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On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, Journalist John Solomon from the hill calls in to discuss a breaking story on the extent to which the Obama administration interfered with the 2016 election. Plus handwritten notes exposing Bruce Orr and Glen Simpson who gave a flash drive to the FBI despite conflicts of interest. Evidence uncovered by The Hill reveals that Simpson may have acted in contradiction with his given testimony; he wanted to make a hail-Mary attempt eight days before the election to stop Trump! Also, we constantly discuss the strong Constitutional arguments against this Rogue prosecutor, Robert Mueller. If President Trump is subpoenaed, the case should be made against Mueller – James Comey, Andrew McCabe, the dossier and the FISA court. Put Mueller on defense. The president will have leeway to make his case despite the courts bias toward him. Later, back in 1796, France decided to interfere in a Presidential election —specifically, to replace the pro-British, Federalist George Washington with the pro-French, Republican Thomas Jefferson. And from more modern history, in 2016 the Obama administration sent taxpayer money to an Israeli group that used the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then interfered in the 2016 election. There wasn’t any special counsel in either case and no one was ever held to account.

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Now let me underline that the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. I may bury migrant women. Here I number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one one! The present puts more more, punishing severe limits, sanctions on the russian third timing. Now, while he must be showing up to the Russians and furious more punishing tariffs on the Chinese, the chair, These are very, very worried about
Inflow of oil now coming into their country- oh, he must be A shell out our president. More later, you know I'm constantly trying to think of ways to deal with. This problem of they wrote prosecutor, that's confronting the president. We ve talked about this at length, so I'm not gonna go over territory of already covered. Constitutional arguments which I think are strong, but I was thinking just before the show actually of something else. Let's say Mahler Subpoenas the president in one form or another now, in addition to the constitutional issue, as the president's lorries going to federal court.
They should also make the case against the special council. I don't just mean his unconstitutional appointment. We ve talked about that, but they should make the case against the special council in terms of the nature of this investigation and tear it wide open of possible call me my cave the dossier, the face. Put Mahler on defence, the president's gonna have a lot of leeway to make his arguments and federal court. I'm not sure how much leeway federal court will provide him, but he should be
should be able to make the case that not only is supporting a president under these constitutional circumstances, unacceptable. But Subpoena president, under these circumstances, period is unacceptable, lay out the case in open court for the judge and for the american people. Now, that's something I think Lavish citizen couldn't do but we're not tongue, but an average citizen were drowned by the citizen habits. We presently united State and has, as part of its responsibility, to defend the office of the presidency to defend the constitution. To try make nothing like this ever happens again.
And explain why why how a political effort can turn into a criminal effort against a president of the United States? So that's my thinking. I would push the envelopes urge as much I could in that regard, I wanted to bring into something I thought was quite interesting as I do my research for the programme each and every day. You know there was a foreign country than interfered will have one of our elections early on in seventeen. Ninety six, one here by seventeen. Ninety six from our friends of history.
While George Washington had enjoyed virtually unanimous support in the first two: U S, presidential elections, things looked a lot differently by seventeen. Ninety six to competing parties, the federalists and the Republican had emerged and but takes and gotten nasty by Washington probably could have won a third term. If he had chosen to run you, he wasn't, there universally beloved figure, he once was after the progress The french revolution lead to war between Great Britain and France in seventeen. Ninety three sectaries State, Thomas Jefferson,. Was among those who thought the United States should support France its chance. In during the revolutionary WAR the year the amount, guns not of one the revolutionary war at the Inn, but for the assistance of the French.
Instead, Washington sided with his pro british Treasury secretary Alexander Hamilton and others argue that the United States to remain neutral in the conflict. Then he sent the pro british chief justice, John Jay. To negotiate a treaty with Great Britain in an attempt to preserve good relations between the two countries, the jail Greedy John Jay, was one of the authors of what we call the Federalist papers, not as many as most d J tree. Each ratified in seventeen ninety five enraged. The french government. They saw it as a clear violation of the seventeen. Seventy eight alliance between France and the United States convinced that the tide of american public opinion was in its favour. France decided to take action
in order to bring about a change in presidential administration, specifically to replace the pro british fellow. Washington with the pro french Republican Jefferson, Pierre August, a debt, the french Minister, Macedonia, since seventeen ninety five another french officials began openly supporting the Republicans and attacking the Federalist whenever possible. In September seventeen. Ninety six Washington announced he would not seek a third term as president now in response To the french government only step up these efforts, that is they response In late October November, a debt sent a series of carefully time diplomatic notes to Timothy Pickering, Washington, secretary of State. At the same time, he released the notes for publication in the Aurora, the Philadelphia newspaper these miss. You might consider that, like social media, he was trawling,
in these missives debt pleaded with the american people to reject the J Treaty and renew the alliance with France. He then announced that France was suspended. Relations with the United States and imply that only Jefferson's election as President might prevent war between the two countries. Debts belief that such parents would help France didn't come out of nowhere. Jefferson himself had the minister a year earlier that France did in you have friends in America, while I think Jefferson could have been indicted. My mama as the Eu S, minister in Paris in seventeen. Ninety six. James Monroe had also hinted to french officials that relations between the two countries would improve. If republic swear to win the presidential election in the There is little evidence of debts. Interference, helped Jefferson, apart from a few votes from Pennsylvania, Quakers motivated by threats of war with France. Fact
the ministers actions mostly hurt the Republicans making them seem like ponds of a fine government. James Madison wrote to Jefferson and December so T ninety six, just before electors care, they're ballots, that a debt scheme was working all the evil with which it is pregnant and threatened to create a perpetual alienation of France and the United States. In early February, seventeen. Ninety seven, the election results came in Federalist, John Adams.
Preferred by the British One, the presidency, by a narrow margin and Jefferson preferred by the French became vice president and he bitterly divided administration. Now there wasn't any special council, no special prosecutor, nothing, nothing was Jefferson. A seller was items, a seller. I don't know what do you think pretty amazing, her lots more when we return I'll be right. Back now, there's also live.
History- this is Modern- has this happened? play a few years ago the bomb washed in Times Other multiple, multiple new sources, the state parliament paid hundreds of thousands of dollars and taxpayers grants tunas Ellie Group that use the money to build a campaign to oust Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Gestures is really parliamentary elections. They congressional investigation concluded. Some three hundred and fifty thousand dollars was sent to one voice and simply to support the group's efforts to back, is really palestinian peace settlement negotiations. But one voice, use the money to build a voter database, train activists and A political, consulting firm were ties to President Obama's campaign is with your tax hours all
but set the stage for an anti Netanyahu campaign, the Senate Permanent, subcommittee on said in a by partisan staff report by parties, one stunning finding the subcommittee said, one voice even told the State Department stop diplomat in Jerusalem of its plans at an email, but the official Council, General Michael Ratner claims never to see them. He said he regularly deleted emails with large attachments, a striking violation of open records laws preyed upon and already reeling from former very Hillary Clinton handling of official government records. Mr Netanyahu, survive the election and the? U S: spending was not deemed illegal because the state Duma, Never put any conditions on the money gee. I wonder if that was intentional and to date is also said. One voice didn't turn explicitly political two days after the grant period ended That's nonsense.
