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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the Democrat Party doesn’t stand for Americanism, it stands for violence. As the list of statues coming down increases, the list of statues toppled still doesn't include any segregationists like Woodrow Wilson, FDR, or Robert Byrd. Also, Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer are stopping an African American Congressman Jim Clyburn from becoming Speaker — so why exactly are they standing in his way? Yet, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries says that a Black Speaker of the House is not needed and that Pelosi is “legendary.” Then, education has become indoctrination. It’s why the Black Lives Matters Marxists are solidly behind Joe Biden in 2020, despite his support for segregationists. As if knowledge has been purged and replaced with brainwashing to reinforce a leftist viewpoint. They are cherry-picking history to form a monopoly of ideology, to never be challenged by debate or discussion. Later, radical activist Shaun King says that statues of Jesus Christ should come down if they're White and have European features. This insanity would cross a line that would be very bad. Mobs should not unlawfully pull down any monuments. Afterward, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy calls the show to discuss Republican support for Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to annex portions of Palestinian territory in the West Bank.

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my sincere appreciation to Hills, Dale, further sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground command, both the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader
And our numbers, eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three thousand eight hundred and thirteen eight hundred and eleven ever seen a stupid or media in your life.
One hour, while our six thousand men, the place, wasn't pact wily secret services, ten to twelve that, whilst still hundreds of ladies and gentlemen, the audience watching the president's speech in Tulsa go home at which included my family, and we thought it was terrific we were laughing, it was just superb was the highest audience on a Saturday that Fox NEWS has ever had in its entire quarter century history, so people in short because there are being threatened, they didn't want to take their kids there may, who is the corona virus, maybe was,
Punks who were buying tickets are not showing up. Who cares? It was a mass of audience. Now. That's fox and throw and c span you through the other channels to it was massive millions and millions of people, but the meter up on a wall such thou. Meanwhile, there's Biden in his padded basement He can't even keep an audience a one is wife doesn't want to be around of. Apparently there, More the same more, the same, keep it when your voting you want to get back at these people make tree about make sure you vote for the President and I'm starting to think MR producer. I need to give a list Of some of the statues in memorials and so forth that ain't teeth black lives matter and other marxist anarchists groups. I mean we're gonna be can
in here should be tearing dammit, aren't tearing down you, don't I'm saying mainly Gandhi alone leave chill alone grant a lonely blanket alone, I'm it. We got. Franklin rose about there and what about- Well, we got schools named after Woodrow Wilson, we have native, closes daddy My we got all kinds of stuff gone on around. Here we got robber bird statues galore in West Virginia man. I would- like ten years to knock all those damage to producer. We ve got all kinds of Democrats relatively modern Democrats, statues, buildings, all kinds of stuff but notice they not touch them.
They don't touch them. You want to know why and I'll prove this to you later and I've said it to you already in the past. These people are Democrats. There, Democrats they're going to vote for Joe Biden they're, going to vote Democrat for the house they're going to vote Democrat for the Senate. If they vote Senate race, their Democrats, that's what they are. The rioters in the big cities, it creates the mostly peaceful protesters out of our universities and Democrat. You know I noticed. I didn't see and I'm not about race color, but I don't think I saw a lot of blue collar people marching to do MR producer. You know like plumbers and electrician and truck drivers and cabdriver. So far, I don't believe I saw a lot of that.
I thought I saw like college students and professors and teacher types more white collar. May I say why privilege. But Nancy Pelosi yourself: why didn't she stepped down and allow kleiber and to be the bigger than she stands in the way, a climate. So a stunt behaviour to very white people, one of those that and what and what's the Schuman. Should he step aside and allow coy poker he's an african American become the leader, the Democrats in the Senate? Why not and by the way come our Harris is not an african American she's, half Indian and have to make- and I read about them- must reduce she's a black American. Don't get me wrong, but you know if we're going to have
this identity stuff from the left and the media. Let's get it right, certainly put down on a really care where people are from our. What their skin tone is. That's not me, that's the left, but why shouldn't Nancy Pelosi step down her father appears to have been at least they cause. I racist based on me. The characterisation left uses in the media uses today right. Now she's been a congress, I held a long time. She's been economists, a long time and I suddenly she wants to take portrait stand and suddenly she wants to take down statues. That's a real leader there, so Hockin Jeffreys, in always EST Pelosi step aside, something I bit timber and so forth
she step aside and some of the others and allow people of color to fill their slot known out that lets listen, cut, seven, go they ve Democrats retain the house. Do you think that Nancy policy should step aside and we now they are black speaker of the house. Not at all Nancy Policy has done a phenomenal job, as speaker doesn't matter there's a man and that's not the point, that's not the point at all. Go ahead. People agenda, which has been focused on lowering health care costs, increasing pay for everyday Americans dealing with defending our democracy or covert. Nineteen response has been tremendous and comprehensive. We will pay
the George Floyd Justice and Policing ACT this Thursday, which will help strike a blow you away. Nancy really has her caucus lined up. Then she, MR, but is a day, are scared of her man. I'd tell you what you better, not step out for all the revolution. I talk to have an eighty year old multimillionaire say Francisco white woman of privilege, the multiple estates, I thought were we're supposed to be opposed to. No she's, not from a step aside. She just to good of a liberal or, shall I say, leftist she's, just to good she's- to go no. She shouldn't step down and I'm the white privilege leadership of the Democratic Party. It's ok, there's kleiber sedentary number free spot for twenty years now, he's got away to stay.
And got away line when Nancy decides to step down. In their shimmer they're, not even talk, you know, there's a Democrat Party there's three black senators in the United States Senate. One Republican to Democrats really gets no attention in this time of re sensitivity in an identity. Politics isn't that shocking? Patently not so. What's the goal, what is, the goal of black lives matter? Now we know it's a marxist operation. I demonstrated that for you last week and accord
it's all over the internet, all over websites. Oliver talk radio as they plagiarize and rip off, but that's ok. We link and we give credit, that's called doing things the right way and its good practice to teach kids and it's a good practice to do. Patrice, coolers or color, see you our ass, a co founder of black lives matter. We played that these three, the other day where she says: she's trained Marxism, their marxists. Now, even though we have the back benchers ripping off left and right notice,. Cnn Msnbc I of Chris Wallace, it not NBC.
A b, c c b. It nothing nothing, that's not a big since wondered Marxism become a fat and a hundred million people who were slaughtered under the under the banner marks since one is that a fad since now peril. But here she is being interviewed by the utterly clueless in dumbfounded and confounded Jake Tapir cut a go a lot of criticism of former vice President Joe Biden from civil rights activist deal obviously, will be a choice. How do you think Biden matches up compared to President Trump were now? Let's stop right there for take notice. Listen to the whole thing, you don't need to hear it. He doesn't dig into her background as you, Mr Produce.
He doesn't? What is black lives matter? What is their budget? Who funds you? We have this daily caller peace. It suggests you're spending an awful lot of money on the on on a marxist activist activity. You told somebody else that you're trained and Marxism do you support the overthrow. None of it. Cuz Jake Tapper's are fraud. You want to know the truth. Jake Tapper's one of them, in other words ideologically.
Of them as our most of the media get to that later. So how does she respond when he says, but perhaps think by matches up compared to present a trump when it comes to these issues that are important to you? I'll keep a mind binds background he brag about working with southern segregationist. He worked on the ninety ninety four crime bill, which is run away from which I happen to think, was a good bill me personally, not every aspect, but so what made the country safer and other things of binary side that are blatantly races, Go ahead important you well, I'm hands down trunk. That only needs and not be an office in November that he should resign. Now we trump needs to be out of office, he's not fit for. Also. I stopped for a second there, so she wants dropout now now he should resign. Why could she said?
of course. So what are you gonna? Do she's gonna go from bad. This is what I'm trying to tell you every person you see on tv who is joining this movement or linked to this movement or mouthpiece. For this moment, the Democrats and the rolling Democrat ninety eight percent of them Percent of them go ahead. What we are going to push for a move to get trump out, while also going to continue to push and pressure.
