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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Mark will be inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame and it’s all thanks to you. This program wouldn’t have the ratings it has without Levinites listing on AM, FM, satellite, the Mark Levin app, and podcast. This vote isn’t about Mark but about us, our principles, our values, and our beliefs. Also, President Obama and Jeh Johnson had detention centers and separated children from their illegal alien parents, yet nobody compared them to Hitler like what is being done to President Trump. Johnson has said that we can’t have catch and release, except that is exactly what Democrats want – utter and complete lawlessness. The media never attacked the Obama administration or demanded to see their detention centers, which proves this entire debate is a fraud. Later, driving up the cost of things like steel and aluminum hurts manufacturers, which hurts consumers and everyone else downstream. The price of production goes up, which causes the price of the product to go up, meaning you pay more. This is exactly why tariffs are a bad idea. Finally, San Francisco was once a beautiful city until left wing kooks got a hold of it, and now it’s filled with homeless camps. This is just another example of what happens when progressives have full control.

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Now. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three eight one one one we want to degrade deeply today into the valley, Of these civil society by the progressive and their central government, and then you can see the consequences, You can see the unravelling of civility, you can see,
the unravelling of our culture. You can seem the vicious vile verbal attacks. The violence Antigua. Now, apparently, there will be more violence because, like this thing ends very nicely I do want to get and all that. But as a side note, I received a call that the. My magnificent audience voted and voted in unprecedented numbers to put me under the National Radio Hall of Fame. You did that. And the National Radio Hall of Fame is never seen so many votes, that's thanks to you all you Levine. I tat there I agree with me on every single issue, but you you, like the show.
I've been here for fifteen years. I've been syndicated for what twelve something like that in a time slot. Nobody thought would work Six p m on these coastline. Where are you are. It's really all due to you not do due to you, I wouldn't be here, but for you. I wouldn't have the ratings I have, but for you. We wouldn't have millions and millions of people listening on AIM and FM radio and also listening on satellite, then also listening than ipods and various other digital devices on apps. So many we cannot tell how many quite frankly.
Is an enormous honour for me when you decide to listen to this programme enormous honour, I am deeply blessed and I know it and I want to thank very, very much. As I say. I believe this is about us about us, not me about our principles, our values, our beliefs, and, I think that's what this vote represents. Me what this country's all about. That's what the show is all about, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and I want to dwell on across. It could become monotonous this I know but it is an honour for anybody in radio to be a member of the year. National Radio Hall of Fame. Now I thought we were voting for the year
Baseball hall of fame there for a second bad, none and I won't work. I want to play a couple eclipse for you to set up a point that I want to make not the full time maybe already heard these clips, but I want to make a point: it's not a matter of whether you heard the clips yet. So we're going to start with cuts. Seven. This is Jay Johnson, who was the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security under Barack Obama. He never had a dinner it disrupted by protesters. He never had protesters protest him at his house, Seven Chris Wallace Fox NEWS Sunday engagements go
because you mentioned it at how the Albino Administration and you, as Secretary of Homeland Security, handled this back in twenty four teen, when there was also a spike in children and most of them unaccompanied coming across the border. You started yelling and families in some cases, not a lot, but as in some, u separated children from their parents. In these pictures that we are putting off from twenty fourteen show pictures of unaccompanied minors in enough jail situations, whereas you look back on that, did you So well without a doubt, the images and the reality from twenty fourteen. Just like twenty eighteen are not pretty. So we expanded family detention. We had then thirty, four thousand beds, profoundly detention. Only ninety five of thirty, four thousand equipped to do family. So we expanded it. I freely admit it was
commercial. We believed it was necessary at the time. I still believe it is necessary to make certain capability for families. We can't have catch and release three years we deported or repatriated, returned over a million people. But again you can do what this on the border, and you can try different things. We did not want to go so far as separate families, but unless we deal the underlying causes that are motivating people to come here. In the first place, we're going to continue to bang our heads against the wall on this issue, so the Obama. Restoration in the name of J Johnson who was in charge of this policy had fraud, tents and purposes the same exact pie. You know what you're here from the media in the left, the left in the media, the media in the left- is that the differences under trumpery of zero tolerance.
Cylinder trump, I guess we had cause. I concentration camps cause. I interpret camps, she's Mandarin. So Obama was a cause. I Hitler that it. Did you ever hear? Obama called Hitler. Did you ever hear any of Obama? People called racists. Did you ever hear the media go out and attack that administration, And to see the detention centre, though you didn't, they all existed, they didn't just happen under Trump. They all existed close to Chris Wallace for putting this down.
And when Trump says look Congress needs to pass a law I got here and this is the law he's not kidding. Izzie can catch and release, says J Giants, and yet that's exactly what the Democrats want today. Catch and release catch and release utter incomplete lawlessness. The MS, ladies and gentlemen, is the way this is discussed by these people in work. Andy Sea and in the media who have these these positions, whether they be Petitions are members of the media and off they operate his hand in glove Bob. Corker is an hour Going republican senator from Tennessee Bob Corker has done some very, very horrible things to this country, including the around deal. We
What did against it, but he set up the statutory process for any new it to me Bob worker has been a disaster, but he, like other reports who choose not to run again flake off I'm tray, gouty and so forth. They are desperate to ingratiate themselves with the progressive media. So here is worker on face the nation. Yesterday, cut aid go I want to ask you about really kind of an american values question. If you take a look at the latest, CBS News, Paul or battleground tracker, seventy three percent of Republican, say to answer the you asked should be punished as an example of toughness Twenty seven percent said they should be treated well as an example of kindness
I say to you about the identity of your party right now: stop what does it say about the identity of your party right now, when seventy three percent of Republican say somebody comes here legally, should be part of it our lots, a misdemeanor if he come twice the second time and beyond its a felony, that's federal law, that's federal law, Bob Quarters, a senator. It's the Senate and the house that make the laws and the president who signs it does exactly what trumps too about you, don't like it fix it, but she throws out their knowing that Corker will assent. Really attackers on parties, racist watch, this go ahead.
Margaret look. I we do need to be a nation of walls, and we need to get this right and we need the calls illegal immigration to be easier than it is who get needs in our country. I've just never meant a part of a group that hated someone for wishing something better for their life. Do you folks hate somebody becoming here illegal? I don't hate them. Do you. These were urged that they throw around these terms that they throw era, are so vicious and so deceitful and dishonesty just incredible. So seventy three percent of the report, who want people who come here illegally to be punished. There's something wrong with them or Joe Scarborough would say the racists. Anyone who voted for trot.
These are the same people who pretend to be moderates. These are the same people who pretend that Donald Trump, I'm, which is why out of control. These are the same people who pretend to be by partisan. They are vicious hateful people who despise a big chunk of the american people. They ve always despise the tea party. They ve always despise the Trump voters they ve, always despise. Conservative. Go ahead, maybe they have allowed different color their scan and they speak differently idea, just color of their skin and speak differently. People want the law that your body past enforced people who speak differently, different color of skin. What does that have to do with anything? Anything if you
talking about people coming in here from members, thirteen and drug cartels. Coming in here who were who kidnapped Kids to get in here has anybody talked their race? They ve talked about their d, and who they are, and you call place right along because he was To be a different kind of Republican go ahead someone who travelled through tough conditions, to try to come to a place where they could realise their dreams, and so I'm just not part of that group. That wants to punish what I do want to do and how do I change it hold identify as part of that group.
