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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/5/18

On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, WMAL Radio Host Larry O'Connor fills in. Has President Trump taken on Andrew Breitbart's “war” on the left and the mainstream media? This “war” was in response to the left's tactics and the media's bias for attacking the conservative movement. Today Trump is engaged in this same war. He fights and he won’t let go and he won’t stop tweeting because he’s fighting for us and pushing back against the media in defense of all of us. Later, there’s a concerted effort to make Brett Kavanaugh the Supreme Court nominee. Why is this? Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t fit Trump’s pattern of picks for his White House. He likes to make bold moves and Kavanaugh isn’t that. Anthony Kennedy might be retiring to protect his legacy as the deciding vote on the Court's gay marriage decision and Kennedy may have said I will drop out if you nominate Brett Kavanaugh.

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