Vice president Joe Biden around his policies and relationship to print policing and criminalization, that's going to be important, but our goal is to get drunk out so a pressure by an honor marxist agenda which by lay involves more than the black lives involved all eyes and is a is a horrific, inhumane ideology. But our goal is to get trump they get tromp. Now, look it's not that I'm pressure. I told you what their goal was: I told you the remarks or a kiss and their focus targeting trump and that's exactly what's going on. It's sort of the AOC wing of the democratic parties getting bigger and bigger and bigger is they're trying to knock off, left wing Democrats in and around very much palm areas, including New York and in other cities in this is exactly why Biden and policy and shoemaker.
Not condemn them- and this is exactly why Hollywood and professional athletes, the vast majority of whom vote Democrat and contributed Democrats want condemn them either. In fact, they insist you you follow them, otherwise you are obviously a racist. If your way and if your black, your uncle Tom couple of weeks ago, I came behind this microphone shortly after my little Barney passed away, and I told you that the Democratic Party is a war with America. These remarks assign a kiss. You have other elements within the Democratic Party, but it's the Democrat Party. The democratic party is not what it used to be, or maybe it is what it used to be. It's a very evil. Instead,
from slavery, desegregation to corner, quote democratic socialism and pulling down statues effectively book burning movie, burning, absolutely intolerant. It's the Democrat Party from the Democratic Party is very, very violent. That's its history. Very violent in the Democratic Party really is never stood for American. Is it's always opposed it in one form or another? Well, it's the confederacy. Will it's the segregation of south and now, whether its democratic socialists in the inner cities and beyond our college campuses, it's never satisfied with Americanism. I'll, be right back at you
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A vast indoctrination system, particularly at the college, in university levels. This is one of the reasons and we ve talked about this before Bernie Sanders. You once free college, for everybody wants everybody to go through the indoctrination met, because he knows what I know and you know, which is the overwhelming majority of professors, are hard core. Leftists marxists socialists. You name it and the overwhelming majority are about in Doc. Donation, not education, and you and I are paying for this it's time that our states and the federal government start Cutting funds to colleges and universities, massive endowments: they build these massive empires, but they insulate the faculty and they ins insulate the dean's when the heads of the various schools
And so what you're getting is not education, you're, getting brainwashing and its caught up with us now, one generation after another after another, in that. You see the toppling statues, that's why you see corner cope, mostly peaceful protests, many of which are mostly violent. That's why you see Ache, Fleet and utter ignorance about american history, and that's why you see a hatred for America's founders and an embrace a marxist current quote: democratic socialism and all the rest. This is the alibi If you will but a monopoly of ideology that must be broken up. We need to start to cut the funds. These operations right back at Helstone College Faith,
learning are integrated in pursuit of a comment and I've been talking a lot about four pillars of the Helstone College Mission, learning character, faith and freedom. Today, I'd like to focus on faith as the founders of our nation, New God, is indeed the first authority and the motive toward which all learning moves hills they'll understand. So we come to really know things through reason in faith and their students are taught to pursue truth through both founded in eighteen. Forty, four by Christians, students of all face are welcome and hills they'll college and always have been. How does the college teach the essentials of the christian faith and religion? All students must take its course. The western theological tradition as part of hills, doubts, rigorous, core curriculum. The cat
just offers, majors and religion, philosophy and religion and christian studies hills those campuses a welcoming place in which to discuss in practice. Faith respectful dialogue among Christians have different denominations and, with students of non christian faith is just one hallmark of the stellar college. Now to learn more visit, Levine for Hills, TAT back, come that's alleviate for wholesale back, I'm leavin for Hills, Dale, Dotcom, clover rate. What a great one locked with Thailand now, eight seven, seven! Thirty, eight one, three, eight one, one popular education, that's what we call a popular education. What so popular back, well popular meaning everybody can go to elementary school, a middle school in high school. I recall who runs them, who runs them? What are you
run them most of them are run by the national Education, association, affiliates and others politically in the cities are run by the American Federation of Teachers affiliates well, who are they? well go online and look who they donate to almost one hundred percent Democrat. Number cows Velasquez figured out how to get their support. They give her money and a lot of during our campaigns- cause she's, bought and paid for by them but she's, one of the rare ones, and they push every social activism agenda. Their union does their members do with exceptions. Of course their members do and it bleeds into the classrooms and almost none of you pay. No, what's going on in these classrooms, unless your children tell you almost none of you, almost none.
Colleges and universities, we poor hungry The billions of ours in these institutions, the thinking is, you got the best in the It is teaching or students had become engineers mathematician. Scientists. Vance levelled doctors and lorries, and so what else else's aging ideology studies become indoctrination, anti Americanism prom, access. True voices of knowledge, whether in textbooks or in person, are perched. Knowledge is purged. Teachers and professors had become activists.
It illogical preachers. The aim now is brainwashing through books, texts to reinforce a particular viewpoint, and it's always the left viewpoint. It's a monopoly of ideology is, I call it. Rather than teaching how to think you're taught to be intolerant, unreceptive to contrary Formation information that my challenge, the ideological pursuits of the master, I'm whose teaching children debate and discussion or challenge are not accepted or disapproved of history and experience
Our cherry pick their only used to reinforce the ideology not to develop rational thinking. Not to develop the mind to form the mind in this sense: education replaces religion, it becomes a religion. It's not education at all. Repetition slogans causes. And you hear them in the streets: ceteris nature. As I wrote about and plundering deceit, the incestuous nature, the faculty cannot be overstated faculty, faculty danger involved in the selection of the next generation of faculty. They demand it illogical purity and they choose.
I call the future faculty for many the same institutions from where they they came. With an emphasis on Ivy League schools and certain emphasis on schools at a radical left. So when you go into a classroom is a student who you think about. It is apparent you're thinking that teacher that professor must be well trained, knowledgeable they and advanced agree. You know what the college went to graduate school. They did this. They did that. They're going to school in these magnificent building says profess Alice said, I mean they like truly education centres, granite, marble blocks, stairs lots of columns, big libraries, thick textbooks, people wearing glasses, but for a great deal of what goes on. That's not the reality
The professors are looked at is almost omniscient. Many of them are very charismatic Many of them are truly ignorant, but it doesn't matter does a matter that they don't know so much because the goal as propaganda passion, even violence, replace knowledge. In the spills into all the other areas of society, as I discussed last night with Professor Alice, you can see it. Did you see the former drama students? Hollywood? You can see it the screenwriters.
The executive board rooms today in these various massive corporations you might think, while their conserved. Now they come out of these same schools. The athletes. Who are pampered in these universities. Here the same the same thing, basketball players and it fell players, others sports casters, particularly journalists, particular in journalism and, as I have pointed out to you before, and this professor J rose and really can't stand because I've exposed him, but he's one of hundreds and hundreds.
He's at New York University he's a leading voice in this idea of journalists, journalism, social activism, but he's really picking up where John Dewey left off John doing a hundred years ago in their basic premises. This you can't just report the news in a vacuum. There must be reasons for the news that you choose. There must be a reason for the way that you presented and what should, I reason be to advanced society, which, of course to them means social activism.
