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On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, When you have the biggest political party in the country that insists on fundamentally transforming America, especially through the tools of immigration, and when you have a Republican Party that is shifty and unprincipled, is it too late? Is it too late to secure the border and to have a lawful immigration system? Rather than the Democrat party responding to the will of the people, the Democrat party has decided to change the people through immigration so they respond to the will of the Democrat party. And many Republicans are on board, because they buy into this notion that it’s humane to destroy your own country. Also, what does this mean for American children when the government advances open-ended immigration instead of assimilation? The Democrats make the case that family separation is akin to camps in Nazi Germany, despite the fact that children are always separated from their parents when their parents are arrested. Later, SCOTUS hands a court victory to the Trump Administration citing that the SEC infringed upon powers assigned to the president in the U.S. Constitution’s appointments clause regarding the appointments of certain federal posts. This echoes the argument made by Law Professor Calabresi and Mark about Special Counsel Mueller's appointment being unconstitutional based on that same precedent. Then, damning testimony from Michael Daniel former cyber-security chief under Obama testified that he was given a stand-down order regarding combating the Russian threat against the 2016 campaign. Finally, Conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer passed away today. He was a brilliant man that put a lot of effort into writing his columns. Mark really respected Krauthammer despite his critique of President Reagan during the 1980 campaign, and he never tried to sabotage Reagan and eventually embraced his presidency and philosophy.

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Now run them, let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one well we're in quite a pickle. Gentlemen. Those of you who believe in american values. Believe and assimilation who believe him
It has a culture and who believe in the rule of law were quite a little pickle here. We have one political party, the Democratic Party that is Hell bent on destroying this country, and I mean absolutely meaning they ve, embrace they progressive agenda which compel them to decide. By that which exists they dont you, immigration as a way to determine who come into the United States. As a way to secure the border and require people to come through the process. Legally, they don't immigration through the eye. The average American, which is correctly
Herman, whether immigration policies benefit America. None of these questions are being asked today. None of these questions are being asked today. We are being pushed by the progression mob in the media the Democratic Party and yes and a substantial part of the republican Party. There was a compromise piece of legislation proposed by the. Men of their house judiciary, committee, good lad, whose retiring is not considered a big time. Conservative, buddies right of centre and he put together a bill. There was a compromise.
They granted seventy eight hundred thousand dreamers, a pathway to legalization and subsequently citizenship that wasn't enough in his bill. He insists on securing the border, including twenty five billion dollars towards us. Rejected eliminating chain migration rejected Maintaining the lottery rejected. Turning toward more merit based immigration, rejected. The media all day long since said, vote failed. Forty one Republicans voted against it. Every Democrat and forty one republic, they been calling it the hard right or right wing bill, even though it provides a pathway to citizenship for almost two million illegal aliens.
They're calling what is effectively an amnesty bill, the moderate bill so When you have this kind of demagogic propaganda coming from the media, and when you have the biggest political party in the country that insists on funding. Transforming America, especially through the tools of immigration. And when you have a republican party that is shifty that is unprincipled. It puts a wet finger in the air to see which way the wind is blowing. I have to ask you: is it too late? Is it too late. To secure the border? Is it too late to have a lawful immigration system.
There has been an endless effort over the last half century by the Democratic Party to change the american culture to change demographics in this country. The change, the citizenship ship lay citizenry rather and change the voter, rather than the Democratic Party responding to the will of the people, the Democratic Party has decided to change the people, so they respond
To the will of the democratic Party- and many many Republicans are on board for it, because they buy into this notion that its humane and compassion to destroy your own country. Now I want to think about other children right now. You are children, american children. How does this affect them? How does it affect them? I reading this right, MR producer, that say just bear with me folks, patently Charles crowd damages personally.
He was Sir sixty eight and I enjoyed sparring with him from time to time, but he was a very, very brilliant man, and so he just passed away very very said. Now, let's get back to this, let's get back to the question of how we lost the country when it comes to immigration. The democratic party has
A goal the Democratic Party can no longer win without racial and ethnic appeals. It's just the way it is. It can no longer when that. Why, because its chosen a certain path, certain course it doesn't view people as people of use, people and groups. And we now reached the point that there are so many immigrants, legal and illegal, that we just can't win the day. It is a serious question. I want to turn to children, american children. What is this due to american children. When the government, not only doesn't it ants assimilation but advances the opposite.
Open ended immigration when you watch these Democrats in these external on tv they dont talk about american icing immigrants. They don't talk. American position at all. We used to have immigration with assimilation. Now we just have immigration and much over the. Tens of millions of people here illegally their numbers are growing and what about american kids, but about their opportunities? Nobody ever talks about what about jobs taken from them. Nobody ever talks about. This is a big deal happening already, not only in low skill, low wage jobs but also said
its technology. Engineering and math we're not even allowed to raise the question, and it will never be re. What is the purpose of the media in this country? If its goal is to advance the progressive ideology? We have so many forces in this country? These aren't conspiracies therein your face net advance objectives and goals, and so forth. Better gravely undermining the society, and so here we have a debate now over adults, Bring children into this country illegally and weather it should be separated and in order to try and drive this issue,
There is a concerted campaign, first started by the ethnic front groups and picked up by the media not picked up by the Democrats, not picked up by some republicans who make the case that the fact of separating adult from child is like Marty, Germany, you must attack the process. You must attack the separation, even though Parading parents and children occur in this country all the time, even if we had no immigration when you enforce our criminal laws, I've been bringing that up since the beginning of this debate and while some have repeated it, the fact of the matter is it's not even part of the debate not on Capitol Hill, not in the media. They reject. They censure.
What are the fact of the dangers of not having a secure border that encourages people to come to this country illegally and so forth, and so not even part of the debate, not even part of the debate? What are the fact that Prime Minister, not even part of the debate, it is. Pedal gas pedal push now all the way to open borders. No country can survive with open borders. None though culture can survive, no civilization consumer, but I fear, were reaching a point. Given the. Demographics in this country, which becoming politically more difficult and soon impossible to fix the course that work.
Moreover, when you look at the federal courts, they are largely aligned against us. I don't mean to be dire, matrona, throw wet blanket all over the place. I'm trying to be quite realistic about that. This should be no brainer. You secure the border, you deal of physics, areas where we need to do it with people who bring kids over here as quickly as possible, deported and yet we have, the courts had set up a very kind. Lex, due process system and so forth, and so on do process for what we have a lawyers, domestic and foreign who advising people on how to break our laws. Can confine who advising people on how to break our laws encouraging them to do so? and they continue to remain members of the bar. There probably celebrated. I think this is a very complicated matter.
Those of us who believe in the rule of law right from wrong. However, the american culture are worried about the future of the country who reject lawlessness, who had directed reject the progressive agenda. I think we're on defence I'll be right back, say which, by Grandmama from time to time but his death. Not me off my game here has no wish to produce we will do our very best here and the course This was coming only wishes, family are the best,
illegal immigration which were not allowed to talk about because we're off the understanding Democrat argument, the media argument constantly. Then America sucks they would but actually set up concentration camps and interment centres. Aren't you sick of hearing this for the last week? I'm so tired of this sort Ok, let's look at this because for the left they have to how about the illegal immigrant has more noble than the citizens. They have the territory The citizen, as essentially loathsome laughing What's mass a big, centralized government which always it's the sun form of a police state then try. His mass, a big centralized government is creating in camps and determined camps in and so forth, and so on They are schizophrenia in their arguments, and yet they are very effective. You see they have the right
begins on the run on Capitol Hill. What a bunch of cowards! It's really unbelievable! So over at the national view back in January of this year, Peter Cursor. Now who is very, very intelligent man. He is an attorney. A member of the United States Commission on civil rights may be the only Republican there. He took a look at this issue of crime. Pointed out that the GEO examined, five states set at large scale, illegal alien populations, and they took a look at this. I'm looking here very quickly, just bear with me. And here's what they found in Arizona about two hundred and forty illegal aliens were imprisoned for homicide related offences.
