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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, Chuck Schumer calls for Secretary Alex Acosta's resignation for his handling of the Jeffrey Epstein case. Yet, Schumer received thousands in campaign cash from Epstein, therefore this program is calling on Chuck Schumer to resign. In fact, Epstein has been a long-time donor to Democrats like Schumer and others, not President Trump. In fact, Trump kicked him out of Mar-A-Lago. Also, the Washington Free Beacon reports that Kamala Harris' family owned slaves. Will she be paying reparations? Then, in a victory for the constitution and the rule of law, a federal appeals court applied the law and noted that using the emoluments clause is not an appropriate use of the court. The President is not on the payroll of a foreign government and foreigners using a hotel does not constitute a violation of the Emoluments Clause. Later, Tucker Carlson says that Congresswoman Ilhan Omar should be grateful to be in the U.S and called for reformed immigration practices. The left and the media are now calling Carlson a racist. After, Georgetown University Law Professor, Randy Barnett, author of "Our Republican Constitution" calls in. Barnett explains that Obamacare must be struck down in its entirety because the individual mandate penalty is zero. It doesn't raise any revenue for the government so therefore it is no longer a tax and renders Obamacare unconstitutional since it causes the government to force the people to engage in commerce as a matter of law, not a matter of choice.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented of the as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now in its hundred and seventy fifth year, hills. There is a truly independent institution where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening, and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground, bows or even longer, somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader. Everybody marked within here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. Eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, maison how things go when well, when you really look into things.
Magic. If we had a truly free press in this country that sought objective fact. Come along Harris, has made much of what Joe Biden said about. Kingwood was segregationist turbine, didn't break that he didn't support racist activities if he did could quite odd, that Obama would pick him up but that aside, that's, That's an old story, but here we have a story from our friends at the washed and free beacon. And I ve been waiting a little bit to see if. Other media outlets will pass on this. You know Emma Us D C and in New York, slides, washed and compost Egypt gag Allah, miscreants malcontents and not a word on a word,
Come Harris his ancestors own slaves, her father says, which raises the question: will she be paying reparations Now this from the washing free beacon presidential hopefuls, jamaican Father, wrote that his slave holding ancestor about his slave holding in Mr Skinner, Khumalo Harris's, the descendants of an Irishman who owed a slight Plantation in Jamaica, according to his father's limply in central summary of his side of the family, Donald Harris, a Stanford University Economics professor, Ellen twenty eighteen, that is grandmother, was a descendant of Hamilton Brown. The namesake Browns town and northern Jamaica quote my Routes- within my lifetime to my paternal grandmother, Miss Chrissy Brown. He wrote in a post for Jamaica Globe,
When I have NBC News, MRS Hamilton about the town, Sloka and anglican church, which professor Harris, says his grandfathers buried, It also where he himself was baptized and confirm a research. Archive of jamaican records indicate that at one point, eighteen, seventeen Hamilton Brown owned scores of slaves, the Madrid they were brought in from Africa. Though we also many creole slaves, This campaign is not commented on her fathers claims. It did not respond to requests for comment. NBC News, as you know, reported on Monday that sent majority leader Mitch, Mcconnell too great great grandfathers and at least fourteen slaves the two of them in Alabama. The report. Mcdonald ancestry do his position on government reparations for slavery, which he opposes Mcconnell on the report on Tuesday. By comparing his stance, the former press Brok, Milhouse Benita Obama, who opposed reparation
while acknowledging some of his ancestors own slaves. By the way, can tell you here now none of my ancestors own slaves. In fact my ancestors, worse life. She, the pyramid Just thought I'd remind you This has yet to take a definitive position and reparations for slavery when the king, before you Senator, was asked in February whether she supports some former reparations for black paper. She said she did clear and how exactly who paid out? We have, to be honest. When this country do not start from the same place or have access to the same opportunities. Harris said, I'm serious about taking approach the witch Each policies and structures and make real investments and black immunities- that's rightly in general, we don't make investments in our cities and other communities, white, black or otherwise. Which is why we are tens of trillions of ours in debt and hundreds
kings of dollars in debt and unfounded liabilities. We just don't spend, borrow or tax enough And we never well for the left feeling later she dissonance her position from explicit payments to the descendants of slaves, saying she, these policies aimed at lifting up the poor, such as her tax credits to low income families as reparations. She would never had tax credits for low income families, that's in place right now, Reagan put in place, Reagan put that in place. If you look at the reality of who will benefit from certain policies, when you take into account that they are not starting unequal, full starting on design, body start on an equal footing, isn't some person always richer than the next some person more educated than the next there's a tall again a shorter guy, a fat guy, skinnier guy, smarter guy, is stronger.
And if this is so segment, what do they think we are a bunch of mechanically created, robots or something. Ignoramus, and so now fake, tapped out Don Lemon Chris Cuomo that me all the rest of you out there are you going to come our Harris about a slave, owning ancestors in Jamaica, No you're not idea you're, a bunch of frauds fools and cowards. Come Allah Harris's ancestors according to the wash and free bacon, owned slaves. How come you're, not hearing from burning Red Sanders, her Corey, Spartacus, Booker or any the others or the legal analysts where's anybody there. Nobody nobody's era,
So I thought I thought I would point that out, because I thought that was quite fascinating. Then we have trucks. Humor goes to the floor, the Ceta yesterday being A snake oil opportunists, Eddie always isn't, is demanding the resignation of the sector. Labour. Now look, I don't know what a place in this Epstein case in Miami and are not defending anybody this is a very very very soon this matter and will see where the chips fall, but the Democrats want to turn a Democrat donor, a sick pedophile into a republican problem. They keep bringing up. Trumps. Name Trump kicked his answer tomorrow, Larga and yet we have a story. Ladies and gentlemen, Chuck humor. I wonder if his ancestors own slave shimmer got thousands of donations from Jeffrey Epstein
so today I am calling on Chuck Shoemaker resign. I'm calling on China Schumer to resign. More to do with Epstein? The Mcconnell had to do with his great great grandfathers this from the New York Post, Hundred chuck tumor, who called on Labour Secretary Alexander accosted resign. It said president Trump should answer for his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein. Look how sick this guy. Except that thousands of dollars and donations from the alleged pedophile throughout the eighteen. Ninety the posters learn our feet. The record show that tumor received seven one thousand dollar donations from Epstein between eighteen, ninety, two and ninety seven. First as a thus congressmen from New York. Then when he was fine to be state senator and ninety ninety eight, an election he won Epstein, who gave money to Democrats all over the place and democratically,
and gave millions to Harvard gave me. The harm it maybe the entire family at Harvard should resign. He also gave Ten thousand dollars to victory in New York, a joint fund raising committee established by smoking and the Democrats Senator Campaign Committee Epstein gave an addition, Five thousand dollars to win New York issue We associated Joint Committee that benefited the Liberal Party of New York State both of em these donations to committee came in October. Ninety ninety eight and looked at primarily benefited. Emma Senatorial Campaign Committee and the liberal. New York as team would have already met the two thousand I will limit on donating individually to show, in other words, shimmered took thousands from Jeffrey Epstein. Thousands and now, of course, He previously donated fourteen thousand two hundred dollars the amount donated to campaigns by cues sexual predator,
Harvey wine steam to several charity, so Schumann I get money from wine steam he's taken money from Epstein all the Stiens Frankenstein Frankenstein tumor takes. From all kinds of sexual predators, perverts. I seem to recall, we also defended bill. Jefferson Clinton, Dj Bill, Jefferson Clinton. He took money in his. Would it be J Clinton. So that's three strikes I'll give you four. I told you the other day Anthony winner, Anthony Wiener once worked for Schumann. So Schumer and winner. Barely humor like the winner at the time relax winner now, but at the time he was a big Anna winners. He was, he was a a mentor winner and
was, I understand a learned everything he knew from sure. And Schuman, Epstein, Ladys and gentlemen. Two ladys and gentlemen. I'm calling- Chuck Schuman resign because a pair is very, very, very poor judgment. I don't care how much money money he's, given that a charity he's all well, I don't want it all sexual predator up. If he, if I may say. The let's see, who else, who else is tat? We have a credit congresswoman from the Virgin island. She took money from Jeffrey, Epstein, cheese, getting it back now, all of a sudden, I'll donate my money to charity. Ok, anybody else, yeah accused sex trafficker, Epstein supported me Boston area causes
several at Harvard O Hills College. Now Grove city now have it. Can you imagine that I'm sure I'm BC that went to great lengths to dig in the background of Mitch Mcconnell, going to great lengths to dig into the all the contributions Epstein gave. Almost all the Democrats in democratic causes I am sure all the media dump jumping into looking into this again and I'm not prepared to pass judgment on. We're Secretary Costa. I don't have all the facts. He did it. Conference today made the case. Time will tell. I don't me, it just seems like thirteen months with four months: half the time in prison. Half the time.
