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On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, The attacks against Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis are Alinsky tactics. His opponent Andrew Gillum cannot win if he comes out and exposes his socialism, so he calls DeSantis a racist. The more radical, the more Left the Democrat Party and its candidates are and become, the more they try to run their campaigns not on their radical ideology but on character assassination. They don’t want to run on socialism, they want to run on racism. Then, the government more and more wants to know about our race, our healthcare, our business, our travel…why? Some can surmise that they want to control us and use this data to decide who gets what loan, who needs to be redistributed to or from so that the government can decide who to reward or punish. Capitalism does not rely on the government, or your race, for it to succeed. It doesn't matter what race the farmer was that sold you their crops. We look for the best quality product at the best price.

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Now run only underground commander in the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levant. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! Well the dammit active, nominated an individual in Florida? They know who cannot win, that is cannot win if he comes fully out of the closet.
Exposes his socialism as radical as a study was just done. That indicates that this gentleman, Mr Gil M, would raise corporate income taxes to forty percent forty percent. I suspect he pushed for income tax, a federal income taxes, because that's what radical progressed Still to redistribute wealth, he believes in single parametric care which will destroy medical care for those who already receive it and destroy all remaining private health care plants. Finally, putting the knife and our heart a private health care. He believes in sanctuary cities you take the radical there
ethical position that's out there from the left and Mr Dillen supports. That is why today none of that is being debated. Said we have a lie. Now it is a lie that Rhonda Santas too early in the United States military to theatres, who served in Congress now for three terms. Has been all over the media. TED something that's racist. So here we have a man who won the republican nomination for governor. Then, apparently he comes out of the closet as a white supremacist. Now I want you. Ought to be aware of this, because this is the game plan. All the time now, the more radical, the more left the Democratic Party and its candidates are and become the more they try to run their campaigns not
a radical ideology, but on their assassination, and this is something they picked up from the old soviets. This is something they picked up, remarks and angles themselves. This is what you do. It's an linsky tactic. He wrote all about it. We got a target, your enemy, personalize it and destroy their character, and there are links. Yet that's what Gill Amiss. The democratic party is stun that this radical one, the nomination with about a third of the vote, He wouldn't have won the nomination if there weren't so many candidates running they'd support a liberal Democrat by the name, a gram, the daughter Bob Gram, who is a well known governor and senator of Florida, very, very popular she try the claims she was a moderate, even though she was a liberal. That said, and was campaigning Bernie Sanders, but
Now they don't want to run on social issues. They want to run on racism? because they know running on socialism in Florida will result in a tore. A landslide verandah said: rob The scientists is running as a conservative he's unabashed he's unequivocal he's our Do it he's charismatic? These are good, looking guy and he walks the walk so immediately the next day, the next day they pull the race car.
Now I want you to hear this interview perfectly innocent. Go ahead, Mr Petition, while welcoming this is a poor, elections are always competitive, and this is a guy who, although is much too to level for Florida. These got huge problems of how he's govern. Tell a happy you. He is an articulate spokesmen for those, far less views and he's a charismatic candidate and in I watch those democratic debates. None of that it is my cup of tea, but I mean he perform better than the other people there. So so we gotta work hard to make sure that we continue Florida going in a good direction. Let's build off the success. We pattern Governor Scott. The last thing we need to do. Is the monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting to state that its own hunky? This up? Did you hear him call
give him a monkey. Mr producer, I didn't hear that. Did you. Did you hear him make any reference whatsoever to MR columns rice? Did you hear that no two monkey this up? This is a ace people use all the time, don't throw among. He went into the system dont monkey it up, in other words,. Screw things up and so forth and so on, and so of course, the Democrat Party jumps as they must they job and so now now Going on two days, I guess the issue is did he mean by monkey up. He called the other candidate and tall and said he was monkeying up now. That's not what happened and by the way it's up thereon were has been on the drudgery.
But all day So the left narrative. It spread all around the media. All around the media. The left narrative is out there being pushed, not killings. Echo is I'm not what he would actually due to the citizens of Florida to the small business owners, The consumers, to the senior citizens. He would do so That study turn it into another deep blue state. All the people who left New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania and other states to get it. From their regulations to get away from their taxes to get away from that, Mr Gil and promises to bring to Florida, and so they take what is here's? The thing Nobody buys this. Nobody listening to their show, buys it white black, lacked it doesnt matter. Nobody buys this.
Everybody knows that this is a Democrat, tactic that is used time and time again the guilty, as even using it. That should tell you what fraud. He is what a fraud these people are and by the way for If you go on really begin to this you'll see that Mr Gil Em is surrounded as mayor in Tallahassee with corruption, surrounded So this is how they left wing may save. I can find it there. Let's see the Wing Tallahassee Democratic. Well anyway, I can't find a write another pushing this every so called free press outlet is put. All went over and over again and they pull this weekend maybe that's all the time. Ronald Reagan was a racist. Donald Trump is raised,
Nixon with the southern states policy racist, the call John Mccain or racist until they decided a lover. John Mccain, racist Mitt Romney was a racist. And why the Republican Party and Republicans sites and republican organization conservatives allow them to get away with this? I will never know since it's the republican Party that has fought and slavery and segregation and Jim Crow and all the rest of it. That's the history, the Republican Party, Mr Gil, as thrown in with a hard left, that's what he is he's leftist. And now the people of Florida have a wonderful choice: a wonderful choice. This is not a race between Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. This is a it's between another radical.
Aggressive, who wants to destroy what takes place in Florida, I've phronsie of that state, the economy of the state, the growth that economic growth, that demographic growth of that state wants to destroy. All that's been done. All that has been produced over a decade after decade after decade, because he is, he doesn't know, Dear you say called democratic socialism, which is there this idea, which is the oldest idea, call it feudalism. Monarch, Elysium collar whenever you want the centre, Possession of government another stated to create another. Fails that you want to see these failed states. Look a California look at Illinois. Look at New Jersey, look at New York they're all over the place.
Citizens trying to escape one state to get to another. That's why gingham wants to run this race. On allegations are racism. Gonna monkey things up was that the phrase MR producer Monkey up things while You know when I do live in tv from time to time I'll go on this on the set, and I have to read certain commercials and so forth, and I often joke Gimme that stuff all Rita like a monkey. It doesn't even occur to me. That has a racist connotation now, of course, you can use it in a racist connotation, but this is what's variant: This thing about the left in their mind, games and how diabolical they are, the
Reference to monkey is a absolute racist use of the word when it is applied to erase it is disgusting and it is disgraceful. It is perfectly legitimate. When it is ply, do a situation like wrong dissenters was mentioning monkey things up, meaning a monkey. Throw things around runs around does. Does that? Does that the Democratic Party in Florida? Mr Gil em they're new nominee, for they really don't even want now. That's an interesting story about racism within a Democrat Party, the democratic establishment in behind yellow. Did it.
