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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, China is threatening Apple because the laws are unstable in autocracies. China wants Apple's technology and products and Apple is stuck because they sold out. China is our enemy and are trying to become the world’s #1 superpower and they steal our technology to do so. Also, you have to wonder with all that President Trump has to worry about when dealing with Iran, North Korea, China, Russia and Turkey – does the media and Democrats really care about this country with their outrageous attacks on him? Trump has been stronger on national security than any President since Ronald Reagan and he trying to keep us safe even with the attacks on him. Later, Senator Dianne Feinstein and her husband continue to deny any conflicts of interest with China despite mounting scrutiny over her husband’s investments for more than 20 years. Has Feinstein ever recused herself from any issues related to China like Jeff Sessions had to recuse himself from Russia? She should be banned from any committee she sits on – she’s a danger. Finally, Laura Ingraham seems to be a punching bag for the left and the media. Efforts by the left to paint her as something she is not is an old Soviet trick.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levin. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! I don't do this typically But I'm going to do something right now. Lord Ingram. Loring room seems to be a punching bag for the left and for the media. She's. A host on Fox does that
M P, show gets wonderful ratings, he's a radio host. She worked in the Reagan administration. She clerk for Justice, Scully. The efforts by the left to in her is something she is not, Is an old soviet trick. They go after Hannity, then the good. The Karlsson. Then they go if Angry, but I want to address this: We want to show you how this works is the having imposed, which is a left wing website rag. If you will hear headline Laura Ingram distances herself from racist freak, who agreed with her rant foxes, Oh Lord Ingram defended her controversial anti immigrant comments on Thursday and disavowed the white Nationalists and one races freak endorse those remarks. Although Ingram didn't, namely individual she's likely referring to former KKK leader David, Duke
treated and then delete praise for her comments, which she lamented the mass of demographic changes caused by migration and said in some parts of the country. It does The America that we know and love doesn't exist anymore. So by saying that statement you see. Laura Ingram is what a white supremacist a racist. And because a couple and not jobs, they agree with her. Then that means. She is one of them This, of course, comes from our free press from our free press. The left can have it both waves left can't say, on the one hand, by twenty forty four It was by new senator Obama.
That the minority will be the majority orders at me. What does that mean? Or these ethnic front groups which have as their purpose the current quote: we conquering of California and Texas in New Mexico in Arizona we have open borders. Of course, there's going to be a mass of demographic change in this country, she stating a fact Our communities are changing rapidly As a result of the open borders, that is a fact, local school districts, Local town councils and mayors stateroom are having to deal with this. Having to find me who speak various languages. The left wants it both ways they want people move out, to have the ballot in the language of the of two three four five different native tongues. Same with our schools.
And then Loring Report points out the obvious and she must be a white supremacist of the sort of David. Is there anything whatsoever in What's so ever in her background, that indicates that nothing, nothing. So the goal here is the shutter down. So she can't raise objections, so she can't talk, What she actually sees a notices, of course, their demographic changes. Their demographic changes in Germany Democrat changes in France, demographic change, in England, demographic changes in America, that's what it Racial does a great demographic changes. The problem is Huffington is the lack of assimilation. Would you object to what you propose. Assimilation embracing Principles of the family in their country.
Basing our economic system, because the left hates the founding this country, the left, hates our constitution and hates capitalism, and they show us every single day by sea, in writing the twenty eight year old, one by seventy, who got seventeen thousand votes in New York, city and so forth. But of course, there are a mass of demographic changes going on more. Our people dont speak English, and I want to speak English is that good or your white supremacist for pointing it out their black? I will point there sat. There are like teen, also point this out their agent a background to point it out. You can't be amazing part of Europe too, You can't be a melting pot of yet two three four five different languages and that tone about second languages. Talking about your primary language
so these efforts under way to try and intimidate her. So, yes to watch every syllable that comes out the mouth and then you have fools like. A cop who are sought out to the left wing cooks. There? It CNN, that sounded racist, cop Roper CNN. That's because it is you're a disgrace here, a cloud cup, a clown to say That Ingram sounds like a racist. And you know she's not, and you know she doesn't appalling, absolutely appalling. This is how they view s folks. This is how they talk about us. This is how they treasures.
This is why they hate Trump. And they want to show you. You say that there are better than lowering their better than everybody out there there better than all of us, because they don't think this way. They don't speak this way. So we must be racists. For noticing the obvious for wanting to secure our borders. For wanting to have immigration laws for wanting assimilation, because we love our culture will. Wait, wait. We love our system and people are fleeing their cultures and laying their systems and they auto assimilate into this country. This is new. This is also the country you have to show allegiance to the country. We spend our time talking, Illegal aliens and foreigners coming into this country, and if you don't
Line not walk in March step with a laugh, then they take shall touch. You must be a racist or will David Duke agrees with you, David Duke, with you now these are the same people who barely blinked one key thousand. The number a man at the dancers who wanted to be the number one man has been part of his life working for fair, come they don't say a damn thing. About the anti semitic things this man said they were perfectly happy with Obama. And what he was doing to the state of Israel. Perfectly happy, no problem. And I could go on and on and on with the Democrats and the left, so you try and pain this woman as something you know, she's, not.
To try and shut her down to try and get her fire. She wants the borders, secured stowed away. Only legal immigration and limit it and we're not talking, the race of somebody. We're not talking about the back if somebody unless of course, they're criminals Law abiding people coming into this country the right way The want be here not to make two dollars. Because they want to be Americans. We have so many people coming so fast into this country legally and illegally assimilation is almost impossible and that we have on the left, but don't want assimilation they want Many people even ornament in America as stupid, and rely
government as possible as possible. It's just appalling, seeing what they do to people. You hang in there Laura. You gonna army of millions behind you we're not go. All these statists with their tyrannical techniques totalitarian mindsets to shut us up. You didn't say anything wrong. You didn't say anything: racist. You shouldn't be intimidated either we're not racists, not in the least, we believe in freedom for everybody. Try we support capital as to why we support the constitution. That's why we support the franchise, the legitimate franchise for legitimate voters.
We are the ones who stand for individualism and freedom in a colorblind society. Not U S, a cop. What there s what the hell is that stand for anyway, stupid. I'll, be right! Back, I don't know he aren, we don't send all my clips all over the world Attention to the show where big show we don't need to do that. You have our
it'll tv with the FAT Fox show this Ocasio Cortez the fact that she won't debate that start last week. The debt start yesterday. That she won't debate. Mr producer in this programme, contacted her people repeatedly to try and get around this programme, and I told you about it back in June. Eleven tv folks try You get a hold of her repeatedly to bring her. When tv she wouldn't come on Oxford try to get around my Sunday Fox programme. She wouldn't come. I announced that to all of you at the time she oh, come on the show she doesn't want to debate. This is why, in some respects, this businesses
pathetic it so pathetic with copycats and the others, I dont copy anybody. I sit down on my desk, I think with my own brain. I dont want to be like anybody else. I don't want to pull antics. I just want to help save this republic. I want to engage the opponents in the enemies. And one day, I'll, write off into the sunset and its a chess o Cassio Cortez. We ve been asking Bernie Sanders now forever to come on any of my programs. He won't. They don't even answer us. This is from June twenty nine twenty eighteen by MIKE Population, that's what six weeks ago, something like that or five five six weeks ago, something like I had to go through the. Such today. Look at Aristotle, Cicero.