In order. That seems like an awfully light sense, and if there were a bunch of bureaucrats it signed off on it me personally, I would have reversed them. I don't know all the details and on all the details, but it's amazing how the Democrats, or trying to turn this into a Trump administration scandal. No, this is on them. This is their donor. This is there a guy. This is there a billionaire. Palm beach. Liberal democrat diner spreading is money around that's the Epstein story. We'll see what else comes out I'll, be right back, every human being has a common problem. How do I live where
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advice. Your life will change for the better. You can learn how to lead a good life justice, every hills. The college student does it's yours for free at Levine, for hills doubt that calm, that's alleviate pray Hills down that come later. I want you to know cause you participating these things. I just got word literally during the break. We will be on the New York Times best seller list for several weeks and our own number three now really unheard of liberty in turn, he was on the New York Times less for six months, but those days pretty much, moreover, so we're almost two months now with three hundred and sixty thousand copies e books hard cover, so salt and that's quite remarkable, and I want to thank all of you who have participated in this and we will continue.
Press this right up and threw election day, because there's so much at stake in the media do need to be exposed, And of those of you who read it and you ve left her comments on Amazon and elsewhere. I want to thank you as well. I want, Thank you as well, and I hope Continue to spread the word I hope you'll continued gave the book out. I hope, will continue to help promote this, sir. This movement, this force against, what's taking place in the media They see brine stouter, just signed a book deal It was Simon and Schuster. I'm writing a book about Trump and Fox NEWS. I mean how ridiculous that Trumpet Fox news people and are putting our books that are repetitive mouth they ve already said. Also the radio ratings are coming and I want to thank you know we have the toughest slot in radio.
Especially on the EAST coast, six to nine p, DOT M and I'll. Tell you why we're up against baseball we're up against all sports basketball and basketball is hot hockey when hockey's hot. And so we can be pre empted or were competing against day, major baseball team and so forth and sweating, and our ratings are very, very strong. Emission from any its dinner time. Time such really appointment, radio. We real competition. We don't have a day part where there's no competition. We have competition with daily life. We ve competition with other activities. We have a lot of competition and yet- and yet this shows biggest show at six p m Eastern three p M Pacific in the history of top radio and are always has been thanks to you.
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That way you programme your own listening activity and entertainment, and they want to. I don't talk about it. You get these podcast whose were pushing it endless Pershing, but I never ever talk about, and yet we have one of the biggest podcast in concern, radio anyway lots more member. The emoluments clause are without work, update that was all over the media mess it I'll be right back, Since its founding that I've got an update, you're not gonna want to mess it I'll, be right back since family in a teen, forty, four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I wanted to about an Primus. The free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in primacy
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really just type in my name, Mark Levin and there. Your programs available there. It's available live also right, MR producer, so you can listen to it. Livery can listen to pass the programmes as well. And I ve been derelict not explaining this. So we just wait this point, I make. I want this programme for you, there's a lot of intermediaries and we greatly appreciate them affiliates and sober, but there's a lot of ways to listen to this programme to me, the more the merry of some hosts who don't want to do satellite because they wanted I'm up the radio ratings. We have some hosts to charge you to get into a membership system in order to hear their podcast idle do any of that stuff. And I never have, which is why I think this programme has been so successful with my audience. I don't take advantage of you. You want to buy the book great, but you're not required to buy to get into this door in that door and the other door in are required
I anything to listen to the pod cash. I require to buy anything to listen to our pro. I'm on terrestrial satellite of courses Subscription base, but beyond that there's nothing else by Nicholas North I was programmes now you have options and my view as you treat your audience with respect. You provide a program that demonstrates that you're working hard during the day too. To give really something substantive worth, your time listening and locked it, particularly in my time slot you there's a thousand other things. You can be doing right, want to get to this. A monument clause. You- and I talk about I've talked about it on radio, I've talked about it on Fox I've talked about it on my Levine TV programme. There was no In any case here ever I want to read some of this to you.
Gets fascinating, which underscore All the arguments I made, which also proves that this Obama judge at the distance or trial level who first took the case was a complete hack for Obama and Democrats. Now this is from the watchman compost by an e morale Jonathan, o Connell? I don't know why it takes to reporters to write this story, but apparently it does a federal power court. Today, sided with President Trump. No, a federal APOLLO court today applied the constitution. Dismissing a lawsuit claiming the president is a legally profiting from foreign and state government visitors at his luxury hotel in downtown Washington Wild here much about this to you here, a couple: a hit and that'll be it, but this was store that went on and on and on and on. Remember.
The unanimous rolling from the Eu S court of Appeals, the fourth circuit, did I say unanimous is a victory for the president, not just a victory for present that it certainly is a victory for constitutional list. In a now case. It wasn't a novel case. It was a frivolous case pro Are the attorney general of Maryland and the District of Columbia involving antiques corruption provisions in the emoluments clauses of the. U S constitution, in its ruling, the three judge panel said the attorney general lack legal standing to bring the lawsuit. Did I not say MR producer. They had no standing to bring the case in the first place. Let's say president of the United States, Pretendedst Brok, Milhouse Benito Obama, let's say
Obama, Obama's on that taken, he's taking money from foreign governments and their washing it through our hotel in Washington DC. Still the state of Maryland and the district court. It had no standing. What's their standing ball, violating the constitution, but they don't have the power to bring the case. They lack legal standing to bring the lawsuit alleging the present filing the constitution. When is business accepts Payments from state and foreign governments listen, slime bothers this reporting. Is his business, didn't accept immense from state and foreign governments. It's a hotel. It's a public place, it's open for business for all, comers, domestic and foreign, all races, all religions or ethnicities. That's the kind of people who come to hotels.
