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On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the Supreme Court is another institution that the Left wants to burn down. Now they are already talking about impeaching Brett Kavanaugh is he gets confirmed. This constant use of impeachment destroys the American political system. What’s going on here, is that Republicans are not allowed to win elections. The left wants to disenfranchise you. They want complete monopolistic control over the courts, especially the Supreme Court, and whenever a Republican wins the presidency, not just President Trump but any, they’re going to do everything they can to delegitimize that Republican. They want to cleanse the political system of people who reject or oppose the progressive agenda. Later, In 1992, Cory Booker wrote in the Stanford Daily that he groped a teenage girl when he was 15 years old and she resisted so the encounter ended. So, Booker has admitted to committing the same offense as Brett Kavanaugh, yet he faces no penalty, no expulsion, or impeachment. Booker should recuse himself since he is a confessed groper, himself. Despite the Judiciary Committees flexibility in accommodating Christine Ford she has still not agreed to testify in open or closed session unless there is an additional FBI investigation. They might as well subpoena her to testify since she now interfering with the US Senate's Judiciary Committee's Constitutional responsibility to offer advise and consent on nominees. Finally, Eric Bolling call is in to discuss the opioid crisis and his new CRTV show: AmERICa.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building, we have once again made contact with our leader. Everybody mark live in here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven, three, eight one three one one, if your interested, we posted on my social sites. My remarks today and a hillside. College event in Washington DC at the trumpet tell Ndc DC. I've never been. There is a fabulous hotel, it is a terrific hotel and it was really wonderful to be with the doktor Larry on me. A president
I'll stay on all the folks, their great patriots sower. We just posted If your interested on my social sites in over a conservative reveal our a cabinet meeting in our you know. They, the New York Times, has already ran and are bad about the impeaching camera. Impeaching cover I swear, the framers of our constitutional be Rowan in their graves. They are rolling on their graves. They cannot, I'm sure, believe, what's taking place. Turn by professor, the universe, Alabama School of LAW by Ronald Kronos and Ski Junior, not to be confused with senior here's. What he writes. Shut up and by the way this is a constant unmitigated attack at every level onwards
public and government and that you folks voted for Trump and against Hillary Clinton. Our illegitimate, it doesn't matter how you are in the lead, that's the Democrats like to talk about the franchise, any effort, any effort by state, clean up the road or rules to make her. Only citizens can vote. Make sure somebody's name isn't on fourteen different state. You know a voter roles that that an attempt, of course, to suppress the vote, particularly minority, its incomprehensible. How that is an attempt to suppress the vote of anybody, the college to protect them It tries for those who have a right to vote, and yet, when you do vote In an election is one fair and square they spending tired time of this presidency, trying to reverse the vote. They ve attack the Electoral College and trying to
Permanently damaged I'd institution, they least a special council against the it's their pressure on rose and steam who buckled her and all kinds of plans in the House of Representatives to try, and undermine this president, any vis, rape, his I see what you voted for. And now they're telling you, through this egghead. Are they even have Kavanaugh is confirmed. We should be prepared for his impeachment and here's what the Guy Rights, Charles gradually, the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Mitch, Mcconnell, the Cinema, Gerardo Leader, seem determined to call vote next week. When the country asian and judge bread, cabin ought to be an associate justice, a Supreme court, even Faced with this week, sexual assault allegations against him. Now this is a law profession. This is a law professor, who apparently is
holy unfamiliar with our constitution and the rule of law, here. I'm going to tell you something, ladies and gentlemen, that is tried in our justice system, you don't get to just make allegations you don't get to you make allegations. You gonna make an allegation, a criminal allegation. You tell the cops you're going, any other kind of allegation of isn't criminal nature. You got a court in a civil case. You don't get to make an allegation, adjust, hangs out there by the way, the Senate Judiciary Committee is not some objective. Jury. And in the end they don't get to decide this either. It is a political process that their involved and now highly politicized highly partisan, already burned down our traditions when it comes to the judicial confirmation process, and that is
Democrats will vote for cabinet and every one of these damn Democrats on this committee has. Centrally announced that they believe the accuser, without anything more the fact that she remembers nothing like the fact that her lawyers are Democrats, Liberal hacks this, the fact we now know she's being advised by a democrat operative. He goes on this professor. Center, Republicans assume correctly that if they can hold the party line Installation on the Supreme Court is a sure thing. This is true. Even if the Democrats caucus in the Senate holds firm against MR cabin. Are they simply lack the votes to block him, but the Republicans, Oculist contains a significant error name. The assumption that, if Mr Cabinet was confirmed at the Supreme Court, that's the end,
Discussion of whether he is fit to serve you see there is never any end to their discussion, protection does provide that federal judges, including Supreme Court justices, quote, shareholder office is doing good behaviour, unquote, The set on understanding this phrase is the so called article. Three judges enjoy lifetime tenure, but the constitution also makes the traditional and executive officers subject to impeachment. As it happens, the House representatives, holds the quotes solar power of impeachment. Unquote. If the Democrats, when the House of November. They can exercise that power teach my proceedings in the house or investigative and nature and come with a full panoply of clause. Judicial powers, including aids, to investigations such as Power to subpoena witnesses to compel them to apparent testifies, subject, of course, to constitutional prim privileges if applicable, such as this
amendments guarantee against self incrimination. If simple majority of the house, decided to proceed with impeachment. The house too trade Committee would be empowered to conduct a thorough and careful investigation of the sector, misconduct allegations that Professor Christine Blasi Ford has made against Mr Cavanaugh, involving a drunken sexual assault when both were high school students in suburban Washington D C, nor should the demo let's wait. Two formerly take control of the house in January that how stomach this guy's a hurry. The house Democrat leadership, should pledge now that if they were, majority, they will conduct an impeachment investigation to get to the truth. So today would make clear to the centre Republicans than if they rush. Judgment in the absence of a full and fair investigation. They will still. There will still be an investigation to be sure he writes the impeachment of a supreme court. Justice is a rare
thing in our democracy? The last member, the Supreme Court, face a credit threat of impeachment was associate justice, a Fortis whom Lyndon Johnson. And had not to replace or a warrant is chief justice. Credit allegations of financial misconduct involving a lifetime paid consultancy with a wolf. Some foundation were made Fortis Watson was facing Feder, criminal charges that could easily have found their way to the Supreme Court was that was he was serving as an unofficial advice here too, the present the United States, while he was on the Supreme Court as well as taking about when he grand a year from this foundation, funded in part by this crook, those are facts. Not allegation under withering by partisan criticism. Justice Fortis withdrew his nomination, so he wasn't impeached.
And ultimately resigned from the Supreme Court Had he not resign, there's a good chance. He would have been peached right. What he did was crooked, the justice. To me, a peach was Samuel Chase who is accused in eighteen, o, four of allowing as partisan views to effect as decisions, but the effort to ask him failed in the Senate. Now. That's it It is in German, I know of no other Supreme Court Justice who was impeached when Roger Taney in the Dred Scott decision, the chief justice them. So here's another institution that the left one step down. They talk about an independent judiciary, you're not even allowed to criticise the judiciary for conservative. They hear their already talking about impeachment. Of course he writes, even if the house impeach
I would start take a two thirds majority in the Senate to convict or remove them from the court, which will happen, ladies and gentlemen, but the Senate It would surely heavenly something to do the merits of the house's case. They fall unfair instigation shows that Mr Cavanaugh has lied regarding the incident he's denied a category, clean, says nothing even remotely like it ever occurred. But considers may find it hard to vote no in the me to era, be a terrible blow the legitimacy of the Supreme Court, of course, but this is the risk that senators macabre and gradually seem willing to take incredible. Is it not? Let's just back up a second, if dying, Einstein had come forward without letter a month and a half ago, when cabin I was. Was meeting senators or if she had come forth without letter during the hearings process. The law professor, doesn't mentioning it.
