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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, NRA TV host Dan Bongino fills in for Mark. For decades Presidents on both sides of the aisle have kissed up to foreign leaders and nothing ever really changed. But today President Trump sat at the table and called out our NATO allies for supporting Russian aggression. Trump definitely plays by his own rules. He cares about results, not the structured rules of diplomacy and the media can’t accept this. He’s always under attack because of his Queens, NY bravado. New Yorkers from Queens don’t get the same respect as kids from Brooklyn and the Bronx, so you have to puff your chest a bit and prove that you're tough to earn respect. This is why his personality is always focused on the superlative tense. Then, liberalism sucks for liberals too. There is no popular mandate for liberal idiocy and their ignorance is what allows liberal ideology to thrive. There is no public mandate for liberalism so all they need to do is convince one judge, or politician in a black robe, and they get their legislation from the court. If Dems believed that Roe v. Wade was actually settled law they wouldn't be scared. If there was a popular mandate for any of their ideas they wouldn't use fear tactics. To think that any Supreme Court justice would reverse that decision is absurd. That's because there is a popular mandate for this unlike abortion which scares the Democrats.

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Now run them. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. I know you have not made cod where their leader would you made contact with maybe there be bullpen pitcher mark within this out tonight. Corset. The voice of mark of any is a very distinct voice. It is the voice of the Bonn GINO talking about himself in the third person. If he's parboil Bob always create guy gonna be back monsieur all of the show, since, like the hundredth time, so I've been here rich. Do I get like our mark Levine, like Hall of Fame thing for four be enlightened?
you know what I'm still way behind the legendary Tom are, though, God rest his soul Right Tom, our man, he was the man rubber him TAT, still work at him with W C b. I'm too, he was the best I love top. All right, I got a lot to talk about, is always I'm having a tough time prioritizing what to get to. First, let me hit this first, given that it's the most current acute story, the- don't. You see tromp this morning at NATO love this guy Subway any structured rules of diplomacy we ve had in the past, have gone completely out the window and I don't know about you. I don't know how you feel about it, but I think this is great for decades now, Republican and Democrat President's. We have had this problem where we caused
we push. We follow these structured rules of diplomacy, the but kiss and boot wiccan routine, where we fall the napkin the right way at the table. We give the handshake the photo up. You know the whole drill we go to oh process. We kiss each other's pots on camera Europe, no you're the best know you're really them. I know you are really really the best we ve done this over and over again, nothing changes let me be clear: I'm a free trader, but we ve had some issues with trade. We ve had some issues with funding for global alliances, NATO included and republican, democratic, ministrations, nothing changes. So my guess is that, right, I don't know Trump I wasn't briefed on his operation this morning. Obviously I was preparing for this show filleted for mark because into the room this morning with nato- and somebody probably says to me, Mr President, are we gonna do that, for you gonna go on camera?
yeah I'll. Tell NATO how great they are that NATO requisite start embarrassing. To tell you a great you are we're all going to tell each other are great. We are there's gonna, be a big backslapping session. Then groups of people are going to tell groups of people how great they are it'll, be a big celebration of our collective greatness and we're going to walk out and in part as to the guy? Ok, MR staffer, I'm so what happens, then our nothing we're we're going to continue to get screwed. And our friends are not going to continue to meet their global obligations for national defence to be part of NATO. So trumps problem, like scratching his chin go in, I think so. I'm not really call with that. So we sit down at the table with the cameras on and but at the table by the way. At this point, I love, if you go back and watched afoot to drive on our side of the table, its tromp chiefest, they have John We are NATO ambassador and
the other side of the table, I think, they're, expecting the normal. You know circular backpacking squad with organ tell each other great their truckers. I've ma this is no good. The fact that the Germans are building this. Nor does this Nord stream to pipe Are there supporting it? I should say it's gonna leads. You know some russian economic growth and we're trying to stop russian aggression, and I don't get this you're asking the police. The world is being ignored, sponsor of NATO. We pay three quarters of the bills for NATO and you're asking us to do and you all against russian aggression that really is gonna impact you more acutely. Then it will us while you supporting this pipeline project in Germany are not really good. With that ladies and gentlemen, the people at the table look, There have may locks moment there like there's somebody. Comes like what do we do now
How all this admit the end of the meeting there like ok, they put out a really say, yeah, we're going to wear it. We're we're reaffirming our commitment to the lights and we're gonna shoot for this target of over two percent. Nearly four percent GDP spending, their national defence. Listen, About bringing this up to get to a conversation about United States global commitments on defence, for we could do a whole show on that. I just want to bring this up to hammer home again how this guy is done with the old, its ladies and gentlemen, it's over when it This guy I mean the present. No disrespect intend queens guy to like him and proud of that. The president does not care about what happened before. He doesn't care he's here, so he was a builder from queens in his world where he is She was a builder front, Queen tat, built in the most difficult environment in the world, New York City, where you're shaken
by the mob by some special interest groups by bill. Crabs, politicians, everyone, their hand in your pockets in New York, this guy, the present, It states when he was a builder, had to deal with these not go hide this entire life. He does not care how things got done in the past. If what happened in the past led to know jobs because in his world, if there were no results There was no building and it was no income and you were broke. He doesn't care, but the media simply cannot accept this. The media cannot accept the fact that there is a new sheriff in town. They can't deal with it. The media are a bunch of manage the climbers. They think the United States should take a reduced footprint them. World the world is on a slow decline. We should join the decline because we were the cause of it initially, which is absurd and at we Vienna
This has no special role on the world. President trumpeted doesn't feel that way. He doesn't feel that way. You know this reminds me of a story. I forgive me if I get some of the details raw but is the story of these firefighters. I read once. And it goes to show you how sometimes being in this mill YO foreign policy, establishment, people who tell you how things are supposed to happen with airport and then nothing happens. Of losers, you in the process and you get lost and you never find actual results, trumps, the opposite. He cares about results and I think this story, when I think of Donald Trump I've. I've read this once about this group of fire fighters and they they are their dropped into this fire. It's it's a mammoth fire, it's out of control and, sadly, and tragically me,
give em died, while one of the guys that survived was actually one of the newest firefighters out there, he was in essence a rookie, and there were some debriefing stun afterwards and when they they asked him what he did. He said I dump the lot of my equipment and wound up escaping. And it was a fascinating story, because when I read it some of the details, they insinuated that some of the training with the other five- She'd been around awhile was it you, don't abandoned alot of your equipment, you're supposed to keep your equipment. I guess this guy is newer and hadn't been kind of that that that hadn't been drilled into him. So just drop in any wind up escaping, and I thought to myself, you know in essence describes a lot of. What's going on with these strategic approach of this president and and the people who surround the many of them, they when been told to do things a certain way they haven't?
indoctrinated into an old way of doing things so when he was. In a room- and he says- hey- haven't we had this meeting before with NATO? Yes, well, what happened while nothing, they still having committed to spend this money on their national defence? Well, why? I don't know why Well, I'm going to ask you, Mr President, you can't do that. You can't go in this room and ask him in front of the cameras what why not well, because we're going to embarrass them. Well, what about an embarrassed them? we three quarters of the NATO budget is the? U s. A little embarrassing for us. Yes, but Mr Present, with the United States, with its structure, diplomacy has to be a glance and accession.
Your job is to go in there and tell everybody how great they are. Their job is to tell you how great you are. We do this, the Euro, they the whole circular operation of greatness repaired, each other on the back we saved from the chemist, but nothing supposed to get down here. Sir, don't you understand politics? No, I don't! I don't get this. I build stuff folks he's done with that. That's not his peg doughnuts! This president does not care. About structure rules of diplomacy cares about results because in his world you had to actually build the building. Now, when you combined that point number one here that he's a results focused, not a process, focus individual with point number, two that this guy, chronically underestimated because of his bravado chronically by liberals in the media.
