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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/28/19

On Friday's Mark Levin Show, WJNO Radio Host Brian Mudd fills in. Democrats are unhinged as they have completed night two of the debates and all the usual suspects were up to their old tricks. Most candidates ignored the front-runners to get their own shine. However, Kamals Harris did have the best eight-second sound-byte when she called their disorganized interruptions were equivalent to a food fight, or her comments likening Joe Biden to racist while saying he wasn't a racist, but blaming him for statewide busing laws while he was a US Senator. Then, every single Democrat raised their hand to support healthcare for illegal aliens— what's wrong with this picture? After, the US citizenship question hasn't been there since 1950 but, other variations of similar questions to determine citizenship have appeared since 1950—the Democrats have been disingenuous on this. As usual, there are two sides to every story, but only one side to the facts.

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