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On Friday’s Mark Levin show, the biggest problems with communism and socialism are essentially based on class warfare. Specifically, how in the world can anyone properly define which class is supposed to rise up, subjugate the one above them, and become the new privileged class in the first place? While this problem is a significant one, it’s only the beginning their problems. Also, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez once claimed to be a student of Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations and said that healthcare was the intersection of money and people. Conveniently, some of her writings from a college publication have conveniently disappeared from the college publication's website. Later, it's day four of Paul Manafort's trial. Judge T.S. Ellis reminds Robert Mueller that the government must prove that Manafort knew the requirement of reporting his status and taxes on a separate form for his work as foreign agent. Prosecutors are making their case that Manafort wears expensive clothes and had carried some debt. Ellis reminded the Mueller team that the standard of proof was not his expenses but rather his knowing disregard for the legal requirements he's accused of violating. Finally, Dinesh D'Souza calls in to discuss his new movie – Death of a Nation.

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Now run them. Let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader mark, would enhance our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one day for the trial, the Eastern District of Virginia, a poor man and some very interesting events took place. This Berea Fox NEWS, The judge and the poor man of her trial reminded special council robber Mothers team today of the high bar for conviction that they must prove that
I'm, a trunk campaign trim and knowingly violated tax and bank laws related to his political work overseas. U S. District court judge ts Alice. The third indicated he believes the prosecution is demonstrated. Manifold, had control of foreign bank accounts, despite checking it box on tax return, saying he didn't have them, but Alice and it prosecutors quote. The government has to prove that And afraid knew what the requirement was and that he deliberately violated manner for free. Charges. A bank and tax fraud related to its political work in Ukraine is pleaded not gullied all charges, close the manifold team, told Fox news. The defence has not yet decided whether had Manfred testified during the trial. This person said they will make the decision after the prosecution rests its case, which should be next week today. Testimonies focused on the tax fraud charges
The years involve twenty ten to twenty fourteen we're before manifold work for president trumps campaign. Though they case stems from Alice Probe of election meddling by Russia and so called collusion by, Trunk campaign there's been no mention of election interference on Friday. Philip are you live. You see who prepared man efforts, taxes testified manifest signed tax return, that showed none checked for any foreign bank accounts between the years twenty ten. Twenty fourteen, the government pointed out the man offered scientist stack returns under penalty perjured. What we all do that not only about manner fritters, so we all do our best on our taxes, but the tax code. Here's the deal. The tax code is so complicated that a lot of people have to hire. Certified public accounts, Cps and the sea PH go through the material that the person gives to them.
C p, at least a good one, will also indicate that they need certain other information and the last them questions and not give them suggestions. The end of all this you get a tax return, and you cited under penalty perjury Is one of the reasons I argue have been arguing for decades for either a flat tax or affair access is either a national sales tax and the complete elimination of the federal income tax or a flat tax? But he pays the same amount, get rid of Most of the IRS get rid of most of the Internal Revenue CO, because people putting a further side, don't know in many cases after finding the right time, your return, information or not. They rely on exports and then, when you get an exploitative and try,
says yes well, he didn't do this and he didn't do that and the governments are any sign that under penalty of persuaded me well, yes, don't we all core those people out there who are on the doll who never pay taxes, who don't let the file tax returns. I don't have this problem, they just take our money, but that for another day,. Prosecuted, outta, O Sonia, walked a lift. These see the come through each year and asked what did Mr Mann offered save for this year for Farm Bank accounts, a left responded, none for each one, Prosecution ashes showed documents for the account email manner for asked me if he had foreign accounts. Minafer respond responded that he didn't but mothers M, says manner, repeatedly used accounts and Cyprus to pay for an array of luxury items and services. I remember this is only one side right now: prosecutors,
introduced a host of exhibit turn of the process of calling several witnesses part of their effort to make manner, for it is a tax gaff law who failed to report money spent a luxury items then lie to get bank loans when it's fine, consoling work, dried up. The prosecution is released, exhibit photos of manifolds expensive close well. Let's compelling. On Thursday manner, fridge, bookkeeper, Heather, wash clone of the firm and K S. Sb testify the manifold wrapped up large bills, but struggled to pay them in twenty. Sixteen. There's a come a time in twenty sixteen, when Mr Mann offered a trouble paying is bills prosecuted, Gregg Andrews as the count and federal but in Alexandria Virgin. Yes, she replied again. This is all while he had big bills really in trouble paying
bills. While he lived a lavish lifestyle, that's not the test. The judge pointer. The government has to prove that he knew what the requirement was and they deliberately violated. That's what the government has to prove time will tell the prosecution goes on until much of next week and then the defence The stand at other works, then this cross examination there's other things that occur as well coarsely the prosecutions key witnesses who sky gates who fled and got a deal any better sing like a bird for the government? Otherwise the deal could crumble right in front of his face. I dont like these deals. It's really troublesome to me the whole point here of a trial. What is the point of a trial to get to the truth? To get to the truth?
If you're handing out deals after threatening people but prosecution like handing out the eminent on Halloween, that's your problem: To me, is it not to you? I know it goes on all the time that doesn't make it right. So that's our up data the daily update for you on the on the trial that, as absolutely do Donald Trump, nothing the original mandate of the special council, nothing to do with anything actually, but it is a point of interest. I think my one I'll get back to this issue of socialism since it rather these days there's another article hereby Fox Alexandria, Cassio Cortez. These socialist
rational candidate from New York, who touts honestly and authentically and authenticity, rather as her greatest strength used to describe her, suffers a follower of Adam Smith, the so called Father of Capital We are starting to see here, ladies and gentlemen, that this woman is a complete and utter fraud as our most leftists capitalism and said that term, and that terms like feminist and empowerment where relics from the past. Oh my goodness, since and she's come out as an unapologetic democratic socialist wishing. See greater taxation and expansion and creation of wide ranging social programmes such as au Pair healthcare system, free entry, housing as a right. I think my strength, Honest and she said on the daily show, but not that law
ago, twenty eight year old, Boccaccio Cortez harboured a lot milder, if not radically different view during our term. Boston University, where she studied economics in international relations and graduated in twenty eleven with Cum laude honours. She described tough as a believer in Adam Smith, analysis and wrote. My blog posts, hinting at her views. According to post review by Fox NEWS. She believes in Mahatma Gandhi Methods, Adam Smith, our seas, abalone route as love. Her experience is growing the weaken household than the barrows to be on has afforded. A uniquely american experience with all the tragedy in hilarity at camp that accompanies it. She described herself and soon run publication called be: U Cultures shock, which he cofounded.
In a two thousand, nine blog Post, Boccaccio Cortez, called feminism into question. Writing they called the terms feminism and empowerment. Don't seemed to capture the priorities of our generation and the words themselves. Unlike relics from the past frumpy, an outdated corner, unquote. Quote: we no longer live in the same fight for equality, a prior generations. We move to the widely Tempted reality that marginalizing Eighty percent of a given population doesn't make much sense. Mathematically are socially, she wrote. We know Homer live in the same fight for equality of prior generations, while she used to some pretty smart must have Bangor Henderson. The New York Democrat could also learned a few things from herself having written in a too thousand nine posts that, while health care in the? U S, is at its most critical crossroads Recent history, the debate about is moving slowly for a good reason. She said that reason being that quote: health care is
Chile, an intersection of money, a people which means health care discussions, often involve the prioritizing it. According to available funds. How can we possibly the needs of children, the elderly, the sick and they healthy. Just one another, most blog posts written during okay, She Cortez his reign at the publication, which include articles like Donald Trump, twenty twelve. For President Israel, Palestine conflict are unavailable and only a select few were reviewed by foxes. Won't they make them all available. We want to know what this future. The democratic party has to say. A Boston Universities, Howard Sermon Centre, which sponsor the publication, said the archives couldn't be located. The staff, the centre changed and new staffers lack access to the old post will help convenient. Yet. Her claim of being a follower of a pro capitalist economy, a libertarian.
