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On Friday's Mark Levin Show, Florida has been on pace to get hit directly by Hurricane Dorian and Governor Ron DeSantis calls in to discuss the latest. DeSantis urged all residents to be prepared for landfall especially the east coast. Then, the media is attacking Sean Hannity for his friendship with President Trump. The media is all too happy to attack conservatives. After, China is secreting its way into the Hong King Police Department and they are now arresting protesters that oppose the Communist regime's policy on extradition. Yet, the media will never criticize red China. They will never write articles stating that this is the umpteenth time that Biden has lied, the way the do to Trump. Joe Biden says we don't need detention centers so children getting smuggled can be kept together with the adults claiming to be their parents. How can we vet illegal aliens seeking asylum if we don't detain them? Later, meteorologist Joe Bastardi gives us an update on Hurricane Dorian's path. Afterward, Judge Jeanine Piro joins the program to discuss her new book "Radicals, Resistance, and Revenge: The Left's Plot to Remake America".

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Ladies and gentlemen, the following segment of the pod cast as presented exclusively by Hills Del College now, in its hundred and seventy fifth year hills is a truly independent institution. Where learning
Surprised and intellectual enthusiasm is valued. Thank you for listening and my sincere appreciation to hills. Dale, brother sponsorship, now broadcasting on roaming underground commend both in the bowels of a hidden bunker somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, America Mark Levant, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one a flawed is gonna get whacked. The only question is: where is this storm than a come on land? excuse. My folks now. I ve been spending most of the day working. In two homes, my parents, former home in our home,
moving things around and so forth and all day long. All day long. The track has been a dead on hit. But now it seems to be moving ever so slightly north, so we'll see how I do about it, nothing anyone can do about it at all costs, My change right never been, our Keynes before. There is a will. There is a A repetitious allegation. On Hannity the prime time line up on Fox that these people are Advisers to the presence of the United States. And that, luckily, the news operation separates itself from these in a paddle. During an opinion givers,
They do, of course, had seen in an msnbc. And what they really hate about the line up there time line foxes it Natalie carries Fox we in week out month after month out. Into the best ratings on cable, as well as fox and friends, devastatingly crushes the other what chance devastatingly. And so these these other channels and news organization generally like to attack Hannity, and others they like to attack Lou Dobbs over there. The year Business network because. They give advice to the president their shields. You see. Wanna play this, for you Nathan Le Meyer today on the morning schmo, let's go cut, sixteen go so there
Two things are good ones here, first orders, the president and his relationship with Fox NEWS, which does seem to have spread soured in recent weeks me. He still speaks to a number of these anchors off air private conversations. Lou dogs, in particular, has become, as top informal advisory body, still supported. Our reporting sosius to shot had declared it Eddie shrieks term cross included it in this leaned on them. Pretty good for a policy of ice is as an eagle even and that you too, but he is growing, concern that uses a fox should be through on his side that they should be part of the other party apparatus, and it should be part of the White Ask Unification Office. It is grown upset when he feels, like commentators, criticise him or when even the pulling departments poles don't reflect kindly upon him, he's been elevating time and time again, land which this other conservative network, as as an alternative to that. But but but beyond that, there is growing concern among within the White House, but also concerns at large about with feet of this of this trade war, where this is going that this could really be the thing that undermines.
Now. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a joke, Democratic Party press is constantly. Giving advice in council to Democratic President's and vice versa. In fact, democrat presidents are constantly hiring them. But I want to give an example. I want to giving up, because when you listen to these pathetic programmes, there is never any context, and I want to This way was something I mention in choosing mentioned in the past. But gives you some serious context about. Where the media are today and why they lash out the way they do mostly at Hannity, because he's the number one guy on cable. Shortly after Donald Trump selection, there's a fellow by the name, a well run. Cbs news digital political corresponded, he was, they networks may be still as managing director politics. He wrote an extraordinary piece which,
Pointed and on freedom of the press. Called the unbearable smugness of the press and he admonishes. His fellow journalists. So here's what he says in part: here's what he wrote in part So this is almost three years ago. He wrote the mood in the Washington press corps is bleak in arrived Trumps alike. And deservedly so. Come as a surprise to anyone. There were a few exceptions. We will tacitly or explicitly with her. Which has led to a certain anguish in the face of Donald Trump victory. More than that. More importantly, we also miss the story after having, Ten months mocking the people who had a better sense of what was going on. This is all symptomatic of modern journalism, great moral and intellectual failing that is its unbearable.
Smugness. Trump knew what he was doing when he invited his crowds to jeer and here's the reporters covering him. They hate us, for some time. And can you blame them Journalists, love, mocking Trump supporter. Wait diagnose them as racists and the way dark age clerics confuse medical problems would demonic possession. Journalists at our worst see as a priestly cast. We believe we not only have access to the indisputable fact, but also a greater truth, System of beliefs divine from an advanced understanding of justice, this a whitewash you see Tromp voters are racist and sexes, so there must be More racist and sexist than we realized he goes on. Journalists, interesting Lee, don't even believe and the possibility of reason disagreement
And as such, ascribes cynical motives to those who think about things a different way: direct result. We get it wrong with greater frequency. Out on the road. We forget to ask the right questions. You cannot imagine the right questions. We go no assignment to certain they want Fine will serve to justify our biases genius brilliant, but none of it embraced or fell on deaf ears. Now the guy that spoke on the morning Schmo deliver. Boy show. Once you to believe that, East these fox opinion, given I still present in the bright presently contacting them. This bizarre, this is unusual. This is laughable. This is frightening.
And yet it's the kinship between journalists and the Democratic Party in the progressive ideology that debases professional, Journalistic standards Was a book written in twenty twelve, as I point out and unfair The press Called yours and truth. Yours, in truth, a personal Portrait of Ben Bradley, legendary editor of the Washington Post. And if there was offered by journalists, name Jeff Human. The Washington post obviously is among the most influential news outlets in the country, and it help force. It makes from office. No human. Was a Washington Post, journalist on point reportable directly to Bob Woodward pointed this out many many many months ago,
in writing his biography of Ben Bradley Human wrote, it. But the executive director Post from nineteen sixty two ninety ninety one him a man was given full access to Bradley. With whom I worked and studied for four years as well. Bradley personal papers. The press icon, been treated as a press icon. Most famously for overseeing the publishing the Pentagon papers and reporting on Watergate. And when he died on October twenty one twenty four teen fourteen he received lavish praise from the media class and many rotations, including Obama for his courage, And exceptionalism as a journalist impress executive. Fact Obama issued a statement in which he said that the Standard Bradley set a standard for on a subject of meticulous reporting
Which so many others to enter the profession. So when humans quite well, then the press because he dared to call by Bob Woodward and others in the press. Because he dared to call into question Bradley, exceptionally close friendship. But presently John Kennedy and Certain Bradley is unethical journalistic practices when he was a correspondent for Newsweek, covering Kennedy. No keep in mind. Bradley was a journalist I'm time line up on Fox they're, not journalists. Although I must say what They're not. The more newsworthy than this I called newsrooms now, from the time Kennedy was a Senator Durham Presidential campaign in radish your presidency. Ben bridling, his wife with section a few months period,
straw narrowly close friends. They were neighbors before Kennedy moved into the White House they had what private dinners went to the movies, attended, dances, etc. The A perception is that most editors today would never allow a friend the cover a friend the way been covered Kennedy him rights. Let us hope not. But the hut, the converse, should be true as well. That is if a journalist has deep seated antipathy for a public figure such as the people on CNN and Emma Semi Sea and in the way Imposing the New York Times toward the present, the United States, they should never be allowed to cover the perfectly president either, no such concern among them today now make Said Kennedy and Bradley him when recounts that in May of nineteen, fifty nine for Kennedy had officially announced his candidacy for President Bradley.
