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On Monday's Mark Levin Show, the media has recycled their old attack on President Trump labeling him as mentally ill while he was away at the G7 Summit in France. Media types like Brian Stelter and Bret Stephens join in with Psychiatrists who chorus to echo the same narrative. Then, the threat of the Iranian regime and their support for terrorism should never be underestimated and the United States should not sit down for any talks with this kind of enemy. Iran's fingerprints are all over so many acts of terror including the murder of U.S military members as they slept in their barracks. It was wise of Trump to not accept a meeting with Iran's Foreign Minister at the Summit. Later, If America was founded on slavery why don't we have it today? Because it’s wrong and people didn't want it so they outlawed it. Afterward, as predicted on this program the New York Times published a story about their anti-Semitic writer who was exposed on twitter last week. The Times piece flipped the narrative onto Trump, noting that right-leaning journalists are out to make them look bad. Finally, Trump made headway at the G7 Summit striking deals with allies and further economically weakening China.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College. Now, in its hundreds, seventy fifth year hills Is a truly independent institution where learning
prized in intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground command, both than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader. My love, then everybody, Martin within here are apparently seven seven, three eight one. We ate one one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one know we're not getting it every issue: that's been posted on websites and is in the news: we're not pirates we're thinkers right, the way had some big issues Well, ladies and gentlemen, there pulling the mentally
a card out again from the bottom of the deck. Pull this about a year and a half ago, as all the networks keep pushing the issue of whether the present was mentally unhinged, mentally sick, unwell what they did to bury go water. Nineteen sixty four. They did some of this two Ronald Reagan when he was presently United States, but of course, there tax on Trump like nothing. We ve ever seen period when you have columnists and hosts and guests specifically pit to push this narrative. These people are doing enormous damage to this country you're doing enormous damage to the standing this country and they're doing While the president of the United States is at the G7 meeting.
While he staring down communist China. While he staring down fascist Russia,. This is what our media are doing. An just one person in the media, because That's not the way the american media functions. We don't have for the most part, independent lose rooms with a diverse viewpoint or a standard, it is the pursuit of objective truth. Now this is gonna, be little painful for some of you, but we need to do this. We need it This we need to put this out there, and then to address it? to Bandy layers back who violated her ethics. Responsibilities. Has a psychiatrist as the year profession has denounced Mary GO award. The Goldwater rule this kind political position of sight
I try and psychology and You have brine stouter, Helter skelter, whose wanted biggest la lives in the meat. It today and there are many of them there. Many of them- But I blame, you see the executives Are these news rooms and I blame the companies around these newsrooms for tolerating this. If I'd ever gone on tolerance, Fox or any other network for that matter- and I said that Barack Obama was mentally ill power hungry, a narcissism, egomaniac enhance mentally, on hand. We need to look at the twenty fifth amendment. I would have been banned, been banned, but this is the daily claptrap,
That we hear and others a guy named Bridge Stevens, he writes the New York Times. He was pushed out of the Wall Street Journal. Is an absolute reprobate slime. Behind the scenes in front of the sand. He's one of their bought and paid for so called conservatives over. There New York Slimy, any he's, never tramper. This is exactly why works for the New York Times. By the way our too. You're gonna love our want, but you're gonna love our to stay folks, so Whereas what Brett Stevens had to say no is on meat, the depressed woodchuck TAT truck Todd chose. Stevens, because he knew what bread Stevens would say. Brett Stevens is poisonous.
Whether Tom Social media, whether Tunis columns for the most part, whether its as a guest, so check God knows exactly what bread Stevens is going to say about the present, the United States, NBC New Station or meet the depressed. While the presence of the United States is overseas, cut five go. The real issue for four Republicans is simply too, and I always love it when they tell us what the real issue is for Republicans. All Republicans must Green Brett, Stevens. All Republicans Aren't you rise up and get rid of your president? Where's all the Republicans go ahead, a fact, President does not stand in any way for that tradition Conservative economic principles that have defined the party for the better While I much like ledges holler right, there did John Mccain.
When he ran for present he was Spending liberal Republican Mitt Romney, either the bushes The only two in the last century, I would argue, would have been reckoning college reckoning, college. From an economic perspective, Donald actually been fairly much traditionalist, cutting taxes cut regulations. Spending a lot of money they should, and course we criticise already or but so be of course we criticise all add here, but so be it and tariffs. And this issue is apparently too complicated for bread, Stevens. If he were to say. I understand the tyres with China. I understand what you're trying to do a China understand the battle with China, makes a lot of sense from a conservative as well as a Overall american perspective, but I'm not sure the tears, whether our that's fine
but he doesn't say that. It even gets worse, go ahead. Even stand never mind the economic principles, broader principles of character than what we saw over the last few days is longer than principles of character and the press. Done, something while he's an office there. The lack of character, till the interns alone,. You wanna see one of the most sleazy as human beings to ever been the oval office. You read about Lyndon Johnson. When I see- and I hate to say it, but I must warn of the sleaze his people to ever being the oval office, you read about John Kennedy: we know all about Bill Clinton. We all know about TED Kennedy. And we can go on and on about members of Congress and members of the media in the meat to movement and how they they blew
morning shows and house trolley rose is gonna Matt flowers gone. Why do something since he's been elected president anyway, that since he's been elected president anyway. That has shown a lack of character. I can think of a single thing. Go ahead who is either mentally unwell or morally unfit? Maybe Bob I do so here we have a guy who declares the present is mentally unwell or morally unfit and he's got. A national news platform, honest TIM, Russia and Jolly Speck used to be the anchors over now you have this. This truly llosa, child and liberal He credit activists chuck tired. When you bring on his bread Stevens, he contributes nothing to the man, spell dialogue
thing of substance. He never has substance in fact, he's on this without substance, he's an attack doc. And so they bring Amanda being attacked, dark guy. But it's important to simply call these things as we as we see them. You have behaviour that is, unprecedented in any kind of presidential history in the United States or or frankly elsewhere Are you out of your mind, such as it is. Behavior, unprecedented any kind of presidential history. What I don't know what that means any kind of President sky supposed to be here. It is supposed to be a writer. Any I ain't, a presidential history you mean in presidential history in the EU. It states, or elsewhere elsewhere,
Part of the rest of the world- How this this is a guy who's rights for the at times and does the Sunday shows. He's an absolute low life and a buffoon. And then we moved brine stopped or on CNN Brian stouter is time, employ CNN It has shown by eighteen t many of your customers. Eighteen take. Can you think of a single profundity, That has ever come out of this man's mouth. Anything particularly formative for education or newsworthy. He too used to work at the New York Times by the way before I was in his mother's basement,
While he was going to tell some college Marilyn, so I recall. But I want you to listen to this. Guy cut six. Go story that point out every day on our tv screens and twitter feeds Is getting worse, we can all see it. Its half, so we all see it now he knows we are don't say that because were stupid, were smart. He knows, there's tens of millions of us who don't see it We don't work in his newsreel, we don't live any cloistered radically. Left wing environment we're not progressives, we don't hate the present it with, but for the present we want them to succeed. I think he's fighting a hell of a fight. But you see, ladies and gentlemen, we all see it now. What are we all see? Go ahead
but it's still a very hard and very sensitive story to cover I'm talking about About president tromp about his behaviour about his instability, Contradictions belies the complete adduction of Rio, really really. This is why, ladies and gentlemen, Your ties versus Sullivan rule from the Supreme Court must go. To go. It is destroying. The media in this country is allowed Demagogues political demagogues who couldn't get elected dog catcher. The weasel into positions in the media, which is law so they left wing and largely control by the left. We know that studies and surveys and Paul Drag our country now this has no relationship to journalism in We're being denounced were being Smee,
Does radical elements in our culture? being denounced, were being smeared. The press as being burdened and under every step of the way, as I This is an non press. This is a a propaganda machine. That's what it is a way way propaganda machine go ahead some prominent figures and going the husband of trumpets, Kelly and Conway are pleading with the press. Who cares about the husband of Healthcare Conway. What does that have to do with anything? That's like the of attorney General Mitchell. Remember her! During the New York Times period. The media loved the go to her. Love, to go to her. She was a bipolar, something like that and wicked quotes from her to embarrass her husband, the attorney general to embarrass. The next item ministry! That's why they
George Conway, I don't gotTa George Conway, cosy, smart. They slowly. Go wrong because he's charismatic stupid slob and they go to sky whenever it we tell they grasp, the sky, scary movie, I never had I'm on the show. He was always asleep boys, a weird dude, all four feet It shows that the guy got quickly. He turned on the president. His ego is so massive. Time? Just like Scarborough look up quickly, he and his lovely Mika look how they turn on the present, but all mentally healthy They ve all seen the light because there on the attack against the present United States go ahead, Take this more seriously on Friday, George Conway's, a trump is decomposing before our, why? Why quote George Conway? Nobody cared, George Conway.