See why he's constantly under attack? You know, on the other side of the break, I'm gonna get it to him and cabinets feelings. I haven't. I watched them in the announcement, even I, but I just want to put before you gonna break. I want to leave you with this foul trumps. A guy from Queen I'm a guy from queens. I understand queens guys better than anyone. I can Give you this analogy enough. If you want to understand Donald Trump, when you're a queens I and the business world you never have. The air quotes your elite status of the Manhattan business, guys. Those are all the movers and shakers the Manhattan, guys right and Ladys out there. That's where the prestige is in Manhattan, New York City. New York, New York right. So there's always this sense of I got a puff. My just a little bit, and I got our own my reputation because you're not gonna, get it just from having a Manhattan, zip code on the streets, the queen's kids there, never as tough as the Brooklyn kids. You just have to tell people you're from Brooklyn
show me, your tough Reginald Right, MR producer you're, New Yorker, my making this up data bright gas. Mr producer Bengal, TAT brought with it. They all you have tell people like, rich is on from the product and people automatically assume your come. My wife has a great story about this. When she moved the queen's from the Bronx all the key, but she was top folks. This is real and make it is up when you're from queens. You don't get that you don't you have actually prove your tough and you have the puppy chest. The little So if you are in business, you have to pop your chest to gain you're an Your reputation is ITALY, businessmen, and when you are street kid, you have to put your chest a little bit Ernie Stripes as a tough guy. This is where the bravado comes from this. Who trump is? He has to prove, stop yes to build, stop. He has to get stuff than when you their stay. The psychology this guy. All of this make sense This is why I know I know I gotta people participated,
why everything to him is tremendous and it's the greatest ever and people are so. This is white like this, because he just wants to get stuff done. The proviso is the it's not an accurate. It's how he sees the results happening by constantly pushing not you that he has puppy is a good business case. Gonna get this done when you get the queen's mentality, you get Donald Trump, and a lot of this makes sense. If the liberal media made any effort to understand. Sky then understand I'm Tellin, you aren't. I gotta take a break. If you want to give us a call, joined the show, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one that eight seven seven, three eight one, three eight one one! You know what I don't even have to look at the number that have ado right, that eight seven, seven, three one three women aren't they GINO info Mark with will be banned
Richard. I taught him right through the break me better. We can judge of Europe. This is what you get to comfortable, I'm here, right ritual. They pay about motorcycle ever automotive saying they say the most dangerous do not a motorcycles. The guy's been rightly forever right. Yet so comfortable that he's that that this me, I'm in Chadwick World he's a first time. Go yes right! Runny air me! millions of listeners Danny may you may have Ronnie AIR. It's only a show of millions. A listener stand, you may you may pick addictions accuse boy, So before the break, I was talking about the psyche when I you have to be that the metal make up of Donald Trump and listening that China do a Sigmund Freud. Ok, folks, that's not my deal here, I'm not go analysed, I'm just
I had to tell these liberal media people who constant, the underestimate this guy, You have no idea what you're dealing with you. I'm, literally, you don't have the foggiest idea. What you're dealing with. Youth. I know what you think you're dealing with you, you're dealing with a brain though ignoramus manufacture, corporal listeners whistling right out of the show our problem taking their I've gone yeah. Yeah! Really. Are you sure about that? Are you sure you're, not the suckers getting played here? follow their tweets. This is what I do like my whole job is content production more the Mai day is spent reading liberal email lists. I subscribe due to read the level of cookies and I have I don't want to say which ones because they block me, but I follow liberal Twitter accounts couple morning. How block me by the way- and I I can
help a level of liberal hysteria and cookies by following these few people. I would give him out, but I'm telling you that block me- and you can. Please tell how nuts they are. They really think this guy's in any it, despite the fact that folks, they are getting dawn left and right, this guy, It is like the Michael Jordan of politics and political strategy docking on their heads every single day, and yet there, though, painting this guy out to be a buffoon the queen's guy, this is The queen saying this is how they work. Now The reason I bring it a lot of this up as I was watching the other night- is probably many You were the nomination of bread cabin on the White House- and I see becomes out. You know he walks down the hallway and you haven't been a secret service agent. I've taken that walk many times and it's always always impressive will not like that
but they can't believe me the camera. It was on midnight at the White House where there's no one around no care. Follow me, but We watch him up there right and I couldn't help. Think I know the liberals and the media still laughing at this guy. You there's a guy right. Nominating a man, bread, Cavenaugh right, follow me here: the scene, bread, criminals, resume. Bread capitals resonate blubber aid and there are some cynicism: edible objections to it from you know some things we need cleared up. I totally get that. I hope I listened of art show too. I grew Work on that there is some things are something's. I like something about data. I have some serious objections to the Obamacare thing as well, but you look cannot question demands, resonate or is key you're from what we know he's an incredibly accomplish human being. But who nominated em you
Why is this guy wouldn't have the job he had if it wasn't for Donald J Trump Despite all is education what tremendous accomplishments all. Always done in the judicial system, all these down as an attorney his job Dependent on a man who the presidency in the United States. Zero political experience at all. None. And yet the liberal media still to this day cannot get past the fact that they are right. This guy is some kind of a buffoon who happened to fall into the presidency media people by the way, who had to take journalism in college because they couldn't figure out how to get like a passive biology, chemistry course they're the ones looking at this guy, they he's a dope and that they have got this whole thing. Peg are are you kidding me. You Dobbs. I folks
Dan Bongino in for Mark Levin, give us a call eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. If you want to join, the show will be right voice. Mars love fan with that voice. Now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Now I went back to the mark of Inshore Dan POD Gino. Bon GINO on Twitter Phelan in four marked just gotta three from Chris. The girl could do man, Shout out Chris stuck in traffic listening to mark new billion over their w Phd so had tipped all those listeners you all a great we love Billy I gotta pay. I still, I know the ART museum square, but I still of the rocky stature Still I get help it
It's gonna drive people marching at this great art, museum and everyone here take a picture with the rocky statue, but our maybe it's a queens they gave me. I love that that I want to do in advance for the secret service once and am I where's, the rocky stature. Guess it that's what you want to say. I'm like take me to the rocky statue. Don't forget by the way. And a clock Sunday night TV. I would go. Do it now dvr whenever they call Tito was a results like saying make me as your ex cop. Dvr right now, ten p m eastern time, life, Liberty, Levant Fox NEWS, Channel best long form interview show on television. You will not want to miss. Watch live tv art, don't forget at ten P M Fox NEWS Channel Sunday night, don't miss life liberty, and I want to get into something here. It's really been on my mind lately and a little bit of an explanation about why the latest liberal outrage campaign I mean this is what they do. They swap one outrage campaign for the other. First, it was the election that it was the Russians than it was. The travel ban
but although it was a tax cuts, I'm lost than all the liberal outrage campaigns rich. If I'm missing one fill me in so many of them. What is the latest all that it was the separations at the border that was here, another outrage campaign. There are so many, I'm I'm not kidding, I'm trying to be funny I've. I've lost count of the many each campaigns levels have been involved in, but this is going to be like nothing. You ve seen the outrage campaign over Supreme Court nominee, Brett cabin- I assure you, there's a reason for it. Ladies and gentlemen, one thing about liberals: I've learned in the content space and during my time in politics in having run for office, is don't make a mistake they make with us. Do not underestimate them like they did Donald. Or you will get back and that you will be blindsided tactically and you'll be like watches happen. Liberals are still doing that with Donald Trump. That was the whole essence my last segment. They just can't get their arms around the fact that Donald Trump is dumping every single day. Now they can't,
You're smarter than him has they're getting played as we're nominated Supreme Court justices, legislate, signing bills they're getting plant. I still think that when it because I think we're ready it and I think he's the king of the idiots. Meanwhile, there really there bearing this circle of stupid. That's hard to break up. They don't even get it I was there and at each other, what's happening what's happening where happening. Donald Trump sapling that's what's happening, but the outrage campaign over the court is gonna, be like nothing. You ve ever seen and there's a reason for folks. Liberals figure a long time ago, that there is absolutely no popular appeal, nope popular mandate for this steaming pile of garbage. We call big government liberally Progressive, isn't whatever you choose to call it. I call it by typically in export. If I can't use on the ear that's what is liberalism is complete garbage. It's a steaming pile of horsemen.
There's no mandate for it. Nobody aunt said, as I said, last night on ahead of show on Fox proposing such were liberals to that's the hour if liberalism there is. A popular mandate for confiscatory taxes for complete government control of your health care for total gum control over your land than your property. Do government red tape for a complete control over a failing education system where you have no choice. There is no popular mandate for that at all. There is a free element of society, maybe five or ten percent of people at when they really understand those policies would support such idiocy and its, because they're usually have some kind of lack of brain power themselves. That's why they support that nonsense. If there is no popular mandate, ladies and gentlemen, for those programmes and you're still a big government status, that's insistent on big govern
heavy government power there's a problem: what's the problem, there's no popular mandate. That means there's no votes. Because there's no mandate for it, if there's no votes for you on a national level for this stuff, when you're not lying about it, there's no way to get, now push through or when you get it pushed. Bro, because you you lie to people and you smoke them up about what you're really doing any figure it out they go, there a political revolution later on the Reagan Revolution, the Trump Revolution. That's the thing. Liberalism, as I said, liberalism sucks for liberals to that's the problem. Liberalism was so great. Walter mandate would have been the President liberalism was so great Massachusetts would wouldn't keep electing public and governor Rudy Giuliani would have never existed New York, the clean up the mess left behind by catch and David think it.
Liberalism that disaster? It's a forest fire, it burns down every single thing. It touches. There is no popular mandate. That sustainable for liberal is now that we settled that because it's true liberal, still need to push for this big government agenda. So instead of trying to convince people that confiscatory taxes and big government power over their lives is a good thing, as they know, overtime, people yearn for freedom and what we will do whatever they can to break from the change that all they have to do in the court system is convinced to just one judge what ideal, if we can stack of courts with a bunch of liberals, pretending to be judges. Really politicians,
black robes? If we can just convinced that one judge to implement what we couldn't implement ourselves, a national abortion policy, they couldn't pass that oh abortion, it settled If it's all settled, why are you so worried about rovers? Wait? No, I'm serious! Why are you so terrified about role versus Wade if it set a law? If, if, if what you believe the pro abortion crowd out there, if one You believe, is so widely accepted to be true, moral, ethical and legal that why Are you so worried that it so tenuous that just one per who could possibly overturn it, why? It's always your scare tactic, maybe because there's popular mandate and offer what you're talking about an you needed the judges to push that through. Ladies you realize what there's a popular mandate for things there is.