And the media in our country. What this to be about racism, their obsessed with it, not because they believe it. Not because they believe it because they cannot win elections unless they destroy the unity of the country. Unless they undermine all the progress that has been made. Certainly since the civil war. Certainly since the year civil Rights movement, they cannot succeed unless they divide us unless they promote racism. That's why they attacked Tiger woods that are they attack? Anybody who doesn't fallen line Rhonda Centres for governor in Florida
We can wish. It would be a debate about the issues on the ideas of what each candidate stands for, but the democratic. In Florida. They are embarrassed by their nominee. He was not these. Placements choice they are embarrassed by their nominee. They nominated a rat a socialist, and now they got the cards. Since its I'll be right back. Aye, Sir andred Gilan. Obviously, Working with the Democratic Party in Florida, now the National Democratic Party course with the media he's brought down on Fox NEWS on the ships Bathsheba. Let's see how this went cut three go
It was the more gave us our part, sir. Your response yeah that that that populism, I'll. Stop me it's very clear that, so, the scientists is taking a page directly from the hey Manual of dialect, let's stop right here, this is is this is disgusting that this can, It has gone, those damn well, what was meant television, man so politician he's a mayor and return I too a tribute. Since statement, with no racial connotations into a and he will stay mother. Racial connotations is outrageous, is absolutely outrageous
but he plays right along and the people are far too need to hear this. The people are far too need to know this go ahead, but I think he's got another thing coming to him. He thinks that in today's day and age Flora voters are going to receive until that level of derision and division, this sick of it, the a you believe it. This is also what the left us. Mr Gil M is very good at this. They stay to absolute fabrication, they I had to their opponents and then they say People are second it right now. Would you nearing either people are sick? Demagogues like Mr Gil, not because african American because he's a left wing radical cook, much like his dear friend Bernie Sanders, go ahead,
offer in this raises racist or for everyone in railways estate. Was that racist or a figment of sweet well. Well, the handbook of Donald Trump. They no longer do whistle calls there now using full bore, so this gauges rambling along spewing, his hate. I want the people of larded, you couldn't have it your choice, skies, I hate monger. I can still use I work in a MR producer. He's a hate longer. These also a liar casino damn. Well, that's not what the sand to said so whistle cause as opposed to bore horns all you people in Florida who voted for Donald Trump. Let me put it this way, all the folks in Florida who didn't vote for gum. Apparently all of you are susceptible not just a whistle cause, but BO horns, and wonderful meant by ball: horns the Old South.
I draw a bunch of white racists. This is how you treated. This is why you despise the media. This is why you despise the left: I just didn't say anything like this and you didn't put down any of mystery Gill em. The porters A word about Mr Gillis Supporters, but all of you who voted for dissenters, you must be white supremacist. You know responding to bowl horns now right, Isn't that saying go ahead? What I've got to say about that? Is that We ve got to make sure that we stay focused. I think on the issues that confront every night, you're not focused on the issues you raised, banning go ahead, I'm not gonna get down in the gutter. With the scientists in what you are in the gutter all by yourself. Why not true with your party with the media. Mr Santer, Susan in the gutter. You are now
practically all your way out go ahead is enough. That is going on but to try and stay I and try to talk about with star in the future is for the stone age. S finishes characters, fascinating? An eighty with the big lie? Then he says, stay high. You know we're all gonna go high here, we're not going to in the gutter, but they are gotta, they started this I'll, be right. Mark radios principles. Patriot call now at eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one. So don't monkey this up, quoth monkey, this up, trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases. Unquote, that is a racist statement now and yet the people
Are there not stupid, they're not gonna, buy the radicalism and they radical media. One of the things that actually quite sad is what the Democrat parties done to itself Like you he's one of their young leaders, it's really too bad that young people. Millennials, if you wish to call them that looking to the democratic, We look into democratic leaders, have tools than to socialists? Who race bait. Imagine if their leaders still liberal. Actually debate ideas in issues as opposed to this stuff. Now, if the scientist was a racist, why player what the word monkey MIKE
this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge taxing debt Joanna just say it if you're right, could he not. The question I have as Mr Gelimer racist Taking this issue, Twisting a like this And using it. In smearing his opponent. There's a cut both ways. There were when they try to do this. The Mitt Romney. Phrases that he used. Other people disposed to be a bad idea is how does this People a flood of the citizens of Florida, but this guy Guillaume is a radical.
And Floridians are not radical people go to Florida to escape These smothering taxes and regulations in parts of the other country of the rest of the country. They have no state income tax, they have limits on property taxes, They haven't a medium sales tax. I believe at six percent. Her in Florida in California, he wants to turn Florida in New Jersey, wants to turn Florida into. The Gill and wants to turn flaws in the California. He wants to turn Florida in New Jersey wants to turn Florida into New York or, worse or worse,. Now we do have some audio I confide had. Of course what he has said.
Let's see here, Mr Producer, where, where is he would the year? Would they let's get rid eyes? Can you help me? I had awakened MR producer yeah number five let's hear this he's on CNN go there already coming for you base on your message. Rather scientists, the republican Army had a statement last night about you and your yellow me says you want to abolish ice. You do correct, when a replace ice with the Department of Justice entity that has not been tarnished and the same weight as as ice has that's pretty funny. Of the ask all these people who want to get rid of ice. Do you know what ice does so You want to get rid of ice because the most radical, irresponsible elements, our coalition oppose What is ice do fundamentally, what does ice to ice is, I believe, the first or second largest federal law enforcement agents,
The border patrol handles the border areas. The border. An ice goes into Europe communities to find him. Thirteen team, kidnap people to look for criminals and put them to the debate, when process. Why would you want to get rid of ice and what is that parliament of justice? What is the Department of Justice going to do? What are they going to do so antitrust lawyers, civil division lorry? What are they going to do said Robert Mahler, on the board, while that actually might be a good idea? But what are they going to do so? This is a very slippery silly connivance. Thing replace ice. The department of Justice not replace ice, go ahead of that as you want to abolish ice, you say you want to replace it S. Basically, the same thing. He says you want two billion dollar tax increase. He says
on single payer. Healthcare system is Florida. You do want Medicare for all correct. I image at the end for treating healthcare as a right and not a privilege, and why are you a champion of anything you're politician? You ve been a mayor he's a champion. Treating healthcare as a right, not a privilege, well I said before, ladies and gentlemen, if of care, is a right. It. There is a right and all you veterans, you have a right to health care. Whenever you want it, wherever you want to you a right to whatever medicine that you need, and what we're care, you need, and you have a right to have it timely immediately. What does that mean? It's a right and not a privilege. What it means is he's a socialist. And what he also means is health care is a right but actual medical treatment. Now that's a whole. Other story is healthcare.
Right in Venezuela. Yes, it is of care was right in the old Soviet Union: Healthcare as a right in Cuba really and our people going there. Treatment- another. Not. Why does she can't get it? He get it. It's lousy, go ahead. We re and expanding Medicaid in this state of flora for over seven hundred thousand people right now to have access to I'm telling you you're gonna, have folks you're gonna, have income taxes and fly this guy's elected because you can pay for any this stuff any other way. So Florida will turn and every other state I'm just telling you now he's gonna destroy. Medicare he's gonna destroy. Medicaid is going to destroy your tax system, he's going to destroy the quality of life, because that's what socialists do. They don't creating shining city on the hill, they created depressing bleak environment. Go ahead, the state about
billion dollars in federal money that should we come into force that right now is being distributed to other states, but I happened. Believe: that's not left or right or centre that that's a basic income, further for the every area is not left right. You see, he's got the talking point so A radical leftist, The scientists is a racist, but hey. He's for uniting the people of Florida and, of course, he's not right, left or centre. He just you, know maybe he's not he's radical hard left. That's where you go ahead. They need as governor. It's my job to deliver that Uk Florida you have, clear, cut choice. Man, I'm not kidding clear, cut choice. Now what about Trump
Same interview, same network CNN should trump impeached. They asked the mayor of Tallahassee cut sex go. It will be your job. If you are elected governor became think the president should be engaged. Stop right. There isn't a lovely question. The question Absolutely nothing to do what he was about, what he would do ass governor. Why doesn't he s? Do you favour state income tax, we're going to come up with the money on medication Get that from the federal government a runs out. All the states are left home. The bag under Obamacare go ahead. So they do. I think, he's he's already incriminated himself by interfering with the Department of Justice Firing, Jim call me of whom I know fan of, but basically obstructing justice since that time he is only driven deeper down a pretty dark hole. Every imaginable cook.