The state department, ignored, warning signs and funded ape equally active group in a politically sensitive environment, with inadequate safeguard, Senator Rob Portman reply. What kind of our and chairman of the Investigative Sub committee it is complete. The unacceptable that? U S, Tax payer dollars were used to build a political campaign infrastructure that was deployed. Mediately after the grand ended, The leader of our closest ally in the Middle EAST, american resources should be used to help our allies in the region. Not undermine them quote. Unquote. Senator Clear Mc Caskey, the ranking Democrat from Missouri on the Sub Committee said the Obama administration followed the law. But she said their investigation exposed deficiencies in the State Department Palace where she speaks differently now One voice had been politically active in Israel's twenty thirteen elections as well, which should have been
flag to. U S: officials to put strict controls on how american money taxpayers money was spent. The investigation said. While it would necessarily have disqualified the group, the State Department should have written a specific prohibition. Will they didn't because they wanted to do Netanyahu interfere with the election support. Of a pattern of bad behaviour at the state department. The guy, And accountability office reviewed more than five doesn't department grants and found officials, cut corners and missed red flags. Eighty percent of the state parliament, spokesman, Job Kirby, I think he's a propaganda foreseen and one of them said they had had had time to go through the reporting you couldn't common. On. The also didn't comment on Mr Rat niece practice of deleting official records. Senate investigation found that the state apart funded to sister groups, one voice Israel and one Voice- Palestine,
to hire a? U S: political, consulting firm, Recruit, volunteers, build a social media network and run advertising. But it was also building its anti Netanyahu political strategy. At a time when the israeli leader was quite controversial in american politics, rated by Republicans but feuding with the Obama Whitehouse over differences of policy voice totally to state Department, officials of its political plans even I was collecting taxpayers money, but the department No action in response to the Sub committee concluded this rat me one of the two official said he remembered getting an email from one voice but didn't recall, seeing the attached filing a fine, They telling the group's political strategy the state I meant was unable to cover the email, but investigators got it from one voice.
Now. If the israeli prosecutors had her there, Ellie government had a Robert mullah. I suppose they could do indicted Obama and John Kerry. And a whole load of Obama officials for you're feeling with their election. What anybody had a problem with parameter and, of course, try them in absentia. Here we have the Obama administration, knowingly interfering. An election in Israel and providing three hundred two thousand dollars of our tax dollars. Shortly thereafter. Ladies and gentlemen, the Obama administration would interfere with our luck, threats, FBI, through its CIA through its
directive intelligence on masking spy in the Trump campaign. A phoney application. For a face, a wine, There was renewed repeatedly, including with Mr Rose and steam signature, while covering up all of Hillary Clinton such serious crimes. Espionage, Seeing the outcome of her investigation trying to criminalize. The candidacy, the election and presidency of Donald Trump. Here we have the administration, the Obama administration caught Red Handed, and I do mean right handed and nothing. Fact clear, mechanical of Missouri defends and they didn't do anything wrong. Nothing, nothing wrong here
nothing wrong at all these same? People want to take down the presently United States Donald Trump. History is a bit too the left. Isn't it she's, my French, but that's the way it is they hated less. Of course they can spend it now: Obama official, including Obama himself, has ever been held to account for this. Never not Obama not carry. Any state department, officials and others who were involved in this other than this subcommittee Investigation of criminal investigation- to me, there should be if we can use our taxpayer dollars to interfere with a campaign in a campaign outside the country There are no limits to which left one go to achieve attack to achieve its outcome.
Hurry. Ladies and gentlemen, I shall return. Yes, it's true that Marshall event is the fastest growing radio show in America. Michael Oven show always on at eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one day Feinstein and her husband Richard I've had a very, very long decades long relationship with the red chinese government. Bloom is made tens of millions of dollars from my relationship course. Feinstein in Bloom contend that they never discuss any of it with each other, which you know is about face, lie. And I in fine style has fought over and over again for policies that weaken America's
Purity, economically and otherwise, in our dealings with Red China. Much as Elaine Charles Father, has here. There has made a fortune of shipping with the blessed the red chinese government Mitch, Mcconnell. Mitch, Mcconnell has made very few floor speeches again, Red China, a red chinese activities, cities, in involved with the child family, but he two has become extremely wealthy. Hope you will watch life liberal and living on Sunday at ten I have Eastern With tremendous guest doktor Michael Pills, bearing you're not gonna want to miss. This is a matter of fact. I spoke, Him today, my crew or yesterday, my crew,
Was watching even he and I were talking and their jaws who the floor. They couldn't even believe what they were hearing in this man has spent entire career, the issue of China, starting the Nixon administration through the rag in administration and so forth, He is a director at the, Hudson Institutes, I'm gonna strongly encourage you to watch program watch this one on Sunday, wanna, definitely tape it recorded. If you were, not going to be around because it's very very important, it is doing so Diane Einstein, has he driver was They former staffer. For twenty years. Who was a spy for the government to China. The same China that husband, the same China. She fought
on the Senate floor and in committee to give them, Never again, economic benefits In terms of for partnership and trade deals and so forth, and is investigating her nobody's castigating her husband, he's a exposes had been written about them by not just conservative enterprises but the allay times. And even more radical news outlets than that. So Lindsey Grandpa his credit. He goes on yesterday and he says: hey look. I don't understand this. I dont understand this understand what let's listen: cut: forego. Things. If we didn't talk about at it, nobody until yesterday, apparently about
Five years ago, the F B, I told Dian Feinstein one of her ploys may be an agent of the chinese government that was there. The thing to do and she thought them. I want to send a letter. Racked array next week and ask him? What is the policy? Why you tell President tromp their shared concerns about Carter page is there double here, if this. The Counter intelligence investigation, not a criminal investigation. Maybe I should toll present trump their concerns about Papadopoulos in page, why didn't they do for tromp what they did for Feinstein? Why didn't they do for Trump what they did for fines. Rather than getting a phoney face a word. Use page to go through the Tec back door and surveyed the trunk campaign to have a spy in the trunk campaign
Why didn't they alert the candidate about what they claim was taking place, which apparently didn't take place course the way they alerted Feinstein about her driver, it a face. A warrant on the driver and Einstein campaign in office today, didn't put it in the ice spy in Einstein officer in her campaign today seems to if you're going to there's more reason to do at their given her husband's close connections to the chinese government and the fact that they have made millions warnings Please Donald Trump, close connection to Putin's there isn't any so it has to be manufactured through this dossier. Use. Lindsey Graham went on cut five? Go, I'm so what the hell's Goin on the FBI wide Open
You tell a Democrat when they hire somebody connected to China. It could happen to any bodies office right when the FBI finds out this somebody's working for us may have connections to foreign government. There tell us and die in science and acted responsibly. It comes to the trap campaign. Why didn't tell him about Papadopoulos or Carter page The end of the day, what is called a page didn't realize done wrong. Walking around a free man, exact I've been saying that from day one from day, one so well by the way such sound. Like he selling out the Russians, the russian economy is a mess. The rouble is a mess, The chinese currency has dropped has, is a mess the so Is a mess chinese currency has dropped twenty eight percent. Since
prompt has put the screws to their economy. The iranian economy is tumbling. It's completely unravelling. This is sound like a guy who's bought and paid for by the Russians or the Chinese. Her now. This is a pretty impressive record, wouldn't you say, but what, The question of Linsey Grand: why is it that case a dying Feinstein, the F b I alerted that drivers aspire twenty years, then she fires and everything's fine, or why the Barack Obama can and his administration interfere in the israeli election spent three hundred, fifty thousand thousand our money to try and defeat Ben in that Yahoo and nobody investigated, let alone charged. Why is it that Hillary Clinton can commit multiple felonies, in my opinion, under the espionage act and our FBI jumps through
turns itself in the principles in order to protect, her and her staff- and why is it? Our FBI, in our intelligence, agencies unleashed the most outrageous attack. On a presidential candidate in Presidential, Lech election and modern american history. And yet the man under investigation is Donald Trump. These are what we call rhetorical questions. I know the answers. This is why this president needs to fight for himself to protect Himself and his family to protect the Price, the presidency from the sort of thing to protect the constitution. Protect all the tens of millions of people who voted for him is the goal here is to disenfranchise all of us and to reverse the outcome.
