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On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, President Trump called the entire State of New Hampshire a "drug-infested den" in 2017 — a state that is 90% Caucasian. The media is reluctant to report these facts because it rejects the idea of a utopian state. This ideology strips the individual of his individual identity and assigns people a new group identity, so as to put them into a group or class. But instead, what we saw in last night’s debate was history and liberty being diminished; there was once a time when candidates for President celebrated America instead of trashing her. The diabolical genius of Marxism-Socialism is that it provides the emotional and intellectual roadmap for autocrats to persuade millions of people to support their own enslavement to government. Later, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard clashed with Sen. Kamala Harris claiming that President Trump is a de facto supporter of Al Qaeda. After, the media is focusing on an indefensible statement by President Ronald Reagan. Despite the comment being appalling, one statement by someone who's actions and life clearly showed us that he was not a racist. In fact, Reagan signed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday into law as a federal holiday. Finally, Bill Gertz calls in to discuss China trying to prevent Trump from being re-elected in 2020.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now, in its Unwritten. Seventy fifth year hills Is a truly independent institution? Where learning prized in intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills down by their sponsorship now run underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under a brick and steel of a non. This building we once again made contact with our leader mark love in our number eight hundred and seventy seven three hundred and eighty one three hundred and eighty one one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three thousand eight hundred and thirteen eight hundred and eleven.
There's a lot to get too here. Let me Deal with a few issues quickly, and then I want again to something heavy with you, man and I take a shower. I did a little better research, I mean tiny little bit related to drug, infestation, That word infested is inherently races. We ve been told now for a week, I can't remember the president mentioning this with respect to the opium crisis, in New Hampshire. So first I see no Hampshire's. Ninety four percent white one point: one percent black two point: two percent asian and too few a Hispanics they eat. Give that racial grew a percentage so it's ninety four percent white one point one percent black and I was right.
It wasn't a washing compost by Christopher she's. My Christopher Ingram. August, three twenty seventeen. Now, if I can find this. I can't the media with its enormous research, budgets, and so it because they don't wanta this three twenty seventeen two years ago cloak I want to New Hampshire, because New Hampshire is a drug infested. Den current at present a tramp mexican president rigging any in a phone call. In January, there I came in the course of an exchange of which Trump blame drug lords and Mexico for sending drugs to places like New Hampshire, Becoming a drug addict nation and most the drugs are coming from Mexico, certainly from the southern border tromp at it. So Trump called New Hampshire, a drug infested then a stir,
that is ninety four percent white Now that I have mentioned this had spread throughout the internet will spread throughout cable it'll, spread talk, radio and its in point of the president's desk jest Like the other day when MR producer found the nineteen. Ninety nine video. Malaysia, Cummings talking about dry, infestation in his own community members. This is this morning. I left my community, a Baltimore, more druggie, infested area, ok, now. You ve heard that all day I take it, will you heard it here first, so you Eliza Cummings using drug infested. Excuse me you're. The president, applying it ninety four percent white state. That New Hampshire is a drug infested den.
All this talk about racism has been a lie and Jake tapper and down lemon and the others who speak too. It is a fact they're asking questions during a nationally televised presidential debate have committed malpractice. As they pushed their unconscionable hard left agenda and trying to brainwash the american people, now. I watch most of that debate last night. I was glad they were chewing up each other. I glad they retooling up each other. I was glad tell returning up Obama, but I have to tell you something folks: there's a very, very serious problem here. Partly among the Republicans but thoroughly among the Democrats, what they're calling for what their support
With the media's help would be rich Completely by the founding fathers. What's going on here, how care for all health care for illegal aliens decriminalize. The border. Guaranteed minimum income guarantee job totally on more from you. Government and our constitutional system. This is Equally, I am a supporter convention states in article five. What is this ideology I am proud to say I told you about this in twenty twelve. Another book called a these books, fit together like puzzle, pieces I actually have a strategy in the writing of books. One fits with the other.
Now? What is this a moratorium? What is utopian as Only if this sounds about right. Utopian ism substitutes, glorious predictions and on a chair, but promises from Knowledge, science and reason, while and claimed to them all yet nothing new and deception, disguised as hope and enough. Original in abstraction, framed as progress. A heavenly society is said to be within reach of only the individual surrenders more of his liberty and his being For the general good, meaning that good prescribed by the state. Through persuasion, deceit and coercion, the individual must be stripped of its identity and subordinated to the state. He must. Ban in his own ambitions, for the So the state he must
you can rely on and fearful of the state. This last night, in the night before aspect. Really threatening, therefore, are the industrious, independent successful. For they demonstrate what actually possible, under current societal conditions, achievement happiness and fulfilment, thereby, contradicting and endangering the utopian campaign against what was or is there either be collated and turned into useful contributors to or advocates for this state or neutralised through so but tat. Your other means in fact individuals. Contribution to society must be downplayed dismay Their denounced a contribution is directed by the state and evolve self sacrifice for the utopian cause. This is
they trash everything, private, the private sector Anything and anyone who comes out of the private sector is said to be a special interest. No, they challenge this authoritarianism utopian as. Utopian ism, also attempts to shape and dominate the individual, listen carefully doing two things at once, it strips individual others, uniqueness. Making him indistinguishable from the multitudes that form what is commonly referred to as the masses. But it's simultaneously assigned to him. A group identity based on race, ethnicity, age, gender income, etc. To highlight differences within the masses. And then exacerbates old rivalries and disputes or incites new ones, this wake,
speak to the well being of the people. Corner quote as a whole while dividing them against themselves, thereby competing them in one direction or another as necessary to collapse. The existing society or rule Over the new one It is does that not define what we're going through right now. Now we're utopian ISM is advanced through gradualism rather than revolution, albeit Eddie and persistent as endeavour Braddock societies like ours can deceive and disarm, and unsuspecting population, which is large. Forming and improving the existing system. It- is sold as reforming and improving the existing societies, imperfections and weaknesses bad imperiling, its basic nature. These conditions? It is mostly ignored, dismissed or tolerated,
By much of the citizenry and celebrated by some, so transformation is deemed innocuous well intentioned and perhaps constructive, not a dangerous trespass on fundamental liberties. Utopian ISM also finds a receptive audience maladjusted for unwilling or unable to assume response its ability for their own real opera. Poor unwilling or unable to assume responsibility for their own real or perceived conditions, but Dead blame their surroundings on the system and on others and they are lured by the false hopes and promises, utopian transformation criticisms of the existing society to which no action is tentative or non existent. Improving the malcontents a lot becomes linked to the utopian cause and despairing
and diminishing the successful and the accomplished. Becomes an essential tactic: no, should be better than anyone else regardless of the merits or value of his contributions, so exploiting human frailties and frustrations. Jealousies and inequities a sense of meaning and self worth is created in the mouth ten otherwise unhappy and directionless life simply put. Equality and misery that is equal, body of result or conformity. Is it does a just fair our undertaking liberty before is in Currently immoral accept. When it avows equality, my goodness It's been seven years since I wrote this. The heavy book I understand, but you
missing this right now in your own country, Democrat Party Debates in the media reporting equality. In subject sense is concern by advocates of liberty it has long been a subject of great concern by advocates of liberty. The drive to live freely under some government to natural right of every individual to live freely under some government to acquire. And retain the property he creates the result It impartially before just law Equality should not be confused with perfection For a man is also imperfect, making is, application of equality, even in the most just society, imperfect, otherwise. Inequality. Inequality is the natural state, a man in the sense that Each individual is born unique
in all its human characteristics. Therefore, equality and inequality properly. Comprehended are of engines of liberty, but Quality can be more transparent at surface level than liberty. It is positive as a far off concept of human perfectibility, but is so delivered in bits and pieces are LISA. There is to be in daily life, they usually The form of so called material rights you have a right to healthcare using delivered to the individual by the state. Equality is also disguised. Disguised as confused with popular sovereignty. That is, they conflation The peoples will with a Erin campaigns, such as social justice, invite mental justice, immigrants, rights, workers, rights, etc. So, in essence, then too,
Democracy cannot be achieved. Unless society is reorganized around the desperate endless demands of disparate and endless claimants in due course Such a society becomes chaotic and balkan eyes. As it deserves, and crises build and the stage is set for escalating coercion or repression. I have more when I return shit.
