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On Monday's Mark Levin Show broadcasting from Israel, Ambassador Ron Dermer joins the program at the CBN studios in Jerusalem. Iran is producing nuclear fuel which now puts them at risk of increased sanctions from the United States and potentially from Europe and a decrease in oil sales which equates to 50 Billion a year. The idea that Iran is now advancing its nuclear ambition because of the Trump Administration's withdrawal from the Obama-era Iran Deal (JCPOA) is fallacious because they have remained aggressive in the region and continue to sponsor such conflicts. Also, the NY Times bashes the opening of an archaeological dig in East Jerusalem as a right wing effort. Then, Ze'ev Orenstein, Director of International Affairs for the City of David, explains the history of Biblical Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, and why other religions build on the holy landmarks of other faiths. In fact, over a million Jews were murdered by crucifixion upon the building of the second temple on Mount Moriah, so much so, that there was a shortage of trees. For survival, Jews hid in drain channels to avoid capture by Roman centurions. Afterward, British intelligence and military officer, Colonel Richard Kemp, discusses the war in Afghanistan, his collaboration with the CIA and Israeli intelligence and defense agencies.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segmented podcast, as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now and it's a hundred and seventy fifth year here. There is a truly independent institution where learn surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground bows bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leaders were then I can give you the phone I'm in Israel there's no point calling not taking any. All some here all week, they all about it, we're having a magnificent time.
City David, it's the New York Times doesn't quite get get to that in a little bit and we ve been other places too, but I'm here with a very good friend of mine and honoured guests, the ambassador to the United States from Israel, Rhonda armor. How are you, Sir Good great to be with you? It's a pleasure we ve never done, ten studio, our mouths to come, this real, the Christian Broadcasting Network, did you talk to my friend remind six flights of stairs technical that lets jump in this first? I want to know whether I then there's a lot ass, though we can but by the wave, none of you bend, Israel or if you ve not been to Israel, it's unbelievable its history, every step of the way as history now on reading. Now that IRAN has hit the point where their processing nuclear fuel. At a level they're not supposed to be. You have said I will limit of their uranium. They exceeded that they agree to,
the nuclear deal that they sound. But this is a violation that they admitted to IRAN. Iran violates the deal the LEO was actually based on a lie that IRAN was not seeking nuclear weapons. They supposedly came clean about all their passports. The world saw when Israel obtain nuclear archive from the heart of Tehran over a year ago, and when the Prime Minister, Prime Minister Netanyahu, presented to the world the whole the whole deal was based on a lie that IRAN was not seeking nuclear weapons. They ve always sought nuclear weapons. They continue to seek it. I think you'll see more actually revealed in the near future, but in this case IRAN is Meeting to violating the nuclear deal, mine reaching the three hundred kilos of loan, which uranium that they were allowed to do under the state, and really the question will be: will the EU the country's ITALY's woolly respond to this brazen violation of IRAN, mice
I've been back the sanctions, because that's what they said when the deal was signed? next release cyber when the deal was made, the european countries? if IRAN violates these steel, we're gonna start back sanction, so we'll have to see, and hopefully Europe will follow President promptly and impose a crippling sanctions on IRAN, because, though thanks You're working there, creating enormous economic pressures on IRAN, This is the most dangerous regime in the world, the foremost sponsor of terrorism in the world and all that money that was going into IRAN that they obtained from this nuclear deal and sobs from their ability to sell oil, because the sanctions were removed, that money was using to fuel IRAN's war machine in the Middle EAST and because of the actions President Trump has taken. That fuel is running dry on its important for Europe.
The join him to stand with the United States and to continue to to increase economic pressures on Iraq. You touch her just now. You find a cash or documents then find them got him. Which indicated the uranium, are moving ahead with their nuclear programme anyway. So this criticism that were hearing from the left in our country and in other countries that, but the fact that the present United States withdrew from this deal. We be having this issue, that's a false point. Isn't it a which issue that Iraq, aggression and the region that IRAN would not be seeking to advance its nuclear grade weapons activity, but for the fact that the present United States withdrew from there onto well. It's just ridiculous first of all, IRAN was allowed to advance its nuclear weapons programme. Under this,
this agreement was signed by the leading powers of the world, loud IRAN to do research. Development on advance centrifuges and what the agreement did easy put certain restrictions. IRAN's nuclear programme for a limited amount of time. Now some people they told me a few years ago, hey this deal freezes IRAN's nuclear programme for decade. Fifteen years, that's a good thing. I said it doesn't freezer programme at all IRAN under The steel is allowed to do are indeed on advanced centrifuges in centrifuges or what you use to spin uranium, and so there actually van their programme and at the same time, they ve also been developing ballistic missiles and they're gonna develop in continental, ballistic missiles in your viewers. Probably many of you know, rules on the same continent is IRAN, so vote listing missiles in Canada, ballistic missiles, they're, not free Israel there for you for the United States, therefore well deep into Europe and across the world.
Here. You have IRAN under this agreement, admit advancing their nuclear programme with advanced centrifuges with I'm ballistic missiles and their hope is it in ten to fifteen years, which is now only about six to eleven years. They can All the elements are in place and have a deliverable nuclear device that they can launch against any country in any place on earth. That's what they're! always a match what they were allowed to do under this deal. It did not block IRAN's path to weapon The statement that was made by many people who supported the deal that time This deal blocks IRAN's path to false statement. It is simply not true it actually will ensure that in a few years, IRAN will not just have one clear weapon but an entire nuclear arsenal, and in addition mark you remember what this deal did. It also removed all the sanctions and The sanctions were removed, it that was a tail wind for
IRAN's aggression in the region? We fed The last few years. I remember listening especially to the European Union's Foreign Minister Maroni, would say this may the Middle EAST safer. Well, that's news everywhere We actually lives in the Middle EAST. Israel doesn't think so our arab neighbours, don't think so we both This deal was terrible, and these deals a day your task and when Israelis and Arabs are on the same page, people should pay attention were telling you that this was bad. We are deeply grateful to President tromp for having the courage to walk away from this deal. For having the courage to restore sanctions- and I hope at this moment when the world sees IRAN brazenly violate the deal that those peoples what did it will say. You know what enough is enough, and now actually join the United States and put sanctions on Iraq and yet is still here at the left in my country and in Europe, particularly my country,
running for office in Uniform elected, I'm gonna put that deal back in place. First, I don't know how you put that you back in place, but secondly, why would you put that deal back in place? What I don't think a lot of people are actually following. What's happening, I dont think did they ve been briefed on what has actually happened since the deal was signed on two thousand fifteen you remember, Prime Minister Netanyahu came to Congress and he spoke out against this nuclear deal and said that it was a danger to Israel I think he did what a leader of any country facing it essential threat. A threat to the very survival of that country would do. This is a deal that threatens the survival of Israel because it is a path, a legitimate path for IRAN to ultimately have a nuclear arsenal. At that time, when Netanyahu spoke Before the Congress, there were a lot of question marks. What is it? you're gonna, do
is IRAN gonna become more moderate after this deal is made? Are they going to do in the community nations or not another alot of people. Our hopes about what IRAN would do and it turns out there's a lot of those people. The thought this deal would make IRAN more moderate. They thought this would make the prospects of war Leslie. We were completely wrong. It made the prospects of war much more likely and we ve had to say patient in Israel. We ve had to strike at Iranian too it's in Syria, which is on our northern border overtime, three times and the problems face from IRAN were accelerated and increase, because it is he'll, because now we had a much richer enemy, we're Billy, billions. Tens of billions of dollars were pouring into IRAN's coffers in a lot of people. Don't know this man They think the big money that IRAN got from the deal was up front. They say we got fifty billion. Or a hundred billion, or a hundred fifty billion thousands of big debate at the time and two thousand fifteen exactly how much money? That's that's not the big money in the deal, the big money
This deal was the ability that IRAN has under the deal to sell an export oil. And he ran a year ago- was exporting nearly three million barrels a day of last month, IRAN is was roughly about half a million barrels a day in a month. Now that over two million barrels a day difference now the price of oil in trick this morning? But it's probably about sixty five: seventy dollars, that's a hunt. Thirty million dollars a day. Thirty days in a month means billion dollars every month in a year, that is nearly fifty billion dollars over ten to fifteen years. That's over half a trillion dollars, that's gone into IRAN's coffers, I'd love to tell you mark the Iranian Revolutionary Guard are going to establish a g I bill for returning members, but that's not what happened anyway. What they uses the use, those billions of dollars going into IRAN, as I said, to
You will this war machine in the Middle EAST, not just again Israel and Syria and Lebanon, but against the salaries in Yemen in Iraq. Lady, join the community of nations. They gobbling up the nations and because of present prompt decision, Iraq, went from having a tail wind at its back to now facing a huge had one and is made Israel much safer. It is me arab neighbours much safer right now. Iran, over the last few weeks, has tried to lash out because the worried about all this pressure that is being placed on them and right, response to IRAN's lashing out is to actually increase the pressure, and that will the Middle EAST a much safer place when we come back, I want to ask you this question. When Israel strikes targets in Syria, Israel concern that IRAN will respond militarily.
