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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, in usual fashion the press can't help themselves but wrongly accuse President Trump of calling Duchess Of Sussex Meghan Markle nasty, which he did not. He simply said that he didn't know she'd been nasty in her comments toward him during the campaign. Yet the media never pauses before comparing Trump to Stalin, calling him a white supremacist, and more. This pseudo-event has been covered as major news by the likes of hack reporters such as Jonathan Lemire, the Associated Press' White House correspondent. Lemire positioned Trump's comments as an attack on Markle because she is part African American and an attack on Muslims because the Mayor of London is a Muslim. This is why it's important to recognize these manufactured media falsehoods as pseudo-events as explained in chapter five of "Unfreedom Of The Press." Then, a federal judge ruled in favor of Trump using funds to build the border wall saying that congressional Democrats had no standing and that the Administration was correct, citing the Constitution and Political Doctrine Exception that the courts shall not interfere in political battles. In the same way, the Supreme Court will never weigh in on impeachment because it’s a political process. The media’s headline should be - 384 Members of the House of Representatives oppose Trump's impeachment.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now and it's hundred seventy fifth year here there is a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground, boughs of a hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Markleham anywhere, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, a one: three: eight one one. Let me just tell you something This Saturday we had said
thousand people turn out appearance and corner more. Everybody was beautifully, behaved, great patriots, wonderful people, all ages, all races, all religions, all physical features, It was magnificent, some stirring out there, I'm telling you some, stirring up. This is my third of four books signings and they ve all been pact In this sad or day, it's the Reagan, library, it sought out nine and a half minutes. Now you tell me, what's going on out there, it's a big deal. And the media are missing, all of it all of it. Because they're so infatuated with themselves. So obsessed with themselves, guess they may twenty, sixteen just like they miss most things there miss what's going on right now,.
I'll go back to that a little later, but I tell you this is really tremendous tremendous in we posted a little tried. Did you get it up there, MR produced from the social site. Is there an amazing? My last, box, including this one, the first week hard core. They all saw the tell about a quarter of a million, but the first week hard cover like say One thousand the next one like in the fifties and extra upper fifties next for mid fifties. This won over hundred and twenty thousand. And if we add any book in audio this book, a solid, nearly one hundred and fifty thousand copies are units they call them in the first week. That's you in the media, don't understand how your engaged and how you doin I stood with them.
As they die on the vine slowly, but surely that's exactly what they're doing. I'm gonna give you a perfect example from current events, all Why Sunday long the word nasty. The President chain interview with a sigh the british paper, the Sun on Friday. I guess all weaken it was going on. I'm sure Play this, but they don't, I might no there's cut. Thirteen go now mega lose another
subjects we ve learned. If she can't make issues come attention Eve, you certainly see how could she wasn't so nice about you during the campaign? If you saw that I don't know, I didn't know that nobody, I didn't know I hope, he's ok. I did not know that she said she moved to Canada. Have you got a liquid touching me to Britain lotta people moving here? What can I say? No, I didn't know that she was nasty started, And, though that she was nasty, what kind of questions are these its intended to stir the it's not news tat. About anything, so they reach back. I didn't know that she was nasty in that context. What he is saying, everybody knows what President meant: everybody such Charlottesville, but the press can help. They cannot help it.
Go on my princess. It's nice, I think it's nice and sure she'll do excellently she'll be should be very good, should be worried that I hope he does so you see that was followed by. Began very nice comments very nice comments. Now Given this was gone on for two weeks at the press, Called Megan. Megan Marco Nasty was a big event or weakened so I don't care if he did color nasty. What do you think about that? She was nasty, but he didn't. Now anyone can call trump whenever they want Hitler. Stalin Muzzle Lenny White Supremacist. Why extremist, racist, anti Semite whenever they want. That's fine.
Call this princess nasty again, he didn't call the princess nasty, but even if he did, This act compared to anything that he's been called. Now the man who was conducting the interview, Tom done the Son editor, who prompted the trot the Trump but Kennicott nasty, equip about the mega macabre. Here's but he had to see being questioned by sea in an so many areas, broken. May I call her nasty, I think, broke Baldwin's nasty. Do you think she's nasty MR producer? I think she's a nasty go ahead. The president. I'd his allies all denying that he ever refer to Mega Markel as nasty you were there you
now. What is all this? What is all this all you Levite hoop and reading on freedom of the press? What is this to pseudo? He went to manufactured story, the purpose of which the damage. The present its endless these manufactured stored, the president causing fake news. That's what it is. It is a pseudo, even a non issue manufactured that they presses news. Has nothing to do a reality, nothing to do with fact it doesn't matter. Go ahead, throws it. So what is your response today to the White House denying that is that it will. I think this is a bit of a row about semantics, clearly said the words I didn't know she was nasty and that's on tape. We play the tape I don't know, websites and try republished whole interview? So I don't think that's in disputes What is in dispute is what he meant by that now. If you
finish this sentence. I didn't know she was nasty about me or to me. The commission will be referring to the fact that she was pretty dispatching about the present areas since the therefore LISA? he might have been saying that she was being nasty full per se? she was a nasty person, so it feels like, a little bit of around, perhaps a bit over Blaine, I have to say, is normally huge play here now in a better choice. Is the american press where huge plague is a hatred and his supporters and it's the Democratic Party, progressive social activists press I'll. Give you a perfect example. I want you to listen to the Associated Depressed Whitehouse reporter haven't. I had a confrontation with the sky and the pass over spying. Mr producers of this, the guy Jonathan Laramie, complete fraud, so left wing hack, a complete from India,
associated depressed as all over the place? It's a wire story, all the local newspapers and others pick it up, because you know they can afford. Reporters in Washington DC should Jonathan Lamar, who they fraud. The associated, depress Whitehouse reporter a Democrat Party journalist, a progressive he social activists cut fifteen go let's also point out Megan Marvel, is of african american heritage. The mayor of London is muslim. These are things that sometimes with the present is that he often we'll go after people of color of those listen how sick this guy so Trump, when after Megan Markham Because she has some african american ancestry. That's why he went after her now so two steps remove from the truth. One Didn't go after. Two he certainly don't go after it, because she had some african
african lineage. But it doesn't matter to Jonathan Limb, he's thesis depressed Whitehouse reporter, which Ain T social activists, progressive democratic party hack, again. Those of you who read on freedom of the press. You know exactly what I'm talking about. That's who he is. So you see the president is a racist, We can use our nasty and the aid the president Criticizes black people and Muslims is so seconds beyond belief, discussion, fired if we had a real median, this country free press in this country, the Lamar would not have a job as a journalist because he's a hack. Not only that, did you notice highly mixed, so News with opinion, there's not a, a whit, a news in anything he said nothing, but
being interviewed by CNN a news programme CNN today as age. Unless the Ap Whitehouse reporter and there's not a syllable of news in any of this. It's all pseudo, fake news, go ahead. Fashion. Alleys ended. The base is based in time for spots, so we'll, while lose sight of so now you're the problem you see because the base- Responds to this that the basis answer this stuff, meaning you because you're like the present to attack african Americans Muslims there's something wrong with you, Lamar knows cause he's the eight Whitehouse reporter pretty sick. Isn't it go ahead had from. That will be for the politics of this. He has a meeting with May conference with the Prime minister,
afterwards- and we know what is often that's where we hear the real president unvarnished scripted moments. Knowledge dinner tonight will hear from him what he really thinks. What situation here? That. Jonathan Le Meyer, Jonathan Le Liar Lobata french law liar thy life, Jonathan Le Liar be assessed. The depressed he just manufactured. He completely false narrative He slew of it Today's news on CNN, a pseudo news, operation- okay, so this no relevance to reality whatsoever. None. And this has been gone on all weekend- long ah he can long I say to my wife and I am low reading these stories about China. What China's doing the threats they are. The threat chinese tat. Really all these stories about their never covered up
every covered in any serious fashion. There certainly never recovered in any significant way for aid for trade period of time. And so the word nasty. Because you get a whole merited and hear about racism and aunt time, Islam and in the past, An trashing, a prince, insist so grotesquely dishonest. I'll be right back, every human being has a common problem. How do I live with our happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills to college President Larry Arn argues that the best book written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm a key and ethics and a new
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for an doubt that come from the Great Grove City College, Emily Main, that's chapter, five chapter five! I know it all out. You can now be able to watch the media, listen to the media and temperate, like professor, exactly what they're doing tell your family members and recall workers, your friends, exactly where you you're gonna be able at analyze and ways they ve never been analyzed. Before we ve talked about pseudo events and professor bursting at Chicago. It is chapter It says within the last hundred years, and especially in the twentieth century, we expect the papers to be
a news, but there's no news visible to the naked eye or to the average citizen. We still expect to be there for the entertaining. Excuse me: enterprising newsman, Successful reporters wanted confined a story even if there's no earthquake or assassination or civil war. If you cannot, I'm a story, then he must make one by that questions. He asks of public figures. You just heard it surprising human interest. He falls from some commonplace event or by this called news behind the news, and if all this fails, then he must give us a think. Peace and embroidering a well known facts or a speculation about startling things to come impeachment. It beats been impeachment two new kind of synthetic. Body which has flooded our experience. That beings pseudo events, they come prefix pseudo comes from the greek word, meaning false orange they did receive and they mark our power.