Covered a speech of Lyndon Johnson in Harrisburg Pennsylvania for Newsweek, not the time I too was widely perceived to be kennedys potential rivals for the democratic nomination, Sadly, filed for news weak, but he also wrote a private critical assessment of the speech in a memorandum quote: memory for Senator John F Kennedy. Unquote. That definitely cross the line between Reporter shouldn't shouldn't do for a friend. No mention having written his memory, any of his books are any views. The report found them in the Kennedy Library. Aha moment continued after calling the speech a masterpiece of corn bread, Deconstruct Johnson's entire presentation in this Kennedy. She's my own response to Johnson is that almost all other considerations aside, he could never make it
the images pour the axe and hurts. He really does not have the requisite dignity. I why closely as personal mannerisms, are destructive the dignified image he somebody Gabby Texas, cousin from Fort Worth. As an aside, one could imagine that this kind of attitude pervades reflex present day newsrooms, respecting press Trump and his supporters, Bradley further advice Kennedy that for safety's sake, I think your present assumption that he is a candidate has to be the one. The danger is, of course, not that he makes it further He can handle strength intact. Anybody asked what is too fear, said he will come to LOS Angeles where they belong the three hundred or more delegates and hold them off the market for three or four about in the memo goes on as Ben Bradley and I caught a journalist Point four Newsweek, but soon after four, the Washington Post is giving tactical
little advice to John Kennedy, the John. And he did more than that John, Did he gave Bradley information about his the series they came, directly out of the Internal Revenue Service, an FBI files. Through. A number of his surrogates, including peer sound, drew the light peer soldier John Kennedy dictated Release one occasion, by likely more, How these news articles would be written. So the next time you hear. Some media mental midget, some media dwarf. On the show, with the morning, smile or any these other drug programs you keep in mind, These leftwing journalists have been giving advice to Democrats for more half a century.
They ve been friends with Democrats for more than half a century. A hundred years. Everything they write is in fact Affected By their relationships with, just some politics, everything. And so continuing attacked fox, particularly their prime time line up particularly their morning. Show there Worst kind of hypocrites. But then again you knew that dinner Albert back, then? You know our nations oldest colleges were founded to teach students to seek truth, recognize what beautiful and hold up what is good, but the vast majority of them have abandoned their missions, locked in the grip of political correctness. They no longer allow free and open discourse region.
The idea of objective truth: they pedal moral and cultural relativism. Thankfully, none of this applies to Helstone College for all Two centuries Hills Dell has remained true to its original mission to provide sound learning of the kind of central to preserving civil and religious liberty and intelligent piety now is here Still celebrates its one hundred and seventy fifth year, it remain
committed to offering its students the very best liberal arts, education in the land, as well as to extending its mission nationwide through its many outreach efforts on behalf of liberty. These include free online courses, the publication of its free speech, Digest and Primus its Kirby Centre for constitutional studies and citizen ship in Washington DC and its Barney Charter School Initiative, which is helping to establish classical k through twelve charter schools, nationwide pursuing truth and defending liberty. Since eighteen, forty four. This is hailstone college and, let me add, I think so much of Helstone College. I donated in a regional copy of a compilation of the Federalist papers which sit today. As I speak at the Kirby Centre, Hills Dale College. America's college will be helpful for mental health and for accuracy reasons to stop viewing seen in Miss him b c as new
organizations. Stop using them as news organization. The same can be said for the New York Times and washed imposed now not the they don't have news from time to time, but they're, not really news organisations, anymore particular New York Times, but it includes the washed and post Your times has made it abundantly clear. It- went from Russia collusion to trumpet racist and that's where its focusing its substantial resources trying to undermine american history, rewrite it that America was founded on slavery. It Is poisonous it's actually kind of sick, its kind? Check that people who. We are able to benefit from the first amendment in our constitution, some of them become enormously wealthy and famous unpopular result as a result, halves take a deep seated hate.
That their willing to rewrite american history The United States was not founded on slavery on any Rational interpretation of american history, now this Who's being pushed in Europe Like schools, because that's what the New York Times sister. She can't really view that, as a news paper is a propaganda paper, that's what it is. The same can be said. Four CNN Msnbc One is the last time I asked this all the time. Msnbc actually ran a positive news story about the president or any was policies.
One is the last time seeing and actually ran a positive news story about the present or any of its policies and its very infrequently down at the New York Times and washed impose. Yet, conversely, when it came to Obama, they were cheerleading every single day. So how can that be called a news operation or how can they be called lose operate there? Not so dont, look at them as news operation, because they're not I'll, be right back the good, the true, the beautiful think about those concepts for a second. What do they mean? How can we begin to understand these high and noble ideas? It starts with the right kind of education. This kind of education used to be common, but has become increasingly rare. I used to be that college. Do young people what study comprehensively a variety of subjects, from philosophy to politics, to biology a cork Curriculum, in other words, sadly,
That's not the case these days, but I can tell you about one place where young people study, like this hills: they'll college at Hills, Dale students work hard spending more than half the time studying the core. The result, Helstone alumni our leaders with intelligence and character, ready to make a difference in their families, communities in country, but it all starts with that core that core that develops moral and intellectual virtue, the core that helps them understand the good. The true and the beautiful find out more about what education is meant to be at live in four hills Del dotcom: that's Equally, I am free helstone that can put going to get my colleague now. Seventy seven, three eight one, three eight one, one: you can see, what's going on in Hong Kong and it's pretty damn off.
The chinese government, the communist government. Obviously has now taken over the house. Police force has Read its people into that police force, probably military and. Intelligence individuals, there locking up opposition leaders who are actually elected. To their government Leading advocates for democracy in Hong Kong. And so far in the last week's they locked up. Nine hundred leading advocates for democracy in Hong Kong. So the Chinese are already active. There also getting more brutal and more violent in the treatment of the citizenry. There. All these people want to be left alone. None of them consider themselves part of Mainland Communist China, none of them.
They have no identity? But that government none. Now ass, I sit here and I look at the horizon of news and information. Each and every day. I see audio after audio and. Story, after story of damage At sea story, our immigration policy. I do not see. Story after story or hear audio after audio of Democrats attacking Red China. For what they're doing The free people in Hong Kong, the you. I do not see why YO after video. Or he or reach story after story of
The crash standing up for the little state of Israel against Hezbollah in IRAN and what they continually are trying to do to those free people. I don't hear Democrats talking about people who wish to be free and Venezuela ever. I don't hear them talking about the people who wish to be free and Cuba ever. But they attack President Trump. Over immigration policies in never ever have a substantive A rational alternative, never ever. Joe Biden. So we should get rid of detention centres. Now when he was vice president I'd stage. Bidding, get rid of detention centres. Ladies and gentlemen, what would be the
outcome of getting rid of detention centres are you're, not gonna, hear this on CNN and MSNBC goods are not news organization. Not going to read about any of this in any significant way in the New York slime, so the watchman compost, Cousin news organization. They ve hijacked this this, this nomenclature of free press they're, not. So the question is. What do you do if you dont have detention centres? That is you can't detain people to figure out who they are. You do nothing. Anyone who gets across the borders free to go. This is why none of them will come on this programme. Because I'm magic tapir, because I'm not Andrey Mitchell, because truck Todd I have some serious questions. I want to ask these people, there are alternatives? What
exactly is it that they want to get out of immigration. You don't want a wall. What are you Why are we went technology and soap, but its not working? an open borders. What about ninety eight percent of the people who refuse to return to court to be heard by an administrative law, judge what you gonna do about them. What are you gonna do about forty five percent of the people here illegally, who violate their visas. What do you want to do. About adults who drag little kids into this country and thirty percent of the time they're, not their kids, thereby lasted, they are abused and they are used. How are you determine this Twenty percent from the thirty percent, if you'd to attain them under your policy, have never separating them. You'll, never separate. And abused unmolested child from an adult there's, not even their parent
What about the right to the american people? What about that. People, just come into this country. You see, what's going on a Montgomery County Maryland, because the spot writers on thy county? Thanks in large measure to my buddy Larry Oconnor on W, I may. Eleven twelve year old girl raped repeatedly over a period of months, By illegal aliens. Five or six of them. And a little boy too,. Omar again all illegal aliens. Don't do that! That's the stupidest argument in the world. Well, those illegal aliens bid and they should have been in our country and that little girl, What have been safe. Would have been safe. Why is it that the democratic defend foreigners
To come into this country illegally, they don't know anything about these foreigners, they don't know who they are they dont over there where they come from, they don't know. If they have criminal records, they don't give a damn thing about them. But they want to come into the country. They want to come into the country, They want to turn Texas Blue When it turned Florida blue eye like this, these are the facts of this reality. Power hungry. Their narcissistic? You cannot be a left. This would not be narcissistic. You cannot be left this- and power hungry, so nature of the beast. It's the nature of the beast. So, let's listen to Joe Scarborough, a fair congress. Many fail radios and have failed tv out over there who had barely a blip on their ratings rate, are over Emma sell Us D, There was no driven Robinson. Another
Left wing clown. Writing for the washing compost and by the way on the Pulitzer Committee must be determined, as far as I know, cut too still produce ago. I was just trying to think of what other leader, what other country in the world a world full of bad leaders, but but who else would do this would say? Let's deport some some desperately sick children? It's just the you could not could not write this in your worst sort of distribution is guide the these people. Wake up every morning they look in the mirror. They shave brush their teeth, do what they do in their cars are not in fact driven to the studio. Are all prepared to do the same thing every single day, every single day
I would urge you Jeanne Robinson this question: how no they're, desperately ill unless you attain them in question them and find up right. Mr producer. What would you do what detention you. Tell me, Mr Robinson, were all these doctors and nurses and hospital beds gonna come from Mr Robinson, what would you do Tell me, Mr Robinson, why did your party and you're a Democrat and left us lead or not. What are they vote against increasing funding for the number detention beds in the first? since they are posted. Why is that. And why don't we secure the border? Why do you That every person who sick all over the world should be able to come into the United States. I thought we had the worst healthcare system in the world. Should it be and Canada are Great Britain.
