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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, yesterday we said the President deserved criticism but that's not what he got from the media; he got 'Pearl Harbor'. 'Kristallnacht', and 'Treason'. Trump's critics have gone way further than anything Trump ever said. But if we look back at history, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt sold us out in the Helsinki Accord and his closest advisor Vasili Mitrokhin was a Soviet spy, yet the Democrats love FDR. Ford and Carter also had embarrassing moments with the Kremlin as well. Professor Paul Kengor of Grove City College, weighs in on the historical perspective of the US and Russia. He explains how the Left has always been weak on Russia and sometimes cozy with its communist ideology during the time of the Soviet Union. Also, the Democrats are in no position to criticize Trump, and of course Trump’s actions on Russia stand head and shoulders above Barack Obama's efforts. He’s arming the Ukrainians, which Obama refused to do. The Poles and the Czechs are getting their defense equipment and Patriot missiles, which Obama pulled. Crimea wasn’t annexed when Trump was president. It was annexed when Obama was president. Finally, Fox News Host and Author Judge Jeanine Pirro discusses her new book "Liars, Leakers, and Liberals: The Case Against the Anti-Trump Conspiracy."

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody, Michael around here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one one of the things I do not do here is feed race through events, issues topics we take our time and we go through them This drive some of my colleagues in this business crazy because they don't know what else to do, but that's ok,
Now are you getting bored yet with this? Russia's the beginning, Borgia. You know yesterday show I I provide context contact. I didn't think big. A what the president said in some respects deserve criticism, but he didn't get criticism. He got pearl and criminal and nine eleven he's a train? They said he the trees and they said he should be impeached. He's on American
Does it sound like rational responses to the press conference took place in Helsinki? The president's critics have gone much further than the president. It and today he cried. Five what he was saying? If anybody really believe that, given what tromp has done with Russia that he sold out to Russia. And so we hang on his every syllable, whether it's a tweet or it's, a press conference. And his enemies of the hard left of the never trumpeters, even in the Republican Party, but certainly in the vast majority of media, whether it's there. Stormy, Daniels or whatever it is. They don't let go last week the president
Running apparently, nazi and turning camps and japanese concentration camps, this sick stuff, the over reaction is, slowly much and then there are some conservatives, pseudo conservatives in some cases who think this is the moment to build their credibility, to show that they can criticise Trump and, at the same time, criticized left because their objective analysts, that's ok. I may principle conservative and that's how I come at this. I don't want an objective, analyse this. I know what principles are, and so I look at this in the big scheme of things, and I hear that John Kane God bless him has said this is pretty much the worst isn't it has ever done with the Russians. Now, that's absolutely nuts.
At the bottom of this. Our I'm going Have a friend of mine on the programme, Professor Paul Kingly of Grove City, who is an expert on the cold war. And he is going to explain based on what I read in out the american spectator, the difference between trumps words and what happened in Yalta. Nineteen, forty five, fifty are, and Stalin. And what happened with J F K, Khrushchev, a nineteen sixty one What happened with Ford Amber? Navin the Helsinki accords in nineteen seventy five and Carter Brezhnev in Vienna, big wet kiss a night. In seventy nine. These are real actions, real decisions. It, had real consequences of the law, millions in the case of Yalta and the Helsinki a court in Europe.
After sold out half of Europe, the Stalin one of us Pop advisers was out your hiss. Turns out, he was a soviet spy after yards and loved by the Democrats loved by the media, but they say if you bring this up your diverting diverting. This is called history in context. John Kennedy. The Democrats on every criticised in the media will never criticise them. He himself and nineteen sixty one said that Khrushchev rolled him in their meaning that he looked weak. One thousand nine hundred and seventy five Gerald Ford in Helsinki, with the Helsinki accords, with braves. No thirty five other countries, if Emily recognising the territorial sovereignty of the Soviet Union, which included the captive nations of Eastern Europe Reagan, was furious
about it. This is one of the reasons he decided to challenge for that was for and, if you think. Tromp was slobbering all over potent go back the nineteen seventy nine, when Carter literally kissed rage, nerve in Vienna,. And then, of course, there's Teddy Kennedy, which professor candour has expired. Art and exposed in great detail in nineteen three eighty four conspiring with it: I'm wondered defeat, Ronald Reagan. The Democrats are, in no position to be attacking trot the way their attacking him as a result of the press conference. And then, when you look at what tromp has done visa, be Russia getting apparently you're not supposed to you just post. Look at the press conference. He's having shoulders over. What Obama did he's arming the Ukraine
switch off refused to do the poles and the checks they're getting their defence equipment, their patriot missiles, which open I am appalled, Crimea was an annexed when tromp was president was annex one Obama was President Eastern Ukraine was an occupied. One tromp was president. It was occupy, went, Obama was present and Georgie goes all the way back to George W Bush. If I recollect properly. No balmy vis raining the military trump trying to build it up Trump trying to build up NATO expanding NATO specifically, the Germans doing enormous amount of business would natural gas in the rush it he did it and he was attacked for very, was bowed, but there they facts on diplomatic guy can't win whether with the North Koreans he's pounding.
Low rocket man he's got significant military assets on the korean peninsula. Then we're told it's gonna. Take us Our nuclear war, then, after this with the North Koreans. It's called a seller. The Chinese. Have claimed control over the South China Sea. That is a big deal and they built these phony islands. There building, these phony islands under Obama, who did nothing even worse, even worse,. Obama helped to arm the iranian regime in IRAN in Tehran. That is killed. Hundreds of american soldiers, that is the largest state, sponsored terrorism, a hundred and fifty billion dollars.
Tromp said no one: I do that anymore pulls out he's attack by the very people. The very people in Congress and in the media. Who call him a seller. Now I am not a special pleading for Donald Trump. But I am not a trump hater either. And you look at his actions. You look at his actions. And you need to be rational about this. The people, really over the edge are some of these critics. Many of whom are in the media, using terms that are just so abhorrent abhorrent, repulsive. As a matter of fact,.
The Congo will be on the programme in fifteen minutes. He has a great piece in the american spectre. He says a culture, a pinkos and fellow travellers has been pinkos and fellow travellers has become the new John Birch society. Nancy Pelosi, wake Everyday wondering what the Rusk user up to every single day treated the San Francisco Democrats turn call warrior? I find my of asking what do the Russians, one Donald Trump personally, financially and politically. The answer to that question is The only thing that explains its behaviour and its refusal to stand up, deputed, gene, where's woman, I never knew you were such a rush hawk actually the entirety. The democratic party and the progressive movement was Sabre rattling: Hardliners Obama, CIA,
John Brown and claims that President Trump is wholly in the pocket of Peut during the Cold WAR, John Brennan was wholly free, Gus Hall to be present, the United States and Guess Hall was wholly in the pocket of the Kremlin. In fact, the Kremlin put in the pocket of Gus and is communist Are you essay millions of dollars in illegal subsidies every year, but John Brennan too, Russia hop he's gunning for the rescue Why did you know he voted for gas all? What is it with you and liberals rights kangaroo? You see a bugaboo after years phrase to ridicule, congressmen Martin dies of under every bad, What's next Democrats a resurrection of the House Committee on american activities, maybe Jeanne warders grilling stare prison the tribe white ass. Are you now have you ever been a member of the Communist party? Congresswoman? Have you no shame
a matter of time before Hillary Clinton heads the wheeling waving a list of two hundred five russian spies and the Trump State Department. There's all tell Gunnar Joe Biden to charge drop a conspiracy so immense. This hypocrisy is outrageous, its outrageous that it took charges of russian meddling against Hillary Clinton to finally make progressives give a damn about the just a seat of the Kremlin President Donald Trump at a golden opportunity on Monday, the stair down russian President Vladimir Putin, and tell him in no uncertain terms that Russia's meddling and twenty sixteen election was totally unacceptable and then have anything like it continued going forward. There be a major in Syria, serious penalties to pay fumes Thence Chris Solygia, so let's call it the most shameful stunning moment of the Trump present: hey Butt Head: Chris, that's nothing compared to the shameful funding shooting down of korean airliner, double o seven and support
nineteen, eighty three, whether shameful stunning shooting down a Pope pull the second and May nineteen eighty one merely to totally unacceptable actions committed, while Putin, I've been KGB in the nineteen eighties Ronald Reagan called the Sesar and evil empire for such deadlines and liberals, howled and protest, but those nasty rush. They crossed the line when they went after Hilary Whitehouse bid for for years. The Kremlin has engaged and misinformation murder and mayhem. The russian word for this information. This war mitya. I wrote the forward to a book on the subject: title disinformation by the highest ranking soviet,
active factor, Lieutenant Colonel Murali, peacekeeper liberals never gave a rip about russian agitprop; quite the contrary. They dismissed it as paranoia by red, baiting right wingers. The Russians orchestrated deliberate, active measures, campaigns against the Reagan administration, and yet, when conserve its called attention, despise dupes fellow travellers and agents of influence, liberals ridicule them is Mccarthy. Glad to see that progress is finally care. My response to liberals now seeking my opinion on Russia meddling you're too light. Where were you when we try to get you to pay attention to your hero, TED Kennedy and its secret overtures to the KGB? I suppose you're ready to open Bed pages for me to way and scandalous dossier sitting somewhere in the Kremlin ripe for blackmail. But only if the dossier pertains to Donald Trump. Says. Beginning a year ago, I published in English and Russian
One thousand eighty three KGB document on TED Kennedy. I've also tried to determine if the kremlin- larger Kennedy File and he says nobody cares. Nobody cares A daisy says liberals or spilling lots of ink on Moscow dossiers, but only because the subject is Donald Trump. Reporters at the New York Times and CNN are protect our practically modern day. John virtues in pursuit of the grandest of Moscow. Spirits is today July, twenty eighteen, it took merely one tromp Putin Press conference for an HP reported ass, put into his face fear any compromising material, Donald Trump Foley Report, or to ask a question just once over the course of decades about take Kennedy and the Kennedy family. But for liberals it's now a full blown crusade against the risks they guns Gulags and Yalta, Caitlin and Algeria, here's the rosenbergs, didn't fire them up, but how
has no fury like a Hillary supporter scorned by the Kremlin, I'll be right. Back It wasn't trump who didn't push back for the invasion of Georgia. Wasn't tromp, who fail to push back for the annexation. Crimea wasn't tromp, who failed? back for the invasion of Eastern Ukraine wasn't tribe who feel push back for Russia's criminal shoot down a flight image. Will one seventeen population to Syria, that was, I was Obama, wasn't trumpet Trade, Poland and the Czech rip
What can, by seeking to Russia's demand? Remove you US missile systems. There wasn't, prompt who betrayed the Ukraine by refusing to provide it with defence of weapons. Wasn't trumps administration and approved a transfer twenty percent of american uranium deposits? Potent now the trunk, do what has he done in twenty months dramatically spanish sanctions on russian companies and apparatchiks exe, ending in beefing up NATO massive increase in Europe's defence spending. We storing missile defence is to Poland and the Czech Republic, Turning having armor division to Germany, pre positioning arm brigades to the Baltics. Ending arms embargoes on Ukraine and Georgia, RO bomb imposed on victims of russian aggression.
