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On Monday’s Mark Levin Show, Robert Mueller and Rod Rosenstein must comply with and enforce the rules, regulations, and procedures of the Department of Justice, which includes the official position of the DOJ that a sitting president cannot be indicted. If Mueller tries to indict Trump, he would be violating the orders of his superiors and create a constitutional crisis. If Democrats and the media were concerned about the constitution and separation of powers they would be raising these issues. Also, Michael Cohen should be disbarred for his secret recordings of President Trump, but that isn’t stopping CNN from propping him up despite being absolutely disreputable. There’s no obstruction of justice or campaign violations, yet Cohen’s recordings are being endlessly debated. Later, Mark recaps his interview with Lt. Col. Allen West on Life, Liberty, and Levin.

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Now. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one: Seven hundred and seventy three three hundred and eighty one, three thousand eight hundred and eleven
it is exhausting watching tv is its exhausting this guy's this. This guy said that what about this? What about that I mean it's full employment fora slip and for lawyers or former federal prosecutors and its exhausting and the media not only won't help Arms are getting through this. The media stokes inside feel it's time to step back and take a serious look at some of this. Rudy Giuliani has said that from here perspective anyway, the present the United States will not sit down with the special count. His team for questioning, because there. There are really doesn't seem to be any basis for president is free.
Call me. The information nation Mahler appears to want gotten from other sources. So what's the point of the present sitting down any is exactly right, but there is more than that no here on this programme. I was the first to point out what eighteen months now I guess that accords the Department of Justices official position, a sitting President Kennedy. Indeed, it doesn't matter what I think it doesn't matter, what law professors thank it doesn't with anyone else thinks the official formal position of the Department of Justice and to men, one doing the Nixon Administration one during the Clinton administration? Neither which has been changed in any respect is that the present at the United States cannot be indicted while he's an office, even if you think that's constitute
That is the position of the Department of Justice, Mr Rose and state, stir and steam, as the acting attorney general for these purposes must comply with the position of the Department of this even more Mr Mahler, as a condition of something his appointment as a special council must comply with and enforce. The rules, regulations and procedures of the Department of Justice Justice if he was United States attorney. So then the question is about these Issues if a president of the United States cannot be indicted according to the positions, are apartment, a justice for what purpose then. Is Mr Mahler. An employee of the Department of Justice. During the present the United States to issue a report, while he's
in business for the purpose of issuing a report, even though he issues a report to the Department of Justice when he's completed. So what is the purpose of questioning the present? The United States. Is it because they wanted discern something they want to learn more information than that should be very straightforward? There should be a need for all this back and forth, debate and discussion. Just given the time Questions are the five questions and I'll answer, but my doesn't do it. One thing is for sure: the purpose of the special council is not to serve. As an individual, who provides a requisite case for impeachment,. That's not his job he's a prosecutor he's a prosecutor.
No, if I'm wrong about all this, I'm not. But if a court rules that I am at the Supreme Court rules that I am then it gets incredibly complex if the Supreme Courts, but the president of the United States must sit for an interview by his own subordinate. Then the Supreme Court has to tell us what the conditions are. There. No conditions are there some conditions. Must it be in front of a federal grand jury. Can it be the sort of interview that Bill Clinton seated too. The issues about the details at that point. How Such an interview be handled. Is there a subject matter limitation or is it open, ended.
Is there a time limit or is it open ended process issues arise as objections arise. Who handles that he going to federal district court. I can be appealed to a circuit court appealed to the Supreme Court. Just how far does this go?. To what extent is the Supreme Court going to sit as a as a trial court? At this point. Now that would be a horrendous usurping of our. Institutional order horrendous in that is incredibly powerful. More itself entities is even now so this isn't just about an interview.
So this isn't just about an interview with the president. This is a complicated matter. It could become even more complicated and the constitution could be further damaged, an irresponsible prosecutor, a special care, so by the name of Robert Mahler. I would count the president and his lawyers, as I have from day. One do not sit down for an interview, Miss your Mahler, isn't even investigating a serious case. Where now As to whether or not there was one meeting two meetings, Don Junior was aired Trump know about his sons. Mating didn't know about none of that matters, none of it not of its criminal. Mr Morris investigation, isn't it Instigation simply to determine the x and to which there were me
with Russians and so forth, and so he's a prosecutor is not an ombudsman he's a prosecutor, you that have a prosecutable case or you don't And he may not like this and his. Ordinance may not like this and former federal, Security may not like this and federal judges may not like this It is the position of the United States Department of Justice at a sitting. President of the United States cannot be indicted and if you're, Mahler tries he has violated the rules, the puzzle And of his superiors of the United States Department of Justice he's not free to do that. Moreover, in addition to that argument, the president's Can make the constitutional argument now what
the usual arguments they make the very argument that the debate. Of justice has made to itself on two occasions onto a cave. That's the first point Second point and I'm sorry that Kellynch Conway's husband as such Knucklehead. But that's his problem has been raised by prevent the calibre, easy and me which is given the power that Mr Mulder is exercising extraordinary power more than any in states attorney. Then I'm aware of. Negotiating with the president's lawyers on whether or not he will be interview, a criminal case. No, U S attorney has been doing that. He is clearly principal officer of the United States government and inferior.
Or support an office or the United States government, we need, In a position to negotiate with the president's lawyers about an interview. Would not even be in a position to do so say, what what about an assistant, United States attorney assessments, United Taste, it states attorney, couldn't do this without approval from the? U S, return. So, in many respects, Mr Mauro, that says, a: U S attorney but actually more powerful than a. U S attorney. Now you listen to some of these tv lawyers, former judges and case, and I tell you this- decided and Morrison Inverse, also a nineteen. Eighty eight, this practice, thirty years ago. No wasn't no wasn't.
This special councils different than all the special council before him. There is not even a federal statute, as with can star in the independent council stature. He was appointed by the Deputy tourney general, serving as the acting attorney general, and the appointment was from the moment it was issued. It was worth he too broad, and there was no criminal foundation. And it's only gotten broader sense,. And you have an individual and Robert Mahler, who has the capacity to create a significant constitutional problem, a constitutional crisis in this country and inferior employ
of the United States government cannot do so, cannot do so. He is far more power than an assistant attorney general. At the Department of Justice. He is far more power than an assistant secretary of act. Culture is far more power than the vast majority oppression. And shall appointees who require confirmation by the United States Senate and I work continue to make the case that this was a flawed appointment by Mr Rose and stay And MR rose and seen as failed to keep this public official, within they has governing limits and thereby violates the appoint, clause or the United States Constitution, and that is Very very crucial problem, The United States constitution.