Who came up with a long time ago, fake news- and I wonder if he knows that this goes way back. They even professor bore steam picked up on this With the advent around the clock media, the news gap soon became so narrow that, in order to have additional so called news, preach news addition or each new broadcast. It was necessary to plan in advance the stages by what any available, news will be unveiled with more space to fill the new man had to fill it ever more quickly. News gathering turned into news making so events spawn other servants and geometric progression forced and pointed up, and this is partly because every kind of pseudo event being planned tends to become ritual eyes with a product on a rigidity all its own as each type of due to event acquires the rigidity pressures arise to bridge other derivative I'm so soda, that's which are more flow
more tantalizing, a more interesting the ambiguous. Let me give an example collusion now, abstraction now. Constitutional crisis now impeachment one RO event one manufactured news event after another now it's a test of a washing to reporters solemn, his skill at Paris. A dramatic reporting, but more often is a deadness at dark intimidation. If he just to keep his news channels open. He must accumulate Cab Larry and develop a style to conceal, the sources and obscure the relation of we suppose it event or statement to the lying facts of life at the same time seeming to offer a hard facts? Man, you can name only every so called journalists, good you much of it back in trade, is own and other people's speculation about the reality of what he reports. That's what most of these so
a legal analysed her all about connecting the dots. There are no doubts, there's no collusion. While I shut me here, create that very obscurity without which this how's that illumination of history every reports would be unnecessary. Tax when I pointed out in the book, I said a perfect example. This process involves the so called Russia collusion allegation started up political accusation levelled against candidate Donald Trump by Hillary Clinton and her campaign, followed by political lip demands by democratic members of the Senate and the house for the appointment of a special council, despite the light many criminal prerequisite the course. A democrat Already. Press outlets in the report is encouraging such an appointment by promoting them at the demands, then the act appointment, Mahler, a council, the countless leaks and special and speculation about the investigation,
on and on and on so this nasty thing or weaken long was just manufactured. There was never any to it and the White House reporter for the associated perception oppress, pours into it. His own insane predilections that this shows you that the president has pics on African Americans and muslim and that is based likes it when he does to me. What are you Are you talking about? Doesn't matter he cling onto this. That's what they they cling onto these and then pushed a narrative. This is why they hate the book. This is why you love the book, the law will be right back, since
family in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speech, Digest of Helstone College in primacy dedicate educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published and nineteen- seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read publications in support of liberty. With subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have addressed issues like free speech. The regulation of big tech, mental illness and the American Medical insurance system, and because a merry farming founding principles are so important hills offer Here's what I could do. I want you to visit in price, anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's, I want you to do. I want you to visit.
Primus, Dad hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus. I, p r. I am I S, daughter, still that EU welcome. Thursday Reggie NEWS Ladys in general. Real news, not pseudo, knows how to provide scope. The whole newspaper a fair judges, road against Democrats, who sought to temporarily stop the president from using military funds, Border Wall Judge Trevor, big fat and a trumpet notice how they do that when there are point is your barely know. It here. The president is needed victory after the White House suffered several losses in the, go battles with congressional democrats in recent days. Now that whole paragraph is full of problem. My let's move on make fattened rule that House Democrats cannot go to court to block trump from using military funds to be Border war quote because the constitution
grant the house no standing a little gate. These claims, on quote, to be clear. That court not imply that Congress may never saw the executive to protect, to power. He wrote, but he said that, because this house, cannot coming newspaper right then we read to what he said, but he said that big I urge the house to show it has. Standing in court but they mean the is because the house must show it has standing in court that lack of binding ensuring they can sue Ann rulings made in related cases. The court had assumed jurisdiction to proceed to the merits. Thus, the judge rule that crashed it out of sending based on the constitution hairs the relevant part, the administration kurdish area not reach the merits of this dispute. Contents diminished, Asian does because the constitution so how's, no standing a little gate. These cases the administration
is correct: they complete independence, The judiciary is peculiar. The essential under our saying is this is called the Let's take no act. The resolution. What ever in political fight between What they're saying is this is called the political doctrine exception. The courts. Are supposed away in in political battle, between the political branches of the federal government they're not supposed take sides like that. One jerk Obama Judge state in this case they can. Presents a close question about the appropriate solitude of the judiciary and rest even disputes between the other two branches of the federal government to be clear that court, not imply that kindness may never see the executive to protect its powers. But considering their houses burned established as standing the lack of any. President, showing that it does and the tea
reigns in Arizona state Legislature I cannot assume jurisdiction to proceed to the merits For these reasons it will deny that houses motion order companies this opinion, it's the political doctrine exception. The courts do not want to become the political venue through which one branch or the other is impose its political will on one branch, the other killer, music. Please Finally, we have a judge who understands the constitution. This is called a political question what about the unconstitutionality that national emergencies act or nineteen? Seventy six, the judge and say look: this is a dispute between the two branches, not much a legal or constitutional matter, a political matter, so they have to work What do you ask me to do this, for while can you think of that
this judge you ever do anything of the sort. I can't. And so now I want to alert CNN, and I myself s day, they constipated news work and I myself stay speaks for itself. Ex limestone, Washburn composed and the rest of the democratic. Party press hiking to write this one up. Just keep blaming trumped judge what you gonna do with this Aren't they nasty, Ladys, older nasty, very nasty. There was a written in the hill. The other day by professor Alan Dershowitz, I have enormous respect for, although is left us, so I don't agree with that stuff, but he tries to. Consistent when it comes to the constitution and usually is? But here Peace, it was, it was very fascinating peace and the hill, and he said the basically yes, the Supreme Court can intervene in an impeachment matter if that impeachment is outside the constitution,
then I want library, you degree yourself, that's ridiculous. It's ridiculous. The Supreme Court is never going to intervene in a peaceful manner. For the very reason this district judge just said, it is considered a political question about a constitutional matter, You ve heard me say over and over again that there is specific language in the constitution. Its therefore reason when it comes to impeachment, but the battle between the house and the present the United States is a pilot, Battle but whether or not you can impeach a president goes down the is based on the constitutional language, but the judges are not gonna get involved, because it is a political battle. It is not. However, on the subject I swung into this subject,
we're. Gonna have to learn more about peach monopoly and it's something and when this programme we are uniquely qualified to discuss. I mean, beyond the surface level in us when it out to you before one of the finest constitutional thinkers that I read a modern times is a labour. Pressure by the name, a Raoul burger. And Rob report so was friends rhythm and admired him, but them absolutely brilliant and to me wrote. The definitive book on impeachment peach impeachment the constitutional albums and I can assure you, there's not a single person on tv use. Talking do about this matter. Who's read the book, not one are looked at the original footnotes now one. Except me, when I appear on TV and
it's a very, very brilliant man in any. He writes in part. People appear to be a second. Scholarly studies or more apt to provoke fresh polemics than to still incessant debate on the matter of impeachment Even so, I would maintain that history furnishes a plain answer to at least one question that has long cluttered analysis. That is the test. Of unimpeachable offence in England, and this is what it was based on Buzz not in died of common law crime and when the framers withheld from Congress the power to inflict criminal punishment which had been exercised by parliament under the course of parliament. Ass, distinguished from the general criminal law, when they limited, rational sanctions on impeachment to remove an disqualification of criminal punishment to subsequent indictment and conviction. They plainly separated impeachment from
a process. No, why my reading this part, because you ve been hearing pabulum oddly enough from people who can size Mahler on something he happened to be right about, which is you unindicted sinning present. That is the position of the Department of Justice, not that they sped a council or any. U S attorney can indeed a president then taken up with the attorney general. He can reverse course. That's not what those members that's not what history says: that's not what history says they separate impeachment from indictment. What do you think this through, and there is more to this- I want to get into this and other phase of this, but you're smart. I want you to think along with me and by the way Every book signing. I do people come up to me and they say when you say, or people getting bored now we want you to dig deeply something to do with makes sense, ladies and gentlemen, that the framers of the constitution.
