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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/19/18

On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, we are being manipulated by Chuck Schumer, his democrats and Christine Ford. Ford isn’t the victim, Brett Kavanaugh is. What you see here is a battle between those who support constitutionalism and those who support progressivism. Progressives are not compassionate, they use people. They are power hungry and you’re seeing it all over TV and all over Congress. Also, you don't wait until this point of the game to try and derail this supreme court nomination process. This isn't about women's rights, it’s about obstructing the process. Democrats don't stand for women's rights! They use women and minorities. This is about justice, that's why we have a system of justice where allegations can be made and one can defend themselves. Kavanaugh has no defense against these allegations. Finally, people have said to the president that he should declassify the FISA documents. Now that he's ordered them declassified they're saying it will risk "sources and methods". Trump is not abusing his power by sharing this info with the people; a dictator of a Banana Republic would work in the shadows and keep everything a secret. Yet the abuse of the FISA Court, the weaponization of the FBI, and the attempt to overthrow the Trump presidency were the real banana republic tactics that the left keep using.

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