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Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 9/21/18

On Friday’s Mark Levin show, don’t fall for the New York Times’ Rod Rosenstein trap. The details of this story make it look like a strategic leak from someone in the Justice Department to the New York Times. Why was this story leaked now? It was leaked now, to prompt President Trump to fire Rosenstein and blow up the entire Brett Kavanaugh hearings, to have Republicans running for the hills, and to create chaos just ahead of the midterm elections. It's possible that this may be from the Andrew McCabe memo’s and may have been leaked by McCabe or the Special Counsel's office, which has the McCabe memo in their possession. Then, the Democrats are ready to impeach Brett Kavanaugh when he hasn't even been voted in yet! The Senate Judiciary committee has imposed a deadline of 10:00 pm Friday night for Christine Ford to appear and testify on Monday otherwise the scheduled vote will take place on Monday as planned. It's concerning that women are presumed to be victims and men are presumed to be perpetrators.

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Now run only underground than the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We have once again made contact with our leader, everybody mark living here. Our number eight seven, seven, three one, three, eight one, one, eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one: ok, I'm glad you're here not to get do today, but we're going to start, what Cavanaugh we'll get to that later, but with this near I'm story- and I want to remind you- the New York Times has been so sloppy Oh dishonest, so unfair national over the last many months and years. Nicky Halley Curtain Gate scandal, which never
suggested to anonymous and all the rest of the New York Times has an agenda. You must keep them in its reporters. Have an agenda. And I know the media hate when people like me, called But they are truly appalling. So, let's begin this, you and I like detective, To figure out what's going on here, because I think a lot of people, including conservatives, have this upside down. New York Times rose and steam suggested he secretly record tromp and discuss twenty fifth amendment by Adam Goldman and Michael Schmidt. I'm no fan of either of them. The deputy attorney general rod rose and steam suggested last here that he secretly record President Trump and the White House to expose the chaos consuming the administration, any discuss, recruiting cabinet members to infer the twenty fifth amendment to remove Mr Trump from office for being on.
Now, let me tell you what I hear that sentences inaccurate I dont know this. I wasn't in the meeting. I have not seen any memos it's my understanding that the twenty fifth amendment was not raised by Rosen staying alive. This issue of taping secretly Presently, the United States was a response, a sarcastic response to my cape, their debt the FBI director Mackay, had such a hate on four trump. He was demanding, demanding. They lay open a broad investigation, a president Trump now more on this in a minute. Mr, Those instead made these suggestions in the spring of twenty seventeen, when MR trumps firing of James call me as a pr director plan-
the White House into turmoil. Did the New York Times he's our so called reply over the ensuing days, the President divulge classified intelligence to Russians in the oval office Relations are marriage that Mr Tromp had asked Mister Commie to pledge loyalty. An end, an investigation into a senior eight. This is left wing coop propaganda. This paragraph should be rejected and dismay By all serious Americans, but it goes on. Mr Rose and steam was just two weeks into his job. He had begun overseeing the Russia Investigation and played a key role in the present. His dismissal of Mr Comin. By writing a memo critical of his handling of they Hillary Clinton, email investigation, but mister steam was caught off guard women. The Trump cited the memo in the fire when it began telling people he feared he had been used, and I doubt that for a second
but let's continue. Mr rose and steam made the remarks about secretly recording Mr Trump and about the twenty fifth again, that is at issue. In meetings. In conversations with other Justice Department, FBI officials, there were least seven individuals in this meeting, including Mackay LISA page. And rose and steaming LISA Pages notes. Just so you know, there's no reference to the twenty fifth amendment. None I'll, explain several people, described the episodes insisting on anonymity to discuss internal deliberations, and this is of course, the way the media work together. The people were briefed. Either on the events themselves, so they were briefed on the events. They weren't first hand,
or on memos written by FBI officials, including Andrew GMO Cave than the Acting bureau director. That document of Mister Rosier Stiens actions and comments widely understood that this was leaked by them, a cape camp and it's the Mackay memo or was leaked by the special councils office as they have the MC cave memo and Mister Weiss Barrack, Andrew Weisberger. The deputy, Mr Mulder, is a rabid, leaker, rabid, leaker, complete sleaze, ball. None of MR rose and steam proposals apparently came to fruition while they come to fruition because he didn't intend them. Fruition, I'm no special pleading for Rosen's dean. You fully know that I was the first hour among
first to call this man out, but we're trying to figure out what's taking place here in a lot of conservatives, are falling off. The clip stupidly just stay with me, It is now clear how determined he was Rosen Steen about seeing them oh. It's not clear though he did Thomas Kay that he might be able to persuade attorney general just sessions and John F Kelly than the sector, homeland security and other white house. The staff to man and effort to invoke the twenty fifth amendment. The Justice Department there Mr Rose and steam denies this twenty fifth amendment stuff completely leaks. Suggestion show how Mr Rose and Stiens now listen to this state of mine in the Oriented days that followed, Mr Cummings Dismissal,
