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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, presidential polls this early in an election can be misleading just like Walter Mondale being ahead in June of 1983, however, these polls often go without any pushback. In 1983, 1991, 1995 and 2011 these polls were wrong. Some polls and the reporting on these polls can dispirit supporters from being aggressive political activists. However, we can't lose sight that Nancy Pelosi and Congress overall are viewed very poorly and President Trump hasn't even started campaigning yet. So many candidates have simply regurgitated the Soviet Constitution that virtually says the government will give you everything. Then, liberals continue to push the lie that Americans support impeachment. Also, freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared on "ABC This Week" for a friendly interview where she wasn't questioned on anything substantive. Later, The New York Times reviews many books, yet they overlook their own #1 bestseller "Unfreedom OF The Press." Finally, Bernie Sanders tells Fox News that only a few wealthy people control all of the power in the country—a lie disproved by the election of Donald Trump when the three wealthiest families in the U.S supported Hillary Clinton and she still lost.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now in its hundred and seventy fifth year, Hills there is a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening, and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run underground the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of unarmed script. Building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know these pole,
then promoted. It weaken long. Haven't they all weekend law and they all show the president in dire shape, and I hope the trunk campaign views that way, because I'm always a believer in at least acting like, but in fact, if necessary, Running from behind. And that has away focusing things and people, but between us, These numbers are so ridiculous, even moralising ports. Points together here that I want to read to you. Nineteen eighty three June nineteen, eighty three mandaia was- but nine percent Ronald Reagan was a thirty nine percent.
Jus. Ninety ninety one, George W Bush, was at fifty one percent. Any Democrat was a twenty eight percent. Don't know was a twenty one percent Jew. Nineteen ninety five barbed all was at forty eight percent Bill Clinton was at forty four percent two thousand one any Republican was at forty. Four percent of Burma was a thirty nine percent, and yet these poor numbers June, twenty nineteen. Way out from the election. Being treated as news there, not news. More pseudo events Absolutely unreliable now The obvious reasons there are unreliable is all the acts by the news or in one direct.
Against the present, the United States, Donald Trump. The media for the most part on it, Hacking any these Democrats, Bernie Sanders. Joe Biden Come alive, Harris Mayor, peed on fact them are celebrating the media, are promoting them. And so there hasn't been any real push back yet not only airwaves. And so this is intended. Drive down the president's popularity for impeachment, This is also intended to dispirit you shouldn't dispirit. You should turn and too aggressive activists. So an eighty three, ninety one, ninety five and twenty eleven the Poles were wrong. Now, doesn't apples are wrong, doesn't mean the present to show showing doesn't mean, presents gonna win tuna. Take all of us,
everything we can in our lives and our roles to help him? He can't do it himself It's also going to involve a strategic campaign that have to spend tens of millions of dollars predict. Given all the negativity with the news. And so now we're gonna have these endless poles prior to the election, which are intended to create the impression the trunk cannot win Fox Paul Biden, thirty, nine or forty nine trump. Thirty, nine that we have these so called battle. States with this is significant blue collar population, and these will be bigger battles as time now. Why would they be bigger battles assigned Democrats are aware that they got with them states and they didn't spend enough time or money there and they had a horrible can.
So whatever they did they're going to trial and alter it. So that always makes him. A difficult leather and we don't even under the nominees yet and all these proposal, They're making really have been scrutinised heavily MR petition. They really haven't been scrutinised in terms of their effect on the population. I mean I can think one of the top of my head. All of them have opposed serious, effective security on the border, the american people. Don't want one point: two million people coming in here illegally every year on Vetted We're wyoming their schools overwhelming their long for an overwhelming their hospitals with these. Well diseases popping up now these ten cities and all the rest of it How can people are into that? but that hasn't even really been confronted in a significant way yet politically to counter them,
He and the Democrats. Democrats in the house are representative wasting time pushing there medical agenda. They really haven't been confronted yet either in any significant political way. They will be see, policy is enormously unpopular throughout the country. Congress is despise throughout the country. The media are despise throughout the country. So the president has any Mcgann rolling, yet health care, nothing can be worse, then many care for all, because it'll be explained that Medicare Fraud means the elimination of Medicare member that the third world politics, medical and social security. All of a sudden. It's not know it still is that doesn't mean there the reforms that are to be put in place, but that's not what being proposed. What's being Posed is the elimination of Medicare all of you who, into it in a retired. Now all of you
paid a new and are retired. Now that money is gone and America raw illegal aliens, we'll get the same kind of medical treatment as a senior, whose seventy nine years old and has spent his or her entire life paying into the system. That's not. They go down well with the american People Democratic Republic and are in between and focus on the economy. What exactly is the Democrats want to do the economy? Finally, where energy independent they want to destroy them with their green new deal. They want destroy all modern amenities, but us. What else can you can it mean. I mean these are three areas that are well deserving of engagement, only the present only needs for five areas to run on.
And to me, when it comes to the substance of these issues, And when it comes to campaign spending. On television ads on radio ads and, more importantly, on the grass roots, then you ve got an engagement and these Democrats they have records to barely barely Rather, the surfers has barely been scratch on their record, barely been scrapped. But I'll be more than scrap but have our surgery. If you will Mayor PETE, nobody knows a damn thing about mayor pay Other than he's married to another guy, why couldn't keep telling us they keep getting in front of a ok, great How does it have to do anything? Mayor, PETE, Corey,
thou lousy record as the mayor of Newark, Lousy, Newark, hasn't changed, didn't change, unemployed, Booker. Kamala Harris Harris Hypocrite Fraud says one thing when he's a prosecutor says another thing: now Joe Biden has flip love so much. I need a neck price. Just over. Just a pay attention knows campaign the very weak candidates, very weak candidates, And, of course, Bernie Sanders Bernie the Red and that's what they call em Bernie, the red. Bernie? The red goes out there with his typical marxist platitudes, his age has been stolen from the nineteen thirty six chapter, ten star, Slash soviet Constitution now so far
been the only one is pointed that out, but others will follow. It's just a matter of time. And so these poor members mean nothing, and yet they push him in Post war, Iraq and look at the look Battle hasn't even been engaged, yet it's been a one way battle with the Democrats in this house, with the Democrats in the media content pounding pounding pounding pounding. In fact, what is interesting is that the democratic one of a bigger lead. Then they presumably do with these pole, I'm quite serious, just look at nineteen? Eighty, three June July, Eighteen, eighty two mandates, forty nine percent Reagan. Thirty nine one of the greatest Landslides and electoral history was reckoned defeating Mondo in his re election A model at forty nine, a regular thirty, nine mass of electoral college victory. Mass
popular vote VIC, I mean massive Ronald, in one: every state, not the district of Columbia. Every but Minnesota, any only lost Minnesota by a couple thousand votes, one thousand or so vote switched in Reagan would have one all the state maybe George Washington's, the only one to the other one to do that, I haven't research to, but not many, and they had on behind that bottle. Clinton in June ninety ninety five Bob dog out whipped. He ran a poor campaign and look at twenty eleven June. Any Republican. Forty four percent Obama, thirty nine percent, but we got any Republican. His name was Romney a disaster and Stella disaster by the way, and so
anything. Can change these numbers. Anything can change these numbers and yet all week long look at the polls. Look at the polls again, if you an insider you working in the trunk campaign, you look at this stuff and you gotta, you gotta, be thinking Your message and think about we're. Gonna, put your resources and all that exactly, but we, the public, we're looking at this stuff and its intended. You, you and me, and then they say that the present the United States has fired is pollsters, because you didn't Their numbers, that's no way fired, is pollsters, whoever they are, and I don't know who they are. My understanding there were leaks, that's why he farther. But again I don't know I don't the pulse desire and I don't know why they were fired. Who were fibre? I mean who they are all but would appear to me that there are five because of leaks.
