're not a consensus but that it do what's right or wrong. Not everybody agrees and they're a jerk that all the sudden that's what what science is. Will you make excellent excellent points in these? People are
popular in the modern mass media, they promote this stuff and they know their being promoted and they put it twenty seven essays together in the form of a book and pushed it after all, hope that I'm sorry my profession curse, thereby to sell out helping our money. Well, I hope they but Scott. Thank you for your call. My friend much appreciated. Let's see Sonny, A gallon Texas, on serious satellite, go right ahead. Earth! God bless remark here you are the true boy, a patriot and your thing. Thank you. It's not enough, while you're very kind. Thank you, sir. A shot out to my dad David Lobby dead. I am always millennial. Yes, sir I'm leavin, patriotic menial yeah. We thank you, but the third way, also just as we all that with my she's, an encore, but where.
Recalling our own generation and the daily in your book? Why? I opening now already gave it making Europe by cleaning Sesar and hope the Red going her and I hope she passes onto so. I hope that the old, but the way goes in about three non colonies, Ah, yes, I haven't, you need your expertise. I never back down from our view of the little doktor I work with them. I can easily hold my own by in this one. Recent debate. If liberal backer, we were going to be in doubt go from one it. What raised the issue so weird? but the Modern Democratic Party and how their at a party of slavery there, the party, the cake, a k, a party of segregation, Jim Crow by
He brought up a point which I didn't have much of a revival. What did he say rare because I'm so well read mark you. He said that the Democrats are still the party, the party. If the Democrats are still the party of the cake a then, why does the cake a boat republican? First of all, I know Buddy says: there's still the party of the cake, hey Kay. The Party of Race Bathing and who knows if the K K, K, votes Republicans out how they register? I am with the k, K, K and on registering republican idle. Tell that to be the case in the least Who is it that sounds like the K K, K, Omar and to any other racists, so I would say to your doktor friend: can you point exactly where you your information from
where, where is the k, K, K, republican population? What's that you're gonna about zero. There are point one of the population do like a thousand members like they don't even matter in other. There are none about. He may is a fellow doctor or doctors. You know something than make them demonstrate it? Because I'm unaware this. You should know that the threats I get from clansmen and NEO Nazis. They're not from jihadists those are the threats yet the threats my friend Ben Shapiro again are from NEO Nazis and clansmen. And so this idea that NEO, Nazis and clansmen, a Republican and so forth, evidence for thou whatsoever. We do know their history, we do know their history. But even now, when you look at the Democratic Party, the anti Semites, the open mouth full throated, Anti Semites. Can you name one republican senator
congressman who, whose an anti semite that you're aware of I can name them on the left. I can name them on the left I can name them in the media. They bring professors on and so forth, and, of course, the New York Times, the gold a hundred. You know for the media that doesn't in there, that the Republican Party is pure So far there nobody saying that, but the idea that this doctor saying to you. While you know the clan they vote Republic, he has no idea, that's just you know a brain, burp output. That way. Thanks for your car, we'll be right back with a daily fake news, don't point through your tv mobile phone. Using computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal, saw metabolism
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the greens, gotta brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levine, DOT, com offered code, Levin money on. Jill Moran, who used to be a moderate, too conservative representative from more rural parts in New York, she's, got absolutely back crazy. Of course, And she's, comparing being pro life to being racist, sick, absolutely sick,. You know my good friend the media Research centre planning this terrific crews to the Mediterranean in September, and I'm told its filling up fast in their telling you the truth. But she gonna embassy crews that come are caught. It ain't. Eight am arcy trip for all that tell em Arcy crews, dot com. I caught
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In Pennsylvania, the Great W P W, go, go I'm missing here with the electoral college. Is it not protected by the constitution, terrorism, That is not right. Am I a naive about well they're trying to spin the language in the electoral college is what there I do because remember the electors. Vote in the Electoral College and the electorate, You're supposed to vote, as the people said, the lectures vote for say tromp than the Other people do in the state than the electors are supposed to. States are saying we can change our laws to say they have devout. Not who the people vote for in the state by Louis Vote, for the popular vote throughout the country, You think it's an abomination.