Maria Hilton four seasons- you name it so it's not foreign government payments to his business. The decision from judges, Paul Niemeyer Dennis shed and Marvin bomb, also stops, doesn't listen, stops dozens of subpoenas he'll out all those subpoenas to go through The Senate for financial records into the DC hotel. You see that federal district Obama Judge here all those subpoenas to go through the circuit court said now. The district Marilyn's interest in enforcing the emoluments clauses is so attenuated in abstract that their prosecution in this case readily provokes the question of what this action against the president is an appropriate use of the courts which one
to resolve real cases and controversies between the parties need to my wrote in his thirty six page opinion I mean they're slapping down the plaintiffs slapping down the lower court. Merlin Attorney General brine, fresh in attorney General Carr racing. Both Democrats. Tat? They will consider appealing for a rigorous by a full power. The forest circuit would not be surprised to see the case reach the Supreme Court. I could be wrong, of course, I don't think the Supreme Court would take this case. It's utterly frivolous, Not only is there no standing, there's no substance. The presence of the United States, is not on. The payroll of a federal government is not receiving payments from exceeding a foreign government he's not receiving payments from a foreign government. In order to training, lonesome he's not receiving any kind of title from a
I'm government, it's a hotel. Now I get furious about this, because it's all in tat by the Democrats, whether their wearing black robes, whether their state these general, whether their income, where's, wherever they are in the media. It's all an attempt, the throw the law out the window tradition, at the window Try and get one man just like the new, legislature and thy clown Cuomo, which one while boat clouds are all clouds. Signing in the law, a law that elsewhere. They single citizen, Donald Trump. Citizen in New York for the purpose of getting around the federal constitution if they can and to give the democratic Congress the President's tax return funny outrage on CNN Msnbc. Now you see celebration: how about the editorial
Age than your ex lines of the Washington composed, of course, not think about it. This was under come our Harris, Barack Obama. Our track. Shoe marinated Pelosi, think about it. And so you have trouble is a very wealthy man as a result of everything he has done in the private sector over decades, and he comes in office. Trying to destroy him and his family as businesses The politicians who come into office relatively poor and then, when they get out of office, they become exceedingly rich. Words. There selling their time in government, theirs their names, their profiting from being politicians, not trump It seems to me those who are profiting from having been politicians and then getting back and running Office again, which is exactly what Hilary did exactly what binds is doing it,
are the ones who ought to be under a microscope, not a president who made his fortune before he became president writers. Former- U S Vice President Joe Biden is why GEO earn more than fifteen million dollars in the two years after buying Government, an early twenty seventeen according to tax record, release by his campaign on Tuesday now think about that. Fifteen million dollars in two years, while he's plotting to run for President Al Gore dumb as a slug. A hundred and fifty to two hundred million dollars centuries been vice president, the Obama's by my calculation. But a hundred and fifty million dollars already maybe two hundred million dollars. It pays to be a democratic socialist. They Clinton's a quarter of a billion. What the hell are they create any of them.
Since they were in office and nobody cares. The majority of their income came from speaking engagements and payments for two books, written by by ETA. Can tender for the twenty twenty democratic presidential nomination. I want my publisher to know. And all the publishers out there you're paying these people of fortune nobody's red Joe Biden books. You know what I'm getting paid too little to ride my books, MR, but is it not that I need the money, but I An enormous amount of time writing book. Joe Biden family doesn't write books, it doesnt read, books, he's dumb as adorn up corridor
federal state tax returns, the binds earned about eleven million in twenty seventeen in foreign point six million in twenty eighteen about thirteen point two minor that was attributable book payments. This is why publishes a Gambro finer and more than seven hundred and seventy five thowt, listen to this by learned more than seven hundred and seventy five thousand dollars salary, as a professor at the universe, the Pennsylvania and twenty seventeen and twenty eighty. You see the kind of money these universities are paying these people, MR producer seven hundred and seventy five thousand dollars and salary. As a professor for two years University of Pennsylvania, this guy
clown, you want to know why Congress never looks into the spending of universities and colleges the cost of tuition. This is why, because these people want to make a fortune after they retire up, there's another reason why there the indoctrination mills they don't want to touch him same reason. They won't touch. The two Oh Lord, who are the biggest contributors to the Democratic party. You never hear anybody talk about trial oars. You never hear them talk about. What's going on with two issues: instead, it let's give them free college, can imagine, let's give them a complete, wipe out of their loans. It's never. Why are these universities charging so dear much for a basic education
Want to know the form shows that buying who likes to refer to himself his middle class, Joe, was regularly paid a six figure fee for speaking events, many private universities, such as drew university where he was paid one hundred and nine. Thousand dollars and Vanderbilt University where he received one hundred and eighty thousand dollars last October, binary one hundred and eighty, two thousand six hundred and seventy nine hours for speaking at the economic Club of South West Michigan, most abides book events and speaking events took place. A theatres and auditoriums, but two events were handled through creative artists agencies, premium experience with specializes in corporate hospitality events and for one of their book tore events and twenty seventeen binding
paid two hundred and thirty four thousand dollars. You know how much I was paid for my book signings, MR producer, zero. You know how much I asked to do to get paid for my book. Signings zero zero- and this is the man of the people and one of his family, of her own slaves and wonderful BC. Gonna check Joe Biden job. I choose me doctor jewel, binds background and see if the binding family way way back when I was a slave, owning family
I mean, if come, our Harris's family was anything's possible right I'll, be right back, you know. Our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vest The majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of politically correct They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting. Idea of objective truth. They pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully None of this applies to Helstone College for all two centuries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission, to prove sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and Just liberty and intelligent piety hills. They'll celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain
committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include, free online courses, the publication speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington and its bar. A charter school initiative which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four, this is hailstones college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College. I don't an original copy of a compilation of the federalists papers which sit today, as I speak, at the Kirby Centre, Hills, a college America's College,
So we have a billionaire a Democrat Palms Tommy, Who were spreading money around in the Democratic party clinging to humor, among others,. And apparently it say republican problem, That's how the media spin this personally trump problem, and the arrogance of Schuman goes to the centre for way. We want to know what what what trump new fifteen years ago, when twenty. Years ago. He who is taking money hand over fist from the same guy. Tumors sleaze bar I've been Exe using this guy for fifteen years. When I started in New York, radio he's
Ever wanted to come on this programme has, he must produce he's a coward, absolute coward fraud. And so I am calling on Schuman resign because he took thousands and thousands of dollars from Jeffrey Epstein so is very so organizations. He took thousands and since the dollars from wine steam. At one point, as I recall he employed Anthony Wiener. I mean this guy humor than ever a good judgment. Does he Wiener, Wang steam, fine steam, Epstein, whatever. How so you ve learned a lot this hour. I thank you for your hard working. American hegemony had time to really track. Allow these things come Allah Harris his ancestors according to her father, own slaves in the in Jamaica. So I guess Khumalo Harris will be paying reparations along with Brok mail
us Benito Obama, best NBC. That's got very good. Looking at the background or Republicans to look at the background of eurobonds and see if he is lovely wife, Doktor Joe Biden, Many their families ever own slaves had. In fact, I think I'm see ya to figure out whether any of their executives, families ever own slaves. Maybe they check a b c and CBS MSNBC and CNN, all the clowns in the media, clown show and tell us finally, the anchors, any the house, what their families have our own slaves. Are. There would be very important to know. I think I'll be right back
now run underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building? We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one three one one John Bermondsey CNN host is this: the guy used to do supporters at a different. Burma must produce different one So I thought this John Berman is dumb as they come As our most of the host, I hereby by CNN You have to have a very low I q over there in order to work there,
Karlsson made an observer. Quite similar to an observation I made on this radio programme roller in the before his AP show They just trash the hell out of Nano. Tucker. Well, we ve text over time. I really dont know one might well. Never really done anything. For me. I've never really done a thing for him. But right is right and wrong is wrong, and what this crowded, CNN, try to do is really quite despicable, and so we're gonna. Listen to this for a minute. Thirty cycle properly set this up for you. I wouldn't normally do this, but this so bad. I felt like I had so start with this guy John Berman. Then they they play.
Truncated, a cherry pick clip out of cars and show they go back Burma and then they go to somebody by the name of Vienna. Gala dry got Gallagher eager. Excuse me One go: I don't necessarily like to be the media watchdog our competitors, but something remarkable happen overnight. Perhaps while you were sleeping, which is that Tucker Karlsson Right now, why would you be sleeping at eight p m, so guys a clown to begin with. At eight p m on the EAST coast, five p m on the West Coast- you wouldn't be sleeping, so he thinks he's being clever. Now keep my nobody watches there No, I'm just exposing what goes on in the underworld. They have the media? So let's go from the top yeah, I got one go I necessarily like to be the media watchdog Our competitors, but something remarkable happen overnight. Perhaps while you were sleeping, which is that Tucker Karlsson suggested
Jesse flat out said that a sitting member of the- U S, Congress, should never I've been allowed in the United States was into this. We want. No more is living proof that the way we practice immigration has become dangerous to this country. So big feel more annoying as she is she's living fire alarm, a warning to the rest of us we'd, better change, our immigration system immediately now stop right. There keep a few things in mind about billion or more. She's, a rabid, anti semite, rabid, anti semite. She hates this country. She doesn't just have different views and other people. She hates this country harassed short political career in public stability is loaded with statements proving the point.
