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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Radio Host Bill Cunningham fills in. The Democrats have been attacking minorities, especially in urban neighborhoods, for decades. Cities like Chicago, Detroit, and New York city have suffered greatly under the policies and control of leftwing Democrat politicians. The KKK is an outgrowth of the Democrats, yet many African Americans support them anyway. The majority of welfare recipients are white and they too lend the unwavering support to the Democrats so that the checks keep coming in. The Marxist idea of dependence on government is the common thread amongst all of these scenarios. Then, Joe Biden flip-flops on his support for the Hyde Amendment and Mitt Romney hints that he won't support President Trump's re-election despite the support Trump gave to Romney in his Senate run. Later Bill delves into the media's hypocrisy and how great American health care is. It's so great that people are sneaking into the country to benefit from it.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented podcast, as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year here There is a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening. And my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run grimly underground in the bowels of the bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader type, only cunning and the great American in for the great one mark, Levin Furthermore, as always, is eight seven, seven, three it won three eight one one made seven having three eight one, three, eight one, one, the gray one is often so
go somewhere near a mountain top listening to a mystic. His book, of course, outlaw. The Liberty and Levin the show itself Fox NEWS, ten p m on Sunday Mark PEN form Don't worry Clinton adviser, bookmark pen is more lucid moments. Now than they used to have, and then also work on freedom of the press and number one in New York Times best seller number one in USA. Today, it's an incredible rate. I mark send me an autograph copy about three weeks ago and I spent about two nights: reading it and its fabulous and it lies. Dynamic, pant, amateur Do you a good friend of mine, Curtis Leyva as to what Mainstream media is done to this country. What it continues to do to this country and will keep doing to this country until their stop I say because they will not stop the mainstream. Media must be stopped. By that I mean. Don't read the newspapers. Don't watch television shows, don't listen, any talk, radio host, who might be liberal or most of them, are out of business because no one's listening to them, and so, if they dont
thought they must be stopped on freedom of the press. Lies it out, clearly as anyone could ever is what the media is done in this country- and here is the amazing part as a great american- that's happening. There is one business in America only one protected by the United States constitution. They found others ass. There were no mothers, the founding fathers who put this whole thing together back and beginning seventeen seventy sexual declaration in seventeen. Eighty seven than the first president Georgie in seventeen eighty eight new that there had to be and business protected by the United its constitution they wouldn't be a plastics business. It wasn't, the home and proven business was number one, the press business at that point it meant leaflets and many newspapers that is developed into today, all the way up to blogs and up to other kinds of antsy ways of communicating the new early on that for the american people,
I presented by you and me there had to be free, and fair and objective information given by media given by the press so that formed Americans could cast an informed Balin and without that protection we would have a biased, prejudicial media that would advance Our agenda instead of the american agenda, most clearly coming back from the great the president had on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, and I guess he's back now on terra firma. There. Not been more successful. Foreign policy trip by any president My lifetime shorter, maybe one Nixon maturing, lie and also MAO Tse Tung than the one just gauged by President Donald J, tromp number, forty five. It was wonderful that guy was brilliant. Wine, dining pocket line, leaders of France and England, the speech D Day yesterday, I thought was fabulous. Unbelievable
Presentation was magnificent, but we are for the mainstream media that his maybe is here is tux didn't fit. Should malaria the most I think, the most successful first lady of my lifetime. More sunglasses in appropriately and so on that running Father, said we got to give freedom of the press from the press of arm of the government to end bodies together object, information upon which voters can past and in an casting armed ballots that the book on Freedom rights clearly demonstrates that the Romania has completely lost its way, and I was just to you has not coming back, time soon, so that is to get objective information. Today, you must listen to the great American to the great one to the two other kings in some princes of talk, radio, the Kurdish Lee was the shown Hannity my good friend, rush, limbo, worse limp Michael Jordan of tolerated
Slumber eighteen, eighty eight is the best of what he's done is done that for thirty one years, but to me as one individual american as a great American when I rob around I live in suits, and only the highways and byways into so called tri state. It's not Connecticut George New York, Nano its Ohio, Dana, I ought to engage I come and go based. Born when Markel of in his on the radio, because he's informative he's hilarious. He tells He thinks I didn't know gives me sign the stories I didn't think about the guy is absolutely wonderful, and so, when I spoke to a couple, to go, and he said well it can you penchant for me on June, over got some things going on with other mystics. I set absolutely absolutely big. That's how important it is. So, the Borg and Freedom of the press, about how MSNBC Neuro Times Washington Post every big city Daily NBC, ABC Cbs, Throwin Fox NEWS at times, have
completely lost their way and have become ideologues. They do not give a subjective fair on information what they gave us is viewpoints packaged as objective and fair way. Of course, it is not, and this driven home to me earlier today, like many when I try to do the test, my own judgment about important issues, whether its race or politics and economics. Is that what I do, is listen to the other side, rarely every now and then beyond an issue like a gay marriage. Over years I may switch, and so you know Hungary, Mary Jumper, practicing, Roman Catholic. If the government the require a roman catholic priest to prefer My gay marriage, I would arise ice with millions of others like a mighty soon army from the Bow of the Pacific Ocean an app a lonely protest in every which way. I can that requirement that a catholic priest should and must perform a gay marriage goes to me that isn't it
thought that is unbelievable, and so, if a gay couple in your city Baltimore or LOS Angeles or in Cincinnati, respect spoken if there were to go to The court's office join hands and rest. At some stage or prove words and suddenly other rights, duties, responsibilities, limit patients and expressions of so on marriage. I'm ok with that. That was it position ten twenty thirty years ago, because it was coloured by my religious beliefs, but if, if others feel differently than I and is not in a row just context, and they want to the clerks office and express our love for each other and tat. But all the responsibilities of marriage. I say now so be it so I times, listen to the other side. In order to projected. About my own feelings so I was earlier today getting ready for this great opportunity with with more Lebanon is millions, and millions of devotees from four main
Hawaii from Alaska Florida, every state, every city, every county, every burglary township between I spent some time watching algae then on MSNBC. Normally, when I come across that I skip through, it is quickly I can, but I thought you know what I want to test my my belief system, hence leftwing, ideologues and see. If I'm right or wrong enemy fortify. My opinion syrup may cause a change in the expression after Several minutes of listening to her sharp to do by the way is a good friend of courtesy was I thought to myself my god? Oh my right about race, race in America, and our sharp who spent time, of course, attacking Donald J Tromp who, by the way, has given our sharpen there are two thousand dollars over the years. There's practice every a war that Jesse Jackson or our sharpening give a private citizen they have given the present, because, generally they take money from him for
twenty or thirty years in York, city I spent an entire for her days in New York City, doing my my. A television show, and I am only loved, I wanted not liking New York, I came out. Loving New York City came out, loving the people there don't. I know. Other game is played in the games played in your city. You have to butter certain palms, otherwise you gotta put the jam on the crackers. Otherwise you can get things done so because Trump the game. So well, there are photos and towards an alkaloids came from the rainbow push pollution and elsewhere in Harlem, giving to the press many awards at that time. Of course she was a private citizen, so I'm listening to sharpen ripping on the Republican Party and ripping as much as he can on the president and talk not the glories of the democratic Fiona. How great somebody for tenders are pretenders Elizabeth worn, for example, pretend is to be an Indian when she clearly does not Corey Book or new
where's. He pretends to be Spartacus, one I use a roman slave, you have one guy Bernie Sanders pretend we as Socialists when really the communist beginning, a nineteen eighty eight or before you have come o Hara senator from California, pretending to be african American when her father. From Jamaica and our mothers from the great need of India. You have all this tending going on and the Democratic Party, yet our sharpens in their one thousand pretend percentage but the races and the Republican Party, let you know back in time a little bit with there drought, as in many others, and talk about the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party. Was the poverty of the confederacy, the democratic, in the south after Fort Sumter declared war on my country. The United its of Amerika. The democratic party do that and they fought and killed. Six hundred thousand Americans during the civil war that was fought in large part to eliminate
embrace slavery. So Democrats were the Party of slavery confederacy. The party are buying and selling black people, the party of raping lack women and the confederacy. The party are buying and selling black people. The party raping like women, a black girls, the Party of brutal guard using beatings. And murders that was a democratic. Party, and it was formed in that way in the south, correct, historically one percent, having lost see civil war to my country, the United rates of America. They then active, Jim Crow, there was vicious discrimination against African Americans perpetuated by the Democrats in the south, the also one about the business of mentioning about four thousand african Americans Democrats did all tat hung them from trees, beat them to death, raped their women, beat the men to death and beat up children sold them whatever it took, and this was the civil war. That's the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party,
the Party of Al Sharp than today Jesse Jackson and the Democratic Party Nancy Policy and Chuck humor and all was twenty two democratic candidates. That's the party took to which they, yeah and scream and embrace the philosophies, two principle and the history of that democratic party. The democratic party that killed six hundred thousand Americans, the Democratic Party than inactive Jim Crow laws fishes discrimination based upon race, the Democratic Party that hanged beat she. Murdered and raved black women all over the south from eighteen, sixty five about two hundred years later. That was the democratic party. Has it changed much today to take a look New York city? Take a look at Baltimore, Detroit Chicago LOS Angeles. San Francisco go to Austin Texas Memphis. Now these men controlled by the Democratic Party now for almost fifty years, a course in sugar There's more like ninety years Democrats can
all the major cities in this country and if you can't find it I will begin with a search light and most urban areas of this country, what its the status of african Americans. America they, like is outside of Chicago Horn, Harlem What's the status of homelessness in LOS Angeles, your San Francisco or Seattle, destroying it in which political also in which political party is didn't power exclusively by african Americans, almost bracing the Stockholm Syndrome and which they cannot take on the other each of their captors, because the leader Japanese Democratic Party understand pay off prominent African Americans like AL sharpen, TV shows to shut the hell up. Otherwise he would turn on that a crowded parties. They wait a minute you're, the party, clogs, client you're, the party Jim Crow you're, the Party confederates you're the party african american lynchings, you're, the power, a mass of lawlessness, of sawdust Chicago you're, the Party of urban public educate,
an incomplete collapse, indicate what have you done? for our slightly. The answer is nothing not to quote a famous politician. What the hell do you lose our lives and our short, and earlier today, I'm thinkin. What the hell is. He organ about trumpet the Republicans compare what the Democrats Don T African Americans for them, Four hundred years. You get some sense of what hypocrisy is ripe and rare and the modern democratic party. Dont babbling want to get your cause. Your comments on this plus, I want to ask you the big question How successful was the president's trip? The enormity the France too, to England to Ireland it was the media right to criticise and talk about his non fit. Tuxedo in the sunglasses worn by Maloney and where was Megan Markel? Where was Megan Markel, we can't find Megan Margo, who gives our crap about Megan Markel, be rate.
