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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, President Trump had even more reason to fire former FBI Director James Comey than the public originally realized. There was a leak to ABC News about a draft Inspector General’s report that found Comey repeatedly defied authority during his tenure at the helm of the bureau. This underscores the fact that Comey was a very bad employee and there were many reasons to fire him. Later, the Federal government has become unmoored from the constitution and is corrupt. We're looking at an all-powerful central government and that can lead to a an all-powerful presidency if gone unchecked. Tyranny knows no logic! That's why we need to be thankful that Trump scrapped the Iran deal. President Obama was so desperate to prop up the Iranian regime that they circumvented their own deal to give Iran cash since their currency was devalued. Finally, Social Security and Medicare are headed for broke and Bernie Sander's socialist delusions won't rescue America from this. Both the left and the right have created this complete and utter disaster for our grandchildren. They raise trillions in taxes and yet still need to dip into trust funds. Our government spending is out of control. It is they who will the destroy the wealth they create, the greatest economic system on the face of the earth and our beloved republic.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Anybody like air. I number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one I want we hear Thursday Friday revisiting my parents, just a heads up we'll have the great Dan by Jean, though, By the great Brian Mud, so well, that's what's cooking but there's a lot more cook and actually
somebody leak this draft report from me, inspector general A two ABC News, perhaps not the whole report, but information from the report to be more accurate. It is very interesting, at least up to now. Now there are some concerns. The president is right and others are right. This report not be dumb down. Because people mentioned prominently in the report as an opportunity to reply, as the various institutions like the FBI, what, Which suggests the inspector general do his attach, although Replies as an addendum. An issue is report as written, but when I know anyway,. Some of the initial informations quite interesting just Departments, internal watchdog says Bbc knows,
concluded the Jew call me defied authority at times during his ten years at the eye director. According to sources, familiar draft report on the matter now this is yet the director who defied authority at times, On source told ABC News that the draft report explicitly used the word insubordinate. Scribe, commies behaviour. It is interesting we haven't seen commie lately. Have we took off like a rocket and then and then hit the ocean Another source agreed with that the, but could not confirm the use of the term insubordinate in that F Report Inspector General Michael Horowitz, also rebuke former attorney General Loretta lunch. for her handling of the federal investigation into Hillary Clinton, personal email, server. The sources said not by the way, just a heads up.
Two days ago, the washed and posted a hit job on this guy, Michael Horwitz needs after general, despite the fact he was originally appointed by Barack Obama, so they're trying to take him down a couple. A notches cause are upset whose a guy's may in our findings that they don't like. The media today media it will attack you. On Tuesday morning president, I'm complained of numerous delays and they put quote on quote in the release of horror. What's his final report, which is expected to run several hundred pages long and be released in the coming days, while there have been numerous delays, Our says, who spoke Day Bc News were willing or able to address only a portion of the draft reports complete findings. is taking so long with the inspector generous port, uncrooked Hilary and Slippery James Commie trumped said in a tweet.
Report is not being changed and made weaker is right. almost from the start. The long awaited report was expected to chastise commie for his handling of the Clinton related props? I hear. is where the media step in. To say to you: what's the big deal we already knew, this was coming. What's the big deal where he knew that Call me defied authority from time to time. What's the big deal we already know call me was a leaker. What's that dear. We already know that coming covered up Raillery Clinton, my Before he actually interviewed her anybody on a what's the big deal, We already know about the year the that they hadn't had the laptops. What's that idea. We knew they hadn't seen or the emails. What's the big deal, we already knew all this. What's that Data was an informant in the trunk campaign. Get to the genius, the speaker, the House, in a minute. What's that
deal with anything? Ladies and gentlemen, what's the big deal so it goes on. But an apparently describing commies defiance of authority. The draft report was criticising a man who prided himself on his leadership style at the FBI and since they came his post government life to promoting new generation of effective leaders, just a joke. He's dedicated his post FBI life too, bring a new generation of effective leakers leaders. Do they mean leakers was at a spelling type other MR producer Lee Ellie E, a d arrested. They mean leakers, L E, a k, e r s. I think they did. I think a b c should take me on that won the day. Horror, which is wide ranging report specifically called I'll, call me for ignoring objections from the Justice Department. When you discuss
The stone a letter to Congress just days before the twenty sixteen presidential election, the FBI chance had reported. Excuse me had real when the Clinton probe according to sources. Clinton, has said that the letter doomed campaign now this creates what we call a conundrum for the left, I mean, though, fire way around it because of hypocrites. They are. they create a conundrum. Now. What is this conundrum? Well. If the report is as this leak suggests, candy. call me ignore in the Department of Justice. The disclosure of this letter, Congress right before the election? If that's the case. Then how can they promote? Call me embrace call me, because Komio has attacked tromp relentlessly, but then, on the other hand, condemn call me and trash call me.
for his defined? So the authority when it comes to Hillary Clinton. before I call me sent the letter to Congress at least one senior justice department, official told the FBI publicizing the bombshell move so close to an election, would violate longstanding department policy and it would ignore, RO guidelines prohibiting the disclosure of information related to an ongoing investigation I'm sure that was in the mind of these happy ideology, officials when they were leaking like Hell on Donald Trump right up to the election. And in an interview in April, ABC News Chief Anchor George Definite Willis a K. A current gnawed with hemorrhoids asked call me Ernie General Lynch had ordered you not to send the letter, would you have Senate oh coming responded, I believe in the chain of command, so see coming as a fraud is a liars, a hypocrite but
acting trumps ultimate decision to fire call me. Last year, deputy attorney general ROD, Rosen steam slam, commies loaded Congress and said it was wrong for coming to usurp the attorney general's authority when he and In July, twenty sixteen that the f b- I wouldn't be filing charges against Clinton or her age. Now this is fascinating. ah that Rosen Steen would say that it was wrong for coming to usurp the attorney general's authority when com cheating, when rose in Spain, usurped the attorney general's authority in the credibly broad mandate that he proved to Mr Mahler, when he appointed him special council, thereby violating the appointments clause, its the function of the FBI directly to make such an announcement rose and steam said in a letter to Trump recommending may be fired at most Actors should have said the FBI completed its investigation and presented its findings to federal prosecutors.
Which again raises the question: why is Rosen Steen Stolen vowed and he didn't refuse himself here mended that can we be fired. Eureka. And by the way he recommended they come to be fired in, the Democrats have been calling for commies head right up to the nanosecond that Donald Trump. Actually fired the guy, then, all of a sudden they turned on tramp. Of course, Now horror, which is draft report cited, call me for failing to consult with Loretta Lunch and other senior just apartment officials before taking his announcement on National TV while saying there was no clear evidence. They Clinton intended to violate the law. Call me insist the former sectoral state, was extreme The careless in her handling a very sensitive, highly class information. Lynch had taken the unusual step a publicly declaring she would accept the FBI's recommendation in the case after an impromptu meeting with the former President Bill Clinton spark question.
Better impartiality. While course she, separate commies findings, because call me was in the tank just stroke and paid for in the tank, just like my cable in the tank. And people that wasn't. Why did he released the letter? I right before the election, Why did why did he excuse me, release the information about the males right before the election and so forth, cosy needed to clear the deck. Remember what I've said over and over again they but she would win under all circumstances he needed a clear, the deck, any possible charges whatsoever any new emails whatsoever he needed to get out of the way, so he was, he was doing some housecleaning. Loretta Lynch? Of course she wanted to stay on his attorney general course. She took his recommendation Lockheed saw with me luck. He defied authority, I agree with him: rubber Stamp Knox,
he has defended. His decisions is happy. I director insisting he was trying to protect the FBI from even further criticism in didn't see that I had a choice. He said, though, what stepped back a second. I'll trump is being trashed for firing. Call me The more on a late night shows the morons on CNN Morons MSNBC, the morons all throughout the media were attacking trap. The Mahler the is looking into whether or not there sir obstructed Listen so for and not only did, rose and steam recommend his removal. That is call me and not only was endorsed by the attorney general sessions that here point everybody's missing today and I heard them, but I just know their missing. they also this important, This is important.
because you feelin FBI director who at times defies authority then he should be fired. In other words, there was reason many reasons to fire call me. In addition to the president's constitutional provocative to five prerogative to fire and fear employee, which is not in dispute cept, a fury, in a reporter in an investigator at source. institution works. But. Pointless Trump had many reasons to fire. Call me This underscores the fact that MR combing. Was a very, very bad, employ that he was in sport and at times. Now so all of his book interview, Reviews, except for trash the for the most part. He got friendly questions He was trashing. The president.
