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On Friday's Mark Levin show, President Trump has put China on notice yet again as he considers new tariffs on them. While it’s seldom discussed, China is a major threat to our national security. But for the Clinton Administration relaxing export controls for satellite technology, we'd still have oversight over this technology which they now use to guide their ballistic missiles. The Chinese government through corporations that they control have influenced many families in our political system; the Clinton's, the McConnell’s, the Biden's, and Sen. Feinstein's family. The only threat more pressing than China is the radical progressive movement that is wreaking havoc on the Democrat party and the culture in our country, overall. Then, the Democrats have moved the center to the left yet again; this time attacking Barack Obama and his policies which weren't left-leaning enough for the current slate of candidates. After, Devin Nunes is under fire from the Council for Accountability, a front group for Fusion GPS.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now and it's hundred and seventy fifth year hills. There is a truly independent institution. Where learn Surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale brother sponsorship now run only underground bows bunker somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, the president putting it.
China again, and I am all for you know: I'm not a tariff. Now? The president is, he knows, I'm not. We ve had discussion over many many years. He and I in us, except when it comes to China,. Because for me it's not even an economic issue with China, it say national security issue, I say the same thing over and over and over again I don't know where we are this idea that you and I don't pay tariffs its attacks- that somehow these other countries do, but no we do but I'm really not interested in getting into that. For the thousands time there is a very, very dangerous country. And my guest on Sunday night life, Liberty and Levin brilliant, brilliant man, absolutely intriguing. Neil Ferguson. And he's historian, he's he's just a brilliant man. We're gonna spend some time,
about this, and by the way, my guests on Saturday Night show. An external me some occasion on Mahler, so it's a hell of a war coming up on life liberty and Levin Saturday and Sunday this week on Fox. Now I want to get back to China. One of the things that's not discussed is who is responsible, What administration is responsible for empowering China initially to get the technology it needed the fire of missiles and a murder missiles. Now we know they just still technology and they still our technology and then and then them build upon it, but it wasn't always at way where they stealing. Yes,. But I am as usual, I did additional research because I remembered this from the Clinton administration.
From ninety ninety eight and then I looked up the congressional research service, which is a fairly straightforward operation. It's part of the library Congress actually. And they did a report on this in. The summary is as follows: Congress has been concerned. Can ninety eight, by whether you s, firms and activities connected with exporting satellites provided expertise to China. For use in its ballistic missile and Spain in space programmes. The Eu S policy is facilitated, transfers of military related technology to China. Some critics supposed satellite exports to China. While others were concerned, that the Clinton administration, relaxed export controls and monitoring of she'll satellites and moving
licensing authority from the State Department of Commerce Department, a ninety ninety six. Now those of you may not know the more sophist. Hated technologies are supposed to be Viewed by a special unit department of State, the commerce Interested in commerce there's a unit there too, but the standards are much much more liberal, much more relaxed. And so the Clinton administration moved the review of these various exports from the State Department to the Commerce Department. A range of concerns were prompted by New York Times report. Since April. Ninety, ninety eight that the Justice Department can a criminal investigation into whether Laurel space and communications today ring a bell and use electronics corporation violated export control laws. The firms
allegedly shared their findings with China on the key. So they rockets explosion. While launching a? U S or urgent satellite in February, eighteen. Ninety six, the companies reportedly provided expertise. The could use to improve the accuracy and reliability of its future ballistic missiles, including their guidance systems, at least be classified. Studies reportedly found that the EU s National Security was harmed Congress and the exact. A branch also investigated Hughes's Review of China's Value of January ninety, ninety five after fails. Light launches a ninety two. Ninety five and ninety six China has reported twenty eight consecutive success A commercial and government military space launches into as in the State Department, Lockheed Martin agreed to a settlement with a fine of thirteen million dollars and too
Two morale announced day All settlement where they found twenty million dollars in early two thousand three- and bowing agreed doing civil penalty of there two million dollars. And you'll remember, ladies and gentlemen, the chairman of the board of at least one of these companies was a big bill, Clinton supporter and they gave significant support to his campaign. Significant supporters campaign. Number. All this trainees couldn't get a rocket off the ground. Twenty years ago, Clinton administration, Ladys in German, This is another massive scandal. Chinese government, through its military, Operation, sustainable corporations
Have had enormous influence on the Clinton's her the greatest, or is an american political history, Mccall's family. By his family and fine stones, family. Peter Schweizer stunned the best reporting on some of this, but I want to take you back the Wall Street Journal June. Three, twenty nineteen James Freeman, who is a terrific writer and he said, If you think investors, workers and consumers are eager for China to stop stealing intellectual property and for the United States stop, fighting tariffs. Imagine how Joe Biden image Mcconnell Feel family. Business ties forged at a time of friendly. Are you a trainer? Relations are bound to attract increasing scrutiny as both prepared to face voters and twenty twenty that is binding, MECCA.
Former vice President Biden is currently the front runner for the democratic presidential nomination, while Republicans Majority leader Mcconnell, seeks reelection Kentucky for them and for all of us, the path play hopeful news from the weaken is that the chinese government says it wants to resolve the trade dispute turns out. That was wrong turns out. There was wrong. U S, secretary transportation. Ain't chow whose Meredith Mcconnell is the subject. They long piece in the New York Times about our families. American families relationship with the chinese government Miss Charles now formal affiliation, mistaken or family shipping, business foremost group, but she and her. Spend Senator Mitch Mcconnell of Kentucky. See millions of dollars and gifts from her father James, who ran the company until last year.
Emma Connell's RE election campaigns have received more than one million contributions from Miss Chaus extended family, including from Father and her sister, Angela now foremost, chief executive foremost, has risen. Hundreds of millions of dollars and long commitments from a bank run by the chinese government Most are relatively small company and its sector. Steel is response. For a large portion of orders and one of China's biggest state funded shipyards, and it long term charters where they chinese state owed steelmaker as well as global commodity companies. They guarantee study revenues. Much at any time report tracks earlier reporting by Peter Schweizer, whose twenty eight being book secret empires, as mentioned in the times, account along with detailing the So the child family to the chinese government, the book
noted the overseas business pursued by a Hunter Biden, while his father was vice president of the United States business that often involve countries where his father played a significant role in diploma. And speaking of the New York Times that paper recently reported on overseas business pursued by honour by an innocent, reports that Devon Archer and China and Ukraine quote Can China and Ukraine quote concerned a business partner of MR by Mr Archer, Christa, behind this step, son of John Kerry, who was then secretary of state? and the paper adds that Mr Heinz thought their work created the appearance of selling influence according to a person familiar with the conversation Mr Heinz, who was not involved in the China or Ukraine. Efforts began decoupling his business interests from
Mr Buying and Mr Archer, not their work, bothered a friend and business partner. Perhaps little bother vote Well, it's not clear what value a hundred Biden adds when he does deals overseas. But why His father was vice president. He seems to have been true in China as the financing of the first rank shortly after a hundred Barton trap, with his father, the China Board AIR Force to the younger, binds firm, Rosemont, Seneca sky. A business coup and by the way, none of this, of course, was mentioned in either democratic debate in twenty fourteen There, child Dang reported a consortium of foreign and chinese private equity firms. Is aiming to raise about one and a half billion dollars to invest abroad, while the young
I'm a native portion of the fund to be converted to U S dollars through Shanghai free trader, but there I don't expect you to follow the specifics. But I do want you to get is a is a broad picture of how these politicians, these policy makers and their families are making fortunes with their ties to the communist chinese government. Republicans and Democrats the fund launched by chinese asset managers bow high industrial Investment fund management company in Harvest farm management, company Alongside yours, investment, advisory firms, Rosemont Seneca parties so forth started fund raising in the second quarter Is its target one and a half billion from an original one billion plan partition heading in such a deal which Hunter Biden did.