It would have been partly hearings process as detestable as it is She doesn't stay that the reason they held back is because Chuck Shimmer obviously advised them to hold back to create this conch time. The Republicans to their credit so far are abiding. So this law profession wants to take it to the next level. He wants to take it to the next level, nor does he explained exactly what it is, that he's looking for. Now it would be fascinating. No because maybe maybe a doctor Ford professor forward has a remarkable recollection, all of a sudden of something she couldn't remember two minutes ago, which is what This occurred where this occurred, any corroborating witnesses,
anybody she may have spoken too, because so far the answer she does she doesn't know she doesn't know and no speaking through a lawyers, she went to the Washington Post weeks and weeks ago. That's continued. He goes on. Moreover, impeachment investigation could also encompass allegations that Mr Cavanaugh committed perjury before the Senate. Twice. What are you Work on the nomination of District Judge Charles Pickering, to be a judge on the court of appeals for the fifth circuit under oath, both in two thousand six and twenty eight teen. He said he had no involvement with the White House strategy sessions associated with judge, Pickerings nominations subsequently least emails involving these such and suggest that these answers word misleading in at worst totally false. How work and are they weren't? She can see this guy's a hack, this law profession,
attending a strategy session is a white house. Staffer is not a crime lying under oath to the Senate. Judiciary committee, in the other end is perjury would be a perfectly justified on constitutional basis for impeachment, so Trump should be impeached for cabin or should be impeached. If he's confirmed, who else. Maxie water says pen should be taken out with impeachment. You understand going on here? I, ladies and gentlemen, you're not allowed to win elections. They wanna disenfranchise you. There complete monopolistic control over the court's, especially the Supreme Court. Any time now in the future. A republican wins the presidency not just trumpet any.
They're gonna, do everything they can to de legitimize that Republican, unless there of the sorts of say a Susan Collins or Bob Corker or Jeff flake. The professor goes on an important Commerce must take care to maintain the constitutional convention that has existed since the failed impeachment of Justice Chase federal judges, voting. Members of the Supreme Court should not be impeach based on their judicial rulings, are philosophy sink courting accordingly, if the house swear to initiate impeachment proceedings against justice. Cabin on twenty nineteen. Such proceedings should be strictly limited to questions associated with his alleged intentional and deliberate efforts to me led the Senate about his character and fit so now you see cabinet, gilding guilty. And listen to this Congress must take care to maintain the constitutional.
Invention that has existed since the failed impeachment of justice chase. We do not know truth of the troubling allegations against Judge Cavenaugh. But before someone is, the Supreme Court good faith efforts to discover the truth should be made. If the Senate won't conducted credible investigation. Now, how should offer its assistance next year? Professor Randal J Quotas and ski junior diversity of Alabama School of law, We also need to train and Peach Clarence. Thomas power is this: what's going on through immigration attack on state efforts to ensure the legitimacy of voters through criminalizing politics, with people like Mahler throne,
Each meant, what is it here? You want to cleanse the political system of people who reject or pose the progressive agenda. That is exactly right, They also destroy the electoral college, where a candidate in the majority vote and a particular state. All electoral college votes go to that candidate as opposed to congressional districts. They got all kinds of designs on our constitution, ladies and gentlemen, while they pretend to support it, album back then, so just as the Democrats were preparing for trumps impeachment,
Before he was sworn in, it appears the Democrats are preparing for communism impeachment Before there is even a vote in the committee and in the United States Senate. You know, and I I use this phrase- silent coup and toilet. Raise and others have now used in that's a good thing- I mean it- I mean it. They talk about illegitimate elections, George W Bush Donald Trump, They want to attack and change. The electoral college ever whole group put together, that's heavily funded, destroy the electoral college. They insist on having voter roles where people are. The less who should be on the list, because they should be voting through not sitting.
Or there are numerous state lists. Any effort to fix that is caused is called voters, suppression when they won voter idea. It's called voter suppression When they delay the presentation of information that they claim is utterly crucial to this confirmation proceeding and yet it is they who delay it. Month and a half spring it on the Republicans in the country. Really, The hearings are over. Then they claim unfair. I work to rush things I want to come, the cabin hearings, while they write back with a daily fake news, Don pouring through your tv, mobile phones, computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism. Sir tis suspected a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this study does
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brains, gotta, brick House, Levine, DOT, com, brick House, Levin, dot com offered code live in some owes told her about the new markets, influences the news called Michael. Having show now heading seven, seven, three, eighty one point one another's: Talk left by the media by the meat. By the left, by the left wing media and by professors and their ilk about impeachment. There is never any talk about expulsion from Congress, expulsion. Expulsion from Congress. There is never any talk about it now, let's take it
get this Booker's push for Cavanaugh vote Delay called out over his ninety ninety two column, detailing teenage groping. No one in the world is at me. One in the world is at me, New Jersey, democratic, send a decoy Booker's facing accusations of hypocrisy. Overs calls to delay the confirmation vote, a Supreme Court nominee, bread Cavenaugh amidst sexual misconduct allegations as you want Committed groping a friend without consent in high school. Now this is back in high school. Should he be expelled from the United States Senate The senator who urge the Senate Judiciary Committee, the first let the FBI, conduct an investigation after California, prosecutor Christine Blasi for
to use the high court. Now many of sexual solar thirty five years ago, once wrote in art The italian incident, where he groped female friend this is fine now in this there's signing an actual article by Coy Booker in the stand for daily and ninety. Ninety, to quote from the article our column, New Year's eve, nineteen. Eighty four right Booker, I will never forget. I was fifteen as the ball, dropped I leaned over to hug a friend and she met me. Instead with an overwhelming kiss, as we fumbled the bed I remembered debating my next move as if it were a chess game poker wrote in the run, stand for daily newspaper. Ninety, ninety two with it Gun slogan ringing in my head, I slowly reached for her breast
having my hand pushed away once I reached my mark, he continued that explaining what he meant by his mark, although I think we confer it, are good Bing ended soon and while no relationship ensued, a friendship. Did you see the next week in school? She told me that she. The trunk that night and didn't really know what she was doing. He added its intended the column, was the detail, his transformation from a fifteen year old, who was trotting around the bases and stealing second Koran quote to someone It was called a quote man hater over his pro women views and rest respect my silk titled, the oppressive, nay male dominated society and its violent manifestations. Rape Soforth, may have been a supercilious attempt to convince her that I was a sensitive man, but more likely I was trying to convince myself that my attitudes changed hero.
The now senator came back to the topic a few months later, ninety ninety two painting their article, that mention the controversial column which he so was about date, rape, and admitted that his actions were at odds with his beliefs. But my second column. As I raised my noble pen to address the issue of date, rape, I realise that the person holding it wasn't so noble. After all, he wrote This issue, as with so many others, a dash of sincere introspection, has revealed to me dangerous gap, a gap between my beliefs and my action. Columns by book or a potential twenty twenty presidential contender. Every surfaced after became one of the leading voices of the democratic opposition against cabinets confirmation, and following allegations of sexual misconduct against Cavanaugh, which he vehemently denied Booker, said the is Asians, are serious, credible, deeply troubling after the committee
but was delayed and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman truck rashly invited both foreign and cabinet. A test for Monday Burka called for an FBI, investigation before holding a hearing. So what do you think of that? Can we never talk about expulsion and the United States never Ted Kennedy and they were expelled, tat Kennedy than are expelled. Any leave paper They don't even try to expel him, but the very loose lip when it comes to impeachment present states hasn't done anything criminal or impeach above zero requirement or is a victim right now. His wife is a victim. His little girls are victims,
mother and father victims. Our entire justice system is built around a process standards that are in place to protect the accused from the accuser. The accuser must prove their case. And if the accuser, at least in the public revelation so far through her lawyers through surrogates,. Is somebody whose memory is utterly failing as to the event alleged as to the time the place and all the rest of it. It is Mr Cavanaugh who is the victim. And, as I said yesterday in a court of law, Doktor Ford's allegation would be thrown out.