Would leave it to a single assistant, United States attorney, were they Lapdog grand jury? To determine whether or not a president should be criminally indicted, and yet with hold that power for the States House of Representatives. There were? No? U S attorney sooner Wurno assistant. U S attorneys. There was no attorney general. There was no department of justice. There isn't any of that stuff. Constitution. So do you think that the fray. So the constitution, somehow what a water, Robert Mahler, to indict sitting presently the United States while the whole, power from the house presented is of course not of course not, and so you have to fit them.
Like a jigsaw puzzle the. So we now have a department of justice we now have United States attorneys. We now have assisting United States attorneys now, unfortunately, special council from time to time, fine, but you still have to give support for and be faithful the constitutional structure. These are an attack on the constitutional structure as laid down in the constitution, so to say that, one of these individuals with a lap dog jerry- can bring an indictment against a presently united States to cripple him or her an indictment that would leak out to cripple him or do get an indictment and imprison him to cripple the entire executive branch when the framers of that institution denied such a power for a president in first to the House of Representatives is absurd. There is absolutely no here Three whatsoever or logic whatsoever to support that position
I've been here for two days and weeks, on its alive, it's a damn about lie, but let's go on and he says this does Raoul Burger great yeah, professor, a decent regard for the design of the founders, he resolved a Democrat from Tennessee had been a senator and it was the president under Labour him Lincoln. Remove him from office for basically political reason, he was a Democrat from Tennessee had been a senator and it was the vice president under Abraham, Lincoln, obviously ascended to the presidency when he was assassinated, the Republicans for a furious about him,
Now there were some issues with him. I mean he drank very heavily in he refused he refused to allow Congress to remove members of his own cabinet, but you might say of course they came back. Then there was some debate and he said no. They care that I'll, destroy the presidency, not destroy the executive branch and they build EVA President to have confidences very much Like what kind is doing now demanding the right to speak to the president's, It House counsel, former White House counsel and have access to the individual, documents. Johnson objected in his own case as our. As an objection. His own case. If there are indeed limits to the impeachment power, he says the Senate may no more act, an excess of those limits when it acts judicially, then wanted Legislatively what he is saying is the house. I don't have plenary power its nuts
play a political question. Another damnable lie that tat their day in and day out by these phony legal analysed, he's in language in their constitution, its confining not expanding its confining. Every branch of government rights is confined to the limits drawn in the constitution and the chief purpose of those limits. West a fence in the much fear, legislative branch. It was not left to the unlimited discretion of that branch to disrupt the other branches through resort to the impeachment power. In other words, the house has the power to impeach, not just a president, not just a vice president, not just senior presidential officials but members of the Judiciary- and he said it's not simply- political question, although it could unfortunately, valve into that, but that would be in violence,
should the limits placed by the provision of the impeachment clause on that House of Representatives and the United States Senate now Tom Ladies and gentlemen, how many these networks legal analysts on came And on network news have explained this to you not one, right back then folks, many of our nations oldest colleges, profoundly to teach students to see truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but Thirdly, many have lost their way locked in the grip of political this. They no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism thankful
if there's hills down college since its family in eighteen? Forty, four hills Dell has remained true to its original mission, to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety, and is those enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple and profound: to help stew, Understand what is noblesse blossom best in yourself and the World Hills dealt. Judges, liberal arts, education and vibrant campus community help students form a foundation for the rest of their lives, a truly life defining experience. So, if you're looking for a college that prizes learning and values intellectual enthusiasm, everyone shares a strong sense of meaning and purpose. Welcome too they college, please,
The hills, Dale Don T, you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more, that's hills, Dale DOT, be d, you slash admissions prevent. Does anybody else? No, why why the judge Trump Appointing and I'm proud of it and a Anyone else. No, why the judge also knocked down this by the House of Representatives to the National emergencies act from nineteen. Seventy six. Anybody. Aren't you two chambers in the Congress, Mr Buzek,. The House in the Senate. Did this through the present when it's nice, though the Senate did not, Congress per SE did not the presently United States? One branch did so
Why is it a political question, but you can't One branch of congress- Doing the president, the stop him from spending money when the other, That is also involved for the other chamber. Is also involved in approving spending with holds its opposition. Wow. Can you imagine I'm sure, Jeffrey Turban unseen and will be all over this. I'm sure Dan Abrams and his hair peace will be all over this latest. Oh yes,. Oh yeah, all the legal analysts who I want to thank the folks at Carrasco- they really have stepped up now. They ve actually ordered thousands and thousands of more books.
So there plenty folder stock there on the table. They have their so the next time you costs go. You haven't acquired a copy. The book. I hope he will, I want to thank Barnes and noble. We had a wonderful time cited a just beautifully done outstanding. I want to thank ready. Amazon com, they woke huge supplier books. They have pushed them out as fast as they possibly can. He gone there, you clicking get him tomorrow there doing a great, By us on all the other outlets. All the other outlets Walmart target. Jason SAM's, I know this one, unfortunately, but they ve all been terrific. All the independent bookstores too. There are new books coming out tomorrow. Ladies and gentlemen, order to remain on top and continue to drive the journalism, professors, the media,
let's particularly the new Ex limes nuts, if you haven't bought the book, yet please do fathers day. Fathers day is very, very close. Graduate copy its while discount, because it's the top book in the country on freedom of the press. Be right back. Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody MIKE living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one. What you know I'm in the mood for aid, fried fish sandwich, unlike Eyes around with cocktails
Maybe some let us get like that sort of stuff but it does not in other means more for me anyway. Fifty Democrats and one loan republic and are now calling for trumps impeachment, but now, policies, keeping our powder dry as possible. Opinion is against it. Now, ladies and gentlemen, fifty house Democrats on one Republican by my calculation that fifty one members of the house so I did a little math and I did doctored fifty one from four hundred and thirty five least that's the number of members that are supposed to be in the house represented, and I came up with three eighty four,
thinking to myself shouldn't a headline be three hundred and eighty four members of the House oppose Donald Trump. Some patient isn't that the headline despite all the impeachment talk but all the Congo line, and this creates malcontents left wing radical, coax one at all bank Drake through their Sunday, showed horror, hay and, by the way, all these Sunday hose. Don't they signed the same. You want impeach, three p m we can pay is clearly a minority position, fifty one out of four thirty I buy my calculation, that's three. Eighty four saying: no: the majority arrogance, not just republican, say no, and yet there it is radium day impeachment impeachment impeachment abatement. Drill by the media. What was that
the professors and it wasn't even for provides for the assistant profess their vote for the Russian. To compress we look his name upping answer. I forget his name. I went to mock him the entire week. If I may. This is the daily mail of the United Kingdom- makes it Lucy's facing a dilemma with scores of our democratic caucus wanting to impeach and outside groups. Lobbying for the latest head Fifty democratic on one Republican, poetry, sticking their plans for a more measured ironclad investigation that makes choices cleared of what's his name. Cabin learner, moron pay tension and educating you one day, you might become a real professor, rather than an assistant Rufus like an assistant, you know don't catch her, an assistant lawyer, an assistant doctor in it.
