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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, The issue isn’t why John Brennan had his security clearance revoked, the issue is why he ever had a security clearance in the first place. How did he even become a CIA director when he voted for Gus Hall, the leader of the communist party USA, for President. Also, what did the Obama administration staff do with their security clearance when they were in government? They did nothing effective with it to stop the Russians from interfering in our election and didn’t stop China from stealing our technology. Of course, the media comes to his defense which may mean he may have been a source feeding them information through leaks. Security clearance is a privilege, not a right of retirement. The Democrats are free to say what they want but do not have a right to have classified information when they leave. It’s the President's prerogative to issue or revoke such access to classified information. We still haven't gotten to the bottom of the unmasking issue. We don't know who did what. Then, NY Governor Andrew Cuomo says that America was never great. The political left doesn't feel like they can gain power, expand power, or propagate their message unless they preach hatred for America. The Cuomo's have benefited greatly from America yet trash her just the same. Finally, John Heubusch calls in to discuss his new book, The Second Coming (A Thriller).

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one lots to govern and I hope you'll stay with us most of it most of it. All of it is compelling very compelling the manifest case wound up, but I want to discuss specifically pulling the security clearance
for John Brennan. The question I have is: how did John Brennan ever become a CIA director Petty ever become a CIA director? Now we ve talked at length, John Brennan, a nineteen, seventy six or nineteen eighty or both he voted for gas Hall for President Gus Hall was the boss of the Communist Party: U S a for decades; He and the Sea P Usa were funded in part by the Soviet. Now this was at the height of the Cold WAR Brennan roads for The C p USA was committed. Two overthrowing the United States.
I am asking you how anybody with that kind of temperament and judgment or lack thereof? could be CIA director? He was on after no better, it was the height of the cold war, any votes for the Stalinist, Gus ha and he's proud of it. He's proud of it. Brennan has yet to answer for his role in spreading the Hillary Clinton Dnc Russia dossier that began the phoney rush The collusion investigation against President Trump in the first place any appear Lee used Harry Red and maybe other Democrats to spread the dossier to the public and press it with the FBI. Does that sound the proper conduct of a CIA director in the middle of a campaign Brennan doesn't need
security clearance defeat. You mean smear. The present the United States on leftwing new shows he said His first amendment writes in his right to free speech or suppressed and, of course, the ranking democratic in the Senate. Intelligence Khamenei, Mark water runs to his defence and says these are Nixon tactics with enemies lists. How bizarre, if the ranking Democrat on this and intelligence committee. Should you be worried about this, but I guess not because at one point in Feinstein. Was they chairwoman of the Senate Intelligence Committee and she's been playin Footsie with a communist Chinese for decades, as has her husband blow and of course, as we now know her long time stand, A driver of two decades was a in a chinese spy, what kind of
Where does she have top level or the F b? I look at the top level, the FBI, its wiped out the top level. The FBI is wiped out to do kinds of misconduct. We ve never seen anything like this. In our country, James Commie was fired and whether rose and steam. Attracts or not. It was on. His recommendation, at least in part call me was a laker. He removed government documents when he left office Mackay is under criminal investigation for lakes and cover ups. He was condemned by the expected a general. The department of Justice, Peter Stroke, was just far for his misconduct and political attacks on the president. While the top counter espionage
investigator at the FBI, James Clapper lied to Senator IRAN, widen leftwing cook Democrat of our again about the unease. S ease, dropping programme on the american citizenry, that's perjury and he was later forced to apologise. But I want to remind you about something else with John Bruton, John I lied when he publicly insisted that the CIA had not illegally access the computers of Senate intelligence. Many staff, the CIA access they computers of Senate Intelligence Committee staff, Mr Warner, he publicly denied it he denied to Congress he's
it would be outrageous at this year. I did it knowing all along that they did do it and he was later forced to apologise and apology of sorts. To send intelligence committee senators. Can you imagine what I loose cannon this man is what a disaster is the issue. Is it why his. Ernie clarity has been pulled. The issuers Y ever had a security clearance in the first place. Now the media, of course, come to Mr Brennan's defence, which suggests to me that he's a Laker I don't know this first hand, but they defend him. It. Mr Brennan had been a republican doing these things they weren't compared to J Edgar Hoover. But not now know now is the greatest she I director we ever had here.
A nasty man, he's a loose cannon, he's unstable with the things that he says about rum he doesn't need a security clearance to be a cook now, Sarah, how can we Sanders at the White House breathing today announced the decision to yank John Brennan's clearance and by the way a clearance is a privilege. It's not a right. It doesn't come with your retirement pension when you're in the federal government. I dont know why they leave office within anyway. What is John Brennan needed security it's here, Sera Huckabee Sanders today cut one go like to begin by reading a statement from the President as the head of the executive branch and commander in chief ivy,
in the constitutional responsibility to protect the nations classified information, including by controlling access to it today and fulfilling that responsibility. I've decided to revoke the security clearance of John Bruton, former director of the Central intelligence agency. Historically, former heads of intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been allowed to retain access to classified information after their government service so that they can consult with their successors regarding matters about which they may have special insights and as a professional courtesy, Neither of these justification supports Mr Byrne and continued access to classified information first. At this point, my administration any benefits that senior official This might glean from consultations with Mr Byrne and are now out. The risks posed by his erratic conduct and behaviour. Second, that conduct in behind
your has tested and far exceeding the limits of any professional courtesy that may have been due to him mister Brennan has a history that calls into question is objectivity and credibility exactly and that's thoroughly correct, absolutely correct. She said more cut to go. Such access is particularly inappropriate when former officials have transition into highly partisan positions and seek to use real or perceived access, sensitive information to validate their political attacks, any access granted to our nation secret should be in furtherance of national, not personal interest. For this reason, I have also begun to review the more general question of the access to classified information by government officials
as part of this review. I'm evaluating action with respect to the following individuals: James Clapper James call me Michael Hayden, Sally AIDS, Susan Rice, Andrew Mackay, here struck LISA, page and Bruce or security clearances. Those who still have them may be revoked and those who have already lost their security clearance may not be able to have it reinstated outstanding. There may be more by the way they got to the bottom of everything at the FBI. The deal J, these I don't deserve security clearance. They ve been sleeping around snaking around in the shadows, playing politics, partisan politics and some of them have gone public Just statements, outrageous statements- and I might add that serve the purposes of the Russians and serve the purposes of the Chinese and the north korean
so the Chinese and the North Koreans in uranium and others. As they try to undermine the commander in chief another free to do these things, don't get you're wrong, they're free to say whatever they want, but they don't have a right to security clearance when they leave the government and the President gets to decide that anyway, it's not as if the present in his parting a bunch of areas like bill? Clinton did with a porter, weaken tenor at terrorist member, that China are giving a pardon to Asia, attacks fraudster billionaire, like mark rich. No, no he's not do in any of that. He's just so you know what I revoke this privilege, just because Obama gave it to you doesn't mean I have to continue to tolerate this.
And he's right, spot and enemies list. There are still free to speak now, things being done to them thing: go pedal their skills, whatever that might mean But maybe the media jump in action immediately o my lord. This is next. And we have enemies. Let's out you're, just doing this to get back at people. You noticed how the media love these people Because the media have been working with them, you see the media as a collective. As such a fraud in this country or wheat defend free speech. You dont defend free speech. Nobody's attacking free space? You can yap all you want these corporations.
