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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/15/18

On Friday’s Mark Levin Show, It’s precious to see the Praetorian guard media trash President Trump every day when it’s the media that should be trashed. The Inspector General report exposed media outlets giving gifts to FBI agents in exchange for leaks, proving they are corrupt and do nothing to defend the freedom of the press. Meanwhile, James Comey was justifyably fired for his insubordinate, corrupt behavior, and should have been fired before Trump was elected. Also, there’s no discussion on TV that places the responsibility on the illegal alien parents, who are separated from their children while they are processed and detained. If they weren’t separated, the children would be detained in an adult facility with their parents. Illegal alien children aren’t put in dog cages; they’re housed, fed, and clothed on the taxpayer’s dime. This policy is suddenly inhumane despite existing for decades, including under the Obama administration. Later, President Trump ordered tariffs on $50 billion of particular Chinese imports because they’ve been stealing our technology and devaluing their currency. China is a major national security exception and Trump is absolutely right to place these tariffs. Trump isn’t getting into a trade war with China like the media is saying, but engaging the country that’s been in a trade war with the United States for a decade. Finally, Mark speaks with Selena Zito about her new book, The Great Revolt: Inside the Populist Coalition Reshaping American Politics

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Now, let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one: one obstruction of justice. That phrase has been thrown around with respect to present a trump. For, among other reasons, firing Jim calmly, which has, as you know, a constitutional right and quite obvious that commie was fired because he should have been fired.
And there's a serious question: why Barack Obama didn't fire but obstruction of justice. Paul manner for today's and federal jail soon to be federal prison. He hasn't been convicted of a thing. Maybe one day he will be, but he hasn't them a level judge appointed by Barack Obama, Berman Jackson, Amy I Jackson I looked at or background. Threw him in jail a day. At the request of Mr Miller. She's, a judge in Washington Dc Mister Bell has brought cases against. Mr Manifest. In D and Virginia. She basically said she's here
now. If you don't get the tamper with the court system, so trumps accused of obstruction, Mr Mann, efforts now in prison. And the irony of this in the context of water, the FBI is really quite incredible. Is it not. The inspector generals report at Bottom the five hundred and eighty nine page indictment of officials. Yet behind the Department of Justice for obstructing justice. For strutting an investigation of Hillary Clinton for obstructing Indictment of Hillary Clinton. In the broadest sense of obstruction of justice. Family be even in panel, a federal grand jury, which is typical and ninety percent of the cases.
Failing to secure laptops failing to secure emails month. In advance of commies public pronouncement in July? Twenty sixteen figuring out how to obstruct justice, Had been calling it insubordination when coming decided on his arm, To seize the authority of his superiors. We'll get to make the decision on whether to prosecute somebody or not. He usurped their authority. He was insubordinate. Why because he wanted to obstruct an investigation that he was in charge of, and so the fix was in by James call me and his subordinates. His supporters did what they did because change call me wanted them to do what they did. Let's be honest and too man is in prison and they keep talking
Donald Trump and obstruction of justice. I want to make a suggestion. I don't make it to be provocative. I mean Because I'm serious about it, we have The United States attorney in the District of Columbia I don't even know your name. I just looked it up. I believe she was appointed a year ago, her name Jesse Lou ally you she has a. Significant background, confirmed by the Senate in September twenty seventeen, so she hasn't been their long. She was an assistant. United States are turning the District of Columbia from two thousand to two thousand: six prosecuting violent crime, drug traffic jams sweetener. A resume here? Firearms and fraud chance of about superior criminal division and brief. In arguing appeals in DC court of Appeals and yours district court for the Deasey Circuit.
Later she served in several senior positions in the: U S: Department of Justice, including deputy assistant attorney general, the Civil Rights Division Council. To that the attorney general for national security matters and deputy chief of staff. The national security division, she was dead general council at the: U S, department, Treasury, advising these sectors, treasury and other senior treasure Patients are national security, law enforcement, intelligence better qualified lady, at least based on a resume when you say now the United States attorney for the District of Columbia. Now, the job of the United States attorney without getting into the civil side on the criminal saw. The United States attorney. To put it succinctly, is the chief brow the chief prosecutor in criminal cases. Prosecuting criminal law cases. FBI headquarters in Washington DC the department.
Justice is in Washington, D C. Seems to me, ladies and gentlemen, if we're not gonna get a special council, and it certainly does appear that the attorney general is going to such a thing certainly doesn't appear that the deputy tourney General's going to do such a thing in part protect his own ass. Quite frankly, Why doesn't Ms Lou take up the matter. Is there some prohibition, while March to go to remain justice, has made justice, told her. She can't do. She asked. I keep hearing, we have United States attorneys. The United States attorneys I quite capable investigating crimes or potential crimes. Well, what about Ms Lou? Isn't she the? U S attorney for the District of Columbia, a k a while can t see what mark what specific
crime. Are you talking about well obstruction? We can take up the same mandate in a different case. Involving different issues: Hillary Clinton, espionage case as effectively the mandate that Rosen they gave to Molly. It's just investigate and. The word leads. I must tell you. And I don't say this to Draw- myself, but if I were the United States attorney for the District of Columbia, that is exactly what I withdrew and I'd make them fire me. And you know who would have to fire me. President of the United States
the order, the attorney general or the deputy attorney general to fire me, because States attorney under the appointments clause. Is a principle officer- the United States government nominee by the present United States and confirmed by the Senate, and I notice that she was confirmed by the Senate by rather Financial number. So what I M saying is Ms Lou, the? U S attorney for the District of Columbia should invest The gate what took place at the FBI, got. A lotta leads a virtual zillion late and she's a document that six hundred pages in length almost. To help give her some guidance. NL the grand jury. You can use your subpoena power.
Amazing. When debating whether or not Mahler conception of the present the United States to investigate obstruction when in fact the president is obstructed nothing. And here we have case after case after case, where see set the agents top executive people working for them and so forth, Webster in the case, for all intents and purposes, would leaks. With a phoney memo reinterred. The statue and all the rest. It seems to me of Mr Mullay stretch the understanding of obstruction of justice, and his his Congo line of Rockets and power I'm boys and girls in the media can do the same when they US attorney in Washington DC would have even stronger argument of lake. That's her jurisdiction. I am well aware that there's a public integrity section in the criminal,
as you know, the Justice Department, but they haven't taken this up. There's no conflict U S attorney decides to take it up, no conflict with the public integrity section in the criminal division of main justice. There's no conflict with a special. Council, because one hasn't been appointed. There is no requirement that there be an absolute specific criminals. Actually, we know that already thanks. Mister rosier seen, although I would argue there could well be in this case. I've been giving this a lot of thought because many have said: where do we go from here? Where do we go from here? More congressional hearings Rational hearings will not hold people to account, and the media have been undermining Congress. Hearings, they ve been undermining Lee. The men and women have taken the lead to try and get to the bottom of this, parallel course. Right now, there's no criminal investigation. Right now there is no criminal investing
Asian, the leadership the FBI and the past, or what the F b I have done and for we know it's done a hell of a lot more Right back has directed the. U S attorney neutral John, look into allegations bias in, among other places, certain issues related to the FBI. Since the quaint foundation in uranium, one and so forth, and so on for the purpose of reporting back to the attorney general. So he can determine whether or not to appoint a special council. I don't know how long that's gonna take folks, but it seems to me that gonna,
wait too long it would take away too. The? U S, attorney in Washington DC, should set up a federal grandeur, grand jury and get to work on this. Rather than waiting for Mr Huber twigs, many panoply of issues for the purpose of reporting. Back to the attorney general. It will then decide whether or not to appoint a special council. Now I'm trying to raise these issues not to be provocative, not to the contrary, I'm trying to raise these issues because the common sense issues it's like the appointment of smaller I've
her said the appointment of a special councils unconstitutional unless the appointment is unconstitutional, meaning the appointment is defective. It's too broad with a deputy attorney general seeks, wittingly or unwittingly, to create a principle officer. The federal government which he is unconstitutionally unable to do under the appointments clause of the constitution you're here people blow the about this. We know almost nothing about a point: The decision on Mars and verses all sentence, however, what's the problem here I mean we have us thirty year old opinion. You have a thirty all opinion that I embrace. I don't agree with it at all. I agree with that. Sent by Scalia, but I embrace It started decisive said: is that its precedent, which is why I and others.