He goes on. The social media takes us cheap shots. Since the isn't it will be held to account. So many words and you care less at the time would call me did and every question whether or not he defied authority or was in subordinate to the things that he did publicly, that we know that it because for them anyone anything any issue that can be used to trash the president or bring him down is fine by the media will be right Ben.
Paul Ryan came to the defense of Trey Gowdy. Today. That's what the world wants you to believe, but I'm going to give you the backstory on this Trey Gowdy out there and defending the FBI's use of the Counter intelligence investigation of a spy in Trump. And Paul Ryan came to his defence. Today's had actually the facts: that's let's listen, Paul Ryan, then I'll explain it caught one go. I think german bodies, initial assessments accurate I think But we have some more digging to do our waiting for some more document request. We have some more documents to review. We still have someone enters into questions. It would have been helpful if we got this information earlier Germany, too, said just the other day. If we got all the information we're looking for, we could we're at this up. Faster
But I see no evidence to the contrary of of the initial assessment the chairman Gouty has made. but I want to make sure that we run every laid down and make sure we get final answers to these questions, but leave it at that. I'm not gonna keep comedy and more classified Sophia. Cannot. Let me tell you what actually happened here. Ladies and gentlemen, the FBI, reactor Ray. and individuals at the Department of Justice had been talking to the speaker, their house, Paul Ryan,. In pressing him to back off to tell troops to back off this issue of a spy in the trunk campaign. A lot of the Mets, screen republican media. the rhinos her on tv and elsewhere. had been voicing this position. Certain individuals have been voiced in this position, who normally one and they ve been praised on MSNBC and in among other places.
That's not what happened. Paul Ryan toe trade Gowdy to make the case. that Ray the FBI director had been making to them to tamper down gouty Despite all the reputation out there about what a great conservative years he's, not a great concern, Gouty was a year was a hand. Up at four banner and he's a hand puppet for Ryan. we challenge than visionary going to challenge them. Does their dirty work. You didn't achieve anything much from the Benghazi Committee and they put him away the Benghazi Committee. And he hasn't done damn near anything when it comes down covering what's taken place in this massive scandal defends the FBI. Keeps using the word in format in the country. To be criminal investigation when it is
Terrorism investigation and we have spies in camera terms, investigations. This is, normal and in fact, the truck campaign, a Trump road was being investigated as call. Me himself testified in March. of twenty seventeen. So Galli is a sorry For Paul Ryan, the speaker is the speaker, Who has him and others, and of course Gaddi will deny that's too bad? I'm just telling you what I know as a fact. It is the speaker Who has relented? Because the pressure from the FBI director and so now this is how you know where Paul Ryan's coming from a workout is coming from I can tell you because Mr Gouty never worked in Maine Justice stir. Rhine has never worked in any aspects of the Justice Department that
This professor, Stephen Helper, was a spy, look it up in the Oxford dictionary You can just understand. What's by still there, and he was Reporting to the FBI, he was not what On the trunk campaign independently, he was there, To try and off a few of these people Paul Ryan, has done a great disservice. Because we need to get the bottom of all spend Golly. Looking behind this, all the people in the shadow were involved in this. They write back ass, your involved for Mark today for the National Radio Hall of Fame, you could vote by tax and a male tax than about five hundred to ninety six thousand and vote at radio vote. Dot com Much appreciate that the vote
is on like a year. A If you will MRS, how the radio Hall of Fame chooses to do it. So we choose participate if we participate in it you like to come out on top, and I can only do that with you live, and I sat there. so we much appreciate you know there is a we'll story out there. You know, I'm gonna tell you the story and lemme tell you What are we learning from all these stores about what was done with the FBI, the intelligence services? What I told you about Paul Ryan and Trade Gouty, the asking of american citizens. Just how thoroughly corrupt. The federal government has become thoroughly corrupt and unmoored from the constitution
But one and all powerful central government: now we have one. And many the same people who want an all powerful central government, which means an all powerful president. Then Only support an all powerful central government with an all powerful president if it's the president, they want, otherwise they want to remove, President, that is not the president; they want, they can't The president will elect a college at the ballot. So that's: what's going on. And then they go on and on about how this president violating the constitution, they don't like the constitution. They want to keep age, glad that electoral college? You know I was created by slaveholders. Separation of powers created by a slaves in this slave holders and go on and on and on and then they wavered around. But look at
Constitution he's violating the constitutional. I thought it was a useless document created by Immoral men, now you don't understand it's to protect us. but knows no logic, tyranny. Knows no consistency The left, their ideology is an ideology of tyranny. That's what it is. Now this around deal, we should be. don't thank for the present the United States scrapped it, for so many reasons, but the the you itself was so corrupt show, corrupt, that we're still learning about it, member The Congress dont know all the facts and we People don't know all the facts, and that's one of the reasons you run this sort of thing through the Radio provision of the constitution. some members of the senate- can get off
facts other on all these ideals and secret side deals and ill. What am I talking about now so desperate. was Barack Obama and John Kerry and their ilk that regime to Prague up the iranian regime think about this so desperate worthy. they were trying to figure out ways to get them. U S dollars or euros, because there It sees worth crap. They were trying to figure out ways to circumvent the very deal that they entered into. That prevented From giving any financial assistance. to the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran. So that itself was a seller, but it didn't sell out enough. Then, on numerous occasions, the You probably forgot his name is Lou Ellie, W Terry Lou,.
And others in the administration from the State Department, represent The Congress. That the Obama administration was not involved, working with the iranian regime to a system Through our financial system, which they were desperate to do, that is the uranium. So this report came out now. A committee, the senate- and I want you to see how ABC News has the title of this report: Conor Finnegan, whoever they holidays- oh my administration granted IRAN's secret licence that access? U S, dollars GNP report. So this committee in the United States Senate, which is controlled by the Republicans issues this report, so they call a republican report. Can you remember them every calling? A report from the committee, a Congress when the Democrats control one or both branches of Congress, a Democrat report
Of course, not. So here in part, is what Abc news has to say. The Obama administration, quietly gay a special licence to IRAN to act, as the EU s financial system? Despite? U S, sanctions and it tones take me to the contrary. To a new report by centre Republicans. While the report stop short of accusing the Obama administration of lying. The investigators who worked on the report said it was clear to them that too, They were desperate to get a deal with ran, said: Senator Rob Portman the GEO P treatment of the Senate permanent Subcommittee on invest. Called the Obama administration misled the american people in Congress because they were desperate to get a deal with a ran said: Senator Rob Portman.
GEO p of the Senate permanent Subcommittee on investigation to publish the report. Then we tabled this Senate minute subcommittee on investigations that has more power than any other committee in Congress on the same side least,. It has independent subpoena party. There will have to get it approved by the senator anything else. The committee, a majority, can just do it. granting hearsay be seen as granting the licence was not illegal, but the new disclosure gives more ammunition to critics of President Obama, who say that IRAN's nuclear deal gave too much to the country's regime, How is it not illegal. how is it not a legal when the deal forbids it I read this report. It's a substantial report. I read it today. I want to talk about it at length on live in tv, not only.
did the Obama administration pressure at least American banks. To try and launder that's the word launder erect in currency through our banks, so they can have access to dollars, not did the Obama administration pressure to american banks. If not more to do that, and they said no by the way they said. No, no, no, no we'll get in trouble. that's unlawful, that's not the rules, they actually Had a seminar overseas to try and teach the banks in other countries, How to get around this? pensions provisions how to get what they call sanction relief under the deal, The Obama administration was ACE I shall pleader for the iranian regime, the terrorist regime, bombing administration was putting pilot
pressure on american banks to do that which they are Baden from doing their job, The administration one overseas to try and encourage fire and banks. To launder, that's the word it's not in the report, but trust me. You can read it to launder this. You re in currency through euros and so forth? Five points Seven billion dollars turns out Is actually more so Let's get a little in the wheat. They were trying to get a specific licence civic licence to make it possible. For these two banks to lie: they're all or part of this five point: seven billion, then they Are they get a general licence, so you don't have to keep coming Act for a specific licence, both ultimately failed, except.