Was not a privilege extended to every firm noted the journal, the bomb. This fund is likely one of the biggest sino foreign collaborations and private equity to take advantage of the free trade zones. Fits in converting Wanda dollars. They could be invested in foreign companies. The funds basing a combination of wine in: U S dollars an hour China restricts freak conversion of its currency. The deal perhaps also remarkable, because to that point much of Hunter binds expertise lay in the business has influence rather than investing. In twenty thirteen, the New York Times Road until two thousand eight hundred Biden, son of then Senator Joseph Button Lobby Congress regularly the Washington Post reported last year that fifty six relatives a law makers of unpaid influence Congress since to thousand so
I want my house and sent a pass rules to limit some loving. The house left enough wriggle room for parents and children's children of law makers to stir lobby vine and become all of this and I wired and Diana Feinstein, when we re ban, since its foundation eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call it has provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. Now I want to tell you about an Primus: the free monthly each digestive hills, the college in Primacy indicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in
Nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a job. Issues like free speech, the regular A big tech, mental ill. And the American Medical insurance system and because a merry as founding principles are so important hills, though off Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right, you can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. I want you to do I should a visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, dot. Eighty you for your free subscription, that's in price, I M p r- I am I yes, dad was there that EU welcome to Helstone Fortunately, a paying contribution,
Joe Biden son a fortune and financed Mitch. Mc camels in laws a fortune from steel and shipping all from the chinese communist government and die in fine style to four years, was the chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee and now I believe, still on that a programme to carry this through the bottom of the break, but I continued to do my research. Twenty years ago, peace in the yellow times, bike lend Buntin, capital, Hell Senator dying Feinstein as emerged as one of the staunchest proponents of closer Eu Us relations with China fighting for permanent. Most favoured nation trading status for Beijing. At the same time, far from the spotlight, Feinstein husband, Richard Bloom,
expanded as private business interests in China, to the point that his firm is now a problem. Investor inside the communist nation for years Feinstein and Bloom of insisted that they maintained a solid firewall, between her role as an influential farm policy player Careers, a private investor overseas, but such closely coinciding interests. A highly unusual for major figures in public life in Washington and now is Controversy heats up over improper foreign influence in the EU s political process because they choose he's government was a point, in two thousand of the clear campaign in the day and see that time the effectiveness of the fire, while between those interests, could be called into question this but amazes me all the attacks on trumped, because a russian influence he can't find one but China's all over the place after
as interviewed by the times about as China Business Bloom announced that he will donate future profits from his personal investments. There too, as nonprofit foundation to help tibetan refugees. And ninety ninety two when Feinstein ended the Senate Plum since in China to one project worth less than five hundred thousand dollars countries: financial disclosure reports- center financial activities and their country have increased member. This is twenty years ago last year. That would be ninety. Ninety six, a plum investment firms, twenty three million dollars for a stake in a chair. He's government own steel enterprise and acquired sizeable inch in the leading producer of side mean milking Kandian. China, plums firmness capital. L P received an important boost. For me, ten million dollar investment by the internet,
financed corporation and arm of the World Bank. Experts said the eye of sea backing typically confer legitimacy, can attract other investors She'll be going quite well roughshod Coloni nineteen before manage the. I have seized carpet capital markets. There also has some comfort in that Mr Bloom had some contacts with China. Meanwhile, Stein, drawl? U S, policy towards China, expanded and JANET Ninety ninety five: she became a member of the Senate, Far Relations Committee, giving our prominent platform for efforts in supporting China's trade privileges. Ninety ninety five fights and this made three visits to confer with senior government, patients in Beijing again a reminder. This is twenty years old she's, not a hell of a lot more sense. Her husband, bloom accidentally plum, has a cup her each time at his own expense, MS attendant never meetings where President Zemin back then and other top chinese leaders.
Unusual degree of access for private business man, so Feinstein husband, Biden, son, my Connell's in laws, chinese, poor millions into the acquainted campaign. I'm not done. Because now China has icy, be I'm saying that our country I'll be right back, you know our nations oldest colleges, refunded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vest majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of politically correct They no longer allow free and open discourse rejecting Idea of objective truth there panel, moral and cultural relativism, thankfully None of this applies to Helstone College, for all. Two centuries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to prove
sound learning at the kind of central to preserving civil and just liberty and intelligent, piety hills deal celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain Committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide to its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include The online courses, the publication of its freeze, digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its bar a charter school initiative which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstones college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College I donated regional copy of a compilation of the federalists papers which sit today, as I speak, the Kirby Centre Hills
College America's college show without warning label. Liberals loving Joe call him now heading seven, seven, three, eight one for eight one, one: I want to continue this a little longer, ladies and gentlemen, because this is the second greatest threat we face in America is China. The first, of course, is the radical progressive movement in their destruction of the american culture and civil society from them. We briefly touch on Bill Clinton. Joe Biden Homage Mcconnell and now we're working on Feinstein. And this piece in the oil times. Twenty years ago, Feinstein this week that her Senate position in no way has affected her husband's business in China. She said that blood has now sought to exploit her influence or access to increases opportunities in China?
husband, has never discuss business with the men. Never would never has said Somebody will have to explain just how I have benefited, because my wife goes over to China, but experts on a question whether someone emblems district How someone and blooms distinct position could insulate interest when he's so primarily involved and that China market is simply associated with the leading friend of train in the Senate and act the inner circles that other entrepreneurs do not in China. Everything is Personal said, Arthur Waldron, professor stress. She'd, never wore college and an Associated the Franklin Fair Bank centre for it east asian researcher, Arbed. That's how This works personal contacts, friends and friends of friends, Sage, Monroe, CO, author of the recent China policy, both the coming Catholic with China said: there's no doubt in my mind that is dying fines.
And had a pattern of taking positions on. You have joint policy that Chinese of fish impossible to do so. Have had a great deal more difficult in doing business in China and probably find it impossible to do so. Federal investigators have detected that the chinese government might attempt to seek favour with Feinstein last year. Then, twenty years ago choose one of six members: a guy Who is she warnings from the FBI that China, my training, properly influence them through legal campaign contributions? None of it It just put a spy in her car. Remember there's no, thence Feinstein receive such contributions. Then it goes on. It goes on. This is why it is so difficult terrain in Washington D C.
So difficult terrain and washed in unity. Talk about Eliza Cummings there to ethics, complaints against Eliza, Cummings wife in the so that there is a conflict of interest. Her and her husband he's a very powerful man, Oh she's, a very powerful committee, the House government Oversight unreformed committee overseas, everything in these ethics. I suggested some of the contributions that her for profit. Excuse me that are non profit and for profit entities receive our companies and businesses, they come before husbands committee. Something that hasn't been explored much in the media either. But when you look at this. When you look at this, it is. It is a grotesque violation, I think, of the dude
These public officials you're supposed to even rejected appearance of a financial conflict of interest. In each case, there's money they Clinton's Biden, Mcconnell Feinstein. And her husband, what the article doesn't say said: Feinstein benefit from whatever money her husband earns in China to unlock folk, China is a genocidal autocracy, like allegedly anybody, invest in there that I got just anybody have access to its markets. That's exactly what is done in this case its let certain people was certain connection, so they believe can help them and it is danger this country. It is endangered us getting. Technology to fire off Icy becomes into Merv those icy beams during the cliff,
Administration ministerial bill went and I'm gonna say it. I don't care would sell at this country. Two seconds are, they did say mother. They are control over nuclear material to Russia, while Hillary Clinton was Pro state. They leave office and have earned estimated two hundred forty two hundred fifty million dollars a year its Mcconnell, is married into enormous wealth Honey from his in laws are used to prove his lifestyle helpers campaigns, lunch package The guy for the little man in the union's Wallace One is making a fortune out of a financial investors adviser when he has no background in it. Diane Feinstein. I've always felt that she is.
The manchurian senator always always promoting trade. Foreign policy initiatives and so forth. That would help China, but don't worry, she's not influenced by anything. This is great scandal. Not Russia collusion goes. There was no Russia collusion. This is Great scandal that needs to be investigated. How top politician, this country, mostly Democrats, but somewhere looking for sure specially Mcconnell. I've done enormous harm to this country. In my humble opinion, just my view now. China is a grave threat to the United States. The gravest Farne threat that we have.
The gravest foreign threat that we have to support to IRAN, giving support to North Korea talking with Russia. It control. Both ends of the Panama Canal, it has key water ports in North Africa, gaining water ports.
South of our border in our hemisphere. Whatever happened, Monroe Doctrine, whatever happens in the Monroe Duck, Tulsa China in part they gave technology to Pakistan, so it could build nuclear weapons which it has done and with which they threaten India. I gave North Korea, as did Russia technology, and all of them are trying to give IRAN technology, particularly China, North Korea, Then, when you look at it on top of that, this of course was not discussed at the democratic debates. Colinton binding, Feinstein Mokanna will never be brought up by conservative hosts.