First recalibration among others, are making the point, so we look at that. We look at the constitution, I'm looking at this too. Why shouldn't the United States attorney for the District of Columbia, who is the chief prosecutor for criminal law cases. Who has the jurisdiction my shouldn't? She jump right, it the attorney general. No, she jumping in not waiting for a year attorney, and you talk to do an evaluation to present to the attorney general, who will then decide whether there is a special council that may be clever, that I hope the attorney general off the hook and what he wants to do to take less heat from the Democrats are not interested in any that they don't matter to me.
And I would say with this inspector general report, there is more reason to do it and do it quickly. I also remain perplexed, why particularly after the release of this inspector general report. Nobody in position of authority, is proposed The creation of a blue Ribbon commission. To examine the FBI to examine the Department of Justice in any related entities twin, sure that this sort of thing doesn't happen again. To determine whether or not there needs to be a bureaucratic, rearrangement reshuffling and certain protections checks and balances that don't currently exist and to make their proposals.
I noticed the Democrats are not interested in it, because that would suggest that something needs to be fair and they don't want anything fixed. They. They think everything great, as is because it bogs down the president, but where the Republicans on this front, the White House for that matter. Now that we have this report, we need to have some very serious, smart, more importantly, wise individuals to take a look at this now that we have inspector general report You could do this again on a parallel course. Why are conducting a criminal investigation? Luck? The inspector general report find don't get me wrong, but the inspector general is the inspector general.
He's not a criminal prosecutor, moreover, His recommendations are fine, but they are actually quite silly most of the recommendations he made our indications that require compliance with existing. Department of Justice regulations and practices and balances. Special recommendation, he's not recommend anything about restructuring and checks and balances, and that sort of thing it's not his job. So I have to problems here, the whole people to account. We don't need to weigh for the inspector general to make a criminal referral as he did when they came to the? U S, attorney's office, the You attorneys there she sees what's going on. She watches you ve! She listens to the radio. She can listen to the inspector general. Actually, they read the inspector general report with around two eyes. She could look at these various ports coming out of these intelligence committees. If this were
running any other federal strict, where we have a? U S attorney soon. They pull the trigger. I mean, virgin prison today. They want to take our trump on obstruction of justice, how the hell is it possible that the FBI can get away with this, he's getting away with this it's getting away with. If you know how, I know, because it could Therefore, raise pathetic press conference yesterday, as I pointed out on Amity and here last night, we basically says all the FBI. Agents are going to be trained and not being biased. Salvoes the deal with anything, nothing is. Mr Com is going to be held to account. He said to appear in front of a federal grand jury about Mr Straw cast your vote for mark today for the national
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It ends on Monday. If you could help us out with much appreciated. Dont forget Sundays, factual man. Do we have a great show on Sunday, ten p m Eastern Sevenpm, Pacific Life, Liberty and Levin on the Fox NEWS, channel doctors, duties jasper? They might say why Zuni dress her, you gonna talk about Islam and, ladies and gentlemen, we not only talk about Islam. We talk about the nations founding, we talk about the declaration of Independence and John Locke and the constitution. We talk about national security, it is a fascinating, fascinating discussion with a fascinating man, and let me make suggestions to all of you out there, particularly those of you and I was on a particularly governor, do see over there in an hour rezoning I've met once seem like it find enough journal I don't know him well and it's this.
Judy Jasper would make an outstanding public official absolutely outstanding. Can you imagine the fur Muslim. As far as I know in the United States, Senate or governor, I think he'd be unbelievable. Has there been a Muslim even in a cabinet, I'm not sure. I'm telling you this guy really really is special. I hope your watch and you'll see hell. It relates to everything that's going on in the country. I try to make. Sunday showed different from all the rest of the programmes on the cable network and all the other cable networks necessarily news related. I mean, after all, late at night on the EAST coast and other areas in the country? It's getting eighty, nine on the West Coast, Sunday,
you don't want to hear the same thing over and over again with Congo line a guest, slow forth, and so on. I know you don't cause, I don't so I try to make a compelling. I try to make an interesting and. Far. We succeeded. We have very significant ratings numbers very significant, so I hope you'll check it out this Sunday. You might want to bookmark that so you don't forget this Sunday, ten p m eastern some PM passive power with its were seen all over the world. The Fox NEWS channel well not in dictatorships, but you understand it. So I think you're, like a lot now I want to talk about see our tv, I wanted to let all the fans of Levine TV out there know about especial off. We have going on right now. This is something I had to fight for to make it a little bit easier for all of our subscribers and our biggest fans to get the best pricing policy
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One other thing I wanted to hit on. I know the cause call borders for, but I want it a couple. Other things isn't a precious watch the progressive Praetorian Guard media in this country trash the President crash conservative members of Congress dress body with an independent mind, who's, not even at the conservative, necessarily who is raising sir. Questions about what the FBI's done here when, in fact is the media that should be trashed when, in fact, the inspector general found unnamed media outlets, unnamed media personalities were giving gifts to rogue FBI agents. Leaks, presumably, why else would they give em gifts taking at him for meals to play golf tickets, the sporting events and God knows what else what this is.
Actor General Report has shown, among other things, is that in future Our media are corrupt; they are not defending freedom of the press, Under the first amendment of the constitution, they are gluttonous gluttonous when it comes to corruption and crime. He is, and they know they are. When you watch that correspondence, now, if you have to- or at least heard about it or saw clip about a look at There's your roman empire right in that room. There's your when Senate right in that room shoving food in their face. Having drinks. Sleazy conduct sleazy talk. God knows how much sexual harassment goes on. They noticed how fast they cut that off. Reaching in the Hollywood it was reaching into the top levels of media, was reaching into Congress, including their their favorite
Kind with all of us- and we don't hear anything anymore because their correct are no damn good. They ve done more damage to freedom, press to the first amendment. Than any other institution. That's the irony and this inspector general report puts the next I should mark behind. I watch this Katy turn online delayed, never watch live trashing. Jim Jordan she's got an eye, you have seven she's in their yelling is framing as if she's a a democrat president lie He lies all the time. You lie. Theory lives there. They just lies, utilise all the time like you Katy and that because a network you have Congo line of fools and freaks law Every damn day. You don't mind when Barack Obama lies. You never did.
Or one Democrats lie. Is when you're not, you know and when Barack Obama lies, you never did or one Democrats lie they always do you defended my who now has a criminal refer, a criminal investigation with the? U S, attorney's office in Washington, DC for lying, providing a disgrace. There is an institution in our country. That is, part of the government, but seeks to control the governor they seek to control who gets elected. They seek the country or whether somebody is is targeted for attacks or not. They seek to control the narrative. What is the purpose of ass to their speed?
