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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/24/18

On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, Some in the media have quickly claimed that the Republicans are for Russia and compared the arrest of Maria Butina to Alger Hiss. No, the Republicans aren’t facing an Alger Hiss moment. Hiss was an American working for the FDR administration, Butina was a Russian spy assisting the Russians. Also, President Trump is now readying a plan for $12 billion to help farmers affected by the administrations tariffs. If tariffs work government should put it on everything and make it 50%. A tariff is a tax on the American people and an attack on capitalism. The administration should pull together our allies and focus on true enemy who is stealing our technology – China. Why would this administration tax the American people to punish another country? Do you hear how irrational that sounds? Why are certain industries protected and not others? Welfare for farmers doesn't make America great again. America First is all about liberty and private property rights and capitalism Tariffs destroy jobs in all industries despite protecting certain industries. Socialist like Bernie Sanders support these policies which is not America first. This isn't about supporting Trump or not or whose political team you’re on, it’s about understanding economics so we don't go through another depression.

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