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To advance that goal and we are How can we allow them to entrench themselves militarily in Syria and to create another front against Israel. They already have one in Lebanon in southern Lebanon, Davis, Stadler beachhead through his, which is a terror proxy of IRAN, which effectively controls Levin on today, They support Hamas on the southern side of Israel in Gaza and they for have fired thousands of rock etc. Follows also fired thousands rockets at us and now what they're trying to do in Syria is entrenched themselves militarily, Create another front against Israel really to put a noose, Iran is rules neck and war, How can we allow them to do it in any time you engage in military action. There is always you always have to calculate and think about a potential response. But there's a price of doing nothing, just like the price of doing something, there's a price of doing nothing,
and in Israel's history the price of doing nothing is usually much greater than the price of doing something, and the Prime minister has been very clear and I think, people of Israel overwhelmingly supported their we're going to do what we have to do to defend ourselves and that Syria, or anywhere else Israel's relation with the arab states, the Gulf Arab States, probably better than terrible right, absolute and wiser I think, is a combination of a few things. The first, if you were looking for a silver lining in the very dark cloud of the nuclear deal with IRAN, it was a changing and acceleration. I should say of a changing relationship between Israel and the arab states, because that brought that deal because it was so dangerous because it empowered IRAN, it actually brought Israel and the arab world. A closer together. Another thing that concerns a lot of our arab neighbours is the rise of sunni fanaticism.
Iran is a sheer fanatic power There are also sunni fanatic powers. There was our territory patience. You had Al Qaeda, which will say, sunni fanaticism, one point zero. And then you had I which is to point out, and you have a three porno and these regimes Sunni regimes earned our are fearful of them. It's important that your listeners understand the biggest victims in terms of numbers. Militant Islam, not Christians, Jews Muslims, they many of them, if, if people, do not accept their unforgiving creed and those arab states are very concerned, so they see, on the one hand, the right she of fanaticism and the empowering in IRAN. They see the rise of sunni fanaticism and then there is a perception over the last few years that the Euro, this disengaging from the region, and that's it option that his continued from
President Obama to President tromp people do not believe that America is really engage on my getting into whether its true or not, I'm just telling you that's the perception, and so the Arabs they look around and they see these two grave dangers. And they see that the United States may be leaving, and then they get a country like Israel, a small country but a powerful country, and they want to closer to us, because we have the same security interests and there's another thing mark that I think a lot of people don't fully appreciate is the global technological power work we'll technological power and agriculture in water in cyber accounts for about twenty percent of global, invest, private investment and cyber security, one tenth of one percent of the world's population and we're tracking twenty percent of global investment. So Israel's punching too times above its weight in cyber autonomous. Is another area a lot of the areas of the future artificial intelligence. You gonna see Israel's technological become more and more a prominent.
These arab states, surround us we're looking at a place like is one if you think about it: the air boycott of Israel, the traditional air boycott of Israel, that's a bit like or gone? You talk, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico and half a southern California Boycotting Silicon Valley. It makes no sense so if these cunt, and leaders in these countries want to advance those societies. And Israel is tremendous partner for them to do so. So in terms of their own security, these states and of their prosperity. Israel is a great Parker, unfortunately, what has happened for over seventy years, they ve been poisoning their own populations against Israel. Had they not done that they'd immediately move to sort of open talk, with Israel and probably peace agreements with Israel, but they ve been poisoning their populations for many many decades against Israel. So it's hard for them to turn on a dot and the hope. It may be the Trump administration there there's a you're gonna, be a peace initiative that don't put forward. Maybe they can take advantage
of this realignment that has happened between Israel and the arab states. I think the traveller ministration has Exxon, really with Israel, the alive between the- U S and Israel stronger than its ever been they also good relations with many of the league in the arab world, and I think that your right, some hope and optimism that we could translate those good relationships and also this window of opportunity, diplomatically to moving the region for mister ambassador. When we come back after the bottom of the hour. I want to talk to you about the city, David, the Palestinians and the New York Times, I think they all work together, irrationally. I don't mean actual. My dear rationally address? That issue will be back, you know our nations oldest colleges, resounded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the Majority of them have abandoned their missions. Locked in the grip of,
political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting idea of objective truth. Pedal moral and cultural relativism, thankfully none of this applies to Helstone College for all two centuries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to prove sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intel piety now, still celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide to its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication, it's free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington, DC and
Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since one thousand eight hundred and forty four, this is Hillsdale College and, let me add, I think so much of Hillsdale College. I don't in original copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak at the Kirby Centre, Hills a college America's college theirs in it, They refrain his arm Israel, great great and best you both groundless and he's the city David function. Firstly, what is the city of day the city of David, we're gonna, talk more about this next hour at the city of David Eared levied in Hebrew was the original Jerusalem? Because if you read
the Bible, how David conquered the city and how he went up through the water the city it clear that it would end he would go up. Also. We learn about going up to the temple. So if you actually go to the old city and may be many more listers event is forbidden, the old city and they go to war the Temple Mount they'll be walking down but I've seen a Bible. You go up so the actual original city of Jerusalem was lower and through these excavate These are logical, excavations and I think it's, it's probably the most remarkable archaeological site in the world. They have at the city of David sort of uncovered, over these last fifteen or twenty years, the history of the jewish because they like to say the city of David, the place where it all began, and you ve seen this happen and age. Last night I was there as well, and Ambassador Friedman spoke there, they opened officially very large part of the road, the pilgrimage road,
and that was the same road that is spoken about in the Bible and not in. So in the new testament, where people he'd, have Jesus going up to the temple and being on that road, so It was very, very powerful to be their last sign in to see this official opening and to really uncovered two thousand years of history. Absolutely incredible, but supposedly were foreign colonialists in a land of Israel. I like it. I, like the Palestinians, say that the user, today, fine Jerusalem, that's like saying that the Russians are routes, fine, Moscow or the Chinese are trying to signify Beijing. We, we have been in gruesome for three thousand years, a thousand years before the birth of Christ? Sixteen hundred years before the birth of Mohammed King David was ruling in truth who s walked on their road who did
walk on that peace is welcome. The axe course Jesus did, but I'm vigil it's a place where the patriarch of the jewish people prayed, where our profits preach and were kings rule. That's, MRS, I don't think there's any people in his who had a relationship to a city like the jewish people have had a relationship to Jerusalem and we can relationship alive, despite two thousand years of not having political sovereignty, because we turned towards Jerusalem in prayer three times today, and those of your listers have seen a jewish wedding and at the end of the jewish wedding, maybe if they ten one they saw one in a movie. Bridegroom, breaks, the glass wisely break a glass. Recently breaks a glass is to remember in this great I'm celebre in moments of happiness, to remember the destruction of our temples? That's why we break the guy we never forgot your son and what City of David has done is bring this this ancient connection alive and it
It was remarkable to be there yesterday and to be as an at this historic moment. So here's The New York Times correspondent in Jerusalem tweets years, Palestinians in so on, EAST Jerusalem, have plain that the walls of their homes have been cracking because underground archaeological dig led by a right wing settler group. The dig was unveiled on Sunday and look, who swung the first sledge hammer in there talking about America's Lastly, to Israel, David treatment now fragments punter who, on a second first of all, that that was not a real love that swung that hammer at paper machine but even so, this is sixty feet underground, is it an unbelievable archaeological project. This is about world history, for the
Ty World, the birth of duties and the birth of Christianity. This is the place pretty much and they're saying. Why are you digging here? Why digging under these homes waiting- and this is the New York Times. This is the best they could do about right wingers. It's about cracking foundations, Palestine, I must tell you I was there. I didn't see any homes cracking. I didn't foundations coming, I didn't see any peaceful, it was beautiful. What do you make of the New York Times coverage of of Israel of the the american relationship with Israel seems incredibly negative one as for the coverage of the events yesterday, look no one's gonna member, that story, week from now from now or decade from now, but hundreds of years from now People will remember the opening of that robe?
