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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/13/18

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, There is no North Korean deal. The democrats and the media are going on the attack before a deal has even been struck, all we have is a framework. It’s too early to tell what will come of Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un. We don’t know if it was the right thing or the wrong thing because we don’t have a ‘thing’ yet. Also, the left are hypocrites because they are criticizing Trump when they cheered on Barack Obama’s unconstitutional nuclear deal with Iran. The democrats and the media are complete frauds, hypocrites, and liars, don’t listen to them on North Korea! Joint military exercises in South Korea were a concession we wish Trump wouldn't have made. The President's cheery language towards Kim was odd considering North Korea's history of genocide and lies. The president deserves all the credit in the world for how he's handled North Korea, but we shouldn't kiss Kim’s butt. Later, Bernie Sanders says that his radical, extremist ideas are now mainstream American ideas. Unfortunately, Sanders is right and it’s the media like Wolf Blitzer at CNN who helped give voice to these ideas. Finally, Pete Hutchinson, President of Landmark Legal Foundation calls in to discuss the Supreme Court’s decision upholding Ohio’s law for keeping voting lists accurate.

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