Will surely raised questions about our authenticity as Adams met the eighteenth century, scottish economists advocated free market capitalism our government regulations, contrary what she a card carrying democratic Socialist of America, member now pictures on the campaign trail there's just no at about it. Howard, who Saki Manhattan, Institute, senior, fella, told Fox NEWS about Smith, being a polar opposite of the New York, which, first of all, what I believe so strongly in price signals which are telling us what's desired, which being offered and allows people who are selling things to a their prices to meet demand there, just central to how. Whole economy works so soon. Have Medicare for all you essentially or are abolishing price signals when it comes to healthcare, because the government is
just a one, more competitor or one more choice. It kills the whole playing field, and it goes on now, of course, are magnificent. Free. Always working very hard to get to the bottom of things, not just to celebrate. Left us, of course, never found any of this. Not MSNBC, not CNBC, ABC Cbs and B C new returns, Washington Post, none of them. None of them dare look into the background of this lady anymore than any will look in the background the Brok Milhouse Benito, oh mamma. I don't want to know. See one of the things the media. The ox gives me the free press do in this country as they pick and choose obviously what cash they want and by doing that, they
promote an idiot, logical position or by omission. They kill one. That is an idiot logical position. There very manipulate- I'll be right back, Socialism, communist democratic National, showed fascist all these isms, which always Americanism constitutional republicanism Capitalism, as you know, were, and will continue to do this-
We spend a lot of time talking about history and philosophy, talking about take typically the founders of the framers and ratifying the constitution. And we talked about the civil war, all the wars, in between there. In the course of this show- and I want to bring to you an additional In our view, when it comes to Bernie Sanders and oh Cassio, Cortez and others who are poor This ideology, the left, you socialism democratic socialism, Marxism, Leninism, they're, they're, all really of the same family, aren't they same genre. There was a reporter who was also
also for in France, his name was ramen around a r o and I've written about him in one of my prior books and he wrote a book called the opium of the intellectuals. Absolutely brilliant was the gentlemen, the opium of the intellectual, and he attacks this entire notion of the proletariat them whatever it is supposed to be. The workers you see, the bourgeois managers, the property owners and, very simply an almost simplistically what marks in his ilk say- is that you basically have the blow out the ownership class
destroy the society, as is because it's a remnant of past unequal and unjust societies clean slate and give all the power to the people, the proletariat the middle class as he framed it. Now everybody frames at the working people, This is why I reject this whole notion of populism and the forgotten man we're America. We have forgotten anybody if our government policies are aimed at helping certain people in farming, certain people, either intentionally or unwittingly? Then we attack the policies but argue for a group representation and to embrace group think is jack, the whole motion of the enlightenment, the western enlightenment, first
the definition of the term class as IRAN puts it,. Which is perhaps more widely used in any other concept in the current language of politics,. Is a source of passion and argument. What is the class? Why is it so consider difficult to define the working class. No definition can trace precisely the limits of a category. At what stage in the hierarchy does the skilled workers cease to belong to the proletariat is the manual worker in the public services are proletarian, even though he receives his way from the state and not from the private employer. Age earners and commerce whose hands manipulate the objects manufactured by others?. The longer the same group as the wage earners and industry. On this. A very, very interesting point and will continue to pay And others when we return
the barge Laverne show why a national. Seven, seven three eight one. Three, eight one, one: What I'm doing here is pointing out how absolutely irrational these ideology is based on. What should we call them based on communal is actually are whether it's called national populism, whether it's called Social, listen democratic socialism, new time liberalism as opposed to classical liberalism at its core?
Marxism, Leninism, Bowers Trotzky ism their irrational. So let us repeat the point that I have actually made this point in my own book liberty internally, but, let's repeat the point in the opium opium of the intellectuals by Raymond Iran- and I would ask you this: if you can't even accurately defined the class that you're saying should rise up the proletariat The working class, the middle class, then, how does your ideology makes sense at all the definition of the term class and by but you won't find that word in the constitution and you won't find it in the declaration, the definition of the term class, which is perhaps more why
The use and any other concept in the current language of politics is a source of passionate argument. Why is it so often considered difficult to defining the working class? No definition can trace precisely the limits of a category at what stage in the hierarchy those these he'll workers ceased to belong to the proletariat is the manual work or in the public. Services are proletarian even though he receives his wages from the state and not from a private employers. Do the a journey in commerce whose hands manipulate the objects manufactured by others belong to the same group the wage earners and industry there can be no doubt magic answer to such queries. They have no common criterion. Putting the whether one considers the nature of the work, the method and the amount of the remuneration and the style of life. Well, it will not include certain workers in the category proletariat. The garage mecca
a way turning manual worker is in a different position has a different outlook. Society from the worker implored in an assembly line in a motor car factory. There's no such thing as Quinn Quintessence of the proletaire. To which certain wage earners belong. There is mere category who centre is clearly defined and is, and its periphery is vague. This problem of definition would not in itself have aroused such passionate controversy, but the marxist doctrine ascribed to the military, a unique mission, some cited change history, others too, if humanity, how can the millions of factory workers First, among thousands of enterprises be the instrument, such an undertaking, which raises another problem, that of establishing that the limits of the proletariat but the characteristics which make it a unity.
So so called democratic socialism. We already debunk that phrase butts democratic socialism is not even a good abstraction. It's not even a good theory. It's an impossibility, because I can't even define their basic term class. Let's take another term if we were generally well general will of the people, the best interests of the people or what is at me, who decides what the general will at best interests of the people a handful of masterminds, who gets to decide that this is me speaking then there's more. The fact of the matter is, let's see here if Marxism gives a privileged position to the poor,
terror to the class the working class. It is because, through the inherent logic of their condition, through their most instinct, ways of life, regardless of all messianic illusions? The proletaire, and who are not? Gods are, in our alone, in a position to realise humanity. That's these supposition, its absurd. It's nothing to do with individual, is. And who knows and best judges, these sorts of thanks, nothing. Philosophers have the right to hope that the proletarian will not become integrated with the existing order. That he will preserve himself revolutionary action, but they cannot in the mid twenty assent, we represent as a fact that diversity of the industrial worker. In what sense can the french proletariat split up among areas, rival organizations be called the only authentic into
subjectivity, in other words, even people in this class, the canopy defined, are different. They all agree and revolution. They all agree and socialism. Communism. There is no unified proletariat, it can even be defined, but it's not unified and by the way Why must the proletariat be revolutionary that is working people in the working class, still not define but why do they have to be revolutionary? The people the assembly lines of our car. But he's you send revolutionaries workers aren't revolutionaries.
I could go on and on and on so why must they be revolutionary? Why must they be socialists, democratic, socialist to boot, but all proletarian, not all working people? have the feeling of being exploited are oppressed. And there's no evidence that the proletariat member proletariat is working. People middle class Soforth is spontaneously revolutionary, there's no evidence whatsoever. This whole notion of socialism is a joke. Now the proletariat sets up itself up as a class only to the extent that it acquires a unity. This can only result from opposition to the other.