You'll know anything about George Conway, for I know, he's a mental case. What, guy trashes, his wife's boss, while she's a senior council to the boss. What kind of a guy puts it Wife in that kind of position, notice: Healthcare, doubt has no interest in asking the question. Bizarre are this man? Is this this George Conway, so they quota next thing, you know, I quote some porn actress all they did next thing. You know that but the porn actresses lawyer whose got felony charges up the was oh, they do they do. To quote anybody, they'll interview, anybody bombing, infamous anybody. These are the same sickening frauds.
Tried to destroy Brett Cabinet and I'm not a cabinet fan. But what's fair is fair. Who tried to destroy this man with horror stories lies about gang rape. What money scintilla of evidence? None these unbelievable. Lies in stories. Plastered on Television and radio, day after day on this then it floor in the Senate Committee, the media, Pushing them pushing up the meat serving as an sieves for the Lakers that done the right back, then you know our nations oldest colleges were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vest Majority of them have abandoned their missions. Locked in the grip of
political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse, rejecting Idea of objective truth: Panel, moral and cultural relativism- thankfully none of this applies to Helstone College, for all. Two centuries hills. Dell has remained true to its original mission, to sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intel piety now is here still celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year. It remain committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the location of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for a constitutional studies and citizenship in Washington DC and its bar,
A charter school initiative which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty since eighteen, forty four? This is hailstones college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College donated in a regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today as I speak at the Kirby Centre Hills. A college America's College Can you addressing this after the bottom of the oven only have ninety seconds, so I want address something else and I'll go back to you. We must never ever meet with negotiate Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran. You don't sit down and talk to individuals who kill
a regime that is busily building nuclear warheads and putting them on icy, be em. Price for it whatsoever. You dont down at talked a regime that is busily building nuclear warheads and putting them on icy, be to reach them continental, United States, you don't say Anna talk, the regime, which is the number one regime spreading terrorism all over the world and funding it with among, Things are hundred and fifty billion dollars given to them the Chinese, the Russians and Obama. What is this? We don't support regime change. What is with these code paper, publicans and the influence they seem to have. Why, although we support regime change, we live at the fire, sing, a bullet get regime change these bastards around, beyond their knees and they're, not crying their baggage. Behind the scenes, theirs millions of people in my country, and I wanna be brief since
don't we not support freedom fighters I am appalled and then this French for rings is. This Islam or Nazi? the g7 and then there's talk about our present, meaning the good, the true, the beautiful think about those concepts for a second. What do they mean? How can we begin to understand these high and noble ideals? dodge with the right kind of education, this kind of education used to be common but has become increasingly rare. I used to be that college. Do young people what study Opera, a variety of subjects, from philosophy to politics, to biology a cork Curriculum, in other words, sadly, That's not the case these days, but I
tell you about one place where young people study, like this hills, Dale College at Hills, Dale students work hard spending more than half their time, studying the core. The result Helstone alumni our leaders with intelligence and character, ready to make a difference in their families, communities in country, but it all starts with that core. The core that develops moral and intellectual virtue, that core that. Ups them understand, the good. The true and the beautiful find out more about what education is meant to be at live in four hills: del bad com. That's l, easy! I am free, Helstone Backer Eastern Nations, Town Hall meeting you enjoyed end at eighty, seven, seven, three, a one. Three, eight one one What if I sat here behind this microphone every day and called Nancy mentally ill hoeing, you think I'd last.
Every time she shows these, these nervous twitches, she can complete a sentence. What will happen to call our president? Hitler may one if I started calling her even born how long you think I'd last behind us microphone? Oh yes, mentally ill even brown. How dare you I'm newsrooms that call our president mentally ill Hitler or some such thing about Chuck Schuman call. Our president hit, Maybe I'll call shimmer Himmler all you Do that now you ve got him are now know that president gently but he's why don't you understand folks what I'm talking about here? What they're doing the trump
with this mental illness staff and Hitler stuff? What are they doing their dehumanizing him they're, trying to be human? It is a steady, relentless campaign trying to de humanize him create a narrative and create a character through character, assassination. And they will cobbled together. Miscreants malcontents Rep Bates who they promote on their channels. In order to do so, they will cherry pick his tweet tray pick statements. He makes they were am play or not report about a successes and they wore announced at the top of their lungs. You no difficulty That occur in any administration when you unique Risks in the courts and so forth, and so on, so that
What's going on there trying to dehumanize Donald Trump and it's a very dangerous game, very dangerous game, they're using propaganda, the big lie- and there are saying the same. Thanks I'll talk more about IRAN and other things in a moment, but I want to continue her tenuous stouter from Sunday go ahead for Republicans need to face up to the fact the president is mentally unstable and psychologically unfit now. This is amazing. This is a reporter he's, not trained he's. Never. Analyze the president. This is really a firing offence. This is really unconscionable. It is beneath contempt. The president is mentally unstable and psychologically unfit day. Brian
stouter who the hell's Brian studies and nobody he's a nobody's, a punk. Go now call my seems, I think it's narcissistic personality disorder, here's what Conway thinks he's just lookin for a lawyer whose busy Stabbing his own wife in the back. Really has its own psychological issues or problems. But still there is no problem with that. Go ahead. Of other concerns, Anthony's grow movie is out there saying mental breakdown. Anthony scare Muti was a joke two weeks ago to the list, Area always a joke to me the mooch. Now, The mature is a media whore. Has Conway, as are all them.
Their only known because of their brief associations would trump are people around trap. They help scare emerging who the hell gives them nobody, and yet they push him out there. Like he's a porn star. Porn star the lawyers Porn STAR Conway scare mood she there are no bodies, And yet they are used. The frame, a narrative tat humanised. Presently United States go ahead. What makes them so worried like this, this summer has been chock full of examples from making just remarks about Baltimore media remake racist remarks about Baltimore. He disgusting little, ok, watch it mark comments about the squad repeating we're here. They make racist comments about the squad there
Ty Semite should make comments about Jews, go ahead, voter fraud, denying things you can hear with their own ears like calling make purple nasty on tape and then claiming he never said he didn't call her nasty. He said her comments were nasty. This man, is a serial liar cereal liar go he's been bragging about his visits to hospitals and David in El Paso did ones Ex update and until you totally different cities, know what so, what buying does, at every fifteen minutes, call him mentally ill. Call him mentally unhinged and unfit for office and cycle. Logically unfit he's off oh a career liar, just like you, work, so a career liars go ahead, then there's cancelling
plan to trip to Denmark over the Greenland dispute somewhat. So what A number of Makin Juny Attack, Nancy Pelosi, Robber, Mahler, Malta, World war, two cemeteries, but retweeting. He didn't have attacked them at a world war. Two cemetery- he was asked about them, but you Tact him, while he was a world war, two ceremony and you attacked him He was at the g7. But that doesn't show any body, has a mental issue of any kind go ahead. There every Epstein the list goes on and offers no conspiracy about Jeffrey Epstein, he was mocking the coincidence tongue in cheek, just disputed every damn thing, as guy raised, this is necessary in order to cover the
Picture what's going on? Yes, thanks, Brian. I have my own Sarge cross with this this guy he's a liar he's. Is this honest as they get as dishonest as they get it, was about the the story I broke, which started the the entire damage Of events related to espionage against the Trump campaign feel recall, and they tried to kill that story right at birth. When I. When I was breaking it by simply adding together the puzzle pieces are in the public square this guy was among the most aggressive attack dogs. Even to this day he lies about what took place. Let's go to cuts go. Why does he lies so often? Is there do. The madness, ores
then wrong sheet. Listen, listen in this house, you know I'm old enough to remember that there is no way a guy like this, would be on television, there's, no way any newsroom abba. Survival and self respect and respect for them, which sort of a quasi profession, of course, now it's not a profession at all that they would never ever allow a a clown like this to perform On their news platform, there's no way. And it is one of several go ahead. Suffering from some sort of illness- Its questions, questions and unjust, more questions NOS try and distributors. Will you invite Brien stouter on this programme? Tell him I want to debate this with him on this programme.