France, but in any event, how is that possible for the United States to medicate and true Every child all over the world fantasy, but this is this is where we are in the United States of America in the year twenty nineteen, it's just that everything we do in twenty nineteen supplied, that's just appalling folks. This is an attack on you, that's what it. When they attacked the country when they attack their attacking you? attack our immigration laws. I was there were passed by Congress over the deck their attacking you. This is all an attack on you, the I consider this in the american way of life. And then, when you say that you must be a white supremacist, these people are poisonous. Cancer is going
It is appalling and again using inhumane again using any. You may policies that aren't going to have an impact on the flow of immigrants coming to the United States, not pay. So this is a news platform. With. This kind of problem is burned up. Every single Day day in and day out,. They get into their limousines their driven to the studios. They make an enormous amount of money there treated like their celebrities, get in there and they just keep trash. The president trash the Pineau push back. No serious diversity of you? None of it. Which must news were right news, operation, MSNBC.
Every day, the same damn thing go ahead: gambling purpose the inhumanity of policy proposals on selves and the policies are actually the essence of this clown was a member of the House of Representatives. Panhandle of Florida Republic. I think it was here like six years. Does anybody remember Joe Scarborough make this case. When he was a member of the House of Representatives no cause, he didn't. Does anybody remember him calling Trump inhumane and Hitler, and all these other names when sure leading for him and the republican primaries he and his dim. I mean in his beautiful wife, no cause they didn't. Eugene Robinson used to be a reporter. You can see what a joke he is never a serious
journalists seeking objective truth, always a hack. He can D, J D, same thing,. Tom, said so same thing. All these old time reporters colonists almost always. Overwhelmingly. After some, they reveal themselves in their opinions. Go ahead to an answer. There are political and for the president and what he thinks it his base wants to say so, Scarborough, knows who you see Your base, you you want to he children suffering on medical and deported that's his base. Scar about claims to be able to speak for you, his base. Now let me try to different way. It is from space that is the most humane,
part of the body politic. It is trumps base. That believes in liberty. It is trumps base that believe a constitution. It is space. Believes in immigration, but lawful immigration like that majority of american history. It is from space who believes in the nation state with actual borders, Trumps base that pays most of the taxes trumps base that fight most of the wars, its trump space That serves a most launch, met departs, firefighters, in this country. That's tromp space tell me. What's the left wing base, like other
back then, since its founding in eighteen, forty, four hills, they'll call, it is provided students with sound learning of the kind of central to preserving our civil and religious liberty. I want to tell you about an Primus. The free monthly speech, Digestive Helstone College in Primus is dedicated to educating citizens and promoting civil and religious liberty by covering important cultural, economic, political and educational issues. First published a nineteen. Seventy two in primacy is one of America's most widely read: publications in support of liberty with more subscribers three point: nine million than the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times and recent Primus publications have a issues like free speech, the regulation, a big tech, mental illness and the American Medical insurance system.
Cause. America's founding principles are so important. Hills, though, offers and Primus absolutely free of charge to anyone who requested that's right. You can subscribe to Primus for Free here's. What I want you to do, I want you to visit in Primus Dad Hills, they'll, DOT Edi you for your free subscription. That's an Primus! I m p r. I am I s dad! still that EU welcome still by the way, the later, in the show, organ of the great judge, Janine Piero, good body, wonderful book. A good body is gonna. Tell us what's goin on as best I can. But in the meantime I want to go to shepherd Karla flood of the great Ws K. Why go I just wanted to say I came from a family of what today would have been very
Borders with them, it was always tax, a rich swell, the rich, take it from the rich. They got Goodbye alliance, stealing standing on the backs of the boar, and if they did, they were just pray. What did it might be? Ok here, anyone who will add my own aboard and our neighbour down the street on the pilot bed was happy, but the reason I called the two thousand and twelve my gear, That's the way my brother and I were to receive an evidence I got wildly mind you, but enough to make life easier. She passed away in New Jersey, a very high tax, one, I found out what we would end up paying an urgent that will then come back to get the feeling.
The boy merit reworked and this money. Why is it being taxed again? So I just now, Mr Tat, the rich we're going to have a car
nice one night while some time it don't you think we should their fair share and he's at all. Why did he blank wording? I just said the people we are now the shoes on the other, the Shepherd and by the way, you're shepherd. I, like you, a terrific, terrific, terrific thank you shepherds, and I believe that resonated with the vast majority of then I'd say. Thank you my friend, ladies and gentlemen, we have two more hours of the best radio that radio has ever had seen a minute now run them only underground. The members from the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of a nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mile enabled me seven, seven one one hundred and forty five in here.
Told me the other night, Joe by Isn't a gas machine he's an idiot. And, by definition, you're, not a guy machine. A is like an exception. You know just the has allowed a gap that note finds an idiot in it. He had for a long time. Explain to you, time and time and time again to the point, when I bumped into an M station, he called me a smarter. Actually remembered mining. But anyway, we talked about how he fabricates this a war stories been doing it for years and years and years in I should impose got on it in the Washington post. Doesn't Joe Biden to be dynamic. At nominee now four years, Worse, they will endorse and support him back him and do everything they can to cripple the president. President. Our president. That said,
Joe, was really not up to being present United States he's really not I don't think he's up to driving a car. I my writing. A bike. So here's a montage of a video and obviously we will give the order of the Washington Compost, which really does not want Joe Biden they're afraid he can't win in. Are they like Elizabeth worn they? Never, Elizabeth WAR or Comma Harris Corey Booker A British. At twelve go I've been in and out of Afghanistan and Iraq twenty eight times I've been in not a raccoon accused in we're twenty nine times out of Afghanistan, Iraq over thirty times at the p Our team in a makeshift meeting room surrounded by rocks mum sandbags But filled with flat screens and computers.
To start general travelling with us, performed an impromptu award ceremony. He gave a bronze started corporal to me to be about twenty five years old. I found myself in Iraq feed as five June oriented star. To pin silver metal. On young captain, I have been asked for it operate base in the middle of a God forsaken. Nowhere in the Upper Corner Valley and I've can stand to pin silver star, coincidentally Navy captain they call far before it operating base opinions on silver stars soldiers up in the Upper Corner Valley in the middle. Firestorm, the poor guys had gone through. Young Navy Captain Navy, nay.