Two thousand nine. There were three thousand four hundred and eighty four total inmates incarcerated in Arizona state prisons for a homicide and related offences. Degree, murder, second, degree, murder, murder and slaughter. Negligent, homicide. Given the estimated two hundred forty illegal aliens from their total, leaves us with three thousand two hundred and forty four citizens and legal residents from prison for a homicide. Related offences are of a twelve approximately point three million residents peel Two maids, approximately three hundred and fifty thousand illegal immigrants, lived in Arizona, two thousand nine that leaves approximately six million citizens and legal rest. This yields a rate of sixty eight point: five, seven illegal aliens imprisoned for a homicide offences per one Four thousand illegal aliens in Arizona at much higher
and citizens and legal residence in prison for Hanukkah California, there twenty eight thousand Inmates incarcerated for homicide and related offences and dissent two thousand nine. Ngos. Two thousand eight estimate there on any new numbers by their approximately two thousand four hundred, and pretty illegal aliens, imprisoning California, for homicide in related offences, while the total. Violation of California was approximately thirty seven million the illegal alien population. Approximately two and a half million. Applying the same analysis, this yields- estimated rate of ninety seven point two illegal aliens from prison for homicidal related offences. Per one hundred thousand illegal aliens and seventy
Point one citizens and legal residence in prison for a homicide and related offensive per one hundred thousand citizens and legal residence. You can see how significantly greater the percentage of legal alien murders is the poorest of citizen and legal resident murders in California Florida. About the same I mean do this quickly. New York. Looking here, let's see much higher rate of. Murder related offences by illegal aliens than legal residence and Citizens Texas, that the same, but you get the idea here: You get the idea here is my question to you why at least in recent times,
Has there never been a programme on CNN Msnbc or the usual alphabet soup, not just On the greatness of illegal aliens in the country and their massive contributions, but what about the opposite? What about the opposite, I'll be right back. A nation's town hall Meeting and you can join in at eight seven seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one gotta, Rob Washington D C, the great w I may I go ahead: Ghana, Mclean wondering I do not do so. You guys want to have a discussion on me. I've got no problem whatsoever. But you're in my house, I'm not this. Good idea, chess and a Mexican, a strong Wigan go in and scream at her and act like a bunch
Barbarians you how would debate on an issue. I love debating the left, You wanna come on this show and be a jackass that I will not tolerate. I'm sick, you folks, Using the F word: I'm sick. You folks talk that the Trump family the way you do. I'm sick EU boats, you folks, I should concern the way you do you come on their show, and go knows too knows I'm all fork. Love it. I've done my entire life. You wanna come on the show me a jack s. You're gone, you gone, I am
Hired. I've had left manipulates this country. I am tired of the complete lack of substantive debating skills. It's just not gonna happen here. Not going to happen if you wanna go Toto knows too knows I'm offered, but I tell a swine immediately. Propaganda, king or so you won't come on hearing debate of factors, let's do it, but that guy that may be the way talks to his wife. That may be the way talks to his kids. Maybe the weight Those parents, bullying, and to do it here. Long Island, New York, the Great W, ABC, go I mark as far as your thing is it passed the point of no return. I believe we're
the point where taxes who set the term blue by twenty twenty four given demographic trends at that point here eventually in and we're not talking, maybe for a few decades, I think you're gonna say a brake on and I have TAT centimeter Texas goes. We cannot win the presidency, but I don't boy? You? You see the rise of the all right What are you all right is very, very turned about not here any countries. Where are the ice free, a cough? What what it does to consecrate? Why I'm not getting through the all right in the other guy Tom Jefferson, City Missouri, the Great K w O s go. Margaret it's an honor to speak with you, I have to say thank you: you're kind of sounding discouraged in
your conversations about why man and I really tap dance and about this stuff. I gotta be honest with you about the one thing that I can think of that we can do that. You could do this, could help would be the country getting together as the states to conventional state and limiting I get home than her. Maybe I'll write a book about it. Well, maybe the media could be too limited in fairly I pay you, no more glaring balance. Listen to me. Listen to me, you know, embraced hotel italian tactics to win the day. Then you become them. Then you become than you know in the end Tom, if the people dont want freedom, They're not gonna have freedom. If they, I want a constitution. They're not gonna, have a constitution,
if they don't want a sovereign nation. They're not gonna, have a sovereign nation. So, as you well know, I been leading in part this Pensioners, states movement. I spent a year half my life researching writing a book about it. Helping the organization and on here much from them anymore, but that's, ok and That is something that I've been behind from the get car, the Reagan revolution. I was part of adding a young man participating in the campaigns working in that administration for eight years taking time off for my career to do that tea party movement, I've been thoroughly involved and that over the years I wrote liberty and tyranny, which was a very, very important book to that movement. Behind microphone. I advance the cause of constitutional conservatism each and every day, while other hosts her trashing it directly or indirectly
doing their lounge acts or whatever their night. I'm only one person there's only so much. I can do but I will say this I There is a growing number of people in this country who are not virtuous a growing number of people in this country who reject our principal. They. What political party now They have media platforms, they have classrooms and so I'm not saying it's irreversible, I'm saying we have quite. A daunting challenge on our hands. When you look at debate over the last week. You know we have kids who come here, not because we ask their parents to bring them adults the bring them or their parents the send them here without a doubt, supervision Put them in facilities, we do the very we can, many of them are living better than they did. Let's just be honest,
from whence they came, and you have a chorus of american haters of tromp haters. A course of people who hate their fellow Americans. You know we deplorable. Day in and day out, given voice, took she can get down over this. You are get down over it. I have to this every day to its exe, Emily troubling go ahead term, but one of the things that preventing the public from seeing both sides of the situation is that they only get one fine, the press. They only get it from the media. We need to be able to control a more better, get both sides Why are we going to control that they get both sides? well. What do you have in mind? Why do you say that
so. In other words, you empower Congress, which is part of Biggest problem that we have to rights. Attitudes that violate the first amendment foes I am asking for a lot, but why what you're asking for no offense more competition of ideas. We need to push back. We need to make s case that we can and We need to support those media outlets that that do counter. The provision progressive ideology that is in most of the media platform. Thank you for your car Wayne It Lana Georgia the Great W. Why a? Why go more! Thank you. How much for taken my call, I just want to say: God bless you and through you and your family as well, for all that you do out here.
Thank you. You too, I just wanted to comment. You said you had pulled the question earlier about. Why do we think that the news, leaped news media outlets like see an enemy, around they're not commenting in one way or the other about these illegal immigrants himself in. I told you collar that it was my my personal belief is that the reason these these news outlets for not putting out whether positive or negative news coverage about it, because we are not being called to buy them who are pulling all the strings over there at those new stations like the George Soros is the issue You know, I really don't think most of these posts on these leftwing networks need George Soros, her Schumacher polar strings. I think they of that already.
A tapirs are left us. That's what his background shows down. Lemon is leftist ngo. Down the Chris Cuomo part of it? This family, I not another you need, George George Soros helps fund these these ethnic front groups and all these other protests- some activities like that, but I think when it comes to the media, I don't think it's as simple as one guy took five guys behind the scenes, I think what you see is what you get. I think these people are committed. Rapid progress, eighty Alex. And I agree one hundred percent- I dont know why there is no way to put a module on these people and to the whole damn accountable. I'm getting concern. How would you put a muslim these people? Well I mean I'd get out with with the freedom of speech is just been, you know we have been went the way. The way you put a muslim people like this is now.