Writers other than Schweitzer or broadcasters has not praise him he's he's, really something this Mcconnell, so China gets armed. North Korea gets on Pakistan guitar an hour on a complete seller. Now IRAN is on its way to getting nuclear weapons. I'm telling you it's twenty getting nuclear weapons number one the Obama administration have funded with that will go down in history. As a suicide theo. What are some getting very, very concerned about the world's response to IRAN very concerned there? National pressures we can put on IRAN, but which is not.
The only way to stop IRAN from getting nukes in aiming them at our cities isn't act for thy regime to fall, not seeing the peace then should announce that that's what he wants to do. I'm not saying we need a full scale war, I'm tired of dealing with the comic commentators and that Mickey Mouse heads The only pink code, pink Republican and the left wing democratic, they're gonna get us all killed like these, so called pacifist as Hitler was rising. Blame America First Crap Joe Kennedy Senior was. Get nice with Hitler. While you were ambassador to even if the had a yankee chain and bring back here where he but he would become head of a new organization that they set up called these securities and Exchange Commission If the hour said, I need to put a crook and charges that, because you know how to find the other crooks
China is also influencing movie made China also influencing our universities and colleges, but that's not my point by point: is the the affirmative steps Or the affirmative decision not to take steps which has brought us to this point with China. Now bringing us to this point with a rain? I am not at all clear. This will offend some of you, but so be it. What our policy is today towards IRAN clear. I think the sanctions are very, very important, but for some reason there are other sanctions could be put in place that we're not putting in place. I'm not talking about military, I'm term about economic.
Trade, commercial, which is exactly how Reagan took out the Soviet Union. I don't think we should be afraid to defeat IRAN without firing, a bullet that we can defeat around firing a bullet. However, if it shoots missiles at us, we need to take out their missile sites, and you see if you express a common sense view like this. We have these clowns, In the fringe of the Republican Party, in these clouds, on the fringe of the Democratic Party or We're warmonger. No man warmonger at all. I dont support war war. I don't like war at all. Why would I that's insane? As I said the other day, that's like the left. Using where'd racist. You know, I don't think we should hey Rembrandt match, because you are racist
I don't think we should allow around to get away, but that's because you're, a warmonger same level of intelligence, actual stupidity, And this hollerin deal, which is really what the Democrats want to put back place ran Paul, wants to put back in place Gabby Debbie or whatever name is she wants to put back in place? Is a disaster. It basically arms the Iranians. But even I will will make the point. Then, if you kill the around deal, which we have, you must be prepared to deal with the consequences of that. So for on IRAN, IRAN tomato tomorrow chauffeur IRAN is going to press ahead with nuclear armaments. What your plan Well, we'll sit down and negotiate with them
not comfortable sitting down and negotiating with a terrorist state that is killed. Thousands of American directly and indirectly, and has lied about every single agreement it's ever entered into that is violated. Every you one requirement negotiate with them about what. She they believe their greater moral authority. Allows them to lie in the interim because were irrelevant or worse than irrelevant. I just hope now. Where the Iranians do not have nuclear tipped icy, bs. Then my dear friend, and this administration wind up leaving office, hopefully after six years, not not to within IRAN. That has icy beams. Would nuclear warheads, that's my great hope.
Sailor, nation I'll be right back then every human being has a common, how do I live Well Peace and well being depends on how we answer that question hills: Dough College President Larry aren't argues that the best book ever written on this subject is Aristotle's Nick and they can and a new free online course from hills to college shares. Aristotle's teachings that. Why help you led the most complete happy life possible register for this free course introduction: Aristotle's ethics, how we need a good life featuring lessons from the greatest self help book ever written at Levine for hills. Doubt that come in just ten on demand videos, each only thirty minutes, long you'll learn how to confront the chief obstacles to happiness and make their choices that bill good Character, Aristotle
It's a guide for securing a virtuous life, and if you take this recourse from Hills, Dale and he'd Aristotle's advice your life, for the better. You can learn how to lead a good life justice, every hills. The college student does it's yours for free at Levin, for hills down that com, that, l e g for hills down that come. I Afghanistan, people say we ve been in Afghanistan for nineteen years. How much longer can we be in Afghanistan now? I think that deserves a good luck. I don't have any problem with that, I believe, are farm policy should be prudential. Illogically driven, must be a NEO Connor and interventionist. Non believers
forget a model and we were attacked from Afghanistan and again Fourchan cookie lines, don't cut it with me. You see, ladies and gentlemen, here is the funny thing, our enemies. They don't judge. Things the way we do. They don't say you know we ve been here nineteen years, let's, let's ended. Is that the way the communists in trying to see things now is that the way Al Qaeda sees things now. Tat, the way any of our enemy see things. Well, it's been nineteen years. How much longer are we gonna? Do this? That's not the test. The test, as if we're making a difference, we can make a difference what else is necessary. The costs terms of our lives and casualties as well as resources. You know.
But that lie. I mean how many more, where these things we. Let me tell you something: spin allow worse. Read up on war, a war to read On the Vietnam WAR read up korean WAR yeah, yeah, one maybe even the civil war totally different, but still. A long, damn or four and a half years I get here the revolutionary war. I can hear the coat bankers back then am I gonna spend five six it's here, that's a war that one over went on for over eight years. The point is either potentially worth it or it's not, then you're, not seven thousand miles away. What the hell's that have to do this, I don't know. Maybe a missile- can fly so thousand miles an icy be em a long range, I c b, I might have something to do with it. Since the wild West days when you're winchesters.
So that the people out there who are reading from their comic books and their fortune could Is there not relevant to me. If there's a reason to be an afghan stand to protect us, then we ought to be enough. Ghana stand. If there is not there we shouldn't be, then we shouldn't be. And you can negotiate with everybody. I would tell this present or any president can make deals with just anybody. We should learn from history. Could you make a deal with Hitler and Stalin while their boat But you know what I mean: Arafat never kept the deal Castro and Cuba. He never kept the deal. They all lie fewer fascistic com. A terrorist, you know what I'm gonna shine on the bottom page here. Indeed, it will get it sure to find a note arise,
Nobody has no lawyers. Ok, it's been executed, I mean did. Does anybody really that's how the Taliban conducts itself it's this or anybody else now. No, I don't think. Now run underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody like living here. I'd number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven he ate one three at one. While we will continue on the issue.
First there are several others as well. It's Friday, we don't hit the breaks with the gas pedal Please don't forget this Saturday, seven p M eastern time, not one but two former attorney general. Ronald Reagan attorney general and mace. Georgia be bushes, turning general like lucchese women, too thus the Mount Mahler hearings the programme was partly preempted. Last Sunday end. The first have higher rate it enormously. I was very popular, so you'll get the watch the entire programme. I hope you will see. A brand new show would NEO Ferguson Incredibly, intelligent wind discussed China, Russia Ross discuss socialism versus capitalism. I think you'll find it interesting. It's not, Kind of tv show that you normally watch cause. It doesn't really exist elsewhere. On television, PBS tries to do it, but they camp. We do
Ten p m Sunday on Fox on life, liberty and live in eastern time and Sevenpm Pacific. I hope your watch also. Please Having done your copy of on freedom of the press or have a family member who needs to read it? my friend or neighbour, for you, gonna, see somebody this weekend, give them a copy Shelly, by copies myself in hand them out, did you know that Mr Vanunu, it's important the substance of the is important because one of the grave threats we we face this country, is the lack of a truly free press, and by that I mean government intervention I mean what's between the ears, have an idiot driven, Progressive press a social activists. Press
That's why you see all these radicals and sulphur? That's why you hear other house on tv and radio now stating something than ever stated before they read my book that the media, are leading the charge. Media are leading the charge. And you see this in growing tyranny Is growing despotic regimes? That's what happened. Since you about how long are we going to fight? I hate to tell everybody this, but the battle between liberty and tyranny is permanent. It takes on different, looks different methods Different adversaries different enemies. The message, in Foreign, but the the lead evil diabolical schemes. To destroy liberty are forever that's what the human
mine, that's what mankind tells us. What history tells us- and we have to mindful of this- and sometimes it takes. Yes, organization to battle it, sometimes it takes ideas to battle it. Times it takes a military to battle. It just depends on the situation. Doesn't it. It really is so bizarre. Money here Much longer will this go on. We don't dictate that we are the ones defending liberty. We don't dictate how long this that are. The other thing is. And may I make another suggestion to you if we talk about space think, theatres and wars. Part of the reason some of these wars go on.