For the man in the corner value Now cut thirteen More than fabrications on his war story go who Pull the valley wounded, Gunnar to safety, returning fire to repel the enemy and then and then keeping his above lime until medevac arrived, who had pulled someone out of averting humvee, risking his life one of his buddies got shot fell down a ravine about sixty feet. This guy climb down a ravine
carry this guy up in his back under fire. He had gone down ravine rescue one of his men who had been shot brought him back under here. We're gunfire was wounded, but the young men died. I know it sounds all corny, but I don't think there was a dry in the house and the General Wanna meet a kind of silver star and when I went on and in front of the entire brigade and I went to bed and silver star with general rod, rigour in the generals, the Silver star on his chest- I got up their stand aside to my word- is a bite. He stood attention. I want to pick up my sister. I don't want to do anything to me. Look to me said, sir. I don't want the metal I dont want the men, I don't want it, sir. He die he die. I don't deserve to doktor on research. Sir, do not do that.
He died die This is all a figment. Of Joe binds imagination and low I q, Notice how the media Don't say he's a serial liar. And by this is just one illustration. Notice how the watchman compost doesn't put out A binary lied, one million seven hundred and fourteen times during the course of his career notice. They don't do that. Notice, the boy on the bridge from Deliverance a k, a Joe Scarborough, a k the morning schmo Never textual but never textual by. Whereas Andrea Mitchell, And we see those nowhere down, women.
Highway Don lemon is down lemon address the fact that he was soon, Mr Barroso, I don't think so. Happy. In the facts and that suitor grotesque. And out Fredo Cuomo, word Fritto, Cuomo Challenge EL binds mental acumen and accuracy. Now Bout, fake, Jake, TAT, Thou tapir? No, Helter skelter Brian stouter, no, no, not a thing It's Jes launch bucket Joe and by the way, that's a lie. Go by never held a job, we took a lunch bucket. Joe Biden never been a blue collar workers, never been a union worker hats, the fraud Joe, For the little guy. Now one job was asked about all this.
Here's what he had to say cut fourteen go. I was making the point how courageous these people are credible. They are this generation of warriors, these fallen angels with lost and that I don't know what the problem is. The problem is you're a liar. Or your delusional. Maybe the way scary, dude, that's the problem. The problem is. If you don't know what you did and you tell story over and over again fourteen different ways could be. Ghana stand, it could be a rack whether to silver, STAR Bronze STAR this general that general, that guy survive the guy died and on and on there's something wrong with you. Its polynesia of character. It's like when you lied about your law, school records. Would you lied about? Will you graduated in your class.
When you plagiarize Neil Kinnock. That's the problem and it's scary. But Joe by news, thee, the leader of the pack right now, because the pack has pretty pathetic to beyond WWW Bernie Sanders. Bernie shortage of Brooklyn New York. Bernie Sanders is a throwback. Bernie Sanders is A communist, I'm just being honest with you. He wants. The national eyes. Are energy industry wants to national laws, for all intents and purposes, our healthcare industry? Now it's But this hasn't been tried before Tommy. Well, it's been tried their more energy, no work, try to. They are better healthcare, no. So why would we take this abstraction? This theory, for marks and angles
projected onto the Great United States of America. Why would we do that. But because of equality and racism, phobia, etc. The limit shut up you idiot. When I was going to law. School objects like this. When the back of the railway all laughed at him, they were running for President United States comes out of most of the widest stayed in America and no fence remind, but I'm just an observer like about diversity, Psych Obama, Obama's Three harms one four: five million one for eight million one for fifteen million. Not one of them is a black neighbourhood. Math is vineyard, woe I'm springs. And a fancy, daddy neighbourhood and washed, and you want These people and MSNBC and seen and I don't watch them live I mean I have a life, but we pull it
Have together for when we decide whether we're gonna use it to use them as foiled, make appoint their truly crackpots. Look at this guy, Joe Scarborough, I'm too You take a photograph of that Kid that sat on the bridge in the movie deliverance and put it next. I photographed Scarborough. Spent an image one of the other and they, and the bridge is obvious shoes, obviously inbred, Joe. Joe with his bulbous knows: hey luck, no offense, no offense, but anything goes when you called the President Hitler right and then his wife. Third wife, I think, but nonetheless, his Brzezinski.
And what does she contribute to their show? She's, like the admin man on the Johnny Carson, show how chronic making noises for her job. Why you job. Then they bring on guys like highwaymen. Absolute reprobate. They use that Mark Halprin on there, but you know that in trouble with the shall I say, sexual harassment they're trying to bring him back there. This guy barnacle, perfect name, he's a barnacle He had a plagiarism issue, he's back. It's like a bunch of how shall I say, circle morons, that's that's the one, I'm looking for more circle, morons right there. Every morning. Talking to each other like In a mental institution But to change the graphics over there and I miss Alice date.
Padded walls and then Honestly, I think I have a good idea. Maybe I'd be the executive produce have padded walls, but these people in there. Be one or two of them in a straitjacket and then rather than just the sort of a wide. Panting of the tv cameras you're looking at there, you go like a little people in the door, to see what are they doing now as thereby Off the walls screaming there's name and stuff like, now that would be if a good show I'd watch that when you must reduce. I think that, with. Why change the name I liked the morning MA? Am I right much love.
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What is the show of those old Ladys in Miami? I can remember the golden girl member there The golden boys. They sit on a sofa. Watching tv talk about nothing. And every now and then and James. The clap can do one of those clapper things and the like turns on. I let me tell him, I know tv. So, let's move the cut. Seven. Mr Barroso. James collaborated on CNN on Only call me and the report the devastating inspector general report cut seven go with it these memos, the more investigation, may not have happened right. Let's, let's stop right that this is a scene reporter. Listen to the affectation and her voice. But that these members, the mouth investigation, might have happened right. We may not have been able to love false allegations against the presently United States for two too
if he is right. We want to be able to find out that there wasn't any rushing collusion and obstruction ripe. This is why you hate these people. This is not a loser the greatest farce. Perpetrated on the american people right now is this, so called news, media And CNN and MSNBC in the New York lines in the washing compost dragging them down, dragging them down. Brianna Kyler, who have they how ladders take these people like right out of high school, sir Without these members, the motor investigation had happened right and yet go ahead.
Call me broke policy to make sure that this investigation did happen. How do you reconcile that? Well? First, Jim is not the first controversial issue that they took. What many consider shorter reaction of the first from being the handling of the Clinton female investigation, and so in this case and Jim and in both cases I will say, having worked with him on the front of his and my room, I think he did what he thought was the right thing and stout. So what. He did what he thought was the right thing. So what he did what he thought was re broke. The law of luck, luck But he did what he thought was the right thing. So to Charles Mansion, and so what. Go ahead, producer issue with what the Department of Justice Inspector General said
yeah I'd violated the standard protocols and procedures of the FBI. I don't think there's bottle for this extraordinary situations. It is not a rule book because its Trump, My follow the rules. Is unethical, as you want is a moral as you want is lawless, as you want trunk gotta get Trump I get trap so yea violate the FBI, Rosa so You know what I'm must reduce it and justify the me. Like a good little red. The its justify the means, hey, look, we're the rule book any here journalist so cop, say the same thing lack like I'm gonna, throw the rule book out of its different this time, a trap. A trap Vienna, we gotta do things differently now again earlier. Ok, we're gonna do things differently. Here we can't follow the rule book at a throw the rule book out. He did. What
that was right, the test of Jim call. Methinks I try to try, so Says Jim the clap go ahead, pensions, I emphasise potential criminality of present, but there wasn't criminality that president, you did but a buffoon. Did you say? Mr reducing our there was no criminality the President, that's the point. They tried to set him up, a coup effort.