The historic event does not meant that many things that you can say you will be remembered five hundred years from now that we won't be one of them, as for in other times, coverage of Israel actually spoke about this publicly a few ex ago after this, Tune came out that depicted the prime Minister of Israel in, this grotesque, anti semitic way and then times has in Israel problem. There is no question about it and their problem is their attempt demonize Israel week after week after week after week after week. And it has its own, something which knew it didn't. Today, then start with that president tromp or even present bomber. It's been going for a long time with the Times coverage of Israel and its attempt to demonize Israel and down. What do you think that is that
We only have what aid men segments recycling that I know you that's hours and hours and hours conversation. What I think what you're saying happen today is a resurgence and really a return of Anti Semitism. I mean people thought that, after the Holocaust, Anti Semitism, at least in western societies, was a thing of the past and the truth is we had about a half century? wherein most circles in the west? What was once on the west? It was politically incorrect to go after Jews. And I think now, you're, seeing the return of asked it is a force for evil, its mass behind hatred towards Israel by their deeds. Firstly, is there any attempt to demonize Israel and to disproportionately ass? It is a force for evil. Vat is simply an old anti semitism. With a brand new face,
It once was singling out the jewish people, accusing them of all sorts of wild things constantly trying to demonize them. To hold. The Jews out as a force for evil, and What you are saying is the attempt to do this to the one and only jewish state in the world and its absurd, and it's totally disregard to anything that actually happens in our region, but week after week after week after week, and what's interesting to me is in New York Times will sometimes right against another doing toil against Anti Semitism as if, if you're gonna demonize the one and only jewish state week after week, month after month, year after year, and not expect that to lead. To an increase of anti Semitism you're kidding themselves, and then you have time to do so paper that call on political leaders to knock could be to a climate of hate. What have they done for Israel? This is the story that you report yesterday, I mean I'm not even I've even read that story frankly cause I'm dumb technically supposed to be on vacation here in Israel
So I don't owe my vacation red dinnertime guitar enough to read it during the work week, but I think it shameful what they have done and I don't think the day have fully come to grips with how they have contributed so much to the problem, because it is supposed to be the paper record on people. Take it seriously because it for so many decades people looked it the paper record, but they have a very problematic history when it comes to covering jewish issues is a bigger worry there, People know some people know. Maybe your listers know about how the times bury the holocaust listeners know about, and so this is not something new for the times, but think it he's gotten to, become more and more extreme. Do you think in part. Because is run out of defend itself is Russia has a strong military? Israel One thing when
Israel was certainly underdog, the nation They could defend itself? Perhaps, but now it's you. The country to face the earth, I think there is something to what you say, and I put it this way: local, the at made many contributions to religious ideas. Over this But if I could sum up our contribution to political ideas, we were the people through history that rejected the idea that might makes right, and we directed whether was Pharaoh's were Caesar's, and certainly a future we refuse to accept that principle. Unfortunately, there is a guys today that you see in certain quarters, particularly among young people, That believes that might makes wrong and that also totally false, and we as being reject that, just as we reject the become,
makes right. We have to reject the principle that might make strong. Now is Israel rises as a power comes a strong country then all of a sudden is cast as being evil, sort of power and justice become like buckets in the well. I think, not just a danger, this philosophy did might makes wrong is not just a danger. Marked is where I think it's a danger to the United States is the most powerful country in the world, and I think it's a force for good the world and those people dont. Think America's a force for good, not perfect, is was not perfect, America's, not perfect theirs his hundred years yet slavery in America. Hunters Two years before women had a right to vote. Two centuries before you I'd civil rights or America has its imperfections, but those people dont think America has been this great force for good in the world. Don't know any history, look at how other great powers of behave a few weeks ago, I saw president Trumpet other world leaders meet it. Normandy, though, people think America's a force for bad in the world. They should go to Normandy and say that
think about what America's dawn in saving the world from evil and standing up to. Communism in doing so much good around what there's never been a power like this in the jewish people. Had been blessed there. Erica has been the pre eminent power in the world, the state of Israel, the one and only jewish state has been blessed, and I I hope, we will stay that power for the next. I'll give it another millennia Millennium, at least, but I, I think that for many people. Power injustice. It's been a while. And I think it's a dangerous idea as I say, dangerous for his writing. It's dangerous for the United States, It may be that a lot of people who write and work at the New York Times have that view, and they're gonna see American a certain way, because that is going to see Israel in a certain when they may see other powerful countries in a certain way that's part of it, but I also it's this old, Anti Semitism reemerged. Won't. I
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Is taking in the sun exactly your father was mire. Your brother, older brother, was mayor. And you came to Israel, I my son, his name, your sons, nightmare. One should be named. Prime minister president, uneasy it doesn't work and he can mayor works and eat now, and you came to Israel permanently when when I was twenty five in nineteen. Ninety six and there's a lot of former Americans in Israel. Now are Yeah, I don't know the exact number, but not use numbers. No, no. I can around three Thousand a year, will move to Israel, but it's a large jewish population in America about five and a half or six million people about ten years ago, Israel pass the United States as having the largest jewish community in the world and now
the first time in nineteen hundred years, nearly ninety nine years that Israel has the largest jewish community in the world since the days of bokassa, while of course this question. How many Europe's citizens are in Israel. Arab citizens under two million at either one point eight may be million, or one point nine million. I don't remember the exact they get to harass. Yes, they do for Prime Minister, I can say I the only Arabs who our full citizens in the way in the Middle EAST for citizens in the way that Americans would understand where they have all the same rights and the same rights as Jews in Israel, Jews Arabs, drew's Christians and therefore Air Muslims, in their arab Christians to populations most of the Arabs and Israel are Muslims and but a percentage our Christian and Israel, Actually is the only country in the Middle EAST with a growing and thriving christian community in the last few years,
the rise of ISIS in these fanatic movements, I have seen the decimation of ancient Christian It is amazing, Middle EAST, a hundred years ago, Christians accounted for about twenty percent of the Middle EAST, and today there under four percent, which I think, a great tragedy and Israel's really the one place where this, as I said, has this growing and thriving Christian commended by five times more than that he's had in protecting religious freedom. You know you can, if, if one of your lizards who Israel they of the most important christian sites in the world, they can also well, not just on military but our police, and yet we are very proud of the record that we had in protecting village. Freedom. You know you can, if If one of your listeners comes to Israel, they can go in Brain the western wall, but they can also pray the church of the holy sap occur. They can go pray in the Alex Hamas. That wasn't something that people could do for centuries in this guy.
In this city, Jerusalem and Israel takes its, possibility very seriously in being the keeper of all these religious, Always sites and making sure that everyone has access to them and that something new in the history of Jerusalem. The other power ruled here did not give access to members of what happened. The Jordanians control there as well. Day Jordan conquered they would be occupiers. No one call them occupiers. Time but they were occupied the old city of Jerusalem, one forty, eight nineteen sixty seven and they destroyed every single, and I was there and agreement at the time after the war of independence. Ended they were supposed to. Allow is to go Jews to go, pray there and they refused to do that. They never actually abide by their commitments and they actually took them.
The headstones from the amount of olives, and they use that to pave officers. The trains. What's the matter wells amount of olives? I all your christian listeners deaf, we know with amount of it's probably the most in how do you know that it's called softball by eighty, The most important cemetery in the world for Jews and there's a lot of different messianic belief, surrounded and it certainly has a unique place in christian tradition as well and Just think people should look at Israel's record and very grateful all peoples around the world. Anyone who believes in religious freedom should look at Israel's record. As really something to admire that despite threats, by no other democracy on earth, Israel, has been able to protect their religious sites of all grave face, I think you would want to do he's divide. Jerusalem.
To allow for fanatic groups to get all of these religious sites, because we ve seen what happened. In the Middle EAST. When these religious fanatics get a hold of the holy see, of other groups they destroy them immediately. You saw that happened with the Taliban, you saw that happen with ISIS. In Israel will never allow that that Mister Ambassador thing Free time has been great you're terrific carbon, to the Prime minister and God bless you, sir. Thank you great to be with you, we'll be right down the great where you go, we'll be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader might live in still in Israel. The entire week. I hope you doing well we're trying to bring two. You really top notch gas to talk about top notch issues that I think you're gonna be very worrying. You know we did this two years ago. I recall. It was some of the most popular radio that I've ever done and why The gentleman I had here before was have worn state nausea for instance, is the director of internal affairs, President International Ferris International fares for the city of David, the key, has become a very good friend of mine He is in
turn on all matters city of David. Now, why don't you bring up the sea? A David? You Remy, discuss briefly with the ambassador, three Burma from Israel, because this is really the core of the early beginning of the jewish faith. Christian faith many face really, and they have been doing an archaeological project there for many years and they are found. There are absolutely incredible, including in the last year, and of course, there too by the New York Times and I'll get to that later in more detail, but zero, It's a pleasure to have you here my friend. It is applied to be here once again with you that start from the beginning, explained with the city of David is up until one hundred and fifty years ago when people thought. Where is the original biblical city of Jerusalem?