At present, the United States could appoint virtually every single senior official, including cabinet and sub cabinet officials. Without under the Senate for confirmation. This special council is different than the other special council. This. National councils different than previous independent council. He, the most powerful that I've ever seen. And its authority is not statutory They cannot rely on that this, The kind of discussion that's necessary all over cable tv. This is the kind of discussion its necessary all over talk, radio and the columns of newspapers in blog sites and so forth, and so on. Because in the end, this is what it's gonna come down to. Not getting into the weeds, listening to every hair brain argument,
Manner for goes on trial tomorrow in the Eastern District of Virginia. MR manner for goes on trial for events that took place before he was. Pain manager to Donald Trump performance for events that occurred before two further underscore the point I just made. Why, as Mr Mahler prosecuting Mr Manfred. Why is Mr Waller Prosecutor Mr Mann afraid when that can be handled by the. States attorney in the Eastern District of Virginia. I ask Mr Mahler subsume Position of the- U S attorney taking this Case in lieu of the: U S occurring, I am trumps lorries and I know they listen to this programme. This is yet more evidence and never get evidence that MR
our is a principle officer, the Department of Justice, not an inferior public official, you say principle off, Because now he stepping in the shoes of a United States attorney to prosecute MR manner for it. I'll be right. Back concern about our constitutional order, what's left. If you concerned about separation of powers. If you're concerned about the ability of a present of the United States who is job while in office
Why wouldn't you raise these concerns wide on the media? Raise these concerns? The Democrats raise these concerns. The never trumpery raise these concerns cause. They don't worry about their not concerned about They'll find some outlier lawyer, outlier professor, who will dismiss all this and they'll embrace it because they want to its. Whether I think a sitting, president of the United States, can be indicted. Its whether or not the Department of Justice thinks so now. Let me add another point: The attorney general, the United States Jeff sessions refused himself. Has to matters involving the campaign in Russia. But the attorney general. The United States is
a grave injustice to the constitution and the nation. By sitting, silently on what Are these significant constitutional issues, Decided the wrong way: it'll have grave implications for the future of this country. There is no reason to Jeff sessions can't step in not. Get involved in the investigation per se. But to get involved in the nature of these constitutional questions. And yet he silent absolutely silent. I've never seen anything like it. There is no reason that congress- Created under article one. Shouldn't hold hearings and call Mr Malerba testify that about.
Specific evidence. He has her thinks he has, but on these constitutional questions,. For Congress to sit there and allow this thing to potentially explode without participating in this is unconscionable. Instead, we have four Republicans in the Senate, Judiciary Committee rashly and Graham included, who voted to protect Mahler Susan, about protecting Mahler. This is about the constitution. Nowhere is there, or should there be a roving prosecutor nowhere or should there be A man of this kind of power, who is a public officials who wasn't by the United States Senate and yet the report, Again, they control the place. They just sit there or worse,
I'll be right back. Show where we create the charging points, call now seven, seven, three one, three eight one one now, when you hear somebody like trade Gouty ball, I am saying, let Mahler do his job or let the investigation take its course. These are people who have very little knowledge of what's going on here, constitutional
or don't care either way. It's let mall or do whatever mother is going to do. Why why she some kind of a god? I don't understand that. Is it not possible that he is exercising a exercise authority that he doesn't have Why would Congress sit back? Should we pretend he's the former administrator of the EPA with that excitement? No, you don't let him do his job or let the investigation take its course if the course is leading into a serious constitutional problem.
We expect Congress to step up and Congress should not confer all this power on the Supreme Court. Congress has a role. It is a co. We call Branch Congress created the Department of Justice, common funds, the Department of Justice, and, I might say the same thing about the face: a court Congress sits there. These in approving the face a warrant for different times, though, I understand the difficulty in holding hearings, I understand the Democratic Party. Now I understand the difficulty in holding hearings. I understand the Democratic Party is the party of obstruction and evasion, so creating a special committee with certain members of Congress
Putting some Democrat a small committee, not with forty some members, that make it a little bit easier. Maybe maybe not, but you I know my Connell's not about to do it and Ryan's not about to do it, because these are not constitutional lists. And neither are trade gouty the rest of them who parade across tv land. I let me address quickly, Michael Cohen,. I see Professor Turley says they present in his one more witness away from being a very, very serious trouble over there. Now he's not not. In the least, I would ask Professor Turley to explain the two memos. They came out of the Department of Justice intuitive ministrations, but even that aside, there's no criminal you hear whatsoever conspiracy to
something about an election. I heard some news guys say today: I don't even know what that means. I mean that's just be blunt. The closest campaign that came to conspiring with the Russians was the Hillary Clinton campaign and the Dnc that actually spent money for us russian research and used unverified sources and information from the Kremlin. There's none other none of that when it, comes to Donald Trump. She gonna these non experts sitting as experts, giving you their opinion on the Trump tower meeting with the two Russians and on and on and on, and I would encourage you to ignore it now. Here's one thing: that's not being said: Michael Color, the only real
Michael Cohen is important, is the only reason Stormy Daniels was important and that is to attack the present Michael Cohen. Either will be or should be, disbarred he's a desperate man. He has done something apparently for which the feds are investigating. I keep hearing about these medallions and taxis. I don't know what you're talking about. But you can be assured that it had something to do with Russia or the campaign that Mahler would not have handled this off to the southern district at New York. But there was a p. Just a few days ago in the washing examine which way these issues that I've been looking into myself Michael comments. Tapes of trunk could get em disbarred expert said. Now that doesn't bother CNN any stormy,
It was in a storm, that's fine by their journey. Michael one could lose as law licence as the result of secretly recording former client president trump experts say, and when I read steady and when you think about it, her why it is so vitally important My lawyer, who keeps your information confidential, the principal attorney climb privilege an attorney work product, because otherwise you cannot get a fear that a fair case, a fair hearing a fair trial. If you cannot have a lawyer who is one hundred percent, your advocate. Now, if you hire a lawyer for the purpose of committing a crime that definition, but that's not what took place here despite the most aggressive an egregious spin by certain phony pseudo reporting on CNN and MSNBC.