Leftism democratic socialism Marcus's whatever you wish to call it, and so what journalists are told and taught and when their together the group thank and group mentality is that's their job and the more they do it. The more professionally are more they do it the more their advancing society. So Bernie Sanders has presented one Wayne, Donald Trump presented. Another way Democrats represented one way, Republicans are presented another unless of course the Republicans are useful idiots and many of them are
And so together there out to get Donald Trump, because Donald Trump is is a huge problem, so so for them again, as I discuss what professor Alice, but we ve talked about before The destruction of restoration of Donald Trump is not a legitimate, its righteous. He dared to defeat Hillary Clinton, who was the third. Obama, and we ve got a country to save your folks. We ve got a marxist ideology of sorts to institute and he screwed up. He screwed it up. Now, what is it that black lives matter and anti fern these professors? What is it that they want with your trained and Marxism. And sometimes these professors are out of the closet, but many times there in the closet, if you're traded, Marxism, your turn
to do and say exactly what Antigua and blackmail are there not alone, have to say what they have to say. First of all, they talk about marks and angles. You must own education, education. The goal is to teach people had analyze had to be critical thinkers, how to reason and rational none of the goal is to create an army, Modern term social advocates an army of unthinking chanting Marxist and that's what they're about and what they. What they preach is history
is the history of man? Is a history of class struggle over materialism where the feudal lords Landowners finally cap, this rule over the working class and they reach that communism is the natural and final endpoint resulting from the motion of modern society is not an invention. Discovery reform, they argue, is ultimately certainly cannot be obstructed by law politics, because it's the truth. It's the truth. And they wrote as the modern class struggle develops and takes definite shaped this fantastic standing. Apart from the contest, these fantastic attacks on it lose all practical value in all theoretical justification. They therefore endeavour that consistently.
The dead, my class struggle to reconcile the class antagonism. Let me ask a question: is the history of man, the history of material class struggle? Is that the history man? What about man spirit? What about man, spirit. What about face? That's not about material class struggle. While marks has an answer that you must eliminate religion and faith. That's a throwback that same to controlling people. It, gets into the way of the centrality of the state and.
French philosopher Raymond, IRAN, of whom I am a huge fan. He observed a half century, go to declare flatly that a worker in a capitalist factory in France or the United States is by death, and exploited and other work? Renee soviet factor is not is not an example. Synthetic thought, it's pure nonsense, and so what does he say, irony says: will look around the communist world? Are the classes, other intellectuals, politicians were hers. Yes, they're, all those things that they say they oppose, and then they claim to to speak for who the working man or woman, the murky man and woman. The problem. Hurried versus the bourgeoisie, and these are the two classes there subclasses Mark says, but these are the two fundamental classes. Is that how you?
Society, because that's what your kids are being taught today and I'm going to prove this to you over time, I'm going to prove it to you over time, because we need to delve into these things now. Could you surrounded by people who are talking about These things are at a very superficial level. There's a reason why these phrases are used as a reason why statues are coming down, there's a reason why there is violence, there's a reason why you leaders- and I don't mean- because through smart I mean because of the positions they hope- whether they are ass leads, whether there does your actresses, whether they are in academia there's a reason. They say what they say and they are what they are. There's a reason for this.
There's the reason the media are what the media are and to be a marxist is to be Anti constitution at tie, free markets anti individually, and many the people whose spew this or spew some aspect of it wittingly. Your unwittingly. Not to live the way of their propaganda, but a different way, but a different way. I'll be right back at Helstone COM,
faith and learning are integrated in pursuit of a comment and I've been talking a lot about four pillars of the Helstone College Mission, learning character, faith and freedom. Today, I'd like to focus on faith as the founders of our nation, New God is indeed the first authority and the motive toward which all learning moves hills they'll understand. So we come to really know things through reason in faith and their students are taught to pursue truth through both founded in eighteen. Forty four by Christians stood. Of all face are welcome and hills they'll college and always have been. How does the college teach the essentials of the christian faith and religion? All students must take its course. The western theological tradition as part of hills, Dell's, rigorous, core curriculum that,
jostle offers majors and religion, philosophy and religion and christian studies hills those campuses a welcoming place in which to discuss and practice, faith respectful dialogue among Christians have different denominations and with students of non christian faith is just one hallmark of the stellar college. Now to learn more visit, Levine for hills down back, come that's alleviate for hills, Del back, I'm Leavin, Fray Hills, Dale, Dotcom, we'll talk a little more about this next year, and I want to move on to some other things too, but Mark what do we do about play with it? Every time education's brought up, they get more money, whether its. Government schools at the elementary middle School in high school levels or whether its colleges and universities are you, and I subsidize mostly through the states, but also the federal government through loans and us,
Loans to air tickets, there needs to be true education reform. We need to break up the idiot logical monopoly that takes place among these faculties. We need to force them to be accountable for the way they spend the money. We need to be much more careful about what kind of textbooks used the kind of people who were hired in the way you do. That, fundamentally, is to cut their budgets have in and inspectors general go and not just to see where the money goes but see if kids are actually getting an education. There is no act. Mc Freedom, so we're not attacking academic freedom worth defending academic freedom. This is a new civil right. I've talked about school choices and civil right? The president has been saying that the driver important, but it's not just school choice, cleaning up our colleges and universities.
Preventing them from being soviet style indoctrination, males. That is a civil right and we must examine this. Ladies and gentlemen, we You can't just be the the method four subsidizing and paying for all countries demise through these universities and colleges we have got to? We have got to counter this. If that got to resist this, and we start at state level with state spending which is the majority, the money that goes into these colleges and universities there, to be serious oversight and reform about, what's going on in the classrooms matter dictate, but to find out. And I'll be back from the westward one podcast network.
Now broadcasting, I'm lonely underground commandos than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, America, a mark Levant, our number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven seventh create one we ate one cannot happen in Baghdad this weekend, MR producer over one hundred people were shot, and fourteen of them died five of homework,
children, actually that was Chicago Illinois, our third largest city over one hundred people shot. Fourteen died, five children, including a three year old little boy Including a thirteen year old girl who was sitting at home watching tv. We on the sofa in the bullet when through the window and then through her neck. Two young boys were mining, their own business, seventeen in sixteen they were killed Saturday, unbelievable.
And people are Poland down, monuments and people are talking about police brutality and people are all and about systemic racism. This isn't police brutality, it's not systemic racism. This is black on black murder for the most part, even more than that These are human beings, slaughtering human beings without any care whatsoever about what they're doing other people. How old they are Heather, ending lives and ruining families. And you know I very little- is going to be done about this because it doesn't fit. The agenda doesn't fit. The narrative tat I ve been talking about the first hour.
A fundamentally transforming American to some kind of hellhole because the answer to this kind of slaughter. In addition, other things I've talked about improve, the year, the business environment, improving the fact environment, proven the educational environment and so forth, but to deal with killers a would be killers anymore, police, not less! You need more arrests, not less. You need longer prison sentences, not less. You need more jails, not less. That doesn't fit the narrative that comes out of the Ivy League colleges. It doesn't fit them Active that comes out of professional sports. It doesn't fit them that you hear day in and day out,
droning on day in and day out, on the yes Piano, CNN or MSNBC. It doesn't fit the narrative Ages of the New York Times in the Washington Post, none of them. Law lawn orders, the president says we're getting tough on criminals and tough on crime. That's the old school! That's the old book! According to political! guy TIM Alberta, whatever his name, ass old school stuff,. We're on a revolution here, man, wherever we can, we got things and now I mean. It systemic races- and we all know this- its systemic racism. In society in among the police. That's which calls on all this right. The criminals and the killers are left their laughing at the club, on tv they're laughing at the clowns in the media, the laugh and then the clowns at sports, the laughing at the core
in Hollywood. They laugh and everybody because God gave us free will. Even when people were less free in this country, you didn't this kind of slaughter gone on in cities, even people are less free. They care more about their families. Over one hundred people shot in shit over one hundred people on flowers, they weaken fourteen dead, five kids, one a baby seriously. And it's the worse since twenty fifteen, the worse weaken of slaughter. Since twenty fifteen, I'm thinking too much
What thou happen and twenty fifteen? This is why professional athletes, including Lebron James, but also Non black athletes: this is why they don't live in these communities cause. They know their dangerous. This is why none of the sports live in these communities. This is why none other Hollywood elite live in these communities is right. Under the media live in these there, too, damned dangerous me. While there Keep pushing their agenda their ideology? Ok, what's it going to fix how many statue You're gonna get torn down that are going to address it. None none. America's always focused on the strongly object, because the media always gives us the shiny optic. Why it's the narrative? It's the agenda, social just as social activism. More centralized powerful elites, brain
Washing our kids redistributing wealth region, Ring society, social engineers, that's the go, that's the purpose: they can have more cops He can't more jails. Kinda more pro security Sikiana longer criminal sentences cause we're told this than is systemically racist, know what systemically races is the failure to go.