On these media outlets nobody's threatening them, they are using free speech towards an agenda and there being called out on it now. What did the media types have to say at the press conference today? it has. One will come back to get to hear some of it we'll be right back. Sir John thoroughly, all these guys and gas, or so predictable himself. Dinwiddie he's a question for Sarah Huckabee Sanders cut three: go everybody
local opponents with no, if there were others that weren't that we deemed necessarily, we certainly take a look in review. Those as well now. The president is reacting to the conduct of these individuals. Men and women who had the highest security clearance access to the most important secrets in this country who ve turned their former positions into political positions where they go in public and attack the commander in chief. They are free to attack the commander in chief, their free to say everything. They ve been saying: it's not a first amendment or free speech, Russia. They are not free.
To have security clearances. That's a privilege. That is a privilege, the issue for me when it comes to drown. Brennan, as I've said before, is how the hell did this guy get a security clearance in the first place. How do you know pray soviet com stay stalinist in this country and get a security to run the CIA. Every one of these innovative, as a reason to lose the privilege of a security clearance having been retired a force from office. Commie leakers who take government documents, are not get a security clearance. Her retain it Mackay. Under criminal investigation for leaks and cover ups and lying. He's condemned by the inspector general? He ought not be able to retain his security clearance. Pewter stroke speaks for himself, he shouldn't
be able to retain his security clearance. James clapper lied. About the massive essay eavesdropping programme under oath, which is perjury was never charge, was forced to apologize. Why He retained. Why would he keep it in the first place, Bruce or Sally eight and by the way. He stopped and got into their son masking issue. We still don't know who did what we still don't know? Who did what There is no reason any these people should retain their security clearance politics, a sigh we're talking about their conduct, we're talking about their behaviour, we're talking about what they become since they ve left office. Some of them while they ran off Mason, whoever they, how that is at the White House briefing today areas cut forego,
How is this announcement Americans not interpret getting back and is also an attempt to curtail their freedom of speech, analyzing them for one once again, how does this penalised their freedom of speech unless we all get security clearance? Do we all the right to security plan? Is it all right, And again, I would ask these reporters. You not familiar will not call me. Did you not familiar that Mackay Bus under criminal investigation, you not familiar the Peter Stroke, was just fired from his conduct. Are you not familiar about James Clamorous perjury familiar with any of this. Why are you so. The president going after his political opponents. Maybe there is political opponents, maybe they're not, but they ve all conducted themselves in ways that, of course, they shouldn't retain the highest classification of and access to, a security information
This is preposterous, go ahead, The president has constitutional responsibility to protect classified information and who has access to it and that's what he's doing is fulfilling that responsibility, and this is actually specific, too Brennan and the others are currently under review? Why are there no well out on a whole host of hope, almost MR producers and call me a Republican. Did you not say why are there? No Republicans on this list is at least one republic anomalous, but that doesn't matter You see how the media come to the defence of them. Periods in the malcontents, because I hate trot a matter what he does.
These people are losing their security clearances post employment because of their conduct Oh me was fired and among those who recommended it was rose and steam was leaker Scalded would government documents Mackay Buzz under criminal investigation. Stroke was fired. For his dishonesty and his bias I can go on and on so they question for mister. Mason is what are you pretend to be rapporteur? Why you such a hack? I'll be right back then show the pool feed for the conservative media diver. Now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one in today's one of those days when, essentially the audio speak for its for them? For itself, I mean
Just incredible Sir John Brennan is on CNN today. Isn't that who employs- and MR producer he's unseen it what's that. Does his first interview with CNN with somebody in Brook Baldwin and form with these CNN hosts in Negative IQ category. Nobody's as low as brine stouter, but that's quite a low bar Here's John Brennan on CNN Tat Day cut five go. Do you think this is a total stunt I know that now that is a pressing, journalistic question. We call it a leading question and then we floppy question mark after this is a total stunt now, then you change your for. Do you think this is a total stunt, while she's clever go ahead? Do you think this is a total stunt,
Why do I mean it? make another criterion as I go here, One of these very individual light- this sounds to me like clapper, not Brennan, but go ahead. And, as you know, discussed, we are really going to offer more to do. With our past experience now inside and access to a current Italians. For my part, I entirely agree intelligent since I left the government, between January to actually aiming at any intelligence for decades. Mr Clapper, that sounds, I clap her to me, which target so it's a stunt than what are they weren't about just a stunt. The guy says I don't even need my clearance because I don't get information. I just give advice well.
And your advice is what to lie to Congress under oath Let us continue with cuts. Six go ahead. You hear me throughout man in all sorts of men. Unlike so here's my question: how do you become directive, national intelligence like James Jimmy Clapper and Not have any comprehension of what the first amendment says nobody's interfering with MR clapper. Free speech right he's on CNN, he's talking right Is anybody stopping him? No. You don't have a right to a security clearance. I had to give mine when I left the Reagan administration. I re top security clearance owes chief staff to the attorney general, the United States. I knew We were wiretapping in most instances. I know everything. Everything everything I was told.
Some of the face, a warrant Some of the probation parole requests at his parting requests. Some of the ongoing intelligence investigations driving the I'm so you don't get to walk don't you know what I want to keep my my Maya, suffocation and so forth- nobody's me from talking. I don't have it won't. Stop you folks from talking now so there's just show you how imbecility this guy you go ahead seriously about that. How do you mean specifically Remember rights when it comes to security clearance is simply more widely No, you don't. You can speak whose helping you for being stupid. Nobody, you can speak all you want, Brennan, get ass of himself Ali once nobody stop com?
out there he's running around even has a security clients that needs to be pull the man's a liar is illegal and he obscure we government document, you can get a security clearance and keep one for sure. Especially when you're out of the government, when you conduct yourself this way we're talking here about conduct, conduct, diet. Apparently the completeness critical of this continent? in one way or another. All all of us have been the mention of staff, but there's a lot of people who are critical of this present a lot of people who are critical of this, but they all don't have security clearances. So there's no first amendment issue here. Go ahead? We really, I don't have a clue. Wallace was followed by a cover
Maybe I'm hoarse voice, which would unanswered whether, since I didn't have time and will force mentioning it, never declared his men emotional well as a lawyer currency being restored? Is you know that. Ok, Red herrings, he would know something about red Herrings Whitney Emma he lies. American people under oath. He retains its job, but the theme miscreants and malcontents that'll bomber put around him these. These individuals and compare them to the people trumpets put around no bomb is talked about like this great manager. This great president, look at the people. He had around a disgrace, At the CIA Brennan National Security Director national director of intelligence, whatever clapper
Susan Right, national Security Adviser State Department, one due for after another Hillary Clinton and then of course, Sir John F student. To carry this look there, they're not even close to comparable This is a battle worth fighting. It gets this whole of thing off tv she's, a buffoon, the media are to they keep pressing this stuff. Gets at all, you know, I'm surprised They haven't figured out how to call tromp erases through all this matter. Fact, MR producer, I think every one of these people is white. They're, all White Arthur. I think they are. Let's see here. Clapper, white, red and white call me white stroke why there are white,
Ah, so they can't accuse him being a racist in this regard anyway, I only want to, but they can't. So this is not a first diminish these people in some cases, I don't think Brennan should ever been the CIA directly. He was confirmed, however, any God votes from people that would shock you, who claimed to be national security hawks. And another whining that in the case of Brennan anyway and clap becoming dues defence said he should be? I guess he should be able to keep his security clearance in perpetuity or Susan Rice she's. Not why, but a call me clapper there. Looking at Yeats and Mackay been Hayden and stroke and page they are. Over white is, by my estimation, but I am somewhat colorblind. Did you know that Mr Medina Ortega,
four ways than one I'm actually somewhat colorblind buns true. So this is not a controversy. This is a good thing, but the meat the media will consider it very controversial and they already did and enemies List Nick Sony and says the year always logic deficit Mark Warner, enemies list, sure than never trumpets will jump in on this too me never seen anything like this before I've never seen anything like a former ceo director, like John Brennan, has anybody else. I don't think so so where these people are not working for the government anymore. They're not working for the government anymore. This isn't complicated. They dont have to have.