Sitting in MR trumps interviews with prospective FBI directors and facing attacks for his role in commies firing, MR role Einstein had an up close view. The tumult Mr Rosen, Jeanne appeared conflicted regretful, an emotional according to people who spoke with him at the time, isn't an interesting. So so it's an attack on rose instinct and of the near times. No. Why would they do this? You should detectives had here we go Mr rose and steam disputed this account Nick I was a story, is an accurate and factually incorrect. He said in his statement. I will not further comment on a story based on the amount of sources or obviously biased against the department nor advancing. Our own personal agenda. But let me be clear about this, based on. Personal dealings with president, there is no basis to invoke the twenty fifth amendment. Justice
I've, been spokesman also provided a statement from a person who is present arose and steam proposed wearing a wire the person who had not been aiming the remark but said Mister rose and steam made it sarcastically, but, according to other to describe as comments Mr Rose and still not only confirmed that he was serious about the idea, but also followed up by suggesting that apply Patients who were interviewing to be the bureau's directive can be secretly recording Mr Trump Mister Mc Cave It was later fired from. The FBI declined to comment now that is precious by we'll go on. Is memos, have been turned over to the special council investigating whether trumpets so Its conspired with Russia's election interference that smaller according to a lawyer for Mister Mc Cave. Some of those memos remained at the FBI. The time of his departure and light generate. Many eighteen, the lawyer, Michael Bromwich, set of his client is known,
of how any member the media obtain those memos This was either leaked by my cabin his people or Mahler, and his people like Weisberger, know, what's going on here, media Conservative commentators, tv radio said mister rose and steam must be fired by the present. The United States immediately. Finally, under my minded in energy Irma, they must be fired immediately.
Now, ladies and gentlemen, why was the sleek I was asleep now think it through? Why was this leak? Why was this lake now in the meeting the aggressor demanding a full fledged criminal investigation against the present? The United States was nigh Rosen it was my cape and anonymous sources. Tell me that it was my cape, whose temperature,
Was rising in the meeting who was insistent the deputy FBI wreck? It was my cape. After call me was fired, who is demanding a full fledged criminal investigation. And it was rose instinct in response who sarcastically said: yeah, ok, I'll, wear wire next time and with the president will intervene and so forth, and yet they deny The twenty fifth amendment ever came up. So after the meeting the cape right, most to himself as his former boss, the unethical dishonest James Commie, did Self serving member he brings up the twenty fifth amendment he's furious that the present the United States fired his friend and boss comin,
turns out there not so friendly right now for different reasons. Now, why is this going on and there's another fact. That's quite interesting that we get to in a moment. So wise is going on. I'll tell you one of the reasons I think it's going on is because. The cave in the others want the president now to fire rose and still not after the election. But now. And they think we are so stupid. We concern is that we will be put Seeing the president immediately based on MC leaks or the league. Of his self serving memo, did the disgusting At times. They think we're gonna take the bait. They think we're gonna bite the hook and demand that the present and immediately fire rose and seen after a look. What the New York Times says, which of course can't be trusted, look
Mackay memo says which of course, can be trusted, so president, must fire Rosen Steen immediately. You see. Immediately specially before the primary law Excuse me the mid term elections. Which would ensure that you would elect seventy more Democrats In short, the president's impeachment this is how conniving these people are. Why didn't they like this five months ago? Why didn't they like this ten months ago? They liked it now. Forty five days
the mid term elections because they know the present United States may well fire sessions. He may well. Fire rose and steam may well fire others. Hillary Clinton even mentioned it she's, not particularly bright, but they want the present. The fire rose and steam. Now too, but the entire cabinet hearings to have Republicans running friend for the hills, complete, create complete chaos in the report for the Republican. Among the Republicans in the mid term elections even worse, that currently exist. That's what's going on here. But I want to mention something else that isn't even on anybody else's radar. This also tells me why rod rose and staying appointed, a special council he
never have appointed a special council. You violated in his own department rules. There was no criminal predicate, but he was being pressed by the deputy director. The FBI investigate criminal, investigate criminal, investigate criminal And rose and stained being the coward that he is he just Look I don't want my finger prints all over this stuff. I got the deputy director. The FBI, pounding the hell out of me that there is a criminal pretext, you're out. What it is I got shot. And the Democrats demanding that I appoint a special council. I've only been here a few weeks. You know what our appoint a special council a wash my hands and that's what he did.