What is the purpose of CNN? What is the purpose of seeing it? What is it exists? does anybody know. Msnbc. We know why they exist. It's the marxist wing of the Democratic Party They don't admitted they never well. Let's and then actually pretends to be a nose operation, it's not. It's a propaganda machine By the way, FBI agent turn allowed to take free gifts they're not allowed to take them in that report them on their financial disclosure reforms, there are limitations, EP I agents who were taken guess for media types should be prosecuted, immediate types, are we giving them gifts should be added in the so the litigation. That's why the? U S attorney for Washington DC, needs to get involved in this.
Not gonna wait around for the? U S attorney in Utah to make recommendations to the attorney general think about whether or not he should appoint a special council rose and staying in a manner second appointed a special council. One. He was fired. Now I hear the media saying trouble, again. He says he was totally exonerate. Buddy was exonerated. He was exonerated the pretext for the, point of a special council was that tromp fired, call me and may have obstructed justice art the cover up the rush investigation, but it's not true. It's not true Tommy's corrupt, commies, unethical. Corrupt in the science of these dishonest.
I say: should have been fired prayers. The nation of favouring a hundred percent reason to fire him. The issue is, why didn't break Obama environment. We know why, because come So it is dirty work. Come he loved Obama, Right back then- What happened? A stormy been and her slip, and four point lawyer did my going for like five six weeks, The disgusting media, what a joke stormy Daniels until we get a pure for that and her clam lawyer,
gene and went crazy with that certain Emma sell us D. They were having a blast and before that, of course they have The sky, this author, Michael Wolf, what happened to him? She still with us, they know it. But was full of crap, and it really matter. He was a year. He was a sieve through which they could poor there their progressive agenda, and so we went from him too porn actress before that we had some no name back bencher professor at a year running seeing the president was mentally ill and the men Ill Democrats and the mentally or media types. I would include the more while a message, smile, going on and on about the twenty fifth amendment, which they don't even understand, because it's easy to remove a president through impeachment than the twenty fifth member, but why confused them with
Institution when they dont understand any of it, don't give a damn. We ve been. That our president is mentally ill and unbalanced way, are now told of our present. It is a pathological liar. Never said these things about Bill Clinton, they never said these. About Hillary Clinton and they fit the bill and they fit the bill, they knew the Teddy Kennedy had left Mary, Joe Copeck me in the canal on track: quick and, as a result, she died he was the line of the sun. They loved the guy because they of the agenda? Where's, your statement from New York to if he never existed, Schneider meant.
Replaced by another nitwit, the media in this country, it is a broken institution, it is a broken. Institution it'd be nice if they were just bought us and would admit who they yard, which party there with steady. They lied to us. I want underscore this point for the back measures on Monday can regard regurgitate. I do a lot of things- for them, as you well know, and here is the point. The institution that is most corrupt in this country right now, the media. They pretend their objective. There not objected. They pretend their non partisan they're not non partisan. They pretend they bring you the news when they The news it's the exception to the rule when you watch these interviews by this, my own Katy, Ter, earned
The other Congo line of clowns over there and CNN, and so for some clowns even up at my favorite network. When you watch them, you know they have an agenda they're not seeking information. They may also be Democrats on capital. He'll tell me or the talking it's on capital yell among the Democrats, any different than the talking points among the media he's a liar? Always lies a liar. He's a liar he's a liar. These fools six weeks ago said that Trump was going, get us in a nuclear war with North Korea. Ah there saying that prompts too after North Korea, they cannot get there. Propaganda straight pirate. Let's take a call here. If I can find my call screen fair. It is forbidden,
Linda LOS Angeles, California, eight. Seventy, the answer disagrees with me. Yes humming. I hope you don't think you're right, it clearly slanted through the right. So why does nothing then true that their fair and bound, and when you talk about planted they don't. You said phrase they don't use that phrase anymore, but name, a bunch of Obama, point and others who work at Fox. Can you name any Reagan appointees, her trump appointees who work it? Msnbc if you are on small round pow name, one would not answer. I want to talk about journalism being slanted. Fox news is clearly slide into the world. But you don't bring that up clearly because what I'll bring it up so the host conservative he's late. I bring it up all the time
Why don't you call a guy's anyway? I don't apologize, lady or not even listening to me. I I don't apologize for it, but if you talk to me no not tell you, they're, not but why do you keep repeating yourself? I ma am, I believe, fox- is the most conservative cable channel out there. Did you hear what I just said? Okay, so why are you arguing with me because you are liberal now answer me about CNN, liberal or not. What image NBC Liberal or not. What do you want to answer? The question is very simple: CNN MSNBC, New York Times washed impose envy. The ABC, CBS Liberal or not. When you're in Europe a phone I'll be right back.
We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one so much to do so little time, and I mean that I won a circle back to this issue of what their now calling family separation when it comes to illegal aliens, family separation, in none of the discussions- and I see a teller. A little time, and I mean that I want a circle back to this issue of what they're now calling family separation when it comes to illegal aliens. Family separation, in none of the discussions that I see on television,
None of them is any responsibility placed at the feet of the illegal aliens adult the parent who comes a those country breaks our laws, then, if caught has to be Assessed through an administrative law system, if they bring their minor children, the minor children have to be separated. From the illegal alien parent or the minor We'll be detained in the same adult facility if they are detained at all as the adult.
I pointed out something yesterday, which must have been blown it because he Tourney Journal has basically repeated the same thing in our own country. One, a parent or parents are sent to prison. We don't send the children with them to the children, have to be cared for, maybe they're cared for by their grandparents or uncles and aunts. Perhaps an elderly, cousin or child services. Not exactly but similar steps are taken within a legal anyone's tribe. They are not put in dog cages, they are protected, they are fed their clothes. They are housed on your done. So let's go back to the beginning.
The fault lies with the adult or adults who come into this country illegally with their children, because what they figure is, if I get my child and then we can get shot, I and where set the adult, needs to be processed legally process. If you do not separate the adult from the child, the child goes through the same processing system and wind up in adult attention. If their detained at all. Now there are proposals to do away with this. I would, very, very interested to know what kind of proposal they haven't mine, but I can tell you that kind of proposed Nancy policy has a mine and all the hacks, innovation haven't mine and all the ethnic front groups have in mind. In Mexico, among other countries has in Mind- and that is you- give the adult pass in the name of the tribe.
That's exactly what's going on here. That's what's all of a sudden come up The present, the United States, has already gone more than half way. Firstly, oppose Dhaka, backers unconstitutional. The House of Representatives brings a lawsuit. It wines. We all talk about present, Shall tyranny and it's a fear now, all of a sudden we all are supposed to embrace it, the Republicans embrace it. The president embraces, And not just for seven hundred thousand people who signed up for Dhaka, but all one point: eight million who have come here before two thousand and seven. To be given legal residency and then, of course, we want a citizenship. One point: eight million one point, eight million, but for the Democrats. It's not enough, and so now, all of a sudden after decades of this practice decades.