Absolutely no need to stack the courts with liberals to keep it you you need an example. Let me give you an obvious one So you know sometimes stories in analogies work better here to prove to you. How threaten liberals are their crap agenda and the fact there, zero popular mandate for that it, so it can wipe away like that in a snap of a finger because they can't convince people. To telling you. It's true think about something now that we all Is universally true that it doesn't matter, we can all agree if a liberal I a green party member conservative libertarian public and appointed judge, it would matter at all school segregation We all agree that was a stain on our country. Of course, it's taken as before
even asking the questions absurd. But you see the point of making that's sort of republican idea, democratic idea. Let's acumen human idea, we don't segregate people once color, it was a stain on our country was a stayin everywhere. It happen, nobody's work. Now, of course, liberals will say stupid things like if you like the report, by the way who they were the party who actually fought segregation but nobody's going to get into that right now, because it just playing at the stupid liberal talking point No, but no serious person which really discounts liver. No serious person actually believe that whether Republican or a democrat or liberal or a conservative appoints a judge that any ones you go back to the jury. Segregation in school- that's that's unadulterated, idiocy! In other words, liberal talking point, which is the same thing. Something we all accept, this being a moral stain on our society. They that's not change
ever we are never. Thank God reverting back to that, but if workers, sing about determination of life in the womb, if you're so confident that you have a popular mandate for this. And then everybody agrees with you that this is how people feel Why are you so terrified that every judicial appointments going to overturn it? Pops Nobody in the United States would allow that to happen. The returning to segregation ever. Nobody, no serious person, regardless of the political in front of the name. Well out of morals. Are ethics? Would let that happen? there are a lot of time be included by the way of really talk about myself as being good? But I'm talking about you good people out there. Who understand the damage that determination of life in the womb does and we
very, very serious objections. To some national mandate on it. If you ve convinced so many people that your pro abortion stance, if I can, why are you so worried, ladies and gentlemen, that worried? Because I think they quietly know they're not right now, legislating from the bench should have never happen. Mark has been all over. This mark is forgotten more about the constitution in some constitutional scholars even know now. Believe me, I'm not kiss it up to meet us even like that stuff rich and not just talk about the aids that I'm Tellin, you haven't had conversations with the guy. Believe me when I tell you he can quote stuff you'll be like while, and I do a lot of homework he pulls up out of his head. Like did you just
It's almost like he's like a processing computer all the time the founders did not think this was going to happen. They founders were under the impression on em and explain the difference here in a second. You were under the impression that each branch of government would jealously guard its power. I dont believe if you read the Federalist papers, that the founders were like us, they weren't concern. They were concerned about a lot of things, but they thought they felt that the legislative branch, the executive branch And the judicial branch would jealously guard those powers that there was no way the legislative branch was going to see those powers to the judicial branch of government because they felt like this was it. Was this natural human instinct, pray that power impulse and we have to check that power. They work and a seed it there were more concern.
About checks and balances vertically and horizontally than they were about people actually seeding power. Liberals have managed to convince people that the legend power of government lies in the judicial branch which it doesn't. How did the founders miss this listen? A constitution is the greatest governing document in the history of mankind, but there were some problems with. There's no question about it The audience dissipated issues was a bomb. Rhino spineless Republicans, a big government Liberal Europe, statist Democrats willingly seeding their legislative power to the judicial branch, but why? Why did it happened? And why did the founders Nazi had come? And let me sum this up for you. Because the founders had coneys. You can call me on that.
They had titanium, spines and other body parts made of titanium. This was that solutionary generation they are gods, they figured if you got to the House of representatives. You are going to guard your power. You were gonna wanna. Do something in government to make some kind of positive change for society. They never assume we get a bunch of got with. Losers up in politics and in Congress and the Senate? Now not all there's some good guys, but very few, sadly, who would never want? a a decision because they had spines rate of feathers and we're going to say, hey, listen, I don't want to do because I don't want to suffer any ramifications at the polls. So what I'm gonna do is we're going to pass this off to the court's we're going to let the courts do this and when the courts do we're going to say man What why put their heads of it? I had nothing to do with that. The first There's I'd go holidays these ladys many of them do not. They don't want
precision their godless They have willingly seated their power to men, Women in black robes, who have become de facto legislators on the bench- and I don't think the founders show this coming cuz, that's not what they were made of all right. I got more of this on the other side of the break. You want to give us a call and we'll get somebody calls I promise you want to join the shows, eight hundred and seventy seven hundred and thirty, eight one thousand three hundred and eighty one eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one omby Amby GINO infer Mark with it Ben I will go back to the Markov in showed, thereby GINO filleted. Four march- should be back with you tomorrow. So before the break. I was talking about how the founders thee. They assume they would people babies. These politicians would jealously guard their power, not be a bunch of gutless wonders who wouldn't,
I want to make a decision and see that power to a bunch black robe justices and judges in the court system. But that's what's happened, they don't ever want to make a decision revolutionary generation, that eventually became our first members of Congress. It better be laughing at these guys we have in their today. But these women who cannot decision on anything we're gonna appeal about. Well, I really would is getting its is like a joke. It's a disgrace! You wanna get through a call before we had in the hour here. Let's go to Chris North Carolina Chris Euro with Amboise GINO. What do you got for us money? Dan great, show My almost one off the road driving earlier? When I told you, how do we love you? We need you alive Chris, but thank you very much lip and
the only method, one leg of the thing, and actually you just covered it now it matches the scum in the media that don't get trump. I would expect that in the liberals, it's the republic, Bacon and world war wantin to how much money we spend Chris. I know I agree with you then about the rip. The report Infuriate me how many millions of lives we lose faith in their bacon in world war, one in too much money. If we spend whereas I know I agree with you that about the rope the Republicans and yeah did kind of just hit. That too, I understand you know you are on the line waiting to get Nancy, probably Europe, and no gravity and I I've heard from credible people up put this more than comfortable to do it. That a lot of these congressmen and centres behind closed doors think the exact same thing: the liberal media. Folks. Do that obscenity it he some kind of adults, and he just I went to the presidency, which is amazing Chris, when you think about it, because a lot he sent represent governors, thought they would fall
into the presidency. Can we couldn't do it? And yet they look at this. Galaxies. An area again has he's talking on their heads constantly, but yeah I agree, and it just kind of shameful. That he's even in the country- and we got you ever begins, jumping in front of the cameras to take a cheap shot. I don't get that either does make any sense of justice Spectable yet now and it just all live does is Jeff strengthen those about half the quorum or out there. We getting stronger and firmly behind this- may I couldn't be more proud. I am over there in Europe telling these folks. You need to pay your sure what the police through crowd here Chris Chris, there are republic, as you think he did damaged today. There are ever do Actually Republicans you don't understand and by the way I got think take breakers thanks for the Corbett. Folks, I'm telling you there republican, swamp rats, liberal media, folks, liberals and Democrats who actually think tromp heart himself today overseas. They just don't get it, they absolute,
fail to understand this guides, like their skulls, are made concrete or like plaster of Paris or something that the brain you're just not escaping they. Just don't get it. America an american citizens, not every a person as we have a group of people just live here we don't like the place, but the overwhelming majority our kids. Lovely country are very patriotic, salute the flag, respect the flag and without drop, goes overseas and says: listen. You guys got to pay up we're not going to defend you if you're not gonna different. Cells. The fact that the media thinks that hurts them is ridiculous. I folks omby Amby GINO Info It will then give us colleagues, seven seven, three, eight one, three, eight one yeah.
Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader welcome back. Well, Dan Bongino sitting men for the great one mark back to Morrow You know, sometimes what I'm doing this I do it from my home studio. I sit. Dangerously close to the end of my chair. If you hear a rumbling sound and the sound of a skull, acting off of the desk. That's me falling off my chair. Don't worry rich you, I have to go to a best up. Just give it up. I've count, I will be back. I will be in pain, but I will be back. I'm serious, I'm like theirs
An inch of but connected to this chair right now, I don't know why. I guess I can't she's like this habit, I have won a billion mark show because I'm always so give up. All the time like I can't sit back and just chill out. I have to in the mix all the time. So why these days. If you hear that, don't worry I'll be ok, I have a rather thick skull I'll, be fine, but Rich, do not go to a best of rights, give it a five count of return, thought you were of your glass break, you gotta be different, then you may well make up the police. Ok, we're gonna get to the show. You can keep up ass it around here, Last hour, I was talking about how serious note The founders never expected. This lip, I love affair with the court system- is bedrock. In fact,
the liberals have no popular mandate for big government liberalism, because people are not trying to be dramatic. For effect, folks is just a fact Oh yearn for freedom, nobody wants to be controlled, people hate being told what to do. They want to work. This, their families in themselves not to support other people. Now people are very our double and benevolent, thank God, but they don't want to work sixty to seventy percent of their lives in some of these big government countries to support other You can work themselves, they don't want care decisions made for them by some one else, especially a government bureaucrat has never met them. They don't want to go. Controlling whether kids go to school people, yearn to be controlled; they don't they want to be three. They liked to be free. There is no popular mandate for liberal garbage, so The pros need to convince a judge, not legislators, because they're not gonna, get legislators to do on a massive scale. What they wanted. You that's why
I fell in love with this legislating from the bench approach to things and rhinos. Let them do it for a different reason. So just clear so will lay out the parameters of what we're going to you. Liberals, love legislating from the bench and judicial, slash, legislative branch, because that's what it's become in many cases, because they can't get? elected on a mass scale to do things that that they want they can't their agenda big government state control and they don't have the votes to do that. Folks, they don't have the votes for so why convince people we have to convince a judge in a court system if we can legislate from the bench? This is great. This is peachy we'd love. This. Now, the rhinos of acquiesce to this, and let them do this. The weak, kneed Republicans. Because a lot of weak kneed Republicans have fallen in love with power and the accoutrements of office right they go up there. People plant the Big
one on their backside all day. Yours grade congressmen so, and so we love you, look how special you these are People in high school or probably the third sharing quarterback in a division. Three team- now got anything done in their lives, couldn't succeed in business. A lot of them are not all of em, but some they could. They don't have half the resume trump does by the way. These other some of these other accomplish people out there in the real world they get up the car they get elected, they win an election, knock it off, but I'm talking about the the frauds and Wow! Look at me, I'm so important. I'm up here I get to go in a cocktail party, easy salmon sushi all day and flog Rhine state power. Tar by mistake, torture, what're, you step a cook mistake. You call this steak. Man,
you get the lines on it. You cook the stake, tar, tar. What kind of person needs that sea I get sidetracked easy, especially when it comes to food to stake, eat the fat rabbi, but Republicans have let them do it the weak, kneed ones, because in order to get elected follow me here, don't lose rate the republic in electorate People who vote and primaries even swinging type districts, the p who actually show up and do the voting pull the lever for someone are, generally speaking, the most active voters obviously, and they also happen to be largely conservative- the Republican Bay is a conservative base, bedrock in liberty, bedrock and freedom, economic, Freedom, healthcare freedom. This is not complicated. Those are the people. Who will win primaries for you? Well,
You appeal to those people. I know I've run for office. In my case it was genuine and sadly, in a lot of these cases of these frauds- it's not Kyoto, those people a day party guy all about tax cuts and controlling. Government spending. Are you gonna vote that we will not really? But this is, picture of a campaign, conservatives now our suave what's in their heart, I have said on the show often- and I mean this view- everyone understand the failures of washed. In DC the failures S. There are a lot of Republicans a large suave him who are really Democrats in their heart, but there no Democrats who are really Republicans? That's why the Democrats beat us off. Because we don't with these bodies are problems- are lying to you. Just look at them. Its government's expanded over and over and over and over again when it was
the repeal Obamacare they build a lot of Knock it off there's some really good people having MIKE League ran Paul TED cruiser good folks Jim Jordan who, by the way, the biggest job in political history disgrace happen and Jim George right now, and not a terrific guy, Why me, personally, I my name drop in folks, Matrona, oppression or care. You don't carry the obvious telling you that guy's assaulted the earth what political hate job on him disgraceful But most of these other gutless one the campaign on these things, but they re. Don't mean it please remember. A lot of republicans are really Democrats. So what to take a vote, you like this, the sweating really call my gosh tax cuts Susan. Collins is what are we gonna do make us we summer, Caskey. Repeal barbecue I'm repeatable reveal a pocket. The sweat beads break out. What do we do? What do we do? itself gosh, We said we were going to vote on well,
We do like the Democrats a bunch of liberal judges who will legislate that stuff from the bench we never fight this stuff. We do nothing about it and therefore this is great Lickety split problem sob you don't have to do anything that judges will take care of it all is an is just peachy. That's Oh you got to this scenario today where, sadly, because the founders, I intended to be this way I can make the way the constitution was written. That is not the way the FAO. Judicial branch of government. They Jude she'll branch of government is supreme It pains me to say that that is not the way is intended. That is not the way the constitution was written. That is, the way the founders who actually had spines intended to be. They never thought. We were
a bunch of gutless one, there's like we haven't, they thought the problem would be breaches of government hoarding power, not seeding it so They had vertical and horizontal checks and balances built. In these two points, up there. Now you see their power, but the judges do it that way, the campaign trail, I could say that Obamacare thing, you know what the court's didn't want me. It was membership. Somebody who is most horrendous. It was other kids every time they got caught. It was other kids, those then the core. We don't have anything to do with that, because they have no cats regardless no God, Scotland Godless wonders they love this. Now, the good conservatives, the Jordan's, that my pleased cruises. The Paul's in these folks, very strongly objective this stuff and by the way,
let it drop as well, but we ve been vocal on twitter about his objection to a lot of this court. Nonsense. Listen, you may say, although president drop wasn't an ideological conserve folks, I don't care, he's a result sky. The conservative results. Guy does that matter like it matters to me. They never saw this coming. They never saw this extreme level of countless. Now, that's gonna wrap this up. I want a couple more things. I want to get through the lot of stories it so much breaking news saw kind of happened at the last minute. So, given The opportunity I wanna get alot of info out, but this is driving the Democrats mad because they understand, if they lose this Supreme Court, see that their ability, who in fact legislate from the bench and not have the court's act like actual courts, which
determining who are standing, who's been injured by cases constitutionality, certainly they don't want that they want. Legislation are not going to get that. I dont think we'd Cavanaugh. I, like my grief for the Supreme Court like bear it. I have no strong at this point to count the meditating bothers me, or maybe we'll get answers on that, but left is losing their minds and its causing them to do and say things that are out of character. One thing about the liberals: I've learned over the years is again I don't, I never underestimate them every day They do is usually tactically efficient. Their focus group tested talking Their political strategy in the ear of trompe is thrown liberals into complete chaos. They have no idea what to do they making mistakes. I have never seen in my life humor is getting played on a daily basis right now by while people Mitch Mcconnell please get shot. It has become a laughing stock in the Senate. You wanna tell me don't don't I've. I can use that analogy enough today. Ever since the NBA Finals shoe words just
just get off the court there. It's embarrassing, but there making mistakes even season liberal operative. They typically don't make and the latest example is Dickie day to day. Dickie Durban from Illinois season. Liberal far, if the radical in this it forever picking when I meet the press this last weekend without a check out any Listen! I'm telling those red State, Democrats and Democrats elected in states that whatever we for Trump, you need to against this nominee. I was stunned, Because dickie days usually smarter than this, But in the ear of Trump, no Democrat in the Senate is smart because their crazy, They just want to her trump. On the other side of this break, I'm going tell you just still paid senator Dickie. These plan is and how this is
its astonishing and stupidity, but the ear of Trump Democrats cannot keep it. They ve gone from the arrangement to panic to utter complete? Is there and they're losing all of their tactical scales. It's all get my bet there, like a bunch of kids in brown, poorer. I don't they GINO infer Mark of any want to give us a call. Liberals you're welcome to eight seven seven. Three eight one three On one will be banned go showed to the mark in for the gray one get makes, June in the march, show ten p m eastern time. The Fox NEWS Channel Life liberty. I'm a band, of course, don't miss out DV art. It is the best long form in. If you show on television screen, I dvr it. Sometimes I get the watch. It lava
Get up early, but I never miss a show on Monday morning. I do that up. Six hundred and thirty, a dot m head on Fox and friends, I am not a morning person photos kind of embarrassing get up really early is secret services. That White House pushed time is super early push time when its change shift, and I don't off it like messed up my mail in our work, but now I just can currently eighty words the worst embarrassing but grown. But maybe get up early demand stuff in the morning? Not me doesn't work so before the break. I was talking about centre dickie date dickie Durban from Illinois, normally somewhat politically astute? Is politics of coarser pain, but he's usually more of a technician end. He is lost if he wants to meet the press today, omber urging all of these Red State Democrats, mansion Donnelly, hide camp tester. You need to voting when put out there so you're going to tell a bunch of tell a bunch of red state them
Sorry against Tromp has made them do things that are irrational folks. How do you think this is going to end, but let's walk this through what in red He was strategy. Durban put out there you're, going to tell a bunch of red State Democrats in one state where Trump one by over forty points- West virginia- exactly as squeaker folks kind of I read we're going to stay on the most important decision this year. This Supreme Court, nominal you're gonna, tell your call. Yes, your Senate Democrats, who are already in a tenuous electoral position. You need to vote. Hence this guy false they're gonna get crushed which would lead to what if they lose. The republican stand a very good chance by the way, even if their one, the most of those races, even if we just for a few. Tell me right now, Nelson's in a world of trouble in Florida, where I am Rick Scott.
God. It's gonna win that race and the bombings. Catastrophe Rick's got so Florida is gonna. Be a flip I'm here and mansion may be able to save the seat. I don't think so. I think tat he's in trouble. I think hide camp is in a world the trouble we stand, its of preparing the lead right now, Then we a fifty one and Mccain. Obviously, given its medical condition, you can't expect them to vote so we're in trouble. We lost at sea. Doug Jones and other one? Although he's not up, I believe two, twenty twenty two jobs. Alabama. Good luck taken at vote. Its Trump Supreme Court. Now me that is going to be taught. To you for every election. You run into future. This is Durban strategy. Now, why is it dumb? sure you figured out the may have now in January. After all these new republican concenters sworn in,
If patted the lead, they had been set it. What do you do now that we ve Eggs to Harry read by the way, a big thank you to Harry, read for getting rid of the filibuster. Thank you very much nice job. How that was awesome. You left the really I would like to see for the Republicans there. They only need fifty four, Why do you need a majority there, so you need. We're, gonna have apparently media making lose three or four Republicans. You can send up someone to the right of cabin or a new state. Almost no chance of getting that person denied into the advice and consent role. This is there's this. Is it this? How futile their strategy is, they ve got nothing I love a tumor said the other day on Twitter. I'm going to do everything in my power to stop this. You rode have power. We do you lost that you miss the memo by the way. Another thing before.