Ethical position. You can think of him, prices, and not only that, then you pretended small republic in its not democrat, so trumpet should be impeached. Care should be destroyed and replaced with single pair The cage would be massively expanded to include all sorts hey level income level of people. There should be a forty percent corporate income tax rate. What's this guy running for is he running for President You better. What the. The union's dead? I thought accept apparently in the minds and hearts other radical left in the Democratic Party go ahead or himself of this country. Now, Now, who is who's this
Bela this who is who is Michael STAR Hopkins Democratic strategist? I talked about this the other day. People keep showing democratic step they just democratic operate. I've never heard of these people before apparently, he served on Obama. Hilary campaigns, Michael STAR, happened any so brilliant? I believe this is MSNBC, not CNN, They do is brought on MSNBC cut forego. Do you accept the fact that he may not have made methods in a racist, a no absolute he knew where he was when he studied the new audience it was talking to build upon. Why do leftists insist. That non racist things are racist. Have you thought about that?. Why do they insist? Here's a like this!
It does under fire for saying Florida. Voters shouldn't monkey this up by Elect. And give him that's not what he said he did. Say Florida. Voters should monkey this up by electing go gone. That's not what he said he said floor Russian monkey, this up by nation socialism Absolutely incredible, we'll be right back Finally, I wonder how many of the people in Florida cuban ancestry who fled or whose ancestors fled, Cuba and that utopian, so Firstly, I wonder what they think of women's struggle
has to say, and many of those individuals are people of color. You know fact a vast majority I wanted bout relatively new arrivals from Venice. Well, I wonder what they think about Mr Gil him and his brand of Socialism, what do they think about it. Most of the people who flee these common. Regimes and get it order. They don't leave Florida for Say one of the blue states. They like flora, because it's free to free state. The Democrats are trying to take. If they want to destroy, they can take. Florida becomes very, very difficult Republicans to win national elections, they take time yes, it's impossible for republic to win any presidency
They hurt me talking about the recent censorship we ve seen of conservative voices on social media. Enough for them to have a platform where people can debate ideas and share opposing views. No, the liberals have won a gender to shut down conservative speech. They can't stand president, try They try to shut down. Anyone who says a good word about him or, frankly, people who want to talk about conservative ideas. Well, you know we're all about on my shows and that's giving people the truth, no matter the cost That's why we created see our tv conservative review tv take completely separate platform where you can get uncensured content from house to trust. If your life Thus you seen the writing on the wall and it's time to start building this networking community of conservatives. We need you to part of this conservative community and many of you
our but many of you and it's not going to keep growing. If we don't have the support from listeners like you could become viewers are going to give everyone access to see our tv for thirty days, absolutely free for thirty days, absolutely free! Here's what you do! You need to call now Eight for four Levine TV that eight four for El Evie I and tv, and will have your set up in five minutes less than five minutes. That's eight for full of anti, the eight for four l e on tv. I take a few calls who loses big matter to me. Because this is how they try to take out conservatives all the time you can conserving republican, ipso facto you're a racist, and I am sick to my stomach. I've had enough of it and we must fight it enough of it. Let's go to ROD Cleveland Ohio
exam satellite go. Are you dont marked? Ok, I apologise to you because I'll never be out every day for the education at you, ve, given me mine you. Don't ever have to apologize, I'm thrilled your listen! I want to thank you man. It really really godly goin away with, with my mind, Everything that's going on. I just wanted to say one thing about this idea, but wait american people over there. They forty is so what's goin on out air stifled by the media in knots don't try just talked about it, was after diving. What's goin on, we have no voice, you know that's where I feel about it. You know, and I would just sit near spill and in all night after night of what's going on an end, if you. I agree with the laughter racist
they try to shut you down and they tried to insist a raise. The radicalism tummy is What is what is so you, like a Cuba look at you look at Venezuela. These are countries in Latin America right others. People starving to death, yes, People being denied basic liberties- yes, ok Well, it's socialism, in my view, their trace, snuck capitalism, capitalism that mean- example rod and I have this exam. Are similar to it in liberty and turning you go into a diner right. Sit down its morning, you're a couple: eggs, bacon, hash browns a cup of coffee, small, arduous, ok, mom already hungry, when you do that, does it ever into your mind? If the farmer
Where the rancher, who raise those chickens who produce those eggs and sent them in a market that wind up on your plate, but the races has. Ever entered your mind, rob absolutely not! Ok! Now you don't think that way. The people whom. The forks and the knives and the spoons where the coffee comes from it. Never when energy or mine, and that is the genius, the beauty of capitalism. It's about liberty! It's about market competition. It's about pricing, it's about profit it's not about race, it's not about religion, it's not about sex or sexual preference Socialism is the ops, They want to know all about you. They want to know all about your ancestors. They want to know all about your background who to reward who to punish who to read this We too, who to redistribute from they, want to know all those things, so they can control you and divide one against the other. Capitalist could give a damn socialists care
ballot. She my point rather than after Jack, archway projecting. There ideas and I cannot and the judiciary. We can do is enough. What do you do my friend, if I may ask Overdrive I assume you sound great. What are you drive? Thank you, Besides that all I was right when I tell you what I don't know how you do that its skip, it would scare the live in Hell out of me to turn a corner with one of those things and I don't know how you park and for God's sakes they will be seriously when I watch these. These big tractor Let's go by, I salute because that's nothing, I could that certain things I know I can do certain things. I know I can't so you call and thank me they show, which I I really really appreciate. I want to thank you for making sure I eat at night by movements stifled
the country are, I brother, you take care of yourself, I'll, be right, back Now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven three: one three one one for selects. Let's dig into this a little bit more deeply from the first, our first anybody who tries to use what the Santas said as a
a sustained shoot a hit him over the head. You know they are frauds absolute disgusting frauds period, And you really do dumb, it's like big. The use of the word Hitler. You really do come down with these words in the wrong context, really do mean and how hurtful they are. Then, I heard one Williams on Fox even go further, that he said he was articulate and a socialist while he is, our team And he is a socialist so in other words to Santa can't run for Governor YU, now etc. You're not around so understood for as is usual, words did ashore. Opponents in his opponents views you're not allowed to use. This is what they pulled with Obama and, quite frankly, God rest, his soul. John Mccain fell for it
This is what they pull with Obama, and this is what they're pulling the guy and flawed, and this is what the law always poor, because they don't wanna. When fair and square metre whip up the base they got to whip up the media, while the media does the whipping up, You understand my point. And so the gentlemen is a socialist. The gentleman is articulate say that about Bernie Sanders he's a socialist in these. So what that is Rachel invitations to. This isn't gonna work in Florida. You know calling everybody a racist who's, not Calling anyone who disagrees with you, a racist who is not demanding that people accept your ideology? That is fascistic, that is totalitarian. And that is what's going on, but I want to get back to it. The issue of socialism versus capitalism.
