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On Tuesday's Mark Levin Show, another radical jurist appointed by Barack Obama says that the DOJ needs to prove more in order to add the citizenship question to the U.S census, also quashing the request to change their legal team. Conveniently this happens in time to potentially miss the census. Also, the planned anarchy, havoc, and chaos at our border is reminiscent of the Cloward-Piven strategy which aimed to sabotage capitalism. In the same way, the Democratic Socialists are promoting the Cloward-Piven strategy by overwhelming the border, in true Saul Alinsky fashion. A massive recruitment or drive of aliens flooding the border is akin to their original strategy of creating a revolt amongst poor people to mobilize them en masse to clog up government agencies. Cloward and Piven submit that fear and chaos fosters ripe conditions to introduce radical change. The left wants to use race-based politics to attack our citizenship and change our population. Later, the individual mandate of Obamacare is the linchpin of the taxation argument made by Chief Justice Roberts. Coupled with Justice Kavanaugh's non-originalist judicial philosophy, will prove to hurt the court. Afterward, Senator Elizabeth Warren says that "she's there" agreeing that Israel is occupying land that is not theirs, thus embracing Hamas' position.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, and it's hundred and seventy fifth year here- there is a truly independent institution. Where learning surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening. And my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground, bows or even longer, somewhere under Britain's deal of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, you know and other federal district
Your pointed bio bomb, another radical as Jes ruled that the just Department has not provided inadequate reason for changing its lead. A team on the citizen, ships less census case. I've ever heard anything like this. Since the Supreme Court says. Well, you know, but probably constitutional, ass, the citizen ship question we're not gonna get to that right now, but we really. Don't like or believe the justification, the majority says that the Department of Justice has giving so start over. Then time to miss the sense. Sorry, ten years now, federal district judge, A firm in another Obama hack he Well, we know you want to change your legal team Department of Justice, but im give
A good reason to do so now, so now they can change their legal team. Some days, I tell you some It's unbelievable! You know if I hadn't already written a book on the court's I'd write another one. The man in black was my first book. I think I wrote it good Lord Twentyth, o five. I think it was published on twenty four or five another near ties, best seller sure they really are possible. These New York Times by sellers. How do how the Supreme Court is destroying America was. The subtitle every institution of government is how to control and all push in the same direction towards centralized. I infested federal control by fewer in
You were individuals and the only reason, our way that the elected branches are able to function as if they keep moving left. Otherwise, the court's stop and whether to immigration weathered sea environment weathered the census, There are now no Rational separation hours lines between the judiciary in the other branches, the judiciary, I'm sending besides all the issues, whether other cultural, such as sex marriage in.
On and on, and on and immigration health care, it's just truly appalling. What's happened now, of course, is a lot to talk about this evening, but I got to thinking as I always do about what's taking place on our border, the havoc the anarchy, the chaos planned, anarchy planned chaos where we heard about this before. Member of the cloud pivots strategy give a distant memory at least about this discover. The networks is a site, discover the network's dot org and points out that was first proposed, and nineteen
Sixty six named after Columbia, University, Sociologists, Richard Andrew Cloud and his wife, Francis Fox pigment, long time, members of the democratic Socialists of Amerika. Our opinion today is the honorary chair, the Cloud haven strategy. Seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society in the crisis and economic collapse. Now this cloud piggin strategy can be applied in different forms and indifferent subjects and in different ways. That is precisely what is taking place on our borders. This is precisely what's going on
expecting immigration in their nineteen. Sixty six article on bouncing around, I can't read the whole thing: it's too long cloud and prevent charge that ruling classes used welfare to weaken the poor that, by providing a soul. Safety net, the rich doubts, the fires, a rebellion, poor people can it it's only when the rest of society, afraid of them cloud, told the New York Times in September. Twenty two nineteen- seventy, rather than play in the poor will: government handouts, Roque Flower, prevent activists should work to sabotage and destroy the welfare system, or, in this case sabotage and destroy the immigration system. The authors also asserted that a the collapse of the welfare state. What ignited political financial crisis? I would rocked the country again replaced with immigration be poor people would rise in revolt, see
then, with the rest of society, except their demands precisely what's taking place on the border with illegal immigration. The key to spark in this regard would be to expose the inherent inadequacy of the welfare state, or in this case over Whelm the system, the border patrol ice detention centres and ministries of logic. Cloud and Piven Charlie promoters cited racial organizer saw of Linsky as their inspiration Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules or Linsky wrote in nineteen? Seventy one rules for radicals when pressed on every word of every law and statute, every Judeo, christian moral tenant and every implicit promise of the liberal social contract. Human agencies inevitably fall short.
The systems failure to live up to its rule book can then used to discredit at all together and to replace the capitalist rule book with a socialist one. In other words, the systems fail to live up to its rule book, another the inability to cover what's taking place on the border. Discrediting the system ice, the border patrol physical. Areas, and so forth and self on discredited altogether and then replace it. That's exactly what they're doing, and it is the democratic socialists, I know it's oxymoron, but we play along. It is the democratic socialist through promoting this. The illiteracy heights.
Cloud and Piven noted that the number of american subsisting on welfare about eight million at that time, probably represented less than half the number, who were technically answerable for fourth benefits- that's the artist proposed a massive drive to recruit the poor onto the welfare rules. Massive drive to recruit aliens to rush our borders. Calculating that the system will be bankrupted, even if a fraction of putting to welfare recipients, were to demand their entitlements. The result predicted clouded peasant would be a profound financial and political crisis like on the border. That would only powerful forces for major economic reform at the national level. The cloud periodical called for cod phase of aggressive organizers to use demonstrations to create a climate of militancy, then the eye
I was predicted the following. What happened again? Put it in our current circumstances and in the mindset of what's taking place on our border, respecting illegal immigration, so well Happen: politicians intimidated by threats and black violence they write would appeal to the federal government for a health care. The orchestrated media campaign carried out by friendly left wing journalists would float the idea of a federal programme of income redistribution in the form of gas. Indeed living income for all working. A non working people are like you believe us. They wrote about this in nineteen sixty six, it's happening right in front of your eyes. Local officials were clutch besides there like drowning men to a lifeline, they would apply pressure in Washington to implement, with
Ray major city erupting into chaos, Washington, would have to act. The cloud pivot strategy was an example of what are commonly called Trojan horse initiatives. Mass movements whose outward purpose seems to be providing material, help the downtrodden but whose real objective is to draft poor people into service, as revolution Mary foot soldiers to mobilise poor people en masse in an effort to overwhelm government agencies with a flood of demands beyond the capacity of those agencies to meet like D Hs cloud. Improving caution that. Of demands which they were recommending would break the budget, jammed the bureaucratic gears and gridlock and bring the sis crashing down. Fear term
violence in economic collapse. Excuse me what a company such a breakdown, providing perfect conditions for fostering radical change. That was the theory, in fact, that theories working on our border, ladys and job. That's what's taking place, the very people, who caused these circumstances intentionally. First claiming it was a manufactured crisis while they were creating the crisis through limits on budget
Struck in the present along the wall by undermining ice calling for its elimination by undermining the border patrol by claiming detention centres, are concentration camps while voting against more detention beds. While voting against more administrative larger this, while choking chokingly the financial ability to cope with, what's taking place obstructing the ability to secure the southern border, then they become the vocal outside
radicals against what they have created. Chaos anarchy overwhelming the system because in this case they want to destroy any lawful, manageable immigration system and have open borders, because the hard left than the Democratic Party have decided that they are going to promote re space politics and they have concluded that the best way to get power and retain power is to change America's demographic. The change its citizens.