Now run them. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody markets remain here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three one one I kinda, looks like the Department of Justice is undertaking a very expensive investigation, very broad probe, the surveillance abuses. I mean that sounds good. Let's hope and ends up thy way and choose me and knocked the Miko. Here's how
Fox NEWS reports on this as part of its ongoing multi faceted and broad review under potential misconduct by U S intelligence agencies. During the twenty six in presidential campaign did still department revealed, it is also investigating the activities have several non governmental organisations and individuals. Surely the d o J announced that the prob led by Connecticut U S attorney John Durham was, me looking into the environment of foreign intelligence services, former Trump Bay, George pop adapt Tal Fox NEWS last month that Our men, who is likely CIA and affiliated with Turkish Intel, had posed Cambridge University Research assistant in September. Twenty sixteen and try Seduce him to obtain information links tromp team to Russia. I would advise. Mr Brennan call your lawyer just in case
The information was contained in a letter to House Judiciary Committee Trim, Jerry Nebular. Who had inquired as to the scope of dorms investigation, it could indicate and by the way notice, Nobbler has no real interest in any other stuff. Dossier that the FBI went on the site in secret, face a court applications to survey former Trump aid, The latter could indicate that the deal J is looking closely at work done during the campaign by fusion Jp Hillary Clinton firm and the Dnc to conduct, opposition research against the trunk campaign. Eugene GPS and turn hired British Ex by Christopher Steel, as you know, to produce an unverified dose Is it the F b I went on the site in secret, Pfizer Court applications to serve our former Trump Bade Carter, page you know, there's not a single democratic,
Congress interested in any of this. Don't you find that shocking? I find it shocking. How do you single one. I mean this is the real police state stuff. I thought they were concerned about. Let's see here well anyway, I thought there would be interesting to certainly interesting to me, they get everything they need to get truly. Do. Listen to this from politico your republican Party Mitch, colonel I have no respect from it. Colonel his defenders. Throw Washington DC, will tire thanks to him that we get this the court this in the could know it's not actually thanks D, Re read the fuller He pushed a policy that is backfire on em.
But listen to this from politico Trump budget negotiators get Republican brought. Back GNP. Centres are not thrilled. The president has deputized hard liners like make mulvaney and rust want to reach a deal with Congress. Listen to this Republican leaders sat down recently with President Donald Trump and his top AIDS about avoiding a budget debacle. For not everyone was on the same page. Would trump enacting White House the staff MIKE Mulvaney at his side acting budget chief Russ Vodrey, ITALY urge Miss Mc Gowan on Kevin Mccarthy Terrain. The debt ceiling without a broader agreement, the lifts stiff spending caps. So keep the spending caps on. You want them. The left, the debt ceiling there saying we ve gotta control spending, Colonel the Senate Majority leader was open to different ways to raise the dead ceiling eager to do avoid default. That's not a default, but even
Molly grew tired of hearing from bought, listen, buddy. We're not going to do a clean. That ceiling, get a budget caps deal. How sad? According to people familiar with the conversation in April functions, don't understand all these years. I know what I'm talking about from Mcconnell is a massive government spender massive. He's bragging in Kentucky about all the grants he's gotten through his wife at the transportation department. Mitch, Mcconnell is a then the Holic. This is how he tries to stay in power. This is highly Charles those in the? U S, Senate. And this is how are you mainly republican leader there, really needs to be a serious expos. I done this man. There really does
they talked about Trump signing these spending bills, okay, but who sends them to him? The republic control the centre for a while now they're, not cutting anything. Listen body were not guy we're not doing a clean debt ceiling, get a budget perhaps deal, in other words, increase the cap's more spending and the deaths And I'm telling you, I wrote another book, plunder and deceit. Those of you who have it you're a dusted off take a look at it That's what Mcconnell is doing is destroying the next generation area. It is much as Bernie Sanders. For years, Mulvaney invite where the kind Conservative agitators that made life difficult from conall is his now. They have trumps ear Fiscal issues and I've been directed to cut a deal a congress