Ending the ban on oil exports to try and address. The russian economy in a significant way. You know. Conservatives should understand that history is important, that actions are important. World doesn't begin with a press conference and it doesn't end with a press conference. That's what makes us different from the left. And yet some conservatives and pseudo concerns fall for the trap. You can be critical, the president said the president has tried to straighten out what he said yesterday You don't need to lose your mind over it. That the president is a disgrace that the President made a fool of himself, but the president is that the president that not a single life was affected by what the President, it wasn't Yalta It wasn't Ford in Helsinki, nineteen, seventy five, he was conspiring reputed to defeat
another candidate. The way TAT Kennedy could conspired with the Kremlin trying defeat Reagan. He wasn't defending the rosenbergs, like the Democrats did for decades. He wasn't defending Algeria has the way the Democrats did for decades, I'll be right, back my America's passionately, sir? We voice quit that voice now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one! Now that the Democrats and liberals are, as my next guess, Professor Paul Canker points tongue in cheek cold warriors Will they be proposing appropriations for are defensive, says they used to call star wars. You know how about advance missiles.
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Grow city professor Paul can go dear friend. How are you, sir, are gonna, be all right. Well, you ve written a very important piece of the american spectator weeping, communicating back and forth as well. What do you make of this per fossil? Let's taking place? Well, yeah yeah, it's pretty amazing! You know Senator Mccain said that the trumpet and press conference was quote. One of the most disgraceful performances by an american president and memory and Mccain no prior President has ever a base themselves more abjectly before a tyrant, look with where we are with all due respect to Senator Mccain, and I mean that sincerely. But if that's what evil? The euro is knowledge of meetings between American President's in Moscow. Tyrants is apparently pretty limited because
because you can go back to the very first meeting between the president of a tyrant, and that was after yarn, Stalin and then sort of take it on from there But if you ask, are I ever what Trop did were tromp said Admittedly, I didn't like a lot of what he said there, but that doesn't begin to compare to just the extraordinary jawdropping horrific statements that that, after the army, the Stalin and two as advisers about Darwin and meeting after meeting- and
they point to look at actions to professor yet is, and in the case of of f the r I may in the EU. So what every word words and actions both so he was, he was worn by William Bullet who is his spurs them bass it or to the Soviet Union. An envoy on board had actually one point been so pro communist that I mean that the guy Pratt we want to deliver their effective, live there, but bullets met a few years and the Soviet Union and he came back you he was awakened to kind of the deaf stanch of Stalinism and he warned empty are he said he said you, you cannot trust stolen and if they are told him- and this is a direct quote here Mark he said Bill- I dont dispute your facts
you got your reasoning. I just have a hunch that Stalin is not that kind of a man and after Sir, this stolen. I think that if I give him everything I possibly can and ask nothing from him and return noblesse oblige. He won't try to annex anything, and Stalin will work with me for a world of democracy and peace, so you're that that's what Stalin had vanished shocking it shot. It is and you know what professor, if you had I noted that the millions of people listening this programme, including me, would not have known those exact words: did not amazing. You have access to that. The literature the media have no. The dollars and researchers. They have access to that literature and they don't care. That's right and in fact, that that call from William Bullet goes back to life magazine in the nineteen
I mean I've been around for seventy years and I mean it's an amazing statement. If I get Stalin, everything everything. If I give him everything I possibly can and ask nothing Ma Am and return. He won't try to add acts. Anything it don't work with me for a world of democracy. Of these now trot may have made some bad statements and in Helsinki, but he didn't say anything like that: I'm failure that steps should that's absolutely outrageous, and that was that was around eighteen. Forty three, he made after your made similar statements about stolen at the Tehran conference and of nineteen. Forty three, several other conferences, several other meetings. In fact it s after ye are came up with a phrase. The nickname, the term of Endearment uncle Joe forestalling use. Remember tumors Uncle Joe
then even then, and I've skip and a whole bunch of different examples like a given. I could talk for hours about about if the aren't stolen or we only then after all of that finally came Yalta at Yalta. You mentioned it earlier in your first segment that was February nineteen, forty five and that's where. If, if you really want to know when the cold war started, I mean it started February, nineteen, forty five in Yalta, when, when F the yard trusted Stalin, And Stalin, why to him repeatedly over and over and over and over again- and it was so bad mark that, within just days after after after yard got back from your that, he was already telling people made off burly Anna Rosenberg Admiral Bill way.
He was already telling them. You know, Avril Harriman is right. We can't do business with Stalin. He's already broken every one of the promises that he made in in a letter to Stalin April fool's day in eighteen, forty, five f, the are actually wrote to the the the abject tyrant speaking of abject tyrants, and he said I cannot conceal from you the concern with which I view the development of events of mutual interest since our fruitful meeting at Yalta. So he already knew that. Was being betrayed and within a bow not even to four weeks after after F the Arbour thou letter to stolen, he died and left the whole ugly, sorry mass over to Harry Truman and the appalling be damned ballgame,
EAST Germany Czechoslovakia, Hungary, all of those countries that Stalin promise that the army would hold free and fair elections all of em in each and every single one of em communist dictators. Control by the Soviet Union were established, sell serve jobs. Again, I guess John Mccain's wrong. Then oh yeah yeah I mean is his history here- is well I'm asking why only vague it with them they apply the same terms after trader treasonous on American, like Christy, like Pearl Harbor, like nine eleven with ever say that about after not fact, if they could, they put the biggest latter, they could possibly get and start chiseling. I'm an amount, Rushmore I mean they are they absolutely love? Him is considered one of their favourite president's. I mean really of any any liberals ranking of their all time favour press safety are usually number one in the professor
during the Reagan administration, when he was taking on the service in trying to defeat the Soviet in trying to build up our nuclear systems are a mid range.