There is no corroboration, there's nothing, there's nothing. You can't convex somebody in any form. If you don't facts, let alone the evidence. The Democrats
When the Senate Judiciary Committee are busy pushing criminal justice reform, has many Republicans, some in the White House, criminal justice reform people who actually been convicted, who have had their day in court who planned or been sentenced in her imprison. They tell us of their unjustly for minor crimes and they want tens of thousands of them to be released. Terrorists who are captured, who are known terrorists and treated like terrorists at Guantanamo Bay and so forth, and so they have advocates in our Congress. You don't treat people this way even sub humans. You see.
Mass murders get their day in court. Look at the bill of rights, some of them they apply to you. They apply to me. They apply to everybody and those the bill of rights are there and there in place to protect individuals against charges. Criminal charges warrants probable, cause due process the right not to testify against yourself, jury of your peers and so forth. All that's right! There know what is that for its to protect all of us from people who make allegation The fact that Democrats, senators, who were involved in the delay in presenting this information during the course of the hearing, pretend that their objective jurors, who want to sit there and just get the facts,
You see when said the already said: the accused even met the accuser. Most of the accuser is credible and the accused apparently is not. Is really outrageous. They ve already announced guilty. They ve already announced that they have no interest having our being on the Supreme Court, by hook or by crook,. As I said the other day, Chuck humor is the truth The real lawyer representing the accuser in this case, he's orchestrating the end higher thing in the shadows and again, how do we know because we go to the appendix in men and black, my first book, you will see the memos. The memos that were surrounding numerous now information account nation battles over George W Bush nominees to the circuit court.
Then you will see how they operate very sleazy is in the memos. He stole there Shimmers in the memos he still there lay he's in the memo he still there. This is what they do. And, of course, you're not even permitted to question the accuser, because the accusers, a female and, of course every man is guilty of some kind of sexual assault or sexual harassment, except those who in line with the left something's now wrong with white men, particularly old White men- and this is your jury, the Senate Democrats, the Democrats dressed up as journalists and all our after their now we're talking about
Impeaching Cavanaugh before there is even a vote in the Senate Judiciary Committee, amount of committee under the floor, the United States Senate. I asked yesterday- and I ask you again today- what if this was your father, your husband, your boyfriend, your son, and sun all males are born of women. A chest is, despite the liberal agenda, to try and confuse us on the gender, and so Ah males are born of females and mothers, protect their sons, wise, protect their husbands, girlfriends protect their boyfriends. And right now have allegation is enough.
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strolling carried you to give it a try. I really would now this accuser is obviously being directed by the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, it's all orchestrated, you see they come out and and every decision she called, And her lorries court on court make why cause I want advance. She's being told how to manipulate the committee. How to manipulate the politics she said whereas positions now she wants to justify her lawyer says then she doesn't want to testify. Her other lawyer says. Committee says: ok, we'll come talk to. You can testify in closed session and open session, but we want to get this done Monday one hour. We need an FBI, investigation,
the crowd say: that's that take it. We need an FBI investigation and, if you don't agree, you're, not really looking for the facts and your pulling her. That's because you are a bunch of sex or sexual harassers, all white man. Ok, then, ok, I'll testify her handler. Seychelles testify, but not on Monday or what's would not. On Monday. Since one as a witness or potential witness get to dictate the terms of a in committee and their hearings. I've, never seen anything like this. She came forward. Says she wanted to be kept secret. Why just going to the Washington Post it wanted english by Feinstein or somebody they have laid this whole thing for a month and a half, then they complain somebody's rushing when they withheld the information now have occurred.
Professor writing at Alabama that but all can be impeached talking about em Maybe for his even at a vote. Why should we go along with any of this the New York's limes They're all gay Solberg The woman who is accused, Judge, Brett CAP M cabin of sexual assault as told this the judiciary can me an apparent bidding starting negotiations. That quote, she would be prepared to testify next week, on quote so long as senators offer listeners terms, their fair and which ensure her safety. According to an email, her lawyers sent a committee staff members terms that are fair. And ensure her safety. In the email obtained by the New York Times wasn't obtained by the New York Times. It was given to the New York Times by our lawyers or by shimmers people. The lawyer for Chris
Blasi Ford, said that testifying Monday, the timetable Republicans have set for a hearing is not simple and the committee's insistence that occur then is arbitrary many event show. Now we have the accuser who delayed. The provision of this information to the committee, who wanted to keep quiet. Now, we have her saying what are you It did decide this committee when he in a rush for she sat on it now she she's worried about the committee being in a rush I reiterate that it is doctor, blazes straw, I thought the name was Doktor Ford at times, even has a screw up in this is doctor, forge quote strong preference, unquote that a full investing Asian, occur before her testimony wording that stops. Sort of demanding an FBI probing suggested she's opened it
as defined without one, but what does this mean? She wants a full investigation. First, this is our third or fourth position, because the democratic this, can only be I'm not gonna do just say one a full investigation that will be talking about that for seventy six hours or ninety two hours or whatever doktor blue. CS, accuse Judge Salmon are, and they tell us what she's accused him in the email address, the top republican Endemic. Engage on the committee, the lawyer, Deborah cats, big left wing Democrat, wrote that she would like to set up a all later on Thursday quote to discuss the can Actions on quota, under which her client would be prepared to testify. You know what just subpoena her she testify subpoena heard, to appear on Monday subpoena. Here first thing in the morning called a good idea called the other subpoena here, you either.
Appear or you don't appear, work did you hear a chap to say the committee should say you have now been subpoenaed you're mess around with our constitutional. Vice and consent power your message around with a Supreme Court nomination process. National around with Vietnam state Senate. That's enough! We're not going to be played this. By you, is the lawyers humor or the rest of them, peanut now either show up. I don't show up not they anything you have something to say now, come out in public and say it rather than have that my crabs, your large on your Sarah gets looking around and and. Painting and all the rest of it. Let's get to the bottom of it I'll be right back you wake up the morning feeling sluggish and have to drag yourself through your day. Do you feel blow but had tired and out of shape, eating healthy as a habit
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Levin now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steel of a non descriptive building. We once again made contact with our leader. Now it's on AIDS Oh everybody is me mark live in that he had to be me. My number eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one, three hundred and eighty one, one thousand eight hundred and seventy seven three thousand eight hundred and thirteen eight hundred and eleven, and so it is. Ladies and gentlemen,. Now so their negotiating on whether or not the accuser will be brought before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday
Her lawyer, Deborah cats, are well known, democratic, liberal hack, indicated Monday is too soon. I have a question for you, ladies and gentlemen, why seducer the control over A provision of this information was in the accusers hands. I don't understand. Watch too soon She wants a full investigation, certainly by the FBI, part of that an FBI investigation. Democrats her singing along like a course line right behind her because their manipulating the situation, obviously. If she wanted a full investigative Lex, think, let's just be rational human beings for a moment, ok, but the media. I get him out of your ear. Here's my question to you:.