And tell him Mark said: like a man come on the programme no march come on. My tv show I said: come this programme, its long format programme and, let's, let's go knows the mouse. Let's do it, he won't do it hope he does, but he won't. Then they bring in this doktor Bandy lay they bring her back from Yale. She wrote a book a bunch of other cooks, the pressure of all kinds are horrific things. The man had just got an elected, they obviously leftists and I view should be removed from her profession. These professions are destroying themselves, but. Installer brings IRAN because he wants to resuscitate this issue in view play to the Goldwater rule role.
And the media should be ashamed of its, but it's never going to be because the media, no intention of being held any standards, its pushing it Gender go ahead. I've been trying to sound an alarm for that two years about the present fitness has the It's been listening to what you and your colleagues have been saying now. Listen, there's had a question is that the most idiotic presentation ever heard ever heard. You know brine Spelter, also he's the water guarantee of our day. Others Many of them they all to get the Water Dorani Award. So Water Durante. The red on on freedom of the press, you know exactly what I'm talking about he's a liar is a propagandist, he's a mouthpiece for the state. Is the state. Markers Donald Trump know is not true.
An outsider who a bit when the presidency, one or two terms temporary but brine stouter, is a mouthpiece for the permanent state. They all are that's their friends at Sir buddies answer agenda, that's their principles, but ask a question like this. After having cherry pick, the guests This is not news at sight, even close to news It's not even honest opinion, go ahead, I feel that the press has actively tried to shun us. I especially the New York Times at a torreon that seems to have been published in collaboration with the past, a p precedent, and I'm I've been very concerned about the fact that the Americans, like Africa Association, has been working as pretty much
an agent of the state to mortal none of the Lee APL Shadow one place for over half a century admonishing looks like this that you not too politicize. The issue of psychiatry, to allow yourself to be polite, but look whose political stop there and the media stop there in the media, go ahead, I talking about musician, yes, Picking up the new what men I have started to call a gag rule here: It's a gag fool! You see, it's called professional Jonah, it's a gag rule. I sit up here at Yale, A passing judgment on the mental health of the presently an attachment of fact wait. A seminar on this front two years ago,
I call in some of the finest most brilliant psychiatrist and psychologists what we want. Represent with me and we wrote a book. I remember how to stop. You have me on your programme repeatedly, as did others, and I said then Present United States monthly Unfit he's unhinged. Now they attack Alex John Bright for pushing conspiracy theories, he's not the only one to push the attack or what's this, what is this? This is discussed, absolutely disgusting. Now, a tragic MR produce, let's see if we can't dont get done bandied Lee on the programme. Chief, we get her on the programme when we come back you not
believe this you're not gonna, believe this I'll be right back then founding in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call. It is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I wanted about an Primus, the free monthly speech, digestive hailstone college in private. Is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues first published in nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a. Issues like free speech, the regular, a big tech, illness and the American Medical insurance system and because a man
as founding principles are so important helstone, our present Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for free here's what I want you to do. I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll dot. Eighty you for your free subscription. That's in prime I m p r, I am I S died. Still that EU welcome too Still trying to ban unsure mccrone likes it, now what other regime, Is more in common with those people any realises, and so do the rest of the media His weight around up their dissidents in their minority, we'll Hitler, stalin- now you see helped her stout, has more in common with those people, any realize it.
And so did the rest of the media through using the term. Six of Hitler, Stalin and now the present a united step must be something psychologically must be On balance must be unfit. So they're using the tactics of the fascist and the communist, the genocidal nuts in the media. Against the President of the United States and by the way they use it against you, your his supporters. I've done with this. We only have a few minutes. I want to continue this. I got a lot more. I want to get into Peace in the near ties by CAN Volvo and Jerry Germany- Peters exists. Really what I said, what happened to cover up there Anti Semite, whose deep into the pages you see, the Father conservatives trying to look into these journalists are in their backgrounds and there. For each programme, my client circle back to a ran to does this
Bugaboo mine- I don't get this there, James, been in existence a long time taking Americans hostage american soldiers trying to get nukes. This is in your typical regime. These are maniacs yet though we would sit down and talk to them about a deal. We don't sit, Talk to Maduro inventors, whereas anybody said let's sit down and talk the Maduro now Guy needs to be taken out, but quite frankly is less of a threat to us than the iranian regime. Again here. Don't get me wrong, in turn by Venezuela before most this, sir, I don't have the time Machine play this last clap and you know me, I don't play Clip Africa, but I needed to pay this together, from the very sources.
So you can see what's going on here, they're taking it, age out of Hitler, Stalin, And mouse playbook. In applying against the present united in all his Psychologically, you know his narcissistic, I think he's unbalanced, he's unhinged mentally here, Well, where the Republicans must be removed, must be put in it. And it room? We must take him off of the affair the Europe of amount of the body politic. He's undermining our greatness, is undermining the unity of the nation. Yoda. Try this is the reason.
And he lies in fear. Tweets judge just evidence its illustrative of the typical syndrome that we use when we try to destroy another human beings, character, Rhine, stop, there's a mouthpiece, a mouthpiece for these character. Assassins more, when I return
He's here now run casting only underground finance both than the bowels or they even bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of a non describing we have once again made contact with the leader of my love, my number seven. Seventy one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. So we have established that help theirs. Their Brian stouter, at the Constipated news network, CNN and others. Are using the tactics of the third Reich? the stolen regime, the male regime. In raising the issue of mental health,.
This case has applies to the presence of the United States. And now they are certainly back to this- they're making definitive statement studies on hand is that he's not mentally well it's a narcissist, he's a serial liars over than sullen, and these are pressing For all these are oppressed people who are inviting people on their programme, so pseudo experts, we're violating their own ethics requirements in their attacks on the present United States. So this is a very diabolical effort. De human eyes, the present the United States and its was a significant percentage of the population. Mostly low. I q, mostly emotional. Mostly who get information from their one or two sources, and that's it. But it's working, and over Francis is the former chairman of Psychiatry, a Duke University.