You are allowed to pay somebody to be quiet in the course of a business transact. In the course of your personal life. Whatever it is, you not obstructed, justice because there's not an investigative you're, not contributing The campaign, could you not using campaign money? Not even I can't kind campaign, my user events that took place prior to the campaign and you're dipping into your own resources in order to make a payment can make a payment. And now I'll see you can make a payment directly can make over the track. You can make my cap, it doesn't matter, and yet they debate this endlessly. But imagine if your attorney could take you that for the purpose of protecting you. But for the purpose of having something on you just in case
I'm an attorney because you have a business issue. You want to deal with unemployment if you want to deal with Divorce matter you needed here whatever it is: a custody case, every reason to expect your lawyer is not going to tape. You now. In a twenty sixteen conversation that word, that their endlessly reporting about. Took place in New York perfectly legal to record, but not if you're a lawyer. I wouldn't be surprised if he was disbarred, absolutely not said. Bennet Gerstein, a former. Securing in the Manhattan district, attorney's office and an expert on it misconduct at patient these law school, we ve somebody, different scenarios, where it's possible that he engaged in ethical misconduct used
piling one episode on top of another on top of another, I could see it very, very least a suspension, said: Albany LAW School, professor events, and but eventually I don't think that slap his wrist. If any, this is true, he said. There's a complex web of potential offences with a New York's rules of protection of conduct for attorneys. That call may have committed experts said Dishonesty is one potential offence. Experts said, including, of course, help. Tromp lie about an affair with Macdougall or car may have tripped a conflict of interest by recording conversations for his own benefit rather than his clients, We could have violated other rules and disclosing the conversations quote. Obviously, lawyers don't do this. This is extraordinary. Probably unprecedented government set up
secretly recording a client. The only reason he would do it is to protect himself and protecting himself over protecting clients, is something lawyers are not able to do. It's unethical Dan Rooms in New York City based attorney, specializes of legal malpractice and business litigation city. Two thousand three opinion New York City bars? Ethics committee refused to say secretly take me I could never be ethically permissible, but they also there will be rare to have circumstances where an attorney secretly taping a client could be ethically permissible rules. One point: six of the New York rules or professional conduct requires attorneys to keep. Communications, confidential, but Abrams pointed to rule one point: eight be essay
In sum in substance, a lorry cannot use information gained in the representation to the clients, detriment, absent consent from the climb. A turning can be compelled to keep a client secret, even if the attorney client privileged does not apply to the secret Avram said that they get to couple that's a confidentiality. Rural confidentiality is even broader and it goes on. And yet CNN keeps building up Michael color. They keep building the guy up his absolutely disreputable. Whether or not he is formally violated, any the rules for practising law in New York City and I personally believe he has this my opinion and that will eventually catch up with them and when Giuliani goes on, tv news says he's already dead. Witness Part is what he means
some part, is what he means he's absolutely untrustworthy, and this Of information would come up in any trial, but a trial for what a trial for what no offence has been committed by the President. I'll even go. Further an indictment by the way is not a conclusion of the matter. No offence has been committed by Don Junior arbitration word. Kirshner nothin, had been committed by anybody in the Senor echelon of Trump we're all. In this regard,. I'll be right back
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we are all that mishmash on the media that we subject to say out The out endlessly and I want to thank you for your highness, I'm coming in on the subject and given us more detail, but we're not for gas from this, while they may think. Well, I'll tell you this time. It was a couple things going on here that we saw through all the time we talked about the Trump and Russians, Oliver and yet you are quite right. On the other side, there are no prohibitions to a criminal investigation of what Hillary Clinton did and, of course, they conducted a phony. Our investigation and her multiple violations of the espionage can you imagine if Donald
proper done any that they be hanging from a telephone call by his feet. Right now now that said, there was no special council appointed to investigate that side where the FBI interfered in that investigation to protect her as well as what the Senor levels did in the case of two. Why do you want to know why a special council wasn't appointed? Let's hear it mark, because it would have been investigating the FBI and the Department of Justice and certain intelligence agencies. That's, why can you imagine letting lose a special council on those departments. They were then crazy, now so they would not. They would not want. A criminal prosecutor seventeen other prosecuted
this in entire United States attorney's office, that's what they ve created here. Investigating wish to call me mister Mackay as two stroke. This page and all the rest of them, to gaining Loretta Lynch, MR or and others. Sally Yeats, over the Department of Justice investigating Mr Brennan, Mr Clapper and Ms Rice and all those people who would have been to get an all would have gone, broke spending millions of dollars defending themselves. That's- MR rose and steam has chosen not to appoint a special care. On a case where there is a criminal, predicate where there wasn't one he appoints one hour My friend, I appreciate your car, let's go to Tom, Times River New Jersey, serious satellite, go up here.
You just kid on what I'm about to give a seminar on the Democrats. They got their finger. I'm a dyke energy dragging their dragging her feet. They have to come up with something because everything on their side jail time, everything they dont like it's obvious jail time, and they have to come up with something: that's what we're going through your topic to be marked degree, item appreciate your car, my friend, that's gotta like all Marilyn, the Great W a go you're good morning, sir. Listen good morning where you calling for a coin we well it's not morning it's evening, leaving it It's only Maryland in Montgomery and its happy hour where you are but go ahead. Your correct on that issue. Why is it the present United States exercising his power to fire chief sessions to put someone else's places attorney general
that person within subsequently fire rose and see. Why do you think he won't do that again back Latin. You say so what sir we ve been through this with a sudden and massacres. Several decades ago the media hate his guts. The Democrats hate his guts and have them They make noise. So what let them make a note? The backlash you say somewhat, sir. We ve been through this for the Senate and massacres several decades ago. The media, haters guts. The Democrats hate his guts and half the Republicans and Congress haters guts they will impeach him and removed from office. That's why he won't do it right the guards shape, because it is this. The smaller at his investigations investigating judge, are basically doing right now: heavy Rogue Department of Justice for many purposes we lay Rogue Special Council Congress. Swung snap And the media are offered and so that the situation when it's very, very dangerous. I would,
here? I would take the aggressive boy and just you know, you're, sorry, you ve never run for anything. He's put everything on the line. You haven't no offense, but I mean everybody sits at their dinner table and I've President, what I would do, but you're not you're right, but what your family, this enemy, please. Can you imagine what this man has been put three, what his family's been put through the staff has been put through. Everybody, Willy nilly well at higher president, I'm web Rembrandt mother. Thanks for your car, offence. I'm just pointing out that I think that would be a bad move. I think what he does. He fights the smaller all the way. The court system? And hopefully there some justice I'll, be right
now run underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building we once again made contact with our leader. Everybody mark will then hear our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven, the president said today Look if we don't get some money to secure that southern border, we're not going get an a
creation Bill, signed least I'm not, and if the government shuts down the government shuts down the Republicans are frightened by such a prospect certain of the present of staff. Apparently it's leaking there frightened by such a prospect, and yet I can't think of a single. Government shut down that its occurred, knowing a republican presidency that has had an undue negative influence on the outcome of a succeeding election.
In the last one in twenty thirteen, resulted in the Republicans picking up seats in the house in the centre of, but, of course, car Rove spun that cause he hated TED crews. At the time we could have done better. He said, while car couldn't because Carlin his boss, George W Bush, lost the house in the Senate, which were republican when they came to power in two thousand six. We lost a lot of good people in that election cycle. But again let stepped back and look at this low differently than when you're here than what we on tv and radio. Is it not The secure the southern bore for a thousand reasons: law enforcement, national security, economic, well. If you present the United States and campaigned on- and you are elected by the american people, for, among other reasons to secure it and the Democrats in Congress dont want to secure it. In fact they want the opposite. They were,
borders to ensure that they have a permanent majority. As far as I can see, and then you have Republicans in Congress again who accommodate the Democrats. By trying to demonstrate that they are there, not the horrible p. Well that the media say they are some of them. Tough districts of some Just lie so their teeth, telling you what you wanna hear in an election and then you're the Oda washed in reverse course, must present a tolerate that Ronald Reagan shut down the government six times. He wants to massive landslide victories popular vote, an electoral college, but sometimes you have to do it right. But it's even more than that, ladies and gentlemen, the debt is out of control under public administration and a republican Congress. The debt is out of control. That budget that was signed was the worst,
being built in american history. They at each other. They padded each other on the back, the president, because you wanted to fund the military and he's tried to claw some of the best, but Mokanna won't allow it. Paul Ryan, won't allow it, but it's intolerable, no wise and intolerable, Could you talk about a gunman shut down, you'll, have a shut down all right and we'll never recover from wrote a whole book on this. I'll, plunder and deceit people. Listening to this programme are younger people. This will destroy future, no matter what school you want to, no matter what your grades are, no matter how much you work, how much you say, no matter how responsible you are- going to happen. Is the financial state of the federal Guy
will pull everything down the currency savings pension. Everything. And when that happens, you'll also see a a signal change in our form of government. The already saw it in the depression with the new deal. Great society. We'll, see more more of a police state, more more centralized power and, of course the individual will become more more irrelevant. That's what happened. And now we have a debt that is so massive. Our fiscal operating dead is now over twenty one. Twenty one trillion dollars its bigger than the GDP, which is about eighteen trillion now
And unfunded liabilities, all the entitlement programmes and the rest are now over two hundred and thirty, two Are you aware that when the federal government puts together its balance sheet. It doesn't put the unfunded liabilities on it. Now, when you put together your boat. If you have unfunded liabilities like a mortgage or whatever you are required to or when a business does, its required to put the federal government specifically does not. So you don't really know the true financial state of the federal government. The true financial state is horrific, horrific. And so we, even if we have a government, shut down, we're on a long road to correcting this and in the meat Time we have a party which is embracing democratic
socialism, or at least more morceau, any media that celebrate now done Redistribution of wealth socialist the study democratic, that's the whole point Listen is about government control, government bureaucracy. Redistribution of wealth. Study was done of this all will come together. A study was done of burnished. Sanders Medicare for our proposal, Medicare for all users. And the study from the year, the reputable highly rapid or Mercator Senator George Mason University in Virginia said that the Bernie Sanders. Medicare for our proposal would cost. In addition,. All the other expenses of the federal government. Thirty two point
six trillion dollars over tenure. There, were three trillion dollars a year for the next ten years. Our federal You're right now slightly over for trial. He's insane the left are insane absolutely and it would destroy our health care system, it would destroy our economy and eventually destroy our form of government. There is no constitutional basis for any of us. None. And of course none of that is in any the articles, because nobody cares about the constitution anymore, but the spending would be. Absolutely enormous uncontrollable. This is before we get to free college. He can only imagine what that would cause. So if you want to destroy your country.