A cabinet has been on this trump less for like a year more than there was a whole lot of discussion when Anthony Kennedy, retired back in June hats. Am I calculation three months ago, Cavanaugh was among those on the list of two three four he was, The one hundred consideration. Why didn't the accuser come for then more? She wanted to keep it silent. She didn't want anyone who now ok when she decided to come but she goes to her congressmen. And then to the Washington Post She wants to stop Cavanaugh from being on the Supreme Court or, if she wants, say, a full vetting of what took place
her allegation? That is why would you conduct yourself this way, while she repressed were suppressed her memory, while she's in full throat Attack but now I don't understand what happened between June in September, I mean we're talking about thirty six years. So what happened? between this June and this September that all of a sudden, she can't wait to talk. First, she didn't wanna talk now she once conditions before shall talk now there, in negotiations with the son, a Judiciary committee. What's a fair hearing and she wants to be safe and by the way Cavanaugh Life has been threatened to just so, you know, Kevin all put out a statement thirty minutes ago, saying I'll, be there Monday, my
Aiming character had been attacked. I intend to defend it that's what somebody says when they truly believe or know that their innocent. Now he's not going to convince a single democrat. Single want and by the way Corey Booker should reduce himself. Coy Booker is a concern. Roper, while he was only an Highschool, exactly that's what we're talking about here, so Corey Booker should refuse himself He should remove himself from this hearing because he's a confession. When he was a nice golly grope. Three. Just read his homework work, so he should be offered
maybe right now he should not participate in the hearings. It would be a an embarrassment to the nation to have Roper Corey Bucker on the committees involved in this much much Spartacus moment. No, it's not you idiot! You were you Gruber. And there is not even an allegation that guy there's a confession: this whole Yes tawdry and we, the american people on at the sit by and be spoon fed this stuff we just don't. I'm starting now my I don't know how many hours on this week for the last week before I left, we die the most of the show yesterday and we're dealing with it now we know nothing about Doktor Ford, and yet these democratic
mediately rushed to her side. Hollywood immediately, rushes to her side. What is Hollywood know about her? Absolutely nothing. Cavanaugh is the victim here. Cavanaugh is the victim Anita Hill, even wrote yesterday in her pathetic up bad that it is Cavanaugh that needs to persuade everybody that he didn't do these things it's impossible. Impossible for them to actually occur, I didn't throw were they started through my neighbors window, while you have to prove it in more hammers post approve. I didn't.
This is exactly why our justice system is built. The other way it the other way? This is why we Miranda rights. This is why you have due process rights. This is why, in our system, we When an enormous amount of time and resources in trying to make sure that people who are accused of things are actually guilty, we even create different levels of proof in the criminal manner. It's beyond reasonable doubt Beyond a reasonable doubt how beyond reasonable that an accuser who can remember almost, a thing. That's not beyond reasonable doubt: there's not a court in this country. That would accept that you remember the Duke Lacrosse Blair's right. You remember the ducal across borders
Virtually the entire nation, all the elite esteem, the professions, a Duke gilded guilty, guilty guilty as a result of the accusations. Every one of those kids was innocent. Everyone. In some cases it destroyed them forever, psychological and otherwise, that's why we have a system. We don't have a confirmation system that has been destroyed by the Democrats for the last three decades of a confirmation system You don't get to just a cue somebody, who has a long record of treating people with respect of collegiality.
A long career and then all of a sudden you step up. The hearing in Clarence Thomas his case after the hearing, in this case the eat. The pattern here that exists is pattern of the left and the Democratic Party and the radical cuts lawyers who are involved in this and other little left wing groups behind the scenes funded by Soros. I know exists, What's going on here, soda you we'll let the play along with this crap is possible, of course, that this accuser was molested. But I doubt very seriously by Canada. And if she wasn't, I don't know if she was not she's gonna have to come forward. Just a little bit more information, otherwise
it begins and ends right now, and so Mr Cavanaugh Has less rights than a serial murder mystery? but our has less rights? Lenny Cyril rapist, Mr Cavanaugh, has less rights than a terrorist because there's an accusation whether any substantiation or corroboration whatsoever. Can you imagine what a lawyer would do this accuser on the stand when you're defending client the gloves are off and the system expects the gloves to be off when. The court will- and I don't even think that would get the trial. I don't think it would get past summer. Emotions you're Alex.
Patients have to be supported with some level of credibility, with some substantial support. Now said. If the accuser we're on the witness stand by me. Cross examined by defence counsel,. Would you ll brandy be saying that El Granby saying that's not right,. Would the accusers lawyer, Deborah cats be safe? what's the rush. Would the accusers Laura be saying you can ask those kinds of questions. While the jury is sitting there watching and listening to all of it. And the judges sang saying the test. Here's beyond reasonable doubt.
Beyond reasonable doubt, how do you think this witness in there's a plaintive, slash witness? How do you think this point of slash This would do based on the information we have from the free press right now. How do you think this witness slash plaintive would do very, very poorly. Now. Imagine if you have that situation and the jury is forty nine percent people who have already declared in advance of anything that she's believable. Well, what would you have? It have a mockery. The Democrats on this judiciary committee collectively are a mockery, I'll be right back
company look cooks starting with Adam shift from the morning Schmo show, Joe Scarborough and make a Brzezinski. These too, of course, are the quit. The central moral couple enough said: cut forego The Doktor Ford should testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Monday, as she's been invited. I hope that she does because I'm afraid that what the Republicans on the and Judiciary Committee really want. Is they want her to go away. They dont want the country to hear from her and they want the country from the sooner the better. Who said they don't want to hear from her. Who, should they don't want to hear from her? Firstly, lawyers said she didn't want to testify
their negotiating terms, but give them create terms they I'll get to negotiate. Terms with the United States Senate. So a negotiating table to the Republicans don't want to hear from her atomic She didn't bring Europe during the course of the hearings, the public good. I want to hear from her. No other voice sounds like I'd love to hear from her oh you're, bully. Now what I said I want to hear from Monday sooner but well, you're a boy must be an all white man, though we get that crap go ahead, hear from her live on television. He is absolutely right. The f b I should do a thorough vetting of these allegations sees this guy. This guy is, is such a sleaze bar
Why did the F B, I do a thorough wedding of Hillary Clinton there's another female had could have had a thorough vetting with the espionage act and so forth, but not only in understand them allegations do not deserve a thorough, The allegations about Hillary Clinton campaign and the dose in those do not deserve a thorough vetting. But the allegations thirty six years ago, without specifics. And having nothing to do with actual federal law enforcement. Those deserve an FBI bedding Now you know what a schmuck their sky Adam shifted, go ahead We rely on hearing two conflicting accounts and decide. Well we're oak. It would not knowing we're ok with the fact that we might be putting a summit. Committed- attempted rape on the Supreme Court. The United States, so, where I see here we are world, They were putting somebody who committed attempted rape on the United States,
Supreme Court. It's so sickening so disgusting that this man, simply Cause the present United States He's trying to elevate him to the Supreme Court is put through this and treated like this. An atom shift is an ambulance chasing demagogue. Now he found an investigation, he can actually get behind. This is a soulless ignoramus go ahead to get to the bottom. And wouldn't take that want. When I gotta get to the bottom of this, you idiot we're never gonna get to the bottom of this, and if they. We're a court of law be thrown out, get to the bottom of what who did it How are you gonna get to the bottom of it go ahead? This is the same.