Watch them and not by the products that are advertised on those shows, but but The gentleman before Say Congress needs to pass a law, will that's crazy. These are the bill of rights there in the constitution right and their comes response. You know we have many rights in this country, many an and withdrawing comes. First, on they know it's not true, unfortunately, is it well, Be the biggest jackass NEO nazi clansmen and again on a soap box response. For nothing but hate and you protected and edit ridiculous, because it never used to be that way. Mark you know that You and I are about the same while a ban, but it was these The decision was when I was a young man. The Supreme Court ruled that the Nazis could march through. A predominantly jewish town at that point in Illinois, When you look at a number of the rulings of the court and positions I were taken, that was the way
but I don't know where we're going with this. I dont really see us making any progress. Spending our wheels about how the needs to be muzzled. How the press needs to be for the press is not going to be muslin and it's not gonna be control. The only way you can handle this through your own watching and listening experiences and and a petition, and there is competition developing out there, but though they pretty much sing with one voice thanks for you I'll be right back, ladies and gentlemen, the summer blow out sail from Chamonix and right now, when you order genocidal you'll get the new genocide. Eyelid lived for droopy soggy, eyelids free
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Hundred skin six o four, eight hundred skin six. Oh for her. Agendas cell dot com, genocide that com that eight hundred skin sick, so for art, let's see if the cause can step up a little bit here RON front. Royal Virginia the Great W em a I'll go mister, I just really appreciate your shirt. Freezing what you do for the merit. I would, I would suggest to you, Mr President, that he would do just like Reagan did that he would take The country once every month, and just just like this thing for these kids where there is no solution. I want to do it Joan and had everybody to come of whatever or I'll do it. I could not agree more. I agree completely. Then he can at least have
Men put in the narrative he's doing a hell of a job. Now is almost a one man machine out there against the force. If you know what I mean- and I think that's a good idea we kind of touched on in a year or so ago, but I agree with you that guarantee and an answer. I do much more get a lot to learn and allow a school and listen to you. I'm sixty years old have been less. Do you ever said that been able to get off work and listen, sir It was precisely what you do. Moron you're very, very kind, and I love it out their front royal. You very, very lucky the subway doesn't go all the way out there. Here I moved to where I moved and they keep build in the subway further and further and further. I want to be the long whom, at four Gimme a corner in, and that can I just well Yes, I do. I offer my condolences to Mr Crowley
if a person to serve anyway. I just briefly to Mr Van and you keep up the good work. You too, and thank you buddy. I right. Let's go to Mars, I can hear of my day- comes MR producer, all the cheering and celebration that will go on Martha a new jersey, the Great W Abc. How are you going fine? Thank you like thank you for taking call a guy like you for every day you do for that country. Usually you are. An hero and, And- and I don't know how you do it, but you had quite you have fun I admire you get one not now you're you're hitting us you're hitting the phone buttons, but go ahead I'll audio and I just want to make a couple. Point I was listening to your show about a year and a half ago, I've been listening to your show remember how long always
I'm in my late sixties- and I came to this country at that Colombia, enemy glared in nineteen sixty one other thing: show about a year and maybe a year and a half ago who appointed something that I actually knew happen. Nikita Khrushchev had told Kennedy in nineteen sixty one his person, not a little. By little we are going weighing wash your young people, mean that he meant the universities through the university and we are going to create chaos and, in fifty years, you're going to see the damage that we ve done because we are going to change your country tremendously, and this is what I'm saying every thought that that, at the other here. I want to ask you about that and what you thought about that doesn't make another two more, they want to make
rain. The people of this country, especially we were concerned, for a lot of the damage that has been done, because we keep voting people into office that show signs that they are not true, conservative and we keep burning these people and yet look- we voted Trump in who was not current quota, true conservative and in many respects, not all, but many important respects he has been and I agree with you. I I told you what I was going to vote for TED Cruz and I have I am so impressed with Trump. I am so happy that I actually voted for him, because He is amazing and boy. You talk about another person with goods, I admire hidden tremendously, and I agree with you that he's like a one man shower,
You don't know what this thing with Nikita Khrushchev and universities. I am the only conservative in my family. I grew up in my life. I have a brother, who is that left is that, as far less than you can pass we go and he thinks that Colossians escaped I wonder for an eight year like the outcomes of the family. These are the people who, like Colosimo, Colonel Sumer Clinton, then followed the people that this guy was saying what be brainwashed, all the Palestinians, and now I mean if you want. I got your point and you know, I may Khrushchev was stating the obvious and what's happened here. Right about an plundered deceit. The way faculty are chosen, Israel, quite incestuous this majority faculty come from me relative and full of Ivy League schools, at least the department leaders. Do and they higher and higher and higher, often from what
and based on recommendations of certain ideological group. Thank tee. Some friends of theirs, and so for it it's a real in a corrupt. In so many respects the way it works. That's why conservatives have such difficulty breaking into it in the few that do short. I have to stay under cover, I'll, be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader. Everybody Mark Levant. Here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one Bernie Sanders on CNN last night cut to go. We ideal of herring. Little children from cape assembling a minus guys. A communist knees word about tearing little children go ahead, putting them into the tension cages.
Oh and then making a big deal about an executive order which may do absolutely nothing for these twenty three hundred chill. Literally beyond belief. Tromp once again has lied heat, The american people that this was a policy created by Congress can only be addressed by Congress. It was lying. Of course it was a crisis. He created? No, they see the countries can help why this is a crisis created by Congress, because at bottom they want secure them They would secure the border there be less illegal aliens, children coming into the country in american concentration camps and internally camps right. Mr Us sanders. Since created by a liberal judge a ninety, ninety seven there was against
decree that you couldn't keep these kids morn twenty days. You know the story. Now it's been said the over and over nausea what they want to. Isn't it to do is not enforce the immigration laws. He doesn't info The immigration laws than these people are in the country are not subject to deportation and not subject to any kind of processes whatsoever, and so What the administration and certainly Republicans oughta be saying is these are open border Democrats who don't give a damn about the safety well being of the american citizen. These Democrats, her lawless. They take an oath to uphold the law, but they defy the law. Democrats don't have any problem with them as thirteen gang members coming into this country with surrogates for drunk drug cartels. Coming into this, we criminals of all sorts coming into this country because it takes time to process the
people they don't come in and then suddenly confessed of who they are and what they did they behind these children, so the Democrats do not care about the well being in safety, the american people. Moreover, they don't care about the well being and safety these children. We know that because it it's been gone on for some time. You know Donald Trump didn't build these detention facilities. Most of them were, but- for he became presently United States Donald Trump and enter into that consent, degree and ninety. Ninety seven, the Clinton administration did those photo as most of them that you see on the internet, those weren't taken during Donald Trump Presidency. They retain Doorn Barack Obama's presents these Democrats, and Republicans in Congress is therefore they ve had decades to do something about this decades. The problem is, they can agree. The Democrats want everybody Godfrey Everybody Sanctuary, city, sanctuary states, nullification. A federal law, secession
if necessary. Their talk has become. Ireland, over the top they become increase? really violent, unbelievable Trump created the pro now pass muster because he's trying to enforce the law, and it is a law there is a law and we know that now, because the New York Times in the left has reverse course now saying that his executive order may not pass muster because of this court decision, Ninety ninety seven in the ninth desperate while so now, a court decision that is the law, but the other day. I wasn't the law, the other. A tumor said. He asked to sign an executive order. You can do it with a penny signs an executive order. Now they said it's not as good as its statute, but we're not going to pass a statue. How many more times do we have to buy, Did they insanity of the left.
