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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, the Pew Research Center on Journalism and Media released a study today indicating that more than 6,000 Americans surveyed believe that "made-up news" is a problem that we need to fix." Respondents also noted that they expect this negative trend to get worse and see it as a problem that needs to be corrected by the media policing themselves. This is exactly what "Unfreedom Of The Press" is all about and that's why it's #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List for a second week in a row. The American people are smarter than the media thinks; they seek out the truth like a modern-day Thomas Paine pamphlet and why ratings on CNN and MSNBC continue to suffer. If the media doesn't get with the program, they will make themselves irrelevant because people will eventually bypass them for being propagandistic manufacturers of pseudo-events. Then, Steven Crowder calls in to discuss being demonetized by YouTube following criticism from Vox commentator Carlos Maza. Later, tomorrow we commemorate the 75th anniversary of the horrors of D-Day during World War II, recalling the atrocities of the Third Reich and how they were defeated. Finally, the free market gave us the industrial revolution and we can't abandon capitalism for the next fad. To be for the American worker is to be for the American economic system of capitalism.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented of the as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred, The fifth year hills, Dale A truly independent institution, where learn surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued? Thank you for listening. And my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody, Martin living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one just very quickly
Then I want to move into some heavy news here. I just in like this ten minutes ago that and freedom of the press will be number one in the New York Times best seller list, Nonfiction Hardcover books for the second week in a row, thanks to you. In addition, this you're gonna like Freedom of the press will be number one on the New York Times best seller list, Hardcover Nonfiction an E books combined. You know a number two. As Mr Medusa, the Mulder report,. So I stand between the Mullah regime number one. Thanks to you, folks,. And honestly on the hard covers is not going to give you the numbers. It wasn't even close. Now, where are you going read this other than Amicia. Nowhere, Absolutely nowhere. Isn't that amazing absolutely nowhere.
If I was some left, this trashing, the the United States be all over the place. The websites and all the shows, here's a book about the media, the media- are basically censoring. Their websites are basically ignoring You know it's not easy to be number one on the New York Times best seller list, two weeks in a row when you're aided by the New York Times and when there's all these other books up by all kinds of famous people. Who been on the late night shows have been in the New York Times. Unwashed imposed have had these friendly right absorbing on Sunday morning. Seed were beating all of them there something stirring out there. You are staring out, their America is stirring out there and again it being ignore another, ignore this at their own expense at their own expense. Now we ve talked about this before, and I want to tell you something: I don't they
by accident that the Pew Research Centre for journalism in media, which has also cited in the first chapter- but this is brand new- it came out today- has a study. I am sure the back benchers we're all over this today as they ignore the book. That's their problem. Many Americans say made up news, has a critical problem that needs to be fixed. This question is just ass for the halibut this didn't just happen. We ve been talking about my book for two and a half months. Now, here's. What they have Americans see made up news.
Be pseudo news propaganda as a bigger problem than other key issues: first biggest problem: drug addiction, seventy percent; second affordability of healthcare; sixty seven percent; third? U S political system; fourth, gap between rich and poor; fifth, Meda, it was an information. Fifty percent and most see it as detrimental to the country's democratic system made up news and information has a big impact on Americans confidence in government Sixty eight percent Americans company and each other fifty four percent political leaders in a bill. They D get worked on fifty one percent. Any American say the creation and spread of made up is an information, is causing significant harm to the nation and knee
to be stopped according to a Pew research centre survey of six thousand one hundred in twenty seven: U S, adults. Indeed, more Americans view made up news as a very big problem for the country, then identify tear some illegal immigration, racism and sexism. That way. Moreover, nearly seven and ten american adults sixty eight percent. Say made up news and information greatly in packs, Americans, confidence and governmental institutions and roughly half fifty four percent, so it is having a major impact on our confidence in each other. U S Explain political leaders and activists far more than journalist for the creation and made up news intended to mislead the public, but they believe its primarily the responsibility of journalists, to fix the problem, and they think,
if will get worse in the foreseeable future, the vow majority of American say they sometimes are often encounter made up news in response but their news consumption habits, including by fact, checking Who's they get in changing the sources. They turned for two for news, in addition, eight and ten. Seventy nine percent of? U S, adults, belief. Steps should be taken to restrict made up news as opposed to twenty percent, who see it as protected communication. Similar to Americans news attitudes generally start partisan differences exist when it comes to. It up news and information, particularly in the area of assessing blame. Differences also emerged based on political awareness and age and general Republicans political aware. An older Americans express higher levels of concern about the impact
of news and their counterparts these Search about made of news or mingled with pessimism about the future, the issue mode. Those surveys. Fifty six percent think the problem Get worse over the next five years, only one Terribly progress will be made in reducing it now he goes on its really quite fascinating. And I believe we posted that did we, MR producer. She can get it on either my facebook site or my twitter site. When I want to read to you the next, the last paragraph in my book. The abandonment of objective truth and worse. The rejection of the principles and values of America's early press and revolutionaries is not new for the at times and other media long predates the trunk presidency,
this led the times and the media outlets a very bleak and dark place destructive of the press as a crucial institution, Do not act forthwith and with urgency to fundamentally transform their approach to journalism, which finally transform their approach to journalism, which, sadly, is highly unlikely. Their credibility work. Continued to our road and may well reach Point soon where it is irreparably damaged with a large portion of the citizenry, and rightly so, the media will not only marginalized themselves, but they will continue to be the greatest threat to freedom of the press. Today, not President Trumpery ministration, but that current practitioners of, used to be journalism, and so what is the purpose of this book to pile on now?. Among other things to jump, start a long overdue and hopefully productive.
I log among the american citizenry, just like the colonists on how best to deal with the company It is a complex issue, the media's collapsing role as a bulwark of life the civil society and republicanism so you're not alone in saying this, and I think that we have. In fact you live in patriots, this programme, this book. Have stirred the attention of the american people, have focus the attention of the american people and, in the end, if the. Modern mass media, not a free press if the modern mass media do not reform themselves and conduct themselves. Professional journalists who seek objective news, they objective truth there not perfect in that regard. Nobody would be, but that should be the goal and if they don't return to that goal,
They done it just a matter of time now they can do enormous damage in the meantime, as State a claw their way back in terms of ratings and subscriptions. But we really need even need you to tell us this did we there's a reason why CNN has no ratings. There's a reason why the New York Times had to be bailed out? There is a reason why the washed and post had to be bolder and there's a reason why Rachel Matter has no ratings anymore, because the american people Are smarter than they think and the notion that we needed professional, elitist, so called journalists To tell us what the news is, after they digestive interpreted analyze it and then run it through it
Their progressive agenda, in order to provide it ass, the stupid people, the busy people who need their help to tell us what to do, has always been bs. Bill are now reacting with their viewing habits with their reading habits and the greatest problem. For the modern mass media today and unfortunately allotted conservatives trash the internet, problems with the internet. There. Businesses on the internet, who pusher Agenda and attack conservatives there are frauds and x and perverts on the internet, just like the rest of the population in communities where you live, but there also great people, smart people, newspaper.