And, I might add, again hand raise just because of I dont. Nobody will silent in this context to ask him about the greatest. This clown with one spirit, is extended time, I'll, be right back you wake up in the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day, dear feel bloated, tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit, but most of us don't really know exactly what we should be eating right how much we should be eating and how to properly prepare it. This is why I drink field of greens. Every morning before I start my day, just
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point. Perhaps during this segment. Is enormously busy the year governor flawed around the sadness. As I say, is enormously busy but we shall see. Let's go to Greg our ten Virginia their great wmd I'll go back. Thank you! So much I'll be quick and concise, but boy I do I wanted to let you know that you changed the lives of myself and my two young sons, Now, college age and both have scholarships Through the United States army- ah, yes, so I turn them on to you. They were now ten and the other one. Maybe twelve but you really are changing lives. I wanted you to know that well. Thank you. My friend, that's very kind of you. Gregg you're welcome, sir, but it's the dawn turns the only the two things I had to say: real quick was, you know, It's amazing to me how hypocritical the democratic
Are you you got Elizabeth worn out there now? Maybe the front runner lied about. Being a native American to forward her career, and can you think of anything that would be more racist than that? I I can't that's disgusting in the second is it is disgusting, and now it's downplayed. Ok, she apologized move on It tells you something about the person. And she didn't do a once, She put it in writing get preferential treatment she did more than once. She was hired him. Because of that. In other words, she worked her way up, the latter being a fraud. The approaching an end. It tells you a lot about the people who are willing to ignore that, but yet trumps erase this is so am I in and everybody else who supports trumpets, ridiculous right, The second thing that I don't understand is why so many Americans can't see how simple this is. Where trump it's in the office, knowing we have to face China, he read
the economy, because we're gonna take it. I don't mean to be rude Gregg, but the as a public service had one go immediately to flirt as Governor RON descend to Sir. How are you today? Thank you for taking time my work since were heard all overflying on all over the EAST coast and so forth. I thought it would he good time for you to give a little synopsis of what you know about this. Whether situation yeah sure Dorian Ben strengthening could pretty consistently over the last two days. Now it again Going three will very likely reach a category. Four. The track. I think a lot of people have been following year has been somewhat uncertain. You know we have going west and then at at some point going north we haven't known whether that means it's gonna go west. All the way through Florida then go north in the Gulf of Mexico, whether it Ran forward, I go up the spine despite it state or maybe go up. These closer may be time before it gets the Florida so where basic
going for already ended your possibly in that bad? You don't make sure you make the necessary preparations to prepare yourself in your family. What we're going to see tomorrow is some of the counties on the EAST coast of Florida that you know Wellmark on, because Martin is, one of them are going to be in town, saying that they're, activating their plans and so they'll be certain areas will be subject to mandatory evacuation and then obviously they'll be shelters open and it will be taking some action to help with that as well. So you know, I think, there's a difficult thing. Is it- and you know this mark these things three days out you know they're, not that precise I mean if you go back to Hurricane Irma at this point before that story, head every model had it either going into the Atlantic or up these goes to Florida and went all the way underneath forward unanswered at the West Coast afforded. So that's just
you know the situation that we find ourselves in, but you know we're really happy with the support we ve gone from the president and from the top ministration and are you know, we're working to stay level to be to be doing as much as we can as well. It sounds like every time one of these com. ITALY reaction is improved. In other words, you got coordination going on with the federal government, got really good coordination going on with the various counties and so forth in you doing what you can humanly possibly do, think that's right, and I also thank you know we are. We ve been very cautious in terms of your telling people You know to evacuate or not, or we told the locals to be to be cautious and I basically been real support above them, making decisions locally because- I've been with our mind. You know people evacuated from Miami the Tampa and then the storm go westward. Catherine, I may I do evacuate again from camp I. So we want to make sure that
you know when worked when folks are being instructed to do something that that it said that said the best evidence we have to protect them. Take some people in seminars. Storms felt that they in a panic jerked around a little bit to be honest with you, and so you know we're trying to approach it in the best way to we can, and I think so far the counties are doing the same, and and hopefully you know we're going to have reality to arm pepper tack. Folks on the front end, and then, obviously you know led out effective response on the back end. And you know governor, there is a level of income, Your personal responsibility- I flew down here to take care my my decease parents, home that take care my home and then I'm going to fly out here. So people do need to take it upon themselves. They used their common sense.
Without question in dumb and and we and I think people kind of get it now mark I mean in twenty sixteen we had our first hurricane in like over a decade and you had millions of people who had moved to Florida who had never experienced a hurricane because moved after five will now we ve been for I ve been through this drill a few times, and so I think that see that in the end, the kind of a battle tested knowledge of the local folks are state emergency people, but then the city, and here you know, I'm pretty smart. We ve seen huge gas in Miami and people grab and supplies up the shells, and I think it's because you know why, People were previously when they didn't necessarily have to evacuate, and now there look at to say: ok, maybe I don't need to drive halfway across the state. Maybe I can neither be here if I'm in a relatively say spurts. I think people are learning from their experience and are making the best decisions they can for their family. By and large
While governor elect you go an enormously busy, I think you're doing great. I'm watching on tv get the word out as much as you possibly can, and I thank you and God bless him. Good luck mark we will. Hopefully we don't suffered too much damage. You know. Maybe they storm could take a good turn, but if we damage we suffered years that are not command bunker. Algeria will be sure to trust me, I'm worried about it all right. Thank you, Governor God, bless Gub, take areas. I've been watching this here, on the television was the radio and he's everywhere he's trying to coordinate. Federal state, local. Resources in there's only so much the government can do. That's the bottom line. Governments can do you know in emergency situations a lot of things, but in the end, water, fuel for your automobile food.
Whether or not you decide to stay or leave. These are really individual decisions and you have to live with your individual decision. I can tell you that we had planned to come here. Over the year Labour Day weekend. I had no idea would turn into a hurricane, my wife to stay home. And I'm here trying to where they done but I'm not that far and I live, parents home, which we ve done my buddy rhyme In our home there's more to do tomorrow and then I'm leaving, then I'm leaving as I look at this map, where they keep showing West Palm Beach, Vinyl Livin West Palm Beach Magna tell anybody where I live and I'm not that far where's pandemic. And I keep looking at these maps They keep shine this hurricane. Coming at my back
so well, So I look at it and then I see maybe it's moving little north. I don't know. And I get re frustrated by my wife, says to me. Look there's nothing! You can do about this. Best, you can show up the house and in the what're you do Course, that's true and during the break. I was giving insight into my life. What's goin on it's boring, I'm sorry looked at back at the back and there's the ocean. As smooth as ice. Beautiful dusk, beautiful sky looks beautiful, the ocean looks beautiful, You know it they call, it must reduce it. The com before the storm. His way out. There is brewing a hellish Harry a hellish hurricane.
Whether it hits the United States had a category three or four, where it hits. We can't be sure. But people criticise these, whether forecasters. Why can't they tell us where it's going to cost the He doesn't tell them where it's going to go. All kinds of various pressures in the atmosphere. High pressure air streams that happen fact on it until they do the very best they can, and I often think- and I fought during this trip. You know before there was any of this technology. People were living their lives, he'll be few hundred years ago. And they have no idea what's coming three days, none right. So like they're gonna, say you know what? Let's? Let's get extra supplies of food and water and go down, and so or maybe we shouldn't they don't know where they didn't know. They didn't know.
This is why the whole motion climate changes, such a joke. We have no idea really. We have a sense for where this hurricane gonna land, but every single person, talks about it. Who is an expert says it could do this? Could do this Do this possible do this salon not sure And the high over here north doubled its hang in there and slowing it down and they're, trying to give you all the variables that they look at and that's what they're supposed to do and thing supposed to hit one Late Sunday, early month about my calculate. Should I tell me people can determine what's gonna happen. Twenty thirty! Forty fifty years from now on the climate. It's just so stupid. So, where such posted, destroy our society upon individual liberty Many capitalism in power, the central government to do what.
Two pride idols, was propaganda to do what. They can't do anything you listening idiots like say: what does this kind about anything or truck tart He doesn't even know what Barbara to see it
right back? If you have a moment, I want you all to vote a brick house. Levin dot com just go there and click on the by now button. So you can read the reviews over twelve hundred five star reviews, I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver, I'm upset with marked because he's got me hooked on field of greens. What a great product! Thank you, brick house for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it and you're. Welcome Stephen subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, prebiotic some probiotics, plus they offer a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Gotta brick House, Levine, dot com are call eight three three ring be h and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with promo code love in that's brick, house, L, easy. I am dot com or call a three three ring be H. End promo code live in by the way they ran to Santas. He's president from a terror. I mean it
sport him for president down the road, I think Terrific rock solid conservative is dead, and as they come Harry accessible. And yet he is very take charge to. Flawed as a key state. Congress might be out of session, but that doesn't mean politicians and bureaucrats have stopped plotting ways to increase governments, control of our health care system. H, a chess is busy pushing international price controls. Now, let me that are only by the medicines for those on Medicare that irish cheap as ones in your but guess what. Their cheap because Europe, socialist countries, are willing to pay for the latest in greatest medicine, advanced medical advances, And over in the Senate, republican Senator track rashly set an interview that the Senate staffers, if set page with House Democrats to negotiate. Prescription drugs, bill that puts price controls and a Medicare Pie D.