As is so. In other words, the proletariat is its struggle against society. In what way would be victorious workers fighting the other workers not alienate those other workers. What if they dont all agree if they don't all agree what, if they're, not all alienated what, if they're, not revolutionary? What happens then? But let's look at that. Basic grievances that the that the left throws out there? The marxist, like Bernie, Sanders at all inadequate. A excessive working hours, the threat of unemployment, this ten arising from the Technical administrative Organization of the factory. The field being in a rut with no possibility of advancement the kind business of being the victim of a basic and justice and that the system it does not allow the work or a fair share of the National well refuses to many,
in the management of the economy. Marxist propaganda is at pains to foster the awareness of a basic injustice and confirm it confirmed by theory of exploitation. This propagate It does not succeed in every country, a country where the immediate claims of the workers are to some extent satisfied like the United States, the indictment of the government take, when the appearance of a sterile radicalism, they stir radicalism,. Even in countries where working conditions have been most improved, like in the United States, where private enterprises in general accepted there's still a prejudice against profit, making By the marks of city lacks a latent suspicion or we are ready to spring to the surface, that the capitalist or the
Limited liability company or whatever as such, exploit their workers. The marxist interpretation accords with the outlook on society to which the workers spontaneously subscribe. That's the theory. There is no. The collective ownership is more conducive to increase productivity than private ownership or effectively, Russia's any these so called grievances that Marxism, Socialism and all the rest of it raises factors a lotta proof that they exacerbated, because economic growth in and of itself is a factor towards ameliorating these issues. Concrete improvements, concrete improvements,
Now, as I explained in America, Tokyo, the Idiot locks the state as progressives or, as I really prefer, to call them the utopian. They want to be judged not so much on what is or what will be. They want to be judged on their promises, not the outcome of past problems. Which are quite problematic from their logical point of view. Are they not so I want to keep addressing this planning and collective ownership eliminate certain forms of profit, but what don't they
they don't eliminate human greed, for they worldly things and the desire for money, planning and collective ownership do not eliminate human nature desire want needs. Inevitably, whatever an economy is called whenever a government is com, it is built on a monetary sis, A monetary system and for the Socialists and the communist and so forth their abuse, the monetarist, Stem is simply one of redistributing wealth if they dont create anything.
Idealists revolutionaries assigned to the working class which they cannot define. These sought superhuman mission of putting an end to the all too tangible evils of industrial society, while ignoring the massive, widespread wealth and luxuries that the suppose it put upon proletariat has access to. The contradiction between industrial wage earners and private employers is the one which communism has most difficulty in exploiting the twentieth century in the twenty first century in the underdeveloped countries, because the proletariat are not numerous enough in capless countries, there not revolutionary enough.
It achieved much greater success when it stirs up nationalistic passions, particularly colonial countries, but even in our own member? there's a difference, and I explained this repeatedly and I wrote about in the rediscovery American nationalism in American US it is american, is that we promote. It is a merry I assume that we revered is americanism that we embrace now. Why would we throw away the most advanced, prosperous.
Free is magnificent. Nation mankind has every created for a theory that canyon defunct, define its fundamental terms: fray theory that is so defective it as result resulted in the death and or poverty of tens of millions of people. Are we so foolish indeed so moronic that a few people running around telling us that we can have free healthcare, free college, free house, that these are human rights. Are we so foolish to adopt these bumper sticker labels and arguments.
That we would throw away are very limited. I very lifestyle. This Bernie Sanders seem like a very sharp guy to you, a man of worldly experience about this twenty eight year old. Does she have a most of the people who push this viewpoint? We know it can't work. We know it's an impossibility, We also know that time is late, because more and more of our citizens embrace it. I'll be right back.
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Some of these writers and thinkers of the past and, of course, to my own thinking in writing because has a lot to be said against tyranny and there's a lot to be said for liberty, And unfortunately, that's not said here: you're, probably not gonna, hear much psych decision about a free press, been talking about that now for several weeks. What is a free press? What does that mean? Then I've spent some time talking about the history, the press. And also I was one Hannity. Last night we discussed at length, we are not debating, whether or not we believe in a free press, which is the way the press of the moment, the washing depressed core wishes to define this debate you and I we embrace a free press. We embrace free speech. We embrace. The liberty of religion and so forth, and so we have no problem with our constant.
Russian and specially are bill of rights. So the issue is in a free press. We defend and support a free press. The issue is the current people who are working in the press, many of whom, deceitful, many of whom are driven by ideology and and that sort of thing, and we will point out which media institutions, unfortunately the vast majority of them in which so called reporters- whose people working for these institutions. Unfortunately, a majority of them, are doing what they're doing And, as I said on Hannity last night, then That behind this microphone, with a media in this country that is called tens of millions of people who voted tromp gets four calling out the fake media and saying the fake mean is the enemy of the people. They agree with Hilary that we are deplorable and on and on and really all the
pension trunk gets four calling out the fake media and saying the fake mean is the enemy of the people. Is again. I pointed out last night I pointed out on this radio show I do the media hate the people, you call Tens of millions of Americans, Nazis and racists and contest and so forth, and so on. What does this ever happened? I think the current crop up as a rule. There are exceptions her in media are unprofessional. Their area logically and I also thank the media. Today is highly what is has degraded the entire enterprise so rather than being circumspect about what they're doing other doing if they continue to lash out I'll be right back
now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader like here on this Friday. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one. I would normally take collar this early in the second hour, but I think this might be useful. JANET Beverly Hills. California, eight. Seventy. The answer go hello Mark Mark Mark Mark. I am fifty nine years I'm a can. I help you man. Yes, what I'm calling about is indeed
you don't you know, you know. What are you waiting for difference between legal and illegal person? Tourism is a person on. But- and here Legally, we now, a legal person is not a person under oath, and here legally legal person is a citizen erect. Legal person is a person who is here whose followed the rules can have met oh born citizens. You can have people who become citizens who can and people who are here legally, as in residents? But what does your point where a real point, my pointed mark is it bring the Obama era made when they wanted, thousand miles an hour to take America into marks Globalism and and they want. Send especially marxist globalism, something about the globalism part. What what that means
what is it you know a marked man, you gotta really focus here, focus on they globalism part. What did you mean by the way? You have a hundred people? in LOS Angeles? How is it if forty six of those people are here legally or their here? Be man Lamb? You don't even know what you're talking about glow Listen, what does it do they illegal aliens mark? What I'm talking about is that people I up people like Mark Zuckerberg people like bears out. They were best with cheap labour. They were back ok, I got it maybe your ear, you're kind, o Brien bringing us down here. You said you disagreed with me on populism and nationalism. What is it you're going on about illegal aliens? I dont support the trench into this country. People illegally, that isn't, I do a populism. Nationalism that has to do Immigration laws mark my eye.
What did Obama has the brethren, I'm a California. I live. I met my ma. Am I a child care and I don't even want Erasmus? What are you to say yet. I tell you that what is happening Please bring the Obama era is it for, as were bought, brought in to America thirdly, California, in New York to replace two to display the same thing: Thanks for your car, I mean who's talked about this, the most changing the nature. The citizenry changed the nature, the voter she told MR calls greener. She had going with me. I'm populism, nationalism. She dimension aware: it's I'm, I'm not I'm not really sure what was going on there and I apologise for that matter like Harry fly on the market then go ahead. Mark big honour to listen to you. Oil listener and one in a million podcast listeners hang on. I think one arm.
Now you mean five point: five million podcasting amen rudder I may know brag just fact. We got five and a half million podcast listeners. We ve got Almost three million app listeners you ve got. God knows: they satellite radio listeners, we ve got eight half million radio listen we got a anyway go ahead. I'm share in the cheering them news had away acquired to listen to you at the speed I used to live in one point: five, but Well, it's kind of weird listening to you and your speaker phone. Can you speak right into the mouthpiece of your heart and let's go we're running out of time bill? The whole socialism me is this a lot people think of it and generality arabic with me was faceless person that cloning.