And that's what he did now. We know why he did it this guy, my cape, this guy Mackay, appears to have been at the middle of everything with stroke with page with call me. And with rose and stay I'll be right back learn american media II terrorists are riding again on the Gaza so you might want to get your anti semitic hate juice propaganda already
In any event, the special council offers. Andrew Weissmann even has more reason to link this information. They have absolutely nothing on the President, United States. They're trying to push their agenda, they are therefore reason and one reason only to write the report in hopes of impeaching the president with a democratic Congress, so these special councils office listen to me clearly on this forget about the other. Listen to me would like nothing more than the present the United States to fire rose and steam to claim that he is truly obstructing an investigation trying to influence their investigation. And then write it up has effectively. As an Watergate, a Saturday night massacre of sorts of which is to set up of the president.
In some of the dam falls in the media who claimed to be conserved, are falling fort, oclock sinker the near ties. Why wouldn't theory? to this, the New York Times, an ally, the presently known state. Of course. No, of course not does the New York Times tell the truth. Ask Nicky Helen. Ass, the survivors of the Holocaust he's a pages in the meaning. She never writes a thing about the twenty fifth amendment.
People the Justice Department saying the meaning. There were seven of them, including Rosen Stena Mackay, the twenty fifth amendment never came up, and it was my cape who was pressing pressing for a criminal investigation against the present. The United States throws instead, the coward who buckled to it, but my Cape Tis memo me special counsel has it they'll eat. It now think about these things, because you got to try and get in the shoes of these very devious people. What are they trying to get it here? The trying to get it the present all the time to trying to destroy his administration. All the time Many of you are not going to agree with me, but the president must not fire rose and steam, certainly not prior. The mid term elections, that's what they want, that's what they want, that's what they want,
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I'm going to start cooking, fresh fruits and vegetables. So let's not pretend just get one for a cup of fruits and one for a cup of vegetables. Every day with field of greens, gotta brick House, Levin, Dotcom, brick House, L, easier. And dot com offer code. Levin then make conservatism, great again, dialing now eight seven, seven, three, eight one: three. Eight one one. You know the special council, office has to be laughing about now, They have absolutely nothing on Trump leaving, see. They really can question about obstruction of justice, make and bring charges against a sitting president, his lawyers, appear to be very, very sharp, they're, not gonna. Let the special council,
manufacture, a crime against the presently United States through trickery and deception in their desperate. They are desperate, as is became desperate. He could be charged one day. With offences involving his lying, investigators within the Justice Department, Like nothing more than to create a whirlwind: a whirlwind controversy around this president. Those who claimed to support the present. The United States. And yet demanded he fire Rosen's dean. Now before the mid term election, you are his worst enemy. You are his worst enemy, you will play right into the game here you want you're a massive democrat election during the mid term elections.