The community's, where there's grave grave situations like this and confront the hot lips, the mobsters that Keller's report is run around the lifeboats. Now we have police reform based on what will the George flawed case has a bad cop who thou faces life in prison? There was a big. No, we need police reform. We need to limit the number of people.
Yes we need to abolish some of the police department. We need to slash their budgets that I'll fix it. Like, I said the killers eleven at us. The gangsters are laughing at us. Ok, that's cool! You do the work for us, media, universities. Hollywood Democrats, you do the work for us. You think the killers and the criminals are the would be criminals her down. For the revolution, give a damn about any revolution. But he's making excuses for them. Killings are going up What happened in Minneapolis, twelve people shot one murdered New York, record shootings, record murder.
All Democrats, cities all the same agenda narrative and nobody's going to criticise Any these mass nobody. Half Lebron James for serious, he become out these measures by name. If he serious by what he says that the way he says it, but he doesn't. He fought use, focus on a very horrible situation, would NASCAR and the driver. I forget the guy's name Somebody threw a noose and those cars. I would it is MR producer yes or no in the garage, ok or person needs to be found, and obviously so that's a terrible think. So he he tweets about that. Fine tweet about.
Denounce attack it, but what about all this? These are cost of people there. Ives. This is costing people their lives. Is the failure to have the kind of a police force, the numbers of police force, tough sentence, thrown the books thrown a bucket, but who are violent. You don't hear that on the Democrats side, you don't hear that from profession, Lastly, you don't hear that from Hollywood. Why is that cars are Democrats? They left us that's why? And this is carnage straight up. Tumblr Lou, AOL, AP fourteen people, including five children, were killed, is more than Hundred people were shot in a wave of gunfire Chicago with a father's day, weaken that produces
These high number of shooting victims in a single weaken this year among the v was three year old, Micaiah James who play so was fatally shots. Cider lays the boy was in a car with his father in the south of the neighborhood police, said the child twenty seven year old Father was the intended target when somebody fired shots at the vehicle, but he's not cooperating with detectives habit. Some tweets about that. Community leaders are offering a ten thousand dollar reward for any information, and the boys killing community leaders, I've seen pastors on the street. I've seen activists against crime who are never given time of day by the media and so forth. With some local show. I walked local news now method
three year olds, fatal shooting long time, community activists Andrew Home, said he had spoken to one of the boys. Relatives who said the child's mothers totally upset she loved her baby. This baby had a family. The weakens the young shooting victims included a thirteen year old girl who died after being shot in the neck, while watching tv in her home An american Citys and two boys ages, fourteen and sixteen killed in a separate shooting on Saturday. Now. Listen, I'm MR concern. I won't talk. Radio right. Where is everybody else talking about this? I don't watch ESPN anymore, Is anybody talking about it on a european damn serious.
Police, superintended, David Brown, and this guy strikes me as very sharp became at a Dallas he's now in Chicago said, police were working hard to track down those sponsible for the violence in several Chicago communities, he said? Gangs, guns and drugs are the key threatened though shootings Goodman threat, this shitty ship, Eddie, should be celebrating with their families on a beautiful day, but instead a number of Chicago and will be spending, Fathers day grieving the loss of their children in all one hundred and two people, shot a crush Chicago from Friday evening till Monday morning,. Highest number shooting victims in a single weaken this year. The violence comes nearly a month after Chicago and its deadliest weekend, since twenty fifty as nine people were killed and another twenty seven wounded over memorial weaker. That's all
thirty people shot into weakens and twenty three killed. In an american city I dont see the marching: do you see the marching. I dont see black lives matter in these communities. Dora damned thing or cheaper. When a Democrat party that runs these cities. No, no all day on the news, trumps tweets the size of the audience and Tulsa all day, crap crack crap throwaway here. Because we don't get real news as my guest on Sunday, TIM Gross, close, pointed out
It's not reality that we see on tv. It's not reality that we get its The reality is liberal. Tripe its agenda driven agenda driven in one direction. I don't care what your watch comedy at night, sports castors, so called straight, lose it's all the same crap I mean look at all this death and mayhem. Little kids can unblown smithereens into another was a time when this matter to everybody, everybody, but. Clearly it doesn't know, Democrat mayors, how due account no Democrat City councils held to account they're not going to change the narrative, thus systemically
racist police will guess what those systemically races police in Chicago, which are of every race and every gender. They were really busy over the weekend. Answering calls trying to save people, ambulances to the scene, getting people by hospitals. You know who did that the cops not teeth. A black lives matter, not any dance college to ensure their professors nodded MBA or NFL. Players are nowhere to be seen. But he had a Hollywood, their busy ongoing down in Beverly Hills. None of us. I'll, be right back now green Bay. You haven't heard already. I want you to listen to your here. A breakfast
what to see how how societies pushed in one direction, while things again, in another direction so Capron now's the hero. It's as, if he's Frederick Douglass. Or Martin Luther King and wisely hero Mighty Europe took a knee. During the national anthem. That's a hero, oh yeah, was very brave. You know he lost his career. That's a hero! Here's bread farm in an interview with Tee embassy cut nine it's not easy for a guy is age, black and white hispanic, whatever to stop Something that you ve always trying to do it. And put it maybe forever for it. Don't you believe you
I can only thank a final stopped by a patch elements: another guy who did summits the o, similar and but where are you? really this stupid bread farm. I think you are, I think, you're absolute moron pack Tillman in the United States military after nine. Eleven he was an standing linebacker. As I recall he wanted to defend his country. He was a patriot and, unfortunately was killed by friendly fire. You compare Collins Capron EC, who remains a multi millionaire with his multiple homes, who has not put his life on the line for anything is becoming an iconic movement leader among the left. You can
That too, Tillman Joy at regard him as your outside. Ah. Hero status with will be stamped with with Kaepernick is well principal. The guy can barely speak. He's almost sounds like Joe Biden, but that said they hero stamp Kaepernick will be stamped with the hero stamp, but have our standards a crumbled? You should because, ladies and gentlemen, Common cap, ethnic awakened America to its systemically races, police force, and that's why it took an ear. National anthem are, moreover, look at his great sacrifice and his crew really. I remember TED Williams taken five years off
To fight well worked too, there are many many athletes who did that, not fight against America, fight for America and many others. Who have set their careers aside or set them back resolving serving this country: bread Farm. I will never look at you. The same I'll be right back pull over the most passionate conservative on radio talk with him now at seven Seven forty one, forty eight one, one insanity rains ladys in German you're, not gonna like this particular Christians out there. This is it blaze, black lives matter activist Sean King Use also Bernie Sanders supporter.
