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On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Rich Zeoli from WPHT fills in. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts ruled against the citizenship question being added to the next census. Then, Democrats debate and get crazier than the next as they fight to pander to Miami Hispanics with Beto O'Rourke and Cory Booker speaking in Spanish during the debate. Later, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio apologizes for quoting the murderous Cuban dictator Che Guevara in comments made in Miami, which is home to the largest population of Americans of Cuban descent. Finally, Julian Castro, who favors decriminalizing illegal border crossing, even went as far as saying that transsexual female should have the right to have publicly-funded abortions.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented podcast, as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year here there is a truly independent institution. Where learn surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening, and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground bows away somewhere under Britain's deal of unarmed script. Building we once again made contact with our leader nation, try and know how many citizens it has why's that such a controversial issue for our nation, figure out. How many people here are citizens of our nation and you have the Supreme Court with John its flipping once again with the liberals. Besides there to say no,
and threw it sorry go back to lower courts, what a mess of a ruling another another John Robert sell out. It is not the greatly but then by that's, ok, I am your fellow Lavigne Rich Z. Only happy with you tonight marks home town of Philadelphia Roberts this great so many different ways over the years he's the guy we can all say thanks, robotic care, John Roberts. Thank you, for doing what Congress wouldn't do years ago and declare Obamacare attacks. Am I doing so of course, giving Obamacare today he says. You know why this census question this citizen should question. We don't like it is worth like your motivations rather came up with it, so the president, once count of how many people in this country are legal citizens? I think it's a very important count, because we are different numbers all the time of how many people here legally or illegally. I've heard ranges from Levin million to forty five million illegal immigrants. I dont know nobody. Does there they're all estimates
some people say eleven. Some people say thirteen. Some people say forty five million, some people say thirty, five million, it's all over the place, so the president said: let's count and figure out. How Many people are United States citizens. Why not as a couple of events doing so. Obviously, while never one, you can figure out our congressional districts, you want to have ten years after the census, they re district and they figure out which state get more seats or less seats in Congress and House representatives. That's why something might lose a sea never say my gain, and this all has ramifications electoral college, obviously, because of a state gets more it's that number adds up to get more electors and then say becomes even more powerful. And obviously you want to make sure that if people are moving out of a state like myself, in Jersey, everybody's fleeing New Jersey, it's ridiculous since overtax and nobody to retire in New Jersey. Little live there. Well, then, maybe should lose. A representative in Congress is everybody's fleeing their high tax blue state. But why are we why
We have representation for people that aren't citizens inwards. Why would we want to waste they congressional see in a district that is not comprised of who are here legally and are allowed to vote and should be represented by somebody in Congress. It's a very simple question. So my understanding that fact and being able to distinguish between the two- and it makes a lot of sense clearly, when they did the senses when they, when the framers of the constitution, thought hey, you know what let's do a census? Let's count, everybody figure enemy people here, so we can figure out how many seats have we have a number of seats in Congress and they will figure out who gets what this, this was done for a reason and obviously that reason was done so that we can have a truly republican small are representative govern percent of government. A government could represent the people, and the people Obviously, sensors only gonna be now four hundred and thirty five. The House representatives their action? representing the people, who can a vote and be he can enjoy the fruits of citizenship which are managed
afraid to say that these should there are fruits. The citizenship, yes and you should be proud of citizenship and there's nothing wrong with being a. U S, citizen in saying I am very proud of that fact. Yet there people on the left, say no. If you're here illegally, even though you broke the law on your you're, probably breaking the law here now censure here illegally could still be represented in Congress Pathway, Wi Fi stake in France, I'm not represented by the french parliament. Why should I be? Why should they decisions based on my welfare analysis in their country what are their nation on earth would even think that was rational? what other nation or, if we go, you know this guy snuck in here patties eyes, taken our resources he's here illegally, but, let's make sure the give him a voice? Let's make or he's heard in Congress or in parliament. Let's make sure that we, count his best interests at heart. Does that sound remotely rational, of course, not end? There
why it's stupid to say you can have a citizen. Should question the senses but of course there was a lawsuit and everybody This is this is unfair to illegal immigrants, it's unfair to immigrants and general. Why you're here legally, if you have a green card, if you have a visa and your counted in the census, nothing bad. Happened you, but we know the difference between the number of citizens. We have Eminem people who non citizens? It's the illegal I ve been partly gets people threshold I figure- we well know yeah, but you do want to count them. Why not? and the answer is yes. If you count them, you might be giving data to the federal government which could then theoretically haven't supported. I guess but then again Assisting those no census, questions are supposed to be conquered, control and I imagine they would be there The truth of the matter is that if we start saying how many citizens we have first non citizens- and I'm The illegal immigrants in places I taxes
It's really gonna hurt the eyes. Democratic reveal the captain a majority to stay like that, because means are gonna, have less congressional seats and that's less stability now to affect the electoral college and also because we're talking about districts year where people are voting, all those people our voting but should not be a laval because you're, not you are citizens. More and more employees? I California places like taxes around the country in these new states if start saying we're not going to count illegal immigrants in deciding representation we're not gonna cap. That means it states that donor prompted legal immigration may get more seats in Congress. Megan we're season shhh Representative may have more influence than which would be a beautiful thing? also just from a common sense respective. Why Is anyone think that if you're here illegally, you should be represented in Congress? The only thing should be lucky that you're still peer and that's it nothin Mrs meeting your needs when eight when they legislate in Washington. I was really meeting anybody's needs, probably not as marketing
say, the gray one would often say too often the man in Black make terrible decisions. And black by the way when a mark of its greatest books pension. You five weeks in a row number one best seller his new book course. The new book on freedom of the press, fight weeks on the New York Times number one best, seller five weeks. It's amazing stuff get a copy. The evidence years ago I read men in black, and I remember mark talking about this fact. He's judges they had on there for life. Now they think they're legislators. They decide a right all the wrongs. They don't decide to just say this be a mess reno outside our mess, so you go handle it, don't go, take care of it and today five for decision chief justice, John Roberts, joining with the left saying that the true administration failed, to provide a good reason for adding the citizenship question why do they have to even have a reason at all? As my question, why is it that concern their reasoning is in fact they want to
further majority can any sandy was contrived a trap administrations. Reason for having a citizenship question was contrived. Now the issue is not dead, made still gonna. Examining the president has said today running of more information on this, and the issue is not over yet but I'll. Tell you what Justice Clarence Thomas, whose terrific He wrote a scathing rebuttal, scathing descend to the claim, yeah you know what this this question was contrive and we have to check the administrations motivations on here. No, in fact, what Justice Clarence Thomas said today was that this is done, particularly because the court's don't like Trump. That's it lower court intellect trumpet swear they made their ruling in the Supreme Court should say it's irrelevant, move on, he said quote able to identify any legal problem with the secretaries reasoning: sectarian Commerce, the court imputes one of these. One of concluding that he must not be telling the truth. The court therefore
policy decision of a district court which, in turn was transparently based on application of an administrative, specific sander according to the court, something seems wrong. This conclusion is extraordinary. He writes. Thank you on off inquiry into evidence not properly before the courts, reach and unsupported conclusion, and they did so based on the fact that they just don't like the president's bad they just like the guy, so look around and say. Well, we don't really think you're. Your reasoning is valid, so we're just gonna say no, he said, the court's erroneous decision. This case is bad enough, as it unjustifiably interferes with the twenty twenty senses, but the implications of. A decision, a broader, which decision. A supreme court is open. A pandora's box of pretext base challenges in administrative law, question of whether or not the executive branch can add. A citizen is citizenship. Question the? U S, census, there's gonna, be a debate. The court didn't say they couldn't
the court. You said we just leader, like your motivation here, we're we're just not sure that you're really, you know that Your reasoning was really open up, hey, you know what to say your business President was elected president right, it's he was elected and He said now and he wants to say he wants to have account of the citizens and Congress and, by extension, the sector of commerce can inquiry. Citizenship, I'm a census questionnaire. The question of whether the executive branch can add citizenship. Question to you, a census is in debates they did indicate today. That Congress could include The question themselves if they wanted to. That was on right now. Illegal aliens shouldn't be counted in a census used to draw electoral maps. That should just be the reason that should be the reason. Or just be? Listen, justices. Here's the deal, if you're here legally in Europe legal Alien, we you shouldn't be represented Congress. That's it just a simple! I challenge you to the country on earth. Were you sneak in it
country in they go. You know now your needs or our needs so as to make sure that we will you and minors, were voting, body on earth with that. We think that was rational. That's it! That's the only explanation. You need one along the way there was, a search of somebody's desk corner the attorneys, and he made some stupid men about how this may help certain voter and there were questions about whether or not this was racially motivated or not know it's not racially motivated any way shape or form is common sense. I Ultimately, the present will prevail on this, but, as you said, reminder of how much the court still matter. It's just a great reminder that because John Roberts again siding with the liberals, because genre is the kind of guy that doesn't like to be the one who upsets it seems to me like he's a guy that he's very much of the mindset of efforts to controversial. I don't want to be the deciding vote on this yo if its overturning Obama,
dare I dont want to be the guy, so let me save it if its David's, adding citizenship question. I want to be the guy that does that so, outside with the left and we'll just punted for a while came down the road, the present was elected. These easy, the elected president its executive ranch a government, and he wants find out how many people in this country and its executive branch charge with due an account here legally and not legally, how many people you as citizens and not uses, and it's so incredibly basic. It's so incredibly logical. But you have courts today and you have judges who are very outspoken. I think incredibly hats. Economically, don't like the president and the lower court Their reasoning, which is based on the fact tat. We just that I wear we don't like the guy. We think the guy just doesn't want to have a legal limit representing Congress yeah. Exactly while I wouldn't like that, not well because his reasonings bad. What's his reasoning. While he does there isn't illegal immigrants should be counted now. We just want a count them Oh you mean he doesn't want to count them towards see.