Socialism has a lot of connotations. I'd. Only technical, when nations from egg heads, we know exactly what it means here, but let's who's the more ambiguous term. So we can cover the map. Showing cover the map and same capitalism. Capitalism is actually a word. There was invented by marks, but I have no problem with it. I have no problem with it at all trade and commerce. Your property rights, how the founders viewed it and that's what it is I want to expand on the point I was making at the close of the first hour. When you have socialism, you have greater control of the economy than you are
under capitalist. We can at least agree to that and you need a bigger and bigger government with more and more individuals in the government making decisions about the account and these people were making decisions about the economy. They have their own prejudice, and by that I do not necessarily mean racial, religious or saccharinity, that's where they have their own viewpoints policy agenda and they had the power to impose those and protect those upon you. And more more, our government wants to know what race you are more more. A government wants to know what your wealth is. More more government wants to know what your religion is. More more government wants to know more about you. Why? Just today
it was said just why do they want to know more about you? What is the point government want to know more and more about that. Your health care about your income, about your employment, about your business, about your family members. Were you travelled. What your phone numbers are. Why does the government want to know more about you to control you there's no other reason. And the government has an enormous amount of data on you. Significant portions of that data are used to make decisions about you and about her about the society we live in. Who gets what who doesn't get What who lives where who should live? Where qualifies for this loan. This programme, who doesn't qualify for this loan
this programme, who should be paying one into what who should be distributed to, who should be redistributed from silicon. And I want you to know all about you in order to reward. You are punish you Capitalism is about the government. Ilysm, isn't about keeping government related data on you. But isn't about government redistributing wealth cap, submission about decisions based on race or religion, of course, those who do it, but as a whole, it is not when you go to the grocery. Door tomorrow or maybe you're there now and when you're looking for a particular product, you don't care if a black farmer grew at or white farmer grew it or somebody with
A mixed heritage grew at you could care less. You wanna buy the best you can as cheaply as you can. Who care about somebody's race or religion or whatever. It is. That's. Capitalism It is the least racist economic model in existence now Bliss, on the other hand, have to try to make capitalism racist, so they'll say: let's look at the government kept statistics who benefits from capitalism, which racial group benefits from capitalism which age group and if it's from capital is how about algae BT kill, do they benefit or do they not better? Everything is about putting people and grew, in classes, in a caste system and turning one against the other.
Who is when you careless, get careless, and we know this you go virtually anywhere in seed inaction, gotta Football stadium, People have all colors all backgrounds, all creeds there they gives a damn. For the same team, cheering against the same team, Ghana, Since they gonna grocers, all kinds of people in a grocery store work in their shopping there, but he cares. We gives it. A second thought: you go into a restaurant, all kinds of people in the restaurant.
Nobody's gonna headcount based on race or that group sit over there. That group sets over there the government like TAT, sort of thing, capitalism, true capitalism, it works. Now there are pups places where it doesn't work. Where you have racist or do they said it, I get that I really do, and that applies everywhere. In any thing in all walks of life. It's a sad fact and shall be still says. Racism exists As stupidity exists, we loved array that a society, but some of it just exist, but that doesn't mean the whole system. Societies racist now who died and name the Democratic Party, the monitoring racism when it is that democratic party that has always been the party racism does where a republic
governor standing in the school outdoors available? three schools in Arkansas and an Alabama. There are democrats, they were Democrats and the south is change. Now, it's republican, so there publicly governor standing in anybody's door, feller art, first civil Rights ACT or the modern era course we could talk about what took place, right after the civil war. They were republic and alleged, bring it up the nineteenth seven civil Rights ACT, Droid eyes? you never hear about you never hear about it. These civil rights acts were republican idea. Some Republicans voted against it for institutional reasons, not for racial reasons, but ever single Democrat, who voted against those summarised tax claim they did it for constant
rational reasons, but they did it because they were segregationist, including Robert Bird. The former leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, meaning that Democrats vote for him to be their leader. Who was the leading segregationist and the Republican Party in the modern here who they voted to be a leader? Not one? None. We cannot let people get away with labeling conserve there's an Republicans racist when they are not the president of the United States but a racist scenario. Better racist. He's higher more minorities, then CNN and I myself should combine in his career, no evidence whatsoever,
Why? Because he supports securing the border in enforcing immigration laws, now: you're racist. Why? Because he supports law enforcement to try and keep our community safe. Now you're, a racist. Now he's no racist, but there are plenty erase bakers. I can tell you that the golden age of journalism right Jake, Tapir, the golden give journalism are, as I said the other day, none and it's the golden age of yellow journalism. I'll, be right back the air we have long. What is several days ass well
Say goodbye to John Mccain, do you know that Sarah Palin was not invited to John Mccain funeral? This is from the hill formerly. Governor. Sarah Palin has reportedly I've been invited to attend the funeral services for John Mccain, her one time running, made NBC News reported Wednesday that payment been invited force within the payment family told him Bc News set out a respect for Senator Mccain this family? We have nothing to add at this point. This is really hateful. And them The senator said something a few months ago that he didn't think I paraphrase you should a pig pail any should pick Liebermann. I don't know how well I would have gone on the year floor, the river. Can convention, but What is this animosity towards Pailin.
I mean you reach out the Brok Obama you reach out to chuck Schumer you reach out to TED Kennedy. Sir Payment. What its European ever do that the disease, this kind of treatment. I've come to know. The pains me we don't spend. Together. We don't socialize have never been to Alaska. That's not my point, but I feel I our quite well. We ve spoken a few times. She was on the life liberty in Libya. And she was really good before the programme. We spoke On the programme we spoke I remember that that election in two thousand a butt or Sarah Palin. I John Mccain would have been beaten even worse. And it was she who brought the crowds up. Twenty five thirty thousand I remember Liese Virginia my neck of the woods. My family ran over there. While I was on the radio to cease
repellent not John Mccain. This isn't a put down the John Mccain, but I'm really quite standard this. If you're going to be so data a meticulous about. What's going to take place, why would you? Why would you do that It just seems so mean why? Because the media didn't like Sarah Palin, because the media would focus on Sarah Palin if, if you're so media centric than you worry about those things, but you really can't be, and you really Be the media are, as a group contemptible may know their contemptible. They just want a minute, but they are contemptible. You should Sarah Palin wrote in a tweet about John Mccain:
Today we lost his power, Today we lost that american original senator Mccain was American, a fighter, never afraid to stand for his beliefs. John, never took the east. Path on life and through sacrifice and suffering. He inspired to serve something greater self and the pale and family were always cherished friendship with the Mccain's and hold those memories. Dear the source, a source close to the family, said Corridor NBC. Now there's a class act right there. Many, those in the media who trash Mccain now celebrating.
Many of those in the Senate who hated Mccain now celebrate them, I'm just a really quite astonished, white, frankly, quite astonished even disappointed that should be treated this way because she doesn't deserve. She didn't do anything, but help then became campaign and she never attacked them even when others like. I were extremely critical of him in some of Votes in the Senate, which I believe were quite detrimental, Obama care and on immigration and on the Bush, tax cuts and So many other areas as well as good votes to, but. That's why the left praises him. I let's take some cause. Jeff
Kim Texas, Ex M satellite go much more mister mark Clark is good good harry you I'm, the guy I just bought out was. Is I dont know why you're surprised at the bottom Democrats would rise by I've been doing that such proud of the civil WAR but I wanted to be devised in the country. They ve always use the poor white against the blight as a way to control and now, but that's not totally working because most of us in the south could give a cramp whether you're any color is now they're doing it with money, but they always then the divisive parties. I always look. Why not disagree? I mean I've spent a lot of my career explaining the history, the Democratic Party, which is rejected weeks, the history, the New York Times when it came to the Holocaust. These are not institutions He revered the democratically A lot of explaining to do
times, has a lot of explaining to do which of course, though, never do. Thank you Jeff. I appreciate your car Betty for Pierce Florida on the mark, Levant go ARC Levant. I met you at their Rhonda Santa's over the boulevard of months ago. I gave you the progressive Americanism not progressing. Sticker. Oh, I remember you yes, yes, I want you to know we're out. We are fighting every day and I'd like the message to get her to Rhonda Santa's. Let him be the one to control the Thea. What what message is being get the gardener don't let them set the narrative whenever they know a question out it like him. He said I'll be glad to compare and contrast whatever issue. It is. Is this what you want to talk about taxes and let him be the one to set the platform because he's the leader he's he's the warrior he's
told you. Let me, let me tell somebody they underestimate, ran dissenters, he's been the war, he knows he knows how to fight and he will fight. He just want a primary present trunk gave him a strong support, but if he wasn't Ray candidate, nothing any of us could do, including the president would have got them across the finnish a brown conservative, no ifs ends or bites call in at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one, and I was sent a note from our friends at filter by from a new customer. The note said I have been in the middle of a home renovation and there is drywall dust everywhere, plus the contract.