And I believe you can discern the difference, and that is the check on the New York Times. The way. Post, CNN, MSNBC and all the rest of them. That is the check, they want to peddle opinion undress it up as news we're onto them, we're onto them So those of you who have acquired a copy of on freedom of the press, I cannot thank you enough. I think, if you read it You'll understand why, this more than any other I keep pushing and pushing in pushing this is our pamphlet. This is Thomas Pain, pamphlet. There were pushing out to our fellow citizens, it's getting out there now and once you get this pamphlet the book and read it and spread the word. That's the only chance for two things to happen.
Either the mass media, the modern mass media, which is not the free press. Remarkably reforms itself, I don't think that's gonna happen. Are we will continue to build on these new platforms, new technologies, new outlets that are available to us, and they will be by Asked the modern mass media will be bypassed altogether. I put a post up on my sites today and, I said, look you know People out there who hate my guts, who insist on writing things that personally attack me you're, not helping yourselves more than anybody also to read this book, even though I wasn't written for you was written for patriotic Americans, but you ought to read this book. You start having some level of circumspection where you gonna, destroy yourselves.
And if you destroy yourselves, you deserve to destroy yourselves, but is that It's all you are or bullies who, day in and day out, beat us down with your propaganda. Beat us down when your manufactured news beat us down with you Progressive ideology beat down where your democratic agenda and beat us down with your social activism. More guess what we don't have, put up with it any more of Europe. Back then every human It has a common problem. How do I live? Well, our Venus and well being depends on how we answer that question hills to college Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm a key and ethics and a new
Free online course from hills to college shares Aristotle's teachings that. Why help really the most complete happy life possible register for this free course, introduction of air battles, ethics, how to lead a good life. Drawing lessons from the greatest self help book ever written at Levine for hills down that come in just ten on demand videos each only thirty minutes. Long you'll learn how to confront the chief obstacles to happiness and make their choices that bill good character. Aristotle present a guide for securing a virtuous life, and if you take this recourse from Hills Dale Eve, Aristotle's advice, your life will change for the better. You can learn how to lead a good life justice, every hills, dot, com, student does it's yours: for free at live in front hills down that calm, that's L for Hills,
Now that come as I read you researches a few more interesting tidbits justice republicans press greater scepticism than Democrats about news coverage will, of course, because it's the Democratic Party news. They see made up news as a bigger problem place for more blame, far more blame. On journalists, he said What majority Republicans republican, leading independent, sixty two percent same the news, is a very big problem in the country today. Compare fewer than half of Democrats and democratic, leading independence. Forty percent doesn't make sense, it does cause the media is the Democratic party media. About half a Republicans, forty nine percent say they come across it off. Nineteen percent, points higher than Democrats at thirty percent, one of them
darkest. Differences, though, is in assigning blame for creating made up news and information we Against or nearly three times as likely as Democrats to say, journalist create a lot of it. Fifty eight percent it's a twenty percent. And I suspect, since retard About the democratic party media that they are not going to reform themselves, they're gonna rely on those numbers involving Democrats, and I'll take some solace in that, and this will be, ultimate downfall, I don't mean to Morrow. I will mean the next day I dont mean five years from now. Tenure. True now, The media landscape will be completely revolutionized, though, they'll be hangers on and on. There are going to go away, but they just won't matter that much. And what I am hoping. What replaces it will be
a truly free press doesn't mean a press. We I agree with, but a press that is really one of three things. Its patently identifies conservative. Its patently identifies as liberal, or is truly in the business of trying to report news that is looking for objective truth as imperfect as that is causing Campi per But I had a wonderful interview, lady earlier today. What show pegs he's a former ankara. And, of course, he's a grey radio horse now and we agreed local moves as imperfect as it is, is the best form, a news we have today, local tv news
local tv and even a lot of the local newspapers are terrible, like in Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale signal that crap, I winning then in a bird cage. I wouldn't when my birds to get some kind of poison in poison most of the local news, not all, but most of the local news really is news, and it's not twenty four: seven they're, not beaten down every day. You want to know, what's going on in your schools, in your community, with your roads, with the traffic with the weather and on and on and on a crime. This is information you can use to projected. The national level really is quite a simple concept: stop bowling. Stop pounding us with their areas, call a and Brian discern what of news is stop taking sides.
Stop telling us the present. The United States is a crook hold out to the Russians or whatever it is stopped Co, mingling news opinion, by the way get rid of all the dead weight. All pony legal analysts put series people in there all phony news anchors, they're not knows anchors clean about, or at least at least Integrity in the decency to separate the news from the opinion be right back soon, family in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus, the free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college, in premises. Dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in
Eighteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a issues like free speech there Regulation of big tech illness and the American Medical insurance system, and because because founding principles are so important, hills, though, At present Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right, you can subscribe to Primus for free, here's what I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and pride. I m p r. I am I yes dad still that EU welcome I'll still doesn't just read the news, a mid term. You call them Oblivion show now seven
employed one. Forty eight one one and much of his livelihood is honest channel on Works with the blaze tv has a fantastic programme in my whose livelihood is Channel on you, too, you tube Has suspended crowded channel for making money in its best explained at the right scoop Youtube announced yesterday that it had decided not to ban Stephen Craters account from their platform after vocs employ Carlos last targeted, crowded and buy them The sky Carlos mindset is a very, very nasty dude. I don't even know how you call him a journalist, just a very nasty guy vicious his posts, vicious And so he provokes responses in many cases.
However, decided to suspend crowds, revenue, earning ability, honest channels, so their choking off his income. There choking off his income. And as they write it right scope, I honestly don't know how money is made from you tube. Putting out on videos by crowded, gets a lot of use on a regular basis, so my got tells me it significant. So it is mine, so it is mine, this guy Carlos Maza. The happy said now: you should ban him altogether, because this is what the left us. Whatever the speech Men are not familiar with all the back and forth familiar with the overall outcome, rights good. They say. You know it be one thing for you tube to stop crowded from running ads on his videos. If he were calling for violence, we ve been calling for hate, but he's not
Peaches mocking monica- and he goes on now crowded- has treated that that in fact this is the case. What's happened to him anyway, I'm invited even crowded on the programme he'll be here and about a half hour, give or take a quarter after seven eastern time to discuss this matter, because I'm a big believer in speech as well as freedom of the press and also big believer in private property. But all that said At the instigation of a leftist working for a phoney left, this new site. I'd likes to get in the dirt and fight other people drag them down with him. Then go to Youtube to try and have somebody band with whom he's going at it. Going out with him, really is unacceptable to me,
So we will bring you. Our mass of audience Patriots constitution, lists liberty, loving, Americans. We will bring you into this issue, and there will have Stephen crowded himself explained to us what's taking place here. I think it's very, very important. Don't you? Yes, I think so. There's a lot of stuff going on here. I'll give you another example. When it comes to free speech and freedom of the press we talked about this briefly there's a book out by Michael Wolf and by almost all accounts. It's more the same fiction dressed up as nonfiction. Trashing, the president trashing Jerry Kirshner, my pants, Again describes Donald Trump cause cautionary. As for the vice president, he's a religious not.