Waste electrical. My mark my pants for the present he was running for president, he ran for vice president. The people who we voted for, trying to be present and succeeded. They have a right to have him as their president. So that's why this is so important. All the hypocrisy The contradictions they all add up that the door the target is Trump fine. I get to pass Hilary gets a pass, the people Oh interfere in our election in the United States for the most part get a pass. Look at the sky, rod rose and setting the deputy attorney general. When the history books are written, I intend to re one. He should come off as the individual in this country who try to
first, the election. And there'll be questions raised about Jeff sessions, how he can sit there on the sidelines, except the praises the attorney general when he knows damn well, what's going on here, is utterly inappropriate Refused himself decisions about the constitutional issues apparently he feels that you want and you shouldn't why. To keep the heat away from himself, I'm sorry. That's the only explanation I can see. Rose and steam was a because you know they say, is a republican factor at her folks. As this there are, thus attorneys in their a? U S attorney thorough: U S attorneys, it have common sense, and then there are: U S attorneys, who are almost machinelike cold blooded
Have no emotions and no feelings. Their entire careers, build on putting people in prison. Maybe some of them deserve a pivotal. They know. And so in rose and says the Congress or to the american people. We will not be bullied. We will not be there cetera. It tells you right the man has no sense. No ability of circumspection. No understanding of the constitutional order, none where he would have done this. He triggered all this because he's a godless bureaucrat. Any pick somebody like Mahler, who he knew would be as he is so, when you oh he's a Republican, there are Republicans and their republicans- and there are you to turn and there you ass, attorneys. And to say that he's a republican
and he was a- U S- attorneys to say nothing. We all can see what he's doing. We call here what he says. Lindsey Graham, is exactly right. Why did die and Feinstein get a pass? How come she was alerted? The trump wasn't cause they're out to get trump at this point. How can Barack Obama and his Secretary of State in his administration can interfere in a foreign election with our closest ally in the Middle EAST? Is real, if not our closest ally period, and these Terry state, gives three hunter, fifty thousand dollars to a group that has, as its purpose the defeat a Netanyahu, and nobody's investigated, let alone prosecuted, how can it be? the greatest interference with our election Come from the Russians as detestable. Is that government is I'll, be right back
questions Barack Obama, but me nobody. I'll be right back by the way we absolutely do- need a space forces. The Chinese and the Russians already have one and they are leaping ahead of us significantly already have military space technology, which threatens our communications ability during war That is our satellites and so forth. They can hit our electrical grid. This is crucially or you can just hand this over the air force? That's not their expertise. In eighty space force, the President's exactly right in doing so is being marked for Montfort. You know it take one item of nitrogen.
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You know, I think, that the president's behaviors is more newsworthy than our coverage But a lot of these folks out there they're gonna, interesting coming from a drama queen now, let's go to to go ahead. We have had to be found checkers. In real time. We have had to try to tell the truth in real time. President says Obama. Wiretaps laughing seals go ahead. Romano wiretap Vietnam Tower not written unless, let's just up there now, he knows. That Trump world was surveillance. He knows there was an informant a spy. He now knows there was a vice application and they weren't. He knows about the dossier me tell you why Jim accosted is a fraud, even though it we have to keep fact checking the president Costa has not uncovered a single fact and is essentially ignored. Every piece of evidence others have found relating
the FBI, CIA. They Hilary a pain in the day and see fusion. PS the face. Application, dossier. The face a court warrant and all related matters. He hasn't can a single story, and he has it really covered, any of it either, so he feel whose job is to protect the Obama operatives who up during the course of the campaign. And to refocus the american people. On the presence of the United States, as if the present in the United States is the all of these issues. A reporter. Looking for facts, that's a fact: checker. That's a man on a mission and that's what cost is, he is aid I'm a queen job drama king. If you will- and his point is not to report his Point-
They make it impossible to have an effective news conference with other reporters asking questions with jumping up and down, and the president and Bring questions without him jumping up and down. Moreover, he does few his job as guinea The bottom of what occurred in the lead up during the election, the lead up to the election postal election enduring course of this presidency? So you'll hear him yell out things like President. Will you answer the questions of Molly S? You, Mr President, will you there's MR, but he doesn't ask any kind: At anybody has an already thought about, but he is in the investigation. Business he's not looking For real news and facts and the truth. You just looking the hammer trump and he believes that is what a reporter should do and I suspect, there's a lot of people. Because clam more recently through the ranks of,
journalism in media who think that's their job as statist progressive and that's what he does: and I bear Comparison- Circus Clam CO, Barry to be a bee actor. You may not know that some of those hold tv shows, then he was a comedy central as the number to host. Behind John Stewart, then they gave him a big job. And of course, he's now turn that into an absolute propaganda operation where he just take cheap shots at the administration and conservatives and so forth, and apparently the big he corporations are plenty happy with that. Ladies and gentlemen, I'll, be right back
He's here now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under Britain steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody, Michael events. Here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven three One three eight one one tonight: nine Thirty p m Eastern I will be on hand. Eddies TV show the Fox NEWS Channel. I hope you won't miss it. That's nine! Thirty, two, eastern six thirty tonight, Pacific Hannity on the Fox NEWS Channel now you keep killing the stuff back. It's really unbelievable. The extent which the Obama administration.
Was trying to interfere in this election, in fact, working with the Russians, the Hillary Clinton. Painted the Dnc, under their money into a fusion gps, to get this guy Christopher Steel, annex farms, by whom I ve been working with individuals in the Kremlin information on the president. Information that is never panned out. He also wines up on the FBI's payroll for appeared a time many leaks the FBI says: well, we can have a liquor call me I'm a kid, can link only stroke and pay Can link so we're gonna have to dismiss me Ah, he continues sharing information. He claims. Provides the information to an individual by the name of or o hr.
Who happens to be associate deputy attorney, general, the United States, Or provides that information to the FBI, so they do it through the back door. Stay with me or is a federal, the fish or the Department of Justice. Gathering. Opposition research on the President of the United States feed yet to the FBI or. It's also married to a lady whose working for you shouldn T, PS and working on the opposition. Research activity against the President of the United States or also has repeated contacts with Christopher Steel and meetings with Christopher Steel.
And then there is this remarkable occur by Chris. Our steel but in this dossier against the President trying to show some Russia connection. Wanted a russian oligarch to be but come into the United States has been banned from the United States. Given his past activities and associations with the russian government. Is that not incredible. I'm starting to wonder. With this russian disinformation campaign aimed at Donald Trump. If some of these people weren't russian spies around operatives? I'm really starting to wonder that. I never thought I would but about this. This is absolutely amazing. What I've but he was not in dispute.
John Solomon over the hill newspaper, has secured. Documentary evidence holding emails that prove this to prove this. And people, so this is too complicated to follow. No, it's not. This is a mass of disinformation campaign by the Russians by the Democratic Party, more I morons like Jim accosted were so committed to destroy this president winningly and unwillingly. Pushing a narrative. Two never made sense to me This president, Trump, Done more to punish Russia, then, ever ever did ever. Fact Obama was a pacifist.
It comes to Russia as he was when it comes to North Korea. He was Acela. So we're gonna have John Solomon on the programme in a few minutes to go through this with us, but just a cap in the plainest. Where possibly can you have this guy Christopher Steel he's hired basically by the Hillary Clinton campaign, the Dnc. They are laundered money through law, firm. Which laundress it further through fusion GPS, which then hires Christopher Steel, Christopher steel also becomes comes on the payroll or the FBI. At one point, peril of the FBI He did opposition research against trump I'll. Think about this.
At the same time, the FBI has a spy in the trunk campaign. The FBI uses this dossier to get a warrant. Against Carter Page, which is, Excuse me take surveillance against it campaign by the way, Jim accosted and break any of this. Just so you know a great defender of free speech and freedom of the press he hasn't the broken any these stories. Anyone interested anything I just told you, and so We learn that on the staff, happily attorney general. The states is an associate deputy attorney general, the United States, a career official, whose why
works for fusion GPS and she's working on this dossier and the opposition, research and Mister Steele is working with. This official in the United States Department of Justice, the associate but the attorney general store. Meets with an repeatedly talks to him repeatedly and then the colonel it turns out. That Mister Steele. Who's trying to hang the Russia collusion hat The presence of the United States than the candidate is a special pleader for a russian oligarch with ties, close ties to Putin whose and it from coming into the United States, any lobbies, the Department of Justice to allow him into the United States and, by the way, eventually comes into the United States. None of this
under investigation by Mr Mullay? None of it. Russian collusion in a French and they and paint none of it. Now Jim call me had to know about. Why did he not since who was pressing. The FBI. Jim Commie had to know who did the dossier? Did he not. Release the dinner was a democratic opposition paper, and yet they used it MR rose in. Who signed an extension of the face, a warrant? he says in front of Congress. Look we sign things all the time when he was trying to say is. I didn't really read it. Which is enough for the reason that is a disgrace. If I so wanted to big deal.