Long time because we don't fight to win them. Have we fought to actually defeat the Taliban in Afghanistan, I'm not even talking about nukes. We have such. Military. Might We ve been talking about infantry. Look at the Vietnam WAR would do we really fight that to win? No, we didn't. So the problem is in many respects. The commander in chief or politicians are who members involved in making these decisions. The fighting men and women. But we don't live in a fantasy world. There are terrorists There are communist era. Fascists are all kinds of enemy. And genocidal maniacs out there. I want to move on to Elizabeth worn
Believe it or not, this is the Boston Globe. Worn real This financial report, Lisbon, who the Harvard LAW School, professor and consumer advocate. This is from my twenty twelve twenty twelve. Ok, Wasn't just released and consumer advocate, and was challenging Scott Brown My home, more than seven hundred thousand dollars in compensation from teaching and consulting fees over to your period from twenty ten to twenty eleven Over the same period she was collecting a six figure salary for two consecutive federal government appointments over the same period, two hundred sixty five thousand three hundred from September twenty ten August, one I'm getting to appoint August twenty Levin. As an to campaign before that petrol campaign is a fight for the middle class, which he says is left by
nah panel that oversaw the? U S: Bank, bail out. Numbers were not required to be in our financial disclosure, but they were provided by her campaign. One has pitcher campaign is a fight for Class, which he says is left behind in the recession. While the financial industry has been protected. Within one seven hundred thousand dollars in teaching and consulting fees, his forty four thousand dollars image here in twenty ten consult for travellers, insurance company. Four cases involving asbestos victims. We understand that she was pay by travellers to fight asbestos victims, For the little guy deciding Unama posters, I mean they therefore have representation too, but she doesn't present yourself that way.
Despite claims- you don't need to be a Harvard professor, to know that insurance companies stone higher bigtime laws because of their interest in protecting the little guy said, Jim Barnett spokesmen for the then brown campaign. Here's the bottom line is why I started this: Sheer and over a two year period, as Katy Pavlovitch has pointed out. Four hundred thousand dollars to teach one class. As Elizabeth Warren closes, the night with complaints said privilege the other day about the cost of college. Students just remember she was paid for a hundred thousand dollars to teach one class throws well worth it. Mr producers, are you. Four hundred thousand dollars to teach one class. I just know had a rip off the government. They know how to use the government to line their pockets weather
China, whether it's this day, it's just unbelief sickening This is what I mean about an on free press. How come not a single I shall was Postal Elizabeth warn about any of this during two debates in which has participated in my one now. One question. Now the left is very upset that their hero, Barack Obama, was criticised by other candidates. You not allowed to criticise Obama the meat. Is disgusted with. I can't believe that they want to tack Obama they're supposed to attack drop like we do. Our bomb is to be protected and by the way he still building this monstrosity. And a historic site in Chicago and their complaints by the did he left and right and local newspapers, air and again the national media could give it a watchful eye on all natural bonbon. Here is Rebecca back on.
And then colleagues are reported, is expressing eggs ass, but our left, the party, is moving some policy issues and as you know, what Obama has been trying to stay out of this primarily as much as possible and keeping quiet not making any endorsements even with his former vice president, Joe Biden in the race, but privately Obama our CNN colleagues are reporting is expressing. Fast power left. The party is moving some policy issues and, of course, with us the things he did when he was president now course, primaries, are all about the legacy of the last president, where the parties moving to no secret, the Democratic Party right now has been moving forward to the left policy wise now. This is an attempt to paint. Obama has just left of centred Democrat. Obama destroyed our healthcare system, he destroy. Immigration system here destroyed our military. He sought to destroy our police forces, nature.
Constitution inside out, he loaded the courts. Would leftwing cooks. Is there anything you didn't do that was damaging to the country. You're Obama's very exasperated right now, with all the left wingers running for office. I talked about this. Time and again in it's in my book, which is they move the centre to the left all the time so now Obama and oh care and his policies honor it or left of centre are now we have all these coax. You see all these coach running now he was a cook too. Right back when you wake up in them morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel blow
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in this case. A recent election most people governing monasteries. Might I felt this might lead to offer. Steady now seriously is a dramatic events. I think he meant dream going down his leg, and last night he had another feeling cut to go. The historic nature of rock Obama running away notes were in twelve, was so dramatic. I can understand. People who have come to you, my colleague, don't normally voting is, albeit somewhat ever showed up because it was so throwing. I was thrilled and I think I get from thinking about what happened in no way is throwing debate. It was throwing what he said it out for the convention have advised and, above all, as the spindle drips known as China. Under his loafers
you cannot attack Obama. The media will have none of it. Are they bring ANA com? like Rama Manual, Rama manual, ladies and gentleman, was about to reign of her appeared at time. Did you know that Mr Vanunu cushy? Did I've been mocking him for years any cut off one of his fingers when was working at a Delhi. Did you know that, Mr Medina? I believe it's one of his forefingers middle finger, but he cut off part of one of his finger. Ah there's no story very just did I dont know if he put in it, and you know, between two this is a bread and solid. I don't know what he did with another. But anyway, Rama Manual was on Fox business. To none of this is a failed mayor. They failed former mayor disaster and he is furious that their idle Barack Obama's
attacked cut forego in a way by taking a shot at Joe Biden. There was also shots taken at President Barack Obama, the most popular democratic in the country, because Joe Biden was advised present struck me as a little odd than they seem a little more time. Neither strike the word a little ok guys at ninety seven percent. Among Democrats, the most excuse me choose me in trumps at ninety seven percent. Among Republicans Disney it is low nineties anyway, go ahead, progressive prolific president. But an incredible chief of staff for me to say that, since the great society, what are they doing? Well, since the great society go ahead, Bombing wasn't enough in. He know it not only to hear that human immigrants. Let me just say this a little history. We so security. The democratic party, you don't originally proposed past African Americans can get it from
why don't I, the icon of the Democratic Party, you build on things. Medicare. Isn't his fascinating? Do not talk about the founders this way, but they found it a free nation. Ok, women couldn't vote blacks, couldn't vote, but come on come on. You know we build on things. Do they talk that way? No. Creepy ballerina go ahead to defy when Lyndon Johnson passing the Medicare today was part. A bee seemed indeed all their. You build. Rose about New York Times. Why should oppose their covering up the hollow I mean we build on these command command. Our backs Creepy ballerina go ahead. If I wouldn't Lyndon Johnson passing the Medicare today was A b seemed indeed all their you build This is where this is either
a lot of young people- they don't know history or I'm retired, from community institutions of higher education are teaching people really really you gonna teach history, that'll be fascinating, go ahead, I want progressivity from literally Wilson, and Roosevelt Wilson now, there's year your white supremacist, but they like wealth, he gets a pass sea were building on progress, progress. Seventy were building on progressive anti. Ladies and gentlemen, Forget about in all those who support liberty, and now we Democrats are burning a progress and if he really understood history, why wouldn't we? like before the civil war about the Democrats go ahead, then great society and forward builds on the progress of generations before for generations.
This is not so. This is not so, ladies and gentlemen, were constantly building. Bigger and bigger government more more centralized government, more taxes, more regulations do this is nuts. I think it's hilarious. Ashley memory go to the morning. Schmahl. He's very upset. He watched this rally would trump in Ohio yesterday he's very upset, I told you they were poised to attack. There was very, Well, they could attack, but Joe Scarborough, like you and all the deliverance Andrew player on the bridge. He attacks anyway, when he talks about he he's talking about trunk Seven go, he is not proven himself capable of being this.