Washington Examiner record. Sixty million Hispanics in the United States. Fifty two percent of the population growth, because the Democrats have decided in a very diabolical an evil way that this is their future race, politics, race, baiting, race, division, that's what they ve concluded and so Pew rights. I didn't make this up these people study at the states with the faster
I didn't make this up. These people study at the states with the fastest hispanic population. Growth tend to have relatively small hispanic populations, North Dakota as an example, district of Columbia, South Dakota, Montana, New Hampshire, hats, because the biggest percentage changes, but the biggest an absolute numbers are on the board. One of them have to be a state called Texas. Another one thought on the southern border is Florida. This is all intended as a radical plan cloud and Piven. A linsky tactics overwhelmed system create create the
ass in the anarchy than condemn it. Condemned the law, condemn the press, Condemn the ideas of a war and then eventually, you'll get what you want. That is exactly what is happening on the southern border. That is exactly what is happening on the issue of immigration. Right in front of your eyes, I'll be right back then every human being has a common problem. How do I live well? our happiness and well being depends on how we answer that question hills to college President Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick I'm making
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for Hills doubt that come lowered and now the cloud given strategy. Of these systems than blaming the system. They overwhelm in order to destroy it use. The linsky marxist personalization process has been in play, so you see it's it's Donald Trump, whose reports responsible for separating children from parents, even though, if we don't know of their parents and those are actually their children, its Donald Trump who's responsible for the detention centres. Even though we tried to build a wall,
So they create havoc, they provide no answers. The present try almost on his own to address the border problem and first he's condemned as a racist, concocting manufacturing a crisis, and I was condemned as a racist who is not properly handling a crisis that he should have seen coming. None of this is possible without our media. None of it using two techniques that are discussed in on freedom of the press, propaganda and pseudo over in propaganda? Remember propaganda as Bernay said, The minority that is masterminds or elites have discovered a powerful help in influencing majorities. It's been found possible soda mould, the mind, the masses that they will
RO their newly gain strength in the desired direction. The present structure society. This practice is inevitable, whether if so. Importance is done today, whether in politics financed manufacturing, I recall and so forth, and so on. Propaganda is the executive arm of the invisible government. First and foremost, this means using the media. Ladies and gentlemen, are the media exercising its own ideologically driven, will as a propaganda enterprise. And you ve listen to this programme long enough now, and you read on freedom of the press, you know exactly what I'm talking about the Democrat Party media, the programme the agenda, these social activism agenda. This is what we get, and so, when you have the cloud and given strategy applied to immigration and the southern border,
Linsky, like attacks on the president and anybody who dares to stand up calling them raises the problem. Ganda, other media you, have exactly what's taking place in this country, the abyss of citizenship, I'll be right. Back since its family, eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call. It has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I wanted to about an Primus, the free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in Primacy Indicated to educating citizens and promoting Civil and religious liberty, by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in Nineteen seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a
issues like free speech, the regulation of big tech, meant The onus on the american medical insurance system and because a man Its founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers Primus apps free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. I want you to do I want a visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll dot EU for your free subscription. That's and Primus I m p r. I am I yes, dad still that EU welcome Thursday s voice Mars, love, fan talk with that now, eight, seventy seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one! That's continue Ok, as we discuss this
Would it make isn't it interesting as possible and entertaining as possible, but these are important issues to break down what's taking place, to wit the facade off of all of us, the propaganda we get from the media is intended to create static and confusion and confounded some what's taking place. What's taking places and simply a difference of opinion on budgetary matters and so forth, what's taking place? Is a camera pollution to the American Revolution in a manner this itself here and there, and here it is on immigration, so it's on. All out attack on our immigration laws, immigration, sick, already border security and the nation state. Why? Because The hard left cannot get what it through normal citizenship,.
We, the american people. When I read this way, we don't buy into their agenda. So what are they have to do? Destroy vast system, the immigration Sis destroy any notion of a southern border issue of Jack to what this to our society Willard? school systems, whether it's hard jobs whatever it is your collar racist because left is using people from central and South America to achieve their ends. There ends power, the distrust of the status quo, much of which they have created by the way the destruction of the of the nations. The destruction of the civil society and replace it with their radical, Toby an agenda which, of course, is how on earth we care about hispanic settled care about African Americans. These are group assignments, these are all tools to create
policies and anger, this has come racism, racism, racism argument: if race, some doesn't exist. They seek to create it. Whether the image of reality. This What our kids are learning colleges and universities this, What you and I are seeing on our television screens. And then they try to limit how you can describe it. President call. Things these media outlets enemy the people. Then he you see, becomes the enemy. Then suddenly ease the enemy, he's the perpetrator and the people who are perpetrating these things, the propaganda and the there must be a raises. Other president, must be against. Immigrants are the president and staying with us we must. Isn't it must be a dictator or the president must be erases. Other president must begin migrants are the president and say with us: we must be white supremacist.
Why we wait a while. You must be white supremacist. Because those are mostly brown, people. Now why people are trying to get over the borders, so you see how how they closed the circle on this. Here's a smaller example, my quite is dramatic, but it's in the press. Lately, you ve heard over and over and over again that these women soccer players are paid less than the men and they deserve equal pay, I told you before this is BS and I don't really care about about we're. Gonna come circle back to this. There are several pieces on this. Now you can read them yourselves at four Here's one at national view online by Agee, Hamilton.
After the. U S, women soccer team won the World CUP on Sunday. A major focus from the team and the media was a complaint over an alleged, Their pay disparity? Ro media outlets published articles claiming there was a discriminatory pay gap relative to the men's world CUP. Needed to be remedied. Articles in the washed and CNBC in business insider pointed the difference. In total World CUP Prize pools thirty million for the women in twenty nineteen versus four hundred, billion for the men and twenty eighteen and individual pay winning teams are hundred ten thousand for the winning female players and twenty nineteen versus four hundred and twenty thousand. The twenty eighteen winning male players. Almost all of these articles were misinformed. But you, the media, want to believe in the media what you to believe. That this is a sexist society,
Stomach Lee Racist systemically sexist society again, that's why I rode on freedom. Press. You must understand the media in this country. The modern mass media to understand what's taking place with the cloud been strategy would be a linsky strategy and who gives this voice. In reality, relative to the men's World CUP actually the women's teams, there were being paid much higher share of what they brought in while particles noted that the use women's team brings and more money than the men steam they all to ignore the more relevant disparity in revenue. The man's tournament brought in over six billion. As in revenue and twenty eighteen, the woman's tournament It is estimated to have. A hundred and thirty one million in twenty nineteen, so the prize pools or two
from those revenue totals. In other words, the women's prize. Poor was approximately twenty Three percent of their total revenue, while the man's prize poor, can instead of approximately seven percent of the revenue, the winning man's players received only about four times as much as the winning. Players, despite bringing in over forty five times as much revenue. So as a business like it or not, men's soccer bring in six billion dollars woman's tournament. Their brings in a hundred and thirty one million. These numbers should make it Obvious that there is no substantive case that the word its team is underpaid relative to their male counterparts. The media manage ignore those facts: Propaganda
On a pseudo event, there is no gap when you look at the facts. Instead, the media Augustine comparisons between the: U S, women's team and the: U S men's team, in other words, rather than the entire tournament cup, and beyond, constantly pointing to the fact that Former wins a lot more than the latter, but that comparison makes no sense. Each team should be compared relative to its peers. I leave to its equivalent, in the other leg, the fact that the women, when more, is irrelevant as they play in a different league against a different level of competition. It safe to a safe to assume the Women would have trouble competing at a similar level, as the men would be like. Compare The earnings of a great Irina leg, football team to those of a bad and I fell to allow
The confusion stems from the media, focusing on the fact that the EU less women's team, brings in more revenue than the men's. U S team, but that metric based on a different number, Games and focus solely on the? U S: teams is irrelevant when it comes to the prize pools violet before an international competition, so again to underscore. The men's tournament men's. Not just U s the entire men's brought an over six billion thousand revenue and twenty eighteen, the entire women's torment brought it estimated one hunter Thirty one mine and twenty nineteen. Now. You know why the men are paid more
but they get a smaller percentage of the revenue. Just logical, it's not sexism. It's a fact. But as long as you have a media that pushes propaganda in this fake issue, this fake issue being pushed by the media and being pushed By the anti american leftists who headed that soccer team, they want to believe. I ve been, she saw some of our anchor friends on my favorite cable network fall for all this. So this disparity is a pseudo issue, but you see it tears at America.