Actress who who struck at regiment hair, I couldn't care less about her here's the number to call. Eight, seven, seven, three, eight one thing the eight one, one success or failure more build, Cunningham, the gray, American and for the great one mortal every human being, has a common problem. How do I live with our happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills, dough College President Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's. Nick I'm making ethics and a new free online course from hills. The college shares Aristotle's teachings that. Why help really the most complete happy life possible register for this free course introduction of AIR
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Four inhales doubt that come we understand, as would come on, they are denied to the terror of war with Mexico is allegedly still on bread and God, the President says the president. Has this deal spine. I suspect that he does imagine there is a wonderful Christmas movie, Jimmy story you see, and every now and then spread about fifty years old. It's a wonderful life is Bedford, falls result like that civil town, in one way. The city was great, it was fine. There were flower shops and their return, is, never moms and danced together with kids. Then there's the democratic way of looking at things. There were species in gambling joints and dereliction drugs on the street, gonna like in LOS Angeles. Counter, reminding me of cities controlled by Democrats. The longer the city was controlled by Democrats. Nemorin looks like that Add side about Movie because when I watch bench, your prayers,
the great job? On this honest upside Mark Levinus, fabulous. Of course, when it comes to the issue, brine kill me does a great job of talking What happens to cities are states long and democratic control is like it answering metastasize is like a virus infection. You just get sick after a while. LOS Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Austin, access is beginning to have a terrible, almost problem and its because Oh cried, Sir George, the law, The democratic party control, something the worse and worse. It becomes June, allowing in the future when I die, Tromp Junior used the term yesterday, the Hamas caucus when certain of yours, Hauser representatives, speak more positively Hamas, we're going until Abe, then they speak of America. I wonder how long
the policies of builder blogs you? Can your city remain a great city with filth and degradation and and cops being chopped in the back Edward Tomahawks, what the hell's going on one of them mainstream media just for like a month, so you know what we're not going mention Trump for the next thirty days. We're gonna talk about their failure, of public education under control of Democrats. We're gonna talk about the parlor issues of crime. Under control of Democrats, we're going about the status of public education out of the country Democrats, the law the Democrats who are in charge the worst ever lemon alive- becomes how many, how many jobs does your formed and Democrats they controlled areas, many major city or companies moving in one one I now move on Amazon What a Yossi due to them there, on jobs there the creation of new opportunities? They don't want you to control your life. They want the governor, to control your life. They want
it sure than energy in medicine all controlled by the damage Party. They will partial out to their friends the benefits and now it sure that if you're, a conservative you'll be start a restaurants and airports beat up scourged Alice continue, flying becomes available. Eight seven, seven, three one three, eight one, one male Cunningham and for the great one, Live in cities, family. In eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call. It is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus the free monthly speech Digest Helstone College in primacy is dedicated to you're citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published and nineteen, seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty. With
Subscribers? Three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have addressed issues like free speech, the regulation, a big tech, mental illness and the American Medical insurance system and because a merry its founding principles are so important, Helstone a prison Primus, absolutely free of charge. Anyone who requested that's right: you can subscribe to Primus for Free here's I want you to do. I want you to visit. Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus. I m p r? I am I S, daughter was there that EU welcome Thursday S voice. My love then talk with that now eight seven, seven, three eight one. Three eight one one my bill,
the great American for the gray, one mark Levant on Sunday night, ten o clock on Fox Life, Liberty in love its appointment tv for me and I hear asked on Sundays, Mark PAN of former Clinton Easter, but I've seen the light has more lucid moments. Now that he's had a long time, so marked penalty will be. The guest of Mark Levant on Sunday night, ten o clock, plus the book as on freedom of the press. One last thought before I turn to show it to you: we do we do because you, the customers, by their products, goods and services that were selling and that this is Listening posed for normal God, fearing Americans, like Monica in flow Tom in Florida, John in Denver, sweet to New York, city Brown, in LOS Angeles Attila in Johnson and others can count. It come on a national programme with millions and millions of listeners in them straining at your brilliance her years to petty and which I certainly enjoy. One last thought:
What? If CNN the news network would say you know what or done bashing tromp having a political motive to eliminate him from office by the way, for two reasons in it about tramp tramp as the character Tromp is the personality trouble. The bridge to get the Democrats in their media friends to where they want to be, which is putting all the federal judges and number two handing out bill. The dollar to liberal organizations, so the reason Nancy Pelosi once tromp, literally in jail, locked up The reason sounded a warrant said yesterday that she wants tromp perked walked out of the White House, language employed against the Brok. Hussein Obama would cause a national connection, fit the real reasons: the Democrats, one power, number one federal, judges number to control federal budget to hand out billions of dollars to groups like plan parent Oda elsewhere, so they can Tycho their money back to them and keep them in power. But what if CNN declined to news what say you know what we spend
Thirty days investigating urban public education, to talk about, say the last ten years, how the cost, the price has risen and the results have gone down four years ago during the end of the Obama administration aren't Duncan, as you know, was secretary of Education, another Chicago great. You went along with Rami Manual and Jesse Jackson and Louis Fair, gone and Jeremiah ride in broad Hussein Obama. Michelle Obama said that the average high school african american graduate and halftone graduating under democratic rule, but they have the graduate on average. The reading, sure proficiency is the eighth grade level and so what, if CNN, so you know what we have spent trillions of dollars and to take the top twenty five urban areas in their public school system and let's gather unvarnished, objective facts: let let'S a short in the last ten years, the price education is gone from eleven
thousand dollars per student to seventeen thousand dollars per student, which is a fifty three percent increase, and let's talk about graduation rates, let's talk about it. As you know, achievement. Let's talk about talk about objective testing Out of the kids do the longer you run democratic control, public education system, how we look at but what they want is long, LOS Angeles County public schools. And it said you know what, let's, through an independent analysis of the last five in twenty or thirty or fifty years. But the Democrats have done just a public education. And take any of the major cities and say: are they succeeding in their efforts? Is money a problem She didn t see public schools on every spend about eight. Thousand dollars per kid per year. What are the results? plainly control by the democratic, under the odds of republican like rich Valdis. Elected the Congress in your city,
Annie conservative Republican, getting elected to become the mayor of the city. Council, abortion. Didn't you see the answer is non existent. It will. Ever happened, it cannot happen as the media has not given to the electorate to the population to the voters under the first, a member protected, thereby the objective. Asian upon which to cast and inform ballot? I would after Assume, I know I know, are being told the goods they cause. I'm gonna, do it one last on serious Chicago all by Democrats for ninety four years. You can't find it I will begin with a search warrant in the city of Chicago, in fact, to veer Republican. You got you, don't get picked up you're electricity Yeah, it's turned off annually, nobody dark because you're a republican matches- and you can't find a Republican anywhere near anywhere in New York to be elected or Chicago. What is the status of the Effort American population on this sorry to Chicago five
thousand strong under democratic rule for ninety years. That votes. Ninety percent democratic: what does the Devil party done except destroy african American by policy on the south side of Chicago. This same thing, the Democrats did and the nineteen eighteen nineteenth and Twentyth centuries African Americans in the south. Is confederacy lynchings, Jim Crow? discrimination, rape, robbery, that's what Democrats did do: Americans in the south, but like three hundred years and then they enacted the same policies in urban areas. How bad is event one is a choice and as economically the choice of send your kid to Chicago public schools order, a private school you gotta choice, no reasonable adult would every send a kid. Don't urban public school control by the Democratic Party, because educational systems or non functional that behaviour, the treatment whatever it is, and I got worse
teachers who put up with the behaviour of the students, God bless him I don't understand why national media, the Chicago Tribune, ought to do it, but let's do it You're study of what Democrats have done to public education, criminality, job creation about. A pretty values about any objective measurement of control by the Democratic Party? How successful they? But can you name one city in America one? Maybe what counts? California, Colorado or floor taxes were at work for fifty years, the devil, Party is controlled? This public education system, the envy of the world high scores, great job placement, college achievement to my knowledge is not one So what is the media ignored because their part of the problem The national media is part of the problem. They are
megaphone, they blast out the viewpoints of laughter Progressive slashed socialist last communist and have done so. For the past thirty to forty years. The treatment, tromp received on his trip for did. I was significantly different than they treatment Ronald Reagan received when he met with Margo that you're, the protests were five hundred thousand strong. There were its Indira legs of every description, miscreants marching around about. It's. Gonna get us into a nuclear war, we're going all be killed and they believed in the protests by Tromp, were certainly much less than the nineteen eighty four Thatcher and ragged, but that's the hatred, publication of the left, it doesn't change one, but where are the successful? The great american, Citys, controlled long by the Democratic Party by any objective measurement. They don't exist. So what is the media cover that and say this is what you promised, and this is you deliver so.