This then tax driver in it's embarrassing to be Kevin learner. Whatever his name is the light. Memory of Congress to call for impeachment is Gregg State and yeah Mack Gregg Stanton Greg I was ain't. Nobody knows a freshman. My Arizona who said it's the right thing to do: genius genius, He must have been writing there's little slip of paper for fortune cookies. Before I get elected to the house, penny appalling does not favour impeach when a full blown but failed effort might help the president when reelection now just stick with me. Perhaps but he's challenge them in what we call federal court and so he's not defying anyone or any thing. There is a dispute. Is violating the constitution, because you won't give another house are representatives, but he's trailing, in what we call federal court and so
not defying anyone or any thing. There is a dispute, Para Haze, obstructing. Ray Timey fell science or one of our current subpoenas he's up struck shut up and said our madly. Oh, you are. Neither is as wide as he has tall. Have you noticed that Mr Business and I say that with great admiration as being chairman of fat is united or a few and keep in mind Guys already had the surgery when he went up that the bout, the red, whether whatever it is the lap ban, they should have done it, showed his mouth shut. That could serve multiple purposes outside but my group say it's time to La God. No, since the auto side. Liberal groups are run the country right whatever they say matters so fifty, members of the house a minority side liberal groups
And the media one trumpet page, but the american people, though, while we're going to force it on them We can't drive down as ratings will drive amount of office will kill him on his re election. I won't It s, but that's just how we call this propaganda on top of a pseudo event. Are you getting carried or not. This isn't news for new. Fifty one members after all this time, if all these investigations. After all, this From the medium impeachment appeasement, or the I wear the hour they I wear the eye word. Everywhere headlines on impeachment days, when every back bench renounced peach when all of a sudden wow that's some. Sums, courageous member Justin,
are they hated. This guy is a liberal Just at my when it Eddie abetted Idiot trumps, your baby, I got there's a principled manage consistent. We ve never seen anything like just in a market where all the other Republicans the dim would attract hey. I went away Slept with till you know, Mister Army, you criticise, transcend their chests lemme, whereas everybody up. Why don't I? The grave of my time to page tat, shut up truck. No, no he's a newsman. You don't understand tractors to newsman, just ask him. No, no standards left no standards left at all, Let me ask you a question. I don't remember if I asked it on this show or not, but I'm going to ask it again. Is the last time there's been a leak
the New York Times that has been supportive of the present in the United States. I can't think of any Kenya. Wednesday when's the last time there was a leaked CNN that was critical of Nancy Pelosi. Throughout their there, so rare I can remember them. Can you when was the last time for the first time the New York Times has done a story about A policy family finances and how they became extreme. Wealthy worth about a hundred million dollars, how did this happen? Do that I care, I don't think they care How about her children? We know all about Donald Trump children. Nancy policy is five. I believe and other names to you. I don't love there.
Seymour female transitioning. I don't know damn thing about them. Do you let alone their finances. Information starts to come out slowly, but they'll be more in the future, about Hunter Biden. He's a multi millionaire. What is done is done as his father dumb, as is falling. I guess it's a foreign agents and work with the Ukrainians or something like tat walking into this system. In our time,. Rudy Giuliani, says you're gonna go to the Ukraine. I wear lugger. Why out? My god What are you trying to do here? You can't go after a vice sign the former vice president. Are you what are you trying to do right now, when I went to training to dig out there? What are you trying to deflect attention from Trump, where you try and credible? Isn't it.
You guys are partisan and the media. Are you trying to do attack freedom of the press. But we want to know about Hunter Biden. We want to know how he made millions and millions with his far encounter, then there's Diane, Frank in fine style. Really, the only effort to unravel machine husband had been doing Red China for decades in some cases had been left wing news outlets, leftwing news outlets. But the Washington compost could give them the next limes they give away. CNN and myself. I stay in other all dance in this other Rockettes. They all dance. The same way laughed dig up left leg. A bright lag right. This way turn out what they all do. The same thing.
He is a spy driving her car driving her in the car for years and years, and yet she doesn't know it, but don't worry, Not once when she was being driven around not think about that one another paper being driven around. By a Chinese. By not once did she ever say anything out of school, that the train. For years now? How do you know that while she told us that's how you know. Anybody want investigate that. No real can investigate that. That's die in frank funds. Where's, I planted the Associated depressed LA mire, whatever his name is Jonathan Johnny, whereas Johnny these days there has been, Given the present in a racist and based on all the word master, you know, and I want I want to use the word nasty and eighty dare to talk about the princess. What's her face over there and NEA in England,
who has some african american heritage. Obviously he was attacking all African Americans. He likes to do that. You know. And Muslims, man, Muslims, that's the Associated depressed, something very eyes. Happened over the weekend to and I'm gonna touch. It would be very careful because their people who will take What I say on the left there out to destroy anybody who disagrees with them? We twelve people who slaughtered in Virginia Beach, slaughter of all races, just beautiful people. They show the photos of these people And whenever I hear about murder death, whether its one per I wonder what was going through their persons mine. Somebody's too, should be further killed or the right before their killed, or they know,
Are going to be killed or they see someone else killed another next to it. It is a pity it is unspeakable. It's absolutely unspeakable. And I want to know who did it. I want another name and I went to see their face. I want to know who did it? I'm not saying for publicity purposes, quite the opposite These are evil, inhumane people, there, the devil and I'm really If it's I'm watching one of these morning shows- and they say we're not showing this person, because we think when these liberal morning shows I forget today, show Good America Goodnight tomorrow. I don't remember so we need to stop showing people because of the publicity they get nice. I want to see this so the new posts,
the photo the purse. I didn't see too many other places, not that I was looking, but I didn't see it on tv, but I knew your posts and photos. And I said why didn't you show the photo this guy he's s murder, he deserves to be hated. Everybody should know what he looks like not because of race, not because of gender. Not because of age, not because of any thing else, because that's the face of evil just like that at punk no, that black church in South Carolina and shot those parishioners who were sitting right in front of him. I wanted to see his face. I wanted to know what he looked like just like. Mass killers on nine eleven I wanted to see their faces. I wanted to know what they look like and I wanted to be
I imagination in the ether. I want to know who they are again for religious reasons or gender reasons, her racers I want to know who that specific individual is, look in their eyes. But the media made a very, very difficult to do that this week is the media. Always have an agenda, always not news, not facts and agenda. And I take a position different than most people and broadcasting I wanted. Every one of these killers knots celebrate them not used in the pushy, control agenda and the usual left wing crap. No, because they
took a fellow human beings who will never be back again, not celebrate them. They hate them to spit on them. I'll be right back The Washington examiner, Laana Goodman. Come on Harris launch political career with a hundred and twenty thousand dollar patroness job from boyfriend, Willie Brown, this caught my attention not come: Allah. Come on Harris's, first, significant political role was an appointment pirate, awful than boyfriend Willie Brown Three gates or senior, let's see or thirty years time, a foreign, your medical board, that is,
criticised as a landing spot for patronage, jobs and kickbacks there. Only thirty years old Harris was dating Sixty Year old, Willie Brown at the time, the democratic speaker, the California State Assembly, when he placed drones California, medical assistance, commission and ninety nine for the she paid over seventy thousand per year. Which would be a hundred twenty thousand seven hundred and current money and Harris served on the born to ninety ninety eight four years there, commission met twice a month inherent so United States senator from California, since twenty seventeen and now me. Twenty democratic presidential candidate, Mr Baxter, percent of the meetings each year. According to the commission, records obtained by the watchman examiner. The seven member board was largely comprised of late career, former state officials who are semi, retired or binding and before retirement, Thirty years old Harris was the youngest appointee for some three decades Harris now
if the form Brown now eighty five star dating in the spring and ninety ninety four and he was married by the way she arm in arm at numerous high profile functions, including browns. Lavish parties in celebrity gallus he's been separate but not divorced from his wife Blanche for Tierra. Since then, Nineteen eighties tat a string, a girlfriends over the years back, nineteen. Ninety four Harris took a leave of my laundry this I have to talk about Common Harris. I think I will then ninety ninety four Harris took leave of absence from her job as deputy prosecutor at the district attorney's office an hour the county, where she'd, where for four years after graduating from law, school brow- appointed herded California. Unemployment insurance appeals born position. Pay ninety seven thousand dollars annually. Equivalent a hundred sixty seven thousand hours today,
Five months later, Harris resign from the insurance bout aboard random ITALY appointed hurriedly California, a call assistance. Commission, I'm sure because she was so highly qualified, MR, but is her broad background, medical matters and before that are brought back and insurance matters. Of course, a g, its thirty year old habits Dating history happy for resume did she submitted around at the time are experienced, consists of four years the payment of insurance premiums for state, subsidized medico recipients, I'm Forget that your knowledge and experience vocal contributes significantly to the important, the commission. He had no medical background. According to copy of a resume. Did she submitted But the time or experience consist of four years is a deputy, A secure, a handful of summer jobs and internships and evolve. Their position on hospital? Fundraising, group wow?