For more than a day or two. We can give a Norman whose knocking look who's talking clown and you know damn well what I'm talking about being disciplined go ahead go and give it an interview on Fox NEWS with across. The dead from DNA, I had him and launched a most just inflammatory. Can I come to the conclusion that the president has a stalker here and Joe Scarborough, a true stalker everything. The president does, this guy is staring at him, he's hiding behind the bushes. Looking in the windows, he is obsessed with tromp any stocking Trump for the purpose of you know trying to attack tromp guide. Attacks against people in the United States, so can't he just here
capable of doing that, I will say caddy the thing had he who they House Caddy MR producer. I I you know I can't hear he's got quite the team there does any plagiarists and sexual harassers and another clowns and fools and buffoons go ahead by showed it was a great. I think everything it was a great compare and with what the Democrats we're doing it showed that here is a guy. That's How did across this stage, he was being being demagogue let's say Mussolini Alike, just looking at ways of governments. Like to have a rally, that's to speak at the rally. Watch the ten Mussolini's up on the stage during the democratic debate? None another, not Mussolini like Nano or Obama, the way he would speak and five guys we will
Mentally transform America man, that's not Mussolini. Like no present United States speaking to supporters at an arena. Now, that's Muzzle Laney, like Joe Scar Ladies and gentlemen, America's clown up here, Back with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv mobile phone computers- you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal, saw metabolism Anti suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this study Discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and vegetables and your diet, which is why I recommend that you start taking field of greens by Brick house nutrition. Just one scoop of field of greens has a full serving of real USDA certified organic fruits and vegetables, and how
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Let's go to Scott Saint George. You talk on the mark, live in power, you, sir, you are in great Margo and, like all thank you, I am that really made him look a nail on the head. The term proud, think Republican, maybe one the best, maybe you're gonna come up With- is accurate you're like I can turn on CNN completely in the same exact, a gun. You feel good boy by those guys since when do we go into war at you, earlier today, without with a number in mind, I mean so when we ve been there nineteen months. What are they nineteen eighteen year. Does it really matter at these people ever heard of operating bases? I mean it's almost like some of these people have not even studied history and I'm talking about suppose it conservative at all. What you don't know how much we have here in your audience appreciate the fact that you
willing to be constructively at criticized the White House Anybody else for that matter, but isn't it a man but you know right or wrong. I mean when you hear about conservative populism, which are here often conservative, What does that mean that either conservative or it's not a good cop different? First of all, as you know, those words don't work together because, that's like say, I believe, republicanism in democracy. Those words now work together, Why? Because we do not believe in mob rule, we do not believe by in rule of the plebiscite. We believe an unalienable right set, her God given not given by the vote now by a majority, are plurality so that never has made any sense. I believe in the burking trusteeship you not. That is got that is, and I look this up and I was
ten years, all that is when you are elected to public office. You take into consideration, obviously, which constituents want what a majority of constituents one, but they elected you for your judgment and make an unelected you if they think your judgment is Anne and so while you taken reconsider their consideration, the popular view In the end, that's not what a leader and statesmen does a leader in a statement. Statesman takes a position that must be lawful. You know with constitutional confines, but takes a position based on the information that person has on what their constituents wants and so forth. Although, as we don't need assistance, just give us computers mortgages vote all the time tat they will. I do hope that you understand it at all. These people I like, but even even Tucker Karlsson, ripping John Bolton underneath ripping John bore me bring copy gathered on the talk about her views on Afghanistan,
and basically he sits down with the president that he thought the people on a show. Honestly, I send someone when the air- I don't get the watch many these things. I didn't mean that we can deal with our ran, but under no circumstances can we put food on the ground or border warned them at least what kind of negotiating tactic that under no circumstances can due to the american people are for that, he didn't run on it. It had bathed, doesn't want to do their bit like wait, a minute, slow, Can we not about better ran, has done things since the election to provide America and, above all other things. So what what are we supposed to do have as I say, went up a plebiscite. I thank God. Bolton and Secretary of State Pontio are fantastic, Why are there talking to the best guy? Let me tell you something you bring up. John Bold and John Bolton is the target of uranium propaganda of the iranian Foreign Minister,
And so, when you hear, ran Paul sound like the iranian Foreign Minister, meaning with the iranian Foreign Minister and trashing John Bald more than he trashes the Islam or Nazi regime in IRAN. That is a problem. I broadly agree. I like grandfather, economic policies. It couldn't be more wrong. I like clockwork, are often ripping John Bolton on the public. Well then, I guess what she would stop you got earnestly. I didn't know that, but anyway, what would I be very costly, gabardine under the night. I respect your keys nodded, but she really is, and not I mean I know who she is and of course depends on it, Taylor and so forth, she is a very odd hence of american foreign policy. I know she's, a veteran there's, a lot of veterans out their disagree. With that you bring her on to promote at somebody for interaction. We did it
last night, I don't wanna sit a beat up on that on Tucker. It's not fair, because he's not here, I actually like a lot, but I, but I hope there just trash and John Bonham that that would be a pound of appalling? Are I my friend you, for you call a Scottish, still gets there I'm in its annual signed copy of on freedom of the press. Don't hang up, I pressure by the way. There's a handful assign copies left over at the premier webs I don't even know what the website is, but if you, Google Premier and my name it'll pop up, I believe I don't think there's like a couple thousand of them left. I don't know what Amazon's doing, but I wanna Premier collectible start I want to really what should it take it
energy. What Amazon's dying, maybe somebody's asleep at the switch- am quite serious about this. It still fifty two percent off thirteen hours and forty four cents for coffee on freedom of the press. I mean that's incredible. See I want the price to keep going down, because I want as many people as possible my habit. About money to me it's about the message in the mission: let's continue Joseph Fort Worth, Texas, the Great w b I pay go. I mark you made a comment earlier about me. Boy I'll, get tired of fighting. What, where we got number I my coming is I dont understand the comment that is that the basis for withdraw or whatever is this has been going on long enough. Why I challenge I don't know what that means if we have of perpetual dire enemy, a grave enemy.
Maybe we're not fighting a war writing or maybe there's something else, but they're not going to go away just because we go away. So I want to share at the combat veteran, I'm very like you for your services, I honour the loser, get to decide when we stop fighting the winner get by how and why and I just why they had gone out their people who, who advised the fourth its procuring orange in fighting against liberty. Those of us who are fighting for liberty continue to fight. When they get tired of fighting they quit biting, then we then we stop. Let me ask you a question: what do you say to people say well at seven thousand miles away or eight thousand or ten thousand eleven there? What do you say to them? Attacker?
I've been walk with saudi outweigh that point in the minutes from where Afghanistan, That's right and the third Reich what was adding Kansas. That cost us an enormous number of lives where war to do. We agree that we should have fought war war to every word that we had to. Yeah, that was thousands and thousands and thousands of miles away. That's where most of these war start and the goal is to keep em off our shores. Is it not yet? But what we learn from world war to wear that if we get involved early, it won't come. Much. Why that's a great point? People waited in. Why we, the code Pink Republicans back then too. You know The democrat isolation is still look, I'm not Lindsey Gram like Lindsey Grandma Matter, radical interventionist, like marker Rubio, everything getting get it, I'm not that
the word. I use and farm policy against prudence not ideology. The problem I have a ramp palsy trim by ideology, the primate whether Bernie Sanders he's driven by ideology. That's not the way to look at these six. Patients overseas they're, not ideological, either you're gonna be his national. Charity issuers, Americans interest, or it's not our eye Joseph. I want to thank you for your service. My friend, let's see
I don't understand this. Jim LAS Vegas Nevada, on the great Kate, on K, W a k D w, and what is your question? Sir mark? I love your show grandma copy of unfair and deprive my question if you don't like the budget being fined right, what are able to pass on our budget correct by you, add a guest on fan, and I agree with you that room Obama, poor military down and we have to protect ourselves against china- have a kid s military. I want him for tat, I needed a bent budget, while Sir La La gear, smart guy, we can have a defence budget without blowing a hole through our budget. Can we we can ever defence budget the defence budget as a small percentage of the federal budget? Isn't it two tiny prison can follow,
on seven hundred billion dollars out of a four point: three trillion dollar budget. I am not even talking about entitlements now the Republicans control the house in the Senate before this last election, as well as the White House, it's called prioritizing. We don't destroy the country from within and burden you're you're hero, son and his eventual children burn this nation. So much that we we honor from within, because financially we destroy ourselves. We have to get off this. This Obama budget cycle we're not hamsters. We gotta get off the hamster wheel. We got a point, our ties, we d slash this massive bureaucracy, slash it it's out of control. Meanwhile, the defence budget, it is supposed to be the number one priority, because it's the number one priority: the federal government Tom
sir, who do you hear saying these things you see in a republic right if you're going to persuade people you gotta make the case? Don't you you gotta, make the case. Why was our defence budget under funded? What does that mean? We should talk about that. On the other hand, we These other agencies in departments absolutely bloated. So you ve gotta, make the case to the american people. You ve got to build the case to the american people. We have to prioritize. It's not Every dollar defense we get a dollar and a mass of welfare state. And by the way, when they take over. Never works outweigh its our and the mass, a welfare state and three cents to defence go items are, if you like to say yeah, you would like to say the left wing groups still need a vote for you now to give some of you, That's because we don't have a super mature, you you, you have to do it, you have to do, and you have to fight for these things, and you have to make the case
You know we wouldn't even have the strategic Defence initiative, all these defensive missile systems. Now that everybody brags about it. Ronald Reagan, it fought for it. He had to shut down the government to get initial funding for that. He didn't say: oh, oh well, you know a lump of a massively increased this in order to get that he to shut down to get the government. In order to get the M p Trident Amex missile system right, I agree in order to take on the soviets. You understand what I mean. I can't China. Yes, I do. I agree with you on a return we need to take on China without bloating our budget build our military sought or so we may at the fight it out for a couple months right. So I agree with that. Jim, listen. I want to thank you and please thank your son for us again are attacking after I, God bless. You.