even though they ve already express resistance to increasing spending in any Packwood Democrats Ray the prospect of another shut down fight or even a dead ceiling showdown in the fall either way: Mokanna, what have the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal right behind them, because ass of spenders to Senate Republicans, you're, not eggs Please thrilled and they're not shy about brushing back trumps AIDS notice. They also linked to political, that's what they do. I don't see the leader as negotiating with oh I'm be, or the chief of staff the lead. Doesn't negotiate with staff said Senator John Corn and when I'm a cop Closest allies said dismissive. I hope somebody runs the republican primary in Texas. And John Corn and am crossing. Fingers that may be Alan West. Well, I don't have any inside information. What if it's a conservative, I will back that person, John Corn and is a disgrace. He say Mitch Mcconnell light
From a solid state like Texas,. As to mulvaney and voice approach, quote we don't need to cut spending, By cutting discretionary spending, especially defence spending, is not the place to save money. Ten the entitlement broke. A corn and then what do you recommend you jack. Genius. What are you suggesting just keep? ending in spending in spending nobody strolled about cutting defence spending. Let's see we have mass of food stamps, we how I go down the list, just One of the many GEO reports that talk about how this government wastes Twenty five billion dollars a year wastes. So centre. Republicans are instead pinning their hopes. Treasury sectoral steed, manage and by the way, who is a liberal Democrat, was deputized after the ape,
The counter to enter into the critical spending talks be neutral is viewed as so in. He called to the negotiation Seti Tuesday, meaning among centre Republicans and the tree. The ministration officials was postponed to accommodate his schedule. In a meeting last month with Kevin Mccarthy, Mitch, Mcconnell democratic leaders, Speaker Pelosi, question the group's authority. Negotiate on behalf of a tempestuous president corn into people familiar with the matter. Really, he is pillar They concern he he well she's concerned. I'm thrilled. Much to the attending surprise manoeuvring. Scribbled numbers outlining a possible spending deal on a piece of paper Democrats. The offer to low on domestic spending, but saw it as evidence. He has room to manoeuvre. The Democrats just wanna keep spending. It is if they don't live in reality, they want to
change. Our economic system will destroy our country. And meetings with the administration in recent weeks, one centre republican, familiar with the talks. That at times Manichaean has physically position himself more closely than usual. The president and law makers- that's and something he's the appointment. The notion is obviously the swing man right now. The senator said, who hastened add a truism, trumps white ass, but it may change. Managing hasn't yet successfully negotiated is spending deal with here's that problem and I ll go on and on and the weeds and nobody cares. Here's the problem, Mcconnell and corner, but Mcconnell sets the stage in the town. Remember Mcconnell declared war on the tea party, much like Nor did and then banner quit Conrad someone off to the pot industry,
is really way belongs. Don't you think MR producer really struck me as a pot had not saying he was. But he's like a pot head without smoking pot? I think. In our modern. I'm drawn by none at all: I believe in marijuana, for I really think stocks Medicinal uses? Yeah. That's why people smoke it fragment dismal reason. My neck carriage, my arm hurts my bout, hurts Gimme the marijuana, but the former Wall Street financing. Mnuchin is seen as more amenable by Democrats and Republicans alike, to compromise the mulvaney who served in the house for six years. Eight founding member, the hardline freedom come so now. In a trash, the fiscal concern, what is Mitch Mcconnell stand for he's, not a social concern, he's not a fiscal conservative.
What is he all right? I'm here, I'm refer postwar camera where, when and where we are, partisan there her or Kansas winding grants I got a good deal down on everywhere were wearing programme, but my balloon would be. Senor administration officials are Republicans close to the White House, are well aware of Senate Republicans. Frustrations were mulvaney. Invite you should be furious. Folks furious that these clowns will do nothing about spending and debt. Nothing. It's not the president's job. It's congresses, job, they control the budget. They control spending, they control borrowing and when president tries to act on his own, whether at the border and so are you can't do that.