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Here's what I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's and Primus I M p r. I am I S daughter, still that. Eighty, you welcome to Helstone a little bit more this, because it provides a philosophical context for what you ve been hearing from these debates and elsewhere in utopia rule by masterminds. That's what you said. Last night is both necessary and necessary. Toby a rule by masterminds. That's what you said: the stage. Last night, both necessary and necessarily primitive. For excludes so much that is known to man and about man asked a mine is driven by his own boundless conceit in delusional aspirations which he suffer. Identifies as a noble calling. He alone is uniquely qualified to carry out this mission. Please
From Washington state Israel had case. He is in his own mind, Saviour of Mankind firmly man will bend to his will. Such can be addiction, a power. It can be an irrationally egoistical, absurdly, frivolous passion. That involves Even sensible people. In this, the masterminds suffers from my psychosis of sorts and in where's substitute his own ambitions. For the individual ambitions of millions of people. The masterminds turbine, enthusiastic intelligentsia or experts, so cod freshly engaged in developing and spreading utopian fantasies while are conspicuous exceptions. On Time Harvard professor and political theoreticians, how remain explain the modern intellectuals have monumental in patients with human, complex in imperfection. They believe that
All it takes is a temporary necessity Till the rational solution is put in place now Of course, the rational solutions are not rational at all. Electoral are obviously smart. They're, not smart enough to have conquered the Social Sciences and use To reject society, they are post there's two knowledge they do not and cannot possess. They do not and cannot possess we, the people. For we, the people transforming society becomes a struggle between the Tokyo and self determination and self preservation. Since the individual must acquiesce to centralize decisionmaking. Apart from brew. Course the mastermind has in his arsenal a weapon that provides him predominant advantage. The law, the law.
Centralizing and consolidating authority is required replace dispersed decision making with a command control structure that purpose away Is to hurt coerce behaviour in pursuit of a fantasy dogma, Cause a false religion, etc. That's not Say that knowledge and information from outside the Central Authority go without notice, but It is collected in a self serving haphazard, Incomplete way to tinker and adjust to torment and control But never as a means to fundamentally challenge assumptions. Weakened your policies or disproved Toby an how could it so utopian ISM rejects rash, announcing appearances and, from the outset it repudiate spirits had said to be new different, better and beggar. Does this not give the philosophical context further add up alive. Dammit
party and their candidates that you ve heard for two nights in a Roma. Pushing a utopian fantasy destroy this nation, turn it into a very dark and bleak country. I'll be right. Back. You know our nations, oldest colleges, were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse, ridge, the idea of objective truth there a moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully, none of this applies to Helstone College for all
two centuries hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent, piety now's hills. They'll celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain.
Committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for a constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstone college and, let me add, I think so much of Hills Del college I donated in a regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today, as I speak at the Kirby Centre, Hills, Dale College, America's college, Clever America's passionately, cerebrospinal wise,
with that voice. Now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one so we're discussing philosophy to some extent, in the context of these democratic proposed, both candidates in debates in the media. It better, and I some people think. So not understand it better, and I. Some people think believe, I'm taking a risk ratings risk. When I do this and yet I know, as a matter of fact, that's not true with you and my audience, you, the small Starting in Senegal, audiences And that's the way I treated with respect so just a finish, this piece of it up. These masterminds. You saw them on the stage the would be masterminds there in the media.
The mastermind relies on uniform standards born of insufficient knowledge and information. Health care for all medical fall which are crafted from there. On predilections values, stereotypes, experiences, it Perhaps many? But over time the mist three in corrosive Agnes from their full effects, spread through the hollow. The imposition of these standards may, in the short term, benefits eimer, perhaps many, but over time the misery Corrosive ness from their full effects spread the whole of society. And although the masterminds incompetence envision egg, the society response, Stability must be diverted elsewhere. To those who sign to carry them out or the people's lack of sacrifice, order the enemies of the state who have conspired. You know the farmers companies, the oil companies they ve conspired to thwart the utopian cause,
for the master mine is inextricably linked to the fantasy fees, fallible and who is to usher in Paradise. His judgment and wisdom are in doubt than the entire venture might invite scrutiny this law. Still grander and boulders social experiments requiring further coercion. What went before said to have been piecemeal and therefore inadequate. The steps necessary to achieve true utopian ism they tell us have yet he tried. This is so right on when you listen to that debate. Last night. Utopian ism is compatible with constitutional Utah. In ISM requires power to be concentrated in a central authority with maximum latitude to transform control, oppositely a construction,
A constitution establishes parameters that define the form limits of government, the mastermind where the constitution is believed, useful to utopian ends and will be invoked or it is not under the pretence of legitimate differences of interpretation. It will be bandit outrider, remade through various doc cut, doctrinal schemes and creative evasions Asked remind the constitution's words are as undeserving of respect as the rest of our history. There will be, used a muddle and disarrange, not informing clarify constitutions, authors ratifies and present day. Proponents will be dismissed as throw backs. To follow them will be to renounce modernity and progress, and yet to follow after mine is to renew the American found in America's heritage
I want to remind you. I want to remind you what your declaration of independence says. And white never brought up in these debates, not even a little. When, in the course of human events, becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them, one with another And to assume among the powers of the earth, the separating equal station the laws of nature and of nature's God entitle them a deal. Respect for the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which compel them to the separation. We hold these truths to be self evident that are created equal that there dad by their creator, was Unalienable right that, among those are life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
To secure these rights, governments. Our instituted among men derived They're, just powers from the consent of the government. This is so crucial, so fundamental MR, the heart and soul of what the society is to be The heart and soul. Now what happens on the left, as they course degree Our founders, this march them smear them. In order to earn more us from our history,. In order to give justification to their plans on society. And, among other things, they, U slavery,. But these were slaveholders. Why should we listen to them?
they wave around the constitution when they choose to, they call the declaration when they choose to, but they believe in neither. The great emancipator was not Obama Bernie Sanders. It was Abraham, Lincoln. And during his eighteen, fifty eight paying for the Euro Senate in Illinois? He explained. Then in the founders, enlightened belief, I quote nothing stay. But the divine image unlikeness was sent into the world to be trotted on and degraded brooded by its fellows. They graphs not only the whole race, the whole race of man than living, but they reach Ford and seized upon the farthest posterity they erected, kinda guy, their children and their children's children and the key was myriads,
who should inhabit the earth and other ages. Why? dates men as they were, they knew the tendency of prosper, a breed, tyrants and so establish these great sale self evident truth there, one Distant future, some man, some faction- some interest- should set up the doctrine that none but Richmond. Or none but white men were entitled to I liberty in the pursuit of happiness there, sturdy might look up again to the declaration of independence had taken urge to renew the battle which their fathers began so that truth justice and mercy, and a humane and christian virtues might not be extinguished from MILAN. No man, what hereafter air to limit and circumscribed the great principles on which the couple of liberty was being built genius, Lincoln his aunts,
every one of these radical progresses who attacks the founders. He saying these men put in place the declaration of independence. They didn't have to put declaration of independence in place. Those words I just read to you from Lincoln. He in the declaration of independence. Some of those men were slaveholders and yet they still voted And put their lives on the line to declare their independence and the reasons for their independence. And what linking saying is they didn't have to, but they did. You didn't have to, but they did. I had a great professor, Charles Kessler on life, Liberty and Levant a couple weeks back, and he pointed out. This is the only republic.