A trash is the american system. You didn't get all the facts from the media because I didn't want you to have all the facts again on freedom of the press. The successful reporter is one who can find a story. Even if there's no earthquake or assassination or civil war, we can't find a story, rope Barston. Then he must make one by the questions. He asks of public figures by the surprising human interests and falls from some commonplace event or by the news behind the news, and if all this fails, then he must give us a think. Peace and embroidering
of well known facts or a speculation about startling things to come to a new kind of synthetic novelty, which is flooded. Our experience that being pseudo events, pseudo events that common prefix pseudo comes from the greek word, meaning false or intended to deceive. That's exactly what they did. That's exactly what they did. I hope this is putting things in perspective, for you I'll be right back. You know our nations oldest colleges, resounded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the very. Majority of them, have abandoned their missions locked in the grip of politically correct.
They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting the idea of objective two: they panel moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully, None of this applies to Helstone College for all two centuries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to prove sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and Just liberty and intelligent piety, hills, deal celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain. Committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its freeze. Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its bar,
each harder school initiative which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstones college and I may add, I think so much of Helstone College I donated regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today as I speak, the Kirby Centre Hills College, America's college, two further underscore the points I have been making for the last fifty minutes, or so I want you to listen to something you ve probably heard all day, but now you have a real substantive context for it.
His Nancy policy in San Francisco yesterday on the census, question on citizenship cut to go, but issues that keeping you know make american hat make American White again. They want to make sure that people certain people are counted Really disgraceful and it's not founders had in mind and its Well! First of all, this is very confounding. I thought our founders were white racists. I thought the nation was founded by white racists, slaveowners. Now she saying this is what the founders intended: the founders didn't and ten what? What the hell is? He talking about. Does she have any idea what she's talking about? No, she does it.
But she's all line radical leftist, that's what she the part of the Democratic Party in California. That's what she comes from the radical online left, took her under their wing. Sixtys and Seventys and create Nancy policy and centre to Congress. This is true. And so there she is You see, ladies and gentlemen maker, like a white again, that's why the president wants to ask if fury citizen on this since four for Make America white again? What does one Do the other nothing We have many citizens in this country who aren't white, Why don't they want to know how many citizens there are in this country
Well, you know why it's a rhetorical question. Because citizenship doesnt matter to them. That's number one. Number two. They don't want any information it get out there that might cause people to start thinking, wait a minute if there's that many citizens, how many non citizens are in this country and so Have to control the language they have to control the activism they have to control the government. And they have friends in black robes. We call them judges appointed for life, mostly Obama judges like this one in New York today, who said? The justice department cannot replace its attorneys, who are arguing the census case, because he doesn't think they gave him an adequate reason. Excuse me. You see anything goes, ladies and gentlemen. The first thing
I was the rule of law, but this our policies, not alone theirs, Dick Durban of Illinois, Little Dick Durban cut three go. We now know why the real reason for putting the citizenship question on the census to discourage hispanic Americans from answering the questionnaire. Why Now, listen I how racist he is. We'd, putting this citizen question on the questionnaire discourage Hispanic Americans from answering the question: if you're a Hispanic America, naturalised or born can citizen and so for the. Why is he assuming that here? Americans are illegal aliens.
Because you see it is little Dick Durban who's the racist. How do you discouraged his Americans, that is american citizens who are hispanic her during a question on whether their citizens. That's what he means. That's my! What he's talking about. What he means Mean says: discourage illegal aliens from falling off the form, so the entire system. Now has He worked around the illegal aliens because the illegal aliens, more noble than the citizen, the citizen is a second class citizen, even if they're in his an exodus and their of no consequence, now the entire sensor system and these federal judges and the soup. Inquired the majority led by John Roberts. They
z to advance the cause of the noble illegal foreigner whose, in this country. But what happened to the american citizen doesn't matter anymore. So what, when you go to vote Can you prove your citizenship Whittier racist can ask it we're not supposed to must be racist attack the system destroy the cis And then rebuilding in your own image. Listen, a beta, Orourke low. I Q, beta Orourke. Nobody else has his MR producer Doug this up on his sight on Youtube. Caught one go there we are in Nashville. I know this from my home state of Texas, those places that form the confederacy that this country was founded on waste,
in a letter that led to the first floor, the confederacy and the family. The nation are two different things. But when you're so filled with evil propaganda and Essentially, illiterate demagoguery matter. History doesn't matter. So you see, ladies and gentlemen, Nancy Policy was citing the founders to defend her position. Nato Orourke is trashing the founders to defend his position. It doesn't matter. Our position is burn it baby burned down I'll be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one fascinating, watching this issue, Obamacare, which is being challenged in they fit Circuit court of Appeals, a panel of three Barely two, the appellate judges were sceptical that Obama care could still be upheld, given the elimination of the individual mandate, because why the individual mandate is the linchpin to this issue of taxation drawn
about change language. Basically, we the statute to say will its attacks here, it's not a penalty, its attacks, and we know the federal government contacts, even screwed up the tax provision of the United States, constant who should matter he's become highly political. Even justice, Anthony Kennedy, the time was very upset- will what Robert had done, but it didn't matter some confused here, because I thought Obamacare was so bad that they needed to replace it with medical care for all. Didn't they dont think we need single, because Obama cares not cutting it. So, even though Mama care, when a long way in destroying the private healthcare system, it didn't destroyed enough. So now we need many care all that is destroy Medicare again. This is the case
where Payment Linsky Wing of the Democratic Party then the wing, maybe the heart and soul of the unit destroy, destroy private health insurance but doing in the name of Medicare. That's how they get you, but what's the other problem? Anybody know He listened to this. What is the other problem here. No doubt this case we had all the way back up to the United States Supreme Court. We know what Justice Roberts will do. He's a sell out complete, sell out who- Tatoosh list.
Read the New York Times and he wants to be liked wreck Havana is the other problem. Brett Cavanaugh is the other problem. Why you remember for I was nominated and when he was nominated, I warned you about bread, Cavanaugh, the rolling a handful of us, but I felt like I led the way on this in many respects and I read you on the air, some of his opinion in which There are some of his art or some of his comments during the oral argument in the court, and I dug them up, and I read some of them to you- or Cavanaugh wish. Trying to uphold Obama care based only tax provisions of the United States Constitution
I said this guy is now original list and, in fact, Roberts stall, effectively play rise from the arguments that Cavanaugh had made too together and that's what he did almost ES moment, a magician. The opinion on Obamacare and the left us on the core were thrilled, the progressive. So whenever you want go ahead and they let him do it and you are I also recall that decision came out. We spent the entire pretty much going over that decision going through. Majority opinion, and I told you this thing was slap together. The way it was written, was very poorly written. It looks like it was cut and paste cut. Haste it what we now know, but the problem is going to be bred, cabinet.