In the House of representatives you're right- he doesn't you don't count them, then you can just take the population a mess, there's. So you have a district Scott Arab four million people in it and they decision becomes, does that they should get a seat in Congress or does it loses seeding Congress based on the characteristics of the district based on it? the graphics and everything in between the population count you find out a couple hundred thousand of those For not, you are citizens, that's gonna, be a game. Changer- and that means California, Texas, somebody's other blue states, new mexico- they could lose receipts and that's why this is such a battle. That's what it comes down to the power of the blue. They should be able to just have just this command of electoral votes and a command of seats in Congress. The committee and of having that ability and also paving the way for people who are here illegally to be able to vote. Let's be honest, they want that too. We see it all across the board and if you don't
wash between them. Endeavours represent asian. Then you can have more people in there who are trying to give them the ability to vote you'll have more people in key this, for example, who do things like Two representatives did earlier this year, which is passing well bill, saying we we're not going to get involved. If states want to let illegal immigrants wrote as our during cow, We're not gonna do anything about it. When I get involved the more the more. I'm. So you have that ability for states, more seats in the house and congressional redistricting You're not distinguish between illegal immigrants are not gives the ability to flip states so gives ability to put so much more power in the hands of the of the left in the house and then ultimately now you know, people a mare who are we to be working for the very people they're not supposed to be working for the people? Who are not? U S, citizens and that's the ultimate game. That's Yalta. Game plan down the road to ensure that People who are not here legally people were not: U S. Citizens get the ability to vote for people who will make them the priority and that's what
president wants to have a cap which the president wants to stop. This nonsense for the present to say we're. Gonna have representation based on who, it is the United States Citizen show incredibly basic thanks genre thanks for nothing once again, John Roberts, thanks for nothing, eight, seven, seven, We ate one three, eight one one is the number for the mark within show: eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one rich from Marks home of Philadelphia in for the great one fella it's coming right back then Shit family in eighteen, forty four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you Primus, the free monthly speech, digestive hailstones college in private is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in
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These are the court again dislike Obama, care and now the president can find out in a census who, United States citizens for the purpose of apportioning seats in the House of Representatives also money. Busy use after money has everything's money right. So it's all that so now we situation where it's gonna have to go back to In the back, the court again, I think, ultimately, prevail because the What news is up? A Supreme court said really do have the right to do it. They really do The supreme worry I'd say that I really affirm. The president has the right to ask the question: you that's a good news in all this. They have the right to ask. The President of the United States, the executive branch Government Sector Commerce Congress has the right to ask the question So what we are debating now is the motivation behind asking the question and which is which is this a stupid,
and dealing with somebody state of mind. Again. It's we're doing this the state of mind thing: For that reason, I we can't ride away. Do it and that's just great mark of Rich Z early in for the great one great to have you with us tonight, eight seven, seven, three, eight one eight one one who is in the Bronx, I was a young man. I shall read out Yes, there, the core. Looked at that question were designed to suppress hispanic EU citizen voters from being counted. Look that instead wait. A second of this question has, in fact to undergown you're citizens, who happened to be Latinos. The funding that really should be two on the town, you're citizens who happened to be Latinos, the funding that really should be looked at, and for that reason the question is not allowed at this stage, as I think John, it's got a right, and you complain
John. It's where he really sided with the conservatives in regard to the gerrymandering at you, most great honour control focus on this Kate. Let's vote With- let's robust, let's always on this case for now. So your argument is it. If somebody is as illegal immigrant in their home, they will want to answer the census because they might be what cod, because they're doing something illegal That's not my argument. I put the court looked like that's what the court look, that that's really now what the court looked out, but that your argument, though, that somebody may hide said, maybe doing something illegal. Therefore they won't answer the census. Maybe they don't want to turn my mother Rayner illegally. Ok, Yes and the question becomes: why are they? Why are they doing something? That's illegal? In the first place I mean, if I'm doing drugs out of my house, when I answer the census cuz, I don't want them to catch me. Cuz, I mean, does it make any sense? You realize that right, it doesn't make any sense
The call to the mark ensure appreciate that touch on the other point that you made the other point being. At this work under count people it's wrong. That's why straight ahead, muttering show you know our nations oldest colleges, refunded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the the majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political career, they no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting idea of objective truth. Pedal moral and cultural relativism? Thankfully none of this applies to Helstone College. For all, two centuries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission. To prove sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety. Hills to celebrate its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain
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seven hundred, and seventy three eight hundred and forty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven that is your fellow Levine I've from Philadelphia, Rich Z. Only the morning, DR host of Phd great to be with you tonight for my my great friend mark within strict right, if we examine your times where centralists now on freedom of the press get a copy of it? Five weeks number one near times number one. Your terms by socialists question of course, is whether or not this censuses a trick designed to keep people from answering questions, because we want to make sure that more white people are counted then then latino or latina, or MAX. I would give her by now last night, Elizabeth Warren, she the term latin necks, which apparently now supposed to be latina ex, but she used latin necks, Malcolm X, but next, we last night you use that. I know what it was. Nobody did because we don't live in ivory towers and colleges, and we are actually talking to real people. Latinos. Even know what it is wholly in Castro was up there less
As a guy calling himself a latino and here's the college, professor early, the fake native American, I call or milk as mother in law that switch your minds. We have always she's up there she's using the academic lack necks which is supposed to be on gender Non binary way to refer to Latinos tee further proving We ve lost our minds, obviously with political correctness, but that's everybody Google doubting whether with was a latin next? What is that do, anyway, it is designed to suppress the count of of latin exercise is ridiculous. It's ridiculous notion to the car to the market Joe before he goes well. It's because I've they ve got their grandmother in the house and she's illegal. They may not want answer the census whereby that logically anybody who is doing anything illegal, wouldn't want answer the census of Ireland. If I've got a crack house, I'm not gonna want to answer the census. Just now they might know, there's always people my building, because world making crack. I dont know that's thing I don't even know really of crack houses are so they are assuming its a thing anything.
Everybody's doing it's illegal? They wouldn't want to answer the census, Libya Our an illegal immigrant who's got deportation orders to leave, for example, that that could be construed as a crime. You know now that you're grandma and that nobody even know she's here and that sort of thing. I really don't think that's what the issue is, but the question: we'd better ask this way if you got for people Bam upstairs hiding in the attic hiding out, because we were reported can you put down the four of you who are born and What's the problem here, you're citizens are gonna, be innocence. You said your lap next citizen. So why would you not be counted note The reason why this Graham is gonna be reported that Are those scare mongering points
business being done is because it's not about Grandmama, attic, air or basement were grandma turnover. Grandma roses is part of a house treat grandma right right, she's became know. The reason is because you ve got, town towns where there are huge population toes that nobody knows where they all over now their votes. Mattering in elections. Ends in billions, hundreds of billions of dollars in federal funds format sheets in the House of representatives of electors to the electoral college. You have to me sure that the people who are getting the represent representation and also about people who are you their harbouring a fugitive in the basement or not be represented US representatives. That's the purpose of a rare,
representative government, a small, are republican government? Is we have representatives who represent our needs in the House of representatives? It's done by population only formed at thirty five c fear. We gotta figure out where those go. So why is it fair to me That somebody would have more rubber, her say what representation the house, thus more power immigrants than I do, and so they are getting Machine Congress at my states losing a sea because we don't have that were being counted for the purposes of the senses where's the fund about me, I'm the one I am a firm afforded and I dont know of another country on earth. It says you dear you, represented we're gonna, make sure you represented we're going it. We got your back, we'll take care of you. We were going to legislate with your needs in mind
There are seven three, eight one, three eight one one, but no the court was not worried about the trick or basement they would. That was not the issue. The issue was that this is probably constitutional. To do this, a separate five for vote with all the conservative justice ism pollution does not in theory per Do you want from adding a citizenship question for the ruling? The justice when the issue back to the commerce apart play, different rationale for requiring people taking part in a sense is to declare. So it's the rationale. It's not the kind of, because we're really afraid the people are not going to answer the question it's because fashion now, but their admitting the Supreme Court. It The question is entirely constitutional and I can I do this test in some broadcasting growed up. They from five
but it's not. I am always do his test. If the founding fathers were sinner, Philadelphia. There haven't beer spam drinks, they drink a lot you're back, then the water was terrible Philadelphia. I don't know if it's any better. Now, to be honest with you, I try to avoid drinking and I try to do to avoid doing anything involved with the city Philadelphia. Five by a soda, though, I have to pay a soda tax Luckily I live in Jersey, so I can smuggle my sewed over the bridge, but that's for another show, but the point is in the founders would sit around. They would sit at a pub. You know, then talk things out at a tavern think about. This logic tests, they always do there sit around and they say. Should we count citizens only in the census or what about people? Who are citizens now back then we can have what people coming over the southern border? That wasn't a big thing, but we did have a lot of diplomats who come here and business people for a long time. You know,
the vice. Be rail. Wasn't working back then ya to come by ship, and you were here for a while months at a time clips at a time, diplomats wouldn't come for the weekend they come for, while some of them would stay here. They have kids here. It's why the fourteenth amendment never apply to them just being born in. U S, soil was not the automatic Lee good could make your citizen, because you'd have embassadors diplomats. Business people will be here for months, sometimes years at a time and then shouldn't, we would count them for the census too. Then allocate seats in the House of Representatives is so illogical that they would never even believe it. They would say. Well, that's how easy, then, would it be too just invite people over here and then let them stay, and then we could trigger, because one seat in the house back then could have made all the difference in a lot of very, very close legislative fights obviously include even slavery. So the notion were to sit around aware. We're not gonna. Just we're going account. You are citizens weren't account you S sitting
and also diplomats and their kids and foreign business people and their kids anybody else so that we can make sure that that state has a representation in Congress is ridiculous Obviously, certain states had more foreign visitors, visitors, more foreign business people more. Formats, more ambassadors coming to visit than others? You would give an unfair advantage. Certain states that's out, worked. But again, why do with logic, eight, seven, seven, three one three, eight one one the mark within show rich Z. Only in for the great one. Let's go to. I cohesion would bridge Virginia Michael you're on the market and show courage. I just have to enjoy the fact that now we've got the left on record because they essentially the left, filed the lawsuit. It wasn't. A conservative father lawsuit as supporting foreign, interfere, an U S, elections, because that's what this boils down to portion. Math means
changing how the money is spent, how the power is sure sized who gets what services and how many seats are available on the left, the right, the metal whatever it is. This is the coordination of eleven to twenty five or thirty May, in whatever it is foreigners from the purpose of effecting elect, world politics in the United States of America, which is something supposedly I left has despised and, alas, for three or four years, because the Russians did it. So I'm actually enjoying this excellent point. I guess the way my friend Michael well done, nor I Michael what of aid for item seven, three one, three, eight one one Robert is
Brooklyn New York, Robert Guiana, Martinique, and show you the technological looking at their wages that President charmed like come said. The treaty would be normal guessing that a president of the gay now look like they deplore the job in a fit until proven guilty that, yes, the provider raising the question that in writing. This is a private life in our discharge near the question, so it outrageous that they have a president elected by the people, while the thirty day being treated as second class president, but he has to date, been having had the definite, but you have a clue what about it? Culture? What are you doing?