And on and on and on pensive, why? Karen. Oh, she gives me the creeps and its trysting because innovate Of the left and the right have denounced this book and have denounced this man and some who are I have been involved, have denied and yet. Its number two on Amazon that come, I have on freedom of the press and the reason is. Left this one, I believe, even though confronted with lies and contradictions in hypocrisy. The history. Applications and deceit it doesn't matter. They want to believe want to believe what Michael Wolf has in his book they want. Mad believe, Michael. They want and Stormy Daniels you get. I believe the psychiatry
professor Lee from Yale, they were I believe, mad learned. They want to believe that you can have everything for free. They were believe it can centrally managed economy. They want leaving at peace with China and Russia simply by unilaterally disarming. They want to believe, and they are very, very dangerous. So this guy, with his face book moving, the nonfiction list and guess who's very excited about I told you the other day we spend some time on this guy in the guardian law, Green remember that, Mr Barroso, this is guy the guardian as a left wing rag and Britain, and for it to be a left wing rag and Britain. They really must be left wing and has no serious journalistic standards, and neither does Lloyd, Green he's. The book review guy from time to time anyway,.
So he trashes me and my book. And I posted on him because he is absolutely incoherent and much This has been brought to my attention by TIM, Graham at news Busters as a great guy. That's a great site, obviously, and he raises the hell out of Michael Wolfsburg. Do you believe that Rick. Because he's never tramper, he hates trump. So is right: Bob Review is not as an honest, independent thinker looking at work trying to make sense of what the authors writing so worth as a book reviewer. Should he just, In their pocket off, Levine Attack. I'm never tramper that is he's never tramper. Therefore, I will promote Michael Wolf and Attack Livin. Now, if I were never tramper, he would love. He would love me.
But he's fascinated with this book wolf some soft pitted against the special councils office. As to whether mothers team drew up or had drawn up a three can indictment against the President, a March twenty eighteen team, Mahler has issued something other than a categorical denial. The documents that described, do not exist. Let us part you see fraud, this guy Lloyd Grove. What is his name, Lloyd, Green, what an absolute fraud. This guy is even mothers. Rejection that what will said about an indictment is parsed, an absolute rejection. This Nimrod this this Mental midget, who writes book reviews for the guardian. Just like the Nimrod Mental Midget, who wrote the op Ed of the Washington Compost, just like the Nimrod Mental Midget, who wrote the usual
the usual sources. They are incapable. Of self examination can circumspection and they speak from most. Of the modern mass media. They are incapable of accepting facts. And using reason to analyze situations: instead, they use every opportunity to advance their agenda. The documents you d I do not exist, said the molecule. Let us parse note. The expression give that you describe note the use of the present tense as an Each former president said it depends. But the meaning of the word is is so you get a stupid stuff regard Wolf, sky, the majordomo of trumps. Twenty sixteen campaign. Became Whitehouse adviser until he wasn't enjoys tweaking is form
Boss and goes on so people by that book. Because they want to be misled, they want to be deceived. They want to believe what's in the book, they I believe, the worst about the present. They want to believe the worst about the administration many respects they want to believe the worst about their country and law green. Is there to help them at the guardian. He said I help them just like Anal LISA was there to help them at national pubic radio. Just like these System, professor, whose name escapes me, was there too them at the Washington Compost and yet Researchers, hello, fellows. Ladies you destroying yourselves. They don't care, they don't care because their pushing an ideology. That's all that matters
and therefore they will destroy themselves. The president is of the greatest threat there, their greatest threat, more examples, Gregory, I thought David Gregory was done. He was a fairy that the press, he so bad, that even Chuck Todd is better, apparently a getting ratings and David Gregory. So that's the triple air up against a double Aaron, minor League baseball talk and as Mark think Einstein points out at their mercy. Why would- President Trump listened a prince Charles or Al Gore when it comes to slapping taxes on carbon, would only Costa told trillions of dollars globally. Hobble economies hurt the poorest countries and people little if anything, to effect climate change, but on CNN this morning, Alison Colorado.
Commenting on a protracted sit down yesterday between Trump and Prince Charles put it the David Gregory that the president doesn't seem to have been moved much by Prince Charles passionate entreaty imagine having to listen Prince Charles blow, the eight had noise. About climate change, any change of swapping for that Let's hear them said themselves cut six go David near what's on where the brow, the president, doesn't seem to have moved. Much been moved. Watch by Prince Charles is passionate entreaty where they apparently met for much longer than they were scheduled to the president can listen to Prince Charles on the issue of climate change, but the president just continues has now four years whether resolve bore his children and others who are pleading the case for what he can do is present that the United States to advance this and not sit back effective,
answers to climate change and continues to be dug again to disregard and ignore what is scientific consensus around what major Countries like the United States should be doing in a leadership role to combat climate change around the globe. Globe is not going to stand by and do nothing Around the world, but without the United States is not that I don't think that's so incoherent, he's rambling, but you know gonna go ahead. Also. I think you know we're in a complete standstill here the president doesn't appear to be showing much movement, despite consensus, not only in the scientific community but among corporate leaders that there has to be a price on carbon consensus. Ladies and gentlemen, this is the hard the Jenner that was imported into these this country by the marks left in Europe, the DE growth, dust realisation movement in these give voice to theirs census. They say now
It go around CNN. Do your own research you can find it all over the internet, legitimate sources a little bit of it. When we read Ben folks, many of our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but Thirdly, many have lost their way locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse and instead pedal their moral and cultural relativism thankful there's hills Del College since its family. In eighteen, forty four hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent, piety and his heels. Enters its one hundred and seventy fifth year. Their goal is simple and profound to help stew,
I understand what is no bless him best in yourself and the World Hills. Dale colleges, liberal arts, education and vibrant campus community help students form a foundation for the rest of their lives, a truly life defining experience. So, if you're, looking for a college that prizes learning and values intellectual enthusiasm, everyone shares a strong sense of meaning and purpose. Welcome, too still college. Please visit wholesale dot YE d, you slash admissions to plan a visit and learn more: that's hills: they'll, DOT, cd, you slash admissions, modern mass media wants to participate in politics, suddenly report the news, but actually take sides and takes I was a Democrat Party consistently in relentlessly. Will then it's part of the political landscape And you ve seen this when I just got this
I can see in anyone else. I wanted him quickly. Hard cover sales must one hundred and seventy thousand hardcover sales and two weeks over twenty five thousand e book sales in two weeks, numbers are still trickling: over twenty six thousand audio sales. It is in area so well over two hundred thousand units hard cover e books, audio on freedom of the press have been sold in two weeks, and nobody else is going to tie you that I wish to allow don't say anything. Now every now and then there's a you know and outlier who will jump in. Levanter Havana, and so we will address them.
But is in an amazing without sixty men without a single network television without the vast majority of the internet, without some of the biggest talkers and conservative and other radio. You did this. Our friends at Fox here behind microphone. We ve had friends on the internet websites, few news here and there they know who they are. My fillets had been outstanding, absolutely terrific and those who been involved. You know who you are, and we want to thank you, but. That's an enormous number in this day and time. I don't the thing about Lesbians in my book. There's nothing trashy in the book, you're, not going after the present in the book. None of that stuff. It is a substantial book, a buddy, substantial problem. I will be
Fox on Hannity, show at nine thirty pm eastern time tonight, right after the radio show flax. We'll have a great deal of fun there. We always do and let's see here my call screen, not MR producer. Do we have a good collar, liberal or conservative there, CAN Canada on the mark live in go here. I am you I'm good there. You are go right ahead. Ok, out, gonna make a quick, Governo, Stephen Criers, coming on and on slow down? We have news at the top and then we have- and then my buddy comes on, but it everybody should listen, there's a lot to say: go ahead. Ok, I just from two quick points. I believe that Donald Trump has checkmated mainstream media and dropping, I believe, tears.