I'll, be right back ban since its found. Eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speech, digestive hailstones college in primacy. Dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published, and Nineteen: seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job, issues. Like free speech, there regulation of big tech, mental ill. And the American Medical insurance system and because because founding principles are so important. Helstone
a prison Primus, absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to and for free Here's what I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's an Primus I! m p. I am I S. Daughter, was there that EU welcome to Helstone like our bodies are rights, good Immediate, been reporting that support for impeachment as jumped in a new Nepal report for impeachment has jumped okay. Now, let's look at the numbers as they did override school.
Here's the dirty little secret. They say explaining why far less progressive liberals are tearing their hair out in abject frustration at the establishment. Democrats were pumping the brakes when a This headline that makes it sound like tons and tons of american support impeachment support for trumps impeachment increases by ten points. They all newspaper. But when you take a look at the numbers which nobody does because everyone just react to the headlines, it's just twenty: seven percent of Americans who supported twenty seven percent- that's it from the hills port for impeachment. Hearings for president troubles increased more than one quarter. Arrogance according to a new Paul, the Embassy NEWS Wall Street Journal poorly Sunday found a twenty seven percent of Americans. Believe there is As evidence, ok, impeachment hearings to begin impeachment hearings for President Trump now obtained percentage.
Points from last month. Twenty. Percent? Do you think that means little help them if they rushed and Peter heard them, it'll kill them. Because it's only gonna go downhill from there. That's why Pelosi doesn't want to push impeachment and I've said over and over again there trying to push the president's Popularity numbers down they keep saying stuck in the forty stuck into you know, I'm maize that he's not in the thirties, given all the negative precedent gets the endless negative precedent. Guess where they're trying to kid An impression that is the media are of your president. That is a false impression. You know so bogus have they been, That was what you would call and I'll take when George,
definite plus interviewed the president any muster interviewed him for hours and hours and hours. I'm not sure why the president would agree to it. A many is a Clinton hitman. And all they're going to do is cherry pick and they're gonna edit. And I was asked if I would do sixty minutes, not that sixty minutes has offered anything. But whether I would do sixty minutes with my book in an interview of course, I wouldn't, except under one circumstance. No editing of my interview. No editing whatsoever. Whatever the segment is twenty minutes, seventeen minutes twelve minutes Do the interview live the tape, no editing, but there never going to agree. Because here they exist create a narrative? I just wrote my whole book on this and they tip.
They create the narrative for people like me, that is people they reject and oppose and looked down upon. And so the presently United States, presently mulvaney coughing in the background, ok tells mulvaney to step out, which is right because you don't coughing during the course of an interview, that's being taped, that's all he did. You know they played that they play the outbreak. On television and other plenty of everywhere. Why would they do that? That's real bushel that's right. Amateur our that's real hit job stuff! That's why? What, conservative tromp, in my view, after our within individual, whose not a journalist who supply after hour after hour, with
individual who's, not a journalist who pretend journalist, whose provocateur, whose The main points whose looking to be celebrated in his own packing Entity that is packed mentality of fellow journalists. Does it serve any positive purpose? In my view,. So what do we get out of this interview from Steph Annapolis that went on and on and on and on cheap shots? oh, you got out of it cheap shots, because that's what ABC News after the they were done on Ireland and big pieces at tape left by cutting floor. If you will that's why, ABC News and the rest of the media wanted to focus on, and so we get endless coverage of something that never happened. That is a foreign country. Giving the present the United States opposition razor endless too thing spending of what he said,
Really dishonest: why said, I think, it take it, and I think that also give it to the FBI peasant man, it's like Charlottesville Their narrative and are going to push it impeachment. Twenty seven percent, one each man hearings, I mean seven. Three percent: don't copyright, folks, many of our nations oldest colleges, were founded a teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but Sir Thirdly, many have lost their way locked in the grip of political. This they no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism. Thankful If there's hills Del College since its family in eighteen, forty four hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety and his
still enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple and profound: to help stew. I understand what is noblesse and best in yourself and the World Hills, they'll colleges, liberal arts, education and vibrant campus community help students form a foundation for the rest of their lives, a truly life defining experience. So, if you're, looking for a college that prizes learning and values intellectual enthusiasm, Everyone shares a strong sense of meaning and purpose welcome to hills. A college. Please vote. The Hills, Dale DOT, Ye D, you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more that's hills, Dale, DOT, EU slash admissions, says it better than Mark Laverne. Mark said nobody could better call. Now I read seven seven, three aid, one. Three: eight one, one camp Ashraf:
as a great group. You ve heard of them on this programme and Cabot Philips as the reporter and he's had the universe, The Virginia right, MR producer. Oh Mary Map, thereat campus of Mary Map, Cuvier. Anyway, he's interviewing these these states. I want you to hear this, because this is what I'm talking about. There is a an attitude or a belief system. That's been created by the media created by the Democrats with respect to Trump, but there has been very little push back. My turn by the present and entreated him turn back from a campaign perspective. You know what you really unleashed against your opponent, that has done because in the desert an opponent. Yet so all these Democrat Candidature trashing m: these can determining the house. Her trashing up the Phoney journal, in the media are trashing him and there's no push back
other than the present order. There shower some other shows in summer, but not ache. Sorted focused campaign funded push back, so none of that's happened yet before any these Paul's. So here's campus form. Cabot, Philips interviewing some college students take a lesson who would you, for in the presidential election tween, don't trump and Joe Biden I'll have to go with leadership, which is Joe Biden Persona go for Joe by combining Joe Biden job. I have ass, you call it through here. I want you to guess who said them between Donald Trump for Joe Biden. I somewhat com. Therefore quotes from the past. First quote you can
Go to a seven eleven are Duncan doughnuts. Unless you have a slight india accent. We think said the tramp tramp falling from as a bee aches might say Donald Trump, downtown, Donald Trump. Next stop. This was to a largely african american audience quote. If my opponent wins they're gonna put you back in chains again, something that southern tramp tramp tramp down on TAT Joe Biden. Next up. This was about President Obama. He called him quote the first mainstream african American who is articulate and bright and clean
from our trump again. You think said that, in terms of our trump, what if I told you that all those actually Joe Biden, surprising Mary S, crazy, that's uprising here has now is not surprising that for any racist, so now, barely GAD surprising, that's really surprising. Wisest brighter I never heard any of those things are for the fact that you told me there now MIKE damn. Is he really say? Is that's something really support. Would this potentially impact your vote course Eliza, Well, I mean like says it: all that was tromp like without delay,
obviously I am dying, but apparently you know I gotta reconsider that. So I didn't look more in depth, really see what I mean again over time works. The big lie works, I can point Two, I believe was- and I've talked about this pilot. Let me, let me remind you, are underscore this point. I think it was August of last year, MR, So where I said there had been, a pull that came out were twenty five percent of african Americans, maybe male african Americans, but leg was african Americans generally were supporting Trump had up. Does it have you a tremor thy rich. From that moment all. More than even before August last year
He had been pounding him pounding him pounding him as a racist. Is a white supremacist as a nationalist really intensely trying to to paint a picture of Trump as a racist. Because they lose twenty five percent of the black vote to Trump. They can't when they can't win. If just twenty five percent of the black focused trump, they lose. That's why they keep pounding him as erases, not because he is, but because their diabolical with their propaganda. And I want to repeat something else: I've told you.
People come and go and a programme- and I just want to repeat this- goes its import knife I feel Donald Trump has hired in paid more minority, Then all of his media critics, combined than all of the Democrats in Congress who attack him combined. He is hired more african Americans, more Latinos. Why asian Americans, you name it, then his critics ever more than that, more than shift Well, then, policy. More than CNN, but I is a a lawsuit discrimination lawsuits facing more than New York Times, the washed and poet you name.