The foreign banks, the european banks, did in fact launder sum of uranium money. The currants and you had Committee comes down on this what counts anyway. There's a handful of patriots up very keep trying to get to the bottom, I wonder where the hapless Richard Bear. The head of the Senate Intelligence Committee comes down on this. where the hell are, the Republicans anyway. There's a handful of patriots up there I keep trying to get to the bottom of stuff. Where are they well you're missing in action? So now, what do we do about this? Well. Thank goodness. The pressing United States killed this Deanna course. He was attacked for it was a courageous and proper thing with the president. It. But here's what I would do again if I were encouraged, Allah Congress on the
public inside. I would hold these officials who testified and lied in contempt. I would refer the contempt who s attorney Washington D c- but ass, the? U S attorney in Washington DC to investigate with a federal injury and, if appropriate, to charge these former Obama officials? none of them are ever charged. None of them are ever held to account. They lie through their teeth. They lie through their teeth on Obamacare. They lied through there. If one dhaka they lie through. Tea from the Irish. They lie through their teeth on fast and fears. They just lie as a matter of course, as liberals do is progressive still, because otherwise they can't get a what they want to get away with.
So now we have this committee, a Congress whose caught them red handed fingerprints everywhere dna everywhere, but I out- that Mcconnell and Paul Ryan will do a damn thing about it, other than wavered around and in that What the hell good is it I'll be right Ben You missed out on the mother's day sail from Germany, and today is your lucky day. Now, when you ordered Jenna, so you will get the new agenda, so I lit lift for drew soggy eyelids free. and for the first time ever, and I'm challenge even pronouncing this- To get the world famous Chris, dollars: Micro, Durham, abrasion, also free.
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Or visit genocide, dotcom genocide, dotcom, that's aid, honey. Skin. Six hundred four. let's get some good cause here. Shall we Josh fair Virginia their great w em a I'll go thanks. So much for after taking my call here, just as you are talking about the idea report for the portion of it Leak earlier I found myself wondering I think you better advice data that so much of it. What's going on. This is designed to protect, Mamma. If this idea report might be written in a way that is designed to provide a smoke screen or fire wall between the FBI, Behaviour and Barack Obama. How so. You can point to an official record, and I D report that says that it finds that
Jim Cumbria and yet the I work defiance or insubordinate disobeying orders or going robe, and I think defined not of Obama memorable as plain dope dope about peace. Pretending doesn't know anything I think defined. Of the attorney general, or at least the fight of the process in which the FBI has to go to the prosecutors in the department, the director, and just make a decision on his own. I mean you could be right, but I don't that's what the ideas up to mark. Thank you so much. I appreciate your sponsor buddy preacher, your car. I have an idea. let's continue to you, I can find my oh there. It is Gary. Swell Tennessee, Ex M satellite, go You Michael Mark, and thank you for what you do, I'm
Take that to your shell, thereby we wait for a bated breath of this idea report with some weeks coming out that different as happened. But let me see if I get this straight, we had the greatest criminal acts perpetrated against the american citizenry and those participants all receive a report of what they we believe they did and what we believe their fellow party. And did not only that we allow them to communicate a month and job each other before we can get to know what they want to do point, and that is what is going on, but when with this, which will give prompt the same, But get more to give a report prop exactly what he thinks. Tromp did exactly all the participants anything happen and give them. our report. Let them talk amongst themselves and get their stories straight. You know what sir you know. It's a! U sharp do, especially me off. If I
every time. A lesson here show, I think my blood pressure goes up. Do under point. Well, imagine how I feel, I'm the guy doing the talking vague you, we're doing what you do again. I really do appreciate it Not accolade go? Your way prevent you do. I am more. People need to be doing as the courts are gonna crying number. You make an excellent point. Willa Donald Trump in his lorries have an opportunity to comment on any report. Their Mahler prepares. I think that's it The point I guess it just makes my blood pressure there try I d report to me now, like a vehicle to cover up Obama, allow and everybody they get their story. Let's see, let us new and let's see what it says. Let's see what happens, but the potential certainly exists. Your correct I ride my brother Gary, that's an excellent call and by the way. all of that. Try this all of you out there right now, who have cell phones pull them out. If you would take him out.
Taken. I go to the text section of yourself. Let's see if we can do this in a massive wave. And draw the attention of this national Radio Hall of Fame likes never been done before all you live in. I sat there. Let's do that. Little many search, any body with an Iphone and Andrea whatever kind of self, when you have taken out go to the text, part. And vote right now, let's do it all in unison. Can we do that? Mr producers? Let's do it all in unison? You want to text. The number five hundred to ninety six thousand. The number five hundred to nine six zero zero zero, Do it all together, ready you, wanna text, Two: nine six: zero, zero zero. But that in what are they call at the address section or whatever it is nine six zero, zero, zero and then put in the body the message the number five. Hundred five zero zero: have we done that
Now we can all do. A lot of you are sitting in your cars right now met Markham and pick up the phone just keep a blow your waste or blow your chest. Text the number five hundred and nine six zero zero there. Now you can also go online, all of you right now who are Computer on a laptop- whenever device you have those of you who are in cars but not driving. You can go online to radio vote that come. Let's all do this together, go to radio vote that are you there yet radio vote that come? I see two categories: theirs the glory of singers and all the rest are not in that category. But you have to make a vote even if you ve abstain. You have to do that. Then you go, The next category, there's like four of us a picture of my mug and also a button next to it, can you click that and then submitted.
let's do it as a mass of audience ready. dad you can vote both. As you can vote twice once by text once by email or right. I really appreciate that. The national radio Hall of Fame is encouraging us to do this, so they don't have to Let me twice. These are Chicago rules and I love w I'll ask our home? There was era on there this morning as well. So Want to take advantage of this as we can all the others are doing exactly the same thing, but I am convinced we have more motivated and larger audience I'll, be right back.
he's here now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: now we have something: that's really income It's very odd, if you will if you were to say to somebody you're going to take their social security away from them they would feel about right. If you say the singers across the country, they would riot. you say the seniors across the country that you're gonna take their Medicare away from its unthinkable.