All of a sudden, its inhumane. Wasn't inhumane under Obama and in their trashing tromp saying is alive because Trump said the democratic pass. The law Demographic passed a law turns out, it's not a law, but it as a policy under Obama. There's no question about. It was in fact a policy, but the media. They lead to pay off the FBI, media the New York Times Holocaust denier. Yes, for them, this is crucially trumps. Outlier, tranquilizer, trumps, alot. Because they want this issue, resolved a certain way and of course then the President says yes, I don't like this either and then, when they have a different world this letter saying: yes, we shouldn't be separating this one from that. What did you hear about any of this? when the presidential debates from either party not a word, did any of them
moderators, all of whom come out of the media, even raise this question, not one It wasn't even an issue now. It's as if the United States is running matter contrition camps according to one contributor Emma S, Alice. Yes, now we're running Nazi concentration camps. Now little has gone. We're running Nazi concentration camps matter Dubai. Has gone. We gotta we're going to address this issue and that's what trumps talk about whether I was everybody and the question is where the hell was. Everybody says it's a practical reason, five: four, why this is done. And in the United States are repeated again, so maybe the debt the attorney general to listen to this one send adults to our prisons.
If we send a father and mother about to prison for, say, embezzlement what happens to their children nobody even asks let's In this case, we are talking about an american citizen in his name is Paul man. Effort let's say, he's got minor children. What CNN and MSNBC and Nancy Pelosi and Truck Schuman. Evasion, give a damn acquires. They wouldn't give a damn about his children. They could care less. They're not dreamers, you know it's the dreamers we gotta worry about, not american citizen children, mind. If american citizen children are separated from their parents. When laws or enforce discuss it, even when it comes to their vaunted criminal justice, Before you never hear about it. Do you copy
There's haven't brought it up. What's eighty, its name on CNN can remember the marxist whatever he doesn't bring it up. None of them. All of a sudden out unaware right. This is an issue we do. You know about now. It's an issue we have banned it immediately. I have an idea: I've, a compromise, a compromise, the old, the war secure, the southern border, Less parents will be dragging their kids into this country and we will protect those kids because they will not be separated from their parents. He liked that idea. Mr producer. The fewer illegal aliens should come into this country, the less separation. There is what's wrong with eleven proposal. It sounds like a perfect compromise, because the Democrats don't believe in any of this.
That's why the median all believe in any of this. They pretend their compassion can, I compassion in the least their left, to settle their left to settle. I'll, be right back You notice how these issues from a common sense, perspective or conservative perspective. One are never discussed accurately in the media. I just walk through with your work, very basic stuff on this immigration issue and you simply Walmart here that most of the media, it just isn't gonna happen. Why so? I wanted to point that out now
as in the United States, has ordered terrorists. Fifty billion dollars of chinese imports. And he said he's pudding, tariffs on these particular imports, mostly technology related. Because China, stealing our technology, The down our corporations and devalues its currency now understand Canada doesn't do there. I know Japan doesn't do that. Mexico doesn't China does and I've said over and over and over again, I believe in trade and commerce, I believe there is a national security exception and in the key some China there's a key crucial major national security exception.
And the president is absolutely right to do this. In my opinion, and then China slaps. A twenty five percent tariff on about thirty four billion dollars, of our products hitting mostly agriculture. And the way the media are reporting, this is that tromp has launched a trade Or what China now Has been in a trade war with us for a decade. He's been stealing our technology, not competing not even just Polyte putting tariffs. Stealing our technology. China has forced companies that do business, In China to surrender their technology, there, proprietary information, their patent information, this phony set up where they must partner with a local chinese company,
it is a state front company and they partner for the purpose of the chinese government does. Our research and development and when you The reports from the Pentagon and when you read the reports from our intelligence agencies, Ngos line a rate. This how China has built up its military. This, China has built up its economy, it is To China to steal from us and finally. I'm not talking about a lumber fight with Canada. Finally, we have a president who is taking on China. China is our greatest threat. That's right. China, Is our greatest threat because China Place along game, if you saw,
then tv a couple of days ago. I spent a lot of time on all the aspects of what China Gee militarily economically in turn, Of spreading its ideology by buying influence in universities and institutions and so forth, it is a top down iron fist. It Police state, and more so every passing day Why amaze me, when people said will look at China Capitalist? No, its? Not people aren't free to invest in whatever they want to invest. People aren't freed up just whenever they want to purchase. It's never been the case, the case in China. It's an autocracy, it's an autocracy. So Trump is an escalating. A trade dispute drop hasn't triggered a trade war Trop, isn't it
during that country. That's been involved in a trade war with us for a decade. Stealing our most important information. China has launched cyber warfare against us on top of all the rest of it. Private companies are ripped off their data ripped off. They ve attacked our criminal institutions together until. Ginger, including on our federal, employs they offer. The personnel management. China's only offence China wants to become them powerful super power on the face of the earth. I remain, for twenty years ago, twenty five years ago, when they shouldn't make, couldn't even should a rocket in space. It will blow up right. There are the launching pad to Bill Clinton and his buddies gave or sold technology to the chinese
Now they have missiles their mirth. Multiple warheads, their building, craft carriers, their building stuff jets, they stole, are stopped technology. This is a perfect example. They spelled out of sixteen technology. The fact that they have come across some great economic experiment, their Thebes, the chinese government and its officials. There. Not only is the president of putting these tariffs and place, the president is now putting in place. A regime of of standards and procedures that make it more difficult for China to buy our small budding technology. Companies order by Big-
so our major technology companies, I dont, think we're doing enough mark. I thought you are free trader. I am, I said, there's a national security except you do not give technology to your enemy. And we have export controls at the Commerce Department and for even more severe transfers, export controls at the State Department, but it states chamber of crony capitalism and a number of corporations that make no logical devices or machines or jets, or what have you they work over these bureaucrats at commerce and mistaken They want these standards lesson, so they can sell more more their stuff overseas, including to countries like China and in the Obama administration, they relented. You know one day
Look I'll be written about the enormous damage that administration did this country. In foreign policy, and here at home it they just such a wrecking ball, Burma with such a wrecking ball. Fundamentally, screwed up the country. But the president is doing with China is correct and we need The more we will do more. We have to crack down on China, not just a camp, pledge its even more important in that he's president? Now he sees what the hell they're doing there. Lex in their military muscle. You know they ve been flexing their military muscle for a decade. At the same time, we were visiting our military. What kind of people do that you run for office to be the United States or get elected the senator the house. Don't you do that? Could you love your country here again,
and I dont want to be a broken record on this as it could be monotonous, utterly boring worthy. He had been on all this plan. Let me give an example on went to read you the beginning of this story from NBC President Donald Trump brought the Two biggest economies to the brink of a trade war Friday I announced A twenty five percent tariff on up to fifty billion dollars in chinese imports to take effect July six is What he's doing, ladies and gentlemen station? We responded at it would retaliate with penalties are the same scale on american goods and it's about our details to impose tariffs on five hundred forty five: U S: exports, including farm products, autos and seafood. According to the gene, how State news agency. Are these state Nugent agencies would be the equivalent of say and Pr Pbs. Even more broadly CNN, MSNBC Nbc Abc Sepia. What do you mean? State news agency, crops and power, not an undue trump.