And it's really annoying. I owe my business like wait, a second, what they see their own turbans body, but you need to you're looking away where, if what you are paying for the personal, what, if you're giving some unique were free college you know maybe you're doing about, but here's how they look at they look at it. Vote for somebody who said we're going to use the power, the government, the and an lawlessly vote in sums I to redistribute wealth, meaning take private property that somebody else possesses and give it to me that's pretty cool. So all of a sudden theft is normally legalised its compassionate and not only that you don't have to The person you steal from you just keep condemn them, is the one percent. As far as business people as a capitalist pigs whatever- and you just keep voting for people who can
taking from them in giving too you pretty call her you're going with the top would prevent anything because another, however, called him a couple ago well, one of those people are gonna, be alone top one for exactly there's, always a one percent, as I like to put it over the years, even if we were reduced to getting our own food in rice fields somebody's gonna get more rights than somebody else by the nature of their motivation by the nature of their work, and suddenly you all have pure equality so that person will be considered court unquote, rich in the top. Whatever percent and then I'll always be the case in Europe I think that the main problem with socialism and mentality is that no one gets the Lord of me working hard in going through the struggles with failing and all the things that go? Why just life general owning a business going to college? All that that you have an irregular job.
There's a reward of screwing up, and if you, if you can and then learn from it and make your life better. Great. Now, on The next guy, who was about ready to very good good Kai, appreciate very, very true self worth is what he's talking about free will. And so forth. These are very, very important human characteristics, which should be cherished, which should be promoted. Let's see you know what I'm sick of talking about the press, I'm sick of talking about the press, I'm sick of talking about Russia sick of talking about, molly right now, just sick. All these people aren't you. Let's go to Martin Dothan Alabama, accept satellite go right ahead, Sir, hey marked out is adequate, going you're exactly right.
Before she ran as a democratic, socialist. Ok, your court has started a publishing company where, when she was doing interviews talk about that tax burden and how she wanted it lowered so sounds very convenient. But when she opened her own business it is a very, very pro capitalism, so when she was involved and in the founding this sir there's publication, a college in Boston. She admired Adam Smith, who's, the godfather of where we call capitalism. There were others too, but he's the one people remember in the visible hand, and so forth And today she embraces marks and why shouldn't we believe, Sir, that she is a complete phony and fraud who was running a district that she knew was left wing she random after the left wing democratic, been there for twenty years. Why should we believe that she's a complete fraud and phony? I don't think
we should believe anything other than that of your rapporteur. I am your point They are about class. I think, goes to the point. Where People like her, I want to be. They wanna tell the Democratic Party of unity, but they do out of hand where they don't mention that there are the ones that better, they split everybody up into classes in the first place, but they say one thing: that's that's an interesting point to an eye. What I thought about it, a lot when those running Merrick Toby. Let me ask you what you think Barton, Why I put it is that the the lately leftists they? they push us into groups right and that they they actually what they do. Is they talk about us as the masses? and then, when it works to their favour, they balkan eyes us by also assigning US groups, so that talk about unity in the general interest, the public welfare or part of a mass, and then all of a sudden, though reverse course- and I talk about this race-
religion, this income group and so forth and so on in order to pocket eyes us in turn us against each other, right as it serves their perker back, because ACT now they want to join everybody together when it since the start of the vote? But and when they want to talk about policy, they have to have everybody fighting everyone, we'll call here, and I can't we all get along as long as you have these stages progressives these radicals. How can You'll get along when they don't want us to get along by the way getting along is one thing having the government for thus to get along. That is to accept one position. One idea one way of doing things that is the case get along that we don't want either exactly I Martin Very, very sharp young man will be right back
talk about. Mahler can't stand the bastard and keep talking about him. Lord ok let's try a few more people justifying populism? Let's go smokey Charlotte Virginia. The mark liven up yes, smoky market, greater talk here, you wanted to take issue little bit with what is popular capitalism. What is, I think, I think, populism even necessarily in ideological position. It's just having a message that can appeal to the people broadly I made you now exciting part. No, no! It's not! You can get a message. I can appeal that people broadly populism, is a ideology or then what what I would? I would
There's somebody like wrong Paul, a populist, but also somebody like Bernie Sanders it. Yet I think they're exactly the opposite, so it means nothing agree with me when I agree with you. I mean that a radical libertarian any radical marked socialists almost soft marxist, that their that their appeals you might say that there's overlap but What what is I? Where does it get us? I mean what went on I believe in Rome. What's the difference tried this way? What's the difference between populism and republicanism, I mean there there's a whole different character Applicants mark I dont you, I didn't say Republicans little are report in this you know like a republic as opposed to democracy. What's the difference we, clean populism in republicanism or do it this way, and this is for everybody look at the constitution. You liked the constitution right.
I will the council, do you, you revered, you defend it. Yes, sir. Populism in the constitution. Nowhere everything in the constitution. Is put in there to prevent populism and centralism everything checks and bound this division of powers between different levels of government limited. Firms for senators and and members of the house, a court where judges have lifetime appointments, a difficult amendment process, the only direct tis a pretoria. Part of our constitution is the House of representatives every two years right right and so the populist follow me, sir. So the populists and the progressive Of the early part of the last century Democrats and Republicans, or if you will Bernie, Sanders types and the round Paul types? What did they fight for
to destroy. The United States Senate saw no longer represents the stage of direct election of senators. That's populism right right. Look at that! Duration of independence, where's populism, declaration of independence republicanism representation. Their unalienable writes that you're born with there's no populism There's no democracy, there's no vote. There is representative government sorrow has is both away spot for reason, so people just so easily, for I I'm a populist and I'm a popular. What does that mean? Does it mean if in community everybody's, a populist that they can vote to take your property rights away. What does that mean? That's called the mob. That's a mob! Now, if you have a message that has a popular appeal like liberty or a capitalism or perhaps socialism and tyranny, that's a different thing.
Populism is an ideology. People now call it nationalism, populism conservatism. Do you know why they do that smoking? try and give some legitimacy to this idea of nationalism. Populism national is look at the constitution again,. Very limited. The federal government that matter No government people- confused nationalism with Americanism amount. In ISM is different than nationalism. We're America's we're, not nationalists. I'd rewrite ahead, and I think one of the big problem is how like what you were saying. During the last century, how we we really nationalized our politics, and I think what I'm saying is that I think populism might be somewhat necessary to win a national election and coming up. That's not a good thing Then you oppose what they oppose electoral college.
Nor is it me if you're population you want to get rid of the electoral code. I ask that we don't you really like a hollow now, but the home ocean in electoral college is a rejection of the poppy vote per se and populism. Otherwise we wouldn't have an electoral college. Why did they put that in there to protect us from the mob politics to protect us from them Do me a favor. I want to send you a copy, rediscovering Americanism. Would you read that call me back and by the way you can still hold your positions. I Point you to read it do you mind and I would love to read it. Thank you very much hang up smoking very, very kind. Gentlemen, very nice man. Don't hang up on! This gets me in trouble Course, with the populist yes, a populist now you're, not you believe in America.