Social securing too many quite unthinkable. what, if I were to tell you that, according to the trustees of care in the trustees of social security. They met a care will be depleted. Twenty twenty six. This is twenty eighteen, how far is two twenty six mystic disc. Eight years away by my calculation, using the old math and. social security will be depleted by twenty thirty. Four. At sixteen years from now by the calculation using all math. In this isn't a top story, I save it for our two. But this is a
big big story and these Trustees of these programmes keep warning. I said it's getting worse and worse and worse now, wise are getting worse and worse and worse, population is aging and the Us particularly Medicare keep going up open up now radical, let progressives. last directive of Bernie Sanders Bernie the Red that Medicare should be offered everybody. Ernie. The red believes that Medicare should be offered everybody. While I would clearly destroy this programme in about two years,. The Burmese not very good at mass, the old man, or the new math, because He is a marxist,
Social security, it's gonna run out to so What exactly? Is our government doing about it exactly nothing. Exactly nothing I wrote a book call, plunder and deceit it's two bucks ago. and I wrote extensively about our national debt. The environment. Minimum wage. Immigration, education, national security Pollution chapter three. I wrote extensively about social security in the condition it in chapter four, I wrote extensively about Medicare in the condition its end and how Obama care would destroy Medicare even faster. Congress in past presidents have been destroying it
so care takes money out of Medicare. And in none of these reports I read today They lay a glove on Obama, Obama, not a word about Obamacare, not a word. And what they're saying here is that the magic, Trust from this is from the nearest limes, the Holocaust, annoying New York's limes them It could trust fund will be depleted in twenty twenty six, eight short years by car. Crash that government said last year that the trust fund would be exhausted and twenty twenty nine that's a big gap. Three years. Twenty twenty six versus twenty twenty nine one year to the next we lose three years. How did that happened? Obama cares how it happened now strongly defend our president when I believe he should be defended. I believe
that's the way he's been treated by the media is outrageous and contemptibles entire family. The way they ve been treated, we're for Daniels tonight, she's off the face. They are we don't we hear about it. She found a frivolous lawsuit today to draw attention to it so where's the slow Paula Porn lawyer. We don't hear about him anymore,. Where's, the Idiot fiction writer Michael he's gone where's. The Professor with the mental issues where she was asserting against Trump gone out of the next thing,. But this story will not be covered as it needs to be covered by any cable channel No, I will not be covered as it needs to be covered by any network channel. Any satellite channel by anyone, but me because most people on social security. Medicare simply don't believe that it's gonna run up simply, don't believe that there's gonna be a problem,
Early, the government will step in or what, if the government doesn't have the resources to step in. Now we are running out of time for fairer, Things to be done about this. we are running out of time and rest. Things can be done about this weather public and president a republican House and a republican Senate, there is no excuse if the Democrats Blue, but the Democrats block it, but they don't bring it up. don't bring it up because they think it's it's bad. Ethically they'll lose seats. Now let me tell you what politically it these pro collapse and drag the wretch leading economy with it. These are mass and programmes. now. Those of us who work contribute to programmes. Most of the people who are receiving Social Security Medicare have also contributed about programme. So what happened to things all the money stolen out of the trust fund.
Stalin, because, like they, they have such an insatiable appetite for spending money. They stole out of the trust funds. Now anybody else did that they began to prison for the rest of their lives except under criminal. Justice reform they might be released. What's the second point. Their mathematically impossible as their set up right now. Both programmes are mathematically impossible. So what do you do when something? Because mathematically impossible? You need me? fi them right. You need to adjust them, but they won't do it. Let's take social security is an example. It's actually quite simple to address this very difficult politically. If your fifty five and older it's too for you to adjust your investments.
in a pension plan, or what have you it It's too late, you're too old for fifty five hundred and sixty five hundred and seventy five, eight thousand five hundred and ninety. So it's not I should to expect people who are in that age group to be able Just toys, if it can change and social Security or Medicare for that matter. just pick one. So what do you do. What do you do? Is everybody fifty five in order is grandfather. Did you leave him alone leave them alone. but everybody whose, under fifty five. It has to be adjusted. And you need to introduce a market principles. You need to introduce a market principles.
And you raise the age. You become eligible for social security if people are under fifty five by a couple of and by raising it a couple of years you actually save the programme a few decades. Why but they do it I'll, tell you why and I write about in my book, the Democratic Party. Every time a suggestion is made are is that you should expand social security, you should expand Medicare while their stealing the money out of these tress ones, which is why Nothing left. And the deceit of the federal Government- it's incredible figure a stop and I get some paste object can see. There's a deduction from Medicare right right, MR producer, there's a deduction for social security. Have the fight attacks. And right in the end- and that makes you think that that money specifically going in and account for you right, but it's not
even though those sinew social security every now and then maybe every six months whenever it is well send the yeah we'll send people. This is the amount of money and, in your account, this is the amount of money are eligible for as a pension. If you retire when you're sixty two, when you this, when you're there There is no money in your account, you don't even have an account. They ve turned it into a ponzi scheme. Nobody survives ponzi scheme. No government can survive a pansies game. Medicare. Of course, most of the people are Medicare like it. Why wouldn't you like it. It's not perfect, but you get ninety percent of what you want or need through Medicare.
but there need to be some market principles applied to people or to a system, or it can sustain itself. They can sustain itself. People are Medicare who have great compassion for again. they had no choice, they paid an American and they expected their insurance. The promise it's not insurance. All the money has been stolen by the government. that causes, so don't worry, of course, It's not self sustaining, because the van majority people Medicare take up far more in terms of medical services than they ever paid in, so the but paying and now our son. the dicing, the costs that are taking place today. Typically, that's how insurance works. Problem is when you have the government in charge of it, is no market competition. There's nothing! Zero. Don't worry once again for people under fifty five.
There are many suggestions out there. Many plans out there, which, Help stave off the imminent bankruptcy. Medicare in eight years now you have, People write the same economic, rods and illiterates What about any there's stuff? They can't go bankrupt because you know they government congested, raise taxes. The government can use more the general funds, the government that only go so far. When you consider the debt we have, which is enormous. and these programmes, Social Security, Medicare. medicate, my It State of Virginia. They just voted to expand medicate all these states voting to expand medicate a lot of the republican governors case such Chris Christie. They all Ordered expanding medications, I get fast money from the federal government under Obamacare,
percent reimbursement, so they look at me. I can balance the budget Adam, humane and compassionate medicate. Is another massive debt hall to Poverty programme supposed to be. But the definition of poverty keeps getting broader and broader and broader and brought in the more people let limit? Let me just put into this work. The debt is massive stewed long dead is massive, the interest the debt is massive Thee, trustees lives, you the Obama. A stage of the trunk trust me they're, saying the same thing. My Cares headed for the war in eight, so security. In a years we have people coming crossed the border, despite all the I began to. We know as a matter of fact, local communities, states and the federal government. It is a drain smell for choosing the rocket scientist is
drain. Our budgets at every level of government. It's a drain on our hospitals and medical care. Drain on our educational system. drain on law enforcement. You have The wrong. Arguments all the wrong directions being taken in every one of these areas, which makes it well scary. That's why I wrote the book, plunder and deceit, I'm not hawking it I hope that, even now what I saw three of them, it doesn't matter. and this is why we're gonna leave to our children and grandchildren, a complete An utter disaster. One we're gone they're gonna, be here Created for they may complete and utter disaster, and I often wondered. How can you be left to say so call progressive,
Love your children and grandchildren when in Political sense: in the macro sense you see Port policies and vote for politicians who are going to destroy your children and grandchildren and I'm not kidding. and I try to address that and plunder the sea because there are answers, Right back then, Why federal government in one party or the other once more more power we should rejected at every turn. They can't even manage the affairs has created for itself Period of more than half a century said last, eighty to ninety basic math. It would
ex basic knowledge, it rejects basic information. It rejects, doesn't matter how many reports these trustees put out or the GEO puts out, or the c b o puts out. The federal reserve puts out of the rain corporation or other private corporations put out tanks and so forth. They just trudged along politicians have no guts, they have no judgment, they no wisdom. And they are going to drag your children and grandchildren. Into the sewer Mc lean in every other way I've heard it said really, absurdly suppose hasn't happened. Yet we hear these threats overtime, son, a matter of it. happening. Yet the matter of it happening. Eventually, well happen eventually, and it has happened to other societies, It happens. You'll know about trust me. Because you're savings will be worthless. Inflation will go through the roof. The current
you'll be worthless. All the jungle will take over the rule of law are under a constitutional system and that's what happens when you rely on these people. These people, some people like them, and not just and Republicans too. Terrain over society. They dont know how to reign over society. They you know how to get reelected. They know I'll spend each other and the fact that, government razors through taxes, trillions of dollars every year, but it's not enough that it has the great mass of debt on top of it that it has to drain the funds out of the soul. What Social Security Trust Funds Medicare trust funds. Highway trust funds, they don't trust fund a joke, another way for stealing money from. They're, all we hear is the marxist claptrap about class warfare in the rich need to pay more