A security clearance. In order to do what they're doing it is a privilege. The presently United States runs the executive branch. Yet a reporter say you heard him, you know they're saying this is political throb. None of them are Republicans com, at least was a republic. We used to hear that all the time, then we, MR producer, call me even a republic, unlike call me, even a republic, unlike mauler. All these Republicans I heard it over and over and over again. I know it's true because one Williams always said this. Among other always a republic, this com is a republican, and even here as well, I tried, I wonder, and probably everybody and now they present how come there's, no Republicans on this list, but there is a republic anomalous ups and isn't going after a political approach now think about that. For a second, the former CIA director, the former. This.
Erected that directive. These are intelligence, people ahead, intelligence agencies and law enforcement agencies there his political opponents, so it's a given that their his political opponents why are they ever in these positions to begin with, if their political groups, probably shouldn't said that either now I think pressing United States is exactly the right thing: Nixon's enemy You see, ladies and gentlemen, since enemy listen Mark Warner, the foolish to ridden Mark Warner, Our course Mark Warner has some answering to do regardless of what Marco Rubio says. His content. So the russian oligarchy, I'm sure, he'll be Toby, investing For that reason, MR producer, ah his back there,
Jane! Oh you don't remember that! Do you! Oh yeah, the same oligarchy that Christopher Steel was promoting to get a visa who Bruce or was helping here. Alan Delta, Colorado, the great Kate and Z, go. I think, a woman and a bit of a point here talking GO yacht club member. So I go back good. Invoking sixty eight, when I was the security clearance. I was only a confidential level because I would have had access to nuclear information. Clear power information for the ship. Of course, There is a low, very low level. We learn from them. The beginning there any kind of requirements What it was You still. I need to know now I don't understand why Brennan call me are at all.
A very good point, and in their cases they shouldn't know because their irresponsible, don't you think I would agree with your very march or butter the basic need to know No in their positions are previous position, dear, say, did need to know What agree with you very much, I the basic need to know and in their positions are predispositions years. They did need to know We can argue about where they should have been in those positions. We on and on, but now but they are have left the government. It has nothing to do with the first amendment. Why should they have access to the information? Anyway, I mean Mr Berman's going do not in its share. We see an end publicly and all the more reason to withdraw to revoke whether the terminology as his is his security clearance. Excellent point.
Grew they completely we'll be right. Back size watching this person. Discussion on our favorite cable station during the breaking the law, composed, I believe, former Associated Press reporter said well, you know, look at Michael, fled, Michael Flynn retain his security clearance and He was involved in the trunk pain. You know locker up locker up blocker up nobody yanked. Security quite well, let me tell the difference and it was obvious to me ass soon, ass. She said it. Michael Flynn was involved in the trunk campaign. As national security advisor,
Nobody knew should Trump get elected, he would become likely a top adviser, perhaps the now, no security advisor to the present United States Brennan has left the government He's not a national security adviser to any present in any incoming present, not even any campaign that I'm aware there is a huge distinction. In addition,. Brennan and I'm not saying this is the basis for yanking the security clearance. From just dealing with the illogical point in showing the distinction Brennan's attack, in a sitting presently United States locker up blocker up. Hillary Clinton is a candidate she's, not the sitting, president of the United States, so in two.
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On Fox continued to do. My Sunday show will continue Hannity and Fox and friends from time to time, but I've gotta pull back level because I'm workin on a book and other things, family matters like being with my family- I'm the time. So. I'm not somebody who sits at the edge of my chair waiting for an invitation are seeking an invitation. I do what I do. I do what I do. Let us go to bear Portland Oregon the great k you f o go. Mark is in a curious to John Brown. I may have more involvement than what we know because Stephanie I'll door, Professor Masood work for the CIA, not for the FBI, and I think there are even ever paid by the FBI, yet they were doing do. We know that for a fact, but I dont think we know that for a fact where we're, where was
seven, how door paid for all these years. I think it was a CIA when I'm curious was listening. Radiation, that John Brennan shouted and then passed on to the FBI. Yet. But this is a very good point you raise and we don't know where many we don't know, but this did start off as a. Burning coal, Counter Intelligence Investigation Right bill right? Why and why, and why? Wouldn't the intelligence agencies be involved, we'll go ahead, you, I guess it was had anything do afresh. That's appropriate about what was curious to me. Was they got George Papadopoulos Sword before I think they asking questions which you don't tell. See. I don't want it insert itself into a domestic Well, I'll give you another point, which is
Then, reportedly is pushing this dossier on the FBI right right or where Brennan get the dossier from exactly exactly a bill and all the other way bill. All this on masking that took place. That's only tillage inside the ledger, not the f B. I saw correct Do we know one that started? We don't know, and that's another area Yet these ambiguities that we ve never gotten to the bottom, of course, a gouty was among those in charge of it, which explains why we ve never got into the bottom of it are built So I call without a lot of excellent Caldwell too. We ve taken too to our excellent copyright,
now run them only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under a brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader this heading airy memory and enemies list. These people are being singled out. To have either opponent has shut up. You Eddie, that's years it here and now. Junior seniors, Senator Mark Warner. He to me the sky. Raincoat put him on the corner outside the rain. To me this enemies, list Nixon Watergate, Nixon work,
This is one of the jerks in our political system, whose cause this entire Russia collusion Trump World stuff he's one of the demagogues and I began tests and this remind him of Nixon in the enemies list when the President yanks the security clearance for for John Brennan for the cook, that is John Brennan enemies less, but a buffoon. What a buffoon well, ladies and gentlemen, Stoa get to our three hours won't be enough bubble will keep pressing ahead. Andrew com, as you know, is among the dumbest people on the planet earth and hence Liberals elected governor in what is with Democrats then like people like this so stupid and any can even hide it.
Now we all love America, don't we? We all think America's Marcus great. Even if we have differences with aspects of our government. We love this country. We honour this country on July Fourth, independence day. Even the government gives the day off to government, employs local state and federal. The founding of this nation. We honour our troops we veterans day with memorial day. We honor presidents on President's day. We
Martin Luther king as a great patron civil rights. Later America is a magnificent country. America stood up to Adolf Hitler, the the muzzle Lenny save the world twice from tyranny. We men and women in uniform today and one how hole after another, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and God knows, whereas most of us have family Who served in the military and many more So family members who went to war, some of you yourselves, did exactly that.