You represent big government and the left. Now, let's see Now, since you the prospect of a U S, China, Trade war, weight on financial, might they go on and on and on about protecting our employees about protecting our entrepreneurs and art. This is about protecting our research and development, hundreds of billions I was stolen from us how about looking at the chinese government the embezzlers, as the thieves says, the robbers that they are. Maybe we should just Return, maybe maybe call them poor manner for then the really get angry but left out there tat I gotta get up
I'll be right. Back revolution starts here: Clavecin show call in at eight seven seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one right, you know it so we keep the foot on the gas parent, but we also want your participation kind enough to listen, select, jump in. Let us go to jail carbon dioxide Illinois, the great W J p I've go you're talking about China. Everything I know I wasn't tunnel about China buying up everything started by train
stealing our technology. Ok, what I was going to say that they are buying up the online is death is well secretly. They bought up Smet when farms, which is the world's largest for producer, which I consider strategic, so they're gonna put tariffs on pork, which they own. They're gonna bet terrorism, pork, which they own, while I don't make sense, although my what why were they put tariffs on port that there? You know Do you remember about thirty years ago it was twenty five years ago when the job and he's economy was really really hot, protectionist were saying their buying our buildings, their buying our real estate, their buying our farms and in many ways they were buying a lot of stuff. Then there find me collapsed and we bought a lot of it back and we boarded a fire. Sir. I'm not as worried about them. Buying things and stuff, I'm worried about them. Stealing things and stuff
Where they can a missiles at us where they can steal our technology and things of that sort, that's my mind. My greatest concern, Joe wasn't that lower our was it the room? It was one of them. Wasn't it. I think we were out. You know that sounds right. You get a good memory Joe. What do I think I got left it's gonna get at it. I thank your brother appreciated Chicago. I don't even know if I have that left Let us go to Bob Baltimore Maryland, go right ahead, Sir, the gray, obviously be I'm country, I'm calling you about the floor of trademark applications from China was hoarse. Internal, the Watson I didn't hear you- are sorry, a flood of trade, Mark
ok, honey from China, ok and are flooding the European Patent Office to the point where the overwhelming can't even do normal patterns with the United States. According to the law, regional may set two thousand and ten, and why did they flooding a swift? What kind of you said trademark applications for what more oxides of electronics circuit words, different products, transit, a different type of Al Qaeda that being so many of them by one enemy slain out now these products that are being made here by companies that they purchased or taken majority stakes- and these are called these- are companies that here have made these patents or by putting these patterns in they hoped challenge, their initial, but ah well, that's different. You saying they're putting in a slow of patent challenges not as an undue trademarks,
Basically, we need to be spent. We need to be clear what we're talking about you're, saying that they are challenging all these patterns that are coming in most of them? I'm guessing have to do it technologies. I will you show us that basically, the somewhere for saying that the patents are getting from the Chinese are filled with false information and false claims? In other words, they didn't really own patents, but by doing a stake in slow down any litigation really tied things up for years Prodigy, omby, amby labour, but that's just number one number two or more Johns Hopkins University is, I know some professors at work there. I can t are you that the Chinese are filling our universities with with students and airs, dealing all the technology and get answer. I have no doubt about it, because these colleges are gluttonous, they don't care.
They were, they want. They, they encourage foreign students to come. In. Into their universities, cause they see it as a year as a cash cow. They really do. Let me tell you that that people, I know personally, has told me the thirty, only local person from America, I'm sorry, American in classes, told of economics and technology I'm talking about classrooms and jobs and a modem in our economic classes. Maybe they learn something that they really not there to learn economic, certainly one other thing. One last point their near an essay there's a casino and a couple of years ago, I saw in our paper here where the casino had taken in investors follow me. They took in a Chinese, invest I read later that by doing that, they were they were enabling Chinese. But x amount of their citizens, then this to see, or in areas without normal so you're saying they brought in spies. I'm saying that could have.
Yeah, I'm saying you're right. I don't want anything pass this chinese government. I missed this particular casinos about five miles from an asset, its all public record work. Yep. I bob. I appreciate your call procedures. Let us go to Robert Albany New York, the Great w g d J. Go, they walk hello, and thank you for all you do. I guess I see a New York state Attorney General's office is going after the Trump Foundation for donating more than one hundred percent of their taken in donations, the charity, the same office on this nightmare. Let Hilary off the hook, the cleanup foundation, I mentioned yesterday- oh you did I'm sorry, I didn't hear, aren't they
whence neither man was eighty here in New York, the Queen Foundation took in two hundred twenty five million dollars from foreign donors and did not disclosed them on require New York, state financial forms and united. They did nothing about it. In Hillary Clinton, first year, a secretary of state, two thousand nine, the Queen Foundation, took in one hundred twenty two million dollars and far and donations and Schneider men allowed them to not discuss. Owes there the sources of their foreign donations yeah. This is, this is, a loss for words anymore, to explain how they left operates in the media, how they operate when it comes to law enforcement and so forth. They are just relentlessly focused on their agenda and they have definitely criminalized politics.
That's good! That's what Robert Mowers all about criminalizing the last election. Thank you for your call, Robert. Let's continue George Laurie, El Kentucky Exam Satellite go a mark, but thanks for taking my call for our thanking Anna Mark, I watched the interview with the President S morning on Fox NEWS and do so kind oppressed him on the fact that this is his justice. Department- and I want your take out what it's gonna take for president trumped up. I know the optics aren't good on it course nothin's good for the lives. But what can he do? Well, let's do differently. What do you want him to do? Well,
like you, see, I'm gettin boy, so frustrating is doing a great job in my. Why do you want to do? I want him to go after it like, like sessions here, were accused himself. You want under fire sessions. Yes, absolutely! No one, think happens. You gotta think it through. You know Washington. You know the media, what happens when you fire sessions where we ve got to find a replacement form, but I know what happens when he fires session politically what happened? While I mean it, doesn't for one thing I mean think D think the house will impeachment. Now ass, I never thought of that. Didn't I didn't think now. Let's say he gets rid of sessions. I can tell you that the Democrats well, although together I'll get. Eighty two hundred Republicans, at least in the house, to impeach the President MID term election, throw buncher rats, jumping up jump in.
They show. No loyalty at all of this present anything can happen in the Senate. Gotta, never trappers on that, and the republican sign And so I think what the president is thinking is would like sessions to resign, so it comes out there and ham recessions every now and then but session won't and I to be honest with you, told you, the whole world I've known sessions for thirty years, we weren't fast friends, would mean we are friends fast friends by we weren't social bodies and- and I really felt that couple months ago, was time for him to step down, not because he's a terrible It is actually very good man. I just think that he's. Caught himself in this picture here and his service is not only to the countries to the man who appointed em and since he is not able to do the job in a Folsom way, somebody else needs to be able to and then I got an email from a buddy of mine on Capital Hillis, as when you talk about Mark
I rose and steamers the attorney General Workforce, we were present to make a recess appointment, which would lead to the end of the next Congress and he can make another resource appointment. As I can assure you, the Democrats in the centre will not allow the president to make a permanent appointment during the course of his administration replace sessions. So the problem- it creates a whole domino effect. It's easy for Ass to sit around the dinner table, and so you know I oughta follow sessions pass the spaghetti, but it will be one hell of a mess soon. I'm saying George yeah. Thank you for what you just now, George, I'm in no mood for spaghetti. Yeah well, you're talkin to an Italian saw out, would sound good right about George thanks for your car body. Right, you got it there, Mr Produce only find it. Oh yeah,
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By the way it Happy fathers day tall, you, fathers and grandfathers and great grandfathers out there and I want to wish you a happy fathers data, my Father Jack Levine, who just turn ninety. Three years on Monday, great Father, wonderful Father, grandfather, great grandfather and husband to my mother, I just can't say enough, whatever I am as due to my parents, my values, my beliefs, my principles,
They started me out on this journey. They gave me support. We would have very, very tough debate around the breakfast table it around the dinner table. I mean loud sometimes, and disagreement not over fundamental principles but over No once- and I also remember as a kid- my parents encouraged me to follow my dreams. When I wanted to run for the local school born, I was nineteen years old. They encouraged me to do it, they went door to door with me and when decided to do a whole bunch of different things, The young man to go off to were Richardson Texas, originally to work for taxes instruments. My mother, the current drove me there and then, when I decided to move into the Reagan administration, my father flew there and we drove all the way back. I can't even remember a time I think I will
Twenty or twenty one years old, when I went on this international trip, a handful of us to Europe and my father drove me from my we live shown him tat. Pennsylvania right outside of filling. He drove me early in the morning to Washington D C, where we stated this small hotel. We were gonna leave the next morning very early and I dropped my passport in the house somewhere. He drove all the way back to Philadelphia and then drove all the way back to Washington DC got me my passport early the next morning about five or six in the morning. We need it to get on the bus at seven in the morning. Then he drove all the way back again to Philadelphia at Philadelphia, Washington, Washington, Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Washington and Washington Philadelphia on ever forget it. They would do anything for us and I will do it
for them so happy fathers day pop. I don't even know if he here this right now he's with my mother, who is hospital right now anyway, where am I Mr? Produces? Let's say? Oh yes, simply in twenty seventeen, the better business You heard more than five thousand complaints about alarm companies that Tom Security in the top ten percent of most complained about industries. Here's how you fix home security. You do it. My friends over it simply safe, did simply safe, got rid of contracts and hidden fees, They work harder and their customers business instead of relying on tricks and fine print, simply safe. As a couple, The treaty right now. How rare that today, Company that relies on good service and a great product or in your business.