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Is a ridiculous nonsense? It is that it is in both cases on the issues, as you say, smashing stately corridor, worrying, Medicaid, expansion of Medicaid, better care for all, even though he's gonna be governed Ernie does has no good will control over Medicare. What with the people, the elderly people in Florida and everywhere else in the country. They understand the republic consort, taking away you're Medicare Medicare, when the Democrats talk about Medicare per all with a talking about is a bureau. See in Washington DC. That's gonna decide whether an eight year old girl needs a transplant or an eighty year year, old, old fogey way in which one do you think's gonna win, but we had to start rationing healthcare because there's not enough money to pay for people that are over sixty to begin with and when they say Mary care for all what they really mean as they will destroy it and replace it with I'm stolen, assign fisted, centralized system that goes,
well beyond anything that are our senior citizens can possibly imagine and as we know it never works, it can't work required who are taking it away? I want to see a democratic socialist, her take it away, but the main street Democrats who are taking it away and, as you say who could help healthcare for all but you you can't have actual medical here yeah. You can have the actual medical care a minute. When you did it, you don't we were. We know too many people. There have been visiting Canada, and when they need an operation, they get it here before they go back home. It's me ask a question single pair healthcare worked, if it cut costs, liberated the burden of the bureaucracy, if it if it made people healthier, Do you really think you and I would oppose it, queer
but because we want to protect ourselves and protect our families, even putting economic society which is hard to do. The fact of the matter is we want to stay healthy. We want to be. How do you want that? We want the best for our kids grandkids and family members and our neighbours and our colleagues socialism gives you crap and it's not selfishness or lack of compassion for others, because you have to be smart enough to know that he don't even Jesus, said the poor. You always have with you there's just we ve got limited resources. We allocate them as fast as we can superfluous. Greatest, number of people are served and it if you're not. You know it's really sad, John, that we have to go through this over and over again in the wealthiest nation. Planet has ever known and Army for the wealthy, the wealthiest across the board across the board
Our people have access to things whether you call whether people are called poor middle class. Whenever that dad that that in the ass people could only imagine you know, there's nothing new under the sun mark. It's not just this whole notion of redistribution and goodies for everyone, its ancient. It's also the ad harmony and attack the Santos is currently suffering. This is what they did back in Greece and Rome with it. The scrapping new here when get the the facts? You attacked the man. I my friend pressure your call Joe O Calla Florida, the great the? U S, K. Why go nice to talk here? Thank you, Sir, people are moving from New Jersey, as you mentioned before, moved to Florida from New Jersey Right and the year to furs. It's an immediate threat heard mentioned ass by a girl is forgetting
that another large group of people in Florida, the queue visa, had moved here from Cuba because of socialism. And now the Venezuelans as well as others, wreck the Opie. I hope we have good reason, maybe defined another job. Nay, exactly well that'll be next running for president our appreciate your car, my friend Bob Indian, plus Indiana GO ok, you doing ok. I have my my problem. As you heard Democrat like this guy down there in Florida, always say things like access to health care. I have go into a hospital anywhere and hear them. Ask anyone. Do you have money? You have insurance, how about a credit card, no get out I think that they are not allowed to that this matter. Restaurant.
You're not going in for all a cart. Anybody who can go to an emergency room or an urgent care center and get the care they need, you know. Health care in here You see that that wasn't good enough. The fact that we have Medicaid that that cause every state. Listen to this every state budget, twenty to twenty five cents out of a dollar goes to medicating are expanding, the fact that we have medical aid and Medicare. In some cases they cover poor people. The fact that people go into an emergency room and get free care that wasn't good enough. They have to destroy the entire healthcare system, destroy the market system and decide who gets what and I say so that's what they're all about they want to know who gets what and so the other system capitalist system. The reason why so successful is because we don't care about who gets what we don't care about, the re Sweden
care about their income level. I don't care about any of that. We just care about making a good deal and that they say is heartless, no Dona. That is compassion because of the result. Thank you for your call. My friend, Jason Williams, Port Pennsylvania acts M satellite. Go. Thank you mark hedge pleasure to talk to a great patriot like yourself, sir, Anybody going on to this whole socialism of kill a man his island with Bernie Sanders. They don't realize what industries they were going to be destroying by doing raising the taxation so that they can pay for everything we that everybody else was the first one of the first industries that will be affected. Is the trucking industry due to the fact that is going to raise prices on trade
rotation in transporting goods, to your local supermarkets. Your local hardware stores your local mechanic shops all these other stuff structure. If you destroy that industry, you are destroying part of the life blood of the american body by throwing the cholesterol of friggin socialism in do it well said excellent. Exley well said if he gets to be governor, God forbid watch what happens the real estate is across the state, a flirt, I'm not kidding you gonna, put it a forty percent corporate income tax and I guarantees gonna have to push a property. Taxes is enough to find a way for stock. The Supreme Court were left us, although do it form And then he's gonna have to put in an income tax he'll, just spending in Spain and put the pressure on and that's what they do, and so Florida will cease being Florida, property vows will will start to flattened out and drop all all the things that make flow
Florida will be under under stress and that's the problem. He just another leftist, who now wants to ruin another state. Thank you for your call, my friend Stephen city, the Great W B say, go our mark. I just wanna. Take women tell the country how People in New York are now tonight now I got a mass of audience in New York. My listeners excluded, ok, you're with her of excluded. Now there's a governors debate. Can I, but I listened to you, dead. You have Cuomo alive leftist against running against a commune the broad. How watch your language Cindy Nixon. Sky had American. There today and who can out communist each other in addition to pressing now me as a conservative up here, have absolutely no voice at all
that's why we have watched called mobility. I have five more years until I retire. I hope I have some going. Fine well you'll go anyone else goes to Florida. Unless this guy screws up Florida, we please You know I really in New York and Neutral, busy and many in Pennsylvania and these others they go to Florida. Obviously imo restating, but you get my point here. I want to the income, taxes or anything else. That's why there's gotta be a the safe havens left in the country right. I hope so that's why I'm begging people Please do the right thing, but the fact is, I write my friend thanks for you. I'll, be right back I would warn Baby Ba Paul BAR in the Mccain.
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The calls been pretty good, so I'm gonna go back into their and hope for the best veto. I'm a flawed on serious said. I go mark the proposer combined your programme longtime, you listener, I was In cuba- and I came to this country when I was fourteen years all after seven years on the Castro regime, I was put it's called a window due to the idea that I had I can tell each of your listeners, this man is say simply and plainly faded, a com that's killer loudly about the I'm talking about Deal helium lose all those who deserve our support Bernie Sanders which, by the way during the two thousand and sixteen elections, for example, what he wanted the United States to be that he wanted to the United States to be like
Venezuela there's your answer. Mine is a communist dont both for him. Everything he does is and will be again What do you think most illegal human community will be thinking about this guy in his so called democratic socialism, where they will not vote for him their own, while you're at it again the younger people did Mark is that ITALY is in school. They don T teach the young people what this is all about. The dangers brushing away. They don't treat vision, principles. They don T shoot that their love of country data- Did they don't preach civics, and this is what the problem is. Did they take I want to quote an example: ok, because every time we gave way to a liberal, I tell him. I just want you to do, You're, a video one I want to see you too. There was
Nineteen, eighty three and your war. What communism soul about you're gonna see their tactics to explain to you. I know one prepared to suit OPEC. Eighty, we called you best were not everything that they do. Based on information from Central America, because they there they're all over the place. I was able to recover to parasitic containers on who Milford Canada get access to satellite go. The Mai radio, here all the sea and ice, often gets overlooked in that customs. Their very important, protected, an investigative arm of the agency very large? In fact they protect our water ports, our airports. In the early nineties based information from Central America because they then they're all over the place
It was able to recover to parasitic containers on protests vessels there were dead direct elsewhere, the Atlantic and they each one contained Seventy kilos of cocaine and stowaways any ships to an enforced They only inspect a small fraction with, wouldn't we would hope they would be bigger in the president when invest more when the time comes because of the national security issue, but this curve for abolishing of ice, Kate, anarchy, war, vanity, a cheap, and she was using that the same racism word that there has been attributed to run. To say this: it is a go to work for these people and it's disgusting because it affects our cities charity on the street, but in using the word racism. The left does not want to have a debate, that's correct.