And how do I know MR rose and steam, because I was chief of staff, the attorney general me. She can't throw fastball by me. I know exactly what We are required to do and you didn't do it and you didn't do now we're supposed to ignore all of this that took place the greatest scandal, in my view, in american history, the greater scandal in american history. To interfere with an american election. Far more than the Russians could have dreamed of Chinese or anybody else in the Obama administration. And Jim Acosta he's just a fire and the rest of them have no. Christina whatsoever instead you keep chasing Mamma Mamma, because Mahler. Can do one of two things they hope
A constitutional crisis and driving the present the United States, in which they will, At the present, the United States or and- or I should say right is report source, condemned the president and provide a fig leaf for the Democrats to seek to impeach him. You know, maybe we should invite Mr Costa on this programme rich. Shall we do that mean he's interested in getting his message out. Their guiding invited C4 come on. And I'll play Jim Acosta as he placed him? Akashi get my point. We can go do this together. Right back
How are you you were about to be written? Thank you. Let's walk through the slowly. The other day you have Sure, newsworthy information of the connection between a high ranking government official Christopher Steal, the Ex british spy involved in the dossier and paid through fusion GPS by the Hillary Clinton and Dnc. Try as well
as a russian oligarch. What's going on here, you know it's! It's an extraordinary set of circumstances had set the table. Christopher steals, a British, am I succeeded by his own admission, came to America to try to defeat Donald Trump. He gets hired by fusion GPS, which is the opposition research form paid for a firm paid for by Heaven Recruitment of Democratic National Committee also trying to beat Donald Trump. Somehow he manages the land. With the F B, I am become an informant, even though it is paid by the DMZ. It couldn't campaign to dig up there in the middle of election he's his work. The dossier becomes the foundation of the.
Russia collusion gay, still unproven against animal trumpet the FBI, you didn't get fired by the FBI or leading to the media just before the end of the election, and then we learn now today from these notes are over this week from the notes. I gather that what they want, the FBI, the Justice Department set up, was when, when the seal got fired for his misdeeds, they just have this guy Bruce or senior. Does this official reporting to the deputy journey generally bomb administration and or would meet with steel or would meet with Glenn since in his boss, and they would take the information that they weren't supposed to be given to the FBI directly? They wandered it
or in or would send it onto the FBI, and that is a complete and round and round the fire support rules around the way intelligences armilly gathered and if another sign that the Trump collusion case was not handled like a normal confidentiality case. It was handled like a political opposition research project inside the FBI. Ass with these no Chelsea show their vile tales are being called. They show how little was actually actually corroborated and they show Bruce or who, by the way his wife worked for fusion GPS. I'm the Trump research project he's getting paid by the very person he's interviewing and then sending the information to the FBI. It's the FBI, professional by have thought call me: this is one of the biggest the spaces I've ever seen in the Counter intelligence investigation in their life and then there's this russian oligarchy. What's that all about There is, though, bear a basket. President Grant recently sanction
remember TAT, this was to be fast and Russia, but he thinks I'm an awful lot of Russians, but all their path, through the more complicated triggered in most Russians, he'd been sanctioned the years why, earlier this year, I deny report this caused that he was a ten year asset of the FBI. He assisted the FBI encounter intelligent matters, including going to Ireland and try to rescue and F B. I urgently, captured by the Iranians mullahs, so he was working for the FBI, you with a friendly. He had been banned from the country, but the F B. I found him so helpful. They allowed in debt relief for the country? I came up with his work around, and so you have revalued will ass if to the FBI, and I also believe there some indications he was useful to she ate at the beginning of the term campaigners in September. Twenty fifteen Christopher Steal, the British am, I am, I succeeded, he's gonna become the quaint researcher reaches out to their past and tries to
Cooperation offered his services on research I'll do some research here, but is real motive, as we learned from Bruce Oars notes in birth or monitoring this effort by the way variant unusual to death, with a permanent monitoring of british agent trying to get in touch with a russian national who might have some dirt on Donald Trump, nay, the real reason that by Christopher still wanted to be talking to the rational agog, if he thought, knew something bad about Paul Manifold, ol man, a former the guy that will almost certainly in the shop and twenty sixteen election as a republican Balkan, we turned out to be president from temporary campaign German and are pumping in supply man a fort dirt years. Why? Although thereupon pursued all manner
four defrauding out. I dare Pasqua alleged the manifold, took some money from endeavour. Repaid walked off with it and with fraud and a very early on in the early days right after Donald Trump. One is first debate in the fall of twenty fifteen there's Christopher Steel and and Bruce or monitoring it trying to pump a russian. So we talk about the policies and we say that we hear some Democrats and hysterical journalists and pvc. That is a conspiracy to collude with a whore national to affect our election will do think about this and ass. The eye ass, it being paid by Hillary Clinton, tragic Mood with the Russian National to get dirt on Donald Trump or his campaign. German, and nobody seems to be a shout about that, and that's what we're thereupon becomes it now in my reporting. Thereupon skip you get from bad things about the good things about a very, very friendly to the United States. According to the FBI, people I thought you and yet very, is being pardoned by his five
Hillary Clinton and allow the justice department? So that's what we learn their absolutely incredible, absolutely credit and by the way, the gym costs to break the story. I dont believe help hedge Costa broken any these stones approach recall no. You have I assume you ll, be invited to Stephen Covert, show to explain what freedom of the press actually means. Now you other he's doing to my right, John Solomon. I do that so one of the things that I got in this tranche of documents have been going through. The last few weeks are the hand written on the day that Glenn Simpson, that found your beard and gps. Christopher Steel bars the man directly being paid by gallery goodness campaign in Democratic National committee. For my Wall Street Journal, the border he gets debriefed by brutal are the same as the sufficient. We were just talking about a month after the election, and these
written notes. Are I popping for men now wait a minute who is decreasing, whom earth or the death of the parliament official who is secretly the conduit between the FBI and the whole democratic opposition research operation, earth or meet with cancer, and the brief from about things I ve learned since the election. So let me let me just explain to the public. You have a government Senior government official yeah you Try going the right way to look at this, as every cotton campaign is still the gift that keeps on giving even after the election, because here is gone, private opposition research, organ donation way around the world. In fact, I had to birth or trying to get dirt from glances so he's trying to get information from the opposition research right guy. I know my way to look a bit of every gotten campaign is still the get back. Given even after the election? Because here is Glenn Simpson taking stuff, he was still digging up on Donald Trump still trying to prove the dossier is true.