If you want to destroy your way of life. You vote for these people like Bernie Sanders for the twenty eight year old, a moron in New York. So this is what the left is push and yet it's the Republicans in the last procreation Bill omnibus bill that pass the greatest spending bill, not just in american history, inhuman, history and we're supposed to be worried about a government shutdown. Now they tell us that. Essential personnel will still have the work, so it's a government with non essential personnel temporary. Staying home afterwards, they get paid anyway. Now
This is the kind of discussion I have with you that they typically do not have a my my local home station in Washington because of all the government workers, but what I have found it. A lot of government workers. Agree with me. A lot of them agree with me Government is going to shut down, the economy is going to shut down if we do not get control over this debt when we do not get control over the government- and this leads me to the next You notice, I'm not going on websites just pulling issues, often doing my LAS Vegas Lounge ACT. I leave that other people. To my great consternation, I will not mention the individuals, because I work for Fox and there's a lot of wonder. People there. I was watching the year, the network, the other the other night.
And the issue of convention of states in article five came up and a body or buddy mark. It was on and he did an outstanding job, but he was interrupted constantly by two individuals who claimed to be conservatives who know nothing about article five and convention of states who ve read nothing about it and yet who trashed it left and right. In all, one of them could say as well, I dont believe MIKE least support mildly. We supported either. I love play. Buddy happens. We wrong about this. In my humble opinion, but having written a book on this subject, the book on this subject, And having studied very very carefully, I am appalled when there are people attacking this
don't even know what they're talking about and have no alternative whatsoever. How can you claim to be a constitution when you take a piece of the constitution and reject a completely? How can you claim to be a federalist somebody believes and federalism in the tenth amendment, when you really don't And what's the solution, more elections and more judges, that's not a solution is barely a temporary fix. How many more republicans are we gonna send the Congress for the biggest spending bill in human history who refuse to secure the border and twelve other ten other fifteen. Other major major issues. I'll be right back
a Eric captain, Campton New Hampshire, shears Satellite Harry Use. Yet one quo comment when, of course, three trillion dollars under three hundred and twenty five million lesson to United States that turns out to nine thousand dollars per capita family form a parent, thirty six thousand hours effectively. For how could you come here and there Let me tell you this: everybody won't pay. So it'll even be worse for some people who he will claim our rich, who aren't rich. Maybe I have a two income family, so people who tend to vote Democrat will pay almost nothing and the rest of us will pay far more than even you're suggesting the up, but that's the average cost per and by the way, Sir, imagine the quality of care that we would get. I'm.
It just incredible to me: I was at the dead, you free, I was at the damn today. And to do more travelling on the weakens, and I typically do and in I go through t say as we all do now. My license. My driver's license starts started crack and I need a new one. One t, say: lady said to me: you know it's starting the crack. You may get a new one and she's right. So this morning I found some to go to my local, the envy its pact I don't blame the people who work the DMZ, it's actually a tough job, these states a thousand things to do- and you know Don't blame them, but that's! The
it's a systemic problem an hour and a half later. I follow taken- I gave them the information they already have it on file. All I need is a replacement one. Either everyone now they're gonna mail me the other one so for the honor and our have not because we're lazy the people work and hard. Quite frankly, they were moving quickly as quickly as they could. They have a big board there with numbers alphabet, don't you know I don't know how they have it organised but wasn't organise poorly. It took a long time. That's the problem, that's the problem. We, anyone fix the vizier, despite all the celebration of the iceberg, The Vienna will never be fixed. I hate to tell you this it all. Now be fixed. You want to know why cause it's run. The government like an old stalinist medical system. It means
people will be taken, care of some people were good doctors. Some people will have good experiences, but an awful lot well, not so People will see their lies prolong, but some people will see their lives shortened and we ve seen that too not a high quality across the board? It just now. And it certainly not as high quality, is the private sector, or at least you used to be able to choose your doctors hospitals and so forth. Less so now because of the government. How do they give a damn about the deductibles their massive know today The control of our health care system and they are like you're gonna, get quality health care when you need it and how you need. That's not how it works when it comes to Obama. Do they give a damn about you know? Do they give a damn about the deductibles their mass of no? Do they give a damn about the premium prices now? Do they give a damn about the fact
the army choices. You know if you live in California, like my kids, do your patience, two choices and that's it, take it or leave it, take it or leave it, while two choices does not make for a choice, really that doesn't make our choice really and I'm sure many of you have similar experiences. You don't need to call I'm sure you do so those compassionate liberal democrats. Where are they now nowhere and worth republican, so we're gonna repeal it where they nowhere, you get. It Single pair system changes your country for the rest. The time changes the former were for the rest, it time and changes your health care for the rest time, not to mention the never ending expense,
The never ending expense- let's go George Chicago Illinois. The great w l s country go ahead more below the shop. My point is about convention upstate yeah. I think it's a great idea, however, if we don't have virtuous publication, they'll violate the nuke the so. I think we should keep weekly. While I don't agree. I believe we won't have urged risk politicians, but if you look at, for example, the form amendments that I propose a much of the powers under the state legislatures and Also. There are certain aspects with respect to the constitution, spending borrowing and taxing, that are enshrined in the constitution with with actual limits, so there wouldn't be. The ability for politicians to make decisions of that sort. They try
take language and twisted. So it's important that the land That is used is very specific. Moreover, it can't leave at all. I intend to police Washington and that's why at least in the reform amendments that I propose three fifths of the states Have a power very final Supreme Court decision that is they can. Hold it null and void, and, dates, can reverse certain federal regulations and the states will have a direct route, although difficult for many constitution without having to go through a convention or without having to go through the federal government. So it depends what you do. If it is your position that there's nothing we can do then it's over, it is not. My position is that they don't bar will become Now I just explained to you: they don't follow the constitution now
If they don't matter in some of the power we re is return. The states. Then the day that is the Congress that bureaucracy in the federal courts in some instant have little or no sir, or are held to account or in check by the state legislature? There's not. Do they have a right a voice, but liberals want to silence. But you can talk to my at age? Seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one looks like every college left wing Flunkey now wants to run in a democratic primary to promote democratic socialism.