Go to break. I want who are very sincerely thank the Hillary Clinton team. Today's, while I cannot say this enough, you know it's moment. This tastes like this week's like this, where we owe Hilary inner team a debt of gratitude. Now we do. Thank you Brian Fallon. We pay rises. Although gender Saki all those political strategies, Hillary Clinton Bill your Strategy of running for the young popular vote rather than the electoral vote, was also thank you, we'd love that strategy that was dollar. You guys deserve the gold medal for critical package. Please replicate that strategy. Again, I beg you nice job thereby GEO it from us?
my promotes Pompey about conservative up in Amerika call Angela MIKE Levin show now I need seven hundred and seventy three eight hundred and thirteen eight thousand eight hundred and eleven you know, folks, there's a video on Youtube. Bon GINO infer Mark of n. I just saw that that line or whatever you call him in the radio industry about mark. And his books. There's a video on Youtube. Mom S, unworthy of a sign He then I think it was for life. Liberty of enrich. Have you seen as thing videos eight minutes long resolve them. Oh my gosh not mess unworthy. You can look it up. Are you dont know what is of inputs signing whenever this line It goes around the mall and Like a small ball, you know it's like Queen Centre Mall in New York, where I grew up increase its like, like rose
Bellfield mall existing keeps go when the whole him and go in and me Evan written. Myself! I got a hundred fifty people put to the. I thought it was the greatest thing ever asked my wife on the home, a paw hundred. The should like? Really, I thought they were gonna be ten. There are a hundred fifty people there. I thought I had made. An effort to pocket list was full, thereby Juno's life was complete you watch that video on Youtube that I don't know how many people there, five thousand ted I don't even know you'll get bored after four, it is because it just all people goes on he's out make about up that conservative authors. That's really out there go. Look at you, kicker, breaking news breaking hashtag breaking by the hill: that's not a joke! It should be adjourned, But it's not. This is a real story, because this still, has begun. The stupid viruses. Can
Ages, but Psych Hanta or or rebel. It's very contagious, stupid virus. This is an actual, We buy the hell, hashtag breaking Cavanaugh, of course, the Supreme Court nominee Roy thousands of dollars of credit card that? What what? What really doing what gambling. What was its criminality and now buying Washington Nationals tickets Wretch Someone call bawler, vibrant there's a baseball bat. Someone activated by team is that poor guy out there any of this Are you out there where's the maltese professor get problem? get the teeth words Peter Stroke, poppy coach. Britain variety out an import ban get shot pay, jotted Supreme Court Domini Bread cabin
It breaking news at the hell. This is an actual story, wrapped up credit card that, because he's a baseball fan o MIKE the Americans, man that investigation now immediately. Now you wonder about Europe. You know the media yet still wonders why nobody takes them seriously. This is This is a real problem, I'm not joking with you. This is actually under hashtag breaking on the hill. They the hill, which Write stuff that is so stupid, they d write the couple times they tried to
you shot at me and stores, that's it such click pay, and it's so dumb, I'm not even going to click on this stupidity, but this is an actual tweet bomb. All of your listening, you better get honest man. Brett cabin was a baseball fan, any charges, the tickets to its credit card, cynics usable- and you want this kind of Supreme Court with character flaws like that, a baseball pham who has a credit card Rich, we better do some quick somebody better get this information to the: U S: Senate staff, they sap. Now my gosh. We live in the stupidest of times, speaking of fake news, so much suffering.
I haven't even gotten to the John Solomon story in the hell. Would you know if you listen to me ever fill in for mark I'm infatuated with this spygate story, because we haven't been a federal agent? I cannot believe this actually happen the most incredible spy story of all time, except it's full of idiots. It's like it's like the Anti James, but remember Pizarro Superman. Now he does dumb superman. This is like the dumb James Palm, like Pizarro James Bond story. It is the story so stupid, full of so many idiots you screwed up at every opportunity. You can't believe it happened so weapon. Over this case, I'm putting together a book on it. We finally are done, thankfully, be out soon rich. If you're nice enough to have me on maybe he'll be back here, but when it comes out, but it's a good book. But I love this, for I ve got a couple things that before I get to that, and I want to address and fake news too,.
Couple weeks ago I covered this topic was in here is my other show, and I address the topic of the Trump executive order on the immigration separations at the border and I had said, do Listeners, listen the trump it Listen, I'm not a golden calf guy. Let me be clear on this item. And every single thing the president does is always thought out. You know sometimes in and bought or have a big problem with extemporaneous speech, but when he something that I believe is strategically efficient and good. I try to recognize it in advance and tell my own. He thought the freak out. There was a big freak out over the executive or on the immigration separations at the border, with the kids lotta people's trumps caving he's caving in I had said the people he's not caving even tweeted out. I said I If this were strategically brilliant, because he did think that a lot of people missed remit. This story. The the
this is the prior outrage campaign to the new outrage campaign over the Supreme Court. The outrage campaign a month ago was their trump invented a law that for children to be separated from their parents and rip prying babies from their parents aren't because Trop is an evil awful human being. That was the media story. That was the Lib story even The rhinos kind of acquiesced through the outrage campaign themselves? Now as the outrage campaign de jure Trump in a strategically brilliant move. Has an oval office signing ceremony and sides, its executive order and a lot of people that conservative moments at all my gosh. I can't believe this he's caving. I said, he's not caving. This is brilliant. Here's what he did and I was right, then, being big, big big. I'm trying to celebrate it, but I am if I could take a victory Lapierre because it happened yesterday when I predicted-
rapid tromp scientists executive order. The media keeps telling people that trap invented this law. That's ripping kids from their parents, arms, while trap continued to insist rather Thirdly, over twitter and through press com isn't there a step that he did not this law up that this law. Predated. The Trump administration is it's consent decree to be crystal clear and precise, but it had the effect of law. They judicial consent, decree, the floor is arrangement that could flora and fauna. I can many of you ve heard of it was a court ruling that she'll. And could not be detained more than a certain amount of time after time. The children had to be released. Therefore, if the parents, though, in custody, the children, would be separated because they were not put in custody with the parents because they had to be released Trump kept, insisting while, press fought at every turn lying, which is what the press does and the lives which is dead. That's all the lives. Do his life,
No! No! This is the plump law. Trump did. Drugs are no it isn't. This has been in place the whole time you guys are liars so we signs executive order in any executive order. He instructs department of Justice to do what this was prayer. Yet this is typical tropical. Steps ahead of these idiots. Have a media here the AU, J, the go to court, and challenge the law that the Democrats insist doesn't exist. You track in me folks. You, please. I hope you are because if you back at me, you'll understand again how Donald Trump now the seventh rate time and again talks on the Democrats in immediate heads- and they don't even know he scientists executive order, saying hey Department of Justice chow Wednesday Flores Consent decreed court, but what happened? Yes, I said that they, you watch, look what's going to happen now: he was planned.
The media gonna report, an executive water, challenging consent decree that their insisting Trump made up himself how the story just whittled away like an alpha, seltzer tablet water is it's gone. You notice, here is how the outrage care paying died. He was playing their part so why, before dimensional chest there, he totally beat them a thoroughgoing. I bring it. Because the lawsuit I told you what happened did happen. Federal judge said for are the administrations request regarding the consent decree? No we're not going to Regard this consent agree. The kids have to be let out afterwards. Ten days. Have you noticed the story just puzzled way. You heard nothing about it. The. Why is the media not reporting back the media doesn't want to step on their own story. The myriad story was Donald. Trump is
likewise savage and he felt Created this new law too crying kids from their parents, arms Donald Trump response. Actually that law pre exist? In my purse, see, we're just enforcing the media law now sought how this works trump, you evil fill in the blanks they probably stuck and export of in there or at best they describe floors, but they hit they wanted to insinuate that prompted this. Now I executive order and the story. Poof cod, just like that amazing how that happens. Isn't it he beat them again. I'm You two sky, keep city hall, runs their lobbying little softball side that they are not ready. This guy it's because they cause we underestimate the- I guess I'm not saying thinking about doing you know idle worship. Here we don't do that on the conservative side, a man like anyone else, but I call that two weeks ago
this stories going to disappear because he just not get out of the park on because story was there was no law now they're, not gonna. Reporters story, judge fights Trump request to fight the law. They said didn't exist, they couldn't Billy. Let me take a call your talk for, if you wanna give us call it seven, seven, three one three, when one, seven seven, three one three eight one one, let me take sake chains from within, it's time. New Jersey, James surrounded them bungee, nobody got for us. Come on you're talking about our map, the founders logo and always say that now and as the founding, I expect a less labour has to hand over power to judicial range, but they also didn't expect they realize we might go live, announced by analysis, career politicians, and they also expect rejected branch thing in the morning for enforcing laws passed by counters
I was a great pointed out a moment because it has an extremely long stay visas. Are you discover constitution either yeah, you know, I'm sorry, I didn't bring that up. I mean, obviously I I Your strongly what you're saying is correctly, I believe that generation of politics- were you know, remember gypsies what this was the revolutionary generation. I mean freedom and liberty with tangible, then they have to feel that they had a fight for it up close and personal against this model living british army. I mean, I don't think, expected such a cowardly class of people to get elected and, like you said I agree, come as a career as a job This is as a lifestyle. These guys we're probably look at us today, but like wait, what we expected you to go by
to the farm until a field or go back to a job and be an entrepreneur not to make your career out of becoming a lobbyist after do it, you know whatever two or three terms in Congress is absurd. So thanks for the call James I appreciate you could point me: can we slip in one more simple one more make quick, let's take Dave in Wisconsin Davy around the about. You know when you got for us my mom would be, would be she's got divorced. About where were they a crystal clear to our network can make my before the screening get mad. You can get don't run doggone down, now. Maybe we should start something. Will start a movement that are we doing very well? I would ask you to tell us when they came to the building without a land, they get good literacy. Now we ve got ridiculous and they contain
they are, they are making a mistake because they have practised Montalban by proxy. I don't know anything but fear, but holding out on me now described here, it's like I'm a cop every day I let them what they know you gonna. Do you know? What are you talking about? well gave I agree with you, but that don't you agree, though, that after a while the human condition is not suited to that high stress level all the time it there's only so many outrage campaigns and fear campaigns. You can try to leverage against the american people before they start ignoring you in TAT. Dave thanks for the comments are up against a break here, but votes. You can we panic and try to fear you don't get it still the spirit of fear in the american people for so long. It's been two years of the Trump presidency, almost we're almost there and its. What? six. Seven eight outrage campaigns that are people turn about Donald Trump approval ratings, going up the media. Approval ratings, the Democrats, whether both the same
their approval rate is going down. Don't condemns. I love that hash. Take someone start that, let's get that God, I folks back. If you and your colleagues in the seventh create one- when one eighty seven three eight one, three amendment omby Amby, GINO those thereby GINO Info Mark within here's. What we're gonna do for the next hour, I'm all the plans, it's kind of my thing. My last line where work everything was a plan military guys by the way, when I was structure and our academy yet these Marines and air and everything was a five paragraph order. I loved you never had a testimony. These guys figure out anything they don't. Even detailed instructions. You just tell em. Do me a favor take TAT Hill and a figure it out bless America, Marines, the army.