the city synonymous with people like King, David King Solomon Profit magazine Jeremiah the place where the kings from the Bible ruled where the profits everyone envisioned one place that place was the old city of Jerusalem, surrounded by the iconic old city walls, which are in fact old there about four hundred and fifty plus years old. However, Jerusalem is about four thousand years old, so eighteen, sixty seven Queen Victoria of England, wants to discover the treasures of the Bible the architect covenant for instance, and so she sends a man by the name of Captain Charles worn to the promised land to find those treasures. Now, sir, for the treasure the Bible in the holy land. You can go to Jerusalem, you can search one place in Jerusalem. You'll go to the Temple Mount
political, Mount Maria and that's in fact, were Charles warned us, except in eighteen, sixty seven, the ottomans or ruling here for Muslims, and they say Charles we're sure, you're a great guy but you're not going to dig up Temple Mount and to this day, due to religious sensitivities, political sensitivities, there's been virtually no archaeological activity on the Temple Mount. Charles Warrant says, if I can't explain on the Temple Mount I'll, do the next best thing to excavate near it. What's the Temple Mount the Temple Mount? is the site where the two temples mention in the Bible. The Temple of Solomon, which stood for over four hundred years, destroy the Babylonians two and a half thousand years ago. It's the spot where, according to the book of Genesis, the binding of Isaac took place. King Solomon, of course, was the son of King David
and he's the one who made Jerusalem the capital of the jewish people and gave it its significance that its carried over the last three thousand years after the first Temple, the temple of Solemn, is destroyed but set who destroyed the first, the Babylonians, two and a half thousand years ago. The second temple is rebuilt, and then after a number of centuries, as we get to the first century, see King Herod comes along and he likes to make things bigger and better, and so he expands the temple atop the Temple Mount and he makes the mixture Islam in general, a place that was according to Joseph. This and other historians and the Talmud one of the most beautiful cities of of its day church. The second that's the second to the same place, same exact planes, agar, bigger and better. Now, what's the Temple Mount to the Temple Mount the biblical Mount Mariah? That is the crown of Jerusalem, one of the things that the
well teaches us? Unlike other ancient civilizations, where the king was essentially God with you Pharaoh or the ruler. You could do no wrong. You worthy divine figure with the Bible teaches us something a little bit different, that if Jerusalem is where the king was ruling from above, the kings palace was gods home and that was atop, the Temple Mount The king should never have illusions that the king was number one because in the Bible, what is each of us is that God is number one, and even the king is accountable to somebody and that's too God. What today is sitting on the Temple So today, on the Temple Mount you have. The Alexa mask the number three wholly safer Islam after Meca Medina and you, We have the done of the rock that's the spot. According to Islam tradition where Mohammed want than his night journey. Learn the tradition of muslim prayer and share it with those of the muslim faith, so was built only wholly Jouar site that
One of the ways to show that your God has defeated up other gods is too build your holy places on their holy places. In the Middle EAST, that that is a very popular thing to do. Sadly, throughout the region, Christians have been largely driven out of the Middle EAST, is destroyed by ices and others, Bethlehem, which is the birthplace of Jesus. That is a place that used to be thirty years ago. Eighty percent christian majority today about fifteen twenty percent christian minority, the church of the nativity in their early, two thousands was used as a base for terrorists who took over the church and used. It is a terrible hide out. So sadly, There is not a lot of respect when it comes to the islamic leadership in this region. For the Christians who have been,
this region for thousands of years, let alone for the Jews, who have also been here for thousands of years, who is in charge of the Temple Mount today. Today's officially part of sovereign Israel, according to israeli law like TEL Aviv, or Haifa or anywhere else, but it is dated day control of the islamic walk, and that is an agreement that Israel engineer, in the aftermath of the six day war in eighteen, sixty seven, so the palestinian regime basically bay people, who are certainly aligned with without ideology. Yes, so tell me more: we ve got the second temple. What happens to the second tat? Second temples destroyed by the Romans in the year. Seventy c and after that, how many Jews or killed their historian say well over a million now think about that I'll over a million Jews, were killed in this one spot. Many them recruits of yes,
to the point where the running at a trees, her eye and the Romans are particularly brutal over a long period of time in the massacre, in the way their massacring right, that's ripe and some of them there was a drainage channel and what Josephus describes the what of David. There is a pilgrimage road. This is a road that has a lot of significance.
Like in New York City beneath the road. You have sewers or subways so in Jerusalem. Two thousand years ago, beneath the main thoroughfare, there was a drainage channel and what Josephus describes, and what archaeology has confirmed is that the last use of Jerusalem in the year, seventy who were running for their lives, hiding from the Romans, took refuge in the drainage channel in the sewer beneath and main thoroughfare in Jerusalem in the city of David and the Romans find out about it and they come a sledge hammers and they break open the road and they find, according to Josephus, two thousand Jews. The last two thousand Jews of Jerusalem, hiding in the drainage channel, archaeologist, find whole cooking pots, meaning the juice where there were living. Perhaps for days weeks, maybe even for months until the Romans find them all and according to Josephus, kill them all archaeologist finds also a roman sort and scabbard
presumably one that was used to kill the last two thousand Jews of Jerusalem, In time. In the same drainage channel, we find the earliest etching ever discovered of a manoeuvre which, if you familiar with the Hanukkah festive, it's the candelabra, that Jews light for eight nights? During the winter months? Around Christmas time, It is also one of the most famous temple vessels that adorn the Temple part of the Temple Arrests and also the national emblem of the state of Israel is one of the earliest etchings of them in our way I to have been asked by perhaps one of the last useful who were hiding from the Romans at the time and. Met an unfortunate and, at the same time, we're here, having this conversation today So the city a David MA historians didn't always believe. I didn't know about a city of David. So tell us more about this, this british archaeologists. So he now
to try and find something because he does not want to go back to the queen and tell the queen that in Jerusalem. I say- the two men were, I the Temple Mount, and now candy, and so it goes home. So he says, if I can't excavate atop the Temple Mount I'll, do the next best thing, which is to excavate, and so it comes down the slopes of the Temple Mount and he's walking through the drawn valley, just south of the Temple Mount, and walking through this valley, he comes across an ancient spring, a spring, that's flowing still to this day the keyhole spring mentioned in the Bible. It's been flowing for thousands of years, and he sees that the speed flowing through an ancient manmade tunnel. Now he doesn't realize it, but he begins to walk through a tunnel twenty seven hundred years old, engineered by the biblical king Hezekiah. We know that, based on an inscription found it the midway point of the tunnel which describes the two teams of diggers. The engineers who were working their way towards
each other and the moment where they met without GPS, without radar without sonar technology that they were able to channel through rock a five hundred and thirty three meter long tunnel, and they were able connecting the middle, and this was the point where they celebrate and firms the biblical accounts of the same thence dating back to the time of the biblical king has acquired direct descendants of King David and this very same king as a car we have discovered. Next to the city of David, a seal bearing his name on it, which says Hezekiah, son of a house. King of Judah. He was a real historical figure. So city of David predates where we so today, Jerusalem, correct, Felicity David was the original Jerusalem was the original Toulouse, Jerusalem, Now, when we return, I want to continue with this, because something very very special happened here over the weekend that I want
american people to be aware of which is one of the reasons I'm here and also how it was reported on and basically dismissed, if not demeaned and degraded by the New York Times. Among others, I'm talking does have one steam director of international Affairs City of David. This is fascinating stuff, don't go away, will be right back
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eleven. Some very important people but here over the weekend and met at the city of David, because of some new discoveries. Some incredible event tell us badly. So two thousand and four the southern individuality of David, which is a historic sight of biblical Jerusalem. There's a sewer pipe beneath the road switch piper And now the Jerusalem municipality has ascending construction, crews to repair the sewage pipe, but the city of David is in the heart of the holy Basin or all the holy places for Jews and Christians are within Jerusalem. Once we're, I'll radius. What is there give us an example, for instance, aside from the Temple, mount the western while the seven perhaps you have a church, the holy sepulchre, the garden, a good seventy, the amount of olives, the city of David
virtually every site that makes Jerusalem Jerusalem for Christians and Jews, is within this area known as the Holy Basin and show this pipe breaks sewage by a nation in the yard, the civil service right and the border. They are the dumb tracts of doing the work but in Jerusalem? Certainly in this part of Jerusalem, you can't only sending construction crews. You also have to send in archaeologists and the archaeologists supervising and they hear some scraping and scratching? It doesn't sound right, so they clear everyone out and it turns out that in repairing sewer pipe, they had inadvertently uncovered a set of ancient stone steps. And they look identical to only one other set of stairs found not far from their up at the southern steps of the Temple Mount both two thousand years old, both dating back to the time of the second. And these were uniquely designs, absolutely steps again. It did find anywhere else in the country,
I am of King Herod and they there must be something in common and special about these steps and they say they understood this above all, the southern steps leading up to the issue of the Temple Mount and they re steps below where the steps leading down to the ancient pool of Ceylon, so long as deep significance for Christians and produce in the christian scriptures. It is a place where the We have the healing of the blind. Man takes place in the city of David and in the Bible. It talks about that. There are three times a year pass over Pentecost tabernacles when all of Israel would have to go on pilgrimage up to the Temple Temple Mount now, the Bible also tells us before one can go up until agreement to the Temple on the Temple. Mount one must purify himself or herself and Oh, you would have to go to a ritual that The pool asylum was the size of tool and pics. I swimming pools. Why so large that story Josephus tells us that two thousand years ago on a festival but just pass over. You would have had to point
seven million people going on pilgrimage. That's a lot of people, now the archaeologists said if now we know, A pool of Ceylon is the Southern entered the city of David biblical Jerusalem. If we nowhere Temple stood atop the Temple Mount some seven hundred metres to the north of the poor, so they said how did all the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of two thousand years ago, get from the pool up today so they widen excavation and what they discover is what was celebrated yesterday. They discover the ancient pilgrimage This is the road that our ancestors, whether your jewish or christian alike, this is the road our ancestors walked on when they went on pilgrimage up to the Temple on the Temple. Mount, the role we walked on yesterday, mark it's not a road that kind of looks like that wonders near that one that is the pilgrimage road atop, the very soon same flagstones, that our ass, She walked two thousand years ago