Oh like Bernie, Sanders who do not believe in, who do not believe in individualism who reject the founding of this country and just wanted turn it into another third world throwback communist country. Oh, they can dress what look at this and socialist democracy next, A Cummings of Maryland cut three go, and so we gotta do better than that. I'm sorry! we and we will come to a new sets of normal weapon or maybe drinking Heinous at present is something raped me. Ask you folks: are you drink enchant payments? The president did something great. What kind of idiot is this another? Eighty people do. King champagne, I mean they can't even get their propaganda. Their class warfare, they can't even get it straight. There mumble unto themselves, go ahead. It was supposed to do
He created this policy. He created what policy enforcing the law. I might say, didn't have this policy what would be going on? Ladies and gentlemen, we know what would be going on boat. We open borders no mental transformation. We exist for the Democratic Party. Don't you know? We exist. That's the country, the Democrat Party, Elijah Cummings, Bernie Sanders cooks. Now this guy Eric swore well a California he's always on Fox. The guy has a tv camera PLUTO s face and he is a pathetic stupid propagandist, that's what he is: And there is Wolf: Blitzer cut forego the executive order that the president just sign directs. The attorney general of the United States. Jeff sessions to modify, what's called the floors agreement, which bans the federal government from
children in detention longer than twenty days. Could this lead together with their parents being detained indefinitely. We need to family. What a tough question their wolf. What tat he does mention the judges leftist, he doesn't mentions that the Clinton administration entered into the consent decree he doesn't mention at this has been done under the Clinton administration, the Bush thirty three, forty three administration, the Obama administration now our honour. Nor do they have an answer. What what are you gonna do about a wolf well parents name their kids, Wolf go ahead camps, Wolf, and that is why, on all on, go back to the top go ahead. Negative order that the president just sign, directs the attorney general it states just sessions to modify what's called the floor. Agreement, which bans the federal government
holy. Holding children in detention longer than twenty days could mislead Two children, together with their parents, being detained indefinitely. This could we now just deport them, go. Let's do that notice. They never used. The word deport ever However, because that is a logical response, Congress compares statue expediting deportations, what's wrong with that. Go ahead term in camps, Wolf, and that is what we do not want to see in the way to avoid that is too still follow that Foras decision shut up you idiot with the internment camps. Then you know you're right a year and a badge put a wig on an address and pretend you're a first lady, our I now somebody named Kurt Shredder of Oregon. This ought to be good cut. Five
yesterday, the President fixed the immigration problem in this house, is not going to fix the problem here today. People are Commodore border, freeing fleeing oppression, violence during their cells in and asking for our help. Some are some are summer fling economic problems. Some are criminals summer, terrorists summer children summer, not you know the whole panoply, but he doesn't care. Doesn't matter he's he's out to make a point go ahead. Illustrations response is try to try it sure these immigrants by matching the cruelty playing well? What do you want to do? Pow, MR producer, when you left me this guy Kerr Trader Democratic, arrogant and when you try to get on the show tomorrow, trying it upon the showed Omar Eliza Cummings trying get him on the shoulder. My let's get analysed. Bernie Sanders try and get him on the show tomorrow, and I would ask them what they want to do about. Ok, let's
but a Nancy Stretch, Pelosi cuts. Six go it's silly, serious matter to protect our border as also particular partake, a matter to protect our values Oh and I want it, comes to protecting our values. Then we all turn a ninety Pelosi. Nobody protects our values: more mass of government spending, open borders, late term, partial birth abortions, funding plan, parenthood to the teeth: eviscerated, our military, trashing law enforcement, undermining faith? That's our ninety Pelosi, standing for american values Finally, zero tolerance in, and that applies to those seeking amnesty
undermine amnesty. You idiot asylum, asylum. She needs to be drug tested immediately, go ahead, country don't take it from me. The American Association, the American Angelica American. Evangelist forces now she coach the American Evangelical Association. She doesnt quote them when it comes to abortion. She doesn't quote them when it comes to same sex, marriage manner, but now she quotes them and by wipe barely is able to quote them. Had taken the? U S: refugee, resettlement, She always has celery and our teeth doesn't cheer goes something yet sufficient? U S, I wonder whether the even giant others peggy that crowds let this go ahead the crown to of american
anti terrorism. What is that? What is the crown jewel of american humanitarian? What is it? What is it from the leftists love to know what it is had next one p M Democrats had taken full responsibility for securing our borders are whose borders, arts or somebody else's, they ve taken full responsibility for securing our porters. Like I say, drug tests go ahead. That is a responsibility that we have, but we don't think them have to put children in cages to do it. Children are being put in cages, you moron, and they just get away with this. You know
TAT, are in trouble lies here. Let me tell you: Jimmy came along here to the Hall Trop accountable for its endless, like those women lies through, are false, teeth, all the time endlessly go ahead, Away and what is the better way, how she's at a press conference where the? How the press you tell a man, see. Yeah I had then see they're not now. Not caring delusional in denial about policies being be outside the miracle. Civilised human behavior idiot put an idiot completed a guy had placed before. Parliament and a couple minutes quoting. Reagan and how great was in recognising, that's funny now Ronald Reagan, great
I don't have to remember when they smeared ragged, when they trashed ragged Reagan, was an eighty Reagan. Was it back regions, gonna get us all blown up, Reagan, this rag and that now of us I remember ragged, the good man, Roger ragged, that's Ronald Reagan, abroad, Roger Round, then Ronald Ronald Reagan. Yes, yes, Go ahead, I'm ready to American. How let me in american great President, probably your lifetimes Reagan closer, but Walker, Bush Clinton, George W Bush, above all of them.
People our stop with your rambling in basilica comments. This president wants to give citizens ship to one point: eight million dreamers, Barack Obama, never even propose that now I am against it, but let's just play along Barack Obama, never even propose that. Yes, but he was very civilised. You know the way he treated the Syrian slower there with the red line, a very civilised. Pulled out of the Iraq war, he pull out there for the rise of ISIS. He was very, very civilised. Yes, he was guide especially recognising their dignity moors. This is First, all that's right after that partial abortion that recognise the worth of people? Doesn't it that plan pair
but that recognises the worth of people. Doesn't it listen to this area caught eight go? How do you talk about this issue about doing some kind of five hardest? not ever been interested in. No, they sat down, and you sometimes you all repeated that it is not a compromise and maybe a compromise with the devil, but its compromise with the German in terms of what they have in their bill. They also allows the left likes to say about Trump outside about ninety Pelosi. She's got a screw loose boy and I'm not kidding, I think, she's mentally unstable. The amended and I'm gonna. I'm gonna find a professor who agrees with me. Yes, thank God, she's not near they nuclear button. I'll be right, back,
You know what he's over rights. Do they point out that the Supreme Court? just gave the president another Gregory, which it did. Writers reports. The Us Supreme Court today expanded presidential control over pivotal jobs in federal agencies, ruling that Way, the Securities and Exchange Commission selected its own in house judges to enforce investor protection It was unconstitutional, Justice is overturned a lower court ruling that I endorse the s he sees in house judged, trying practice that operated autonomously from present stick with me. This is very important. It actually still, the matter: the high courts, I did with Ray Raymond Lucille Lucida rather high calibre. The base former radio host investment adviser who challenge the
c c after being banned by one of its administrative law, judges from investment, related work and find three hundred thousand for making misleading claims in his pockets of money retirement while strategy, the justices agree with Lucida and the Trump administration that, yes, I see it infringed upon powers assigned to the President of the United States constitutions. Appointments clause regarding the filling of certain federal posts I don't know how the Supreme Court, the nine members, would vote when it comes Mr Mulder, but I will persist in making my argument that mothers appointment is unconstitutional. It doesn't mean all special council. Appointments are unconstitutional, it means his is because far too much power.