When a debate about our ideas, we can't wait to debate them, but they don't want have a debate, they just damn and they label and they smear and that's good enough and you see on tv, seen on these cable shows, and they say this is the golden age of journalism you know and where the free press that you're, not it's, not the golden age, it's the golden age of you Oh journalism and you're, not the free press. There is a right to free press, but you're, not a free press, your ideological clowns, that's what you are in fact foresaw some. Area as well, and the young people who rely on social media in particular for their for them. Information is very difficult to counter that narrative once so once they hear the word, because it sir, got your antiphon, your black lives matter, and it's all our work, our word or work My friend, I appreciate your car. And your services will. Finally,
good cause? Today? We have a lot of good collars lined up. I want to give you a few more big issues and the third our and will take the rescue your call so stick with us I'll, be right back. Now run, only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one Don lemon is a pretty and journalist and host on CNN who has no ratings. The president's right, I'm a little disappointed. He stole my line, but that's ok.
He's very low. I q, just like Jeffrey too. Just like brine stoutly. Just like that. Crowd there in the aggregate their low. I q. And we know antigua- is a violent marxist organization. It is a violent marxist organization. There been some undercover video that shows them. Training. They are a sort of a marxist militia and they ve. They ve hurt a lot of people, they heard a Bernie Sanders guy the other day they ve hurt Trump supporters. I've heard police officers a violent nasty organization. But not the down lemon dumb. Thanks, they're pretty cool shore, they them that their issues, but they're not too bad, had Tipp real, clear politics, cut a go, says a right, the name anti for anti fascism, which is what they were. There
listen, there's no organisation is perfect. There are some violence, No one condones violence, but there were different reasons for Antigua and for these NEO Nazis to be one racist, fascists. The other group fighting races, fashion there is it the fascist, there's a distinction there. Thinking about you such an idiot. Why you have to pick one or the other. Why, We condemn NEO, Nazis and the marxist that That is what exactly on tv is. This is a all this time limit and absolute for benefits perfectly within the group of hosts over there Our golden age of journalism at the CNN. There is some vile disease salaries word about their violence played again. What watch? How d you know? It's a throwaway line, go ahead, says a right, the name, Antigua and.
Fascism, which is what they were. There listen, there's dummy dummy and you are a dummy Maoists being anti fascist and Malcolm Fifty million of his own people cast claims to be anti fascist or the Castro. The remaining one an I killed. Tens of thousands of people. You will even understand this you're such an idiot go ahead. I was No one condones violence, but there were different reason. I don't know what he said and half a nanosecond there. Nobody condone the violence, but let's talk the violence. We ought to be talking about that that nobody condones the violence, but. Different reasons for antique and these NEO Nazis to be there who cares their violent rat extremist organisations, all of them both of them go ahead.
And for these NEO Nazis to be one ash shut up you any it, no one you're on CNN. Nobody watches you. If I don't play your audio, nobody, even those with what the hell you're saying now, speaking of idiots. Just to be even handed when it comes to race. Of course, Jeffrey tubing on CNN this guy's a slime bucket p truly is. Now, listen how he talks about anti for go ahead. Let Speed clear also about what's going on here. The theme here is: I'm done Donald Trump and I'll, protect you from the scary black people and It is widely perceived as an african american organization up. How is anti for widely perceive you see, he's the racist tube. Mr Blair's have you ever perceived antifreeze? Being they perceived as a black organization, no.
No it's widely perceived and known that most of these are boiled. Rotten punks stood on white, most a college and their professors. What most of them are and you Jeffrey tube in projects. That is widely perceived as populated by blacks, not by me, not by most people. I don't think that's not true, but Jeffrey to back and say that you see because now he feels better use he's not a racist he's, not a big it. He can just everybody else or racist and a big guy had just part. Of the same story of Lebron James and Don Lemon and Maxine Waters and the inner play There is, in the usual way, basketball player, but he never calls out white people. Does he dummy even called people like you up? cause you're home network out fill a white paper.
Now. We all know this when the It takes on his opponents, who attack him. He doesn't say- oh I'm only take that guy because of their race. Last time I checked in the republican Primary one Donald Trump, was running for the nomination. I believe the vast majority of the candidates were not black. The majority were not brow. The vast majority were not read. The vast majority were white. Rosier Don, I dont believe she's black window down the list? Can we so to listen to this Jeffrey Turban and by the way later on. You have the idiot, the Wolf Blitzer, Stoking the stern a pot: this is why people cannot stand CNN or Emma. And we see this is why Jake Tapirs
the golden age of yellow Journalism, Europe budget clowns, you're bunch of fools you're, not sorting out fact from fiction you're, not holding people, though I count ideological hacks go ahead of black Firstly, why this is about Donald Trump appeal to racism and here. We go again all of you, your appeal, but Donald Trump, because you the appeals to you because he's a racist in euro racist, so is this: why this puke this this left wing? so says he. So says he were cuts to be lectured mostly the white people about races, it's it's it's and most live in New York or live in one, Andy Sear, live in our lecturing everybody else. I told you about that. Cabdriver I was actually overdrive in Chicago, but a month ago I went to a beautiful wedding, the gentleman
sixty. Eight years. Only Tommy's ease or retired factory workers work on the assembly line where they make ball bearings outside of Chicago. He was a fairly religious man, very nice man, and he made the point But for the media, and but for these politicians he said I have people on this uber, I'm retired. I don't need this job. I make a low exe. Many, but I enjoy meeting people his. I mean people Walks of life- all races all political viewpoints. Anything the overwhelming majority them are nice. People. You get along and we all get along, but Ladies and gentlemen, Jeffrey Turban cannot stand it down. Lemon cannot stand so I'm tapers, ok. They may be a little violent now. Another imperfect big deal Jeffrey Turban Trump
dumbing, anti, Voyna, wise, condemning anti voltage. We why people? You know we're square, black people and Antigua is widely viewed, being black? No its? Not? Who are the racist here? It is they them. I'll, be right back I am frankly Feinstein on Emma, sell us due do so Tromp was mentally ill. Tromp was a racist Trumpets Edison trumpets it at all and that I mentioned he's a phelan. Oh yes, he is cut thirteen go. Is there any
any situation where this could actually play into an obstruction issue. Stop usually little any remit metal you flee, the real reporter either Miller put so what Does she compulsory makes a statement and then put a question mark behind you flee any possibility that this could that this could play in turn. Destruction sure go ahead. Trying to push sessions which could lead to the firing of Rockets Rosen's time which could lead to a domino effect that would affect the mother Well, I think said this theory is alive and well, and I think we know this is a woman he drove around for twenty years with a communist spies or driver. This is what a day all, but she is frank in fine style And her husband ass is up those eyebrow. But the red chinese government they made a fortune of the. Chinese government, so
The remit, of course, goes to her to ask about Trump go ahead. What fines. But if I understand what Mr Collins said, the President directed him to essentially commit a felony right. That's what he said. President directed indicated surely go ahead. And that's obstruction of jobs Yes, it is so you see, ladies and gentlemen, she wants to impeach and remove. I know how many more times I can explain these sir campaign laws, if you choose to enter into an agreement, a non disclosure agreement And use your private monies are your corporate monies and you do not use pay money, but that's a side issue, because you on a clean things up,
You go into a race for office or, if you're in a campaign and of course it can influence a campaign you're trying to clean things up in your private life or fear. You spend money, you get a hair color by by a silk suit. In a new pair of shoes casual. Better and influence the campaign. For me, He accused are not paying event or something like that. You decide I you know I pay the vendor because I don't want any problems in their campaign. Into the southern district in New York. That's a crime because they don't know crap just because they it's a crime doesn't make it a crime and here's challenged. Everybody out their efforts crime that I so much been prosecuted as a crime in their bank convictions. Today one candidate, one who's been prosecuted and convicted.