And I consider what's happening right now- is an actual modern day, David versus Goliath Story and I think the only way for the mainstream media to actually get out of this problem is simply admit that they screwed up. I'm gonna have a gay, but we can all dream, but that's not happening. Ok, I'm Mark, am I talking to you in private or on no we're on the air at all. Why, when I talk to you in private, ok, my dad, ok, You don't you do any great job, dopey nervous. Ok, thank you sound great. Thank you. Thank you mark. I also bought your book on prisoner press. I gotta from Amazon that takes on Canadian. I have I haven't ready, yet I will read it and I will hopefully call you back and let you know honestly how I feel I want you to, I won't be appointed at work and the laughable I'll bigotry quick. What are they
I moved on these points, are where is it oh shit? I know what it is. You went to my local bookstore and I actually with I wanted. If it is my book in Canadian, it does not It is here and I would remain in english- I'm just kidding healthcare gate. Yes, it is. Isn't any letter. Unfortunately, all I saw was the Michael Wolf Crap, I'm telling you now be aware that Michael Wolf Crap is going to be pushed push. Put push I'm aware of it. All the dead Anderson, the and the rest, their desperate, the desperate. So they want that book, even though its full of crap, thank you for your call. My friend call again will be Back.
Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, one. When I see today, she impudent have been meeting and they say that the relationship is closer than ever. It's an extraordinarily dangerous time for the United States. China is on the move, Russia's on the move, China's a greater problem because of its population,
And its resources, the second largest economy in the world. Now it's not close stars yet, but the Democrats are doing everything they can to destroy our economy and that's kind of what I wanted to get at, which is this. China, of course, is a brutal barbarian dream to communist regime at slaughters. People- a tortures people it has ass if gulags and what they dont tolerate is descent. The sun is crucial in a republic. We not only tolerated. We celebrate. But it also opens up opportunities in a free country for people to take advantage. That freedom in order to destroy it.
I'm here to tell you and I don't care how many websites repeat what I say and try and mock this- that the modern Crap party does not stand for Americanism its for the progressive ideology. The progressive ideology was imported into the United States. It wasn't born of the United States. It's an alien ideology to an ideology that conflicts with our founding principles. With our declaration with our constitution, it's the antithesis of freedom and limited government and divided government. The democratic party. Is this party that promotes alien ideologies, ideology Is that conflict with our founding principles,
This is why you don't hear their leaders particularly the most popular leaders, talking about liberty are individualism, are constitutional ism the wave around the constitution to try and persuade their base, among others, that their defence her governing document against Donald Trump they're, not defending their destroying it. As the media, destroying freedom of the press. But the Democratic Party is, he is a very dark force in this country. It is undermining the civil society, both these civil power. And the society par is devouring the civil society with government. Its smothering the civil society with government And the civil society is made up of free individuals. Most
doing what they want to do. The democratic party. When you hear how they speak,. Is in many ways a party of soft tyranny and it's getting worse. When somebody says healthcare for all and what they really mean is we're gonna, take your health care away from you and dictate what kind of health care you have that's tyranny. Tyranny When somebody says the property you own is too much property and therefore we're going to take a percentage of it. Even after you, ve paid income taxes, the federalists, state levels, property taxes, nuisance taxes, that's tyranny,. There's no wealth tax in the constitution.
When people say we want to get rid of the electoral college and replaced with the popular vote, in other words, mob bureaucracy, not republicanism, mob accuracy. Tyranny when these very same people who claim to support the popular vote to the courts and the bureaucracy to sabotage a popular election, we're? President has one under our constitutional system, fair and square, but they reject the outcome. That's tyranny! That's what that is when that party. That same party rejects national sovereignty when that same,
We reject the whole notion of american citizenship of american Grey. I said the greatness of the american culture believes the american culture, and american society is no better than that in Guatemala and Honduras and Bolivia. That's tyranny. And, as I say when they believe in open borders when they want people the flood into the country, with the hope that the next generation of our over the in there. But the country they have the country's resources they have with american citizens and their children their how with law enforcement. Health system and all the rest of it, that overwhelmed by educational system, that's tyranny. So the Democratic Party is a huge problem in this country and its
marriage with the media and vice versa. It's not a party that promotes America's founding principles while Mark Marcus founding principles, included slavery, An interesting the people who tell us this are almost always Democrats. We know, I hear strewing own included slavery. We also known included the civil war, but The people who say these things are Democrats and it was their party. Certainly during the civil war that defended slavery, their party. It was their party that the defended separate but equal all the way up to the nineteen sixty
there was no party. Was my party was a your party, the Democratic Party. Has created a Lotta helen, this country, and it still is the Democratic Party For most of its existence has not stood for Liberty says here. One it stood for slavery. One pointed stood for segregation, Jim Crow. And watch at Stanford, they owe civil rights mark no, actually, civil rights, there Behind the curve there to weather was eighteen. Sixty eight in the Sole Rights ACT, which they opposed. Her mother- was nineteen. Fifty eight Nineteen sixty these overwrite tax proposed by twice Eisenhower or even the sixty four sixty five acts were much
a large percentage of Republicans voted for those than the Democrats, and now today, democratic socialist, that's oxy, moronic a taxi moronic! That's like saying dry fish: there is no democratic socialism. There's the iron fist. There's the iron fist south. Are we just take a few minutes? Look at the Democratic Party where we're up against and now. They want to impeach a duly elected president. That's their focus. If they can get enough Americans to agree. I'm in drive down the president's popularity ratings. They want to conduct their coup. That's tyranny too.
I'll be right back Stephen prouder is a friend of mine he's also a tremendous talent, solid conservative, very, very entertaining we in some ways. I don't I her like that some of the older comics when I was growing up, who really cutting edge. Really knew how to Define an issue with humor and smarts Stephen crowd. Her Can I ask you how you doin? Could you must be shown on nails right now but to tell the american people what's being done to you right now? What I really Britain aren't we get out of bed of a day. Is people think. In large part, because you know you an irony that work together and of course we have
shows up at the blaze and Youtube effectively. People know you to be the biggest video video streaming, video to sort of delivery mechanisms on the internet, and I've been there for a long time with the first concern over there. The number one Every channel distributing the brake grateful for that with a huge fan base and over four million people in Derry Show and at what happened, someone at Box of the big entertainment, Vito X of Yo Xbox react the ever that clear, Finally, I thought I think we'll get mad. They why? Why haven't left? If that is the act, that the out of pocket they couldn't be worth there actually sell described market holding out, really that made or not accompany worth a billion dollars, but just me with my individual was better than a lot of their video, the shrink rebuttals to their videos with facts sources, they sat and had been lobby Youtube accurately to get be banned all week, in other words, that we pay. We dont like that.