When you go to a military cemetery or any cemetery buried, there are men, and women who have lost their lives in defence of this country. A country is only as good as its people. When we say America's great, we mean the american people are great. And we ve done so many great things unless Rape tenured marxist professor. Unless you are a democrat leading your point, the incongruous during your state, unless. You are a member of a Hollywood Twenty million dollars a movie whilst spitting on your country, Vast majority of Americans are very proud of this place. Differences. Ok, that's the nature, freedom,
but we are politicians you see who always wanted to be angry. Always one is to be at each other's throats and unfair, Finally, the Democratic Party which has been consumed by the progressive movements objectives but said he cannot gain power retain power and expand its power to impose its will, and every individual in this country, unless it is constant. Trashing american constantly in Cuomo did exactly that a New York city. He did it today. I want you to listen what this man said. In his family benefited from this great country, his family fled ITALY in came into this country.
Andrew Cuomo is governor on his father's name and reputation Chris Cuomo, his on CNN on his father's name and reputation. Neither these men have earned a damn thing, and yet here in Amerika, like football players,. They live in the lap of luxury that other people have created while they trash the country and that's exactly what they are. This is the face: the voice and the reality of the future and current Democrat Party cut twelve, go where Amerika great again. It was never that great. We have not reached greatness He will reach greatness when American is full. Engaged
We will reach what what enemy went mean. What what does that mean when every Americans fully engaged. No, he realizes what he said and so now what he has to do with trash the country, which is what the left us trash the and he's mumbling around and he'll get to minorities and women. Equality on an honour. As I have said many times, no person is perfect. No institution is perfect. No countries perfect, but great people and great institutions, and we live in a great country. Go ahead. When discrimination area stereo typing against women. Fifty one percent of our people violation is gone, Everyone must be at once what the farce Gump Routine, you clam. Have we invited jerk, on my show before MR producer.
Oh God, what is with these cowards on my left, now go west Maybe a professor from Harvard come on the show, didn't we know Trump admit duration, official should ever Sherman academia who the hell is this guy, the king of academia. He won't come on the show intellectual pygmies, intellectual lightweight, oh potential is realised and unleash, and every woman is making her full contribution. What does that mean. And when do we know? That's happened. When do we know? That's happened, so America's not great
Inter everybody's, fully engaged in every woman is made her full contribution. What does that mean idiot? Go ahead happens. This nation is going to be taken even higher, because we have not yet fully liberated the women in this country. Actually, we have everybody's been liberated in this country. Every body is liberated in this country. Everybody is free in this country of those were imprisoned. Everybody is free, every individual's free free to come and go.
They wish and people are coming by the millions they're not leaving by the millions that coming by the millions, and you would think if the democratic elite so hate the country they would leave, but they stay to fundamentally train For me, this is a sick man, and yet what he says is illustrative of the Democrats. Isn't it it's a lasted, so America is in great because we have not yet fully liberated the women in this country. Oh, yes, we have everybody's liberated. Lee intellectually challenge like this dope can rise to the level of governor of New York. I remember one
in governor of New York was a big deal. There been great governors in New York. I remember this and even before I was born, there were great governors of New York. Patch much like this I'll, be right back. Stop mauling over what the Sandro Chrome, I have to say. I think the American gee I who died at he would Jima who died a Guadalcanal who died at Guam who died on D day who died at the battle of the bulk and on and on and on
I think of the men who died in the korean war. Almost fifty thousand, think of the men who died in the Vietnam war. Almost sixty thousand. I think of the men who die during an eight year, war of independence, the revolutionary war who never got to enjoy the outcome of that war. I think of the over seven hundred thousand casualties in the American Civil war. I think of the men and women who died in Iraq and Afghanistan, Syria all over the world.
I think of the men and women who are serving now, many of whom are listening to this programme. Here, the governor of one of our largest states say America was never that Great America was never that great. And the media, let it pass like gas in the night. Spending more time on Amargosa who was inconsequential, spending more time on a porn actress, Stormy Daniels, who is of no consequence whatsoever.
Here. You have a sitting governor of one of our largest states, who wants to be president of the United States with a brother who works at CNN Saying America was never that great Andrew Cuomo, Never put his life on the line for anything. Chris Cuomo has never put his life on the line. For anything there are people who ve given up careers outside of the military families without husbands and wives, fathers and mothers going off to war to defend America. That was never that great.
I'm focused on this, because this is the mentality of the same men who taken me at the football game who pretend to be patriotic and care about this country, but wary about social justice. Now later, they don't think America was ever that great either. To quote the great, shall be you you're, not oppressed anymore. You are free and you appear to have a problem with freedom, live your life fight the fights embrace, capitalism and private property rights, you're free.
You dont need protest anymore, you're free Andrew Coma goes on. Pretending represents women until women are fully liberated in this country. America will not be great And by that I mean abortion on demand, somebody having I'm getting an abortion in this country, really who, where when and is at the measure or what does he mean.
All of us have women in our lives, wives, your girlfriend's mothers, grandmothers ants and so forth. Nieces we'd only lectures by Andrew Cuomo any politician about women in this country till their fully engaged. He says I don't mean a word of look at the way they treated entreat Sarah Palin, Michel, Bachman or any woman with whom they disagree. Anyone like the former attorney general of New York, Schneider.
How he treated women, where they fully engaged, look at the accusations against Keith Alison Hollywood is silent. The media largely silent. The democratic party, largely silent, allegations made against Jim Jordan, have not even direct wrongdoing We heard about those day in and day out day in and day out with no credibility whatsoever. None, but it's a sad fact that Andrew Cuomo is the voice for many in the Democratic Party. And their leadership. His brother, the other day, defended the anti for militia. Of course, they have the right to use violence, but he used enough
Coralie words where he could, of course, pretend that he didn't, but he did, we played it and we unravelled and most of the media in this country, If they cover antifreeze violence at all, they do it almost in passing in passing. In other words, if you do not defend or pretended antifraud, isn't whether it is, then you must be a white supremacist, No, that's not how this works even condemned, NEO Nazis and the clan an anti violence, Marxists fascists in the end, its the same as the same in the end.