You will ensure the president's impeachment. I'm Vince. This is a set up. This is exactly why they use the pages of the New York Times, two clown. Reporters Adam Gold, men and Michael Schmidt, I'm convinced of it. There was nothing else, makes any sense. Use your own logic. The New York Times run with this story. Why would this leak occur now? Why would it occur now. Why did this happen five months ago, ten months ago? Why did it colonel. She part of that give away until three, four, it's the fifth paragraph where they trash Rosen steam. They never trashed Rubinstein before they never trashed him. Before
Why would the New York Times trash roses because they want. You folks, to read it and say: yes: I rose and steam. We already know Rosen Stiens a car. We already have a number of issues with rose and stained I've been talking about since day one, but why is the New York Times doing this? All of a sudden. Why this information all of a sudden, because they want the president of the United States to act now, so they can then trash him. That's why they want to take him out. You gotta remember the end game here. This is what they want. They want the Democrats this an office in the house in the Senate. They want the present the United States to face impeachment.
They went constant controversy swelling around the present, the United States? It doesn't right now in this article. But if he does, as some people are advising him in the media, at giraffe, firearms can we matter ass, perfect every he's these detective novels idle rhythm, you ever watch movies, detect a movies that sort of thing that's exam we have. These things are shut up watch like an ocean jade or in oceans. Eleven that sort of thing you ever watched these done it will raise Uganda, who done it play wound
We thought that look, how they said that that's the kind of minds that you have to have when you look at an article like this, you can't just walk into a bus or accept this look at this. Ok, look at it now this makes sense to you. Why would the New York Times run with the story. Which was. I will lead to the New York Times from the Mccain memo that Mackay Pears and that the special council, her talking about, rose instead, such negative terms. Why would they be doing that all of a sudden, because their desperate. The investigation is going nowhere. President didn't do anything. In it all over tv than my favorite cable network rod rose and stained suggested that he where a wire brought up the twenty fifth amendment. They deny bringing up the twenties
the he said the rest of it was sarcastic because Mackay get pressing and pressing and pressing for criminal investigation Mackay right now. Whose under criminal investigation for line is a desperate man Special council, despite all the media, building up the special kumar these guys there. Nobody, like ten foot Tall Viking, no they're, not their little weasels. Their little weasels may have nothing on this president. Nothing has he didn't do anything So they want to get him on the Koran close process crime, even though they can, Hard they can write it up with a big headline in a report for impeachment and we'll be on defence will be on our heels, Bobby this mass of blue wave election present United States will be charged
Sir Representative, you notice how it either. Reporters are denied their giddy about this. And look at shoe me Michael Schumacher, president, better use this as a pretext to fire rose in Spain. Humor says something like that: what does he say that they would be thrilled at present? What fire rose and right now right this minute, and they now But if shimmer says that the present we'll be upset that tumors trying to tell them what to do. It's all set up. Rosen, steamship going go after the alike. If that's what the present wants to do the elections. Forty five days away, this is a complete set up. The New York Times may cave and or the special Council office the time
means everything its everything? I want you to think back and remit At present, the United States is elected. James Commie is aided by the left, hated hated, the media hated by the Democrats in Congress. What does the president do? He fires, comin. Now tell me is loved by the left, the media and the Democrats, and they use to attack the presence of the United States, They use is firing as a claim of obstruction of this is absurd, as I did, they turned on a dime and the entire thing around call me was hated now commies an angel now Is the greatest man has ever served in public office? He celebrated on the interview shows he celebrated on then light night shows a celebrated by the media. The mandate.
They just seconds before, is now celebrated or what the hell do. You think, happen here? What do you think would happen here? Look rose extended, look at what dear, oh, my god. He was prepared to wear a wire. He talked about that for the moment, and he was sure it. He was going to consult with Avenant members, while he did goes up We never brought up the twenty fifth amendment, and though Mackay may put it in his memo in his self serving member to use another day. He said I'm, a rossa of the FBI. Just like call me sit in a meeting with the guy. They leave They take self serving notes. The recording in a true sleaze, boss,.