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I don't springs Ex M satellite gonna head. I gotta gotta question for you, my dear. I might need a little education on this, but I'm retired law enforcement and you know we have everybody going after Trump and nobody's going after Hilary and Remember the situation, I can't remember the case, but you had a district attorney that didn't want to prosecute a crime, and I can't remember what state was in. But what happened was that the local government or the people came together and compel the past the district attorney to prosecute the kind. There was a process in place in order where there's a district attorney who doesn't want to prosecute, and then I was up. There was a process in order to force the prosecutor for seeing to it that there is no. They d
really is no process. Here I mean district attorney's typically are elected. You talkin about the just parliament, officials who are all appointed. None of them were elected. U S. Attorneys! All appointed firm, none of them elected. So It's quite deliberately only only process I can think of is a riddle. Man, Davis ridden Day, MRS inaction brought by somebody who has standing, none of us have standing under a federal Pedro law. I read, and Damosel. Emotion. You bring in front of a federal judge to compel a federal official to do their job, but the system is set of. We do not have standing to do that, so I can't. Think of any other way to accomplish what your talking about- and I do want to thank you for your law enforcement services. Take care yourself. I will be right back.
Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one seventy seven thousand three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven couple interesting things out there, an additional arrest. Fox news did a poll. They did a poll of political correctness. They did a pole related to the NFL. I thought it was quite interested. Has political correctness gone too far in the United States? Most voters say yes, and things are often hurts the country by a
Sixty eight to nineteen percent margin. The latest Fox NEWS, Paul finds voters feel political correctness has gone too far. Now here's the thing if you took this poll among individuals who live and work in the left. Ferris nonprofit groups, leadership of the Democratic Party, those types of people you would find it reverse that they do not think there's enough political career, because they're the ones forcing it upon the nation states sixty two nineteen percent. The latest fox new Paul, shows that the voters feel political correctness has gone too far. Its prey close to what it was in September, twenty seventy Slightly more and voters, all out nearly half forty six percent. Think political or business leaders frequently make bad decisions
because they are worried about being politically correct and another thirty four percent feel it happens. Sometimes so fifteen percent thinks it's not very often are hardly ever. Yet the reverse is true, and voters are asked about themselves when asked how often they stop themselves from saying something because they think my call them racist or sexist. Sixty three percent say not very often, are hardly ever far fewer believe they frequently that's twelve percent or sometimes twenty three percent self edit their comments, the National Football League,
can issue related to this got sacked again by low favorability ratings. Just weeks after the legs may twenty three announcement of a national anthem rule the enough listen to this Vienna. False popularity continues to lose ground with forty two per cent, viewing the leg favourably down from forty six percent in twenty seventeen and sixty four percent and twenty thirteen I think this latest riff with a lorry the left wing cook owner the Eagles and either radicals on their team know. They're, not all radicals. Several of them or not, but obviously it's the radicals with the big mouth and who like to go to the knee. Some twenty third tenuous, sixty four percent popularity outstanding forty, two percent the Palazzo marks. The first time more voters have a name,
View of the NFL forty three percent on favourable than a positive one, albeit by just one percent. The NFL New national anthem, Raw got say. Sixty one percent approval writing, despite the low opinion of the leg. One third disagrees with requiring players who are on the field before games, to stand or in the national anthem. So two thirds one of the stand and be respectful blackmail. Fifty six percent. This is the Fox paul- are twice ass, likely as white voters. Twenty eight percent, the dislike the new rule in five times as many democrats. Fifty four percent Republicans ten percent disapprove. Recent controversies the handling of sexual saw cases. Brain trauma coughed controversies. The anthem issue seem to have taken.
Toll on attitudes toward the inner thousand institution says republican poster Darin Shaw, who conducts the foxes Paul would Democrat Chris Anderson. These attitudes, don't necessarily mean people want watch her go to games, but there clearly a cause for concern, among fell official. So it's quite obvious. We ve talked about this at some length. They have not just politicize the But politicized it in one direction for progressive the left is eviscerated the NFL there does this ruining the NFL they like to destroy the status quo so that drawing the NFL like they destroy other institutions. The owners are trying to grapple with this. The problem is sports castors, at least by my observation, tend to be very liberal.
Again, that's the rule. There are exceptions, some of them are actually trying to be professionals and objective most of them are extremely liberal. And they defend this kind of combat now course sports, hence it is on yes Piano, Fox or NBC these other networks and so forth. They would never do what the football players are doing. They would never do what they advocate for for the football players why they lose their jobs as well, And have a: how could you have a a broadcast with viewers if you're busy protest even early on you, do not see broadcasters at the beginning of the broadcast? Taking a knee are putting their fist in the air
They would either be fired or they lose whatever little audience they have. But what too many sport broadcasters do not understand, and obviously athletes is there- is a world outside of it Pierre there's a world outside of NBC Sports, there's a world outside a fox sports and many many people. Who may not necessarily watch those cable channels, frequently or regularly still have, at least in the past, been fans a very sports and sporting team. And have paid to attend the games there, not part of this liberal mentality, whether it's the broadcasters or the athletes. They go to a game. They take their kid to again because I want to be lost in the game. They
Here the same crap that they have to hear from the left on the new stations and they loved their country and they of the flag and they loved the national anthem, because really there one and the same. And I don't want to hear about social justice, So these players don't want to hear about it either. I they get in many ways it excuse, but I don't really care they believe in it. They believe in it. But that's not the right place and time Apparently the american people are growing. Very, very weary of this. Very, very weary of this can't say I blame them, I'm not a fan of politico generally, particularly the website. The magazine is
There is a very interesting article in their about Raoul Labrador when he's a congressmen from either her from the first district, the very interesting man whom, met with from time to time informally. You know at events and so forth and he's libertarian. I think think, conservative, but he's quite solemn. And he makes the point or let me read part of this to you was the opening week of the hundred and twelve Congress in general, the eleven on raw labrador. Then he rookie congressmen representing Idaho's first district joined eighty six, other republican freshmen for a series of talks with Speaker, John Vainer, and his leadership.