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He waited his attorney client privilege, getting them tapes and stuff our know how, but they can use any news those anyway, even though Mr Bonde confidentiality not to be too technical by making the tapes. And then he, in my view, a violated attorney, climb privilege by turning over assuming they involve his client, not just the press to any government official and, your question is how can they use the tapes while we have a federal judge, he's grimly liberal in Manhattan. Her name is Kimber would end She appointed a master who is also a very liberal woman. Who is over saying this project of but evaporating. What's left of attorney climbing relationships and Please call the shots. Can you hear me
so she said on airs, especial master and making the decisions Bradley now the leaking that separated apart either columnar, Lanni, Davis and or somebody else, and that circle I'm not so It's late, I dont know there obviously leaking and in its of itself, could be the basis for disarmament. And you know it is so important in this matter. Election. I think it's gonna be one of the most important that we ve ever had. You know, and I just hope that I hope the people vote Republican, because if the Democrats get in charge, work and work? I mean in big trouble you now, you know steep ban and said something the other day army was today, I'm not sure which I have now been saying for some time in that as in this particular election in this mid term, you'd, better vote for Republican, not because you expect them to secure the border, not because you expect him the cut the spending cause they're not, but in order to protect the present, the United States.
Because if they take the house it's over, they will. I know ain't. I talked about this. I ve talked about a repeatedly. They will bog him subpoenas and document requests and investigations. They will rip his staff the pieces they will. Up any any any appropriations, dolls from going through? They will shut down, may we will have absolute anarchy and you are right the way that they treat this present its unprecedented I've, never ever seen heard anything like that. What they're doing this, this man and the press is the static thumbing its outcome. Every nigh recurs, because it's not really a free press- and I ve been spending a lot of time talking about this in the sense that certainly their free to broadcast free to print free to speak. That sort of thing, but it's not a free set press in the sense that a free press was intended. What they're doing is making it more and more differ
for the republic to function and what they're trying to do is is so a burden. This president, when you see these people yelling questions, not really questions that we don't already know about their doing it, to disrupt him so to disrupt this as an urgency undermine and sabotage it I mean that's the truth, isn't it elections go okay and Republicans. Staying charged will finally will finally without disruption I don't know about that, Mr Mulder, as Sir he's he's, not a hee, hee hee doesn't exist as a consequence of any election and that's parlor problem. Our eye Diane, I appreciate your excellent call: let's continue showing Helen Westchester New York, they re a abc, go Mark, listens and great pleasure to speak with. You Thank you. I just listening to your last call, when I wanted to know just say so,
beyond that, I still be available Jerome. Really starting to hurt the silent majority in this country? I don't think we're gonna stand for anything. If the house is taken over by the Democrats. It's not the end. Maybe. The beginning, because we have had enough and the beginning of the end- it's not enough to have enough. It's not after have enough. There's only we have people who now ruling over us and they do not want to give up their power and if they get more power, it's one thing to be furious in the in the privacy of your home. At you the table in your workplace in your own mind and so forth and so on, but I do not want to. I can't overstate this, which is we are. In my view- and I've been saying this- this is in the people.
Oh, what do you mean we're moving towards a tyranny? We are in somewhat of a soft tyranny. That's not to say you and see movies. You can't buy your Iphone this sudden, the other, but when it actually comes to me aspects of your life. The least circle of liberty is getting smaller. And smaller and smaller, weathered choosing health care, whether it's what your kids are free to say on college campuses and on and on and on so it's not not for people who say we're not going to put up with it anymore. Apparently we are. What are we gonna? Do Something a little more drastic. I believe Is on the horizon is happened before in America. I know what one societies collapse.
And everything you have is destroyed or potentially destroyed. It's not a very pretty thing and sometimes the good guys don't win. My friend, I appreciate your call, I very much do TIM. Shreveport Louisiana Exam Satellite go mark if I was very they can t. I tell you you with a man, like I need a resource appointment because something tells me had probably get three, how less and less than what you were. My first big when rose and drug related, but I feel, like you might say what about us be an insignificant. We already feel insignificant and we feel like weak. Do anything when you have power stations that allow they live: If the accomplishments of this administration
about their their investigations. There I mean I don't understand how some? How do we hold them accountable? Somebody's there's got to be some way to older people accountable for, Otherwise, the girl, I want to send you a copy, so MR producer Mister, great down, hang up to him of the liberty amendments, and I want you to become active in this in Louisiana me. I've got my clients from every school. Thank you. Thank you very, very kind. Don't hang up to preach added one of things I love about doing the show is the the diverse geography, the diverse accents, and you know what it means me feel really great and I hope it does with you too. They were talk or talk to a lady from New York City talk from gentlemen from Shreveport Louisiana
talking to a lady from spring. Fellow annoying, all conservatives all constitutional us all. Patriots are proud of their country. That should put a smile on your face and that should make you feel waste a little better, we'll be right back. You know this Ronan Pharaoh keeps breaking these sexual harassment stories. His mother's me a thorough And I believe the claim is that the fathers Woody Allen Maybe I'm wrong, but I see a lot of Frank Sinatra: they and Frank Sinatra course was married me a ferret, maybe I'm wrong I'm. Making any allegation.
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they're out my grandkids, but I'll be going there with my beautiful wife, Julie and an event at K are alive eight. Seventy the answer can I'll give him. The details, the next few days and weeks, but we very much look forward to seeing you there And to trip by much enjoy all right. Let's take some calls. Let's see hear about them. The boom, Let's go to Israel in Morristown New Jersey, the Great W Abc yes, I'll, go right ahead. We are you mentioned earlier. That is really nothing we can do other than the convention of fake. I wanted just as a ninety nine days from now does actually couldn't be. With the american people have Israel, Ezra. We were well aware that the question was raised in the context of a systemic problem.