Now. This is not in any respect, a defence arose and steam. Please do not misunderstand Rosen steam, buckled and appointed a special council without any kind of criminal law. Requisite violated the Department of Justice rules. He's conflicted that he recommended that call me be fired, she can really be a witness and in charge of an investigation at the same time, but there you have it, but I'm Talking about any of that, I'm talking about this this and all through the media, including on our feet cable channel is just being regurgitate it all over again reach line by line under the New York Times like somehow the New York Times is the Bible. The New York Times is paper that belongs at the bottom of a bird cage. They have an agenda
Their agenda and authorities and Fortys was the cover up the Holocaust, and their agenda today is to cover up the worst, the worst political scandal in american history involving federal law enforcement, involving federal intelligence agencies involving the bicycle. Involving the Russians. We ve never seen anything like this in american history. Never but media in on it, because most of sources linked to the media, there protecting their sources and they are the same agenda to take our trump and then Times is number one and trying to take our trump. Don't let them feed you arguments and
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see what you folks thinking out there. Let us call Frank I see a pencil. They need a great w phd go. I am I thank you for taking my call mark, I think you're spot on. I think that this is certainly a set up on me. Last week, the New York Times printed up, from from an unknown source or unknown likely. That was just a smear trump. And what really worries me is. There is clearly collusion between a Democrat Party, the media establishment, It is well- and I dont know if a Democrat Party the media, the media's henchmen or the Democrat Party, but were really scared. Martyred people have power, and then these people in positions of influence And I mean the fact that there are playing these games
clearly, a game is almost more frightening to me about that than it even is about them going after trunk, because both drop is gonna, come and go, but these folks, and and this whenever we want to call it deep state- is for real and that's what would put were me. The big picture concern is, is what is going on here. You know what you have said so concisely is so right on in your idea. The progressive staves had conquered one institution after another. You ve got this mass of administrative state that we ve taught them and this programme. Since I've been on this program, I've written about in several of my books. It is the permanent government, that's why we have this fight right now and the supreme, but which will get to next sorry. They believe they have a right to a permanent control over this
court. So in the end for the left elections, don't matter you elected president, like tromp, your, like Republicans, thy house in the Senate, as feckless as the House and Senate, has they have no intention of other handing the baton governance over to conservatives. Republicans have no intention of doing it whatsoever, so they have built this this this this this, administrative stay. They views the courts to nationalized numerous issues to have the, quote final, say on on political souls, A cultural issues and this. Taken a hundred years to get here, and this is why talk about the convention of states or not five because, honestly, Frank, I don't know what else to do about it. They are implementing a permanent, like you say, bureaucracy, and without the convention of the states I mean look what they are doing to somebody like Judge Cavanaugh, who, in a heartbeat I know I'm getting ahead of you.
Be had sixty five females, who knew who are our knew him well enough to put their names on a piece of paper to say no way the sky. We also have the Democratic Party and I don't want to get too far afield- look- would keep Ellison the number two. He's doing and everybody knows report and by the way did you see the Paul among Democrats in Minnesota, who said only five percent said they cared ended dead and that doesn't surprise me. It doesn't surprise me, actually among the left, because to them morality is, there is no objective. Morality what's wrong. Receive Keith Alison is the right kind of abuse there. What what do you do what would you do you know? What do you do in your life? What is you- and I do so mark you- I talk to you about two years ago when I was a school principle. And you told me not to make a big, as is now the other, I'm actually I'm actually through. I left the I left administration went back to her back to the club
come on you're, a terrific students are very lucky. I could tell your pretty sharp dude asked Margaret. I try man, I'm just you know what I'm concerned about the country, and that really is is my. Deep concern- and I see what's going on and I see how we- the people have really been marginalized by this permanent state and I'm I'm I'm grateful for tromp I hold comes as a thing and you know I'd and then, and as far as trunk goes, it is so important the we have an individual in the White House right now, who's trying to Take this up This is why he is under attack. He's trying to shape a shake up in trying to shake it up. He's doing so many things that print. Conservatives should be embrace you locked, embrace everything, but He's doing so many things, many more things in a job Bush would have done or cases what I've done or that a list of of candidates.