Sidney unlock now they looked marks an Hegel. This, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the reasons Bernie Sanders Wilma debate me. On any of my media platforms, because I know when When he knows he knows what I now and we both know, if we would sit down for an hour and have a discussion, and we both know if we would sit down for an hour and have a discussion. I would thoroughly incompletely expose him. This is why the twenty eight year old young lady, who has just elected the so called Socialist Democrat and New York woman, come on the show, because. He knows that I know what she knows: and she knows what I now and she doesn't want to have a discussion with me. She'd, rather go on MSNBC and CNN. And it was only the first time we Esther Medium.
If the election June, twenty nine. And here's a recent one July. Twenty seven, twenty eighteen same thing cut three, go mister rivers, I wanted to try again. We ve tried again on the radio, show correct my guys. Try to get her on live in tv, my other guy, as a get her on life. Liberty and she won't come on just be very well. I say he look. He wants to have a serious discussion with you about democratic socialism versus republicanism. Little are and capital is that he That is, I believe, is found. Or compassionate humane than democratic socialism. You do this for a whole, our everyone for the entire, our. Stephen another shot. Ok, I'm quite sure about this folks and I I want I mean it- will be tough. We start your sarcastic, I won't talk down. Do I say there will be tough but
even a very high level and let's get at it, Bernie Sanders Mentor many times have we asked his office to come on the show, repeatedly right, MR, but is it when they re just ignore you is out of date, alignment answer you here, why, my the proletariat or something try to get him on my facts. Show we try to get a on see our tv online TV just want one I from me we pride, come Allah Harris. No, Try Chuck show no. Because I'm serious about engaging these people and debating with these people it's not an antics me, I'm not trying to draw attention to myself. I want to get. I want to get I want to gauge. They won't do it. No way back in March of twenty two march,
keen on twenty twelve. I desperately wanted to have a debate with Barack Obama, two twenty twelve Cut forego, I see my friend Sarah Palin as child Obama to a debate goes. Well, he's running adds against her I'll tell you what I will give you ready for this, MR producer. Fifty thousand dollars to Obama Super pack- if he will debate me for one hour, Now he's fine all over the country change for meals and handshakes and photos. People are giving a lot less than that. Just one hour debate doesn't even after Tell us back we'll do right here on this programme, the very professional. Very fair equal time, just a debate well
As you can imagine, nothing came of that, while a few years later we gave in another run- and I I think, two hundred thousand cut five from November three, twenty four king. I had now offer Barack Obama a multiple occasion, come on? Their show. Where will we have a serious professional, honest debate for an hour and I have said I will give one hundred thousand dollars to his favorite chair come on on the show. Mr tough guy he's. Come on their show. You can do all this crap in front of a b and c crowd or pretend predict, Vanguard journalists or some. And forward an Ipod Ipod Broadcast but he would never come on their showed narrow, lower himself to come on. Their show believe me, I'd be lowering myself to have them on their share. I will be right back:
This is the Nations Town Hall Meeting and you can join in at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. You see, I defend people who don't even defend me when I was attack march. Twenty seventeen, pointing out what I thought was. Made up by the media themselves the year Espionage activities are taking place against Trump Whirl Face Court and so forth. I could count three people who came to mind: But it doesn't matter, ladies join. The point is we we try to that's right, the left us there the problem: it's their party that is associated with the clan, not ours, you have to fight back.
Their party that is associated with the clan, not ours. You have to fight back no more on these debates. The people are suddenly fascinated with. I need a pr team. I need to do These are the guys to have one or two guys were their whole job. Mr producer, To get us out there, we don't do that If I want to send something to somebody else, send it to couple of bodies a mind: maybe they have some websites or not or I'm just not send it any. I dont have a pr team. Everybody is appeal, I don't have one I dont- want one, two more just to play along and I could have given you twenty five of these July fifteen twenty fourteen Eric holder, cut six go. We have attempted today to get a hold of Eric holder to have him. A programme today,
Eight me on the issue of race. This isn't a game, it's not internal, to be controversial. Anything of the sort. This is a big show with many many millions of people, and I recalled her. What have I Huge format, the debate the lowly me about race, So we have made every effort to learn this format to Eric holler the talk with me about race, Therefore, I recall her has to be certified as a coward by it. Turn by his own meaning? Then there was, of course, Hillary Clinton. I've tried the debate on Then I have offered some of the money of offered some of the money for their charities are their packs or just money supply. For twenty seven twenty sixteen cut seven go. What can I do to debate this one I put a hundred thousand dollars on the table. I'll give it to.
She wants whenever she wants. Can I debate her? Please please pretty pleased I would love to debate her. I don't I run for anything and it goes on he up. I just one conservatism to be. Treated as a serious philosophy by serious people and to make the case. So we reached out I'll. Tell you this now. I hadn't talk told you this before yesterday we reached out to sea, and- and I wanted to interview Jim Accustomed. I don't do this has an antique. I do this cause. I want to talk. Their senior p. A person for coming. Patients got back to rich my producer and said that fortunately, is not available, but keep up. Keep us you in touch you.
Double forever. We didn't, we give him a day or time do we, Mr Petition yeah we use free to come on the radio show. So we can talk about freedom of the press. Talk about how you view keep it open any time, Mr Costa, I won't interrupt whatever I'm doing other areas free to come on the radio show. So we can talk about freedom of the press. Talk about how you view at about how you do your job and many a time to fly away like ass, not to New York to do Stephen oh bury of time to do whatever you want to do. Why not come on my show, I'm just a stupid talk, show host. Freedom of the press and all that brother, but he won't mama Like any antics out of their sir, create water, suffragettes ie just walk so well we try to get these liberals on. We try to get that. We even try to get John Stewart on yours. Go. Remember that MR producer wouldn't come on. He wouldn't come,
Why does he doesn't? I was forty comic writers. That's why a shot at me. I said: ok come on, you wouldn't come on. The unfortunate isn't it. I look at the end of summer, heavy duty stuff. Now China. The obsessed with China Mark nor not, but China is obsessed with us. Are you going Chang writing it He had daily beast and you re really need to hear this. Gain advantage in the intensifying trade war with the United States, China threatened to retire. Eight against Apple computer apple link with an incredible public statement, is by importing China is by far the most important overseas market for the: U S based apple leaving it exposed. This is the Chinese if Chinese P, make it a target of anger and nationalist sentiment. People's deal, Stated in article titled strong sense
of U S. Brands, including apple, give China bargaining chips and trade row. The article printed from a sister newspaper went on quote I know, doesn't want to close its doors to apple despite the trade conflict. But if the? U S come it wants to earn good money in China. It needs to share its development dividends with the Chinese. People sounds like Bernie Sanders. The article in the communist parties and therefore China's most authoritative publication added one more implied threat quote. It is practical and unreasonable to kick the company out of China, but have wants to continue raking in enormous profits from chinese markets amid trade tensions, the company needs the more to share the economic cake with local try. These people, as I said that that sounds like Bernie, a fact that sounds like most Democrats, so there now threatening apple,
this is why these international corporations that go into these these autocracy ease and set up these companies and invested. I'm cases billions of dollars and build these plants are fools, Belgium here you can build a main ally countries. That's great. The law is unstable in these autocracy. One change and leadership: one change any politburo, something like this now they're threatening Apple, you gonna, give us your technology, and you're, going to So, like your money and at four apple now as it is sold out, is stuck in a country fill with customers crazy for apple products, rights, Gordon trying