Now then waited a year to fill the last They can see the same crowd. They waited a year to fill the last vacancy. You see how the propaganda goes. They followed the Biden Obama Standard when they were senators and they made it clear that George W Bush must not dominate anyone for the United States Supreme Court and that Austria was term, so they turn around and Obama does exactly that. They want to replace the great Antonyms Scalia, whether liberal whatsoever. And because the Republicans didn't go along with it. Now, every single republican nominees to be blocked. Last time I checked this present in an office less than two years, so that the last year of his term of its first term go ahead Thracian on spring cord. So why this russian?
no rush. The question is: why did she wait a month and a half during the course of the hearings? Look, ladies and gentlemen, the Supreme Court is a big deal. And the United States Senate is not the plaything of the Democratic Party, the It states that it is not the plaything of professor Ford or her lawyers or George Soros. They ve got business to do they ve got things to do. We understand what the democratic? up to what it was near Obama leaving office, they wanted a ram, Homer Supreme Court Justice when the Republicans lose the Senate. They want to block the confirmation of a Supreme Court justice and they will do anything for power and a damn thing they can. They have back purple
they back the man who allowed a woman to die, they are back clansmen, it doesnt matter. They want power, they want to retain power. They cannot tolerate the idea that there may be another justice or the Supreme Court who actually wishes to follow the Constitution of the United States. That is unacceptable. These people are totalitarian and mindset. They are tyrannical. Can you imagine if they controlled everything? You wouldn't recognise that country. Right,
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Some of whom you know some of whom you doubt all walks of life. And I'm gonna continue. That kind of programming and content. But I am planning this Sunday on Life Liberty eleven on Fox at ten p m Eastern could do something a little differently. I want to talk about the Supreme Court and the cabin our case, The Supreme Court, which taken place of the last many decades, including in the confirmation process, and I have decided to provide information and video and so forth, and so on. That really has not been explained before memos that most of you, ve never seen before. And then related to what's going on today in the cabin our case, Let me call it now management there over Fox Zella. They'll, be fine weather, I'm sure I'm going to do a special. Let's call it that a spare.
Life liberty and live in one Sunday at ten p m you're. Not and I want to miss it because I have already been working on it in my own head in already been doing the research in preparing for Serbia. A different programme. We will get back. What I believe is a very important format that we created with life. Liberty and live in this along former interview programme, but it I'll just be me. So I've made that executive decision for my my management, friends, wayward fox and I'm sure we'll be fine with it. So dont forget. No it's Thursday, remember Sunday, life Liberty and live in ten p m Eastern now. Let's see here who do they want to get Chris calls he's a senator from Delaware? and he's on MSNBC today, and I want you to listen to what he has to say: cut five. Go there
back at how professor needed here, was treated by the Judiciary Committee, how many other survivors of assaults have been treated in this country on that she was a survivor of assault. We're. Evidence that she was assaulted. Whenever did Genie evidence that need a hill, was assaulted, that wasn't even the issue whether she was assaulted claim, which also has never demonstrated to be true for what's harassment. Go ahead is a regeneration and there is a completely understandable fear, hesitation to be put in the limelight and Miss cast, as some sort of she said. He said. I'm sure this is amazing to me manipulating this entire process there manipulating The propaganda you can't win you can only lose. Ok, we want to hear, from the sooner the better will then you're Bali she's, not ready, ok,
She wants to be heard. Well, she'll be Miss Caston. But she ought to be on TV, Adam ship said: listen, Allister go ahead. It is judged. Cavanaugh who's been nominated for a lifetime appointment on the Supreme Court, one of the most important roles in our republic in our constitutional order, and so frankly, the burden should more be on him to present witnesses, and you should. The burden should be a new to prevent witnesses to say no. I did not molest her when seventeen years old in high school. The burden should be on the accused now under what rational system is that the case? Because the left is nuts because their power. Because they want to sabotage this nomination really. So, let's say Chris Coon's, is accused of something is the burden on him. Given that fact, these are all white male.
This case is not about the history of women in society. This case isn't even about women in society. This case is about an allegation. But so far has had no substantial. Support of any kind, and I Said on their reports, the woman. I never spoke there. That is time too great, the greatest amount of political tumult and make it increasingly more difficult, For the present the United States to get his nominee on the Supreme Court, that's what it's about. It's not about what happened, the women and nineteen twenty one and so forth, and so on. And now we learn that the This is being vies by a democrat operative by democratic operative chief. I can find it here I'll find it.
And the break my heavy pile of information here he's been advised by democratic operative. So this whole thing stinks of politics, because its saturated with politics are let's take some calls felling. Let us go to Cindy Rossland Michigan Exam Satellite go right ahead. I'm a man I do not abide by professor. The address awakening in July that he just came back to work and she's doing what's duty by now. I am sure that year is applying one so closely. I would like to know why she didn't forward. Twelve years ago, Judge Can- and I was wondering
the circuit court, because she was suppressing her her memory. That's the argument either I don't buy that. One bad, you know Apparently she was suppressing it all the way up to July. Always joy, and now she wants to reveal what she knows Amazing to me, I would like to know your opinion, an obscure. Could I just thought of it? Do you think that all of these the anthrax and everything would be as bad as bad as it is with us. Son, just because mental election year I do actually I mean I, I think the Democrats would man, Perhaps, in a different way,
Yes, I do, I think they they believe they own the United States Supreme Court, and you have the nerve to understand why I mean they ve nationalized our social and cultural issues Their nationalizing immigration issues their nationalizing a lot of issues and by nationalizing Otto mean for the national government. The aggregate I mean by the Supreme Court Supreme Court's gets creasy more powerful. They want to push their agenda, the Supreme Court, whether they win elections or not they they can count on five six justices and that's their spin, their plan for a hundred years. That's what they ve been doing and are not about to give it up. So if they have Destroy cabin Allah, destroy cabin I'll, have to try and destroy Clarence Thomas, though destroying a robber Bork, destroy him, men, erectness, smarter, these guys are and the more faithful they are a text and the original meaning of the constitution and its language. The more There are the enemy, because
pessimism is the enmity of constitutional is. Thank you for your call. My friend. Let's see, let us go to Heaven. Newport Rhode, island a w p R. Vigo mark love. Your show great you know, hey! I wanted to draw a historical analogy in the last few months have been discussing how the president cannot and guided by any prosecutor or some state. I've been saying that the position, the United States Department of Justice for almost half a century. What I wanted to transfer that also to apply to Supreme Court judges or federal judges, It can't be harassed, I'd never think can be indicted in the distinction. Is you have one president, and if that president is forced by a single prosecutor to in the n potentially be imprisoned or to go to that
our process, or ought to be charged than the single prosecutors more powerful than all of the other branches. The government combined agree if you, if you charging a supreme any Judge Supreme Court Justice. Remember Congress, it's just not the same case. Ok, make sense of my friend. Thank you for your call, Gary Huntsville Alabama. How are you I'm well marked? Thank you for taking mark. You gotta daughter, my daughter and her husband, W Vienna and, by the way, the great affiliate there go ahead. That's right their recent graduates, universe about Anna LAW School, and they told me that this columnist, this RPF writer, is a communist They had him for constitutional. Why can't say that he is that, obviously, on the year but you'd tell me he's a leftist he's, a leftist.
Strong and inform yes, crows and ski. I believe his name is right. From the citizens cannot share? Kronos undiscovered yeah, so left us any any demonstrate said in his bed, which is a pathetic up ad, but notice. The New York Times gives lots of space for the cooks. You notice that they do Yes and I've told you about the history, the New York Times your regular listener, I'm almost every night and I've told you and the whole country about the New York Times in the record of the New York Times when it came to the Holocaust right. Yes, that the Holocaust they pushed to the back, It is to the extent they reported on it at all that, a censored photographs. They have since admitted this decades later
Then let me ask you a question Gary, if a newspaper in the teeth of the Holocaust with massive horrific genocide. Decides that it is going to protect its good name? trying to ingratiate itself with? elements in the United States that would find such reporting offensive or troubling how the hell it does newspaper remain the paper of record how the hell does that newspaper any credibility whatsoever, as is as usual, you have posed an excellent question and one for which there is no really you're right. The left has a high tolerance for everybody else's suffering. Have you noticed that may do my friend Thank you for your car. I love Huntsville Alabama, it's wonderful, wonderful town, we'll be right back!