Now filled with socialist ideas. The bill would be a major step in making us look more like the european countries that Democrats idolize, despite the fact That their rationing care and restricting access to needed treatments plus arbitrary price controls would eliminate investment with a breakthrough immense people hope for. Now we're waiting for Mitch Mcconnell. He needs to stand up for sound principles. Healthcare reform not fall for democrats trap ports, socialized, medicine and a government run healthcare system This has to stop so get the facts. Go to through healthcare. Facts that come true Of care of facts that calm, that's true, Health care facts that car. Now. If your tribe or young adult what the Hell's Del College or if he took any of hills, does great online courses? You'd know this already. A good, the true, the beautiful about those concepts for a second, what do they mean
how can one begin to understand these high and noble ideas, folks, its With the right kind of education, the key no education that used to be common, which become increasingly rare to be the college student young people would study comprehensively a variety of subjects from. Last fate of politics to biology. Let it showed a history to theology ache a curriculum in other words, but sadly the case these days. Is it but I can tell you about one place where young people study this and that's hills to college. Hills, they are. Students were a card spending more than half their time studying the core. The result Helstone Alumni, our leaders with intelligence and character. Where'd you go the difference in their families, communities and country, but it all starts with that core that core that every student takes or the develops moral and intellectual virtue. The core that helps them understand that good, the Turin, the beautiful final, more
What education is meant to be it Levine for Wholesale Dotcom go easy. I hills thereby come. Levin Free Hills deal that come Matt, Atlantic City, New Jersey man. We used to spend our summer there by the fact that the Berkeley, right on that road, next event or New Jersey, which was right next to Margate New Jersey. Man, oh man, did we have wonderful times in the summer on the beach, swimming in the ocean. Doing all those things. The great w f p. Go you're a formality from the earlier euro local body. Yes, I am I'm having earliest body from down here in Atlantic City was my boss when both work or trump about that buddy. Yeah, I was my is my secular vice president, I was hotel manager. Years ago you really want hotel,
I wish there was Trump Castle Marine at a time when nobody- but here Rio tells you daddy, Avatars Bologna, tromp, lousy. I remember what you yourself at any rate I I'll be quick eye. I wanted a cartoonist does Biden thing with you about this speech that again What does military went right? I mean Television place, you gotta help me here. Yes, this is not. This is not again this is not a mistake or miss. Remember this is disgusting, and borderline sacrilegious go to pin a medal one of our military heroes, man or woman. You better have your facts straight numerous times why there were back, for he got wrong there. These guys out of his trade you ve got a rose tree. You know you're exactly right now,
I have to be honest with you from a strategic point of view. I've gone back and forth on this matter, which is I highlight this two millions and millions of people, or do I kind of keep quiet and hope this guy gets the nomination, and I decided now. I gotta highlight this for the good of the country there Cook Elizabeth warrants a liar she's, a cook Bernie Sanders of all Moscow days he's a cop. Comma Harris Cook Cooper Gay gone on here. I hereby away your buddy. Booker New Jersey talk about Looks good Lord I know, Are you out of his mind, though I mean you can't write. These people become president. I say I'm sorry, leader of the free world, Nobody, there weren't any trouble. Do you know who else is rooting for them, her communist China, I'm sure Islam or Nazi regime in Tehran,.
I'm sure the air, the remaining AIR Castro have Lattimer peut in all their talk about Putin's Russia, Trump me Russia. Once these appeasement, hard core, left wing, cooks, to be the president of the United States. Bernie, especially Bernie, though why those they burn your back, but it's burning. We thought Bernie would be present. The United States, we thought he was an idiot, but here's Bernie
because bristle grim, warmonger Baker Warm over a male and they know it. Now. Those are all one proper America crops not taken any Gob Ellen. Let me ask you this well. I can comment. Call me next week, my friend, the music means I gotta dance and I will be back for a full hour, Joe, but starting judge, Janine and, of course meet you in a minute now: broadcasting the Mermaid underground commandos than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under Britain, steel of among the script building. We once again made contact with our leader. My american mark, Levant, number, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one many people are listening to me in their cars in their trucks.
And there are these now these coasts. Interesting. The latest. Report and by the way, I'm no expert, understand you and I'm reading when the Associated depressed is it may just skirt. A direct slam into Florida and by the way this is just one, take and hugged the coast, Now that has its problems to, but. It may move slightly north. Of the West Palm Beach area. Or the Martin County. Flawed air, the governor was talking about, is not clear. Where it might cut right through the heart of the state, but I know this is not that helpful, but the last thing I just read during the break is that so the forecast, as are saying it's gonna start.
Working its way slightly to the north. You know it's really weird about this. I said this to a friend of mine. It's. It is weird you're, hoping your praying That the hurricane doesn't hit where you live right must reduce. But what else you hoping. Better hit somewhere else. Now that said, you know you're hoping it goes out to sea and so forth, but that's very unlikely so please, please hit them up there or hit them. Then they don't hit me. Isn't that true It's not that you don't like somebody, it's not the truth, You wishing harm on anybody else No, the damn thing's gonna hit something just I'm hit us me right.
I hear this talk, it's not again, it's not that people are saying you know what. Those people in Fort Pierce up their day and that its none of that Just that people want to survive, you know and I will lose their homes and so forth and and Tat. Something outside is amazing. About Florida. It has a vibrant state government, a vibrant stay calm It is a state government that actually is parliament, the most state governments. They have to be ready for all these hurricanes. All the time. They have environmental challenges, that very few states have People bring their. There exists animals in and they let him go under the yoke of Toby or whatever the Everglades. It is a very diverse state.
Not just mean ethnic Lee, and racially I mean You know, Pennsylvania said to be three states: the EAST, the west in the central part of Pennsylvania and that very true, but larger in many ways is that way to the pan. Handle is more southern, More conservative Thea the southern part A flight is obviously more liberal. Then you have the central part of Florida, that's kind of more suburban and, on the other hand, also more rural. So Two very diverse states are very large state, huge Population, a lotta metropolitan areas, but a lot of rural areas to no income tax. No state income tax. California, top income tax rate is thirteen point three percent thirteen, Point three percent. Florida is zero.
I know there's other states too, but foreign is unique. State. Forty, zero. Despite having urban areas and all kinds of things going on in the state, as I say, hurricanes and sober. Become necessary unnecessary on necessary thirteen. Point, three percent in a state. They want to truly vibrant state where everybody wanted to move to. And now at its dying, not because of the pit, the the the businesses and how they want to serve its time, because it's a dark, blue one party state. And the Republicans can't stop them. As they change the election rules that voting rules. Fix the outcome of the elections and Orange County Orange County now Democrat. Ronald Reagan going to be turning to his grave. San Diego County, snippets, tuck, what's left
The central valley, I know, but there's not enough people there. But what I'm saying is you look at the. You will get Florida with all its challenges: its diverse population, it, sir! It's it's large population, And yet the vibrancy, the state government, you don't have to have a state income tax. They also this homestead law. But unfortunately I cannot benefit from. This homestead law, in which only increase a residence with your primary residents and can prove it. A certain percentage gee. I think it's like three percent now, if you come from at least your second unworthy jacket up twenty percent whatever, but so there's no state income tax? There's a limit One an increase on your property tax on one other thing: there's no inheritance tax. There's no one here against her.
People say you know you can't A country with no income tat while paralegal run estate. And then the here's, the really annoying part. People leave New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Move to Florida, but all that many are liberals and Democrats in they come to this state and they vote for liberal Democrat. You would think they would learn. They live states where the governments have destroyed the private sector. The quality of life. They flee these states. Then they come to Florida. Or Texas, or what have you but floored, I'm talking about now. And they vote the same way. Like somehow, let's gonna
you, gonna be able to maintain your low tax rates and all the rest, but that's not how that works. The first minute. They get a democratic governor, Democratic Senate in a democratic house. This state that can have an income tax. And I can have an inheritance tax. And all the clowns that moved here and vote for liberal them. Why? What's going on here, merit all I dont know Frank. It's also a haven for people who have Since people to retire early, you now in some municipalities are put in twenty years ago. Rita. I met a guy today, MR, but is. Whose twenty one years all when you work for a year a town government in New Jersey, twenty one. And you can retire after twenty years. Did you notice.