Where do you know what data they'd always backed appointed I've? Why should we have to respect that? You did not way, which is totally inappropriate and even bearing the travel ban came up that the candidate countries can be a cripple back the nerve and make them that so little respect for parliament and an undue Ryan and Clarence Thomas Brigitte justice. Thomas pointed out by saying this is really. Is the lower court doesn't like the guy? That's where basing all the sun so we're we're agreeing institutional asked. The question we're dealing with the reasoning is the reason they put forward is enforcement of the vote rights act because you and me as citizens. We have a right. A federal right to vote were federal protection of vote and the courts as well. You don't like that justification. We don't think. That's! That's sincere! So we're not gonna let this go forward and I agree with you. Any president, they would not have said they will not make it personally about him and his baby.
I'll, tear your motives and motivations. They would just use the facts right, just a fax man, that's what they would use your exactly right thanks the mark of ensure Levin that eight cents One three one, one, a great one- is please travelling, but he's got a great show. Come up this weekend. Lifeless events Sunday, ten p M and Fox NEWS, his guest businessman, Forest Lucas Winter about capitalism, verse, socialism, and if you watch the Democrat Circus last night, the I call them, the lesser candidates attend on the stage last night, because none of them have a chance of becoming president guy, the former governor of Colorado, John Chicken Roper. He was they mistook him remember the media. Nobody knows you, the guy is he's pulling it about one percent, so we got there last. He walks into the room and they knew they try to sit joking, they try to see him in the back with the press, but you know the guy. Presidential candidate, so that guy's got a real, strong I think it being a beating, Donald Trump right. It is yet such a strong shop. It gets into the bay and they go. Oh
You must be a reporter. No I'm John taken lucrative former Governor Colorado share your go sit there in the back no! Really. I belong on the stage will then, why are you walking in like a dope off the street weight of staff members, some people back in Thomas age. What would you do? I Walker Gb Park, your car, the general lot. How does this work exactly? But yes, that's the things it tonight is the today I would say the main candidates, Biden it also, of course, Bernie Sanders, the godfather socialism bearing the red sarcasm, and then I think we all that socialism, because they are pushing this party further and further to the laughing becoming just Credibly unrecognizable now have Elizabeth Warren America's mother logging on record in saying she wants to destroy private health insurance. This is where things are going here and it's crazy and it's doing them no service whatsoever dawn is
bourbon, California, down you're on the market and show you I just wanted to say it does make sense with the Supreme Court. Did you follow the large you're gonna Missouri Compromise report, the shovel war? Where three gifts, a black person counted. Remember all the white people who were elected by white people both to the slave population. That's what they're doing Now they have the illegal immigrant population, but only the Democrats do devoting more them. I don't understand a comparison of three fifths compromise. I'm sorry, I'm on my you there before the Devil, because there are a great number of slaves. The shop protested that they had large population of slaves and they were entitled to representation
and he wrote to the abolition of the rights of the northern abolitionist said. We're we're not gonna. Do that for the purposes of giving you more seats, a mouse representatives that that's correct. But what does it have to do with this question right now, because it saw dishonest by having just some white people, both on behalf of other people, The big an hour. I really have an eye ass down does not following you. Thanks to the car appreciated breeders compromise I want to do with this. That was that was enough to ensure that, because the south is going to count, waves were not give them the right to vote. They say. Well, they don't do that, because anyone I'm more power, more seats, allows representatives more money and then say we will never go away. Was done by the northern by the abolitionists situation. For that. The southern states would not have more seats and house representatives, but nobody's trying to take. Way anybody's right to vote here. We're not talking about that. We're about people who are? U S, citizens and the question of whether or not they are EU citizens are not that's it
trying to suppress one population or another, we're not trying to to do any political tricks. With this we're not trying to have an outcome that is different by doing something. The figures compromise was designed to do it for the purpose of the outcome of ensuring the southern states would not dominate as we are trying to do anything here, other than ensure that U S, citizens are properly accounted for for the purposes of apportionment. That's it no other motive. Nothing like that just want to know the number of citizens, so we can treat lino fairly extra. They are represented in there and their Congress. That's it very basic named me, another country on earth. That would say you got here illegally. You don't have a right to be here. In fact, you you're breaking laws by being here, but we are going to represent you while you're here, so ludicrous rich We infer the great one mark live in eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one come right back, every human being
a common problem. How do I live? Well, happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills to college. Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm a key and ethics, and new free online course from hills. The college shares Aristotle's teachings that. Why help really the most complete happy life possible register for this free course, introduction of air battles, ethics, how to lead a good life featuring lessons from the greatest self help book ever written at Lavigne, for hills, they'll, dot com in just ten on demand, videos each only thirty minutes. Long you'll learn how to confront the chief obstacles to happiness and make their choices that bill good character. Aristotle presents a guy for securing a virtuous life and if you take this recourse from Hills Dale, eat Aristotle's advice. Your life will change for the better.
You can learn how to lead a good life justice, every hills. The college student does it's yours for free at Levin, for hills down that com that in Vienna for Hills doubt that come claims all the time about things I understand when I love about the mark of insurance mark, tries to clear that up as best as possible. So what I mean for the gray one I try to do the same Rich Z, only with you for marks from ten to Philadelphia, where, of course, the constitutional convention was held now before tee them into the constitution. This may bring us up all the time and they always do this. A twisted did make it whenever they wanted to be so now. The fourteenth amendment justifies everything from same sex, marriage to I'm sure abortion, it's for Trans women, who are men who can't get pregnant and thus can have an abortion, but that solely in Castro
think that was his big woke moment from last night's debate further into the debate level Michel, because they use the word people in can't you in enforcing the amendment provides at the House representative shall be apportioned among the several states, according to their respective numbers, counting the whole number of persons in each state. This act of seventy nine supervisory enumeration of the inhabitants of United. There ass yourself, this question and the fourteen amendment. One is passed Who did they consider to be here in this country that we have a big info illegal immigrants, no but much citizenship and much like with counting for the purposes of representing pause. We don't count. Us we have people, they come along. And this is very important. We wanted to make sure we work counter freed slaves.
After the civil. He now slavery is illegal, going their way. Classifying people why the boys in their journey for reporting they should be represented in this house- are a twist say, should be illegal immigrants. Never never ever the idea. The mark Our common right back with debate analysis straight ahead
now run them. Let me underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, said Atwater, LO and behold, Nancy Pelosi. The Democrats say yes, work! A crisis at the border, but was it the manufacture crisis by tromp to help and politically is that what they were saying well go back. Our common show, our true. The great one is off tonight and I am with you tonight Rich zero, your fellow the night out of Philadelphia marks hometown greatly with United seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! I thought this was a manufacturer crisis, its that's what I was old over and over and over and over and over again just a minute a little montage proving that point, but now
Apparently it's a crisis so tonight Nancy below, the speaker of the house is a big defeat for her this got their way on this. The border funding bill than it is called for. NL the humanitarian cry on Thursday pay a Senate version of a border funding build. It aims to address the humanitarian crisis following outrage at an pouring of emotion for from progressives the vote was three or five to one or two you're Nancy plus he can keep her purpose together, Herc her caucus together. She can't do a bigger who show menu wackos on the left there and she's trying to them what are you doing there? They want nothing their beds for detention centres because they don't want anyone to be kept and they did it.
This walk out of this company wayfare, because wafer havoc for kids, who engine centres or actually at the office, a refugee resettlement and there's a war, over that presented want them have beds. I guess he sounded. We said the children come first Nancy Pelosi said the children. First, at the end of the day, we have to make sure the witch are engaged in the same disrespectful behaviour that visit during our priorities. She actually even just three four, priorities: children, children, children. She did you not so for the children out of here old, who know we have a crisis at the border Pronto put together a little while ago- and I was done by
We admit this is a whole little group of people. Now we're going on about CNN people in this town, lemon Bat Cuomo the lesser evil. Was I com a bunch of people in here a lot of MSNBC people, their coops, forty and trot. What here's my question? Are you convinced ask, ditch effort to persuade Americans in ISIS. Southern border didn't work. This is me actually crisis at the hall. Bunch of lies? We have a president who will go on tv tonight why why some more manufacture cry because it was a cry. They were being overrun manufacture. About this there's no crisis is a monitor thither. They manufacture cry he's taking eight hundred thousand feet employees hostage, so you can get his vanity wall so he's created
This is a manufactured prices. This hey mess is manufactured, its manufacture crisis, a non prices at the boar. That's really not fooling anybody all the election, Social Decline, republican colleague all stating that this amount actually crisis a crisis that manufactured by the proper administration. This whole thing is absurd. It is a complete, manufactured. You know appeal to the please sentiments in and frankly, I wonder about our complicity in just talking about this is completed nonsense, trying to solve a problem that in fact doesn't exist because their zero net illegal immigration coming across the southern border is determined to convince you. There is a crime, the border, they're playing the public you for suckers got it suckers, to manufactured all made up at all thing was made up by tromp, though things now its crisis, you see now it's a crisis.