And in terms of dealing with these systemic problem, the ATA Control Courts, the ATA control spending out of control, federal government generally and the post constitutional consequences of this. We are going to vote and we undressed and what voting means, but that won't fix must a hundred years or what the progressives have done to the constitutional order. Yes, yes, how we can actually fixes the lecture, basically, what the progress of that time they ve taken over the power, what we have to do. Basically, it's a vote, but people better not progressing. In fact, there is a way to do by basically going across party lines and voting on principle. Only voted for those were actually commit to restore the constitution. Sir, Sir, we're? U point of the tea party movement for the next?
a website where you, when I gotta, have a website hocker website. I asked you a question: will you part of the tea party movement? Oh, I didn't People how many, how many tea party considers that we send a Congress who turned on us out out there problem that Oh, it is a problem that is true how many people turn on us who said there conservative and they turn out not to be. You can keep doing this and you the biggest budget in american history and you have open borders and so forth, we'll be voting Republican for some. It was a dear friend and am gravely disappointed in because I want to protect this president, and I want to protect the constitution and This effort to overthrow this president, whether would with baseless impeachment charges, are, requires my vote to try and stop it, but I'm not going to
say to my audience here with some pollyanna answer that just keep voting republican and just keep trying to do the best we can point: conservative constitutional today, through the courts and that'll fix it. That's not correct! You want if we vote for it's for your car than manner what I say: Because he doesn't want to get his hands dirty, I want to get involved in the convention of state fuck I was active in the rain campaign in seventy six and eighty. I served in his administration for eight years. It was a golden period for this country. Any set a foundation on which the Bush family could have built, but they didn't they large back to the republican, Progressive ISM of Theodore, Roosevelt. And so many republican since and before and the fact of the matter There is, as I have said before, we really have only had to conservative,
events in the last century, and that was Coolidge and ragged and hopefully trouble turn out to be one as well. But those are the only two. In the last century, we ve had sought recipe for the most part, and so we have now reached a point in my view where we need to use the constitution to save the constitution. Young people, Write books and write articles and go on and on about grass of is and what a danger it is where our countries going and then, when you come up with the answers and how, in some of the solutions, it's not, you can't do that just vote rather than ever trappers or that way so Let us go to John, in LOS Angeles, eight. Seventy, the answer k our Ella Go Mark. Thank you. So much for supporting converge with faith. I thought I was really disgraceful out a trade mark, MAC, Whirr throng.
I wanted to come to. You had an anomaly that they were utterly ignorant. Absolutely they didn't know what they were talking about. Just they were big government that with it. But I wanted to just comment to you. I feel as though the american people have lost the idea of being a citizen. They were forced into the old eighteenth century. Subject: model nuts with all of this large government progressive, isn't it all about. And I have this on my personal level- on trying to convert my garage into a bedroom and the amount of peace that I have to go to simply in the hitting government. You get a norm it to change the structure of my own home dumping them John and probably type, but is outrageous, and it on you might be right. You we'll be right. I hope, your arm, but you may be right I'll, be right back.
Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one. You see, ladies and gentlemen, if a fan in general or deputy attorney general can appoint a special council with no criminal requisite whatsoever to investigate a president, because they feel pressure the do so by the opposition party in Congress and by the media that will
the mentally alter the way our government function. Sport does not function and we now have people in the government some of the bureaucracy, some in Congress, and we are people in the media were waiting for that outcome. They do not want a president like tat our conservative republican presents to be successful. So they want to come only dog them. They want to have this new precedent set. And I'm telling you we can't recover from something like this. That's why, it should not sit down for an interview, that's why they should take it all the way up to the Supreme Court. That's why we cry Our fingers and held the Supreme Court knows what the hell it's doing may not.
When you get to this issue. The New York Times shows Burger Sulzberger family in the Oaks family and vote on the New York Times since forever. So the kid inherited his newspaper, the whole company, which is not doing well financially, it up and this particular shows burger, came into power effectively in January and meets with the president President tweet about it, then he says: look I told the president that he s the stop criticising the the press. The ways criticised Press are working to have some violence and I'm thinking Have you not seen the violence against tromp supporters, the brutal attacks on trumped supporters? who are bothering anybody. The most recent one in Hollywood, where the trumps
I was destroyed and some Trump supported, went there and they were met by a mob and attacked. Have they not seen Antigua which is marxist left organist, patient and the violence. I mean real vote what's that. That organization does have I told Maxine waters to cut it out or Corey Booker, cut it out about getting into the face of your members of Congress. I mean the left his violent. The left is violent. Conservatives are not violent, not confuse us with NEO Nazis and clansmen. That's not us derivatives are not via the entire tea party. The entire tea party moment: spindle violence, tens of thousands of people gathering.
Peacefully, making their voices heard. Having their members of Congress but for the New York Times, publisher,. To me, with the present, the United States, men say told the President, though you stop criticising the press, because you're going to create violence is really shocking to me. I do not understand why the New York Times as an institution in this country, where all the other press types say they take their lead from the New York Times why all the graduates from journalism schools across the country want to work for the New York Times. A working for a newspaper and I've said it over and over again, a newspaper.
It was involved and one of the most agreed as acts of any free press and our entire history. The cover up of the holocaust. There is the New York Times printed in New York, called the New York Times. A well known, progressive newspaper, on paper that supports Democrats almost exclusively that purposely push stories about the Holocaust, either to the pages or refuse to report on them at all and if tire book has been written on this. A self examination of the New York Times was done. I encourage you to google it or being it
or duck duck or whatever and in research, and how can the New York Times be the paper of record? How can the near as we, the paper of any kind of area, a record. How is it reputable. With a history like that, and that's not so long ago and a newspaper that owing to cover up the holocaust because effectively that's what I did. How can it be relied on to tell the truth? It can't and they record again it's very
strain have explained this to many of you out there who are not jewish or joint house or atheists and so forth about leftists who were jewish, how they, how they do not support The country of Israel, which is a jewish state, bear with me on this the daily. Why are they have a story? New York Times makes reportedly false claim about Israel's found a refuses to offer retraction and it's this. They use David been going in one of its founders. Its first prime minister with a debunked quote. Talking about giving up land that it had conquered quota. Unquote quote. In the six day war and yet a trance. Of the discussion
Ben gory and had says no such thing, but still the New York Times with it and will not corrected. Why is this? Why is that? The reason is simple, because the new Times is run by self Haters twitter com, as you well know, that's why and they do exist. These are people who put their political ideology ahead of all else and by the way you find it among certain Catholics and Protestants all religions, but am explaining it. And this is why the New York Times does what the New York Times does. There is a guy running for the Senate in Texas. And veto whatever his name is.
And he's been running around the state of Texas. Saying: look, I don't take pack money and I dont support packs and they sat in the other thing turns out. He does take pack money turns out, he did take pack money and he took it from an Organization that Santa is because more more the Democratic Party in the left, this is where they're coming from. Is it not. Some of it is anti semitic. Some of it is not, but a growing movement within the Democratic Party because of the left and, quite frankly, because of our immigration policies. To just tell me the truth can get fired for the truth. Can I. So this beetle guy turns out. He got money, ruined from an organisation that spend time attacking Israel and Israel's existence.
It set up as a jewish organisation. The New York Times is going to report that guy's running against TED crews in Texas new at times, isn't gonna report that and one MOSS a terrorist group. Recognised as such by the United States does terrorist things on the Gaza Strip, which controls completely and utterly. Pushes the women and children in the front shooting It is really idea and burn the land around them, attacking people and so forth, and so on. News It's like the New York Times. Right in a Hamas, his hands, because some Does this for publicity purposes
It has no care whatsoever about death. The people who die as a result of this and news outlets like the New York Times, are the mouthpieces for Hamas. This is why I say they have blood on their hands, because these terrorist activities by these terrorist organizations. The result Ethel mayhem are done because they want nothing more than the draw the tension of the reporters and editors at the New York Times for front page stories, toil support. So the gall of shows burger meeting would try. And then saying he told Trump that his criticism- the press will get somebody killed or injured or create violence. What a pathetic pathetic operational.