He retired he said at the age of forty two, whether pension. Every year it gets a pension every year his medical care is covered. So retires at forty two. Maybe the guy live to ninety. So have another half century, where the taxpayers who subsidizing this plus they have to replace the guy once or twice depending on you know how many years somebody works. And so he moved the Florida. Pays no state income tax, the people. New think it was New Jersey may be York, New York same New Jersey Really, that's really was from us paying his pension in his medical. He's paying no staining context any state anything. In any decided, you know He wanted to be a flight attendant.
So we did that for like tenure. And guess what? Mr Sir, he retired from that. He gets another pension, but other pension listen. I know I mean in the system. I'm just explaining to the rest of the nation. Spit announced at Valerie Harper passed away at the age of eighty Valerie Harper. Those were my age remember: Murmur Valley, Harper. She was sir. Really, a very, very good television actress, I thought.
All right I'll, be right back then, chief meteorologists, what s right now, my body to Joe posterity most of you know who he is. He wrote a great book. The climate chronicles, now Joe. I know you're really really busy. What do you make a what's going on at this hour, the eight PM eastern time, our with his hurricane well I'll, tell you what is deepening rapidly started, turned to the west the following your ideas. It was going to keep it real fast on the northwest path, but that's it turn to the west. That is the goriest situation for the storm to intensify. That's what was,
now, let's go continue to get stronger here over the next twenty four to thirty six hours and go to the category for our path is: takes it nor the Bahamas and then, when it gets off the floor to coerce the steering currents, break and what we have an opportunity on the South EAST Coast, the particles to miss the brunt of this folks both have to understand. I tell people that is like a court in the street and it s big, it works, it is powerful book is pushed around by everything around it. So what happens is because bobbing along in the US situation to the north, to the east, to the west into the south of it. Tell me where to go and we know it's gonna- get all the way to grand Bahama. We know it's gonna get away, fifty sixty miles of particles. As of the small not all change forecast around other, You're hurting centre and my company we had to say,
why a ball area, but there is a chance that it does. What Matthew did now you folks in water and the South EAST Coast? Remember back you. They try to come up and stays offshore mark. Unless these goals in South Africa, The floor was palm beach in that area. It's not gonna go in Florida because what happens is when is a powerful signal We are trying to move up before the coast because of the effects of land. They tend to stay off, shore so that could happen here and we want to show people know that there is a way out for what was to be the worst case scenario. But we don't know right or you do know well when you say you believe something, that's what But you don't know something only God knows tomorrow, so I'll give you my boy First of all, let me ask you this job, the reason why it my kind of skirt,
break up the coast rather than a direct slam. What is it in the and the sphere that might cause that while there? age, the upper high pressure that steering West collapses and what the little wizard? to show up and remember folks, nature, vines everything, the reason for a hurricane, this attack heat out the tropics redistributed in the temperate region, and so what is it working What is looking for a way to turn? Nor, and so I don't have that chance off the floor to coast just before land for now. From this stage the what I do with the forecasts. As I evaluate all the options- and I say: ok, I think I read: Nike, seventy nine that came up near Miami and came up in Lebanon They walk all over the place, so what I'm trying to do is get a bit of where the atmosphere is going here is the fat very tough, very tough to drive a storm in from the EAST or South EAST
on the floor. The coast from about webpage North Jacksonville. One time in former years has a major step. Employees who sit around the Jacksonville area from these that was door. Nineteen sixty four! Now, if you look at it, I refer to these things because it I want us to understand David. Seventy nine! I came up near Miami and came up in Lebanon, although the coasted actually come in line just a man from the coast, Clio six before death, but if you walk the storm the storm like Matthew, the more it can stay offshore and again, I am concerned about that. The oxen a week from now, even though it may be still battering around cape address people say: well, they overheated things like that, but best I can do- is put it in the middle and the middle that track to me. Right now takes it ashore around was palm Beach and it comes up alone, applauded ghosts
Now, if it takes a sure or West Palm Beach, what kind of category we talking about, I I believe this will intensify to a strong category. Four, because it's moving swell, I think, a weakened as it comes to the ghost you see, Mark windstorms move faster, like MIKE, or Andrew ninety, two, what and this will always coming over fresh one water when they move very slow. Five six miles an hour, the turning the water up underneath them Oh, it's calling the water. In addition at point in dry area from Florida, Fella Ford is warming human, but not as one, but is it- would be over the Gulf stream? So what happens? If you need the conditions to maintain the perfect storm. Anything
negative or try to weaken, not weaken it that macho weakening zeal category. We better get your Trina and Rita day weakened off their category five status. So the question is: does the storm reached we're with big it's gonna, be which Iraq, where Bahama and has as its fine to oppose the coast because of a week is the richest with their cheeses. When it tries to get to the coast, it will weaken just a bit, both there'll be a double category. Three hurricane category working, Devastating storm the family miles and miles per hour categories: three and four hundred and thirty miles an hour, but remember the Harkin Port wine, like Irma rises Irma, going far Turkey's by for our nail him with her now A hundred miles an hour when God this is a fist, a furious, I call it a much smaller compact stone very powerful near the middle of the storm. So that's what we're looking at
in the realm of the thing is impressive. Is it looks like I always cloud? Look at the. I noticed you gotta car majesty the atmosphere around it is what is directly get so that becomes very difficult to look at exactly when talking about you, My work now fifty mile errors in order for this field within fifty miles, you put a forecast, but that's the difference between a hurricane, bigger, landfall, West Palm Beach working sting just offshore, Is it possible that this hurricane will head North West Palm Beach Well again, it's very difficult everybody if it's gonna be north, they probably between civilian into terrorists, because the way the coastline that its funding about hurricanes studied them over the years. They don't like to go into certain places when certain Ngos are a very, very tough
They are much more likely to hit further up the coast if their power on the floor, the coast, it be very difficult. Send a major hurricane it, as we saw with Matthew from the South South EAST, into the Florida hosted Melbourne. Cape can arrow. I can't say that is a zero percent possibility. But what I can say is, I believe, if it does not get in around Wes Palm Beach changes, I will stay off shore from much of the floor Coast and even though be a formidable storm, there's a lot different between us it says it with a hundred thirty mile Winston fifty MILES East Yahoo calling up the coast than one is. On top and that would spare the devastation interesting in the political climate today and I gotta bring this up. We have thirty seconds literally see people Ruling on some kind of crazy disaster, if I've only got that second part it I tell you this before: go. Ok, you know
superman the wind now pull them out for himself back with more within my brother, told and valued added. He lit the everywhere. Listen to me, your brother and you and your entire family, great patriots and hang in there. We're gonna, keep following you on this job, because over the next twenty four hours, it's going to be absolutely crucial. God bless you, my friend, the establishments worst nightmare I love, then, call now eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one, one in demand, letters from the IRS are hitting the mail. So if your back taxes, you may be receiving one soon when it arrives of questions like
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actually you know. Janine Piero Is a very principled lady with a guy resume a great mind and she is a fighter and a patriot and I've come to know her. She has tackle a programme on Saturday on Fox. She right beautifully she's got a brand new book out called radicals resistance and revenge, the law, plot to remake America. Janine, how are you my friend? I am forever I'm thrilled to be with you our yeah, it's a great, but I'm fine, I'm just enjoying the weather in Florida. You know that you want Florida. I'm in florida- dealing with our hope, my home here, my my parents, my disease parents, home and then a minute, I'm gonna get out of here, but any I'm gonna tell them. This is a fantastic book, On top of your other fantastic book, give us a general run down of why you decided right this book. Well,
you know when I wrote mark wires, leakers liberals, I wrote about the upper echelons of the FBI and the Department of Justice. I mean that's my we'll help by the prosecutor judge at the April with thirty year and when I said Back ever I wrote the book. I realise that there is an even bigger plot or true. You could say where there having to change America at literally. We make a barricade- and I thought about the fact that it is the result of that was then that they feel awe and vengeance, because Donald Trump one baby resisted everything. They got there a bet that he thought
their radical, though it made sense to do the obliteration again. The radicals with this is that we back and to do the bigger picture of a plot to remake America. Everything from our economic system they want to change. Capitalism to socialism to the constitution were the will of the first amendment is always feeding on that, where words trigger them or there are there to help us as it were, getting close to what they have a Europe which is hate speech that for which you could be prosecuted, I mean they're looking to go, starts to get us out of Facebook and twitter there looking to shut it down at university. I mean this is a bigger plot than any of the magic and when you ve got someone who's. The nominee to the United States Supreme Court, Bright Cavanaugh, whose about a postal and also boy abide seen in any grown man.