I'm in the constitution and the declaration. No less populous will debate me. Some amazing thing. They won't debate me. The liberals want the baby. Please. I'd be very respectful, David Superior Wisconsin. The great W Dsm Go like all market, so so many in them. So many items before before I get to my I guess what I'm going to have an answer. Go ahead. You know not what we want we want. We want all- on the other, with a nation, equilibrium of their neighbours in autumn interview with where you're like gas and oil tanker and allow, unless I'm looking forward to, one coming up with with Rick While I am Harrison from the show porn stars is absolutely terrific. I had I'm sorry David now, that's ok
feel like I have to pick up the slack or I mean I love Fox NEWS, but they got to run some promos guys come on. You know: people have in her I've told on. We need more promos, but you know what I noticed. I looked at the rating sooner Sunday, ten p m show has higher ratings in every single show on CNN during the week during the week. Thank you David, take carriers. Good, then, America's think tank and you can call em at seven seven, three aid, one three, eight One, you know my fate: place. The sip, if you lost This programme, you know is on my exchequer. I sit on, hours and hours every day the bunker. It is a beautiful chair at the
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and I don't know how long this, alas, Levin Foot rest you'll get a foot rests with the chair and I use both and you'll get it for free you'll get the foot rest for free, not the chair, slow to act, share Levine dot com, now use code, Levine Foot rest and get a free foot rest action Levine dot com or one eight for four four exchequer but like I had they were given the year the bottom of the ira- to cut off David a little too soon- and it was an excellent collars- I want to go back to day go right ahead. Thanks mark. Very much perspective on on the school system, because and were career musician. They had other accounts, but they were crude musicians who I was raised travelling except for me first, two years and public school in New York. He traveled a lot. So I would the new kid I went to a fourth grade,
I am giving you a little time, but I don't have time for your entire life history. I do it at my perspective, By that I saw things that may be a lot of people. Didn t acceptable the travel will I went to school and that the incremental item of communism was alive and well and that's why books like the night is dark I am far from home and Colonel Allen. West comment is that they have become then for many years and her nation centres than a good, civilians, the We want to be a little civilians, but not good little socialists, and so Now today I want position at a university very high level position at the university, because I had someone else pray for them and I didn't do it except into my office, and then they went in reported, make ok
no tolerance on the left in the universe scenario about you, you're bounce and all over the place. Are you saying that you were fired or your professor norm? Not ours, I would add professional, I t I was the webmaster for the car- you aren't you, you were, and I d in the college. You are a fool, employee full time Ready that we hold on hold on follow my questions, because I want to focus, should because we got a big audience and I dont want about around you're fired today now, a year ago, the end of this month. Because you were praying within employ an excellent basis for your firing. The boy sat up here yeah. It was set up. The european That's right! trade and that I was a common border and I kept back. Why not the camp, and I now know regaining even further than we respond,
we populism versus socialism now deregulation going on, as I once happening, working on that On that occasion, I will thank you for your comments. I have no idea what's goin on here: none none! but I can't handle every case that everybody's bringing up here. Let's continue, let's try. Dick Colombia, South Carolina Mark Lavinia go ahead marked by taking my call popular them very easy. It is a popular erika test, you throw the populace on and they are both for you what they want. You didn't we hand out in its like going for a plum pudding for promptly do you get most votes when it's the equivalent of democracy is two and a sheep at voting on what's for dinner, same
democracy per se can easily lead to tyranny. We talked about this a great length. Last night we ve talked about it before it's in the least form of government unless it is specifically set up to protect the individual, can be tyrannical whether you vote for people who don't open people, constitutional, is specifically set up to protect the principles that is Federalism and liberty that are set forth in the declaration. Most are not set up that way, and so too to simply so I'm a nationalist populace and end, and as a result of that well, don't realize that you aren't you vis, raiding the constitutional system without questioning the individual out of it. You take individual exactly and then, and then we talk like the left, Forgotten man, that phrase came from Franklin, Roosevelt. What look at Europe you have
What do you like it? Official they're? All? Don't you think. Signalling, they're all holier than thou and are just about his rotten and the entire Democrat bought mile. You couldn't good point when you find the scene it to strengthen Europe. Had a democratic system is very important that we talk about a republic, Tubby, in the United States. We don't talk about it. Often enough. Our politicians, people most conservative one talk about eight democracy. We have a democratic republic and there is a difference right. Sir, please the car. I think these conversations are worthwhile. If we keep on point. Let us go to Joe Baltimore Maryland on the mark, Levin app. How are you, sir, They might have somebody good boy,
here. You want uneasiness on our tell MR called greener our callback glad I want out of school teacher back a night near. You want, of course, to the german telling my age at her name said the ball very special, some teachers. NL could be very special. She was a black waiting around K. I came. What did she teacher? Ok, what she did was one day inquired she one round, each one was what the occupation was on our parents, special, needs special and mean a moment, the undertaker she could you say he article so well. She said they were all in one class, no matter what your occupation is. Another story,
those special is special and meaning we're all individuals in one society and that's exactly right. Thank you for your car, appreciate it. That's what we are And so when people who are conservative start getting a little lazy with the nomenclature, it it they may not realise because of all the chest beaters out there that in many ways they are embracing a an abstraction It is an abstraction that is similar to what the left embraces Dominic. Queens New York. The great double abc. Go. I more carry you. Ok, hurry you good! I thought I heard your conversation briefly about populism and socialism. You. I was in school how about twenty years ago, and I pulled up the fact that
More proud party was turning socialism party to Social, Michael, the western style within european style socialism, Do the teacher looked at me very confused, he's like I didn't know what I was talking about any type of basically put me on the spot to prove my point and After hearing a little bit of conversation, not, unfortunately not the whole thing, I When we talk about democratic socialism and populism that, basically to me the same thing except the taking the voters, you taking the population and it boarding too government to take your staff and day its social. A tyranny. I think you were talking about earlier that were hoping be living in a purely again. And better? What and how does populism manifest itself at the weather? It people vote?
and therefore we know what the the overall population wants and how at work in the context of unalienable rights can be vote on your unalienable right, of course, not and if possible, Some is the way to go. I hear a lot of trumps supporters say I'm a populist what, if you're Trump supporter- and populous than you oppose the electoral college. You favour the the vote and we lose so I dont, if, if, if the framers of the constitutional populist so many the protection centre in the constitution when even exist, including much of the bill of rights. They were concerned about the mob. They were concerned about factionalism. They were concerned about a monarchy. There were concerned, But all these in their desperate forms of government which do not the protection of the individual unalienable right populism has thing to do with individualism and unalienable right. Nationalism is just a throwaway term that replaces the word patriot.