We're in charge of immigration will do something. We're not gonna do anything while I Pelosi take charge. A big spending republicans, ladies and gentlemen, never left as long as Mitch, Mcconnell as in the United States Senate and as long as he is the leader, the Republicans, there's no hope to prune even prune spending. There's no hope because he's not gonna. Do it. I'll be right back,
No, there burnt LOS Angeles, California, eight seventy, the answer they great K are Ella, where we are live and national go right ahead, a low mark. It was an honour theme. You at the Regan library appeared. Thank you and I went to blaster from, but I didn't have enough time to ask a question: Vanguard Yadda bring up a now sure it was my pot with.
The fly in photonics, democratic deception, of creating a moral equivalency between socialism and capitalism. Fact plunder fraud, slavery to tell a tearing them they're, not an economic system at all. It is the districts of Yalta, theme and capitalism is in fact the only true real ethical economic system on the management and its people to its people good basis as well. So disagree with him. They play right, and so I think it is. We really have to attack this. Moral perspective that how is how shall live and became respectable everybody forgotten, a hundred million murdered the to Billy cause. You have socialists with tenure dressed up as professors, the captive audience and parents need to stop
You know getting were involved and stop sending their kids to these kinds of institutions everywhere. All my kid goes through an ivy lay score or who cares? Who cares it's time that we hold these schools to account and you're doing a wonderful job just ripping the math offer the monster that allowed? it s a hydra within many head, you're very kind, and I agree with you Brent. Thank you for your call. I note like these are very complicated issues at this point. There is no easy answer and I try to take them one. At a time like the press, I had the same questions you all dead and you asked me about it. That's why I wrote the book on four some of the press, and so we do a deep dive into that and when I think is a very understandable indigestible way and will continue to pick off these issues. I think the next book I right, I'm not saying it's. The case may be about academia, but right now,
Trying to deal with, but I consider it very diabolical hijacking of our freedom of the press. Washington examiner Philip Klein, who am a big fan of his great columnists, their Rachel Madame moderating. The first democratic debates is a good thing. He says I so what's he talking about. He says the announcement that MSNBC Rachel Matter would be. One of the moderators of the first set of democratic debates was greeted with derision among some conservatives on twitter, but he says it's actually a good thing: as a reminder with a field of over twenty candidates. Democrats are facing and even more difficult position staging debates early on, then Republicans were in twenty. Sixteen now to avoid parents of an undercurrent main event there against high when they help both events on the same night and divided the fear by pulling numbers Democrats, while two debates with ten candidates on each night and randomly pick the participants, the two debates will be hosted by NBC on June twenty six in June.
Twenty seven matter will be one of the moderators, along with Savannah Guthrie Lester HALT truck taught in whose ideas Bartlett Belarus. They critique of having Madame moderate, is the assumption that an idiot logically liberal moderator, whilst softball questions of the democratic candidate. But that need not be the case. Clients, as I have long been a believer that ideological media figures immersed in the issues of concern to their audiences can help raise issues that would not occur to other reporters It is especially important during a primary when the purpose of this debate is to draw candidates out on their differences and help a parties. Voters, Herman, who should be their nominee aid
A partially moderated by say, Mark Levine would involve more pointed and specific questions on immigration and border security that addresses the concerns of talk, radio listeners than say Lester HALT and he goes on, but here's the problem, even though I I kind of agree with what the Philip sang the Republican Party would never allow me to question any by, never never Rachel man? Oh yes, and the Democratic party She voices the radical elements within the base of the Democratic Party. The establishment Republican Party hates me they hated me before tromp was honestly Because I call out individuals by name it because I'm in an already,
And I because I'm a tea party activists, because I'm an article five activists, because now I'm a big support of president trump- they hate me- I'm not invited the talk on Capitol Hill, about what I do, One of the trust me ask anyone around me: that's not my point. I'm not part of this crowd. I'm not part of this group. They make All other talk show host on the sly in something like that, but not me, and I don't want them the com so point is that Be a good idea, but it never happen I'll be and on Patriot and unapologetic constitutional asked
at eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven people are pointing to a pole in New York, where the blasio is less popular in the in New York and Donald Trump. Did you know that, MR producer? That's what they're saying And then they move on now. Why do you think he's less Popular in the state of New York than Donald Trump does anybody know? Why is that. Because he's an executive who's running a city as a socialist and is destroying progress has been made in New York City, be Socialism doesnt work Of course, you're the enemy and you want to destroy American Citys are American States or America. And so he's the most unpopular when it comes to Trump more unpopular when it comes to trumpet him, because he is a true blue she's, my true red socialist
He's instituting numerous policies in that direction and is hurting his city. And the people in the city and the state. No it that's the point. That's the point. Somebody had to make its amazed will be me. Are I if you're not being snoop on well, then I'm sorry to disappoint me, because you're you're, wrong hackers, governments and add companies all slip up. Your data. That's why I strongly recommend getting the software. I trust to protect my own online activity Express VP in neither apps use powerful encryption to secure your data. Express Vps runs in the background of your computer or phone and then you use the internet. It's like you normally. Would you download the app click to connect and Europe
text it I never go online without Express VP in and you should neither its the best Spress BP and is the fastest VP. Costs less than seven bucks a month and comes A thirty day, money back guarantee, take your honor privacy like I did, take it back with express Vps protection online activity today and fine, how you can get three months free at Express, Vps, dotcom, slash, Mark, that's express, VP end, dad come slash mark three months free with a one year package, one more time visit Spress BP and Slash mark to learn more. Let us go to Henry Birmingham Alabama the great W? That's, not right. We need good bernheim How are you Henry how you listen under the programme?
see you about he. Obviously there you go. I have spoken to the man. I tell your marks we're gonna I gotta, go deposit does about an hour ago a little shod over their dedication and run and maybe I'll tell you mark, you are a product of a nuclear family in it. Are you still socialist in March that the nuclear family is what produces great man. The women of our nation, I really appreciate your family and what you ve done for give me an honorary gunned down your big guy for me how about when I gotta pay. Number ways:
You're gonna be ok, let's make sure everybody knows retirement there. Members of Congress who want to pay raise, including a What's a pay re, she doesn't think what is it a hundred? Seventy five whenever it is a year is enough, given her deep skill set and knowledge and background and accomplishments you think after they make the first million, they ought to go ahead and drop their pay. I think, in the case of a I think, if you're a socialist who attack success, Then you are in the minimum wage. I mean that's what you and all the rest of us today. We all want us out in these rice fields, use the same baskets, picking the same amount of rice. You got that right. I tell you, I don't understand the search was mindset. In its first and paper at. Unfortunately, when you look at these spanish history.
People, people don't really know in many cases and many cultures how to handle it. They don't know how to handle liberty Every evil forces that use liberty for the purpose of destroying liberty. Henry I give my friend I appreciated very, very much. Let me tell you what Henry's talking about, and I've told you this, but its apropos to today. The most important part of this book is the dedication page, in its dedicated to the memory of my wonderful parents, track a normal of in loving and beloved american patriots and together forever and my mother was, in February thirteen, nineteen, thirty one and she passed away February. Ten, twenty nineteen, my father passed. Why October fifteen twenty
Eighteen and he was born on June, Eleventh nineteen, twenty five. It was born on this date today and so on. I know he would be loving what we're doing here. I know he would be calling me after the programme. After all, my programs, like you always did in other a cup. Times when I wouldn't hear from a for two or three days after the show com. So what's up pops, He said well, I wanted to give you a break, a break from him talking to me the break as permanent Stacy Langhorne Pennsylvania on the model of inner polio how're, you mark you are carpentier actual number one.