Was conferred on it and on an individual who had been an inferior government employee turning him into a principle government employee. MR rose and stately deputy attorney general at that point, the acting attorney general, so fleet does not have the power to confer that kind of authority on another individual. It belongs to the president through the nomination process in the Senate. Through the confirmation process, the appointment was defective. Two broad, the oversight is diminishes. The elements In a decision by the Supreme Court thirty years ago, in my view have been met, Martin, This is also I don't know how every justice would vote at the case, I've been making the case prefer calibration has been making has been dismissed by individuals who don't know any better, and I am
I knew that I know what I'm talking about again, how the supply court rules is one thing, but I think it's a strong case, because it is based literally on what the constitution of the United States states other right now. A proud, conservative, no Ifs, AMS or bites call in at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one You know a lot of people at a time like this like to say how well they knew Charles crowd Hammer- and many did. I didn't know him very well.
I think I met him once and it was at a Redskins gay and a pretty certain. My wife Julie was with me now one of the kid, but I think it is. And we were in the owners box. And he was eating hot dogs with pit. I guess they call. It is good hands, when in I was amazed, but it did say to him. I had understood you were gonna write, a book, you know with unique ideas and so forth, and you wound up. With a book that is a collection of some, your Besten, absolutely brilliant columns that you chose compilation, your account. What happened any said to me:
I can't do the columns the way I want to do the columns and write a book at the same time. In other words, he put a lot of thought into these columns and he wrote a great deal of thought. He didn't just lap stuff, which is why they were so smart, where the agreed with them or not, where the agreed with him or not? You really have to think about it. Think he was pretentious. That is that he was sitting there saying smartest scar on the block. Look at me, look at me, I'm a little actual he didn't have to. This is what I was explaining the other day. He just what you don't have the self identify. He just was Doesn't mean you always agree with them, but it does You mean you're, respect what the guy wrote in trying to figure it out, see where you do and don't agree.
And I really respected him for what he said, because it is hard work to write a book. If you are serious about writing a book and I'm not a columnist what it's obvious, if you wanna be a grey columnist, it is hard work. I mean you have to have the basics till you gotta be really sharp. He had that in Spain, but I'm saying it's hard work to write a grey com. It's no work to write a quick, you'll see a lot of these colonists they're all over the internet. There pop off all the time, the writing things real fast. You know because the number hits they get in its important have twelve articles out there every week and so forth, and so on. I barely red people like that. I barely read them.
Because I know those pieces can't be that thoughtful I pointed out to you, in my opinion, the time that there is a dearth. Of serious conservative thinkers today,. Their eagle maniacs their narcissists, but there are a handful. There are hindered. I happen to think Charles was wrong in many respects about Donald Trump, but I understand why he said what he said for the most part and where he got to where he got. He was not, he never tramper he didn't want to sabotage the president. But I think in many respects he came around. How does a cheer later, but he came around because he thought things through. I used to drive
bad him having been a watermark India speechwriter. He was. He was a Democrat. But he said in response to me, and he said in response to any by that one it became president. He realized. That he was no longer a democrat by the way that happened to a lot of people with Reagan. Reagan made a huge difference. Also, I think it's important communicate ideas. Communicate. I do you hear me the first hour the shots kind of down I get down honestly I was doing fine until I had to announce his passing crown. Homers pay a kind of through me off.
Spring, honest with you. I wear it on my sleeve I t what's gonna, but it's important to make the case to many people. I'll, give an example and he might be listening right now. I had no idea that Susan Rice, his son, was listening to my show. None whatsoever. And yet he has said- and it is a great honour that that I have through this show An influence on the way he sees the world I get cause like all the time. Let me tell you something: that's the guy! It is feeling in the world not from an ego perspective, but from an achievement perspective. This radio show He asked Mister Bellew open. You open your microphone rich.
I'm sending you information, research articles, no time. I write what time do I send them all hours of the night, one all hours a day and night. Thank you, sir. I can't shudder off. I can't shamrock. Not because I'm smarter than anybody else, because I think I have a important responsibility to talk to you when I have a format like and when this format ends- and it will one day and I even celebrating one amount, maybe I'll, take up casting, maybe I'll write more frequently, who knows the different phases in your life. You never know You also never know what people are experience. You don't have their sick
You dont know if their mother is sick, you don't know anyway, I'm kind of rambling honour what how many do rich, high school is graduates. Are they heading to pay this is where the learn why America is the world's freest nation there were the first country founded on Principle that all men are created equal will, they be taught the constitution a rich history or what makes Amerika great? There is a place student study these truth, it's called hills, Del College and Hills, Dale student. Daddy, what is true, good and beautiful by putting work to understand these things. Students graduate ready to leave his vice president pen, set at commencement this year. There still students learn not what to do, but what to be still ass offers stellar education. To? U turn Primus Free online course. Like constitution, wanna one every American can learn
like a helstone student from the same professors. By the way, I must Remarkably of all, he also provides this service to our nation. Thou. Taking a single penny of tax money, not one penny. I encourage you to learn how hills to conserve you at a website just for my beloved audience girdle in four hills: they'll, dotcom, L, E Vienna, free hills to about come Lavigne for hills to about come, I will be on. Kennedys TV show tonight nine thirty p m. Eastern time, six hundred and thirty p dot M Pacific time? That's nine hundred and thirty eastern six hundred and thirty Pacific. We show on the Fox NEWS Channel right and I'm gonna get to melancholy. Let's take a few cause here, Let us go to keep a gaping Elvis queens They are the Great W Abc, go please, Sir for how to me on the show very little error
One thing that I like that I've been questioning myself, why? The point of having fear say with all these equipment, then on phase reclamation equipment that way. Spain. Why twenty in- and they were all borders- are open the Proba, Sir! It's like a concentration camp, don't you know ass the left. They want to cede, show us your papers, they see our papers. They want to send us through machines. They want to see us through our clothing. They want to pat us down, just like the Third Reich course that's not true, but course. If we were left wing, cooks or media endless. That's exactly what we should be saying go ahead I tell the president absolutely right about both of these simple people that emigrate: the United States, its people, some of these people, that they travel with It may not even their kids. They somebody else's
But may I knew you were originally from Central America Correct, correct, yes, innovation, thereby advocates because they come from Palmdale, be poured off of their small villages into the country that they have zero locations. There is no hospitals, there is no school. There is no nothing, They farmers understand that they never go to school, not even to her great very difficult for them to come. Clean united. An end. They wind up in the United States. They wanted words of our country. We try to figure out what to do with them, and the Democrats in this country just trash us trash the treacherous Elvis. Thank you for your call, one of the things that really amazes me. How little these same left wing Democrats and the media talk about the poor in this
Managed in our country nicer, while they always another. When their on these, these a cyclical, kicks about immigration and so forth. They never talk about our poor. People are poor minorities. They just go off and off and off on a alien kit. Anyway, let us go to Eric Naples fly. A serious satellite go. Sir. Yes, mark crimes were taken. My call I've listener. Quite some time and I consider to be a real patriot and I thank them down in history as well. But I don't think so. I thank you. Yes, Why? I wanted to call because of our what what you're talking about more earlier with his back to? How do you deal with a biased media this completely in the tank for that the agency and the left
And I think the solutions pretty simple and the solution is to the credit, the press credentials in a practical downhill should mean something It means that you're an unbiased arbiter of significant portion of the first amendment and if you're, not you shouldn't Adam And leave me so you want the president to take the credentials away while I'm not here to simple with that, but I think that the criteria be met in order to are perhaps credentials to be much stricter. I believe the beyond buys. You can't be a propaganda. I see the majority of the mainstream media Let me just say this to you before you run out of time. There's something know what you're saying I mean as a general rule. I would disagree with you. But on the other hand, I agree this recent Jimmy cost is not a reporter.