I understand, and I think it's a shame that, where we ve done with immigrants is to try to call them to be a part of a terrorist group lights, what we ve tried to cause immigrants to be part of a terrorist group who is Or that we we have tried to cause immigrants to be part of a terrorist group. What in the world is he talking about. Go ahead. Many these people, truly especially in Central America, are living in and terrible conditions. While you know what, then I guess we should but our borders Syrians yemenis? Who else all over the world? This is not a serious man.
This is not a serious person. And neither is anybody else who talks is way. So now you see these seventy three percent of Americans. Excuse me Republicans. They look at people because of their color and what's interesting is it's the left that keeps bringing up race it's the left that keeps bringing a pigmentation Bob Corker will not be anywhere in american history, but Except a little footnote to one of those rare history books, it tells the truth about the ran deal, but he has been a horrific.
United States senator and he plans to go out being a horrific human being just look at how he talks about you. This isn't you you're not who he describes absolutely disgusting. He would never say this about J Johnson. Who is a black man, he would never use J Johnson looking at these people because of their race. He would never accuse J Johnson of trying to stop these people, despite being as poor as they are. And yet J Johnson just said on Sunday that they had to detain people sometimes
sometimes as a family unit other times had defied the children from the from the parents. I don't remember Bob Corker ever mentioning this prior to three weeks two to three weeks ago. Does anybody know most of them? Have it because they re just fine with those nazi concentration camps and japanese interment camps, and you know what to me Folks he's a senator LAR Bush was married to a present to the United States. Alabama was murder, presently United State. All these senators and congressmen going on tv going on and on whether how worthy where were they. You and I effectively of no control over this. Yet they trashes our current president, he was involved in setting up the system, yet they trash him. Just go. Where was a member of the House of Representatives? What did he do about it? Nothing whatsoever.
I'll, be right back is a dictator, but they say that it has a big. What exactly has Donald Trump done that even suggests he's a dictator? Was there a court this, that he rejected, even though doing so would not be a dictator under a constitution, but I'm just curious is a court decision that he rejected here. Eliminating regulations, he's just
eliminating work, Obama created well. How cannot possibly be dictatorship and Hitler, The rounding a peep on putting them in concentration camps where they are quickly destroyed, whether put an oven her shot and mass graves. What are they talking about?. This is why we have made a mistake: Today's median today's politician, there are the worst demagogues certainly in modern american history. They are the worst them In modern American, his they talk about tromp line, they lie endlessly Scarborough, make abrasion ski Jake Tapir all the rest of the all arrest of a virtual,
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brick house, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levin, DOT, com offered code, Levin Radios Principle, Patriot, call now at eight seven, seven, three one three, eight one one. Over the weekend we were told that microscopy former governor of Arkansas there's been a public person. For decades we were told he was a racist colluding by the likes of bill crystal among others, because he posted a photo of em is thirteen, and I think it's my recollection that he talked about it being part of the Nancy Pelosi campaigner something learn effect. We were also told the day bossy, the deputy campaign chief to the trunk campaign, somebody I've known for maybe thirty years,
protect that he's a racist cause rephrase he used, which had been fairly common phrase. I googled it myself. I was unaware of its origins, but he's not a racist. He said something that people had offended some people end yet now he supposedly racist. So how can these erases trumps races, Boss he's a and, of course, their Stephen Miller. They call him in. Immigration hardliner because he wants to enforce existing immigration law psych being a right winger, because believe in liberty and private property rights in the bill of rights? You must be a right winger. We allow thee the progressives to use this propaganda to trash us in a shameless. They are shameless
And Joe Scarborough, the other day called all of you, maybe the small racists. Anybody who votes for Donald Trump were voted for. Donald Trump is a race something out of now. This piece of crap doesn't know any of us. This peace, a crap I'll, do anything for a dollar. This piece of crap was a congressmen for six, years from the Panhandle of Florida. Does anybody know if he did anything about the separation of parents from children? Does anybody know She ever gave a floor speech on it, and so I guess what Scarborough Saying, is people in his former district voted for him and voted for trap. In fact they were raised. So what does that make Scarborough Hitler pathway? Morocco bomb, as I said, had these detention,
His former Secretary Data said: yes, they had two separate parents from kids, but nobody calls Obama, Hitler or J Johnson Hitler Nobody calls US detention centres which where they are and are there concentration camps in term and says nothing. And the reason is this: entire debate is a fraud. This entire debate is a fraud. If any of these, let me ask you this. Was the New York Times around when Children are being separated from their parents under Clinton and George W Bush and Barack Obama. Yes,. Was the Washington Post around when that occurred? Yes,.
CBS an embassy in ABC around one that occurred. Yes,. Mozambique see around while, during part of it it was about CNN, yes, very much about. Why didn't they focus on it for a couple of days? What did they do anything about it? They did nothing. Does it mean all their hosts, her Hitler or even brown? They ignored nazi concentration, Camp ignored, japanese interment camps, or what are we supposed to make of this habit? The judge in the ninth circuit, who. Oh that you cannot detain these children longer than twenty days, resulting in the in the splitting of children from parents. The judge Hitler why the terms for Trump.
Why the tracking of his homeland security secretary, because, ladies and gentlemen, the media in our country, are not about news there, not about facts there, not about knowledge, Bob Corker in his ilk. These are. These are very, very weak. Men very, very weak people who seek to ingratiate themselves with the media at the expense of the country, and we go back to den abortions. The image that will guide the pseudo events in America back pseudo events in America when it, Tromp trump takes office keen munchies here he's Hitler when it happened.
And are Obama silence under George W Bush silence under Bill Clinton silence, but the media it. These are third Reich type concentration camps and japanese and training camps. Thank you, Democrats. Thank you have to your for that dark mark on our history. Then the media are at least in part responsible, because media must report these thanks. I've told you before about the New York Times during the height of the Holocaust. The New York Times did everything they could to conceal the existence of the holocaust. Talk about the original Holocaust denial. Even though the paper was owned by a jewish family had been for decades. They did everything they could to push the Holocaust, the back pages of newspaper now. How do we know this? Because, a few decades ago,.
They had somebody do a review of one of their reporting during the World WAR two and during the holocaust- and this is what they are. About themselves, the New York Times. And so the New York Times now can sit in judgment, have Donald Trump, the New York Times as the paper of record just a matter of of logic, a matter of reasoning. If CNN didn't report these concentration camp before, if seen and didn't report these, these internment camps me for Why are they reporting them now? Why are they so grave now? Why are they so inhumane now? Why are they Hitler s now saying MSNBC Msnbc, is the bastard In November we say. Make it on NBC. You wanna bet MSNBC or if your play.