What reputed ideas have been but show the act to be banned from you to back If you gender somebody for what is that, if you call somebody by their biomass, the company, what everyone with conservative to me from Youtube and nuclear marketable told found extremely they. They ve ever seen you already have it, but let me give you an idea of what they think Annabelle on Youtube. If you Jimmy Somebody for what is that, if you can Somebody by their biological jack you're, in other words, that man was born there. If you say he may think that the Banipal affects go wandering clear, so people under an early, however, social media law for a short Youtube could not find it in violation of any policy, for they said we're not gonna kick at the Good NEWS. They are difficult to make sure that it can make a living here war If you allow carried on a video that
we were inconsistent and a lot equally want to protect the public platform in electing a public utility to a private publisher, so I dont think I really expected the backlash. Getting everyone Trent right now with people who are really really mad at bottom Youtube and see what happens because this is the new frontier right. It wont. Let me ask you: this is people in my audience shorter ice there. There there there agreement with what they ve done to you. Where do they go from here? louder with priority com. Flash mug club is the show it and that's where they join up at the blaze. They get access. I show, but you're showed all the content and any outperforming. The court has been incredible that the latter fetid accomplishment club. You got a headache: I guess it's really must await Enemy Sloan. I once a rich make sure they're up on my social sites. I wouldn't We're going to pile in here. We're gonna, give you some air cover. Go ahead,
don't worry! I appreciate and we Democrats be sure to play them into Verlag bag. It reads: you know it's a big honestly, our. I don't think they understood the backlash that was come here. They are nothing if people are complaining for me to have this outlets people to understand They say. You're too, should be a queer state. What queer elderly Did you lose their words right which, by the way they choose me upon the Pollack hate speech for using the word queer with less than two percent of the population? Nicky was designed to be a space for everyone, but the country is, Germany, your account for people who aren't even conservative, but at the very least don't the conservative should be abandoned, violently assaulted, at least seventy eighty percent disk box agenda. Our whole billion dollar company has openly advocated for throwing up committing battery again So this is the guy. This is the guy who's been really targeting you with
you tube and he's been openly doing what he's been openly admin to humiliate people disagree. But here you see a UK, they drove milkshakes on people using saying that what we should do, we should promote shakes on people. He call her up in a white supremacist think they should be pulled off of me the guy, what the media matters specifically because he said he wanted to take out Fox news effort from rapidly accompanied. Because they're losing their grip you're losing their stranglehold. They have to pay you dollar, eighty four by the biggest media companies ever NBC Universal and they can't compete the fact that we, what was me a guy with a camera in a dam that will drive them out fully. Not the people disagree with my point of view, but that's fine, but the honest about it, Youtube do they want to take any want to eat it too? They want to be able to say were public platform. We are not a publisher all boys
It then be able to do to throttle people, and I believe there are only a placard, honesty and book. Or how the shakes out, because it is about, observe them tat. They really work. We want you to say so. Let southern really targeting. Through you they're targeting really ah conservatives or most conservatives, is that correct I concur anyone who tell the jokes: that's the thing: We ve been how are we violating guidelines? They said you, we have this They forget that galaxy, effective job, so guys, like Lenny Bruce, would not have been able to go on you too. I mean I can name a hundred tremendous comedians. Asked and present, who would not be able to call on you to write
by the way, if not, when I'm a dirty jokes, I'm talking about offensive jobs, so jump it might somebody thought a dirty war should actually ftp complying because we don't want by contained walking or stopping repeating, your profanity so even believe that if it makes it through air, so not dirty joke offensive. Joking already listed at an offensive racist epithet mark what Mexicans Billy yeah the word, but he's supposed to say, Latinos. Let me exactly with a nasty pejorative like day we're an accident. I can only be a clue what do we say from Africa? What am I supposed to say? Listen that alongside words that we agree, people should certainly know something common human dignity. But you can't say that again,
the issue here right now we're Edward S, age, immediately, radio, television and say you have your pc We wanted the actually see everyone here. They ve been people affected. Can now How did you get something or build just trying to figure out what it's really gotta find? Well, the rule book back we're gonna, however TAT brass, and they give us answers today which were consistent. They probably tweeted out a different answer as to why are channel what do you think anybody same page themselves, so we have an answer and the answer they gave my official The council was verifiable. Incorrect and again are things we said. Listen to the british conservatives, that's fine saying If you don't want anyone who disagrees with Silicon Valley crowd, but you openly say that what you can do is call our business, in other words, make ten.
Now you can dollars. So what are you going to do now or right? And if we don't get a next step, People can get there ever happens. Wording builders is unhappy. People working with you to prolong Cuban he's. Just a few of you too, we would you do our aid, Stephen crowded, you keep us updated, we're gonna work linked to let the site that you mention we're going to enforces organ exposed, you too, and I went Thank you very, very much take care of yourself Thank you not less than what I tell you. With a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv mobile owns and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism, sir,
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well. They like you, and let me tell you my mom too she deserves my attention is well. She was magnetic and anyway Bell you go ahead I'll meet, we, we can disagree about things. That will be all right, but I dont want shift gears on your. Could I just say, thing about your last squalor before I get to what I call the course greater about one you, get your call for you run out of time. Ok, rope worker I know what you were measured in before a break that you are concerned about the ethics of, Democratic Party in undermining or not the ethics. The history it has a horrific history, not that doesn't mean everything about. It is horrific but no denying it as a horrific history. The go right ahead, absolutely no, but mark. My whole point is work easier.
Turned about somebody ethics in what's going on with democratic Party and how their undermine saint ethics. Ethics is an understatement. Slavery is in a matter of ethics. It's an abomination. Segregation is a matter of ethics, it's an abomination, Jim Crow, and if you look at them crash party today really is embracing the likes of Taliban Omar and Allison. It's got in. The fair com I mean these are serious matters. These aren't just matters of mere ethics. These are serious matters, them they're, they're abominations. As far as I'm concerned- and I agree with you, but I also think we president right now that is undermined some of the institutions to our founding fathers, but in place he called the question that the legitimacy of the election in two thousand sixteen be lost. He's under my allow, our how holler he called in the
Question the legitimacy of the two thousand sixteen election if he loss we ve spent too half years on this? It's been the Democratic Party that. The cross party media that here, undermine his candidacy, undermine his presidency and has been called the question his legitimacy from day one but you're going to compare the the slavery, what you know why this is a president: you're gonna talk about providing a presidency, a guy who started his whole presidential ex exploration based on request, Rocco Bottle was a! U S. Whole cares for God's sakes, her tears and Barack Obama's best friend anti semite racist, who stood at the pulpit trashing America for twenty years married O bought the Obama's baptized,
children and I'm supposed to be worried about whether Donald Trump brought up by birth or issue? This ridiculous and you're going to compare that slavery to correct it was awful Bobby Our citizens, I have always said he was you, listen to this programme, but who cares and this scheme of things who cares? I dont wrote, don't worry about everybody. Question were generously Donald. So what you, if you pay now, we know the that he was legitimately elected. What are you talking about when he was quite like if you would accept results of the two thousand for Sir Sir you're. U dealing with if he said when he said, and if this happened and you're bringing up in the car she communes saved my comments about the Democratic Party in a what about Donald Trump, bringing a birth or something excuse me excuse me, you can compare the. Let me ask you a question.