Ladys were pretty good there, but the Marines US five paragraph. Forty eight were amazing, but here's the plan his we're going to do You know I'm obsessed with this spy gate. The back also there's been some more by breaking stuff in its I hate scientists, Richard s on your terrestrial radio. You're not allowed to go anywhere of course, I'm not a liberals. I can't tell you what to do. The bombshell and bombshell is not as bomb Shelly anymore, cases so incredible and John Solomon. They help has been doing incredible work and there's another new series of revelations that in the next hour, you're not gonna, want to miss solve your list. Then whether Jerry on your terrestrial radio. You not, the go anywhere. Of course, I'm not a liberal, so I can't tell you what to do. Am I'm humbly begging. You Natalie, because you may have missed some of the developments in this case and they are frightening and let me just tell you quit coming to set this up
these matters to me. So much folks Those are you know. Some of you know me. Semi may not maybe hear me for the first time been here quite a bit, but mark filament form for a while, which most appreciative of, but I used to be a federal agent. I worked for the secret service before this I'm not trying to pressure. I know, though, cares I'm just trying to Ambition bona fides you why, despite everything matters, when you have the power, eight that power, the federal government that power to go and take away people's freedom to put cops on someone and you actually look people in the face and do it it's a whole different ball game and people who just talk about it. Not up, and I know a lot of you cops out there and feds feel the same way. I do because I go fox lot. I do a lot of debate. We liberals and are fighting from one more liberal, love, Donald Trump and his team did nothing wrong. I have nothing to worry about. I'm gonna lose my mind until you
look, a dude or a woman in the eye who your put knows handcuffs on, and you take away freedom and you watch their kids crying and their spouse cry in an air dog barking and they know their life is absolutely over. Some of these people were some of the worst people in the world. If Europe, if you have an ounce of humanity in you, you will feel it just a little bit of empathy just imagine for a moment that you too Do a darn thing wrong, and the massive power the federal government was unleashed on you. How would you feel about it? I want to go into some more developments in this case. In the next hour there just incredible, don't go anywhere armband bond GINO, Addy Bungee no want
Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leaders were back. Dan Bongino GINO Info Markov in markedly back with you tomorrow, bullpen warm up the righty. During a commercial, I'm watching a little better fox on here in the background, but we may show you check mark, show. Ten p m eastern time Sunday and I, like all these pregnant They drive and you crazy you ten p m Sunday night Eastern Time, Fox NEWS, Channel life, liberty moving, don't mess it dvr.
Watch it live. It is the best interview show on television hands down markets. He answers to questions. You're, not gonna, get anywhere else, and he has a rush. Anybody through with its a great part about I really of these Anti Mccarthy David limbo, one by one that was. Re one of the items dvr he be able to watch it go check it out life liberty of in ten O Clock Fox NEWS Channel Sunday evening, Sunday night, So imagine there somebody get to this ass biogas, seven! Second, I just remember again in this prior line of work whenever we took the president as agents secret service agents of the staff overseas on these trips And if I go to things like this NATO summit that Trump sat now was always a pain in the, but because it always some administrator there's some villages ex person who would try to tell us how the stuff was going to go down any one of these international conferences, Asia, on whatever it may be, always had a even at the. U N
well we're gonna. Let you do this in that, but not let you do this and you know most of the time you gotta play ball, but sometimes it makes some crazy requesting. You know what I'm going to, let any security guys. If you guys you gotta, stop right. Here we be lying here: ok, like whatever their that's, tell back what yeah yeah sure You gave him off no prob yeah. You got a guy and, of course, when gave day comes, I would you know, I'd born among gave daily with some years the way this is gonna work when the press then comes in town to present United States right these them ok he's just this is the way works and it It's like a locomotive. Now your choice The locomotive you can sit on the tracks and you can stand there and insist that the locomotive not go forth, but the locomotives gonna run you down. So your choice, you can get it our way or not, and it reminded me of that old George Bush trip down to two chile. When he goes down there. She lay and he goes down at this conference right and I I was on the trip, but I friends who were
He's walk in and I guess the Chilean secret service tried stop one of our guys, the who was at that time the special agent in charge, the big secret service boss on a trip to the body bad. If you want to call him, he tries to stop and a president turns around diseases and other Youtube class. You can still see the present turns around he's, like imagine you push for his neck. I making, as it was Ok? What are you going to do this? The joy secret service, guys like in a politically is this really the present its poor? You take The secret service guy, just pull them thorough. Bush now very well whether you love the Parade of George Bush was I personally was of even the salt of the earth. He was a super nice guy to work, but man he was little boys. They try get their way and believe me. They really tried to get no way an hour. If you watch the video and he Stop, does a? U turn walked right back and end.
The two I had secret service because our looking out of there looking at make the secret service guy Boys reaches through redneck? I come out them. It's afraid trade. You're gonna. There and believe me ray they parted like Moses, parted, the Red Sea. There, I gotta go ahead, Zob with the present able to get an ugly quick. I always figure that story every time I see now. One of these things is always ass, the own with the logistics data footprints. Are they gonna walk here? Hence Dempsey your turn right. We got this whenever I get the sniffles knives and make it myself laugh. Yes, was a laugh at your own store, So John Solomon at the Hell's binocular them out of the park on this spy gate debacle and the story out last week, which I was able to cover last week on my show, but now that I've got the big man the call for mark here today. I want to make sure you heard this detail in case you missed it. There was an explosive story last week by John and the hill, he
what's out some unbelievable new emails, I d been uncovered pursuant to the House and Senate investigations of spying operation on the Trump theme. Yes, yes, the spying operation. They were not documented FBI, inform as it were, spies, spies, plain and simple, and the fact that the liberal me it doesn't want you to use that word should make you double and triple down use that word even more, because it tells you they're scared of something. So some of the quotes from this piece I get someone other than the really incredible ones in a second, but this one first. This is the emails from stroke and ease the strokes one of the on this case. He says talking about the information, keep in mind. This is right before the election. He says still and expedite one of the emails beckoned as yet yeah. I try to meet the requirements of a process known as a Woods review before a Pfizer warrant can be approved by the courts any, and this is what the email these
scream ass had any idea what time he can have it woods by stroke. Ass page, I know it's not going to matter because the OJ is going to take the time Theo J wants to take. I just don't want, Thing waiting on us all, why the rush why before the investigation. What are the emails and it's in the title of Johns Peace, I mean it's obviously where it's a reference experts have we cannot use on the air, would not try to you, but it hurry. The blank up. One of the subsequent emails by the FBI. Why why hurry up before the election? Probably they so worried about now Let me give you all its eye baseball here. What's going on, he said So we got a hurry up with this Pfizer warn against Carter, page in the trunk team, conveniently right before the election, and we have to get it woods. What's the woods procedure. Well, in a nutshell,
it's an information office, authentication verification procedure that goes to FBI deity, geology channels, folks to ensure that the information that gets in front of a Pfizer court judge is in fact authentic and genuine. It goes to feel level people like Us Fbi headquarters at each level, is supposed to check double check and triple check that information to make sure that false information, which is what the dossier was, does not make it into a court designed to combat terrorism. Where did he have the persons directed to the warrant, has no ability to go in court and fight it. Unlike a criminal court, more like a star chamber, the What's procedure broke down on this and it broke down badly. This information was not authentic, multiple pull at the Department of Justice and FBI at some part. At some point,
sign their names on an administrative trail, signing off that the information they were putting in front of a judge to get a Pfizer warrant. The spy in the trunk team was genuine when it was not I the rush. Such a rush before the election because you are targeting a person, Donald Trump, not actually targeting a crime, and you were desperate. Spurious fake inauthentic in for me, in front of a judge so that you could potentially impact in election ladies and gentlemen, is devastating stuff. Rushing the woods procedure by the way, as I bring up all the time, I find it we can mean it again at one of the last people to sign off on it in the Department of Justice Overrun. National security division. There. Most part mothers, old chief of staff. They know each other I will continue to insist that this smaller investigations of total smokescreen, the smaller astrogation, as
purpose, and one purpose only. It is to keep the attention Donald Trumpet, the somehow salvage the reputation of the Doj and J and the FBI management that screwed this up. That's the only purpose to IRAN. So take away number one from the Solomon Pieces critical. Why the rush? Why the rush to get stuff. In so fast before the election was this you're insurance plan. What were you doing? Take away number to missus again from John solemn as peace of the hill at a nervous Jefferson? Reggie nor that of Florida, refocuses like the lightning capital the world. So my home, studio is on battery. Do you there's nothing in here not on battery, because I mean it's everything in Florida and we love it moved that the greatest stated World Oliver scarier outside it. Bugs and lighting, it is the most place on earth. We love it, but power outages in Florida, art pretty carbon because it There's a storm every day, so just now rich, the lights Blake and I'm like
at the common xbox. You might, please, God tell me where connected because you'd already already they folks, if the connection? was down rigid. What rich of ritual? my phone, hey, dude you're, not you're, talking to an empty microphone, so good, we're. Ok, thankfully, the batteries work. Thank you batteries. You guys are awesome. We'd love! You ok, movie, got sorry folks, don't mean to get the strict, but I do have a little bit of like it. It should deficit. Stop you ve heard me other show before you know that really unbelievable, take away number two from the solemn and peace and I'm really from the Pisa the day after trumps surprising when talking about obviously the presidential election on November nine. Twenty sixteen the FBI Counter intelligence team engaged in a new mission bluntly, this in another string of emails prompted by another newsletter. This is incredible. Here's the email need- and this is an all caps, their emphasis, not my we need all.