And we really should be celebrating his efforts instead, he's fine, These people on the left he's fighting. We regard action against. Never Trumpery, he is under a sought by the criminal system for absolutely no reason, it's Chester. Just really rather shocking frank. I want to thank you for your kind. I wish you the best the teacher job
Baltimore, Maryland Ex am sad. I go a mark great you talk to you again, brother. Thank you, John Mark up in a law enforcement for fifteen years, and I think all this is being ass. Smoke and mirrors. The New York Times story about rose, Mistaen wearing a wire is be ass. The leaking playing is bs is kind of like Keynes mutiny. They want tromp to think that his own people or a capping, and that his own people are, after all, they want him the fire Jeff sessions. They want him. The fire rose mistake they would love this, like you said. But she doesn't take the baby day strong. I think he's gonna be able to survive this in an here's. The thing John. There can be a time to remove these people put in whom everyone's, but they want do it now they want to do it now, so they can come down, it's a complete set up.
I know exactly what's goin on here, so do you so does so does Frank. I jarred thanks. Calm and be safe. At their frank, a policeman, we'll be right back If you have a moment, I want you all to go to brickhouse, Levin dot com just go there and click on the buy now button. So you can read the reviews over one thousand two hundred and five, I reviews I might add, but this one caught my attention from Steve in Denver, I'm upset with mark because he's got me hooked on field of greens what a great product! Thank you, brick ass for your amazing product and great customer service. I may monthly subscriber and I won't live without it, and you're welcome Steve and subscribing smart. You save money that way. Field of greens is made with real USDA organic fruits and vegetables and helps boost your immunity using antioxidants, probiotics and probiotics, plus they are
for a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee or your money back, go to brick House, Levine, dot com, our call, eight three three ring be age and get fifteen percent off your first daughter with Promo Code Levin, that's brick, house, L, av iron, dot, com or call a three three ring be H. N promo I would love in now run only underground in the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader, everybody Mark Levine. Here our number eight seven, seven, three, eight one, three, eight one, one, eight seven, seven three one The eight one one well.
The Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee have offered the accuser, Doktor Ford. A Wednesday hearing should be questioned female attorney and she would go first. They said no, her lawyers. The hearing has to be Thursday, the senators have the question. Ann Cavanaugh goes for now the arrogance of her left wing, Democrat Cook, legal team. Is really quite remarkable. Is it not have you ever heard of a witness her witnesses dictating the nature of a hearing, the date who gets to question home and who goes first fever heard before
Now she waited in the wings. Having talked to the Washington Post, her congresswoman Senator Feinstein. She's, the one who held back and now. Having said she didn't want to go public. Having said first, once an FBI investigation, then, as some kind of a formal investigation fusing to testify last week refusing to testify this Monday, so there Say: ok, well, we'll let you testify, despite all this, despite all this one. They were going over female attorney question and you're gonna have to go first year heuiser, that's the way it works. The plaintiff goes first. If were the other way around, what exactly is the purpose? Cavanaugh, testifying.
If, as accuser doesn't even go. First, this oh thing is sickening and apparently she hasn t? What is it rich midnight tonight. Ten p m the lesson Three hours from now to accept The invitation. And by the majority on the committee, or there will be a vote on Monday, and I would say this: there should be no more invitation to should be over just vote on Monday. Show where is the guy behind the scenes monopoly This whole thing this law, Deborah cats in the rest of them. There in for the Senate Democrats. We all know what's going on here. The campaign event. This is a political event. I don't blame me I'm just an analyzing observing what's taking place, you can blame the Democrats and, as this has unfolded, keep a couple other things in mind,
What you ve heard of the last several days you ve heard from many of Congress Democrats, you ve, heard from surrogates in the media in some of their host, something to the effect that all Women are always telling the truth or presumed be all men. Are always lying or presumed to be when it comes to. Sexual harassment, issues You ve heard Joe Biden say among others, need a hill that you must presume that the accuser is telling the truth and the accused MOSS prove otherwise. Would you the other day? This turns the entire notion of justice in this country on its head? Why should we. Women are always telling the truth. Men always hard.