Stems are defence systems who tried to stand in his way, yet exactly whether it was a liberal democrat- and you had mentioned earlier ass, the eyes star wars that phrase star wars was created march. Twenty fourth, nineteen, eighty three- and I know that date because the knight of the S, the ice speech by Ronald Reagan was March, twenty third nineteen, eighty three and that speech terrify the Soviet Union and then the very next morning I mean I know who was twelve hours later, Bark Senator TED Kennedy trotted out to the Senate for and made fun of SD. I relay able to not the Strategic Defence initiative, but star wars and made fun of Ronald Reagan. Viewed Darth, Vader, imagery and silly star wars, schemes and wet when he did that, and I
friends of mine, my friend her Meyer, who worked for Bill Casey at the CIA, told me he said Reagan gave that speech and it was like a silver bullet to the Soviet Union. He said I could see it overnight and all the different intelligence it was coming across the wire and what was coming out of Moscow and just as I'm reading this and seeing how the soviets are apoplectic here comes TED Kennedy on my radio ridiculing ass, the eye a star wars add- and I could tell you mark after that, It was hard to find an article and prompt, or is it s the or any of the soviet media organs where they didn't ridicule ass? The eye is star wars. Maybe they picked up that label right away and then guys, like Senator Kennedy and the liberal Democrats refused to funded, they refused to fund the Strategic Defence initiative, but by Oh that's, apparently change marker these. They seem to be called war hawks Melema. Let me use the equation provision with a few minutes
like the hold you over to the next shorter segment shore and it's this when I get into history like this are you're getting into history. We try to provide context and perspective to issues like what took place in house the other day itself. That you- and I were just trying to divert attention- are we we need diverge attention. Are we trying to put things in perspective? Neither were I really feel we're doing a service here by offering historical perspective, and I mean you and you and I both what you would would admit, what we'd all like the things that we don't like about, what tromp said and what he did. But but you charge is like trees and in trade area.
I mean that sure. That's just absolutely ridiculous and give you another example of we have a minute or two right now, but but President John F Kennedy when he was a meeting with Khrushchev in Vienna in June nineteen sixty one and Kennedy told James Scotty Rest and of the New York Times it they're Khrushchev quote beat the hell out of me quote: it was the worst thing in my life. He savage me. Those were kennedys, exact words and then, within just weeks that I remember the day June. Eighteen sixty one by August, the sixty one, the Soviets were building a wall in Berlin. They were shipping, miss,
off to Cuba. That was a disastrous summit meeting between an american president. Serbia, we are in the first two would have admitted that was Kennedy, so you did too to think they would tromp did yesterday was somehow far worse and unprecedented and worse than anything, any previous president did that complete nonsense. Right even talk about Carter and Gerald Ford, I really we get those as well, and so what do you make of the hysteria? As a result of this press conference, I mean you can have rash. Our criticism and I've done it myself. You ve done it here and so forth. What do you make of the almost insane reaction to this while its poetical, it's obviously political and ideological? It lacks historical contacts and, frankly, I am not surprised by it.
Coming from a bunch of liberal people during the cold war who have never been strong and the Russians in the end, the Soviets prior to that and now the sun. They wanna be rush, turn into your masters. Looking for now, suddenly you got polo and and and Job Brenda. We were looking for a red under every bad right for thirty or forty years time, anybody on the republic inside called the below the Hollywood ten to testify to Washington for their communist activities, affect every single member of a Hollywood tat. All ten out of ten were communist party. Usa members, we had all other five, the Fidgit Cp Usa numbers when they testified before
written all over nineteen, forty seven so so the other swore avoiding over the stolen Soviet Union, but any time that we try to point that stuff out they made fun of US days is that we were paranoid, Mccarthy eyes now, all of a sudden there, thereby there like John Burgers, practically Nancy Policy and People on the left right, professor hold just for a moment. Please, if you will, let me right her pressure Paul Candour row city, wonderful, wonderful college Democrats fought the Strategic Defence initiative, the purpose of which was to protect our country from the Soviet. The Democrats opposed.
Two missiles either were putting Europe to modernize, Miss missile system. To put pressure on the soviets. The Democrats fought Ronald Reagan every step of the way, as he rejected detente. And saw a victory, and I also remember the movie that came out. It was a documentary or whatever they called it on tv about the the after effects, of a nuclear war trying to pile up rag and read and write. And now your point is how Lakota Democrats have flipped luckily seize on what Trump said a misstep, a verbal misstep, if you buy Does anybody really believe, Professor, that Donald Trump is gonna, somehow surrender, some aspect of american National Security to Putin. Is there any evidence of that whatsoever? Well, at our paper. We,
that are not there, but really what's animating. All of this mark among the Democrats is the fact that the twenty sixth Hanover action resolve. That's what it comes down to it. So if it turns out that the Russians were in fact meddling in the twenty sixth election and frankly, they probably were because that's the kind of thing that the Russians do you guys like me, and you have been told that the liberals for a long time right really get eighty of these guys. Do this information. The russian word is dead in format, see I they are. They had a department of agitation and propaganda. This is what they do, but but well would be Old of all things, not until the Russians hurt Hilary in twenty. Sixteen to the liberals and Democrats finally get worked up about. The risky is right about now of a sudden Russia, I've never seen anything like it. Am I right now I've got liberals email me
suddenly Aouda. What wanting to hear about how bad the Russians are? Oh, my dear, where, where were you when we're you're in the nineteen eighty. Where were you in the nineteenth century is where you and I Sarah undermining Reagan, that's where they were now. Also, professor. What's interesting to me here also is even now trump. To fight the left in order to fund our military? The Democrats with all the hearings and all the investigations do not want to investigate the Obama administration, failure to effectively engaged II, the Russians who were injured, with the election, it's rather perverse that Donald Trump and they will
for other under investigation when they're really the victims are not what that's that's exactly right. Am I may look it's it's also a very good question here to Margo. If hub, if they did metal, they did try to influence the election. Did they actually influence it? Right I mean so a lot of, what's going on would be there trying to took place things and social media there trying to place things in mainstream media and for the record data that, throughout the nineteen, seventeen and eighteen eighty is as well that the Soviets, the KGB without Vladimir Putin worked for than eighteen eighty, they call those active measures. I may that that that was the title for the end. You, professor, we one minute. I remember the day when they saw hated american intelligence like the CIA. They formed a committee called the church coming, That's right, which essentially made at least
period of time this year was utterly impotent. As a result, that's exactly right. Remember: people like broad dialogue than others mark and the way the seventies and eighties talk about dismantling the intelligence community, brick by brick, but yeah. Now that that they're, a bunch of little J Edgar Hoover, professor park. Thank God, you're, superb I appreciate it every time you come on, you give us some historical reality here, bless. You, sir, will be right back. Now run only underground boughs of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number
eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three thousand eight hundred and thirteen eight hundred and eleven. I will be on Hannity on Fox tonight. Nine hundred and thirty p dot m. Eastern, six and thirty p pacific time discussing this topic. This topic sure you are method, I see one of the most pernicious things that has occurred in the last about two here- is the unleashing of this special counsel against the president under the phoney, Russia Collusion Labour and the Democrats and these investigators and these prosecutors. Have taken this issue and have done everything they can to degrade mean upset,
undermine and ultimately defeat. This precedent, I don't think, there's any about that anymore, and I remember back in March twenty seventeen when I brought up this espionage stuff. I remember how I was attacked very few friends, so called came to my defence. And yet the vast majority. What I pieced together from newspaper articles was true. But the media deny their own writings than media either on reporting they genuflect because they realised what was being exposed. We still haven't gotten to the bottom of an masking fire intelligence agency and mice. The praise, the senior peep on our intelligence agencies. When
masking was taking place and we still want no really the false. While the Democrats now that they understand how dangerous Putin and the Russians are, they now support the expansion of the Strategic Defence Initiative course they walk because her Well, the Democrats now that they understand how dangerous Putin and the Russians are they now for the expansion of the Strategic Defence initiative course, they walk because you're Fulla crap. How about the modernization of our nuclear inventory the way the Russians have in violation of salt? Whatever number it was well, they suffer. But no they always oppose that they will oppose that. So as dangerous as Putin and the Russians. Are we talk about that repeatedly on this programme? Democrats, don't really want to do anything in a significant way to address it. Instead,
well spent days and days on the press conference. The way we spent weeks and weeks on Stormy, Daniel. Then we will have some self serving conservatives and pseudo conservatives in the media, who will beat them pat themselves on the back and beat their chests about how objective they are about all this By piling on Trump knots simply criticising him for things he said and I got out of sorts, and so now, by piling on that, it is the worst thing never heard the worst thing. I've ever seen. What are they raise like veal? Are they out of their minds? That's why I talk about history. That's why provide perspective. It's called clarity, clarity, Clare,
any monkey can look of what goes on and beat the pots and pans about what's going on right in front of their face, but it takes people who can think for themselves, like you in my but my beloved audience to step back and look at this and give clarity. Some perspective. Brok Obama never got this treatment, while one tribe, Morocco, Mama we're talking about a prompt action on an excuse. This making an excuse. It's a fact. Why would you rejected? Why would you ignore information? It is that now brought Burma today was where was it South South Africa, which is her rhythmically dangerous country? Now we're whites are being brutalize.