Proving that point overwhelmingly so. So watch Berman and CNN and others are not going to come to her defence as a way of attacking Karlsson guy had the honor gold rigour at this table. Wore an immigrant to the United States, political refugee, a political refugee when you hear tougher Karlsson sang Change immigration system: if there are people a company that I'd say two on grateful who criticized perhaps our who aren't grip I should people be allowed into this country who are who are in ingrates people understand what emigrations all about. We get the truth. I know This is an amazing point: isn't it we, the America, people, we run this country. We on this country and, if you're bringing me under the country who hate the country's hate, the american people that is, are injured? her ungrateful, that's national suicide.
Men throughout our history we required people this country who demonstrate their love and allegiance to this country. John Burma notice. Of course he doesn't know this he's a certified idiot. Care who, beyond a gala dragon, is if she was political refugee or not should not in it. Expert on this subject. Can she wasn't invited to be? expert on this subject choose invited to be on the show, because She could lend emotion to the topic? Go ahead. Autism be here. We also want to say perhaps our entire countries of people we ve been allowed in. Instead of abrading. What this country can can do right, wait. What usually lady we do celebrate with this country can do we saw this country, all the time, we're patriots, we're Americans, Summer, newly in this country, legally emigrants son
many generations in this country. We celebrate this country on the left, unlike Omar, that's the point. How many American hating anti Semites can a country assimilate go ahead. Are justified years after emigrating here as a political refugee. One can be a member of Congress, and indeed in differ with her on issues that you don't agreement. Unmannered dissing differ with her on the issues that we don't agree on. That's perfect. Fine. She gave me a liberal somebody. It conserving ever debate somewhere. Talking about. Talking about a some individual. Who despises other humans in this country who despises the country. That's what we're talking about
It's never been the policy of the United States of America never ever from day one up till now. I guess to invite People in this country are allow people in this country who hate the country is not a matter, This agreeing on ideas, people now. Who Omar is? Why? Because the media have been celebrating her, the media have been defending her son. With the New York Times and and CNN she's indefensible, the things that she says are indefensible go ahead, but to attack. Our system of coming into the country and saying that people I caution, here, instead of being celebrated as an achievable like her shouldn't, be here not because of her faith because of their country of origin. In my view, people like her watch cleaner ears. What comes out of her mouth again patrol
People who disagree, but if people have utter contempt for our society for our system They see it destroyed and turned inside out. Then what do you have? eventually of Rome! and what a Rome eventually have the destruction of Rome from within. So of course, we get to make choices. Of course, we get to makes actions. That's the way immigration used to be go ahead. What a special country this is that you can achieve as an immigrant we're running away and leaving life of fear and another kind running away, leaving a life of fear in another country coming into this country and trashing this country left and right each and every day. There's something wrong with an immigrant. In a system that allows this. Ladies and gentlemen, I dont give to cry
What CNN, thanks are what this lady thing, Sir John Berman or the rest? We are a beneficence people, We are a wonderful people. We open our arms that people from all over the world all over the world, Even though the left has tried to create this lie, this myth that the press The United States try to prevent Muslims from coming into America because he specific They pointed to countries that are at civil war or a terrorist threat to this nation and specifically excluded countries that. Had the vast majority of Muslims in the world facts. Matter to the left, we open our arms. So if you argue for legal immigration to argue for American, the immigration- if you argue about real
making sure that people who seek ally asylum are real refugees and so forth. They demand open borders. They demand open borders and theirs, lots of Americans most Jews, Christians, black, why yellow red brown wonder how somebody can come into this country is a child and have such hate for this country. And now we're not going to ignore it. Something wrong with an immigration system that permits there and that's what Tucker Karlsson was saying. And on this is right, Alison Colorado who used to work at facts? Well, she reverse course very very quickly, because now she works at seeing him
To go, this is enough: foxes, bread and butter, and so now- and so now you see Fox his races. But not Alison, camera known she's, mother, Teresa CNN, helping the poor going poor neighborhoods. You should see you don't know when not on CNN. She is out there doing her thing, cheese, the greatest social activists you'll ever see. However,. She's unbelievable. This Allison! Murat no she's a fraud actually racist Alice or at sea and in all the racists who put stereotypes, third scene and whatnot, although some of them are and MSNBC go ahead,. This is me now fox. The bread and butter.
In their prime time. So there's always outrage, there's always fear longer. This is amazing. You know what comrade? I'm no respect for you anymore, you're, a clown like this guy Berman you people are dangerous. You're unhappy language at you like to use against people who disagree with you. You have surrendered any notion of journalism whatsoever. Just disgusting This is why I have no ratings at ten p m. No one sunday I've higher ratings than this show almost twice as high think about that, their basically talking to themselves. Or to the inmates in one same asylum or another obvious, Ben
If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levine, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens what a great product! Thank you, brick ass for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and you're welcome Steve and subscribing a smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic and probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back gotta, brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with promo code love in that's brick, house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three three ring be h and promotion.
I'd love in so narrow lowers the CNN, and course we need to hear from era Louis Memories and local musing. That's you, genius. This man's views cut three go. We know that there are lots of girls who are watching the women's soccer team in their being inspired and they're gonna sort of change the world a lot inspired to do what I don't understand changed the world. How. Change the world. Ladies and gentlemen, they're gonna change the world, in other words leftists guy, then one of them as a kid who saw all kinds of races garbage coming out over the airwaves. You know people like Tucker calls in and it was our allow allocate wait a minute. This kind of defamation is outrageous, absolutely outrageous,
So now Tucker Karlsson is a racist. And what he said is racist carved. This is outrageous. It's a mara who is the rabid anti semite that this guy era. Apparently, a new local news anchor doesn't talk about to sick and seen and brings this for this arrow Louis on a tear ways dispute is defamatory statements. Maybe he's the racist guy at our meeting. The aims of this business to trying to drive away the vestiges of that garbage. I mean Radio, in particular, you heard it for years and years and years just spilling. I'm a garbage, Annette Minutes, it's stuff That's a tall great stuff like that. It's talk, radio, you know so basic
what they're saying is in their typical autocratic mindset. You either agree with us, disputes we spew! You either agree with what we say in our newsrooms uniformity of thought, group, think pack, mentality or your racist. You need to be I'm time line up because their spewing hate garbage race. Dress on another not exist: Actually, what I wrote and on freedom of the press to talk radio has to go Fox, has to go Specially the prime time line up because their spewing hate garbage races. Ladies and gentlemen, where spewing nothing but human liberty, human free,
will a just rule of law, constitutional republicanism, a free economy, a secure nation. That too this clown era. Louis newsman is racism. Is racism. No country brings people into their country who hate their country, not just have a disagreement on opinions or brings people in that country. Hu I die Semites notice, this news, man, the clown era, lowest, doesn't come in on any this notice. This clown Allison camaraderie Newswoman. She doesn't comment on any this known as John and another low. I q clam knows man here, comment on any of this, who
Omar. What does she said? What is your background? Not a word. Nothing sick! Go ahead things like what he said last night are going to be set all over the airwaves all day today and tomorrow and the next day, and it's a wake up, call There is an alarm attitudes to the rest of us that we need to train young people, get them into the media, get them into broad. Lasting and do away with that stuff subtle just be about power like the power you already do,. Yeah and he d already brainwash. People who are in the media hard left the entire first chapter of on freedom of the press. For those of you who care chapter and verse, you might say the already control
Area the vast majority of they already control newsrooms an editorial boards, but you cannot have a fox or talk radio, you see because the races in other words, anyone who disagrees with them as racists. How do we know because Earl Louis Sosa. Whose are lower sees nobody. To local news. My part of the pack ideological monopoly. Is the America media I'll, be right back with a daily fake news. Don pouring through your tv, mobile phone and computers. You may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism anti suspected, a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food. But what this study
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greens, gotta, brick House, Levine, dot com, brick House, Levin, DOT, com, offered code, Levin champion of freedom You're, one of the greatest champions of freedom in this country is not in the English speaking world market mark at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one see how I defend people, because they They say and do the right thing and then I think they're put upon by people who don't know these people read ever defended me You remember over two years ago, Mister Bellew. So when I came under attack, not one of them defended me ones on defending now, but I'm going to continue to defend him. My buddy more climb your answer, Z, away, outstanding organizations, shyness of America, I'm sure
Billy on Omar would love the organization. He says that the anti defamation leg, which is run by this Clinton. Hack left this green black condemns segment where foxes, Tucker Karlsson appropriately attacks is relish oh back, anti Semite, representative Omar Karlsson points out should better that immigrants less we get more like America, hating Omar, Green Black has praised o Mars deep maybe to improving the world But why seen ended the segment media matters is pushing it gets out in the media, then there's a controversy than they try and boycotting the advertised you see a building in before its there. I see it known to us. They want to make sure that there is no free speech and no freedom of the press. Seen and you are the enemy of the people, the present
Try you're the enemy of the people, enemy of the people, not the friend of the people. You're, not a true press operation. We know exactly who you are and what you are. A band of left wing, radical cooks and very handsomely Ford and more climate Z, away, is exactly right, Karlsson on this When it's exactly right don't open our doors to the world's Joe eight hours, we don't open our doors to the world's anti Semites or the world's racist, or anything like that or we shouldn't. Why would we do that? We don't but our doors to people who hate our country. The country would survive. The point of immigration is not for the emigrant. The point of immigration is for that country will improve the country.