I and my wife and my mother in law would say no way but go right ahead. Thank you. They are your absolute sad though I am using your number one fair. I have all your bauxite, your boy do yeah I'll freedom of the press, and I gave up wonder in the sea to my son in law to read because he's a conservative religious doesn't know it, because I thought you'd for you and yes add of as soon as so I've tried all because you don't get anything to you. Are your reputation, who you I get that rather late night television home run, I like you have to know who we're ready can you're not gonna, listen, kill monotony, unlike Co. Bear I dont. Have you no doctor, Spock Years right right,
as soon as he saw the tyrant. Nor do I have ten writers. I write for myself. You write for yourself. That's right. You ve got a title plundered, the heat a little tagline other eight other robbing the, though from the from the future of the EU in the future generations. He's like exactly right. Any was very excited to take the book and read so I was. I was excited for him to do that. As you know, and I wanted to tell you talk about- you were saying how the Republicans they call me and ended their young. There defeat fall to the sort of voters that we have that here and Box County and the way we have brio. I know he approached patrick- a huge lab, we try to get him out during the election and wish it all. We try to be brief. We failed, but bucks county turn Democrat after years turn into it.
Credit counting here after fifty years of being republic in I'm going to tell you why, because I used to live among gun recounting bucks. Curly was like the last hold out of the county said that encircled Philadelphia. And I'm gonna tell you why you get these lazy, moderate Republicans who stand for nothing, Who are not fiscal conservatives much like Mitch Mcconnell, they really nothing to run on They are the laptops, these developers and they keep spending money to widen roads and build bridges and and do that source when you build more more apartment, buildings, more more town houses, more more public transport And so these communities become appendages. Frankly of the city. So the city keeps widening and broadening widening and broadening geographically and that's happening everywhere. That's her outside Washington Dc Northern Virginias gone pretty much, and you look in a lot of these areas
we're going to find somebody to beat on, but I just though the Republican Party, a fox, damn thing over and over and over again we have demanded a fitzpatrick to listen to it that you in To remind him that, while he must not listen because he was like one of the Republicans who voted with a dumb, crash on their on their amnesty bill? Overtime get that from the beginning, and we try to make aware that we were watching him and we were not happy with him and he just doesn't care he's gonna do what he wants and the next time we just keep saying the next, then the next election working to find somebody to beat on, but I just though the Republican Party of Bucks County pours their money into those Fitzpatrick and the wage, and it's kind of a little bit of a losing battle here. But I want you to know that I I found you years ago when you were on shore and how is he
Why is it that George Bush Era- and I saw you and I went? Who is this guy? You make sense, and I saw my own- you saw me inhabiting combs, maybe so far back- and I went this guy makes sense. Conservatism is about making said that, with the way I was raised, that didn't really have a name for it. It was just the way is of its it's the way you live. Your life, then I have been listening to ever since, and I thank you for my father. Has the men now he was a big republic in a grey again then add arm. He was a big historian of politics and radio and I went to visit him this weekend. And I got around the sunshine and he was a little bit lucid for a moment, and I asked them if he remembered ITALY before I. Why did it if you wanted to whitewash the booze
Valley is I like the news anymore. You really feel bad orbit MA am I got you remember lot. Mark would then goes out of the talk about your box values I think I can you know we were talking about you a little bit and you remember jelly How old is your firing vibrio? My father is eighty five use board and thirty three That's right, suddenly, listen! I want to wish you and your father all the best. I know how difficult it is for you, under the circumstances. That's a very, very. Horrendous illness demand Alzheimer's that sort of thing you take care of yourself Stacy. I appreciate it. It's gonna man Jacksonville North Carolina says serious satellite harry. You, Sir How are you? Ok, I'll call, you Bob listen, do you have many years, and I appreciate your ideology, ideas about the constitution and that you said you wanted it.
I do have a problem with that you can you're too, and Republican could continue to say that the Democrats or are the same, as you could go as they democratic then, and I don T say the Democrats are the same. They were not clansmen they're, not the while in some ways they are segregationist dinner in a kind of a weird reverse way, I say they. Third, they erase Bayer what I said I understand what you say, but the daily and this is my point, my point that the democratic order Dictograph for the southern Dixie Class were concerned with the Southern Dictograph Bates. Abby under the political policy takes right the entire union left government, listen, listen, listen, they were a constitution, lists. Thirteen fourteen and fifteen amendments.