Ladies and gentlemen, there is not enough money on the face of the planet to, five debt or even pay off a piece of it. It. Utterly out of control and no politician once to talk. None not why and so it is they who, Eventually, destroy that which they create. It is they who will destroy the welfare state. It is they who will destroy social security. It is they who will destroy Medicaid. It is they will destroy Medicare. and in doing so they will destroy the greatest economic system on the face of the earth and they destroy the greatest constitution on the face of the earth. I often wonder what this country will look like twenty thirty. Fifty years, I used to say a hundred or two hundred years ago. there has been so much change in the last several
The cage change for the worse people get on radio and tv when I happened to catch them, telling us how this is really a conservative here right now really Will they Republicans of enshrined Obama CARE the Republicans have enshrined Dhaka. There have been some good things done by the president, no question about it: is big things at Obama did like they here, forever I'll, be right back then making conservatism great again, dial end. Now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Oh yes, you, keep getting those invitations in your mailbox vacuum,
already joined many of you, the a r p. You thought: hey, it's less than twenty bucks a year When insurance plans, traveller discounts, there will pay for itself ten times over. so you joined right. A liberal lobbying group that Spain, your hard earned dollars lobbying against what you believe in and stand for that a decade ago. Dan Weber founded a MAC aims, is also less than twenty dollars a year It also helps with insurance plans. Travel other wondered. Discounts- million strong join now at a MAC that, U S? That's a you choose aim at your door, Let's go to support the ideals that you believe in like protecting our borders with common sense immigration. getting rid of Obama, Karen and so much more. Gets its voice from you, the member from you, the member
Over a million strong join now at a mac that? U S, that's a m ac dot! U S! chances. Are you going to join and organization when you turn fifty so choose Actually join the one that represents you. I've joined Joe a MAC today, a m ac that? U S, Ark. Let's take some calls here: Casey Savannah, Georgia, a great w e k S go my mother has the best friend and watch tat campus, who works with the gentlemen who married a tiny. he brought her over here and they brought their mother ever here and the mother. Collecting collective security. There is nothing wrong with the lady shoes collecting
Kennedy never paid him a day in her life and there's nothing wrong with her. so she is eligible for social security. I guess she became United States citizen and and hit the age require three. I guess He had the am get out there having been turn over by her daughter, but you ve never paid in here. I heard you D. Never lesson yeah! Well, Because the parents might be prosecuted, the parents are going into the the administrative law system. None of us know you're not going to do. and I appreciate your call on all day long. I get to sit here and listen to dammit That's Republicans alike,. Crying over the fact that when Pair come here illegally and bring their children illegally. That in some cases,.
the children are separated from the parents because the parents might be prosecuted the parents are going into the. The administrative law system and of obviously you're not going to do the same to the children, so they have to have a place to go at least temporarily all I here is how horrible America is how horrible our system is now that's been in place for decades decades. So what's really going on here is the hard left which includes the media, are all Looking for an angle and A trash, the country and in to promote their agenda, and to destroy what exists. and transform one detention or another so the way they see it if apparent comes here illegally and they come here with their children. Then they shouldn't be separated, ok, So if your incarcerating the parent, what happens to the children you not their answer? Is: don't incarcerate apparent, so there you have it open borders, illegal aliens, running around the countryside, eventual
Becoming citizens and voters, Emma the vast majority of them, if there's a compassionate folks, the left, the strategic. We can build a wall. We could build out of things on the southern border, use technologies on the southern border really be up to limit the number of people who come here illegally, but they don't want it and they straight that decade after decade after decades, they do not want to pretty little secret. Most of the Republicans don't want to either you are they a group public goods, the house in the Senate, who are demanding that we give citizenship to. in point, eight million people who are here illegally. They call them dreamers, children who are like thirty years old in many cases, are twenty eight years older, so ten years, all! Well, then, seventeen years, how they came here.
are the rare one? Is seventeen years I'll return? My two thousand seven before. And the way the progressives analysed, the left is that, if you don't agree with them, you hey paper, if you don't agree with them here inhumane. So if you don't create a new mass, a programme to redistribute wealth to this group or that group or this become group or that income group are those he bore that person or whatever. It is then there's something wrong with you, and Firstly, the Republicans buckle and by the way, not just republic, so called conservative they buy into this Everything is defined by the logic or lack there. The left there, the reality we live in. That's the world. We live in. So, when you say today were destroying Medicare in social security, if you haven't fifty five we need to adjust it. Then they will accuse you of destroying social security. America.
If you do not think people coming here illegally, should benefit from our programmes, then must be a racist. There's something wrong with you. If you're, not believe parent should come into this country illegally and dragged their kids with them that they will not out of necessity, be separated because the pair have to go through the administrative law system and the children do not. Then there. something wrong with you. That means you oppose families, and you want to break children away from parents. Know accountability Upon the illegal aliens parent who comes into this country creates a situation its yo. the very people going on tv whining about it or members of body that pass the law. But that's not even the point. The pointed to trash the president and destroy what's left of our immigration system. So they then they they glum on this new idea, all separating children from parents.
I went, Trop is doing there. They are it's. The law is the law. Very people going on tv whining about it or members of body that pass the law, but that's not, Point the pointed to trash the president and the dry. What's left of our immigration system,. as they destroy era are, actual system with this massive debt. This end mass of debt. I'm not taking collar one of Kivo bomb, is guilty can be prosecuted. Of course you can use a private citizen right now when I go to waste time on that question, I just answered it Charlotte Pitch Pennsylvania, the mark Levant go ahead. Thank you I want to ask. You did Obama, my kids age and comfort to the enemy of the
Well, I mean a random, ideally did more than eighty actually gave the maid S. Christian could be a lot, what do you want him to hang lady his eye? Was I what you're arguing you think it get? The death penalty, care for Gaza that, while I do care, that's ridiculous to absurd. No, but I do think these are former officials and so forth should be held to account me short of treason and capital punishment, man, that's for sure, Don. twin cities, Minnesota Ex M Satellite, go ahead. How you doin longtime listener I just want one on which now that I did vote for you You, sir? You you're the man baby. I got questions regarding the convention estates and all these problems were having with social security,
Is there any way through the convention of states, which I find work direct? here, the Americans and drank effect. Of course you can You know social security and this will upset peep, I'm just giving you a historical fact- and I wrote about this in my ear, but liberty, in turning the big book. social security when it was created, was unconstitutional The in the new deal when they created it They argued that it was a year direct tax not a direct tax and then they argue, wasn't attacks at all, because people receiving a benefit so they made these country arguments the Supreme Court of the time wanted to appalled social security. So it turned the constitution into a pretzel additive. Ended, except that the fiction? Ok, it's
It's been here a long time. It's been here over eighty years, can it fixed. Yes, it can be fixed, but- people in Washington and I can fix it they're gonna, just keep trying to figure out how to pump money into it. Rather than people under fifty five having to have it adjusted addressed with the new mass that is that there are more elderly people than young people in terms of paying into the system and also the the active people live a lot longer than they used to know this age. Sixty five, you know comes from Don it comes from it comes from eighteen hundred Germany had the first social security system in the mid eighteen hundreds and they, the aged sixty five. You know why they pick the aged sixty five, because the vast majority of the population didn't live, the sixty five
so that age sixty five continue and the vast majority of people in this country live beyond the age of sixty five but actually. You need to adjust it and you to adjust it and yet not mister, people who are over fifty five, who really have no way of of changing their investments, are changing their plans because it's just too late and so P, who are paying into social security. Now who are under fifty five people in their twenties, thirty, eight and forty. She need to adjust the programme. They won't do it anyway, Let me try to do it may claim you kick senior citizens out of social security. That's not true, it's, for you call, sir. I appreciate your vote to know what is he talking about Come on you know what he's talking about. Can pull the trigger. Now, let's do this altogether. Let's do it like a. An army of liberty, loving, Americans, take
out your cell phones. Now it's an Iphone, an android really doesn't matter the make or the technology get yourself on go to where you text on your cell phone, and text the number five hundred to night? Six: zero, zero, zero Mister Coxe winner said people are calling in saying there texting you too, these six hundred nine six, zero, zero and others. Three zero. It's ninety: six: zero, zero, zero tat, the number five hundred and ninety six zero zero zero. So You can vote that way. There's another way you can vote to and you're allowed to vote both of them. Ok Tesh as an example or you can vote up, there there's an abstain, but until you can vote to abstain in any way to the next category and I'm in the next category. There's four of us look for my You can go online, devote too in addition to the text.
