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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/16/20


On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, even though Medicare is going broke, Sen. Bernie Sanders says we should lower the age for Medicare eligibility. Sanders brazenly lies forgetting that Medicare was going to take care of healthcare for poor people, then Obamacare was supposed to fix everything but it didn't, now medicare is the cure-all but it’s not. It's just more massive government regulations. Then, Joe Biden's plan to legalize illegal immigrants, give instant asylum, free education and healthcare will flood the United States beyond capacity and destroy the current way of life. Later, major American cities, run by Democrats have in effect seceded from the country. At first, they were sanctuary cities, however, the Democrats have always been about secession and segregation. Afterward, Jason Whitlock from Outkick.com calls in to explain how America's enemies have infiltrated sports because sports are such a big deal in American culture. Adding that communist China and "the puppet masters" are pulling the strings on professional sports and its players so that they can smear America. Finally, GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy joins the show to announce new legislation to protect American monuments and statues.

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