It's a liar sexual harasser eventually get back at MSNBC, but in any event, my point is this: if, in fact, these situations or this situation is so dire. Why didn't they report on? Is it not a fair question, of course it's a fair question. Nature Pelosi spent in the House of representatives for decades. She never said a thing. Truck humour was in the house. Now is in the Senate for decades, never set a thing. These are institutions these Washington institutions that trap is fighting their responsible for what took place. Thirty years before twenty years before Oh, he comes in and his attorney general carpet comes in and they say working enforce this you
I'm in here you come in here illegally. Then you claim asylum, we're going to have the separate you from your kid after twenty days, because that's the core. Rolling out all you can do that. No, I don't know why not Obama why are did go the same way to do it on the same date? Cd there they weren't looking at it. This way they were looking at it that way so much. For their morality, so much further consistency, put Obama didn't have zero tolerance here, like fifty percent tolerance. Also we'd, fifty percent concentration camps so said our right to call a Burma. Fifty percent Hitler Course not, and how is it that J Johnson is protests when he was a mexican restaurants. How is it that nobody knows where he lives? This is a war
On the civil society, this is a war on the rule of law in our a homeland security is having a one, its employees to be careful out there, Where any insignia that identifies you As part of a law enforcement wing of De Hs, now we ve been here before just a few years ago,. I, our police officers, were being slain. Two three four ten at a time when the same leftist In politics and in the media were trash, the cops. Now there trashing ice and dangerous. Attacking law and order, because in order to bring us to the point, this land. Ladies and gentlemen, in order to
post on us this utopian type of of country. This paradise you must destroy that which is and by the way, As I have argued- and I well, I progressive ISM is a pseudo ideology. That's why, when a government, exercises. It is aggressively as the communists due in the marxist and so forth. It destroys human beings, it starves human beings, it creates darkness, bleakness human aim, it ejects history that rejects experience. It is a pseudo ideology and the the fact is here when you go back to basics, the entire point of immigration is to improve the A tree and at the wheel on behalf of the american people, the citizenry, the progressive
I've just turned upside down you this you're a racist. You, the citizen, you're, like Hitler, this guy Whatever his name is on my morning, Schmo show every one of you is like that, guard every single one of you whenever it happen, Oh, oh, oh, and by the way, the defences well look: tromp has been nasty and trump to reach out and Trump. Does this and Trump does that really so you gonna call people Hitler, Colluding sixty or seventy million american people, you gonna call us Hitler, you're gonna, say we concentration camps and determine camp for,
Lady, Laura Bush sinks to that level, Bob Corker, I'm sorry these people disgusts me these require all during the Obama administration or their bodies were Bill Clinton. When we had these quota quote concentration camps Roma camps had separating children from adults. I understand the election. Donald Trump has upset these people. I understand I really do Some of the nastiest people attacking Donald Trump served in George W Bush administration one clowns was on MSNBC. The other day maybe was today. Attacking a Sarah Sanders. While you know, if I'm gonna lie constantly the american people, does society have a right to react. Society. I believe it was a restaurant
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Steve crowded, Michel Mark and Steep Dese, Andrew well Cow, so many others. Now our is. It fell by the name, a beetle, all Rourke. When he's running for the Senate in Texas, the guy is a workshop, he's an absolute Electra old veto. But the Democrats are really hoping he winds cause a trying to take out TED cruised. I want you to listen to this cop, sixteen the producer areas at a town hall yesterday about the Jerusalem Embassy the move from the TEL Aviv to Jerusalem cut? Sixteen go.
Policy, more residents decision may move. The agency was absolutely unnecessarily provocative and everyone knows anything about the least knows about Jerusalem in EAST Jerusalem. The stats negotiations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel knew that there will be those who suffer as a result as predictably and what do we gain deposits? We were looking for peace securities. We had offered as the best friend to see it as we said that country four billion dollars and a more than we send a mother country on the face of the planet, TAT S, not true the Islam. That's a regime in Tehran, got a lot more. We agreed to a deal now. Wasn't it our money that gave them a hundred fifty billion dollars, but veto doesn't care about that. Go ahead.
We're really providing humanitarian assistance and a far greater proportion, I believe, than almost any other country on the basis of a black, sometimes being friends. These holding your friend's name politically inconvenience decisions that Israel does not continue to expand settlements in the West Bank and make it hard to be an end to this house. Is the Palestinians negotiate goofy without allocation without incitement to violence? While we recognise the right of Israel to exist and for all of us to understand that, we want to see is to continue to be a democracy. At the same time, it is the home of the jewish people. There must be a two state solution that is really not be both of those, so here on carry light? So in other words, Israel cannot be free and democratic without a two state solution,
And moving the embassy from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem was provocative and cost lives. I hope the people, a Texas because moving the embassy from TEL Aviv to Jerusalem has been United States statutory policy since the mid nineteen nineties. And this president finally did not sign a waiver preventing it. He didn't cause. Any violence didn't cause the loss of any lies. This fool is confusing what Hamas did in Gaza with the movement of the embassy How are to Jerusalem? Now I went to that event and I didn't see beetle Orourke didn't see, beater Rourke at the: U S: embassy in Jerusalem. I did see TAT croup. Where was beetle Orourke.
See what's happened, ladies and gentlemen. Is the democratic party while they throw around that you are racist and you must be Hitler and so forth and saw which is really disgusting. The democratic party is the party of the radical left. You did not hear a single criticism of Hamas. You did not hear a single criticism of the Palestinian Authority, who did not hear a single criticism of that paying terrorists when they killed who's your Christians or drew's You didn't hear a single word about not one. Vito O Rourke. Let's hope we do better. Although I can, he loses right back
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code Levant now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one: one eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one when you look at our history. There was a party that was very prominent in promoting slavery. The democratic party.
There was a party very prominent promoting segregation, the Democrat Party and Jim Crow Laws, the Democratic Pie Republic supposed every one of those inhumane practices. Everyone now when it comes to separating adults from children. Which was the party that began separating adults from children relative to illegal aliens in asylum? Is a Democrat by the Democrat Party today, which is the party that opens its arms to violent elements like Antigua.
It's the Democrat Party, which is the party that embraces the Palestinian Authority, which is a terrorist organisation. That's what it is Fun: terrorism, your terrorist organisation, the Democratic Party. Not all of it, but a lot of it, which is the party that back in spring a hundred and fifty billion dollars. Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran. The democratic party, which is the party that bent over backwards to build quarrel, quote relations with the mass killers. The Castro brothers, who was the Democrat Party, Which is the barred party that basically surrendered ISIS. And all they hidden humanity that ISIS created the Democratic Party.
It's just a part of that said a wooden tolerate the Syrians, gassing their own people but tolerated the Democratic Party, and yet they have the gall these I'm a crowd politicians to go on tv and a trash this president to one did they ran deal the trash this president, who rejects the terrorism of IRAN
Her rejects the terrorism of the Palestinian Authority and Hamas, who rejects the attacks on our police officers and federal law enforcement. Who stands for the american citizen, not the would be illegal immigrant, which is the party of violence. Is it the republican Party? One is the republican I ve been violent. Nineteen sixty riots member those some of us enough to remember. Well, you gotta parts of various cities in this country that been rebuilt. We can still see burn out neighbourhood, which was a party above Connor, and our fathers and George, whilst which one.
Then they set their call you and me racists. We won't even join their party? We want nothing to do with their party. This is how they twist history, But don't worry, they have massively increased government, they ve created programmes, massive debt redistribute wealth and they say hey where the party for the people. Now you, the party for government, big government,. Which was the party that put japanese Americans and Americans of japanese descent in real honest to God and term in camps in the interior of this country. Moving them off the West Coast, among other places,
as well as some german and italian, which was the party it was the Democrat Party, was Franklin rose about who they revere. What was the court that upheld this in the car macho decision? It was a court pact by Sdr with like minded autocrat, and we have the here that Donald Trump is like a dictator, Donald Trump, nothing close to a dictator. There's, not a court order. He hasn't complied with, A court orders, in my view, under the constitution, are required to comply with what executive water ASEAN should exactly that didn't countering Obama executive order, what exactly
ordered any issue that demonstrators proclivity predicted airship, unlike Obama of course, and of course they tell us that Donald Trump is a danger to freedom of the press. How so? What has it done to freedom of the press? The pseudo press, the pseudo media has done damage to freedom of the press. Truck just cause them And they hated he fight back. I can't stand, they go after family members, they go after a staff.