He's a drama quaint or John drama. That's what is theirs who have as their purpose, basically just to throw tantrums. And to that extent I agree with you, because those individuals are doing an enormous to service to the country, not only because their idiot logs on the left, but because their disrupting attempt by other report, is actually gleam. Information from the administration sometimes I there's something to what you're saying in that regard, I believe, I think I think the majority made freely about a further, but propagandist said their talent, the line, the water for the Democratic Party in the left. You know the narrative de all coordinated they all he climbed precisely right, an early. We think they have to actually contact each other. They just listen and watch each other, and the group think kicks in what look look at Berkeley.
Look at the other. Applicants were came out with respect to are to the special law, The fact forget, the guy Inspector General Inspector General Crack and, by the way, incredible things going on at the FBI. Outrageous things lately level of of sheet and dishonesty and political position and the above the power. I have never seen anything like this at the highest levels of the FBI and they could talk about J Edgar Hoover. All they want, and you right- and here we are debating something that actually started in the Clinton administration worked its way really to appeal Go in the Obama administration you ever present trying to do something about it and, of course, the media, kick in two to five,
the nation. On another issue, great Cholerick, we'll be right back yeah and I'm sitting in right now my favorite chair, this matter. What chair? I haven't any other Roma House in my bunker. I have my exchequer chair it's more comfortable, Then a leather chair, I have much more comfortable in a big chair with big pillows, that I habits more comfortable in any of our sofas, I'm not kidding and its at my desk and during the brakes I leaned back. It's got back support, it's got neck and heads poor, but just a kind of just forms around your body. Malta
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hispanic community are very let the city so oh, I'm, not a minority, but we're making progress on your mind, sure thing about Our nation- it's not gonna happen. If we're there's another people like us around to spread the facts, deacons view other heat they want. We have fact We know that a democratic party have become the parting. It's a cable. A cable service provider party they'll. Take ever customers bring a new customers. They went off with all easily seen feels to the earth to the illegals ticket they're, while their base their democratic, they are suffering and seeing their thing it, and I know, because I'm spreading the facts down here, Sir, Let me just say this: two year and inspiration and Brownsville Texas, keep it up rather keep it up, and thank you for your kind.
We'll be right back. Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader here on number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one one hour left Brook Baldwin is a scene in host. And something very interesting happened today. Excuse me yesterday. She had a left wing Democrat on
Senator Tammy, Baldwin Democratic Content. She asked her question the question and I keep asking, and this is instructive for Ministration and in every Republican out there in every conservative out there, the democrats- I do not want to say that they support open borders. They do not want to say that all these people should be released, even though their here elite they don't want to say it so forced them to say it or looks or force them to look stupid. If they dont say, let me show you a go though I so many people in this country are certainly outraged by the cages and the thermal blankets and the facilities housing. These kids We were all there in twenty fourteen under President Obama and my question to you Senator Baldwin is: did you speak up against them, then? Out on that on this,
The issue that we get into moment where we are making progress and then, when I search is now you can see how utterly dishonest womanish in she's turned herself into an intellectual principle. And you're here here ramble on go ahead. We all need to continue to be focused on it and press it through the american people need confidence that we can solve problems. Nobody believes that we have an immigration system
It is broken. It needs fixing just after results. Were you worried about it then? Did you raise your voice under the Obama administration in Numbers paces? Usually I remember a constituent was in detention at the border, arguably very inappropriately, and we we raised our voice in that instance, and many others, but that we ve got to do this now in unison. It's not enough knew a case by case or Senator House member by house number. We ve got to resolve conflicts this issue, so when we had these so called Nazi concentration camp some german term in camps in the prior administration. She did nothing may be brought up one or two. But now we all need to speak with one voice.
Now. You know this is a completely fabricated, so called scandal. Then you have truck Sumer saying we can pass legislation. The president can do this on its own. The President signs executive order, the ACL you and others had taken the correct argue that that doesnt work it's illegal, and so here we are in the media. How promote this. Anyway, I heard the sailor Dana thought you'd want to hear too, but there is something else that took place today at a hearing. That's actually quite crucially important. Ever hear of Michael Daniel I've never heard of him Micro, Dan, Michael Daniel, Michael Daniel, Is the former Obama administration, National Security Council Cyber security coordinator I didn't, remember his name, but our
where he appeared in one of these books, and I remembered what he said. He's in front of the Senate Committee yesterday. James Rice, who is a senator from I do. However, I must say I don't know of him. Well, but the more I hear this man speak the more impressed I am with him. I want you to listen very very carefully to this. I don't do clips to fill time. I do clips to make a point members The former Obama administration, National Security Council, Cyber security coordinator. Cut. Fourteen first you'll hear Senator Rice go there, Z, I want to read you from an article that appeared happened in late August. Two thousand. Sixteen at his morning, staff meeting Daniel Matter frankly said to his team. It had to stop working on
comes to counter. The russian attack quote, we ve been told, damn down. That's a call from you. Daniel Frida one day, I've Daniels top deputies recalled quote. I was, credulous and in disbelief. It took me a moment to process in my head. I was like that. I hear that correctly. In quote then pay asked quote why the hell? Are we standing down? Michael? Can you Help us understand, question mark in quote, is at an accurate description of what happened, so that is an accurate rendering of the conversation at the staff meeting, but the Larger context is something that we can discuss in the in the car, Fiveth session, but I can day that there were, any concerns about the widespread,
many people were involved to end in the development of the options, and so the decision at that point was to neck down the number of people that were that were involved in this. Thing are ongoing response options and it's not accurate to say that all Nobody ceased at that point. What about your area of supervision, It's completely cease as far as that is concerned no. We shifted our focus in that September and October time framed focus heavily on better acting annexes assisting the states in better protecting the hour. Rural infrastructure ensuring that we had as greater visibility as possible into what the Russians were doing and developing
essentially an incident response plan for election day, and you you describe it, but as far as your cyber response, you were told to stand down their correct. We were those actions were put on the back burner. Yes, we're it and that that was no longer there Not the focus of our activity during that, during that time period so the Russians are committing cyber warfare against us. Their interfering in our relations. And their told to stand down in the context of don't take them on. You can play defense, he contrived protect ferris infrastructures and
before, but whatever you do, don't fight back. That's what that meet. This is damning of the Obama administration and it has received exactly zero attention on the network NEWS programme Zira and its damning. You have one of the victims here, Donald Trump he and his world under investigation. All corruption at the highest levels of the FBI. All this unmasked of american Citizens BAR intelligence agencies, the abuse of the face, a warrant process, the leaking. The obstruction when it comes to Hillary Clinton be lying to Congress, the withholding of documents from Congress,
All involving individuals who worked in or our hold overs from the Obama administration. And there's no special council. No, man that Barack Obama testify under oath to any prosecutor, none whatsoever. Now demand that his national security adviser his deputy national security adviser, get interviewed by the FBI Incredible all this occurred during the Obama administration, and these. The cracks in the media are out there saying the present. The United States, Donald Trump as a threat to the republic, is a threat to the constitution, he's a threat to the free press it. So tell us in wonderland after I'll, be right
Ben Here's quick reminder. I told you about the Supreme Court in its decision on the Let's clause our body over there at the right scoop, Brian hee hee. Did something I wanted to play for you something. Said not that long ago. Go ahead, MR, but is so this president exercising powers that are not granted to him under the constitution. So let me make a suggestion Those of you who have to deal with this new phony consumer finance institution
of you who have to deal with the National Labour Relations Board any decisions that come down from these entities any regulations they come from. These entities sue them, I'm helping as a litigator sue them, because their acting ultra vires there without authority, because the people at the top of these entities making these decisions are. Holding office under the constitution, you, the people who are a the groups, the businesses who are affected by these entities. You have the power to legislate against them. Do it do it and if you are Argentina have a budget for this. Every I may issue a decision, a regulation that adversely affect you, saw them challenge their authority to make these decisions given the unconscious to regional nature, of the appointments of the people who
We see these entities, I know what I'm talking about. I dont have standing to do it because I don't have any in front of these fools, but those of you do chamber of commerce individuals, you do have a power. And all the rest of us. We have a power to throw these bastards office before it's too late. There we go there. We go right. See what I thought I wanted to mention one other thing here before I get to the collars, her Jeff Lake. Now, ladies and gentlemen, the begins at the Senate had been staying in. I should longer than normal, even though its an election year for a third of them It is a third of the senators who's there trying to approve Is confirm, particularly circuit court
If a nominees and the reason is the Democrats abused every trick in the book to slow the process down. So to their credit, their staying in and they're trying to get more more. These would be drudges confirmed. Now part of the problem is when the Senate Judiciary Committee, there are eleven report. Hence in ten Democrats, so they cannot afford a single Republican to jumped ship to be absent so forth. One of the Republicans on that Senate. Judiciary committee. You may be familiar with his name: it's Jeff Flake Jeff Flake. According to a report, Jeffrey. Is not only threatening but apparently is about to undertake really, as such,
an uncontroversial and irresponsible position it I wanted to share with him, then, if we don't allow more tourism to Cuba and if the presently keeps imposing tariffs. Jeff flake will vote with the Democrats to prevent Constitutional lists from being appointed to these crucial circuits I don't care what your view is on travelling. The cube, I mean I care, but under these circumstances, is that not odd, more travelled to Cuba and when it comes to tears, Just flag is no more free trader than I am, but you are gone
to punish the american people. By leaving slots open on the circuit courts- one day for a left wing democratic, Phil allow these circuits, which already loaded up with Obama, judges. You're going to allow that to continue. Ladies and gentlemen, Jeff, like is a match up he's a match up Any republican senator on that committee could throw a wrench into the works. If they don't get what they want in any particular time on any particular issue, but it seems to me you don't mess around with a third the article three branch of government, one circuit appointments are so crucially important.