That's the reason for immigration, and the course does a man to see in it. They model we'll be playing on. The woman said championships rocketing, another group of America haters or not all you'll understand other waving the american flag, while trashing our history, incredible. Waiving the american flag, while trashing our history, the anti defamation, leg, defence and anti Semites. It's incredible because its run by an Obama, hack and Obama, hack, weapon,
a trump says when he says the following: America will never be a socialist country. He couldn't be more right. I hope its white so troubling that a proposal from the Department of Health than human services would move us in the direction of a socialist countries. The international drug pricing index member were supposed to hate globalism, the international price index, the drug pricing index. When adopt socialist price controls by foreign countries. Today, Americans get access to cutting edge therapies for diseases like cancer Nearly two years before other countries and the future holds incredible promise for fighting diseases, really tough diseases. There h h, proposal with Cripple America's world leading medical innovation. We would have few
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Sixty pounds, overweight can barely tyres. Tie he sweating this guy's faked his way through journalism for decades. P, basically was the psychic to Woodward. Where are we The woodwork. He was the main rapporteur during a white Watergate, as he was receiving information from the deputy director. The FBI, all of us could be journal why not Wada? This guy an unbelievable journalist. Now he wasn't Bernstein was even worse. The slop sloppiness personal life. And a slob on tv may I say with all due respect. I see that you know. Semen is worse than a Mozilla stay because at least a Damosel. I see you know you deal with. They don't hide it. They don't hide. You got freaks like Chris Matthewson,
And fools like Rachel Matthau Conspiracy, NUTS Ii got reprobates like sharply You ve got all kinds of, etc. Congo line of not jobs, are seen and pray tends to be a news operation. They pretend to be news. Operate there, not a news operation, their part of the Democratic Party Carl Bernstein, his faked all through this career. What does he have to say that so compelling cut forego got this? of civil war dates, Donald Trump and Donald Trump, be understood that we are in a cold civil war country and he is exploited and brought this cold civil war almost to the recognition through whose actions and his words, which are unprecedented in terms of presidential. What is lab slobbering on about.
Leave it s almost broader point of admission through his actions and is what actions what actions you idiot? What actions go ahead The United States and two hundred forty six years has expressed. The kinds of ideas in thoughts and undemocratic notions and authoritarian notions that he has. I'm not ready yet another illiterate buffoon on tv. This is incredible to me incredible to me. No president kinds, ideas and thoughts and undemocratic notions and authoritarian notions. Really how nuts is this? Tell me what through their stuff on his own. In any does it Franklin rose about Woodrow Wilson? What what is this clown talking about?
on Kennedy, had that and is inauguration what it? What is it? What's this authoritarianism now. Brok, Obama issuing one fee out after another in all the president, do their stuff on his own. In any, does it. Franklin rose about, Woodrow Wilson. What what is this clown? Talking about? Nothing he's an ignoramus. Go ahead thing these that's what do people when they come you think of this, and why do they think and support him? no matter what he does. No matter. How leaves America please agree with me Carl Bernstein? How can you not agree with me how. I'm so right, I'm so righteous, I'm so I'm so brilliant em? How can you not agree with me? I'm Carl Bernstein earns its thine, I'm Carl Bernstein stuff
Yes, I really am. You can agree with me. Instead, you support this president. There's something wrong with you. We need to examine you. Guy at bridges. Seemingly his conduct is that's a real reporting to do. We need our table vigour, in terms of our repertory landscape and get out of them political. We. What is this? It we'd sounds like you, smoking. A brow why? What is with this guy. We even some real reporting to yet. I would be a change so that drag this useless dinosaur on CNN like so many to make,
an outrageous political statement. That's not even coherent, it's not even coherent and one of his ancestors ever own slaves. I can't I can't be that's not possible- are certainly not going to look, but I do think that's interesting. I do think we should look at every host every anchor every paid, guest contributor and see. If their background includes her ancestors who own slave NBC started? This. I think we ought to look at every member of Congress, including the Democrats, to see if any them of our own slave. I mean if we're going to pay reparations Ladys in general. We're gonna need to know this anyway. Aren't we were gonna? Look. I gave you my proposed It's been stolen by others, but I gave you my proposal, which is the Democratic Party, should pay reparations.
And I notice this clown. What is the head of the soccer? What's your name again, repeal I noticed repeat, knows a Democrat. The irony, the irony she's a Democrat she's, a big mouth of a democratic party that push slavery and aggregation, gave all their at not better to trash the country. Generally, don't you know them, Party should be paying reparations, but whoever the pact, the fact is, working The figure this out we have to figure out who were families that own slaves, and so I think we start with you. No wolf, Blitzer Jake Tapir Don Lemon Chris Cuomo. He suspect Camera Berman clown Bernstein, you never know.
People, Mary in and out a merry yet you don't know I want to know how many the anchors and hosts and pay can it is a scene in an MSNBC, how many their great great great grandfathers are great. Great grandmothers own slaves is very important. I also think we ought to know all the politicians running their free bacon. We already know that, according to Common Harris's father, her great great great whatever own slaves in Jamaica Kemal come, needs to pay reparations, correct, correct. This is the insanity to the left. Ladies and gentlemen, if you don't agree with them, your racist, your mentally ill. There's something wrong with you. You must be our Terry and all the rest. This is where we are in Who is it that I am confronting on this programme? The media, every one of these people that I'm talking about right now is on some
Media platform comes out of some newsroom in this country are not even debating Democrats, that is, political democrats. Politicians on debating democratic Party hosts Democrat Party Journalists, Democrat Party Anchors, Democrat Party guests, better in the press. This is the press. This is the press I'll be right back when you wake up and Morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel better oh, tired and attache eating healthy as a habit most of us. Don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of Greece in every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of filled the greens has
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More and more. You ve heard I've spent an hour on this. Now you ve heard the enemy of the people present. It is exactly right. Present has been right about a lot. Hasn't he's been way ahead. I mean every day goes by. No man ever trumpets have trouble swallowing this he's more more impressive to me. He just is this Idiot this Megan this soccer clown. She deserves her, a victory, running around spear and the Republicans, even on tv there so fearful criticized criticise or every day, all day, long. Like, I said what they say about the godfather chasing a little white ball around. What did she? Do? She changed a ballroom kicked? this way kicked it that way, ran up and down and up and down the fear all around colored a hare purple. She I was ass, her sexual preference did anyone ass now, doesn't matter.