If the press secretary to Barack Obama had been treated in any respect, like Sarah Sanders, O bulbous knows Mr Deliverance Scarborough would be flipping out, and so we, put up with this. Our let's move on I'll. Take your calls on this, but I want to get on to some other things. You know. Sunday show guess Oblebee. Yesterday, yesterday's ten p m Eastern shove life liberty and live in tackled. This issue of trade. In my own social sites, people were saying I, never watching your show again. I used to like your show, but your position on trade is this. I thought to myself than don't watch it. This is for people who want to think about
These subjects not necessarily agree with me or my guest on everything you're not going to. U dont want to watch it don't watch it. But if you want to learn something, even if you want to disagree with it, you might want to watch it, and I am convinced that less and less Americans support capitalism. I'm convinced that less and less american support trade and commerce, That more more Americans, Illiterate on these issues- or they guessed by the bumper sticker arguments, but we need fair trade, there's no such thing as fair trade. Sometimes we get the brunt of the deal. Sometimes we get the better. The deal
There are countries we ve put tariffs on who blown put tariffs on us are smaller tariffs on us and vice versa. But we spent a lot of time talking about this on Sunday. But what gets me These are people who are at risk of fishes it. I'm never watching that show again will excuse me, then dump. Nobody's holding a pistol to your head, we're gonna, different guest, getting deeply into different issues. But I will contain and I'll contend to the day. I die that I'm, the one who is standing up for blue collar workers, no one is standing up for union a non union workers, I'm a new standing up for the american consumer, not the protectionists, not the tariff kings and Queens Harley Davidson parley,
You know it's ironic, that one rare times, Ronald Reagan- put quotas and place- was to protect. He argued Harley Davidson from unfair competition You know what's happening to Harley Davidson now that the price of steel is going through the roof they're getting hit in two directions: Harley since been growing sales in Europe. They love, Harley Davidson Motorcycle and they re. Molly caught on over there. It's that it's, the Harley Davidson companies biggest growth area, Europe. And it's really an american sort of iconic motorcycle.
When these guys are driven by our own choice, look to see whether drive and an indian or Harley Davidson or Yamaha or whatever it is. You always look right well for two reasons: now Harley Davidson is going to move some of its manufacturing overseas. This report by Fox they are now facing up to a hundred million dollars in additional costs on a full year basis. As result of two things, the increase on tariffs on steel, aluminium, put in place by our president and the European Union's response. There's a six percent tariff on a Harley Davidson witches diminish their throwing a twenty five percent on it? So now they have A thirty one percent tariff that increases the price the motorcycle by over two thousand dollars. There were two thousand hours, so european,
consumers whereby fewer and fewer Harley Davidson and Harley Davidson prices in addition to that tax are going up because the price of steel is gonna. Forty percent in the country, the people who make Harley Davidson are hard working Americans, blue collar assembly line hard working Americans, and this is just the beginning. The tariffs and the steel prices have driven up the costs by twenty two hundred dollars per average motorcycle exported from the United States, the European Union, and so the companies look we have to address this, so we're going to increase production and our international plants. That will we get around. Because the steel now in the United States and we get around the tax or the tariff imposed on us by the European Union.
Somebody said increasing international production to alleviate the EU tariff burden is not the company's preference, but represents the only sustainable option to make its motorcycles accessible to customers in the EU and make Any viable business in Europe this is predictable. It's absolutely predictable, absolutely predictable. You don't have to listen to me. You can shut off. My tv show, that's not going to change reality, that's what liberals the hour I don't like that. I so head in the sand. You should join me in a popular uprising against this. You should stand me. I don't buy motorcycles and if I wanted one, if they. Ten thousand dollars to it I can afford, but most people can't. And those are hard working Americans who are working on those assembly line, so those are hard working, mechanics and those are hard work.
American should ride the Harley Davidson motorcycle and we're saying this now more war industries. This is a bad idea. Forget about China. Are you know I'll talk about I'm separately, China's a national security issue and I, No problem, whether when it comes to China, I am not talking about China when you drive up the cost of steel Madam you heard our manufacturers. You may not hurt certain specific steel a new factors when illumine manufactures they benefit, but everybody downstream everybody down Famous punish because the price of production goes up and the cost of the product goes up and less and less of them are going to be purchased. It is myopic, it is short sighted.
And these other countries are going to stand still. Have you seen the ads on Fox by different farming associations? They are scared to death of what's going on You start slam and then with a fifty percent tariff overseas and so for our farmers in this country. Rely on exports exporting folk. Because we produce more than we consume and most other countries doubt. So these other countries are going to raise taxes, are what we saw them, which raises the cost for their own consumers by the way, insane, we place twelve thousand tariffs on goods coming under this country. That is, taxes are Congress puts on goods coming in
country that drives up your costs? They slip this language into these these bills. They don't do it because they care about trade deficits in all They do it because the sugar lobbies in Florida, or the mushroom lobbies and Pennsylvania, or you name it the arm and lobbyists in California? All of those have terrorised by the way. Now I'm just asking you to think for yourself, even if you turn me off, think for yourself think it out. Logically, I want fair trade idols Know what that means? What does that mean? Does that mean we have to pay our workers exactly the same amount as foreign workers are paid or they have to pay their work is exactly the same amount. Does that mean We have to have a different kind of internal tax system. The bachelors, whatever to Canada's internal tax system, is so that mean Wall
Our dairy- you know they hid. It were two hundred. Seventy percent tariff There has less tariffs on our products, then we have on their products, but I guess you didn't hear that. Did you probably turned. You off I'll, be right back. Think it through folks we're gonna talk about a lot of it. I just want to know. I knew when I discuss tariffs last night and life liberty in LE them, lotta people be upset, there's going to be upset about those of you who want tariffs. Those of you who support protectionism, your winning.
You getting them now go and buy toys, Yoda. The price of american cars are going up to because the price is still going on. And all you here, we gotta protector manufacturing base the way you protect your manufacturing bases through competition when they had when they compete with domestic and foreign competition through increasing their technology, while sullen source tariffs. We already talked about the seventy percent of the still its use this country is produced domestically, seventy percent is something that's produced in this country, doesn't need protection. Similar with alumina, It's been a lie. That's been talked about for forty years. What about the chinese dumping? We get five percent of our steel from the Chinese and I detest that government.
Five percent, and you can start seeing housing prices go up because we ve slammed lumber with tariffs. They come in from Canada and what's a tariff, a tariff is attacks that you pay, the forerunners, don't pay it their government doesn't pet. Your government doesn't pay this matter fact. Where do you think that money goes a tariff as a tax on you? We're gonna put twenty five percent tariff on solid, so products, under the country? That is a twenty five percent tax put on you and what does that money go? Does it go to to the employees of some We need to go to some minutes now that tax goes to the federal treasury of all things. So when you pay couple thousand more for a Harley Davidson because they have to pay a higher tax on steel, echoes of the federal guy?