Remains uncorroborated two years later and feeling it you're. The reason they have to do. This is a few earlier this month earlier, Christopher Steel just got fired. You got fired from the FBI because he believed in the news in the final days of the election that there was an FBI, probable, prompt, tried to swing the election that, while this conversation with guns We're gonna write about a mile. Is I opting for a lot of reasons or people? Look at these andred notes that, in a comparison, consensus testimony the Congress and then go take a look at what we just apartment new flaws in the case and the political motives and what was being expressed in this meeting and they're going to look and see if that any of that gets it. If I supported they tell the truth and if I see, but I think people are going to be surprised I'll, give you a delicious Paul on John Salmon, literally we're almost at a time. I need the carrying over the bottom. Won't take long. Can you stick with us? I would be glad I let's. I want
Here, you're too bad about playing games with your audience. You hear the music, I gotta take a break and we'll be right back with Israel very important report, Memories voice Mars, love then talk with that voice. Now, eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one John Solomon with a whole newspaper whose broken more stores in anybody. I know on this, this horrific Let me just ask you this. You been around a long time. I've known you long time, John, when you were they washed in time, never seen anything like this. This is the breadth and depth of the scandal. Have you I haven't I think, one of the hard part as a journalist is that so much of it caught up the trail of Democrats. Vs, Republicans, Donald Painter, averted
I'll drop lovers, but at the end, the day, this is about whether we can trust our intelligence community to honour the honor system that they have when they happen. Extraordinary surveillance powers. They go to court there's no one advocating for the other person. The only time in the court system where you dont get legal representation or a chance to condemn and you know you are in the desert, the partner, the most senior level. You are trying to tell the court everything the good, the bad, the ugly and here- there is an enormous effort. Hide the floor of the FBI case. The high the political nature of the intelligent today sees onto the mentally a conspiracy to defraud the court in what some thousands of crystal and looked at it back now. And no one seems to care in the media and most people Congress, don't even the care about the underlying issue- that if you take Donald Trump and Heller Equipment, since an odyssey just look at what we're supposed to protect. America Liberty in the court system during a conspiracy figure, Fraud
intelligent courts in that something that we should all be concerned about. Regardless of our political strike to tell us about this TED bit the you'll be breaking tomorrow right, I'm gonna do something even better. I thought to our desk and they they knew. I was on air. They just posted the story, so people can see it on your. Why we're talking about a hill that he'll back tv, the Yes, your elbow tv, your The headline just broke but handwritten notes exposing what fusion GPS called the OJ about Trump. These are resource handwritten knows about his debriefing gland sense in the found. If you can GPS, the boss of Christopher Seal on the upper research projects, we learned is that good sense and gave a thumb drive to the Justice Department through Bruce or to give to the FBI Even though we have the I'm not supposed to be taking any more steel dirt, even though We saw how the conflict of interest as his wife Nellie worked. Very may indeed interviewing normal. You know in the desert, department agents and more
I'll get the interview, their family members, other employers of a family member, that's a conflict of interest. He takes his thumb guy and then Bruce or just captors and notes everything installing and going to tell you one thing that I think will turn out to be very important when grandchildren was tat. Interviewed by the House and Cowardly Committee and by the the judiciary, Khamenei Diamond Nunez crossly seems he said the reason I turned in Donald Trump and he went to the FBI and they they did all this work was not because he was part of sinners trying to affect the election if it cuz, he was trying to be a good citizen. That's his own words about, about citizenship and doing the right thing in reporting. A possible crime now is also important to note that as they carried out. Conversationally later many didn't really know. There was a guy beneath astronaut anyway, well there's a third aligning handwritten outset that is most
most important to evaluating their testimony all right the contents and told them that he he asked Christopher Steel at that time. A human source prohibited by the FBI's rules? From talking to the news media, he asked Christopher Steel to speak and Mother Jones Report That is a well known. Reportedly, David corn level report are well known: unabashed opponent, Donald Trump, and he said the reason he asked, introduces what he's telling or not remember, theft among I'm, just being a good citizen. He says in the house, it was glens Corner, Hail Mary attempt eight days before the election, there's not much. That Let me that was a hail Mary attempt to try to sway. Watching every the end, far different from being a good citizen, I guess, but neither there's a lot of other extraordinary things where he's telling fails. On corroboration. I think the other important part in here just real quickly. Then I gotta go.
Is that a hold on her? I'm doing just fine, you gotta help. Yet when I give you one more in this interview, he with war crimes. Simpson says we We don't really have a source in Moscow where this plots Alban Hatch. Why really is is a russian dissident, maybe a russian spy form. I was in the United States right now and that's where we got all this third, so I think these now Wait a minute wait, a minute That is huge it well. What, because because remember when they, when they breathed Trump call me did he brought up the Russian called parity and all that stuff there right. And and Simpson. No, it was a lie well There was a lot yet regular course. I mean, since it doesn't make it the lie. Still I don't like nobody did acknowledge the need to know what was true and was untrue here, So why the here? What I took this note that I want to pay people who worked encounter intelligence, maybe more.
A hundred years, combined between them some of the best people, people who didn't conduct investigations like this one was done, and I should tell me what stands out you until two: the tea these hi guys the thing that jumps out any more than anything. Is it Glenn since in saying Christopher Seal source with some former russian spy in, and I say this is what they said. There is no such thing as a former russian. And the first thing we would do us analyse invalided channels. We would flag, as you say this may be compromise. This may be an effort by Russia to drop intelligence on trumped, withdraw about indecipherable, trying to draw conclusions about eloquently. This would be flagged immediately as highly suspect intelligence, but not for Peter spoke. Ass, Peter Stroke went right to place a cordon and use this dossier, but despite what father, professional intelligence, official sob as a red flag that this might be inaccurate, dirty trick by the compromise, came up the KGB or the Kremlin. So did I
after learning, these notes of the many other things other than the story, but I think that we Will this onion back? We are beginning to see an FBI investigation that that did not live up to the FBI goals, which are the best standards if I am, and that someone in Congress somewhere and I hope more people in America, get concerned cuz. It happened to Donald Trump. You know if it is allowed to go on answered, you could happen to any American and that's what I think bigger concern. We should all have well May I ask you this John Solomon, as you collect this information, and I mean where work Two years into this, we are, and it gets worse and worse and worse, how was it so that the deputy it many General Sally AIDS, for whom or work wouldn't know anything unless or kept it from her, and how is it ass. Well, the gym call me wouldn't know anything, even though his FBI's involved in it Can I give you one more person that we should talk about Bruce or wasn't just about. Seventy Sally
he later became the thought that the need to rise and sitting here and rot rod rose and fine size. The last vice award the judge them, out of warrant for yet another three months and almost a failure- investigation, very rare for by some more oh that long without real burdening found a real concern being found, so I is able to get a hold of a letter where rod rather thin, recently wrote Converse private surprised, but has not been made public any basic visa list. I saw no evil heard knowing what did no evil. I just did know that Bruce or within that. Will you know, as a former senior does this apartment official that doesnt fly with the vice of court? Ignorance is not an excuse for the price of court if you're the depth a general and your signing representation to the court is your job to make sure everyone is playing ball on it. I found the court to the truth, but so far ROD Rosa things. I answer it. I didn't see it didn't know it. I didn't ask him to do. I don't know how it happened. I'm not sure that's a very satisfying court answer to
a federal judge you find on these once. Well, I don't know man offered signing loans right and their his responsibility and current. How is it that a Pfizer happily she signed by the deputy tourney General is in his responsibility. Really remarkable and think about it. The roses in he doesn't know the kindest, but the FBI interviewing birth or the F B reports report to the Justice Department, various such dysfunction, either by intention or by pure bureaucratic bonding that make this case so concerning to counter intelligence professional by doktor. It's just now the way was forced to be done, and I think, at the end of the day, the country's victimized by this long drawn out drama that really was built on a lot about information. You know when you look at this overwhelming case of interfere It's in the election and adjust gets more and more overwhelming. Isn't it amazing to you just your judgment, there we were special council on one side.