Because Brett Kavanaugh was not an originalist he's, not- and I fear, even in his first full year on the court he's going to move even further to the left, because that's what happens in their first two years, maybe three years the justice those who are appointed by Republicans. They tend a relatively firm and then they begin to move. The cabinet has already begun to move. Because he was on the circuit court for fifteen years, so all These groups, who were celebrating him all these law clerks who bash anybody who dare to question cabin on many I'm through national you online and other locations and places even on foxes. These guess, would appear surrogates. Who would tell us with absolute certainty that count
a constitution list. While they were selling bill abyla goods, as I said he wasn't and allow but people became very sympathetic to him because of the horrific hearings Eddie went through, which were absolutely outrageous. You and I witnessed them in real time. It's not history. Its current events, we witnessed in real time. We know what took place we saw at we discussed it for days and days and days, but that doesn't change the fact. That he is not and never was an original list and look. Hope I am wrong, but am I wrong. When I haven't been wrong about our. I want to move on so little time so much to cover. Let's go to live, Lisbon
Whose one one thousandth of a percent native american one hundred percent crackpot. She's now slough that off just like the city at Richard Bloomin. What's his name Blumenthal from Connecticut I saw combat in Vietnam, no, he didn't That matter anymore, is one of the good guys right. So Lisbeth worn has had an event yesterday and she's approach by two girls who say their job and the with one of these sulphur jewish organizations in their springing up everywhere. Now we're effect Essentially you ever these secularists who hate their own faith, in addition, I hating their own country. They also hate Israel, downtown
me to explain it, it doesn't matter it say it say it say, a psycho issue. I think these people are absolute crackpots. I can't explain it. I don't even think Freud could explain. It doesn't matter why it just matters that its effects. And their very much attracted to the Democratic Party is most haters are caught fire. Mr producer, American is really lovely layer. Fighting corruption really love. You also implies the israeli government and modulation actual I'm here. Thank you these. Ellie government to end occupation? Yes, yes, so I'm there, I'm there. How many more times do I have to say if you're, jewish and you're a democratic, really something wrong with you. If you're jewish and you vote Democrat now this really something wrong with you.
I say this as a Jew, but it's worse, but it's worse. Our friends in the daily wire have a piece: Jordan, tell em a big fan of his ear. He started writing a conservative review is a very very right young man anyway, it's out over the course of a ten year in Washington, democratic presidential contender, senator lives with worn, has adapted open on Israel to cater to her most energetic base of support. The far left. What once began as at least they rhetorically approaches, Position has transition in they full fledged Israel hatred. The Warren he s, movement that seeks the eventual elimination of the jewish state. Additionally burger
now that's one of these groups. I just told you about a group that supports the boycott, A and sanctions Beady S movement. That seeks eventually, elimination of the jewish state. Additionally, bird has come under fire for expressing sympathy for the militant, lest any intergroup ass as the credo of the Washington Free Beacon reports. End only wants to be friendly with Hamas, has no business being in a presidential campaign. Rabbi Abraham Cooper of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, told the free beacon, it's very straightforward. I've met Rabbi Abraham Cooper. He is terrific, smart, an american patriot too, by the way. Rabbi, Cooper added. If that's the message that Elizabeth Warren wants to send a jewish progressives and the rest of them I can just community that the person she
put in charge of outreach, wants to be friends with Hamas. No way Cooper said Betty finds it hard to believe. Why would be for, while knowing one of her staffers as engaged in such rhetoric, she's gone The deal with this right now he set in Monday campaign, Town Hall, Senator Warrant, told activists from if not now and a stair prefer Senator Sanders that she would commit to pressuring Israel ended, suppose it occupation of the Palestinians. You know it's just incredible that the perpetrators become the victims. Just credible and, in addition, a rabbi burger labour her hiring excuse me MAX burger Dish into the MAX burger hiring. It's worth. No, Let's Senator Warren has long supported, been supported by the grand mega donor. Paw Ackerman,
whose currently serving as a campaign treasure now who's. He. Anger, manage an advisory council member to the anti Israel group Jake. This is another disgusting, notorious I'll fading group, which was added to service former President Barack Obama's Anti Israel agenda right, Harry that's an insider thing. Senator warrant appears to be committed to going to extreme lengths demonize, Israel and its supporters this week she pledge to use, powers of our office to launch it in The into the supposed foreign influence of jewish republican donor Elliot Brody, who, coincidentally or not happens to be ages, supporter of the state of Israel. Orange now making a campaign issue of an investigation that she'd demand.
A political opponent whose yet to be charged with a cry. Much less convicted red stage. Strife wrote two's in response to the new warrant campaign pledge regard. So the merits of the case campaigning on using your personal clout, the strong, the Justice Department into it. Stay. Getting someone who is a political opponent is something that just done an american politics. Senator Warren's abandonment of our most vital mentally ally he writes, began gradually and twenty fifteen. When she. Oh a Democrat boycott, it is really Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu is addressed to a joint session of Congress two seventeen she slam the Trump Administration for publicly recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. A few months later, she targeted the israeli military for its response to Gaza riders, then each eighteen. Why, signed onto a letter along with fell
Tyres rob presidential candidate marxist Senator Bernie Sanders calling on the Secretary of State to do more to address the several crises in the Gaza Strip. The latter makes no mention of Hamas. The terrorist group that rules Gaza. And today in twenty nineteen, you can find Warren Drafting and co sponsoring resolutions, black still the israeli government security policies. In February. She engaged in a total Character assassination of the Prime Minister, claiming Mr Netanyahu is a criminal who is racing right wing extremism, relating to press. Of course, a warrant is just one of many twenty twenty Democrats who ve completely abandoned most vital Middle EAST ally to come Eight, the loud left this pro palestinian extremists that make a part of the Democratic Base Jordan Shock, tell
is a farm policy analysed and investigate a reporter would be Elizabeth Warren. Where's the yet I defamation leg, how come you're not calling her out? Well, the heavily it died. Defamation lay was a special assistant, Barack Obama. A J street was founded the support, Barack Obama, why the hell, the anti defamation link take a reprobate who work for Obama. And put them the head, why am I ask myself the question? This is what left the stew. Is what they do. These self haters. This is what they do. And this is one one of the reasons that a.
That I am likes: Elizabeth Horn and TAT and Omar. You know that crowd. May I say the anti Semite crowd the anti american crowd, the anti Israel crap. You know my dear friend Bob Grant used to say this is sick and Sicker- and I know he would say right now- this is sick and getting sicker I'll be right back If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brick. House Levine, dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star
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Levin yesterday, I talked about in me, see that today, ancestry check on which were countdown to his two great great grandfathers held slaves, and then they they circled back and said, and yet he opposes a reparations bill. It was one of the most outrageous pieces. I've ever read. Quite frankly, it's nothin a phantom Mitch Mcconnell. As I said yesterday, But it was an unbelievably outrageous thing, free news operation to do. What are they trying to do? Pushed the reparations agenda, of course,.