I'll be right back or really really hate him a great point, is on the air at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one ladies and gentlemen in the summer, blow out, sail for Germany right now when you are agenda. So you'll, get the new genocide, eyelid, livery, droopy, shaggy, eyelids, free and for the first time ever, you'll also get the world famous crystals. Micro demand by abrasion, also free hatch. True, yes, so the year just got better. Here's where, from Raleigh North Carolina, I've been using your products for three. My husband already noticed the texture, my skin, it's looking so
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It is a mass of vat tax. It is a tax at every level. So, if you're buying steal, you now have a twenty five percent tax on top of it. If you're buying something that's made of stone that twenty five percent might be thirty five, forty percent, depending on how it works its way through the economic system, it'll drive up the cause of your car, domestic or foreign, or drive up the cost of your tongue. Vision, kitchen appliances, Ura washing machines and dryers and. Alms and all the rest of it, and we're being told, were being that were doing this because of unfair trade, but your taxing, the consumer, Through the wazoo absolutely- and it also not very good for our relations with our allies were saying right now, a trade war is beginning at this very moment. If you sell markets today, but they all drops in the EU at nine days in a row nine days it
people might say: what's the big deal. Well, most people have a pension plan. One k and I re some ten- a mutual funds- that's the problem, everybody's invested in the stock market and one way or another, and so, when you see with you, but the government like down from pushing for terrorists. I get these president and we want to back this party, but that doesn't mean that everything, the Heath supports or says to the harbour to correct right and that's when we get attacked, and so I'm not listening to and right now. I can't help that the argument that there is nothing I can do about that fact to them. Address. These are Bernie Sanders Trade, trade policy. These are the Bernie Sanders, tray police of the all policies of the hard left, and I Kind to swing in that direction- just not gonna, do it. When we're dealing with China, that's different international security issue. I do not think they should be able to buy our technological companies,
they still. I technology I've done shows on this on. This show I've done shows on this on my factual I've done shows about that Tom Levine TV, I've talked about it repeatedly. China's not Canada, China is not Japan and so forth, and so on. China is a problem. Dear sir, I soothe agree as I believe we do need to maintain good relations with our eyes there, not the enemy, China. I can see that but where are the only slight did the new frontiers? They need to maintain good relations with us to review the This is more of an economic matter. I dont believe we should punish the american people for the stupid decisions are taken, he's making punishing their own people? That's right. If I put tiresome place, they raise taxes on their own people in their limited,
crisis and to say you know what that's not fair, we're gonna get even attacks on people and limit their choices that doesn't make any sense for most of us are I, my friend, I appreciate it Marcus Washington D C, w em a out go very well lighted talk! You! I've never got the privilege. If you say about you're talking. I like many of the diet. Davy are your Sunday night show every week and you ve had deep bass, gifts, every week, and I am so an informed such I read your books, Oh, you ve taught me a lot and I've been sold just probably like the rest of America with trumps talk and points on these tariffs, and it was all explained to me last night, assist attacks were didn't. Hit,
the consumers, Diana Tax, hats, correct. I thank you for that. I think people are confused. They think that word taxing somebody asked no you're getting wet. Somebody says they're raising tariffs, twenty five percent, that is a sales tax of federal sales tax of twenty five percent gotcha American. I guy that's so fat yeah. I Marcus, while I'm glad you liked it. Thank you, sir. Some people think when I discuss these issues on attacking trip, I'm not attacking tram disagreeing, which nobody is more fervent in defending this
Then, when it comes to efforts to remove them from office, these palace coups visa, coolly, tars. This special counts on all arrested than I and nobody's more fervent when he promotes the cause of liberty and constitutional ism and national security and so forth, and so I disagree with them on this used to be that most conservatives to end it used to be the most talk shows did, but most of them keep their mouths shut like most them didn't talk about Harley Davidson today. I dont know that I'm guessing, but if they did, they probably made excuses Harley Data And if they could buy here, if they could make more in this country, they do it tomorrow, when you drive up the cost of the main material that they use, steel and the second May material that they use aluminum that becomes prohibitive, and on top of that, then they have to deal with with
With with a response from the European Union, making it more difficult to sell their products into Europe, there gettin whacked above And so what sir answer? You know what we're gonna ramp up production in Europe? That way we ought to deal with the the the tax a cold telephone steel in our own country and we don't have to deal with the tariff in Europe because rebuilding in Europe and so what are we just? Do the administration just push jobs outside the country and manufacturing outside the country, I don't want to hear anymore. What are we to do with our manufacturing base? The way you stay took me my neck. We should start to discuss immigration and away with me the last and Democrats with not only understand, but also not be able to refute, and that is to compare immigration, like Florida on serious satellite hurry user, pretty good thanks for taking my call, basically my what is that we, but to discuss immigration and away with me at the last. In them
crash with not only understand, but also not be able to refute, and that is to compare immigration to women's rights, because, after all, we women have the right to choose They are restricting entry into this country of people, so so, when you think about all the reasons whether its economic hell, you know things like that, they they have the right to choose If you compare using contraception to LA bill, take the point now: what's the other, will you comparing it can and comparing the to the immigration itself too? To Molly you told the call strainers woman has a right to choose a country's right to choose slight because as a country, we should have the right to choose, and we think that the liberal, democratic gonna say while good point. We reverse course. I don't think
You gonna reverse closely on abortion, thereby reversing course on any. First of all, the Republicans in Congress give them pretty much what they want. The media defend everything they do. This even about logic and reason. This is about brute force and power, and that's what the Democrats about I've been going on now it's almost two weeks we ve been talking about the separation issue. Maybe it's ten days whatever it is, and I ve been making the point. Nobody demands that the Democrats provide their solution, because the solution is one, that's unacceptable. Most Americans, you come into this country illegally. You purposely go around the legal ports of entry. You bring a kid whether whether cheer cater somebody else's kid and the Democrats say freedom, release them into America. That's their position. He must force them to state their position. Are I my friend
Thank you for your car. We'll be right back we don't have. We have either freer trade or less free trade. We don't have free trade, other free traders. We don't have free trade. We either have freer trade or less free trade. You either keep more of your money or the government gets more of your money. You either a more choices terms of products, a material and so for all. You have less choices. If your concern about the manufacturing base the worst way to go around.
Is the massively increased taxes to try and control the economy to try and control supply and demand and so forth, and so that doesn't help anybody. In those industries that people claim they want to protect. Their special interests, they go to Washington to be subsidized. Guinea cook example. We ve talked about this. You have a twenty five percent increase on tariffs on steel right. Foreign still wants to prevent the steel companies from raising their price by twenty four percent. Nothing. It's a windfall, and many of you are cheering it. It's a mass of sales tax. You don't typically on by a chunk of steel, but you go out and buy something as an end. Products that use the trunk of steel,
and you're being told you must pay a bigger price for the good of the community. What community will the steel companies or what other company should we subsidize. The oil companies, are nobly when subsidizing them either. How is it that. The oil companies get away with this, but the oil companies we're supposed to hate. Is there any place, the teaches young adults to seek what is true pitiful and good team. Understand what those things mean Understanding the principle that all men are created equal or why am I is the world's freest nation you know there is Place where students studying these hills, the college and putting in the work to understand essential truth. Students crash Ready to lead in any field of their choosing, as vice president pensive commencement this year hills deal, students learn not what to do. But what to be.
He'll still also offers its stellar education to you to the free monthly subscription to an Primus and in free online. Forces like constitution, one or one. The fact is the American, can learn like a hills. Student from the same professors most markedly of all hills Del provides this service to our, without a single penny of taxpayers money. Not one penny. I encourage you. Only to learn how hills to conserve you at a website. Just for you, my beloved audience. Then, for hills, they'll, dot, com, Levine for hills, doubt outcome, that's l, Eve I am for hills doubt come let's just think of it rationally and what MILAN next hour, there's a bunch of other stuff. I wanna get into you talk about this to we're gonna, punish another country.
