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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/12/18

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, What do you do when one political party in our country is hungry for power and will do anything for it? Republicans were heckled, disrespected, and ridiculed today for trying to get information from FBI Agent Peter Strzok. Not only did the Democrats obstruct the hearing, but they praised Strzok. This is our Congress holding a public hearing of our government officials that are accountable to us. Gone are the days where Democrats were patriotic and would be appalled by this kind of behavior. There was once a time when the media would be repulsed by the texts that Strzok sent. Despite being condemned by the IG and removed from the Russia investigation by Robert Mueller, Strzok claims he did nothing wrong because his opinions did not bias his work. Then, calling attention to the FBI ethics handbook: employees should avoid even the appearance of bias, a conflict or that they are violating the law. Strzok targeting of the Trump campaign while ignoring the wrongdoings of the Clinton campaign that appears biased. What did Strzok do to stop Russia do from interfering in our election? What did Barack Obama do, or John Brennan? Later, When "We The People" go to court we expect that the judge hearing our case does not have bias or even the appearance of bias so that justice can prevail, the Trump Campaign was not afforded this opportunity. The man who should be testifying today is Obama because Russia attacked our campaign while he was president. What took place at the highest levels of the FBI was an attempt to select the next President of the US and we can't have an effective hearing on this until we the facts from him. Afterwards, Congressman Ron DeSantis calls in to break down today's Peter Strzok hearing and his Q & A.

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