He was invited on to see an end with Brian help. Doubter yesterday, because stealthy or new. How outrageous and over the top this for. Chair of Psychiatry, a Duke actually is otherwise As he wouldn't have had a mine I want you to listen to this We're gonna MILAN after this minute. An entire show on this, but I listen to this cut nine go for that. Medical rising politics has three very dire consequences. The first that its stigmatizes, the mentally ill Thousands of patients- almost all of them- have been. Well behaved well mannered good people trust a glowing trump mentally ill stigmatizes, the mentally together. Now,
there's something to this, but the guy has it inside out an upside down The way the media talk about the mentally ill shows you they have absolutely no compassion whatsoever for the men Leah, none no compassion for the mentally ill in the least. Are they wouldn't talk the way that they talk, but they do. And at the top of the list will be Scarborough stouter. This Or Stevens, and on and on down the less Gaia One the mentally ill with Trump is a terrible and so To the mentally ill, and they will have problems and stigma as it is now. This guy thought that, up before you came on the programme, he thought there would be a real headline grammar. He thought he was clever and he's not Clarice, not smart, he's a buffoon go ahead, The second issue is that calling trunk crazy hides the fact that, where crazy for
having elected him and even crazier for allowing his crazy policies to persist. So the guy that is He is enamoured with the word crazy. The chemist hair of a Committee of Department. And you see, the problem is really trumpets you it's you crazy bastard. I voted for this guy and now you persist in supporting him. I guess you should be rounded up. Why gets close to that? Go ahead! Progress as this if a person in this century, as Hitler, Stalin and now we're in the last century, he may be responsible for many more million deaths than they were. He needs to be contained, but he needs to be contained by attacking his policies, not his person. I so Hitler, Stalin and now collectively killed about a hundred million people in horrific wings.
But a hundred million people, This guy's MIKE off here challenge by Brian Stealthy Stealth has come back a technical problem. No, you didn't have a technical problem. Yours, little bastard. That's what you are bring a guy on like this to say these things. He says. She laid it there's no limits to what we do. The limits whatsoever trumpets as destructive A person in this century, as Hitler, Stalin and malware in the last century. He may be responsible for many more million deaths than they were. This is a news programme. This say news station This is a news company. That allows this on its airways.
Not only allows it encourages. You understand, encourages it. And then they say there, a free press. I don't know where to begin with this, having written and. A book on. If you haven't read it, I don't know where to begin with this. But this really is using the tactics of communists and fascists. Throw the last century, to round up people who would be we'll be said to be mentally ill. This that another, except this case. You of the media doing into the presently United States again to dehumanizing. Human being signed a father Grandfather is not a husband he's, not Taken seriously is not a sub
The man is not accomplish. Man he's a cheat inherited. I think it is the systematic attempt. Systematic attempt a character assassination, then they quote: George Conway and the motor. Notice they don't call anymore the porn actress or her lawyer. They moved on from them. They moved on from them. Anyway. I felt I needed to address this in a considerable way, because this is this is as bad as it gets when you, destroy the individual and they could care less doing his presidency. They could care but they're going to the office of the President,
he care less cities overseas, dealing with tyrants and thugs and adversaries. They don't care about this country. They hate your guts, they hate this country, which is why they push to slay maritime now, let me swing back into that briefly, We're gonna be spending years dealing with this. Now I have a question for you. First of all, let me make a statement. Was there slavery in America? Yes, in fact in sixteen nineteen. Where wasn't there slavery it had to be exported to America, but that said. Their worse there with slavery in America, there were slaves in America, but a man.
It wasn't, founded on slavery,. There were slaves in America, America is not slavery, the United. Dates of America didn't even come together, as the United States of America in toys adopted the articles veneration much after. Eighteen, ninety, but that's besides we're here's. My question to you. If, as now the media, now the main academe. If the media say It was founded in slavery that the core reason for America's family. Then why don't we have slavery today. Why is it in the declaration of independence, isn't it enshrined forever,
the constitution, the United States, if America, founded in slavery,. Then why isn't it a slave country? Today there are many slave countries today. Most of them are in Africa, the Middle EAST and Asia. That's my question. Why was there a civil war if a man was founded and slavery. Why would we need a civil war. I would you want, do it. Why would Abraham Lincoln Reference the declaration of independence, our founding document, if America was founded in slavery.
Why were their northern states. That forty civil war against slavery, if America was Omelette in slavery,. There's a lot of questions to be, as these are rhetorical to another or the point? And we will continue throughout the course of years in dealing with this, but you see this is the New York Times the New York Times. And when we return there's a very long article that appeared in the New York Times yesterday and was stood yesterday afternoon. And the title of this article.
Tromp allies target journalists over coverage deemed hostile to the White House, but first before we take a break. I want to play for you not as other hosted she I predicted. I told you not to continue. Making a coherent argument. I wanna play for you. What I said to you on Friday when I said why hasn't this guy who talked about the crew, be Jus year. The senior editor for politics, political reporting, the New York Times. Why this guy right, pure sovereignty,. I'm right precisely who said rage, especially anti semitic, things, anti native american things and so forth. Wise fired why's, he stole there. Why are we hearing about him? said? Do I'm speculated because they're gonna pay
in article for Sunday, which has as its purpose To position the newspaper and protect this man, here's what I said exactly on Friday. At one go remember that sea, You're editor yesterday exposed by boil over their bright bar. All those anti semitic things on his twitter account few years back. Senior editor in charge of their political reporting. I wonder they come trumpet anti Semite, be looking in the mere when what is that The times done this man, thirty so hours later, nothing so it may take. I think the New York Times sister, I think the New York Times it's gonna, let a little more time pass the weak, sure. Maybe it's Sunday edition.
Although a story on their own rapporteur, when you think about that, MR producer going to do a story I already here. Tell you the truth that they're kind of checking around, but Think they're gonna do a full blown story on their own reporter. They can position themselves and the narrative. What do you think of that? Much produce? then either suspend hammer fire him demote him something because You need to save face again on the one hundred and seventy thousand, for example, of their anti Semitism now I know I haven't done that, yet they might, but they haven't done yet. So what did they do? The New York Times on Sunday. They rode along peace. Rob allies target journalists over average team hostile away, so in other words, this guy's back. Was revealed.
A studio citizen journalist digging in finding an they frame, Is an attack on the media in defence of Trump. That there's some kind of coordination going on in the shadows, theirs. Piracy, in other words, they ve turned no! An attack on the media, this anti semite still apparently has the same job A break this tunnel, we returned, there's too often, Kenneth Vogel and german Peters. I dont Oh Jeremy, Peters personally. Can evolve on. I have again cross swords from time to time. I know that he's asleep bar. Absolute sleaze bar alley, agencies made against other peep allegations made against me. Tends to be a journalist, he's a leftist, any sleaze bar and he's deceitful.
I'll be right back then,
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promo code love in times. I have three minutes carried over to some extent after the battle. Mercury, the whole thing, but that's part of the tactic, isn't it back. The anti semite. People slog through this long piece which they use as an attack on Trump and his supporters, not too clever? Really that's pretty much the em up, says a loose network of conservative operatives So I loose network of conserving thinking that part of the sounds. So it's not a network at all, allied with the White House, in other words, who support The present is pursuing what they say will be an aggressive operation to discredit news organization, esteem hostile to President Trump by public dammit damage Information about journalists.
That's, not what's going on here. You have citizen journalists. Now, just like you boys, can you take sides. Try at the New York Times. An ideological, progressive. You know damn well, you are, I know, damn well, you are, we know them baby you work for, got a long, sorry pathetic. Sickening history. They chose you and you chose them in your life this long before you worked at the New York Times the day and since the citizen, journalists there not bought and paid for their, not Barton Pay, furthermore, like Patriot, journalism's journalist city, Coming period, and no, I don't mean sixteen nineteen I mean the early Seventeen hundreds and beyond it is the lightest step in a long running effort by Mr Trump and his allies to undercut the influence legitimate news, reporting now it is remarkable how they
position themselves and describing character rose themselves again, that's white! So damn important that you read on freedom of the press and not get it. All the reasons why this is a joke for people now you're with the operation describe how it works, asserting that it has compiled dossiers a potentially balancing social media posts and other public statements by hundreds people who work in some of the countries most when it news organisations. I let me stop there before one of these people. His hired by a news organization, which is supposed to be a business They look at what they ve been posting. Is it in your time saying it never looked at the posts. Other senior editor for political reporting.