Disruption was in the air. Was this group, this rollicking swaggering overflowing class or twenty ten? This is the tea party freshman. That allowed Republicans reclaim the majority in the House of Representatives. They had done so, not merely by voting the czech President Obama two years, a unified democratic rule by declaring war on a flash, the GEO P establishment that our estimation had fallen out of touch with the american people, fuel Members were more bellicose than Labrador, a porter rican born immigration attorney Would distinguish himself as a conservative firebrand doing two terms in the Idaho State House armor what they felt were clear mandate from there Voters, Labrador and his fellow tea party freshmen came to transform Congress itself to stop Washington spending. Binge return,
and the Republican Party to its small government functions. Vainer, however, quickly said a few things straight. We talked about this at the time a number of these newly elected freshmen Tomer. They couldn't believe what was taking place Campaigning he told them was different from governing. The bomb in the White House and they said it still controlled by the damage Incremental, isn't would be necessary if they were to accomplish anything of substance. The speaker expected is Colleagues to fall in line Labrador remembers being appalled. First, a danish dismissal of the messianic fervour and by extent The enthusiasm, other voters and then at his fellow classmates, many of whom reflexively pledged allegiance to Speaker banner. I thought it was a revolution. I thought we were going to completely chain. The way the Washington work Labrador says within one week? I'm not exaggerating so
I saw a large majority of my class saying essentially whatever you need us to do, we will do, and I was sick inside. Many of the members of Congress who arrive in Washington, wide eyed and rearing with optimism only to depart the institution, chafed and cynical. But- you have grown disillusion faster than Labrador? I that everyone has the same, idealistic mentality that I did he says but weaker. The week I realise that most of the people here just want to keep their jobs and hold on to power, so one of the rare since I haven't fit into this place very well, and then they go into trash labrador. Laboratory laboratories going home isn't going home empty handed. The fundamental question asked and twenty turn could these renegade tea party? Actually change, our Congress works. The answer is increasingly emphatically yes
publishing the House Freedom Caucus a group of some three dozen conservatives who sometimes vote as a block labrador and his co founder scrambled Washington's symmetrical partisan warfare by threatening an effective veto over their own party leadership. One speaker ass, retired because of these tactics, those on the way out and eager to be rid of them. It is a strange achievement to gain. Powered a hamstring the party from inside, but not enough to realise its policy goals. While we understand why. And so, when there are pieces celebrating Mcconnell from George Well, who is supposed to be a conservative, slash, libertarian from. And you know the handful of others. They come to nought, pressure? They are attacked, the scenes they are brutalize. This goes for the Senate too much Mcconnell hanging on. I have nothing but contempt for Mitch. Mcconnell, because enough senators have told me what he does behind the scenes when the doors are closed, when you don't get the sea,
So when there are pieces celebrating Mcconnell from George Well, who is supposed to be a conservative, slash, libertarian from my former and the mine who worked or current friend of mine, I just haven't, talked him in a long time. We work for human events and many many others praising much Mcconnell. I say to myself, while you cobble together for five things guy did in a twelve year period of time, and I can tell ya hundred Letty the undermine the movement and he didn't even have to do. How is expanded government how he hasn't changed. The national narrative, it's the tea party that did there the Reagan revolution that did that it's the Trump presidency that has done that. I'll be right back
Let's go to the momentous look at a glance Let us go to Michael Lausanne, California, eight. Seventy the answer go good afternoon, Mr Alexander I'll start with. I don't normally agree with you very much left of centre, but I appreciate it: you're get wet Scalia Org, you showcase what he said about a messy republic and what does something that I thought was really wonderful to hear tat perspective. When did I do that that sometimes there was some time ago I do with it to you. I tried to listen, outside, but I just saying that comes at a left, feel because that's that's that's how long
Mcgovern anyway go right ahead. Thank you! So much man, I'm a scientist tat night, I wanted to say that a kind of scientists, I'm so sorry what kind of scientists I am everything I tell you what you research, a cancer. Ok, thank you for doing that. Go ahead, and so one cannot online IP. So intellectual property is a major force in science than in virtually every aspect of our economy and even now and as you know, article within the constitution that protects intellectual property, and so I'm thinking about how we can't really on wine that.
And then by interior community, once you see something whether its technology or not true, the issue here with apparent. Ok, listen to me. The issue here with patents is whose property is in that way you can enforce it. It's not that you can't unlearned
and so, if somebody steals intellectual property and produces something and its based on your patent. Your are indeed your intellectual fire power and so forth, and so you can take legal action to prevent them from doing anything with it. So you can have it between your ears. You just can't do anything tangible with it now, if there is a lawless country like China and they steal it, which is what we're talking about, then their flooding, the patent office patent Trademark office, with patent challenges to try and prevent the actual inventor of the particular idea or product or whatever it is from using it. There are steps that need to be taken, and that's why the President slam China, with fifty billion
I was with the Paris thank you for for sharing that with me. Am I see that tired, but when you have to now again dimension the constitution that twice in the constitution? Yes, I agree. One hundred percent with you But when you have a technology and would say we want to advance a cancer mean a therapy that technology be it by virtue of the people who do the work improve on that work. So, even if you patent you can and that that can you can, if you do actually improve upon it. In some unique way, you can then file for your and that that's. Why I'm going with. You cannot all learn the science so it, but I don't know why you keep saying that I'm not telling people to learn the sites like the wheel.
Don't you have a wheel, it doesn't mean you can't do stuff with the. We are Hey Ivan idea, I'll, take the wheel and put it on what we call a car and maybe a pat my car and am bitten toeing the most rudimentary. So what's your point, basically, that that the terrorists will prevent one aspect of lawlessness but cannot prevent improvements on the technology wants. The technology is still in its they're, not intended to him too, to eliminate improvements. Now, look you're free to air to purchase intellectual property. That is to use it if you pay for it and then you can try and improve upon the whole purpose of the patent scheme, like the trademarks scheme, is to encourage
inventive inventiveness to encourage creativity, and if it is, if people are absolutely lawless and they still at you have people, I can spend the time the resources companies are in either and what you have as a society that cannot progress from a technological point of view, thinking so much her for a sharing that with you. I just wanted to make a comment and they think so much for giving me. The time is like saying I read a book, but therefore, since I can, in some aspects of the book. The copyright doesn't sound course. The copyright camp does you can write? Another novel doesn't mean you can't. Prove upon something for you just now: still the they got in the solemn aright Frazier, Sir, and keep up the good work. I hope you find some some answers will be right back,
cast your vote for mark today for the National Radio Hall of Fame. You could vote by text and email text than about five hundred to ninety six thousand and vote radio vote dot com, a folks. I want you to check out bright boy the great peace by a droll, pollack, and though the media were invited to go to one of these, sir, these centres where the children are brought where the parents are being processed Who come here illegally and take a look because he actually went there? and saw one of these them mainly, tilities and took photos and its up there on their site. I've also linked to it are marked Levine, Show Facebook, Markleham show Twitter, that's what reporters used to do seriously go. Take a look at it
because you're being fed such such terrible propaganda, it's just incredible! I'm not encouraging policy and what I'm saying is. Its policy has been in place for decades and when a parent anymore and citizen parent, are parents or sent the federal prison. What do you think happens to their kids? Do we hear people saying: don't send them the federal prison dont separate the parents from children. We never hear that Dewey, we don't know the children. Anyone know what happens to the children. They have any advocates whatsoever. You don't know thousands to the IRA. Still you probably not so you don't know the depths of depressed sleeplessness and anxiety. My list endoored, before taking my advice and calling optimum tax relief, he owed over forty, thousand dollars to the Irish would no way to pay much less the interest and penalty. The compound daily. He wasn't the irish crosshairs aggressive collection costs, threatening letters.