For settling a private law, suit of print, suddenly a private matter with his or her own funds or his or her own corporate funds through their private corporation. Nay. What show me show me in the southern district in New York: where are they there? Aren't any share this area? Diane, Frank: it fine Stein! If I understand correctly well, you know. If I understand correctly calling the heap he directed him too, and surely committed felony, oh by the way, corsican director private returning to make the payments. So what the money that money is not spent for the specific purpose of getting elected, forgetting for instance, leasing office. The put you in earlier, your campaign staff in there or a bumper sticker shares our billboard. Suddenly now sure enough.
Laundering money in which hush money, harsh money, no they're called non disclosure agreements. Companies enter into them all the time individuals enter into them all the time divorced people enter into the mall confidentiality agreements. I guarantee it there's a whole five. For them. In the southern district in New York, I guarantee there's a whole. I'll, follow them at the Department of Justice. I guarantee area closures wrong with them? It happens all the time when all its hush money, it's obstruction. It's a crime, but she'll get reelected. Cheese from California but they do let's see here. Who else shall we bother? Let's see here? Oh, we ve got what is his name Chris,
Murphy. Now the Chris Murphy is a nobody senator from my kinetic nobody senator from Connecticut but he's on tv all the time, because I like what he spews and burps up cut. Tango I get a little uncomfortable when we have these conversations about the legitimacy of a president because of a pending investigation. I think that your car has in its power Really need to do something about a president that we don't think I can legitimately carry out their functions of that office. Its impeachment short of that, I think it's a little hard is able to present a candidate for the present. I can't do that with the Kohen indictment. With the metaphor conviction, I think that the special relationships about showing us some of these cards, because it clearly has other routes to go.
Creation is not done our reason he so what brilliant teeth He is a heat listener, how he weighs everything he's just so judicious. Yeah, maybe member be minimum level moment. Let what he's trying to say there is yes, how some people I'll, be in the Senate about the convict, but I just can't say it yet because the powers that be sure a policy of Tommy, don't say it yet don't work up the races cook Trump Base come out and in hordes we don't want There's an army of em out. There said other, keep it we know what we want to do. And so they go on air and they sound, like idiots missing, sounds like an idiot. But nobody told this guy Blumenthal The senior senator from Connecticut Nobody told him cut twelve CNN.
I must talk about Rudy Julie under the president's personal lawyer, he's trying now these open to this energy of undermining Mahler when the entire investigation as a witch a ruse, it's all in the yard. Juliet Mahler is now slightly more distrusted them trusted. I say walls will now they found a prosecutor, they like they hated, can star the list. This special pleader, this, not big, Wolf, Blitzer the guy. Well, I mean But now there going after Mahler, we can't go. If Denmark, who is Mahler, what is Mahler Militia prosecutor he's an advocate he's a judge he's, not mother Teresa. When what is this guy is a process, but he has a lousy record in many respects: lousy record in Boston. Lousy record, you remember Washington Dc Chase down the wrong guy.
Oh no! No, we got a whole mama procedure, great man, this guy Mahler, was a great man anyway go ahead. The do does this: into a pattern there we going again making these these preposterous comments and then putting a question mark after them. I had resident is made of obstruction of just how hey Yes, a left wing coop Democrat, like Blumenthal, who I'd about serving in Vietnam. When he never went to Vietnam Vienna maize, restaurant. That was, it will ask him and what We must also there's a pattern of obstruction of justice over dollar. The senator has spoken I'll, be right back
speak to repent Liberty, aggravate tyranny, call by Michael having show now at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one Folks, tat I'm here to talk about Congress, no not about the outcome, election. So there are obviously very important here to talk Hills Dell's ground, breaking new online course, Congress how it used to work and wide doesn't and that time right, there's sums up why you need to take this course. Hailstone college each is better than anyone anywhere the constitution and how our government is supposed to work in. Course you'll earn exactly. What can we should be doing and what it shouldn't how it got to this? Dayton today and how we can. Arguing story more constitutional Congress. The course is Freedom, I listeners at you and when you pay register, your reserve, your place
or when it launches on Constitution Day, which is September, seventeen, but you need to get a line and do it and you can do it real fast right now and what's more this course hills down has created an entirely new online course. Experience that actually asked experience to be believed just go to Infra Hills, Dale, Dotcom right now and you can register its free. Dont delay reserve your spot today at Levine for Hills Day about combat l, e g I, and for a hills down hot right, for the news. Let me go to my beloved audience. You collars out there Miami Florida on the mark living go. I mark thanks for taking my call thinking about that. Question you asked in the last few weeks about what the purpose of free media today an eye and heard a speech given by Golly I talking about original at them
He mentioned that one framework framers wrote the first amendment and they said the freedom of speech or of the press, have any kind of page boy. Writing a newspaper in mind major specifically extended the freedom of speech to written form. I think when the media called out, people says well. You're real media or where the free press a really applies, everybody equally, then they don't get any kind of special powers migrated there and it ought to be protected and the idea that you and I are trying damage. A free press is crazy, nobody's damaging the press you and I couldn't damage the wash them, If we wanted to its own by bees, those who is worth about ninety billion dollars, we couldn't which the New York Times, if we wanted to these percent honour in the New York Times release this used to be the case as a billionaire on Mexico com stones, NBC Msnbc. These are massive organizations mass of companies.