What kind of a new kind of investigative operation they have, what kind of a human resources departments are you telling me that the social policy, with almost every boy, though, before they harder and their offended at other people, do because, as part of a public record, is this a great offence or something I got you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day? Do you feel better Odin tired and add a shape eating healthy as a habit, but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right here. Much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just one scoop: filled agreements as a full serving a real USDA. Certified organic fruits and vegetables helps
boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics now this is real food. Not some fake, supplement, lab powder just reach. The nutrition facts panel on the side go to Brick house dot com and get fifteen percent off your first water with the offered code Levin now you know you're not going to start cooking, fresh fruits and vegetables. So, let's pretend just get one full cup of fruits and one for a cup of vegetables. Every day with field of greens go to brick House, Levine, Dotcom, brick house, L E, the iron dot com offer code. Levin arrive, this is wrong. Call seventy seven, seven, three hundred one three: one one you see. We're onto these! Writers now these ideologues,
In order to have a truly free press in this nation, they need to be exposed from my perspective, which is why I wrote on freedom of the press? I have a couple of pages, significant pages talking about political relationships. In an out adverse democratic, ministrations, where's reporters and their family members. And so what kind of the Volvo and his pardon here trying to do is make it the verboten that you're not supposed to but that was an attack on the free press. No, it's not. Not in the least not in the least, these are corporate hack, follow used to work for political leftwing website vote I worked for the New York Times, a left wing newspaper. Nobody saying he can't work there. Nobody saying he can't right there, nobody stopping him from expressing himself from reporting what he wants to report,
but more information is being provided to the american people know these people are, if that's the project, I'm all fort. In this loosely connected network. You see trauma. Now cannot forgo has never written a piece defending the Fox NEWS Channel when it comes under attack from Denmark, its another's he's, never peace, condemning media matters. And yet he may work for medium. More when I returned to me. This is very, very important. Ladies and gentlemen, I think to you as well. Because, apparently, the New York Times is not going to fire this heritage, maybe it will, but it attacking the people who found out what he had set aside joy read over there at MSNBC. The left has no problem at all. Making up things about bread, Cavanaugh, making up things about Donald Trump,
making up things about Barry, go water and on and on, and on making up things about, Clarence Thomas They have no problem with that for many. A search and people have actually posted things in their own words. Now an aggressive operation intended to discredit news organization, so it is in those organizations, discredit themselves by hiring these reprobate, food uncanny, vocal, Google his background: what is it what is it? Can you think your immune. Importers have never been immune from scrutiny from the public. Look at the ego, The massive ego this guy has. Congress may be at a session, it doesn't mean politicians and bureaucrats or stop plotting ways to increase governments, control over our health care system. H,
guess busy pushing international price controls, meaning though we buy the medicines from those on Medicare. There is cheap, as ones in Europe, but guess what there because Europe socialist countries are willing to pay for the latest and greatest medicines. And over the Senate. Republican senator truck rashly said in an interview that centre Therefore, has set the stage with House Democrats to negotiate, description, drug bill that puts price controls in Medicare Party, so now grasslands, buckled So filled with socialist ideas, the bill would be a major step in making us look more like the european countries. Democrats idolized, despite the fact that the rationing care restricting access to needed treatments plus these orbit A price controls would eliminate investment for the next breakthrough. Treatments. Now Mitch. Mcconnell needs to stand up for sound principles, healthcare reform and not fall. Frayed democrat trap put socialized medicine and they govern
healthcare system? Nonsense needs to stop it. Stop and you get the facts. Good, a true healthcare facts that true health care facts that gum that's true, healthcare effects that come. Let me get back. The vulgar and Peters at the New York Times, Vogel. Obviously, as the lead twice name is first since the kind of slash and burn he's good at. But I'm exposing him for the fraud that he is operatives. He says closely examined more than two decades worth the public posts and statements by journalists. The people familiar with the operation said only a fraction of the network claims to have uncovered has been made public. The people said More to be disclosed as the twenty twenty election heats up there, Research has said to extend the members of journalists, families or active in politics as well as liberal activists and other political opponents of the president.
Isn't that what journalists do they look at the tree and follow the Branches and add to the twigs snap, independently assess the claims about the quorum. Your potential significance of the material, the pro Trump, network, has assembled. Some involved in the operation of histories bluster an exaggeration, is willing to describe its techniques and goals may be trying to intimidate journalists or their employers. First of all, this can't be the brightest group in this. Loose network of conservative operatives, if there too, into the nearest slime sets number one number to this. Paragraph is all ambiguities, its incoherent. But the material publicize so far, while in some cases, stripped of context or presented a misleading ways, has proved authentic and my
It has been professionally harmful to its targets stripped of cod. Text presented in misleading ways how so how so that is a the is clear from the case to date,. The central players in the operation is Arthur, Schwartz out forty seven year old conservative consultant a friend in informal adviser to Donald Trump Junior, the president's eldest son, Mr Schwab, work with some of the rights most aggressive operatives, including former Trump adviser Stephen, and so what. The proof is in the public. So what. The information on earth by the operation now see they ve got it it's the operation. They gave it a name. It's the operation, The information on earth by the operation- let me be clear
again. This is information. There was provided by the individual's publicly on twitter, Or Facebook, or some other public social site somebody's going back and looking at which exists What can voebel does. When he's going after somebody the differences, he wrapped himself from the first amendment. It is immune from the response of his targets. That's all the White House Press Office said that neither the president nor any one in the White House was involved in or where the operation, and that neither the White House nor the aren't she was involved in funding it. So it's not a now were connected to the presence of the United States. There can actually take Kenny. Mutations can actually be people who, like the president, who support the president or whose
We despise you and people like you and the Democrats, who have undertaken this on their own, not that hard, it's that hard to do. The Trump campaign said it was unaware of and not involved in the ever but suggested it served a worthy purpose. We know nothing about this, but Clear. The media is a lot of work to do to clean up its own house, said TIM Martov, he campaigns, communications director came, It is consistent with Mr Trumps long running effort to deal agenda so so, even though on the record. They say we have nothing to do with this mission. Google, at all insist that they do at least in the abstract. Because the campaign is consistent with trumps, long running effort did The critical reporting.
You know, like Russia collusion. And now racism and brand the news media as the enemy of the people. This is an option, Folks, this is not a new story. But where it where's the Thyssen, I wonder we may get to these senior editor for politics. So the New York Times a very senior posts, whereas a garment goddamn yet told you think in a very like they did the Holocaust. Journalists. He said in a tweet last week is nothing more than an evil propaganda machine for the Democratic Party Who stole that from me? Mister producer. Somebody stole out for me and by the way can I'm not working the president Trump. When I wrote my Wadani Donnie Junior anybody. I wrote it all I myself I did. We need a co writer like you needed a co writer freer article.
The operation is compiled social media posts from Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and start image the post that can be publicized. Even use a deletes them said people familiar with the effort there on twitter Facebook and Instagram. And they can be stored. Everybody knows that. There's nothing unusual. What are targeting us. Targeting yield. Exposing you you'd I get it yourselves. You idiots one, In that the operation many times that we use the word operation in here must produce like it's some kind of a she operation. Had on earth, potentially fireball information on several hundred people and I quote, Sir same numbered using journalist techniques. Here we go. To target journalists, news organizations.
