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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/4/19

On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, 77 Years ago today the Battle of Midway ended the threat of Japan on the Pacific coast. This decisive victory was key on winning, yet so many of us don't know about it. We must know our history because if we lose our history we will lose our country. While that is our history, others around the world still suffer. Today also marks the 30th Anniversary of the courageous stand taken by the man who faced down the Communist Chinese Army tanks in Tiananmen Square. Despite his stand against despotism, Chinese Muslims and Tibetan Buddhists are still being detained and tortured by the Chinese government. Then, Chris Cuomo says that President Trump is taking America toward despotism because we've never had a president that called for a boycott on a company that he doesn't like. What Cuomo said is a historical lie; we've had presidents like Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Barack Obama whom all abused their power and have called for much worse than a boycott, as noted in "Unfreedom Of The Press." Later, Manhattan prosecutor Cy Vance has requested the transfer of Paul Manafort to New York's Rikers Island in an effort to destroy him under the guise of pursuing NY state crimes just in case Trump pardons him. Afterward, seven Republicans voted for amnesty for DACA recipients and a Robert Mueller investigation witness, George Nader, was arrested on charges related to child pornography.

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