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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/11/18

On Tuesday’s Mark Levin show, it’s very important to remember 9/11, we have teenagers who didn’t live thru this. These terrorist threats are still a danger we face - whether its Iran, Hezbollah or ISIS, they are a grave threat to us. We have the media who avoids the serious national security issues at stake by their pettiness. You wonder if they have learned anything. We need to strengthen our immigration policies and we get a fight. We need to build up the United States military and we get a fight. Also, Joe Scarborough penned an Op-Ed that was utterly detestable, suggesting that the lives lost during 9/11 do not compare to the "threat" that President Trump poses to the nation. To suggest that the almost 3,000 dead is somehow less significant than the policies of a president he doesn't agree with is outrageous. Then, Barack Obama threatened journalists with jail and secretly obtained two months of phone records from Associated Press reporters, information that could potentially disclose confidential sources. Despite all of President Trump's rhetoric about fake news, his actions have never even come close to what the Obama Administration did (using the Espionage Act to go after the press six times in eight years). Finally, a California man tried to stab congressional candidate Rudy Peters with a switchblade after cursing President Trump. The media are enflaming people like this by the things they say and their hate for Trump. This should give us pause, because the threat against him is like none other we've seen.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one a lot to get to today: it's very important. Remember nine eleven, those of you who are my ager, some younger. We remember it, but seventeen years ago we have teenagers who didn't live through it, and this is a danger we still face from the Islam or Nazis, Whether they control a nation state like IRAN
or whether they seek to strike out Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, ices and so forth. This is a grave threat to this country and an awful lot of good people died on that day. And it did change so much of what place in this country and, as I watch the memorials in. Listen to them on the radio as well. When you consider how petty the media are, how petty something It's really quite appalling. You want People learned anything when strengthening immigration policies. We get a fight. We need a wall, physical barriers. When the sun and border we get a fight, we needed look up the United States military. We get a fight.
So for the next few minutes as I will be doing other things the programme as well? But for the next few minutes we listen in. We listen it go ahead. Mr bidders
Company area we are aiming to building right now we have no contact with the abominable or are we going
that explains, why would they will come up again from outside the window? I walked away long awaited on windows, open. If you can open a point you gonna be while going on down like we're, ok guys, I wonder, nine hundred and seventy four heavy smoke. Okay, so please try to keep calm buddy up immediately. Everyone been appointed you're, ok, you'll be: ok, ok, just relax trot if they can't argue about the target that trust.
You have the right. Guy, like you, are you gonna, be the line or not be aligned with you. You don't have a fragile country won't be one to five point. Treasure chamber, No one was three point: seven
american seventy seven climb I maintain that boy level, two and ninety zero after twenty, three three
seven thousand seven hundred any american seventy seven American Eddie American: seventy, seven American, any radio check out your id
American, seventy seven american radio check Haiti read this is hundreds of American. Seventy seven appetite trying to return to the turn of the south, and now I must know what our duty that are, what he's doing really towards round with a thirty five. Let me know try to get all of the bank. Ben. Her fathers focused on nine eleven and focused
patriotism. Because so little of this is just in our society today. Day in and day out, where bombarded with the blue negative attacks. For the media of the left of our enemies, and it's worth remembering what a magnificent country! This is what a magnificent people you are. Sacrificed a great deal further debt aid through the centuries that country to love matters. Copyright God. Playlist of greek american values continues on the market of show, call marked now. Seventy seven, seven, three eight one, three aid:
one one? I don't really know how to describe this other than evil evil. In the Washington Post today and our bed by Joseph Well, I've MSNBC as his own tv show this to be wife, spare more. And is you're thinking about nine eleven in the lead up to nine eleven to sit down and pen and a bed of the kind that Joe scar ability did is pure evil diabolical. And he's very proud of it. Here's what he said this morning. On his programme. Listen to this cut one go alone, line that Roger Cohen line. Amerika is an idea.
And if you strip America, of its ideas, forget about knocking down buildings and the financial districts forget about planes and the Pentagon tragedies, but those tragedies bringing us closer together? America is an idea. You got America of that idea. Now, let's just up you see how quickly he dismisses it. It's nine eleven, He's using the occasion of nine eleven to leader, the point that you're here in a moment. Forget about knocking down buildings in the financial district. Forget about running planes, another Pentagon, those her tragedies, but those tragedies bring us closer to. It sees cut He swore on his range. Because he is he sprinting to a point that I feel desperately must make go ahead, arm
America, Roger Cohen, wrote that right after Donald Trump was elected, and unfortunately, eighteen months later across the world, you, have people working it. Country, that is saying they want to ban people from coming to America because of their religion, and nobody has said that nobody. Nobody has said that Joe Scarborough, why do you lie through your teeth, particularly on this day Why do you choose to lie like that? Go ahead, Right Cavanaugh, who wants to be on the Supreme Court Refusing to answer whether people should be banned from coming to the United States because of their race. He didn't refused to answer whether people should be banned. From coming to the United States because of their race? In fact the email, the quarry books,
demanded be released, demonstrated the opposite. Why do you lie like you? Do Joe Scarborough. Why do you lie through your teeth? Go ahead, the constitution. The accumulation of that retweeting of NEO Nazi videos Charlottesville. This president, this president deported A ninety five year old Nazi, whereby Obama refused were George age. The words. W Bush refused. You really think is a NEO nazi. How outrageous is this. You think the NEO Nazis, like the fact that this president has You think the NEO Nazis, like the fact that he has a daughter. You think the NEO Nazis, like the fact that you think the NEO Nazis, like the fact that he reckoned Nazis, like the fact that you
recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel and moved our embassy there. Other president's running for office lied about it. He actually did it or that on the piano office Tommy Joe Scarborough. What have you done in your life the actions of somebody who sympathetic to NEO Nazis. Why do you lie like this Joe Scarborough? Why do you live through your teeth? Go ahead, go on and on what he said about the majority black countries. He didn't say anything about majority black countries. He talked about destitute countries, destitute countries, And that is a matter of immigration policy has been the immigration policy, this country for some time that but who come to this country need to be able to contribute to their country. That means some will be destitute. Some will not
he's talking about standards had it have been place place. Fifty years only till the last ten years have they not been in place has now They do with race go ahead. That is tearing more than fabric of America, then it. Acts on the twin towers, tenant attacks on the twin towers did so Trump is more, interests more damaging to America than the Islam or Nazis. Slam those jet liners into our buildings- the central Pennsylvania you much really have aid on you must really be eight egomaniac beyond measurement say such things like he said evil and diabolical go ahead from that we became stronger because of that
this seems to me a far graver graver threat to the idea of Amerika the far graver debt grant Add to the idea of America. That is Donald Trump he's a coup This schedule, Scarborough and, of course the Washington Post, ran his peace. Just like that. At times ran the anonymous peace are free press. The golden age of journalism. You see, ladies and gentlemen, those of you who are truly patriotic Americans. You see, if I see it, Anything goes when it comes to it. I can present the United States and not only that anything goes when it comes to attacking you Scarborough, said people on his show that if that over.