Who seems to be investigating the victim and then no special council on the other side could the reason be because the rose and steam call me and all these guys would get caught up in a criminal investigation. Hard to know I wanted to say you know this because you and the death of the ban. We really dont, know about mothers doing behind the faint right, but there are some hint that I think the public should take a look at about mothers investigation in these. No one of the key players of Michael calling it says, Michael Cowan was the glue that tied the rest. Conspiracy directly, the Donald Trump campaign, mothers body than interested in cutting or prosecuting Michael Cashman, wonder that tell you he's probably dismissed. All this information are ready and if you look at the question that the barber was sent, the president Hardly a question all about collusion, except the the the trunk tower and more. That is the question. Thereby did you get it
am I right or wrong? Why did you get it wrong that the media, as you know, lines in the media about a crime or there'd, be a lot more politicians and prevent further? So I dont There is a lot of evidence. That's a lot of the silliness with his case started with all the media have dropped over that Bob mothers taken at that says, it looks like he may. Work a lot of these issues and to try to get down as quickly as you can get out of God, and I think we are seeing we have evidence of him taking cases to New York and Washington is not acting like Laurens martial law acting like henceforward. Their backing them up a very wide thing. The team narrowing down, maybe even winding down, I'm not sure that president drop will be disappointed with the mother probate, some of whose is defend your think. I an effort to now. Are you looking at anything when it went down and throw a lot of the garbage out the window, and If we might be surprised again, we don't know you never know until you see what the prosecutor showed advancement, seeing a lot of activity that their wrapping up a collusion case. I really do not have to
I agree with your slightly because they take their definitely ramping up an obstruction case. Otherwise Sir offshore. Yet Call me part about firing a call me there's no doubt but on the Russia Collusion case, which is where all this started right near it about James call me for a long time now, let's ride, I agree with it. I agree with you that they're looking at that. That's why the president for wanting to be interviewed, but at the end, today, I think that you can see some evidence of the current FBI. The current special prosecutor seems to be being a lot more responsible and winnowing things out, throwing things out. If you wanted to make a call, in case you would not let Michael Cohen go to southern district of New York and bring them in the house, so I did look at that with with some about. You know that the highly reading that we try to do, but, at the end of the day you write obstructing the still threaten the President and his lawyer, you to be dealing with that want we'll find out, Where that end up
I John Solomon Excellent reporting. I appreciate it very very much take care yourself back your third, where the fuck are you too. Fascinating, isn't a rich. The the intrigue What was going on behind closed doors, within our government during the election and after the election, to try and destroy this president and don't forget folks, fusion GPS was hired by Hillary Clinton, campaign in the deep sea. And they never stopped. They never Stop this whole Russia collusion narrative was pushed by the Hillary Clinton campaign in the dancing. And it's never ended, he succeeded in getting a criminal investigation, and now they want to get an impeachment. I mean if this isn't a coup. Folliot be silent coup now from the beginning, and I want
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I must learn how to defend liberty, starting with the current issue, a vice president pence. While how groundless and the teachings and traditions are our greatest inheritances Americans the same teachings and traditions that are the surest foundation, a boundless american future? That's him that's what he said so this Levin for wholesale dot com to get your free subscription to an Primus. No strings attached just visited their website. It's very see Levine, fresh hills doubt that come L, easy, I infer hills, del dot com You'll love my show you gonna love and Primus. Let's leave in four hills: Dale that come alright. Let's take a few calls here Ah, it's gonna Derek Palm Coast. Florida w giant I'll, go sir, I'm so glad you took my call. Yes, I'm gonna get all these four years anyway, I haven't you
We fought by the fact that if every try and poor trunk there why don't try to show your poor man that the President of the United States I love that red blooded american support I couldn t. Hurriedly strong destroy now not now you know the answer that we have individuals in this country who reject, our constitutional system there. The progressive ideology is incompatible with constitutional republicanism and I will say it over and over again in my written about have explained it. For the present the United States nobody's They wouldn't never gonna get a hundred percent support for any president. I never supported Obama. The clown Lama, Mcdonald or Mickey Mouse Europe mindset is when at all costs the end just
I the means, then you don't care The nature of the current leadership and near the followers of the current democratic party? Maybe care they elected, the clown Lama gone all or mouth as far as office and day day, they are on a mission to revive The last election disenfranchise as all of those who voted for it in the last election dream move him from the office, the presidency, they don't if it some through phony criminal matter, they don't care if it's true impeachment they ve, EL, the they own that office. They feel but he he's undoing all the wonderful things at Obama did which he is and they weren't so wonderful and so They are trying to use the law, whether its criminal law or the kind
the Tunisian, to reverse the outcome of the election, it is, as I've said, over and over again, a silent coup as opposed to a violent coup. That's good actually what's taking place. I've been right from the word, go we'll be right back he's here now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one: three: one. One
for the present. The United States is pushing to develop a sixth branch, it states armed forces to deal with space, the space force and the reason he wants a entire service focused on that is because a wet Russia and China are doing so now. Do a flying Jetson bombers. It has to do with space warfare now You can just google. This is a story, I'm going to read your from several months ago. China and Russia. Developing destructive weapons for space conflict warns the United States and we are behind Russia and China developing destructive counter space weapons could be ready to use in the next few years. According to a? U S, intelligence report few years
Anti Satellite or a sat weapons could be used in future potential wars against the United States. The report warns, it says: would be used as a means to reduce you as an ally military effectiveness, threat of national intelligence report, which is based on information gathering by The eye CIA National Security Agency says recent military reforms and both China, in Russia. The and increased focus on establishing operational forces designed to integrate attacks against space systems. Now If you watch my interview the Sunday with Doktor Michael Pills, He will explain this, though, what the child ease and Russians are trying to do is to try to leap frog us. They know that can build sub for sub tank for tank jet for jet bomber for bomber now they're doing the best they can, but they deciding. Let us leap, frog. The technology and develop. Take now
Gee that I'll kill their satellites kill, among other things, communication cap. Abilities on the battlefield, wept targeting the early the view of the battlefield and so far the justice, the multiple important aspects of battle, that involve our space technology. Moreover, they are developing The capacity to shut down our electrical grid, I believe, on the only one that keeps talking about this on national radio Maybe I'm wrong, but I keep pressing this point has been pressing for years as well as my interviews on live in tv and Fox. That goes on the document the official document states we assess that if a future conflict were to occur involving Russia or China, either come it would justify attacks against the. U S and our light satellites if necessary, to offset any perceived United States model
advantage derived from military, civil or commercial space systems. Couldn't intelligent China has already begun initial testing for counters ace weapons and as form specific, military units to operate ground based Anti Satellite ballistic missiles probably has a similar class of system in development. The report says, in addition, so far behind folks, who says why would tromp is trying to do is so crucial. In addition, the? U S belief, China and Russia- are building directed energy weapons, lasers, which went who'd lasers and could be used to damage sensitive space based Equip act. This report adds a particularly concerned. Russia and China continue to launch expense.
Those satellites that conduct sophisticated on orbit activities, at least some of which are intended to advance counter space capabilities. So they're. Already launching these satellites there already preparing these weapons, the you, report comes weeks after a russian report made similar accusations about Washington's military intentions. Spite: U S, concerns about Russia's capabilities and, I would argue Chinese even further ahead industry. Its recently told the independent that the Country Space Programme was near collapse after several failed rocket launchers. They throw that at the very time when it's not near collapse. We can't even get to a year space station without them
the russian paying them seventy million dollars of flight. When that occurs, so we need a space force were way behind now. What would have happened if Hilary Clay had been elected, present, form or use of about this. Why so? It makes no sense whatsoever for the Russians to be rooting for trumped become presently united State Hillary Clinton was handing them everything they wanted, including uranium. Makes no sense whatsoever, you know the people, she would have it. The fence stay. The inner, the CIA and the FBI and, of course, the inner see, then all be of Appeasement mentality or, worse or worse, so now we have to play ketchup.
The democratic don't want us to play ketchup. This is different than Sputnik in the nineteen fifty's. When the Soviets launched a rocket. And then we see realised that we were behind. And then Eisenhower than later John Kennedy push for a space programme. And Kennedy announced that we would have a man on the moon within a decade. So today it's a different Democrat Party, it's not the Party John Kennedy, it's the Party TED Kennedy even worse. If you can believe it. And so we have this fifth column within the United States that fights us right here to try and obstruct efforts to be prepared for the enemy they did, it was reckoned on strategic, too,
its initiative, which they called star wars and mocked so crucially important to us and our allies, and they ve done it with every. Major advance. A military technology and weaponry in recent decades,. And so, when the president says we need space force. I can tell you right now. If we get Democrats in the house, there will be no space. Fourth, just like there will be no border, no increase spending for defence and all down the line, all down the line, this Russia, China space. War potential is a big deal. Russia is a very poor country. It has small GDP compared to the United States, but it pours emerge resources into their way, re and steals our technology. China is a very big country,
the very big economy, the second biggest in the world, not as big as ours, but they intend to have. It has. Particularly China, what China is up. And they have a central command and control. So they don't have to debate with anybody. They pour their resources in they steal our technology and they are off to the races. As I said, has as official policy I'll give you one right now that, as of today, I'm walking and I really want you to watch the Sunday show that I have. It is a long form one our interview of a gentleman who is an expert on this and by the way As an begin and end here, particularly I know what China is uptown. Who here China, there's China that you're going your things. You never knew before declassified things you never knew before China, Has as official policy I'll give you one right now that, as of today me forty, nine, a hundred years from its communist founding.