And. Media slobbering all over him, they're, not criticizing him for some of his outrageous statements. I hope you saw that shall be steel programme. Nine on Fox on Life Liberty in Libya and I'm not going to redo the whole programme here. I hope you saw because Obama is the perfect example what he was talking about. Here's what Obama said: I'm not going to spend The two hours on Russia will take some your cause, but I mean also there to say. Here's Obama in Hannah, sparing South Africa today cut fifteen, go the fact that the world's most ass, successful societies, but one
The high living standards and the highest levels of satisfaction among the people happened to be those which are most closely approximated. The liberal progressive ideal that we talk about and nurtured the talents and contributions of all their citizens. The fact that authoritarian governments have been shown time and time again. Excuse me. Excuse me, add junker law. Professor progressive vision is a tributary from Marxism authoritarianism.
Like Obama carries and authoritarian law, like your fear, when you are president authoritarian, you have a backwards address, professor from Chicago University. Should you have a backward you see, in spite, in spite of decades, of dislocation from progressive, is. Capitalist republicanism have still succeeded in creating the most viable. Successful societies on the face of the earth. Progressive ISM doesn't create anything except poverty, except ought autocracy go ahead.
Because they're not accountable, we don't need lectures about dictatorships from him were well aware of it As I recall, he cosy up to more dictators and than anybody else, and he never got the Trump treatment Raoul past row you have a dab, Who in Tehran you you name it you name, it cut. Sixteen go politics of fear. Amazon retrenchment began to appear, and I gotta politics is now on the move, thought a move at a pace that would have framed unimaginable just a few years ago. What the hell is he talking about What are you talking about politics of fear and resentment? Is that the deaf, mission of Progressive is the palate to fear and resentment Balkan ASEAN
in tribal zation, the lack of assent assimilation based on race, religion based on income based on age. That, with the progressive stand for, of course, it is. Fear and resentment retrenchment go ahead being alarmist. I'm simply stating the vets look around strong men, politics or sudden suddenly. What our strong man, politics ascended, the suddenly. What does he think he was? I know I speak the truth. What does he think he was? He lost probably the last mid term elections, and what did he say? The vast majority, the Americans didn't vote, not continue to do what I think is. He rejects election
Unless he went ahead, some pretence of democracy are maintained, the form of it But those in policy to undermine every institution or norm but gives democracy so is attacking tramp in the tens of millions of people, voted for We are the ones who defend the institutions of republicanism unconstitutional, as they are the ones who attacked them. We are the ones who defend Unalienable individual rights they attack them. We are the ones who defend natural law and the true meaning of liberty. They attack them and that's what Obama did And the media love him for it:
cut a MR producer go ahead. Unfortunately, too much politics today seems to reject the very concept of objective people, just stop up now. It's just stop right there. That again, is Second definition of progressive ISM, because Progressive ISM is not only in so many respects, immoral and unnatural. It requires an iron fist, they gets bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger, and it is bill. A pile of lies, Marxism, is built on a pile of lies, Hegel, ISM is built on a pile of lie, so is progressive, is he lied about Obamacare. He had to lie about Obamacare. He tells me yeah yeah, the President of Russia, Putin
can pick president in twenty twelve. You no wait till the elections are over. I have more flexibility. They have secret. Ideals and they ran India, which were disastrous. Absolutely the disastrous objective truth: this man, no objective truth if had hit him in the nose guy had its day, just myself up, we see it in the growth of state sponsored propaganda. We see it in internet driven publications. We see it in the wording of lies between news and entertainment. We see the loss of shame. Mom political leaders were caught in a lie and they has doubled in the last year? I you want to keep you doctor. You keep your doc, you wanna keep your insurance. You keep your church and manufacture.
Average family will see a twenty five hundred dollar reduction in their premiums. Did you did you go ahead shut up. You know what I'm so glad you're, not the limelight anymore. You have no idea my mind brains are all gone now, we'll be right back noticing self serving bizarre speed.
South Africa Obama doesn't talk about his failure to do anything effect to address the russian Interference with the election and twenty fifteen and twenty sixteen he's the commander in chief them. Nothing fact he tells us cyber security folks to stand down, what exactly did Obama due to confront the Russians? What actually did John Brennan do. The CIA directive Since I need to circle back John Brennan, why would Barack Obama choose a man who is a left us? Who is a partisan hack who was relatively stupid any voted for communists to be the head of the CIA
the great piece in the american spectator by George Numa? He says Brennan is trumpet do but Brennan actually was one for the Soviets. John Brennan's antitrust tweets grow, more more maniacal latest tweet Holes, Donald Trump's, Russia, diplomacy in Helsinki rise an exceeds the threshold of high crimes and misdemeanours was nothing short of treasonous that those people all they need to know about. The unseriousness of the left's impeachment, DR, not to mention, expose once again the demented malice behind the Obama administration, spying on the trunk campaign. The hinged criticism is also hilariously rich. Given that John Brennan, who supported the soul, controlled. American Communist Party meets the text. Definition of a useful idiot for the Russians at the height of the car or he was rooting for the Red Cross. This vote in nineteen. Seventy six four Gus Hall, the amount
communist parties, presidential candidate. If anyone is a day at serving as a dupe for the Russians? It is John Brennan. To paraphrase John Kerry, for them before he was against what changed. How come support the Soviet Union even to born of voting for one of its puppets. But then hysterically denounced diplomacy, tore Putin's Russia, Answer lies in Russia, shutting of Communism Brennan, who refuse to take his oath as CIA director on the Bible, Missis the days of atheistic marxism and fears, Revival of a christian Russia Brennan. Why walking the halls of the CIA festooned with algae BT, buttons, who ran who ran to colleagues about Putin's refusal to allow gay pride parades and Moscow Brennan deplored Reagan's description of the Soviet Union isn't even on empire. Joined other left. This in demanding that pursue detente with Marxists thugs, who make potent look like a piker.
Where Russia still collectivist. It would be using, is twitter account, which boasts a belief in the collective future, quite unquote, Praise not trash diplomatic gestures. Anybody familiar with John Brennan's Pass D rights, which includes not supporting the evil empire, the Soviets, but also the empire, radical Islam time is Obama see I director was marked by apologetically for the thugs of them. Some brotherhood, ludicrous I'm still sanitized the concept of Jihad and non stop Christmas. The outrage about the Trump potent meeting as empty noise generated by the America last crowd to heard an american first president. I won't work from Hilary to pull. Platform is a measure of its own lack of seriousness and absurdly sudden hawkish minus the outrage about Tromp potent meeting as empty noise generated by the America last crowd to heard an American. As president. I won't work from Heller,
De Palacio, Brennan there, the little lefties who cried wolf after decades of feeding wolves. Credibility is near. Their council is a mature and reckless. Now they work. Prompts comments imbecilities wholly in the pocket, a potent gas Brennan Republic patriots. Where are you other the members of the resistance and reflective trumpeters. No one takes these juvenile smear seriously. It is you. To see these self proclaimed adults hazing trump for not being like a childish hotbed of another prayers, we're prioritizing peace over retaliatory tit for tat? They would praise him, but since then pharmacies coming from trap, it has to be treasonous. Brennan isn't just throwing stones from his glass house, but boulders. He wants Then he feared his support for soviet stooge. Goshawk threaten his entry. Under the CIA and nineteen eighty, this like a wild satirical parity, but it isn't a dupe
Soviet Union rises to the top of the CIA uses. This position to show for islamic radicals eggs behind spying on the trunk campaign that Lee. The CIA only to resume the radicalization of his youth calling the civil for civil disobedience and the overthrow of a duly elected president Brennan, jointly expertise on treachery comes from his own. That's called trumpet Brennan actually was one for the Soviets. George, no Meyer, american Spectator. I'll, be right back in a world where they go abroad. Potholes these truck full of hot constitutional asphalt mark within