Statues of Jesus Christ should be torn down, but just the white ones. She there's no end to this. Their gross form of white Premises black lives matter activist Sean King said that it is permissible to tear down the statues of Jesus Christ that show him with european features because they support white supremacy. My toes there's gonna be pushed back to this, like we ve never seen before. I'm not talking about while turning, but the pendulum swings. The pendulum swings. Yes, I think the statues of the White European they claim is Jesus should also come down. They are form of white supremacy, always having king, waited on Monday in the Bible. Family Jesus wanted to hide and blend in guess where they weren't Let me guess where they went: Egypt, not Denmark, tear them down. He says yes
murals and stained glass, windows of White Jesus and its european mother and their white fur Should all come down there, a gross form of white Supreme? He created as tools of oppression, racist prop again They should all come down. Shocking king has been besieged by accusations from form activists, partner, employees that he's been accepting much more money and donations. Eddies willing to account for publicly is denied the accusations. I'm just reading from the blaze. Also made headlines during the democratic primers, the campaigns surrogate for the presidential campaign, a Bernie Sanders after misrepresented. Excuse me, after Miss visited report by MSNBC Rachel Madame she responded negatively. So, let's see how this catches on all the
statues of Jesus were Jesus. Is white needs to come down stained glass, any symbols whatsoever. Jesus must come down. You think I'm kidding when I say these people are marxists, anarchists, you think I'm kidding, I'm not kidding in the least. You think I'm kidding when I talk about all the useful idiots. Our society, they don't even know what an whom they are teaming up All the white Jesus has come down, Mr Produce. What do you think of that? You know what I say: let him try, let him try, think that's the one, that's the one that would trigger everything,
you think, I think vandalized churches and analyzing statues of Jesus and stay. Glass windows with Jesus, and so I think that that will be the line. That's that's cross that'll, be the blue line. That's been stepped over. This is the insanity. Ladies and gentlemen, the marxist movement destroy everything that is, and you see the marxist Say: destroy all the statues of Jesus Black White Brandon man. You know how, in other. Because that's exactly what they're doing a communist China, the garden churches and taken down all the Jesus statues. You not also putting out MR producer. Posters of G posters of Gmos, posters of Africa technique,
Jesus improve just about and by the way, this guy Sean King he's no small actor. He's a big deal here. Attached a black lives matter, When asked people a good well out their whatever your faith, whatever your skin color, whatever your ancestry, you think this is. In the country together, where do you think it's gonna terrorists apart for decades and decades to come? I think the latter mobs should not be able to pull them any monuments. I don't care who the hell. The statue does I don't care if a town wants to do that, let him go on go through a lawful process. Mob should be able to turn on anything. Because next thing you know, they'll be a mob tearing down what use Next thing, you know, though, be a mob looting and burning your home and your neighborhood. These things get out of control.
You must be for law and order. Yes, I am, and they also back the cops and I don't make apologies either and no, I don't believe in TIM Scots bill. I think the present its executive orders plenty. What do you think of that plus TIM Scott? Does it have the guts to come on here and discusses bill? Why I don't know why I don't know carry their technology is improved just about everything. Phones, cars shopping. Mattresses have more or less been the same since the invention of sleep, but we deserve better and finally them. Interests has evolved thanks to purple the secret to purple is the purple grid. It's a patented comfort technology that instantly adapts to your bodies, natural shape and sleep style. Purple is for every body, no matter how you sleep their purpose. Mattresses software you wanted firm, where you need it and comfortably cool all over it?
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I'm a code, l e four hundred and fifty dollars of any mattress order. Fifteen hundred dollars more, you won't regret this. I daughter just got one of these beds. That's purple dot com, Slash, Levant, promo code live in terms, apply wow. What I'll show we ripped out when I'll show you burn. Aren't you get pissed off, ladies and gentlemen, I'm really pissed off. First, they try and take out our president with a coup talkin about the left. They control our universities, they control our entertainment culture. They control all of our big cities. They controller educational system. They control most of our corporations. Now.
And now they're really tightening the screws propaganda censorship attacking spree speech. Corporations are buckling like dominoes. Their falling because they're executives of the board of directors commodity same Damn, universities and colleges park. You must be anti higher education. Excuse me: I accelerate their game. I graduated with high honours from college. I skipped twelve great. Am I bring em just explaining I gradually college and three years then I went to law school. It was even bad, then, but it's worse now, it's worse now. I feel sorry for my kids in grandkids. I really do what
in a country where creating further, where they're gonna be attacked because of their race, no matter what the matter, how are they work what they achieve? No matter what it's only gonna, get worse. Unfortunately, we have a lot of people coming into the country who are not assimilating or their assimilating to the left, ideas of what our country should become rather than what our country is in our market. Can't fault for tromp. I just I do not like the way he tweets. Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me.
I wrote a book called liberty and tyranny. This is an election about liberty and tyranny. You understand what liberty or your stand with tyranny. The Democrat Party, as the party of tyranny has Joe Biden, said mumbled, even through his gibberish, when he loves about America How bout is likely running made I've been saying, it's gonna become Allah Harris. I hope I am wrong. I don't know. Has, she ever said what she loves about America. Her parents were immigrants into this Country has she ever so what she loves about America. I've never heard her as LA bronze. Aims. A billinger ever said what he loves about Amerika about stuff carry, has great pomp of Ich Anything about the slaughter in the city of Chicago that's taken place or the shootings in Minneapolis in New York you wanted
ECHO Tweet, a chemist producers, Twitter Papa, which yes. If they are there not saying a lot. The little come in here and their little verbal hit and run, but not much else. Did anybody here, trucks humor talk about this today know anybody Nancy Pelosi talk about this today now why why? Because it doesn't fit their narrative, that's why. We're busy punish the cops busy punishing the cops. You know it's interesting I'll, say it this ex cop who killed Lord Floyd, and we all saw we all have the same reaction. We have no idea, if you
is motivated by race. We know he was a bad cop. We saw what he did we have no idea if he was motivated by race, I have even heard that yet, through the various investigation, maybe was maybe was I dont, know. But we haven't heard it. It's just assume. So I say maybe it was, but I've looked key factors: the attorney general. He hasn't said that maybe well, but I don't know you don't know either. None of us know because nobody told us Really. I tell you I'll be right back
You know where an extraordinary experiment over the last few months following the shutting down of America and the american people didn't like it, the least those of us who actually work. Those who were on the take bureaucrats, people on the doll, mostly democratic constituents- they were in all our trouble by, but those people who work on businesses employing two are very and were very troubled by. And so really the government and the various levels and areas of the country were forced to one degree or another to open, because the american people were opening any
So now we're getting these endless media reports about how cases of the We're on China virus are spiking, particularly in Florida. Tex. You know state three: you have good governors. No, no matter how many times he's governors explain it. It doesn't matter first of all, as individual. You will decide if you're gonna be smart or not. I wear a mask and most environments. And I had my hands sanitize are with me. Why not? I wear a hat. To make sure the centres and burn the top of my ball, that house aware pants you our pants, MR producer there's things that you do. You just took as you need to do it right, ok, mask is one of those. If you dont want aware, in my view, is ok, then you'll deal with it. I wearing not everywhere
a lot of places in the car when I'm driving by myself or want my so you know outside within with it, trying to catch butterflies. I don't work public around other people. I wear it whatever. So. What we know is that it is being revealed through more or more tests, that more more people have this virus, We do know tat are less tests than fewer and fewer people have So this is the common denominator. There's nothing unusual about it. Also, learning what that many, the people that have it or getting it or younger people under fifty. So they are less likely to have serious effects can have some effect. And less likely to die. We know this plus now governance,
It been told to stop killing seniors, since a nursing home sender assisted living home. So that's help reduce that right to know about the other democratic governors, but that said, And so they keep talking about. The spike is mostly among young people, its most among people who are not going to die from it, and why did this happen? Mr producer. Because everybody was told to stay home. That's why? Because everyone was pulled, no more schools, and what did I say three months ago, MR producer? Now people are gonna, get it. Why? Because they re hungering that neither out like for human beings.
