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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/3/18

On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, each of these concepts of liberty, and in defense of our rights being given by God, are rejected by the progressive left in America today. You cannot believe in God-given rights, good and evil, right and wrong like the Golden Rule or universal truths in the 10 commandments and believe in progressivism. Our Founders put their lives on the line to do what no other nation of the face of this earth has ever done; create a nation based on the concept that we are children of God and therefore we have rights as a result. The modern leadership of the Democratic party rejects the purpose of our Independence, because the intellectual philosophy that undergirds the progressive movement rejects these notions. Later, as we see the attacks on President Trump's potential Supreme Court nominees it underscores how the left thinks and why they oppose these nominations. The country is facing a big decision to appoint a new Supreme Court Justice. The president can nominate anyone of age to the post, but it’s critical that he appoint someone that won't create legislation by a swing of their gavel. Amy Barrett has a 15 year record on Originalism similar to Thomas and Gorsuch. Brett Kavanaugh's writings on the same topic are more recent and its surprising that a sophisticated campaign to promote his nomination are going on despite his lack of a record on textualism and originalism.

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