Retribution for or as a warning, not to pursue coverage. Critical, the president is fun. Mentally different from the well established role of the news, media and scrutinise, people in positions of power Jeff Fraud vulgar at all such a fraud nobody's threatening anybody. Nobody's threatening anybody, you're, threatening somebody if you find a we'd or Facebook posed a few years back, that exposes for who they truly are? This is called hence parity, every single other business, especially in politics. This scrutiny, Kay you'd still be able to write your crap. Don't worry about it. I know it's not a threat how's. It is to Unless somebody is written, something that is all if it
Clearly retaliatory tallied, clearly an attack. Its clearly not journalism, said Leonard down a junior was second of entered the posts from nineteen, only one or two thousand eight tension, When the president of the news media that covers them is nothing new, Four Dounia: oh sure it is. Barely any effort with Obama when an organise wide scale, political effort to intentionally humiliate journalists and others work for the media outlets is, is what. And then, of course, they have to bring up Spiro Agnor one thing for spirit A car, everyone in the press, neighed, mattering, nay Bob's. It fits in referring to the former leaps famous critique of how journalists covered Nixon, Another thing to investigate individuals in order to embarrass them publicly jeopardize their plan all really. Well. I want to know if the senior editor writing about politics for the Washington Post
Ty Semite. Don't you, ladies and gentlemen, sure you do. Why? Wouldn't that be relevant? shouldn't. We know that information. Why has the Washington Post company done a better job Putting their journalist all this is I'm circling the wagons, not around freedom of the press, not on the first amendment, but our they're, all imperfections and in some case, worse Agee Salzburg, inbred, publisher, the time said in his statement. Such tactics were taken, president's campaign against a free press to a new level. It's not the president's campaign. But this is coming from ahead of the New York Times. He's never gonna get his facts right. They think Country began sixteen nineteen. The New York Times began with a holocaust. As far as I'm concerned
we ve ever from that there taking to harass unembarrassed anyone affiliated with the leading news organisations that are asking tough bless Anti semitic right this guy I wrote this guy Tom Right, pure Saudi. When we got him yet I'm I mean New York Times hired a guy. Obviously envenom are they did and they liked them. Political editor? with the years long history of anti semitic and racist comments on twitter, page bright Barton investigated Matt Doyle and he found it I was going to say crappy Julia, but one of my resolutions is to be less anti semitic right this guy this guy Tom right, peer, Saudi, Happy Julia. Are you juice. Why we got him yet? I'm I mean this is an I'm through your MR producer. Then, you get a slug more attack
the operation tacking Trump tacking, the attack on me- free speech in the first amendment and then finally,. One person involved and the effort said the pro Trump forces I had a time about the coverage of Ms Grissom were prepared. To respond early, Thursday morning soon after the profile, peered online, bright partners, launched article that document anti semitic and racist tweets. By Tom Riper Saudi who was incurred At the time it has since become editor the times as politics desk. The time said it was reviewing the matter. I consider the posts a clear violation of our standards failing so clear. They have done in the bright bar charter. Put it several people or groups. Now the Zionist Organization of America and then Like some, among others, Mark Levine used all more conspiracy.
Vogel at all, your pathetic joke, you're, a hypocrite You know exactly who you are. You know exactly why you're working where you work Exactly what you ve done in the past. The american people should know The people who have been hired to preserve Pseudo advance and propaganda for the most part, and you can well you're among the worst of the worse you're, pathetic, right back then, with a daily fake news, dont point: through your tv, mobile phones and computers, you may have missed some real news. Like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism scientists suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food. But what then- Studied Discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat.
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The China chinese economy is tanking I'll, be right back he's here now run casting them only underground demand, both than the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader my mind living here. I never seven, seven one one want eight, seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one president had a paint passed, a key so fantastic He was a world leader, he is a world leader. Of course, the media, but do what
can too to undermine windows. And he actually is China exactly what he wants and I'm gonna get into that in a moment Something bizarre happen at the street: seven Thanks to this lightweight mccrone mccrone. With its twenty seven percent popularity reining in France This guy's an appease her huh is desperately lobbying. The press, the United States and the rest of Europe. To make nice with IRAN. Ladies and gentlemen, this is an academic issue from the Americans. I was thinking about this too- that you realise ran has killed more American soldiers. Than any soldiers in Europe,
then, soldiers in Israel. Then soldiers and Saudi Arabia in Egypt. I ran is responsible for killing hundreds. I would argue thousands of american soldiers. Then I still remember when they blew up that marine Barracks in Lebanon. The Hezbollah. And killed, I think it was a hundred and eighty three. United States Marines, as they slept. They are the the money, the might. Of Hezbollah, which has about fifty thousand terrorists,. Who are involved heavily in the drug trade in this country and in South America to fund their activities in part. So another Islam or Nazi terrorist organization.
And they are tight with all these Terrorist organisations we men and women who died in Iraq. Iran has effective control over most of that country. Iran has effective control over half Assyria on top of a duly elected government in Yemen,. In seeking to topple the regime in Saudi Arabia,. IRAN is seeking nukes But the fire Jordan. What I see becomes intercourse. The national ballistic missiles. You don't shoot icy becomes at Israel, you should. I see the aims of the United States.
The presently United States courageously withdrew from the iraqi India, which was a slimy deal by asked the treaty clause of the constitution, the first such nuclear deal that ever did. With the help of Mitch Mcconnell Bob Corker and other low lights. The democratic party was fully behind it. Including a number of the jewish members of the House and the Senate. A great hero Brok, Milhouse Benito Obama,. And again, I say this as a jewish person. And, I said, is an american Presently, United States courageously withdrew from that deal. He put sanctions in place for some reason he left five way, Is on the table there, in the final nail in the coffin of this regime.
Remember the the regime, not the population, got about twenty percent. Of the population controlling the other eighty percent and also remember Iranians- are not Arabs but that there is anything wrong with a better, a rain Persians, their Persians. They speak Farsi. And prior to the Islam or Nazis, taking over in Tehran, they were a great ally, the United States. A mark that shop around was a dictator, nothing, nothing compared to what they are now. Nothing. Their economies, tanking inflation, is through the roof. And yet this mccrone invites this guy, the foreign minister. Ministers are properties and nothing, but it's the propaganda.
They invite him to the g, seven. And they wanted to present the United States to meet him. And it almost happened. I understand. But the president said no, it's not gonna happen. They gotta get their behaviour under control, but if they get their behaviour under the control President said. Today, you know maybe I'll me with them. If circumstance, were correct. I certainly agree to that. Meantime they have to be good players, good players, their terrorists, they ve killed american soldiers. They ve killed more american soldiers and I've killed soldiers of any other country, other than say a rack and sober, but more
american soldiers and Israelis, more american soldiers than french, more american soldiers and british on and and german. I mean that's somebody's kid. Father brother sister not gonna, be good players. They're, not gonna. Big, have good behaviour. There have been a their deal. They treat and they lie. They're not going to submit to any deal with the Yankees label. God is telling them what to do. So let me suggest to you something, ladies and gentlemen, sit down with every terrorist regime and make a deal.
We're not sitting down with the regime in Venezuela. Nobody even thinks about sitting down with our regime. And that is one genocidal regime in Venezuela. But they're, not building. I c b aims would nuclear warheads and aiming at the Continental United States either, and I ran eggs. And I read- is. There is no way and how the present in the United States, in my opinion, should ever sit down with them. And have a discussion with them, they have Lot on our hands, those very american soldiers that they slaughter american soldiers that slaughter and what did they get noakes? Then what then, what
I would encourage its administration in the present United States states, keep keep on the pressure, no waivers further appeal from France. They get lost, he doesn't know what the hell are you doing It's not a world leader is totally law. That guy they're gonna kick his ass and offers the next change they get and Merkel Merkel destroyed or country workers know fan the trumpet ministration. Europe should lead us, we need to lead Europe.
But I was thinking over the weekend as there were reports that the President might me with this kind of what the hell is going on here. What the hell's Goin on Here- and I want to thank the present United States for refusing to do that- then rejecting the pressure. I don't care. I ran Paul thanks. I could care less, but the radical libertarians. Thank They know one thing economics, they don't know farm policy and just because you don't side with a radical libertarians had just because you don't side with the code. Prank Republicans doesn't mean you're. A radical interventionist wants war now wants war. The Iranians want war there built for war. There expanding for war what looks for war. What now going sit down
famine, negotiate. What sometimes evil is evil and I hope the It is just posturing publicly when he says we're not seeking regime change, because if we're not that's a grave mistake. The easiest way to ensure that those best It's done. Have long range intercontinental ballistic missiles Our cities with nuclear warheads is too change that regime, and we can aims that regime. Without going to war. How do I know because at the Isn't it will stay the course and stop Signing those waivers that regime eventually or collapse of its own
You know how I say: a republic isn't guaranteed survival in perpetuity. True, Can you name one of the has, but neither is an islamic genocidal dictatorship We can use our economic might in our national influence, the choked them off, and we should then we should for our sake, but the sit down and meet with these guys would be a hiss start mistake. It's not in the best interests of the United States of America.