I don't know it's exasperating at times its difficult at times, thank God. We have our brain Shapiro undrawing kill me. Thank God. We have individuals, courtesy while thank God, you have the same, donation in May and think I D got Mark Levant, another conservatives that you can listen to to reflect viewpoint. Sometimes we led many times. We reflect what you're not hearing the mainstream media. Lastly, before I turn things over to you, one last thought I ve been asked. Often Why too liberal talk shows never make it and concern and its dominate the media when it comes to talk, radio, here's the answer, because the left wing committed progressive media is so subjective and their viewpoints expressing far left wing view through our sharp tone, MSNBC New York, Times, etc. Good God, fearing Americans do not have reflections their values, their morals or ethics. They didn't have it. So if you, if you
CBS Evening NEWS, if you read the New York Times, if you read the LOS Angeles Times, are the trip if you're in any newspaper tromp receive- basically no endorsement by any newspaper, he was hated if you want to have some fun, encourage you before you go to bed and I go to Youtube and put in. Twenty sixteen election night media coverage and why the meltdown, the mainstream media, who fully do no stay. What happens in Wisconsin? since an aerial high Ohio, voted, nine percentage points plus four tromp, they have no clue. What's happening, Michigan Pennsylvania! It's why a country they don't know that they have no clue, and so The reason conservative succeed, it's the one per of the world in so we have an outlet for viewpoints. If the industry media was completely conservative, then liberal talks. This would become successful as a counterbalance to what you have imagined a world today. In the last thirty years, without people like Shapiro Curtis lay one brine, Kilmaine Mark Levantin
I myself am imagine that world Where would you get alternative viewpoints that reflect reality and reason, logic, common sense and values and morals and ethics? There's nowhere CBS Nbc. Are you kill me I'll sharply? Are you kidding me? and I would assume out of Chicago We ve had the civil rights leaders perhaps unprecedented with Jesse Jackson. We have political leaders on President, like Brok, Hussein Obama around me manual, aren't Duncan risk. Did national characters like like Michelle Obama. You have the Jeremiah rights. We have Louis Farrakhan, that's Chicago, I would have to assume if I'm thinking, law, ITALY, which I like to think I do that those Chicago who live there born there raised their pay there, excess. They are quite high, whose children what are those schools court, of course, not the public's hills.
System in Chicago nobody in Chicago would send their kid they loved into a public school. I have to assume that the aren't Duncans and the Rami manuals and the Valley regards I'd, have to assume the black Hussein Obama's and the Rami manuals and the armed aren't dont. Consider Michelle Obama would M M I want an act, their theories and their beliefs and their home town before they would force believes on the entire country. I would soon, then, that this absurd. Chicago has no crime, job proliferation, right. Academic success in the public school system to assume that mom and dad who sit on their porches and walked in cities, reach on the south side of Chicago under democratic rule, without fear of crime being upon them by other Democrats, I'd have to assume that some sort of Chicago, because Obama and fairer con
Jackson or their my gosh. That's got to be a great place now, unlike you. Maybe I, I drove through the south side of Chicago once and I want they go through it. Of course, it was two o clock in the afternoon to make sure that my vision. My theories about a horrible horrible status and which Denmark policies have been inflicted on African Americans. I can look at it. I saw them. The gang bangers. I saw the drugs, I saw it the corners what I saw, these games, I saw dilapidated highs housing like in Detroit farm animals are now grazing after eight years of democratic rule,. What is in the media say, wait a minute instead of being the mega voiced of and the reflection of that crowded party wanna. We investigate the imitation of democratic policies without me, hence the anyone other than me one. I do that as the media one stomach
Mr Wynn, because the Democrats reflect political opinion, said the latter, leftwing, progressive and the mainstream media, and they want federal appointments, firstly due to the judiciary and, secondly, they want billions of dollars under their control to give to their friends there. Back to them when they run for re election and two years that under Obama and policy and reed was enough. And oh nine and ten for the entire country to flip and say we don't want that. It works may going into the future, are no worries. Markel event, also topic: us. Millennials have been largely educated in explanation fashion by the public school system controlled by Democrats at some point, some It's gotta go on and those millennials to grow up, grow a pair and vote for The american way of life, and not this the surest way of life continue, I'm done, babbling, that's it! I'm gonna go to Tom and John and Brennan until and thousands of others,
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the way the media covers all issues, wants to turn the minds of many african Americans to be self defeating too most Stockholm syndrome, to be ok, we're gonna, take on the attributes of our our possessor, so those who bought and paid for us as possible. African american look into the record of the Democratic Party could be a Democrat. Some possible would use in your kid Turner, Urban It's cool control by the damage. Party for the last eight years, if you had a choice, the answer, of course, is no The answer is hell. No in New York City former great city, the hallmarks so the Democratic Party in the plaza is urination delegation and fornication street in your city, you can't walk Eighth Avenue any more without the without dodging fornication, urination, a and needles. Does
media covered. That way. Does the New York Times say: let's do exposing they have great resources at the old great lady. What are we spending? Thirty days investigating the amount of money spent in Europe public school system and see what the Also, if you spend a day thousand dollars a kid you oughta be only get worse I was then indicate that kid can get a new to a good college and if for years graduate we ought to be do that if we spend that kind of money but begin only themselves because they represent Democratic party, and they have to keep those who their main power in tow. You cannot he stepped out alone. You can't be clear Thomas Thomas, all New York be Kevin Jackson. You can't be there. Ever Jesse, lay Petersen and step out of line. He's too about align, guess what you're gonna be shouted down in restaurants, you'll be hunted down on the streets, you'll be yelled out and in airports, and if Europe poor man afford, and you about a line
the Obama administration, Paul man affords activities which are nefarious character and the best take determined this the old Department of Justice that his active These do not arise in the level of a criminal felony indictment once Mahler too over and said, let's put Paul man or in the screws, alleged determined what he knew and when he knew it when it was, determine after months and months. In fact, two years poor man I knew nothing about criminal activity connect about the president or other accolades. They still button him down. Tied him down for years in federal prison and much like sitting in a restaurant of your republican female by Christa Nielson. Much put him in solitary confinement and rikers. Ireland has further punish for being associated with Trump Can you imagine the outcry? Can you Imagine of John Baino when he was bigger, allows John banners a friend of mine he's from Ohio arm from Ohio
domain or high school. I domain or high school for one year than dear park. High school, I play golf with John Vainer he's a good man. What, if, better when you speak of the house called called now further imprisonment? How bureaucracy Obama? What day the media do you have any idea? What would happen to this country brain or had called for the jailing abroad, saying Obama, the world would have ended as we know it, but you got me EU policy Francisco treat, but what of needles urination, fornication and dedication on the streets. Is San Francisco by nerd. Community calling for imprisonment of the present the United States because they differ on policy. Let's lock him up now: public answer yelled that from the floors, convention centres or vilified by the media now tampering with the Democrats therein gene in their behaviour. But the me
The criticized when practice by Republicans high, when we continue now rose the mermaid, I'm going go to the american people becomes available. You know the routine go cunning and the great American and for the great one market, now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. It appears that media hate our present for the Europeans love our guy media, region Europe, with the president's trip to celebrate commemorate the sacrifice of ten pounds. That american soldiers D Day was unbelievers. It was wonderful. The elite
So the herb welcome with open arms, beloved character came home. They people the angle to diminish him to knock em down and make sure is unelectable. This is out, impeachment, they don't care about impeachment. They would hate even of president pants. My Friend radio talk shows former MIKE Ben stay to hate him even more boldly I do a smear him to such a character that he's unelectable in the minds of white, suburban, female housewives. That's what thereafter, but as IP Most undone babbling about away to MAR are not tomorrow, but Sunday night. Ten p m life, Aberdeen Levant on Fox NEWS. Ten o clock Sunday night Marks ass. His mark, pan of former Clinton Easter, continue now we're gonna modicum first and Jupiter Florida, the Homeward Tiger Woods, Monica furthermore, Golovin Show hosted by Bill Cunningham Monica. Please go ahead
I, Mr Cunningham, I have to tell you the truth. I have never heard of you, but I have never heard a better analogy of the Democrat Party. You gotta worry, cannot in my car and my radio waves blaring does that we listen to rush. When I got to work and you were just fabulous and to tell me if you gimme your perspective- code? It's almost drug that the Democratic Party has on the most loyal voting block one policies, whether was the eighteenth and nineteenth and twentieth other? If our century has destroyed African Americans in their lives, what he is
wider african Americans vote for party, then so destructive and their families, because it is often because of what they are caught. Good point: I must go. I blame the media. I blame the Democrats with it. There are, the Monti said Albert Gay said: will have them voting Democrat, yet boy of those and billing Democrat for the rest of their lives, and he was right and he was Right- those are the beaches, are all also there's Monica at the weather, was John F Kennedy, wiretapping, Martin Luther King, Jr or less Baines Johnson, destroying the black family or what's happening did black leadership. Romania's Democrats and majority one skin skips outline is vilified and crucified. The modern a crowded parties done more to destroy african Americans? Then
we don't buy you you're, the group organization in the world, a man brother, I mean this is red Gillis and what they did the Trump over in England and complaining about the cemetery and then nonsense. This man did a wonderful speak here that gave him credit for that, but the next day there right back at it. Picking on him, every little thing he did Maloney is was offer sunglasses weren't, thereby collar. I mean this is nonsense. Can you imagine block Hussein Obama had been urged. Be jailed by John. Vain or when he was speaker of the house, for whether it's faster fear is a bunch of other stuff. Can you the major MIDI reaction of Republican called for the jailing of Morocco, Ain't Obama, because men that apply camera lynched by Democrats two hundred years ago, simply verbiage black and today black kids
democratic areas or nodded liked. It there's no job availabilities. The crime is rampant. There's no social indicator, that's good, but the media that over that, because it's an inconvenient truth Monica world- happened of John Vainer, it called for the jailing of bureaucracy in Obama. I think, would be all I didn't know romantic tags recall we gotta go but great. Take less continue. Now, with Tom Tallahassee Florida about tariffs and more and Tom. Welcome to the mark. Levin show Tom. Please go ahead. I join with, including on Sunday night here and how happy and thank you are right to give more credit on his new book about the media, because, sadly, it's better to be uninformed, then it is to be misinformed and, unfortunately, that's what our media has been spending most their time doing, misinforming Americans