only way the american brand would become a target of our is if the polluter, Leadership was determined to make it so Beijing has done with other foreign businesses, China. Officials, have organised protests against a high Their japanese companies are more recently the lot group South Korea, in retail and tourism conglomerate. They come This party is also gone after apple before, in March, twenty thirteen, for instance, chinese officials took a series of actions suggesting they were seeking to undermine the bran apple long term future in the people's republic was, in Greece, doubt long before President Trump Challenge, the? U S, China Trade Status Quo, Alan Tunnel, a Washington DC based trade expert, told the barely beast bay. Beings. Economic game plan has always called for kicking out or marginalizing foreign companies. Soon, as chinese entities could adequately create their own products and services with
chinese smartphone producers nearing for global competitiveness. Beijing had already been undermining the company, that is apple awhile. Facial campaigning against apple by chinese refugees had worked, the pass, there's been a room. Lack of patriotic sentiment this time expressed against either the United States or apple. Why, for one thing, say sizeable group of elite Chinese who happen to agree what trump, or at least with actions of his administration quote people I have spent within China, universally acknowledged the? U S is justified in launching the aid war on trawls burden. Rock University told me on just play to travel from one end of China to the other Shanghai con me and linen, Canadian China watcher heard people say that american charges of unfair trade practices-
and coercive or illegal acquisition of. U S. Technology are fully valid Noticed something else also said: stood by others in recent days there. He told me a general consensus that Mr Gee has shame on China buys dishonourable trade policies which violate the court teachings of Fusion tradition, appalling honesty, openness in all dealings as the mark of the culture. A bright government official noise, a communist. So anybody be surprised not Observers have put this observation in the context of ancient Philosophical fought, but there is around China and ever unease at flagrant intellectual property theft specially a trap is made what looks like an uncompromising stand on the issue, although I it just wonder how widespread that really is
beginning of this year there was a general consensus in Beijing. The g could manage trap that the americans- China, China, China Rhetoric, was merely campaign trail blather. This view at first looked to be correct, given I'm safe use of words, a regime at following the Morrow Largo Summit last April till recently, look like tromp was found. In the footsteps of President Clinton, Bush and Obama, while talk tough on and as they sought office and then he decades old engagement corner policy once entering the White House had changed Academic Yang, Jean Evasions Remnant University has since become a star in the chinese capital because he did dismiss trumps trade rhetoric and she ping is now under relentless attack for provoking the once sleeping Americans Communist party bigwigs are at this moment to be at their semi secret annual retreat, where the new
conventional wisdom is their party hours, while Chop China's once absolute supremacy down to size. While this, I have the bull see to believe, ladies and gentlemen, but there is hope if she is in fact apple among other companies will be safer. G is thought to be behind the planned to launch precision strikes on Europe's businesses, in other words, holding them as hostages. That brings, back to Apple CNBC, Jim Kramer things. Beijing will leave the company law because attacking it would be playing with fire Kramer there. Predict chinese officials will target some other companies. First. But a Beijing goes after any american companies. It would more likely be stored. Mistake I would warn others to stay away from China. Is the New York Times reported, prayed friction is already forcing multinationals to think of moving supply chains away from China g. Retaliation could get them to do more than think about it.
That's. What many in Beijing have been worried about after especially pugnacious comments from Gilles late last June. This China morning, Post quoted official saying that targeting those firms in China, which has never been in the carts, therefore, The extortion is demand by the people. Daily, looks like it. What will launch aging paying and is China more than the United States and its icon come? What time will tell this is why keep having this Sunday show because it it in a blow you away. On life, Liberty and Levine at ten p m Eastern. What doktor, Michael Pills, burn who's been Working on this and observing this liberally for decades- and he will tell you what No one here and he will get behind the scenes, even if this article and explain what's taking place. How China is doing what it is doing and not just technically psychologically and otherwise
so I am strongly urging you to make sure it's Friday evening. You check out life, Liberty and Levin on Fox ten pm eastern on Sunday. Look if he don't. It doesn't really affect me. I'm just saying I really want you to check it out because you're gonna hear people too. About their show during the course of the week. This I can promise. Now here we go again. You're not gonna, believe this time turns out that no identity, protection, Now here we go again. You're not gonna, believe this time turns out that no identity protection company that I'm sure you ve heard very faint been so careful on protecting the email addresses of their customers, and many were compromised believe that so please hear me
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dot com, slash mark, enter promo code mark and get fifteen percent of my declared dotcom, Slash Mark Promo Code Mark China China, since six warnings to a U S, Navy, in operating the South China Sea in international airspace over National war ordered the american crew quote to leave immediately and keep out. But the U S, Navy aircraft stay the course this thing it was within its legal rights now this incident, follows a report from the philippine government revealing that China has been sending out threatening radio queries too far and ship in planes at an increased frequency, so our ships are Navy has not been affected because we won't listen. But you cannot miss what China's doing here
Presently, the United States is doing exactly the right thing I'm a free trader, except when it comes to enemy nations. I dont view China as I've. U, Canada. China is the enemy we. In our view, China's the enemy by trying to use us as the enemy prepared to steal all of apples, technology and still its money. Already stolen technology. I say to the president: keep pummeling China. They are a national security threat. And you know why, again after the Sunday show in so many ways there techniques and what they're doing I mean learn things. I had no idea about none, it's just incredible. What they're doing.
And they are not leaving any stone unturned, whether are target system, whether it's our media, whether its think tanks. Whether its civilian use of resources, Technology, whether its military use of resources and technology, to rise space geographically, creating new basis. Working with other countries, they are on the move. And the reason is: has doktor pills were explained? they have within their own ranks, said to them a lot of this is comes from secret information. That's now, public knowledge They so not not in any untoward way that is in this book and You know the communist revolution seated in in the nineteen, forty, nine and China, while their objective for the last several decades.
Has been the world's number one. Superpower come when he forty nine there one hundred year anniversary and doktor pills, berries, as their well on their way. While our Congress fiddles our focus on Russia, It can be focused on Russia, but not exclusively we ve spent ten years undermining the United States military. It's absolutely incredible, as we. Of self employed and they are on the march and it's very, very dangerous- will be right back.
Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levin. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one So we wanted to have a discussion with Jim cost about freedom of the press about CNN about him. He won't come on the programme ever ever. I think it's pretty relevant right now, but he follows the course of others who want either
And I'm sending her mining my own business and I'm listening to the news at the top of the hour. I don't know what news you get, but the network news I get his chest offer every anti trump spin. You can imagine. So I am a rossa. All of a sudden is a newspaper. Nobody cares nobody ever cared about his sheep written a positive book about trust when his wife wasn't around. He was like a dog on a leash, Data Prescott in advance copy, I wonder how it happens from the publisher in their publicists, HAWK in the book The present it wasn't at the United these various sites, winner, Why wasn't around? He was like a dog on a leash. All right. He said the inward any.