Look how she got her start. Climbed away at the latter, MR, but based on merit based on merit. No wonder! Half of these politicians! More of them, don't believe in merit. They come here as an alien? Does Stir them didn't eggs. Equally climb. The latter merit now. Did they certainly come? Why didn't I Back If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levine, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star,
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Levin calmly others, but there's only one mark within and you can go in and AIDS Seven breed one three, eight one one, you know. Many care, is a popular health insurance program that covers medical costs for seniors in the private healthcare system. Democrats talk about Medicare for all. They want you to leave? They are talking about the same programme applied to everyone, they're lying! That's what they do because Medicare froze not Medicare. It doesnt work anything like Medicare. I know I told you this before, but it's important,
many care for all actually eliminates automatic care for all seniors, and not just me, care eliminates all private insurance plans for all Americans period. Everyone will be thrown into a soviet style. One size fits all government run. Healthcare system control I unseen bureaucrats who will determine what kind of care you'll get and you can make all the, on calls and send all the emails and touch you want. It won't manner. But this will result in lower quality for everyone. Services will be rationed with long waiting periods for treatment make it worse. It will implement drug price controls. I will limit access to lifesaving medicines and hurting hope for medical innovation as you are a member of Congress, of course, because what are they? but they exempt themselves exempted. Cells from what they pass for the rest of us,
Remember Medicare frozen Medicare at all. Get the facts. Go to true healthcare, Facts not come true. Healthcare facts that come true. Healthcare facts that have come I don't how I miss this. The guardian. Now the guardian is supposed to be newspaper in Britain. You know they like there. French fries and fried fish in Britain coefficient chips. And there's no paper better to wrap loyally, leaking fish and chips, nor the grease than the guardian. They left wing cook newspaper and so imagine my surprise when they attacked me on free, the press reveal Markel events Trappist take on the first amendment but you know the garden read the book, but let's go on
because distrust of the media is only acceded. Bites disdain for Congress Mark Vince latest book will do much to rehabilitate journalism, but it should submit a standing among trumps. Go two guys, though it stop right. Mr Barroso, you read the book right, I'm leaving, The trump till the end of the book to eye for the most part it's a while in so he skipped the first chapter. The second after the third chapter. The fourth chapter, deaf chapter six about the New York Times. That's what These fools are all about the let's continue a radio talk show host any recipient of conservative largest now doesn't talk about my education background. Doesn't about my career as a lawyer. Don't let none of it a concern. Primitive recipient of conservative largish Livin
and adjust firemen under Reagan and nineteen in twenty sixteen republican primary back TED crews was never from prettily wasn't. I was never tramper for about one day. Only Roger stone- wasn't, MR, but it will have to do, is listen to my radio shows, I'm not a damn thing. What is it per day right? Less than a day you, You can just listen to my radio. Shows there all out there I am more transparent than anyone. I know. Let's continue. He's since embraced, not since november- This president, for a long time, the passion over penitent and the conviction of a convert, So far, we learn anything about the book, nothing, nothing this is why this form of media Death sentence on itself its white destroying itself Trump recently appeared Levine's programme.
This is on the radio show when the press. Explained his reaction to the White Supremacist Margin. Should its veil on August, twenty seventeen in which a counter protester was killed. Actually said it everywhere. Can say it, but I said you had bad people both groups and I said, you'd good people in both groups, Heather higher we're still alive? She would surely beg to differ, see there again he's a liar I'm so much more than that. Very specific, elaborated and I was specific again any alarm, but it's the guardian- on freedom of the press is a non stop attack on them. Extreme stream media anymore indictment of a century progressive politics, that's for damn sure in Levine's. Words is because about how those in Russia would news reporting in the modern media, are discussed freedom of the press room within not from an oppression or suppression. Not Donald Trump Fingerprint point do,
Cs, ladies and gentlemen, see her, I think that's the first sentence of the book on here. I don't like this Go much further yeah pretty much but that of the first sentence of the introduction of this guy the real sharp easily, who cares if Trump, the press, the enemy, the people. I spent a lot of time on that issue. In this garden, read it dropped him. Public embrace this possess proposition; no, they don't that's one Paul. There was very biased. Again. I undress this in the book almost too, to their fellow Americans disagree on freedom of the press. It to bestow a bettina of respectability on their darker impulses, not in the least the book. As about the press,. As we expected. Eleven ignores trumps, often repeated attack on existing libel laws, exacerbated by by But words fear the president's empty,
to enjoy the publication of Michael was firing, fury Praise of using the media as a little tackling dummy now here but I say in the book dummy. You can say what you want about what the President says about the press. But you need some context about what presidents have done, the press, including your great Brok, Milhouse Benito Obama, and I might What the press has done this president or the president calls cause certain outlets enemies of the people they com Hitler as we call any power She had learned she called any journalist Hitler. You call any editorial writer Hitler, Levin Neglect dimension that Montana Gregg Giovanni Forte Body slam? The former guardian report of Ben Jacobson, was granted congratulate by Trump for doing so.
The sky misses the entire point of the book. It's not about cherry picking. Say, bigger issue at a broader issue. I take it the issue that has extended over decades, but he can't help it on on. Freedom of the press is not exactly fan fiction, but it can get of itself. When discussing the special council conclusions sounding like the fake news, the author and trump both purport to poor. Where did I do that? Nowhere. Among other things, Levinus jettisoned any journalistic scepticism surrounding pressure on a journalist, my work had resigned from the funny profession today. Has no standards. I may content national conservative Party, the constitutional conservative today and work. As to the media outlets.
He has jettisoned any journalistic. Scepticism surrounding the attorney General Bill Bars Non summary became so His answer, let me ask you folks, a question: what's his beef? Basically, what's his beef, his beef, They do not agree with them that are not left us, that's what is before us. For good measure, Levine also takes part chartered Alexander Hamilton and lend Manual Miranda's Broadway hit about the founding father living its of Hamilton, undercutting George Washington and acting in Tandem with England. He has forgotten. I love Wikileaks. What what is he talking about still living could take a critique of the press, and the Obama administration should not be ignored a while.
Then he goes into some studies. Ah erika good eye I'm we oppose this. You can read it yourself. They can see what a wedding conflicted video. This is and how and seriously as those of you who have the book and read the book, you know what I'm talking about. He misses the entire the purpose of the book, and I even put it in the introduction. But I want you to remember this: this books not written for Lloyd, Green, a fraud, it's not written for national pubic, radio, frauds, It's not written for the washing compost frauds threaten for you. It's written, freer, the smartest book? The Loi Green is ever read, or at least page through. I should sir. Because I don't believe you read it I don't know how you right. As long as saying that he writes
in the guardian. This long answer, I'm still looking down. Long as o Harrier law ES. I still looking looking looking in chapter. Six. You believe that Mr Medina, he then he doesn't need aright. He skipped the entire chapter on the near yeah, why does he do that? Skip so much of the rest of the bodies outer space now said it was mine. Is he not The third reviewer, though, He then PR included, I think three cents, On chapter six, I believe it's the longest chapter in the book. The guardian has no chapter. Sir hate for Israel's well known. And they, Washington, composts writer, barely touched it. The fact that the New York Times
covered up the holocaust. The fact that the New York Times was in embed effect they propaganda, wise was stolen. During his slaughter of the Ukraine and awakened skip over that stuff- and I would add, Lloyd, Grove Applied- is your name. How come you mean something that recently occurred when the New York Times round to anti semitic cartoons not so long ago. How did you miss that? How did you miss that group think power? That's how you missed it. Could you agree? I'll be right back I am sure all over.