More than Joe Scarborough make aversion ski more than Chris. Could I went down lemon more than Jake Tapir think about it. These are facts, not propaganda facts. Are you sure those interview. It's amazing when you give people facts how their attitudes are affected by it when you give them propaganda, it's also affected by that's why I wrote on freedom of the press d, call this a free press, Pushes lies and narratives they seek to defeat a certain opponent or elect somebody who they they agree with, give you another example this we have Thenardier, Casio, Cortez, she's gonna. Be these this week. Why? Why?
He barely one. A democrat primary therefore want a big general election in a heavy Democrat district Guaira Mister. Schooners thinking a running. He's already run circles around her by the life, but what does she contribute? the debate she's a moron she's, a leftist. So she's on ABC this week and the Democratic Party, And so she's on ABC this week and the Democratic Party And the media are so hard core left that they pretend I have a problem, Nancy pillows then on a problem. Nancy policy then Nancy Policy at all. They're, just using her as Springboard for more radical agenda,
she's, quite radical Nancy close? We all know that. But here she is with John Carl let me see and she won't get any of the kinds of set up questions. Donald Trump got from point. I'd with a hammer ride, George staff Annapolis cuts. So closely. Those bigger, plus he's really held her line on powers that flying with progressive impeachment. I think for me, This question has should not be about Paul It should not be about elections. I think that that there's no listener. Does she already sound like an idiot, I mean go ahead, This is about the presents and evidence of the president may have committed a crime in this case more than one
that our decision on Parisian and may have committed a crime while attacks better than Pelosi who says the President has committed a crime very fascistic of her the president should be impeach because he may have committed a crime. Despite the fact he was already investigated or mark, you can prove that he didn't obstruct justice. Despite the fact that was no effort, and I M an obstruction of justice. Stephen raised the issue with the attorney general he should be impeach, for that is what the standard is. No, it's not the standard for impeachment at all. But what are we dealing with a constitutional illiterate and economic illiterate Galahad almost an hour? institutional responsibilities and duties and not in elections, are pulling mapping sad with the ink
Paul. I now you see you see, ladies and gentlemen, should have nothing to do with pause. But that said, With the increase in passing, I just told you about an increase in Paul's right: twenty seven percent. It went from seventeen to twenty seven percent who wanted peach here after all these months, a propaganda on cable. We all network tv on satellite tv on radio. All these months of propaganda in the New York Times in the washed imposed and the rest of the day. In day out, impeachment impeachment constitutional crisis obstruction obstruction color In conclusion, we want is tat as we want is bank accounts the emoluments whatever they can throughout the world. Munson years and years of this they got twenty seven percent.
But a yo see pay K, a is a dead end, her she doesn't hear she's a very safe district, so she thinks right, MR, Aspirin, but she thinks she's in a very safe district anyway,. And she's willing to Hannah she's a kamikaze Democrat. What she is go ahead, I now recognising in much broader scale, the death in the severity of the misconduct coming out of the White House and demand to protect our institutions and protect the rule of law, and seventy three percent of the american people say no. Twenty seven percent say yes and chief claims to be speaking for the people. I guess
Take third great math really is not her strong point. Let's see a hundred minus twenty seven leaves seventy three ops I mean, and yet she speak. The people. How is that? So, when you are elected from one congressional district, Hetty speak for the people for the american people and always amazes me, they say trumpet and when the popular vote trumped in winning the popular vote, we'll trunk got more votes than Eo C and Pelosi combined. Didn't he. We want to look at the polls, but not really, but yes, but not sure by kind up, but that really. And this is from the Washington, examiner the great actual journalist pompadour Paul, and this is today
a o c dislike distrusted, unwanted in our own New York District, she's a star on the national political stage, but democratic new representative ass is viewed sceptically back in her queens and Bronx fourteen congressional district, according to a new door to door, Sir It found that she is a low twenty one percent, favorability rating- they just eleven Sent believe she has their best interests in mind and then only thirteen percent, the vote to re elect their. The survey of registered voters was conducted by the political Action committee. Are getting her with a federal Election commission complaint. Stop they asked pack. A previous survey by the group found that residents were upset with the lawmakers opposition to bringing an Amazon headquarters to the district in part due to a ass complaint
Amazon Baghdad, a moving to her district, so she killed thousands of jobs, really good jobs, because that's what marxists do? And I'm sure she was asked about that. I may be sees this week. Aren't you, MR producer, the congresswoman and these stop. The AOL see pack have tussled for weeks, especially after the group's founder Washington attorney Dan Backer final net, say complaint against a campaign. Backers said that he has a particularly strong dislike for a acts left this politics and wanted to test it. Strict Desir she's vulnerable to a primary or general election challenged. The answer is yes, she is the key finding forty two percent are unfamiliar with forty two percent. Fifty one point never an unfavourable view of her thirty three percent,
I need a vote against and only thirteen percent will vote for her. Now. If you look at the media at all the opposite right, overwhelmingly favourable they'd vote for her two seconds, that's the disconnect and they keep promoting or why she's done as adorn up all. How can you say that true this merging door. Knobs I'll, be right back then every human being has a common, problem: how do I live well, Happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills to college isn't it Larry aren't, argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's. Nick I'm a key and ethics and
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I am for hills doubt that come on hour and want to touch on the remarkable work times added again story: And I want to thank our bodies, a news busters him, our sea TIM, Graham Bread, but What a fabulous organization! I told you earlier about I've been invited on sixty minutes had I wanna leave the wrong impression, but is a little foot dancing going on here, and my attitude is okay. Well, let's do it. This way live to tape and no editing MA am I can't do that? That's trouble at means trouble.
Now we ve been number one on the New York Times best seller list e book and hard cover combined and E book separate from hard cover separate number one for three weeks in a row. Then I'll be up to you, whether its four weeks and around we'll find out on Wednesday, but the new times, reviews books and I don't really. That. They don't review my book because, though, just do a hatchet job, that's ok! It's kind of weird that they haven't. You know. Mister reduce rights had eight near ties, best sellers, six number ones in a row. I dont know that. Any conservative author has ever had six number one New York Times, Nonfiction Hardcover books in Iraq. Can you think a one? I think I'm it. I think, I'm it And do you know they ve, never reviewed one of my books. Now,
Being Fordham just talking to you, I radio family, Now they did a whole thing. Yesterday, apparently, on their book section doing books on Sunday and they picked out some never trappers and call conservatives. They picked out a couple, a good conservatives and trash them but I want to tell you more than we were now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Can only body mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, this poor kid that
read the reef where they rescinded his admiration because a pass remarks couple years back when you. Sixteen. Since journeys a survivor from the parkland may shooting in Fairly conservative and his political enemies. Lobbied Harvard in their missions office not to allow him to attend so Harvard buckled. Kyle cash. I'm have a recommendation in Cairo. I don't speak for Hailstone college, but if I were you that's where I would try and get him and that's where I would go and give you a strong recommendation. I mean Mostly folksy was sixteen he's been through a lot. He repulsive jaws repeatedly and pressure Harvard look? What kind of school is harming when it? What a joke absolute, Joe, very speed?
Jugs his whole genre: let's go back to the New York Times, Buddy TIM Gram writing at news busters. He says so fascinating happened. He writes this afternoon in the New York Times Book Review on Sunday yesterday they offered five separate reviews of books by conservatives court unquote. Even as they continue to ignore the number one nonfiction balk at the top of their own best sellers list on freedom of the press. I live in. It should be surprising, since Levine devoted an entire chapter iv on freedom took, posing then savory history, the times especially the jewish, on paper. A record intentionally hid the news of the Holocaust and its back pages when it and talked about it, which was rare its calling me. They did far less than glowing reviews, views of Victor Davis hands and invent Shapiro. They also brought onto gay authors to assess to never trump cards.