But much Mcconnell and his actually did a little better reading. They read one of Iraq House Obama's memoirs. And in one of his memoirs he points out that believes he had relatives on his mother's side,. Who owns slaves, who might even be related to Jefferson Davis. The president of the confederacy saw a reporter, of course, followed up on the NBC News story and thought they had. Colonel cornered and asked him about a cut six go Edward great great grandfather's were slave owners in Alabama before the civil war, and it has on revelation cause you to change your position on referees once again in the same position as President Obama. We applause reparations and we both the descendants of slave owner most
I been go and what does it have to do with supporting reparations. There's a great peace in USA today after the bottom of the hour? I want to read to you and I want to read you this peace, because it s a very fascinating question under reparations with Morocco Bomber be eligible to receive reparation. I mean his father came from Kenya wasn't a slave. His mother was why yes. His ancestors own slave labour, Obama be paying reparations, may be receiving reparation.
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Chris LOS Angeles, California, where we are live and national? seventy two, the answer k are Ella go. Thank you very much. For all that, you are doing. You are beyond description. Well, well, dear value. Could this you think Mark I'm calling about the judge's ruling regarding the personnel, Doj and I'm trying to understand how he had the authority to direct the president asked her how he cannot the personnel through the attorney general. Regarding any matter while he says in managing my court room, you came in here not long ago, Department of Justice you want to start with expeditiously
now you come in here and say you want to change your legal team and I, judge, I say no manages courtroom. You wanted to deal with this expeditiously. You'll use the same lawyer. It is an outrage to answer your question, absolutely outrageous! it is it is contemptible, so they departed Justice, Canaan Picket Don Loris arguments case can change the world. I guess you can appeal a decision like that, but you have to wait till the cases over and so were. The words are trying to get done before the census papers go up so that processes too slow to get this resolved by then. If you know what I mean, I don't worry that your ass don't hang up, I'm going to send you a signed copy of on freedom of the press MR producer Doyle, you sign copies
will you semi and mail. Tell me Eric. We need to continue to do this. I really think it's important to push this up. Adam Sandler, Andrew California, eight seventy, the answer: how are you gonna get one is on this? That represents a profit. What were what way? Can we truly conciliate course Larry, I'm talking about monitoring this. What ways what can be done? Great country of ours to show any form of reconciliation. I replied. We don't want to forget about I'll, tell ya how embrace liberty embrace capitalism you embrace institutions that promote humanity. You treat people as people. You allow people to choose the schools they want to go to work
then the schools that the National Education Association and the left wing Democrats tell them the goat then get a good education. These are some of the things that you do. You treat people like human beings you'd only the government, politicians who we don't trust too big, what bureaucrats who don't know what the hell's going on in our communities and neighbourhoods you dont give more power to do so. Who does what who goes where? Who gets? What? That's? Not the answer? The answers, liberty, liberty, that people should be free, that's what this is all about. Freedom, not government, I'll tell you what I want to send you a copy of my book liberty and turning lie. Worsted work. You don't want the book. What am I? What am I could refer this agenda?
would you turn more can be done for any and everybody does countries should make difficulties, for example, could be what it, but we cannot specifically forms reconciliation can be dealt for. I dont believe. Let know what you mean specifically forms of reconciliation, I don't know, I don't know what that means. The fact is that people who live. This country today, we're not slaves. The fact is that the vast Dirty people live in this country. They are not children of slaves. The fact the vast majority of people coming to this country legal in illegally today are coming from the third world or the undeveloped world. The fact is you're not listening to me because you and eighty a lock sought as to the greater audience. What you're looking for is some kind of economic duration or some kind of of government favor. And what I'm saying is: that's not gonna. Do the trick
because all we need to be some other form of economic reparation or some other government favour, because people have to live in liberty. People have to advance, we had a civil war, we had a civil rights movement, we had riots in the streets. We are now at a point in this country. Repeat, need to live as a free people. Thank you for your car and that guy's name not Brent. I forget his name, Mr Battisti, Adam. I mean there that guy's name, I don't believe, is Adam either is needed The calls from sacramento- and these are- I could be wrong if I'm wrong. I apologize. Why LOS Angeles is wide awake here that great care allay country, bright,
Sir Angeles, California, their great k, R L, a Brent, I said: go we're to get all Ador one of a generation go right ahead. Since racism is in the debate. In the dna of the Democratic Party and the clouds Piven Congress, is forcing president Trump to issue a fraudulent fake senses. I think on the part of Americans who than the United States government have an obligation to send out a census. The citizens don't have to respond to it or we can respond to to the executive branch giving him and the President our actual citizenship information, Why don't? I highly would do that as a clerical matter, And the government now says: if you don't respond to their senses, there are certain things that they,
duty. I dont know what it is. I never heard of that in the past I haven't sent in defence you're the lucky ones, and they keep attempting to keep attempting, but but the ask ridiculous question, so I just ignore it. I dont think there is a legal obligation to respond. Well, you might be right, you might be right, but I would warn you this. If conservatives, red state citizens and somewhere don't respond. Then you may have less representation in the United States House representative. That's what I would assure so really be better at the left in response, but I just look at it in the same way boycotting Nike and Starbucks and give me, but we want to be counted do count people, even though they don't count citizens.
Our rights and by the way, how many toilets do you have never mind? I remain on our work for the senses. Are I mean France take care of yourself? I love this good. What do you need. This question about citizenship. I can think of a thousand reasons. But why do you need to know how many rooms you have in your house. Why do you need to know somebody's income if their filing taxes? What do you need to know? Ninety prison? The questions at around the census, Mister Roberts, Justice Roberts on vacation somewhere, probably in Europe, hi pollutant things to some group and who knows where Paris I mean What kind of a dumb opinion did he right? I don't really feel that the argument that you gave here was: is they really doesn't home waters for lamb? Concern cares what
you think he's a constitutional or not. So I recommend Why does the administration send the entire long census form, which takes like twelve years to fill out, send it to the great chief justice, John Roberts, so he can go through a page by page, as well as the instructions and decide what in there, Ok, I mean, after all, he wants the rule. The world I'll be right. When you wake up and morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel bloated, tired and out of shape eating healthy, as I have The most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right, how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one scoop of Phila
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Sixty day risk free trial Nothing to lose. Go now, you sure you go to simply safe, marked outcome, so they know that I sent you that simply say mark that, come simply safe, Mark that Komori reparations and Obama by James Robin if the United States made amends for its history of slavery through reparations, what for President Obama, be eligible to receive a payment to nature. In question, that frame some of the thorny problems with the proposal saw the assistance that or father was african, not a descendant of american slaves are raised. An african american culture it was white mother was a descendant of those who help people in bondage. And Obama noted in its autobiography dreams for my father, was a family legend, He was related to Confederate President Jefferson Davis.
From a genealogical perspective. Obama is on the wrong side of history. This raises the issue of culpability hard to make them. Pays for reparations on an individual basis, because all that be directly involved in american slavery. Both victims and culprits are law. Since gone in part, Bring out the bloodlines of descendants to determine whose eligible are responsible is not only complex It also raises disturbing parallels to the Glues neurologic used by segregationist to mention the Nuremberg race laws. The issue becomes a matter of collective victimhood and collective guilt. Spanning many generations, but there's no basis for this, an american law or tradition. This So the parents are not visited on the children as spam only after one hundred and fifty years. Plasma people have no family connections to America of those times.