Unlike Rome, unlike Athens and the other, the only public at that time to adopt a declaration, Bordeaux, adopt principles like this, because Republics, like Rome had slavery. Republics like Athens had slavery the men came together. And chiseled language into our monuments unalienable right rights, natural rights. They didn't say for white men. They set for all human beings. It is a disgrace to watch these debates, and to see our nation diminished, our history diminished, our liberty diminished
Detentions and customs diminished. I guess I'm getting old. I remember. When a country used to be celebrated. I remember. And people running for president would talk up our country would talk up. Our founders would talk up. Our seas As the greatest on the face of the earth I heard none of that. Last night, the Democratic Party debate, instead, I heard a case for a for tyranny. Four, centralized government autocracy. And I not only heard it from there it's who would be the nominee of the Democratic Party for President, a party that, through much of its history, has brought horrific strife and in dislocation and divisiveness to this nation, but
heard from the moderators. I'm a moderators who are supposed have as their role in this republic. The search for objective truth. That's the way it sounded to you last night, ladies and gentlemen,. Did the CNN moderator sound to you like they were seeking objective truth. Calling president of the United States, are racist, telling It's about the existential threat of climate change, which brings us to on freedom of the press. There is no distance. Between the modern mass media. In the modern Democratic Party. Our occasional fan, dances, but there's no fundamental distinction between the two. As I wrote in and free,
but the press and, as I have said, behind this microphone and now the bag benchers have finally picked up on it. The media is not a bit player here. Media are leading the charge. The progressive have succeeded. In devouring the institution of freedom of the press true freedom of the press the questions that estate. Some question marks behind them. Have been far more serious. And informative. Then what we ve been getting from CNN right back then every and being has a common problem. How do I live? Well, peace and well being depends on how we answer that question Hills Doc,
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In Vienna for Hills doubt that come up better. I gotta do things my way, That's why you listen! That's why they're show successful? I could do it Everybody else does Ring my hands tell you about optics. Who was humorous, who smiled? Who was on defence? It's not hard to do, but you saw that yourself right. I need only the here that for me, do you what's troubling the means we don't get in the substance during the debate we don t things to the american founding to our principles, tore institutions what these people were due to them. Because not a single person on that stage and not a single person asking questions, give a damn about any of it and unfair Fortunately, the next day today.
Let us talk, show host, don't give a damn about it, and most people on tv don't give a damn about it. Are you who want who lost like too baseball game. You know that guy or thy Halloa swaying that come our hair. She really got being with a ball that idea. What that we, who cares. Hey you know who the most Google candidate is no, and why do I care it's important to talk about the republic and our and suppose in these other things, because nobody else is going to have we don't nobody else is going to have we don't they ve? All these proposed They're, not a single one of them is constitutional or, you might say, but the Supreme What is wrong. I said. Not a single one of them is constitutional. Give a damn, have a supreme court ruled over the last? What is eighty years or so I follow the constitution, certainly when it comes to it.
Discussion and to be intellectually honest, I've always wondered. They point out a man in black. I've always wondered. Why is it. We are bound to a Supreme court decision. Come Hell or high water, but we are not bound to the. Which, in the constitution of the United States, why Is that how can that be. Yet that's where we are because. The progressive a hundred years ago, particularly Woodrow Wilson, made the point that would change comes it'll come from the court's. Why? Because it's easier to devour the courts. If you're an activist,
he's a lifetime. Appointment is not a hell, a lot that can be done about back on April fifteenth. I came up with this short statement I have a tape to my printer and it faces me every day when I get behind this microphone and speak to you, my magnificent audience and as I watch these debates, I think it rings true and truer unama perfect, I'm not a perfect thinker, but I think about that a lot after the programme before the programme three in the morning four in the morning Sunday, Saturday, whatever it is, it's this statement, the diabolical g, Yes of Marxism, socialist and I said
In the context of these debates is that it While the emotional and intellectual road map for autocrat swayed millions of people to support them on enslavement. The government that is the diabolical Genius of Marxism. Socialism is at provides the emotional and intellectual roadmap for autocrat. Swayed millions of people to support their own enslavement government, and you heard over and over and over again exactly this last night. Where did you learn from the debate last night A surface level you learn nothing, but if you're thinking You learn that were deep, deep, deep trouble because
One party in this country as utterly rejected the whole purpose of the nation Unfortunately, we have another party, the Republican Party, that doesn't what the Hell's going on fact. Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven create one three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one President will be in a rally in Ohio shortly. Will we dipping in and out of it alive, so don't leave our programme and as
Just posted on my social sites, the media, all the news rooms are poised, ladies and gentlemen, answer the rally their poor they have their headline ready that the rally was right Just then the rally was divisive, then minded some commentators of the Third Reich and Nuremberg, And those of you who have on freedom of the press. I think they already have their their headlines written in the first paragraph written undergoing to fill in the blanks. Toby turned against the president to create yet another controversy controversy. Pseudo events, those of you who have on freedom of the press check out the chapter just another pseudo of, and I'm telling you it's for them, There are poised right now by the way
Have you ever heard of Caesar Rodney Caesar Rodney her about William Packer, ever hear him Lyman Hall about Joseph Hughes, Carter, Braxton. John heart, Oliver Walcott ever hear of John Morton, William Whipple Matthew, certain Ladies and gentlemen, those are among the men who signed the declaration of independence. Unsung heroes. Unsung heroes we just do not teach.
I magnificent history to our young people anymore. Is another list. I want to show you The vote today in the United States Senate much like the vote, nine states house of Representatives a few days ago, in which all serious limit on government borrowing and spending were blown up. In a by partisan way by Democrats and republicans- and this is a bill that will go to the president's desk and he said, he's going to sign it Was negotiated by manoeuvring over their treasuries, a liberal Democrat See Pelosi image colonel who was a huge spending republican because fiscal Responsibility is no longer an objective of the Republican Party, just as not.
And we're not gonna have over one trillion dollars in annual deficits. Every year is forest, I can see. I dont know how a society can withstand that over a period of time and that's before we get to the credit agenda? God forbid if they win and they went out in the sun. But I want to read to you the United States republican senator. It excuse me who voted for this. Alexander of Tennessee Barroso, Wyoming Blackburn- Excuse me, Alexander. I made a mistake: Alexander of Tennessee yes perhaps of Wyoming, not Blackburn Blue of Missouri. Choose me Movement of Arkansas Bear.