Said that you are the equivalent of nazis and racists. This is really quite evil, quite diabetes, what's taking place there and they have to lie. Vance. Their positions in their arguments, Use the occasion of nine eleven job some drivel is truly unbelievable to me There's a guy by than in Devon Macartney. Recording knowing on patriots as historic players, a retired, you know rich, he still a player. And he was on Amazon Emma's NBC today. This MSNBC. I mean this is a real hate network. But listen to this football player, but the New England Patriots cut to go. I think you're
You truly want to get involved in it and not just throw out. The idea of these guys are protesting the anthem and the servicemen, but actually listen to us and see what we're talkin about. We had opportunities to talk to some of those servicemen and they said that's what they fought for. So I think a day like today, where were talking about nine hundred and eleven everywhere, you know anything the quality of what people went through when they wish on a rescue laws as a saving we're trying to fight. For the same thing. You're trying to fight for. You mean taken a need: a football game. Is the same thing you're trying to fight for when those first responders were trying to rescue people. Did MSNBC go back to those first responders. Those who are still with us then asked taking a need. A football game is the same thing is when they went into those buildings. To try and save
Other human beings- that's the same thing is taken any. Is this guy Devilment Courtney, this stupid this self delusion I think he is The media give em a platform. The media, give em a platform. MSNBC once this message out the wash post? One of the Scarborough message out. I strongly doubt that the view majority of active duty, military and veterans in this country I agree. Agree I strongly doubt that the view The majority of first responders in New York City at the Pentagon in Central Pennsylvania agree with this. I strongly doubt that The majority of these heroes agree with Joe Scarborough that down is more dangerous than
Took place on nine eleven because he's a threat to the american idea. These are very bad times, ladies and gentlemen, We have elements within this country. I believe they are distinct minority, although there all over the median, they seem like a distinct majority. There. Elements within this country who apps lately hate it. Scarborough hates this country to make a common like this term, not bad like he did he despises his fellow Americans, he can talk all he wants about the american idea. We ve been Eric and reality a declaration of independence? We have certain print because we have a constitution of the United States. We have a civil society, It is more than an idea. When John Locke was
about his ideas of natural law and unalienable right. Where did these come from one of these ideas? Where are they today? You, nobody said America. That's where these ideas are there in Amerika there more Ideas, its America with real documents, with real principles with real institutions that's Scarborough and this clown in the football so are attacking, are attacking. And they attack on nine eleven, they don't care attack on nine eleven, though attack on every day, Tackling the anniversary Gettysburg they, respect none whatsoever for they three this country. They have no respect for the vast majority.
On this country. Why black brown, yellow red it doesn't matter, no respect. But Joe Scarborough sit down with his fat ass and make an tens of millions of dollars and rights are not bad like this, when this clown football play, same thing comes up. About America, Eric is not a nation of oppression. America's moderation of racism. It is a magnificent country like none mankind of However, ever concede before it's more than an idea, it's a fact here I back then
One good thing about the Scarborough piece in the Washington compost posters, this it will be his scarlet letter forever. We'll be staying on it. Forehead forever. His quite sizeable forehead you see Joe Scarborough doesn't go to war, his shoulder Go to war I haven't, got the war, my children having gone war, but I respect the people who do and who have. I respect the men and women in blue in law Enforcement. At the end of virtually every single radio programme, I say so so
With the fire fighters same with emergency person, now I've had a border patrol an ice because their under attack. You notice Scarborough didn't focus all those men and women in his bed, daddy and you notice, in his bed and during his programme he didn't focus on the enemy ditty the Islam or Nazis ISIS. Hezbollah, Al Qaeda the Muslim Brotherhood Hamas on end? The focus on that idiot bring on gas to discuss from where they get their ideology out of the Koran and and why and why they do what they do.
He's not interesting, exploring tough issues, nine eleven and he trump, This is a very evil diabolical and men. Really person. As far as I'm concerned. So consumed with personal hate and revenge, and yet the wash most runs the peace. The Washington Post, which rejects The vast majority of individuals who submit pieces neva Joe Scarborough peace compelling compelling on nine eleven, that's how they respect the families. And their many gold star families out there. Whose family members join the military?
as a result, a nine eleven and you'd disrespect them too talk about a president. This way, it's absolutely unbelievable, even if you dont like them, even if you're never going to vote for him. Even if you voted against them. This is definitely an illness. Definitely an illness and it has been. Essentially embraced by the media, slowly, incredible. No, ladies and gentlemen, I have told you many times about exchequer and how I really really like the exchequer. So MR bidders, who said to me couple months go said: well You say that small businesses might want to purchase some and give them to their employees. I said ok, so we got one from MR producing Mr Perry.
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He's here now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, ladies and gentlemen, Mark living here on number, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three one: when you see Joe Scarborough, he has these insane rant and he Brings people onto his show who art Glen Insane, vicious narcissistic, hateful. And so its non stop insane this Brzezinski, just like your father, And you get a job,
NBC Msnbc he gets a further platform in the editorial Ages of the Washington Post now? Why is that? Because they agree with him. Because they reward this kind of behaviour. They pay an enormous amount of money to do what he's doing. These are media corporations. Cnn corporate I'm not against corporations, but need to understand when you hear the left talk about all these corporations and corporations and a copy at Bernie Sanders, and all that, this majority of corporations, certainly publicly how corporations have words with directors who had not conservative, poor conservative, the vast majority. Including these media corporation site, Comcast and Disney and so forth,
most of the public houses of publishing houses in this company, executive hierarchy, liberal. Most of them are based in New York, if not Manhattan itself. So they do promote this sort of stuff and if they pop. Conservatives? It's like the reptiles house at the zoo. As I say, We have a special imprint just for our conservative, why? I can't really put remember the other authors: wanna, ok, great. It's amazing to me, and yet it's true. Nine eleven attack Trump Christmas attack trump. One. Because they hate Amino, were speaking of the we talk about this the other day he was
excellent piece. Pga media by me margolis today. And I covered some of this, but actually he was very thorough. The top five ways- Obama attacked the free press. Now we're gonna talk about a free press under attack. Then let's talk about a free press under attack. Points out, while media was generally very positive toward Obama. He wasn't willing to risk losing control in an interview while he was running for re election Journalists actually try to ask a tough question so decide This problem Obama went to local media outlets. To do interview Why does this matter while Since control national media outlets would not be so open to ground rules for interviews below media outlets for another story, local new station stone, often get the opportunity. The interview, the presence of the United States, far more willing to agree to ground rules such as establishing what topics could be discussed or what questions could be asked. A.