What do you think about John Kennedy, unleashing the IRS on news, publications or more. Now pay attention and educating you, what do you think about you? Edgar Hoover and Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy putting Wiretaps Martin Luther King, home phone is hotels. Having FBI just follow him. What do you think that you still think Trop is undermining the presidency. Let me ask you know question: what do you think about old man, Joe Senior, who is Bob and undermining the elections and cook county, Let me ask another question about Lyndon Johnson, who got it the Senate under questionable terms. I can go through this. You want through a let's go through it. President hasn't done any of those things. None of them is that, where we're going,
We're not drown. Let's do rather sorry. You call here you call here, and I talk about the Democratic Party and what its done to this country in the best you can do is to trash trump with. Earth tourism now realise how stupid that is more. Do you want to say how stupid You sound yeah, yeah, right, You compare slavery to what the president said, at birth tourism trust me pal? Ninety nine point- I presented this audience, they thought. It sounds very, very stupid. I bell you take care of yourself. Go, enjoy yourself, talk to your own kind, leftists convince yourselves at this is the worst present in american history is done, the worst things in american history. While your party was on the wrong side of the civil war. While your party was on the wrong side of integration. While your party was blocking little
kids, from going to school, with little white kids, and now why your party, users to reject the anti semite growing power so within its ranks, and I gotta hear you talk on what what about Donald Trump Trapani brought a birth tourism Are you serious, that's like having cancer versus having grown toenail right back Here's something interesting studies show that security systems deter burglars its effect, but there's still a burglary every eight seconds in a market. Every eight Seconds burglars just find fine house, it isn't protected so that.
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Security. I trust simply safe. Mark that come I want to elaborate on the tariff issue that the President's going to place a five percent tariffs mexican goods coming. The United States embassy in mediate flat out, lied and said that the presently came up that play The result is something I said and reset anything. In fact, after that was announced immediately, I didn't say anything in the neck show, but I pointed out that NBC mediate lied. They never issued a correction, let alone an apology, but I want to talk to my free market friends a second I'm a free market here. But I dont believe that a country like China is part of the commerce and trade process there. The enemy.
Their stealing our technology to use in their military weaponry, do not believe we should southern the news to hang ourselves as Lenin once said and as a matter of fact, we ve had export controls on top level, Knowledge is and so forth for decades. Since the time I worked in the regular administration and before because Presidents of every party, in every ideology of recognised, at least to some extent, that there, sir things that our enemies and adversaries must not have. There's, not a president has ever been elected. Who would disagree with that and there's not a free market? economists that I know who would disagree with that. You have to have some level of patriotism for the security of your own country. I'm not talking about protectionism or anything of the sort. That is a
National security issue Mexico refuses to stop. The illegal aliens coming into this country from Central America and all but waves them through. And you can see with your own two eyes- has been a lot of great coverage now on the southern border, especially by Fox a longer. They talk about a manufactured crisis and the media on the left. It is a real crisis, snowy cry, For those who are coming here, but, more importantly, it's a crisis for this country, The level of lawlessness and anarchy admirably ever been seen in american history and we can handle. And the mexican government in this respect is not our ally. It's our adversary, if not our enemy you're there.
Energy for the present, the United States, you ve done everything you can you re Democrat Party Congress and a democratic party that I've talked about before party first country? Second, That has dragged this country in a number of bad directions. It's no longer about commerce in trade and free markets. It's about securing the country- I am not talking about pretty thing industries and subsidy, I'm talking about protecting the country and a five percent tariff that builds a monk Basis in order to convince the regime, the soul, this regime Psycho city, to cut it out, his fine by me. It's fine by me. It doesn't alter any of my view when it comes to free markets and philosophy it's just that national security comes first and
Oh, it's not. You can dump everything and other national security bucket. We Exactly what's going on in that southern border? It's a national security issue,
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I would love in now run only underline the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. I'd number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three:
one one with the anniversary of De Day seventy four five first rate coming tomorrow. There has been a lot of talk at least an fox this programme and a few others about war war too, and the other day we talked about the battle of Midway Island, largely an airbag on carried out, see a decisive battle with the United States, had a crushing victory against the Japanese and I've been thinking about this and thinking about the day, and let me tell you
the news coverage during World war, two of the Holocaust, was so bad that Dwight Eisenhower was concerned. That is the war ended. The american people would know the extent of the german savagery. He knew that it was not adequately covered by the press colluding the New York Times and washed imposed, but the american press. And he was concerned was Eisenhower that this would be lost to history because of the lack of coverage.
Eisenhower had Patton idly among other generals and the media join him. Lets you meant to one of the concentration camps and walk through that camp. To see the emaciated human beings were standing there, Some of them sixty five, seventy, seventy five pounds: men and women, adults in the sky, as the Nazis were trying to slaughters many Jews as they
before the end of the war, even though they knew the end was coming? These tough men literally brought the tea. They could not believe what they had seen. Eisenhower was furious with the evil that had taken place. And he'd seen everything so sword patent sword Bradley, but they may Those cameras, those media cameras, go through those camps to show them what took place. What had been going on. How evil eye regime was his eye? As I watch some of the coverage on the year
When the events that are ultimately led to the defeat of the Third Reich, that's how bad the media coverage was to sin. Absolute syn. I want to move to another subject.
There is a strange marriage between some of the. I don't know what the call them between the hard left and sort of the populist right. I guess I would call it that believes that central government interference in economy will somehow save american jobs. Now they will condemn on the right and the populace right, really all forms of government in many respects they'll pay the government's how to control the right. The government spends too much the right. The government control the border, the right. These are things the government is supposed to address in a way that it is sensible. They will complain about the pie.
Petitions in the government, Democrats and Republicans there. Right, though, complain about the tyranny of a judicial oligarchy. There right there will complain about government taxes. They will complain about government regulations, the right, but. How, when it comes to managing the economy, they think this very same government will do a great job in protecting american job. How so, who the leftists, like Elizabeth, worn, Bernie Sanders they're going to do a good job? How are they going to protect American John? The issue is creating american jobs. How do you create more jobs, more good jobs, more important jobs, more relevant chops.
You look at these socialist regimes to the extent that create jobs at all. These are government jobs, people dig holes, they fill in holes, people sweep streets, people throw trash and streets, that's not how you create growth and growth, ultimately, is how you create great jobs, and so it really is time that people who keep talking about government protecting american jobs explain exactly what they mean. I went to create great american jobs and you do that by embracing capitalism. Yes, some companies go overseas, but obviously they all don't.