Social, you know talking to each other going to the store up their car living their lives, so it was like now that matters a spike or what the hell did. You expect. Because people didn't get the air tight body by getting it now they are. The media are so driven Biology and so stop, but on the whole I have to watch it ticker it take it. You don't have to you, don't have to you know my friends. We live in trying times being conservative puts us under fire, but we're not alone. One group stands out. It has. Here's a MAC, the Association of mature american citizens, members get money, saving benefits, cutting edge news and a great by monthly magazine Phil what continent analysis, not
I'll, buy anywhere else. A MAC has your back and mine because I'm a member and I've been a long time. A MAC gives you what me stream media, won't the truth, and there are powerful voice for conservatism Washington. Now, if you care about our future as much as I do then, join a MAC today help them fight for individual Buddy free speech, freedom of religion and assembly, the right to Cape and bear arms as many as you'll want free market, sovereign nation at all the values we hold dear. There were two million constitutional, concerted like you and me, have already joined day MAC, I encourage you to stand with us by becoming a member to, and here's how you do it go to a MAC dot? U S! That's a m, a sea that USA great benefits and doubts to folks help preserve the America. We love a MAC, that, U S, that's a m, a seed that U S by the way. Next hour we have. The Republicans.
The House Kevin Mccarthy. I wanna talk to him about what's going on in the in the White House in a few days, what's going on in Israel who it's going on among Democrats who promptly hate Israel now and among Republicans, I think you'll find this fascinating, regardless of your faith and so forth. I happen to know one individual and he is a medical student, Mr Mr Petition, and he by far, is near the top twenty percent of the class right now and terms of getting awards and honours. You know they told him today and anybody else it's in the top weren't doing this. That's why anymore, because a pervasive historic, systemic racism, if find out. Another way to hand out awards so cannot simply be based on you. Hard work in your grave. That has to be based on something else
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He's here now, broadcasting them only underground demand, both in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with the leader of our living. Here I come back eight. Seventy seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three want what I want to talk about statues. Now I want to talk about other things. So discuss were cut Mccarthy in a few minutes. Cause he and certain number republicans have had the guts to sign a letter and send it to the Prime Minister of Israel to counter the Democrats. I just want you to think this through its.
It's in kind, and it's like what we ve been talking about the first two hours, Lives matter is not only a marxist anarchists, organization which has been proudly admitted to buy two of its cofounders, but it is a deeply anti semitic organization And so when mayors and major cities with its New York to blog you were there, browser in Washington and others embrace black lives. Better or Mitt Romney, I'm not call I'm not talking about lowercase, be lower case, l or case and black lives, or I'm talking about the organization. Their embracing a marxist organization, the ones to overthrow America and his anti semitic. Sorry
Athletes or members of people in Hollywood. Some members of the media, and so is the Democratic Party and the Democrats parties growing increasingly antis the more boost left because excess communists are notoriously jus haters. And so as the as the left devours and use the more the Democrat Party uses it as a vest. You're saying these. These elements arise and even with the jewish community. There such groups as J Street and others which are suicidal in many respects, because for them the religion is the eye. Biology, the hard left. He though, they claim to be made up of of Jews Jews by birth, but they are what they are.
Now the present the United States and the private rivers, Israel and the rage negotiated a peace deal, I'm not gonna get into the weeds on the peace tilt available online in one of the things this peace deal recognizes is the right of return of the jewish people to parts of Judea and Samaria. No I've told you before Judea should sound familiar to you, because today and jewish a very similar there's a reason for that. These are the regional homelands of the jewish people. They heard the indigenous peoples of Judea and Sumeria period. You won't find the Palestinians in the Bible or anywhere else thirty five hundred years ago, in Judeo or scenario because they weren't there.
When you ignore history, american history, ancient history, then you advance the cause of the radical left. No wonder this peace deal in its most basic terms The United States agree that Israel for mapping process could have official, recognise sovereignty of approximately thirty percent of these lands in today and Semira were half a million Jews live and ever any minority of Palestinians, virtually the rest of the land. Would will be available to the Palestinians, but in order for the Palestinians under the plan.
To be able to engage in a process in which they might be able to create their own state. They must wear off a couple of things. They must agree in advance, not to kill Jews. I could you not. They must agree in advance not to pay the families whose members, through terrorist acts, kill Jews, a pension, A subsidy that can be up to two or three thousand dollars a month, depending on how many people they kill and what and how much press they get. And they must recognise Israel as the jewish state. Those are three basic requirements.
The Palestinians say: they'll: do none of those none of them. Be Democrats, First, in the Senate, nineteen o them came- TIM Kane, among others, and well over a hundred about a hundred twenty of them in the house. Sign letters to the Prime Minister of Israel because their public- it's not like I'm getting them their public warning him. That he and the state of Israel better, not max a n e, a n, an e annex these territories on the West Bank. They better not go forward with a peace deal that they agree too, with a troubled ministry Because the Democrats say we insist on a two state solution with international environment and international authorization and on and on and on- and they said
would be illegal under international law is actually not illegal. In the least, I've done a lot of Hosting the less twenty four to forty eight hours, you can check it out on Mark Levin, Show Facebook Mark Levine Church but I just don't have time to go through. All here now: keep mine, Israel Not only has a right to return and a right to sovereignty over these lands because they are the indigenous people to these lands and Democrats used to care about indigenous peoples. They do unless they're Jews and they. Obviously need to have control over these. Here is also for their own self defense. Iran is now building in its unquestionable its undeniable nuclear weapon. If you'd been reading the year, the stories on there and not following a sort of black lives,
and reading other things or Antigua, or what have you it's very serious. So with all the pressure, the pressure The country of Jordan, Saudi Arabia, European Union which always as Anti Israel? The? U N, which of course is anti, is run others putting pressure. On our administration, trade and basically said hey. Look, let's wait till the election See if Netanyahu wines, because we may have to deal with dance, the deputy, the of the former General Netanyahu, wins. And that year today is the most popular politician in the state of Israel. In fact, he could form a government today without any coalition with guns in it is now a very unpopular politician, Israel, the so called Blue White Party, has dissolved effectively and his
He has about fifteen members and a conservative twenty members, whereas now our who today without Ganz, could have a code ocean of anywhere from sixty five sixty seven. So if there is an election They had one in a landslide, but he's got this coalition. And one of the main things he ran on was embracing the Trump piecemeal. And so the standard was set. Ok, you need to win and then you know fine and sober. Ok, he went. Enjoy ones coming around and he says I want to act by July, one, we ve got our mapping pretty well done and and its time while Gaunt's his top confidant when he was running basically for private
wasn't Obama campaign Operative and Ganz is basically the pop. And so is plain robot, though he's trying to stretch the sing out we're really really limit it. Even though, is part of this coalition government So it's sort of undermining Netanyahu and they trump plan, but the Trump administration. It's not clear. If they're going to change the bar lowered or right raise it here. Because there has been talk, as I read in the media and I've inside information, I wanna make that abundantly clear. Its in the Jerusalem Post.
It's in the israeli papers. It's in some of the american papers. It's on some of the websites which I monitor as I monitor everything that may be. Israel should not too quickly Maybe we need to get more arab states involved. Maybe we need to international eyes at some other words. If you do any of those things, it'll kill this it'll kill. If do any of those things that are killing. So this week there big meetings going on you can read it in the paper, can read it on websites, taxi owes you can read it and in Jerusalem Post and so far that the White House this week to determine what the position the administrations going to be. And so now the the opponents of this particular Jordan
which has a security deal with Israel as well as any Jordan for its security. Jordan is a is basically a a throwback monarchy, a very weak country with a whole lot of Palestinians, but in the you remember, captured to dance Amerika called at the West Bank and all the Israel haters continue to call the West Bank start the West Bank, so West Bank for. Ten years it's been Judea and for three thousand five hundred years. So that's why I've been posting on this issue. I believe it is morally and historically com. For the administration to continue with its promise with its steel and to allow the prime minister to go forward And I say allow because the Prime Minister can go forward frankly without the administration, but it's true
two based on one. I'm reading coordinate this with his ally. The president. And so this is. This is a concern that if this is put off for prototypes and never gonna happen. Because Biden has already said you won't. Do it My colleagues have already said: they're not going to do it. So this is a one in a thousand year proposition. What does it matter to the United States? What does it matter at all First of all, there is a lot of people have faith in our country. To who read the Bible and are not just talking about Jews orthodox hasidic Jews for Since evangelical, Christians. Many of whom believe in a little literal word in the Bible, and so this is preordained, that's number one.