Public schools from seed, a shining, see all of colleges and universities will be teaching D day prickly this Thursday and the greatness of America. I'm sure it will be doing this please professors they they bring on CNN and MSNBC, I'm sure they're gonna be, praising American D day talking about the events took place that day and the consequences for the world over I'm sure that'll be very patriotic and are all of our public schools and colleges and universities. Now. I understand that we're not gonna be giving away free stuff. I understand when I'm gonna be promoting socialism we're not going to be talking about America sounding is Bunch of racist slaveholder similar. I know that day we're gonna talk up. America rank
No, I'm afraid we want steadily still be so another call this guy Michael Bene going on about Capper Nick there. You know the problem is to raise staying racial thing that only players Color we're taking a knee and why players warning, if more, why players would then you know than white people would get into it? I don't know: do you see the world thy way, Mr Barroso, if white people are take NI. They discuss me as much as anybody else. Because of their race. God almighty. This is, do you wish they d? Chin with justice appear to producer Whose flash, ladies and gentlemen, people look at your jaw line, it simply tells you re drank. Well, here is Robin from Public Texas. I put Genesis jaw line cream or my neck. Two or three days ago, the best my neck is look in twenty years. People told me my
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tell dad come round thing, thunder chief. He's, not a native American. That's a rolling thunder chief predicts by a descent on DC of dams, impeach Trop. Let me tell you this is no joke. This is no joke. The media are not paying attention to regular Americans, as opposed to the irregular markets going thunder, predicts biker descent on DC of gems impeach shrub, it's not just gonna, be the bikers, although God bless him. It's gonna, be patriotic Americans of all stripes of all walks of all backgrounds of all careers jobs. I've seen them on my own two eyes. I've seen you. You showed up in my book signing by the thousands thousands it's been missed,
We have more people coming to books. I Nathan, Joe Biden, has been coming to his rallies. The first Book signing a new jersey over two thousand people. The second book signing this time in New York over two thousand people books, Virginia over two thousand people. And their missing it. They don't even see it and they don't care and that's where we get em, estimate us every single time. And even those least sleaze balls right. These phony book review may don't get it either. They don't get They try to tear me down. Tear you down, tear down the but there's no tearing down the book some black and white for everybody to read. We don't need book reviewers to tell us what the belief
We read it ourselves, we don't need seen it. Tell us what the news is. We can gather the news ourselves these days. We don't need. Tests on these networks MSNBC, nor to tell us what the thinking we we're went out bed like their base? They played the democratic, that's what the media are today over Over again the same Russia collusion I sure collusion Polly Wanna cracker. We think for ourselves. This is the great thing about you know. George will has a new, but coming out tomorrow, he was on our brother drudges paid for a couple of days he's been Celebrated by Sunday morning, CBS, which I guess there's Sunday morning he's got near time All kinds of bug river: he wrote a book that basically the book IRA. Before this book rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive, is
I'm not saying you plagiarize dissing, it's the same arguments. The same thought processes going back to our. Way, history and sing. What's happened today, trace going forward. Not against God bless him. God bless him. But here's my point Despite all the press, they get on television networks, Natasha Cable, like Fox television networks, despite all the they get from the New York Times, despite all the positive media they get and the Democratic Party press you, you are bigger than all that It's gotta be drive and I'm nuts, you are credible It is amazing. They have no idea how many of you are. They have no idea how energetic and motivated you are they you're, not smart, when you're smarter than the people who are talking down to you, it's incredible.
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and I'm going to start cooking, fresh fruits and vegetables. So let's not pretend just get one full cup of fruits and one for a cup of vegetables. Every day with field of greens, gotta brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick House, L, easier, And dot com offer code Levin now run only underline the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Markleham in here our number, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, Former representative, John Delaney is a liberal Democrat he's a liberal. But he's not a socialist.
He was a wealthy business man before he was elected to the House of Representatives are Merlin Metaphor nobody Damn Bonn GINO ran against a man almost beat him. As I recall. But he's not only hard left wing of the Democratic Party, which is where most of them are. And he was at the California Democratic Convention. Yesterday. And he was born out of the place, basically cut a go, we build, maybe
cut it off, but he went on. Now for all those. Purple and bluish states had her saying you know what we want to get rid of the Electoral College and we want to go there. Now national Popular wrote, ask a fortnight ago so goes that country Killing people left Wing Cook Democrats from California And a look, I one universal one universal. Hardly I warn you, I just don't want Kick a hundred fifty million people out there have. These are the drums of society. The challenge of society, the debt crash in the media, have so stoked up the drones of society. The grants, and they are now the tale away, the God. Near the tell away the dawn. So ass, a she says,
should pull out of their race pull our eyes. I don't agree with himself she get out. In so doing, he said you know in challenge you to a debate, but that Happened because an exemplary archive org waters is a coward. And dumb as hell. A coward and dogmas home. Shall not debate him. She won't debate me Any format any form My radio show Living tv. Life liberty and live in whatever, but she won't she's a coward. Whip. Don't underestimate her? How can you underestimated. Underestimate hers to have trouble negative iq.
An auxiliary cancer God as a yo see I was at a bar in New York Friday, surprise compares to Workers to indentured servitude because she so well schooled in history. All about indentured slaves, o genius when, where shall be on Thursday, the seventy fifth anniversary, Didi Fushimi, who cares, cut nine guy,
I talked about the need for a fair wage. It is so real the amount of exploitation and harassment and and labor violations that you will endure for the safe and the structure of kid were in in the federal minimum. Wage is two dollars and twelve cents an hour. That is unacceptable. An hour is not a job, is indentured servitude. You know what MR producer listening to her squeal on you know what that makes me think we see her tax returns. Do you think you reported or tips? ANA? Wasn't she a bar tender She was apart and by the way, can you imagine the peoples in the bar having to listen to her hanging away
democratic searchlight? Just get me, my vodka mega double place. I am demanding to see how do I gotta go the axe tax returns. She's twenty nine last ten years,. Did she pay a federal income tax or in New York? as well as a state income tax or New York, as well as a city income tax on her tips. Yes, America, hello, hello, hello, though the media came when it wiring him, my whatever, We're busy retracing just in a martian eyes he's the greatest thing we were jester. What's going on with Steve Crowd, thing must produce. What people understand it? If I play yeah. Well, you know that he's such this guy that the rocks
Carlos Maza is a real patch. So I wasted time of that folks well waste your time with Michael Wolf, this guy's hockey another book? Film lies. You know he saw like three four five million copies of his prior balkan peoples. I never tell that. I never told him I never said I never Tyner resign avatar arena for. Finally, because you heard the Boers Kansas guided, they want to believe, Hey don't interfere with our family. She lay in here no don't interfere with our vanity lane here. When free days Freida and I went on, I am unaware gay when equality. Again anyway, my A wolf was on national pubic radio. Today. I've never been invited or national public radio to talk about my book come just I'm not jealous I'm just pointing it out. I don't wanna, I don't you think,
They should exist. I'm just saying where's. My invite. Some Pelee group Paley Foundation, Pelee Committee, the Pelee Committee for the freedom of our other having event in New York. I believe, slate. Summarily foreigner is actually quite curious, and even in trade by this And then I read who's gonna be on the panel, among other things, media matters. I said It's not a media group. They're trying to destroy Fox and destroy house on radio. And on far, why would I sit down with these with these poisonous snakes with this criminal front group. So like a wolf today cut eleven Gulf WAR to peace, who is a lot of time close to the president's think of him They think she is viable and ludicrous ludicrous ludicrous. What do you mean?
That word, I mean there's no logic to what he does. There's no way to anticipate what he's going to do. Often what he ends up doing defies logic defies everybody's expectations, defies explanation. This guy's an idiot absolute any there's no logic, the what he does that the weight seem to your folks. There's no way doing taste I play well, Sir he's going to do after money ends up during the five slanting defies everyone's expectations defies likes. The word defy inertia And what a question Stephen beans keep our word mp: why? What let's this is how to conduct an interview. Let's start at the beginning, cut eleven go more people who have spent a lot of time close to the president. Think of him. Everybody knows the skies of fraud, and everybody knows this book is full of fiction
m pr brings upon me. They attack where they hack from the New York Times, which will we be unravelled her? But that's not the point they give this guy government it for governments subsidize airtime because they want to This is what the media do like. They brought on the the professor from Yale and President Design, a hairdresser, as I q impediment, ear the partner and one that we are talking about. Domino observed them from afar, and I can tell you Maya structure Expertise and talents there's something he said something wrong, and so I would encourage people to trigger the twenty fifth amendment. She was all over the place, professor, I goodness the professor professor. Take a porn star. She suddenly. We know she's, appoint star support, actress, stormy, Daniel.