That you hold them hostage to your favorite issues, and I must say it is enormously peculiar that he's concern about travelled to Cuba. We even had a reduced significantly our deaf at our wonderful new embassy there that Obama put in place because of it The cuban government is really into what is it that they're doing these attacks? sooner attacks. Sonar attacks were not sure on the staff. Their work but actually having brain damage, hearing damage and so forth and saw these high frequency waves and so forth- and this is f like issue, not that in particular, but tourism in Cuba. So, for that reason, in the tariff reason he wants to hold up judges.
And you say, he's a conservative just ask peace, no conservative he's a moron, or on absolute moron degree We best cages, shitty cages, the great Casey me, sir. I do agree with you and I wanted to say that for years, even though it looks very bleak, you reminded me for a Europe of a little mandatory Samuel like from them from the book of prayer meal and what you do is important, even if it goes as bad as we can imagine that can go. You are used to say your bag in the path from pan and income to tell people what their throwing away values, what they're doing an amazing, they call themselves progressive. There is regressive as they. U can get because option. I get the same reason that the people do Samuel
wanna be like everybody else? They want to claim that take care about. You know they want to be protected. It's gonna go the same way. It went from way back then centre it yet well yeah go and you tat! He can look at Venice. Well, all these failed states, Nicaragua, Cuba, Bolivia. I mean how many more examples: the Weeny Ringo. If you look at all Then you can look at the end. We share with a hundred million people murdered and under the flag of communism or we're not com. As you know what our communist, what what are you? But what are they without up now history? Even currently, then, we'll tell you there
they don't want some. It tell me this best. When is the last time he leaning democratic, promoted anything that enhances individual liberty by anything Amber it out, they ve always that thing I always remember them from when I was a teenager. It we ve gotta, be like everybody else: men the mainframe highway. Am I right there? Thank you for your very kind call. I appreciate it think about it. Folks, I'm quite serious. When is the last time. You heard a Schumacher or policy or the elk promote any idea: that would result in the expansion of individual liberty The government will do this well redistribute wealth, take this from that guy and give it to this guy. This group was put upon that groups, but never they never
talk about individual liberty, yet that goes to the heart and soul of the family of this republic. Individual liberty of Iraq, most powerful conservative voice. Denmark, loving, show dialogue now, eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one. You know the Democrats keep talking about japanese interment camps. You know who set up Japanese internally camps, the Democrats there were set up the military order by Franklin, Delano Roosevelt. The Democrats set up the Japanese in terms camps. And a hundred twenty thousand
Chinese Americans and Americans of japanese descent were forcibly placed into those democrat, Japanese in terms camps. Maybe, when our Hannity tonight about an hour all remind the whole world about that. Mr producer, what do you think. No there's a kind of identity theft that I'm just learning about. It just shows how cyber thieves will never ever stop trying still your identity! Why? Because its virtually priceless when the black market synthetic Idee theft ever heard of it. Thieves take pieces of personal information from various peep. And create a fake persona and its incredibly difficult catch since there's not a complete idea to match against, but my idea. Care covers you free, even this sophisticated kind of scam. You don't know and protect you, one hundred percent, but my idea care offer is best in class.
Detection and gives you a one hundred percent identity recovery guarantee. If you do fall. Make them or your money back. None of the Let's do that. We're plans less than ten bucks a month, it's time, let my idea cared take care of you. Credit freezes alone, protect you from all nine types of identity theft, but my idea care will learn more and get fifteen turn off at my idea: care dotcom, Slash, marked promo promo code, mark its law So here we go. My idea, care dot com Slash, Mark Promo code mark Where to easier than ever to unroll? Well, yes, I, let's take some cars J. Charlottesville Virginia on the mark of go her.
Then it is an honour to speak to you, my fellow, but you couple months a couple years ago. Actually, when I was stationed in South Korea in it and honour to speak with you, Well, I'm back home now, thank you and welcome back. Thank you have great to be back. I I just wanted you to make a point. I think, Democrats need to be careful what they wish. For. A year ago, you got Chuckie over there in the Senate, Talkin about Landing at the president is a pan and and sign an executive order with regard to immigration issue, even offering a even offering a pandemic is thine and instead But he's gonna demanding is almost the law maker demand. Let the enforcer, the laws,
like a lion item, veto of the law and just pick and choose which part of the law to enforce, and I think that maybe its political expediency and now, the Democrats are right now to try to demand and in Maintain a narrative it in the end it there are demanding that the Chief here, the president just pick and choose which part of the law that he wants to enforce. I think back. Really come back by later on, we know occurred, but I'm of two minds on this number one I believe in constitutional republicanism,. And the more were like the Democrats. The more were like the Democrats. On the other hand, if we play the markets of queensberry rules by plan by you- have see rules. We're gonna, get caught Every time show it does asked Positive Donald Trump story us on the front pages of the Washington Post to near tat. They may have been out there.
It condemns them. They re seem to understand very well to pursue its immediate completely on their side were taken. Pretty much do say whatever they want right now and now by while the men are one and the same, aren't there they are have you ever seen? The group think media really disagree with the group think Democrat on much as I said before, one is one is the last positive Donald Trump story. You saw on MSNBC When is the last positive Donald Trump Store use on the front pages of the washed imposed too near tat, they may have been out there there few and far between so this s government, the president, making all these decisions and there's a dearth of stories. Its like I've been saying about the FBI scandal how many pro trump
and of all those tens of thousands of text by the various senior FBI officials, have they found not one Are all the pro senior FBI officials, not one because you everything you need to know go ahead. You know I represent agree with you AIDS, it's something I never thought I would see my lifetime and something that just scares me to death. Then I have a five year old son. Growing up in a situation like this in a country where I don't see how they it's almost like that Democrats, an immediate put all their their chips in in all. There are I my. I appreciate your call very much an your service. Let's continue, let us go to Alex The Ark the Great W Abc Go.