So Cromer we're not going to make Amerika great again. It was never that great was never that great, This is a man who never lived in Eastern Europe under soviet rule Samantha never lived in Russia proper during the soviet rule. This is a man who's, never lived in Red China, North Korea, IRAN
Eighty percent of the World- ninety percent of the Rout Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia, the list is endless list is endless and he talks like this talks like this. He is a disgrace. He disgusts me, he disgusts me and yet they trapped on what you re Trash Donald Trump, our troubles, never said a word like this in his life. Never doubted words like this he's. Never thought works like this. Andrew comma has no respect for the american people. Every creed race, background sex, sexual preference, When you condemn America, the way he did your condemning American, that is, the american people I bet
the only constitutional lawyer. You can see today for free, no. Point when necessary. Just call him eddied, seven, seven create one three, eight one, one security glances for people who don't even love America? Now let me inform them We have something you're so worried about. These people not having their security clearance is, after they left government, whether they do with their security clinches when they weren't government. The Obama Cabal of Leftists did nothing. With their security clearance is to stop the Russians from interfering with our election, would their security clearance, as they did
nothing, to stop China from stealing our technology with their security clearance is they did nothing to stop North Korea's Nuclear programme and with their security clearance they armed IRAN with a hundred and fifty billion dollars and provided them with a pathway to nuclear weapons with their security answers they were on masking american citizens so rather than talking about what they do without their security clearance, is I want to talk about what they ve done with their security clearances. About that John Carl of ABC Snooze. I mean news and all the rest of the hip
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asked where these individuals had their security, glances, Brennan, Clapper, Mackay, Commie, stroke or Yeats? What exactly did they, to prevent the Russians from interfering in our election. Nothing apparently nothing effective. What exactly did they do to confront China from stealing our technology? Apparently not nothing effective. What exactly did they do to stop North Korea's nuclear programme? Nothing and they use their security clearance. Two affirmatively assist ran we're getting a hundred and fifty billion dollars, while its economy was dying and provided them with a pathway to nuclear weapons. What else did they do with their security clearance? Is while some of them.
At least we're on masking american citizens, while and of course they should all keep their security clearances afterwards, because it so important, that we consult with them the current administration to find out how to handle these issues because they did such a hell of a good job in the first place. Now this is a joke. These people are a joke. They let down the country in some cases, quite frankly, they sold out the country. That's right. I said it. And you- and I were supposed to believe this- is a free speech, etc has nothing to do a free spake. They jackasses are everywhere. They never shut the hell up, they're getting paid the talk, seminars,
Frank, Pang, G8 Msnbc make that the press, defaced donation, what's the other one this week with staff, are able to bring about a you know or affecting our that just like the media are attacking freedom of the press in our MAC. You morons were attacking yo because your morons well there you have it right this. Actually, lab more here, I'd better start getting to the rest of this stuff. I won't get everything I was gonna leave this alone, but I'm not going to. We have Chelsea Clinton at a rise up for relevant Saturday. Rise up for a Roby Wade, helped add three and a half trillion dollar store. I come well, I don't know about you, but when I think about abortion, I certainly think about.
Adding money to our economy help bizarre as this cut thirteen go, whether you can have fundamentally care about reproductive rights. And access rights is again mother when she sounds exactly like your mother doesn't mean I'm not attacking I'm just a chip off the old block go ahead, if you care about social justice or economic justice agent, you have to care about this right- it is not a disconnected factor, as this sort of eighteen. Seventy three that America. Women entering the labour force from nineteen seventy, two thousand and nine out of three and a half trillion dollars to our economy. The net new entrants of women. That is not disconnected from the fact that row became
law of the land. I let me see, if I understand, is what she sang as abortion allowed women, the freedom of being in the workforce. This is very cold, very, very cold. Abortion allowed women, the freedom of working in the in the workforce or, as Andrew Como might say, to be fully engaged. You know I've never, Viewed having children this way having children is where we do it's the grid. This thing human beings can do it's the greatest thing that a married couple can do. Is they have children, your flesh and blood, to nurture them them grow. They give them a hand when they need help. What the hell is, this, the other,
being on the face of the earth. A career and all around. That's fine, but that's not it. Families. I think, whatever it is, that people say they care about. I think you can connect to this issue. Of course, I would hope that they would care about So many women wouldn't be in the workforce and we we wouldn't have add what is three: five trillion dollars and our economy absolute idiocy go ahead. So, I think whatever it is, that people say they care about. I think you can connect to this issue. Of course, I would hope that they would care about our equal rights in to make our own choices, but that is not sufficiently persuasive. Hopefully,
kind of some of these other arguments at your hearing expressed so beautifully boy. You know I love the after ten years, so sharp and intelligent, and you here here. You changes on the download and then apparently very, very intelligent. Does she shall unwavering told him to you. You didn't show and told him to me and of course we gotta throughout the phrase is equal rights and dignity. See. Abortion is about dignity course not for the baby. It's about death side, about equal rights for the bay, be it's about death. They steal the words they abuse the words in order to advance a political agenda. It's disgusting! It's disgusting,
But as long as your lawyer, wars, like you, come across like your actual in order target and you have your morally superior and and sent abortion. Women have been fully engaged. Each from nineteen. Seventy three, the two thousand, not you know what my grandmother. God bless my mother's mother. She was an independent small business woman in small business. There was no Roby weighed the way. All these government programmes, and even if there were she, would have asked for a single damned dying from any of it. Never would have occurred to her to go to some office and fellow paperwork for this latter? The other never would have occurred to her. She was a small business. Woman should make a lot of money. She took care of children, that's it her children, her
I flesh and blood children. She need Roby Wade to enter the workforce. She entered the workforce like tens of millions of women are doing today with children. And like ten times that amount did in the past, as invented some new idea, ladies and gentlemen, that women can work. Women have always worked. In the home and outside the home, we're not always work with children and they work In my home outside the home, we don't need governed they tell us anything it we don't like liberals to monetizing or to lower the end others, and so you think so incredibly- and I'll, be right back
president pool these security clearance of a white man today and apparently a lot of other white people he's gonna, pull their sea clearance security glances. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm starting to think you tie white. I really am I calculation, I believe, they're, all christian babies, Anti christian to you, never know, I'm just being. Tongue in cheek sarcastic as the media are so over the top, not they're. Just nuts. Right Don lemon right, brine, stouter, right, Jake, Tapir, who else the morning schmo and MRS Schmo Scarborough and the list is a very long one.
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For even for a friend, I'm telling you, these are great sponsors andor, Their sponsors at, I think, provide products and services that are enormously useful to my audience, to you, my beloved audience. Ok, let us Ten. You shall ensure we move on to the next idiocy. Let us do so. Shall we Joe Scarborough on the morning Joe Show. As I have told you many many times if you ve seen the movie deliverance, there's a little boy in a bridge who plays a banjo that, as I understand it, is Joe Scarborough as a youngster. Look at the picture that kid on the bridge and look at Scarborough. So, of course, you would wander dilemma sellers, which is a useless carbon footprint. Here, is just
our about trashing, the present and again, by the way, as I have said before in its true, this is the favourite show of the north korean generals. Fifteen, go I've gotta say the most problems part of all about is racism in its big it for years. Just like when his friendship with our partners, boxers friend actual now he's brands and apologises for white nationalists and now now now he doesn't use slob. You propagandist you! U absolute disgusting demagogue, you see I'm not attacking freedom of the press, I'm attacking a moron oh Jesus for White Nationalists and NEO Nazis. Let me ask something Scarborough
many children who are Orthodox Jews unit and children who are orthodox Jews. You have a son in law whose unorthodox chill you clown. The idea. The father of Unorthodox, Jew or the Father Urban Orthodox, Jew or the grandfather of Orthodox Jews finds free ship with NEO, Nazis and clansmen. You don't know a damn thing, you clown, you don't know anything, and yet what make a virgin ski her father virginity. Jerusalem, yet they they like the fact that he meets with that. No one of us each one that no one of its closest friends as Prime Minister here are you fallen in clown? That's why you're on MSNBC, magic Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. You think they like that fact.