Well, what we really mean as Americanism is nationalism. What's this actual is, and what does that mean? America? First, no americanism. First, the principles that under gird our country. That's what the whole system is about we're supposed to be anyway. I Dominic thank you for your car I wonder how we got on this, but here we are Dog Fort Worth Texas, the Great w b I pay go dog. Are you there, sir? I yeah? Can you speak place quickly, Yes I'd like to make a comment about Edward Bernay, thanks for your kind dump, the guy hello, If for telling me we'll be right back
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You really ought to do it. You know, there's all this talk, as you know, it's it's so pathetic about Russia collusion. Aren't you sick and tired of whole damn thing, but here is something that's never talked about. Dian Feinstein and her husband was an enormously wealthy man. Their connections with the chinese government and Feinstein has spent a career sitting on the Senate and tell it Many isn't that amazed and there's a story and politico in the San Francisco chronic on other places. Now we are just learning today. Feinstein had a chinese spy connection. She didn't know about her driver
offering you a senator Dian Feinstein San Francisco office, was fired a few years ago after being linked to Chinese buying in the Bay area. According to political magazine story on Silicon Valley, espionage, the Feinstein staffer was suspected of providing political intelligence, but nothing classified they write to his handlers with one former intelligence official telling author Zack Dwarf meant that they suspected in four informant was run by officials based at the local chinese consular local source. Who knew about the incident confirm to us that the F b I showed up at Feinstein Office in Washington about five years ago to alert the then chairman. Of the Senate Intelligence Committee that her driver was being investigated for possible chinese spying. Besides driving her around when she was in California. The staff are also served as a gopher in San Francisco audience
and ass, a liaison to the asian american Community even attending chinese council functions for the senator man. Have been left behind her back coding. Do our source the intrigue started years earlier when the Stafford took a trip to Asia, to visit relatives and was befriended by someone who continue to stand stuck with touch with them on subsequent visits that someone was connected with the people's Republic of China Ministry of State Security, he didn't even know what was happening, that he was being recruited says our source. He just thought it was some friend will the FBI apparently concluded the driver. Hadn't reveal anything of substance. They use you'd him in an Diane forced him to retire, and that was the end of it says the source die and forced him to wreak retire. It's a friendly, none of her staff ever knew what was going on the source said they just kept quiet. Diane Feinstein should not be on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Should she,
Chechnya- and you will never convince me that this driver. Didn't you hear her on the phone talking about intelligence information. Or necessarily look for her shoulder while she may been reading something- and I believe that for two minutes not at all- and it's funny how this has been kept secret for years for years to protect her. I've always wondered about the China connection with her and husband, because its substantial, maybe when Mister Mallory done Deal
with a manner for it? Maybe he'll get into a fine stein and her husband. What do you think, folks, you think that's possible ban. That's not possible cause she's alive. Nobody a bother her for four years. She had a driver who was a spy, but she didn't know and she's on the Sun Intelligence Committee. Pretty incredible, not chilling fail, Memphis, Tennessee, Ex M satellite GO. Hi, I'm just wondering if you could we do something about these lobbyists in fine style, know these people making millions and millions of dollars in Congress. Don't you think that we were able to limit terms always from the President of the United States of America, while the President his term limited sir? Yes, it is a true turns. Ok, but in all events, presidents limited to two terms, ten years total, for instance, if there's an assassination or something else, that's ok,
point being, you were able to limit terms for somebody's. Unlike the end, not elected officials wicked decrease their power. Began some all. Fourth, absolutely I'm all fort they sit. There another four, forty years, some of them fifty years fifty years Clearly there was an intended, so we need to fix that they want fix everything, but in effect something yes, I strongly support term when its, which is why I propose them in the liberty. Amendments will be right back.
Now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building, we once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one we ate one one I saw this too. And I M scratching my head honestly cook political port. This is from the hill newspaper when its and other places moves crews arose, Senate race and Texas, to lean Republican. To lean Republican from likely Republican and they report the
so Senate race between Senator, take crews and representative beetle Orourke, has been shifted in the Democrats direction by the but political report, a major non partisan election handicap and by the way they screwed up all the time but they're. Looking a couple, a pause here cook: after the rays from it's likely republican column, to lean republican today, stating that pulling suggests a tighter raised earlier this week, a Texas Lyceum Paul, released Wednesday showed the race between the two his neck and neck, with crews leading Orourke forty one to thirty nine, among likely voters. I think the goal is to have registered. Voters now likely ones, but anyway, Cook also noted. A gravest marketing Paul from early July that showed crews. Were they not put over or fifty one to forty two Texas
not elected democratically the Senate three decades with the party thinks it has a chance to pull off and upset with a rock, was raised an enormous amount of money. I don't know whether the believe all this or not, but I have to confess I'm concerned, I'm concerned, I mean I believe take crews is leave very likely winner, but if so wise, a close. Lots of people been moving in the Texas, not just aliens and illegal aliens with people out of California in other states had say, has no state contacts and so for the very, very wonderful business climate Texas is Texas. So this is concerning to me. Let me put it that way. I believe, take is wind, but its concerning to me this is the kind of up
They could occur if they have the so called blue wave, which of course, we hope they known have. So I wanted to point that out. And I dont know what kind of campaign their running down their honestly don't know the campaign manager is at this point. I could look into it, but then I don't know feel like this should be. A close race are really not then China, China play tariffs on sixty billion dollars of yours goods in latest trade seller. You know play my position on this over over over and over again, I believe, free trade, we ve never actually had free trade in this country, but freer trade. I don't believe you you going to war with tariffs which are taxes.
With us and our allies, but China is a different issue: Chinese, the enemy China views us as the enemy. Believe it or not. France does not view, as is the enemy Canada's. Our view s as the enemy, Japan How do you assess the enemy China does. China has gotten enormously powerful by stealing our ideas, and I mean our political ideas. I mean our technological ideas they are thieves through and through, sanctioned by the government. The government is the biggest perpetrator, cyber thieves. Our companies over there. They shake him down, and so it would be crazy to have free trade China since China is the enemy be crazy to have.
Betrayed with any enemy Cuba, North Korea, Russia,. And so it's not a matter of economics to me when it comes to china- and this is where some of the libertarians and I disagree, as I say, very much a liberty when it comes to economic issues and often domestic issues, but not when it comes to national defence. And this is a national Security national Defence issue- that's different because It's a matter of life and death. And it is being very aggressive and when it's time China still propping up North Korea. China's in our hemisphere, China's China is in the Middle EAST. China has big picture view of what they plan to do and what they plan to do. His knock us off as the greatest superpower in the face of the earth, and if the Democrats in this
We have their way. That's exactly what will take place. At one of them. China planes, tariffs on sixty billion dollars of Europe's goods and latest trade, savage writers. China proposed retaliatory tears, sixty billion dollars worth of? U S, goods ranging from liquefied natural. Gas to some aircraft on Friday is a sea. Chinese diplomat cast doubt on prospects of talks with Washington to solve their bitter trade conflict. To me again. This is a matter of imbalance for trade, with China to International security to matter They are a criminal state, a criminal government, our private sector, spend hundreds of billions about hundreds of billions, I was every year on research and development. One figure I saw was over six hundred million, but whatever the figure is, These thieves come in and steal it, so they can build
you're, better and more accurate missiles and aircraft carriers and fake islands. Nuclear weapons, Merv missiles and all the rest of it is simply on it, kept about as a threat to this nation, and so You wanna threatened sixty billion dollars a right goods now here, let me tell the problem for the chinese government. There news about one fourth, the sight of ours, one fourth, the size of earth, they're going to run out of things the tax, the president's talking about placing too of about twenty five percent on two hundred billion dollars worth of goods. That these can put taxes on anything else. That's all they ve got.