Number two there's a pull out recently in political who are not a store which it says believe it or not- the press, And is having some softness among evangelicals, so it's not the the historically right thing to do in the politically in the morally right thing to do it's the politically smart thing to excite voters and supporters. Number three. The arab states are rooting for trump lose. They won't bite and they want the Democrats. The jewish state of Israel's rooting for Trump to win. In other words, no your allies in your friends are.
Noble your allies in your friends and then there's a fourth reason. We conservatives, whether were religious or not religious, many of whom are this is important to us to this is very important to us. He's right provides us with a buffer is reprobates us with an awful lot of intelligence? Yes, we can Israel money, but there's a lot of countries. We give money to the dont, give us anything in return. If Israel, Isn't there what the hell are. We do we wouldn't have eyes and ears on ran. We wouldn't have eyes and ears on other enemies. The Russians are there, the Chinese are there and on and on and on. So it's very important. Conservatives too.
So this is why this issue I raised as a vital, raise it nobody else well in their tens of millions of you out there who agree with me, and I want you to be aware of this. This is going on now and both parties are exposing themselves for the good and for the bad the Democratic Party is exposing itself as an anti Israel. Any o c impressively and Bernie Sanders asked them Never gonna ask ever Mccarthy's about to come on the letter that he, the other Republicans leadership and other members. The Republican Party wrote to counter the Democrats, I'll be right back The association and mature american citizens is one of the first
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Supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot. U S. Now: some of you are probably thinking partner. We will have problems in our own countries, of course, but it decisions going to be made. It's not like I'm in charge of this right, MR producer, it's gonna be made correctly or concerning the main put potentially incorrectly so it's not like. If I don't post on it or talk to you about it's, going to go away, it doesn't go away. We got a lot going on on multiple fronts: the Democrat Party's at war with this country, I might add their war with Israel too, but their war with this country
behind this microphone every day to fight them, then I get on tv with its Levine TV or are Fox programme and fight them. I hope your watched our Sunday Fox Programme, and now I'm doing what I want. I do every other year, I'm gonna spend the next twelve sixteen months, if I can speeded up by well, but I don't think so, weak and after week, night after night Gathering my thoughts and arguments for taking on the left and what they're doing to this country, I'm circle in the project and circling encircling trying to figure out the best way to address is the best way to push back. That's what I'm doing. I don't just talk
really do try, and so really, when I look at the situation in Israel, the people. That is why I saved it for the less are the people who hate America hate Israel, though the same people, the same people and there on a precipice of a truly remarkable event. I also think I should have added that if this fails, this will be used against the president in the election to to have this. This peace deal And then not to implement the peace deal, because a pressures or because of whatever the arguments are that will go down as a defeat, and I dont want that to happen. The president either. Site, I'm not see, unlike others, are not out the sabotage the administration about the help help the administration. I tell
everything. I believe I don't play games, not hiding anything. These are my beliefs, snap, somewhat anyone else who said to me, based on my belief that I've held for decades and decades. Those of you who listen to this programme know that for well our eye when we come back. Kevin Mccarthy choose me, the republican leader that aim the association and mature american citizens is one of the fastest, Organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a MAC lives in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk a MAC fights a full time presence in Washington, a MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond
but to see joining a MAC gives you access, toy welfare benefits and discounts, including Special member only rates on car insurance, travel discounts cellphone. Plants and a hell of a lot more, and if that's not enough, you'll get a max. By monthly magazine full of insightful articles on the issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm in a MAC member and you should be to join today at AIM Acta. U S! That's a m! A sea dot! U S, side, supporting the liberal agenda, that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot. U S, the republic and later in the House of Representatives, Kevin Mccarthy. How are you, sir, I'll call you good, I see it took a hit. Take yes now and then, tv and radio, but your hang in there. You like the energize or Bunny Archer that
in never got to stop net. You should never apologize for fighting at another time in the street. Need time to fight for this country watching what's happening in looking at you they didn't San Francisco peering down statue Father Sierra Saint, who abounded nine spanish missions in California, George Washington, This is no longer about a protest about going to the core and conflicts and trying to destroy what America stands for, Leonardo. Hope when any these monuments are these statues or federal that we throw the federal law enforcement book at the rioters. I really do because you can have in you know, town wants to do something in its logo. They'll do it, but you can have marauding jobs going around pulling down about why I noticed
leave the FDA statue up the Woodrow Wilson Stature. All all the big left wing Democrats says that, but I don't get you in trouble, don't get into that are completely Kevin, Mccarthy, you and your leadership and many Republican signed a letter, and you send it to the Prime Minister of Israel and you were countering what is apparently, this growing anti Israel mentality on the far left. The dam where party that spreading to the rest of the Democratic Party. Can you explain what you did so, what Dead and more than a hundred and fifteen republican members signed out, we sent a letter to Prime Minister Netanyahu, reaffirming our support for the: U S, Israel Alliance our commitment to supporting Israel's right to make sovereign decisions to ensure defensible borders, because what we find now is that the democratic you. To be a bipartisan issue about defending Israel. No longer.
How that air, sea and the others come forward vapor. Even the beady move it to boycott Israel to go against Israel to predetermine that they can even defend themselves or even be able to build a certain area. How could you ever be? The only democracy in the Middle EAST is Israel at America's crate Ally and for the idea that they are shifting, we wanted to make sure Israel understood where the majority of us stand and we stand with them and they can make Decision to ensure their defensible borders that means that they have to build a bare Pegana, wet bank. Then they should be able to do that. That's their country in our concern and that's the point they they d, the Jews, have had their the indigenous people of this of Judea and Smith thirty five hundred years ago, and in one of the things I just want to underscore hears
Your position, the position Republicans in the house that that signed the letter that look, Israel made the steel the president, not now who made this deal so they should go ahead and execute the deal. I am concerned If that doesn't happen, the more delays and time goes on. The Democrats are going to build. This position in the arab states, the EU and the UN. Where can I become incredibly difficult to do it? Does that concern you gravely concerned? This is the moment in time that we can have peace in the Middle EAST. This is different than the other piece plans in the path this one the Palestinians, be able to grow their economy. The idea that predetermined where they go, is totally wrong about what the Democrats want to do. They want to hold back to have. That is where we know status quo, not worked and remember what the president has done different than any other president perform Republican a Democrat. He kept his promise, he moved
The Jerusalem he poured a reality, boy ran deal any reckon that recognising it this claim to the Golan Heights standing up to China, standing up for an american flag. That is what the world wants to see and that make the world actually paper. Now, there's some big. It is apparently going on at the White House to determine whether or not to support Israel and the Prime minister moving for word or whether there should be other issues to discuss and so forth and so on. Really any serious reason why they shouldn't go for another other words: the deal was made it's been months since the deal was made by the arab countries opposed it. We know the use can oppose it. At this point, I feel they should, starting, go ahead and implemented. Remember what they said. What's gonna happen if you move the embassy to Jerusalem? Ah, yes, remember all that
I had violence, it would create war over there, no great greater stability, other countries follow suit and every the path individuals. And for private promised to do that and then, when it came time always found excuse not to Congress voted back in the nineties. Do that, but it always find it time for a way to get out of it. This is a time to keep your promises. If you want to have peace, there is a new vision. It was unveiled if an opportunity for a vision for a peace plan that works, oh and that's why you gotta start on it now our people will not trust your word of what you were. Do we ve, always pepper, word moving forward and that way about it. Critical, that we sent a letter to make sure Israel understands that we stand with them. We again with democracy and this new programme. Free movement within the Democratic Party is not
America is that and you- and I and many others were at that ceremony, where the president was were Benjamin Netanyahu, your life, whether that will one or two hours with we're right by each other, and let let's go in about a couple. Other issues here be democrats want to basically events. Radar police forces, they believe in, if not eliminating, so watering down qualified immunity, that police officers and their families can be sued by by Laura's for almost anything which means you're going to destroy them, you're going to destroy police department, so you destroy public safety, I hear shimmer today go on and say you guys are just sort of suggestions and so forth. Are these not democratic?