I am now hurried, seven, seven, three, eight one for aid what one it's funny when Trump kiss me one Obama talks about the true in Seville any and all s notice he never talks about his media. France he'll talk generically, but on average, about CNN Nbc or ABC or CBS, he helped trigger that's the word he helped trigger what's taking place today. These steps back and enjoys his handiwork No secret that I love my Casper mattress. Their engineers have done marvellous job, creating an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience. Made falling in bed a whole new experience, get it aspirin you'll understand whites, not just my favorite mattress, it's the internet to Casper's. Three unique mattresses to help you Cole uncomfortably around
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and taken a call. Yet, sir, I think I will let us go to day. Warsaw Wisconsin the Great W essay you go ahead, marked first time collar faithful listener. Thank you for all. You do for liberty. Ninety clarify things I am so frustrated. One of the companies conqueror madmen shows that deplete not guilty. As for discovery request, and rather than comply with that and move forward, he dropped the case by sitting. His mother indictment of the several russian companies for election battling to his surprise one of the companies Concord Madame. It shows that the play not guilty ask for discovery request and rather than with that in mind, for he dropped the case by sitting over the day, o J Camera intelligent division. Just words can be negative light of day now lie
Four trump. I wonder when by you when I went underscore your point also, if in sack these twelve, Russians who were indicted on Friday, and I'm no reason to dispute are right. Our intelligence officers or military officers tied to the russian state then that would involve Putin's, wouldn't it. So I didn't, they die What MR tough guy, mother and deputed I'm quite years about this, they talk about Trump. Tougher impudent staining ten feet from amino pointers for wagging his finger. Animal lecturing events over than saw ok great. If we have the goods on Russia, why not in dispute into other thing about how silly that is its one thing for the press. To say what he said, which was a mistake in my view, but quite another. They say he should sit there and really pound Putin's. What why
Would you agree to meet with viewed and spend two hours repute and only to go at a press conference and then cannot a blow it up. Why would you I don't even understand that. Do you know I don't understand it at all. If you're gonna meet with him you're not meeting with them to make a public spectacle out of it. Although I dont me with him anyway go ahead. Well, I thought it might be a good idea for tropical I didn't say that mowers one has been solved on Russia. The man that he take a hard line and immediately and aggressively prosecute this case against that Concord management. I don't think it's a bad idea, but I also think the matter what Trupp says they don't really care. Yeah mower has It may be able to keep something in mind. They were all against call me. The accused, thrown the election. A Trump they wanted. His head trump fires commie than they
mediately Rivers course commies angelic trumps triangle, drug justice, trumps trying to cover up for his collusion with the Russians. So, it won't matter what Trump says in terms of those people through its smaller it wasted a year more time in May as attacks. There's dollars and he has no tangible results to show for it, Let me prove your point, because the Democrats and those pseudo conservatives on tv and radio liked to say look at all the indictments. He has first of all,. These russian indictments are going nowhere and if their, to be indictments, they would have been handled by main justice. Not by U S attorney's office. That's why he dumped those shall cases after the camera, agents national security wing of the just department, which I know a lot about? I used to work at the Justice Department. That's number one number two all these charges against men have absolutely nothing to do with Russia collusion or anything else it
thing: any United States, attorney's office could have handled and, I might say, didn't handle, The FBI director could have handled in one Mahler was up the director when much of this was going on in terms of their allegations. They didn't do anything so you need a special council for that either in terms of of General Flynn he was set up. It was set up by Peter Stroke and Mahler. It's a disgrace that's a disgrace, it still a disgrace, and I call disgrace. The minute had happened while all the backbone when I'm sure they're a scratch in their heads? What position should I take it? look at the little guppies out their false statement, one charge or false statement of this guy one charge from false Damon do another guy, Mickey Mouse stuff, so you're, actually quite right. I David thank you for your car. Jeff Greensborough North Carolina on the mark. Levant go mark, it's an honor people. You, sir, you for all you do and first off I'd just like to say that we draw
importers awaiting with him one hundred percent and we are immovable objects and we're not trigger by the nonsense in Helsinki and we're not fooled. We know trump. All I was in this country. This is without a doubt. The mainstream media. Think they're gonna disconnect us from president very wrong laid out there not aiming this. You ok well on listen. Their aiming there are some people who voted for Trump, better, not forever trump you understand what I mean Do you understand what you mean, but I dont think that even gonna work, because I think there are pushing people so far. Or its trump. Oh you look. Can this islands and other other folks that have just what their dump the walk away movement they ve had it They are moving them. There I hope, you're right. I really do I think I read somewhere and I don't remember where we may was washing examiner,
Hardly a left wing newspaper that the Democrats have registered. Listen to this trend million more people than the Republicans. That is absolutely absurd that it's not absurd. It better grab your attention registered twelve million more than that, Mr Produce. Can you find that article? You remember that article, let's see if we can find that article yeah I need to be slap, we're reality. This is about this. Isn't a cake walk this album idle in the mid term elections, and let me tell you about mid term elections. The Democrats, in the house if they win the mid term elections. Snarly, that's impeach Trump they're gonna be thrown subpoenas in every direction and they'll enforce their damn subpoenas, unlike the Republicans, it'll be a nightmare, my god, oh my god,
don't question about that. Maybe they will push forward. I don't even want to get into that mark that mean that not a nightmare I understand exactly what you're saying, but by the who usually steam Friday. The thirteenth chess move when he came out with the indictment, was nothing more than to set up no one situation, a zero sum game so that when from that the Helsinki the day he would have to address this issue, and I agree with everything that president trumpeted, he Didn'T- down there, because the key word is said: well, Iceland, Selina Selina, I'm not into a cold a personnel I'm just I've never been that way. I never will be that way, and there were other things the president could say. So I don't think that's the ground. We find
I think the ground we fight on is how overblown this is and how ridiculous it is now can I can. I cite that the call to you that I mentioned about the twelve million registered voters. You want to hear that since the Washington examiner dammit. I told a massive voter. It states that require party registering a gap of twelve million. They could be key to others, party takes control the house and send it in the form mid term congressional elections according to a new analysis overall, forty percent of voters and thirty one party registration states, her Democrats, twenty nine percent of Republicans, twenty eight percent or independence? The states includes the key battles over how seed such as California, New York, Florida in Pennsylvania, you can't this wave your hand? So what's the big deal, it is a big deal and something we have be concerned about and you get
the Irish Sea and the state parties get their act together and get some people registry. Are I my friend, excellent call. I appreciate it. Let's see what else is going on here. Let us go Michael Wes Palm Beach flood of the great W Jane no home, o Brien man. My brother, there go right ahead, Michael, go! How are you, doing what very well. Thank you get in here movement, has been appointed contention for me. A basically showed the election radical workers there so fears about election integrity, but they're bound by something that I actually do anything to solve the issue that you can even one people do the path any border registration refuting in it are greatest or even on constitutional, which is an ironic and selected love, I guess the constitution.