We wouldn't have ninety seven point: eight percent employment in this country. You heard me right- or we wouldn't have ninety seven point: eight percent employment in this country and the other thing that so bizarre is government interference at any price. What, if it drives up the cost of an automobile by five thousand dollars, is that ok by you are doubles the cost of clothing,
what's the cost of food or whatever it is? Where do they draw the line in terms of these jobs that their protecting when, in fact they're destroying jobs there destroying the economy, their driving up costs that creating shortages, the rationing there no smarter than Maduro or Chavez or Castro or any the rest of them? And yet they wrapped themselves in the american flag, but that's not the american flag up for good Pang american jobs too, but the way you create good, paying american jobs through capitalism. The way you bring prices down so most people can eat and subsist
And most people do much better is through capitalism. These very same people seem to attack technology or where would they have a strong line see? This is the progressive mindset where we draw the line at one of our ancestors drew lines like this We certainly wouldn't be energy independence. Would we. Where would we draw the line at the wagon train or come out mark ok at the automobile at the play? Where will be trouble line one if they drew the line? Who draws the line? How do we know a line to draw and who will
this? Is it these are important questions that are never asked and ever answered? I tell people all the time that the key difference between constitutional conservatives and the rest is liberty. Now Liberty ordered moral liberty in a civil society, but if it comes down to one word, I'm not talking about Sazen, all arrest them say it's a word that is used enough. It's worth its rarely used in the media in its rarely used by politicians, because their night about liberty any thug, any mobster can try and control the economy. For a lot of reasons and a lot of arguments, we won't pay equality.
There's too much technology. I want to save american jobs. I want to do that. The way you save and create american jobs. By creating an environment that does exactly that people, never ask why our companies going overseas? Why more companies coming into the United States? You know we could be the country where everybody wants to put their money where multinational This is when it comes to the United States. We can do that and there's a lot of ways to do, but we don't that's sad A lot of companies are in the United States. A lot of investments are.
Made in the United States, were not a pauper nation. Despite what some people would have, you believe we have a big vibrant middle class. Despite what some people would have you believe we have a growing economy with very low unemployment. We have a very significant safety net, there's a lot of problems with the government, debt and so forth, but I'm not talking about that. Some people paint this country as if it Zimbabwe. It's not. Zimbabwe, see United States of America where the poor in the United States look better than most people live in the rest of the world and of access to all kinds of technologies.
Bull advances and suffered where they dont in the rest of the world. So I dont understand this rejection of capitalism so about austrian economics, it's not about the cope brothers. It's about Americans using their brains. Rather than a handful of elite, and this is the other thing. Populism of the left or right ultimately result in a relative handful of people telling us what populism is all about. We should do this. We should do that. This guy should do this. This guy should do that. Who should you think we're gonna have plebiscite all the time. What we were gonna get the vote on what does and now you're gonna give government bureaucrats and politics
and a smaller and smaller number them more more power to decide your fate in their fate. Most of this is built on jealousy people say, but free market tuna, we haven't tried free markets and a hundred and fifty. Years and the free market is so horrible. I gave us the industrial revolution
It was so horrible. I gave us electricity in our homes, automobiles, affordable by everybody. He gave us heat, Airconditioning, dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers, toasters, look around you and who do you think makes most of this stuff the Chinese. Now we do, member for all the talk about the chinese and unknown fan, so I don't have any problem with these. These crippling tariffs against China Kazoo the enemy told you for national security reasons, but the truth is the truth. All this talk about still dumping in the United States by China, five percent five percent there, not a big, still produce
Anyway, don't abandon liberty, don't abandoned capitalism for the next fad? Some of it sounds so clever, I'm for the american worker, if you truly for the american worker you for the american economic system, because the american economic system has created what we call today. The american worker, the broad middle class. That's why virtually any body in the rest of the world trade places with us to the extent companies are leaving this country, it's because of our government. It's too big. It's too powerful.
Its ubiquitous. It's random minutes regulations. It is abusive and its enforcement of regulations. So maybe that's where we need to start if we want to grow and keep american jobs not by destroying our entire. Economic system, because there must be some guru somewhere who know how to run the economy. Trust me there are no such gurus. None of them. I'll be right back then, Like climate change, this The issue of climate change has absolutely nothing to do with changing climate. I think
Nothing whatsoever, man can't stop climate change. May I can't stop it. Man can't manage it. It's so ridiculous. Can we manage the department of motor vehicles? but we can manage the climate exactly who is going to manage the climate, always thumbs the same thing, doesn't it taxes, tax success, tax industry, tax jobs, taxonomic? bills regulating and control empower the government. We need to expand the EPA. We need to expand. Department in that department and higher more people Furthermore, while from the private sector in the people were in it to the people who control them and dictate to them a bully.
What it's all about. It's the dream of the left to undo capitalism, people in this country who worked for living in the private sector who pay taxes, Blue collar white collar no color union nonunion. Should we stand together on this Because climate change is about making the vast majority of people, particularly the middle class, poor, poor, her poor I'm using the marxist lingo because there really is no other out there right now we are classes in America, I'm a class is no such thing, but we call it the middle class, why? I don't know, but there it is He wants to be part of this middle class, not to poor, not too rich
because it is, it is celebrated the middle class if you break out of them Lastly, become extremely wealthy: that's celebrated Why, I don't know that's the problem with classes and identifying people as part of groups But it's not about climate change,. The green new deal. That's not about a new deal, it's all A massive centralized government. More massive than it is today more debt ridden then it is today more. Fiscal toy than ever before interfering in your every day, life, fearing in big waves and small, that's what we're up again with a democratic party. Even here's, some Republican say we go it. You know I gotta admit climate change, they fall
to political pressure. They fall to media pressure, not to knowledge and reason, untrue, scientific information, right back you wanna do tomorrow. We have two numbers for you to call, Regular Americans call eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven liberals call eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven cost of illegal immigration into this country to the border states in the border, town, the cost to law enforcement, the cost to hospitals, the medical costs, the cost to the school districts, the cost
These communities, because, through the roof right, what is the cost to our welfare systems and people coming into this country illegally acquire food stamps and other forms of government subsidies? What is the cost? What is the economic of people coming into the country illegally, who have nowhere to stay. Its enormous, isn't it its enormous So when I see the Republicans are concerned about the cost of a five percent tariff on goods coming from Mexico, I understand that I do because we, the people, pay for it, no matter how much spend their it. But we pay for all of it. We pay for illegal immigration to with our property
Excess, our federal income tax or state income taxes should they exist. Quality of life, job losses, we pay for all that. So to watch these Republicans in the Senate of Jack, when in fact they ve had control the Senate and we had control their house and they did absolutely nothing to secure the border. There's really precious to me so Pauling. Quite frankly,. Then they pretend they are the people who believe in the market system. They believe in the market system. They can. Funding this massive monstrous leviathan the federal government, which has as its purpose, to counter to control to eviscerate, to manage the market system.
Much Mcconnell doesn't believe in a free market, the vast majority Republicans at the Senate don't believe in a free market. For subsidies they vote for quotas, they vote for for attacks, based they for all kinds of stuff, if you're in there districts or in their state. I don't believe in free markets. Now this is an argument for tariff, but you have to look at specific situation. We have a huge problem on the border and because the Republicans and the Democrats want secure The damn border present is true. The fair something then he must do to try and then they fall back on free market, which I support, but how does that. Market address national security calamity on the southern border, These very same politicians for the most part, won't authorized.