Clearly more comfortable when you good dick. The terms of an interview and by Twenty twelve Obama had done fifty eight local Eddie interviews, but only eight national media enemies. Even though the national media was with him what else. The constitution predicts freedom of the press because a free press as a check on the power of our elected leaders. Obama didn't want this check, not on his watch and made many efforts. Terrain it in early second term Obama's. Remember this FCC proposed a new programme there would it FCC agents in media newsrooms quote: determine how stories were selected, whether there vice and reporting, and whether critical information needs we're being met. I'm quoting Monitors would be place not only in broadcasts newsrooms, but also
media outlets led the FCC had no regulatory authority over because the FCC Controls licensing a broadcast media. These monitors would have been effective intimidation tools, a constant reminder to the media that the guy I didn't like what you were saying you are licensed to broadcast could be revoked now Who knows what would have happened? Had it not been for FCC? Commissioner adjured pie chairman under tropical expose the existence of the proposed programme at twenty fourteen causing outrage, including by me on this programme, so there had to be scrapped. Now that was fascistic. Did the media go nuts over that now that the euro professors go nuts over, that no weather Democrats in Congress in front of me in front of the microphones unlikely Clegg lodged complaining. Our fascistic president, no.
What else did Obama do we'll have to and a blame Republicans for so called sequestration budget cuts Burma, was less than throw one. Bob Woodward wrote a book, the prince of Poppy Give me the price of politics and, in an twenty thirteen opinion peace in the world to impose that automatically any cuts have been actually proposed by the White House and personally proved and signed in a law by Obama. Less than a week, After the peace ran, wood reveal that a senior White House official warned him he would The great calling Obama out for his role in the sequester after what revealed his experience? Other journalists came for with similar stories RON, Foreign yea, therefore editor in chief of the National Journal set of the Obama Administration cloak. I received several emails and telephone calls from this White House. Official, Philip Vulgarity abuse of language and virtually the same phrase that would work called a veiled threat.
Lenny Davis Bill Cleanse time adviser now, Lord Michael Cohen, also came forward claims he received similar threats for unflattering pieces? He wrote bomb in the washed and Times Liberal Europe stronger than alter said he'd been subjected to abusive treatment from the Obama administration for writing, something they like there's a kind of threatening tone that from time to time, not all the time comes out of these guys. He said a young female reporter was called crude names at an email for merely asking important questions of an Obama cabinet secretary. What about this truck TA. I want to ask about this, but you won't come on. My programme must be too busy spying on the media. If threatening journalist for asking tough questions in writing, unflattering articles isn't bad enough. All I can say is it gets worse. The Obama
illustration actually spied on the media. In six months and Obama. Second term. We learn that his justice Department, secretly in two months of phone records of AP reporters and editors. What was Obama administration, after wouldn't say by Gary prove that c of the Associated Press, had an idea quote these Its potentially reveal communications with confidential sources. All the news gathering activities undertaken by the Associated Press during two month period. Provide a road map to appease news. Gathering operations and disclose information about a piece Activities in operations at the government has no conceivable right to know well. Also, the Justice Department secretly obtain then Fox NEWS reported James Rosen's phone records. Tractors move and read his emails, while investigating passable leaks,
Classified information arose and from an article on North Korea's Nuclear programme, one Consequently, this Obama, administration, spying, was that Time sources stop talking to the IP and others news organisations. What That's now. For all of Donald Trump, mean words and use of the term fake news or enemy. The people think we can all ray that such things are nearly as bad as threatening spying on journalists right do you still think Ikebana was an advocate of the free press. What, if I told you, he actually tried to put journalists in jail for doing their jobs. The aforementioned James Rosen, who is subjected to a bomb administration spying, was also Edward Jail time when they arrive the Justice Department label him a co conspirator with one of its sources who was charged with violating the espionage act of ten seventeen for linking the information erosion.
Another journalist, James rise under the New York Times we talked about before, was similarly traded as a co. Spirit or with a government source in die by the Obama administration under the espionage, Jack. Rising with subpoenaed and originally compelled to testify against one of his sources. The old Administration, usually espionage act the times in a year's time. If government source is more than double the number of previous administrations combined. Rising of the New York Times but later described. The Obama administration is the greatest enemy at the press. Freedom in a generation. Leonard, Downy Junior, the former executive director, the washed impose said. The administrations war on lakes and other efforts to control information or the most aggressive I've. Seen since the Nixon administration, these are the facts. These are the facts.
While their trashing, the current president of it back, then. Why let's take some calls Jeff, Seattle, Washington beliefs were satellite. How are you, sir, I'm fine mark. You know I used to work for a member Congress back in the days when Joe Scarlet and he was alive. A person back in his beliefs were well a lot different they are today and I'm really torn by this I'm trying to figure out, if he was just an empty suit then in all, does he really believe this stuff.
I got a lot of money. I can assure you that if he were a principle, thoughtful rational conservative he wouldn't be on MSNBC. Can you think of one not on Amazon, be seen. You must be part of the clown show or whereas I, the Congo line of freaks, or you will not be a host, ok, Well, that's all. I wanted to say that any any couldn't Megan talk, radio and, in fact, what harm so there you are I just thank you for your car karma. Fort Worth Texas. The great W b AP go please archives. AIR Force veteran and a retired captain of American Airlines who fly flew flight, seventy seven on September, eighth, two thousand and one and scheduled the fly two days following. I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the
contribute view continue to do. Commemorating nine eleven are reminded us why we love our country and to Joe Scarborough and his ilk. America is not an idea, but president Reagan once said is that shining city on the hill, and that this current president is trying to restore the fundamentals that made a great because if we continue down the road of the fundamental transformation of it, it won't be. An idea will be a memory, You know that is a brilliant point. No car minors. I played that staring frightening audio, Bet you put yourself right in the cockpit didn't you absolutely mark in the dead. There really brings you back in the its candidate Listen to you know Check Burlingame and his co pilot. You know they fought for six minutes.