Crisis, the crisis now than it was manufactured now no longer be factored zero Thank you how they always the same words, how we wonder that highways? I regret that, but there are always so good about same exact, same things over and over and over again, it's almost like the media has a go right, leg, the media as an agenda asthma talks about an unspoken freedom of the press. They do they actually do. That's why you surely stalking heads from various What's going on and on about a crisis, the crisis to manufacture And they also the same words is like a drinking game. They all the same words there given their talking points and then just go, get go wrong with it go as crazy, but as marks about freedom of the press, it's exactly what the media does. They push if they're there to push narrative. So then we manufacture. Now it's a humanitarian crisis, and now will you don't have enough money, we're not doing enough we should do is focused on the crisis, see how things change here.
Changing quickly things change now. This is right, because the CNN actually acknowledged that this did not start with Trump EVIL People are going after day and are saying things like you know. They said you were to hear more about this than I am a democratic debate. If you are saying things such this. This is an awful awful crisis and its mean what's happening and we be welcoming to the children and hugging the children and giving them The bears and everything else as they come over the border cotton candy our slides slip and slides- I don't know if you can you slip and slides I'd, probably not I'd, probably with, the parents are put in jail for leaving their kids alone. If you gave your kids a slip inside, you probably be taken after the whose scale, but The great when I was a kid, I don't think I let my kids play with them. Sure foreign. After two and a half year old, my parents would approve, but you get the point kid should be given games at the border, not told not to come here.
John King from CNN, makes the point that this did not begin under Donald Trump. In fact, it was President Barack Obama who told people dont come here, don't bring your kids here as you'll hear in this clip cut five. I just remind people that under the present trouble, the Democrats don't like anything. He says about immigration. He said problems with it party on immigration, but this particular issue is not new. I just wanna go back. This is an interview going back to twenty fourteen with it and Democrats president, I say to her son, democratic under the table and say trunk, this crisis? This is all about Trump, maybe escalated under trunk. The numbers are certainly hired to trumpet. This has been a problem. The United States government has had to figure out a solution to for a very time
the problem is that under current law, once those kids come across the border, there's a system in which were supposed to process them take care of them until we can send them back lady, we don't come. Oh our message, absolutely is: don't send your children on accompanied on trains or to throw a bunch of smugglers. That is our direct message to the families and Central America. Do not send your children to the borders it they do make it they'll get sent back While I was five years ago this week as five years ago, this. Weak in the sense that again the other current divide? The current president, folks emotions among Democrats, alot of progressive sort. Happy with that President President Obama, they call them the reporter in chief about this- is that this issue has been unresolved, different pieces of four twenty plus years about unaccompanied children clip from five years ago this week. When how and I
They are issues to come here, be given lollipops in games and and clowns. Although Actually, clowns are terrifying to kid, so I wouldn't do that that would that would be cruel and kids freak out grounds. I don't owe my parents could bring cook clowns, two parties, it's very children, anyway. That was five years ago programmes. They don't come now, fact is so bad that you have the geniuses on the view. Joy Bay, her she's she's are true mental patient. This woman now seeing that world doing this, because the kids are coming here: Brown, mexican, kids and and central american kids, and even those people come from their countries as well through the poorest southern border, but but, but if they were from certain country in the world. They would not be like this no way cuts the since we we do this for people who against us? What we we'd, all we don't put people is follow conditions. So if we do it for our enemies, why are we not doing it for four? A lack of empathy well,
am I the lack of carrying my think, because this administration doesn't care. I think when you have twenty four image, have died and ice custody since the trumpet ministration, you have at least seven children that are known to have I didn't immigration custody since last year, for almost a decade before no child has died and immigration custody behind the Trump Administration escalator. Seven somebody's gonna stay. If those kids, what from Norway? Would this be happened? No ok, what kids from Norway be sneaking into the southern border. I that's my question, I would kiss from Norway be trying to sneak in through the Rio Grande grounded. They do that they wouldn't do that, but if kids from I did try to sneak in Santa commercial Flight and they try to through the airport, I'm I'm pretty sure they be stopped. I'm pretty sure that would be a problem with that. I could be wrong.
But I think we have an open door policy for for Norway that we just don't have for a country to why, while you're no so come on and don't even know anybody paperwork. Watches you- know of course, there's a people- Norway met might be white. I don't, Norway is as wide as Vermont is, where Bernie Sanders of course, as you a senator, but it might be close tardy, say, might be close but are we don't, you say? Well, you we're white, so come on. What is thy works? You coming through report event, and you don't have paperwork, there's a problem take care of them. We got to deal with it, so please don't come and dont risk peep, don't risk dying, we got to deal with it, so please don't come and dont risk peep, don't risk dying, see! That's a very that comment that nobody's died and under ice custody before Trot is not true. That fact, and a trick. People just like when Obama said in five years ago this week and just like other president saying it now. If they come here, we are
You take care of them. We got to deal with it, so please don't come and dont risk peep, don't risk dying, see that's a very that comment that nobody's died and under ice custody before Trump is not true. The fact is that there were a lot of people who are for do they couldn't save they try bringing them. Hospitals and that people have drowned in the in the river? It is a very dangerous crossing that picture you ve seen of the day, His daughter face down drowned in water. It's a terrible, very sad picture, but why is that Donald twelve people risk this incredibly dangerous journey to get to the United States of America. Is this new that they weren't doing this before I'm in there eurobonds say five years ago: don't com, it's dangerous, putting kids at risk dont. Do it Emory to turn you back, but now it's it's Toby dangerous? Now, now the trumps there, it's only become dangerous. Before was a cake walk before they were, they were the sin of bonds on the route. Rest acts like a jersey, Turnpike
but now under trubner nowadays desert now deserting act I lizards and rivers, and certainly not two terrible dangerous crossing its so dumb present, just weeded out about this humanitarian aid bill I'll, tell you about it when once happen now and who will be happy and who won't be happy with this bill, and you may not be happy eight, seven, seven, three at one three, eight one, one, eight! Seventy three eight one- three eight one one- it is The market even show the great ones out tonight, rich zeal from Philadelphia I'll, tell you the debate last night. Why a circus and round to the circus, is gonna, be tonight with the ahead. Clown Bernie Sanders there and I'm very excited about that very sided to watch his interpretation of. Democratic socialism is I'm sure the moderates are really gonna press him to this right. Sure the really gonna press him on this- the Marquis of insured back then
individuals are weapons of any other problems. Apologies rich zillion for the gray one little bit that difficulties will be fixing it. I believe the Russians technically, my programme or possibly my guess. I would imagine also the democratic collude with the programme. No or it'll be fun. Apologies for that. The it still better entertainment, even when its breaking up them a democratic debate. So look at it that way it still much more entertaining them a Democrat, the baby at nine o clock to look on the bright side. Also I should mention to you, since a great one is out tonight his tv show which is on Fox NEWS, which has never breaking up. That Sunday and Pm Life Liberty live in this Sunday, ten p M and Fox NEWS and great segment coming on capitalism, capitalism, Socialism, which is a big part of the debate tonight, the democratic debate tonight?
again, they were all running up the flag for socialism in a big way, forcing each other further to the left, We have all the technical difficulties fixed from now on. We are just Rowan straight ahead, I could ensure Rich Z only in for the great one. The question is, we'll go left. Her then left tonight's get me out. If the each other contest straight ahead.