Crashes, the president trashes the country claims. However, the cheese. The patriot only will appear, democratic politicians and I'm supposed to celebrate her she's, a soccer climb. Demand letters from the IRS are hitting the male fuel back taxes. You may be receiving one soon and when it arrives, you'll have questions like. Is it true that the Irish can garnish my paycheck? Can they Arrest really take my home and bank accounts, and can they my retirement saving? Yes, the Irish can do that in a hell of a lot more but there is a way out. It's called the fresh start initiative, an affair our government programme for tax debt assistance, and nobody knows more about their fresh start initiative that award. Winning experts have optimum tax relief item mission is to stand between you and the IRS fighting to help protect, Hey Jack and assets in helping you get the best deal possible
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deserve to be on the best, though I wish you all you're, very kind, you very cat. Thank you. Yes, what all of this what Martin Barbara we ve known each other law, you're, a lovely, lovely human being. And much who happen to be in african american, happened to be an olive skin american. That's right, we're friends, they call me what do they call me, because I agree with a car I would gonna say: are your white supremacist? I don't. I guess I am auburn drugs can know. You don't agree with watches name Tucker girl said is correct and I think that burns being is not. Meanwhile mud Joe Biden with, say, four letters. An! U t real support for a pragmatic
opera. We love you Barbara, I'm sorry! The music means I have to go call again and call sooner and call we are in the programme, and God bless you friend, barbers been women from the beginning, I'll be right back now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Markland here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three one when we have a friend my friends I shall just hasn't been on the programme for a while, Georgetown,
Moscow, professor Rainy Barnett. How are you I'm terrific mark? We haven't seen each other since that great speech you gave a Trump hotel with last fall. Well, it's been awhile, hesitant about last fall. I guess. I'll tell you I wanted. Yonder is no better expert on this whole Obamacare disaster than you Something fascinating is happening the american people what's happening, it's very enter it technical. I will try to make it a simple as possible. As everybody knows, the Obama Medicare a bill which we challenged on the grounds that the individual insurance mandate was unconstitutional, we ended up winning and losing one when George George wrought Justice robbers sided with the four conservatives and said at the individual mandate is indeed unconstitutional. Congress doesn't have the power to make you do business with a private company like that,
no purchase mandates, but on the other hand, he then sided with the liberals by saying that he could adopt a saving construction of the law which would treat the penalty to enforce the requirement the tax and because the penalty was low enough to not be coercive, everyone basically had a choice between by insurance or paying this penalty and therefore the Tire provision as a whole could be treated as attacks, and that was beat because of that he upheld the whole bell. So that's where we stood as of two thousand twelve and then in two thousand: seventeen Republican Congress, zero wrapped the penalty, so it basically get that penalty to zero and what a number of states then did state attorney general than dead, and some private parties was challenge Obama.
On the grounds that Robertson, saving construction that can be construed, the basically, what will cause section. Five thousand ay, as aid to as attacks Campi, doesn't qualifies attacked anymore because one of the all elements to define a tax is that it raises revenue for the government but less than outside the slats. Let's circle back so the penalties gone. The individual mandates gone. The penalty is set at zero, ok, so high, Well, that's not really penalty I'll call the tax write and that saves it. But now the penalties gone. So we can't even call attacks, he can call it. I could come quantity, but there's nothing there now right. Well, that's the point. The point is that it is no longer possible to construe section five thousand as attacks. When it raises no money for the Treasury and therefore all were left with according to the challengers? All we left with is the on costs
The original mandate, the mandate that five justice who said was beyond Congress, has power to reach and therefore we are left with the UN constitutional mandate, which then they argue, cannot be severed from the rest of Obama. Care about a care must be struck down in its entirety. Now, this is being argued in the Fifth Circuit Court of appeals, correct corrected the challengers, the state of Texas and some other text. Some other states challenge this in the district court. They won in the district court and Judge Oconnor in the district court upheld their challenged. The completely said They were right about the the open, the mandate no longer being attacked, and they were right about it not being separated from the rest of the ad and now has gone to the picture hidden and yesterday morning or yesterday afternoon, I was oral argument in front of the three judge panel in the cliff circuit. And according to observers- and I believe you been observing from Afar
at least two on the panel are extremely sympathetic to the argument of this in Texas. In these other states back away it look. It wasn't there, but I did listen to the whole or a large while argument on recording other today. It certainly seem that they were sympathetic to that argument and they were sceptical of the government's argument. There was a third judge on the panel now there's are three judges on the panel r l, rod, angle, heart and came. Georgiana rod is a George W Bush appointee. Judge angle: heart is a Trump appointee. There were the ones that talk than they were. The ones that were sympathetic to the challenge and sceptical of the government is what it sounded like and judge key Carter appointee. In so far as I can tell judge, came ass, no questions at all, so we have no sense of Lord Carter appointee? What is he in his nineties I'm wondering I mean, maybe that's, why was quiet while he was probably just paying close attention to this?
which were actually very well made by all sides. I have to say I was impressed with the lawyering, but by everybody, the government, that the challenges and the people who defended the lie. Everybody gave a good accounting themselves. So, yes, they made it. But you can't, you really can't tell what accords gonna do based on their question. It you're not supposed to be able to make that judgment, as you know, is an experience lawyer, but it did is the way it sounded and believe me, when the court sounds the other way of Europe. Your gator- you don't like the way that sounds at all. I've been on the receiving end of skeptical questioning, and I knew what it felt like an that's. Not what happened this time, That doesn't mean, however, that Obama cares be invalidated, because what you have to do so, Issues- and this is the ivory- already alluded to it, but isn't everybody's got to keep in mind first issue, as is the tax Harry gone, and now we have an unconstitutional mandate on that issue. I think the channel
a very strong argument, and I think that's what this what's the judges were sympathetic, wet, but then a second who is assuming you find that it's an unconstitutional mandate serve those that justify taking the rest of the law down with it? That's what judge Oconnor at the trial judge said yes, they, these judges could say. No one is really one wonders: what is it? What's? The art on each side on several ability. Ok, while the argument in favour The argument against ever is that what you're, smart judges, if there's no clause in the end, in a statute that says whether it should be several and
What your desire to do is look to see whether the clause- that's it that's unconstitutional, is so essential to the overall functioning of the statutory schemes. Congress would not have passed the whole scheme if they didn't get this peace in that their suppose. This is not a historical question is, is a counter factual, hypothetical question asking what would it a congress and what would the Congress have done. If this was declared unconstitutional its mind, really, basically, it's very hard to do and the argument that the debt the challenges are making the argument the Texas and others are making here is that in the findings of the statute itself, in the findings of the eight, the court of the Obama here, they kept insisting how assent but the mandate was to the overall scheme. They said it over and over again to explain why it was essential and they did so because, actually that was the theory by which it was going to be constitutional. That is one of the theories by which it was upheld. It was essential to a broader, regular
the Eastern Partnership Project gun. I'm sorry, that's it that's all! So, basically because they said it was essential, taxes argues, it can't be, he's in the heart of the problem, going to be that these activists judges will look outside of this. And thus I want you know Congress had the opportunity to abolish this statute altogether, And they abolish the individual mandate, but they refuse to abolish the whole thing right and that these these judges ask that question as well. The midday they did aspect they have made out. They understand that argument. And we ll see if that's what what what they go by, but the law of separate this operability mark is is a tricky area of law, and it's not very firm very very. Let's what concerns me because say this thing winds up in the United States Supreme Court, which are very welcome.