This and he did that people will do anything for money. I'm just telling you this woman gained fame through Trump Show apprentice. He brings her into the White House, apparently she's a pain in the ass rude to a lot of people. I don't understand what I read. And finally, reluctantly, they remover General Kelly does. They say she was taping, the president Keeping the present without is not. That ought to be a crime. Ok, I don't care who the president is he's got to be able to consult with Is appointees. He can't undermine the office of the presidency this way, but whatever. She will be on tv, like Stormy Daniels was on tv and stormy
and your slip and fall lawyer shoe on tv, like Michael Wulf, the other author who sleaze the president, she will. Pushed out there shall be all over MSNBC all over see and all because it's not news, but they want to get her story out They can confirm any of it. It doesn't matter You got a mid term election coming up. They want to From office of Mahler doesn't do it, they want the house to do it. He need Democrats to try and so they're going to push them And soon I am arose is going to be everywhere and he dare not question her. I mean I'm telling you exactly how this is going to roll out already rolling out this way, You're, like David Duke then, you like David, could do in the clan can't sign it. Credible. Isn't I mean I'm telling you exactly how this is going to roll out already rolling out this way, so the books not but a has it
the news network NEWS, the news that I have to listen to all ready, our little nuggets in the book. Like the call me book, then I'll pay any attention to my books. They don't pay Which are serious books, they don't take any attention to great garrets, burger judge, demeans bugger or a gut felt Booker. You name it. But this nobody Amargosa and shears nobody she was on the inside. Don't you know she heard everything presently United States, absolutely incredible, Just to keep pushing the narrative over there at the jagged tap and Jake Tapir where's that worries attacking shot. Mister booth. Do we have it lets? Let's play cut thirteen
Jake Tapir now has assigned himself the responsibility determine whose a journalist who's not and Jake Tapir was a man, peace for a left wing house candidate, Mr Vinci member Her- I represent. Though he was her communications director, whenever the title was, he was also a mouthpiece for hang guns controlling, but now is a journalist and he gets to decide Who is it? Who isn't what he's not? What makes him a journalist. She self assigning self designating. Why is he a journal? I'm sure why is he a journalist cut thirteen go? he will talk to lesser whole and by and by this I mean the carpenter somebody have liked in the past Why does she have a head on four trump she's to work for TED cut? Thirteen go
We will talk to lesser whole people talk to Sham Hannity, but he won't talk to somebody when he's accountable for it, and so I think that's a political answer, because we want to make this thing all political to try to win that argument. But I see people who want to see this emancipation underclothes have to put the pressure on question why he will talk to DORA was but not Mahler. I don't know, I'm limit. Let me help you. I demand. The reason is simple. One can indict and one can't one- is a criminal matter- What is not it's so obvious. Why are you posing the such a foolish question? Why you posting such a fool if he can talk to journalists, but not a prosecutor, so you don't think the president should talk to journalists now. I think you should talk to the process. That would be stupid. Why should he do that? What are you afraid of the question of afraid is question of being a right national attorney, giving rational advice
really need to be a little bit more circumspect. I liked you like what you have written in the past, but you really flippin up. Let's start from the top, because otherwise we won't get all logic Tapir Guide, he will talk the lesser Hall some Hannity, but he won't talk to somebody when he's accountable for it, and so I think that's a political answer. If we want to make this thing all political to try to win that argument. But I see people who want to see there's a message from the closed have to put the pressure on that question, why he will talk to journalists, but now Well, I don't know everybody mention. There was a journalist, Pinocchio Guidelines, J, J Visa Funny Guy and with everyone There is a journalist, paternally Lester hold anxiety, because I agree with Lester. I like Lester, Lesters journalists, Tron Honey, of course, not he's on Fox when nobody on faxes, journalists except ships, myth and the others who described the present than other journalists shown. Does it say that journalists, but you do that's the different Sean
his honest, you're, not check community like every now, and then you throw come out there so sir, conservatives will say budgets pretty got lucky balances thing like when over here and he shuddered, but Jake. Unless our old enough wise enough. We know what you're doing here, fraud and you're, not the only fraud CNN Siemens fill with fraud like all Pulitzer, with his leading questions, Don Alarmin dumb as Iraq, Brian Stout there, dumb as to rocks and went out of O Chris Cuomo Damas, three rocks seen no rating, and yet there they are.
So I am a Rosa as a book coming out, and so you know we have to intervene. She's very important, like James call me a liar a leader but hey. We gotta promote his story to anybody who writes a book trashing trump and claims on the thinnest reed tat inside information like this guy, Michael, what they will push it and push it and push it. That's why we know that that the Pretoria Guard, media protecting the left protecting the Democrats. This is also why we know that not a single major story involving the face, a warrant, the dossier, the spine, the trunk campaign, and so was broken by CNN or MSNBC or any other, because most of the sources that have been providing information to these so called news outlets
Our trump hating sources didn't want to get any of them in trouble. They want to use them to promote their ideological agenda. We can have a free. Crash, but that doesn't mean it suppress with any integrity. It just Is the government doesn't intervene? So we have a free press because the government doesn't intervene unless, of course, you have a president Obama sixty FBI on So the media about media apparently doesn't care, so the press is free to do as it does, but that doesn't mean what it does is the truth: Jake your fraud I'll be right back. When you say that one will you really have to wonder at this point
we're dealing with IRAN, which is an extremely dangerous country. Would you when North Korea same thing enormously gravely dangerous Russia to Turkey. With its Islam or nazi dictator, which has been threatening us, threatening our allies, which has kept as a hostage her. So NATO ally a pie surrender a damn thing isn't it has all out on his play and I, we had to get the domestic policies and the continuing assault on her outrageous wild statements about him. You have to wonder if the people who talk like this really care about our country, I think to fair question. Personally gamma, Rosa or
reach so called journalists, CNN wearily lucky for the facts: I now make sure that guy's not like no you're, not you're cowards,. I can invite every single one of these guys on this programme. None of them would come because I used to being question and I would do so in a very simple way. But you have these so called news organisations that are propaganda. And they are twenty four seven hate trump operations again Susan about freedom of the press the government is not being used to stifle them. Quite the contrary. Nobody stifling them. It's about their abuse of this power in their own professionalism in their ideological drive and their hatred for this man, and obviously all the people who support him and they bring this Kinds of guests on who reinforce
sat and others who may not their given short shrift, they cut off. Same it MSNBC why repose near tat. You name. Do they really care about this country when, conduct themselves. This way. They know what's going on, they see it. The recent tensions between the United States and Turkey are on the rise because it Turkey's because air, then you have a pressing, Who is struck. This is what amazes me about people like Bill Crystal and NEO com and others some national review, some and other places who always have claimed that their hawksley, their strong national security. This present stronger on national security than any president since Reagan
This upsets the code. Pink republicans the isolationist. Presidents dealing with reality. He's dealing with reality, China's out of control. Russia is threatening us. North Korea now has Noakes Iraq he's getting nooks turn he has gone south He sees the reality of this he's briefed on it. He died Yes, the information and he's dealing with it. Trying to build up our military which was the vizir rated under Obama and six years, a republican role in the Congress. He's trying to secure our borders too, like the interior. The United States is trying to do all these things and look, The attacks against him, it's pretty damn out.
Just so, you have to wonder why my beautiful wife, just water. So you have to wonder if these people care about the country. I do. I, MR producer, the call screens not up gimme your best one. Ex M Satellite Charlie in Florida, MR producers as mouthful of food, your answer: how are you thanks, marked? God bless what you do for them. If you're talking about China earlier and caught the dune, China, well, I'm aerospace industry with global company did nothing but detriment.