I'll, be right back on life, Liberty and Levant. Last night, it was a great show me as we had the retired lieutenant Colonel Adam Alan, He was absolutely. Like in a play, the whole show free, but let's play one or two clips: let's go to clip number one, the producer go a lot a young man who difficulties, kids and so forth, When they get in the military changes, though, does it so it say it's really important experience. My father was one of them till you met my Father s where war to veteran and long story- Short Finchley, sighed again in politics. When did you decide to get into the politics and what drove you to do more
The folks in a military really talk careful politicians as a matter of fact, if you. Officer- and you got this summit to be an escort for member Congress or whatever is partly because you have pissed off your officer now something that we saw, as you know, grand thing to do, but it was interesting. I came back after the two thousand six mid term elections that Republicans laws, A local woman by the name of Donna. Brosmer said you want to sit down and talk to me. She spoke to me about run if off, And you know my mindset was our hey. Look I underscore for a couple of weeks I gotta go back to Afghanistan. Kandahar, worker, with afghan Army Taliban. All around us but she says something that really resonated Mark, as she said just because you're out a uniform just because you retire from the military. Doesn't mean that your oath of services end and then struck me very hard because
they also we take the oath. My father took dealt at my older brother took us it my nephew took was a sport. And the constitution of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic and the bear true faith and allegiance to the same and if you truly believe in that she was right. And so I embarked on this thing called Vienna United States congressmen not wanted to seek fame of fortune or a career in politics, but to continue my services country When did you realize you're a conservative always a conservative. Well, this is the thing and mud registered Democrats. I grew up in jail, Louis's congressional district, which was very interesting when I presented To him when I was sworn in with the congressional black carcass, but my parents, ace me was conservative principles and values they built faith, they believe in family. They believe an end of it possibility, good quality education, a service for the country, and I thank you,
He started to have conversations in America, not about republic and a Democrat, and I really think the two poorest systems fallen apart, but we start to talk to people on the principles and values about what makes country, so great. What what enables a key from the city, Lana George. Be sitting here was such an incredible scholar like yourself on on Fox NEWS on on Sunday night. That's him american dream, that's what we fight for and that's what our founding fathers fought for. It is about, and equality, opportunity is seldom quality of outcomes? And that's what makes As conservatives, we believe. This is a great lack of opportunity and we
believe as as Jeff sorrow about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that someone is trying to guarantee your happiness out standing and we haven't heard the last of our western I'm freely. Certainties can run for public office. Again, I don't many inside track, I'm just saying, and our next guest. This may surprise, you must reduce he ever watch the show on the history channel Porn Stars, Pierre Debbie, when stars are next guest, is gonna, be Rick, Harrison and Rick Harrison. You're gonna see aside a rigorous and that you ve never seen before, haven't interviewed him yet has become a very dear friend of mine. He and his wife and my wife I and he's very philosophical he is, while I'm not gonna, give it away. He is terrific
and it's just going to be one of those unique guests and I think you'll find it extremely compelling, as was Alan West and now on West. As a really terrific patriot. And, as I say, I think we're gonna be seeing a lot more him in the year in the near future. I, let's take a car here. Of time. Don't stay were not John C. Bring Florida the great WMD go Arguably brown man what you stand for in your later in this nation. Rather the man who was just talk about that hurt you talk with when he sound knows, water, democratic conservatism, men too grab the education to be younger people, vote Democrat where Democratic Party of Communism originates from and we got a minute already. What about your quick. Democrats and Republicans in Stockholm, conservative and communism.
I would add about local public yeah that'll get everyone's attention. Attendance always in the men on yeah right, independent of what exactly are John good car appreciate it lets continued me, Detroit Michigan, serious satellite go, go Jamie! Go to you, sir! Thank you speak with you, sir. My my statement is, you know about the left, keep talking about how we need a tax, big business or a few tax, big business. They're gonna do one or two things: going to lay people off or they going to pass it on to the consumer. So not only are you going to pay more for the products that you buy, but you're also going to pay more in taxes, because the liberals think we need to Am I wrong on my way, while you're a hundred percent, what is the biggest business in the country, the business of government? There always telling people what the charge, how to make products and where to make products and when they make proud,
what we should by what we shouldn't by what the hell are. These people seem like a limited government to you. You know when you hear the marxist propaganda tax, though top one percent tax, big business, Is that what it says in the constitution? No, the purpose of tax is the fund, the legitimate constitutional functions of government not to redistribute wealth, so we need to stand up to this. This is populism of the left and we reject it, but How did the liberal that see that, though I mean how are they not thinking? Make you're gonna be taxed twice You know I'm here that this is really believe that the because Jamie they're not like us, they don't think like us. They want that they believe in it. They believe all freedom all opportunity comes through. And they also believe that their lives are miserable. It's because somebody's better, the better off than they are somebody's more successful than they are, and they d like inside there, not circumcision
It's not them if somebody They get em it somebody who stood in their way at some historical event and so forth, and so on. I hope you folks or my interview. We shall Still he was absolutely outstanding several weeks ago, while they write We have been tyranny. Call by Mark Levin, Joe now at seven, three eight one. Three, eight one one one atom of nitrogen and bonnet when one atom of oxygen Boone, you just created nitric, tied a miracle molecule. Your own body makes that fuels your cardiovascular, health, keeping you vibrant, but as we are,
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What am I talking about? Well I'll, tell you. Over the weekend I learned about some incredible advances. We ve made in fighting cancer, and particularly renal cancer, are ye anyhow, cancer. And I know our food pharmaceutical companies come under a vicious attack that they're making too much money. It's the same media, the same politicians who destroy everything want to destroy them. Drug company. And I know many of you feel at our drugs are too expensive. But let me tell you something.
The vast majority of research. That's done by these companies winds up with nothing, but when they come up with something it is a big deal for quality of life and long, and they ve done this when it comes to renal cancer, that metastasize in somebody's body and they have developed and infusion
And I think you ve seen these commercials are very quick there, not very detailed on tv that shows a healthy human cell devouring, killing a cancer so and they ve come up with this infusion. There was just approved by the FDA not too long ago, of two drugs, because the cancer cell tricks the healthy. So I'm doing this as a pedestrian, but I'm just making a point: the cancer cell tricks they healthy cells, And how does it do it? It tricks they healthy cells by presenting itself as a healthy. So. Presenting itself as a healthy. So so your immune system and the healthy self do not attack the cancer cell and they keep spreading growing and killing.
So they had to figure out how to expose the cancer cell to the healthy self, so the healthy cells would see it as a danger and attack it. That's what they ve invented. In addition, they ve invented another drug. That Jack's up your immune system that strengthens your immune system, particularly when you're elderly in your immune system is, and what it used to be its more more difficult to fight various illnesses and so forth, and so they ve created such and now they ve combine these drugs in infusion. Is directly in your system to kill these cancer cells at metastasized in the body again, a certain type of cancer.
But it is the cutting edge. It's brand new. It's now on the market. It's something they ve been developing for years and years and years and its some enormous amount of money, and now they will be saving lives? Moving lives, lengthening lives, it really works. It really works. So I'm probably one of the loan voices in defending our pharmaceutical companies and I would ask Bernie Sanders: where did these drug come from Scandinavia? No, they don't come from Scandinavia. They come from large pharmaceutical companies.