I'm North Carolina because he woke up for that. Who else do we have. We have collins of main Cournand of Texas Kramer of North Dakota. Craig bow have Idaho. None of these men can ever again say that their fiscal, conservative or women Ernst of Iowa voted for it. Lindsey Gram of South Carolina voted for it. Lastly, of Iowa voted for it home in of North Dakota, voted Or it hides Smith, the Mississippi voted for it in
I'll go home, I voted for it. I'm looking mix Sally of Arizona, complete disaster. It she's gonna lose the general too. She voted for it more. And of Kansas voted for at my house give away I voted for it. Purdue of Georgia voted for it. Portman about Ohio voted for it, Roberts of Kansas voted for rounds of South Dakota voted for it. I'm looking shall be of Alabama voted for Solomon of Alaska voted for it soon useless, I South Dakota voted for it tell us,
for re voted. No just letting you know why, of Mississippi voted for this amazing. The two Republicans item Mississippi voted for this massive debt package. Young of Indiana voted for it all, Republicans voted against it. Twenty two Republicans voted against its quite shocking. No more than half the Republicans in the United States Senate voted for this disaster. He descended to the president. And it is a disaster. The spending is massive. They can. Have been blown off, there are no caps anymore, they have worked out. Specific spending bills. But these are the overall spending plans next, two years with Rick, look, can present in a republican son
burn on your children is growing insurmountable. I hear Mcconnell of the others go on and on about a cannot you know. The trees like we do when it comes to spending and borrowing and tax. And they give you the impression set the control going too far. I don't how many more times I have to expose these lies, but they are lies. But what's not allies? These things do catch up with a society. He caught up with Germany after World WAR, one in the my republic, they ve caught up parts of societies themselves as third world countries like we do when it to spending and borrowing and taxi. No really serious, persistent question about this to the Democrats.
When you bring it up to the Democrats. They say those a republican talking points for the funny thing. Is there not a republican talking point because the republic, don't talk about it either. We have no real leadership in the United States Senate every single one of the in the republican leadership in the Senate, Mcconnell, corn and blunt soon all voted for. All the republican leadership in the house voted for it all up, Mccarthy, Sculleries, Cheney and others, and I'll tell you over and over again what we have to do. We have to find the defence budget, isn't it Bout time that you made the case for defence and made the key it's against this profligate massive domestic leviathan Gonna drag this country down there
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whereas what eurobonds accomplishments, where I mean he's been in the Senate for four hundred twelve years before it was vice. President United States trolleys ever done in his life. And had Tipp the campus reform cut three go
What do you view as Joe Biden Singular, like accomplishment point to know of a specific accomplishment and his hang out with a narrow thing saying you know he can put his name and say well, this was done when I was in office. This was done, was not beyond what role the black hole. Lord, what are your car bush? I do know that these are there any compliments that come to mind that you can point you for Joe Biden. I dunno. What would you view as Joe Biden main accomplishment has accomplishments as and healthcare programme is very instrumental. What that, in your mind, what is Joe Biden made? Accomplishment you'd want to feel like. I don't know why I have asked for that tangible though, if a person who is undecided would ask you, what's the main thing you can point to us as turbines singular accomplishment, would you point them too bad? I think his years or service, but more and more recently, I think he said very much distinction with alarm. What would you say your view, your minds made accomplished when this haven't been his career? I think he's Adonis, any decent man and that to me speaks volumes. Celebration is so also home over mobile possibilities. Will for this that I, like being vice president means he's been there along times yesterday. Power is greatest accomplishment with me, and the vice president for about background really was prepared for that question, since your body at the bills he's a flute flop because he's like what what is my best interests were now at work, I won't let alone do not fit right back the next day. Well, that's quite clear kind of scary that that
Those votes, whether six ten of those there neutralize six or ten of us. Now the meteor very upset that they're they're here, Brok Male House, Benita Obama, was criticized last night furious. And nobody more furious than low. I q the morning Schmo he was just furious. In services, psychic admit man, Brzezinski, cut aid go.
Can I get a hammered and make? I am hearing my vertical talking about protecting pre, existing conditions and hearing my barnacle talking about letting your kid stand, your health care insurance, twenty five or twenty six, because some may not have a job and you want to protect them. I am hearing about expanding healthcare coverage for millions and millions of Americans under a bomb. Carry you know what I'm thinking, I'm thinking it's sad did. My barnacle is leading our show off with a lot of republican talk public talking points supporting Rocco Lama. It makes me sad one is his voice, keep going. Zander we're getting type, but what what's going on there. Does any watch these testosterone commercials go ahead?
right. You, people, Donald, swap anyone talking about defending Obamacare, talking boys, who is using you Jeanne, of course He was a couple terms in the house, be That is great accomplishment is sitting, worry, is would no audience sitting where he is but this this is typical. Absolutely furious about this now There's a lady here: who served in the military, and I want to thank her for that policy Gabert and she A great job of destroying Kemal Harris, but she's a nut and unfair, from time to time. She appears on my favorite cable channel, She saw the she's. She is not an. She accused.
Crop of supporting Al Qaeda would be Trump he's wiping out ISIS. Includes Al Qaeda. And then, today she defended herself when MSNBC she defended the point, but a lot of the kind pink Republicans, embrasure. Ran Paul, among others, no she cosy up with the genocidal mass murdering dictator in Syria. She met with him Why would you meet with him. Nancy Pelosi met with his father, got to go You made it clear in last night congresswoman that you believe the president. As a supporter of Al Qaeda, you didn't have an opportunity to back up that clean with evidence. I'm gonna give you that opportunity. Now
I appreciate it there's two major areas here, one as the president has chosen to double down and triple down on alliance with Saudi Arabia, a country that, ladies and gentlemen, I had an alliance like it or not with Saudi Arabia for decades, for many decades, through republican and democrat presidents not because we like the regime but take a look on the map take a look at the map, like doing world were to in an alliance with Russia. That is the Soviet Union under Stalin number one propagators of the radical, was savvy. What have you solve this ideology that those terrorist groups like ISIS and Al Qaeda country that both directly and indirectly supported that means the president supports our kind of I mean how stupid.
Guy it Qaeda in countries like Yemen and Syria, and secondly, this presidency is actually to IRAN that taking Yemen and Syria, not Saudi Arabia, Our throwback straight ahead, support for our kid. I am continuing this regime change war in Syria, even threatening so so by regime change, worn Syria's president supporting regime change in Syria. Only the crackpots on the left and the code Pink Republican, crackpots spew, this kind of propaganda, president, isn't sinking reed in change in Syria. Go ahead.
On military, to respond to anyone who tries to attack all kind of the city of ITALY in Syria, where they are in control of and have their stronghold. This is deeply concerning your track. Part. A New York crackpot. You no evidence whatsoever. How could you possibly of evidence that the president supports oxide? Don't we Taken in by this policy, Gabert Some of you have been taken in by the CO pink Republicans and are we these wars. Long enough. I hate to tell you this wars against terrorism, we're gonna go on forever. I hate to tell you this not by our choice by the enemies choice, Iran not going away these. Backs are going away. Guess what else I hate to tell you this. China has not gone away. China's on the ascendancy. It is not going away. I'm sorry, they're, not. Their enemies all over the world. You Prevent a mass of war, you try
deal with these things as best we can before there is a mass of war before their more, our full than we are China's getting to that point. Don't call the President support of Al Qaeda you're, not job. I mean this woman should be banned from tv. I dont mean by the government. I believe in first Amendment but any rational house. Why would you bring her on present supports Al Qaeda. Why as he does not agree with your. Your wish Our policy analysis.