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I'd love in state servant our television show call now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one three eight one one one silver lining Supreme Court is that they said we can't get involved in state gerrymandering cases. The and silver lining today in the Supreme Court fiasco that has become our country well back Joe glad, you're here market show the great ones out tonight, Rich Z, only from his home town to Philadelphia, eight, seven, seven, three one, three, eight one one I know about you, but it seems to me like whenever the Supreme Court decides it doesn't want to play God. It's a good thing for everybody. That's a very, very good thing as I am be gerrymandering case. They said you know what we can't get involved in this status is gonna, be left to the states and their people when the people that are elected
wisest and an issue because one then you have the liberal, just says on the court no, no we're here to write off the wrongs. There's a gerrymandering case, as it is yours. I do this when they redraw the districts right may redraw correction after this censuses done, then they figure out where the six years ago, and the question becomes. Are they gerrymandering the districts or are they doing it fairly? Are they doing to help people? Are they doing to ensure that saving come? Let's get reelected? Are they moving towns into different districts for the purposes of keeping people in this district verses. That district, I mean the representatives, if got to lose a seat, my figure, when it really one see now Morgan, emotion, towns in here all that becomes the factors for redistricting when it's called part in gerrymandering, the ideas it they're playing, funny games a move in this town out of this district for this outcome. Now, once again, this is
by state states set the rules of the elections. This has always been from the founding of our country. Is he's been the way works, the states Rummy elections. They set the rules period. That's it! That's outworks! The feds, though without even in federal elections, it's the states that do it, now over the years we pass laws that give the feds more power at all this. But that's not the issue right. The issue you're, not the states are in control and the states are in control and that's what the point is. The report's internet. You know we're not getting involved in this and then the justices, the liberal just says, came along. It said, but we are here to riper wrongs. That's our job! No, not your job, Emily I for opinion with very liberal justices going, but we're. But what about us? What about us know them it is right to say when it comes to redistricting, we gotta stay out of it. The federal government, the federal courts, have to stay out of it, affects my state of Pennsylvania, we're on broadcasting from today, because the state Supreme Pennsylvania point all kinds of funny games to ensure that
You can get the outcome if they wanted, which is why more Democrats now in Congress Pennsylvania than before. But I don't want the feds jumping in every time it there's games that are being played. I want to deal with the fact that we can. We can elect, judge in the state or the governor or the members of the legislature, we can do things like that. You're too we're in ourselves, which is how it supposed to be done, I'll. Tell you what to need some of the opinions. Seventy two cents I'm sort of my Warren Kagan and an hour g as they affectionately call her Ruth, better Ginsburg a hundred and eighty two years or so that they believe truly the Supreme Court. The ultimate lifesaver and there's an issue. There's is the court there to bail them out the state set the rules the same to make the district is also plays into the other case regarding citizenship, because when John Roberts decided with the left, wants it and say we don't like the basis for the question of asking whether or not people citizens from the census. They did that because this also
ex those very same congressional districts. It also affects that as well and if we left as their way, let's face it, you are going. Of maps that are drawn to ensure that all Democrats get elected they'll do whatever they have to do no move towns around to make sure this and make sure that and by cow, in people we are illegally they'll, make sure that they are. Irrational seats, ammo tip the balance in their favour, and that is the problem. That is the problem, with not allowing the sick the senses to ask the citizenship question? That is the issue. Eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven on the mark, Levin show
Ernest is in Nashville Tennessee Earnest, thanks to the call that thank you for the call rich great, show Benghazi couple thanks to consider completely disappointed about this Judge Robert Sir, this report to censure about a census. When I find ironic is he's, he's got a couple of things reconsider he saying they did.
The rationale for the administration to include are you: are you not assume they basically rasping again? What was your intent where we heard that before I mean literally, what was your intent when does that come into play? It is either right or try, and then the administration case in this- and this point there completely in the right to have aspect question along that line. Think I'm if the administer the Supreme Court had agreed with the administration today think of the big chill that he would have put or the court would have put on illegal immigration into the country immediately. It could have possibly prevented more illegals coming into the country, but, more importantly, the states that are the recipients of those illegals would say. Well. Well, well, don't come here. There are not going to count you we're not gonna get those federal doll.
Imagine the chill he could have done what he said. He wanted it to a lower court and then a couple things to consider California is rumoured to have maybe three million illegal scrambled. Thirty three million inhabitants, that's four or five congressional seats yeah. I could be wrong on the map. But if that's for five congressional seats does that not disenfranchise tens of millions of voters across the country because we A longer have that representation. Thank you for taking MIKE. You welcome earnest, excellent call, your exactly right in that they want to do. They want to tip the balance so that they have all the power in the House of representatives but my nation was founded. We did it the right way before the seventeenth amendment. The states sent their senators estates decided how they're? U S senators would be, would go to action to now. Would you by popular vote as a response, you get a lot of grand standards in the? U S. Senate set them running for President grants
There is one and all that that they run fur Senate. They get elected another go up I'll run for president now, I'm not there. Represent my state there to represent myself and run for president, think of how many? U S, senators are in this in earnest presidential race. It wouldn't I ve been like that if we kept the original way, which is a state, send two representatives on their behalf in the Senate and then those two people their job, to advocate for the states before the federal government, but what It's always done by population. There's a set number seats him and you move it accordingly. Based on population is people move em as people leave estate to another state. So that's always fares that we have a right. Presumptive form of remained nor not a democracy. We are small are republic, and that is important point, but they want to make it I proceed: do they not? They want to make it a democracy in they want to make it mob rule. They want to make a majority winds, they want a majority ones on everything, and so now
this. This is another attempt by them to just gain and seize power and the president's right to push back on and say. No. This is our giving representation to U S, citizens in the House of Representatives, not the people who die deserve the representation and they push back on it. It's a joke seven, seven, three one, three, eight one one Terry is in Laredo Texas, Terrier on the market and show more good morning com. You talk today, good evening, work how you do it very well, sir. Their hosting a morning show. So it's fine say good morning to me: it's fine, it's ok I got one to make that I want to say something about his justice. First off, I am pretty certain there, Now this evening, Nancy Policy is chain. Smokin hands They can shots like crazy. I think she's just lost her gavel. Can he's lost control of her already blood transfusion, sir. She uses blood transfusions to get through the stressful types.
I have no pity for now woman, absolutely man secular, You call earlier discussing arbiters justice decision is taken upon this. Lines that I am a Supreme Court will sit there and tell us that this is congresses. Choices. To this end, they turn around and come up with such I mean how do u base a Supreme court? decision on what you consider a mental state or his reasoning for bringing this up. That's got nothing to do with the fact this is a constitutional question is absolutely I have no idea who question have his warriors: go to the Supreme Court Let me brother give you another way to look at a terry too, when John Roberts affirmed Obamacare right when he saved Obamacare when his challenge in the Supreme Court Robber it's made it a taxi, did something the Congress did not do what
They use Obama state of mind when Obama said it wasn't attacks, and you know you can keep your dad. Let's not they, never factored Obama state of mind to that decision right, but with Tromp Airways do state of mind because they always think we're gonna find something air that's ulterior motives, and this comes from the lower courts and the Supreme Courts back that down and say no not how we make decisions you're real, we don't go in there. We know more than than in a person's harder head. We base it on the facts and the law, as the president has executor. And you have the right to conduct the census this way? Yes, then there you go, is a constitutional asked. A question yes has been asked before: yes away, you go that's it period. Terry thanks for the call brother appreciate it on the mark. Levin show eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven The crazies are getting ready to debates and I would just fantastic. I can't I say what I was saying about this too. If, if I were the president, I would not be worried for a second about this we worry for second about any of them.
Joe Biden, though I be very, very worried because they keep pushing him further laughed. It is amazing how much they keep bring him further left you ain't, you got, question too then the question of will we'll Donald Trump accepted results of the twenty twenty election. A second then we they do that. I love idea that he'll lose many won't leave. The White House barricade himself inside the White House- and he just won't, leave and therefore heavy president forever, stupidity of this is amazing, now think about it, for a second say he does lose and I do not think he's. Gonna lose. I'm telling you on broadcasting from Pennsylvania, and I see all economic indicators and all signs pointing towards his re, this the state, he's gonna win, and I see him winning it. But Jeanne. If he doesn't for a second, then we just side will I'm still president, I'm not gonna leave I'm staying in the White House that they have other places the president can work. It doesn't just have to be the White House here the new present can go in another building and they can say are you I guess you're
I know DC has squatters laws or we can say, he's a squatter and not leave, but it does anyone actually believe that would happen now you get out of proportion. People saying he would not accept the results of the election but Bernie Sanders was asked the question. Would he accept that if he lost would he accepted, Bernie doesn't answer. Bernie refuses to answer the question, in fact, Bernie as it was rigged last time, Yes, that's right. Their favorite Bernie Sanders he's suggesting that he would have one had it not been rigged. Now, yourselves question: why does this not get more media attention, well obviously, because the media so biased if Trump. Anything like this? There be cries of outrage of all my god he's a dictator is never going to leave you just gonna stay there forever. Birdie suggests. A raw deal. It was fixed at many
don't say for sure whether or not he is actually going to concede the election. This is now a clip of him with Casey Hunt. Cassie Anton MSNBC, Bernie Sanders cut, seven got seven bill burn standards on MSNBC Casey Hunt, Cassie Casey, if its clear, you are not going to be the democratic nominee. Will you leave the race before the convention I intend to be the democratic, not many men. If you're, not you stating, and some people say open scales. Now some people say that if maybe that system was not rigged against me. I would have won the nomination and defeated Donald Trump. That's what some people say so I think we're gonna play it out. I think I am so you would take the way I am Donald. Are you asking a lot of every candidate? You are not going to allow international mail you right now we are planning to win the democratic nomination. Now you know it's fascinating about this is that he thinks it was rigged,