And then I had the honour of picking up Debbie Burlingame at the airport when she came in for Chicks memorial service and then I had also the honor of flying bread, his brother. The to LA same flight. It was a different number that day unbelievable, my friend thank you for your calling. Your service minutes in that any space up where the cap the co pilot, where they fought for their lives and to save their passion, those passengers in the save that gel they fought. For six minutes. Two long time They didn't have any weapons. The Islam or Nazi terrorist didn't weapons. The boy Tyrese and so forth.
Must have been horrific. Absolutely horrific unbelievable, really run Branson Missouri Ex M Satellite Harry you critically by calling for the wonderful introduction with the music in third, my heart. Seventeen years ago today, I worked as a nurse in California. Don't call me- and he said my mom there's. Some weight is young lady. That works here with us. There, computer animators and he said mom. She does The call that her mother and Grandmother Robin First play they had the twin towers, and, I said Oh Nathan, be nice to be kinder and mark the good part from her family. Is it eight years? later he married her mother goose.
And she never has a day that she doesn't and he has a identical twin and I've gone to the memorial therein and New York many times and my son does portraits, also and he's painted cheer up her mother? And it is this- the first thing you see when you walk in there, their home in California great likeness, but she suffers still to this day in the South saying that what happened to her young family- I just don't Thank you recover from something like this. I don't think you recover when any family member dies such her horrific wineland death, now I am, and I were always a hospice nurse, and I was with many lit, left this earth. But This was murder. This was just pure evil and there's no answer for it in mind. A guy and laws he carries out scar. I know she always will end
We have heard I prayed her this morning that she could have peace. You know and go on with her life so that by the way I want to thank you because a hospice nurse. I mean. You are so important to a family. You just so important to a family at a time like that. So I want to thank you for doing that too. I, I really don't know how people do it, but it takes a huge heart. So bless you, my friend, take your yourself I don't have time for another call, Rich Anthony Queens New York, police officer, the Great W Abc, go. Margo Wire, yours, I'm now you all that I'm driving on the Pacific. We can call Mr Levine, I says something like today of all days, Joe Scarborough One and so
my run this country to a mud first under their running through the trouble on everyone, Is running in the opposite direction? just make sure nauseous, I'm glad someone like you gives us avoids voice. So well me, let me tell you something: Anthony I normally on on the sign oversee wooden waste. My time, pointing out somebody like that, but I've had enough I've had enough, my parents taught me and they taught me well. And I'll. Tell you these these leftists and these pseudo leftists they. They really do despise this country, they hate this country. You can't think the way they think and speak the way they spanking come to any other conclusion. As far as I'm concerned, they can pretend that they are. They just have a different point of view. I dont believe they do have a different point of view that this is a typical they they have paid on an ant
Thank you for your service too, I laid his gentlemen. We will be back very short, Levin champion of Liberty and, through conservatism, call Mark now eight seven, seven, three aid, one three, eight one one. I want to read a story to tell you folks, but really it seemed at the media in this country truck taught Jake Tapir. Joe Scarborough and all of you, but the New York Times and the Washington Post. I want to read you something. This is from the San Francisco Chronicle couple hours ago. It's up on the drudgery board, cops
Castro valley man tried to stab congressional candidate Rudy Peters, with Switchblade after cursing trump. You see, ladies and gentlemen, the meat This country. Our inflaming paper. Inflaming people, the stuff that Scarborough says and Jake Tapir and down lemon Lawrence O Donnell, each Romano, their guests, their trump as a racist. And he said, Larry and they deserve These things he wants to do to other people, all of which relies ass prevailing man, shouting families about President Trump attack. They report in congressional candidate who was working in election, both at a town, festival, threatening him and trying to stab and with a switchblade knife authorities
the candidate said today. Far Vincent five Zelie thirty five years, after the alleged Sunday attack on Rudy Peters at the Castro. They fall Festival Alameda prosecutors charge for israeli on Tuesday today, with a on account of making criminal threats and misdemeanor counts. Of exhibiting a deadly weapon of possessing a switchblade. No one was seriously injured, but in an interview Peter said he had never been concern about a safety pride of Sunday. Those why is often warned him to be careful to show me said: people are just polarize right now in this country's divided and it's just a mess shouldn't be That way, can we share deputies responded at about three forty five p m to report. Their possible knife attack the Festival Castro Valley, boulevard coding, The officials witnesses tone deputies that facility approach Peters in an aggressive manner and his booth made this.
Urging remarks about the GEO, P and elected officials. All of a sudden, we hear someone screaming f, Tromp, F Trump. It has recalled. He said the man raised his his middle finger. Danny right in front of the booth. Peters had been sitting with Joseph Qarqar era: a book state assembly candidate. He said they were I was kind of shot by the outburst but that the man seemed like he was walking off the next thing. You know Peter said he stops and turns around and says I'll, show you and runs the booth domain grabbed a coffee cup from table and throated Peters. The candidate said prompting peers to come around the table and grab the two wrestled the crew to the ground before the sun by popped up reached into his pocket and grabbed the switchblade. He screaming. I'm gonna kill you mother, F, Peter said he had a knife, but the blade wouldn't shoot out a shirt
You said in court affidavit that fast, They threatened to use the pink switchblade on Peters, but couldn't open it Peter. They grabbed a sign from a nearby cupcake, both embrace to use it as a shield someone's in an urge the attacker to calm down Peter said before he left the both that Canada. Reported the incident to the sheriff's office, which had deputies, in a few boots away facility was soon detained at a nearby bank official said, Peters is running for the fifth congressional. Cricket, remember this rather Oliver Congressional District in California, tweet Tuesday, clean Eastern Alameda County, and he says Mr President, Donald Trump Peters, where, site advertisers mega on its home page and acronym for Trump Slogan, make Amerika great again Peters is running against democratic encumbered, Eric swore. Well, remember this guy's Oliver TV trumpeter and a tweet.
