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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/8/19

On Monday's Mark Levin Show, why should we care about the Women's World Cup Champions? Most of them embarrassed us. It's sad when the Netherlands cares more about the American flag than Allie Long and Megan Rapinoe from the U.S team. We spend more time brainstorming how to better care for illegal aliens than we do discussing how to help American citizens. Later, the Betsy Ross flag was labeled a symbol of the KKK. Yet the Anti defamation League says that the Betsy Ross flag is innocuous and has never been viewed as a symbol of white supremacy movements. Despite the sneaker not being offensive, the entire debacle with Colin Kaepernick and Nike was embarrassing for America. Afterward, ANTIFA's violence in Portland and Washington have not been condemned by the media or the Democrats. Yet no one is even asking who runs this organization because they don't care. Finally, the Iranian terror state is suffering economically at the hand of U.S sanctions and the media is attacking Senate Majority Leader McConnell for his ancestors allegedly owning slaves in the 1700's.

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