Or the presumed, not to me particularly old white, meant that we had to buy into this crap Allah doing now, I'm not what also we heard all women. Our victims are presumed to be victims, All men are perpetrators or presumed to be. Perch perpetrators That is the foundational principle for all this. I know. To be true because I keep hearing it. I keep hearing it. I keep hearing these these generalizations. These attacks. Some of the Democrats, this really isn't about Doktor Ford, actually occurred thirty six years ago in high school. Who- What to whom is, in fact nothing was done and, if so, by home, where, when her
nothing to do with any this, because none of that would be. None of that will be learned anyway, none of it. This is about power. One of my concerns with the Republicans allowing any hearing at this point after the hearings actually closed, is. Is there creating a precedent for this endless tree free and deception by the Democrats When a hearing is over, we saw in the I need a hill accusations. You are rewarding this kind of untoward behaviour by the Democrats. And you start negotiating and so forth. You already is effectively them too much. Another concern I have is I think this is the end of it they make.
Something else in the course of a hearing. Maybe somebody else will say you know thirty six years ago, he attacked me too. While do you know where, when I don't know where we're on our way of a pattern, he gave my point. The Democrats are quite capable. Love springing something else: and under the same circumstances, where the simply is any evidence for anybody to go on, and so. This is a year and other states, and I want you to know something On Sunday night at ten p m o my factual. Life Liberty and Levin as I've talked about it on the Van TV and on the radio. But I go very, very deep into this subject. I don't,
and have a guest. It is a special life. Liberty and Levin would just me behind my desk. And I spent the entire our going through the history of what the devil Hats have done the judicial nomination process. I provide substantial evidence. Most of you, ve never seen before. Every Tat have come out of the shadows in the past, The form of memos involving TED Kennedy, Patrick lay he Dick Durban, Chuck Schuman, among others,. I explained the history of this process and what's been done to it, I I show you I I proof. The way the Democrats have shifted. Positions or multiple times, depending on who the present it is an honour. The nominee is enough ass. We get into the commonest situation. I think you're find it enormously compelling.
I would encourage you, your family, your friends, your colleagues to watch it. It's ten p m eastern time, seven p, M Pacific terminal. Actions, channel life, Liberty and Levin guess. If you will now have never done this before on Fox ever. Such a special edition of the Show- and I hope, your watch it. I hope the republican senators will watch and I hope the Republic of members of the house will watch. Because it's time as a nation that we confront this what's taking place here, that we have the guy To confront it to unravel it, to expose it as what's taking place, there is nothing to do with women's rights. Nothing. And look at the perversion of justice
It would have us embrace from the idiot Joe Biden. To the other idiots. There are so many makes an accusation- that's thirty, six years old and they have no specifics virtually to support it. That's believable it's not believe a born, a court of law. It's not believe along a similar case or criminal case. It's not believable. If you have a mediator and arbitrator, it's not believable period. The left has an agenda, and so we need to confront this and we're going to. To really don't miss it remarkable Things to do you, my motto recorded. Right back pain
tv all over to this may be the tipping point for the president. Though he may really bring Mohammed down on rose and still fire fire now now again, let's circle back here, because sir worth repeating. People listen one hour. They may not be here another hour. The New York Times, Holocaust denial near times is not be believed. Any more than the anonymous are bad, which was set up to attack the president, this is their goal. You need to understand the the the group mentality, the New York Times. The vast majority of these so called newsrooms, is to take out the president.
Us read these articles and listen to these news reports. Were that context in mind. Why would the New York Times publish a leak like this from a cave and or the special council about, rose and steal one of their hero. One of their hero, the man to whom Buller purportedly reports men who appointed Mala the special council. Why would they? Why would they report this about rose and stand in this meeting of seven, but he said in his innocence that he should be wired, singular record the present
station and maybe we recruit cabinet members to invoke the twenty fifth amendment will first of all he threw surrogates denies Did he ever mention the twenty fifth amendment at all and in this respect to the wire they just apartments said there was a sarcastic comment and even the professor from George Washington Turley has fallen for this because he sang you, don't joke about stuff like this, the department didn't say he joked said he was are casting now. Why would he be sarcastic and saying this because it turns out? Ladies and gentlemen, the Mister Mc Cave was in the meeting. He was the deputy director. The FBI at that point was the acting
Director, the FBI and he was demanding a criminal investigation, be launched against the presently alone state demanding. And it was rose and steam who was reluctant at that time. And then rose and steam eventually kaput. Delighted in his own way, by appointing a special council in violation of the apartment, addressed, rose, I didn't say, wasn't a coward. I did He wasn't unethical because of these conflicts, Thank you must read this peace and try and you're out what's going on, and what's going on as they want Donald Trump, the fire rose and steam despair.