literally walking the footsteps of the Bible, it so incredible cause. You can touch these things now. You can touch the stone the walls he can see the pottery pieces pottery. The coins burned into the into the ground as result of what the Romans had done, I mean the ever It is overwhelming. Isn't that why there are forces in the world, including in my country, they don't want this archaeology project it to move forward. Mean when you read the near times the very upset you might be damaging palestinian homes when it explain to my audience, and perhaps this New York Times reported. Who knows I was listening? What you do you're down their painstakingly digging, because I, an entire steel infrastructure that has to be built to ensure that
isn't damage above ground, whether a person is in Rome, Greece, Jerusalem, cities at have history, going back thousands of years, One of the challenges is: how do you preserve the modern city while at the same time during a history that signal begins to some billions of people around the world and what we ve come up with in Jerusalem indices. David in the escalation of the pilgrimage road is aware. To preserve modern Jerusalem, the neighbourhood that exists within the city of David today, while at the same time making the archaeology, which has significance to billions of people, Jews, Christians and others, making it possible to all those people to come and see for themselves and therefore, in this excavation we ve invested a tremendous the resources, not specifically in the archaeology, but in the engineering that I was the archaeology to take place and ensure where's that the homes above the excavation are preserved
stable and secure in this way. There is the best of both worlds, Jerusalem above and giving access ancient Jerusalem below can you can you imagine, purposely being ignorant about. What's going on below the ground, I mean, I think, to myself what was supposed to happen. They go in there and they the pirates leaking, they see a step or a set of stairs. That may well have incredible historical significance. Religious experience, you know unless cover this up. Let's not do with any serious country conducted somehow. I know now an impact David Freeman, had good line. He said we seem to know how to build subways under neighborhoods. I think we can do and archaeological dig as well a lot more on this. Return, isn't it fascinating histories, fascinating debate with? Einstein, directive, international Affairs City of David will be right behind you,
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in Portugal there were many others. I saw a Jason Green Glad Assistant to the present United States and many others. What do you think. I think what this administration, the Trump administration understands. What ambassador David Friedmann and all the other dignitaries from the United States handed did celebration of the pilgrimage wrote in the city of David. What they understand is that it was not only a celebration for Israel or for the jewish people, but that America is built upon the judeo christian heritage that heritage those values have their roots. In Jerusalem and therefore the city of David in General, and the pilgrimage road in particular. Not simply jewish heritage site or an israeli heritage site, it's an american heritage site, because this is where the people, the ideas that help to shape America. As we know it today. This
where its router and therefore we would very much like the gettysburg of United States six thousand miles away and we ve or as we stewards of that heritage of our shared heritage, that at the heart of the special. U S, relationship at the bedrock is our dared connection to be heritage and history of Jerusalem, and that's why there were so many dignitaries from the Trump administration, because This administration understands the significance of Jerusalem not just to its ally, Israel, but to the hundreds of millions of Americans who have a deep and abiding love for Jerusalem by them just to clarify those were about your american ambassadors to those other countries who showed up were very, very interesting in seeing what took place UNESCO this is u and organization. What is UNESCO?
It's the United Nations, educational, scientific and cultural organization, which is, really, ironically, named the United States, withdrew from you're year and a half ago under the Trump administration. An essentially what UNESCO said was stop doing. What you're doing that Jews and the Christian stood out have a particular attachment to this area and they didn't want any more archaeological activity taking place, which is incredible. This this is an arm of the United Nations and then, I read the New York Times, correspondent his tweet. The other day, which I responded to myself, which is essentially mocking what took place. The he's concern that in repeats a a lie
that somehow the palestinian foundations in their homes are being affected? Is no facts? No reports, no nothing. This is just one of those things that had spread, and you pointed out the the extent to which you folks, really as carefully as you can be. And then I think it was today. Maybe was yes. They have lost my my time here between American Israel. He does a bigger article on how now the entire peace process going be described how the american Ambassador Bathroom David Friedmann, you a sledge hammer, its ashore sledge hammer that picture of him? to set the stage for the peace negotiations. First of all, there was a paper mache. All right, that's correct! That's correct! That's number! One number two he's participating in an archaeological dig. Figuratively directorate number three, that is there
And it was there a lot longer and latterly than the new ties was there It is the city, a David and what you're uncovering what Does it concern you and the modern media treats at your remarkable and magnificent event. The way that they do, and I dont want to put you on the spot. But to me it is amazing. You pointed out you don't get this, what they are illogical, digs round Athens around Rome or bath or any these places. But Jerusalem for some reason: the bird place, a Judaism, the birthplace of Christianity However, the new time say cover it up, but the dirt back. We don't want to know when you make it. This is not surprising, is disappointing in the sense that there are
Are different viewpoints and what the future of Jerusalem should be. Now I have my own views of what the future of Europe should be and others are entitled to their beliefs, but What's happening at UNESCO what's happening with. Much of the palestinian leadership and Many of the media outlets today. Is this idea casting Israel S type of foreign entity in the region that use are a bunch of way european colonialists that were occupiers that we're foreigners in this region and therefore, when you talk about the peace process, its essentially the idea how to return stolen property to the Palestinians. Now, what's the point with that. Certainly when it comes to Jerusalem, the problem with that is a place like the city of David, because contrary to these UNESCO resolutions, that David Jerusalem is exclusively significant to Islam and which goes to condemn the archaeological excavations inner city of David, they're doing that is because every day in the sky
taking place in the city of David antiquities are being on earth. That show the connection of juice and of Christian, to Jerusalem simply as a matter of faith, but as matter of fact, or the site the archaeology is corroborating, so much of what is written in the Bible. Now If you want to tell a story that user foreign in Jerusalem and therefore needs to be taken away from Israel will? Then these discoveries are quite inconvenient and therefore, what. There are those who are trying to do you shut down the archaeology to an attempt to deal. Might the archaeology, because they know that the more people who come to the city of David them people and soon it will be millions who will walk along. Flagstones the original flagstones of the pilgrimage road there we'll see that the emperor has no clothing reminders to walk, and I wrote- and this is the road that
two thousand years ago, almost certainly Jesus, would have walked on that road, along with council hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of Jews who were in Jerusalem, worshipping at the Temple that stood atop, the Temple Mount and people will be able to walk on this road The idea is not for this to be museum, the very alive site? He has to allow as many people as possible from all faiths and backgrounds to be able to connect with their heritage with their roots. To walk in the footsteps of of history of the Bible and its real. You could see it. You could touch it It's not simply a matter of faith. It's a matter of fact if people want to learn more about city a David and did he David Foundation, which is where you work. Where do they? city of David DOT, o orgy dot, I'll Did you David, that oh Archie, that I now I'm giving you more attention than the New York Times over. What Jesse you now by
that site and if people want to support this archaeological, logical dig. These are expensive and you makes a private support governmental. For it, but you rely heavily on private support. Can I go to that website? Absolutely city of David DOT, Org that I am correct. Now, when did you come to Israel? I've living in Israel for the last sixteen the half years. Where were you, raised were originally. I was born in New Jersey and spend time in New Jersey, New York, and why did you come to Israel? I am blessed that was able to be born and raised in one of the good. These countries of the world and, unlike through history, many of of my jewish there's an sisters who had to flee various countries because- persecution, Anti Semitism and I and other places to live. It is a blessing that there's Israel I didn't have to run. I could
dead and lived a very full jewish life in the United States of America, but I also know based on my my upbringing and my faith that Israel's home for the jewish people- and I wanted to be in the place where you history was unfolding and be a part of taking a lead role in the story of the jewish people? In Do the reestablish jewish state of Israel in our ancestral homeland And I still love American I spend, you got three moment a lot of time in America because that's where I see most that a lot of time in America, but it's a real blessing that I get to I, maintain my connection with the United States, a country that I love deeply and at the same time get to represent Jerusalem and the city of David and my people ancestral home memories the living for thousands and thousands of years.
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was through taken care of a flock through that, sir, a two day comes of being a shepherd being out. The wilderness, whatever was some the greatest leaders and all the Bible, the Patriarchs Moses David. They were all shepherds. And were introduced to David as a young boy And ass, he is growing up. Not yet in these on a soldier yet, but he experience in the wilderness. And his brothers they're all an army the Philistines, where the arch rivals of Israel some three thousand years ago, The famous story of Scenes go to battle against Israel, led by King Saul and the scenes that a warrior. His name was Goliath nine ten feet tall and is Goliath. He was a formidable upon him and every day Forty days, the Bible tells us life would come out we're in the L Valley, west of Jerusalem,
and you have on one hill, the Philistines encamped, he'll king saw an ancient Israel and you would have basically a dual were do would come out and say: You send me one champion of yours and he and I will do battle and whoever wins. Will that will determine you think they're, either, and so, like Moses, David looks around. This is worth nobody's. Gonna do something I'm gonna do something, and he says in one of the most famous lines Israel's terrified and one day David is sent by his father Jesse to the front to bring supplies to his brothers and when he gets theory, here's the taunting, the mocking And he looks around waiting for somebody to do something. Just like Moses did an ancient Egypt when he saw the taskmaster beating hebrew slave didn't think very there, and so like Moses.