I'll be right back. If you have a moment, I want you all to vote a brick house, Levin dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver. I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you, brick house for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and your welcome Stephen subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic some probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back, gotta brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with promo code love in that's brick, house, L, easy. I am dot com or call a three three ring be h, n
Promo code Levant. Nobody says a debtor Mark Laverne out here with an order. Mark said nobody could better call, and now I need seven, seven, three, eight one three eight one one will be. The president live soon when he begins his speech and will go in and out of the speech. Demand letters from the Irish are hitting the male feel bad taxes. You may be receiving one soon. When it arrives, you'll have questions like. Is it true? The iris can carnage, my paycheck. Can the Irish really take my home and bank accounts, Can I get my retirement savings? Yes, the Irish can do all that and a hell of a lot more, but there is a way out. It's called a fresh start initiative and official government programme for tax. That assistance,
Nobody knows more about the fresh Start Initiative Linda Award, winning experts at optimum tax relief not that whose mission is to stand between you and the IRS fighting to help protect. Paycheck and assets and helping you get them still possible, but don't Delay because the irish contact on hefty penalties and interest everyday call optimum For your free consultation you still of options car hundred four nine sixty three hundred aid, read for nine sixty three hundred, that's eight hundred four nine nine. Sixty three hundred some friction supply for complete details. Please visit optimum tax relief that those of you on the phones state, but we're gonna try and get to it during the course of the programme. We're gonna try and had a few other issues right. Now we're gonna go alive to the presence of the United States, so called Debate last night
and I also watched the night before that was long long, television The Democrats spent more time attack Barack Obama, they did attacking me practically at this morning. That's all the I was talking about Pretty now we're doing good, it's great to be back in the state. Then I love. I love this state special, very, very special on the bags, the beautiful Ohio River, with working page of the American Heartland
Thank you I'll. We love your higher, so we get thousands of people standing outside and I asked the officials get sum up along the aisle. Can they sit on the stairs? But you are. This is some ground some turn out. We ve sold ten thousands of tickets, Do you know what the sale prices we keep at nice in low the keeper nice but there never has been a movement like this. This is a move the likes of which they ve never before maybe anywhere, but certainly in this country they ve, never Seen anything like this before you, Came from the mountains and the valleys in the rivers- and you came for I may look- wherever you came from, there were a lot of
and they showed up on election day I'll, never forget wonderful congressmen from Tennessee they have early voting. And one of the earliest places great state Tennessee And he said he was in Pennsylvania with very great state. He said you know, sir, I've been doing this for a long time, but never see. People like this show up for voting people that have been voted in a long time because they didn't see anybody they wanted to vote for So I've never seen it, they have trump banners and drop. Patsy drop buttons I've never seen and great congressmen said. I don't know, sir, but I can tell you one thing: if the rest of Country is voting like Tennessee is voting.
You gonna win by a lot and we want- and we won by aligning our nation a stronger today than ever before, We are the number one economy on earth: economies where rebuilding the also. My of the United States military and soon it will stronger, relatively speaking, then any time in our history and when we took over it was stipulated. We took over Asia pleaded military
that depleted anymore. I can tell you that Our spirit is stronger. Stride is back our stand is clear: Finally, putting a man, first have risen, Interurban, Cincinnati, Ohio, We created six million new jobs since election day. Nobody would have thought that was possible. More than seven million Americans, I've been lifted off of stamps
and a happy happy one hundred and twenty three thousand more Ohio workers are Today, then, when I was elected figure that number right now, oh hi, is the most successful had ever been in the history of our country. Thank you the graduation, so I said MIKE and you have a good governor. I want to tell you good job MIKE Unemployment is reached the lowest rate in over half a century. A climate for Africa
I've been systematic, Americans and Asian Americans have all read, the law is Regs ever recorded, wasn't disgusted the debate last night, while republicans working every day to build up our country. The age fell. Democrat party is- to tear America apart, The day grab party is now being led by post. Left wing extremists who reject everything that we hold dear no one is paid a price. For the far less destructive agenda. Then kids living in our nations inner cities. They have paid a deer price using what's happening.
You see our inner cities. We spend billions and billions and billions for years and years and years, Stolen money and its wasted money It's a shame for decades. These communities have been run slow simply by. Grab politicians, spend total one party control of the inner cities hundred years has been one party control and look at how we can name after other, but I won't do that because I don't want to be controversial,
we want, no God drivers the devil, crash record is one of neglect and corrupt in decay total the day the devil. Grants of TAT, regulated jobs, opportunity out of these sittings. Out of existence, they ve squeezed the blood out of left wing, mares city councils have a school joys, I think children and failing in government schools left and right, Mr Barroso, they do listening to show. This is a big issue there in jail, that's where they are
Republic use believe that every person has the right to send their children to school of their choice so thrilled their pushing this issue, but the writers, pretrial committed by the Democrats, is their support for when borders and these open borders will overwhelm schools and hospitals drain public services and flood communities with poisonous drugs, it's tough enough. And I want to thank by the way the country of mixed, they ve got twenty one thousand soldiers on the border right now,
I'm sorry too, like Mexico allowed, they do a lot more for us than the Democrats. Do right, The numbers away down. You'll see that way way down. Emma Grandmama care more about illegal aliens. Then they care, their own constituents. Far and citizens before, European citizens. We're not gonna. Do that, hundred and seventy two people were murdered. Go last year. Museum, miscreant parent
doubtless by security, I dont believe easy member, the media who knows you're, too, very peaceful crowd. You know I wouldn't be like us a democratic vote within Tita.
president's looking thinking, taking a relatively long time, to remove the individuals My grandmother, you must have a Democrat married. You ever demographic me. the terrorism law enforcement,
Grandma is again, It's the democratic mayor, I guess you can't see it on tv folks are not showing the crowd right. Tell you I'm going to take a quick break and we'll be right back wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself. Through your day. Do you feel, oh, did tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit, but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right. How much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one school but filled agreements as a full serving a real USDA, certified organic fruits and vegetables Your amenity using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics, now this is real food. Not some fake, supplement, lab powder, just right either Nutrition facts panel on the side.
A brick house dot com and get fifteen percent off your first water. With the offered code Levin now you know you're not going to start cooking, fresh fruits and vegetables. So, let's not ten just get one for copper fruits and one for a cup of vegetables every day with field of greens, good brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick house, L E, the iron dot com offer Code Live in summer time to check out for a while, I suppose- but it's also a timely congress- knows you're not paying attention like this massive deficit build ages past I got word that send a Democrat and left wing cook organs run. I didn't the ranking member on the Senate Finance Committee pushing they all that would mess with the market Medicare part de Prescription, drug programme, the Belgrade so called info.