for example, if they are covered by the tariff in China may be going on. And on about this, how this is going to be a new tax in american thinking to get be painted? Why sure didn't hear no talking about that when they wanted to double the minimum wage, they didn't say how Americans are gonna, be paper, now do they know inviting a brancusi Obama increase. Many tariffs quite then using tariffs to change foreign behalf, here is a frequent ingredient of american presidency bomb increased about seventy four tariffs that we're not covered by the mainstream media, because that they cover the guy. If he was a second coming. Oh Jesus Christ, one one terms, Does the same kind of things at Obama? Does one was not? however, the other one is bad, and our media took the side of the communist chinese atheist against our side that an immediate takes the side of illegal aliens against us. Their media takes the side of those who want to kill babies in the womb instead of the rest of us and in fact either Many times, Democrats consider abortion to be like a sacrament, the ME
it doesn't go for the Democratic Party, because the media is part of the democratic party. Deafening got that right, but the beauty of the pair against the Chinese is it doesn't matter what the Chinese do. We and either way we explain why explain why the deal that we have, the Chinese. Now, at any time, we open up a company in China. We have together Communist Party fifty one percent of that company. Ok, they also have access to our technology turn around and you think technology to Cosette competitive companies, the Fox Con fellow when he said that company up in China from Taiwan values get a good deal. I thought well, I gotta be losing put you up for cinema my company, but
now be able to sell my apple bones to millions and millions. Almost a billion customer to China to bath China uses his own technicality started their own telephone company, which they call Opel, which sounds like apple, looks, like apple uses, the same technology and that the bats the foes at all the Chinese you. So he didn't even get the market that he thought he was gonna get so the beauty of it there is every dollar that they lose out about everywhere must die. They can turn round and use against us an r r Alison that air. You know, the Chinese of Annex ii, entire cell, turned to see their expansion was goals are even more ambitious than the imperial japanese war to it worth it. Sleep on the on the switch. We need to remember that a world war two we sat there and castigated ourselves for selling the Japanese, the very male. They turned a battleship and bullets and by right back at Us- and here we do the same thing- we're giving them
hundred billion dollars in trade and their superior up their definition of a fair trade that is returning fifty billion and by an american good. So they are pocketing five hundred and fifty billion dollars a year of which there are using as our strategic adversary, so the more money that we stop giving them that's great for us and also what have I saw that business people can say well now we're going to have to pay more for their per goods. That's not true! All these companies are going to reopen in
the company country now wish it with America, but if not, nor did the norm in their rushing over there and the Chinese know this in the Chinese, have their figure lifting the democratically the thing. Well. Can we play ball with trot, but the democratic candidate, they're gonna teach him or there's not going to get reelected? Maybe we should just hold out for two years. They have both hope. Every month they delay is costing more business to be acknowledged, and every single one of those companies that moves to Vietnam, not a single one of them, is gonna move back to China when it's done, because a sacred Vietnam and its keeper in Vietnam, we may think, said and done. We not only have a hundred percent accompanying before setting them up in Vietnam, but will also be able to make their products cheaper. So if a win win head of course, if they came
again they treated fairly, we'll still be giving than that that extra five and I think, a billion dollars or whatever, but at least we will be giving them half of the company and all of our technology know. Tom you're, typical of the mark. Levine listener, you're smart, you get it, you think ST did you play, which is something Democrats and report can president's I've never done. This is the first president and a half a century said. We are disgusting. Losing our way it's carouse let's eye catching a virus day, day week by week, month by month, year by year, the Chinese eat our lunch John K, It goes to IRAN and made sure this former counter art, and says, look to play this thing out too gonna lose the election next year so you have a former secretary state undermining American policy. You have many die across, like Chuck Shermer Nancy Pelosi who wants to jail, the president is she's in some banana republic. Telling
communist red Chinese who have no conception of homeownership, no conception of property owned by a party, nor person you're there tell the Chinese play it out? Don't do anything robs gonna lose in twenty twenty we get back and control will play ball. We'll keep transferring american technology. The communist red Chinese will keep given things in ten or twenty or thirty years America edge. When oh Tom would not exist. We cannot go through ten to twenty years cycle of president's, like Bush and Obama over the next ten to twenty years. If we do will have no functioning public educational baino, southern border, abortion, we'll be sacrament for now. Ventures in China and IRAN. Iran will get the bomb communist red Chinese or with the dominant country in the world, and a man
it will fall because the government will seize control of the number one job creator, which is energy about having a modern Democratic Party Tom in which the official policy they o C and Nancy Policy, is to eliminate you're, not autoworkers, get rid of the tape source put diaper zone, cows and pigs. They want to eliminate our carbon based energy when we have no technology to replace it. They want the amount in government disease, control of the means and methods of energy production and also the pharmaceutical, the medical, the teaching hospitals they want. They a government to control your doctor who gets treatment. You don't get treatment, they want to consume the two great job creators and the country which is energy production and medicine so that they collapse the middle class. Give everybody check upon which to live. Then there are in power for eternity because the more clear indicator of a democratic voter is american on welfare, those
the visuals and the great majority of people in welfare numerically bother way or white. Those people overwhelmingly vote democratic to keep the Czech coming. The Democrats in the business of keeping the Czech coming and that's why they tried or knock the policies they do. Only people like you and I stand between Tom one last I'd go ahead. I just want to thank you for what you're doing it off at remark live in March, wonderful Tom Cyclist take assured breakin. We continue. We have calls for a mile LOS Angeles and cohesion If I'm saying that correctly, Wisconsin in Brooklyn New York, we have two lines now, if you call quickly one eights, seven three eight one create one one: build county, and the great American in for the gray one mark live. Ben
Lord said the federal money cannot be used. To kill an unborn baby. It's gonna like basic stop. You use federal money to pay for an abortion Now there many workers work around the democratic employed over there has been another nonetheless. The hide amendment says that Morocco Take the monies of those. Like myself, for a practising roman Catholics that believe life begins at conception and we're going their money and kill on born babies and that's been better, the most democratic Republican Party now for about forty years, especially the republican Party, but is So these two nights ago, Joe by Joe, the floor Abiden said no, he's taken with that, but where he got a call from a Hollywood left us from his donors. He flipped flopped Democrats off too
and now say that day believes that a federal money your tax dollars can be used. To kill on born babies. I ask you this: question: does abortion stop a baby's beating heart, yes or no those abortion stop a baby's beating heart horse answers? does it? Does your When the unborn one hundred percent the other night the margin CNN declared to news network and one of their feminist? commentators came on and the question was asked about one begins in the course of never answer that question, because NATO considerate human life, this commentator a feminist, leftwing, progressive, radical said that maybe in a mother's body, is not much difference, Kenny Stone or not much different from some other part of their woman's body? She controls or other and essentially good cut off her own finger? She can I was rather not. She has heart surgery. Trolls, rather not she cuts or toenails.
Controls rather not she has a kidney stone removed or not removed it's up to her, so It is the same as a overgrown toenail or a kidney stone. That's the viewpoint. The modern Democratic Party. Now How, in the world Can anyone participate in that venture? Can anyone say I want to be part of that movement that kills? unborn Margaret Sanger, though no plan parenthood road more than a hundred years ago, that every Africans there weren't called African Americans at the time she used the inward, but Africans are not human beings. She believed an eugenics it somehow Africans. We brought out of the world's population that they were closer to apes, many human beings. Those are the Margaret Sanger founder Plan parenthood. So when she's, on a plan. Parenthood, the Democratic Party of course These plans baritone just like them,
party embraced, Jim Crow and lynchings, and the confederacy and the coup. Klux clan k, K, K, and are the Democrats there Democrats so that same damn? Party embraced Margarets. Because she wanted to kill blacks. That's a democratic party, You know the media looks for a word of phrases. Is tropical two premises. What did he mean? Charlottesville? You say there are good people on both sides, those who support better monuments and those who don't support confederate monuments. You Eddie report. President and a sense defending a monument to democrats- and the attack trump for trying to monuments to Democrats were the confederates? You talk about juxtaposition, but now we have Margarets angers plan paranoid. I live in Cincinnati, Ohio a course workers plan paranoid put most of their clinics? What now would be black community, they
plant parenthood in New York City generally in Harlem? The object is kill as many blacks as they can in the womb before they get out before they get Miss, educate, kill them in the womb. That's the attitude to play paranoid, that's the outer due to Margarets anger and that's a group to democratic politics, money from because their main goal is to kill african Americans, especially african american females. The one genuine race most killed and abortion clinics are black females, democratic party, of course, should embrace that they have always been about subjugating ever gonna marry blacks to make them oil to their voting and to have the media act as if they're stupid, which the media does and doesn't disclose necessary information upon which a block vote or can pass can cast informed ballot. Why does Paranoid, exist and funded a million dollars by the federal government, and now the hide a mermaid.
Joe Biden, sad NEWS to be eliminated. Well, of course, is a democrat killing blacks, is in the dna of the Democratic Party that's what they did in the south. That's for this if you do now, that's what they have always done and always will do so how ill, Canada and American, whose American and build Cunningham allegedly is five percent black blood in me as a criminal Its attorney I spent most of my life representing african Americans, and I love african american population. I love the cultural of the food. I love the music. That's all good with me: how does that How is it possible that the history of the Democratic Party and what Policies have done of the Democratic Party to destroy the african american community. Add on top of that our good Sanger Plan Bernard that was in the bay of killing blacks because of you mix breeding, out of existence according to Margarets anger are the number one, gender and race.