right. You thinks it was rigged. There's always I got to say either way where what happens. If you loses that's Then right there right that it was rigged. Member when they were all freaking out about Trump and the election. Would he wakes results of the election and whose now but Democrats saying that the election was collusion and was rigged by the Russians and on and on it goes now. That point is a good point to make, which is why the media covers up for them. Mark Levin, writes about in his great book on freedom of the press. Five weeks now, I'm in New York Times number one. I should say number one, I'm in Europe. His best airless but we'll tell you exactly why it is that happen debates in our you're gonna find out that way, have gone so far crazy. They have disqualified themselves from winning a saint like Pennsylvania over climate change rich really for the great one mark of income and straight back when you wake up in them,
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Levin and, of course, as the cabinets get ready for their communist debate tonight, bill the Wazir. Who is it now copyists Asia complete. This guy was now the Sandinistas denies it anyway. The mayor of your city. They hate him there. They hate him, ask anyone from New York. They hate the guy, in fact, either. A win only cuz. They want to get rid of him from their city, but It will be the only reason why people would vote for him. They hate him in New York now, always apologizing. I carefully these apologizing, but it's amazing to me: do you quoted shake Guevara If these love chamber, where they have you ever been to college dorm, room he's, aren't posters of him or on walls the hack. He sat kids with the right to have say either shaggy, severity, shirts, and so the Plaza Oh quoted Shag, Rivera, of course in Spanish, because it's a new thing now is they all they all areas
gotta, be pandering in Spanish. You bilingual, pandering, not enough. The Panther in English, the Panther in English and spanish, so violet, grandstanding intercourse bilingual. Pandering is now a requirement of the Democratic Party show As your came out at noon, I spend he said something stupid, quoting CHE Guevara. The phrase until victory over and so he's apologizing now, because you know why people in Florida are very upset by that, because CHE Guevara killed a lot of people, that's right. They he killed their family member the the Democrats in Florida they came out. They said, quoting I'm a murderer responsible for death and oppression and Communist Cuba and Latin America is not acceptable. Please apologize many on strike. Cuban, by the way, the boy? has remarks ricocheted through my political circles as hometown. Senator Marco Rubio, the son of cuban refugees, mocked blouse. You MC rats in general. He said buildable,
you want your rally at the Miami report today and ended his speech by quoting from the murderous check where various farewell letter to Fidel Castro. But how did anyone call him or any democratic advocate a socialist? I am I'm Shockey separate the apologize, its number one, I'm shocked about. Remember, though, This is a thing. You show your communist bone affinities now Bernie Sanders, Bernie, it is more cause and Bernie Sanders from the widest state in America. Vermont bird. Loves the Russians. He loves the Soviets, he loves the Cubans he left. But what birdies always bringing up racism, so I love to get their dig in their whenever I can he's always on the president. A racist and presence. Not It has been surrounded by diversity in his business, his entire lipid Bernie Vermont. Not so much now I love her mom to save your politics are nuts, but they live of Russia. They love Cuba, Birdie, they love, say nice, things about Daniel Ortega, cohesion, Rob was left this dictator leader Maduro
it goes on, and on centres was criticised by the way by foreign Democrats and Republicans forever. To call the venezuelan dictator Nicholas Maduro, a dictator and, of course, when they when they re run around the false narrative they used to people all the time is this, they say: look here's the communism, has it been tried right where people are traded? Stalin, shake Rivera Castro, they just they haven't done now. They just didn't to its them, may see it's not the system, its them. That's a big lie. It's a big lie from which gives an accurate sex and rob the hats now. These are really the fullest. We work, suggest it just the people there. It might have been a little murder Kristen a little bit genocidal and the truth is you can I have to and and have people survive? You just can't it. It doesn't work that way you. Have communism people die it's how it works. For a number of reasons, but number one, because you can I disagree with the states you can't because you're not free
number two zero, because there's none of mouse if it and that's the truth as well, but Love Trig Rivera, they believe in shape over believing build the plaza, as a changeover to sure I would guarantee it, for three and a mark. Levin show coming straight ahead. The great ones out rich, is only from Philadelphia. What are they? Gonna set an eye crazy town straight ahead with a daily fake news dump pouring through your tv both phones and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism scientists suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food. But what this? but he discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line you need fresh fruits and vegetables and your dad
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brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, Levin, dot com offered code Levin, now run only underground bows somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader. Worse, we Democrats getting ready to debate, is the most socialists and who is the Woke IST way, you know it. You wholly on Castro thinks this defines woke the right one: can I mark living, show Rich Z only from Marks hometown of Philadelphia great to be with you tonight. Eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. Now there is a level of insanity that is gripping his country, see. I sometimes wonder if it's just too late to pull back the train. The crazy train and last night during the debate on this
we want those moments where you you be listened to this. You don't quite know if you ve heard this, because it so incredibly ridiculous. Now look here, you can see that you can debate abortion and I read two beautiful adoptive adopted kids, I'm very pro life, but you could debate abortion, politics policies, she can debate when you can debate all those other thing here is what you can't debate you can't, bait? Can a man have an abortion because men can't get pregnant so therefore the can have an abortion. I mean this is just basic sciences of basic science and we were told that there, the party of islands, and so there always about science, but last night Castro, Roku science doesn't matter when you dealing with ever gender. You want to be your. Thank you are aware. We strive to be and it's one thing now. If you are so your guy, then you decide. You're. Actually a woman trap in a man's body, and you are in fact you meet the required You go. You have the surgery,
you do at all yet the surgery and now you're woman, but Europe, but you still can't have children, you you, you can get the brass, you can get the lips, the hair, all of it, but you still can't birth a child, and that is just a biological fact. Right. It's just a fact: it's one thing to debate whether or not people should use bathrooms. Or play on sports teams, but we can't the bacon manga pregnant. I just refused to allow that level of crazy to take over the nation at, why you gotta draw live. So this is my life. We dont debate whether or not man can get knocked up. Whether or not making have abortions period. That's it just period right. There stop But this is the holy on Castro S, eye of the debate.
On transgender abortion writes that cut number two. Would you plan cover abortion, Mr Secretary? I guess it would I dont believe only in reproductive freedom, I believe in reproductive justice. What that means is that exists, because woman or let us also not forget one in the Trans Community transit is poor, doesn't mean they shouldn't have that right to choose, and so I absolutely would see any Oakland, the Trans female yoga so Trance. Female, is, is a guy who became a woman. Still can't get break still can have an abortion still can't reproduce is this- is just the rules here. I don't, but they clap agree, average woke its justice. Its insanity is what it is. Its lunacy I about you, but I don't know how I just don't know how Democrats can look at that washstand go. I too. I guess I relate to that guy,
he's getting pregnant. Yes, it's cheer and make sure that they ve got right, but when you woke The question is: how woke are you and how woke will you be? And then you have to prove your weakness. You see You have to prove your socialism now, one of the reasons why you're gonna love reading on freedom of the on freedom of the press mark Levine's number one best seller book fi we can run out in your terms. Marseilles is because points out with the media in the tank for Democrats in a very detailed way throughout the course of our nations history. What are the ways, and I can prove it to you- is that George Chef Monopolise age he's the unbiased journalists, the guy's, not eight he's the he's too unbiased journalist in the world. He was it. Democrat operative. As you know, four years work for the Clinton's got built an elected president, theirs types of him in the world with James Carbo, threatening reporters guy Bali and all of a sudden now he's ABC News. Chief political analysed, It's amazing how their able to make that transition. That transition is actually more interesting to me. Then
guy becoming a woman and then try to get pregnant that, but but the George. If transition to go from being an absolute democrat hack, being a fake, unbiased journalist is amazing, but he pulled it off because ABC News. So they're little worried now. You know their little worry that perhaps Democrats are playing right into the present tense irony. Why they worry about that right. Considering bill. The plaza, quoting Craig, were Vera Bernie Sanders. Shortlist drinking vodka in Russia on honest honeymoon, the Soviet Union on his honeymoon singing Arloeux Guthrie songs, it was you who vacations and Cuba these guys are praising these cuban monster, these these communist monsters throughout history, I would anybody believe that they're playing right into the socialist hands and, of course, their policies free this free that free Medicare for all story. The private health insurance system raise taxes, give away the store f monopolise his word. You see he wants a Democrat elected his
I worried that they're they're not doing right strategy, so the way he gets it across is by his commentary. So, instead of pay the phone like a used to unjust advising candidates and get a cheque for what it does now is. He gets a cheque for maybe see news, and then he gives them here. Vice over the airwaves there's makes it easier, as you'll hear cut. One. Cut one and the President Republicans hoping you make a target of the Democrats plans, particularly on the economy and healthcare. Absolutely, and particularly the fact that virtually every Democrat on that stage took positions that were to the left of Barack Obama in a playing right into lease it from the campaigns view their plan to portray the Democrats are simply too far to the left. Effectively a socialist party now try. They are, and I know that that worries Georgia for, but our Socialist Party, if you listen to the debate last night, that's what you heard you heard socialism
who heard craziness. You heard things like Trans rights for abortion rights for Trans Man, While I do, I can't even I can't even explain it now. The other point to them is an important point to make is that you haven't seen you ve seen nothing yet to Bernie Sanders you summits age tonight. All of that that they did last night was a preview. For the main event, not being Bernie in his craziness on age, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. Let us a Barbie in Hillsboro, Texas, Barbie you're on the market and show thanks you're calling I yes, I am a third generation, one hundred percent norwegian and I don't like the fact that we people think that we are privilege they cause. My family were from the civil war until the present and my family came here as an endangered
farm workers? So how dare they yes you're right, then that's a shame that they do that right. They want to protect. You is this your wife, european and ensure the problem and you're the bad person, how many bam blood with special rights to see the union and to ensure that slavery was defeated. Also, the fact that they want to put every body on reservations and plantations, and then they want to sit at the top- is the cream of crop and tell us that we should pay all these taxes and work for them. So they can live their beautiful lives in their castles, which is what they're doing now you don't want vikings. Do vikings, go to work and vikings conquer.