have you noticed how incurious the media are about Doktor Ford? We noticed that MR bidders She is a professor, a average quality college. Where did she get the money for Lord may be eternal, money could well be the line to test was apparently taken. One of lawyers is office, whose idea was that. Are we don't believe an attorney client privilege anymore in this country? Your well know so with whom have her attorneys been colluding? which members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, which staffers on the Senate Judiciary Committee
haven't about his staff, which media types had they been legally to have. They been colluding with? Well, the media, in fact pursue any of this to your question. Is I'd like to know But they're not going to they don't wanna, know anyway, Just just look at them. Listen to them watch them their fools. In others in any an identity theft, protection company, that I've been telling you about since the beginning of this year, I hope you decided to use their stellar personal service, the company's my idea
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Let's see here, let's go to a couple, a cause. If we can. Brian Studio City, California guys, would you put the collars up. There would be very, very helpful that great care They are allay, go almost eleven. I faked predicament. Call you guys are you. I just wanted to tell you that perhaps we should go by the standards of well and they were the infinite wisdom of Nancy closely when she said when they passed Obamacare. Why don't we just past We'll find out, what's in it, what are they just confirmed cabin fever to find out how we rule and that their standard right not a bad point. My friend, it's always good to point out their hypocrisy because their dripping with my brother. Thank you for your car Scotty, New York, New York, the Great W b c go a marker. You don't work,
Can you know it's just sit amazing to see how low the left has gone. You know they won't go any lower that day in and I have members of Congress. Hey, I haven't our slogan, yet the people in Hollywood. With this entire cavanaugh, I mean market, it just doesn't end. People are disgusting and it just doesn't end No, it doesn't end is manufactured, gets worse by the day. Doesn't it None of us ever thought cabin I would be in this position. Did we know I'll, be right back
he's here now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven seven create one? one one right: how much more can you handle I think you can handle a lot more because being done to your country? First of all, the accuser doesn't get to set the terms for a Senate hearing
but let's go on just so. You can hear the kind of idiocy That is going on here. Let's go it Kirsten Joe Brain when she and entered a go ahead, I stand with her and is being bullied by this committee. It's out wages that this committee has not moved forward despite the rest of the world, Theirs in decades ago. They mean literally, are frozen in time, and not only should she be given the opportunity to testify what she has asked for. She's asked to cooperate, she's asked for an investigation, which is the minimum that should be afforded her. She will want to have. Covering what is assessed might use the full story can be justified to under oath, and so I believe her and with her on Monday. You hope I don't think she should be bullied into this scenario where they see said she said where many members of the committee have already made up their minds without the benefit
the investigation where its non partisan and objective, without the benefit of corroborating witnesses, being able to testify it's a sham hearing, and might I don't think she should participate in once want see it's a sham hearing. Ladies and gentlemen, it's a shame. And Jim Cost is more on a course. He wanted to be a sham hearing to I stand with her says Jill around she's being bullied by this committee It is outrageous that this committee has not moved forward despite the rest of the world. What does that mean they're stuck in decades ago, among other things, she's illiterate? so she's attacking men here, of course, their lives play frozen in time Why should she be given the opportunity to testify which he has asked for she's asked to cooperate,
She asked for an investigation which is the minimum that should be afforded her maximum that should be afforded her, She tears for an investigation, which is the minimum she will want to have the corroborating witnesses testify to so the full story can be testified to under oath, and so I believe her I stay with her. You believe what There has never been any testimony, there hasn't been any witnesses. Are U S, but as you sham yes, she is. Why don't you invite me is Elaborate on the programme, MR producer, I'm serious. You hope she shows on Monday do hope that she testifies trim Acosta, fair enough. I don't think she should bullied into this scenario, where to He said she said, many members of the committee have already made up their minds without the benefit.
An FBI, investigation words, not partisan and objective, and without the benefited corroborating witnesses being able to If I it's a sham hearing and I don't think should participate in it, see This is what it must have been like seriously. When the Soviet Union, when you're accused of something all the weight, all the way goes to the accuser. Ah, the benefit benefit. Doubt go to the accuser. The entire system is built for the accuser when comes to the Senate Judiciary Committee folks they sent it initiate committee and the Democrats and They have turned this entire process into a disaster, an ugly disaster.
This would be the same Congress that set up these secret ethics. Arrangements where they would use your tax dollars to settle their sexual harassment claims This is the same jeweller bran who testify. Arm in arm with Bill Clinton when it was to her and if it raising money and all the rest decided to throw overboard a year ago when she felt she would. This issue under the president. Then we have John Chair amending this guy's been a clown in California for decades noticed how they all say, the same thing and all sound, so stupid cut seven go just think about it. Women for decades have faced this situation. They ve always when they come forward with an accusation of assault rape. They become the victim in the hearing, and we ve got to put a stop to
women across this nation should be outraged and what these white men Senators are doing to this woman this when these a fair hearing as We women that shut up. You Eddie and all white man. As these white men are doing. Aren't you sick this here Daphne rule house, I myself as the go for a cabinet is a father It does have the young daughters, he does have a stellar reputation, so not surprise you that, if you were to get confirmed, Why do we not want to have this clown people say he's got an unblemished record this is a legal blemish either way, he's remaining silent and not calling for an investigation, listen
I've been accused of something that I didn't do that person coming forward has really set me up, waited till after the hearings and so forth, and so on. I'm innocent, but you know what I want to be browbeaten. Tat an smeared on TV, I don't get my good name back. Is that a? U clown? I think that's about it. I think that's about it. Then, of course, Hollywood supports stock afford they don't know our than ever matter. Does a man. Hollywood supports with actresses Julian more the long gory, of course America Ferrara Marie Chateau may
Gabriel Union and Amber Tumble in, and I don't know the half of them got nine go dear. Professor forward. Do Professor Ford, Dear Professor Ford, we know how difficult it is to stand at the powerful people like to thank you for publishing Gloria sexual map, as members of the Senate, determine whether screamer nominee bright red cabinet. Serve as a supreme of the more or less says. This context is credit. The behavior you described was wrong wrong and run directly counter to upholding never Maloney. He should not be confirmed. He should not. We confirm our wait. Wait a minute. There hasn't been any testimony. What about the corroborating witnesses? The jailer brand says exists. What about that? How does Gillibrand know their corroborating witnesses Have you and I heard about corroborating witnesses
I've scan all the recent media are not aware of corroborating witnesses. Are you had? Is Jill and other corroborating witnesses, cabin or should have been stopped before. The accuser was no I should be stopped now before this testimony. Ann. Cavanaugh should be stopped if there is testimony get the point. What's the point of this just go out, go out and hang on: that's it that's the beginning and the end of it I'll be right back Now, after a little bit of Hollywood, genius was produced by move on dot org, which of course, is the left wing radical, not job site.
They produce. No such thing, these Hollywood types for wanting to broader Ec Pollen cancelling Willie or a host of other women who were Bill Clinton, sexually molested. They didn't do it for Monica Lewinsky. So this is not an end in I don't remember Jellyband standing up for any these women. She was an adult at the time. I don't remember she so serious about this issue. I don't remember all those old white men, Democrats and all those all white men in the media standing up to you. Ladies and gentlemen. No, I don't know, I don't know these people, stupid and they're getting dumber by the day and they dragged down the country. They just do These people become senators
to that, because of our record orders alleging have you was is the first time you heard anything like that with respect to judge cabinet. Absolutely it's not the first time. I've heard anything like that. Friend of Christine forward, her name is Samantha gurry the first time. You heard anything like that with respect to judge Cabinet, she's being interviewed by Jim CASTOR that listened it. Our exchange cut ten go and do you know Abrek capital at all at the idea. I view with an acquaintance of mine in high school You have this reputation for excessive drinking. During that time, none and you are confusing him with Matt Lauer, go ahead, they speak to that because we're rocker borders alleging have you was the first time you heard anything like that with respect to judge cabinet. Absolutely it's not the first time. I've heard anything like
in terms of the community of women that I now and not regarding him bite those sorts of things when love you wanna things. It's been surprising to me as I've I'm involved unless, in the last couple days, is how many women of my class for it to me in this glass. There's inside. I had similar experiences in high school and this hit. Very deeply, and I bear out with a capital, but rather bang we're about with other boys in our community and. And we all feel that if Were in her shoes, we want to be taken seriously as well what what what what She has nothing to do a brick haven't, but they wanted to be taken seriously if we were in her shoes. Well, who's, not taking seriously it's her come back now. Thirty, six years later from July
To today, that is bizarre. It is their comments. By members of Congress. Who are exploiting this situation that our troublesome deeply troublesome. And I don't enjoy playing these clips. This is not what I think radio should be all about, but you have the year these people, you have to hear these people. I'm not making this stuff, but I do want to move on week. I mean if the college you wanted, you wanna talk about this stuff. We certainly can we will but the. But I want to talk about for a moment this crucially important election in Texas, and I have a few minutes a great gas coming up. My buddy Eric bawling. Isn't I right MR pollution.