Urban of so called PETE Wainwright. George will. Even then they are shame for being insufficient. That is insufficient attackers. Let's see James Karadzic, a fellow at the Liberal Brookings, situation. Currently, writing history of gay DC reviewed way. Tom, the death of politics and could not identify any thing extremist and the Obama algae B Each new mandates are the lawsuits against catholic nuns. That would explain the christian support for Trump. And it goes on about George Wilma George will and p winner are never trappers. I had their way Hillary Clinton would be present in the United States are not even in a waste my time on those two. Quite frankly, I'm just not there. Davis, Hansen's book. I read it. I heard on the radio show twice I had one life, Liberty and Levin before them, and-
Ben Shapiro. We had one my programme and So Book Ben's book, but their trashed, of course, New York Times Now one of the New York Times reviewed my book made have some manner, hatchet woman are hatch trends gendering person. Do it right, like national pubic radio, washed and compost. And what was the other one in the Britain, the guardian just junk, barely literate hit pieces. But it is amazing, isn't it that they can do something like this I mean than anyone could force them to do otherwise. Isn't an amazing I've written eight books over the last fifteen years April cover a range of issues. Starting with men in black rescuing
right liberty and tyranny, and so forth, not one word, liberty and tyranny in the end sold about one point: five million copies in all forms The most successful substantive conservative book in a generation eight New York Times best sellers six now number one sick number one! Now, if I were a liberal doing this right at me, celebrate it all up who look at this? He should be a procurator, don't ever happen again Complaints, I'm just explaining the hypocrisy. And how the media work and how the media were. What cuz? You have a big radioset, there's a lot of people. Big radio shows that don't have eight near at hand. Best sellers and six number ones in a row. Could it be
people are interested in what I write. Could it be that Who are attacking us all the time I want to read them to come to truth. Illusions. Unlike the phoney reviews, I've been done. Is there somebody else? It has more than six number one New York Times best seller books have actually done their own research. In writing. I honestly I met again. I can't many conservative. Can you, MR producer? None to me. It's not good enough to write to yourself my need to write a book. You should try and write a book that may interest an audience that have an impact you want to write for five hundred years from now in your long dead and gone and hope that the society then picks up your book Guy was something else about trying to affects us
Any today, even though I feel certain books will certainly outlive me, but that's not why the written that's now either written New times, reviews books from the right skips number one best seller by mark of enough first of all people. To me, is not of the right he's. A Bush guys. Three minutes in the regular ministration. Remember the ruling in a few columns with him, or he thought the George W Bush was more conservative than Ronald Reagan. You get it he's a Bush guy who was deputy to Car Rove, who hates trump and therefore anybody who sports trump must be really dumb, because peace really smart, going to end which will put off by trumped personality. He just is much like the left
George well, has been hawking his book on CNN and MSNBC. On scene, in an msnbc, he cannot come to grips with The trump became presently United States, and so we cannot, in my humble opinion, do an honest assessment of his record Like winner, in my humble opinion, came to an honest assessment of his record, the fact, In so many areas, not all, but so many areas trumpet far more conservative than George W Bush George W Bush for that matter. Not every issue, but many many issues, if not most issues. In my opinion,. Anyway, there's your New York Times same thing: over again. They can't control themselves inside. They're into censorship. Let's pretend Levine's but doesn't exist, and while why we're at a cost as book is
this is going nowhere. And I'll tell you why- and I say this not to be provocative but to be helpful here about himself and he himself in the best way possible, Nike Superman. You know saving the country from a rope president it's more the same that you dont like. It's not a serious take on the media, the press. There is really no serious history in the book twice. My copy my book ever, you know you really only understand the history, the business hearing you might want to read at least one trap now course not they're, not particularly interested in reading in the media. Cheap shots. Yes, cherry picking s reading now. And so this is the kind of report Can you get even on the book reviews?
since Sunday section of the near tat they want to attract It thinks about that over there and NBC. Not really. I can careless I'll be right, back then with a daily fake news. Dont point through your tv mobile phones. Computers? You may have missed some real news. Like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, sir. Tis suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food. But what this study does Cover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and vegetables. Your diet, which is why I recommend that you start taking field of greens by Brick house nutrition. Just one scoop of field of greens has a all serving a real USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables. It help
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brains, gotta, brick House, Levine, DOT, com, brick House, Levin, dot com offered code, Levin Bernie Sanders was ass. They fairly simple question on Fox on Sunday. He refuses stance on a watch. The Sunday shows, because I dont like most of the programmes to be honest with you, but now and then there's an interesting clip, although its relatively rare, so usually, I use these clips and the people, Miss foibles men, so we'll do that again. Caught one go there. Let me draw down on that, because here is what the Maria of ART, the executive director of the devil
Socialists for America tell the New York Times last year. Our ultimate goal really is for working people to run our society and run our workplaces and our economies and back in the seventies, you seem to agree. There's a quote from I favour the public ownership of utilities. Thanks, And major industries senator do you, I believe that in the public gallery a major in a way that was now I live in the city that you thought where I am right now we do have public ownership of our actual Robin and they know a pretty good job lot of electric compartments all over the country, ugly, although I believe that workers should more say. Sitting on the boards of large corporations- yes, I do I do. I do but we should break up
some of the major buying about why this is the typical trick of the marxist. Just keep going back to your talking points, make them is populist as possible. But do not get to the core of your ideology because Sanders knows what you know, and I know that the american people would reject the public ownership of major industries. But this is how sleazy leftists conduct themselves Bernie Sanders as a sleazy leftist go ahead, and support credit unions, community bags? Yes, I do so really. One of the things that we have to look at is the fact that power in this country rests with justly and for people you know it doesn't know it. Doesn't it
This country rested with a handful of people. Hillary Clinton one have been president because the three wealthiest families in the country Basis Gate and what's said buffet, they are opposed Donald Trump, so Hilary be present in the United States not damaged but that's how I go ahead. Financial institutions that are vast it's a couple of the fifty four percent of the GDP. Now I'd say he says you ve got. Six financial institutions have assets equivalent to fifty four percent of the GDP. What is wrong with that financial institutions do, ladies and gentlemen,. They loan money for capital invest, for r and d for mortgages for car laws. What
this hate with financial institutions and his numbers games his numbers games, fifty four, percent of the gdp you ve got. Six financial institutions have assets equivalent to fifty four percent of the GDP really and what percentage? The private economy is the federal government. He don't want to talk Each over? A hundred per cent. Over a hundred percent are Claw Amre, almost a hundred per cent. While the economy makes a little over eighteen trillion dollars on all goods and services and the on budgets, financial, fiscal- that is twenty two trillion. So dad is bigger than the gross domestic product. He doesn't mention that.
It has a mention. Unfunded liabilities had over two hundred fifty trillion dollars, which is mind boggling, then he's not going to so. Who cares if fifty four, If, if six four- and I don't even know if these numbers true, but I'm prepared to take it on, go ahead, then solutions control the flow of trillions of dollars. We talk about democracy. It means such as voting. Every two years is giving working people more of a say. Why don't you tell us which institutions they are, so all of us can buy stock in them. You see, ladies and gentlemen, capitalism. Is the most democratic economic system that can ever exist. You can participate in it. You can participate in it. If you want to purchase son of Amazon go ahead, if you want to purchase,
Microsoft go ahead if Europe, purchase one of these dark unworthy. Six financial instead to go ahead. That's where your pension money goes, its were mutual funds. Robber, the stock market, it's a public market, there's nothing more public than the stock market. Bond market. Even understand, bonds and aluminium doesn't matter there. They the bomb mark you want to buy commodities by commodities, and so, is not the same thing in a truly socialist society, because the government controls these industries, you can't buy under them. You can't buy into them.