The kind of spending that's necessary to secure that border their hypocrites every day. I want em. The president shouldn't even have to be thinking about tariffs in this regard. And but for them he is so you want to Know- is responsible for a five percent tariff for Mexico goods at some point. Coming across the border, the Republicans in the Senate, their responsible I'm gonna damned thing to secure the border. Neither the rhinos under Bush and all the rest of them? Then they sit there. Their spitballs. They have no idea what the do none so president trying to come up our creative ways to stop at all. You know what they're about sport May I wonder I really hope sugar subsidies? Yes, other subsidies, yes massive federal spending, which has as its purpose
take resources out of the private sector. Yes that, therefore, now here's something interest, I think, have you ever ask yourself just how can I live? virtuous life our happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills, they'll college, president, brilliant Man, Larry aren't argues that the best book, written on the subject, Aristotle's naked Mickey and ethics? Aristotle presents a guide for securing such a virtuous life. It just ten on demand? Videos each? Thirty minutes long you'll learn how to confront the price obstacles to happiness, make the choices that bill good character.
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Oh, I wouldn't you haven't uber for a few months that point in my life, and I saw you in jail. What did you say haven't you were human and my life and that tonight I listening to your show on. I'm really can in what Cuba. Ain't be, are human Zadig jail system, the working programme where you're angry? but they let you gotta work every single day, I didn't know that. Ok, I was there. I found I was involved and run when I was in jail, I started looking to your show when I first went there. I up until that point. However, why Amazon and and CNN believe, so I will do so in the jails there. Even MSNBC, CNN cheese. Whenever I report report towards that for me, its renewed. How can then be wrong to call them out? There were wrong
I just believe everything they said: Missus, pepper trumpet going through the election and encounter here shown by listen to it, and I really opened my eyes looking to your show the next day. I will watch them and I'm like. This is all lies, but everything they said it was all exaggerated or light, are biased against strong for my family now listen to your audio rewrite array we want everything to be at work. Why it sounds like you, re rehabilitated sounds like Let me ask you this question: how many other people would listen to my show in jail meant a lot, I guess, We ve tried turning a few people on to some people, just one one very generous in politics, but enable them They really enjoyed it
Paul. I really appreciate it and having the guts to call the programme very, very good. And I'm glad you're up, you're out and society and and working and contributing. That's that's a good thing. Let's go to Joe color best New Jersey, the Great W p h t go hey Mark, I gotta Heraclea Youporn, somebody cable, gay, your national treasure idea. I got one question: yes, how in a socialist I want in well with social medicine. Where is the incentive to come up with new cures? New vaccines, new medical treatments? There is none, in fact the only the only advancement set are made will look at it. This way,
and I actually mention this- and I remember this in the first chapter of liberty and tyranny- think of it of even a little differently, Joe, think of all the new medicines and technologies and life saving devices and so forth there might actually be, but for the dent of government interference, taxation and regulation? Think a bit that way. You know what I mean you and it's only gonna get worse and I just want to know. I want to see somebody speak acquitted of fire on answering that question outside of you know. You me it'll, be this. Is the kind of socialist and create anything? I can't think of any great thing that they ve created in Venezuela. Can you now now I can't even think of any great thing they invented in the scandinavian countries. Can you the picture we gotta pay impacts
in the corner nobody's going, and I think you hit on it and looking in your you know, you lay segment when you talk about Republicans, not one to fight the good fight and it's a shame. It's a rule my ride, my friend, I appreciate it don't freak. And I will be on Hannity nine thirty pm these there in time, six, thirty pm pacific time. That's let's just about forty five, Obviously, if somebody says nine, thirty eastern everyone knows it's the six thirty Pacific right. I it's a joke, me because I remember years ago, being instead or gives New Jersey a Damosel Us D. This was before they actually went ape crap, It was actually a news outfit. This they were trying to make. One I'm Brien Williams was dumb as Iraq even back then he would. Something like it. Six thirty in New York, it
three thirty and allay it, sir. It's what is it is thirty in cages at what are you, who are they needed? Ethel listeners Muslims twenty feet already a schmo. Tell us the time in one place, so I do in two places released as a way to mock him. Now you know Carl Norwood New York, the great w cutie can go. Good evening, Sir some pleasure and as our main Carl. How are you baby you should supplies. Could several things converged on one point and for a start, a couple wishes and we used it. It was before we were born the tail wagging the dog. Well e me: why dangled? It's the fleas, wagging the dog. Secondly,
early remark: what is sanity is repeat. The same error expect better nano with the media becoming part of the government, and devoted in war, shipping and million to treating anybody with contempt and expecting respect and return? I losing viewers ship, I think so, you'd losing subscribers cattle and sheep in forty Sweetwater part of a year, Arthur British Bomber Command arrived. She said to the press worldwide scripture. He said they have shown. The windisch will reap the whirlwind. Well, I think that it will be going down your faster as people turn off to match our daughter and lemon and the others that want
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Easy iron in the search bar and you're after the races- and I was strongly encourage you to do it Alma high stakes, dot, com type code, Levine enter the search bar No man is that a great opportunity we ve got more wonderful fathers day gives here for you, I'm telling you I need to get myself a new computer, MR producer cause the damn thing shut down again Tom, the greatest collar on the list. Who is it. Serious satellite in Texas Tony. How are you Tony Haymarket doing great those stick, my car and I have my copy of freedom of the press and not wait to read it. Thank you. I think you're gonna, really like it sure you don't want to stay March. There listen to these mouthpieces for climate change. I can't help but think that deep down inside
they are really thankful that trumpet the president any so resistant so why number one? It allows them to take a moral high ground without taking any action they care. He does it. They don't have to do now hold on that as a great point. That is a great point that really is you'll find throughout the left's agenda. There not responsible for any of the consequences that come But they can basically say anything that feels good well said: go ahead yet not number two in the academic front, there's still a crisis, better help, some raise money, and as long as trumpery this way a mechanism to raise funds, but the most important number three, and that is the Individuals do not have to take a personal inventory to make sacrifice instead of demonstrate
in how they're changing their lies in for the cause. They can simply blame chomp which again They don't have to take any action that they appear to be the ones that care. Now. That is quite right, and it's even worse, actually big. As I put in the first chapter of America, Tokyo there always wrong because their projects, their experiments, are not linked. Impracticable impossible, and so what is there answer when they fail. It's not too, what they ve said, look at their models that what this doesn't work as it is as a practical matter, it's and moreover, it's impossible. It's none of it. Just wasn't tried enough. We need to do it longer him. Or somebody else needs to run it we need more money, and we need more regulations unless competition, so it is a self promoting endless ideology.
Because they're never wrong. That's like Obamacare Obama, there's cost us. I just saw an article on this. Almost six hundred billion dollars but it's a given us a disaster. Higher rates are higher deductibles, less specialists, less choice, some states, one choice, some counties, no choice and go on and on, and so what's the answer to unravel at it. Towards a more competitive said now more government more centralized system, single pair and all the rest, but through just know it you're when it comes to climate change. Really, my oh, my response is always until I see these individuals make personal sacrifice me, neither don't Wowzer, clearly truck Todd. Has you know he put out a thief and I fear the other month and he said,
I'm a man made climate change is a fact, went on allowing deniers whether they be physicists serve my meter, ology Sir climate targets on the programme and he's paid a price But apparently his hair is affected by climate change. Does. He looks like he's a three year old, lay gentlemen: we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters at Ameriky it out. I'll, be on Hannity in thirty minutes, please don't miss it go to Amazon that com, please yet your copy of on freedom of the press or any place where the book is sold. Now's the time
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