It has a porn actress ever received so much mainstream media attention know why? Why is it about destroying to Michael Aben. I take the lowest a low lives there is and stormy dangles thinks he's a low life. I mean: what does that tell you he even Stole from a porn actress, what does that tell you news. He was performing further. An actress in many ways. Has a fraud lawyer like this I would be a dead president, they say over at seeing eye. Hey big here are telling me tat, they may a tough one. We really worry me credit outward MSNBC. Can you come on? Can you come on today? We want you on their show crash on two May Rachel Nigeria, for that four times a day. Can I come on you're Roadmap sickening.
And now we have again Michael well for a second per second round, question: Stevens keep should have been. Aren't you a serial liar haven't you made millions lying? No, he said: natural tricycle reporter? You know That's for sure. What are you there's. So what that means is he can say whatever he wants. You see if your servant military, NEO conservative, they can still trash you, but if you served in the military, your left, if how dare you quite I'll be right back My name is set molten. He served in the military, The left is so what that means is he can say whatever he wants, you see if you serve in the military, NEO conservative they can still trash you, but
served in the military. Your left, if how dare you question him, but one A politician once my vote. Can I now you can't. You know when I get at the something else. I'm not looking for trouble in any way now looking to be provocative. I dont go that way. This germ again. Staff has gotten out of control. I am not. Sitting is a special pleading for everything that is said. John Mccain and therefore talk But I have to say. The when John Mccain sent his staffer bread need a copy of this dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton. There was used by a british former spy,
All together with the assistance of Russians unverified not vetted The purpose of destroying a candidate for President United States of his own party. Has that information brought to him and then has shared with the FBI. That's pretty damn outrageous. And the idea that were not allowed to talk about these things is also outrageous. Any great men and women who have passed about whom we can their actions about which we can talk. You can see why this and in his furious will, but Mccain did anyhow Zog rod actually is. But he also gave the The authority of the United States military as commander in chief. But week long goodbye,
Senator Mccain, all the various events and so forth, very gracious of him, because senators don't normally get that kind of her send off. If you will. But he's obviously very angry about that and I have to say I'm very angry about the fact that Senator at the time voted no on the repeal of Obamacare. That's effect, facts, life, my children's life and my grandchildren's life as it does all of yours,. So he has a very, very mixed record. Historically, I'm not talking about military record. He was a politician for decade after decades of two decades and it's all fair game. And I'm not defending disrespect and that sort of thing. What I'm saying is. When I was the centre for a week, which was a trump bashing event, time and time again, that is unacceptable to
But the media don't treat it as such I am not one of these who believes that the media and the left and others rhinos get the tell us where we can and cannot discuss. Again. This is in the forefront of defence of anyone or anything. But Mccain at a very, very mixed record. As a senator Some cases, in my view, a very poor record and I have even believe his his positions Einstein intervention overseas and various military campaigns was here. Utterly irresponsible and I'm no code pink Republika. I am no co pink republican I believe, as campaigns in Arizona when he would run as a hard line or on the border, many would come to Washington DC cut. These deals resume everything to put it mildly, very inappropriate.
To the people of Arizona and yet general support for the military is to be saluted is to be saluted, general support for ethics in government is to be saluted, but he's not. God it's not a saint, he never was. Man, flesh and blood like the rest of us as some of you wish to be, or a female or whatever. And so, no matter how my words are twisted, you can play back and listen yourself, but what he did Isn't with the dossier was absolutely wrong. It was an attempt, political kill shot Wasn't the only one there were others, because campaign the day and see senior level the FBI and we go on and on and on.
Pretty name outrageous, Circling back to Seth Malta, I don't know this guy. I know a little bit about its background. Goes I googled and looked. He's a fairly recent member, the House of Representatives. And I want you to listen to what he has to say and it really. You served in a military, sir, and congratulations. For that. I thank you for that, but, as a politician. You're, a real, really a disgraceful cut. Seven go. We have a problem with racism in America today. If this country wasn't racist Stacy Abrams would be governor because people of color are being systemically denied the most. Basic right in a democracy which has the right to vote, that's why
We need a new voting Rights ACT in America. Let me tell you how bad this is to keep to it: the country's fibre, like this with these allows some. Eyes Low. Some ally's based on race is has struck Davis, any enemy can be to this country. We have said more than just did. At his CNN town Hall, a lonely disgusting, right back mark of America's tyranny. Hotter call now eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one and this town you folks are blessed. I am to be here and have you out there you are
shocking, the world. Your shocking. The publishing world is shocking, the media, were they don't want to do they don't know what to do. I just want on Amazon dad come some people are obsessed with. I am not I'll check it. I just did. We're number three on Amazon com: we should be number one but were behind doktor suits and some other, but in other words not the nonfiction books were leading. That's you capable Does weekly. We were number one wall. Street journalist number one knew at Times List number one USA today List number one book scan number one. But you wouldn't know unless you listen, may complicate the acts that funny per isn't it. Mr producer. It's hilarious I want to thank you all those millions and millions of you out there and, It's five stars out of five star
five stars out of five star the last time. That's happened with any my books was liberty and tyranny it's gonna open your eyes wide read the five star comments on Amazon, their amazing their amazing. I have nothing to do with them other than writing the book people are reading this book in one or two sittings. Their amazing and you can see most of the one sergeant I hate levanter in you know, and the Republicans and tramping don't worry about that. Ninety seven percent of their comrades, her five stars, it's five stars out of five star. The last time that's happened with any my books was liberty and tyranny. So those of you have liberty and turning your defiling gonna want on freedom of the press, but I know doesn't want on freedom of the press,. The modern mass media, because they don't even freedom of the press, but apparently
Do the do a lot of conservative colonists. Some conservative websites incredible, but I'm not worried about that. I'm just telling you. There are now you're, gonna love it. I can tell people who show up at these book findings. It's incredible last one Is the regular library. That'll, be on Saturday. She's, really ass, exciting to tell you the logic Sitting out there going on really you know good friends of the media research centre, what a wonderful organization, ending this terrific crews- the Mediterranean in September, and I want to tell you something: Their filling up very very fast, if you ve heard me, warn you about this. There's gonna be appointed, which I say it's sold out, I had to do a cruise then, but a treat fella conservatives. And that's the crews. You wanna, take gotta em.
See cruised outcome or call eight eight, eight m our sea trip for all the details. Now, there's a formula for these things in the mercy has really figured it out now. What does that mean? Well, it starts with great Speakers- Acacia, Brent, Bozo, Alan West Cow, Thomas Jason, shaving, Joe Pisca bow the Arab James Buckley, Terry Jeffrey many more. This is fantastic people who, intelligent, interesting, entertain, leaders in their field and people, enjoy talking with people like you. If you sign up you'll get dinner with a few of them and pick their brains to an extraordinary opportunity that few people ever get and they so pick excellent ships with it itineraries. And they really focus on making sure everyone as fun. It's not all serious, they We want you to remember this for the rest of your life. It's time to take care of yourself
and your spouse, who your significant other it's time to enjoy life with all the hassle. All the stress, all the static, take a break. Now, of course, will be discussing shears topics, but the goal to have fun and meek like minded people guarantee you'll make new friends. Have to do. All you have to do is go to em, Arcy crews, dot com or call eight eight eight m arcy trip, and they can answer all your questions. But you need to do a right away. That's M r, C crews, dot com or call eight. Eight eight am arcy trip. No, I don't I'm supposed to announce this year, but it doesn't much matter. It's my show I'm going to be heading back to Israel. How many weeks, MR producer, three four weeks for weeks, we're going to do a couple of shows from there. We can have tremendous guess we're working on a right now.