The accused of being a gang rape is, with the United States, Senator say, yellow all women need to be believed that all you, Ben should shut up at the presumption of innocence is just went out to dry. You say to yourself there there's something going on trying to remain America, you don't, we ve got illegal coming in there now being given licences. What is the point of a licence is appointed by debt if occasion for which you can then go and folks we ve got sanctuary Cities were illegal. Other people work leading Europe yet so that the house that the law server you at a restaurant, but criminals who are being protected in places where there are yet a law abiding american citizens, everything is upside down and I'll end up by saying that life liberty of the pursuit of happiness. I don't think so, not at a baby, born to a woman into sight
after birth, while you're there, while that baby sitting there like an emperor, the Roma policy of up Adele thump that the other doesn't want you would you not gonna give you wait just gonna, let you die. This is not the America that our founding fathers decided. The thing was create what they like. I know you're exactly right and judge Janine the book by the way is radicals resistance and revenge, the less plot to remake America, got my social sites were gonna linked to Amazon dot com in getting any major bookstore store warehouse towards the perfect weakened. To do that. A judge, here's the thing I've been around a while to the left is more crackpot. As you point out, your than ever in my lifetime, and I think it's a result, Donald Trump Donald Trump does more to expose. Them the core of who they are antics. And the their veins and their necks. They get me in a really and all the rest of it, and you know
In a way, it's very very important what he has done any takes them on. I don't another president could do what he does well. A couple of level. You know I often say mark that, but for Donald Trump being elected, but for this outsider we would never have known the extent that the deep state would go to get rid of some of that they didn't want an outsider. We would never have known at the establishment and how truly But it was were wondering at washes the other and it always does a matter which party you belong to that take care of each other and Donald Trump deceptive. With his spear, he has the Samara to withstand the incoming every day twice a day, whatever. No one could do that and he exposes them in it that's crazy you're, so right market makes them. It makes them absolutely Craig. You and I'll makes them crazy. You
Hey you, you drive them not to They ve tried to drive you off a tv. A mock you you ve got a hundred IQ points more than every one of their critics. And yet you are. You stand the course, your steadfast in your programme and what you have to say what you know about tat,
salon, American Islamic relations wanna be fire. Okay and it is. It is just a price that we pay. Do I get to I get criticise? Do I get people literally spit? Would you walk on the street? You know what I could care less, because I have a moral poor. I know the constitution, I know what this country is about and they want to bring in socialism and that's because they're just plain stupid socialism- and I talk about this radicals in specific socialism- they say it's not like that way with socialism or yes, it is because what you point to the Nordic socialism- and I think this very clear in the book you ve- got some free markets. There, you ve got a whole different set up at these countries. If they say this is the social is that we want and a euro, they fell willing to phone for something like a Joe Biden who doesn't know where he is at any given point. No, I mean that this man is pathetic. Is circuits are connected
No, I agree, they say he makes gaps. And may I say you are you not say no he's a blithering idiot? It's not a matter of having gaps such just and by the way always been this way. Even as a young man, it's not because he's older. It's because Joe Biden. That's why look which, behind him a judge Janine you got Elizabeth, warn her lied her way into her positions. I mean repeatedly lied about her. Ancestry, I've got Bernie Sanders. One of these are you. You ve seen them before, where these all Red sat a brook any moves to remind it elected and all of a sudden, you know he's he's the hardest thing. He got the Corey Booker, who did a fantastic job and Newark as I as I look back on that water with tongue. In what a mess so they really have a lot of very, very poor candidates, nothing while poor
And they said, as I say, as a democrat clown car, yet I was headed over the edge because, let me they're not going anywhere but over the whip. You ve got a visible, worn, and you know this hoping some people they all. You know she said your native American. You want to make the data the barricade Liker at hogwash. She it's a benefit herself of put her now my hand of that as everyone else, so that she could financially advance at Harvard. I mean and Bernie Sanders the guy's worth how many billions dollars if ever had a real job. You know: where did you honey movie who at the witch which copying Did he haughty body at Moscow wouldn't that Europe is not on the top of our list? Everybody's last honeymoon in Moscow and by the way that storing the Soviet Union it at that- I am in the end, what we ve got a bet. You ve got it all. I got a bit of these debates. Are I got a bit the barrier Williamson
Italy has provided the comic relief this. What I want the debate, Donald Trump psychic battle field over the darkness I made at least second lamp- genuinely Laugh at the woman. The other ones are our are a bunch of fools. They can't. I don't care. How long did you notice nobody? about how old Donald Trump is, because he is by these brain, is a sharp. Is anyone had he could go? Twenty four seven he's got the stamp of the energy that determination, the perseverance and he's got. The focus has ever gonna beat him edit, vague crazy- and let me just say one thing about that. James call me, you don't know you heating about yesterday after the ideas- and he said oh for all, those who put railing that I should go to jail that I've a liar and a legal and that which, of course, they buy last book.
You know I don't like the apology, but maybe they could favour sorry hell. So sorry, the inspector, that you were a wire and a weaker? You had happened, Guy peculiar, let your whole edit, your safe. What the f b I went there to collect what bay that you don't. You are a liquor. You been a liquor since you went to the FBI and you know what he ought to go in a corner somewhere because there's a lot more coming, it turns to serious investigations. Then I understand why they didn't prosecco We cannot afford to lose the first day. We have a little disagreement. My view is: throw the book the guy, you may have a grand slammed down the road, but I'll. Tell you what. Serious business when the FBI, stealing stealing from the federal government leaking a newspaper in his position, in trying to set up a presently united States? I understand the argument. Well, I think An overwhelming case,
But that's just me: what do I know I used to work at the justice by ledges. My you obviously know everything and exactly framing up the president will harm the back pay. This is just a piece of it. They could have faith in part. The boy or maybe Bill bar think about is trying to make Felt look like a reasonable guy bidding adjudged any its radio. I have to go, but I want I audience in their very re patriotic. While I want them to know. Yet Judge grenades book its outstanding radicals, resistance and revenge. The left's plot to remake America, Amazon Dotcom, any major bookstore God bless you my friend: well, they write back protestors
and citizens in Hong Kong been rising up against the totalitarian communist regime in Beijing. You ve got a core rabid, Anti Semites in the Duma, That and in the media, the New York Times. And I dont, among other things, they relentlessly attack Israel. Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants continue to come into the country. With the encouragement of the meeting the Democratic Party, To the consequences to communities. But what's the biggest story for the year for that, cried party media. While they want a brain, our president is a racist. Why To draw away the majority vote from the present, where making enormous inroads, that's a fact. Now. This can all be exhausting. For me, too,. Where can you tune in each day for real relevant, meaningful information. Well I'll tell you where
Levin TV. I live in tv you'll. Get my uncensored and unfiltered takes. On real issues that to the country. And to your lives. Also spruce it up with philosophy. Economics in history, dining out by going to live in tv dot com is very easy disco, their living tv dot com. You can give us a call. Were there for four Levine Tv Av on tv. Vienna promo code Levant or enter for Mention Promo Code Lavinia get ten hours off your annual subscription. Perfect weekend to do it. That's Levine TV, Dotcom, promo code, Levant for ten dollars off your annual subscription aid for four Levine TV, eight for four Levine TV. No, I know this is a holiday weaken for most of the country part of the country, I know you're binding your fingernails.
Just use your common sense. You need lectures from me Is use your smart I don't want to lose any Levin. I sat there in honour of you each and every week, America. Here we go
be careful out their feared the hurricane area. You know that.
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