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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 8/22/18

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, An individual can enter into a non-disclosure agreement in exchange for a settlement irrespective of their campaign for office - this is legal. The southern district of New York will never bring a charge against President Trump because it would never hold up as a matter of law because campaign funds were never used and this is not a contribution. The president is not in legal jeopardy. A non-disclosure paid for with private funds is completely legal, yet they call it hush-money when it comes Trump despite the fact that it’s done every day by our congress, our justice department and private citizens across America. Also, if Trump and his former attorney violated campaign finance laws, as many on the Left allege, then several members of Congress have likely done so as well. If spending a lot of money to make oneself look better in an upcoming election violates campaign finance laws, then there are a lot of members of Congress in jeopardy. But these members did something far worse than Michael Cohen because they used taxpayer money, as opposed to private funds. Later, what is Robert Mueller’s purpose of interviewing Trump or his staff if he can’t indict a sitting president? He is gathering information to provide to the house of representatives for the purpose of impeaching Trump. Is he now the special impeachment counsel?

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