I beat o or beta O Rourke. On his actual name, but that's what he wants to go by fine by me any is led by the liberals all over the country and are trying to get elected in the state of Texas because they figure thing getting a creep like this elected in the a Texas than they do anything. He is a left wing, of the Bernie Sanders cut. I listen to this at a town hall Meeting yesterday cut thirteen go That's it! So why are you so
policing is the new Jim Crow policing is the new Jim Crow? doesn't talk about individual cases. The cops are the new ball corners. I cannot believe eve that this guy Orourke is even anywhere in the stratosphere. When it comes to this election for the Senate and the great state of Texas he's a cop Haider, Luckily, smearing the cops in a state. When you look at Dallas all those cops murder that do you remember that America, all those cops murder that day. Look how irresponsible this language is not talking about criminals, rapist urge burglars robbers. Police officers then promoting the new, Jim, Crow.
Locally attacks them as a group. Luckily attacks them. As a group, This guy is celebrated in Hollywood is celebrated on tv, these days, institutions in Washington or pouring millions and millions of ours into his campaign? Billionaires left wing billing airs point millions and millions of dollars and news campaign. Any talks like this about cops, you're here only talks about Israel, you're here It talks about his own country, the United States. This guy's reprobate I've tried? I set it just another punk. Now black America. What you to hear what he has to say about you and illegal aliens- oh yeah, oh beetle, listen carefully!. Now he was in his remarks were made after a black American S, congressmen if he supported illegal aliens being given you a citizenship. Despite breaking
countries, immigration laws, listen carefully cut. Fourteen go. What is more, we were born in Roscoe, Texas or the state of Texas, or the entire country is prepared to work at this cottage fell but So therefore, we must have twenty million illegal aliens in this country Americans are lazy, you see pretty.
They poorer Americans. So, american citizens are not noble, their lazy. But illegal aliens they are noble and their hard working every one of them go ahead if people Come here, work jobs and build our economy. Let them get visas and come here and do it. Let them come legally. It's not as if we have any over a million a year. Stop putting down the american people, saw one town, Holly trashes the cops as promoting Jim Crow. All cops any treasures? The american worker It is not willing to work. Hence we need All these credit, there illegal aliens in that country every day. One of them is nobler than an american citizen taxes. Better wait there, how are they
back then a proud conservative, no ifs ends or blocked call Ian at eight hundred and seventy seven, three hundred and eighty one three thousand eight hundred and eleven. We all have been watching the the Formation hearings for judge Curve- and I think all agree to prime example of how some of the Senate abuse their power frankly make a joke. At a congress in general, now, if you're wondering how Congress is supposed to work, how it got this bad, then you need to take still colleges groundbreaking new online Free course Congress how it used to work, and why does hills del collar? peaches about our government in founding documents better than anyone
and because they have a mission that help preserve America. They turn their excellent class from teaching into online courses, and you can take them for free in this new course. You learn exactly what Congress should be doing and what it shouldn't, how I got to the state it it's an in it today and how we can start to restoring more constitutional congress, This is free to you, my listeners, when you. Register your reserve your place for when it launches on this week. So just go to Levin from Helstone back, come right now to register its free, so reserve your spot today, Levine for hills down come. Let's go easy. I hills, though, about com, and just reiterate what a tremendous honour was to speak at the hills Del event today, and tromp hotel in D C, which is a magnificent hotel. I mean a really is you really enjoyed at my wife and I there
I have a body haven't talked him in a long time. My fault, his name is Eric Bowling. He's got a brand new show he's out there talking about that's near and dear to his heart, and I wanted to have a modern tonight Eric. How are you my friend mark? Thank you so much rather beyond I'm doing great, I be lying keyboard. Doing my wife and I are just don't work more were making it were my or making it through mark. We are, but that's that's the new mission in life, how did you get some weird awareness out there and what people realise how how deadly endangers dangers this drug really is. Now we lost our son a year ago, last week as a year and to an action all the aid offered us. In the latter part of the year and to monitor you're in a month, or so, I've been on then advocated for creating awareness either real nice collaboration with the NASCAR race team number, fifty one every weekend on Saturday, Sunday, whatever NASCAR, necessary
wherever they are, that we can do this. I am to erase all believes that calm logo that's running around attract for three hours being seen by So that's that's my new life mission, but I also feel allowed the politics Marcel whereby go. We talk a lot of politics too. You know what Eric the nation as well the nation Heard what you and your wife went through, and it was a collective gasp and people are going through this every day. And I have a question. I ask you and if it's it's not to be prairie- and I just want to know Don't want to understand how to parents cope with this. It should get you always heard about her bill phone call. The late night phone call out
So the great kid creates didn't software University of Colorado, never following this. Would it would knock on our door? He don't you go to a depth. Statute is indescribable. I mean you think he'd doorstep with us They happen to multiply it by a million in yours you're, starting to scratch the surface out of the way. You feel at that moment that we are driving all from a restaurant. The phone rang, and I put myself only about ten thirty night, which concerns me. Young man in in a panic, saying you have a small and call Eric right away this apartment, I called up there and look at girl answered and she was crying- and I should just went right there to Kaylee. Clearly be alive, and that was my only questions. She finance herself tat. Now my world changed.