People, please pressure Bernie Sanders to debate me. Please pretty! Please are, let's put it this way to have a discussion that have a discussion Me too, what these six financial institutions, whatever they are, don't have the power to make laws the power, the fine you the power to impose the government has all those powers and the power to print money. Let me tell you how great these These ideas are a Bernie Sanders, so called democratic socialism where the people he stands for the people there's an opinion peace by Mary? What June fifteenth over the weekend Saturday in USA today? So much
physically present Donald Trump sweetens recent state visit to the United Kingdom sparks poverty over healthcare at a press conference Trump stated that everything on the table in negotiations regarding a post breaks, a trade agreement The United States and the United Kingdom, including the country's national health service, in a chess british politicians immediately responded with outrage. Our any chess is not for sale. Twitted Labour opposition leader in Anti semite, big leader, Jeremy, carbon, but as the mother of a child with cystic fibrosis. I know something else: that's not for sale in Britain, life saving. Bugs for years the DNA chases denied british patients idling this life threatening jet genetic disorder access to a drug. I am going to try and pronounce it art or commend, b, o r K. I envy I created to treat the underlying cause of cystic fibrosis.
The denials come not because the treatment doesn't work. The european Medicines Agency approved it in November twin fifteen and in the United States, where the drug is available. Those from the salmon have seen improvements and long function and a decrease in dangerous long infections. Instead, British National Institute for Health and clinical Excellence which goes by the orwellian name of nice, has denied patients access to this treatment on cost grounds alone. The United States, private insurance, Medicare plants cover the drug generally and some patient and work with outside assistance and grant programmes to help cover out of pocket costs chief commercial officer, perverse, takes pharmaceutical company. That makes it Stuart our buckle, so The any treasures ass has a ninety percent discount compared to what German government pays. He noted accurately his belief that the n a chess is undervaluing the benefits. The
Medicines can have her people living with cystic fibrosis, Why do they do that? Doesn't want to spend the money. They don't want to spend the money. This is socialist healthcare, it kills people, it kills people this health care costs more than this. I don't know if you're factor in taxes- I doubt it, but let's say it: does we have access to drugs but he has access to at a price The house has access to I'll, be right! Back you wake up in them. Morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel blow red, tired and out of shape eating healthy as a habit, us, don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of green, every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of filled. The greens has a
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call him with your outrage, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. Eighty, The lobbying continues people to come on life ready and live, and they don't understand when you're lobby me I'm not interested. I pick the same would guess on this same a guess: Felicia. I don't need to be lobbied. And not try to be rude or anything like that. I'm just saying that the same people seem to think that they have a right to be a guess. They have no right to be a guess. The other shows about you, the audience. That's all it's about they went about me one day They replace goes one day, I'm gonna retire. I'm not gonna were not gonna, be on radio. The day before I die. I Taylor right now seem with tv. That's not gonna happen.
And somebody also be here and if they want to fourteen guests on their tv and radio, shows, go ahead. I don't do things that way. It's too a portent. In my view, I have guests born guess, but though the lobbying is it, it doesn't serve any purpose. Does it you know what you're right now it doesn't work that way. Have you ever ask yourself just how can I live a virtuous life, happiness and well being depend on how we answer that question hills. Dough President Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject as Aristotle's Nick I'm making an ethics where Aristotle presents a guide for securing such a virtuous life in just and on demand videos each only three. The minutes long you'll learn how to confront the primary obstacles to happiness and make the choices that bill good character. Now this new free online course from Hills Del College shares Aristotle's teachings with you and it can help you lead.
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Maybe you ve, given them gifts already? Maybe a habit! Can you think of a better gift to you, somebody who's, just graduated from college or high school, then on freedom of the press, a millennium. This is the perfect book now, particularly now that summers here on freedom of the press and others who are looking for something there? So if there is a young person in your life, a child grandchild nephew, niece cousin, what have you a millennia? This is the perfect book now, particularly now that summers On freedom of the press and others who are looking for something the red during the summer, again, I'm telling you This is a very substantial book, important book, It is also very entertaining again read the fight.
Stars on amazon dot com? So I would encourage you this summer. Let's keep it up. Let's get the word out here. Half the tears you're, the Thomas Pains on freedom of the press It's up on Amazon, dot com at forty percent off its hang in there because of you. The number one three weeks and around the New York Times by socialist. We don't really care about the New York Times, but we do like to annoy them. But it's been the number one hottest nonfiction book in the country now for about a month. Run again, that's because of all of you who been reading at the other end People are telling me yes when they see people with the book. They know that person is a patriot. I've heard that before. Which is also very cool.
Will I tell me the Ella Ex Airport. You can't find one copy of on freedom of the press because they haven't stocked it. Now, that's pretty pathetic That's the busiest airport in the country, but it certainly one of the busiest airports from the country I mean is politics: we have to infiltrate everything. What if people want to read a book why you have access to it in so many places in it so convenient to get a copy and its heavily disc and his wits weird about this business to once the books apps being a best seller. It's no longer Forty percent off its eye. Thirty twine in nineteen percent off so the time again, it is one it's hot. I know that seems unusual cause of supply and demand. I can't Lane I don't really understand the publishing business. I just write books. But if you want to know why. I'm gonna guess.
That by now we ve sold two hundred and seventy five thousand copies and all formats, maybe three hundred thousand, all no more by the end of Wednesday, if you, if you want to wonder why I think I think, when you read it ya, know so on freedom of the press is never too late to have. It is never too late to give it they really isn't, because this is gonna, go on all the way to the election. All the way to the here's. The other thing, maybe you watch People on tv or listening to re on your hand, them talk a lot more about the pressing than they ever did. That's because of us over the whole call here is to push a movement to really support freedom of the press and to expose the on free press in this country. Freedom of the press and we're going to see more more freedom when it comes to the press has take. Now
The advances as there's more more competition, more alternatives that the so called news, which is hundred through the progressive mindset and pushed through certain media outlets That we no longer need to is much attention of that. That is that, though, be options. And in the interviews that I've done. There's been a lot of questions about. What's the future have where we're gonna go with this, we don't need it: plan to go anywhere. We don't need a ten point plan. Freedom begets freedom, freedom begets freedom, tyranny begets tyranny, and so the a free press, his lungs, losing subscribers losing viewers losing readers. Still very dangerous because pushing propaganda. And pseudo events, as news under
I'm the whole concept of free speech and freedom of the press, but it creates alternatives decree. Competition as long as the government stays out of it. And we're seeing more more or less? What do you think? The left once neutrality, they caught internet neutrality, memory, they use, words had have the opposite, meaning. They want to control the internet. What do you think these autocrat regimes like China, wrestle control. The internet d. They control the papers are manufactured most of the pay hers and tv, and so I support them anyway, like Russia, tv. Seen in the equivalent of Russia Tv Providence. Then we know the problems with the near times and washed imposed, to open up a whole new world in front of you.