You got a radio vote, dot com, it's as simple radio vote that come. There's two categories yet of Odin, both the first categories, not me, I dont sing. I do I'm not telling you about you, well for one of the people there that John Tesh as an example or you can vote up, there there's an abstain, but until you can vote to abstain and then you get to the next category and I'm in the next category, there's four of us. But for my name, look for my photo. You click that and then you go ahead and click the submission. So you will have voted once online the e mail and you would have voted once by text. And that's what I want to encourage you to do, mark your awfully self serving promoting this? No, this is what the National Radio Hall of Fame at once It wants audiences involved. They A race like a candidate going on here, and I say, let's give them what they want So we get relevant I tattered about both is it would be a really really.
Cool and remember this, and I represent this format. I'm the only one as a talker among the nominees. I would even be here, but for you my audience so this is reflective of you so we're in this together. Back then As high schoolers graduating, are they heading to places where the learned why America's the world's freest nation, the weather first country, founded on the principle that all men are created, equal. Maybe all the athlete should be forced to go to hills, to college. What you think of that, ladies and gentlemen, now will these high schoolers be taught as they grow The constitution are rich history,
makes Amerika great the place where students studying these truths. As I said, it tells the college. And it hills they'll students studying what is true good and beautiful. By putting in the work to understand these things. Students graduate raided lead. Vice President Pincette Commencement, this year, hills students learn not what to do, but what to be. Hills Del also offers stellar education to you through a prime. Free online courses like constitution, one or one every man, Can can learn like a hills deal student from the same professors Most, remarkably of all, Hills Del provides this service to our nation without taking a single penny of taxpayers money, not one penny I encourage you to learn how hills they'll can serve you at a website just for you, my listeners Levine,
For a hill stale dotcom, that's l, e g, I am free hills, dealt out, come live in. Hills, their dot com, Brian Least in Pennsylvania, their great debut ABC go God bless you mark, listen hands about forty minutes north of low, watching you cross the Delaware again to me that a very beautiful thing in a sovereign moment in our history lesson online afford is going. And me on Manafort's and travel is going to court on Friday. We're gonna revoke, is bail, What are your thoughts? I think Robert Mahler is really out of control. That's all. I have to say thank you, Sir and the fellow said he was not turn here's the thing we don't know all the facts. Facts we get her leaked out from the prosecution or in his public violence. I've been hearing liberal, saying what we of seventeen indictments in this case and five guilty. Please
An indictment is a charge that's all it is it obviously has crushing consequences for the target. But it's not an adjudication its beginning of the process of an adjudication? So I hear left to say this: while on the other hand, they won't open prison doors for people cases that have actually been adjudicated found guilty after jury, trouser plea agreements or whatever it is. It really is amazing to me, so an indictment is good enough. Meant by Mahler. Mahler brings the indictment through his grand jury and they work Post to say: look how successfully, as he's brought seventeen indictment by them. It's not seventeen different people at seventeen indictments now it's not clear to me what Mr Mann efforts being accused of he in practice. Leah cohort, this is much being reported encryption devices to try to contact people involved in his case and silver, I don't know if that's true or not, and I
Oh, what they said in those contacts or not I don't know, but no question Mahler will do whatever we can to persuade the court to Yankees bare and put him in prison. where he won't be able to pay. Is legal fees won't be able to make any money bottle drain all of his resources because just be honest about this. Whatever Mahler did right, wrong or indifferent, whatever manner for dead right, wrong or indifferent. Is the target of smaller and his happy ban of Democrat prosecutors for one reason and one reason only to try and get trump to try and get drunk. And let me tell you something: if you add some teen make that eighteen federal price, The with unlimited resources of unlimited power focused on you he could ruin your day in eighteen prosecutors focused on any one of those prosecutors and their tax returns
and their livelihood, and what spouses of done. what they may have said or make, Who they may have communicated with without a leader. But that would ruin their data. I'll be right back Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! You know when I signing off last night,
I thought it was June. Sex. It my days off, screwed up, I've been. Doing so many things. So tv shows how much radio and so forth in writing, and I just sometimes happens. What today is the sixth, obviously And it's the anniversary of the invasion of Normandy D Day. June: six, nineteen, forty four. And we are very interested in american history here and were very interested in americanism and patriotism. There's this clip I found last year and I want to play it for you just a few minutes. From my history that come.
I would suggest you turn up your vying with young children. You wanna call them to the radio or to your listening device, whatever it is, and take a less cut. Thirteen go after months of preparation and deception, Eisenhower launches his attack against German occupied France. A hundred fifty thousand ground troops jammed hundreds of small, adding leaving across the channel the land at five different features in France, code name, Juno, sword, gold, talk and ass, the wind and craft approach, the beaches, fifteen thousand aircraft in seven thousand ships provide a coordinated aerial assault on the beaches at some of the landing size, the allied soldiers with very little resistance, but it features like all hell on earth. Many airlines soldiers inside the landing craft. These moments before the door opens we'll be there last occasion of incredible courage. In the face of overwhelming horror, I mean, if you think about it, the landing craft came up to the beach and, as they came up to the age of the troops inside the landing crab could hear the machine guns tat free on the outside the area. Machine guns, which zeal final coordination, like big report, is much wishing to fire on the front of the boats, or would it drops boots Rachel killed two or three guys that many don't make it so the soldier lucky enough to survive the initial machine? Ninety just keep then has crossed a hundred yards of the mind title weighed down with them to another hundred yards of barbed wire beaches, death and destruction. Red fellow soldiers in France ever get a chance to visit. Noma high will change your whole view about the world. Changed your love you about America will make you realize what incredible heroism loose display, but am I survive on the ground by fighting together, never giving up in a situation which fighter and they for and they fought well in and they survive bravery and determination. The troops are able to take all five land excited Normandy, despite all the complex planning that went into the invasion of Normandy. It was small unit tactics in the bodies, fighting side by side wins the battle of the beaches, and that's consistent throughout
You see why are so many p. Of contempt for these football players now and even for Lebron James and staff, carry Steve Kerr. This is what the national anthems all about. Those football players may be tough, but then As tough as those men from every neighborhood in America, all races. All those men. Two invaded Normandy. Just one of the horrific battles forward or to all those men. There were killed right there on the beach. For the Vietnam WAR. Are the korean war.
This is why so many of us who had family members who served in these wars or who understand history and seriously In our history and embrace it trash our country but review Our country. This is why we look upon. Multi millionaire football players, multimillionaire basketball players who tell us about their rights, who makes like of themselves. This is why we look upon them with such dripping contempt. They have been sacrificed a damn thing. Having supported the military either they judge say they do. President Reagan and one of his great speeches.
On June six nineteen eighty four, then the fortieth anniversary of 40th anniversary, spoke on the beach. I will play a part of this for you as well cut fourteen go Forty summers, passions: the battle that you fought here, You are young the day you took these cliffs. Some of you were hardly more than boys, with the deepest joys of life before you at you risk everything here. Why. Why did you do it
Well, for impelled you to put aside the instinct for self preservation and risking their lives to take these cliffs, what inspired all the men of the armies that met here, we look at you and somehow we know the answer. It was faith and belief. It was loyalty and love, but men of Normandy had faith that what they were doing was right phase. They fought for all humanity, faith that adjust. God would grant the mercy on this beachhead or on the next. It was the deep knowledge and pray God we have not lost it that way, is a profound moral difference. Between the use of force for liberation and the use of force for conquest,
You were here to liberate not to conquer, and so you and those others did not doubt your cause, and you were right not to don't don't you all knew that some things are worth dying for This country is worth dying for And democracy is worth dying for because it's the most deeply honourable form of government ever devised by man All of you loved liberty, All of you were willing to fight tyranny, and you know that people of your countries right behind you. The Americans who fought here this morning, New word of the invasion was spreading through the darkness back home they fought or failed in their hearts, so they could know. In fact, But in Georgia, they were filling the churches at four, a M in Kansas, They were kneeling on their porches and pray.