Who stay swell already was glad to hear. Mr Peter's is ok quota, unquote,. But it's never ok to use violence, to settle political disagreements or any disagreement between continue. Fortunately, the Armenia County Sheriff's office arrested assessment, Dallas Pass convictions that will mean a for burglary and battery record chauvinist Facebook page he critic its trump for complacency. Following this year's mass shooting it Marjorie Stoneman Douglas High in Florida, another Hosty Road Hurricane Irma pay back for voting, Donald Trump Mozilla is licence to work as a security guard in California. According to state documents, I'll. Tell you what I fear I'll just be honest with you. With the hate being spewed by them Media, the mainstreaming of hate-
Mainstreaming of Antigua By how slide down lemon, among others, I fear for our president, I really do I really do. The things that are set about him. Have never been set about any president, never you have a cook watching tv twenty four hour, Today we have a cook watching MSNBC twenty four hours a day or CNN twenty four hours a day or most of these Sunday shows with people I truck Todd and the rest. I just worry about it. I absent We do I have to do our own death threats here, I can only imagine what the president has to deal with, I'm quite serious about that.
Nobody, if you ve, been watching your watch, these confirmation hearings for Judge Cavenaugh. I think all agree that it's a prime example how some in the Senate, abuse their power and frankly make a joke out of Congress. In general, if you're wondering how Congress is supposed to work and how it got this bad, need to take hills. The college's ground It can do online free course, Congress how it used to work, and why does it help college teaches about our government and founding documents better than anyone. Because they have a mission to help preserve America. They turn their so my classroom teaching into online courses that you beloved audience you can take for free? New course you'll learn exactly what Congress should be doing, what it shouldn't, how it got to Dayton today and how we can start to restoring more constitutional congress. The courses
Absolutely free to you, my listeners and when you pray register your reserve, your place, for when it launches on Constitution Day, which of course is September, seventeenth, just Levin for hills, thereby come right now to register. That's l easy. I infer hills there about com, Infra hills, dot, com, it's free soap ease reserve your spot today,. Easy. I am living for hills, they'll, dot, com, mean this is serious business folks. Absolutely unbelievable. And there's other links up there. If you want to check out the drugs report. Its frightening as a matter of fact and
you know they ve- been trying to politically assassinate this present, and I just worry. I worry about the kind of language that used against him. Now course, they'll say what about here? What about it? Well, what about it? What about him He's defending himself that's what he's doing you ve got network tv saddle The tv most cable tv most of the year, the big fresh, just slam and tromp everyday slam, animal not eleven. They can't even take a rational, nine eleven and for what? What did he do exactly got the republic and establishment for the most part, the polluter establishment gesture this right, this guy. Even groups and individuals who have in the past supported policies. Are these implementing many
Still, hey them still attacker. For many of these people, it's personal making, out against them. Putting conservatives and pseudo conservative. God they're, going to stick to their position. There going to prove themselves right, no matter what, it's really quite appalling. Isn't it while as very little ass, I can say about it other than it frightens me. I do worry about it. I've disgusted with my wife, I'm I'm serious about. I worry about President Donna, Rick Marilyn, the great w I may I go. I mark. I worry about president trumpet can as well- and I just want to thank you for that wonderful tribute. The sounded out bagpipes brought back from many member states
ever forget what these people have gone country. I just want to say on a personal note, I about I am a member who one of the first responders firmly from marine division. Ah with ie why and why, this week that poor individual suffering from all Marietta heart condition. So I look at the overall view of this really are included, and I hold the responsible for these. Let's try tower bombing which no one ever talk about. That happened under Bill Watch and then the bank on the attack, which you know Hilary responsible for. So we have to mind set out that these media people Are the same people that work with acquainted Here they are the enemies of the people and prevent Trump the people- and we can't ever forget that and thank you,
for what you do, and emergency personnel fire hired an and all those who love this country knows you're not a new be well the media of largely wash their hands of the cause. They don't think she can win. Fact they blame her in part for Trump are you see how they were they ve thrown Bill Clinton? Finally, off the roof? the allegation. Rape wasn't enough. His sexual predatory activity wasn't enough. His molesting an intern wasn't enough. He's lying under oath wasn't enough is obstructing justice. Wasn't enough losing his His law licence in Arkansas wasn't enough losing his bar membership and the Supreme Court wasn't enough Now they say I will get the me to movement now. It's time we got we're gonna wash our hands a bill Clinton. Years and years and years later they were perfect. Happy with Hilary and
of course she lost. And so they're looking for another horse derive album, back, then probably wondering where is John Bold, John Wolden was called away to a meeting. Now he is national security adviser to present a United States. So it is. Fair point, he's a good friend of the programme, a good friend of mine, so we'll get him back another day, but he's been pulled to a meeting and that just the way it goes I mean we can have any guess we want, but we get them serious people. You know And this is a serious show us, he's gone, but not the on spots
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global. That's all they want to do is open borders and destroy our sovereignty, any America, people's futures, I mean it, and what about the Washington Post running such a diabolical peace Unbelievable it if I may to me that it is a despicable excuse for human being it just unbelievable. Yeah. Now their tickets I gotta say even on nine eleven I mean every year. It comes around. I just makes me cry is horrible. They say that it was just I can describe it and which has not yet. I feel exactly the same way. Let's. Take another call here, Jim New York, New York, the Great W Abc? How are you, sir? Thank you for what you do market your great Thank you, sir. I wanted to talk to you about those. What players You think they're, like nine eleven responders. When are you,
the watch. The NFL I dont, every causing a football players, shot the death in the street or burnt alive in a fire or an a like an enormous worker, gets killed, trying to rescue her truck, and you know what are these people thinking like really? and how many of them are dying from autoimmune diseases in cancer land of all the other diseases that are affecting the responders I went down there and did what we had to do and I think they're, just disgusting, despicable and foreign scar bows. Chinese as part of a combined with the rest of them? Now I think they're. Just on and making this stuff up may I tell her what your title as are now sure. You're lieutenant in the Nypd is correct. I was I'm in return. I want to thank you for your service to sir. Thank you, sir. God bless. People have had enough. I've had enough. I can't stand it anymore
standard anyway, as these Scranton Pennsylvania, the Great W P W go far go to their fragile place. They were talking about now Rhode, island I love you mark and thank you for taking my car, I tell you what a wonderful wonderful be our today he had come Romania, and they did that on the way and more year olds, they wore daily. They got together, they overtook the actors the plane Gama gone into the way out. There was a girl could a way out Our government up there alive,
Now there are quite, I will I'll play a few, those excerpts from the next hour, there was a wonderful idea began even what a patriarch we are programmed to that, no matter what these people today Their work inside job this happen our government didn't do it to us who. I know what I will I'll play a few of those excerpts from the next hour. How do you like that? Because he may he gave a beautiful, beautiful speech you right. Thank you are you take care of yourself In our good Americans patriotic Americans, what I call regular Americans, which Europe's outstanding people we ve had for this we ve had enough cliff Four or Texas, serious satellite, go mark our I thank you sell weird, but I was a guest of evil.