And especially with young people. You heard that campus reform audio and the first hour if he didn't well, you have college students who are being given quotes that our Joe Biden quote. And they're asking without being told in advance if they think tromp set it or buying, said. In every case, but one They said it was Trump, and these are racist type statement, but it was Biden, that's the power and the diabolical major a propaganda. The daily drumbeat, the daily run beat on and on and on the purpose of on freedom of the press is to unravel this. It's done raveling and I want to tell them So the New York Times, if he'd, do decided to a book review, you need answer for chapter six:
need to do a lot more than you have done in the past, because the american people, thanks to this book chapter six in this radio, show, there aren t you now they know who you are thanks to chapter one. The american people who read this book But who have gone to the whole media progressive? social activism concept, that's being pushed now, thanks to after to those of you have read it, you know that twice before even the revolutionary war that they're the ones the printers pamphleteers and so forth, hoop
the case for revolution and representative government, small government, private property rights? Unalienable right, let doesn't happen a day said you get Bernie Sanders a constant guest, pushing the opposite on freedom of the press, Thrun freedom of the press, your having a compelling understanding of liberty. Individualism of free speech of freedom of the press of american history. Of how special this place is as opposed to what get from a yo see, use constantly promoted or Omar I'd tell you who are constantly promoted and so forth, and so on In these days, the response has been enormous,
This isn't some slash dash slapdash drop. I don't do that ever every word in there is cited or mine one of these. It's not somebody else, ghostwriting During the research it's me and on freedom of the press, So we have a long summer ahead of us. See these battles in the press. More the reason, now more than ever,. You're gonna sit around the pool again. Vacation gotta be wherever you are, get your copy of unfair the press, may I suggest you get it before you go to the airport. What's taking place and allow LISA airports. Very simple to get online and it's a book yeah. I read in a day or two, I don't think you'll put it down read it in a day or two. Amazon dot com and every
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He has the same access and you don't have to pay because you have already paid through the nose with confiscatory tax rates and take profit motive out, and you got the government controlling everything. The garment tell them that doctors and the nurses and the janitor and the government controlling the facility in the administration. It spectacular, everybody has free healthcare. No, it's not. It's thinks. Bernie Sanders all he can run as his mouth pay. I like that as a campaign line, don't you must reduce Bernie Sanders. The only thing is ever run as his mouth. She said: have a good job and insurance, but high health care costs still drove me to bankruptcy last month and report on single pair healthcare. The congressional budget office describe some of the many problems that Britain's health system faces.
It noted that a slowdown in any chess budget increases this decade has created severe financial strains on the healthcare system provider. Payment rates have been reduced. Many providers have incurred financial deficits, as has even with government healthcare ass of taxes and wait times receiving care have increased and patients who have the same condition. She writes as my daughter, cystic fibrosis, cannot receive access to try. Since they could say we're extend their lives. And, ladies and gentlemen, that is the bottom line. That is the bottom line, Socialism is inhumane cause, it's unnatural. Single parents. Supporters who want to bring the any choice model to our country should talk to some of the south. The patient's denied access through any chest to this miracle drug better. Yet they should talk to their parents and love once, but they
at sea in a, but they dont MSNBC, but lay down at the New York Times and unwashed imposed. Because it would undermine the narrative is apparent of such a child myself. I constantly gives thanks for the range of treatments available to my daughter here in the United States. And hurricane she will soon start taking a newer drug manufactured by the same company that produces archimedes that nowhere Drug Sim DEC Is similarly not currently covered by a chess when the time our insurance, will cover the cost and we will be responsible for a monthly coping with the option like other sea of families. Work with patient assistance programmes, and this is the other thing Bernie Sanders goes off on this government run healthcare. These pharmaceutical companies have assistance programmes if you can show them that these drugs or an affordable or if they're, they're, just so expense
that they will alter your fear, your lifestyle in a significant way she says I couldn't imagine the torture that some parents and door knowing that a government bureaucrats Into the way of their children receive lifesaving treatments. Britain can That's a chess all it likes. As for my family and me we will suffer. The innovation that America's healthcare system has created to keep my daughter as healthy as possible. Many care for all is Medicare for none all private plans or D. Oh and Medicare is too I'll. Be right. Back
now run only underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know- and I don't like doing this, but I have to do it when you read something to you that was at national review online by Marco Rubio now years ago. Hollow doesn't seem that long ago, when Marco Rubio was at five percent and the republican primer having been,
Leave speaker of the house in the state legislature in Florida we brought him on the programme and I endorse them. I wasn't the only one, but I got others to endorse them too, and he skyrocketed from their quite frankly- and he was brandishing- is conservative credentials, which there were many. But now we don't talk not because of me because of him. I also had among Levine TV several years ago. Look, I call him, as I see it, it's not personal with me. It's not personal with me, but I want to read something to you. That troubles me and I don't care how many republican signature noiseless. You know when I wrote my book plundering the sea. I took a very, very hard look at the the fund.
Ensuring economic condition of this country. Thanks to our central government. It's a disaster waiting to blow up in our faces or, more accurately, the faces of our children and grandchildren So here's what he writes a national you online Most important role that God has gifted me in life is that of being father, not can prepare you for the sheer rush of love and joy. That comes with the privilege of being apparent. There's no question about that. There is also nothing. There prepares new parents for the sudden and extreme change and schedules and finances that comes with starting a family, stopping right there. There is also nothing that prepares new parents for the sudden and extreme change and schedules and finances that comes with starting a family. Okay.
Got that and for far too many new parents across our nation. Sad reality is. They are forced to take on new debt or fall on too. Welfare programmes just to pay for their basic living costs after having a child. So for far too many parents having a child forces, you and a welfare did you know that MR bidders? Now, of course you take on new that idea did you, Mr Benita, but you knew that how, by you, Mr Karl screening you take on new debt write you take care, your kids right That's your number one priority correct! So other things you have to give up some things. You just can't do. Because you would fall find a sword for your child when you take a bullet for your child, wouldn't you.
So you can trim you're spending. You can change your vacation. Habits, change your career. Whenever takes, you made the decision to bring another human being into this world I want your responsibility to take care that human being. I don't believe this has stressed enough. All of a sudden. The government needs to get involved. The government needs to subsidize, but let's see how that's reworked and re framed. New mothers feel pressure to return to work too soon after giving birth and new Others are often unable to take time off to spend those critical first few weeks with their child. Is this the first generation of children course not? It's a stupid question for a reason here. I
But we just celebrated the anniversary of our heroes. Life D day we celebrated their greatness. Wonder if I read this paragraph to them. What would they be thanking, Mr Petition? I just I am to shop, week. Some of us have become an how weak these politicians think we ve become A child is a blessing snipe going off to war. It's not having an expensive disease I've does change dramatically and in a very positive way, through the focus of all of you. And so maybe your change your career gulls You change your budget and maybe you'll go into some day. Maybe those things will happen. It makes us
a better and stronger and accountable and responsible. Some thinking now, what does Mr Rubio have up its sleeve here? cannot have a strong country. He writes without strong communities where we all know Hilary said it takes a village and it's impossible Strong communities without strong families, ok, our current economic policies, have left young working families, behind, even as our marriage and child birth rates, are falling, have our economic policies left young working families behind.
To address the problems facing families in the twenty first century. I dont know what that means. What about families in the twentieth century in the nineteenth century, the eighteenth century? Look folks! I am not trying to be a cab, they are about this. But this generation has it better than any generation in the history of mankind. That doesn't mean things don't become difficult. There are difficult or we don't have challenges and obstacles on the road. That's life and some I mean it's even seems unbearable, with deaths in the family and so forth, but you need to. Become come these things, as your parents did your grandparents and everybody before them. The government doesn't have any money, the governments in debt, in hock up to your eyeballs. And she's going to creating new, so called middle class entitlement.