My plan paranoid are black female babies, but regretted party takes money from them and exists for that purpose are you Joe Biden who had a few lucid moments say the other day now lies not I'm now in favour of the report. Hide amendment, unbelievable, counting on the great American and for the great one If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brickhouse, Levin dot com just go there and click on the buy now button. So you can read the reviews over one thousand two hundred and five.
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I love it when within was a good is teaches didn't, like is nine sense of humour today, re still doubt like it A marked now at age? Seven three, eight one. Thirty, eight eleven. Bill Cunningham the great American for the great when Mark Laverne, one last thought or Margarets anger She sent a letter, nineteen, thirty nine. This is thirty. Nine, a plan parenthood supported by the Democratic Party in which a good saying or outline or plan to reach out to black leader, specifically ministers, to help dispel community decisions about the family planning clinics. I e abortion centres. She was opening in the south. She said quote: we do now the word to go out there. We are exterminate the Negro population, and the minutes There is a man who can straighten out the idea of it ever occurred to any of their more rebellious members, uncooked Gloria Steinem, not
Actually I shall we say a lot What would you agree? Margaret Sanger quote this is from an essay in Time magazine put together, or you Steinem Oh Sanger adopted the Mainstream eugenics language of the day, partly as a tactic, In many Eu Genesis proposed birth control on the grounds of the educated would use had more eugenics. Actors word certain trade, sir? Shall I say according to her language, breed it out of the population and so this is planned parenthood. How many and parenthood clinics? Your enrich wide areas? answer is none there make money and troll african american population there put black areas of most citys now? Does that mean he had covered that y know? What is the media think? An unborn baby is Democrats, leave that during the birthing process, other can legally and should be able to kill her baby before the head. Since the womb, and even
after an exit, the womb there's a guy, Virginia who thinks the mother and the dark should have a conversation about a bit be borne alive that may should not be alive. That's governor north and of Virginia endorsed by the Democratic Party theirs cover any of this hell, no, must continue their cost. Thousands on old millions or lessening Yoda Brennan in LOS Angeles an Attila in Wisconsin and Brent welcomed the mark lava, show Brenheim area very good bill. You're making me feel safe and competent pilot. I've looked pilot, mark mighty she I like you know I said before, and I will say it again. I certainly think brine kill made his great and Ben should barrows good in a Russian and Sean or great. But then what that, I listened to abandon this business about thirty six years and Smart Levin, because he makes me Why are these bright he's funny when
Aren't you yelling and screaming is even funnier. I love that guy do I, but I would listen yesterday to our righteous and courageous president Trump commemorating today and I realized we are still fighting all the same monsters today. The goals and objectives of marks and Mohammed are the same. Malignant cancer simply camouflaged differently with different mask, not fear them communism, progressive ISM and now the current Democratic Party there, all the spawn of the thing, satanic socialism- and I dont- want to forget that, or we should forget that during World war to the majority of Jerusalem, the undisputed Moslem leader at that time, with a respected, confident of hint Hitler and precedence, even the originator of before
solution? Right, though these people at work, you know that are in our own Congress today receive them to leave an ill hum Omar through NATO. Sega called by some all around crazy EO see what they're they're not crazy there there either marxist or their Mohammedan, and it all it all about tyranny and terror, and and totalitarianism brig. Can you tell me where socialism theories have worked when the government controlled means it's a production, does an organ Venezuela. North Korea is a work in Cuba. It doesn't work in Central Europe because they don't call themselves socialist their cabin, as fighting to keep it but we're it's true socialist principles, are Bernie Sanders work. Can you do you tell me or house just to have you or me, or some young adults who does not want to go to college that wants to work. Maybe go the trades. Why is it fair to take some wanted and their tax dollars to pay off student loan dead or to make
Your colleges, tuition free when a person is working to control their own life. Why is it fair say it is someone who doesn't go to college you're gonna, aid for someone who does? Why? Is it fair, well, bill? Socialism works perfectly persuasion, but for not for god- and we have to realise pathetic mindset- and it doesn't come from a place of goodness- are godly had never would meant to be always been a fraud and deception is never worked. In fact, the Nazis called themselves social them cried nazis and was not a right wing. It was a left wing philosophy. Like the USSR, just like north courageously Communist China. I never like the idea of those talking about Communist China today being lights, capitalist heaven when it is not, there is no sense of property ownership in Communist Red China. They have extermination and concentration camps for Muslims not for by the mainstream media. You have a Hollywood left us who will
who deals with Communist Red China that approaches abortion who kill minorities, but they don't want to do that. Then it kid despitefully won't do a film in Georgia. This data order, but he will work for the communist red Chinese how's that consistent it well, it certainly isn't and when I was growing up- and I thought of myself when I was Dupont socialist- I I was broken of that delusion. What I found- about a body count a hundred million murdered two billion enslaved and from how we don't you think I meant right in their face how monstrous everything about them is and always has been, and always I'll be right. Now, Muslims and climate is red. China many earn extermination, last concentration camps and north as China today, where Is the New York Times outrage on the concentration camps in Communist right China today? Where is it well, there were New York Times are basically more
but I don't care what they do. They do, they will have murder, and this is something we can't get path in normal people who believe in God and decency, the constitution, more open ethics. We dont quite understand how deepened demonic this is and for all the rest were following them. Because they put on such a fine show it's a wonderful thing to watch the New York Times talk about liberalism, progressive ism, socialism, every Hollywood lefty every radie, most television shows almost every movie. You might throw in every big city newspaper, throw away big city mare they're. All democrats socialist, throw and build a blog. You throw a no group. All of them have one philosophy which is governed. Control of the american economy and the american Mine and american lives there is no part of socialism. I want any part of what But where is capitalistic freedom?
having Democratic republic and type nation that is concentration camps. North Korea has in common China, China has some one country handsome the media access if tromp is doing something wrong by trying to knock down the economic strength of our adversary, which is communist right. China is not Russia. Russia has less Emmett economy than the state of Texas, Russia is not our challenge that they have their an oil pomp with a military communist right, China. One point: three billion strong concentration camps face A a technique she all over the place that that's the challenge that we have we find
I have one president in my lifetime that is seeking to stand up to the Heathens day these in the communist and Red China and the media is on the side of China. Why is that well bill you and Mark, and president tromp are ripping the mask right off the monitors and that at all, we can keep doing their both for what they are. Most people are decent They dont quite realise who their marching with well. You know I sent an early on that day stop the media won't stop. So there must be stopped and by being stopped I mean quit. Reading quid listening quit watching quoted tending the universities quit rating their newspapers, because the boycott happening, conservative media by levels like media matters etc. Unbridled going on constantly, but we freedom, loving, Americans, don't think in a punitive fashion. I believe that every view Point should be heard. The battlefield of ideas is where we need to compete, but Democrats don't want to do that.
Put in solitary confinement and Rikers Island the president. Campaign German. They want to chase female conservatives out a restaurant. They want to beat them up on city sidewalks and on campuses. This is how the Democrats play their gave today. It must be stopped by now pretending as if it is simply a disagreement. If they have their way, America will not exist, as we currently know it and Brown we gotta go and thanks for your call is continued. Always who do we have a call from Wisconsin, and then Us Vegas, Nevada and New. Bunch of innocent people put many or can thousands and thousands of others, A line becomes available. Should never does the number I was one eight, seven, seven three one three eight one one one last thought before we go and Virginia. There was a terrible incident and when. Seemingly an employee who was unhappy we perhaps about the issues happening at work, whatever the reason decided, load up, get a couple. Forty five uses
or be card enter the Municipal Building Virginia Beach for several minutes. He fired and kill a whole bunch of innocent people put many in wheelchairs and hospitals and the media according to Rami Manual, never never letting crisis go to waste quickly talked about gun control, or silencers and thinks that character. Now, in most cities in most states there Limitations of conceal, carry permanent holders and Virginia is a very liberal and free state when it comes to conceal, carry, I dare say, in the municipal building. On that day, there were many and many and many many contractors and carpenters, electricians and plumbers and others who had to conceal carry permits and they were ordered I Virginia law not to take their conceal, carry permit weapon, and do the Municipal Building Virginia Beach by law. They were required to leave it outside. You can't take it in with you.
So without murderer than homicidal, psychotic murderer uses silencer and one forty five, and I guess he didn't do it on the other by the way silencers dont silence. Much at all. This is in television. This isn't a Hollywood it takes two decibels off the top and not many bad. He knew he was in another gun free zone. About ninety four. Ninety, eight percent of mass murders take place gun Free Zones Virginia Beach. We just Building again was a gun free zone that told us murdering psychotic fool, you become here and kill as many as you want to kill or desire to kill, because no one's gonna shoot back most every mass murder takes place and a gun free zone so when this became quickly known the Democratic Party and govern Ralph, nor never never letting a crisis go to waste, in talking about universal background checks, which
to criminalize private gun sales, or more registration or getting rid of silencers, which has no issue whatsoever. Did not talk about that. Are you the policy that says if you can who carry permanent border, which is an extension of law enforcement, I bring your weapon here so that if a psychotic murderer shows up kill as many people as he can before a good guy with a gun shows up to. Several minutes for the cops right there at the scene, and It is said instead of saying wait a minute. We hey do allow an extension of law enforcement. Those with Don't carry firm to bring their weapon concealed inadmissible building, which was save lives instead of I know that. What the governor said is: who must go further down paths that easier and more likely and more prevalent than ass murderers and public circumstances. He kill more people, and so
Ralph, northern he and COO Klux Clan outfit. There's a perfect outfit for a Democrat he's the governor of Virginia who said that killing babies after birth was achieved between a mother and her doctor, quickly out or news conference. Never crises, to go to waste, to talk about, criminalizing private gun sales, are getting rid of silencers, which bother way already gotten rid of tee to get a silencer. Today, you gotta spent hundreds of dollars, go through even more projects and I shoot through four times a year on a local gun range and the reason I'd like to have a silencers, because its loud and I oh even I wear muffs could see myself in my home with weapon that I have discharging it is so loud. It destroys ones hearing immediately I've thought repay by getting silencers, because that makes sense, but the government wants to crack down on every aspect of a second amendment and this led the easily misled,
Leaving lies the more legislation would stop homicidal killers for murdering mass numbers of people in gun free zones when their policies exacerbate the problem instead of solving, it must continue: forty eight minutes after the hour bill cunning and the great American in for the gray one mark living, Ben. Or if I want to see my friend, the gun, would you tell me again made each of us have to go through a federal background check. So the government has a record of every unconvincing gun ownership and all country. Now. Why would the government want to know why hundred and ten million Americans zone weapons. Why would they want to know that? Well don't point in your lifetime remind gonna happen where
What the philosophies of a o c, which stands for Well crazy is this. Because the house Bernie Sanders or Common Harris has the President like church humor. That's embarrassing, so democratic New York. Politicians are embarrassing going to control the United States Senate he's, gonna, get rid of the sixty vote, role to move legislation, Schumann almost promised to do that, and therefore the dough, gradual control everything. So we got this two hundred ten million Americans. At dawn guns they have let now already because of all the background checks throw the gunshot sales and private conveyances between me and my son made my daughter a daughter and may between me and and and kill made all of us May God list of everyone has a weapon. They begin seeing first of all ammo. Then they begin. Taxing gun ownership. Then they go grew more of a registration process in order to get stamps or whatever in order to keep your gun. Dollars a year.