Generic caps on drug prices does it do Thing to help save you money, the Missy, counter to gimmick. The gap is true a new taxes imposed. Who do you think pays that you do its effectively putting a price control on the medicines that you need to. R D programme, has been successful for almost fifteen years thanks. Its competitive structure, But Senator wine and other Democrats are not pushing to make this. Full blown government entitlement programme and republican Senator truck Grassless, considering supporting it centre, What need to oppose this. I would gradually a so called free market defender now want to adopt. They socialist proposal that the Democrats like might be summertime. Gradually in wine, might want to remember that during election time we vote. Seniors about to get there. Rob Portman, true Healthcare and that Europe true happen. You I'd come true healthcare facts that gap
Back to the president, talking about the voters, the voters, the voters, they want all sorts of security. What about a thing called idea: voter identity. Boardman please work on that wrap up. When you have a great, would you please you see the response. Every place I go Rob plays Rob rotor idea. Give me everything I can give you accept like voter idea in the things that matter Republic, Believe that an Asian was care for its own citizens. First play Two emerges: workers has secured kip
To train more than twelve million Americans for the jobs of tomorrow. Is working very hard on that you probably never heard of her event got drunk. He's working very on. She gave a ballade get a very easy life, but she loves doing it. She's got over, I think now, twelve million people, the teaching them the great companies of our country, their teaching people How to do it and it's incredible thing to watch to give former prisoners a second chance life? We pass ground Break criminal justice reform that nobody could affairs sector.
President Obama tried a lot about, are, they couldn't get it passed. I got it there was a lot of help from rose and conservatives at a lotta. How and the bay This benefits is the african american community- president in Cincinnati, Ohio, something would show out of people, don't talk about, but we doubled the child tax credit doubled it and our tax, where it also created nearly nine thousand, a producer hottest thing going,
providing massive new incentives for investment. I have argued with a full our back what we dipping in and out of the president's speech. We have a few other things I want to address like now. The smear job on Ronald Reagan. Or a professor writing at the Atlantic has spent An enormous amount of time trying to dig up stuff on rag in any found an audio found a naughty. I'm sure you'll be working this hard on the Democrats. Next, I'll be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levin. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one. Three, eight one one before we get back to the president. I want to address another President Ronald Reagan, I worked for an admirer enormously. There was an article in the Atlantic, which is a left wing site, by New York University. Professor TIM enough Talley Whose also Leslie.
And he reports on an audio that was secretly tape when Richard Nixon was president between Nixon in Reagan, October. Nineteen, seventy one any lays out a case. It's a rather long article and the President or what The President Ronald Reagan makes a statement that I can't embrace He reached the day after the United Nations voted to recognise the People's Republic of China, reagan- was furious because they also voted to withdraw Taiwan from the. U n. Then California, Governor Ronald Reagan, phone president, Nixon in the White House, advantages, frustration Last night I tell you to watch that thing. On television, as I did Let's see Reagan said yeah interjected Reagan forged
with his complaint to see those those monkeys from those african countries? Damn them? There's, uncomfortable wearing shoes Nixon gave a huge laugh. It defends statement like that. But that's not the point. The point is: why did this professor dig so hard and so long define a statement from Reagan. Who is not a racist One statement of that sort does not make a racist is an appalling statement. They give a pass. The robber bird, they give a pass to the entire democratic party and its involvement in slavery their prey Democrats they give a past Margaret Sanger. My friend professor
ten Gore points out in you can spectator. And I'm not saying Reagan deserves a pass. I am saying this An attempt to destroy his legacy. Because when you look at is the entirety of his legacy, you can't find. Anything of the sort where he discriminated against any minority. Fact. I remember him signing the Voting Rights ACT for a twenty five year extent. We never seen that before. In signing the Martin Luther King birthday in the law is a national holiday. Among many other things I might add. And when you have intervened Like Lyndon Johnson had an entire career of racism, became president darling of the civil rights movement and. The great society, so they give him a pass with some of the things Harry Truman said. And, of course, Woodrow Wilson.
Even Hillary Clinton,. Bill Clinton in his ties with or performers. Flat out segregationist racist. It is strange to me that this Left wing professor enough Talley. Would focus so intently tensely on Reagan? digging digging digging as he did. Thinking as he did. And, of course, Reagan's fury at what happened to Taiwan and rewarding. Communist China, which had killed tens of millions, certainly by nineteen seventy one, Rarely. What infuriated him? the rain was no racist. Look at his actions over the years. His head of the year Screen ACT,
God you can look at his actions as governor. You can look at his actions is presently united States and in his private life. And the people who know him best of written these biographies. Professor. Can Gore Craig Shirley. Reporters who knew him best would take exactly the same thing. Exactly the same thing, he was a very towered man and I am deeply troubled. By an effort like there's look at this, we found history found an audio of two sentences. And it does not reflect The heart saw or Life Ronald Reagan period. You know Reagan had a relationship of Mohammed Ali.
Mohammed Ali Taylor story the footnote, ladies and gentlemen,. From time to time he would call the Department of Justice when I was chief of staff hundred attorney general niece He was a faithful muslim. Neither jihadist, obviously a Muslim. And he was extremely supportive turning journals effort to root out child pornography, The attorney general was marked as from the media on the left. It up I refer Commission. Is really an anti pornography commission in much of its focus, was on child pornography? not exclusively but much of it and it was me for this Mohammed Ali. The few times I spoke to him when he would call was extremely supportive of this. Of this effort. As professor,
And get points out, he had a relationship with Meadowlark lemonade relationship with rosy grew many. Sammy Davis, Jr. Can I go on but this professor really. Didn't really provide any any Solid context in his story in his writings and they didn't want any What's would say as professor candour points this is a sin. An evil in the world has were enjoined by scripture and the Lord Jesus to oppose it with all our mighty Matt racism and Anti Semitism. That apply. You said to our nation, which had a legacy of evil with It must deal theirs.
No such thing. I reckon wasn't next and the next and wasn't ragged, but in some of these audio tapes the past there have been things had mixed and set about Israel and Jews, which can clearly be considered anti semitic. Now this atlantic peace will be cited. For the rest, the time claiming that there is evidence. Dragons races. Seven answered no such thing, no such thing, Reagan was a Nixon, Nixon, wasn't Reagan, but in some of these audio tapes. In the past, there have been things had, mix and set about, Israel and Jews, which clearly be considered Anti semitic and yet Came to supporting Israel. When it came to supporting Israel when run needed, support
Yom Kippur war. Next and gave them everything they needed erected Kissinger from Germany from anywhere our bases are get. Them equipment, they need twenty, four seven to defend themselves. Wanna make exactly what happened. There's a tape, Barack Obama that still to this day remains secreted. I believe it was a tape. Where he was with this prick Some colleagues whose now with Colombia. And who was a mouthpiece. In my humble opinion,. Directly or indirectly for Hamas. It is a tape, they won't turn Is that tape they wanna make free, and why is that
And we have to sit here every day and listen Omar and Taliban EO see, among others,. Who today not nineteen. Seventy one. Time and time and time again make statements that are absolutely outrageous and support action. That are absolutely outrageous. But that does not draw the attention of this professor and barely of the Atlantic Truman, Like digging into Truman Trying to find anti semitic statements he made, even though. He immediately recognized is EL as the new nation. Against the advice of many of his cabinet members, And then there's Franklin, Roosevelt
who made many anti semitic statements. Then, of course, there is the New York Times. And help cover up the holocaust. No politician is perfect. I've told you this over and over again. I believe that, but some are better than others. Some Still great. So the near professor TIM Natali Wasn't that he was trying to reveal. The true background, nature and actions of Reagan. He was looking and he found a nugget. And I want to congratulate the perverse you found your nugget we'll get that Obama tape. Though, focus on.
The three stages of anti Semitism and the Democratic Party. Let's see what you come up with. There's a lot out there, the search, Mr Professor, Why is it that I don't think you're looking there any of that? I'll, be right. Back back to the President in Cincinnati, Ohio alive. thanks to steel tariffs,.