Not a socialist paradise all they know how to do redistribute, regulate and tax in this country. We invent, we create, we save lives, that's what these companies do. They save lives. This is a miracle drug and there will be more many more as they. Develop a better and better understanding of the human body the year of the good aspects, work and how the other ones work. It's absolutely incredible! That gives a lot of people a lot of hope. This was not available a short time ago,.
Fact, seven or eight years ago. They would have her. You were chemo and radiation racked your body and maybe would help a little bit may be a wouldn't. They just warrant sure. And so before we destroy another, magnificent private sector institution. Let's think about. Ok, let's think about. Let us go to Wes partake. Rhode Island, the Great W Pr Vigo, a mark, You're a girl was a couple of time anew the great man and have a navy we, I did for him for being in the army,. The last time I saw him, I was working on a cruise campaign. Arrival knows approach here, preparing will mark a bumper sticker. That said, crews west.
Energy already moved back. Yes, sir, and I think if he chooses to write in Texas, he will win give me a call West Dan New York, New York, the Great W Abc hurry. You remarked you're you're at one time, Lester and TAT really really enjoy your show. Your We ride on about the pharmaceutical industry, they do. Men, some out of work is a tremendous met, investment in these drugs and I think a lot of people forget. What's return back to the economy and people who are able to work, people able go back into the wood, and of course, this huge effect that it has a patient's wives, but we're really- No you're right now He's immune drugs are really going to cure a lot of patience you here and correct. Yes, yes, I am. This is a brand new. I mean I'm not!
We're stating it am, I darker now you're, not you're, not in fact not only for kidney cancer for bladder cancer for a number of other cancers. When these work, they work dramatically. Well, they don't work and everybody and I don't want to give people false hope. It works about really in about one in four patients: the what it does it while this latest combination works and about eighty five percent of the cases they believe yeah yeah. An interesting thing is: is there this combination of the white think you're talking about Europe, just turned it down. That is the one I'm talking about Europe just started. Africa just shows you the differences in the system and with a lot of disappointment and the college can you that that did not yet exist. And they even have some some. Unbelievable pills that people take it the infusion isn't there. They don't react well to the infusion
mean oral pills again, nothing, I think they have some side effects but who would have thought that ten years ago, why don't you get just show you? What investment in research? Does TAT Force and its an enormous expense? People just need to understand, and most of the time they come up empty. I look at look at the amount of investment in research, the doing now and also absolutely an end for the most part. Not not exclusively they're they're. Coming up empty, empty, but they're, making progress a little, but here and there I study alot of this just cause. That's what I do and what yeah. A lot of its learning, how to use the drugs hardly used. And probably, if you look back into the nineteen sixty about some of the drugs we use them.
We really did know the right decision, right schedules and ass. As the research developed, we were able to cure, for example, to stick you again and nobody very rare as if it were very rarely people die from to stick you again to me. I won't pronounces well, it's one of them is spelled an ivy, oh, how you M a b. The volume I all and its combined with IP eye out? I am you and may be. It pillion Mama man now they make the name so complicated, but anyway don't they. Combine these two and the FDA approved using it as a first line drug, you know used up the try other things we two months ago. They moved it through quickly. And you know that They had a number patients well over a thousand patients and it hadn't a significant effect so
there's opportunities out there, my friend, absolutely and without these companies I don't know where we would be an you know, people keep? Oh you just by corporate and has nothing to do with that. It has nothing to do with it. It's if your computer Passionate if you're, humane you ve gotta you ve got an embrace capital, is me: got embraced the market system, private property it works. Are I doktor thank you for your call. And some of these doctors. Let me tell you, I don't know how they show up every day. Every day, my step daughter's going to medical school her first year was absolutely brown These kids work so hard and for years, and it's so competitive.
And then, after for five years of that, then, we are at the lower rung of the latter when they work in these various hospitals and assignments and so forth. And then, after several years of that, third, the variable Lois wrong of a ladder when they went he join in office are open their own office and software. So. He put in an enormous amount of time and expense to become darkness. I know we're supposed to Haiti there's two I know we're supposed to hate, everyone is successful, anything that works in the name of big government and egalitarianism. I rejected all will be right back.
You know where it must be doing something right. You and I fucked. I started this. Sir FUCK show we announced last year November, started in February the long form interview with brought back, which has been so desperately needed a my view on Sunday night now, other people are doing exactly the same thing. There's one problem there not me Harold be anybody before that that three years ago my living room, we decided to hatch a really special digital tv network. A different than anything that I remain out there and we started it would live in tv. He wanted to see how they would work. Will it worked incredibly fantastically and after seven months we do so,
To create a network around a cot, see our tv conservative review tv there now twenty hosts and many many of you are subscribers and then, of course, there is a lack of their out there to go with the real deal. You don't need to go with the copycats, go with the original thinkers and join us. It's your tv, even watching cable, most part striving driving you even reading stories on the web, their driving in nuts, hardly while they drove me nuts, too, and so many of you which is why we started Levine TV and then broaden it to see our tv. I wouldn't carry water for anybody, including the president,
On the other hand, we don't believe it's hard job to destroy the president and his his presidency either were for America. We want the country to succeed, we are patriots, there's twenty was different personalities. Different approaches differ ways of communicating entertaining, but we believe in this country. We believe in this country were like the Anti CNN at the end.
I M assembly see now I'm hoping you'll join us, I'm hoping the Levine. I sat there and you know who you are. Who ve hurt me talk about this, that this will be the day in time when you participate in this and after you sign up you're gonna, ask yourselves a meanness. Why didn't I do the sooner? Why didn't I do the sooner, because I think you're gonna, love alone. I work you can watch us honour, handheld devices on your smart tv throw coup. If you have a pc, an Ipad, I can have a name over devices can watch us through were apple and so forth, and what we're gonna do is- and I mention this recently before we're gonna- offer you a thirty day free trial thirty days, so you sign up. If you don't like it, you can drop him, but I think you're gonna, like I think again, a love it and I think these at the time.
These are the times are test us and so, with all their hosts and particularly Levine TV, I really think you're gonna enjoyed you're gonna learn a lot. So here's what you do all you live, and I sat there let's see if we can get at least a thousand of you to respond or eight for four Levine TV, eight. Four for EL easy. I end tv mortgage is set up in less than five minutes. It's not complicated. It may seem what walk you right through it with the boy customer service folks period their patient, and they understand that this is for many of you, the first time we're going to do this. Eight for four Levine tv aid for four heavy iron tv. Now some of you who are my age, maybe your sixty sixty four. This makes
nervous. You don't really know how to do it all new to walk you through it. Don't worry what so were so I hope you will take the opportunity today to jump in. That's your tv call, eight for four Levin tv, eight four for live in tv. Let's see we have less. A minute left, I mean just see if there's any bodies but waiting forever, Louise O View, for your serious shadow, William about thirty seconds, but I wanted to take your car go ahead. I am, I guess, I got in the car- and I heard you talking about ring a bell cancer and the clinical trials, and I am income. The call trial through the annual clinic founded, Finally, I have to go and let me just say I wish all the best go and all the people who are here as well. You are You are a fighter and you're gonna do just great. Louise
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