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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/19/18

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, actor Mark Duplass told his liberal/progressive twitter followers to follow Ben Shapiro to hear how the other side thinks and they turned on him, forcing him to delete his tweet and issue an apology. Why are we shocked? This is how the left works, if you don't believe their way they will sabotage or neutralize you. They don't believe in dialogue, they believe in totalitarianism. They don’t support individualism or independent thinking, it’s their way or the highway. This isn't about debate or engagement, it’s about the iron fist. Then, we wonder as Jake Tapper and CNN would: is John Brennan an old Soviet or Russian plant? Using the pseudo-media's logic, the Russians must have something on Brennan, otherwise, why would he behaving this way? Also, why did Barack Obama pick John Brennan, a former supporter of Communist Party candidate Gus Hall, to be his CIA Director? His constant comments attempting to tear down President Trump have been unrelenting and vicious. John Brennan must be the most popular person in the Kremlin.

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