How are you thank you for you in a shop? Yes, sir? Yes, sir, The mexican government doesn't care about their own people going over the border. And I will stop thinking about coming up with a legislation or revelation in which we charge. We build the country origin of the illegal alien other services, Oh, my baby, the? U S, shouldn't Guatemala listen automatic women are built for the for the I like that idea: ram as they won't pay it. But so what right? We have. We hold a tab on them. Call right, exact, and the only way we want to be able to put a lot of pressure on the side of the territory, so they can start put a halt on people coming over to the site because you gonna get a bill. Comes here, even if the services rendered them. We gonna tell a bill to the embassy
we adapt gap for babies. You gotta printed doctors, you're gonna get a bill. If you have something for you to pay for this And then doing something this can be done about it I agree with you, I my friend see Europe active. You should be a memory. The United States Senate number. United States and why not Frederick Poughkeepsie need. The great W K. I t go gesture a question that Mercosur, I guess it's constitutional question, because I spent fourteen years and military intelligence and I got a very cynical attitude about government when Colonel said that he was gonna, keep descended in session, not going to reassess I met. My first thought was that he was going to prevent MR trouble.
From doing research appointments now- and I know that very he's he's already announced- lies doing it. My there was a particular disadvantage further damage to reset for it was for the president all right now they wouldn't be useful because they last till the end of the congressional term sawdust. Subject running out into them again. Would it have to do him again very well by just thank you for clarifying should not, but now that that said, I know either in session they renounced its and they're. Trying to get these judges confirms. You gotta get points for that. Well, that helps me We so cynical that not me in one case may be done it, but you know well inside anywhere. I can find you know. That's ok to my brother. You take care
Did I mention I'm going to be on Hannity on Fox at nine hundred and thirty p dot m eastern time, six hundred and thirty p dot m. Take time. Anyone give a damn, probably not Joe Long Island New York that Great W Abc go awry. My friend hurry hurry, Peace, a chance. I just want to make a comment. Women will have private Democrat. Actually, together to help the United States the veterans of this country as much as they want to help people who have not done anything for If anyone should get a free bad, I think the veterans Marine corps and myself, and I believe that you Beverly, showing their true colours by putting people first, I think this is a great point I think I mentioned earlier this week. Maybe I did, but I thought I did, and you are quite right- the
man of it to its not only this case, the amount attention paid by our elected officials on foreigners. Trying to get into this country, and then the training our borders and getting here illegally is on me by any other issue. Am I wrong Norma the air you're right. Why don't they spend three weeks two weeks on the visa as long as at least they have spent on stormy Daniels. Robot That said, there would be nothing about that, but what then? and there is, I don't know what they're just Wally goes back to looking for votes again, I guess. Yes, sir, it's just the anyway you're right and thanks for your service, my friend, let us continue Steve. Farming down New York, the Great W Abc, go. I am market thanks for taking my call. I was just hoping to mention that we have a lot to be thankful and positive for special.
The left has usurped poly wood in the media, in the newspapers in the universities and their actions. Actually the last two times and the White House. Imagine agencies that help with homework constitutionalist, that there be a whole new day in America. We have you too much to be thankful for I can say this to you. I am thankful for me, very nice call. I appreciate at Steve from food. Kinda good man will be right back Would you to pay your hard earned money to join an organization that, for tooth and nail for a government, run healthcare system, a k Obamacare? How about it
organization, that scripted portions of white, how speeches behind closed doors to ensure the passage of Obama care? or an organization. It stood against tax cuts for middle class, Americans and small business owners. You join an organization like that. No, ladies and gentlemen, dont join the a r p, because I just described it to join a MAC. A MAC is the conservative alternative a MAC offers an alternative to just about every great discount and benefit. That's available you to get there the eight hour p, but without the liberal agenda My MAC member, like I, am right now at a Magda. U S! I wouldn't! The belong to an organisation that fights for your values like protecting our borders by enforcing common sense, immigration laws, supporting small businesses and standing up for your endeavours. God, given freedoms, a MAC is the way to go. There's a tunnel work to be done,
an aim as asking that you help and fight the good fight by becoming a member today. The benefits are great. The cause is even greater, join right now at a mac that? U S, that's a m: a sea dot? U S, because a MAC as better better for you and better for America, where let's continue Shelly. Jonathan Ontario, California, serious satellite go together, Finally, if I hispanic American in our I'm buying, additives bought my friends from mexico- a game the right way- and you know I don't think we sparing a catch all these programmes, What I think we shall ever turn around and a kick in the past we shall be holding anybody ways in our economic report. What what? What deport another words catch. Somebody here illegally, I mean, what's the big court it's all about your here illegally. By
about what the big deal about with with is culturally thing, because the courts are involved. Let's wide screws things up all the time I've been to court, in know for issues and people ahead of me that you know this server mister low, birth rates. Second, tat: do you: why do you have legal status? Can you get your life in thirty days now? I can't wait, a minute Do you, I know legal sense. What are we doing here? You shouldn't be here when then, you back to where you came from. That's right, my friend where they came from his Nirvana, because little dick there and of the great state of Illinois, told us many many times these are not ass. Hall cultures are countries there. Right there on the equivalent of the United States, so why not send the back? Never, I think they're doing just fine and I am from the death California district verify lumber run by now, Torres. Do the job
We run by Maxie dormitories Norma Torres It used to be run I'm acting waters by the late minded band, and then to go map of another account in, and I wish you a ban and all of us, quite frankly I Jonathan saying, before you call my friend, it's gotta Chris Boston to choose a serious satellite go how I remarked I do when I first I've got the macsharry to get through and I just want to say I really admire your five million that today idea how these global spoke like they do, especially in my statement, I gather around their brother alma the boy. Oh my diary telling me how she gets a vote You know I will listen to our staff and I you know I watch history. I listen to me. I mean I used to Lebanon schools. I just don't confused that a true constitutions
the sovereign and I believe I am as well how how now get off the farmers into your answer, but how is that consider How did wonder that become considered, far right and not the centre, and then you go it isn't that amazing and held here you make it The points or in other words, if you embrace the constitution in the intent of the framers you're right, winger Yeah, why you I don't know this is an important point, because my view of the political spectrum- Chris, We're in the middle right. Wingers are left wing, is reconstitution, lists right, you'll, be a liberty That would be an hour, but I mean you would think it was just pays Gaza to argue that the spectrum is actually a circle and an end. Where they circle meets. You have the communists and the fascist. And then is the circle moves around you get to the
Centre point of the circle not saying within the circle, but the centre point of the circle you have caused crucial republicans- and I don't mean republican- party I mean republics, so constitution. Republicans, we are the centre. But you know they still the language they still the nomenclature, and you know after the races Groucho around so where we go through the keeper. Your fight did come about away Chris. We able to handle the eagles beating the patriots we able to handle that my friend believe it or not. I won't say what I did my last life, but I was at. I was in sports, but I was actually glad for the quarterback Tom Brady's had plenty of ships and wait a minute. What amount curious! What did you do in your last life. I played professional baseball for what team recorded, while the Red Sox. What's your name
How do you know? Why? Do you ask me I want to tell me you. I tell Mr Klaus out of my money of course, Howard there. You are crucial over the rightful red, Sox or lower the words and the two? How about that? Chris how're that's a great honor, my friend. An end to say I really love shows a toy every night salary by about it. So thank you. Thank you Chris. I appreciate that very Chris Howard man, you never know who is listening to the show. Your listening to the show yet rich near it. Many w b c of forty seconds go. Great you question The reason for taking an old before going into office what does little to lie if your name, shimmer you just because you have to do not because you believe it. I, my friends back
for putting up with me tonight we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. I will see you in thirty minutes on the phone. News channel on Hannity at nine thirty pm, Eastern six, thirty pm Pacific dont forget it.
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