Two hundred dollars a year. Now it's a thousand dollars a year of another mass murder takes place. It's gonna, be five thousand dollars, you around a gun, so the garden will generate money from us and secondly, we'll have a list of people to confiscate weapons if necessary, A pair of a long term plan You know it is said that the com, this red Chinese, have a hundred year plan why we have a hundred day plan they plan Bernie Sanders and comma hairs, Corey Booker Heres a list of every gun owner and the country acts and regulate out of existence. Universal background check. Simply criminalize is private gun sales said: that's what it is you that's how you asked a question, return, there's a mass murder majority, which take place in gun free zones, those what absurd signs are saying to you and me: we want others to come in here. So you can't defend yourself and be killed. That's our sign. There are places where you can take
Do a movie theater, you can't take it to a bar restaurant. You can't take it or through an arena. Kent into work. You can take it all day. All these rules and so the end of the day. What is the value of having to conceal, carry permanent became carried anywhere to protect yourself? Virginia Beach sign up Godfrey Zone that told the psychotic murderer come here, we'll be permitted to kill his money? People and you want to kill, because police will take a long time to get here and there of the motor stolen Douglas and Brower County the coward abroad County Scott P, to stay outside for forty five minutes as net. MRS Kroes, the murderer killed, does of innocent students, because guess what Stillman Douglas? Oh, that's a gun, free zone. Come here and kill The message should be a gun. Free zone should be come here kill the inhabitants we allow it. We encourage it, we permit it on continue
only one more air remain times fly when you're having fun. I promise Attila Then there are the name: Attila spend nerve two hours gotta get to him, then call New Jersey, LAS Vegas Queens in Brooklyn. Becomes, veil of which are never nos, eight, seven, seven three. One three eight one, one billion am. I try to be a great american by the way the book is on freedom of the press. Get it great book by Mark Levin Bill Cunning. Men for the gray one more clearly with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv mobile phones computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism scientists a spy. Did a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this study
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it's got a brick house, Levine Dotcom, Brick House, Levin, dot com offered code, Levin, now run only underground commander in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, Billy Cunning and the great american informant Levant, whose on sabbatical couple issues number one life, Liberty and Levin Ox News, every Sunday, night attendance appointment tv for me, guess, there's son and I will be marked pan of former Clinton Easter this. The other direction, thank God plus the boy a million times best sellers on freedom of the press. What the for media down to destroy conservatism and is a great red with facts and foibles everywhere. One last I briefly. Genuine, causa Mitt Romney
was a clown. He was a fool and twenty two We have the ability to run a campaign that minded and feed a bureaucracy. Bomber failed deduce, because he's a clown when round. Me said last night that smaller report does not show obstruction, and I don't think patrons the right way to go bucket of cod. There is no rush in collusion delusion, except by Hilary there is no obstruction because they were it was written by Andrew Weissmann, is excellent in Asia, and then, when we went on to say last night and invent a new tool that unlikely decline and support the president and twenty twenty as if endorsement means a damn thing which it does not met, Romney was in trouble running for the United States Senate month. Ahead of his election so we got a hold of the president and by the way I have spoken to the president, a man of a few times. Supposedly, Furthermore, logo, with with russian Hannity, Sean Compton, but
Dead, materialise after Christmas because of the government shut down. But for deploying with him after Christmas he's a great guy Donald Junior Erik the family, great family, the MID Romney one in his support their primary become you I centre from Utah, There was a little bit of a history between Romney, of course, wrongly gave that horrible speech during primary season to trot Scotty the ability of the republican Army to when the presidency, which would give a deal recline. Another is a wise choice. But he was in trouble in the primary. So we got a hold of the president. Can you give me a hand and twenty eight, because my difficulty here, transit Guy, so he said sure. So he made some calls to some of the possible Republican. Nominees republican candidates are my run against men, probably couldn't abatement, but they might have marked Emma. Little bed, so they backed away because tromp asked and then try. Endorsed him
and the general election in Utah and twenty eighteen sent letters out. There appeared in some radio adds vote for Mitt Romney vote for Mitt Romney Mitt Romney calls to President F words and thank him for that, and this was after and twenty seventeen when Romney shows up a new jersey to beg to to make him Secretary of state. So you know what for and why he did not thought he picks and terrible choice. Here is a good one right now, but nonetheless Romney after the election sucked up to Trump asked help when twenty eight in the primary he gave it to help raise money. Twenty a Dane saw. Those favours a return by Mitt Romney. By saying he made a Klein support, Donald J Trump for President twenty twenty, I include. I would not be surprised if I stay out of the endorsements, So this was a person and in Greece Nay Mitt Romney, who had the ability the capabilities of running again
Iraq Hussein a bomb and stop his presidency in mid stroke and twenty two. I fail to do so. Then in twenty sixteen begs tromp for a SEC restate position fortune They didn't give it to them when it was the next electoral trouble in twenty eighteen went to tromp trunk did everything they could to get him elected and he did he got away. Now here we are twenty nineteen getting ready for seventeen months from now Mitt Romney saying he may not endorse tromp Frank, it between you and I am sure my feels the same way. Couldn't care less about Mitt Romney, the in great things in their character, disgusting, I don't like it one thing I am to my friends and family as loyal Mitt Romney, his loyal did Mitt Romney has nothing. As it is to say about this president. He worked in twenty sixteen not to get him elected Trump turn the other cheek, and then it gets I begin by Mitt Romney hope. Tromp has finally Dunwood Mitt Romney others continue your call Chauvelin becomes available, which had never does eight seven seven.
Three eight one. Three eight one one must go to tell him we're gonna, J D, Attila and Johnson a key state welcome the mark Levin show Attila please go ahead. Greece will ensure greater Harriet. I thank you. I shall love mark will then just for the reasons that you were speaking about earlier, but it's an education listening to you I thank you and thank you for being on what do one of mortal Evanna Madame a few times been in his presence, had dinner with em more than there was a woman and kiss him run in the loops, while greeting greetings bill from key want, he was confident and from couldn't care, less Romney, Wisconsin yeah. If I before I get to my point, may I mentioned something
the education system, while what you're talking about earlier, please please go ahead, please gay for all your fault out there that this is one reason why you shouldn't go to to the school like like we're here, mentioning before the public education system about University, Wisconsin and Madison about that place. Oh yeah, that's a shining gem of ignorance over their meal, Alexandria Court, see. Who is in they. They have given us her that that's what your education system has produced, some on so so stupid that you could ask her go up to her and after a penny for her thoughts and Ask you for change. Offer you change. Will you know Ridge Valdez is a great American is announcing, may run against guarantees, given her the moniker all I'm crazy,
I want to know from from four mayo see, whereas socialism worked. Government seizes control of more private histories and business, which one They currently run their make any sense and actually work. I like to know where, works in the world. Her theories in our philosophies and how does it help the good citizens of the Bronx and great where the five euros in your city not day of Amazon present with some hundred thousand employees billions of dollars, how does now middle class Americans, how does it help african Americans or Hispanics or White America's? How does help anybody devil large business, not located or district? How does that assist and the answer is it doesn't, you see. Socialists do not one do not like capitalist, they don't like private industry. Then in fact, to tell her that you, my own home or you may have access to your own money, then, like the fact that you have a gun, then, like the fact you go to church, they don't like a fact where you shop and how you shop all gonna Walmart love gonna target. I contest
up economically and I would never ever Walkin Norstar bucks unless I had to do so, his book is great. Why guys I've gotta? You gotta get this book. Everyone out there on freedom. Institutions that support their philosophy. They weigh the taxes at airports. In restaurants, they put Paul man afforded Rikers island in isolation because he was drunk. Campaign manager, and even now, if Trotwood pardon Amber. So you know what two years in prison is enough. You you got the Democrats, prosecutors in New York City wanting to hear political show trials over tromp supporter it is disgusting and no liberal stand up to oppose it well bill that way right into well. What I was going to ask you about my point and that to the media the way his book is great. You guys I've got it. You gotta get this book, everyone out there on freedom of the press. I returned it quickly, so other people got
It is a short long. A hundred and thirty one people want it. So I return to quickly you due mainly to do you too cheap to buy now, I'm gonna buy it. I'm gonna buy it Take me long to realize this. Is I'm going get it I keep it, I'm not letting go. I love it. I hope becomes almost council for a book signing, but I'm gonna buy. You can be sure that, and my question to you bill is with CNN, which I have done, certainly not news. You can't believe anything there. They they say they ve been there. There are the reason why we tell you that's the most trusted name: a Let's see an end is the most stood name, a news trusted by whom and for What does what I would say the ratings are in the cropper there. Commentators are not journalist. Don lemon went crazy other night, because somebody criticized him how much criticism does tromp receive when Trump restore,