They spoke about nine years ago. I started with a rusty operator you every night and you have changed the way. I think, change the way I live he's here, you listen to to ten months in prison, we're gonna hear more this if you want to hold on, we are clearly Without a leader how everybody mark living here, our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one
now run only underground than the bowels of the hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one a lot to do in one hour will do our best, but I want to go back to cliff from Fort Worth Texas. Cliff you. You said you you did some time right that it's a mug corporate, protracted a nuclear power, Concordant supporter, if you don't owe me back in my bodies and early lately, Listen to do an irrefutable the re broadcast of Rusty Humphreys and a little too far are denied honestly, and
How are you at my whole way of thinking, tat smile, making them accurately all if we want and then just even up. Nine years later, I've got a successful business. Seventy employees, Well, son I'm telling you I know it sounds like you have a lot to do with that. You're lucky. I please have a lot to do. Well. Aren't you tired, I'm really kind of proud to hear that, but sounds like you're doing great now, I really am a bit of a settlement. I'm going out of the country now, like twenty three data, really Detroit fantastic, You will appreciate that I will can ask request yes. Last last night I made my son sit out there and watch, allow eleven doctor you lavishly pointed out five hidden, Listen, I know nothing about it and the questions asked Incredible. I really was until I didn't ask me what happened in this, and what do we do about it? and in two important that that we
educate our young, especially those born after two thousand There were two young or not born it. Remember what we do and why we are soldiers what we do in another case. Where is your books? What's that First of all, I should read some of the first one: the flat tackled arrest, I think the first one you should read and will send you a copy. Is liberty in tyranny I don't know, sir. Don't hang up and- and we appreciate Cliff don't hang up, we will send you a copy liberty in tyranny. Is it important to teach young people what took place on nine, eleven and so forth. Cause the book. I wrote liberty and tyranny. There's, though, who believe in in liberty, those who believe in the civil society. Those who believe in the golden rule.
And then the those who would destroy everything, we have an ideology loosen the land call progressive ism, tonight, sounding word. We all progress but progress, it's actually a throwback to feudalism and, worse. It's an offshoot of a fabricated ebbs. Action and ideology. Really that mostly comes out of Germany. Like so many wonderful things, and that's why I wrote the book I rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive, is enough time to get in all this today. We ve talked about it in the past, but that said. We're in a battle over not just preserving our food, but in so many ways ray
the tuning our. Principles. First as those who embrace a foreign or only an ideology that has been imported into the United States and is ubiquitous now and you see in the media and you see it and entertainment, and in Hollywood you see a term in our politics. And it is sir, its consuming us. And their fighting back we present Trump views things this way as constitutional ism versus progressive as that sort of thing, but instinctive when he gets it instinctively. He gets it he's a very sharp man, he's a man, whose had enormous experiences in his life. He is built thing. She's done with all kinds of people in thankfully he gets it. Which is why it so frustrating.
Define intellectuals and pseudo intellectuals among conservatives who don't get him again, you I agree with everything and I don't agree with everything, but that's not the point. Is it. I don't want to get into something hope enough time to do at this hour, but I want to get into this little bit. We enjoy history here, knowing gives us some perspective that we were otherwise have Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson was our seventeenth president. Was Abraham Lincoln Vice President, as you know, he was a Democrat. He was vice president during Lincoln Second term, Became president upon Lincoln's assassination April and eighteen sixty five
Now you can, you can get his biography and go to the history plays the history channel where we want. He was born to a poor family nor Carolina never Scully was self educated. But he had a flare for public speaking and he got into politics sweet com today, a bit of a populist. One from Mayor Congress, Governor senator. He'd been slaveholder, buddy was loyal to the union. And when Tennessee succeeded, from the nation during the civil war. He still supported and was loyal to the union. That's how he came. The lincolns attention. So Lincoln all early on appoints him to be military. Governor Tennessee. And chooses Johnson a Democrat
As is running made in eighteen, sixty four and, of course they they one, they swept victory. Andrew Johnson was impeached after Lincoln was assassinated. These serious as the year history. It points out a series of bitter political quarrel. Between Johnson in these so called radical Republicans in Congress, reconstruction in the south, but leaders patron. The Medical Republicans, I was their name- wanted to enact sweeping transformation of southern social and economic life permanently ending the old plant, a class system. And they wanted to grant slaves full fledged citizenship, including voting rights. No radicals included a number of notable figures now, after the war.
They came to bully white in the south were seeking to somehow preserve the old slave system under a new guys. They observed and and patents, south featuring new state governments, full of Ex confederates, passing repressive labour laws and punitive black coats targeting freed slaves and by the way that It happened in many southern states for example, black codes in Mississippi prohibited free men from testifying against whites, allowed unemployed, blacks to be arrested for vagrancy. And hired out as cheap labour man Its separate public schools, blacks, were also prohibited from serving on juries, bearing arms are holding large gatherings. And by the way, this is why the assassination, in my view, a lincoln, was so horrific. After the assassination was terrific, but I've
Reconstruction would have gone and I very much more positive direction anyway. So well when the? U S Congress convened on December fourth, eighteen, sixty five representative sent from the south included the former vice president of the confederacy Alexander Stevens of Georgia along Four x, confederate generals, eight, colonel six cabinet members and numerous lesser known rebels, nor congressmen furious upon realizing this omitted the southerners from the roll call, and then item seats in Congress to all representatives from the eleven former confederate states. Knuckle republican views gather momentum in Congress and when the majority, by the end of eighteen, sixty five couple of eighteen. Sixty six congress and actively civil rights act in response to southern black hurts the.
Granted new rights to native born blacks, including the right to testify in court to sue and buy property. These were the Republicans President Johnson Veto, the claiming it was an invasion of states rights and would cause discord among the races. Congress overruled the veto by a single vote. Now this marked the beginning of an escalating power struggle between the President and Congress that will eventually lead to Johnson impeachment better personal attacks also occur with Johnson labelled as a drunken imbecility, ludicrous borne by the way, was a heavy drinker. Presently called radicals domineering, Tyrannical men, fastidious unfortunately for Johnson he'd appeared, who can public during his vice presidential inauguration Lincoln, wants commented on their weakened by us.