I'm good arrived in the United States and the three decades after the civil war. Then it During the preceding three centuries, combined and even more arrived in the first decade and a half of the twentieth century a majority of people in limited number of states actually held slaves. Furthermore, those with ancestors who fought for the union against slavery, one of Obama great great grandfathers was decorated. Union veteran, make to be exempt from the collective responsibility am I consider they nearly. Seven hundred thousand unique casualties to be payment in full a dimension that two million additional men. Risk their lives in the union army to abolish slavery. With respect to the payment estimates of the costs range from the billions to the Would this be a one time grant or a continuing annuity and wood, payment be means tested, multimillionaires like a bomb and other african Americans, the upper income groups, Seymour
like representatives of american possibility. Rather the victims, what writer TAT he see coach, described as a relentless campaign of terror. But is this issue just about slavery, democratic. The natural candidate Koala Harris also nodded descended of american slaves. The issue is much broader she's, America has a history of two hundred years of slavery. We Jim but we had legal segregation, America for a very long time. Some reparations proponents acknowledge that culpability per slavery cannot be nailed down specifically, but that the reparations It is part of a broader debate about social justice and helping the poor democratic President trust. Amy Clover. Turn said on meat, the press that it doesn't have to be a direct pay for each person. But what we can do as invest in those communities acknowledge what's happened. It has has been happening already. It is
strange to argue that the history of american slavery is not been acknowledged, ubiquitous in history, curricula and popular culture, the National Park Service, required by law. To have size the role of slavery in history, that civil war sites, humidity development and other programmes designed to ameliorate the impact of Stella graces and have been fixtures of the political landscape at since the civil rights acts and great society programmes are the sixties, one. Opponents of reparations, broaden the issued to that degree? They arrive at Doing for solutions that are already being implemented and detaching the issue from slavery. They open the door to other groups that may feel they have a claim against I can the society writ large. We This one presidential helpful, as with worn, proposed reparations for gay couples based on discrimination in the tax code. Even the word. Duration is problematic Obama who did not pay they say she during his presidency note.
In two thousand for that. The concept and implication of a one time. Pay off quote would be skews. For some say we paid our dead, unquote and not continue. Efforts Romo racial harmony two unlikely that a reparation would repair anything Instead, wine, the breach more likely conjure indignation among american solar, resent being lumped into a class of the collectively guilty for things. They Did others may see this issue is a cynical political move Democrats trying to energize the, Forget american base, When is a record highs and the Trumpery election campaign planning a vigorous outreach campaign to minority voters obey presidential election in two thousand eight, with symbolic of aim of national progress. Overcoming the issues. There reparations proponents, one to revisit Other successful african Americans are testament to the opportunities that our country offers everyone.
Everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, Rep Ray its backers, Senator Coy Booker called to viewpoint ignorant, but in fact it is informed, same optimistic view of the country that support his own pursuit of the oval office the american societies. This is races and stained with collective guilt. A senator bugger seems to believe. Why would he ever think he could win the White House and twenty twenty because to use one of President Obama's favorite expressions, that's not who we are James, Robin as a member of USA. Today's border contributors, author of It's time we win revision. TED Offensive is an expert on national defence, among other things so beautifully written pace and. Logic is unassailable I'll be right back
now, let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one well have some inspiring news and some not so inspiring news, and I want to get to our colleagues. We have great callers here. I'm gonna get to a few other pieces of information before the programmes over. We only have three hours on freedom of the press
has sold hard copy e book copy E audio copy CD copy. Three hundred and sixty thousand copies. It is the blockbuster book of the year, certainly substantive book of the year, that one of these goofy memoirs or something and when you look at this book and all my other books I don't have to say it thanks to you why are the biggest. I am concerned a water. This book is crucially important on freedom of the press or I wouldn't Spent so much time talking about it before it was on and Wallace on and going to book signing. It's not about money, I don't need the money,
that sounds crass, I'm just being honest with this is about a mission. This is about a movement. So that's the Good NEWS. The bad news is from my purse, active, it's only saw three hundred sixty thousand copies. We can build a movement on three hundred, sixty thousand Copies you need to sell a million copies. That we're not going to achieve I'm afraid. That we're not going to achieve. We have about eight and a half million listeners and terrestrial radio. I am an f a millions more on the internet. Digital over a percentage of living Have decided to engage in this movement. But we need as many eliminates as possible, to engage in this moment. And you heard my discussion in the first hour how all this weaves together, it's like puzzle, pieces.
And the reason I spend so much time writing this book on freedom of the press. Will all the research and so forth is because this is a key, if not the key element. That is leading the counter revolution to the American Revolution attempts to drag down this president's ratings that attempts to push these phony pseudo jewish. And day in and day out, see just propaganda. This is the most thorough. Undertaking of examination of the media and honest examination, the media. Certainly, rate written in modern times. I don't know how far back. So it's considered a wild success
three hundred sixty thousand and maybe by the time it's done, it will be five hundred there. I don't know but You ve got a spread the message. Further, we have to do it. You, the book at the library. If you like,. Hello, I hear that most libraries the due order, the book the book- is out another words. People were people take it but there's ways you know. Book. He audio IP, her heart cover. I sit down read a book. I read a hardcover buck this, My time is here on your vacations. Where around the pool on the beach mountains where we are most airports donor. The book, because Hudson has decided not to carry the book for the most part she have to bring the book to the airport. But if you go to a mall.
Or a stand alone. Bookstore one of these warehouse stores. They have it so. I dont know how much this movement is going to be a movement. It is my hope that it is there. Can spread. The word information is everything. Now ledges everything idealism: ism is everything movements, forces or build on this? The left knows how to do this and we know how to do this to but freedom of. Press belongs to us? It doesn't belong to see an end in the New York Times and washed impose an Amazon BC in the rest of them. That is a right The bill of rights belongs to you not to a corporation or multi, not lateral corporations. I mean they have these new platforms, but the purpose of a free press is free
Oh it's for this! Civil society is for this republic for them there destroying, as I explained in the book, it is incredible to me kind of weird that this book would be number one. Five weeks in a row The biggest selling, certainly conservative book in America and he gets almost no attention. Even in conservative circles, it's amazing the Claremont books, nothing national view, nothing, I'm not attacking I'm just saying it. It's it's really quite remarkable. Quite remarkable: it's not that that would help was sells. It doesn't help at all. Nobody goes there
it also interesting I have conserve, is coming to me now with books coming out. They want blurbs on their books. They want me to have them on my shoulder promote them. These are column written a thing about this book, not a thing. There's a fella by the name of West Vernon. Western has been around a long time has been a journalist. Anna com is a long time is very highly regarded, including by me. And he wrote a nice piece of with posted on my social site, and I am often asked this question. Why is your radio personality one way and will you write books another when so then I explained the people on the same person
there. You see life Liberty and Levine Levin TV. You here on the radio and I write books but different formats for different formats. And I'm financed this question for years and then West Vernon, In a pc wrote that I just saw on posted on my facebook and twitter sites, I think he sums up. He call me a tv and radio hell raising intellectual. Isn't that what you said, MR producer. Tv radio how raising intellectual, though you may agree or disagree with it, but I think that pretty much sums it up. I'm not one of these green eyed shade nurture just sits there, you know rights their staff and they can
Does that I don't do that. A lot of time reading a lot of time researching a lot of time right. This is what I like to do morning. Noon and night. I can't help it. I know it drives people nuts. I can't help it. They could be three in the morning. If I can't sleep, that's what I do. But I don't just write a book and walk away, I'm not George, will or whomever I the book and then I push the ideas is far and wide as I possibly can, I want to share them with people. Happy just sing a book on a shelf. Look at that book number! Eight! That's not good enough! It's not good enough. And I'm harder on myself than other people are on me. They would say: Mark Watts, Romeo five weeks in a row and three hundred its going to change the country for the better. That's the problem.
It needs to be more widely disseminated, that is the mission and the message. And, honestly, I don't know else, the deal cept the year. It's up. And I thank all of you for your forbearance and we thank all of you who ve gotten involved activists out there. All of you who have read it all of you who are thinking about reading it spread the word. Look at the five star ratings on Amazon. This book has now b, seven to ninety eight percent, five star ratings. Every time I say that the lives run in their enshrined drive at that thing. Do whatever they do, the very clever but read them. The five starring.