turned fired and answer Pelosi who wants to lock him up the media, one crazy, Nano Nancy Pelosi for saying lock up the president. Like a banana republic, the media went crazy on Trump for criticising Pelosi. For wanting to lock up the president, the media's got this thing backwards. They heard a bill any now speak of them. I would leave them at their tongue with motorized all they do is why, and I was going to ask you what what we can do about it, I mean well and what our thoughts only about thoroughly not lose their ratings are the thanks, though, obviously rating so earldom. I think there are given more ceremony from overseas because that's her new to news in America from Europe and abroad? But will you know to what are we doing? I would seizes the stop so their most be stopped their ratings, my sister, a crash, don't read newspapers door,
whereas time I want a movie, I think was twenty some years ago to see saving private Ryan. I will not go to a movie, because I know money goes to. The Hollywood left is to perpetuate the fraud of Hollywood. Preaching. Do us about going control when their movies are filled with violence. I can't stand the hypocrisy so when I spend my dollars is like a vote to me, I'm thinkin am I going to go without institution that supports principles that I oppose your generally, as knows on careful, how I spend my money. What I read, what I look at every national sneak in a watch msnbc and tougher immediately from projectile vomiting and explosive diarrhea, and so can't do it anymore. They won't. Absolutely must be stopped. Let's employ their tactics to bring them down but how do we revoke their there? There's their tired good need their active and identify him as what they are, their liberal activists they for a political party. They are not
press till I would say that is all. I want to compete on the battlefield of ideas with those I whom I disagree. I do not want them in a sense off the air and shut up. I want them identified and if you have done lemon and wolf Sir and MSNBC, and the anchors of ABC Nbc Cbs doing what they're doing lest her old do. In every night I don't watch, but it doesn't want them stopped in the sense of Here I want all view points to be heard. I consider Markel event. And conservatives like that- and I love the listen loved to watch, but I want to have the option if I want to watch CNN, which I refused to do, I'm not lying them. Most conservative say: let's compete it together on the battlefield of ideas and let the best ideas when and then voters cast their balance based upon information objective. They obtain and let the voters decide what occurs if we employing tactics of revoking
revoking licences and going crazy on the left. We are engaging in a sense in their tactics and I'm not sure, that's legitimate, but I know when I leave my personal life is one great american, businesses that are refused to go to check. Fillet is number one in my book. I love chick fillet. I eat there as much as I can, but movies is something that I won't participated, but if someone else wants to go to the movie, they make that decision on their own. Please go to the movies. If somebody else wants to on CNN Msnbc, if they think inside politics is a wonderful show, they ought to have the opportunity of watching our sharp to make a fool of himself so clown with a capital Kay he built Cunningham? There won't be. You won't be Mark Levin, but I dont want them shutting us down any more than we can shut them down. I want them to be heard. On the other hand, I want to be heard and that I think that the approach taken Attila we gotta go thanks for your call of align becomes available, eight, seven, seven three,
one three eight one one once again about. I don't know about twenty four hours on Son, United, ten o clock if elaborating Levine will be on Fox news. Guess this Sunday, not at ten o clock. Is marker, there's a guy named Mark PAN, who was the Clinton, Easter, buddies, flipped, so continue with more bill cunning in the great American in four mortal Ben twenty five million. Eagles inside the United States of America getting medical care, none of them pay. The system pay anything currently in the system and many times their problems. Much greater than native born Americans, because the system they come from without regulations rather shot. So when you pay your insurance premium, you're paying for open your family, your paying for
Thirty, five million Medicaid you're paying twenty five million illegals at in this country, getting for medical care pleasure. For other working Americans. They don't have patient resources of pay, their own medical expenses, so you're paying for everybody, you may about six or seven months ago. I, diagnosed with something called a by costs, but aortic valve which, I have two leaflets on my aorta opening and closing. Instead of three normal Americans, like you, enrich folders, have three leaflets I have two is genetic nothin I could have done to prevent it If I was in a socialize country, none What's gonna tell you about would have occurred so began, a process of saying what I want to have this Don T have the Mayo clinic Duenna, Flim, Clinic York, Presbyterian mix bigger down in Miami. On a facility in Cincinnati where I live, the Christ hospital Doktor Dean, carry
has done about a thousand savers. Great success. Looked him up did everything I could talk to people they had done, and I found a great facilitate. There are many great facilities in America, LOS Angeles as several cedars Levin, in that do these procedures, which are called Trans Catheter, aortic, thou replacement, which is a diver I did not wait at all and I want because I'm rich and famous it's because the fact Dodd danger The Arctic is does for a day too I'm just a regular slabs number three on that day, when had? I done he wanted. My femoral artery, whether twenty five catheter and sought a little metal cage. Cobalt inside A cage was a cow. If they pushed aside. My my I'll survive, aortic valve put in a new way or exacerbating filled up bad before, and I right now. He says I got fifteen years who this cow valve and one I get a look at order.
Mode of pharmaceutical companies and take away the ability to succeed in this, and I have a nice home and an icebreaker we would have taken place. I been barred and prohibited from having this procedure. The reason we have the best medicine in the world is because of capitalism, the prophet incentive Doctors wanna, be registers to companies doing this metro, Dixon Edwards Life Sciences. There are five Firstly, the corral fight, billion dollars in business across the country of origin. A hundred thousand Americans every year. They have this procedure done. However. It's. The best valve is gonna get five billion dollars to profit motive. You take away the profit, order from doctors and nurses and nurses assistance take away too, profit motive and pharmaceutical companies and take away the abyss. To succeed in two and a half Ice home in a nice vacation, nice retirement in the medical industry drop. Out of this- is to make an oral socialize
There will be no more drug discoveries, pharmaceuticals, obey, no more fabulous! table procedures. None of those thing, though, You no more kidney transplant. Sir TE cells for treat cancer there ll be no more medical advances. Word the edge having patients grow your own heart, if some goes wrong with your hard they're gonna is your own dna and whatever MIKE Conrad DNA to grow your own heart. If I guy, if I need a kidney replacement and about ten years be grown in the lab and my own kidney will be put back into my body. That's all close reorder, medical breakthroughs you take billions of dollars a profit medical system, the whole thing collapses. We're gonna be like Cuba, that, as everyone gets medical care and it's free and its worthless, think about that when Bernie Sanders tries to sell you swamp land in Florida. Believe me, we have greatest medical system in the world because it capitalism, less can
You go Cunningham and for Mark who have the voice. Rolls fear most, and you can call mark. Seven, seven, three, eight one. Three eight one one bill cunning and for the great one mark loving you see the gold Democratic Socialist Party. Now is it drawing personal initiative, destroy capitalism sure the middle class british cows and pigs, sheep get rid of value, not autoworkers, get rid of the teachers, get ready trucks. There were two cars here motor boats get rid of all mechanized vehicles, the governed by natural gas or gasoline royal, whatever call get rid of all that stuff you have as many Americans, as is possible depending upon government for their existence
heart and soul, the Democratic Party or government workers and minorities to scare the hell out of minorities. Thinking is, if they're they're protectors when in fact democratic parties, brutalize african Americans for four hundred years, enslaving them brutalizing them. Surviving them raping them and killing them, and now today, destroying the black family, destroying personal initiative, the best results of long term democratic control of an area south side in Chicago and most the urban areas with no functioning public education system, no job creation and massive cry, mass of lawlessness and no families, that's true hell of a democratic party which creates more I'm a crash to vote for Democrats, thought syndrome ten you, thousands on old millions or listening markers on sabbatical on freight The press is the book keeping the library read it several times and, of course, on television like Lever Liberty and live in and pm every Sunday deportment tv, maybe one day the great one would appoint
as the great American come within. One that be an honor but this Sunday night Mark pen will be there One of the Hillary Clinton Clinton Eastern. So let's go to J D in LAS Vegas my friend Wayne Alan Rude, many others, J D, welcoming Mark Levin, show J D go ahead biology. Here, your blooming voyage back on the local I'll show you in Vegas can move we are pulling for you I want yet without art procedure cannot tackle, you know Jedi dude. I feel good before it. There is nothing wrong with me. I was on the other day before I had this done, my doctors, If I don't have it done my vote is opening an eighth of an inch and aid of an inch, and he said one now, you're gonna go to sleep and now, I was going to shut and won't open my blood in your heart and three ounces of blood in the hard when up every pumped your heart, it's going to go into an arrhythmia pop about three to four times a minute. Go! Do that six minutes, you'll be asleep, you'll be unconscious and then you're gonna die, and I
There were Doktor Denzil do good. He said Turning to visit Taber put the catheter up, groin we're gonna pointed a cow valve and you'll be home within twenty four hours back to work, within three days. I said dark I'll, take plan b, not planet. Would you agree? J D? I agree with them that way. You're probably right. Now what I do is getting more women too. You know If you're in Canada, wrangling you wanna hip replacement, the two to four, your white. No one stage there, if you can afford, do you get the hell out, Billy. You know I I'm hearing these twenty to honour before he saw my democratic people run for president, giving away things and promising things that never in my I try more you're, probably what we get even imagine not one of these people were given everything they can to get. The nomination had wrought up the deaths of twenty two trillion dollars one day, not one of them. In all these policies.