To our business because of the amount of counterfeit goods that China floods the market with we quit doing business with the chinese companies, but now we actually had to stand up a whole infrastructure within our organizations to monitor every bender that we buy from the ballot. Eight down to us grew that we're not getting counter Parts, so why are we doing business with these type of people while we are not sure businesses are doing business with these kinds of people right ironed out. As a country we're not doing anything? It's the individual companies. Consumers, while not even referred to consumer electronics about aerospace. Government go, but I mean consumers I don't mean, and that in talking about an individual consumers, companies, thereby from companies absolutely.
I don't know why- why people think it is worthwhile to do business with China when all it does is caused us more in the long run. Let's apple didn't do that apple business. They shouldn't have been there and China in the first place, You're my friend yeah choking on a care, but thank you. I appreciate it gotta Jimmy Broccoli the art, the Great W Abc go earlier. You were talking about immigration and the immigrant. The problem is a well known, very active, very, very important communist woman, Frances Fox Pippins, Irony then put out. I am well aware than but go ahead. Ok with that in the event that the Brecht form and Frances Fox Pivot, said we're gonna get the changes. We want largely through minorities and immigration, so they know they're doing pushing
Gratian into this country, at the same time, to having people here, enticing them to come in also at this talk, Frances parents does. On the last time I checked. The leaders of the Democratic Party who have been pushing this agenda are not all minorities about their selling majority, then there's a reason because they ve been taking for decades that capital. You know me minorities, you mean certain cultures that have been won. Inductor individuals. This is this is what France, a fox seventh aggregate. The changes we want largely to minorities and immigration. She also went on to say it talk that The radar Obama placed plenty of good people throughout the bureaucracy. Now this was at the breakfast. Roughly six years ago, but then it was played on C span. So you could track this down Her husband, a husband famous famous for the would prevent thesis where they talk about collapsing America from within
by overwhelming its system, so they have so many different strategies and tactics going on simultaneously. You could busy turning your head all over look at everything that they're doing, and with with this, that we have the threat obvious threat. From Russia, China and and their allies. I ran and the others, and then we have the threat from within it. It's a pretty rough Situation- and I really pleasantly surprised how trumpet during these these problems, but I'll take the american people really aware how important next election is. I mean We are right, you know I am. I am furious. People can spend this election all they want that that twelve district in Ohio for eighty seven percent of the Democrats, the turn out forty percent of the Republicans the hell's wrong with republic. I don't know, that's not play games here, it'll be fine if republican, don't turn out alone. I mean you can get
immigration independence, what he needs, the bulk of the Republicans, the bulk of the Republican say they support the president, ninety percent, what only forty percent get off their asses and vote. Is that all Thanks for your car will be marred glove, am Ramos parachuted, considerably bomb radio where they now eddied, seven, seven, three aid, one for you. What one the middle there I didn't hear tossing turning covered in sweat. You can run the ac or a fan to try and keep cool. Get rid of your he trapping mattress and sleep is cool as the other side of the pillar. Like I do on a Casper mattress, aspirin mattresses, use premium foams, relieve pressure and help align your body, so you fall asleep
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Pointed out in the Federalist by Ben I'm garden? Who is an outstanding rider? He says, in part member. She had this spies driver flow forty years, no politician in America. Arguably maintained a deeper, more long, standing and friendly relationship with China, the highest levels of its ruling. Communist party then die in Feinstein a day: Baxter, oh it back It dates back to opening the. U S, chinese diplomatic relations and eighteen. Seventy nine. Shortly thereafter, Feinstein than mayor of San Francisco established a sister city relationship with Shanghai, one of the earliest most robust such relationships? In? U S, China, history. Soon after she led a mayor. All delegation to China joined by her husband investor, Richard Plum, a trip they took too.
There are many times over the ensuing years. His relationship between both between both fine stones and China grew. Nineteen Eightys mayor San Francisco Feinstein, develop they close friendship with Shanghai Mayor Jiang Zemin, ah Substantially enhanced Feinstein foreign policy approach. Created an important linkage to the: U S: government for Chinese Communist Party. As this Feinstein rose to a prominent position in foreign affairs and national security in the U S Senate. First, the Fine Relations Committee and later as chairman of the Senate, Select Committee on Jane, rose to the top of chinese leadership, serve Chairman of the Central Military Commission General Secretary, the Communist Party and president of the People's Republic of China, under James Leadership, the pvc initiated a brutal crackdown. It gets practitioners of fallen gun including mass imprisonments, beatings, torture, rape, organ huh, Sting and murder- and he
Adrian alleged human rights atrocities against Tibetans. Sk, I never renounced her. Friendship was Zhang in spite of these acts, Feinstein enjoying reportedly visited each other regularly in the nineteen eightys was showing once spending Thanksgiving in San France discovered Feinstein in her husband Genk. Suppose they danced with Feinstein during one such visit, which should must have been a propaganda coup for the Communist Party of China, a lot ted Kennedy in the Soviets. Nineteen, eighty six fine, sir, enjoying designated said corporate entities for fostering commercial relations. One name Shanghai, Pacific Partners, Feinstein husband served as a director his financial position was relatively small. Less than five hundred thousand one project, the only its position in China, the Feinstein family, held when Feinstein. The Senate. Ninety ninety two that project, however, which blunder
participated in alongside the PLC state run. Shanghai investment trusts corporation was one of the first joint ventures. San Francisco and chinese investors. We thirdly cited by Sanford. Excuse me by Chinese, officials has a testament to the friendly This ties between Shanghai in San Francisco that far, Stein had initiated subsequently plums vestments in the Middle Kingdom Mushroom hey. Ninety. Ninety three Feinstein expressed our strong support in the Senate floor for continued tree. What China temporarily. Her husband was seeking to raise up to one hundred and fifty million dollars from investors floating himself for body of chinese enterprises an organ, Ninety ninety three Feinstein and her husband visited Beijing bricks. Its meetings with chinese leaders at present urgings invitation
is the LOS Angeles Times reported a ninety ninety four exposition, Feinstein husbands, business ties and a potential conflict. The they presented quote such incur where's your finally remembered when deals with clenched back and China according to a experts in chinese business practices. They said that Feinstein consists Support for China's interest cannot help a benefit Her husband's efforts, term profits there, he hissed Michael record suggests. These american experts were right, blomsberry, desperately raised a hundred and sixty million dollars for the aforementioned Asia Fund under his Newbridge. Capital investment company, including vesting wonder two million himself, the fund. Vested in several state owned and chinese government linked businesses, once firms largest holding at the time as China investments began to draw scrutiny in ninety? Ninety seven was at stake in West Airlines that
estimated three hundred million dollar position was poised to significantly appreciate and value is Northwest To be the sole airline operator providing nonstop service from the United States, any city in China when quite Get on his train investments, Feinstein husband Bluff pledged to donate future profits from holdings to his nonprofit foundation to help Tibet refugees, thereby quote Remo any perception that I in any way, shape or form benefit from our influence, my wise position on China as a? U S, senator, but these costs. Ex Feinstein and there are ninety ninety five Feinstein was up. It is a set of foreign relations committee. Subsequently she several visits to China, accompanied by her husband, was she It was senior government officials during these trips it lifted Who was what the couple was wind and died on
one such visit in January. Ninety ninety six Feinstein and Bloom enjoyed a meal with President Jiang in in one city, the exclusive leadership compound for Chinese Communist Party, where, according to Einstein they ate in Mousie tonnes. Residence in the room where he died, Feinstein kept up her dog Lord for increased trade with China made ninety ninety six. She bent an attack on the early times calling for the United States to grant most favoured nation trading status to China on a permanent basis and get past the annual dance at Ispra vote proving to be strong early divisive and not at all helpful toward reaching Off stated goal improvement in human relations, Feinstein mean maintain her pro China positions in March. Ninety ninety seven the senator, reveal that the FBI had warned her that the chinese government might seek the funnel illegal contributions to a campaign fun, She was one of only six members of Congress to receive such a warning.