Hundreds of thousands of times like were dumped ownership, and still is like something else. It start already there were dumping garbage. They call it. And steal. They call a dirt seal. It was mixed up, it was bad stuff, And we didn't want to use that for our jet fighters for our beams at all the building, but they were tremendous quantities of steel, and why What's happening is united they feel in all of our companies were going virtually out of business and I stopped it. I put it. Twenty five percent tariff Billions of dollars is now pouring into our treasury, and our steel companies and our steel workers are coming back right here in our new car, a great seo capital, he'll company, that's doing great again. New car
now more than eighty five million dollar upgraded Marian shorter steel our plans to build a new, one hundred and fifty million dollars steel mill. Try all heights We ve learned gloves, allowed a new seven hundred million dollar plaid Very good place that I, like a lot Toledo Toledo on this result. They go because for years ago, steel plants were closing their An expanding they weren't belly where building new plants in Florida. North Carolina South Carolina all of us not just go higher one issue after issue: Democrats forgot
who it is that there are supposed to represent. They forgot. I wonder why they forgot. The job of elected officials is to represent American citizens A girl Democrats poor deadly sanctuary cities which reliefs dangerous criminals onto our streets, sanctuary cities, and many of the places that have sanctuary cities that many of the people that live there then a lot They don't want on the dangers that good here are just a few examples in San Francisco an illegal alien, was arrested no fewer than ten times in the span of less than one year emerged council burglary at that,
Yet each time San Francisco defied federal authorities and set him free and bed, it's happened when they set him free A sanctuary jurisdiction in California recently released a criminal alien? from jail. Next month, the same individual was arrested for rape. And then beyond anything you would even believe, horrible thing, happened but yet again he was released back into your community our other crimes and Republicans ethnic violence. He was arrested in Missouri for the murders of three people. In the bizarre world view of the third and hard left there no problem, destroy the lives of innocent Americans for a single, politically incorrect thought
but they want a virtually, and you know this, you know others, they want version Immunity for illegal aliens who have committed horrible crimes and murder are about crimes. Republicans believe our cities should be a sanctuary law- abiding Americans that in all areas. Yes, we just want a big lawsuit. Last week fact, what are my lawyers for winning that law? here tonight I gave him a little reprieve. We need a lot of lawyers and the light as we get sued so much so unfairly.
But we're waiting, those lawsuits left and right, but one of them is year. He said I'd love to go to a rally. I said. Your place. Go daddy, Ohio, you If we just one the law on the wall,. We just one the lawsuit on the wall. You hear that our building faster and better than ever. For Democrats to end sanctuary cities and and release you know it. You do your catch up I've. Then you release them and you say: would you please brought back in four years. From now,. But only two percent come back. You know why at the smartest they adopt this.
They're the ones we don't want to have come back only President show up catch it release? We could ended immediately if the Democrats, If so, what we're doing is something else we keep become out altogether. We're replacing random migration replacing the lottery system? How about the lottery system How about lottery this when we come back, smokes I need government is involved in subverting the president Trump Re election. And it was broken their story over their free began. His bill girl, this is not something that can wait. So please join us we'll be right back
move straight and narrow. You have a guide, ooh been calling now at eight seven, seven, forty eight one for eight one one Folks train is on the move around on the move. Russia is on the move. Governments and it continues to ride legal immigrants, Walking across our southern border by the thousand yet none of this is being talked about any. So The way all this last week was about Trump must be erased. The racist, racist erases, nothing of substance, pontificating by democratic mouthpieces in in the Media about pseudo events, Now you loyal event. I know this already because you obviously listen to my radio, show your about, what's really going on you
about the actual threats facing our great republic. You don't get caught and propaganda being spew by the Pretoria Guard media, you want pure unadulterated facts, knowledge, The great news is that the place already exists called Levine TV. We commentary of mine that you won't get anywhere else because we're, unlike in where else, We only beholden to you. You live in pay it's all those who love this country. Join me as I take on these phony issues on the left and We spend time on deep issues too, and we'll catch up on all the past episodes if he liked to by going to live in tv, dad, come in sign up today. That's Levine Alleviation TV that come in. Promo code Levin we'll get ten dollars ultra animals subscription. Ten dollars off your annual subscription that
Levin TV, dotcom alleviation, tv, dotcom, promo code, Levant for ten hours off your annual, subscription. We have a truly serious journalist and investigative journalist of decades. Miss is bill now for, among other places, the free beacon bill? How are you, sir? I market Beyond the show, it's a pleasure Now you wrote a peace that. Drew my attention. China covertly subverting trumpery election. Heard. Any committee hearings on this. I haven't heard any concern about the big lid media about this tell
makin people what's taking place here yeah. This is an important story. We ve been. We ve seen almost near hysteria from the media on russian election meddling for the past two and a half years, but the real threat is from China. I interviewed a dissident millionaire glowing GUI in New York. He used to be close to the leaders there and he has new information that I disclosed on how this for campaign by China. The unseen try in the twenty twenty His twenty twenty reelection bit and basically those four elements include the Wall Street bankers like an Paulson. A lobby in favour of the Democrats and against Trump. Also other politicians, former officials, and incur point lobbyists in Washington are being mobilized as part of this campaign.
U S! News media which, according to glow, is controlled, and I said you mean employer can he said now. He believes that the meat it is controlled through various means, whether its investments in China, whether its protecting bureau, who fear of having reporters kicked out of China. That are. Doing the bidding against tramp, of course they don't need much. Spurring to get the the anti Trump narrative that they've been feeling for so long and then last is the Asian Americans. He he said that the Chinese are going to mobilize American to try to defeat Donald. Up in the twenty Twond election now, since you reported this in a very pub place called the wash and free bacon Romania, people go. Have you been contacted by members of Congress? Did they want your information? Do they want any hearings? Are they concern about chinese interference in our election?