At the time taken brandy to fortify himself a wound up, incoherent and lambasted. Several high ranking dignitaries who were present in June. One thousand sixty six Congress as the Fourteenth amendment to the U S: constitution, guaranteeing civil liberties for both native born unnaturalized Americans. And prohibiting any state from depriving citizens of life, liberty or property without due process, human, granted the right to vote or males twenty one, an older John. Oppose the amendment on the grounds that did not apply to southerners who are without any representation in Congress Tennessee, was the only southern states to ratify the amendment. The others encouraged in part by Johnson Refused- men. Increasing newspaper reports of violence against blacks and the south. Moderate voters in a north began leaning toward the radicals Johnson made matters worse by
in the joint all moderates and a new political party, the National Union Party to counter the radicals, supporting, went on a nationwide speaking tour, but his gruff uncouth every toward his political opponents, alienated those who heard him and left many with the impression that John? it's true supporters, were mainly ex rebels. As a result, the radical swept the election of November eighteen sixty six rezoning, any two thirds Anti Johnson majority in both the House and the Senate. With this majority, three Second of vetoes by Johnson were overridden by Congress in eighteen, sixty seven, passing the military reconstruction. I, Command of the Army act and tenure of office act, against his wishes. A military reconstruction? divided the south into five military districts under federal control and impose strict requirements on southern states,.
In order for them to re, be readmitted to the union, including ratification of the Fourteenth amendment, a new state constitutions in conformity with the? U S, constitution, the Two acts: limited Georgians powers president to interfere with congressional reconstruction The command of the Army ACT required Johnson, the issue or military orders through general of the army, Time General Ulysses S Grant instead of going directly with military governors in the south are not clearly was unconstitutional. The ten year of Office ACT requires the consent of the Senate for the President to remove an office holder whose appointment had been originally confirmed by the Senate. Now that clearly is unconstitutional. Now you know where I'm going with this. The tenure of office act requires the consent of the Senate, for the poor. To remove an office holder whose appointment had been originally confirmed by the Senate,
many in Congress wanted to keep radical sympathisers, sectarian war, Edwin Stanton, enjoy since cabinet. The political few between the President Congress, climax George and sought the Ouse Stanton and violation Tenure of office A cabinet meeting in early August Stanton had inform the president that the five monetary governors in the south, where now Trouble the Congress and not to president The new military training command passed from the commander of the army through the House of Representatives and clearly unconstitutional in August, trial, sixty seven and outrage President Johnson suspended stand a name General Ulysses S Grant play some. However, the centre refused to confirm Johnson's Action Grant then on terribly relinquish the office back to stand. February. Twenty one, eighty sixty eight challenging the constitution, the tenor of offers, ACT Johnson
continued in defiance of Congress and aimed General Lorenzo Thomas as the news? a trade war, and also under the military governance report directly to him this Stan, refused a badge uneven, barricaded himself in his office. Three days later, the house are represented voted impeachment on party line vote, the hundred twenty six to forty seven a grounds of high crimes and misdemeanours. This bill, charges to be drafted by a special committee and that's all Our committee drafted eleven articles of impeachment, which approved a week later was one three charge Johnson, with illegally removing stand from office article. A huge rise violating the command of the army at the to charge Johnson with libel in Congress through inflammatory. Scandalous. Harangues quota call The trial and the Senate began on March five. Eighteen, sixty eight was Supreme Court chief justice salmon,
each case presiding The commission was conducted by seven managers from the house in Thaddeus Stevens and Benjamin Butler she did not appear in person or more Sixteen a crucial vote occurred on article eleven concerning Johnson's overall behaviour towards Congress, a Paul indicated the Senate was one vote, shy of the necessary two thirds. Thirty six votes out of fifty fourth senators needed for conviction: Johnson, fate rested upon the single undecided vote of a young radical Republican. Edmund Ross of Kansas. Despite monumental pressure from fellow radicals and dire warnings and vote for acquittal. What end his political career was stood up at the appropriate moment and quietly announced not guilty. Effectively ending the impeachment trial. On May twenty six to more balanced produce. The same thirty five to nineteen result. Thus Johns
some peach meant was not upheld by a single vote and he remained in office. Completing his term Johnson, returned, Tennessee and so forth. What's the moral of the story, I'll explain it when we return I'll, be right back, by some a hero. By others. Not so much. He was ousted from the Republican Party and he became a democrat very much. He was finished. So I have there's this question when it comes to our current president, car. He wrote a piece about this and, of course, we ve been asking this question to what exactly what
exactly. Is it down tromp, did or has done that warrants impeachment What is the precise Klein that he's committed while there is none is committed. None he's obstructed nothing There's Mr Mueller look like or act like he's, been obstructed. Has anybody limited staff limited as expenses limited. His areas of inquiry well, sir, Not the president. Is anybody stop Mr Ray? The new FBI directly from Doktor his investigation, no, isn't it true that Mr Mackay, before he was fired and is now in a criminal investigation. The former deputy, your director, isn't it true that he too If I before kind, were sent here all the resources necessary, yes, there's No obstruction of any kind there
no crime of any kind, where he's given this reason and that reason so one he can give. Whatever reason he wants and had the fire to power. The power to fire call me as the pie a power to fire. Anybody under his His control he's the presently United States. That's why we elect him. He is constitutional power and so should they try to impeach the present United States. We have to take the brass knuckles off. Ladies and gentlemen, I say this figuratively and if they wanna they won't have a u of sea match than we have ever. You have see match that's the way it is,
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is better better for you and it's better for America on time. It's an outstanding organization I promised the lady who called last arrows name escapes me. I apologize that we would hear little bit from Donald pumps, speech today, and so we shall he was in Shangri La Pennsylvania,. Tat. Three go motion: Later, the family members of Ninety three today, all of America. Rapture. Enjoy together. We our arms to help you shoulder your pain The carry your great great sorrow your tears I'd shed alone. For they are shared grief. With an entire nation.