David looks around this is worth nobody's. Gonna, do something I'm gonna do something and he says in one of the most famous lines in the Bible who is uncircumcised Philistine, who Fox, the name of the living God, and he says, I'm gonna go and I'm gonna do something They looked him that you're you're you're, just discussed, dear you're, not a warrior. You're not gonna, be able to do it. This is now I'm gonna. Do it saw. The Bible says comes to MRS Wallis, where my armor and David. He puts on the kings, armor and it just doesn't fit. Him is, as this has been a slow me down, takes off the armory says I'm gonna do what I learned to do in the wilderness. And he goes out to meet Goliath the way. Perhaps he bends down pics a couple of stones and there s history, with his slingshot. He felt the giant with drawn between the eyes now, Gladwell wrote a book about about that. This. We talks about that that stone was we travelling like fastball straight down limit
close your hundred miles an hour and David Slew, the mighty giant and that put him on the path to greatness, to becoming king over Israel after King Saul and is David that you, it's the tribes that, after King Saul passes the other tribes, come to David he's only the king over the tribe of Judah, and they say David. We want you to be the king over all of us and after If it becomes the king over all of Israel, he move Does capital from Hebron in the tribe of Judah. Just south of Jerusalem to Jerusalem, to the city of David, make sure Islam his capital and its been the capital, the jewish people ever since that time, a powerful king, a powerful king but power not just physically powerful but morally powerful because if it was a flood of character in the sense that Peat stumbled
spiritually morally at times. But what said David apart? from so many other kings in the Bible, jewish or otherwise, was that when he was confronted with his shortcomings, he would a media take responsibility for them, and I believe That is why, God said to David. That is with you I'll, have an everlasting covenant, not because you're perfect, because King David wasn't perfect. Because when King David stumbled, whether was with story of David and Bathsheba or others He immediately when confronted with the sin said I've seen before God tell me what I need to do to make it right, in the city. A David in the city of David was built when he was king. Who is the sun, is somewhat Solomon. Where did he built solemn built the temple? I thought the Temple Mount just north of the city of David, and you can actually see these things touch. These
feel these things, which is exactly why the enemies of your country, and, quite frankly, my country don't want these things. Seem they don't want the excavation they what the history they reject, the Bible, whether literalist or not, These things are in the Bible. And I say that as somebody who is come jewish, but not the greatest adherence to my faith, but I'm just as others are evangelical, Christians or Catholics are what our heavier. And it's in the Bible. This part of the world and there it is work, you and your folks are doing- is unbelievable crucially important for mankind within the near times the Palestinians, the EU, UNESCO think or otherwise nobody's. Gonna remember them: a thousand years from now,
The remember what you're doing thank you Thank you. So much are right. Folks had Zeb oil steam director of international affairs, the city of David check them out city of David DOT, org dot. I l City of David DOT, Org thought I l. They can use your help if you want to give them a donation. It's right. There read all about it. We'll be right back. Now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader might live in gear in Israel we won't be taking any cause, but I am
presenting you with that? What I think are some of the greatest programming in America, today. If I say so myself, so I will. I'm here with a wonderful gentlemen, military man, hero british Colonel Richard Composer, I'm all about of seeing you again more logical here in this wonderful city of Jerusalem. Well, it's it's a great great pleasure, you're, an expert in a lot of things. First line wanted to introduce the american people little bit to your background, tell us better back, in particular in Afghanistan, a former british army or frozen Thirty years in the british army, I left school one day and joined the army. The next didn't go to university then spent virtually. All of that. Thirty is fighting terrorism. Oh disarm some of the warlords and the groups that are supporting them and reintegrated
and I was lucky enough back in two thousand and three to be the commander of british forces in Afghanistan and in that role I work very closely with game with the Americans tricky the tent division in their commander at the time who is now the chief of staff for the United States Army General, not merely a wonderful, wonderful military officer, and we however, not only trained the Afghan national security forces. We also disarm some of the warlords and the groups that supporting them and reintegrate them back in afghan society and we also attacked Taliban Al Qaeda terrorists in Afghanistan that time, and I was very fortunate in being able to put together a joint intelligence operation with the United States Marine Corps, which saw the successful arrest. And imprisonment of a number of Al Qaeda terrorists
to that. I spent some time working pretty much of the top level of british intelligence in the Prime Minister's office in London working very closely with, the United States Intelligence service, mainly the sky and also sub Saharan Israel must set, and yet you have really tremendous affinity for state of his reward that come from. Well, as I mentioned, I worked quite closely with rarely intelligence during my career at the end of my career in particular, and all the israeli Defence Force and the british army stuff, when in one eye was not so good at it centres, which is our west point? We spend a lot of time studying the operations of Israel. Defensible more than any other army at that time? Because of the nature of what were you meaning for what they were doing, in other words, Ahmed Warfare in their case against Arabs out here in the Middle EAST, in our case against the Russians in Europe
so we did everything we could learn from them. So I had a long affinity and respect admiration for the idea, as do pretty much every body the austrian soldier, Servan retired, that I know I'm began. I think my admiration of my my decision to try to do my best to stick up for Israel when it was being, badly maligned in the face of attacks from mass and other terrorist groups in Gaza. Soon, after all, if the armed forces and the media, academia, political leaders, international organizations are you in the EU were doing their best. Lie and spread malicious propaganda against Israel, I knew different, and I was also in a very lucky position of being offered thirty years military experience, so I could bring those two things together to bring an objective perspective,
what the idea was really doing a lot of questions. Why why? Why do you think Europe in so many ways so hostile to the state of Israel it's a very interesting and very complicated question which, like its talk about all night, but that the There are different issues here, one of which is the UK and the UK look at separately to the EU into the rest of Europe, because I think it is I'm a fanatical breaks it air I want out of the EU as soon as we possibly can get there? Although people doing what they can to keep us locked, do it, but the UK has a tremendous historical relations with Israel, positive and negative on the positive side, we brokered the Balfour declaration in nineteen seventeen, was the first international political instrument which, which was and up to by the United States and other countries will too
the re establish a jewish national homeland in the land of Palestine. It was if possible, to do that despite the political will at the time, was only possible to do that, because the british armed forces, together with Australia, and New Zealanders and French. Some French defeated the turkish Ottoman Empire hearing stone by spilling our blood, we conquered them and threw them out and then polluted by the way a jewish legion made up of June in the british Army from the United States of America from Britain from the land of post on itself, we threw them out of here, and that enabled it was that I think the major factor that eventually enable the recreation of the state of Israel in nineteen forty eight Britain went through some bad times off that with Israel, and we we actually blockaded and prevented jewish people from leaving Europe who could come here and take a future in Europe during the Holocaust?