cities, are these not democratic decisions? Are these that Democrats or allowing their cities to burn and so forth? They are look. Look at the cities that are falling apart with the ad old Minneapolis. They ve all run by democratic member Theo when they put this little block- and this is gonna, be utopia, and now we find he was shot and then, when those who came who they didn't want to have their comments to rescue and innovation, We're not allowed in to a person bled out and died. That's what the future holds that the Democrats continue along their path. We believe in the rule of law. We believe in consequences it's a fundamental when it comes to America. The idea that you're going to cut funding to police is a backwards idea. We should actually more supply the training, but if you're gonna sit back and allow somebody to always be sued as an officer nobody's going to do the job, especially not good officers, we want.
Sure were able to remove bad offers. A number one people who want bad officers gone are all good officers, and you know what every day they put their life on the line there are, there are almost a hundred every year could lose their life doing that for people they even now and the idea that when they go out there not making a fortune, but their children, could be able to go to college because they got food is not a way to have a protective force that protects Albert. I, when I went to swing back to some Nancy policy is removing for portraits of speakers of the house who show, sazen. She may be right Were associated with her were involved in the confederacy. How long Nancy Close you ve, been in the house, represents thirty years, maybe yeah between her and Danny and Kleiber. I think they're over a hundred and twenty year is this the first time they ve been suggested. Doing this, and this isn't it.
Fine she's been speaker now be now remember: who are these people that she's removing their all Democrats, one whether we became a Democrat, so we have the power to do this, but what I raised the question is Why would she wanted to stop there? Why, wouldn't you change the name of her party. Here. I agree with this. I've been saying this: do we are. The part link, it yeah, I take replied. The first African Americans ever to become members of Congress will Republicans there were twenty three and what did the democratic? Without do they work to change the laws think about what this world would look like if Abraham Lincoln, with not a fascinated malice towards none the Idea of those Jim Crow laughed coming and then why would stop? Which is changing a party name? Why wouldn't she changed? The nominee cause Joe Biden in twenty ten, this one The eighteen hundred this weapon in the nineteen seventy went to be eulogy to a member who is part of the cake
Kay Senator Bird and folk, as vice president of the United States, and he said- and I quote he was a friend he was a mentor and he was a guide. That's who they honour TAT, oh by the way, the counters Medina Thou spoke, who else book Mr British wasn't Nancy Pelosi Nancy Pillows, he spoke hang up down a speaker, I'm I mean you're right. If we're going to pay fi, we need to purify. In fact, we are going to West Virginia and tear down all the Bird does signs and everyday, in other words, were reaching a point here where this so called purification. Is very, very damaging to the country. This is our history, the good the bed in the ugly. You don't why, but our history, you learned from our history, people need to know, Will these generals are and they need not like a lot of them and they need to know what are we to do burn the box? What's happened?
That we strive to be a more players union. The idea that you're going after grant the idea they go after onwards, Washington, the idea Have your father Sierra, it shows, are they In their sense, and if she wants to remove these poor portraits, please don't stop, because they all Democrats and what was our democratic party tied to it with tied to the confederacy. What would the Republican Party First, president, ever of the Republican Party was Abraham Lincoln. What do we stand for and what we stand for then right, Kevin Mccarthy, unwanted want to. Thank you. I think that's it, a letter, maybe get more your members to sign the letter.
We were just getting started. Are I take care yourself? Thank you. Thank you are in. Poland is a good point. Isn't it I'm a Democrat O the party, the confederacy? You know this Lincoln Group, which is a bunch of you, know, never trapper thugs keep showing the confederate flag and the present Unite states. Presently United States doesn't embrace segregation of the confederacy or anything of the sort. The democratic party did. This Lincoln project is, is a real propaganda machine run very vicious, ass, yet I'll be right. Back The association of mature american citizens is one of the fair
Describing organizations in America now over two million conservative member strong and I'm one of them a macbook, lives in and stands up for the values that we constitutional conservatives care about. More than talk a MAC fights a full time. Presence in Washington. A MAC pushes back against reckless spending disasters like Medicare for all and the expanding reach of the federal government and beyond. But to see joining a MAC gives you access, toy welfare benefits and discounts, including special member. Only rates on car insurance, travel discounts cellphone it's a hell of a lot more in it. It's not enough. You'll get a max by. Monthly magazine full of insightful articles on issues that matter to most of us. We conservatives, as I said, I'm on a MAC member and you should be to join today at a MAC dot. U S, that's a m, a sea dot! U S
supporting the liberal agenda that the other fifty plus organization has been pushing for joint aim act. Instead, a m a sea dot! U S Here's a genius headline in the media. Trump immigration crackdown targets, foreign workers, while one of the kind of workers would a target MR produce, and it's not targeting farm workers at protecting american workers. We have forty million people out of work. You see these slobs in the media who sit on their fat asses. They don't have the food gets in their mouth because they don't ever grow Della. They, the fuel, gets in their cars.
Doesn't matter, they don't have electricity gets to their house and on how they clean water and sword. They don't have any this happens, and that's one of the things about this left wing movement. All the people who talk whether athletes, whether their former drama students, whatever they are, they don't grow anything. They don't build anything. They don't feed anybody. They have reached the pinnacle of life in America and they spit on everybody else. My buddy Alan West wrote a brilliant peace. I believe it sets Next I come I just linked to it. I want to suggest that you read it it's a black man's letter. He says to black lives matter and, of course, alum West almost lost his life in Asia. Horrific motorcycle acts when he's doin, ok, he's healing
I spoke to him a couple weeks ago and he is such a great guy. He really is such great patriot and their many there. Many you know it.
It is interesting to me. You had all these so called mostly peaceful protests. A phrase you don't have to use when it comes to us are always based on our normal are mostly peaceful. Protest was many tea party protests in every one of the most peaceful, always peace. They never went into the crowds and ass these people. What their backgrounds are they college students? Are they professors? Are they teachers who are they never because they don't want you to know they don't want you to know anything because the meter of the same mentality that ever think we live in a country where they're pulling down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, where we have to remove a statue of Theodore. Roosevelt, not Franklin, Roosevelt Theodore, Roosevelt Giveth,
We live in a country where there taken down statues of Christopher Columbus Ulysses S Grant and right now, as I speak, there's a mob. That's gathered in Latvia part trying to take down these the stature of Andrew Jackson and. Far, they ve been successful, since the local police had brought in some reinforcements. Yes, these are marxists. Anarchists they're, not taking down any statues on any college campuses of any hard core leftists they're, not. Meaning that the books about now in London and stolen the books about Castro be removed from any libraries. Without any movies or documentaries about them, be removed. Have you noticed.
They're not demanding that the vast majority of tenure college professors, many of whom are marxists, but almost all of whom are leftists removed and challenging tenure they're not challenging any the textbooks, none of them not at all they're, not talking about all those people who were murdered over the weekend. None of them are We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency person out all you folks out there. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. For being there and I'll be with you here, moral, got less and be safe from The westward one podcast network.
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