And the ambassador from the United States and Israel I have a special celebration of India, then stay America's independent stay there and I wanted to participate in that are independence day, but it sir. It's a wonderful couple, a shows that we're going to do from there. We have really top guests, and the last time I did show from their two years ago, Twenty two years ago, so we're gonna have a lot of fun. Doing that is well. We ve, live in tv. We have life liberty and live in a lot going on these days. I'm gonna take an actual vacation one of these days, not yet Let's take a car here who want a second where there. We are I might
so color Florida on the mark live in power. You, sir, you are well mark about yourself tonight. Let me look, I'm doing great. Thank you perfect. Am coming years about air Sea and she wants to call being a server and indentured server two. Now I'm only a yearning about your half younger than her, and I found myself in everything neither she forgot, This is, u never bothered to learn it, but if you don't make enough from you Early wage, combined with your kids compared Federal minimum wage your employer has to pay the federal minimum wage. I'm trying to figure out how she forgot about something like that, I didn't even know that, because I'll tell you the truth, I was a kid and I was a janitor that law was not in place.
How long's it been around- I, luckily I wouldn't flawed and for the work that more fortunate are hit waged on here. As I got you like five twelve hours, something left ass with a bit more compared to the rest of the country by your employers have to make a big difference. If you don't make over the minimum wage, but of course there, banking and you making over, Because of your being a server depositions saying you known, earned two bucks an hour. That's just bs. When you notice the way I see it is that if your company after Rio, making up chips out of to thirteen won't even matter you'll, be the plenty but she had has in its wake for me, it was one of the better job like a possibly do. I Political arrests run. I like that. I will not mention, but I go there right Thirdly, frequently, and there are individuals there, there grown adults, men and women and they work there. And I said make enough money right. They said yes with the Tipps. We make a very good living in. A bar tenders and servers to Caen,
make a decent living. Don't you know even be tapped here, obviously believe it's really make enough in need. That's just the way the american model works and everything. I know some people even talk to some Europeans before they appreciate our system of tipping, sometimes because it encourages people to want to better to make more money prepared a Europe where you get paid wait a matter how much it is over there, but keeping in mind that we have common custom over their cause. Get paid him at a minimum wage. But then I heard the servant of nowhere near as good as America. Sometimes now do you report your tips on your income. Taxes, you'd, do and the honest most don't thrill, the only the only thing that that the computer system can track is kept. Its tips based on credit cards but don't buy a car now anything with cash. If you dont want to report it, you cannot, we don't have to buy it, okay, so so shouldn't we look at a acts, tax return. She saw how to try on trumps.
Sure. Why not me when we got to lose at this point right, I think it would be enjoyable. Alas, adventure you I know, but she'll never come on. My show and mostly other shows she's on. MR producer, would you pose? Maybe I did this already? a o c release the last floods. Six years of her federal in state income tax returns, question Mark MIKE You have inspired me, would you like a signed copy of on freedom of the press? You know, I would absolutely love one that I can shape the one I bought a couple weeks ago over to my parents and well. Thank you better. My Tipp to you for a great call: ok, don't hang up. The gentleman's young I already got a car, become that's wonderful. Brian Baltimore Maryland on the mark live in at this is our fire fire fighter Buddy, who I met at Thyssen's corn on Saturday, Harry user. I'm great mark thanks for taking.
Ah, I know you're not big on to erode horn in that kind of thing, which is why I'm calling just to reiterate everything that you always say when you talk about these books signings in any kind of monks, thus patriots. I met some people here, you say you make life all crimes that kind of stuff. I met some of the most incredible people, They were connected through history to some of the most incredible people who are now my friend. You know that the one guy with the Hilary for prison shirt right behind me. We were last in the whole time he drove all the way from outright Pittsburgh to come. There. I'm the guy in front of me the route that retired United States Marine Corps captain. He was an o c s with Robert Mauler Chest. He pulled her son. It s deplores the most famous Marine Taiyo numbering history. He knew The new Mccain were minimal paw patrol guy who is working in the twilight of his career in administration because he's been on the borders of her career in Texas, and he says people just don't understand. What's going on so I'm coming here for one last shot to try to change. Things
met a woman who worked for the epic times their website, newspaper she's from Romania, but leaves in print Canada. Now you wanted to come down because knows about your show. She broke a story about China and destructive. They are today the world in freedom, and why spoke with that debate? I had to get to see you, which was the highlight of day. Of course, Why not I mean it might have been ours idle now, never looked at my clock, but I've talked to all these and had the best time that I've ever had just stand and ran a bookstore and the amount of people Dan Bungee New posted. You know he asked every by donors podcast. If to move in and peaches Trump everybody show up. I'm gonna have a rally, and you know you just said rolling thundered that the same thing, if this happens based on what you say you thousand people were at titans. You cannot apply that by at least a hundred just from people listening to you who are gonna come and this country you bought. You said, there's something a foot with regards just like with liberal
Here in this book has got a lot of people waken up and move in recognising and ready to rock Anna. You got declaring call were listening because you are the great one and we know it. We get truth out of you and we are more than happy to be here be our modern day, a revolutionary here, the three percent, because these countries do great into often to let it go. Brian. I want to thank you, it's always a pleasure to talk to you There was great to see you there and you know. There was a lady who came. I don't know if you saw her. And she had a breathing tube in her esophagus. And she had an assistant in american assistant and her husband. And she obviously was unable to talk and.
My wife and I looked at each other. We almost really almost lost it that this woman, in this condition. Such a patriot, such a lovely human beings would come to a book signing Paul D, All in all the trouble she had to go through to come is I can't tell you how it may be feel that somebody would do that have come to see me. This is why Brian I treated try to treat everybody with respect, who comes up may. I dont have a lot of time. I was here six and a half hours. I think I signed thousand bucks. I was so exhausted, my back with killing me. I said I'm staying here. I'm not leaving here
he's a lifetime memories. For me, too, you know what I mean that's illegally and allow not forget in I'd I've missed coming to plunder and to seek, as I had to take class or the promotional them that year in art armament, then I miss rediscovering Americanism cause. I had something with my kids, but what is this one and that it was absolutely worth it, and you know you, and you noticed right away when I gave my book the Julian I she goes to you. Listen to the sheriff again marked, might recognize me I'd Brian Farm and village, the Baltimore and you weren't, even on me yet, and you look down go, I know exactly how you are. Rather, we know in South Africa had other persons book it I'd ever I laid my day and were brownish deny people. I think we're talking this up too much, but I just want people to know I only a few books, signage you're all over the country are actually all over the world. Just now There we are one big patriotic famine. We really are whether
it will become the book signing or not. We are you Brian we'll be right back hard for me to get through this commercial without salivating his father's day. Give daddy give pact with the Roma high stakes. He craves, Yoda, Omaha, stakes, dot, com and code. Look then go easy. I am in the search bar for seventy four percent of the fathers day stakes. Give package a two hundred and thirty five dollar value now for only fifty nine. Ninety not now order right now in his what you'll get to tender for.
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now aviation into the search bar. Don't wait! This offer ensue, there's another one of her fathers they give away. They go to your favorite retail book store or warehouse store, or right now I went should go to Amazon. Dotcom on freedom of the press is forty percent. Sixteen thousand eighty, since it is the perfect, follows day gift for any mail in your life on follows. There was a patriot I know. They're gonna, live at you'll, see the smile on his face. Any retail store thereon, sell all over the place. I dont understand this business that much, but when a book is number one its deeply
Now is the time to get it for fathers day. Fathers day is really just a few weeks away. It's the perfect book for follows that its also the perfect book for every day, quite frankly, but on freedom of the press. I know you're gonna love this book. Just look at the review is, I know, you're gonna love this book. It's very very important. Let me go to the call screen may Well, I'm California eight. Seventy! They answer the great k, our ally, where we are live and national go many many years to come. I hope be good. Lord bless his ear with at least two hundred and fifty more years. People have left.
I'll, be right back at about eight years. Is that a quick, a clarification on a kick the income side involve agent beyond boxes? I bought you for black seven there's a in in an entry that employers had to make a relative to each of the servers grocery heat for each and every night, so that the credit card chips are automatically reported. However, if the server or the bartender refused to reprocess reports, they would take a think with eight percent of the gross receipts of those they are for each night to be reported, so we need to act as if, in fact those are on her w to differ factor of, I think we ought to have all her tax information released. Oh you may see. I certainly do I think what's good, for they goes is good for the money. Leftist, ladies and gentlemen, we salute all our heroes out there. Thank you I'm about to leave
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