When they won't even reform the other entitlements they claim to want to help children. It's the children who are going to be burdened with these debts, go on. That is why I, along with Senator Mitt Romney huh, And representatives and Wagner and Dan Crenshaw introduce the new parents act, the new parents act. Which would provide a voluntary option for paid family leave?. The bill would ensure an economic safety net that new parents could take advantage of by allowing them to put forward from their future social security benefits. No new taxes
No new mandates, no new regulation completely optional. I have some questions. Let me just stop there. You can pull for your future social security benefits. Is Mr Rubio, Ms Wagner, Mr Crenshaw Mister Romilly, familiar with social security. Are they familiar? Will what the trustees keep saying about social security that it's going broke. One in eight years, I think it is something that effect we ve talked about this. You gonna pull forward your social security benefits, which means you're, gonna, put even further pressure on a system that doesn't have any money left. This is part of the problem with so
entitlement, you put money into it and the politicians change it. They change it not for the better not to make it more fiscally sound, but so more people can benefit from the same we'll funds. Here we had a limited programme aimed at a limited number of people for a limited amount of time. If you will a pension, so they could get through in other senior citizens. Thus,. Now the the federal government has ripped off it's taken, the money out of the systemic it's been replaced with. I use the programme has been expanded to include. God knows what and now you have an idea coming from Republicans? They knew parents at provided voluntary option. For paid family leave. The bill would ensure economic safety net that new parents. Could
advantage, by allowing them to pull forward from their future social security benefits? There are no future social security benefits for young parents. That's the problem, that's the problem! goes on, but real, but what really set my bill a part is that it gives new parents much needed flexibility and how they use choose to use their paid leave In other words, all of a sudden, it found money. Let's say these young parents, Mr Ruby, our eighteen years old, how much money if they put into social security, Get the Pull Ford, whatever money they ve put in? Well, that's next to nothing. Let's take another example, let's say the parent or twenty seven years. Oh, how much money can they pull for very little? They put in next to nothing. So what you gonna do estimate what they would put in, and so they can pour money out of social security before the money is actually there
Even though there is no money there to begin with what what kind of polite programme is, this working family, strong or no you're, not you're, going to bankrupt the country faster and our kids and grandkids are going to face the consequences more over having children. That's not supposed to be a burden. You have some responsibility as a as a father and a why any mother, it's not it's, not the burden of other taxpayers of other people are paying payroll deductions. It's a burden that you need to manage and they're your priority. It's not like. We have enough programme where food stamps we have health care for children. We ve got it just goes on and on and off he says it would be available, working and stay at home, moms and dad's alike allowing them
Craig paid leave plan that works best for them. Most import a time when, just over one in ten workers receives pay, Emily from their employers. My bill gives millions of new parents the ability to take paid leave Otherwise would never have so much our money, all of a sudden, even says. Millions of new parents would have access to this money. Where's this money. Unless you join in with the Bs Accounting system in Washington DC, he says nothing, more critical for future health and long term. Prosperity of our nation than investing in families
sounds like a leftist you're, not investing in families who wants the government to invest in families, because when the government invests in families that government controls families, families are the pillars of our communities and our nation. Often fathers are left out of the conversation. When we talk about the modern american family really which fathers I'm a father are not left out of the equation left out of the conversation.
I'm an active hands on father always have been traditionally. Mothers are viewed as the primary caregiver for some families. It still that way. Today, recently fathers have begun to be included in discussions about paid family leave. What what MR produce, what world as he living it, Mr Cosgrove World, as living it as a father for I know the importance of having flexibility in those For a few months, I would take on the late night feedings when our children were now. You know what this is actually becoming ridiculous.
Yes, senator and I would drive around my son, who was colloquy for an hour at a time to get him the fall asleep. So my wife could sleep, And I don't know I did all this without paid family leave. I would help make their lunches the night before when they went to school. I would help take them to the doktor. I would do all those things that in every even occurred to me that I needed anybody to pay me or subsidize me. This is just another attack, the psyche of the nation on personal responsibility and I'm sure market will be able to point to one tenth of one percent statistical examples.
And how hard it is for people to make ends meet in the greatest country. In the face of the earth. I've had enough of the crying on the shoulder recreating the shoulder to cry. Enough with a million ideas on how to destroy our economy and our national attitude and then pretend the Europe for families want to protect families secure the border you want to protect families cut the bloated federal budget. You want to protect families, competition in our schools on the way to protect families that doesn't involve and other government spending programme I'll, be right back.
Two minutes Daniel New Burn North Carolina on the mark, Laverne how're, you worked very well, being part of the dual military family, I'm short, so by your books out to get you out of your version just gave I've come sit down, read it right, then. On Friday I had the opportunity to be driving up to Washington D C for Neuber North Carolina to meet up with my wife has been up there with her. She's in the manner now a national guard and our listening to your book with my kids and we're talking about it along the way- and it just so happens
We got up there to do he. My wife really wanted to take our kids to the Holocaust museum, because their old enough now to really can appreciate the even though we ve been here before, and there was a new exhibit there and it is all about. You know what did America no and when did they know it, and how did they respond in a just struck me as our values exhibit in listening to it? But God was Talkin it was about just how much was air about the New York Times new and you know, party exhibit- was different. Pulled the day had taken a different question that there were two public and plastered all over the wall,
Were you know, we're gonna run out of time Dana? What did they say about the New York Times coverage in your time? Set it in a really was apparent because on the walls were different headlines from different newspapers in all the newspapers were talking about. You know not the atrocities of the Jews and you know, given things are happening, but in your time headlines were not used are born. But could you the bad thing, but comparatively speaking, are you kidding me and when they did these headlines on the New York Times, which you say were minimal to begin with the data but pages those headlines were on they didn't you could. How did they weren't like front page headline? Exactly would be like you know, down towards the bottom of the page. You know not involved or anything like the New York Times. Conduct then was a disk. It was diabolical and their kind now trying to remove a present. United States is absolutely outrageous to thank you dad
I appreciate it will be right back. Of course the premium is high, but this bone goal is not called, might live in toll free, seven, seven, three, eight one: thirty eight eleven, the folks at both. Branch or feeling really flattered right now ever since their family. Business became the industry leader with the world's most comfortable sheets I've seen a lot of imitators making similar promises and even repeating words from the rats boy. Don't I know that feeling, but no one can duplicated quality, a ball and branch, cotton that starts out soft and gets softer and softer over these are a thousand dollars sheets for a couple. A hundred bucks and the only sheets loved by hundreds of thousands
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rise. You know this story is like a year and a half old, it's like a year and a half old and you know its interest, MR producer: it's never had any residence. Never had any residence on how ridiculous the reaction is on the left and the candidates on the left. Some of whom are talking about actual gun confiscation, it's incredible to me what the left argues and how the left. Pushes certain issues whose another one the washed and times Saturday Tromp hotel liquor licence at risk over good character record, again. This will show that the left we'll go as low as they need to press trumps Hotel in Washington, which is a true
this hotel. If anybody wants to stay there, we ve been there a couple of times. Risks losing its liquor licence after local alcohol regulators, set the stage this week. Ticket or whether he satisfies the good character requirement, so, in other words, tromp his family. His this is, are all being targeted by the left, using government power to try and destroy him and his family. His businesses. Whether its Washington D C or New York, whether it's the clown the Democrats in the House of representatives. Whether its morons, like Mitt Romney, doesn't much matter or these phony judges appointed by Obama. Washington's alcoholic beverage Control Board ruled Wednesday against dismissing a complaint lodged against the Trump International Hotel and they large
in accordance with Deasey Official Code, section whatever, which is a requirement to qualify for a window of the licence they wrote, represent. For the hotel argued that the petitions should be pitched, but there letters ruled otherwise and refuse to reject the complaints. They drive up costs to harass a business, a hotel, it's just that such a it's so pathetic, a disgraceful in order to renew a. We tell us, classy h, licence. The applicant is obligated to demonstrate to the satisfaction of the board that Ownership is of good character and generally fit for the responsibilities of licensure said their order. So the saying the president does not that's what they're saying. And representatives for the hotel. It argued that the groups complaints should be rejected because it lacks signatures and address is that they should be rejected because its political bs, but then so is this board. Apparently
Were excited, they were closer to a hearing on the merits of Joshua Levy, a lawyer involved and the challenge good job there. Pal slipping by far. No no forget whenever there only A victory for the rule of law says levy. This is what the left thus. They abuse the rule of law, they put their criminalize politics, Then they wave around their statutes and the constitution. Absolutely sickening sickening here we have Hillary Clinton. Speaking of Fox NEWS State Department identifies twenty three violations: multiple security incidents concerning Clinton, emails. Folks how she got away with this is truly incredible. Clear violations.