Of their names, talking about the Trump team to scrub and We should give them ours for the same purpose: stroke, email page on November, ten after the other, inciting daily beast article about some of former chief can't pay manager, Paul metaphors, allegedly unsavory ties overseas, Shaw, page right back. You talk of eighty Mccain, didn't get any others to scrub. That's what bill Then stop talking about bill price that apparently the number two in the Counter intelligence division. She'd be number one strokes, innovative stroke wrote back. He says stroke I suggest as work gets. This is where it gets really Phil. I suggest did we need to exchange our entire lists as we each have potential. Regulatory, see I informed the other dozen see. I go now You federal agents out there. You know exactly what c I means
for you old school, as I heard they call him confidential human resources. Now, when I was in the game, they call them see eyes confidential, informants or spouse, or spies per people who speak normal and not law enforcement, jargon, scrub information. They have the Regulatory Sea ice by information, the other doesn't who's. The other. Ladies and gentlemen, how many ass, the geishas into the Trump team Work happening simultaneously a visa The items are the central intelligence agency people who are you remember me knows the font helper was a CIA. Fifty eight of the CIA at some point. Family relations and others who was the alleged spy in the Trump thing? How many investigations were going on folks. This case gets weirder by the minute I gotta figure
I'm thereby GINO Info Markov in Rwanda give us colleagues, seven seven three, eight one, three eight one one I want to get into more this and the other side of this break don't go anywhere. We're back. Ben back to the marble video, thereby GINO, filleted for mark. So I got this I got this new computer, important everything into it, and it's got this Japan, it's a MAC at its weird me out, because this touchpans, like things just our creep in on it like there's. This thing, now call back and I'm a callback who is this like if someone calling me on my computer- and I just figured it out its face times- once faced timing right now, you're getting a inside
get the mark Levine Shell from the damp. Aren't, you know, studio, probably getting it. What's. The delay on the show rich is there that there's a delay right, thirty's, So you're gettin in thirty seconds before, if wherever you are, is calling me on face time on my computer he's throwing out there that you're gettin at thirty seconds in advance. You should pay a premium or something for that. I get it back. The actual content and not more dumb, thimble Juno stories, but you know it is happening. A callback thing is we: are there now it's gone now it's gone you probably heard me on the radio they're freaked out. They know I caught them. It's a baby. A russian bought is probably popular Bob Bob.
Are you listening to me on about you: do you got that camera activated their speaking above all an investigation sob before the break? I was talking about this peaceful Johnson. What in the hell, which is excellent, enters a really disturbing email from the FBI, core investigative team investigating Donald Trump and his team and the email states I suggested we need to exchange our entirely talking about lists of promptly members, this is the day after the election were trump wines, as we each have potential derogatory see, I informed the other doesn't See I info will be talking about confidential informants spies folks how many spies and teams were they running up the trunk team? You know You heard the beginning of the show and if you do
please listen Markov and show that calm listener marks. Podcast, please listen. Beginning I talked about our trump is key slightly disrespected, by the liberal media, despite its ability to do things and the liberals by the way to go couldn't do themselves, they when the presidency, they couldn't turn the money he's, may they couldn't have the success of the New York real estate market he's had, and yet they constantly play this guy down. Do you understand they through there, can sink it this guy during his campaign. He oh political experience at all, and he still one this isn't unbelievable story folks, but this peace by solemn. It is disturbing it straight up frightening, who were the others The FBI team talking about exchanging potentially spy information they had with the other, what spies the other sea eyes, the other team, what team? What are he talking about?
Many investigations were they running now: Solomon So the peace that there was a pause, finally another investigation against the Trump team called operation dragon. Oh you didn't hear about this. Of course it is. The media ignores only the biggest scandal of our generation because it reflects purely on the Democrats in their new lurch towards Stay tyranny? This is the the scandal of our time. Operation Dragonette, remind me of did you ever see their brothers, where it will Ireland, that other guy Johnson there. What did you say you can? You can call me night, HAWK, You call me dragon: what's with the fancy goaded crossfire hurricane if the rolling stones dragged just say, If you have a heart, some of these people did really awful things and telling you every single time, listen if their kids cry as they were coming Eric was out, operation was a spy on that one too.
Folks. How does this not freak you out? They should You on one point I had the awesome power of the federal government, that's what we did and when you go out an arrest people omby in very serious here it is a it's. It's not is it to do that to take away someone's freedom? Not if you have a heart these people did really awful things and I'm telling you every single time. Listen their kids cry as they were coming out of the house in handcuffs was never easy. I don't care how bad, they were now you, this awesome power. The federal government turned on potentially innocent people on the Trump team because they had the colonies, the run for office. That's it! scare, you, my gosh, spine have a soul. Gina went for Mark Levin. If you wanna give us a call, eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven will be like that
This is the Nations Town Hall Meeting and you can join in at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! I welcome So the mark of in show bond GINO fill it in for the great one who be back with you, No MRS show Ten p M eastern time Sunday night life, Liberty and the ban on the Fox NEWS Channel Go Dvr right now, but don't stop listening to the show. Is I've got more great content for you one more thing on this spy gate debacle, Solomon as another piece, John Solemn and at the hill, and knew a great work other piece in addition to the one I just covered in the last segment came out. If it was yesterday. Not just the tedious by gate tobacco, but the effort? to launder the information to make the information used despite the Trump team seem legitimate its
another deeply disturbing peace. Folks, according to Solomon, there were multiple emissaries went to the FBI. It's his word. Not mine went to the the eye with this information. Now some of these names may not surprise you they brought information. The dirty dossier, the fake spurious nonsensical garbage document paid for by the Clinton campaign team through fuel, GPS and Perkins coolly, the law firm that formation was taken to the FBI by multiple people, but the I choose, it was the same information. I'm gonna make it makes sense for you in a minute why this is so devastating. Now, according to the peace David, born, always a left wing. I don't off his journey. Stern opinion guy the acts like an opinion- I am mother Jones say: first for John Mccain Republican, Senator.