Well, why it will serve if the circuit rules for the news injures and looking like do that? Let's walk through this. Let's walk through this, so who's, the chief justice, I think, he's John Robert, and what did he do before? I think he found it Reconstruction. Ok, I think he'd be sympathetic to finding another one. Let me ask you: and by the way. That is what the government. That is what the defenders of the law argued that that that day, but he Obamacare stands for the proposition Robert. His opinion stands for the better If you can find a way to above the law. You should find a way to and then we have brought Cavanaugh member him I, and remember I raise some questions. I think you did too on,
the oral argument in front of that court, the Dc Circuit Court of Appeals- were he raised the tax issue. There Roberts kind of borrowed from him that he actually not only that he raised the saving construction move to then a footnote in that, in his opinion, the basically said there is a duty to save the lock. You can emerge saving construction that could be the tax party. He basically had the whole theory and put note in moves up in it, so I don't count five well, but if it, Actually gone mark yeah yeah, that's true of those attacks. If the tax is gone, then look, I think the path of least resistance, if not for the first circuit than for the Supreme Court for Justice Robert, is to say fine I go by will I stand by what I said before the individual insured mandate was on constitutional still, unconstitutional we. I never reach the sensibility argument issued before
I'm reaching it now and I am saying its admirable. So there you go, you win, but you don't win and add up. That's how he would. Last time I will be very easy thing for him to do yeah and soon with Canada. And that's what concerns me and then, of course, nay. I I think you ve gone Roberts, does it doesn't get break cabinet, doesnt judge? Does his cabinet doesn't have to do it? This whole thing is a scam Ramey. I know you teach law on, I'm a lawyer and all the rest with this whole thing is pathetic. It was aesthetic from day one Lee was right Most- was right. They were right, they are they This cockamamie argument in and by the way when that opinion came out and even look like the majority opinion, was cut and paste it at the last minute. Three sentences that didn't even makes sense The reconstruction that that typically found in a majority opinion I was going through it on the area I recall
hence by sends by sense of what the hell is. This well reporting says that John Robert finally voted to invalidate, and then he changed his mind some time after oral argument and when that happens probably had less time to write his opinion and maybe more important than that. He didn't have any of the other justices agreed within three of the four progressive judges. You didn't think what he had to what he was doing, the right thing with his saving construction. Then you had the for conservative judges who didn't like, so he basically at a right that opinion by himself without benefit of quick, constructive, critical commentary by his fellow justice And that's what you got her eye Rainy Barnett. We may call on you again, as this continues procedure through the courts. I want to. Thank you. Any time marked. We know that our God bless. You say great guy great guy tremendous per ass, her to students, adored fellow, have love em and the lucky to have them
I'll be right back I am not a fan of Red Cavanaugh, not offended drawn Roberts. Tat simple. When bread cabinet was being discussed as a possible nominee. I rejected it This has nothing to do with IE, The harbour way was treated during the confirmation process, but I rejected. Specifically because of what he wrote in the Obama characters, which was. Actively plagiarize by John Roberts. And. I think that's being borne out now. It will be borne out again and again and again,
Well, beyond my lifetime, causing younger than I am, I believe you know, there's huge difference between Clarence, Thomas and Bread Cavanaugh? They both went through hellish confirmation process. He's no question about it. No question about it. But Clarence, Thomas Lucky. Let me say this right now. Is one of the greatest justices in american history. And a man of enormous fortitude encourage because I know you know and I'm sure. His fidelity to the constitution, to the facts presented to the court, to the statutes presented the court is absolute. His fidelity is absolute.
He is a truly remarkable and special justice. And a man of enormous fortitude and courage. Because I know you And I'm sure he knows that if he were Of the mindset and activists like rules, better Ginsburg, He will be celebrated throughout the american culture. Throughout the american media as it is. Dismiss him and they have contempt for him. But clans time is, in my view, is among the top ten great justice is in american history. I'm telling you there right now might even be higher. A truly remarkable, brilliant individual break Havana.
Is a garden variety, vanilla, justice. Because he's way to political- and so is Robert, And so was Robert Roberts came up with this rule, Goldberg, like logic. In order to save this statue, Obamacare and he's gonna have to do it again and cabin I'll be right, thereby aside a won't matter what the cost, fusion says what matter: What the legislative history is one matter with the facts: are they already know what they're gonna do that's a complete breakdown of the judicial system, complete breakdown Did you know a majority of hispanic voters approve of citizenship question on the? U S census. We heard this.
Jennifer Harper. Another great report. At the Washington Times, two thirds of voters approve of a citizen should question the twenty twenty census. That includes the majority of hispanic voters, despite clay by democratic law makers that the inquiry would discourage participation and latino communities, a heart Red University Centre for American Political, studies and Harris Paul, though we harbour the money from pedophile, Jeffrey Epstein found that sixty seven percent. Sixty seven percent support the question. Nine, two percent, a trump loaders. Ninety percent of conservatives. But a majority of Hispanics latina. You won't hear that from What is his name? I'm serious arrow fifteen Darwin Minimum New York, one a newsman. You want here that he problem
thanks. A majority of Hispanics must therefore be racist, or we could turn to Bernstein. Probably thing The majority of hispanic suggest hypnotize there's something wrong with them, because they don't agree with him. When we need additional, we polish to figure out what's taking place, you know. But I thought you'd want to know that. And the one of the great issues that the Democrats and the left in the media been pushing for years. Fifteen Darlin Minimum Wage war Fifteen doll and minimum wage according to the left of centre congressional Budget Office. What result in the loss of one point: three million american jobs, particularly among the poor, first and least skilled Americans. One point: three million jobs But don't worry, ladies and gentlemen, the left stands for the little guy.
Oh yeah, they stand for the little people. It's not a problem fifteen dollars. Minimum wage How it doesn't matter, what work actually do it doesn't matter whether thee the business. You work small start up medium Hugh Fifteen dollar minimum wage Doesn't matter how well or poorly the company's capitalized or the small business captain Matter, fifteen darlin minimum way like you'll get everything for free- and I said to myself today, if you get everything for free, why would you work who's gonna produce all this free stuff? Nobody. Who's gonna pay, for. Why would people work? Why would they produce stuff if their staff, it's gonna be given away for free. I need help anything from it, I'll be right back
you're. Really a dull does a job that Constitution but my grove in Joe Common now, seven seven, three, eight one, three eight one one having here- coach by the name of John Croup and John Crew over the blaze Amid controversies, coming from the world, CUP, winning? U S women's soccer team name STAR Player, Megan the clown Ignoring the national anthem during the World CUP as an a you as an Donald Trump and timid alley. Long dropping in american flag between her legs and taking part in a cell toy dance after the final match?. One: U S, coach isn't standing for any such disrespect. John Croup,
John propensity is an assistant coach for I minor league hockey team, the Danbury had tricks reports. The hill in a video of him, take you talking to the team in the locker room. On the first day, a camp has gone viral. We're not woman soccer we're not the NFL propensity said is anybody here, who's gonna be disrespectful to either the American or the Canadian National anthem grab your gear, get the fuck outta here now cause you'll never see the, in this arena. We have the audio. Let's go to. Go right ahead: Soccer Vienna, is there anybody here, there's gonna be disrespectful to either the American or the Canadian National anthem grab your gear and get them now. Could you'll never see the ice in this We don't have to be better than ever.