You won't be disappointed manner fact I think in many ways your site. I never thought of that. I never looked at it. That way, like the first hour of our programme tonight, I'll be right back a lot of cover so bear with me. National security defence, IRAN, when it conservative supposed to believe what does conservatism, tell us. The conservative believes that the moral imperative of all public policy must be
Preservation and improvement of american society- this is chapter And from liberty and tyranny, similarly, the object of american foreign policy must be no different. The framers understood the complimentary purposes of domestic and foreign policy. Washington's farewell address of seventeen. Ninety six has often misunderstood as a proclamation misunderstood for isolationism. This ignores its historical context at the time. Why kingdom, was concerned with the very survival of the young nation. The addresses a call for prudence, that's the key word, Not only in dealings in relationships with foreign states, but an issues that threaten national unity. In his address Washington warned against the influences of popular passions or establishing permanent and We're arching alliances to our prejudices against any foreign power here
Should this warning because the american public was deep, divided in its sentiments relating to the european powers. There were war, that is France and Britain. Nay, some political parties, the federalists and the anti federalist or democratic Republicans. Recall Lessing around support for different countries, the Federalist for Britain, the Anti Federalist for France. And throughout its presidency, Washington tried to steer a course of strict neutrality between the two countries, while but in commercial relationships and vigorous trade with both sides of the conflict, his Dress makes clear he did not. He did so not because neutrality was an end in itself, but because he feared that taking sides could split America split this country up Washington also believe that the nation survival required a strong national defence his first annual message to Congress
on January, eighth, seventeen. Ninety barely eight months after taking office, Washington said among many interesting objects which will engage your attention that are providing for the common defence woman. Particular regard to be Prepare for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving peace. In its fifth annual message on December three, seventeen ninety three Washington A pretty strong or more substantial elaboration of this principle. He said there is a rank due to the United States among nations, which will be withheld, if not absolutely lost by the reputation of weakness. If we desire to avoid insult, we must be able to repellent we desire to secure peace. One of the most our four instruments of our rising prosperity. It must be no There we are at all times, ready for war.
Few knew better than Washington. America must establish alliances that have as their purpose the production and well being of this nation without the crucial material and military support of France. And other nations- the decisive battle of York TAT, perhaps the revolutionary war itself might have been lost. Washington was neither an isolationist nor an interventionist, yeah Washington was sceptical of alliances, but when America's best interest were involved, he made them. Washington preferred diplomacy to war, but he knew war was sometimes out of order unavoidable by word indeed, as general, president and statesmen. Washington, spanish public life pursuing the preservation and improvement of american society? Washington's example is thus flexibility in me. Is to achieve the immutable end. National security.
In seventeen. Eighty seven James Wilson, a prominent, found a rejected. The argument that I had to wait until attacked the action. As military power and mock the proponents of this notion. He Whatever may be, the provocation, however important the object in view and how. Unnecessary dispatch and secrecy may be still. The declaration must precede the proper. Patient, and the enemy will be informed of your intentions, not only before your equipped for an attack, but even before you are fortified for defence, the consequent. It's too obvious to require any further delineation he's saying the president must be free to act in certain circumstances. Course there are occasions when America's suffered grievously, including on nine eleven failing to act. Preemptively. And in the age of rogue regimes, person
nuclear weapons. There clearly are occasions when preemption is prudent. For a government to be irresolute in the face of a growing or imminent threat to its citizens is suicidal member. I wrote this book ten years ago Liberty, in turn out sold a million and a half copies. The conservative does not seek rigid adherence to any specific course. Action neutrality or alliance, pre, emptive war, defence of posture he should building or limited military strike. The benchmark again is whether any specific path will serve the nations best interests, difficult to imagine a thing free under which a society could otherwise survive. Indeed, the money, oh doctrine of eighteen, twenty three and its various adoration since stand today United States will not tolerate threats Hence the survival well
the western hemisphere or anywhere in the world or anywhere in the world, and so. Comes to this issue of around I'm hearing area logs, particularly on the left, whether they be Republicans populous Nationalists Democrats, democratic, socialist idiot locks who adhere to an area, logical doctrine, farm policies, about prudence,. Situations can be different, but in the end, what a Washington say about survival, but the security, the nation, let me put it This way, folks, who find some of these code pink, republicans alluring. Doing nothing in the face of a dire threat that.
Central involves nuclear weapons or the build up to nuclear weapons is no different. In fact, it's worse. Then doing nothing in the face of invasions of foreigners into our country. I can't think of any threat greater to this country than a new A threat by Islam, Nazis in Tehran or other countries where we hope They, though it will choose not to aim one other newly made icy be aims with a newly made nuclear warheads and american metropolitan area. People cite the founders and lie about. There positions, as I recall it was they who took on the greatest empire in the face of the earth
prudence, not ideology, I'll, be right. Back Mark love in red one, the great one model of entirely now: eight, seventy seven, thirty, eight one, three, eight one, one the title of the words I read from that Lebanon tyranny is self preservation and national security that self preservation that's what it's about with its immigration. Our economic system reform pass about self preservation. And his James Wilson said, and gems Wilson was an original found, was a delegate from Pennsylvania. Address
For the constitution, at one time, a social justice to the Supreme Court who died a pauper deep debt He was on the run near the end of his life is matter of fact, cuz. He owes so much money. Hunting act depends on the circumstances at by the word. Prudence. And, like you said, you had to wait to be attacked. You have to wait to be attacked and he also said about the declaration of war. He said well, you can always declare warming wearing a war, means that you're going to husband all the resources of your country against another country or against an enemy
but all military operations don't play out that way, and so it's more of a balancing act depends on the circumstances. That's why the word prudence is so important. Prudence, not ideology, but at the cord self preservation, the country's preservation. You don't have to wait until a rogue nation nukes up in order to realise its a threat when they keep telling what they plan to do. That's not prudent, sat insanity. Why you ass real? You must be a warmongering warmonger. More than on anti immigrant, because I say secure the border and deport people who were here illegally. Doesn't mean I'm anti immigrant. Does it mean on pro war. Really is annoying when people on the right so called start. The use.