in my view thousand Jews died because we prevent them coming back here. Since then, after that We ve got a very, very close relationship with Israel, militarily and intelligence terms. So that's Britain Britain, nothing is, is very locked closely into his. Rather we talk about the city of David and one of the key everything mentioned the guy. You intervene just now mentioned that the first excavation of the city of David, what was by british Army captain in eighteen, sixty, seven and so the result, the rest of Europe. Well, we We all know what Europe's like an. The Germans and the French in particular that the laws that they they hate. I have to say this bluntly. On eight may not maybe popular. They hate the United States of America, they really do. They have never forgiven. Do you the states of America in the case of Germany for defeating them in forty five and in the case of
for saving them in nice. It's a bizarre situation but ass the fact That is one of the reasons why they are anti Israel because they see Israel today they see it as a kind of impaired outpost of the United States, but there's a lot more complexities and that those of Anti. Semitism is a fact that Israel's a very strong country today and those people are trying to defeat Israel? A very weak, in other words the Arabs, whichever part of Arabs, are so so complexities voting. Fundamentally, it boils down to Europe to the with many other people to the fact they see, is rather proxy of the. U S which they can quite openly attack, not not military but verbally and politically but they are not able ready to go out with you us in this
reflected in the EU, reflected at the? U N is reflected in UNESCO in these other international fora. Global institutions, the BBC impact, seems extremely hostile the state of Israel. Is it like the New York Times. It's just the it's the illogical issue? You think a think there has terrible you too, by the way things, I enjoy people be hostile to me. I spend my entire life fighting offers it is. I am unhappy with it for me- I'm not He was: the hostility of the BBC towards the state of Israel, It has maintained a consistently hostile line to Israel. It corrupts it distorts, it tells half truths it doesnt toe story. In many cases, for example, is the same thing with the new term them. Sometimes we see it in that. If Israel is attacked and carries retaliation. The first part of the story is Israel's
aviation, not the family was attacked, it's a common theme and I've spoken to journalists in the BBC on his sky, which is another major broadcasting corporation in the UK. Tell me they agree with whatever I say about Israel. They agree with it completely there are allowed to say it themselves. Gazelle get fired if they do Which shows you, I think, the institutional bias against Israel in order What's he like by the way? well a few years ago, I was arrested no, I am not an anti Israel person. I try ambient I shall try and be objective, but they see me as being Oh Israel, an uncertain anti Israel. They will. Interview may if they can possibly avoided on the subject of his, I don't hear anything except the room. Now you ve been threatened right, I'll, show up part of Al Qaeda
In others, I suppose in Britain who have been outspoken like you, have been threatened as well. What's he like, Well, a few years ago, I was received a call from our police counterterrorism squad of our visit from one of their of suitable, my name had been discovered, only death list that our share of, as you say, a part of Al Qaeda that have been discovered by them, and therefore I was in the process will frankly, I'm very pleased to be in that process. I am also extremely pleased to be in the process of the anti Semites in the UK who anti semitic Anti Israel and if they hate me anything abuse me and they want to attack me they're. Not in the doing the right thing, because the nature of their view is hateful and discriminatory, unprejudiced and aggressive against
Israel, which, after all in the case of Britain, is one of our greatest. Important allies in so many ways. So when I say to those people who bring it on, you can come and get me if you want I'm delighted. If you do that I ask you this: when we come back, you talk about this relationship between Britain in Israel, I want to pursue this little further, this minute, this military intelligence relationship between Britain and Israel. I suppose the United States too, Be right back! Welcome back but mark living here with retired british Colonel Richard in order to have him here with me, Colonel Camp, Richard? Let's admitted
friends of our worst. British intelligence is really elegance United States intelligence. All worked together very very close. The military to and the military as well- and I thought I'd say british and american intelligence and military cooperation are probably the tightest of any two countries in the world, with the possible exception of Amerika and Israel, and then say Britain followed close behind with Israel the British and is rarely intelligence really. How good is really intelligent. Israeli intelligence, I can tell you from my personal experience- is absolutely fantastic. It's gotta be one of if not the best intelligence services in the world Obviously, compared to some rather CIA is much smaller much more tightly focused. They have to have far stricter economies part. I think man for man you'd be very hard pushed too and a better intelligence service anywhere in the world, and they.
The thing I always find fascinating about these, intelligence service- and way. The Israelis criticizes the almost every single country in this world, including here in the Middle EAST, including in you. Europe, including the United States of America, Australia, every single country in the world, but sleep lives of their citizens saved by by israeli intelligence provides them bias? and when I was in Australia strange not a year ago, most while I was there It became came to light that israeli intelligence have prevented a plot to down an aircraft, flying out of Sydney Airport. The Israelis discover or haven't warned of the Australians they were ever stop. It is that, I think that's going on all the time- phenomenally important intelligence service at such a time,
a country in other resources are limited, but they ve poor, lotta resources into intelligence. Lotta resources into the military have, you think, able to do this, it survive alike. Interesting neither the late they they they are looking to save the lives of their citizens right on their own doorstep is not a distant threatens their immediate threat. It's the same reason really why the idea for such an effect follow because they are faced by all sides are faced by hostility. Varying degrees, but I think the other thing is- and I hate to say this as I am as it as a roman Catholic I think those thing is that the Jews themselves are very good at intelligence, pretty well recognise that one of the main reasons why the german army in the Second World WAR, was so bad in intelligence was one of his greatest failings was now many Jews in the german intelligence service. So it gets. A combination of that immediate
climate survival, any in and the genius of the jewish people, which takes facts and makes of them. What perhaps many other people able to do was their recent events. In which these, Intelligence and other intelligence agencies have been and rob well in Europe in the last couple of weeks to plot so came to light in Hizbollah were found to have been his bill. Being the lebanese terrorist organization, which is essentially an extension of the iranian state, their funded, directed, controllable. Founded by IRAN, that they were discovered to be stopped. Manufacturing and stockpiling. Vast quantities of explosion with a view of attacking in the United Kingdom and in France and other places, other countries and do not forget the Hizbollah and the ideology see the Islamic Revolution Regard CORE an organ of the islamic
republic of IRAN, which recently very, very rightly proscribed these organisations and other proxies of IRAN killed. Over a thousand american soldiers and british soldiers, as well in Iraq and Afghanistan, at the height of the conflict they're. So this latest intelligent religious, confirms the hostility that IRAN has not just for America, but also for Europe, a continent with governments, and the EU, which some despite always seems determined to trying to appease IRAN Robin confronted in the way. Tromp is rightly doing that but this IRAN and appeasement my country I felt a growing movement, but there is there's a part, even within the Republican Party. What I call the code pink Republicans and that is look. We ve been in many many wars. You're a commander in Afghanistan
to we ve been in many many wars, America's tired of wars and so forth, and so on. I explain it's, not a man. If you're tired of wars, we don't seek war, went on an imperious country, one on a colonials country were not the provocateurs, but there are even regimes and evil people out there and you can't pretend they don't exist and they ve exists since the beginning. Mankind, and yet we prepared for them and at times confront them, but there's is growing. Movement in our country, which is almost counter intuitive may your time country in IRAN that story about icy be AMS? Would nuclear warheads, need, I suppose, when nuclear warheads they had TEL Aviv. They need him to hit America, Britain the other parts of Europe and so forth, and so on, and this is an insane regime. What do you make of this The Iranians already determined themselves. The capability of strikes, nuclear strikes against, as you say, the Middle EAST, but all
Europe and the United States, and when that happens, which it will happen. If he's not stop, when that happens, we're gonna be in a completely different war. We're gonna pay different game. We can stop it now, once they ve got those nuclear weapons that nuclear capability. We will not be able to stop. It only come back, and when I ask you a question: Well I'll. Ask you now, let's get the answer when we come back, which is this If IRAN has the capacity to the Continental, United States or any party or Britain with nuclear weapons? Is it in fact that they might well do so be right back? Demand letters from the IRS are hitting the male now, if you're back taxes they be receiving one soon and when it arrives. Your questions, like
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hundred four nine. Sixty three hundred some restrictions apply for complete details. Please visit optimum tax relief that come Colonel Richard CAP, retired british MOT british Army. We term at around four rang gets, I see beams sure, looks like their close and they ve passed a new threshold actually today, with respect to their nuclear activity and they get the icy be aims with the nuclear warheads on it. You think its power Well, they may actually launch them. I think there's no doubt if IRAN had control of nuclear weapons, it would be ready to use them in a way that we sometimes can't. Imagine, because we think about nuclear deterrence as we thought about it. Lets say between the United States and Britain, France and the Russians, but Russians like him. I don't like him. They thing
Rationally to think like us, the erroneous don't think like us, the Iranians, I'm absolutely certain. The Iranians would be prepared to sacrifice ice thousands or even millions of our own people. If they had the chance to strike at the great site in the U S or at the little Satan, Israel or even an intermediate Satan like Britain, they would be very happy to do that. They don't think as we think they don't hold human life. In the same way, as we hold dear, that their thinking well in indifferent, completely different ways to us, and so it is not good enough, in my view, is not good enough for us to say well, let's try and keep them into this is deal which, as we heard earlier in this programme, that the deal itself actually pave the way to, a nuclear armed IRAN, as Ambassador Dahmer mentioned, is not good enough to to simply say we were deal with it now, because what we're doing by those we consigning
that decision and that danger to our children and that danger will face our children. This country was sitting in now, Israel in previous years, destroyed nuclear programme of Iraq and the Nuclear Programme of Syria, if either those two countries had still had a nuclear, program when we were in hostilities with them, then it would have been a very different story. The United States would not be able to use its military power for the good of itself out of the world if it was faced by the very real prospect of a nuclear strike against it, and that's why I think it so simple. That we confront this threat we face now in the way the present trump been doing it in the way that european countries have been doing their best to avoid I just shake my head, because you know we ve kids, green kids. Future generations, And we're gonna rely on the good sense.