Times noted at the time, Feinstein Return, twelve thousand and ninety ninety four contributions from people would connections to lie Oh bank, an arm of the multi billion dollar conglomerate on by the reality family, with investments in. Duration throughout Asia. The realities friends and supporters of the Clinton's, and it goes on its continue. In May two thousand and five Stein lobbied for making permanent normal trading relations with China, a measure that ultimately past and how pay them efforts entrance into the World Trade Organization which five I also supported not the time a spokesperson Her Feinstein indicated that her husband had diverted, should we had I said it was holdings of mainland China, he ninety nine Bloom stake in another Newbridge Capital, Asia; fun which contain of. Switch in China belied that assertion. Meanwhile, the years leading to the passage of that legislation, plums, Newberry,
capital reportedly invested more than four hundred million dollars in the east asian businesses at least ninety million of which was invested in companies whose profits are pegged. Burgeoning mainland China market according to that Chinese themselves and several of were partly under founded by the chinese government. If nothing else, bloom still stood up but handsomely from management. These four these portfolios and it goes on and on and on. I just stopped the two thousand Feinstein and they put a spy in her car as her driver in San from Disco, Feinstein and bloom. The couple had made a fortune from their investments in China from their special treatment, their privileged positions and treatment. They have effectively solar south.
She sits on the Cen Intelligence Committee. There she's a senator. Peter Schweizer Rights extensively with the ties that Ms Mckenna family by marriage has with the Red Chinese Communist Party, the state in China. Elaine, Charles Father, her family are among the biggest for movers and buyers with China. And they make millions and millions of dollars from it and twice her looks at me Mcconnell record on the Senate floor of having spoken out against Red China. Now he almost never does Now you're gonna be learning that there's much much more of this.
Again on the Sunday shall not doing saying this. For that reason, but I can't do that show on the radio there's just too much, but there is great deal going on a great deal. Fine economic positions frequently downplay the Pyrenees rapid human rights violations, the. There is fashioned herself as a peacemaker, often urging appeasement of the chinese regime. Both apologies, em such abuses and urging restraint these efforts back to the early eighties. Until that time participates in San Francisco, Chinese knew your parade displayed the flag of the nationalist chinese government, which had ruled in x on Taiwan, after nineteen forty nine according to the San Francisco gate, then Mayor Feinstein asked organizers to stop the partisan practice because she wanted to encourage trade with China. She also argued against time,
chinese, most favoured nation status, to human rights improvements. In March ninety ninety six Feinstein sought to ease tensions between China and Taiwan, arrange it. Discussions while high level chinese dignitaries capital here at China's behest. And here we have session Syracuse themselves from the Russia manner because he met with a Russian. Has Feinstein ever accused herself from any China During this period, Feinstein took an on kerosene, mystically, aggressive stance towards trainers, hostile actions, conducting missile testing. Your Taiwan presumably in line with the Clinton administration. We view the missile exercises a provocative an unnecessarily chicken, arguably harsher line towards then taiwanese President Lee Tang, who stating what is really necessary for the leaders of Taiwan to make a statement in word and indeed that they will adhere to a one China policy network. Taiwan will agree just
under its sovereignty to China, gobbled up. Let's move on twenty fifteen just a few years back Feinstein effectively sought to defend the communist in China from criticism, money, purportedly pragmatic basis and fighting legislation from Senator TED. Bruce I would have named the street running in front of the chinese embassy in Washington Dc Lee Eyebrow, Plaza eyebrow Nobel Prize winning anticommunist writer and human rights activists. The time been held in jail for seven years by the chinese government for criticising the regime when crews unanimous consent for the bill on the occasion of President Gigi beings: U S visit fines, Blocked it a monthly crews reintroduce the measure citing a statement, co authored by Feinstein, a Democrat colleague, Batley COS. For his release. Funds again, blocked it finally, right. Twenty. Sixteen, the bill cleared the Senate in a unanimous voice, vote
died in the house of a veto threat from the Obama administration later Feinstein Co sponsoring resolution honouring the imprisoned gentlemen Freedom fighting in his efforts shortly after his death in state custody, in twenty seventeen. I'll be right back Fine fine line has been on numerous, so called news programmes attacking the president's relations with Russia. Prisoner has no relations with Russia. She sits on the Senate. Intelligence committee should be banned. The Sun Intelligence Committee, the ARM Service Committee, the foreign affairs
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I mean the connections. The Red China, Red China, expects things in return. I let's take One quickly let so, let's pull up, let's go, line collar. Five right re! Guys, Walker go ahead, I mark so I used to work on the apprentice Yes, when not did nature that nobody, what now the door What did you do it right, Donald Trump yeah moreover, is line through her feet. He never said any racial slurs are set. And if he had, it would have been a big deal We says he said them at the White House and when she was around him and so forth.
And you're saying that bs? That's not his nature. That's nobody does now. Why she's out further parity in the story, at that time, Arnold is, is claiming that there, the tapes of him, making all these rights of words in the board room, but that's it I mean you have a crew working on said in the board room it. A very big said: there's probably fifty to sixty people on that said, many of them who happened to be minorities Of all colors creeds backgrounds, sexual orientation, so He was dropping end bound on said people would have heard and it would have been a big deal. And I know what you mean about it said I have a set and there's people a lot of people, their audio people, camera people, people director you have your microphone pack on and everything you say, even if you
sneeze heard by everybody, there's no way to keep secrets and so Did he say these things when he was only alone with her? Why would he do that? She was always brood. Entitled people unsaid generally, did not like our. So it's not surprising that the pride you come out and say these things You now to make money, and it can I hold you over for a little bit, Sir Galahad. Let's see if we can keep. Walker, what is not his real name, of course, will be right back
now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one: while certain football players are added again kneeling now raising the black
orifice through staying in the locker room out. This is really a handful of teams. This didn't happen with the Redskins has an example last night, but there are players and teams in which this is her. This attain place, and we ve talked about this a lot. We explain that this has nothing to do with free speech under the cap detention, since this has nothing to do with the government that this is and how you behave if your patriotic, you know, you're up sending people who served in the military, whether you have or not, and you think it's fine. The fact is: there's a lot of people who have served in the military who put their lives on the line and many have been maimed, who are appalled by this. So exactly who is sending a message to I mean quite What it who you sending a message to
stalwart, say Dante, STAR wars say. No? The present was wrong when he said these guys, don't know what they're talking about that is obviously not paying attention. Also, they don't know what you're talking about them all kinds of different messages. Theirs, I'm in place for everything. And their salaries should be withheld. Their employees Colors irrelevant their employees. They don't know stadium. They known on the teams need a team. No private workforce can tolerate even all those sports castor on he s, P M on NBC on Fox and elsewhere, who defend this? If their crew members started taking me that sort of thing
You know full well that they wouldn't like it. Then, while they're taking any there there's a social justice, assure the cops were banned or something or other they're taking another actually there disrupting broadcast just like the disrupting NFL game, but they care because their narcissists through used to getting what they want. That's the truth. Many athletes are not all but too many. Michael Hayden unseen and assist the former CIA guy, MR producer, We need to know what he thinks about this he's gotten weird. Should say weirder overtime,. Henry is commenting on this. To somebody named John cut: nine go monsieur retainers next fan, I view three hours as my politics free three hours of the week You ve got a rack and stack your values, and