We are always saying where the richest country in the world, but you know we lose money and I think maybe we plan a politician, the commitment of the salary, because they get ridiculous. What everything's gonna give away janian. Please look also at the foot of the Republican Party, the national debt from seventeen eighty eight, until two two thousand and one we did. We go a lot of stuff between seventeen. Eighty eight in two thousand and one the acute. Later, national debt was four point five trillion dollars. We went through eastern Famine award wars and impressions and resolutions and amend. Since then living tone, We ended up a debt of four point. Five by the time God done with banner. It was about nine or ten trillion, while Tom Obama got done. It was seventeen eighteen joy and now its twenty two trillion and it's gonna go to forty trolling. Suddenly we're talking about money! Think of the taxes that most, paid in future generations to pay
Bills were running up today. Think about that and we as Democrats add Republican, don't give up being a lot. Your children, your grandchildren, my children, my grandchildren, no I've made a particular after about two weeks after up in the weight belly that what the way his demeanor isn't. What have you, I say by the fourth of July: they are going to be checked in him into a hospital say these four key areas worn out. Actually, it's gonna be a mental hospital because the guy is battle, he robbed, you know Jody, there's a young, seventy two and an old seventy seven Rob was seventy two going on fifty two no binding. Seventy seven going on a hundred and seven that guy doesn't look right now, look right either the top right, the as go energy. I'll tell you when you got one put your mouth and the other one up your blood. That's always wanted with one foot is by the way
what has gone on January. Djibouti, Agamemnon ads are pretty good line. You you're, not gonna, marked out. I'm gonna have Jesse nominative rich vote as mark that that's a pretty good line. You just said right there on like that robotics watch it. I get your probation on Sunday night, one. We lived out here, a little later. In imagine a baby, you look at will and I also use it. I grew up with his deep showed so yeah you got what Europe is one quoted as battles we, he you can run any more easily legless how about employment law Joe? I insist that two days ago, that I'm a roman Catholic, the principal, my life taxpayers: oppose. Abortion should not fun the killing of babies in the womb. That's fundamental
yesterday. Why flipped on that? One, because I was told by my handlers, then I could, when the democratic nomination, if I continue to support the hide amendment which bans federal money used to pay for abortions, but he flipped on a core principle because of political expediency can fix it As you know, we should all today's campaign offers a pair blip up. A former secretary depends Gate work ethic report ever present right what he quoted in his book a couple of months. Back a year ago, Joe Biden I didn't write anything in forty years to how the hell can. As you know, I thought it will be the hardest guy debate. You might be the easiest, How do you make until November third of twenty twenty? The only thing that worries me is that we have a convention. They have a convention that that lot would all of these people get daughter, three hundred delicate and somebody from the war.
Nominates my Bell, Michel Michel, my Beth. Well, how about Hilary wanted they nominate, Hilary or maybe Stacy. Abrams will not be great. That, after ratchet eight l refers. Something's wrong with her two she's, not right, and that all democratic party is not right, Billy, it is not a party that we grow up We know when we were getting younger, not j of gave that's group jack. You know these beat. These people are off the wall. I make you know they are going to laugh. They might all wind up in the Pacific. Ocean yeah? Let's talk you called in to talk about. The China were Biden saunas made hundreds of millions of dollars out to China. The media won't cover, but but isn't real the first president in our history, to stand up to the communists, havens, the eighth the red. China defend american values and the media is on the side, of course, of the Chinese, but isn't an amazing. How ignorant Joe Biden is about China.
When he rolled out man complication eyes. Week awake awakening their lunch. The opposite is happening here is a bad one for eight years just two years ago, at eight, although not about China. No, no, my mood, he don't know nothin, because he's got one foot and mouth the other foot up his butt You don't even know already, I wouldn't worry about it on the website. Elbowed out of sight, everything I we should all set about barefoot blobs of what is being offered Jane you, I'm gonna run thanks for your call. Let's go to Andrew and New York, New Jersey, Andrew Newark. God bless you if you're living in New York welcome our glove and shall go ahead? Go at Andrew. I grew up a block away from New York in the east. I and then I got to see the travesty of the democratic that ran the city, the Black Democratic
Firstly, the conservative it without. How do I did Corey Booker do his mare? They any storage. They had another one of murder per capita. When I was a kid which was only four blocks away from the mayor out rise barometer, how about a rally for local with the local news was Jim Brown, whose good patron learnt like Anti gang rallies. So the bear was said to him. I grew up right up the street and it was a black neighbourhood. Nobody shot each other on the weekend. It was at the differences here and nor you don't have the two parents in the home of team, pregnancy and the Mayor Mass Danny start chopping me. You know it's how come he said to live. He said, oh, it doesn't matter ever flower, which is a lie, and he said the economy is better and south on. So it's a double life. There is no account of the citizens.
Pound and down, of course, the murders embedded that it battered, even though his policies contradict. So that's why I fought against them. In the end I fell dealer. I would call yes paean radio and the fan, and I would debate how it's ok, you children enabled in Chicago over the fourth of July weekend there was a hundred black black shooting sure, that's about one city, thirty I'll! Look in this way here. I've read the stats. I know that I know the fag your ears. The fact of the matter if you do these three things. You get me boy, why? Yellow red or Poland on a few graduate from high school number, two do not commit crime and number three. Get married before you have children. Do those three things the are you making it an America's over ninety percent domain endeavours right now towards gradually from high school, and then you gonna work, don't commit crime. Babies, that's all it takes to them.
Thanks, you have a successful life nudging and that's what the people, the black people in my neighborhood itself eyes it make. Would it was done heard on heard of it was almost like highly eighty percent to colonel, and I was at that rarely but dead people, all black people afterwards came up giant. They said no you're right. It's ok at the Temple now make the breakdown of the pit. So once when I first spoke out, my wife who came here from Thailand is what he found out. The radio phone call those show, and we would be great on that. As she told me, the sound you're against black people, now I got I told the opposite. I grew up with black people. I support welfare, but, like the Democrats drew the racism charges, you should people like you up just caught labour. You are racist and now shut you up, but the fact of matter
it's not about races about behaviour, graduate My school work don't have. It's out of wedlock and dont commit crime. That's all it takes to be successful in american today, but the democratic path done like their message. Fears that creates capitalism for moving Americans are not government dependency, dig them crowded party relies upon governmental actions to keep large numbers of the american people. In total there philosophy and keep them in power. So the Czechs keep calm and that's it. They were fighting a daydream. I ask you this last question:
in every sense, were winning or losing, I think or winning, but we were asking well, why did the black Hokosa? Happily because you are talking about health care, the car, because the Democrat successfully in the inner cities, especially by people dependent where health care, so it's bad college, so they gave such people and even though the people are awake ignorant, but the cost of college, the costs of health care? And lastly, you talk about coy book. He was I really liked her purse. He patterned him self after Mayor Giuliani was about making the city save tax revenue, business would settle, but he never ever ever spoke about the Father in the home, and that just in sends me- and I would see him again
Congress bears drive and hinder eighty thousand dollar Mercedes, Sheila, just despicable, but a wire Helpin. I'm here to help, and so are you keep up the good work and I thank you for your call. We gotta go, but thanks to your call from New York say this I have a sense that we're not winning. If this president with his palace, He makes Ronald Reagan. Look like a liberal if Trump does not win and twenty twenty, and the country continues to flip the left, as it did in twenty eighteen We are in long term difficulties long term problems, this action, every election, I've started for I've been on the radio. Thirty six years I have said many times is our boy, this elections import more. I take what, This election is critical. To these survivability of this republic, because if we lose their houses and the presidency November, the third twenty twenty those countries
mentally changes, the philosophy of EO see two policy and Hamas coalition in the House of Representatives will dominate and only they fear about the environment or the fear about immigrants. Are we used in order to have the government down on descent. You're. All social media continues to be liberal servitor messages or we drowned out in the marketplace? This election is the most critical of your lifetime or mine. So as continue with more The line becomes available. Eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one billion the great american aid for the great one Ben because you're, not a racist, Clarence Thomas, perhaps the greatest there Supreme Court justice in the past thirty years has been
Five repeatedly by the UN, W C p by their mainstream media can appear in certain locations because he met their mortal sin of of server terrorism and that is being black here. Judging while black as a conservative and We cannot permit, you judicial and academic excellence of Clarence Thomas to be recognised because it gives legitimacy to conservatism and yet but the media cannot permit that due to occur, wanted greatest amount of our time is Clarence Thomas he has been. Five by the national Press and by most african Americans, because there told to hold those few points by the UN, Blasi pay by our Shopton by Jesse Jackson by Louis, fair gone by? A Barrack Hussein Obama by the liberals who teach them what you believe in I had a belated, very little independent thought going on, I am proud to live in Country is an attorney with Orange Thomas only on the Us Supreme Court, one other great thinkers, Thomas Soul, one other great
anchor and Saint Louis Craven Jackson. The black sphere, if you want to hear about good blood conservatism and read about it. Go to the black sphere, Jackson and Saint Louis, does a fabulous job. Completely unrecognised whether mainstream media, because it does not reflect their values. And so ass we go forward. Understand. The media is the megaphone of the democratic path. They they will cover Democrats completely differently than they cover. Republicans Petrov can do nothing Right and Obama could do nothing wrong about a one of us by any fair estimate. There was lowest learner fast and furious. Whether was eavesdropping on AP reporters and wiretapping James rose a Fox news if trot it wiretapped a reporter forgot warns against the AP to snoop all hell, and would break out, but because it macro. Does it especially a black Democrat their inoculated any criticism of the mainstream media
word? The r word is repeatedly used by liberals to shut people up or its simple. Label them. So no debate needs to be engaged because the debate brings from person has been labelled incorrectly by the liberals has a racist. When talked about Charlottesville. He met those in favour and those opposed to the confederate. Monument. She was not referring to good people on the side of the White Nationalist or on behalf of Antigua That's a rather a sharp point. The media did not want to make so keep out in my soul s continue And once again I want to thank the great one. Mark Levant got a hold of me two or three weeks ago to pension for him on June haven't, I said ones that two or three weeks now do every time I do this on energy equality of calls that I receive and strength the audience developed by Mark Levin over the past ten to fifteen years Markel event is a great american thanks for listening tonight have a great we can do. Counting the great American in for the great one
My goodness.
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