Now, you might say mark, but this is a penalty on the american people. As you have said, over and over and over again, a tariff has attacks on the american people. So in other words, if the Chinese want to ship something into our country cheaper than we can make it I'll, get it elsewhere and we're gonna attacks at that means the american consumer would pay more I'm saying in this instance. The priority is our safety, our security and protecting our technology. We have been negotiating with the Chinese for a decade. The train, Vincent stop stealing our stuff. They won't stop stealing our stuff, the Canadians, steel at the Japanese, don't steal at the French, don't steal it. The Chinese Avenant steals it and are not our friend. And they still for a reason to build figure. In the south, China, Sea Tbilisi, now make a military bases on it's all over the world. I've done number
shows on this olive in tv, a number of shows on this. They have a plan. We have nothing. We have no plan. And, of course, with all the distraction with rash arrived at mile after mile I rash ratchet, stymie Dang David Baby, all that crap, the nation, This focus for the nation needs to be focused, so this regard, I would tell the President stick a time not because smart trade, it's not smart trade, but it's smart NASH. A security, it's an enemy state, it's an enemy state, let's stop pretending. Otherwise, doesn't mean, we have to declare war doesnt mean they got a war, but it's an enemy state free trade with anatomy state? what would your allies I'll be right? Back
Ben that has no movie coming death of a nation he'll be with us in about ten minutes to and not since sixty have the Democrats so fanatically refuse to accept the result of a free election that year, their target was Abraham Lincoln, now their target as President Trump and his supporters from best selling author De Nash pursues award winning produce general Molin comes their latest film death of a nation with stunning historical recreations and a searching examination of fascism and white supremacy, the some cuts The progressive lies to expose hidden history and explosive truths. Lincoln United
Party and saved America from the Democrats, the first time can trump and we come together and save America. For the second time, while death of a nation now playing in theatres nationwide, radiate Peachy, thirteen may be it appropriate for children under thirteen learn more at death of a nation movie, dotcom determination, movie, dotcom did already start must reduce. It starts today, right now, Friday,. So you might want to check it out. Now is a great weakened girl. That's on you know, and I see it this week into his manner fact. I love agnosticism movies. Very much a really good movies are very well done. Donnie Heath Texas Mark Levant. What's going on in Texas, Donnie, EVA Heat, the heat is earned a couple crazy dog that here
with the name of the time in english words, what's going on in Texas, their Danny well, but we ve got here situation. We be dough. Fella? He is he ground troops, her runnin, the neighbourhood here and it's kind of bizarre, because he never came to my house then HU I am voting for and which I replied. Crews have always been a cruise order from day one listen to you for over ten years next day mark I gotta a tax on my phone ask me again if I would consider boating per though, which are well at the moment. Escape question Don t. You see more grass roots,
tyranny going on there for him than for crews Rona. Was that what you see all over all over the idea of Debbie? I made it on my dear. I think him all Social media, I then I get your point. Thank you for your call, my friend now we ve Carla from Kenny Texas, serious satellite, what's Goin on Karla she's gone you say the same thing as the other guy I've ever better ground game gone on no idea, what's goin on their, but some better pick up courage, Anderson South Carolina. How are you, sir, I thank MR, would incur take my little. Your ear calls greener said that turn em see why
everybody s, tell me what my call screener, sir, or what they said the Michael screen a year on the air right now? What do you want to tell me? Well, I want to tell you that the answer that you know that there is no letter the legislature decided that there was a unlimited or a lifetime. Therefore, the Supreme Court. Were actually left in the constitution, and the constitution says a lifetime constitution creates the Supreme Court. The constitution provides for lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court, correct, not the district court itself That's good, that's correct industry courts in the circle courts were created by Congress, go ahead, We could be once one improvement that we could have, so that we can have like a baby.
Ten years secure. I don't care what it is, but they don't have to be the biggest required. I'm really not believe Congress is going to do that to you. Did somebody produce a bill to do. I don't know but I'm the only way that would happen through convention of states. The Congress is not going to die. You just said, but it on risk. You just said Congress created the circuit courts in the district court correct, but Certainly a legislative text would think it may grant, but they're, not too early. Have they done at any time since the founding of this nation, a constituent convention. It's not a constant Who national convention had taken venture of states? They could do it now not going to that's the whole point of article five convention of states that the federal government is not going to do the things the federal government should do
I agree with that, but with respect to the region, I call with respect to the idea of populism verses republicanism. The fact is that I think I'm here, The first is mainly trying to. Populism, as understood by tramp, is trying to protect the people that are in the United States a legally here and protect the people that are here, and it's not they do a populism whatsoever. It does because an international trade, what he said and you say that we know what is trying to do and what he's trying to do should be done and its follow the immigration laws and secure the border. What does that have to do a populism. Well they immigration laws have not been that have not been followed because the corporations won T the workers and the Democrats. Twenty one, it's fine, so what sir?
If you believe in populism than you gotta get wearily electoral college, which means that Hillary Clinton presently United States deeply It is necessary. I mean that I guess it is you don't get to pick and choose your populism, I don't get it Maybe you don't get to pick and choose your populism. I agree with it. Therefore, its popular I disagree with. Therefore it's not I've. Already explained all this, which is that institutional set up to protect the individual, not populism The declaration of independence talks about the individual, not the group, not the community, You guys get very very close. You skate very, very close to the hard left and Elizabeth doesnt work when we vote we win when they vote and they went it doesn't count. You could help me I gotta, do still believe in my what you can do tat. You need me
individuals and what what they heard him isn't about the individual call. Populism you care about individual is called individualism. Then constitutional is every candidate Compartmentalize everything to not content is thing, sir. I'm giving you your history, we would declaration weave a constitution. If we have every by plebiscite. Then they declared she is gone and the constitution is gone. Do you believe in plebiscite now dinner? Why not. Now. The same reason, I believe that democracy work. Well. That's populism, democracy, Well, sir, you really really I've done my best you're gonna go round and round were made because you're very ideologically committed to this word, but my son
Ashton, as you really look into a little bit more deeply. You really should because I think what I discussion showed is populism is not our friend. Thank you for your car. Nor will it get you what you think. Errand Us Texas, the Great W B a p go. I am architects of faith here. I think God want to meet through, I don't know, but it only. I doubt it, but thank you at any rate, I live, and ours and EAST Alice- and I am extremely concerned never noticed and any other election. There are beta or work more on everywhere. It's crazy. I don't see crooned five I've ordered approved by what you have to pay twenty five dollars per correspond to putting your front yard, but I am. I am really worries I dont understand. What's going on, I mean the population of Dallas has changed while Praxis had so much part of it. I gotta go appreciate your car and we'll be right back
my boyfriend thunder on the right call. Now Seven, seven three, eight one and eight one one to Susan brand. New movie is out right now, as I speak tonight's, the night ago, death of a nation. How are you, sir? to be on the show. My cup later, it's my pleasure, tell us the So this movie, because I'm certainly sympathetic with what this says here that I'm reading. Basically, ruby examines two big idea is the first one is racism or white supremacy, and the second is fascism. Ever since the twenty six election. The left have been flinging. These I just at Trump and at the right. The basic idea here is a trumpet. The fascist tromp is a racist, and these the point of all this is to basically say that, even though tromp may have won the election democratically
I've been electoral majority, he doesn't have. Any legitimacy doesn't even deserve to be the president, because he's kind like Hitler in nineteen thirty three now What I do in the movie is, I take you into a kind of deep dive both into the history of racism and fast To tell you what those things mean: who committed the horrific racial crimes of the twenty century and in the case of slavery, the nineteenth century bring your right up to the present, and I ask the kind of crushing question: where are the racists and the fascist? Now that's the theme in the movie, two Maison isn't that the democratic parties been able to whitewash its history. Well, the reason they could do this mark is because they dominate academia, the media and Hollywood, and when you have all those three big megaphone, you. Put out a lot of big lies and even
you are, I know differently. We don't have a bigger megaphone to contradict them, and so they ve been putting this stuff in the world throughout the on channel history, channel in NPR and Michael Moors Documentaries, and when young people get this from all different directions, they think it has to be true. How else could I be finding about it from out about it from so many for in quarters. But it's the same. Progressive narrative- and it leaves out inconvenient facts and its spun the surface, rest of ideological end, you know I had shall be deal on my Fox Rome a couple weeks ago and he said, oppressed, It is over pressure is over slavery. Is over segregation is over freedom. Anything! people are having a difficult time dealing. With liberty with freedom, and so what are they do? They complain about the system. They come
they they trying to write history into and so forth, and so on. That's taking place too. Isn't it yes, it is now I agree what shall be still as far as the government is concerned and the laws we certainly have equal rights under the laws and that is a wonderful thing, but I would say that Democratic Party. The way it has organised itself? It have established. A kind of new type of ethnic plantation today is obviously not the old slave plantation, but what it is I'll- call Multi Cultural, a multi racial plantations. They ve got ghetto for the Blue an barrios for the Latinos and reservation for the native Americans and all those places are markedly similar. You have delayed it had a housing and broken families and the high degree of violence.