By raising taxes on us? I think about we're. Gonna punish another country. By raising taxes on the american citizen does not make sense. The does that make sense that it makes no sense to me. None And you might think we were the ones always on decent. It's not true. We have a massive sugar, I'm just community tariff. That's on us. We ve got thousands of tariffs that we ve put in place. That's not free trade, that's not even freer trade. That's not fair trade! That's protectionism! where we try micromanage industries and really most of these politicians. Do it surprise, surprise, for their political benefit,.
You got a guy running in the republican primary in Florida, run around saying he's the conservative. He's receiving an enormous amount of money from. Sugar, industry and flawed and their surrogates. He was the arrears these separate. Agriculture. There it's almost ass. If he ran for office, menus only to this guy Putnam ran for office when he was twenty, two garlic, the state legislature as soon as he could he ran for the House represent a federal. He got elected there they need, Saturday after about ten years. Let me leave that run for sector agriculture as a stepping stone to be governor, because I can wait. Crap load of money. That's what he did he's done. These raised a ton of money running at and add an ad after dissenters, revive endorse, whose a conservative any call The scientists he's a Washington inside another Santas if this country in Iraq, a marine.
Also serve to Guantanamo he's. Definitely not your career politician, even is a successful politician has done many wonderful things. He's not raising money from the sugar industry. My point is power. Takes, plays a huge role when gun. It gets involved in these economic decisions. Let me ask another question: how is it that will buy Ross. These Secretary Commerce is where, to both point three billion dollars. Mostly by buying these companies that were told her unsustainable steel companies, other companies, how did you make two point? Three billion dollars will impart. As a crony capitalism, my humble opinion subsidies, tariffs, constantly hiring lobbyists pressing the
is pressing. The case Congress needs to do this kind of measure that they claim the look out for the steelworker. You know what I'm looking for all workers. All workers are not against anyone I'm for everyone, but there's no reason: somebody down the street, my beard, forty fifty thousand dollars a year and as a trucker who breaks his back or she breaks her back. Nine. Ten months of the year there away from their family, though, all of a sudden you too, you want to buy an automobile. You want to buy a pickup truck. Ok, two three, four thousand dollars more! Why we put the tariffs and place because that country screwing up now, you're screwing, that tracker. And this resonates throughout the economy Sir Bill, that is still an aluminum. Cars are built out of steel and aluminium motorcycles, as you now know are built out of steel aluminium. If Harley Davidson has to
Greece production abroad. To get around our tears and the EU is TAT. What do you think other businesses have to do their making air conditioning units like care whatever happened? A carrier? We don't hear about that anymore because it didn't work. That's why. Protectionism didn't help. Well there. I'm the one standard for a hard working Americans on the one standing for the middle class, I'm the one standing for the american consumer stay with me. Hey you know, I'm shot off I'll, be right, back.
Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. This is our three, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one by the way, my guest This coming Sunday on life, liberty and living on the Fox NEWS Channel is Sean Hannity and we're gonna talk about things. I don't think he's ever really discuss before I'm done the area yet pussy he's a buddy of mine, and I thought that might be fascinating. He is the number one cable host in the nation nobody's even close, and I notice that doesnt pop up onto many websites, anymore
When he was neck and neck with this Rachel Matter, still beating. But she went every now. A pop up matter wins Matt. I went but had these victory are so what constant they didn't do that anymore? You don't hear about. Let's get into a couple of things: someone get back to anyone these issues. You would like, let's take a look at San Francisco, showing San Francisco, what a beautiful city part probably still are, but the left wing cooks have gotten a hold of it fully all of it in their destroying it. There is even a headline in the San Francisco Chronicle, Pope needles, rats, homeless, Camp the San Francisco neighbourhood, to the edge one off Alex parents, on one unremarkable city block, represent the hell Scape.
Infuriated many San Francisco resonance. I must ask. Anywhere where there's one party left wing democratic rule is better than it was before or worse than it was before, when again do an extreme like em. Says: Paradise. Likud, Venezuela, they're all police states. But here San Francisco, I'm finished, princess going a long time, but when we used to go to San Francisco, it was the most beautiful city had ever seen. Geographically, wonderful, restaurants, just a beautiful, beautiful city outlook. Only the left can turn a beautiful
Eddie Indue, Pope needles, rats, homeless camp pushes San Francisco neighbourhood to the edge and yet or keep voting democratic Mccrone in that city, over and over and over again, because that's all I know what you're against the people, why you're racist what you support Hitler, what what's wrong with you? Then there was another example I wanted to use here, can't find it right now. Ok, let's see bear with me? I'm looking I'm looking at my list here. Oh for the second year in a row. Bernie Sanders has earned more than one million dollars. For the second year in a row, Bernie Sanders Zone, one million dollars should that be confiscated from him. What is
centres need all that money for, after all, the left as a joke. I told you it's a pseudo ideology, the fake ideology. Well, nobody seems to care. You know everybody wants to discuss now, tariffs. Now I'll dangle this a little bit longer than when we gotta move on Nick LOS Angeles, California. If foreign yet am eight, seventy, they answer go at a remark. You are about your show on Fox Helena, you're off them. You know, I think, in the short term. Of course, it's bad for you're hundred percent, but in the long term it might just give us a better deal. You know thinking about the american workers in China, Canada? They don't you two hoots about her your gear. We forget about China. I said that's a definition. So, the way we Canada is the drive up our taxes. You know what they're, not
you're about our unemployment. I do I care about our people. So the way we compete with Canada is to drive up our course with a twenty five percent federal sales tax. That's the way we can t we can examine counter intuitive, but God don't look for a drop in euro protecting. I don't care about just intruder. You see your ear, your ear, you thrown shiny objects at me. I don't care about just intruder. I don't care about Canada, I care about their government. I don't care about their steel industry. I gave up my country and our people. And when you drive up the cost of something. Well, then, let's talk it through The answer is a twenty five percent tax on steel. In the United States if it shipped into the United States, three decades in Amerika TAT result. My answer, isn't what bingo not anymore
for three deck and we ve had tariffs in place for steel companies for forty years. You think Many just woke up and decided to do it, views tariffs? We view subsidies, they ve. Powerful union. They fight to technological changes, well I'll. Tell you stuff, nobody else is cause they're, afraid the loose point, three percent of their audience. I'm telling you. Seventy percent of the steel is produced in this country is produced by american steel companies. You want me to believe that they're gonna go out of business tomorrow. If the idiots in Canada want to subsidize their stone senator, so we can have more manufacturing more active assembly last, creating more? cars, more motorcycles, more mufflers Moura, more hubcaps me toasters, more there's more than what do I care? What do I care?
there's a lot of businesses. There's a lot of people. There's a lot of union members blue collar workers who benefit from this. And when you throw a twenty five percent tax on something their jobs are at risk, and there's, nobody cares about the consumer notice, the protectionist. Never ever talk about you, the consumer ever like neck. You want to talk about the consumer, What do you want in a car wash or something? I can't area there? That's tough! the consumer, just that. Could the american consumer what happens to the american consumer? Your hundred percent Iraq Think politically, maybe they forget China and other nations for the negotiating China. China is a problem because China wants to conquer us. Canada does not want to Congress. Canada has not building fake islands Emily. To rising them in order to cut off our ceilings, is not building weapons aimed at the United States. China is key.