Of the iranian regime to determine whether or not were hit with nuclear weapons? I mean it. I just that they have these front groups well on others. Are you talk about who's to say they won't use other forms of nuclear weapons or other kinds of attacks, you know, I'm not trying to be provocative, I'm trying to scare mongering here. This is a reality with this country to reality with with the leaders of this country, what their cable love? And yet I really do shake my head, given what we ve all been through in world war. Two you see the rise of certain regimes, new people Why wasn't something done earlier? Why wasn't something done feel like I'm hearing the same voices. I mean they're, not exact parallels, but I feel, like I'm hearing the same voices, of isolationism, honestly of anti Americanism people. Creating conspiracies your rational, ideologically driven arguments
or why we shouldn't be on guard and deal with this. You made a great point about other possible options for attack, apart from an icy, be nuclear attack I think he's one of the possible even greater danger than than than miss all uses is that IRAN, IRAN, is, is the world's leading export first towards world, worse supporter of terrorism and secondly, the world's leading, expert on carrying out attacks, novel way, in other words, using proxies, not using force identifiable to themselves and there's no question if they had nuke. Weapons we would be. Could we should be concerned that they might disappear terminate small nuclear meaning to some of that proxy groups like his beloved and you know, other other proxies they have in the Middle EAST and around the world that they as Additionally, we ve seen ample of them planning to carry a massive, conventional explosive weapons sexy
why? Wouldn't they do the same in nuclear they get away. I think they probably would in terms of of going back to the past and the changes, a horror as we see in the Second World war such as you mentioned, Europe is a continent ought today of peace. Americans, I talked to say: well, how can Britain appease a country like IRAN, Britain, the one country that stood up to Hitler? Well, I'm always mindful of the fact that actually wasn't Britain there stood up tattler it with one man in Britain, the stoves Hitler Winston Churchill. Very few of the people around him were prepared to do that. It was him who stood face to face Hitler and persuade your one or two others to come with him and then in turn lead Britain and than America and other countries to eventually the third Reich, but we don't have a Churchill. Today we have in many cases we have weak leaders, in Europe. We have leaders in Europe who who would much
all the kick the count on the road they do want to confront it. They don't have the courage to physical or moral courage to confront this kind of threat, which brings me to politics, if I may, in your country, Britain, the Labour Party hit by this, carbon, my country, I see the Democrats were lined up to run these, two very scary scenarios. Should the carbon become prime minister, should any these Democrats become. President, then here in Israel. You ve got tremendous prime minister she's me Netanyahu, who am I could conceivably see a time within the next two years. I pray to God I'm wrong where drops out in one of these democratic requirements. If and when I knew I was up,
I could change the face of much of the world. Could not work certainly could in them, but if you look in Britain alone We currently know how close to your listeners follow. British politics are spent not quite close Some of us do in Britain, but why should they but friends of the royal having a baby? That's by far the most important but but actually we're always coming up to come. Days time when we cease to be so important politically in the United States of America. On the fourth of July, when you we agree to leave and- and let you carry on with her we're governing your own country, but We are hoping for for an event of the same type, our selves, because we are not a democratic country anymore. We are, we don't have sovereignty. We are part of the European union and one day I hope so We will have our own independence day. We can celebrate in the same way you celebrate a July, but.
We are currently going through a leadership election in Britain for the conservative party and whoever wins that leadership election will take over Teresa may as Prime minister. The front runner right now is Boris Johnson. I think people are pretty confident he will become the protagonists. He then, whether is good over there is bad and I think, he's pretty good. He then faces the problem of bricks. And again on working to bore you with the complexities of it, but even at Myonians knows about a year ago, and we sit here in disbelief that, british people vote one way and the british parliament can't seem to get the stuff. It's incredible. The British, in the end, the greatest democratic mandate that Britain, the British
It was ever given in any time in a long, long, democratic history, Britain decidedly view, and we have got media. We ve got parliament, we ve got cabinet ministers, we had a prime minister. We still have the same. Prime minister. We have senior civil servants, we ve got heads of all the main. What one, I think might be termed as the swamp in the? U S, the deep state We ve got the heads of all those organizations which are trying their best to overturn that mandate. Forest is proposed, Johnson becomes premises to he has undertaken. He will leave you at the end of October. This year, he's, got a massive struggles to do that massive struggle, but not even talking about the fight. The EU is putting up to try and keep us in which they are that's not by the way, because I love the Brits they don't they hate us. Actually they were to do it's like us, the reason they want to
presented because they want to deter other people from following our path out of the EU but ass? They like tell you what to do, Well of course I do they love it. They love it as we used to love telling you, but now hopefully learn as we learn that there's not going to go on forever. The reality on this issue? Is that it don't go, a certain way over breaks it then there could be a vote of no confidence in parliament against Boris Johnson, which could see a general election, maybe even before the end of this year, and that general election potentially could see carbon. As the prime Minister of Great Britain or the end of two thousand and tell the american people briefly. Actually with like thirty seconds who is carbon Coban is the leader of Labour party in the UK, the socialist parties now marks his party under his control. You you should probably think of omens. In similar terms too
Saunders ease that kind of carriages, poverty, similar sort of age as well and how is it it leads the Labour Party or any party for that its rigour. In which many of us in Britain Many people in the Labour Party a wondering about themselves again it's a complex situation by which he got him, but he went. Succeeded in taking care of the leadership of the Labour Party, he then turned from being a fairly respectable political party, not something everyone would agree with, but a respectable mainstream political body now into being a not job, Anti semitic, hard left marxist organization, which one turn the whole country into a marked estate, we'll be right back then
demand letters from the IRS are hitting the male. Now, if you're back taxes, maybe receiving and when it arrives, your questions, like is a true the arrest and garnish my paycheck. Can the opera down iron fist at healthcare system with a very deceptive name? Likewise, when you hear the term binding arbitration for drug price and don't be fooled, snot, what it sounds like binding arbitration is a cost focused, not care, focused system run by unelected bureaucrats. That's right, they're going to decide what american seniors can get, what they're going to pay, if Medicare will cover it. Medicare eggs,
it's a disaster. The effect will be the permanent and binding price controls. That's what it will be. I ve been warning you about this. Like the European Socialists, healthcare models, binding arbitration will deny patients the latest and best treatments. Imagine the nightmare of having unelected government bureaucrats deny your sick, child or parent the drug that would save them because it was deemed too expensive. Fortunately, Americans have access to the most innovative drugs because up until now, we ve had a relatively free market, but if done my dears, like government set price controls are imposed, we won't binding arbitration. Is drug price controls the same bad idea under another name? Yet the facts go to true health care facts that cop, that's true, healthcare, facts that come true healthcare facts that calm, we're back by
friend retired british colonel rhetoric about. But you love your healthcare system in Britain as from today. What I wanted to ask you something John boldness: coming under a lot of attack from the code, pink Republicans in the hard left in this country. A lot of this propaganda really is pushed out into the west by the Iranians and by and others, the sector's state comes under tat campaign, course the present. How do you think the present and the Secretary of State, our national security adviser doing well? I know John Bolton in particular extremely well and have also met, might compare. I haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting the present, but what you ve got there. I think I would describe in in terms of national security as the dream team, because President Tromp is not afraid of looking at the situation and coming to a conclusion with his advisers conclusions as
what what should be done is not kind of, as as many previous presents have. He doesn't feel locked into the way it always been done. He's not a politician is not a diplomat. He does things his way and I think we are seeing in their the remarkable forty two we saw in North Korea, President Kim you know. We saw an amazing situation. We ve never seen before now what will become of that? None of us knows, but it's it's gonna be the way to go. I think to be bold rather than to try to sit back and be bounced around by relations, that other people determine- and I would say the same of of John Bolton and might Pompey or think that neither of those are afraid to stick their chin food and go into a fight and that's what needed in this world. We spent too long there too many leaders who who want to appease want to be seen to be unduly reasonable,
thou themselves to be shelved around, and I think that has to end and we're looking at a situation in the Middle EAST, for example, where the previous president, President Obama, for some reason the is so hard to fathom essentially handed on a plate, a pathway to a nuclear weapon to IRAN. He pretended it was something different, but it wasn't. He also essentially took sides against the state of Israel, which one of America's greatest allies- and you didn't see anything of that with President Obama, I think, with the kind of threats Rebecca parting with present trump. I think in these kind of threats in the kind of threats,
the states and resolute faces there's only one way to deal with that's confronted and, if necessary, shove it back not to be pushed around by when you don't afghan state. Again, I just want to remind her was the commander of british forces in Afghanistan back in two thousand and three this this, my up, a focus on Bolton, there seems to be a propaganda campaign aimed at him said, suggest to you that is incredibly effective. He is effective and let us not forget where much of this stuff come from. Yes, of course, in the same way as it comes from the left, parts of the right, in fact to Europe. It also comes certainly from the left in the United States, but it doesn't necessarily to start their already there
there are many of our enemies like IRAN, like other, while other countries in the Middle EAST and countries, it won't even hot direct Aramis countries that want to take advantage of us may have an including North Korea, many of them they they they feel clearly uncomfortable by the approach, is being taken by the. U S driven to an extent, at least by John Bolton at the moment, it's them that want to undermine these people. That's where a lot of the propaganda comes from a lot of the tools against and you can bet there are people in IRAN now who are trying to work out exactly how to bring Bolton down and the people in the United States and the people in Europe who who get
Wolden S, but probably unwittingly. In many cases are me instruments in a tool to bring down somebody who is prepared to stick up for the United States of America in the way it should be stuck up for, and I think they don't give. The president credit. The president is gonna, make the final decision- these people are important advisers to present a no question. Having worked in this era, myself boat, both involved in the in the White House, but also more in ten Downing street, the people a call the shots, are the leaders but the advisors are the advisor, but they know where they really standard and is not making decisions. It is trying to persuade the leaders to make the right decisions. It's been a pleasure camp. God bless my friend, thank you for your servers, anchored your country owners well such a programme from Israel. This Monday, I will be back on Wednesday same place, say time again from Israel on returning to the United States over the weekend,
enjoy. The show I know you'll enjoy one day show as well. God bless
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