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The president- and I you and I may not agree on tyres when it comes to our allies, but when it comes to I sure, as hell agree with it, because is a national security problem. They steal our technology, they are buying up technology company strategically I don't even considered train an adversary, I'll be tougher than the president. I consider China Enemy with what going militarily in the south, China, Sea and all the rest of you travel the country. You went to diners, you want to talk to all sorts of places out there I'm not allowed. In this. I am I now Currently not I mean the averted a feeling of you know. Our intellectual property is also ghastly any that's your intellectual other intellectual, probably that's the stuff that you know. People create people
Pan european people work hard work, all their lives decree and then go they take that that's also a dash of security issue as well as an China. I people get their veto if we did in the great result. There is a pole about things that are the top concerns among the voters on a black right below, manufacturing and job creation, is, is China and their concerns about right now there are fully ripe. Don't pick up on that new on they don't. I think that sort of the intellectual don't believe that people that live out in the sort of middle part of a country consider and or think about the implications of a sort of the vast array of things the tiny does to poke at us
but they do because they see it in the house, it impacts their job and they think how that may possibly impact our national security and our privacy you they they feel sort of the day the China may have this ability to kill you know inflict on their privacy and also buying up companies in these countries. Selina zero lemme ask about this. This inspector general report comes out and we find that the senior level european some of them anyway are trashing. Tromp supporters are not just tromp supporters. The broad swath American people that don't necessarily live man hat our Greenwich Village or Beverly Hills. I mean this is a mentality that, even at the top levels of the F B, I write and tell them what they dont understand: people already Africa.
People already believed that this may have been what is happening on all levels of government, not just in the former president of the former administration, not kissed among Democrats, but they believe is deeply rooted in the bureaucracy that makes the wheels turn in this country. So when people have one president trumpet First came into office, for my before he was inaugurated was railing against. Ah, you know some of them under current with in the FBI, with the intelligence service, my profession, sort of lost it lying in bed with the voters didn't because they understood that that culture will prevail within these seclusion. That's why populism today is a vital issue. Is not a popular nineteen thirty
when it was this against a Wall Street and gifted began to think I was written in a progressive ISM rivers very progressive, but this is a healthy scepticism against all things: big, not just a big government army or be itself a big Hollywood. Look how Hollywood treat people how it looks down their noses at people mean they understand it, that there is an entire sort of hierarchy, that their views, people in the middle part of a country with contempt and never part of this populist coalition busy working thinker
conversely, monopolies this way without Google treated there, the two legislators in California, I believe they call them on one pulled out a nazi or something like that. I cant remember the exact words. Were you know, so you is itself a Silicon valley. It's also The national football- it is also a Hollywood it. Let me let me start by their government by the way miss with this guy hidden put this book please linked to Amazon. On Mark Livin Show Facebook Mark. Levine show twitter. Ok, let's talk about the NFL. Very quick because here we run out of time, the numbers are crater it. I mean, Twenty thirteen sixty seven percent, The american people were very high on the NFL yeah. What's down in the forties, and I asked you think the what is it? Thirty, four thirty five percent we dare Rebecca, Appall or a book
I think the most to the owners model and we get this guy laureate adorns. Unfortunately, the Eagles, a team- I like a lot, but I don't like him at all. I think that the only trying to figure out what to do about it, but then you have. Please, please, you really don't give a damn. Do they now they absolutely that they have nothing, but a cap which is interesting, because these are there they can For the people there are our are paying for the tickets and sick. It puts a lot of money. You ended scenario: if you worked NFL ban up with it, the collar worker rate, but they their numbers have dropped. So deeply among blue collar and it is somewhat educated, an end or to thats where degree.
Then what about some lawyers like me? Well Judah, post their families. Now it's Pr Phd, that's who love the NFL each tedious, but you might suggest Willoughby we're Headquarters Park, Avenue New York, wiser, moved away and, sir, I think you'll make it better choices or have or people in the same week then have a variety of background so that you're not make to sit making decision based on the zip code they live in a maybe you should make decisions based on it. Where's. Your time that I have another idea or, conversely, move their headquarters where they Leave social justice is required,
in the inner cities of some of the toughest cities in the country. One of they do that yeah, apparently some different. They may appear another word. You say you are an end at their, not their park avenue your every year average but A fan ah doesn't living park avenue and in their not connected. I made this bets across the board. Mark, that's I'm just a mature average for early work could live. Park avenue if he wanted to require there absolutely, but together, we think about this And when one Mr Hoover made Hoover Vacuum cleaners a hundred years ago, where do you live here with a block away from the factory? what's with the people that he worked with, his kids went to school with its people work more connected with the companies that they ran. Now, if you look at government, you
look at me. Look at all political parties. I I think said the Republican Party. She was to Columbus, Ohio, They make a much better, as does it actually understand the people that are voting voting for Thou Megabyte Hollywood, there's not enough people that went to the head of state education. I grew up in a blue collar background, sit look Brown again, who might be pro life while Selina? I want to thank you very much again outstanding book. I would encourage American sank tonight to purchase the book. Read the book. It's a very! a fascinating book and it's a reporters buckets Just your opinion. You went out there and you got facts which is very unusual today by the way yeah? There's none of my opinion. There is everything that I work: people they put Donald Trump into office, and I've known you long a time and I've known you to be a very honest reporter and God bless you. My friend have a grey weren't. You think you might have a great regard. I take care.
Strolling carried. You read the book is fascinating. Would you pay Your hard earned money to join an organisation that fought tooth and now for a government run healthcare system. How about an organisation that scripted portions of White House speeches behind closed doors to ensure the passage of Obamacare organization that stood against tax cuts for middle class, Americans and small business owners. Join that organization. Now I'm talking about their a r p, dont join that a r p instead in a MAC, conservative alternative. Instead, a MAC offers turning to digest about every benefit. The aid IP offers, but without the left wing agenda, I'm on a MAC member right now at a m, a sea that, U S when you, belong to an organisation that fight for your values like protecting our borders by enforcing you know,
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something we now know I'd. It's Friday, happy fathers date all your dad's, Grandad's great Grandad's out their hope. You have a wonderful Sunday, including my great dad track Levine dont forget to watch us this Sunday on life, Liberty and Levin. Ten p M Eastern Sevenpm Pacific. Many of you are, which is why we have such great ratings, but in turn I try to provide you a really good show Sunday night, and I know you have other things to do, and so I hope its becoming a weekly habit with you and also, finally, I hope you'll check out the year. National Hall of Fame site and give us a vote if he can text the number five hundred and ninety six thousand, it's almost over sober on Monday, five hundred and ninety six thousand that's ninety six and three zeros.
And also go to radio vote dot com when you can also vote so you can have the two votes and check us out there and give us a vote there. Maybe you can ask your family and friends to do the same thing I wish they'd. Do it this way over the National Radio Hall of Fame? But this is the way they do it. So is really! No I can do about it. I'm just amazed I pleased that they not it s because In our view, this really, as the mark Levine Show, I view this is our show and and I very much unblest and appreciate you folks out there too and by the way it's the president's birthday today. Isn't it her was a yesterday. He turned seventy two. Only one wish him a happy birthday to our right folks, Every variety since I've been on the AIR America in honour of you, my beloved audience here we go
a week is finally over. The weekend begins right now we salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emerging personnel good. I it's Friday. I really can I Pepsi goodnight smoking. Can I Zelda get out yeah, but how get ISIS get Hezbollah get although sub human cockroaches, happily fathers day? Second,
Life, Liberty and Levin on Sunday, and God bless you. Everyone.
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