While her on this is a very, very important point. You raised. So, on the one hand they talk about the integrity of the vote. On the other hand, if they think They can get away with that. They really don't believe in the integrity of the vote, this a very, very important point. No, actually I agree, and I think that this is one Harold the illegal immigration trained in so many ways they wanted to continue so it can be knocked and they can continue to make it an issue. A few basically Give it a throughout his entire president I believe also the reason I want to vote loyal cleaned up if he carpet Lockheed that make awaited Supreme Court were level courtship because they believe that they got I'm talking illegal immigrants. How are you feeling there? You know honored by voting for them I mean, I think, that one of the greatest forms of foreign interference that metal even catch mention,
now. I Michael, I think your general point is an excellent point in terms of the the cleaning the voter arose because people might be a register in four different states having moved from one state to the other. Removing themselves from my particular a list of voters. Our people who have to homes voting in one state and the other I mean all this has gone on in every effort to try and clean the supper is blocked by the left, and the Democrats is exactly right. So much from our integrity. By the way, then push out there. For universal basic income. Obama talked about it today. The democratic they they feed themselves the information they go online and they say: ok, how else can we scrap the countryside? analyze, government and redistribute the wealth and empower ourselves. I've got one first, free education, free health care, Free Food, free housing, free clothing and now
a universal basic income Everybody should have a basic again. You know it's been a while, since I've spoken about in Primus Nations largest publication of conservative thought, push by hills. The college in print it is always outstanding and always free. I really want you to read this month's Adele, It features vice president, my pencil message: they Hills, Dell's, graduating class to message. Will teach you challenge you and inspire you and you need to read it three point. Eight, Americans receiving Primus Free every month, including me and those folks. Here there issues on average with two other people. That means
Levin million Americans will read this important speech by our terrific vice president. You should be one of them. His words how ground you in the teachings and traditions that are our greatest inheritance as Americans, the same teachings and traditions that are the Shores foundation of a boundless american future every month and primacy quips you to defend and promote the principles of law of civil and religious freedom and our american heritage visit Lavigne Hills, Delta, combat L, Evie, I an from helstone dot com to get your free subscription, starting with this inspiring speech by Vice President Pence, that's Levine for hills, they'll, dotcom, dont, forget. Nine. Thirty pm eastern six. Thirty he and Pacific. I will on Hannity on the Fox NEWS Channel talking about Russia at all. So ever
Talk about in this country. Isn't it that in Stormy Daniels, I think- and I hope you join us, don't miss it. I guarantee it's gonna be worth it. Let us go to Steve far to New Mexico the Great K e in and go. I remarked here on Farming Canyon extra. Now let us thank you, Sir, on the very very excited we talk here. Thank you are going my father's death agony and I will tell him of course clear that my feeling is why President Trump method with the key of the power the clouds the buy anything. Does he not? Am I correct in that he does? Well, then why doesn't he go out and go directly to the deal? J M? I'll. Tell you why in the president's being responsible? That's why? Because he cannot know personally,
what information in those thousands and thousands of pages of documents and emails and texts really should be classified. Sovereign means, don't have or might in fact be enough to date of related- and I don't mean to Mahler, but I mean some other matter- that's going on out there here it set all the time, including by federal, prosecutes. Why? Why doesn't he just do this and do that? While we know why, because he was, to be responsible about it, and so here Thank does he get any credit for that sleep now has either here were the Russia investigation. Now, for all the talk he hasn't done. Anything. Throughout this outrageous activity. That's going on nothing! Our I'd stay
Give me a call, my friend, John Regional Beach, Regina Access Satellite go yes, Sir, that takes a thick Mccall mark. I didn't boarding the regarding the russian meddling in the election. You stop, the spread of misinformation is possible and our constitutes a real public and also I wanted to ask you: what is the difference between misinformation and the law while the first point, can you stop all misinformation, the answers now at the Tripoli. You going to stop it in a free country. You can't So in some ways this is this is peculiar. You can. AG whose doing those are the russian software then saw, but we want to allow our government allow people like Mahler and rose and stained the control, the internet, as as an example which would be a disaster
They can control it completely. I mean that's what the Chinese do and that's what the Russians do. What's that since we misinformation Alai, while I think mentally there's, not a lotta difference, because, according to thought, misinformation and we're gonna thought why how in the world are you gonna, start wise? You make a good point, but you know I'm not exactly sure how you do it, even as I say, even if it's an iron fist at police state, they can't stop at all. We don't want, then, anyway, look Russians have been doing this for a long time. The Chinese, I ve been doing it. The Iranians and the North Koreans have been doing it. This is no excuses is a fact and in fact we ve done. I've heard people say we do this to promote democracy? What we normally do, but in Morocco in case. We did it to thwart democracy in it three called Israel. Again, he's never been held to account for that
I'll, be right back now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader anybody marketing year, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one play, say I'll, be on Hannity tonight on the Fox NEWS Channel, nine hundred and thirty p dot m Eastern six hundred and thirty p dot M Pacific. I'm sure you don't want to miss that
There's somebody named GEO Wine banks claims to be a former Watergate prosecutor. She may be a former Watergate prosecutor, but she's a present day. Not Hence she was on my cell s day. Yesterday, I want you to listen to this woman. This is why you hate the media, because the media are not about freedom of the press there about advancing the left's agenda, by hook or by Crook Jill wine banks. A nobody.
Got nine go, the president's is taking the side of the people who attacked us instead of trying to get, we lose it. While I was a good one, what's Anko anyway, our Anko bailed out is it still broken already is getting the cut Do we have it now, or should I dance and sing? I gotta give me a minute anyway, so Jill wine banks for former Watergate prosecutor, she's, ok, we gotta go. The president is taking the side of the people who attacked us. Instead of trying to prevent a future tat, he has done nothing to make sure that the
for months away, can't going we develop a second, we stop. The Russians attacked us through cyber warfare. I agree with that. The commander in chief of the time was Barack Obama. Is this forward? a prosecutor, such a complete knucklehead, that she doesn't know that a course not. She purposely deceives. We attacked on Barack Obama's watch. And he's running around in South Africa told us about the great wonders of progressive as Mina like Venezuela. Nicaragua you, whatever go ahead is for months away, are going to be safe I would say that his performance today will live in for me as much as the pearl, harbor attack or kristallnacht, and it's really
Syria, so so she should be getting a hook and never appear on tv again. The Pearl harbor attack, which killed almost three thousand of our men and women and launched for us where war too and kristallnacht the beginning of the Holocaust. That's what she compares the press conference to this is a very sick. In my humble opinion, she's got a sponge. Forebrain MSNBC gives her voice. That's why I call this pseudo journalism, pseudo media, snap, media of any kind.
Now I have a little montage for you, thanks to news busters over their them, our sea of CNN and MSNBC, as they see the apocalypse as a result of true, you notice the further away we get from this, the more outrageous the critic seem. I don't mean the legitimate criticism I mean the over. The top insanity cut seven, parliament was onstage left in Helsinki, alongside the President of the United States, who had nothing the warm words for the time that they spend together. I have to say, I'm sick to my stomach. I'm really feeling nauseous storm jobs. Man we're here in words like I feel sick. This is frightening, calling it
many said shocking stunning genuinely stunning wing is going believe about on a shooting. Just astonishing is launching its more bringing nations time for Americans to be out on the street. People protesting the streets every day in the seventies lies not happening. When shall we say we cannot decide as an american citizen. I just think today just incredibly deplores moment in our time. Free as an American Is this a new low should have just Campbell appreciated. With us on what has been really difficult day for four Ashley Judd up you more on their way Jane. She Caskey wasn't her husband indicted or something Democratic Illinois, and where did they find?
her, whether they found her somewhere, they put her on tv, oh at a press conference today cut thirteen I also want to thank John Runnin, former head of the CIA and he used a word that is starting to pop up now, and that word is treason. I use first of all it do. You think the president should be executed to capital offence treason these people taken seriously. I think they are. Go ahead, but I made, I think you re you realize if we, if we had no constitution and due process and all the right rest, these leftist now will be
Dragging Donald Trump through the street like any third world dictatorship, they would that's what they would be doing right now, go ahead, confidence and at borders on treason and guess what the responses were. They said. What do you mean borders on treason, those that's the kind of feedback I got from people who looked at what I was what I was saying. We have reached a number of inflection points points when we thought something now was going to happen with the act as a result of the actions of the president of the United States. What actions of the president of the United States you talking, well what actions of the president of the United States to turn him. What actions? What actions are treasonous? I want to know of the presently Eliza. What has he done? That's treasonous! Nothing.
By the way why she slurring your speech that early in the morning whether what is it happy hour up their own capital here on the democratic caucus, is their free pop in the A crack carcass another into that to go ahead if we in the United States Congress, let this moment go by without anything being done about it. These are the same clowns who defended the Rosenbergs Algeria, Hiss. Teddy Kennedy and nineteen eighty three, eighty four colluding with the Russians against Reagan. These are the same idiots that oppose the defences against mutual assured destruction. To protect us against soviet nuclear missiles, the same They had to oppose the the Persian to which we placed in Europe
in order to modernize our nuclear amid the mid distance nuclear missiles in order to break the law, Soviet Union, these are the same idiots who really killed Ronald Reagan. Ronald Reagan, her first entire life fought, the Soviet fought the communists. Where there is presently the screen, actor guilder, presently United States and they hated now, of course, they're tough. I think we should put them to the test MR producer and all relevant sites out there. I think we should double spending on the Strategic Defence initiative and see if the Democrats will vote for it for the first time ever ever go ahead.