And in Philadelphia they were ringing. The liberty bell Something else helped the men of D day. My card belief at Providence would have a great hand and the events that would unfold here. That God was an ally in this great cause and saw the night before the invasion. One colonel Wolverton asked his parachute troops to kneel with him in prayer He told them do not bow your heads, but look up so you can see God and ask his blessing in what we are about to do also have nine General Matthew Ridgeway on his cod Listening in the darkness for the promised God made the Joshua, I will not fail the nor forsake the these are the things that impelled. These are the things that shaped the unity of the allies.
When the war was over, they were lives to be rebuilt and governments to be returned to the people. There were nations to be reborn. Above all, there was a new peace to be assured. These were huge and daunting tasks but the allies, someone strength from the faith, belief, loyalty and love. Of those who fell here. Not all follow the end of the war was It was first great reconciliation among those who had been enemies, all of whom have suffered so greatly the United States, did its part, creating a Marshall plan to help rebuild our allies and our former enemies, the Marshall Plan led to the Atlantic Alliance, a great alliance that serves to this day as our shield, for freedom, for prosperity and for peace. Of our great efforts, the successes
Not all that followed the end of the war was happier planned. Some liberated countries were lost. A great sadness of these laws echoes down to our own time in the streets of Warsaw, Prague, Berlin Of troops that came to the centre of this continent did not leave when peace came still there uninvited unwanted unyielding, almost forty years after the war. Because of this allied forces still stand on this continent. Today, As forty years ago, our armies are here for only one purpose to protect and defend democracy. We territories we hold. Our memorials like this one. and graveyards where our heroes rest, we Erica have learned bitter lessons from two world wars. It is better to be here ready to protect the peace
they take blind shelter across the sea. Rushing to respond only after freedom is lost, We ve learned that isolationism never was and never will be an acceptable responds to tyrannical governments with aids. Expansionist intent but we try always to be Prepared for peace, prepared to deter aggression fair to negotiate the reduction of arms and, yes, prepared to reach out again spirit of reconciliation, In truth, there is no reconciliation. We would welcome more than reconciliation with the Soviet Union. So together we can listen, lessen the risk of war now and forever ban
President Reagan was a classic curse, he dressed the tease every day he was in the office whose very respectful. There was no twitter back then, and yet they trash the hell out of him. Many the same voices. Or their progeny. Today,. Used to brutalize Reagan, So it's not so much the trumps man That of communicating really but turns off. The hard left in the media and Congress wherever they may be, which is everywhere. It's that he does. His existence, does the fact that he Defeated Hillary Clinton friend Square: that's what I welcome, that
so he hears somebody saves the way he talks. It's the way he tweets. No, it's not. There was no more respectful and the serving the oval office than Ronald Reagan, and yet they horribly abused him. Intelligence was a warmonger. He would do. Get us in a nuclear war, they did all all that stuff to Sweden, one other point them out to present a trump also spoke today. That's listen to that briefly, cut twelve go ahead! Today. We also mark another milestone. Seventy fourth anniversary of D day. the allied invasion of Normandy, on June six, nineteen, forty four more than Seventy thousand brave young Americans charged out of landing craft jumped out of
aeroplanes and stormed into hell they if they are hard their blood. And their very lives. Are those beaches to drive out the enemy and strike a lasting victory for, Or a country and for freedom. In every generation. There have been heroes, like them patriot, to answer the call to serve who do what? for attacks wherever and whenever we need them to defend America. They put everything on the line for us and when Come home, we must do everything that we possibly do for them, and that's what we're doing. I want you to hear annual awry, she's a commentator CNN and analysed at at them, and pr motion, public radio government, radio. He's treated like a serious journalist and she's, not
she's a left wing hack. But listen to this cut. Tango The evil linen volunteer nights ago, they uninvited the Eagles, that's the issue. This is all about his ego and we're gonna now end up in a mid term. What we're talking about the national anthem, the national anthem, is problematic. In and of itself there is a second worse than common capital brought attention to that has yet to be discussed on broad platforms. In addition to that, people have every right to to go through the practices of practising free speech. So you do this. And then you remember what happened in Normandy. Angela re hasn't sweat too. Seconds for this country, not two seconds. Shouldn't sacrificed a thing: Beneficiary.
What those men did and men before them, and men sense and women to a beneficiary, angry petulant. And yet she pretentious authoritative, she's, a dim wit. And then Joe Scarborough never misses an opportunity. So he uses The seventy fourth anniversary of D Day, as the President of the United States. He is a sleaze bar scar absolute sleaze, but there's no depth to which This man will not sink. Cut eleven go.
You know me cab those those man that sword the beaches of Normandy on this day in nineteen. Forty four four points to moroccan flag on the top of those cliffs in March towards Berlin and Hitler and amended the flag up on Eu Jima- and you know you know my grandfather was there only with Gmos. And I'm pretty sure, I could say, is not with us any longer my mother's father that he would find you to be as loathsome as they come in. Suspect he would have voted for Donald Trump for presently United States go ahead, Nay, nay,
they didn't do it so a commander in chief. All these years later could tell AIDS is report, say Donald Trump told AIDS earlier this year that he was going to use the american flag and he was going to use the STAR spangled banner as a political backdrop, is a political problem. What's wrong with that. What's wrong with that, I went off Politicians to use it as a backdrop I went off While players to use it as a backdrop, I want all MBA players to use it as a backdrop. I went all Americans to use it as a backdrop. Maybe you might use it as a backdrop right. There on the set of Emma sell us? They, although I doubt I'll, be right back in contrast, we gonna use, makes for a new global
Levin, show now headed seven hundred and seventy three eight hundred and fourteen eight thousand eight hundred and eleven. When you listen to that history, real but the day when you listen that President Reagan and listening to his speech, President Trump. On the seventy fourth anniversary: the year invasion of Normandy D Day. It puts things The perspective doesn't how infantile. These athletes really are out of touch. With reality. These athletes really are but a great will the american people are but a great country. This is. For all its imperfections. None of those men. None of those men who gave their lives our prepare. Gave their lives on day day. Thought about America in the terms.
That these left us on tv do the so called social warriors on the football field. Or, for that matter, Lebron James, Steve, her her staff carry. They all I'm sure would have gone to the White House, no matter the president. They were. Treated the president with respect, agree or disagree. They would have treated the oval office with respect. In the vast majority than one of earth anything close to what a football Clarence today are certainly Lebron James or Staff Kerr. So for those men. The ones who died had they survive will be shaking their heads. Shaking their heads players Union to put out a statement that their players support. The military in the country is simply not true.
They supported the military in the country; they wouldn't offend so many people, but they take these steps for the purpose of offending people. Calling, her to see measure up to any single one of those men who Those boats. That land and enormity. Are you a GMO? I can now broken our or. On and on and on and on. No, he does not. He doesn't measure up anything close he's no hero. He's no social warrior. It's amazing. But the left in the media, including the sports me to call heroes today, leaders, leaders so myopic. They live in a different world altogether. And so many Americans.