An Glenn Simpson over Effusion GPS was the company pay by Hillary Clinton to dig up information on Trump all according to the peace transplanted in some way shape or form this information in the form of the dossier memos to the FBI. Now? Why is this important? And why does this matter to you later? this seems like yeah? I was almost looking for an excuse to that point to spy in the Trump team. Why does this matter? folks, when you're, a federal agent ripe, one of the ways they prevent so since from lying is spent the vet, those sources, now as eighty Mccarthy you from national reviews of brilliant the attorney used to be a United States, the United States attorney believe you worked in southern district as alien Mccarthy's pointed out frequently, given my experience on the investigative side, not the legal side of the federal government, there is no such thing as vicarious credibility. This is simple
I promise I'll make sense for in a minute. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the secret service to the ear whatever may be. The am I pity does not want to bring information front of judges false they do they don't want to be made a fool of. But in zeal to get Donald Trump in an effort to authenticate the information they accepted the same information from multiple emissaries in what appear to be what it looks like. The information was being wandered by the Clinton T, the same information centre, multiple people. Now what is it did you would vicarious credibility because all of these people, went to the FBI with this information. The Mccain team, as the report indicates, that David Corn, Then corn says it was after the election in day, nor did it in his defence it his own tweet ever in some of the Swedes today, but then I e presented information. The FBI climb Simpson and others, the information or came from the same person and that
Person was Christopher Steel that information got there whether it got there from three people. Five people are fifty people. It was the same information. The credibility is not increase because more people are using the same source because it is not credibility by proxy to be your information. Here's what I mean. Let me give you an analogy to make. It makes sense, because I since I may be losing a on this, if I may, and why Did he can't do in a drug investigation and some source comes up to mean, goes hey? I from Bobby at his neighbors deal and cocaine out of his house, you say well. We are what we need to talk to Bobby. No, no! No! No! You can't talk to Bobby get here. For me, the guy whose telling you we heard from Bobby, maybe the most reliable source in the world. He may have presented to you six or seven or eight slammed on cases in the past that all turned out to be terrific,
information with solid it was accurate. It was precise. But, ladies and gentlemen, in this specific case, then that matters? Because, telling you would. He knows telling you? What Bobby nodes. There is no vicarious credibility, yours course does not get credibility because he's reliable. If information is not is its Bobby's, they they go in Interview Bobby. Do you want they with the Trump investigation. Why this latest peace by Solomon so devastating about all these emissaries going to the FBI, all information came from the same? Guy was never there's another word. The Mccain team that brought it to the FBI. This not their source. This their info. Conduct an independent investigation of Donald Trump. It was just information from Christopher Steel, David
or if he said this information over as report indicates it wasn't his information. It was We steel stuff. Gwen Simpson, for fusion GPS. Again, it was not his information. It was Jim, it was. It was steals. At making matters even worse,. It wasn't even steals information. Steel, never step for Russia, steel, the information from others. According to a new, your post story, some allegations of a guy this guy named Ed at B that He was part of it. Then he got it from someone else, So now it's not just by care. Scribe credibility. It's my vicarious vicarious! By carry! to the power of ten credibility. It's all gone
This information was all garbage. They were using these multiple sources to authenticate information. Oh it's gotta be legit. We gotta from Bob. From Tony began from LISA? No, no! No, they all got it from here. We gotta from able gotta from here we gotta. For me, it's like it's like a stupid version of the telephone game, ghastly we're so eager to pull this guy down, and he still one read the report. It's amazing are, then we get some calls its every seventh It won three eight one one. If you wanna call, let me take out from Chicago he's been hold and while out here the empire Gina. What do you got for us. Always got a bit? I thought that was out. Riches in my ear- and you know, sometimes when I hear a cholera move, my lips away from the microphone a little bit. So I hear Reggie goes out. He's gone on my out what you mean he's got all riches voice. Who should we take next? Let's take
about John from Georgia, Chancellor Johnny, Tell me now, John, you they're here Nice felt terrific what're you got for Estonia with their budget goes with Egg Macao sure I request, the congressional areas in our age, she refused to go on our subpoena yeah and I'll bet, you thing every time I hear that these could congressional herrings whether there are these people, even though they violate their oath of office allied to their tea, Does the F B, I not only internal affairs in it that they can the Olympic Games don't try to get on the ground, the grand jury, something retard criminally, because I never see that well, the only one asking that successful in doing that
Now I understand and John believe me, I'm in no no way trying to play down your frustration with the glacial if, if not non existent pace of many, these investigations, animal certainly not defending them. Our budget to be clear. There has been some accountability now again. I am with me I'm fight me on this at all Mikhail Lee was the former deputy director case. Words referred for criminal, excuse now, Many things gonna happen there. I agree with you, I'm not as optimistic as some other people are. He was the fired from the FBI. What is anything gonna happen to page and stroke I dont know Johnny, you know it. Really come on the air and to be given the responsibilities microphone and not of a solid answer for you, but I do Any other host would tell you anything different sure
The sessions Justice Department has there are some things they've done well and there's some things they've done poorly. I do, but in this case John Huber, who is signed United States attorney to look into Doj malfeasance. I do believe there are things happening behind the scenes optimistic as I once was the one case, really disappointed MIDI deeply bargain deal in the house. I t scandal. There are a lot of he's gonna justice, I'm not happy about, but I do believe that there are We're going to be at some case at least referrals for criminal solution? I don't know how you know robust they're gonna be, but I appreciate the call John thanks and I hear you with the frustration Bolivia folks I get it. Aren't you folks, I don't have a cough button here. My stay gonna get was the Hermia coffin on the S. One thing I don't have I let's go Kelly in my home state, the great state of Florida. How are you thanks, recall
I'm great. Thank you fur. First elinor. I really enjoy your perspective as a prior age and it really adds a dimension to this whole spy gate thing that's going on. Where's me. It should scare you too, it's a really awesome power. You know Kelly and the fact that liberals or so flippin about it I mean I was on Fox on debating Chris on who Ike ordinarily is actually a nice guy off the air on the areas like Donald Trump has nothing to worry about nothing to worry about, Kelly. How would you feel vice? Like a cop outside of your house? Twenty four hours then said Kelly. You have very bad we're just gonna. Have this cop follow your Randal that you be like? What are you crazy? This is not the country is just not a thing
and an invite away. I love it when you see people money when you're on tv and goes like steam coming out of your ears. Regard as their thing is now I'd worry the woods I baseball on it. So I started doing cable news in two thousand and eleven. When I ran for office around for the Senate Marilyn, any back, then you wanna get call I'm just a guy. I didn't have much of a platform you wanna get call back. You know you want to go out there and say stuff and influence the national conversation, so you I you a kind of put on a little bit of a persona right around twenty twelve twenty thirteen. I said you know what I have at this moment where I said, I'm just gonna. Do my thing at us. One says something Del Monte here: you're gonna get a genuine action so that that's theme is real. I promise you that is not an act. I am usually genuinely upset at some of the stupid that comes out of people's mouths. When us but these liberals, you debates, abies, ridiculous things, but I'm sorry guide.
A man now I appreciate it. I love your honesty. I mean that's really. I think what everyone really appreciates the most about you so now that we have operation dragon added to crossfire hurricane and I'm with you who came up with these stupid name based on based on your experience with the bureau, was what are you thinking on accountability? Fur from all of this is happening? Do you think gonna be some token agents that are thrown under the birds and say: okay, we you know we took. But a problem, nothing to see here or do you think there will be zero accountability with what I'm telling you. This is a perfect Cox's sideways. Noisy from the last covers a similar type question: I'm not optimist Kelly but ass. It is. I do think it is to put a little smile on your face at the end of the show- and I am not saying this to leave everybody on a good note. I really do believe this. I do believe there is going to be some accountability. Is it Accountability we'd all want, which is people
you know held accountable for potential crimes whenever they did, I'm not sure here's where I think this here's, where the problem lies for the folks involved in this Kelly. It's the leaks, their work, potential criminal leaks, felony criminal leaks of information to media folks, that can no longer be hidden. The other Stop you know the Miss visa and these stupid emails is that its criminal. There there's probably administrative action which the FBI has taken a fired. Some people awesome, have left their jobs, its administrative put on the criminal side. Yes, I do believe there will be accountability. I believe John Huber, the United States attorney Workin on this is working I'm pretty hard to get some accountability there and I gotta take a break. I appreciate the call but your question. Yes, I do believe it will be accountability and I do believe it will be on the leaks because they just can't hide them. Remember how you gonna hide. The media already reported the story it's
They once they find out who did it? I think potential summit will be criminally prosecuted Sola and you know what they should be held accountable. You certainly would be was if you had done the same thing and justice is supposed to be blind, apparently just blinded them. I don T bother, you know it from our will, be you. My wife always gets chicken sandwiches when I'm feelin end for mark for me, because she doesn't want to cook- is my studios not far from where the kitchen is he's afraid of each she caught the smoke. Lemme go off the imaginary here and not on Seventy five thousand stations are constituencies, You bet, I gotta go pause. What's goin on airs, there's I've got a nuclear raid siren, but the problem with that
The end of the show show six to ninety since three How did you get a little hungry heads, You heard me swallowing a lot in the last hour. It that's the way. I know it's the most annoying sound world bugs because I'm ferociously hungry right now and my wife got me. Chicken sandwich from the local, to join here down a palm city, their former new Yorkers, so they make pretty kick pizza and she for me this chicken sub Adam? I can smell it and it's driving me crazy. Did you hear me swallowing like a madman? Rich public will use nobody good, thank God, because that is the worst sound ever, I'm not sure what a piece a juicy for I've just super hungry, she's, probably outside listening to me next time we have to put the chicken sandwich in the fridge because I can smell it like wafting in here, it's driving me nuts our vote before I got really really important. Men died. No, I can cut a mess around with. This is important.
Listen, there's a good man up in the hell right now there are few of us left and when there are few of us left the good ones we have. You know we have to take care of it. We have to get my support there's a good man upon the hell right now who is being knee cap sandblasted by Bunch of hack, insider goons, who are desperate to take Guy down, because he is the future of our movement up there on the hill and he's actually a conservative or you're, not a fake rhino up there, pretending to be one around election time a man. She, Jordan. The congressman State of Ohio, he's a wonderful guy, he's a good man, good father. Terrific congressmen he's standing human being. Listen! I know the guy, I'm not a name. Dropping guy. I don't care you. She I dont know we're not best friends. We don't go out the four beers. But I know him well enough to nobody's Meda and I'll. Tell you what
When I was a conservative running in a deep blue state and about everybody laughed I mean laughed, I almost widely lost the congressional see by one point. Eight. This is no civil matters. I lost fair and square, but very People wanted to help me in a deep blue state of Maryland. Jordan was one of those guys who is nothing POW zero in it, for him he's being attacked right now, Ruth sleep, people trying to shame and destroy his character by malicious attacks. This guy needs our help. Go, look em up, follow me on Twitter, Jim Jordan. Ohio, shooting office. You know any mail, thank them for their support. Joint z, mail, as this is a good guy folks, he's being attacked. Ruthlessly because he may be the next speaker of the house and forbid. They get a conservative in their. These liberals would lose their minds really horrible adapted folks say
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