China is on the move around on the move. Russia is on the move. The Democrats are on the move. Government spending is, how to control illegal immigrants are walking across the southern border by the tens of thousands. None of this has talked about in some coherent substantive way, only on a surface level, if at all, and so were focused on so much that isn't true for the last week on Donald Trump, racism, which is a lie, is tweets when a racist he's not a racist, nothing of substance, only potter beginning by Democrat mouthpieces in the media about pseudo events. Now you loyal event nights. You know this did it, because you obviously listen to my radio program, you all care about what is real
going on in the nation you care about the actual threats facing our great republic. You don't get caught up in propaganda being spewed by the Pretoria Guard media. You want pure unadulterated facts. The great news is that the place already exists. It's called Levine TV and I'll, give you a commentary around those facts and I'll admit: that's my car. Terry, but its pro american little different and we're, unlike anywhere else, on, live in tv and were only onto you, Lavigne Nights, patriots, those of you who love this country, so I would ask you to join me. Dry may reject the Phoney news as well as catch up on all my past episodes over six hundred and thirty episode, gonna live in tv dot com to sign up right now, that's our easy iron tv, Dotcom, Levine, tv dot, com, sign,
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They offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back, gotta, brick House, Levine, DOT, com or call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levin, that's brick house, L, easy! I am dot com or call a three three ring be h and problem. Code. Levant he's a thing you can. Attain your conservative principles and still strongly support this president he's conservative in many many ways and in terms of conservative principles I mean look at George, W Bush or George W, Nixon rise now and so forth, and so on. None of them were perfect concern. I don't even Reagan, was in a perfect conservative, and so you look at the
at the present United States. When I look at him, I think he's got a hell of a job, particularly given House party undermines, and particularly given the Thee Poison of the Democratic Party in the media. Confronted against him, these entrenched forces the bureaucracy. That doesn't mean you can't raise issues which is what I do. You know, defender this president when it comes to the constitution and so forth than I am I celebrate when he is advance, the causes of liberty and constitutional ism and national security. But I also comment when I think I'm not exactly Clear which taking place right disagree what's taking place
because, even though not as official advisers, we are the people we get their little input to, but I dont do it to sabotage him. That's the difference. I dont do it to attack him. I do it to be helpful to be supported in advance the cause of liberty, so there's no com what here we can have a rational diesel Discussion about issues done if the just salute or attack period period. You know the folks a ball. Branch or feeling really flattered right now, ever since their family business became the industry leader with the world's most comfortable sheets, she alot of imitators, making similar promises and even repeating words from the rats nigh would know this. I get to see me
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So try them right now: that's ball! On branch, dot, com, promo code, Mark. Will farming down New York that great tabulate be go? A man we are constitutional conservative. Therefore, we don't always agree with each other Democrats that all in line. We argue we vague. We argue with each other. Principles are the same, but at times like you said, we are not perfect conservative. So we will disagree. You don't see that in the Democratic Party you big even many governors. I feel bad boy on the stage where they would just like how by wealthy lunatics going to go well said a matter of time before their party, for part smile hold on, I sure, as hell hope you're right, because it needs to anyway go it numbers in the book his numbers and lacking openly my wife's from South America now guy. She,
Is a natural I citizen, she now is registering to vote me and my wife. Agree about much, for there is one thing we re about. Twelve has gone a much better job than we had anticipated. I thought it was a choice between shooting yourself in the head or the point. So I voted for Tromp, saying: ok, Hilary the head is adapt shot are not taken that shot. I am quite Billy supplied with how well he had gone, and I agree with you. Not agree more he's done very, very well particularly These really really troubling circumstance we'll be right back
now run only underground, the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one on well, isn't this fascinating from our friends at the free beacon. California removes arrest reports from come here subleasing. This must produce. Routine website redesign obscures Democrats record on criminal justice. A redesign of the California Department a correct rehabilitation website,
we'll make it harder for voters to inspect Senator Camilla Harris's controversial record as the States top cup. Now, let me just say this apparently for the left today. If you prosecute people, and they turn out to be criminals. There's something wrong with you. I've never seen anything like this. I've never seen anything like this. The democratic debate Did they ever mention victims? the victims. Rape victims are sought victims not once. The criminal is more noble than the victim, the illegal aliens, more noble than the american citizen. Let's continue the department removed public access to a number of reports on incarceration in this eight, including when presidential candidate Kemal Harris was California attorney general.
Twice a year: the CDC our releases information about the number of new individuals incarcerated in the California prison system. As part of its offender data point series: these reports provide important information on demographic sentence, length, offence, type and other figures relevant criminal justice in it Our now to recently, these reports were publicly available at the CDC Ares website, a search using archived dot, Org way back machine reveals that. As of April twenty five, twenty nineteen, the most recent index date, Odp reports were available dating back to the spring of two thousand nine. As of August twenty nineteen. That's this month. This same web page now serves only a single odp report. The one first sprang: twenty nineteen, they pre twenty nineteen reports have disappeared.
The changes matter in part because the reports contain information about Harris's entire time as state attorney general twentieth. I've been through twenty. Seventeen Harris has taken fire from multiple opponents for a tough on crime record of California. Topcoat an image that she has tried to shed as Far less senator in presidential candidate, one particularly brutal attack came from. We know Tulsa Gabert Assad's favorite cabinet for president. Making our website fully comply with a significant, an ongoing undertaking says Jeffrey, Alison, CDC our assistants sector for communications, Carter, redesign of the look and feel of the website and a need to evaluate all the thousands of documents and other files. Our linked to our website functional, said the other reports.