It is not threatening our allies. China is does not building aircraft carriers to confront our aircraft carriers. China is I what I call national security exceptions to trade. And we need to do everything we can to punish China and if that means a tax increase on the american people, so be it. But let us not pretend that that's done as an economic justification. People can make that case, but it doesn't work That's exactly why Bernie Sanders pushes, if you want to know, I Bernie Sanders, pushes these tariffs, that is, taxes on the american people, because it again the more they might do. The federal government, Treasury and like with the Chinese, they can control the american people controller products we buy control, who makes and usually does the base of the Democratic Party that they're trying to defend. For instance, you don't hear these arguments when it comes to oil. Do you from the Democrats
Gotta make sure that the price of oil that comes in from overseas and exactly the same or that they're not treating us. Therefore we're going to do this standard. The you don't hear that. Because they view the oil companies as the enemy I write my friend I've silence deal at my genius. Thank you but he was a nice guy could collar. Let's see Chris as an interesting point, even though its inaccurate in Europe, California, the great K iron ass. Well, maybe it is acrid nativity. It is. How are you Chris I'm doing real well marked thanks. Congratulations on the whole thing! That's just outstanding! Thank you, Sir nods, thanks to you and everybody listening, but I really appreciate it absolutely, and the first thing I wanted to comment about was the most about you,
And the fact, the fact that the whole pseudo events, the pseudo party, the pseudo Democrats, everything you said everything, you stay on a daily basis, is all correct and The reason that it is simple reason, without going into the the really involved once you'll, never hear anybody on the left say your name you'll. Never, on the tv programmes still and Rachel Math probably have a racial madhouse spewing audiences watcher, because it's like a black comedy emulate. Sometimes like let down its entertaining to watch. I said the doktor, They never got it mark against this Listen to what this guy's got to say the old age never making your name because I don't think they want anybody out. There will have to choose exist well, some interesting take, but if
but a media matters, and if you were here last year, I came under vicious assault. Virtually every major news operation in the country because we here put together the newspaper articles and other arguments to begin thee. To expose the m the espionage it place against Trump we're up. So we take our hit here, but in our eyes. I argue from substance. I hear you're from logic. I argue from philosophy, argue about history, economics and so forth, and so some people, My style some people are like I read style, they prefer my fox new style or they prefer. The loving tv style or they like the way I write, which they say more the rebel and so forth, and so on. Like. The other human being in different facets to your personality, If somebody is pointing the finger at my face, not literally but on the radio unlit. While
respond in kind. On the other hand, from sitting down writing a book which is really I'd, say you're. What am I trying to say difficult task. If from sitting down, writing a book- and it's a solitary task, if you do it the way, I do, then, if you have a different in a waiver our. I Chris thank you for your for your car Todd, Orlando Land of the great. Well, where are you listening to us on Ws K, wine, Orlando Florida someone through your am actually, though cauliflowerlike broadcaster. Now that's what I thought. Oh California go right ahead we also understand why were not activating the Hague Convention, because every country in South America, Central America and the United States are parties to the convention, these children are abducted from either both parents, or at least from
one parent and we ought know, but you go to the Hague Convention and exactly who are you soon? We? we returned, or so we should bring what forty thousand lawsuits now we should return these children, ok, Bob the Hague Convention. You said We can return these children now. Why would Go to the Hague. We should our obligation to the Hague Convention, but the Hague conventions irrelevant. We have exists, We need to look at that. We have existing immigration law hired. There would be a totally, but also how at triggering the Hague Convention do anything differently. There's just my report, We have a legal obligation on an international treaty to return up that the children and they're, not all abducted abducted by one parent now, but that
some are some odd that your definition of abduction- we're not your right over there. Does not apply. I don't I don't know why we would. Who are we certainly Hague Convention, too We should use the Hague him it, I'm not following you, we can deport. Do we have Plenty of opportunities and legal bases for deporting people, the problem is enforcing them So why would we bring in an international treaty? Like that's gonna, do something to help us we haven't, we haven't thanks for your car. I went online, MR producer. What am I missing here. O. My Lord, I dont know how many more times we have an obligation to do what to follow a treaty we don't follow our law, we have our own constitution, we keep triggering there Why have we say to ourselves the Hague convention that somehow that'll make it right now, that's a distraction
I'll be right, back, We have learnt anything from history. He thinks because she's doing it's gonna be better. That's like fifty the other side trying the same thing over and over and over again the people that wanted, wherever there's no different. Why? Why do you. Jerry per SE in New Jersey, the Great W Abc go well, you know we have proper composers try before everyone was oh yeah abortion action and the worse than a lot. Of course, this whole new way. He has learned anything from history. He thinks because he's doing it, it's gonna be better. That's like fifty the other side try the same thing over and over and over again the people that want to get rid of this. No definite. Why one
Think what do you think so many fairly conservative people want this very abusive intervention in the market system Claiming that its fair claiming that other countries can't do they forget about national security. My about that and say please tax me twenty five percent. Please DR, at the cost of everything I buy, and I'm tell you where this is going to lead this led for this keeps up to a recession- and I worry about this because I want Trumpery elected very, very much want to re elected, and I am quite concerned that that's what's gonna happen here. Two major regional observatories for number. One is stupid. No one. He bought a number one and number two. Basically their case It's a chamber of Commerce and K Street. Well, not only trumpets catering to the Chamber of Commerce.
I just think people view a lot of these issues. If you disagree with them, then you're out to get tromp, because there's a lot of people who are out to get Trop, I'm not one of them, and that should be obvious by now. So am, I think they They they look at an issue and if the president, you know declares his position on. If you disagree with it, I'm just How works, because there's a lot of courage in this building we're not gonna. Tell you what they really think. They're gonna try and figure out what you wanna hear or actual way our eye Jerry. I appreciate your call. But they should be nude anybody's listeners programme. I read anything I've ever written. I reject the the laughs and the populace position on tariff still- and I have made my case over and over again and either.
Whether you know tat simple. If you don't that's perfectly fine too, I don't have a problem with it, but the if tariffs could create wealth Then I'd love to know why we don't put tariffs on everything and why twenty five. Recent put it a hundred, precisely imagine all the wealth we create all the jobs. We would save all the jobs we create because it won't little crater recession, I'm worried about that Oh, no, I feel like I'm, the one who stands with the people on the one who understands the assembly line and the worker and sober while you ve never been. I want. That's not my point mostly Who talked about the assembly line of never worked on one, but you create a robust economy and it requires trade and a lot of it put given the year appetite for we, the people in Amerika for products and services.