Of the espionage, clear violations, gross negligence, not once but multiple multiple times and but for oh my controlling the top levels of the FBI. I'm telling you the truth: they talk about committed crimes committed crimes. How come policy never talks about Hillary Clinton. That's why Hillary Clinton would be doing time in Leavenworth Where she wears the same clothes anywhere doesn't should MR produced would be the same kind of clothing. She looks like she wears prison guards? May I say so: the big Department has revealed today that it has identified multiple security incidents involving coroner form employs handling of Hillary Clinton, Z, mouse Twenty three violations and seven infractions had been issued is part of the departments. Going investigation the Nation came in a letter to chuck rashly to this point. The department is assessed cop,
Betty to fifteen individual, some of whom were Kabul. Multiple security incidents, Marilla Battalion state Department, assistant sector in the bureau legislative fares, road to gradually dear this issue. Twenty three violations in seven infractions incidents. This number likely changes the review progress, as, in other words its gonna go up state to buy calling the matter. Serious said it expected to the investigation by September, one the department, acknowledge the probe was unusually time consuming given the volume of the emails provided to the department from former Secretary Clinton, private email server, allergy used it so much the departments process has been necessarily more complicated and complex, requiring a significant, dedication of time and resources. That's Hilary running around squawking about the room collusion and how she would have one low.
Afraid, Canada get serious satellite. How are you, Sir Filter designer prison clothes? She wears. You know well pretty rough very quickly. The only kind of great whenever got testy with me on the phone was just about a decade ago, and it was ruby on reaching back in history, while you're the nose to damage of my time my friend he he should kissed the ground. You walk because there's no doubt in my mind, you're responsible for his re election. Any waffle like job You know, that's just be honest. The tea party nominated him he ran a tea party candidate. On the conservative right and I did endorse them. And blood, depending on whom he would run again this time, the with Japan, if it's another radical cook, the guy, the ran against Santa's,
but I will say this about Florida. They have the best governor and I would argue, content he has. One of the great governors to excess has one of the great governors. There may be one or two others out there. And this is unbelievable. The thinks he's doing for the people of Florida thinks he's doing for Lebanon for absolutely unbelievable. I'm so excited that that we ve come to know them and that I endorsed him anyway. Go ahead, Lou what he did- and this goes to a point that I called about what he get refusing to allow sanctuary cities within it is the new Mary may impact the election, which is what I called about. I think you're absolutely correct. We don't need to get twisted about the with Donald Trump but more or your point is also correct- that the campaign should not get complacent, because
The other soldiers, social media love he driving normal people rallies, but my concern is border integrity and I believe in Connecticut we lost the governorship two young millennials in college student who hold it twice last they really think they registration. How do you know they did while they voted thing David, registration, I know, but you don't, as they were twice now. I dont want it now. When you come on here and say that I have all these morons monitoring the program. You understand that I understand, but anecdotally, I've heard from people that they do. I also know someone they saw. This is only second hand with Mere said, the cheek knowledge that illegal in the old and new haven- or at least three that they were aware of this one person he'll give if your argument Lou is that either
voting mechanism now is corrupt. You're right I don't know how many people voted that one way or another. Neither does anybody else, but when I look at is not Connecticut while you may. I look a California where we had the lead in like five congressional races and, as time goes on the cheap way they chip away they chip away. They harvests these votes, as they call them, because, the loose standards they have and we lose while the ultimate goal for them is the electoral college, not a president won the election by three states. Seventy thousand between the three states saw the margin of error is small. So that's why why I maintain that they can't get complacent in your corrected and we need to fight like hell because we're I like hollow in the first time around so you're right
The idea that is so far behind that it is really an attempt to, as I say, the dispirit his supporters are people who my vote form and people be dispirited. They should be as sir. His motivated and vigorous. As ever low appreciated body will be right. Back ok, okey, Dokey Gilbert feel sometimes, MR producer, that you exist to serve other people, but other people don't exist to serve you ve ever
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Merlin cannot again on the mark, live in power. User. Mark the pleasure. I very much from you over the years I won't tell you, am I got your book and the masterpiece and read it. I didn't want eighty, I thought would more important that the development of a key role be written, because you want informed electorate they after I read the book. I realise that important, but also, more importantly, you have a politicians and also these bureaucrats. You know like Stein on what they're doing so they don't do these things like you put up in your book.
They just get away with it and I got your book into the high school. I read the back, convert to the students and recommending why women here the teacher, the teacher he I teach them between job now that the teaching of high school and I I bring books and the high school- and you know I want to keep the kid excited about history and about our country and an end. Its just wonderful and I want to I gotta copy the book. I got six copies. I got a copy for my little kids. I gotta copied my modeling MAC Man and I went to the local. What public libraries only the copy there? I want to urge the high school library- and I want to challenge all of the night. There took a wild and get this both into every private and public high school in this country.
Am I looking young people read this book and learn about learn about you know a price than about Worthing stand today in your very very kind time in the idea that anyone would so this is a right wing screen. I understand the left. I understand their out of control that their insane, but it's none of that, It is about the lays out. I feel it does. Anyone have a thing. I want to tell you quickly, while I dont think all your time, but is it if amazingly wrote this book? Is there something tax information work put it readable, it's like like a novel and even have a lot of facts which I really enjoyed. A boring is so interesting. You know what I should talk to you more often, but here the time of Taliban, tv and joy and their love. I wish I could do more for you you, you don't do anything for me. I want to thank you and I want people understand when I sat down to write this book.
Knew there was a lot of information I wanted to convey, but I also decided- and it makes a doubly hard. I wanted the book to read like liberty and tyranny. And so people of liberty and tyranny and have this book understand exactly what I'm talking about those of your libyan turn? You don't have on freedom of the press. You get a sense for what I'm talking about. I wanted it to be very readable. I wanted it to flow, and yet I wanted each chapter to stand on its own is not easy to do, and yet I did it with this book on freedom of the press and Tom. I want to thank and I'll tell you what your between jobs, yours substitute teacher, and yet you keep buying my books and your by eleven tv. I'm gonna give you a signed copy of on freedom of the press and a one year subscription for your salary gifted to somebody of love in tv. Both. So don't hang up and thank you very very much when an ice man. Jim West Palm Beach Florida. The great w GINO
Buddy Brian much station, go ahead markets, how to speak to my wife Diana nicely. We listened show last three years really opened our eyes, then, can I just wonder beer listeners in readers to see we saw last night a re run of the interview that you the Reagan library recently in Egypt. Do it any better, and all I can say is thank you for opening America's. I lingered moving a lot of people souls to see what's goin on. Thank you and thank you term. I really really appreciate time idle. Meantime, German, Thank you Jim. I appreciate it by and by the way, Debbie GINO, as my second homer you, whether now, but it's very near under and I'm gonna send you a signed copy of, and freedom of, the press as well, and I
prescience? I don't hang up, and I have the sign more copies done. I MR, but is we're running at US I can't be sorry, ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency burst and all law enforcement. Thank you very much go to Amazon bad come right! Now, if you have a gradual, you want to give the book to, or you want a great book to read through the summer, you're travelling vacation. At that time, Amazon, bad comets there, forty percent off. Thank you. All and I'll see you tomorrow, gap from the West would one part network.
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