Lebron James announced that his team and the warriors We go visit the present at the White House. They one course he want, because I'm not gonna win. Carry city agrees with brown I just shut it all off. I won't be watching any of it tonight or any other night. I could care less. Playing basketball. There's a real world out there. A real world out there. No, it's one thing: if you don't volunteer for the military, I never did my father did both my grandfather's did one a war, one, one, a world war, two, that's nice! Excuse But it's quite another thing as a citizen not to support these people, I don't mean say use, for them, but not to support these people. That's unconscionable. When they tell you and when their families tell you and other pay
Rich tell you that what you doing is offensive and you keep doing it. Then it is your intention to be offence. What you are doing is not symbolic of anything but utter and complete disrespect. And so we put in context what these. Irish about ten percent of the leg- let's be honest, not the ninety percent. But for Lebron James. To say what he said, and he said it before it is a He disgraceful thing disgraceful. I don't care how many points he gets here, how many rebounds he gets. I don't care how many triple doubles. He gets. He doesn't measure up to a single man who rush that beach, not one.
Or a single man who for the jungles of Vietnam, the mountains of Korea. Who fought fight in the deserts. A one how hall after another today the Middle EAST. To fight in Afghanistan. Please no hero Lebron James Snow hero at all. You should at least show the respect for the officer. The president's show the respect that it deserves and those for pop There is the same thing there now Can persuade the american people to obey their country to abandon the military for their suppose it cause And, as I said last night, these players, the vast majority them their part of a Hollywood elite. Their famous. People ask them for their autographs. On tv them,
I'm noxious the more provocative. The more famous they are. The more tv? They go. Well there certain citizens who into their but not most. That's a small world, their pandering to. They're, not social, warrior, their leaders, In a lotta, teens are looking for some jobs right now, providing their social security numbers on applications. Many are also spending more time online. Making purchases. That means they are at greater risk their vulnerable. Victim to identity theft, You take lots of steps to protect your children. Don't you. So don't leave them vulnerable to identity theft which can cause them dearly.
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It's my idea: care dot com, Slash Mark Promo code Mark my idea, care dotcom, slash Mark A mark Easier than ever easier than ever to enroll- and I want you to encourage you to go ahead and do that by the way we're going to have a wonderful show on Sunday, ten p, DOT M Eastern. Some Pm Pacific is always on life, liberty and living on the Fox NEWS Channel two great guests. Rhonda scientists. Who is a member of the house. Foreign affairs committee and less element congressmen from New York, It was also a member of that the Foreign Affairs Committee, both of these men, have, sir, Countries Zeldin in the army, And the scientists, Navy. I think the Marines actually.
Both of them served in Iraq. These are great patriots. We're gonna talk about North Korea with this coming up we're gonna talk about China, we're going to talk about IRAN and other issues. They are fascinating man they're not a typical members of Congress. Trust me on this. Zelden's running for re election in New York. And two is running for the republican nomination of governor of Florida. I hope your watch- these men are not just congressmen when I do this Sunday show. I don't just bring people on to full time. Congo line guests, one or two guests and, as you know, Until then, we go deep. And these men are deep. No, when you look at their backgrounds, take the Santos he went to Yale graduated from Harvard LAW School. That's pretty damn incredible
a gazelle. Many graduate allow. Schooling was twenty three. My graduating, when I was twenty two, but he was close. For a very sharp man. So market down. I won't be here Thursday in and I won't be her Friday. So please check it out. This Sunday, ten p, Eastern seven, P, Pacific. And, of course, I'll be there in them. It'll be a fascinating discussion. You're always learn. Something are always have a take away and I think will reinforce your principles. We don't take any needs on the show let us go to Frank, long Island New York, the great double ABC, go right ahead. Sir It amazes me before make a comment about my brother on it amazes me that these matters
Have you ever face any real danger, maybe going into an opposing players? Arena, They say when they look at the american flag, they see, quality oppression, white racism, lightweight supremacy. To talk directly to advance dreams, stuff curry, see occur I hope they listen to this, because when I look at the American Flag every single time. What I see as the same flag that was draped over my brother's coffin as those twenty five year old body. Whose carried over military transport- so I hope Think about tat. Could if they people to have a conversation with my brother or any other of the fallen They were
Prepares at what they call me, we are heard and we would be respected and your very disappointed. So please, please stand frank level Frank left. I wanted to know about his brother, but is obviously very upset, and I don't blame him. I don't blame him at all. And we wish that family all the best father I said earlier in India When the mark Lavinia Perry, doing father I'm doing Thank you, Mr Medina. It's an honor to speak to you thank you This was the origin taken today. I think you said in the past reminded me of what my father told me: five years ago before he left his work, lieutenant Destroy s quite more were too and each year, given the heat of battle.
One of these really scary- and he said the sailor was scary. That was the flag at almost like a talisman tat. He said what the food. The american flag turned the courage and help them get through I don't need them realise what the old fighting for then weapon, try to preserve what was the memory I can flag, represent some time ago. Dimension. The progressive let's, what the ocean do we not only to destroy what did you say, turn that causes them to be even consciousness about the fact that doing important, whether worryingly ongoing and you just made me understand that what really is with no choice Too little The story is that great support
from God Almighty, they created them. American flowed strongly american flag. In fact it today grandfather denigrating it it just disgusting. Yes, it is disgusting and that's why the american people are speaking out. Their speaking out numerous ways: Why you see viewers ship football going down, you're gonna start seeing viewers should a basketball going down. And these men who play these sports are very, very selfish, because They stand on the shoulders of the men who came before them, I'm not doing a very good job of it and they are They are ruining the professional careers and the legs. From which they have benefited enormously become enormously rich, for them its generation of high school,
I players who are coming up. They are, as boiled and narcissistic as they come in. not to be celebrated as social warriors there, social warriors: In any sense of the word father I want to thank you very, very much calling us from India and fear very, very wise God bless, you will be right back, Here, Mr Cause, I know I'm trying to find it. Mr producer, you find it for me and send it to me. I fair enough Let's take a call here, I'm having come there are problems. Folks, do my very best.
That's gonna Louis San Antonio Texas, let's go because my friend were almost at a time go right ahead. Monsieur le vine. Thank you very much for taking my cars that I'm or better and servant you different wars, Afghanistan and Iraq, and why? opinion that I'd like to express to you is that I'd like for you the slow your role on and judging these folks work. Brushing their first amendment right, given their platinum, transparent Ursa. I want to thank you for your service. Secondly, it has nothing to do with the first a mammoth they are working in the private sector. The first men replies to government debt. Negative on that, although these athletes are using their platform to protest, a great country that turn that chooses to turn its. I there are actually their back on social justice. Why did you so? Why did you join the military? Why did I? The military yeah report Reasons other than my own, for personal reasons,
my family, you provide for my family, you so joint. You didn't join the military to defend your country. Does a man I join the militant managed to me. I'm asking why. Why did you join the military? The fact is, I join you. For my family and I chose to sign on the dotted line, I agree with you, but I'm I ask your motives and melodious here motives are environment. I love you. It taken me when you women to do I'm asking you a question: why did you join the military? You said for a paycheck while at it well, don't joined the military for a paycheck, they join the military to defend the country, What not one athlete has has said anything against the military. I in amounts on a matter of saying anything against the military. Sir. These are symbols out are very important to the nation, including the military, otherwise Why would they be taking a knee jerk? You call it a simple but did now that the federal government actually build the taxpayer for thee
Why are you so angry about the country? You fought for not understanding you at all day. That's what you're doing right there, man, I'm not doing a damn thing: power the exact same thing, that the left- those your point in my eyes and I gotta get to my commercial, haven't twisted anything. You don't want to answer a question God, you're angry nothing I can do about that power, but thank you for you nervous how many of you have an additional five thousand dollars sitting around anybody. I didn't think so. But you're gonna need it if your age very Tristan burns out because Now you know, maybe in change out your airfares. I know you, Come being a melodramatic, I'm not if you saw a bad. This allergy season has been all that junk. Which is in your lungs, it's in your homes, therein, your age fact filters it's getting hot outside in your system is working harder and harder spend fifteen. Twenty bucks, save your lungs and your age acts system with fresh filters from my France had filled her by America's.
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