Copyright back then but you know the presently United States with respect to China,. Deserves an enormous amount of credit, really does. He really does mean that as a one man rule right now she looks like you get your lunch Anatolia And I hope it keeps the pressure on people Look, this had to be done. And he know it from day- one gets no credit. No credit whatsoever,
He knew how to handle China. He get some kind of deal with Japan. I don't owe the specifics. But nobody saw them coming, gets no credit for that. By the way, nine b miles of new war has been built. They hope It almost four hundred miles and new on the southern border built. The end of the first term of his presidency gets no credit for that. Member, no help at all from Congress. No credit for that. Many gonna hear these. These reprobates, like. Stephen. Seventy years conservatism this guy's, not that no you're, not that you pots. You- have abandoned all notions of conservatism,. Because of your personal, thin, skinned faithlessness. And your paymaster the next. How can this guy Brett Stevens?
Who, once was, I believe, the editor for the Jerusalem post? Did you know that. Claims to be proud. American, proud. You, how could he right for a newspaper, That all but denied the holocaust. Can somebody tell me that this bread Stevens is a real crackpot Fort worth Texas W B, I pay go market. I think that what you just said was probably the most astounding truism. I've heard it all day and that his bread Stevens is a crackpot and out I've with that. Guy is unhinged, nobody listens them. We regard that man but anyways It was called about on freedom of the press? I read it. It is good it is solid, it is an autopsy on our media and I would My words right
starter folks person prejudge Fucker, judge me: mothers, soccer mothers. Is obviously unfortunately, you can only conclude a mouth of the corporation. Add ons, and I believe that is able to use their. I believe it's in tee, and you know what has seen an ever done: a critical story on eighteen tee No, I've never seen one seat. Might my Working theory here is such as it is, is major Congolese, its purchase, some of these newsrooms they made disagree with them, but they also know we on them and we're not gonna, be targeted by right right And had also, I you know p, just intuitively, have figured out its fake news. Fake news is the enemy of the people, because people can get informed form of partnership. Not like this New York Times before they high their anti semite, in a pile of manure, really long slog of an article. Then
Trying to turn a narrative on tribe who has nothing to do with these operative these operatives, who are citizen journalists digging up. Background information on these, so called journalists and their finding out shocking information and then these so called journalists or your attacking journalism. That boy all he was doing was uncovering the truth, your timing, the Washington Post These other crackpot. Don't seem to be addressed by. Why shouldn't we know these reporters are if they're, not anti Semites. Isn't that a good thing. If they're not raises another good thing? What they want? God bless you me too. I know you are. I know you are that way. Second, quit. Reading them, What lessons anything any of them, I have to say, none of them are relevant. Americans mines in alma gentle my friend and thank you cared? Don't hang up
I mean do hang up, but thank you care. God bless. Yo, Gregg, Benton Door, Iowa on the mark. Levant. How are you, Sir John Mark, God bless you you're really light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you, sir. It says that since you your ninety two, sir and I am Philadelphia, God bless. You me too. I know you are. I know you are that way. Second, Quicken The cradle of liberty, we were obliged to grow up in that city. Amen it there. It was remarkable by us most is at the very least she added the feel of what our great Republic is clear, that's right here. We have these juveniles Www have no comprehension of history, When there I am mindless reporting memory. Whatever knows goes out,
This is what you say, and this is how you did what time time. Actually treasonous, in my mind,. The news media. They were attacked well he's in a meeting of such important as even now he's being attacked, and system of nature. Little bugs don't give our little bugs may go after big they might don't, go after two little bundle. They go after bigger, bugs and This is a way of life. And we used to have My my life we took an allegiance to God. Almighty to United States of America and then to ourselves Gregg. When we tell them, you are terrific call any time you want don't hang up. I want to send you a signed copy of on freedom of the press, and I want to salute you. My friend, and God bless you
that's Gregg and Iowa and we'll be right back nobody says it better turn Park Levin bowed with an order. Mark said nobody could say better call. Now I need seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one proud that we have this present. I really am. He does things many ways there unorthodox and they need to be done in a normal orthodox way. You'll have to agree with everything I agree with the bulk of it. There is no question about that Would it be nice if, Sir, pensions and social media sites were unbiased platforms. It didn't you Take political sign, won't keep dreaming in twenty. Sixteen that technically too
Google brag about donating millions of dollars to Hilary alleys, big tech companies that restrict the free speech rights of conservatives. Although the very same corporations, where entrusting to handle our personal data on line. I want them using my web history or video search is against me. Do you that's why I use Express VP and every time I go on line when I express bbn. These tech companies can see my ip address at all. Kennedy is mask and made anonymous, plus Express VP in as the the benefit of encrypting, one hundred percent of your data to keep you safe from hackers and internet bad guys protect your online activity right. Now find out how you can get three months free at Express, Vps, dot com, slash mark, that's express views.
PS, Dotcom, slash mark for three months: free with a one year package visit express gps dot com, slash mark to learn more. When I go to my good friend barber from Harlem New York W, he pc part, With their show from day one, she is a sweetheart he's got a wonder. Daughter as well Barbara? How are you? I am wonderful, wonderful and very wonderful things. I'm hearing your boy, the false. Thank you. What do you make of all this media stuff? Well, guess how I used to work for newspaper during the Vietnam WAR, but the telegraph operator- and I saw the lies that were printed when the media, when you put the people, got the newspapers in the morning- and I promised myself during that time that I would not like, because I didn't trust and use their swimming yet
I saw a first hand. I said teletype operated because everything that is happening over there. You know I was getting in on the teletype machine and when I saw the newspaper in the morning I said, oh, my goodness, and they make up How have I like? How do you like them running this long peace, in order to cover up the Herman report on bellowing Barbara, yet you have written a book, for book and I've been meaning to talk to you about a tell everyone, the name. I will tell us what about Europe, what your books about? Well, it's called a stating the racism of low expectations. You know I wrote it from the perspective that black usually equals the Democratic Party. I beg for some other group think some of the things that go on in
I'm a credit party because I was a faithful attendee of many above club and it just didn't sit well with my person would so I wrote a book and expose that group think mentality. I call it a delusional dust, but they re big spread around in our. The authorities Elliot settled on the brains of too many people know. When did you decide to abandon the democratic party? Were all that was a long long time ago? In other words, when a mayor Giuliani was running, I was still a member of a democratic club, but I would sneak away and work on his campaign because I figured he would be a better Mayer for New York City than David thinking, and I was right.
But I couldn't let my democratic friends know what I was doing and Dublin I had to cover my face when the press showed up. I did a lot of that word term. He wine, I was the bite it to arm Gracie man when he had his victory celebration, so that was quite a while ago and then another thing that changed my mind about the democratic body was Oj Simpson.
That was very disturbing to be in the basement of a church, travels a member rob and people are celebrating that he was not convicted of murdering to people, and then I asked the lady good I've worship with. I said it doesn't make any difference that time. You know this man is killed, two people and they were celebrating. That is that a black man had gotten away with murder. So all of these things changed my mind about the Democratic Party, because everybody was a Democrat. All the ministers, with the exception of one, were all Democrats and they had this mentality. Clinton couldn't do any wall. You know in no Democrat, do any wrong. I asked the woman one time in church.