A hundred year anniversary intends to have surpassed the United States economically. Militarily, that's thirty years from now. And what shocking about this is they may well? Do it. Depending on whose elected to office they may well do it. And they're doing it in ways that you're not aware of in some ways you are aware of its now Like the old Soviet Union, they're using different techniques, different tactics and their succeeding and are leaders in the past or bomb and so forth, have failed us miserably. So I hope your This is very, very important, we'll be right back
our Lord of the Great W S K, why go our market my call. I had a question with regard to the thought coup is you are talking about earlier. My question is at what point is it possible or or is it possible for other? U S attorney somewhere else in the country to take the mantle so to speak and start investigating this, and you know it is sensitive, does represent real, investigating what let's be precise. Oh yeah, you know the shenanigans inside the Justice Department, while a U S, attorney is subordinate to the attorney general.
So he's not allow. U S attorney to investigate his deputy, so you would have to get permission basically the courage to do that. The second part of my question is it now: is that compromise, secret service becomes involved with it. Some now in a secret services involved in the physical protection of certain individuals. Gotcha, ok! Well, thank you very much. Right now, I understand the frustration out their trust me. I do let us continue Derek Ash burn Virginia the Great W em a l go mark. How are your body great hierarchy tonight? Thank you. So tomorrow I have it may have. Sir. I was at the head of the Eu Special Operations division. When we had an initiative against Hezbollah in a cocaine and money laundering activities, why not a big deal you there was sending
from America: three hundred businesses scattered throughout America, sending the cost of West Africa to sell and pro we're getting. I remember you you called here several months ago yet but more carefully about this. What people need now the monies will go on my back. The Beirut support has bullets. Banking systems ended with money, Our large slowdown walk us through this again go ahead. Arcades, Russia, Major Coquet loads, giving Colombia South America going into West Africa. Cocaine is sold millions and millions of dollars a collected, released, encouraged, I support the cash back. The baby, Lebanon Hezbollah militants protecting the money going into the bank's money, transfers back that America going into bank accounts and middle eastern use. Core business is taken cash out buying cars at auto auctions. Send you the cars back down to West Africa to resell for like twenty twenty five percent,
and monies will go on my back to Hezbollah to support that, although a worldwide, initially the reason I call you tonight, the mob he said Bruce or with the Department of Justice Guy in charge pursuant to President Obama's Transnational organised crime strategy, two thousand and eleven and the purpose of this strategy mark which unite the? U S government agencies to work against it scratch that is country. Unfortunately, I now believe based on everything, I'm reading and hearing the mist or had other priorities as he was working in the Department of Justice, what his pulse Why are you saying, MR or was one of the senior officials to whom you and your unit reported what scientists Bruce always designated by the Party General first Obama and then put a new administration could be the last.
He'd on the threat mitigation working group and the responsibilities he had was tonight you rate and Sea of America to go after these threats. Now will tell you one thing: that's very disturbed and I watched the brother and Afghanistan, so I don't want to see the people bearing a family lives. So let me tell you what I know that in that particular case right we had about three hundred businesses in America identify and we see the hundred sixty million dollars out of that bank accounts. Ok but we couldn't get the? U dot s cup and it's arranged to work together because of the constant infighting in the lack of sharing of information. But the real issue is that Bruce or did nothing about it? He did not address. It was no one held accountable and he's pissed as a still operating in America right in our backyard. What the public does not realise? So this guy was a little busy with fusion Jp S and targeting Trump wasn't it was apparently marketman. I didn't know that
This was always very nice to use various quarter released appear to be, but when a big decision could be made the leadership the citizens were not me because we could not get the right to seek to focus together now pay another thing we hadn't even down a temper. Every reader got a hold of Johnson. Was there the National Security Committee, your readers were there, and everyone recognised that this has always threat was one of the biggest threats to our country, but we still couldn't get gateway to the complicated and we had meetings with eating meetings. It is. Apparently it seems I mark that MR always busy what other activities so this is. This is unbelievable, yeah! That's why this kind of cool, because people are missing that you're. Here too, I think he's workable, Christopher Steel after the FBI shuts down as an important right. That's one thing: that's really really said But this is another thing here: there was a big breaking news stories in
January, when the political article came out and they put up to the world that the ban on the restriction of the rail that the age at which the takedown Hezbollah right well, what people about realises the were lotta things that happen that warrant right, if you looking that true protecting America, but what really is now to think he's dead, sore designated could be responsible for the Super ABC effort. This was a presidential executive board. It is this. Was our legs. Let's look at them. So Bruce or was a very powerful man. Very powerful man powerful with the d, a powerful with the FBI powerful with the attorney general's office, and this other information that you're telling me really is worthy of another show more really is about honor. So this guy had enormous power, so fees were
we're fusion, GPS and his wife is over there in their feeding stuff to the FBI. Christopher steals working with him. You're telling me that is a big deal now because he was doing that, but because he wasn't working or what he was to be working on. Many was doing that exactly mark and just what guess what he was also the ocean that direct as organised crime crime. How could force we pass was programme which is very well finally, and he had a lotta access the funds to support all the? U S and she on these different drug related cases. So he had a big responsibility and he asked where two hats He also death unit, and he was also in charge of this threat mitigation. Workable, returned. The White House website and he reported to the deputy attorney General Sally AIDS. And then later ROD, Rosen sting exactly. I Derek Don't hang up MR produce we get derricks member. Would you want to bring
back for sure and not wait for me. The call us. I really appreciate that really remarkable: isn't it lets quickly go to Kathy New York. New York, the great debut ABC, go. I am aware how happy to talk here. Thank you can you make everybody feel better on what's going on, because I think the american people are so frustrated that I don't want to see any of them get away with it, but I felt it from the very beginning that the F B, I didn't decide by themselves that they don't want tromp. I always said: Obama had up the water in an Obama when on natural tv and said he knew nothing about any investigation but went on. And then later on, we find out that he did know he has to know everything about the investigation, How can he not know at least much of what's going on it?
FBI at a good relationship with call me it's a CIA, he put Brennan and there, the guy that voted for the communist. Chose National Intel it Director who he appointed it National security adviser, Susan Rice and, of course, Vow I've had my share mechanics calling plus the point found is a lot of it was in the newspapers. I pointed out train he doesn't, have now answer anything for some reason. very soon laugh airs advice is wrong. Com. I get AIDS, seven, seven, three, eight one for eight one, one I had my share mechanics calling me saying they found something wrong: the needs replacing when I've taken my current for foreseen oil train
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And, as last night's election results indicated, it's the right thing to do, pull Equally, if you want to see a check on Donald trumps power, a check on what power, maybe Confused with Barrack Milhouse Benito Obama, it appears that, it's that toxic lying bowling and on presidential behaviors that Trump exhibit Austin, Israelites, rallies and tweets. Between the media so incessantly cover that is turning the very moderate best, educated Republicans, suburban women, their trouble need all the GNP a majority in the house, let alone yet reelected so bring on the coverage. You see, ladies and gentlemen, putting aside his idiocy, he once the media to take down truck? That's what he wants. He wants it course, wine, a phoney news people to take down trump. Now, it's not,
tromp? Who loses these elections? Although we haven't lost many, it's the cat, and each running, some of whom are very And don't how to raise money, the unemployment rate is three point: nine percent rights, Thomas I'll Friedman Creation, for the moment is moderate. The stock market keep sending records and the present this coming off a crisis defusing summit with North Korea he's propagandists and yet the latest real, clear politics, average polishers trumps, having a personal approval rating of only forty three percent, with fifty three percent, disapproving of his performance and an especial like an Ohio held on Tuesday, the GNP candidate, whom tromp in the entire GNP establishment went too bad for Barely ahead of his democratic rival and adjust, which let us not send a democratic honours and more than three decades Do you remember writing these things when the brow Obama was president and they lie ass one state legislature after another one state, governor, if, after another, they law,
the House of Representatives. They lost the serenity, remember any that for now they he doesn't talk about their that doesn't speak well for trumpery, mid term prospects, but it does for the american people and thinking Republicans, of course, turns out, there's still a cohort republicans move much, all their souls to tramp the way virtually every one of their elected representatives in Washington is done, turns out that there are thinking Republicans, for whom character decent Jean true tat, we still matter yeah about all. You Democrats, you back, back TAT, Kennedy and all the rest of the slaves, true still matter and a president turns out, there are thinking, public and so watch trumps. Twitter ranch, his disturbed damage at Helsinki and they Strained by already emit set is rallies and the blind, static wreak response of its core base and found in words he hates his supporters.
