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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/20/18

On Friday's Mark Levin Show, President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen taped his conversations with Trump discussing payments to an ex-playboy model. This raises very serious ethical issues under attorney client privilege. Why is the media so interested in Trump’s sex life? They never had interest in Bill Clinton or JFK's sex life. Also, the NFL National Anthem protests are phony and a pathetic joke. Shelby Steele says that these NFL protests are fruitless and that the oppression of black Americans is over with. This is not a civil rights movement. This isn’t about social justice or equality, it’s an unwanted spectacle. Later, the media and Democrats say Trump shouldn’t meet with Vladimir Putin because he's a murderous thug yet they applaud our membership of the United Nations which is filled with genocidal dictators like Castro, Abbas, and Hamas. Finally, the press are psychopaths bringing in former government officials and academics to criticize Trump and reinforce their own demagoguery. Irrespective of Trump’s much stronger stance on Russia than his predecessors. Statist progressivism is a lie infecting every corner of our country including the media.

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