And all of us, because when the president of the United Ash shut up you moron, ok, we have John Brennan himself, John Brennan and nineteen. Seventy six as you know, but you can ever said enough, voted for gas hall. The communist running for president of the Communist Party, USA, funded by the Soviets, John Brown, and voted for him. Nineteen. Seventy six. He was an adult when, when but it really should they kind of disqualify. You from running the CIA fact shouldn't that disqualify you from running the french fry cooker out at Mcdonalds, fourteen go for good on the coast to stand up for women and men of the entire community and those who are going to be silent in this administration are complicit implicit with were complicit with what you did nothing to stop the Russians. You fool
You helped arm the Iranians, you, for you did nothing the Chinese in the south, China see you for unanimously the North Koreans clown. You open your arms. Why d Raoul Castro you Idiot Guy, had they need be able to speak out very strongly by what Mr Crampton yesterday was to betray the women and men of the FBI, the CIA, and I actually he Didn'T- betray anybody. You did you clown She did with the CIA. What you fools did with the FBI and even more you, but pray the american people, you ve betrayed the american people. This jerk ever get to see. I have I, how did he get confirm whether the Republicans wow hey, we're gonna, buy borders and Zeb around while stop believing bi partisanship around here now. There's somebody called Aaron Burnett on CNN. Mostly, you don't know who how she is, but
on CNN Cheat, they actually gave her a show, and she apparent lied about Michael Anton who was a former National Security Council, a spokesman for President Trump. He decided he wasn't. Gonna go through scheduled appointment to be on her show because of the hysterical treatment of the president and the summit press conference, so is what Erin Burnett had to say today go, and I want to know this And another person on the Screen- Michael Anton, was going to be here. He's the former National Security Council spokesperson under President tramp. He can then he knows. I'm gonna tell you this because he said you could not defend the president on his actions While you're a liar according to him, he said: that's not what he said to you, the who do we believe him or you at sea and- and I think I believe him-
I'll be right back I want to repeat in our body. Adam Credo has a wonderful piece. Malta, wonderful piece cause he's a great report, but the news is in some wonderful. The chair, the House Intelligence Committee Our buddy Devon Nunez accuse the FBI, Department of Justice of stonewalling, a sprawling investigation and the claims the trunk came. In colluded with Russia with the hope of running out there until the November elections, when they anticipate Democrats will read, in control of the House Zob and ongoing prove that has uncovered evidence of U S. Official sought to cripple trumps campaign see this is a big deal
preventative Devon Nunez and a wide ranging audio interview with his house colleague, Sean Duffy accuse top officials at the behind the OJ of quote, putting all their chips on the Republicans losing the house so that their Chronic allies can shut down the long Standing Intelligence Committee Pro, which has on earth information disputing cod. Of collusion in recent months. Rubbish double interviewed a representative Nunez for an upcoming episode of Duffy's podcast cheese or have to listen to them, in the future, Nunez also lashed out at the. U S: media, accusing ninety percent of reporters covering the Russia probe. Yes, an arm of the Democratic Party according to an advance copy. The interview share with the Washington Free Bacon newness has been running the entire committees investigation in the claims. The Trump campaign colluded with Russia to submit the twenty sixteen election, the committees on earth a bite
have evidence indicating senior officials at the EP beyond the OJ. Work did take down tromp on behalf of Democratic Chandra. Hillary Clinton, one hundred said they, the EP behind the OJ, are putting all their chips on them. Americans losing the house and all these investigations. Shut down, Nunez told Duffy Nunez went on ass, the media for its lack of coverage about republican findings index that senior? U S? Officials loyal to the Democratic Party, actively work to open Intel instigations into the Trump campaign based on a faulty and salacious anti trump dossier right, MR bread in the meat have been horrible in this whole situation. Nunez said well if seen since the election of President Trump has been watching. For a long time. But now you see what I call the ninety ten split you have. Percent of the media who are essentially arm of the Democratic Party, then you ve got fired,
the media that I believe for lack of a better term, a writer centre right They don't necessarily follow the establishment of the currency or something like that, but they definitely our conservative. Then you have percent of the journalist set her out there. That, I would say, are legitimate. That's a problem in this country. You don't have a free and fair media. The intelligence committees. Investigation has gone on for months. The d o j, as you know, has been obstructing and says the FBI and dragging their feet, and I, he would Nunez they are looking at the calendar there. Looking at the count. Curtis, Norfolk, Virginia Syria satellite go that's all of em. It's a pleasure to speak with you. Thank you, sir. I just add one point out, maybe a secondary point, but I think it matters other than
we want Sunday night, ten o clock and Mr Hannity every night at nine o clock. I don't watch tv anymore. I just listen to the radio. Thank you for listening to us and watching us. Yes, sir, I was driving from Norfolk to run Virginia today and I was listening to one of your. I would thank our colleagues and he made the point that no matter what happened in that press conference. The media was gonna, respond. The way they responded. It didn't matter well, there's gonna be said they already had there talking and now I wonder about your thoughts on mad blathers sent someone had certainly true I mean he was attacked for having the meaning in the first place by a number of people was the correct. Secondarily, I've I've said a written and, let's let anything, let's assume Trump did what they have been demanding. He should have done deterrents tabooed the Putin, any wags s finger and he gives them a tongue lashes. Would not these same media types and Democrats and many in the
public and party, be condemning and for his lack of diplomacy for needing to get along a Russia given all the nuclear warheads. They have, I mean, wouldn't they say whatever they have to say to trash this guy there is no doubt about it in my mind. I agree. The thing I wanted to ask you, as the scholar that you are, is that the person I was listening to you and I want to say the name, because, though, but I do respect and as well, but he made the point that you can't commit treason and leisure at work and as this Our that you are. I wanted. The future thoughts are well. I that that's true, but what's war, cyber warfare is war, but it doesnt matter the president has in common, treason, these clowns on tv, these clowns in Congress. They that word around because in other drawing attend
to themselves now. But we reached a point in this country where anything goes when it comes to Trump, you could say absolutely anything about him, but his family about as finances. Of course it is the media that gives these force the year, the microphones and the cameras through which to do it. I think the media have done permanent damage to themselves, not trump trumps, not a threat to free the freedom of restaurant hasn't done anything to undermine freedom of the press is still there. This undermines freedom of the press, cause they're frauds every hour. I Curtis thank you for your call, my friend there frauds Jake Tapirs, not a reporter. He was democratic activists who worked for a handgun controlling who work for our dream has been ski. And whenever name was, as Asia has a communications director, what I really was nice, pansies, immediate type. Of course we see right through
go through the whole bunch them truck Todd used to work for Tom Harkin's wife's, a big democratic activists, so there you have it one. Come back. I was special, gets a really cool. Guess some, like a whole lot, but have to be here here- I'll, be right. Back logic allowed by law? Levin Show call now at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven, I'm sure even watching the immigration fiasco play out over the a few weeks sender through watching them, stray media coverage, you think President trumpets sending out henchmen kidnap illegal aliens and send them to interpret camps. Oh it's sick out there, the
hey Trump, so much there willing to bypass the truth completely in favour of our narrative. Now they can't let it go, but Fortunately, I see our tv conservative review tv were bring some sanity to these storylines. When I they carry the water for the president, but were definitely going to stand up for the present one he's doing things the right way, which is often we ve mentioned recently on the show by right now for a limited time working on. Our listeners, a free, thirty day trial of sea, our tv, which gets eleven tv- and that's the point, You can afford to be naive in times like these and there s nowhere else. You gonna go for honest coverage, there's no other place. You'll get the truth like this. Insulted and uncensured from all of our hosts so give us a car eight for four. Levin TV that eight hundred and forty four five hundred and thirty eight four thousand six hundred and eighty eight will get you set up with in five minutes. That's eight for four
easy iron tv eight for four Levant TV, Have a my show, maybe for the first time, maybe the second time the judge? No, not that one. The real one judge Jeanine Pirro with a magnificent new book, liars, leakers and liberals the case against the anti trump. What is it? Conspiracy coup judge. How are you my friend? I am terrific and though I must tell you mark that I know my mother is listening because she always listens to your show, and I am I am delighted to be with you tonight. Thanks what a sweetheart, your mother, and you know my wife and I met you in Israel and your very lovely lady. Now you, We are glad to say that, aren't we! Yes, I thought, oh yeah, that my motto give your permission: you are, you are a star on Fox
one of the reasons Eurostar, is you bring a lot of clarity to issues enjoys, have as a prosecutor as it now is a star on tv, bring a lot of clarity, dishes, liars, leakers and liberals. Let me ask you: this Hooty can That is the biggest lying leaker liberal out there. Well I'll tell you there are so many to choose from mark that you know I'd have to think about a, but, but you know when I look at people who web committed them else to justice, to law and order to get over the the yellow, the epitome of what our justice system is about. I think they're, probably the worst, and that would be I'm a James, Brennan John branded James clapper. James call me all of them, but you know it's not. Just there
There is a whole left right now that is marching to that same, beat mark and it's like they ve lost their collective mine. There are blowing their collective gasket. It is it's so frightening, nor so many of them. In my book I mean I talk about them, but there are so many I mean you ve got people who are leaking. That James call me the head of the F B. I says he never leave, then you ve got Peter struck. I mean this. Guy is why these lie before Congress. So was call me and they do it with an hour, get set a sense that they are better than we are and that they know what's good. For us it's frightening and for someone like me, who spent three decades as a prosecutor, a judge and the aid is someone who believes that justice is blind. What we are seeing now in America is something like I never what I would say and that's why I wrote the book. I know right and wrong and I no crime- and I know it