There is no sense in ways in anybody's time. Habit love this guy love this guy. Propensity is also a sergeant with the Danbury Police Department and, as president of the Connecticut State, fraternal order, a police love this guy. In February he spoke up after a thin blue line. Flag was taken down from inside the cap on Hartford. Amid concerns it represented hate, Opposition to the black lives matter movement. Can you imagine the problem here is people don't understand what is the true meaning of that flag. Propensity told the station thin blue line was outweigh. Or black lives matter black lives matter any these associations. There's something that goes way back. Propensity said the thin blue line, flag represents fallen officers and survivors families.
Having had conversations anyway goes on skies, a patriot he's a cop, you might expect so Patriot not running around in a soccer field,. Under the name of the United States, under the flag of the United States thus creating all of it. I'm sick and tired of these punks who exploit us for their own fame and glory second, out of it and then their celebrated by the left and the right should be celebrated ever. Men and women in uniform dodging bullets, though the? who should be celebrated figures figures, schiesser She and the team are hosted by mayor the cameo and they can
to see Pelosi unsure about the present the United States, they throw. The F word around. That would you want your children. A hear is what you want. Your children become not me, she's a clown. Here's something interesting, those over two million burglaries reported every year. That's one every thirty seconds. And what's crazy. Is that only one in five homes have homes security? Now, maybe cause: most companies make it very difficult to have homes, security and twice, simply safest, transforming home security by breaking down those barriers to get you the best most reliable, comprehensive protection available anywhere simply say protects every door window room with twenty four professional monitor in please save, has no contracts or hidden fees;
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five uranium military boats excessively tried to seize a british oil tanker. The british heritage in the Persian Gulf Today U S, officials, with knowledge of the incident. Tell CNN the Iranians ordered the tanker to change course and stop it. Here by uranium territorial waters. Now the british tanker was escorted by. A royal navy warship, which had thirty calibre guns on deck. Specifically intended to hit these uranium speedboats. And the royal Navy said to the Iranians: once you get the hell out of the way. I'm paraphrase organ a blow. Your little ass, his right out of the water And the iranian boats flat, all five of them. Now I don't have to.
Listening to this programme may be some of it. People are but here's my view. We should do the same thing And blow them out of the war. We cannot have navigable waters threatened by this Islam or nazi regime that once high sea be aims. Would nuclear warheads the blow future generations off the face of the earth in the United States at all times I In a little, Israel they go into Syria and enemy country, where there's all kinds of terrorists that seek to destroy their country with around. And have a base and when the uranium cross a certain line or conduct themselves in a certain way, they send their military and for a quick strike blow them off the phone,
The earth and then come Home- that's little. Israel now they're powerful, but I military's massive. Enough for this Islam or nazi regime snuff I went to also comment on another want to help out some of my conservative friends when capital here who seem confounded by our constitution. They way would around and they tell us that they are the purists that they know best what's in the constitution, and They seem to be making the argument. These are some of my friends by the way that really the only way the president can order a military action as if he first goes to Congress. Is that what they said at the constitutional convention.
Is that what they set up in the constitution did they make the speaker of the house and the present approach term of the Senate the joint commanders and chief. No, they did not want martyrs. The phrase declaration of war in there. Of course, there is, if you're going to have an all out full scale war against another country or an enemy. You want the body. Or take involved in that decision. I certainly understand that, and we have declared war In a relatively few times in our history, because it's really been a relatively few times in our history, where we have declared our intention to laying completely destroy another country or an enemy, and that's. Essentially not completely, but that's essentially with that provision is about
if you take military action, defence and military action as one of several examples, you have navigable waters or if there is an imminent threat, stay United States say ship. Opportune or what have you present United States doesn't have to get congressional approval and would be ridiculous, What, if congresses and around, and they often ard towards, let's pretended Thursday afternoon in Congress has already left in its post away till next Tuesday weighing call it emerged. Session will you think the enemies gonna sit around, say: ok, we're gonna wait for the President on emergency session of Congress and debate. This issue touches me.
Are the enemy says before we going to strike, though this is absurd. And so there are circumstances, many circumstances in which president, has to our short of a full scale war he's the commander in chief, the declaration of war provision is intended to cover every single military operation. It never was intended. It was FR intend going. Google research, the history yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, stop at the propaganda so tv, the propaganda son, Capitol Hill, who can be pure than the net the truth? Is I'm a constitution? Was I follow the constitution that's what the constitution provides? That's! What the constitution provides.
And showed somewhat of a balancing act, the commander in chief versus the Authority of Congress, but it is. Balancing Congress doesn't have absolute authority, item declaring war president can't take military action. That's just not true. Certainly it depends on what kind of military action and the purposes of it. We ve been in many military skirmishes long before this century in the last century, and in this century before where they haven't been declarations of war, And for the vast majority of those times, not all the president complied with the constitution, so is important. To understand the constitution. I understand its context, understand its history to understand the intention of the framers of the constitution.
These were smart men, smart man. They understood war. They just for a war for eight plus years for a plus you They didn't want an all powerful president. Who could take a nation into a full scale war, without the other, like Body being involved but on the other hand, they wanted a commander in chief who would have the flexibility to take action if it was necessary to protect the country or. To enable our lead or to protect whomever and whatever. In the end, it still answerable to Congress, because Congress has the appropriation power can cut fun, it did in the Vietnam WAR as a matter of fact, and you may, point two examples in the past, when there should have been a declaration worn.
I agree with the most cases, but not every case. It's simply not required So I want to help my friend Matt gets Florentine. He is my friend when it my dear friends, Chip Roy from Texas, One of my dear friends might leave from you. I want to help my friends with the constitution, with my decades of studying this document fact decades and it I'm not saying they're, not smart, their brilliant every one of them. I'm saying they need to understand the entirety. What was debated. That these men were smart, they were not. Eighty logs there were freedom fighters, understand the constitution,
I know there is no requirement that we have a declaration of war every time this military action there never has been. There never was in there, never will be. I'll be right back Now, you're really sharply said my mark: what At the authorization for the use of military force against, rack resolution in two thousand to we took Budgetary action there, but presently George W Bush went to Congress, not once but twice At their authorization now, why did he do that. Because it was a protracted military action with hundreds of thousand troops.
The full some of the United States, where for a navy That authorization is akin to it. Flourish. A war. If you read the constitution, it doesn't say you have to use the phrase, declaration of WAR says the Congress votes on a deck nation of war, this was effectively a joint resolution, a declaration of war. It was all out war against Iraq. What did I say. President doesn't need a declaration of war or eight authorization for military force of this sort. If we're defending our ships of her taking out certain bases, if we're, if we're too Actions far short of a protracted war, there's a difference, gotta use common sense, that's the difference, in that matters constitutionally and legally.
So you don't need a declaration of war to take out five missile sites in one evening, quite different than sending four hundred thousand groups overseas. You know people are always ask me mark. Is the exchequer really is comfortable, as you say that it is my answers? Always yes fact. I probably dont do an adequate job, describing just how great this chair feels so take my advice, get one to feel it for yourself. Thanks to actors thirty day, no questions asked guarantee of complete satisfaction, You have no risk. So if you're wondering, if what I say is true, what try it yourself once you feel the X patented dynamic, variable, lumbar support or de Vigo understand exactly why I love my exchequer so much take advantage of lectures, new financing option and increase you're productivity with the right model free for Yo Yo and the Ex basis
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happy of on freedom of the press. I would strongly encourage you give it a try, get your copy. You have a copy, get one for a family member, a friend and colleague. For student torso great summer reading. Friend of mine told me they were at Bethany Beach. They went to the local bookstore there. They had stacks of other books on their shoves. They only a two copies of on freedom of the press left, I hope get your cabin got: Amazon, DOT, com, Costco. Barnes, a noble any major book, Nor any the warehouse stores and, of course, if you the Amazon that come it seven weeks on the near time best seller list seven weeks at a minimum bide aggravate the New York Times. Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency personnel.
I thank all the men and women on the border. We know what you're doing is an enormous task and thank all of you, you LE then I too, patriots out there. Less to have you see you tomorrow from the west. Would one podcast network.
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