We have together for every mother and Father sister and brother son and daughter stolen from us. Twin towers, the Pentagon, and here in this Pennsylvania field, we honour their sacrifice by pledging to never flinched in the face of evil and do whatever it takes to keep American safe and you can tell me that the press speaking from his heart can hear his emotion cut for Here in shanks fail, many of you raised up the first memorial cross. It Shane linked fence. Those in tribute pouring in and dozens and dozens of american flags a piece
America's hard is buried grounds This place has grown a new resolve. To live our lives with the same grace and ouch. The heroes of flight Ninety three this field, is now a monument two american defiance This memorial, is now a message To the world Erica will never ever submit to tee, the beautiful beautiful speech had five go earlier this week you dedicated the final part of, memorial, the tower of voices
standing at ninety three feet tall, The tower voices is now the first structure visitors see when they come to this now sacred ground it will hold forty beautiful, chimes that ring throughout these fears. A unique note at all. In perfect harmony, Each time we hear those chimes playing in the wind we will remember the forty we will remember their faces, their voices, their stories, their courage and their love. And we will remember that free people are never at the mercy of evil, because
our destiny is always in our hands. America's future is not written. By enemies. I guess future is written by. Our heroes as long as these monuments, sands, as long as this, memorial, endures, brave. Patriots will rise up. In America's hours of need. It too will fight back using the great speech,
Let's go to Bernie Hudson Florida on the market of in power user mark back for take my car. I want to thank you for your service for bringing common sense the constitutional right. Thank you. All that stuff on tv today would go Scarborough. Tell them I'm a retired firepower, rapport thirty one years. I wouldn't allow them in any fire station in the country or police station on the things that have been said today, you go right ahead model Boy I get tired, listen all these politicians living and Republicans About the american people want is, for the american people want that. Those people were elected in their districts to represent the people of those districts And they have no business representing all of american unless they
I'll get together and they start bond to meetings. All the states what all the american people decide that they want lay that they could just keep your mouth shut and do their job lots of them What's that while gonna happen. Messina politician keep your mouth shut, Toil They have now Donald Trump politician now not manage what I never. I never cared for Donald Trump yeah, but I thought oh, did form because he's got common sense and ease of business in this country. For the last twenty five thirty years has needed a business person to run a because all they do is steel is mine, leave out form again? Yes, I will All right, sir, thank you for your car. Quickly go to Marie Philadelphia Pennsylvania, the Great W Phd go. I mark
long time lift their first time collar. Thank you from your hometown. Yes you're this with it people moment When nine slash eleven happened. I remember devastating, like everyone else, my background is I'm a nurse wounds specialist in Philadelphia and I'm really good at what I do so when this happened would immediately hit me that you know, there's p We're gonna need my help. I called the Red Cross, the Red Cross told me that they had so many doctors and nurses who have called them that what they think. And I know you understand, I'm a wound healer this. What I do is, I do all of my time and I'm great I'm really good at what I do know modesty here so anyway, as I explained this to the cholera Red Cross, she said well that might make a difference. She said, let me too the people here in a ministration. Let me call you back to Morrow Morning so that night I went home, we were
having a girl on the back door. Was eight years old at the time and my husband and I explain to them what I did, and they just looked at me- My husband understood my door, began to immediately began to cry and begging. Not to go, and I said to her GEO there. I was when people need to step up to the plate because of what they do. You understand I said I am like the best won't healer in Philadelphia. Don't you- and she said Will you mom, you're good, I said honey. I gotta do this. This is when you have to do this type of thing. And despite her crying she basically understood. Well, maybe not but can I see point being used? day, I got phone call back from the Red Cross
They told me, and it was really very sad. They said that they really thanked me one it made it, they really would love to have had may be able to go, but that there were no ivory, so they weren't in need of world here today. My daughter's twenty five I've got thirty seconds finishing off their things. Go at the age of fourteen She joined the Southampton Company she had been a violent volunteer. Our company. They send her to empty training. She goes out on the truck with them as the empty and she's in a local rescue squad fascinating. You think this came out of your discussion with her sweeping it. Out of- I think I added to it, but she was
hi pollution levels led to significant drops and test scores with language and arithmetic the average impact equivalent to having lost an entire year of education. This is especially important with ninety five percent of the global population. Breathing unsafe fair. So let's do the smart. New study. Just came out of China workplaces and discovered that air pollution, and they have a lot of it- causes a huge reduction in intelligence. In addition to the well known, impacts on physical health, hi pollution levels The significant drops and test scores with language and arithmetic the average impact equivalent to having lost an entire year of education. This especially important with ninety five percent of the global population, breathing unsafe, fair, so
Do the smart thing go to filter by dot com America's leading provider of h fact filters from home and small businesses choose from over six hundred sizes, including custom options that ship free New York New York, the Great W B C, go right ahead. I don't. We only have a few minutes. I dont want a loser. Go ahead for the boy you're here Then it's I don't want to lose. You go ahead while you're here too funny, guy delivered on time filters ever again, that's what we do here in the living household? He had take out that the dirt filthy follies, replacement brand new, fresh filters by filter and they will save you time and money through this schedule and your breathe better and apparently because more intelligent than the process. So stop procrastinating, that's filter I felt to be you why dotcom filter by dogs. And tell them that mark sent you
four came a New York New York, the Great W Abc Go. How are you go right ahead. I don't. We only have a few minutes. I do want to lose. You go ahead. The boy you are reared. A funny guy delivered on tv as commentator had to at once said the thing that I'm calling about motives die, I may not pay struck Hitler. Call me at Malta should be charged with trees, and I trust the many The dossier was. Fabricated with Asia from Russia with me is levied war, I, the United States, is working out a detail. Oh you know: four came out. I've been arguing for a special council investigate this for law, time, even people who don't like special council, say Mark. We don't like specially look
Something really dirty and corrupt happened in our government were able to fiber, here pull a fiber there, and I smell this over a year and a half ago for which I was attacked. We need begin the bottom of this, what really took place at the OJ in the F B, I what really took place at the CIA and the and the air and the national intelligence directors, offers what really took place in the orbit of Obama and so forth, and so on, and the fact that one point one is really shocking to me. Go away like On the other stuff with facets, in the Irish and listen. If we don't have people, no account in an the traditional way not going to go away. I don't think we ve only the tip of the iceberg. I think there's a hell of a lot more people involved in this. I do not think we should do better
did you to start shutting down certain areas of the government that the under his under article two through deal with the corruption at the national emergency that we got FED and we can do that Joe Scarborough will accuse him a being Hitler. Well, naturally derive oh. Can we are used to be treated by Democrats Democrats. Our brain. Why Trying to think like that, so called you from the media. The way society is set up to the british government, the pudding, It made a city that America, ah one city and you get to train to think we are all familiar and fifty six always did
You ve never change. He called you know. I really wish you'd call earlier cause. You fascinates me and you sound in some ways, like John Voice said when I was a left us propaganda, your train, to think a certain way. It's hard to break that coat. Call me again, friend. Okay, we salute our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, emergency, personal, all you wonderful, first responders, God bless you off on terrible day, I hope your check out Levine TV.
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