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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/6/19

On Thursday’s Mark Levin show, if we had lost on D-Day we would have lost WW2. The casualties were enormous, yet these brave young men put their lives on the line, many knowing they would die. Some people ask why do we have bases overseas? It’s to prevent another third reich and to protect us before something can get out of hand. Also, Joe Biden looks weak and is a serial liar. These democrat candidates lie about the country, their proposals and themselves. And the new crop of democrats who want to be president, like Seth Moulton, are appauling. He compared funding abortion to paying the troops. The troops are protecting lives, abortion extinguishes life. Later, Nancy Pelosi tells democrats that she wants to see President Trump in prison. For what? Not for the Mueller Report, that’s crap. These democrats are so sleezy and extreme. The democrat candidates are also using impeachment as a talking point and as leverage.

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