All they do is sit on their laurels and do nothing except why why why well said our eye barbie thanks for the call to the mark of ensuring seven seven, three, eight one, three one, one: Democrats are also trying to be the most open on the borders. This is the other little game now the other little game again being that owner, where it will make the borders the most open. Your watch will actually have open borders and we know what they want open borders. The president has said that I also know that the Democrats don't want to solve the immigration problem because they love having they love, having images of people suffering at the border. They love it. It used to be a manufacture crisis, now that it's a crisis that they actually decided is a crisis? Now they beg set aside? Oh now, they don't want to fix it. You see why what this is the only issue they have, they think
she's a little bit of a little bit of a cut their team q. That up this is a little bit of a montage of some of the Democrats. Talking about their plans on open borders, hundred days with immigration reform that will honour asylum claims that would put undercutting undocumented immigrants as long as they haven't committed serious crime on a pathway to citizenship. My plan also includes getting red rid of section thirteen. Twenty five of the immigration and nationality yeah criminalize is coming across the border. We would not detain any family fleeing violence and then we would rewrite or immigration laws in our own image, free dreamers forever from any fear of deportation by making them. U S, citizens here in this country the separation of children from families doesn't just go on at our borders? in our communities is ice, ripping away parents from their american children, spouses and life and are creating fear. Cities all across the country,
you're afraid even drop their kids off to school or go to work. We must examine those policies that at least one Democrats aims to be retreating here, Sir Leon Castro Pine for decriminalizing not legalizing, there are still civil and all these people still part of import process. People are still subject to the laws of the United States. They still go through a process, also open borders. As of right wing talking, we have six hundred miles of fencing. We have thousands of border personnel, we have planes, we have helicopters, we we have guns, we have security cameras, nobody has called for open borders, your you're literally calling for open borders. It you're saying that you want to crossing the border illegally. Tell if you criminalize it it's open its open. Let's understand that fact
don't you love the scope in America that Senator Corey Booker count grants Daniel? As I call this the grand standing of this guy Spartacus, he this picture of kids bit of parents. They want to drop a kids off its focus. It might be taken. I want to ask a question. Is dishonest question. Now, If you had a warrant for your arrest, Europe, United States- citizen, you have a warrant for your arrest and the police know that you drop your kids off at school every morning, do they not arrest you, because it is some sort of if we don't do that when we were waiting when you have kids, we gonna arrest people miss that I miss that is that why do people in prison in the Americans who have committed crimes there in prison? They have kids, we don't just oh well, we do want to separate the family, so you're good your gear, May we are wanted on this warrant, it we're but you're good. We want. We can't separate the fifth, but that's who put her saying right. That ice is coming in its not just at the board
its within the country and commend separating families, kids, parents who want to drop their kids off at school because they might be taken oh, I asked the question: if there's an arrest warrant for you and they do the cops, come the house and let's go you come with us. Oh, you have kids So now you know, I listen, it's all good forget it, I'm an idiot, boys back of the station for good we're, good, we're gonna hear their work. Their way or there pulling up to arrest you. You say no, you drop the kids off at school and there they are about to come down on you. They got the Swat team ready well like that. Remember be set. We can't moving on boys, this so stupid what they say here: they're Americans, who have to deal with the fact that they're not gonna, see their kids because they're going to prison its can visit them. My lover, acting like this doesn't happen, really happens to illegal immigrants, are the only ones you ever get taken into custody and are separated from their children
such a lie that they push all the time all the time as if their as if the people who are here illegally are the only ones you ever have to worry about losing contact with their kids. What our people who are for gun crimes, but they shouldn't be because They haven't really done anything wrong other than thereby have a gun and let them a crime, but we ve made all these new crimes now. So what about them? What happens to them? I don't hear Democrats coming out and saying what will this situation here like a woman from Philadelphia? to Jersey with a gun illegal got in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania goes in, Jersey, doesn't realises the it does translate overstate lines. She's facing prison time, I don't remember people on the left coming going. Don't separate this woman from her children It is such a farce that they do. It really is truly as eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. The mark Levin show the great ones out tonight, but you know
can't tell you enough. How great is book on freedom of the press is its absolute terrific. And Sunday night he's gonna do a very special there. Of life, Liberty and the Van ten p M and the Fox NEWS network with business man Boris Lucas, and this is good because, I get to the bottom of this hole. Socialism, birth, capitalism, nonsense! and you're gonna hear a lot of people tonight advocating socialism say it's not, but you know it is, and you know what happens when people advocate socialism. And you and I pay more and you and I lose. Freedom should it had been find out very quickly that be Democrats are going to destroy a cabinet name. Tulsa gathered from Hawaii,
Irishwoman she's a major in the United States Army she's in Iraq interact Corvette and she doesn't want more war. And so what happens is that they smear her and say that she's, a Putin, puppet and she's she's she's helping dictators sound, familiar, that's exactly what they do with President Trump I'm telling you the Democrats or so control by its this weird few of the military industrial complex and the media industrial complex, they don't want tulsi Gabert cuz. She was saying things last night in that debate. Not wanting more war and she's pushing back on our democrat colleagues, your president Trump Jenny Wren As I said, he did not want more war. He he's been I think very sober and his judge with regard to dealing with IRAN. I think the president has said consistently he would not have gone into. Iraq is one of those things and what do they say about him turn around say that he's he's a puppet he's Putin's puppet
he's out there in bowling strong men and dictators. I look at, you also govern. I disagree with their vehemently on her economic plans, but when she's talking about the That we should be going to war in and we should be making a lie. She's with people like program, that sort of thing she goes to meet with Bashar, Al Assad and they start going after saying that she is in fact a potent puppet and it's exactly the same thing with the they did with Trump. It's exactly the same. And there are forces at play here that do this all the time and that's why, when you hear Democrats, you can hear more of his two trashing her saying that she's Bashar Al Assad Puppet Importance Puppet and for that reason, for that reason, right there the mark of ensure eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one and its aim is to secure the present I was talking about collusion, its exhausting and we're gonna hear it again when mother testifies on July. Seventeenth, I've questions for mother, of course too
like what version? When did you know that the press did not collude with Russia, while you wait so long to tell us that John, is in Virginia Beach. John, you are on the market. Ensure sir go ahead, something really quite Democrats are behind the game. Several years ago, Monty Python, in the movie, the wife of Brian, the Michael Pale and character, decided that he wanted to be called a lane from now on and that Romania, babies! Are there you go and visit of its good enough for multi Python, it's good enough for american policy. I e g Thanks to the call by proceeded, let us go to Johnny and Philly Johnny, my hometown. Go ahead, sir. I urge this ideal, because being separated from their parents Charlotte. No idea, you know when people are convicted of crimes and eight or federal court. There are separated from their children
then go to boarding school separated from their parents. Anything new or unusual, and its idea that amount running concentration camps. Both you know Shameful is what it is Johnny An excellent point, though there are Americans being separated by law enforcement, precede committed crimes, ripe, gray, com, My friend covered up the craziness Democrat, rate round to. Matter of moments from archiving straight ahead. Mark Laverne Michel lie a national at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, the media Sadly, though, in the way that they have covered is this debate with a democratic. No questions no follow up,
Is this cost? What about this? No questions for them, In fact, the only negative question that was asked in Tirana last night was too Chelsea Gabert right, because I told you they wanted destroyer, Margaret Enshiu Rich, is the only from W Phd on Twitter about away at rich is the only great to be in for the great one, my buddy, my actually my inspiration for getting into radio they mark within and he's been in great friend, and I think the world of a guy and elsewhere. His books and you should get on freedom of the press. Loaded It's got to be good right. It's number one on the New York Times bestseller list for five weeks in a row, so it's got to be good. You know that its seven seven, three one, three, eight one, one, that's easy, but don't you see the quota parallel, I am not in any way shape or form saying that I would vote for it. Also or because economically I she's your typical lefty when it comes to Medicare for all the fifteen nominal wage and around, but on this war stuff. And the way they want to destroy her just shows. You
if you were to get elected- and I don't think she will, if she were to get elected you, they would be calling they would be doing investigations in her well, did you collude with Putin? Did you collude with the Russians? Did you glue it? So it's okay, but the other day ass. They are allowed to hang out with soviets and dictators to the like. As long as it's dictators and left approves of then, as well as dictator, that's ok! So the union dictators by me not rush. I'm in the Soviet Union like Bernie Sanders. That's ok quote CHE Guevara. That's fine! That's ok! You're allowed to do that. If such a double standard, it really is and I think, a great way to show you how ten Canada's lest I should not have them, should when I mean none of them should become president. But way to show you. The difference between them is Chuck Todd He did a either question at the end whose to the biggest geopolitical threat noses all the answers. At ten point, ten, a m, stage, including the people it shouldn't be onstage. Guy. I'm John Delaney aren't I
no idea who jungle any is nobody knows without John Delaney is John Dolittle. After last night and said I dont know. Where do I park? I believe, is what the governor of Colorado, Johnny Hickenlooper. Literally mistook him for a member of the media that Nobody knows these people have no chance, but of course they have to be inclusive That may become pregnant. One of the men could become pregnant, so you got to make sure that you're there to help them as well. So truck ask a question. Listen to this I'd, say mixture of a couple of answers that are legit and then We have just nonsense cut for down the line here, finish up foreign policy. It's a simple question: what is our, what is the biggest threat to? What is? Who is the GEO political threat to the United States? One word answer Congress and the lady. Can you will be the greatest GEO political priority? And I doubt in our positive is delayed he's not even paying attention to this guy has no chance of becoming present. He just turned out completely tuned out he's. What am I ve been doing up here, so they have to repeat the question for him so waste, thereby Time John Delaney
I promise you this. He will never become president. I make that bet. You wanna bet me on Twitter, at Rich Z only feel free. Let's do this. Let's do this then you can never be the greatest geopolitical threat to the United States right now, congressmen Delaney, while the Big geopolitical challenge is China. Geopolitical threat remains nuclear weapons, so those are the most mobile. Get it go ahead. Governor is like the biggest threat to security, no instances, Donald Trump line, I fear presented in these and other guy, was no chance of becoming president. The governor of Washington, who is Four things he's running on climate change, climate change, climate change in climate change, chance so that he's gotta Zanger the greatest threat is trouble I'll, write stuff for these people honestly, who writes stuff. That's the greatest threat to our president is the greatest threat. Then the guy on the crowd, cheers they clapping seals there We are happy to cheer for that. Now there s also gabert