Remove the United States embassy from Television Aviv Jerusalem, yet they they like the fact that he meets with that. No one of its closest friends as Prime Minister here are you follow Clam. That's why you're on MSNBC you're a lightweight your mental magic? I need a mass the file human bank lapses, now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader I made anymore. I have it may sound like an auctioneer, don't I
Evidently it we are. We really are twenty five. I was going up. We have fifty Bolivian. How are you are number eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three hundred and eighty one, one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three eight hundred one don't forget. In an hour and a half nine thirty pm eastern six, thirty p m, effect. I will be on Hannity on Fox NEWS channel. You want The message I know I can say is that I will be sprinting from one bunker to the other. From the radio bunker to our Ronald Reagan, studio bunker where we do our living. Tv programme where we do life liberty and live in and, of course, our appearances on Fox. It isn't magnificent studio and am very excited because an about what is rich about ten minutes
I haven't unbelief, unbelievable guest, unbelievable guest he's a dear friend, and I cannot wait to introduce him to you. He was here about a year and a half ago. I'm not telling you yet, but I hope you ll stick with us, because he is absolutely terrific, decent. Fellow then there's Charles blow. Another loser. Nasty guy, leftwing cook. Any he writes columns now and then for the nearest limes than he was on CNN today and had bright bar. Listen. What this man has to say about you, as well as the President cut seventeen go, we would be insane what we were doing, everything we would be insane we kept questioning in saying this I am out of it
whether he raises no its not that's death. This objective reasoning- he is, he is at an end. People have basically could into the book. I think that if you finally like here, stop a second Charles Blow I don't know you you don't know me. I barely know what you do: Donald Trump is what seventy two seventy three, seventy one years old, I don't know he has employed during the course of his life. What fifty thousand A hundred thousand people directly and indirectly may be more. I don't believe he's ever cared what race they are all these businesses he's wrong construction
So many minorities he's heard so many people of all races who have benefited when he's benefited, because that's the nature, capitalist developer, he hires electricians and plumbers, people who, who lay bricks, people who poor cement people who who may kitchens people who make the things that are in kitchens the tile work hardwood floors, faucets Elation roofing, every trade you can think of the truckers who bring the material men and women all walks of life, all races, because that's the nature can
and that's the nature of a developer and a man is involved in construction. All these decades. And we are supposed to believe. Then he's a racist, because some guy named Charles Blow, who hasn't build a damn thing at his entire life says. So we. Believe that he is in Cahoots with white Nationalists and NEO Nazis, because jobs our barrel, the widest man. The planet, I might add, is even translucent says they know nothing Donald Trump- they know nothing about Donald Trump, zero. They have no other its whatsoever that this man is a racist, let alone A further NEO Nazis and clansmen a white nationalist.
I use this word racism as a as a cudgel to cut off debate. To cut off reasoning and thinking to appeal to the lowest form of politics,. This man is higher and more minorities, then all of its critics combined. And maybe even look at the morning Schmo show to why people to our people. Most of the anchors on CNN, mostly the anchors on MSNBC. When you look in the year in the press, the press gag It's there every day when they hold their press conference. One Sanders does first made.
Many of them are white by the way, I'm not into this quota stuff. I'm just pointing something out something out Instead, there white, woke lights are white Jake, Tapir White, Rachel Matter, white, large, O Donnell White Chris Matthews. Why oh, I'm sorry, but they are and the people who attack him now, Charles blows African American but he has no idea who Donald Trump is. None whatsoever. He's got resorts. He's got country clubs you got. This he's got that is built their skyscraper, that skyscraper all kinds of people working for Donald Trump and his family, all walks of life that he has put to work productively, who are in a paycheck who pay taxes should contribute to social security, American.
He's no bigger he's, no races, the people who call him that there, the bigots and they are the racist I'll- be right back then What are my dearest friends I've a handful and that's it. Is named John High Bush. He is the executive direct, the Reagan Library Foundation he's been a v a close friend of mine for a very long time and for a reason, is a man of unparalleled integrity and wisdom, and judgment is nor must we intelligent has ensured that the Reagan library is The finest institutions on the planet, which is why
so enjoy going there and especially enjoy going there. When my books come out to meet so many of you, and now he has his second novel. That is, and he has become a top noveliss, and it's called this can coming it's a great thriller, John High Bush. How are you my friend, gray, mark or just way too kind them so just create to hear your voice today, but it is really really true as what you do for the republic how you ensure that that our president Ronald Reagan that his legacy endorse. It is crucially crucially important. Now the book is second coming at your second novel. I want to stay focused on this one, that what is it about? Generally, you know I don't know what will happen in your my lifetime, but you know either couple of dozen animals on this planet that have been cloud eventually someone with a money enough, craziness
I get around the cloning of human beings and when that happens, this worlds gonna change this book. All about not only what happens when someone figured out how to clone human being. But what happens if someone working little a little piece of dna and little pieces back, a blood offer the famous Out of terrain, which is the burial cloth, which many many people feels the burial cloth of Jesus Christ, so think about Mark a scientific kind of second coming and that's what this book is all about its about how the world would change if science brought about a second coming, its affection now novel. You know it's not real life, but sometimes fiction turns into real life and that's what this book But it's a fascinating journey. You take Sign in that's really what fiction is about right? I mean you, you re,
about the possibilities that are out their peoples imaginations had it. How did you come up with this idea? You know. When I had the chance to use to run a big foundation, we did a lot of historical exploration we studied missed. Reason one of the last great american mysteries of our whereabouts of Amelia Erhard. What happened to her back and in eighteen, thirty one she got lost somewhere in the Pacific, I went out and adventure to try to find her airplane and was on the ocean for two months out along the South Pacific at a time on my hands. When I I thought back to what I was back in Catholic. School on, and I saw a documentary about this famous shroud of terrain, and so I'm on my hands- and I I came up with this novel called second coming and is just out published today marks the first first and best guy Think of the interview that, that I'm having about the book and I'm just honored to be on your show to talk about it. Well,
A great honour for me, and I just the millions of listeners to know what a compelling, but this has its particularly good this summer, as come to a close around the pool around the beach wherever people are in the mountain so far to enjoy it. In many ways it it's a very thought provoking book, it's a scary book, and yet it is enormously entertaining is out why we caught books like this, a thriller it is market our idle there's, not a data. Whose, by our I'm, not driven home unless they near Show- and they have so many great authors on because you know ninety nine- almost one hundred percent of em right- terrific- conservative thought, provoking boxing- and we ve got so many here the Reagan library that our about Reagan another great serve to authors. But if you, if, as you say, and I every once in a while, you might try to take a little break from life and and in the annex war, with your imagination,
the novel like this, a man the second coming, hopefully, will be one like that for America with a lot of thunder right. I hope breeders have as much from reading in his idea in writing it, and let me ask you this: the central theme here on this cloning as she human cloning, is that something you support. Not at all I do is I think it could. Just humanity upside down. I it's not something I could ever support, but An interesting enough market, its motto While in the United States I mean we ve got morally outmoded write him. You know if they would just be an incredibly terrible thing to have happened, but, interestingly enough to eat, it's not illegal when several states, but the United States government has never outlawed, and there are some Countries in this world, where the very thought to be people on the edge of of trying to