Founded on nerving an unworthy their support. That is what the pause and polling stations last night are telling US magic. How well President Triumphal be doing if you weren't Donald Trump, he weren't a lying jerk and he goes on this guy's a left us he's. I hate America left us. He used to praise the chinese government, which A genocidal regime he's a buffoon he's a three or four times: winner of the Pulitzer Prize- shows you how useless the Pulitzer Prize, he writes for a newspaper that denied effectively the holocaust. Donald Trump, as in any other things he says, but this guy is reflective of the mindset. Of those who work at CNN and NBC and MSNBC and CBS in ABC, and of course, There are times in the washed and post reflective,
And here is the biggest lie, Mr Friedmann, that your news pretend to be a real newspaper reports, news. But the fact of the matter is: it is biased It has an endorsed republican president for candidate. I don't know how long look at your at it, Or a board at the woman that they just hired a racist. And we can go on and on about your newspaper in the Democratic Party, you, Sir, a member of a party that supported slavery. Had Forgive that you sorry, member of a party that supported segregation, you're the Party of George Wallace you're, the party of Hugo along the clan was an outgrowth of the Democratic Party. You're the party of all those governors who stood in front of those elementary school doors, stopping little black, It's from going to school, with little white kids, that your party you're, the part,
Of the japanese interment camps you're the Pie Franklin, Roosevelt, who Likewise, I dictator, you wanted a pack, the Supreme Court. He ran for not to not three but four terms. Breaking with the tradition set by George Washington,. I could go on and on about who's. The dictator and honest. About. Who is the liar because you know state is progressing Their entire ideology is built around a lie. Built around a lie that the central government can determine what's best for you, that the central government can return What your needs are that only through central government. Can you truly be liberated unequal? That's the big lie of the Democratic Party. Nowhere! Nowhere in the skull knock one place.
He mentioned the president's successes from a conservative prospect, the courts, the military immigration. All these efforts by the president. To secure this nation and to ensure the rule of law is upheld, but that's not Thomas cream. And that's not what he's about. The man married in the wealth they live in a huge stayed in Maryland. They probably a properties elsewhere, It's there on his fat ass in First on the top floor at the new, ex limes and rights stuff like this. What about your praise of Red China. A communist centralized genocidal regime, Mr Friedmann, what about it. Well, I guess it didn't bother you because you're right for newspapers they closed the ties to the holocaust. Nothing now
Donald Trump has done or even contemplate doing compared to that. Nothing. You're, just another despicable overrated, big mouth, pretty much, it might disagree would Donald Trump and we express them from a policy perspective. We express them rationally. This is not rational. This is all to media arms, to keep it up to keep it up to take down this guy, and that you see is freedom of the press as a threat to freedom of the press. He sounds like stolen, don't you know. Actually Thomas Friedman sounds like stolen Jim across the sounds like stolen. Stephen Colbert only sounds like stone. He looks like Stalin's daughter. Yes,. Chris Springfield Missouri. The great chemistry F go, oh hello.
You don't go right ahead, very well! Thank you I'm not sure what I have to say is nearly as important what you're the near DEA employee Had to say, but tat you have described, many things that have to do with the bureaucrats running the government. Ah, that's what to talk to you about back and seventy two. When I was stationed at opposed outside of Washington D C the post commander was gonna make some changes on coal And I heard a conversation: ah, I don't know where, while I worked in the hospital, so it had probably had to be in hospital someplace, but it was, they see us twelve that said, it will never happen and some ask him? Why not? He should because I've been here eighteen years that caused my commanders. Then here two years and may be here for two more years, you're not gonna happen
when we talk about time limits for monitors and congressmen. I am deathly afraid of that, because of what see in our bureaucracy right now, I agree with you. I think you can limit terms for senators and congressmen who create these massive administrative, bureaus and departments, and at this in time slowly reduce the size of government is not an freeman among others, including me, have proposed by limiting the size and growth of government and starting begin to peel back as well as addressed the debt taxes. Spending beyond the debt their multiple things that need to be done, but none of us will get done as long as you have members of Congress have served for forty thirty fifty years had just my can happen. Well, there are one thing that we can do if we can get a convention of states together Sir I've written about this, I wrote a whole book about
and I'm the one who's been among others, rolling people around this, but it's not We only do one or the other. I believe that is Ulta. The only way we address these systemic rejection of our the tunisian system, I don't Disagree with that law. But among the amendments that I propose, to limit the terms of members of the House and Senate. The terms of the protection of the president has been limited and it should have been. I have no problem with that. So term limits shrinking the size of government shrinking the power our government moving government back, towards the states and the people of the state's there's, no alternative. That's it There is one alternative and ass. If we the constitutional amendment that takes away their ability to make their own rules
And I don't even know what that means: well, they're the ones that control the Congress. They make their own rules by virtue of the constitution and They have so you're saying they should be able to make the rules by which they rule themselves. What does it get us well you, don't use the constitution, a micromanage, use the constitution an aid on below and opportunity there. Really it addressed what's going on in this country by so I guess what we're going. The rules for how the Congress actually operate. She can do it in some respects when it comes to regulations and so forth, limit their power and spending and server. But now you don't you know They control the rules of the committees of Congress and so forth. That's not what a constitutional amendment, is about that, certainly not what the convention of states is about.
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I will be unhandy tv on the fire, Those channel you don't want to mess had I'm in a rare mood Joe. Monroe New Jersey, they re W Abc, go a great honour to speak. I just want the finer is an iota of help. I am a principle in New York City, inner city school and I the guy you're that arm Reading Reagan in his own hand, as I just wanna, let you know how amazed I am to see what a visionary you was, how wide he'd know she knew how applicable that writing is today is writings from nineteen. Seventy seven nineteen, eighty one Give folks an idea. Of the sort of things he talk about just generally Oh the intelligence. Socialism got on with swords. The men the left and where they were going where they wanted and where they want to,
a dollar a day each day, although we doesn't use the term the deep state, the threat that the Russians do Palos and have paused and continued a pause, It just like it could have been reached within the last three years he was a visionary and arm. He doesn't get there did he desires for being as intelligent as he was now So true he was the right man for the time, that's for sure and stared at the Soviet Union. Anyone he broke with kissing Jerry broke with next any broke with the establishment. On date, and they said well, what do you believe any said victory, I believe, a victory, this is in an evil force and they, they make em out as Thomas all, Freeman did in wood and others. The phone, as somebody just didn't, understand the way the world works and sober you, no one yet
people who really stand out. They can be Bateman leaders, brilliant. They can be met jobs. You know like Bernie Sanders, but they can be like ragged and I must say in so many respects, like trump and, as I have said on this on this airway there's some show before Joe when it comes to four trump triumphantly we're going to miss the guy. We're gonna Miss yeah because his fighting with the press he's really fighting for us again. What is in so many respects the bastard visitation of the free press. I thank you. But you ve, taught me over the last ten years and God bless you. And God bless you and inner city principle in New York. That is a wonderful thing. Such a year Karen reader, like you, sir, so by the way, don't hang up, let's may copy a signed copy of rediscovering. Americanism don't hang up at a time, take the cause.
But I will be on hand. I m sure we're gonna be focusing on Mahler, whether or not the president should ask questions so fourth and science, I hope you'll catch it at nine. Thirty Ladies and gentlemen, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters and emergency personnel check Levin TV tonight, it's a great one. God, Hannity at nine, thirty I'll, be the am everywhere check out sonogram there too I'll see you tomorrow. I care.
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