And a sense of intergenerational dependency and no one gets a head and they ve nihilism in despair and in amazingly all these places are administered by the Democratic Party and they deliver ninety percent of their votes to the Democratic party. So I think that if you're looking someplace for institutional racism there it is, I think, a degree most that. Let me ask you something you're, Sesar is indian. You and you write a brilliant about the issues raised in this country, the history of race in this country? What what really has motivated you to jump into this with two feet? Well, I think I was seventeen years old when I first came to America had five hundred dollars in my pocket and I was coming to a new country as an exchange student
what I saw in America literally amazed me the kind of country. This is the abundance of life that this country, aids to the ordinary guy, the rich guy lived while anywhere in the world, but a country is judged by what kind of prospects? What kind of chance it offers to? The ordinary fellow decline the latter of success, also realise that I can do things with my life in this country. I can be the architect of my own destiny and write the script of my own life in a way what really be unimaginable in India and very difficult, even in most other. Places in the world, so my politics is really based on that. Its based upon defending the idea of America and the leaders of opportunity that Bela brown skin guy, like me, with nothing to his name, to be able to better his life and being the driver's seat of his own life. Beautiful but now you say we're on this collision course. Really. This
This new civil war were headed for, explain that Well, what's going on here is that the Democrats have essentially adopt it fascists tactics wildly fascism, on Trump and on the right now remember fascism, is always been the phenomenon of the left Mussolini. The Socialist Hitler's pie, you have a national socialist Party if you just read through the Nazi twenty five point platform, which is what the Nazis campaigned on. You'll see: state control of banks, state control, reinsurance companies, state control of education, state control of healthcare state control of religion. Liberty and doubt down it goes down. This is not a conservative or right wing agenda by any stretch of the imagination, now, amazingly the reason that the left is able to get away with what it does is. It looks at things like Charlotte the Charlottesville Rally now that was a tragedy
A person got killed him God run over. But what I want to talk about for a moment. The Charlottesville narrative and the show we'll narrative, wife, hey, look, there's white supremacy and it's all on the right. These are right. Wingers, who I, who are trump supporters, now mark the explosive Part of this movie and the accompanying book tat of a nation is I below this out of the water. I show that this is not true that the organized the Charlottesville rally. Jason Kessler is a left winger. He was an Obama activist. He wouldn't occupy Wall Street Guy and the media knew about this because it was the southern poverty laws and our website, but they decided not to go into it because it very inconvenient. What a narrative in the film itself In our view, the poster boy of white Supremacy, Richard Spencer, again, a guy routinely presented as a right wing NEO Nazi, a right wing, white supremacist, but it makes really obvious in the movie that this guy is not only not a right. Winger he's alive,
doing and one might even say a far left, winger when the interview I say to my goal, you tell me all men are created equal, true or false egos false. I go Where do I rights come from because what they don't come from God, I don't know where they come from. He goes. Our rights come from the state. The state gives us our rights, so this guy turns out to be a statist, a collective I ask him: what do you think array and he goes? He was a terrible president. I think your favorite president, my name's one democrat after the other, and so what we re beginning to realise that we have been. A narrative. The left us concocted this our lives, will narrative for ideas, go and ultimately there taking. If you will the fascism on the left that they embody and foisting on the right and that's a big big lie it is fascinating now are you? Are you having any problems are lining Theatres, that's always seems to be little tough market.
Not a problem, the movie, is an over a thousand theatre. It opened today were excited to see how it is over the weekend. I mean look You don't have an article in yesterday's wash imposed. Dinesh claims that Hitler was a liberal democrat. Now the stupidity of, article is almost beyond description. I do not claim that Hitler. With a liberal democrat, new, showing the movie the Nazis did lift some of their ideas, some of them forget it, I'm even murderous ideas. They were modeled on American Progressive and on the Democratic Party, but the crushing truth, but rather than face the truth, they can't refuted so they create a straw. Man, donata thing that Hitler was a liberal democrat big over. That can be then said to me primer facie absurd. So g people don't need to see the movie, but they do need to see the moon because it's based on facts? The book has chapter and verse, and all Thirdly, I think give minority see the movie they will be not just. Walking away they'll be running away from the Democratic Party, while that key, isn't it that's a key if we can get
people who normally vote Democrat because they if the Democratic Party is the party of their salvation can really see the history, the party and where the parties taken them today. I think we'd make. Real progress? I think your movie could do that. I think it. I think it can be a force Ultimately, I think a course trump is the one who needs to do. You know you might say, break up the democratic plantation. In other words figure out a way to bring the kind of economic prosperity that so much of the rest of the country is enjoying into the inner cities and did the Latino Barrio, the FAO taxes and onto the native reservations, because, given the choice between leaders of opportunity and the kind of rope of dependency that the left has to offer. I have no doubt that people would choose the latter, but they need to have the latter in front of them death of a nation. It's in a lotta theatres at prowling a theatre near you. I would strongly encourage you to see it tonight see it this week in ongoing too, and I want to thank you,
producing another another great historic movie international. Really appreciated mark. If I may say the death of a nation movie dot com, you can actually putting your zip code and boom. It I'll tell you the theatre earth that are playing, near you with the death of a nation movie. Dot com is how you find out, where its playing excellent will linked to that. I take care yourself. Thank you very much be well, let's go ahead and the book up there, MR producer and the death of a nation movie dot com. Let's put that on our social side, so people can just go there put their as zip code he said and find out where the movie is. I would strongly encourages zip rocket strongly encourage you folks to her. Take that up in our hiring used to be hard, multiple job side, stacks arrests, amaze, confusing review process, but today, having come easy
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a higher we'll be right back, Marge San Francisco, California, the great care, so go right ahead. Oh I mark I my call you back there. I thought a movie morning, you saw the ashes movie. Yes, I get it Third, one that he made and I've seen em all, and it's very well done it's very educational. It shows the real dark side of the law, the bar laughed and how it did so like a machine that is done. The ball agree. You know powered from the pity hell. The Nazis arm, I learned about,
nazis NASH, nationalism, social labour and social national, socialist yeah, yeah yeah. That's it Well, I didn't know that, but in all its knows, how much can we You know with a socialist and that he arm he he learned from the Democratic Party and our people want people are gonna watch it I'll tell us everything. I Marge. I appreciate your call. Let's see here, Kevin in California, the great apes, the answer. How are you very well, sir yourself very well. Thank you. Thank you so much for what you knew. I wanted to the NASH is a great task and I look forward to seeing as new form now he is terrific. Quick question for you: imagine you teased bottom to three weeks ago: abounded potential there. The delay to them.
The Reagan library I will be tough. Think about it. On Monday, no this particular visit is not the Reagan library, although that is by far my favorite place, to go You see in the EU, there twice a meaning you and it's then so inspirational- and I just want to thank you again for bananas, eventually look forward to seeing you back in their well. Let me ask you something: I'm running out of time, but our dear Their John High Bush, who is the executive director, does a better job than anybody in the country running anything and he said you know, mark you shouldn't wait for a book to come out here. You're gonna come out every summer. Do you believe that I certainly a hundred percent believe that Last time I saw you, there was just for your views Is there and you had some very lovely people who are very inspirational, and I would love- and I would wait and again to see you well.
Very very kind- and we have wonderful people who come to that event, thank you. Kevin! Listen next week, I'll be there. Seeing what will be doing Charolais and me.
Just for you here we go.
the weakest officially over the weekend, begins right. Now, don't forget Sunday, ten p m Eastern. What life liberty, labelling on the Fox NEWS, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency person at the border patrol and ice. I write again. I really can I Pepsi Goodnight Smoky. Can I Zelda get Al Qaeda Hamas and Hezbollah yet
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