it could happen. Member if it does happen, it'll be a tragedy but I'll. If we think of something that could happen some day you know you sanely acknowledgement section in your book. These thank several doctors whom you noted help to save your life. You wanted ban on that briefly mark. You know it's really really strange coincidence, but when I was writing the second coming, one on my characters, mythical who's, a priest, any fine tragically, that he has a terrible form of incurable cancer, and I remember researching and mark- and I looked up in a word of it- five worst cancers, that someone might get. That might be were ve, just not retrieval you're, gonna, away and I came the fine in the middle of writing my own book that I didn't know it, but I I had one of those answers, and though this was discovered about how just about five years ago, marking the by some
incredible stroke of miracle on some of the best doctors world here I sit still talking to you. I I had one of those. Tourism from now, just over one year, cancer free are united by the. God go. I write them, but I was able to finish the novel even knowing that I felt kind of like I do without What about halfway done? I I well if for marketing we to be at least have this book was behind him and that's what it's called the second coming in some respects monitor thing. Maybe Given a second chance, No, you ve been fighting this sir esophagus cancer. How many years have been John five years five year, so I've been through treatments for four years and cancer. We now for just over a year and end up, it's just the everyday gift marker. That's when something like that happens to get up to sell. You feel better
and you have a beautiful family. Tell us about your family moved My wife, Marcela she's, just do a gift. She's is to give she's help, bring me and I'll keep me around, and my two beautiful kids MAC centred on their their views. You know mark you ve got a wonderful family there, the your reason for living right in there. What have kept me around, I we're gonna get this book a little bit more because it is a very, very compelling fiction that is, second, coming a thriller by John High Bush was the executive director of the Reagan Library Foundation. Will there right back Mark Levin. Coalition, meets a brig day call now age. Seven, three aid, one three, eight one one way
Pay your hard earned money to join and organization that, for tooth and nail for government run health care about an organisation that scripted portions of White House speeches buying closed doors to ensure the passage of Obama CARE where an organization that stood against tax cuts for middle class, Americans, small beer Saunders. Would you join an organization like that? Will now then don't join the a r p join a MAC. The conservative alternative. Instead, a MAC offers an alternative just about every benefit. They ate a r p offers but without the liberal agenda becoming a MAC member right now at a MAC that, U s I may member, would you rather ongoing organization that fights for your values like protecting our borders. In forcing our.
Creation law supporting small business standing up here, individual God, given freedoms, a MAC is the way to go. There's a tunnel work to be done in a MAC is asking that you helped them fight the good fight by becoming a member today, your also get the tremendous discounts have benefits so the great cause and the great discounts and benefits all in one go right now at a MAC that, U S, that's a m, a sea! Not U S! A MAC is better better for you and better for America and with the great John High Bush novelist, as well as executive director, the Reagan library info. Nation is a tremendous hit out right now, the fiction, the novel, the second coming, which is a thriller. I want to ask a couple questions further questions. As a sequel to your first book, the shroud conspiracy
But it's about what happens when some very unsavory characters use science and dna in human cloning in order to bring about a second coming of Jesus Rank and again power for their coltan dominate the world with their faith. It's what occurs when science is used on one hand destroyed, destroy Christianity and, on the other hand, to save it and, in the end, its about bad people who use science to subvert faith about good people who use science to save at that summit are pretty well does market. It really does its brief. This sounds a little bit like the Davinci Code, or our angels and demons he know written by that fellow them brown. It's because of this book fits right in that category markets It really is a religious thriller that you, your readers if they got some spare time
their dear listeners. If I've got some spare time on their hands, they re really might find a fund red, and yet it's quite unique. In fact, Gary sneezes, a dear friend of a dear friend of mine, he said they make a movie out of this. That's how impressed he was with Brad Thor, who is a well known, great fiction, right, he's called it electrifying thriller Dennis as it delivers cover to cover these people are not shall I say liberal with their praise in books, potential movies and so forth. What are you I think it is about your book that is so compelling you know mark but much store by the fact that gum. There's not a lotta conservative authors out there that they put out fiction and trailers like this. I am I probably one of just a handful. So my day job,
I run the Reagan library I just do the best. I can't keep President Reagan's memory alive and you know maybe make sure, there's a trivia leg but on a year I guess you might say moonlighting my job as a I write novel, the other part of my career in and this one? It's got everything from miracles to science and face it's a love story. Good versus evil. It's me you know and you can find it it Barnes and noble, and you can find it in Amazon and set out there today, hopefully like the first book, I'm gonna be another runaway best seller. While we ve link our mark, Levine, Show Facebook and Mark Levine show Twitter people go direct leader, Amazon, dot com and also every major bookstore, even minor bookstores, have at the second coming a thriller. Let me ask you this: how did you become just give me a brief
explanation for the audience handed you wind up becoming the executive director, of the Reagan library in your relationship with and she ragged and the Reagan family, good question mark you. Now I brought out of college first day on the job. When I worked on Capital Hill, I ran over from the cap Call the US, Capitol and Watch President Ronald Reagan raised his right hand to take the oath of office. Send me what a thrill my last day working on Capitol Hill eight years later, I watched the helicopter Marie more North Ronald Reagan, circle, the city and I e those eight years affected me like nothing else. It did set me on a path to want to do whatever I can to help this country, and I guess it showed cause. I had several jobs since then, and I did pretty well
Some of these jobs, and I was sitting on a beach one day and I got a phone call from Nancy Reagan. Yeah. She said John. You know look round path. Now, I'm here Tirana get the President Reagan Foundation, to take it to the next level, can you come up and help me and I packed my family stuff? We move to LOS Angeles, And eight years later here I am talking. Eu markets spend my honour of my life to run President Reagan's foundation. Iranian librarian, that's the best decision I ever made, and you worked very closely with MRS Read and Densher oh yeah for years until she passed just a couple years ago and as we as we speak, Markham Real, I'm looking out at the Great Pacific Ocean and across the mountain range that famous range that were President Reagan. His his grave said I can see from here. He and MRS Reagan lie around
here the regular library at awe inspiring place to come work every day. Are you gonna be some books, signings, I am, in fact I am. I just did one last night when we the book here at the Reagan, library, but you're doing one in Washington DC on separate September, twelve, when back their mark. Hopefully I can see you in the morning. You want a New York in one hour homeowner, you gonna do one in Washington on September twelve, what time, what place called the Oda treat match? It is the place where it's happening. Put twenty twenty O street northwest in Washington. We see and that from September twelfth at six p m. Nations capital with you wanna go, you can just go to their website in an registered a common. Do you have any one there who wants to be, therefore, book fighting and also my wants a fine Balkan. They can't make it there
just go to the Reagan, foundations website and end by book there and I'm happy to sign it and send a term directly. I'd suggest, MR producer. Let's put that link up on my social sites. What is the exact? The link, go to Reagan, foundation, DOT, Archie, Flash store will see the book right there and also need to do, is click on them and by it, and I'm happy to sign in personalize and send it out. Equally Reagan fat, give it give us out again Reagan Foundation, God, oh Archie or Reagan Library, dot com, but just make you puts put flash store after that in my book open right on up called a you get into the store. There's the yes incoming your book and if they buy it, this programme. Now you will sign it right, I'll, sign and personal eyes had suddenly right on out. Well, that's very, very exciting! So