Probably accessible and that some information was only temporarily move removed, promise their hard to find hey, look we ve updated our website to help come out. I mean to make it user friendly now daily collar lip watchdog group that targeted Google and Devon Nunez paid Fusion GPS, one huh, forty thousand dollars for research. There when I just saw this is a big deal. Shoes me. A liberal watchdog group that is investigated, the Trump Administration Republican LAW make It's like California, Republic Endeavour. Nunez Google paid fusion GPS, nearly one
written forty thousand dollars last year, according to tax documents filed with the Internal Revenue Service, that payment by they care pain for accountability or short. Other front group. The campaign for accountability was for research on an unknown project. We know about fusion GPS. Now this group Cs Faye, was formed and twenty fifteen by several former employees of the responsibility and ethics in government in Washington, called crew. Mother left wing Our group that group describes itself as and where non partisan, nonprofit watchdog organization, Users, research litigation and aggressive communications to expose misconduct, malfeasance of public office. Now. This group see a phase. One hundred and forty thousand payment diffusion GPS for work force for work as an independent contractor. According to
see a phase form. Ninety, that is their tax return. The It does not reveal the data the payment and see a phase. Donors are not disclosed see if a file, numerous ethics complaints lawsuits last year. Why publishing reports criticising Google and Black rock the largest investment firm in the? U S, Now see if there to it, goes on and on and on, but what's the point they ve targeted among others, Devon Newness and they are linked to fusion GPS. Now, that's obviously important why's that important Only Jim call me wouldn't know that and Joe Scarborough, because now fusion GPS,
Has some links some kind, a role in trying to take out Devon Newness cartel icy it? How do you say Mr Producer and thank MR producers eating a stake sandwich? I don't think he's listening now. He said it's, he agrees and, of course that to me seems to be the this is for this very important now, violence continues, ladies and gentlemen, against trumps support as we have anti, for we have others being beat up on the streets. Very little Sears National news coverage. Pretty incredible, isn't it we one piece here in the liberal liberal, where we are we gonna. We don't believe in these aggressive tactics. Stained and you know, is the present like months Alenia. Don't you think, anyway, draw hunger,
John Turann known as John he's on Fox five New York yesterday and I saw a picture this guy and he was beaten to up for wearing a make Amerika great again: hat cut third Congo is basically one against, and hence John said: hey Crime,
even though this challenge is obviously a minority want. We want the vessel. Was it a racist attacks, of course not. He deserve what got right. Anyone see there's on CNN welfare while nobody watches sin, and but it has anybody hurt. If anybody seen this on CNN now, how about I miss Alice Day, maybe I'll sharpened or have an honest. What does he strove? Show MR producer on his weekend show yes, which is very, very popular actually nowhere. So what do you think about that? Ladies and gentlemen? And when you see a picture this guy, I think I saw him on right school. I mean there even a question whether, as I socket is broken a ten seconds it took, and it was a gang of teenagers. Because he's wearing the hat now people are Jim, cost, aren't Talk about there's nobody there sitting there waiting at the
Students rally lasting, and I cannot say something say something so we can trash the his supporters, say something think, I'm getting think I'm getting here, Gimmick hostile last night on CNN cut a go. So far that China has not been heard in this crowd here and scenarios high or the president did say at one point that he gets walk about certain members of Congress on the democratic side of a desire to do. That is going to mention that my name because he said he doesn't want to cause any controversy, but Andrews, and I think the interesting thing that we saw must at the very beginning of this speech from the president when he came out and he celebrated essentially what happened over the last two nights during the democratic debate you first of all, this guy's way of talking is complete. Grotesque, turnoff. Secondly, He is now elaborating upon something when nothing happened, but let's listen and go ahead,
spend more time attacking Barack Obama than they have Donald Trump. That was essentially a sign of the president, felt that Democrats we're doing his work. On his behalf, and now I will say the president to went onto attack some of the Democrats in the field. He went after Elizabeth, worn at one point, but he also attacked by Vice President Biden, suggesting that the vice president has this amazing he's doing your report even before the president has finished speaking You see here are CNN: go ahead, Mars rally that future President Biden could have is advised round him put any piece of paper in front of him that he would sign it. That's almost directly to the president, going further than I ever before. I really attacking Joe Biden. Mental acuity. Oh he's attacking Joe binds mental acuity. Ladies and gentlemen, how dare anybody do that? How can you not.
As I said the other day and posted on my social sites, Joe Biden is the Bob Mueller of the Democratic Party You understand what I mean. What's the question job I'm mental acuity. Now the president's mental acuity has been attack relentlessly by CNN and the to the mob media they brought in Only experts who never spoke to the president in their lives Greece and taught it Ivy League schools and wrote phony books, and they repeatedly Had these clowns on tv and tell us about the President's mental state, Joe Biden has slowed down considerably. He was always slow, slow down even more, he was, three steps behind now is a football field behind terrorism. Whatever I hope these their nominee, I'm ruining form but that said, don't you dare make any, even,
France about Joe binds mental acuity, even though everybody Caesar's problem he slow. He slurring. He's not even responding in some ways rationally and our don't mention that by Trump mentally ill, mentally unhinge white supremacist white nationalist NEO, Nazi clansmen anti Semite. What else Hitler, Stalin Muzzle Lenny, now draw bondsman the curate, not that's below about don't mention Joe Bonds, mental acuity. We the lack of it I'll be right back
What do you mean that I'd tell you folks were doing bark in the park, not this Saturday, but next Saturday? Again, I will tell you about that little bit more detail before we leave the program and next week I love Event, people bring their dogs is also dog. Adoption agencies there we try to help as best we can, but first I want to tell you about LISA slot Nick. Ever here be LISA Slot, Nick no well, according to our friends at the free beacon Freshmen representative Elisa Slot Nick Democrat Michigan, his jewish, as am I that's all we have in common
thing else, freshmen representative, Elisa slot Nick Leftwing Coat Michigan, said at a you wish democratic summer conference that Republicans only oppose Anti Semitism because they want money from jewish donors? Now I want you to think about that. Here is a Jew talking about money from jewish donors and that's the only reason republican. I criticising anti Semitism that, in of itself as an anti semitic statements, there's been a lot of discussion. The past nine months or so eight months about Anti Semitism. She told him on It's a Michigan last Sunday, we are what I believe is a full on attempt by the Republican Party to grab a different community and them into the fold- and I will just be very honest right there not looking for votes, because we are a relatively small community they're looking for our donors right, you know the rich choose I added,
they're. Looking for our donors and they're trying to sway us Thou slop can Who is jewish herself and spoke favourably? The blanket pollution, house, Democrats past and marched and condemn Anti Semitism in other forms of aid, but she will not condemn tallied Omar directly. Think people feel the need to be very clear about what we mean by Anti Semitism, how it affects us and that there's just such a dramatic Increase and anti Semitism in events and violent events that we just feel the need to be vote. About it? She told the near the Detroit NEWS slot neck. Would not, however, two specific questions and may whether representatives Rashid Italian, an alien omar should be sent. Further anti semitic remarks and tweets according to the daily wire slightly
supported by the liberal advocacy grip? No, it's not a liberal advocacy group to solve hey hating phony jewish group called J Street. Which regularly publishes anti Israel policies the group Praise and twenty eighteen from the president of the Palestinian Authority, president for life, Mahmoud Abbas,. Expressed his appreciation for their efforts to support the peace process with an american society and this slot Nick. Lot can excuse me one support from J Street in twenty eighteen, largely because of revolt. Supporting the Iranian Nuclear Deal, which he support for a while working at the Department of Defense. Oh isn't that swell. Isn't that, while she wasn't Obama Department of Defense, fraud, she's tidings, screw J Street? You gotta go the list group J Street.
Clever name: isn't it it's a real life v car for the Israelis, it's a real fifth column for the jewish community, radical leftists self haters. In my humble opinion,. So why wouldn't slot can tally back and all my by name? Why could she's a radical, leftist and nothing gets in the way of her ideology. Nothing gets into the way way of her ideology, cheated grace in so many ways. Now you know how LISA Slot Nick a Democrat, Michigan Mr producer, would you invite he LISA slacken on the programme? She doesn't look partition, bright, so she may not know who I am
We should go on radio paid love to talk to him. Who is he while he just wants to ask if you quit? Who ok? we'll see Elisa Slack kin. He you can talk to J Street. You can talk to me absolute, not job. Alright, let's see here. Let me see my Paul US. Why is it that when they go to the screen- and always collapse is already here- we go quickly, Frank, a story, a queen, They aren't w B. Go yes, Magua profess eleven. I would ask you this question: I don't? U S whole too much your show, but an epidemic. And you have stated very clearly that you have to be smart to face the facts. Much I want to sound like a cheap, liberal or an ignorant. You mean Frank, you very intriguing this evening when it you hold on and we will take your call after the break. Ok thanks,
Ladies and gentlemen, let be Frank now he used ie Frank before there was a Mallory audio or anything else is parents were where the ball game. They named me frank and we'll be back Frank in just a few minutes: when speaking about bore a Bible Americans who are illiterate and eighty seven Seven three eight one, three, eight one, one we're to be getting back to Ie Frank in a moment Actually, his name has been with us many many years. I want to remind you on Sunday, at ten p M Eastern Sevenpm, Pacific Life, liberty level with tremendous show And the Saturday the re run because half the show was pre empted. Last Sunday, that's at seven p m eastern four P M Pacific. I guess with the attorney general admits
it might MC. The seventy fifth and eighty first attorneys generally nice, absolutely fascinating I also remind you that shockingly you can get on freedom of the press. Now, on Amazon dot com now for thirteen dollars and forty four cents, that's it fifty two percent off and if you have em prime. He can ordered if you ordered the next hour so and you'll get it delivered tomorrow for free, so I encourage you to jump in. My mark already have a copy, I know, but you can get a copy for the holidays and get a copy for your family. For a friend push the message out a birthday wonderful summertime reading. You may have another cause for to get another book Those of you haven't Ghana, yet I think if you look at the five star ratings and actually read them there, absolutely incredible. Two thousand and sixty six comments. Ninety six per cent. Ninety six percent, five star
I find it anywhere else and let's see what else. So, if you'll I quickly, oh man, I think they would be wise. Also in the podcast. I don't say this enough: the pod castors are always promoting them Outcast, well I'm a podcast or two, and I never promote my podcast. Here's what you do it's very simple and he can list the show any time day or night. Any the past shows too Go to my radio homepage. That's Mark Levine showed that simple Mark Levine showed I you'll see the homepage up near the centre at the top you'll see ACE. That's called audio rewind. Just click, audio, rewind and it'll. Take you to the podcast page, and then you choose what form a podcast Castro on a lesson to us: Google, podcast apple, podcast, stature, three examples: You really should go ahead and and download that onto your Iphone or your android or whatever.