Tell us about the opium Oda epidemic. What America can do about this? Maybe you're hooked up with NASCAR anything else. He hour working week. We will try to depreciate who were involved in their clothes and also the NFL, as is looking to get involved in and present. Tromp has had me to the White House imparted there. Oh good awareness portion on their website, and so I do a lot of speaking in everything. People have. Mark on you know me for a long time I would never lie and unfair to force a day is long. People in approached me of special interest groups: pharmaceuticals. We get in Bali be our brand, a bastard drawing a gazillion dollars? Happy- and I say now, I'm doing everything I do. I do for free, because I did it's gonna pure immense itself. I speak A lot of groups who speak a lot of young people at sea packet, turning points you say and elsewhere. I think I am going to speak at helstone. Another state
coming up in a messy I leaned over this past year, and I hope that in parliament permission to other people don't have to go through. This, for two messages, one for the parents, I'm think their kid could never. It could never touch them to their kids too. Smart! You good looking to Atlantic to popular to wait. Two black to eat me straight to the boy to grow, to assistance to whatever its ever have a touch their their children. It will and it does, and then you have to have a conversation with them before it does have a lot of times after and the kids kids really up to understand. The sisters happened. As one girl, can kill their chase, but I am the annex on campus that he thought was a postscript. I assume he got his prescriptive xanax and it wasn't a Chinese knock off in had sentinel anyone in any died, so one can kill Sylvie I could kill men away. Yet it you think it's gonna be ok, it's just my thought. They might be less than you do. You know
Eric bowling. My friend, you know an agency Reagan used to say just say no and they mocker and they marker I mean it is, as I say, no isn't it tat they would cause you. Don't lady, more marked any old. Ninety percent of the federal laws produced by China's come interrupt southern borders coming to our male system. Dealers are getting your handling, because it's it's pumping up the strength of of drugs that there could be more more kids are starting to experiment with, and you just don't know what's in these. Thank you just don't know today that it is hard as we try as much as we put up. You know that the fight against the oil, ok, I just still gets through. So people really need understand how dangerous is about, but three thing about saw assault, Shaker three grain, granular grains assault that much bent and I'll get killed. Two hundred palm mail,
is there a website. If people want to contact, you follow you or follow what you have to say: work is there some where they can go so Mark weren't immediately after happen. I turn my twitter page and I am the only one who annulled my twitter, so I turned it over to this. So this cause we have so many people waiting in from both sides from attitude, eating house and people who have helped to offer, or we had a lady couple. We see oh, come on my website saying I'm pray, you kill myself, who they can't take it anymore, and I certainly not my website on my twitter account just hang in there and I say again but help her out and she was overwhelmingly supported and ideas and things to do in numbers? The call and she call back like that- there's got hit us back up the cowboys later and she said you know that was
even our point. So if we can do more more than my twitters Eric bowling just with no stay from between deal elegy and it's really become a clearing house for for information and then in getting helps out. That's that I am now you doing some fun stuff to see our tv tell us about that. So I was given a speech. A match laughed at sea pack call me is a key challenge. Your story, cheap, Agnes, had met the gps, it s all about politics. If you really want to help you, I think I may have gladly do it any idea of a hunch about something and sure enough. I did the speech and afterwards overwhelmed by adjust was groups were literally hundreds of people standing around me predominantly young people who wanted to talk about opiates.
Can it be doing that and a meteor row at sea backing in extending from the sheer tv and, as you know, presidency or tv guest money. He pulled me size. The hate now I think I'm here to do- shall have you to get back in again and so what you want to do- and I said, love to do now- a politics, but I always want to be able to talk about the obvious, and at sea or tv mark you are the first one their number. You know that it is the phenomenal network of conservative voices. They really kind of late you'd, be yourself and sell. Yes, what I've done for for about three months now, it's all over the country, access, Florida, Louisiana, South Carolina North Carolina. We just got back from. We interviewed Glenn back in taxes, never spent three days in LAS Vegas. I just get up the plane in LAS Vegas from LAS Vegas, and we did. I am a full our exe.
Oh using what we think there, what we get started, answering questions about what really happened at the Mandalay they massacre one. You know coming up. I covered. There was a phenomenal our law enforcement first responders eye witnesses that people over There- I add a conspiracy there I think two tree shooters at some point, even think. With mentioned baby, ices has involved, but we were in the mayor came out, and so we we spent the hours debating dismantling what what what happened- and hopefully we answered a lot of questions so but that's cool thing about charity one more people come much me might appear to be a big o. You may mark within go yet he had not show behind that you, you know achieving tv- and you are almost anonymous- people love it tell we. I thank you for that, but Eric. Now, if you work very hard, Billy, throw yourself and everything you do. Your show is absolutely fantastic.
And if people want to check it out and go to see our tv dot com check out Eric Bowling, just click on the his show really call America right? You can't go America without Erika Middle. That's true! like an end. Let me just say this to you: you are inspiration, you're, an absence. Inspiration every parent in this country, and one final intended in armed and then people call me an export ban all goods, and I said something I never want to debate in which I wish I was, but he appeared to do. So I very special, I dont know your wife giver all my best from me and my wife and The Levant I tat there are again Dagmar thank you and your wife allowed her she's, a lovely woman in all your family. Just so awesome. Thank you promoting our really.
You know what I mean to have you back once every month. How would you like that? I would love that now your door, there's gotta, be great and you gave us an update once every month you got a brother you take care of yourself. I got Bless MR producer. Please put that in the schedule, The remarkable man remarkable parents and name they suffer. I'll do many of you out there. You listening. I know you do. I know, there's a lot of work. Well anyway, we'll be right back. Well,
the good man at every Boeing. Our time is stronger than I am and we'll have back many times, and you know what I was looking at a peace on this Democrats they're from Hawaii at the free Beacon Apparently she receive money from Tom Carper and Tom Carper had admitted to wife abuse. Isn't that destroy us? Listen and they was helping various campaigns in Democrats Senator this, this woman who attacks men left and right. She she received some money from. The lid media didn't go on and on about how she's a hypocrite and how she has some issues because she accepted that money, then Another story about
Our friend, Rhonda Santas Non Political has said that his campaign it received some money from some guy who made a racist, vile, racist hateful, come after the fact Now the truth is a lot of these campaigns. They re Milly raise millions and millions of dark dollars and they don't know everybody whose donating to them, but I can guarantee the democratic senator from Hawaii. What's her name, yeah, and I really don't remember she money from a fellow senators, so she knew about Carper, but the day This campaign worries running for governor of Florida. He has no idea who this cookies, but look at that this difference in the coverage politico. All but says that look at this dissent as he is a race issue here,
Only did he say monkey up. Not only did he say, articulate and stuff like that, but now look at this is campaigning. Money from this guy was making a racial car slurs. Excuse me. On the other hand, this democratic sent from Hawaii takes money from my colleague who admitted That is why, for something like that, no big deal whatever they when he worried about. The scientists is a terrific man as an have a racist bone in his body and he's a combat veteran. And in Ivy League school groups, who Harvard LAW School. Was an outstanding member of Congress. And so now they have to destroy him. You see, but it only gonna work
Because he's running against a guy who's, another left wing, Bernie, Sanders Coke, say coke a mayor about Tallahassee he's leftist will destroy the state. In a recent events are proven to us all again the importance of preparation and once the car the impact was known for Hurricane Florence. We all The pictures of empty store shelves cleared a basic foods and war at What you want to face when an emergency eventually strikes in the area where you live folksy need a plan for survival. Like food storage and water, filtration. That's not a militia thing, it's not a crazy thing. It's reality. Section from disasters, survival tools, here's what you get those things rely on my patriots supply, my patriots supply. They ve helped hard work
Americans prepare and become more self reliant forward decade there. Hundreds of items, including emergency survival, food, kids and gravity power, water, filtration systems, at my patron, supply dotcom. That's my patriot supply dotcom could be it We're going for Hurricane mass of floods, forest fires in earthquake I bear attack. Shutting down our power grid could be a lot of things. For all these emergencies and more shop at my patriots, supply dot com to prepare, no more rushing define empty store shells because you're too late Relying on people from Washington on your door to help you it's not gonna happen. What now and sleep well tonight Gerda a patriot supply dotcom. That's my patriot supply Dotcom, MR producer. My computer has failed me give me the name of a tremendous collar police.
William in Georgia. On the mark, Levant be tremendous. Go more marked, Mark fantastic! Listen, yet you boy, just amazing guy. I tried out everything through there there is a. I object was hard work hey I ground, but the term Like all, I just got a question: what are the consequences for all this Mckenna? you're that you ve got a girl that may make accusations, the Red Cross, and she said did she get reprimanded? What are the consequences for all this stuff? I just think you have a political party, Democrat parties, not just this. It's it's other strategies within our culture and our society, where they our politically burning things down. Destroy literally destroying them and
These are people, and this is a party that rejects traditional Americanism. And if you tell them that they act, you know that in bunches about it. Well, I don't know why that's what they're doing. They are destroying our education system there, destroying our sovereignty at the border. They undermine our military, undermine law enforcement. This is a very, very evil force, that's been imported from philosophies of of Germany, Hague. Marks and their thereof Ladies and gentlemen, we salute all you heroes out there and we really do appreciate all you do, and I want to thank you. My beloved audience will be here tomorrow, God bless you.
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