on when I see it, and these liars and leaguers have been conning. The american people and Donald Trump came at just the right time and they are. I gotta tell you the incoming every day. Mark I don't. He takes it, but he does. I don't either even this latest round where they say he's committed treason, yeah. Now they punishment for treason is death. I try Are these people nuts? They certainly sound nuts to me. Well, you know what they are. Not
so hateful and you dont. What's amaze, Emmy Democrats have been able to sell us such a bill goods it s, not just Democrats, I'm gonna. Take that back. I want to talk about the left or right, I'm going to talk about the progressive. The people want to be socialist. I mean they convinced us for so long that there are the people who understand everyone they ve got. You know this big and that they, God for everyone to be a part of one. In truth, if you say anything, they don't agree with bill shut you down, the left is there, they shut us down and they call us fascist. They criticise. Shit. Then people will cling to God and guns or they talk about in the book. I'm guilty I'm proud and guilty that I believe in god- and I have gone- I mean what's happening to America and again, a port Donald Trump. You know he signed up for it and, as you know, I've known him for many many years. He said to me once you know Janine I signed up for this. Might
stayed, and you know the b, the hate, and despite is something that is out of control, but like the people and twenty sixteen, I think we're gonna see twenty eighteen be totally different, then, are we generally expected in the mid term of the president's first term? I think you were gonna do well, although Russia, and all this lunacy is certainly created. An issue It seems like one issue, it's really hot than it dies down. Then there's the next one right behind the dies down. There's a next one right behind the weapon, a stormy Daniels! You get me So the pointers, it's it's, it's it's hot, because for two weeks three weeks for weeks and terming camps, concentration camps with with immigrants and then an hour and now kristallnacht, I mean uh give up on what people are saying about this president. I want, and you know what it is we better Israel, then present drop you only Barack Obama, Susan Right
and all of them brought tried to prevent that's an young from coming here. It was a state department that send money Israel. Everybody wants to say: oh, this is terrible that Russia battle. Will your darn right? It's terrible, but you think this I think, just started this year. I mean people have been spying on each other and trying to get themselves involved in other people's elections for decades, and people know but now we're gonna blame Donald Trump for this Donald Trump. Who is the person who created a counter intelligence investigation based on nothing and then testifies before Congress? It won't answer a question as to whether or not bad investigation started before July thirty one and then when he says. Oh, I now have permission. I forgot these points, liars and their leakers, and they are conspirators. They are colluding to take down our democracy. How judge Piero? How do they get away with the prior administration, pointing thing
everybody else, but not themselves. All this occurred on the watch, It's the CIA, the FBI ideology, the White House Obama on they allow the Russians to interfere in. They didn't inform the american people too. Well after the general election they are. The earth is, if you will perpetrators in allowing this to happen in Trump world and the rest of us? Are the victims? Well get what you want magic, though Donald Trump plants stage, a boot Donald Trump? It knows that Britain is probably the biggest threat in terms nuclear power. We know they say he did wasn't toughen up on boot and they didn't do they see that what were these posts until punch, the guy take had gone out, shoot em, I don't understand it. If Donald Trump took out a reset
mark the way gallery and the Obama administration did they showing him up. I mean it is so we hypocritical. It's so it's so unfair and why Americans need to understand a b then, what's going on, you know judge it wasn't my long ago when the Democrats and left love the Russians, then they love Old soviet union- and they undermine rang in every step of the way, whether it was the FDA, Strategic Defence initiative proposing to missiles in Europe or the defence budget, They were undermining him every step of the way. I think we should put them to the test and increased spending right now and strategic defence initiative against russian missiles and see where they see, because you- and I both know- that's not the issue for them. They have. They were, years of supporting the regime in Russia in one form or another They so hate, Donald Trump. It just doesn't matter, does it know it doesn't and the
The fear that I have is that will you know when they are in such a frenzy and when the mainstream media. Is there to prompt them up? You know a marrow and two are working hard trying to make a living paying their tax is taking care of their kids. You know they don't have ability, as you and I do see through all of these contradictions instinctively, they know what that's why they elected Donald Trump in twenty sixteen, but I worry because these people are so committed, the Soros, funded individuals who marched in Washington on the inauguration day- and I was in the middle of that parade- and I got to tell you for work for two Navy seals with me. These people were militant bark, militant, left is always violent. I now: how long did it take you to write this but well me. I say about four months:
but I am I shall just as you know I mean I do an open and every time I didn't open a very pretty watches my show. I think they get that I do it with passion. I desperately believe I say and as a trial lawyer but you know I put my evidence where my allegations are, and I do that in my opens and then I said you know what you mean. This is more than just a stir. We are an open about this issue. This is a net web. The connect these dots and you'll see the FBI, the CIA, the Department of Justice. They were all in cahoots to make sure that the establishment kept the power and they are the swamp and mark it matters not if you're, republican or democratic. What matters is if you're part of the team were one hand washes the other than let's get rid of the outsider, but the american people. Right now, I think, get it, and we have to make sure that we continue to keep them advice.
What is going on and that's. Why wrote the book, lawyers leakers and liberal? Did you? Did you get your copy it marks? I do have my copy I've been working my way through it by the way too beautiful covered two, it's a wonderful book and I think it's the perfect booked for people to take during the summer, wherever they are written on the beach. The polar wherever and make sure everybody sees. The cover at that very, very important out the White House. What I did it literally and I must tell you they did a good job, because it was raining that they caught the raindrops out I really want Levin. I sat there to get a copy. The book I judged. Impure new talk about your ratings. Your ratings are great, I mean they did so tough on a Saturday show. You know well, thank God. You know what I'm biased. I'm grateful. Get on my mom talk, the work hard and just say the truth and that's what I do every week on my show- and I am very grateful and grateful to your listeners- I'm grateful that people, like you mark for my view,
As you know, we have a job to do. We do God's work. I gotta tell you and it's gonna be a long fight, but it's gonna be worth it in the end. The book as liars, leakers and liberals. The case against the anti Trump conspiracy, which is a coup and function get on Amazon Dotcom right now in get on Mark Levin Show Facebook, mark Levine Show Twitter. We have the link right there, you can get it. You can get the book. The somebody else, if you, if you have other members, your family or friends, who who I think will be very very interesting. You really put all the p This together, you really do so. Like a one shop deal right there, the liars, leakers and liberals judge I wish you all the best and God bless you might have a thank you mark in it was. It was an honour to be on your show. You take care you to. Thank you. She is a great lady,
my wife and I met her and she in Israel, just terrific, just terrific and smart, as can be you're gonna love. This book trust me judge mean purer. That's where there was liars, leakers and liberals the case against the anti trump conspiracy. Again when a strongly encourage you to grab your copy right now, while there, Ben you don't know a thousand for the irish deal. Probably not so you don't know the depths of depression. Leap, business and anxiety. My listener endure before taking my advice. And calling optimum tax relief he rode over forty. Thousand dollars to the Irish with no way to pay much less the interest and penalties. The compound daily.
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Let us go to Steve, Rockland, California, the mark Levant GO or your marks a tiger. My call you back into your screener, oh by the way, are beyond Hannity in a half hour for listening live. I hope you are better listening life than listening dead. The unhappy at nine thirty pm, Eastern six, thirty pm Pacific. I have the fly out of the bunker and get to the tv studio bunker. Let us go to Steve, Rockland, California, the mark Levant GO or Europe My thanks are taken. My call you back your dear screener, I lived from, my I life in the people's Republic of bark slope in Brooklyn, picture with chopped humours house District NEWS gerrymandered- to include him and I find
is concerned for victims of dictatorship to be truly charging, because yeah dictators of the Soviet Union go ahead. Here. That's Ryan and people live. There were very sympathetic to hamper the answer to a letter from a ten year old girl in Maine Herself Daniel Ortega, Nicaragua, T shirts and sympathy of so It is truly tottering this concern and they conveniently forget all this Today they add for the various dictators- and I personally I spent an afternoon talking to someone who knew re under both personally and that was they like yours, you people know that was one of the dictators of the Soviet Union go ahead. You have that right. People know up. There were very sympathetic to him crazy, Should a letter from a ten year old girl in Maine or someplace like that, and it was an hour at the Wall Street Journal said. I knew your
I personally was not very nice area under above was they so ambassador to Hungary and nineteen fifty six during the year, we had rebel hungarian invasion, yes and at the same thing in Prague and nineteen sixty eight but a person who knew impersonally was Bailey Kerala or cure. I e Bay rights here we got it time and I much appreciate your information. Thank you very much. Patty Poughkeepsie the great w g d J Go market folly. Like a talk you I respect what you say, you approach to your men who believe what they say. You're strong and I enjoy yourself. What I words get to the point is about programme tribe. Sick and tired of the people put them down to me. Nothing is perfect, but I think
these children make America be America again. A lot of going go out is the first time the presidency. I would see. On being treated this way, and I have never seen this ever an animal, Whatever happens, certainly not modern history. There trying to cripple as presidency, they were trying to do their right out of the box, he's nothing like what they say. As you know, dictators, not a fascist, he hasn't set up concentration camps, are interment camps, he's not a traitor. He hasn't committed treason. His press conference wasn't like crystal Knocker, nine, eleven or the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the media and the surrogates that are pushing this agenda are disgusting they're, the ones who are disgusting. Thank you, You call my friend, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. Please check out and tv tonight it's a really good one and check out handed in thirty minutes. I will be there wearing my finest
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