Were adopted and ratified by the states. Equal rights due process the end of slavery. I have to disagree with you that too, the George wallow, some people I or violent forebears since over all around, Republicans because they were concerned. Are they weren't? They embrace leave? You understand conservatism, you understand the declaration of independence which the Progressives attack to understand our constitution and how we got the thirteen fourteen to fifty amendments. They were not, I will call it, they were not constitution lists. They were bigots we're racists. They were segregationist and you so we support state authority or the institution is silent, but the constitution is in silent. We have the thirteen for in fifteen amendments.
To permit yard of the states ratify those amendments. So I have to disagree with you, your big all races or any, I am not surprised and agree that I'm trying to say that the same political traditions that these southern Dixie create here are the same political to date. It's not true, because it's not true, because even one Nixon was running his first. Nineteen sixty eight against Humphrey Wallace made a third party race. Remember that again, the Republican Party is at you as were the gate refer first of all. First of all, it depends what kind of union to talking about. I'm, not big on government federal government unions but if people want to form unions against that in the least it's up to them? I dont think it should be imposed, but if their members, a unions- and they want to be members, a unions or any other association, or why would I oppose
that that's number one. Number two. What I oppose a special privileges created by the government based on employment status based on race, basement religion based on anything else, Say I'm the one who believes in a color neutral society? That's my position. What we're The other thing you brought up max what this? What I was there was that no political, too I know you keep saying that my watch now they're not the same thing. At the same, it's conservatives today who are fighting for school choice, a democratic standing at the door house of the elementary schools forcing people to go to bed. Schools criminally Esther schools. They happen to be in their neighborhood. Its concern, What is your lady gaining against that sort of thing, its consent I would have said, support enterprise zones and things of that sort. It's called liberty, I gotta go
we'll be back then- Since the beginning of the year, I been warning you about the efforts by the left to bring about socialize medicine, and the fact is these people are not stopping. Think about this Bernie Sanders and almost the entire twenty twenty clown car, or seriously intent on eliminating all an insurance coverage and Medicare in order nationalized. The? U S, healthcare system, he admitted the other day, all told an estimated two hundred and fifty million American. Who rely on private or employer provided health plans and countless Millions of american seniors on Medicare would be stripped of their rightfully earn benefits and thrown into a mass of one size fits all federally manage programme, and yes, my disaffected union.
This includes your union plans as well and at all Austin estimated thirty, three thirty two trillion dollars, not even doubling parent federal income taxes could come close to paying, for this will lead a irrational access restrictions, shortages, waiting lists, massive new taxes and unnecessary deaths, and investment in new medical breakthroughs. Fortunately conserve the free market organizations like the American the Soviet Union and our friends, had consumer action for a strong economy are uniting to stop them and they have just law The coalition against socialize medicine, to educate the public and did. Officials on the dangers of socialist healthcare pipe dreams, including those coming from both Democrats and soft bellied, applicants. Gotta know socialized medicine, DOT, Org, to learn more and take action. No socialize medicine, dot, Org, that's no soul! eyes medicine doubt or do we not have a lot of time, but
then a Queens New York, the Great W Abc, go The thirty I tell you, call screener. Yesterday we get mad but even I drove out. I have big state alive for Tony S. Ours and I've ever seen such a diversified bunch of people. It felt like a walk in the park and that we get up you, you're, lovely wife. I take her thin, carry you and I thank you for taken up for all law enforcement, and I also the also told you that I almost robots decided a road when you said aunt, Miranda was his dogmas of platinum when you say that you couldn't have an easier for hours, have caused, come and see you guys you're even nicer than I could imagine those being. I always want to take you to stick up for us. Why is Annie? I do remember you- and I want to thank and we had a hell of a time. There was absolutely wonderful you- take care of yourself, and God bless Ali. You folks and law enforcement to
We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person on all you heroes out there. Please go on Amazon, bad com right now, if you in a retail store, get your copy of on freedom of the press, so perfect, fathers day, gift and I want to say happy birthday to my father too,
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