and adult, in the room on the stage we are at a greater risk of nuclear war today than ever before in history. Come on the centre right. Second, I'm a threat. China, but are our major right now, is what's going on in the media, with my ran, if we don't get How to keep at it? Why our letter, slimmer than what we ve been going here, one or two words are existential threat is climate change. We have to confront it before it's too late: climate change, nuclear proliferation and climate chime candidate Castra. China and Climate change, China, China, without a question. No wiping us on the world economically instrument, Russia, because they're trying to undermine our democracy- and I ve been doing it pretty damn. Well, maybe argue: fleecy you you're another one who loves the Soviets. Who are you kidding
Are you kidding man, but climate change? That's the big threat. He heard that from several of them now, twenty, why a Democrat cannot become president and twenty twenty pairs? Why, right? When I get Pennsylvania, which is where in broadcasting from tonight Market in some town I- get this state, and I realized something that I guess the Democrats or no well, there's a lot of people here who have jobs and their cold jobs. There's a lot of people here manufacturing. There are a lot of blue collar work workers and the Democrats now You're gonna show forth left on climate change. The greatest threat facing humanity, the greater we are facing the world except for doubt drop of course, while they're going to come up with their crazy green new deal in order to try to win the prime, and that's not to play very well for the coal minors play very well in coal towns which have seen Obama's we're on coal Joe Biden WAR on call a soccer, well for them, and what You happen is
in order for them to win the nomination and going to go so far left on this issue than in places like Pennsylvania and Whiskey, in Michigan Ohio. The voters, their blue collar voters are going to say no way You gonna put me out of work. You know something too, but these Democrats they're not even talking to the middle class anymore, then that there are even trying to reach the middle class, they have gone right to the poorest and the and the poor and the poverty, and they run right down right down the road of taking care of everybody class rotors dont want to be taken care of middle class. Voters just want to make sure, They can get a job, that's it they dont want governments, take care of them just getting a job but We you hear from these candidates is all about. What for college erasing college that government health therefore, all Medicare for all its about taking care of people there. Are not speaking to middle class voters there not talking to people that go to cracker barrel and
a marked because there are interested in, and people like that, they're interested in their base. The brunch crowd, as I can, the base that loves to in the entered and the cities are in cities and they may they loved, they scream about every offence under the sun. Every word the trigger somebody in every word the make somebody cry, but there Actually, voters that are gonna matter and a general election The voters EDGAR Matter in general action, don't live in the cities, they live in the suburbs and these voters are hearing this craziness from a sage, and their check out. I'm telling you the check it out. We had a little debate watch part asked I because when I love to do on my morning, show is make fun of people there were running for president as Democrats I just humor to be such an amazing weapons. So we got together to the purposes of of mocking these. Can its last cited, a barn. It was very, very well attended. I think the hundreds of people showed up. It was great We call this the only army a lot of fun and course of this. Now I was talking to a guy, the bartender, the bar arms fan of mine is
had not so much, because these are more and more of a Democrat but he told me as he's watching this, that he's changing his mind. You know why, because their he's hearing, nothing that appeals to him. Nothing. Because he's not somebody looking for a handout. He just wants to make a living like most people do. And the more these people talk, I'm telling you the more they just shilling present trumps reelection economies do in Greece, people are working again. They don't wanna, go back to the war and call it they don't go back to the war manufacturing. They know they will go back in the craziness of climate change or the ridiculous fuel standards that, make cars less safe and so by the way result in less cars being made, so they don't wanna, go back to that one why does somebody who just gonna talk about a good? economy and that's about it, none of these candidates are saying that message there I'll try out left each other especially look recording of CHE Guevara, was rush about other by bill that what the mayor of New York
There's a brutal dictator, the guy was a murderer, People disagree with him he's a monster, but that's you have remember within the with the intelligentsia of the left, the left his hero. That's why you see J C h e on shirts on posters throughout colleges em. Left these, and if you go to a lot of cities they they they think the guys, the greatest but that mindset, though of Gaza, take over and others that mindset of what will it take care of her about it. That's our inspiration right there that doesn't play, but blue collar workers. It doesn't I'm sorry, but it does. What pleasure local workers especially places I Pennsylvania my opinion. The rush about other sites like that, what place for them is wearing a governor, You're back when I can read your taxes and we're election This go and live your life. None of these. These candidates are offering anything closer that they're all go in far to the left if everybody give away the store to prove that
America's mother in LAW, Elizabeth Warren last night. No, they asked for by the way by her fake ancestry how she lied about being a native American. Nobody asked her about that. Not one person on the panel asked her about those years of lying pretending to be a native american felt so insulting, I think, truly insulting, but she cleared up during her closing last night, cheered, cut three great honour to be here Never in a million years tat. I think I would stand on a stage like this. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. I have three older brothers: they all join the military I had a dream growing up in my dream was to be a public school teacher. But the time I graduated from high school, my family family didn't have the money for college application much less chance. For me to go to college, you lied my chance. You mustn't eventually semester, commuter college that was little slice of government that created some opportunity for a girl and it opened my life.
In this fight because I believe that we can make our government in which we can harmonise. I can't I can't do I imagined listening and after four years. Imagine a soap government is, is every reason why she's here today, not cuz. She lied about her ancestry, not cuz. She lied to about me being native american governments, their governments there. For her I mean that's just crazy. It's absolute nuttiness! This is the point that I'm no, not a single democratic sage! Last night, not one, he's trying to run to appeal to moderate democratic orders. If there are any laughed, I don't know, I have no idea but One of them was trying to appeal to them. Tonight's gonna be worse puts Joe Biden in a very very difficult position is Joe Biden when he's lying about being from Scranton one day and then lying about being from the streets, a wilmington on the other day. Oh yes, yes, Joe we'll get a scramble- was eight years old buddy. I've, Scranton Blue Collar, Joe Strands grandma. And it goes on. Our sharpen show
now show when he says that he is from the streets, a Wilmington hats, He really grew up by our streets. Are Wilmington Delaware, murdered down USA, so he flipped lapse on everything. Even Fox and where I grew up depending on the audience, Usanga Blue Collar guys sky he's gonna reverie now. Well, then the Rev if I'm from Wilmington, rather tough, our streets Rev. A white guy. They arrive if so pathetic, but Joe Biden can have a choice to make does. Does you play the socialist game, or does he stand up to it Joe Biden? is not a very bright guy. I mean that he's really not he's just naughty. Does he not a forward thinker so he's going to pander to the audience in front of me, the guy the Panthers to whoever is in front of him that that moment so he's going to do. So do what they're all doing, which is go hard and climate go hard and climate change? pardon me economy, the giving away the store that is going to make him if he does become the nominee recognisable as agents election candidate,
everybody right now, acting like with Joe Biden just gets the nomination. He can be tromp because he's more of a moderate here, not a moderate and he's not pretend to be a moderate because he doesn't have to Joe Biden. And Morocco Bomber wage, a war on coal that devastated towns in a state of Pennsylvania and others, by the way wage a war on coal, don't buy this now, if they're somehow Moderates Joe Biden himself Led the war on destroying due process rights on college campuses for men who are accused of something accused of sexual assault representing Joe Biden, purposely led the flight, fight to destroy due process rights on campus, these men were automatically guilty and thrown out at. Does that sound to you like somebody who's a moderate? No, it does not. Not any way shape or form here is going to. Sunday night on life, Liberty and Levin on the Fox NEWS Channel ten p dot m Mark Levin has got a great gas for you. This is going to be really really strong Forrest Lucas
and mark is gonna, have a great conversation about capitalism, verse, socialism, it's time that people understand the difference, these words thrown around timing or semi difference and the great one can do. He will educate you on that difference in a great show, Sunday night, ten p M life liberty, him of in market down eight cents, seven three, eight one, three, eight one, one rich z, only infer that group one market of income and right back I guess I just tomorrow wake up in a world where I have to tell my my son. Yes, men can get pregnant I guess I just want to wake up where that world, I'm not woke. That's why I can't supported democratic. I'm just not woke see that
a rich z only in for the great one Mark Levin Democrats, our fighting for the rights of man to get abortions. That's where we are, that's where we are in this craziness that we call modern, life? The Democrats just arrived on stage by the way I act, two of the circus begins in a few moments. Act you're. One of the guys is now wearing a tie, the Gipsy Anti circumcision guy and there's Oprah. Spiritual adviser up there. If you're using spirits to advise you is that not foreign election interfere Therefore, in conclusion, I don't know I'm not sure what the definition is, but we'll have to investigate. I'm sure let us go to run in Brooklyn New York, wrong you're on the market in sugar answer What are you doing good, sir? But I also injury but healthy gabert as well, not really mentioning that she she crouched in the drugs report Paul period, then, along with only too well I am also introduce you, she was a number one name searched on Google?
what about her. I, like she's a little too much it'll socialism with the economy, so I dont back and both were but a lot of intrigue, Well, she's she's, the fresh face and she's got better silver streak in here and her hair, but she supports all their same naughty lefty policies. I mean there's nothing about her. That stands out. Economy and that's that that's the truth run, but they'll destroy our because our positions on on war not consistent with their. Is it just a fact that should have IRAN preceded, Louis Nightly, New Jersey, Lou, Glad thanks take my call and thank you for being adopted father. Thank you. I am. I did think that mark within it perfect candidate, an argument for cloning. We need an army of Mark Reed, Levine brother. I also like to say that I think the twenty dollars bill that they should take Jackson and
replace it with Ronald Reagan and use Jackson's to on is grave. It I killed the bank to help keep the a reserve in line with our president, trying to keep the rates down and on the dog and dollar bill to promote capitalism. Earlier you at the who's gonna be mostly It's gotta be comrade burning and I think, bring out a copy it a communist manifesto and have that we replace the constitution. With that I love you right. Look I gotta run at a time of thanks buddy for the car. Joe Biden looks like he just came from the mortuary and I ve been kidding you. I had to go to a funeral this week and I am a big ended. The YAP back I look alive, I'm saying my friends: by looks like he just left the mortuary That's what it is! A look alive! I'm telling you right now: it's just way beyond make up for the cameras they used him with something I don't know what it is, but it doesn't look like Joe Biden, maybe they figure Joe biases
terrible candidates swap amount which some of you looks like Joe Biden, but I'm The many starts talking and says something stupid you'll know out: oh it's just Joe Biden has had a nice visit at the funeral parlor and they passed up real good and made him look really strong engagement. Honour to fill in for my body mark live in the great one. Don't worry, life liberty Lavigne Sunday night at ten. I am on in the mornings in Philadelphia that we php from five very tonight, if you like to say a low on Twitter at Rich Z, only and open add on freedom of the press, get your car
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