Other device you have and you listen to the show at any time you wish, has of course, on radio and satellite and live streaming, but our podcast is growing by leaps and bounds. It's really a wonderful thing to watch. Here's the other thing we ve just than some research on this. I don't even know how to tell you this it's back stories, but I like telling it back stories Our audience on radio and our audience on podcast A really almost completely different audiences. Did you know that to produce a lot of them have about a thirty. Forty percent overlap, some people who are mostly hard castors and go on radio. They bring a lot of their podcast audience to radio. What's happening on my. I'd as its building an independent audience so per product Molly. Ninety percent of my podcast audience is not my radio audience.
And ninety percent of my radio on answers now my pod cast on itself. Sometimes maybe you folks will listen to the pod cast as opposed to radio. That's really call you know, maybe you don't have access to her. Maybe it's taped to later. Maybe it's preempted and that's what podcasting is for. But it really is fascinating and We are growing hugely on our podcast which is over three million a month now think about that over three million a month On radio over eight and a half million on site we have no idea cause. I don't tell us, no idea on any other platforms like live streaming and so forth. So if I had to guess I guess We have fourteen fifteen million listeners a week easily easily. When I go to Israel, it's an amazing thing: And I go to the western wall. My
aim is often called out. Mr Barroso, did I tell you there as they listen to the shone upon the podcast, hard casting is international or they do although the show off one of our local stations, maybe it's W B, a p, maybe it's care allay, maybe a who knows what it is. Maybe it's w b c and they listen that way through that stream. It's really remarkable thing, so we ve got this whole package, going on that. I don't talk about enough, so let me just repeated again it. Maybe, Mr Barroso, you can put it up there today sometime this weekend, you got Mark Levine, show outcome, that's my main website. You'll be on the homepage. Let look at that near the centre, the homepage at the top,
click on Audio rewind, it'll, take it to the pod cast page. Then you pick what kind of pod cash you want to listen to. That is which platform Google pod care, apple podcast stature, which is very popular in getting even more popular and so forth? We'd love to have you take us, will take you with us. And if your shopping this week in so your Cassio books. Barnes Noble, I love Barnes, Noble Walmart, other bookstores, any other warehouse stores grab your copy of on freedom of the press or just hop on Amazon dot com where they are discounting the hell out of it and right now number ten on Amazon dot com. I can't tell completely, but it looks to be the second or third on the non fiction side. I love it. When people write things, why has buck must they must not be able to get rid of it. That's why they're discounting that's not how it works
That's not how it works at all my boss, but must be Failing, ladies and gentlemen, since we have now sold hard cover, box and e audio EL over four hundred thousand units. Towards half a million and we're really quietly because other than me on radio, as anybody else pushing it now. So you are doing a buying by word of mouth, loyal event. I tried doing you're pushing it out there. You wanted people to get the message. You know we need to understand this and the battle ahead, because the real bad unfortunately, is with the unfair press and I'll give you another example. So prediction from wrong. I'm wrong, not only men like making predictions them. You are going to. Grasp onto something grab on something the President tweets your says over the weekend,
we have another round of hysteria, controversy, provocative provocation and so forth, and so on. That is, media pseudo event, a figure every week and is an area have what happens every weekend. Typically on a Saturday. Then they run on the Sunday shows they ve got their system. They ve got their model down? Ok, we expose all this and on freedom of the press. That's continue. Tom Kate, Carl Florida, the great Ws K, why go mister wondering current, I just want to say man. You said tonight, it may be said again: it's all awesome. And we are you guys, worker. Construction. We all the garage doors are open.
We're ready, Charles, it's ours, We can start are weakened. Every week, you're very well, your kind, it's great terrible, it's terrible when you're, not there, we going to plug in the Youtube and try getting it together, but it don't work we're all excited than your hearing, blasting Tom Thank you and don't hang up we're gonna, send you. I signed copy of on freedom of the press. Thank you very, very much, nor our nations oldest colleges refunded to teach students to seek truth and a hold up What is good, but the vast majority of them abandoned their missions long ago locked in the grip of political correctness. They don't even allow open disco Sonny more. They pedal moral and cultural relativism and reject the idea of objective truth, not Hills Del College from us to send These hills, Thou has remained true to its original mission.
Provide the sound learning that is essential to preserving civil and religious liberty And it is headed by one of our nations great statesman, Doktor Larry aren't a personal friend, a brilliant man This hills celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remains committed to providing its students, the very best liberal arts, education in the nation here There are also remains committed to offer new opportunities to learn about them many blessings of liberty. So you can do your part to spread the word and preserve them. And they offer you free online courses and their free monthly speech. Digestive conservative thought called Imprimis hills now: extends their reached through their Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizenship. Washington, D C. If you get the Washington, please make sure you visit it.
Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since eighteen forty four, this, Is he still college one of the things I brought up this week and pushed hard with school choice, which be the great civil rights issue of our time. I'm not new to this issue First, as president of Landmark legal foundation in our President, their PETE Hutchison when litigating for and promoting school choice for decades, Ike legal foundation? In fact, I would argue, it's been the leading legal group- be promoting school choice even before It was fashion among some other legal groups was an idea that was hatched by the great Milton Friedman, decades ago I remember being at a little seminar, was a relatively small one and leaving the room, and I hadn't, introduce myself the Milton Friedman,
as I say many decades ago, and he was in the hallway, and I shook his hand- and I was about us and a mark Levant, I'm with the landmark legal foundation in his eyes, lit up, and he said landmark. Thank you for your pursuit of education, education, choice. No sooner had we mention, it is something that the administration is mentioning two and others. There should be our civil rights issue for the urban areas in our communities, not just for politics, because the Democrats, mostly I was particularly the national Democrats because their bought, paid for by the any aid in the area of tea. They should be our issue. We should be pushing this issue. Because, at our help I hell of a lot in these various communities I'll be right back
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Jenny. Cell immediate effects is also free, no double chin, oh Tom, in fact no sagging draw, because no one needs to know your age call aid. Redskins, six o four or go to genocide that come get your to free gifts and free, express shipping. That's eight hundred skin six, o four or genocide that come aid red skin, six o four. Frank, a story in New York W. I beseech quickly go near these debates, blithering into the abyss with them. The candidates have things like Hilary. Radical Clinton is choosing the topics, and you know suffering here in New York with build a blow the man from Massachusetts that is choking our economy. I don't know but walk. I think that were The trouble is New York City falls under a New York City president again I agree with you. You have to call me, oh there, whose undermining the cops who he's had disgrace, he's a dork, it s the worst of the worse? And yet there is he gets elected. You frank thank. You
Frank quickly, Dan LOS Angeles, California, exam satellite go more exciting, taking my call, I just wanna call tell you how much I appreciate you listening to your show. You are a true patriot and I know what you do is hard. You do the hard work you do. The investigative work and what you present on your show is true and factual. The things that you have done for this country, what you have done for the people of the United States as a great service. You are a great patriot. I appreciate listening to your show and if it were up to me, every one of your books would be required. Reading cross this nation and your show would be being your telephone, ensure would be beamed into the only lack rate, schools and dumb. Are you a relatively minor one? Oh you are. I just love listening to shut when I listened to your show, it's like upright. Listen to. This is only made three media like I took a great great shower. You are
a true patriot and I love was Saint Malo. Thank you, Dan and don't hang up. I want to send you a signed copy of on freedom of the press. How can I that's like a hallmark hard right. There isn't it! Mr producer. That is a very smart guy, but he is a very high. I Q. Thank you Dan and pressure that Roma. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate all you folks had so true,
and here is America in your honor.
months the week is officially over the weekend begins now. Don't forget Sunday, ten p, M Eastern Life, liberty and love, and don't forget that get your copy of on freedom of the press. We need your help. We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, murky personnel- I send the border patrol unites Friday. Can I bring Can I Pepsi denied Smoke Eagle eyed in I Gigi mom get I dad.
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