And I'm so proud to see many black and others getting out of that right and getting free of that delusional does that's what my book is about in the book is much more to MR producer escaping the racism of low expectations. Not Barbara. Do you see things getting a little better e economy indicated there that more and more people are saying the decided, liberty, gas they are getting very. You now happen need. I met a wonderful woman and when I went to the women over the tramp down and the king of passion, he has been a conservative he's. A black woman have been a conservative unable Barbara. Also an I've met. All I've met of another get really from a walk away. I.
And about getting out of that right and getting free of that delusional does that's what my book is about in the book is in listening to MR producer escaping the racism of low expectations, not Barbara, see things getting a little better. You ve indicated there that more and more people are saying the decided liberty, a gas. Yet they are getting very. You now happen need. I met a wonderful woman and when I went to the women of over a tramp down in the king of passion, he has been a conservative he's a black. What may have been a conservative by name and Barbara also an I've met all I've met of another lady from a walk away. I am so happy to meet these people for all the years. I have never been able to link up with black report. Like I thought
This has been felt invigorating to me. This is death. I mean I'm so happy to see this in my lifetime and your daughters. The same way of definitely my daughter has been a conservative he's, the one who Germany on lifting the people, like you you years and years ago, he's been doing this and learning she smarter than I am. You know what he's the one who helped me to really get to know about talk, radio and things of that nature, and I, Be proud of. You know how to be. My daughter can neither be your mother and I couldn't be proud and for you to be my the books.
Skipping the racism of low expectations. Barbara anything else you want to say was yet and anything on Amazon and our popular you know out live, but you know what I wanted to say, but you know what you got your one man, my blog believe about how I love you and I really appreciate you'll explaining things the way you explain them will get it. If you know what it's taken me to another level, you know even with the Federal Reserve Board and what's going on with that and how you broke down Friday, I set my goodness me. Yeah. Well, you just dumb, invigorate me you for all of these years. You ve, never just like me at all Barbara. Thank you. God bless you and your beautiful family and of hopeful get your copy of escaping the racism of low expectations. Later on, Amazon COM,
the best place to get it in get a ride away overnight, just link it up with my book get em both the already have my book get barbers book. Escaping the racism of low expectations. You can hear how beautifully barber speaks. I mean. Not a mere statement. Every syllables, perfect, Barbara, just beautiful and God bless you my friend well, thank you for taking the abbot adolescent darling you two goblets she's the best. Wonderful, wonderful, lady! That's continue. What do you say Tom Times, River, New Jersey, the great ABC. Actually serious, satellite go right. You don't have to talk to my personal feeling. Is that the news media the truck Let us politicians are the number one enemy: theirs: the stage for China, Russia and ran constantly problem
I'll chop every day. Every day it's it's like her. It's like are our enemies abroad have had back door inter country it. It's. It's really It really is I mean you gotta clean other Clinton's workers. Dealings with Russia in fine style And in her chauffeur now it's just the Ets it's just the law has to be cleaned up? Internal, you know what it's like our faculty in our major in universities and colleges, particularly the Ivy League, the New York Times hires people of absolute, like mine, if you're gonna go over there and re calmness and conservative. You must trash this president, Trash Netanyahu, you must trash crash, dress, and that's the way it works. You think a conservative it could be a host early Somebody who's neutral could be posted CNN or MSNBC no way do you think
You could get a real honest reported, the near tat no way. So this is what we're dealing with and so, let's not pretended to free such an unfair press. The modern media today, and were the ones who support a free press were the ones who could demand on south policing and standards and were the ones who are now looking for alternative new sources and platforms. I live why this guy vulgar on the rascals, I've, Alban indoctrinated by the same people they like to talk themselves as a profession? There, not a profession there, not a profession. What profession, it's not a profession now, and so you, people working hard just because I don't work for the New York Times or some conglomerate, doesn't mean they're, not capable of doing reporting and so forth, and out of us get our information elsewhere in the near I'm so break story, some good. We got that but overall the problem is it pushes an agenda? Thank you for your call. My friend
we'll be right back then. Oh, yes, yes, I was ass. Well, I met with on over there in North Korea envy and so forth her. Why shouldn't me with Mercosur? Two different situations on, unfortunately, is The grandson of the original saw stalinist communists to North Korea, and I he wants to maintain control over his part of the peninsula, which is bad enough. That's not what drives The regime in Tehran. The regime in Tehran has invaded as neighbours Gene in Tehran is threatening other neighbours.
The regime in Tehran. It by a fanatical fundamentalist? religious ideology that makes it utterly different. Now, they're both extraordinarily dangerous. But when you sit down with and talk to A surrogate the head mucky muck over there in IRAN they're. Looking at you as an infidel. I have no intention of entering into any agreement that they're gonna comply with because you're, not the higher authority. Any. Ill. They make us intended to get them where they want to go. Which, in the case of this regime, is world domination, the force conversion. Now you may think this is crazy, but that's what drives them. That's what drives them so it
It's a completely different mindset, even though both are very dangerous toy Sudan Quota Court, negotiate, the Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran, and you shouldn't sit down with it at all Should support regime change that keep the pressure on, tighten the screws. Stop at the five waivers and put an end to this. Just marks opinion. Protests and on that a right winger, I'm not a hawk and so forth. I bring prudence to this, not ideology. Protesters and citizens in Hong Kong had been right. Up against the totalitarian communist regime in Beijing and I feel sorry for these young people, We now have a really being brutalized and beaten and you're. Not. That tells me that Ask me that you now have regular chinese military conduct. Themselves as Hong Kong police, so that
and he's militaries air trust me on this. A rabid, Anti Semites, a handful them in Congress relentlessly attacking this country, Israel, jewish people, ten, thousands of illegal immigrants seeking to cross our borders. Tax, the resources of our of our country, the biggest story for the year for the media, while, after failing on all fronts a disgusting attempt. Obviously. Ran the President, an american devoted from his racists, exhausting. Where can you go to reinvigorate work? Can you go to get a tulip every, we'll go to live in tv. Had Levine tv you'll, get my uncensored unfiltered takes on the important events of the day that affect you and give it serious substantive content.
And you also going to be greatly entertained. So why punish yourselves sign go to Levine Tv Bc, quickly, tv dot com or give us a call appreciate got Eleven tv, eight four for El Easy, I on tv now, if you enter promo code, Levin They also get ten hours off subscription. So that's then tv, dot, com, promo code, Levant for ten hours off your subscription. Call us where there are now eight for four Levine TV, eight for Fort Ellie TV and tell them code. And then look at ten bucks off your aunt or subscription as well. Now, wouldn't that be great, although I thought I lost my call screen with a few minutes left in the shower, I let us
Oh, to give it the Jim long on the art, the great February BC quickly go more. Thank you very much for taking my car crash got it I just wanted to go to a question regarding the mental state of our democratic party leadership since their questioning the president's specifically policy issue, we're Biden at all and any of the twenty two local shaky nothing they do, but a point about them is that they lie incessantly they lie about issues they lie about topics, they lied along many multiple election cycles in some of the senior statesmen among them and appoint being this. That leaves us with two possibilities: one they are pathological lighters, which is a clinical psychosis, diagnose, apple or too. They lie for their own benefit, which is corrupt.
Their minds, are corruptible and can be bent for their benefit or the benefit of their allies. Nor three there any logs in you don't care about truth. They care about ideology in either case, wouldn't that make them on fit Well, I don't know I have this Brian Helter Skelter and see what he thinks because, obviously he's they are the world's greatest psychiatrist. I'd love to see his credentials. It just has not credentials he's a puts. It just makes me want to ask some republican and either half of Congress to grow a spine, and pose those questions to see an end to the war. I my friend, Robert Eureka, California, on the mark, Livin quickly. Please go they hurt. A call. First shut your door. What do you see something on alcohol, the door,
now. Just a poem appalled at, however, the democratic just attacking the President boys, their total boy. I haven't the media, the Democrats or anyone around right now, but they they have their fillan. I mean think about the Democrats rule a Washington d C, so the media interview themselves,
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