What are you and I are we Relatively little guys compared to these guys, how do we damage freedom of the press what damage is freedom of the press are the progressives who sit there and their opinions and act as if its news news here and there pushing agenda, they push in agenda by what the Bio, what they are met. A passionate by what they emphasise, and so Much of the news we here and watch today is just ridiculous. It's not new It gives you a headache I touch. I call I appreciated Chelsea. Dallas Texas, serious satellite? How are you, Mr Le Van, go right ahead? My friend, point. You pointed out last night that they haven't NBA against Michael Plan. And he is not allowed to defend himself All men are leaving all the stuff, but yet there
yet not coherent and evident tribe about an end date bursting point, isn't it, of course they would say: well, that's different, because mothers free to do that. It's not a campaign situation and Trump wasn't. First of all, that's not true. Trump was read it do it as anybody is, and you may good point. Is that a deal that day they threaten Flynn further prosecution. If he wasn't hushed They censure him a sensor whom absolutely I thank you Chelsea. Legal parallelism really there, but the moral one is let us two Matt Dallas Texas. W B I pay go far. I finally, I got to you. I started listening to you about eight years ago and she always had the the conservative I be over
direction with it, when I listen to you say eight years on the radio the kid who wants to be a historian do you ever table and tonight it's me because I was cooking dinner. Couldn't I'm a girl to be democratically represented? We said to my doorstep, registered, as you have done, a Register Republican. Ask me why, and I started buying up something that you can have touched on. These important state is very important that we take this vitally important state with a gun against crews and had been so colors. Against their own candidate. Just because of the fact that From your show on, Lord bed because Research doing you know
that's what I want you to do, dig yourself and you do, and you did good, just gone through democratic representatives against their representative better time Mr Kabila may ask your they young, kids or something I don't know about the knife in order black women and it was a nice odor. Hispanic asking me: did you first Who do you go for in the primaries close with my original wii, my original boot back? When you look at the alternative versus truck, I had to go towards trump. Not Trump has proved. I think you you came around on him. I said around on a two walked away stand This is this is why I save weak focus on the issues we focus on the MRS? We focus on the principles. We won't went over everybody, but will win over a number of people when they,
focus on those things: they don't win over people which why the hated the venom of the rest of it just on and on and on and on, and on Why? They don't want debate on college campuses, that's why they want to control the year. Commencement speakers are and have a hundred percent control over that a hundred percent control over the media. They hate Fox. They talk, radio and so forth. So I am, but I want to thank you for your colleague. I greatly appreciate that. Got Rally North Carolina. The great W e Bay go right ahead, work. What a pleasure it yours! a wealth of knowledge and insight to thank you for that. Thank you. I'm sixty one. In writing there with yourself and then the music personal, but living down here North Carolina, I grew up with a family, was split, my mother's side, the family, long history of southern democrats. My father was remain a real.
Hated down here, so we grew up with a lot of black men in our harnessed racing. Does this workforce that were part of our family there they and their wives? So I grew up with them and it was a very opening. I opening thing they told me all. The stories went through all the segregation we move back here, the aid measures, the integrated, the schools- and we were very lucky. Everything went real smoothly here, but we did have riots and seventy one, I think, is a great teaching period in history that we kind of gone back. The Democrats spread so many la. I could never understand how my democratic family kind of body and to slavery in the negative lies about black, but now watching how the Democrats have lied about White and Republicans for the last seven years in watching. So many of my black friends turn Tor.
Socialism and actually buying into whites, hate them and really want to do harm to them, is shocking to know. Well, that's how they did it. They had control of the media in schools and the churches back. Then they basically have the same control, all the while there is that there is but there is also the air goober driver and many, Kim who I I talk about I, really think. The vast majority of people in this country get along and want to get along. I. No there's no reason not to and then you have the morons and the meat heads and all the rest of it, but I really
think this society would already be torn asunder. If that wasn't the case. Well, I think you're right. That's why I think of the great teaching points as well. I do try to talk to freshly younger black kids that I made and I tried to tell them. Well, the slavery issue was only really the democratic side. The Republicans were fighting for civil rights, all the major bills and went through, and they don't know anything about it, but I guess the saddest- and why am I glad people are talking about it when I was growing up in a little kid? We're gonna have to go soon, go ahead, I was growing up. It was always great because of our planet pass black men, women. They would smile at me in kind of look, but I- say hello and they say hey little man. How are you and now Here I got it ago. I appreciate your call very much Tony for Texas Dominica, we gotta go W B a pay. Go you hurry up earth off our appreciated,
and it's you no longer radio mark by tabling some guy down in Florida thank their healthcare is like By liberal logic, in Sacramento courses are right. Funding second hand right now. You got your ear. I, but of course you know, they're, very selective about rights and privileges and so forth, and so on It does amaze me on the left. They take economic issues, redistribution income- these are all right housing as a ride. Clothings right foods are right. That's not by right. Right liberty alight is equal justice, a right. The life is the right to live. A right is a has the right to be happy. Is there a right as a right to accumulate property? You say, can protect yourself and protect your family. These are
its debts, which men by unalienable right, not socialism, redistribution and all asked of it. They have perverted these terms and these concepts and they even doctrine aided an entire generation of people about it. Their tenured leftist professors. Thank you for your car. My friend I'll, be right back. Nine joy, helping my listeners like Daniel who owe the iris tens of thousands of dollars and back taxes tell the IRA. She didn't have the money to pay, but it in manner. He put a lean on his home, do anyway, can heard how much I respect optimum tax relief, so he engaged them.
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Let's see here, an blooming ten Illinois, the great WS country Go Mark Carter covered down before any bank. Your mind and your lawyer. I think This racism crop up left Rice, that's my question to you and I won't take give Annie go from alive out american Army, United Germany anymore might get mission we need a separate bud, ain't gonna gaullist it doesn't matter now that different cultures have different problems, launched himself but there are no dinners, replied. Like Tom, said in his inauguration speech. We all believe the same red blood. No difference and I never had any one. Any doktor is well that black bud white blood,
and the thing is, I believe, a race is political construct because of I mean you got a applications, the main time you have to check so go away, you are, is government, applications. You shall tell you why they want is a political power structure. That group Well, you know you make an excellent point would be blood issue and so forth, and you you look all over the world. Were you Muslim, slaughtering Muslims, you look in Africa. You have a blog Muslim, slaughtering, black Christians, what goes on in the Congo what's taking place in Nigeria and so forth, and so on? Human beings are human beings. And you don't even look in the in Chicago the gangs that basically black Black or hispanic on on hispanic murder killings. May him
make a better, doesn't make it worth it's terrific period, the iter if parent and when you hear these people on on tv, try to justify This country constantly look there's enough, not jobs out there in the country, We don't need our media types. Pushing this issue pushing this issue pushing this issue in the vast majority of us are not racist. We're just not, nor should be fired, that guy in question on saw who Hosanna, who should be additional racist. That was his clash, but an idiot, I'd, say exercising era, freedom of speech there we appreciate it lets continue. Kenya, Albany New York, the Great w g d J Go
Does the council think about? Why wasn't I advise the driver, arrested and thrown in jail for us, and how did she get, are being investigated and austerity that sell it? The chancellor I don't know that's because his guitar she's a liberal Democrat, they get away with stuff. I mean wise Hillary Clinton still roaming, the countryside, the I didn't want to go there, that's a whole, not a couple. Patient mobility. Manders he's got a crackpot pray. You can have three school every out there did you don't want to free the livestock award for free in books are increasing get this common sense known for crying out loud now, when you ve never even been behind a registered a seven eleven. That's how you think- and the last thing I want to say, is the others to think you can never satisfy all people, but some people and their evil greed,
all right. My friend we appreciate your car. Let's keep rollin. Let's go to Peter Virile Beach Florida on Syria Satellite Grant ahead moderate. Thank you for taking my call. I am, I am a passionate supported them were beginning to empower this escalator. I have found that setting you Therefore, an eight. I am we soon. Thank you. Thank you very much for your weapons. Should I get the? U S and eighty six when Poland was still under communism regime. I was twenty five years old. All out was the first country who got to read them from the eastern bloc of that freedom that outbreak. That's writing, Michael. Eighty. Nine. It was way back Like all alone, sir, you heard what the go ahead. There was, but only then what better people
anyone? You know we never accepted this copy them. We were common policy. People were murdered by the study by the commission, an I was. I was there. I was Anti Communism Euro one minute. One minute. We have one minute. Ok, I think. On the contrary, I study I study universities are alike. Here I am, I am whatever happens here and I thought Why we agreed to communism and Eric were all of its working class intelligentsia referred and the moral of the story is why why why I believe that the people in their work, I support the social is now don't be surprised that were most of them hide out anyway. My friend thing, free economy, son service,
We salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, Ameriky purse, at our eyes that border patrol all of you. Thank you.
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