My got a rack and stack your guys where they get these stupid thoughts had a rack and stack your values go ahead Air was some fundamental issues that are at stake here and including speech in these urinary. Yet this isn't free speech. Sky was director. The CIA and he doesn't even know what the constitution means. He is no concept of the first amendment. This is not free speech. If you do things in the workplace, you can be fired. You don't have a right to free speech in the workplace. Otherwise. There is no organization whose anarchy there's no discipline, there's anarchy, there's no productivity, there's anarchy. Yeah. I said it. There is no listen, follow the bouncing ball liberals. There is no press
so they decided to taken me they'd be fired because they're holding a production. There's a time and place for everything, and I would agree with their stupid. Protests There's no systemic, this her systemic, that in this country, no oppression in this country yeah. I said it. There is no listen Follow the bouncing ball liberals Is no oppression in this country. You may not, like certain things, I think things are unfair, but that's the nature of a free society, its imperfect. But we defeated oppression. We defeated slavery. We defeated Sacred shall be still says. This is bologna. This is crap And to do it, this way is even worse, go ahead, but it express themselves about one thing:
To be a shade I'll, get to express themselves in that forum in environment. All of us have to show some self control, depending on what for an environment we are in this- isn't about individuals and their individual narcissism, other individual politics in their individual civil rights Moment or anything else, that's not what this is eventually I want to express themselves any three or out is taught there's place and time for everything you don't just get to express yourself. Go ahead problem, and so I expected this. I expect the president to tweet, but you know, I don't know that more than them, it still guys but rambling idiot these We get the CIA directors from it's scary as hell got. This call Brennan
served in the military or fine stolen any it go ahead or agree with. President, even even among veterans. This is Us a decision on this first. Excuse me As my father, what he thinks he's a veteran and I suspect most trends are disgusted by this, but let's say it's a third it still wrong, but then again this private businesses there not taking part veterans or anybody else. Their running a business you get. A lot of money, go ahead October. I did actually take a look Statistically is war veterans were and there generational gap, that doesn't seem to be offended by this Iraq and afghan veterans. Not so much and John I'm a thirty nine year veteran. Maybe irritated at the players, but I don't think there
a I think they are unpatriotic. What do you think of that, when there told time and time again that they're up sending people and they specifically pick the national anthem to do it and what are they getting where they getting with this? and understand their getting nothing. This thing is phone completely on the other. There are multiple faces. Its. It is, sir, but of course the prison tweets. That means he must be a racist Jesse and who it's better than Corner Brooks former President C of the end of c p. He's on CNN to scene and just loves stuff go ahead. The present is essentially saying that american citizens who are standing up for their rights under the constitution are too to ignore and are unable to articulate. Back their standing again. So what are they standing against.
I don't believe, there's united message genius go ahead, These plans know full well that young black men twenty one times more likely to lose his life the hands please than his white Why not? And they know that a black young man, It is more likely than not if he's killed, it's going to be killed by another black young man. Why do you not explain that sir. But that's not even the point, either notes in thing about that. As you see the slaughter that took place in Chicago right, absolute slaughter, that goes on there in the weakens its like a war zone, it is horrific. How do these mothers and fathers raise their kids in this environment? How do they go to school? I don't like to learn anything. It's horrific! You don't know if your come back alive or not or if you shit in the living room we gotta get shot by a stray bullet. Somebody taken a need for that one,
policemen shooting black young men man, it's a fraction of a fraction of a fraction. This is just so ridiculous. The and double asap this is the former president seo the mw. Cp deflecting deflecting, go ahead. Players on the stand. Well, that police misconduct goes on unchecked in these countries, and now it doesn't know it doesn't. There is police misconduct. Some of that make on checked most of it doesn't and most police are not involved in this conduct. That's a fact. Now we see what's going on in Baltimore, crime is through the roof because they have marginalize the police there and who suffers. People in these communities, most of whom are minorities, other people who have the money they get the hell out, go ahead bodies.
Firstly, the punching bags of bad policing and police on account of you. No are you are you are a nasty propaganda, sir? Yes, you are nasty. The way you generalise about other human beings array you generalise about police officers. Your radical euro left, so you don't mind. Guy had taken NI group chop, stand on your head. Do whatever you want to do football players standing up for injustice. That's the place to do it right there at a football game that I've maximum effect people are turned off by this its having no effect. What would be interesting is of all these guys taken any if all their names could be taken down, and then you follow them only off season and see what the hell they're doing, social injustice about,
equality about the cops go ahead. The president knows that commander in chief is in fact the racial opportunity in chief in this country. There you go, you see I can go ahead thing this issue to store his base, in other words using can get on their knee and that's free speech that has to be protected. They tell us what the press none of the United States, commenting on troubled by the commander in chief he's a racist cause. He dares to do about the guy's taken these. Are they racist? Now you don't understand. No, I don't. So. The president should shut up because he's rationalizing this, and yet this it just racial eyes. The whole thing go ahead, bring this issue to start
This base, in other words, using raised as an easy used this issue to stir his base. Are you suggesting sir, that are Democrats. Europe's up by this there are Everybody's, not a radical left wing cook in the democratic path. Apart from the leadership, there's a lot of them fraction independence or disgusted by this there's. A lot of Democrats who served in the military lot of them are all time Democrats that stirring is base. Maybe you are stirring your Ass in the Democratic Party, by rationalizing this go ahead. Shut up. You know it nothing! Him we'll be right, much. Then.
Regarding Calla Florida, the great Ws K. Why he's been a dear friend of ours haven't heard from a long time, and you lost your son. You have wanted Why don't you tell these nfl players who are kneeling and tell these other people who defend them? What you think On the twenty eight, I have to learn to a guy at the time in July. That was it, That I had married my son fifteen years to the day before lunch you what one of your loved ones. Under the european flag you're never. Look at that flag the same when again and I use My son was come under twenty. I I I. Personally thought
forty years when he was killed. I mercenary thought in that way. I knew what it meant to be an American. I always did applause I realise that day the price paid for me, American, yes, you lost your son, is it- I knew it that they stop turning well known. I couldn't it is better life changing? I also use marriage and. Can you actually literally I've spoken Father. And he's turning out in California, I shall be referring here are two where it is My son never had the opportunity to turn
turn down a three point: two million or whatever, but I'm a numbers my and our your contract playing football, and he said are you I value your son and they just the national. Well, you know these kids these young kids. They aren't. You spoke very young man. From the same piece of cloth,. It's not about waiting to apple pie, hot dogs and are less up to my sound. It was not a bit. It was a challenge to just compete against the other guys debate on the back and the best journal. The English betray us the day I met. Him. Call me that much I was the best the batch, the one, with industry, which was his headquarters cordon headquarters company in Iraq when they were up and he was a level
My son was about twenty five miles away and tell America how your son was killed. Tell America how your son was killed. Actually killed a call for an end to the base that evening they had not do they. They were putting up a big were to protect him. Became Friends WWW battalion commander, you explained everything coming, but anyway, how can they hadn't I hadn't report dream report, Lillian, Yesterday S retain an item from volunteers to go out and check out. They were protesting, appropriating transportation and yet many people said put these boots that's just gotta, be using your short fire. It was He spoke again on the undulating teeth.