May I ask you this: how long did it take you to write the second coming redraft mark quickly, six months to write it I was telling me half way through. Covered. I had a really tough disease and so I just kept plowing away at it, though so it took six months, and I think it took about another six months after that to polish it up, and I did it while I was sitting there hooked up to the keep therapy machines, and you know you're. So you know I like I said I I think I got a second chance in life in some respects us to reason the book to call the second coming. You know, John, these major publishers, they don't just tat. Anybody off the street and give them a contract to write a fiction book. They get thousands, Thousands of people sending the manuscripts or outlines of fiction books that they want to write,
you're one of a tiny percentage of people. This major publisher decided to choose major publisher of major authors and major bucks, That's pretty compelling, isn't it you know mark when you say it like their fares, carbon press does it is impressive, well assignment introduced or their great company and on the London spotted I'm done little humble about it, but I'm under sauntered. They try me in and think that I've got the writings that writing ability to keep people interested in. I think I do I just I do the best I can, and hopefully people reading it and and the thing is it's not like you- have a major radio audience or something like that We have to rely on other people too, were to come on their shows and talk about it, and so for so your book stands on a town. That's how compelling it is, and I want to strongly encourage people take to get their copy tonight. This
coming this thriller by my dear friend, John High Bush, in go to the right, in sight and get it signed. You know, that's Reagan, library. I think you said that com That's right, Reagan, library, dot, com, flash store and you can buy the book there and get a personalized story. You go to Amazon, dot com or pick it up in any born two noble across the countries let's put their Reagan side up there to MR producer people when it says so far. Get it now my recommendation, I'm well aware of how these major publishers, including mine, word, print a limited number of first edition books up front, and then they do six save printings, and they well with John could John is a big Arthur they and then they do successive printings. Second. Third. Fourth addition: you want the first edition and Frank. And this is going to be a tough on John. You want the first edition signed,
So I strongly encourage you to do it now: ITALY, a great gift, but more than that I know. You're gonna, like this book I don't read a lot affection. I Arie John's books and few others. The second coming a thriller by John High Bush GO to Reagan Library. At com, go to their store There are now get the first edition before they run out of the first edition, sign, that's my recommendation, great gift, even though here we are in August, it's great for Christmas, and I got but more than that, it's a grey read during the summer so go ahead, go out there and rabbit be the book and by the way you can google Johns amen, see all of his accomplishments over the years. John high Bush. H! E? U be? U S. C h, John High Bush and, if you're out and about within a thousand miles or the Reagan library. I cannot stress enough You really need to go there. There was a wonderful piece by Quinn Hillyer, I believe,
the National Review or somewhere today sent me a link about his visit. The Reagan library last week and he could not praise it enough? It is that compelling, and it really is John. You get you and your team real You ve done a marvellous job and you deserve all the credit in the world and on top of that, you're writing these magnificent fiction novels. So God bless you. My friend and the best of luck- and I know my audience- is going to be extremely interested in this book mark. I cannot back you're, not here just a dear friend and you have the best audience in the world. Farms are so happy. I was able to talk to him about this book. The fact well, but John the book speaks for itself. Have people will get it done? exactly what I'm talking about our you'd take carry yourself my brother. We do affirm our brother take care. God bless folks, I'm not kidding! I'm tellin! You particularly those of you who, like to read fiction.
And some of us who don't read a lot of fiction, you're really going to like this book, the second coming at thriller by John Highbush. I don't have a lot of novelists on the show, but whenever John has a book, I do And Gary Sinise right, this would make a terrific movie and Brad is right. This is an outstanding novel. I strongly urgent go to my social sites. The links are all there and I strolling I urge you to get the first edition and if he can get its side, he just offered the sign it. So I would encourage you to go to them the Reagan. Library get a copy and get it signed up. Back then, Ladies and gentlemen, I know you love freedom. Now, how do I that's because you listening to the shell,
show and everything I do is all about preserving freedom in the form of government that secures it for us and its same with Hills Del College, one of the very best truly liberal arts college in the nation. That's why talk about them all the time because hills, committed to pursuing truth and defending liberty. They teach their stellar students to defend freedom. What they major in whether its science, music economics, business, whatever hills Del, teaches them how to defend liberty, and they do that, for you too, through their free monthly digests of conservative thought, it's called him Primus three point: eight million Americans receive it for pre every month and you, my friend and fellow freedom lover. You should be reading it too. You can subscribe for free at Levin for Hills, Delbert COM. That's l, easy! I am from Helstone that come. There are no string
detached generous donors. We want to preserve freedom for future generations, make it possible for a Hills Dover, Senate, Primus to you for no cost every month. Start receiving in reading and Primus so you can know how to defend the freedom. You love that's love, infra, hills down back com, L, easy! I am free hills to about come again: nine! Thirty pm Eastern, that's in about thirty five minutes we'll be on Hannity TV on the Fox NEWS channel. You want one amiss if that would be, of course, six p m. That is six thirty Pm Pacific time again. Also the second coming a thriller. You just heard from the great Hi Bush, the executive director, the Reagan Librarian Foundation, who also happens to be one the top novelists in the country and a conservative there are few and far between you can get his book. His first edition
I end by going to reckon library, dot com go to the store, it's right there and you can order it. It's a first printing, what happens with books like my books, there's a first bringing second printing third for so forth and so on When an author is popular when there are New York Times best selling author as John Hybrid So you want to try and secure the first edition try and get it signed, which he just offered on this programme exclusive to us. If you go on there and ordered right away, and I would encourage you to do that what we ve covered a lot today, heavenly? Yes, we ve covered a lot today and it'll. Be this way every day, I'm afraid, because that's the nature of the phoney media and our culture right now. Let us go to Richard Louisville Kentucky quickly Ex M satellite go more gratifying, get dark what're! You got it
real, quick one. What is why doesn't trump? Yes, to make an executive order that anybody leading federal service loses its security clearance Because they may need some people, them who have security clearance. That's why we're ready to go. Do it on a case by case basis, whether they keep it real, quick and I know you short on time. My wife asked me a question. The other day I could manage, or maybe you get the dossier is the dossier is our trump. They used it despite Carter page shouted that work, because it's true to ever be while they get a dossier on Carter page and may be related matters too. We ve never really seen leaf leaf the entire. Application and then just like with them. For investigation, they can claim One thing leads to another and it did Mary. At a spy in the in the trunk came in two, so you use a pretext,
Carter page, who has a minimal connection to the campaign, the president, even though he was, and then they start that process and our work their way through our guy. Like you see what I'm saying you're my friend thank you for your car. Let's see who ass to how much time rich, ok, we're on a lot of time. Let us go to Lou. In luck! Point the California Seventy the answer go right ahead. My work, media there inept lazy and narrow minded that digging did there always search you Sidney to rely on legal. Again, I hear what you said was your last point. Our our media today in that they seek to do their own research and saw that depend on the liquor. I think it's worse than
I think they're driven by ideology and they the drive this president out of office. So whether their lazier, not that's the drumbeat, and it's almost every network and its almost every day, they all sound alight they act like they used the same words the same allegations. Thank you for your work. My friend, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel. Now I'm going, read out a here check this out and thirty minutes on the Fox NEWS: I don't have eighty nine thirty pm eastern alive six, thirty percent see it and got left.
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