Third world. They don't have an appetite for much more than we do. Because we use merriment Obama used to say where three or percent of the world, and we use twenty five percent. The world's resources. You know what he's right about that. Why? use twenty or twenty five percent of the world's resources, because, where the most advanced economy on the face ear suffer through For five percent of the world's population we use twenty or twenty five percent of the world's resources, as a rational manner, we import more than we export is. How would he said? That's what I said we import more than we export and that's ok, because we need it and we won. And we use that's why Obama was used was making that point because, like the left, he thought we use too much for guess why, when you slap a twenty five percent tax on the american people for something that so crucial,
How do the same thing I'll be right back where are we create talking points collar now, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I know the argument telling me over and over again these tariffs for just short term there being used to get these other countries to the negotiating table. Well, I don't know what that means short term as a one month to month, ten months, three years. What is it. Doesn't like the you came to the negotiating table, they just slap tariffs on everything, including Harley Davidson, so I'm not sure how people notice
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The iranian Rio, plunged to a record low against the? U S dollars on the unofficial market on Sunday can t, you ain't slide among fears of returning you a sanctions if their President Donald Trump and may withdrew from it. In ten Alonzo Nuclear Programme and by the way, this is what tat. He was driving their economy into the ground people were rising up and then comes Brockman, has been you'd Obama and saves the day for the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, but dont dare call him, don't don't use, thought you know the h work now, that's trump, the dollar was being effort for as much as eighty seven thousand resolves compared to around seventy five thousand on Thursday, the land trading Day before IRAN's weaken according to foreign exchange website bombast dot com, Iran, semi official news agency is not said the dog
I had climbed a eighty, seven thousand Rios on Sunday from about seventy four thousand. Before the week on the black market, and several arranging websites carried similar reports, for you who are among our tourist Are you propagate a pretty good deal? If you want to take a year, a lovely vacation to IRAN course should be nuts, but They are the currency- has been sliding four months because, where we economy, financial difficulties, a local banks and heavy demand for dollars among Iranians who, pull out by Washington from the nuclear deal, and renewed you're sanctions against IRAN could shrink the countries exports of oil and other goods. Fall of the national currency has provoked a public outcry over the quick rise in prices of importing consumer goods merchants. At the mobile phone shopping centres, Aladdin and Char, sow in central Fenelon protested. Again
They rapid depreciation of the Rio by shutting down their shops on Sunday, semi official news agency, far's reported, Video posted on social media show protesters marching enchanting strike strike strike. The forage could not be us indicated independently by writers our later information and communications technology. Minister, Zira DAB Dab. I do said on twitter that he visited the protesting. Merchants I'll try to help provide, had counted to save for a mobile equipment in parts, dab, dab asset, Tens activity has now grown back to normal some of these, A sanctions against IRAN take effect after a ninety day, wind down period ending on August six, the rest. Really on the petroleum sector about a hundred eighty day, wind down period, ending on November forth. Now the real for those of you who have one has
he can from around sixty five thousand reality just before thursdays announcement of the Euro withdrawn the early may from. Forty two thousand eight hundred ninety at the end of last year, a freefall that threatens to boost and fly in her living standards or reduce the ability of the Iranians to travel abroad so a trump is doing to? Iran is exactly what is to be done to IRAN, as it is a fascistic Islam o the you know, it's interesting, I call Islam or nazi regime. I take a lotta helpfulness. And yet there are many similarities between that regime and the matter is not perfect but close enough. Meanwhile, they call Trump Hitler. And they proudly do it, they repeat themselves and the american pseudo media. We have had left and we got concentration camps. I call this in Islam own Nazi regime, which is exactly what it is
Did you hear what he said? I have not used the Nazi where it will be a political, logs, they murder their own people. They write their own people, they torture their own people. Look what they're doing overseas choose. The outer external to their country. There does Yemen or Syria or Iraq, or what have you what they ve been doing to the Kurds. Dare you call them by Islam or nazi regime? Remember trumpets Hitler, Hitler, Hitler! America has concentration camps, pre, sick, isn't right. Let's take some more calls who do we? Roger Flagstaff Arizona, the great cavy t K go. I won't let alone listener. My mom and dad was due on Hannity. Vanity.
What I want to tell your listeners. Is I'm a cowboy cowboy for over thirty five years along the southern border in Arizona, NEA m. When politicians stand up and say the border is secure, what they don't live there they're not having the pack a gun on their hip every time they go out. In its dangers, M when they sent letters to the White House under President no dummy and brewer, Nothing is done, an ranchers murdered, nothing done. We do so The Democrats don't get any votes at securing the border. Sir.
Leave out in it and then you, a Republicans running Alla time, Mccain used to do it now you mix Sally, doing it make Sally, is a border duff now, all of a sudden she's a border hawk and they ve pulled stuff off. Website and so forth, and sought to make everyone in Arizona believe that she will secure the boar. Mccain ran this last time. He pulled the same stunt and then they come. Option they do at the. How want to do are not the only ones whose others to theirs who is making members name from Illinois. He won NEA. He won as a party candidate early on now is a rhino, a complete Ryan. I forget his name begins with a k, so this is what they do. They deceive us. Well, I go call called the comment line to you. White House, shut down the border put a tweet. You want three thousand cowboys a the at you want. Three thousand cowboys will do
agent, you would imagine, be good at it. Alright, sir, thanks for your car. Now, when I lied to secure the boy in any conceivable way, and they just one another deal you see they work. These deals like snake oil, some salesman, Capitol Hill I want a comprehensive immigration reform. First amnesty then A path to citizenship this, then that and one that will add, stun will fund the border and they never do and, as I told you last week, this entire argument about separating kids from parents and then the families are together and then you can't have the whole family detention. You know what are we Nazi Germany? So you follow them. My crouched down the the yellow, brick road, and then they grab here and they say: okay, let them loose, but We must say that that's the only alternative they give you
turn. They give you because that's what they want. They want endless cycles of amnesty. Even crop. I can hear them five years or even Trump, let these people into the country by present- X, Y Z, isn't even as good as Trump ragged and Bush Nixon and Bush and ragged. Then and the and Trump, and so they were not as bad as President x Y Z dance, amnesty! It is one cycle of amnesty after it has been going on for forty years. And truthfully. That's why red states have turned purple and red states return blue. You know damn well The people coming into this country were mostly from Eastern Europe, hordes of them large numbers of them voting Republican The media would take the opposite position. The Democrats would take the opposite position. They absolutely work.
I'll be right back by the way for the Rockets in the palm palms out. There is a great deal. This prisoner does that I am very enthusiastic about, as you well know, if you'd listen to this programme, a great. But I am enthusiastic about Iberia intention of voting for him again and I hope he runs and that's the point. I want succeed and I want the american people to succeed and on this we disagree, but you won't find me sabotaging him that I can tell you There was a passing this morning that I want to mention those
you watch the shell porn stars, p, w and porn stars, so wonderful show features a wonderful family. The Harrison family and I've come to know. And I like him a lot. I consider him a good friend And the old man, as they call them old man, Harrison passed away this morning at the age of seventy seven. So we wish the family Godspeed and I know it's a very close family and we hope the old man rest in peace. I know I've been sick for a while, but that's better, but I want to say about that so, but you know I reckon the family, I'm sure brought.
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in class, and they have that one hundred an identity, recovery guarantee, if you do fall victim or your money back, nobody else does that. So it's my idea, dad come Slash, Mark Promo code Mark okey dokey, let's see what else we have here in our call list. Port Pensacola Florida, the Great W c o egg or went ahead place remark as a group the talk you I'm a daily listener. Thank you very much I want to make a year make known their concern of mine. It's been around me about the two or three years on these sanctuary cities, and it also relates to the open board family unit. What's going on. I now hear that appear that the sanctuary cities provide areas where those and live in the shadows and
Here is the problem. In two years we get a new census, that's going to account all persons in districts etc and the population of California. Spoke up, ten million. They dont worry anymore, about filling up fences form when at hand the congressional districts and the electoral colleges college routes will be reallocated. They will come out of fly over country, their turn mutton high, and this is going to hurt us and twenty twenty four. I totally devastated as well in twenty twenty two actually will keep the congressional merchants. I always listen to you for sensible constitutional advice. And although I have a cure for this, I wondered if you did well, I think it's beyond constitution.
I think the president trying to do everything we can. When we go into federal court we have these Obama bomber, among others. We have Supreme Court decision were Anthony, Kenny Wrote the majority five to four decision striking down. I resign as immigration laws, which basically pirated the federal laws and said in force the federal laws pop part of the problem is in a head. When's tales. We lose. So, when you lose the rule of law, when you lose virtue, illusion Country so there's no simple answer. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute or armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency purse. Now it has been a great honor. Thank you and thank you for your vote, The national radio hall of fame- I am deeply glass than on it- God bless. You see tomorrow.
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