It had a bracelet, maybe was killed on July. The nineteenth, notably the fearful. That was your napoleon and your mind eyes, guys I'm going out there book, often Soul survivor the end of she's now in special forces, sorcery and he, the one that it would mean a machine gun back them, yet people going with Garvian, whoever it kid there was you ever younger and Comma Katy was whatever he was. My son, my son, was the chronic vehicle com. You showed what you mean, I'm not qualified to bribe listening, I drove away from Kuwait, be sure you're, not highly driver and hidden, The young man from Alabama there was taking over my son position, and my son was take. Europe turn out to be
and so they switch places if they, Europe would have been different, but anyway. In my intervention on the way, again Joe dial, now eight seven, seven three aid, one three, eight one one I was sent a note from our friends over it filled her buy from a new customer. The Gregg Hank hang on a little bit. If cancer we'll be right back, most powerful conservative voice. The mark love then show now eight. Seventy seven three aid, one three, eight one one. I was sent a note from our friends over it filter by from a new customer quote, I've been
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time. Save money breathe better with filter by dot com. Still to be. U. I dotcom filter by dotcom. Tell the mark censure now Gregory you know I've had. Family members who fought in various wars Estonia them No, they be furious. Well, what's happening. And I felt seem so try, but they It would be very upset that this is a great deal of disrespect. My father's ninety three that's the way he feels everybody and feel that way. I understand what you called for reason. What did you want to tell American exactly what I said earlier. Once you married your loved ones under a flag, drape coffee You will never look at or think about that flag, the same way again most Are you gave his life to defend
I carry a shell in my pocket, twenty one gun sloop did I picked up fifteen years ago from the cemetery and I want to point one night November of that Europe is turning grinning, get ready to turn fifty years old? And I'm thinking the army business. I could beat. I travelled all over the place taking these things over her Salomon anyway. I've been Jim beamed denies have a hard time. One night in. Tell me when I entered my pocket, I pulled the shell out, then I looked at it and I thought I got it: turn fifty academic art, attacker Europe dad or getting. Action or whatever You know why let the shelves in my pocket. And I sat down and I wrote a born in I share it. What are you doing here? Listeners
carried to show him in his pocket as a reminder daily to me of the fact that I'm his father. No matter where, maybe it isn't here to protect. And it isn't every for everyone to see this reality was evident between might suddenly and for the price he paid. For me, it s exactly the way I feel about it How was your son twenty three The last time I ever spoke to him twenty third birthday there. They he was a sergeant first airborne and lay the boy tat evening, and what day was that I don't know, the exact date was in April two thousand and three, but here he was a literally the first per person, ten soldiers and the hundred first to be called out when it to be sent to
Have you seen right after nine eleven and he got hurt, Ghana and set him back to the stage today. Have hospitals or anything set up and That right is on here and so on, but the get the last time before he went when he went to rack was in his birthdays February, twenty Eightth Self, it that's a nice deployed February. Twenty eight he's out and three sneeze me up forgot- have threatened. Thank you know. Gregg knew you called here many. Many years ago, several times right. You are, is. Emotionally upset, as the first ever spoke to you just don't get over this? Do you you just can't put it behind you. Now our sun it well, I am, I know it
normally- but I am in this case in emotional person love somebody he was my first born sign. First born child. He was the leader of the pack for my kids and all my kids in his cousins. Molly looked up thing and he was just a good kid. You're, smart kid good! You beautiful kid! For man just never got any trouble didn't whenever he was just one of the good guys in the house that might happen, and I walk or I'll be honest with you. I walk around Sundays in here. Some of these crap is going on tv and radio and almost nothing what are you don't walk around picking up my airspace. Did I breathe in ways my Sunday
dumb you're, dumb as a rock and you're spouting off your stuff. You don't know what you're talking about and my son is dead that make any sense to me March woman. I will tell you this, because I know you got some time or whatever I love you. I love what you ve done for us for the company country and go surveying was like me, and you. Thank you. That's all I can say is thank you. You hated lotta people, don't get it Rick, I don't know what to say you don't need to. Thank me. You lost your son. We owe you your family, a great. Gratitude and I sent her wonder. Sometimes, as you do as so? Many Americans do what's up The country were focused on such the attic stuff. The lack of respect
That's given to members of the military and law enforcement adjust it really is just it it. It shakes. You had shaken get a call. Almost every night, Gregg from my father is ninety three I told you right he's very upset. He loves this country's ninety three, a gesture, What is going on for any anyway Onawandah pilot Gregg out. You could tell your dad for me and I'm sure, is worsening, keep the faith and keep a strong make it's wrong. It would only it's gonna be was gonna, be we're. Gonna have to wait for fight memory forever, Around in our, in my mind, That's just the way it has to be
While we love you dollar, all people on this, Sir AIR airwaves do Gregg and God bless you. My friend, thank you. Are you take care of yourself. Jonathan Washington, D C, the great w I go ahead. Please may mark pleasure, taught you, sir, thank you very much for giving us a voice on which our military, my son's active duty, my father. Our New York City, police officer, South Bronx, or patchy. My my brother in law, retired Cobb, all through my, Nothing but military law enforcement and call the cops greener. I'll, never watch another football game again when I start started happening, I told them my wife. Never again, I don't even I believe
don't you I wouldn't know one sees you start anymore and I will How do you tell me tell little about you got for better? I join the Navy in nineteen, eighty five retired in two thousand and five nah Afghanistan. I still stalwart fitted Department of Defense over thirty per year, I want to thank you enormously for your service. I really. We really appreciate that you too, carry yourself so well. I could take cause like this all night and people would be expressing their views like this. And it said all we hear about are the protesters.
The multimillionaires in their football uniforms. I think something's wrong with the country. There are things wrong. But there's a time and place ruin, I noticed the owners with the commissioner eating with the union heads and the players. You know who's not at the table. The vets the veterans you know else's at the table, the gold star families there not at the table. Why not. They put everything on the line, players? Having done a damn thing committee hasn't done, a damn thing. Why not have some veterans, one have gold star families and their representatives at the table to talk At the national anthem and the flag, like Gregory just. Because I don't want to hear from them. All we hear-
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There, several like gold, star families, this wonderful, wonderful human beings and they all suffers some suffer in different ways, but you can imagine why and these gold star. Families are never interviewed on. Sport shows they have no he did the table. One wonders disk about what the players who doing know about the players and all about their so called right to free speech when the national anthem is played when this is a business. There's, never really any talk about the emotions that flow from some people who are silent. When these you're going on because they are still suffering. Gregory lost his son fifteen years ago. You never get over. That.
And you can hear the emotion is voice from the moment he got on the far nobody gets over there. I would really like to know, I think, we're dealing in another one of these unreality created by the left. I would love to know the names of all the football players who are taking in the year lifting their fists. Staying in the locker room and exactly what contribution they're making to society to their communities to make it more perfect union because kneeling, the national doesn't do any of that. It is utterly and completely narcissistic. And destructive
The weekends officially over the weekend begins now. Please watch the Sunday shown Fox, it's very important. Ten p m eastern life, Liberty and Levin Fox on Sunday, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency personnel, the border patrol at ice unites Friday. Then I gripped began. I Pepsi, can I smokey in Zelda? Get I get, the Taliban get Hezbollah and Hamas get around yet all of em
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