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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 7/9/18

On Monday's Mark Levin Show, The key for a Supreme Court nominee is to pick a constitutionalist - not a leftist, or a rightist and hope that a constitutionalist will do the right thing whatever the issue is. The Supreme Court decides cases on all types of law so it’s important that we get a Constitutionalist on the Court. Now, if President Trump nominates a left-leaning judge it’s not a game-changer. This is not the most conservative court in a generation. This court is not even close to being a constitutionalist court; this is the court that upheld Obamacare and nationalized gay marriage. Also, the Left has become increasingly extremist. Chuck Schumer used the term far right to describe conservative organizations that helped the Trump administration put together its shortlist of nominees. Schumer is paid for by the radical socialist left of the Democrat party. We must make it abundantly clear that the statist progressives on the left now consider anyone who supports the Constitution to be on the far right. Then, as written in "Men in Black" the Supreme Court, and federal courts, gained power through the Judiciary Act of 1801 which was repealed by Congress whom then introduced the Judiciary Act of 1802 including the practice known as 'judicial review. Judicial review is an implied power, not an explicit power of the Court and thus we sit at the edge of our seats each summer waiting for a majority of justices to define what is law and what's not -- this is not well and this is not good. Otherwise, we will continue to rely on a single judge to decide on the legality of issues in our republic.

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