I have not heard anything, although I just got back from Omaha, where I was at the: U S: Peter Commander the conference, but I will be doing some follow up and I will seek some congressional reaction. Hopefully, Congress will do its oversight, job and really focus on the need to counter chinese election employed in the coming election cycle let's be clear about this: they want trump to yeah, yeah, In fact, you know Trump made the first point in September at the U N about that, Chinese election meddling and then both present and pence in October David detailed speech, in which he said that the bottom line is the chinese one. Different president than drop their basically trying to wait amount. I think the recent trade negotiations are an indication there that They are displaying game with our negotiators over there
and militarily China is a dire thread. Isn't it afterwards, Like I said, I was strapped com, deputy commander animal cruelty, three store! that they're doing a. Aggressive, build up of nuclear forces and its couched in secrecy, and they they claim to have a no first use policy agenda. I'm not crazy. When I have about he said under what this there's no pursues policy. I've read it Chinese had not enunciated anything about it, so it was Breathing for reporter said he, the detailed and then another day to the intelligence, directed restrict gum, Describe the nuclear by China, as basically breathtaking in its scope and, of course, They ve got like three thousand miles of underground tunnels where keeping their warhead and producing them The? U S, intelligence community doesn't even know how many words they have. They think it's around two hundred
be as many as one thousand five hundred. Bill gates, I talked to a lotta experts on China military. Otherwise they tell me If it came to a fake With China now. It's not clear that we could win because Of their advances in anti satellite technology that would knock out our gps systems and and other advances we lag behind as a result of the Obama administration we're trying to catch up with that. They they have really a significant armed forces. Is that correct, They do. It is the major threat, while Russia is a threat as well, the China threat to me is the most serious threat facing the country. And the problem is that we have all of the economic integration with China and the result of that it's being used as leverage
prevent the United States and the government from dealing with this threat that the biggest problem you have the actions within the government that are saying, oh no, we just have to trade with China and that will produce a benign China in the future. It it's been a total failure for the last thirty five years right here that China has reclaim some thirty two hundred acres of islands and last year was detected deploying anti ship and anti aircraft missiles on them alive. The electronic warfare capabilities. They making themselves there they are a presence in virtually every corner the earth. Aren't they at this point They are expanding their goal and again the intelligence community for the last twenty five years has been saying of China is not really a thread. I added I added the aid director. Tell me my twenty years ago that there
it's, not a threat, and I asked him why, and he said because of their statements- and I was astounded that he had been This informed by chinese propaganda for so many years, that's kind of been my quest now to try and highlight this China threat, but it is an x Financial threat, in fact, determine the nominees for the vice chairmen, then we'll John Heightened testified this week and I did a Washington timed column on it today and basically he said that we are. We have major shortfall of weapons, ammunition that we need. If the balloon ever went up- and there was a complex they, The Chinese tried to ram one of our ship in the south, China Sea, doing a freedom of navigation operation. We don't have enough equipment. We have
majestic shortfalls. We have undersea warfare shortfall. So there is a major push right now to try and build up of american courses in Asia so that we won't have to go to war with China. We can deter them with peace through strength If this president loses and one of the people I saw on the stage yesterday and the day before, comes present United States. They will put a strong foot on the break of our rebuilding our military one thing Absolutely I mean it. You can see that in the damn rather than running out, I'm Services committee, they ve already tried to cut The small nuclear warhead Pentagon says it needs to do for both Russia and China. And so it's it's gonna- be a huge problem with the Democrats Rita the you know, no bill, girt, I've been were crown long enough, even during the regular ministration
He was pushing the strategic Defence initiative and they mocked him call it star wars. They made it very difficult for him to fund it over the years, Yet it's exactly the kind of system now that we parts of Europe, the Israelis and others rely on to protect us from these intercontinental ballistic missiles and short range miss. And for many many years are missile defence, as were deliberately constrained so as to not be used, If there were a an attack from China or Russia, and I think that's changing clearly they. The Trump administration, has stop saying that we're not going to and our country against the russian or chinese long range missiles. So they're are looking at new ways of doing that. Looking at a symmetric mean, perhaps space based interceptors We are talking about something called lack of launch, which would be like cyber attacks on missile
the facilities so that when they press the button to launch instead of launching a blow up on the launch pad Those are the kinds of things that are being looked at. And our advantage used to be technological with these other countries. But now China has stolen its way into a map. Hurry up, I'm working on it now the big racing in two specific areas. One is artificial intelligence, and the other is quantum computing and communication. Those are closer big, Bulgaria, the! U S is pushing very hard to do that. Another area that the Chinese are ahead of us is in hypersonic net and that one of those tell the tub. Hypersonic missile is a missile that goes about. Thousand miles per hour faster, but the- feature of it is capable of manoeuvring and therefore can defeat any missile defence system. The Chinese, her are close to deploying there. First,
persona, glide vehicle. No, the Pentagon engage in a crash programme to try and match that and the Russians too are also developing a hyper son. We were behind a lot now. I we were trying to play catch up. They see our technology. They use our technology to advance their technology, it's really Control administration. One here. Administration can do something like this right. Billboard, I just in one power, the Hong Kong company, but the owner is very close. Under Obama, the? U S, government was told in in White House, directed No government agency so say anything critical of China, so there- for eight years we watch this Chinese, try to take over the south, China Sea. We saw the move into the EAST, China Sea, we saw them moving into the Horn of Africa and expanding their capabilities and stealing our technology. The windows estimates that is Six hundred billion annually in an american technology has been set?
one by China, no nation can survive with that level of technology tat. I am I right. That the Chinese also control both ends of the Panama Canal through contracts. Are to commercial shipping companies Hutchison one poet hunk on company, but the owner is very close. The Beijing Communist leaders They are setting up a network these type of commercial port facilities, but in I know they have something better. Chinese president fijian paying has announced its called civil military fusion. Therefore, everything in China that military it will be used for civilian and everything that civilian will be used for the military, so all of it around the world and their they're. Doing more of them through this belt and road initiative,
look, I trillion dollar third World Investment programme and setting up commercial entities that will serve as military bases it is hard to see how our country, with the least one party that that undermines our military undermines this prisoners really trying to confront China. How we don't fall behind an. Talk about the Spirit of the american people. That's true, but our government in many respects is dysfunctional well the Good NEWS is there is some by partisan consensus emerging on the China threat, some ELM, some Democrats, Congress are actually beginning to say: hey wait a minute. We can. We can't look the other way on rainy them running for president I doubt very much. Although we saw Abiden, he basically dismiss the notion that the EU s
could even try to compete with China, and then he took a whole bunch of flack. For back down and try to say. Oh yes, here we ve got to stop China from feeling on technology right while he was vice president for eight years and they didn't do a damn thing well bill. Terrific hearing national resource and when you knew but comes out you'll. Let me know: and we wish you all the best- thank you- I God bless I'm trying to bring two, ladies and gentlemen, through the verse, formats. I have individuals who are expert on this particular subject. Because I consider one of the greatest threats that we face externally, one of the gravest tape threats we face internally is the leadership of the Democratic Party in the media. Because the media is not a free media. As I have said over and over and over again we'll be right, back
the king of dark money. George Soros has set up a new pact. Ladies and gentlemen, he's already five point one million dollars and He wants to buy our election notices, my crouched on mine, his dark monnier, the dark Money Tom STAR, the dark money will all their billionaires and they raise a hell of a lot more dark money. They call it dark money. This is money that goes into these super pacts. But Soros is on the move. Just so you know. When you are preparing to travel abroad this summer, the one at the knee to be on. Your checklist is express Vps, Spress European doesn't just encrypted data. While you surf the internet on public air, what an hotel wifi, even let you stream and access content that nor It would have been blocked in that country with its
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our podcast expanding our other media platforms, told you the other night that there is in fact an entity out there. That trend block me from doing the facts. Show the fox people are terrific and I will fill you in more on that as time goes on, because they will not succeed I view every one of these platforms as having a purpose. Advance the cause of liberty and be able to communicate with as many of you as possible, and while I am on the subject, Don't look now, but go to Amazon dot com there discount is going on actually longer than I would expect it, fifty two percent off on freedom of the press. Fifty two percent off thirteen hours and forty four cents, so you think ahead about birthdays and Christmas in hammock and so forth, and you wanna handed out guarantee you
backed by then it won't be fifty two percent off. In fact, I don't think it'll be fifty two percent off much longer because that's not what Amazon does? I want to strongly encourage you to get your voice out there. You saw what happened at the base last night, you see with the media are doing they're gonna, tromp again tonight after this rally, I guarantee it So the best way to engage is to inform as many people as we can and. Our movement to get a real, a free press back in America Emma and that cup. Fifty two percent off can't beat We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emerging personal, all EU law enforcement up and down the chain, and you, the american people, got less each and every one of you has stand together for a republic,
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