Tactics in the language of the left. They tried position, you imposition themselves and miss characterize whether labeling. That's what the left us, but so do. The code pink Republicans, When you point out the obvious, when it comes to around worry, when President trumps as America will never be a socialist country. He couldn't be more right. That's right so troubling that a proposal from the Department of Health and Human services will move us exactly that direction. The Our national drug pricing indexes what they call it. I thought we weren't globalists. The international drug pricing index would adopt socialist price controls set by foreign countries,
Americans get access to cutting edge therapies for diseases like cancer nearly two years before other countries. Future holds incredible, promised for fighting other very, very difficult, complex, serious disease, the age s proposal would cripple America's world leading medical innovation. We would have few He'll cures and they'd be harder to obtain. We should all costs with market based reforms by fostering competition and by making other country pay their fair share, not with socialist price controls, and this is where I strongly disagree with the administration. Keep Amerika great by,
it being american medical innovation. Great visit protect my part b dot com. Choose me check that visit protect my part b. Dot Org protect my part b, DOT org paid for by Americans for tax reform. An excellent organisation protect my part b dot org Let's see here think it's the last one on my list of trucks, rumours only floor. The Senate today not in a drunken stupor, face down on the rug, but you never know he Action with the corn row hairdo. He checked humor, whose are constantly governing. When he doesn't even mean to be he Chuck Schumann, Who's never served outside of public life in his life in lost
They get selected to the state assembly Yet selected to the house, and he gets elected to the Senate, complete Schmo. I have often said when we used to have oil shortages are issues that we can build a pipeline to chuck. His hair. If you notice I'm MR producer a little dabbled, do you Chuck, but a big dab is unnecessary. So he's. On the second floor, Danish trying to trump type press, tromp into this Epstein situation. Every single damn they train dragged down this president, every single issue. But trumps no burden and trumps no up
And they have no evidence, no information, nothing that ties trump to the disgusting things at this guy Epstein. Nothing, but it doesn't matter they just keep thrown his name out there. Cut eleven go. The president needs to answer. For his statements, he made about his relationship with Mr Epstein in two thousand to he said: Epstein for fifteen years- and he was quote a terrific guy Joint women quote, on the younger side to stop so what so that doesn't mean. The president's aware that he's a pedophile. And yet this is where trucks rumour goes always the swine because he's a slumber always to this line, the president has the answer for what
You know this guy Anthony Wiener, wiener. Used to work for sure you were? There must reduce oil. Winner and humor, we're pretty tight. Beware! This. Humor really really liked winter. Did you know this. Now we was never stand up guy, but who were still like them. Shimmer took winner, Anthony Wiener under his wing. He did. We know even stone in his shoulders when you ran for office. So Schuman Wiener were very tight, MR producer, they really were. And. He said the tumor needs to answer for winner. Has anybody ever said that MR producer.
Has anybody ever said the Chuck Schumer you need to answer for your Weiner buddy? Has anybody ever said that no winner. That's what he was this Anthony winner. Nobody ever said the humor you, the answer crooked weena. Nobody ever said that nobody ever went to the floor of the Senate and try. Ty Wiener around shimmer, I see her that we finish with this, but this is sick. Actually, quite sick And so the point his humour goes to the centre for and tries to tie Trump tapped, You're, not the president, has to answer for what he said in two thousand to that here that that
Terrific guy, who enjoyed women on the younger side, and now we have information, that's out there that says the President want nothing to do with them. When this guy Epstein was hitting on young women are more Largo, I don't know that for a fact that, but so be it to remember this is the parties, Went in its the Party of Anthony Wiener, it's the Party TAT Kennedy, Jack Kennedy and the women at the party over, Lyndon Johnson limit. Let me ask you something: should join my book on freedom of the press. I don't think we ve sent him a copy. I think we'd, better people who written biographies about Jack Kennedy, including professor sabotage. Pointed out that he had sex. Virgin nineteen year old in turn, Her second day on the job I understand
it's, not fourteen or traveller, understand, there's a difference, but still all we hear about his Camelot, because the heroic way which John Kennedy was murdered sesame horrible. Nobody has to answer for that right now. It is the fact that what he did was awful Kennedy would that enter But their shimmer on the second floor, he- and I mean I used to say- is the lowest alone other. So many of them it's harder it's hard to distinguish one from the other, but their structure, Today, now you want to hear a sensible voice today, all you ve heard the insane the people from the insane asylum, the Democrats in the pact itself.
Robert Johnson is a billionaire area up been african American. He founded BT and he's a Democrat. But he is very fearful of what the Democratic Party has turned into an words heading here is interviewed by sea and be seated a cut? Nine go I've long time, better centrist enters a democratic politics. The party, in my opinion, has moved for me personally to far too And for that reason I dont have a candidate in this particular and the party at this time. I think at the end of the day, if, if a Democrat is gonna beat Trump that person he or she is going to have to move to the centre, and you can't wait too long to do that, because the message,
of some of the programmes at the Democrats are pushing I'm not resonating with the majority of the american people. Well,. It doesn't sound like a white supremacist me Mister producer, chancing, a smart guy, but his parties out of control. He also said this cut tango President alot of credit for a move- Economy in a positive direction, that's benefiting a large number of Americans. I think to tax cuts, clearly help Damn you ate the economy, they business people have a bit more confident in the way the economy is going and I think, is beginning to have some impact globally, while, while Robert Johnson guess he's gonna had to be born,
Got it now, where's Antigua I'll, be right back New York state past almost cited in the law. Then allows near to hand over President trumps tax returns to Congress, because Tax returns in New York are quite similar to the federal tax returns. This law was passed, typically aimed at a single citizen call LE retainer and and the federal Let's unconstitutional, I suspected would be held to be unconstitutional, but when I focused on here is the mindset, the tyranny.
The New York Legislature and this. Amazon, Doorknob Governor Andrew Cuomo, to pass legislation. This aimed at a single citizen and a single citizen. When you file your tax returns. Ladies and gentlemen, there is an agreement with the federal Permit that they're going to keep your information confidential. I know there is a specific constitutional statute that says that the Congress can. Can identify a single individuals, tax return. I understand there is a statute. I said constitutional statute, it's not constitutional. But there you go the tyranny of the Democrats in New York and elsewhere in this country. So before I leave the air France. Well, America go the way of France. That's my question.
America go the way of France. Well The French are now telling the Americans us that if we walk entertain acts of appeasement, With the Iranians that may, though, but talk to US acts of appeasement sure we follow France. Luckily, we didn't follow France in the lead up to the third Reich. Shall we follow France now and why should we Fortunately, in a significant decline,. They have their own problems. We need advice from France, that's for sure. As hell true. Our nations, almost colleges were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognise what is beautiful on hold up. What is good,
The vast majority of them have abandoned their missions. Locked in the grip of police go correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting the idea of abuse. The truth. They pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully none of this applies to the great college, he'll still much hills, Dale has remained true to its original mission. Provide sound learning of the kind essential The preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent, piety. His heels they'll celebrates its hundred and seventy fifth year. Remains committed, offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to turning its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty, these free online courses, the publication of its free speech, digest and Primer Such Kirby Centre? For the traditional studies and citizenship in Washington DC, and it's boring
Charter school initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools nationwide. What a magnificent institution is that hills, they'll college. Pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four, this is hills. Their college This paper Democrats, one investigation into cost legality, trumps July. Fourth event: snooze House, Traditionary Democrats prepare slew of subpoenas per Trump tied targets. This. Roll call house will vote soon to hold bar and raw Secretary Ross and criminal contempt over citizenship question. What are we dealing with here? What what what
This sounds like the Soviet Union. The Democrats in the house are absolutely good for nothing good for nothing. No, nothing buffoons good for nothing. What they have. They done. That's good for this country name, one thing: no investigating arrest you all these clowns, who are chairman this guy chef in madly, an angle. All were pushed around on the playground. You can see it neither was a slob still is ship was a punk still is angle, was a bookworm still is and others. In others I wanna, get there's trouble. I want to use our subpoena power,
he'll be saw my life Liberty and Levin with the retired circuit judge me come on. He pointed out. You know these subpoenas. The relatively new in american history. They really started during the next period: Then you have these idiot Obama. Judges like the one basically ruled so outrageously, moronic. Then, if Congress issues a subpoena, really, there's no defence for president or the executive branch stupid as that. Yet that twenty rule and he did it on an expedited basis. There was no discovery there. Burma judges are really something our think where we get him from Saddam Hussein's Iraq, because that's They seem to conduct themselves with all due respect. Of course,. Well, ladies and gentlemen, I think tonight. Where was far better than yesterday. Yes,. Measuring my own performance, one of them
you for listening. We salute our armed forces, police officers, fire fighters and emergency personal, all law enforcement. Thank you. Thank each and every one of you please, if you haven't, got Amazon dot com or your copy of on freedom of the press, spread,
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