Council wants from the fire rose and student. Listen to me, just Mackay wants from the fire rose and steal. The Democrats welcome the fire rose and state before the mid term election. They have nothing President right now, and then they want to see how rain down on him. As a result of this, they want to see Republicans running for reelection running away from him. They want to see. Absolute chaos in the mid term elections. They want to see the Democrats take seventy eighty seats in the house. Two representatives take huge numbers of seats in the United States ten all intended to take our trump that's their goal before the mid term election for the president to fire roasting. This is an attempt to get him to do.
Many conservative commentators have already fallen for this gas get rid of my god. You read the New York Times. Yes,. Why look what they share? Look! What's going on here, a twenty fifth amendment he should wear a wire. You can have a deputy attorney general and defiance like this page that farm back today by yesterday, yeah, do you have the power to do it? Do it Mister president, clean it up? No, don't do it! Mr President, you wanna, do you do after the election? You know do it now. They have nothing on you. I don't care what they write in their impeachment report will have to deal with it. They have nothing on you, MRS, was set up.
The special councils office- Andy Weissmann, in particular the hack deputy there once the present at the fire mowers boss, because they have anything particular year to complain about, but they have nothing on the president. When accuse him of obstruction, they want to see a setting a nightmare to curse scenario. They want constant references. The Watergate. They want all that they want it for the next forty five days in the lead up to the election. They want the democratic base all fired up. They want the media fired a ball engines going all cylinders, maximum speed, that's what they want. Does anyone about rose and state? That's. My point is about Trump. The New York Times doing this they're not doing it because they did I rose and stained they have loved, rose and stand up to this point. They have defended
those. Instead, they defend the Department of Justice. They have defended the FBI. Why should they that's all their sources, but this one's different? When you see, ladies and gentlemen,. When you see a stampede in one direction, you better stop and pay attention. What's goin on here, it's like invest everybody's move? In that way, you probably should move another way. So we have a stampede now with the liberal voting. The president shimmered today he better not fire. I wasn't sting a better, not meaning he better fire rose in Spain. That shows how we And then you have people. On our side, who have really thought this through very well: there need jerk their nature,
The Kavanaugh case in this case really have a lot in common when you think about it: they're all about politics, they're all about getting trump they're all about advancing the power. The left, I don't need lectures from Kirsten Gillibrand about women. Have a mother. Have a wife have a daughter pandora. I was stepdaughter ever mother in law, plenty women of my life to talk to her she's, not one of them, she's a left wing, hateful hack who had no problem, Working hand in hand with Bill Clinton, as recently as two years ago,. When he was running raising money for her, we don't need lectures. Democrats about women when ten, Any lead that party for decades. We don't need lectures from Democrats about women. Given what took place in the oval office energy,
Kennedy Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton when an aid lectures from them. Rats about women who ignored one a broader and Paula Jones and Catholic Willie, but worse trash them and then. Emanated the woman who had trash them there. Trot, predators, wife, Hillary Clinton, I wouldn't leave lectures from these people. I'll be right back with a daily fake news Don pouring through your tv mobile phones, computers, you may have missed some real news, like the recent study in the journal saw metabolism scientists, Acted a correlation between growing rates of obesity and processed food, but what this study discover was that these foods also appear to lead people to over eat. Here is the bottom line. You need fresh fruits and Vegetables
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from teaching into online courses that you can take for free, new course you'll learn exactly what kind we should be doing and what it shouldn't have got to the states and today how we can start to restore a more constitutional congress. The core is free to you. My listeners and register, you'll be in place to take it to me play side would like you to register right down. How do you do it? You just go to then, for hills they about come L, easy. I am for Hills, Dale, DOT, com, it's free, it's free, Sir MR immediately enjoy the course their educational theirs? obstructive and they and enjoying all go to LIVE four hills: Dale, dot com, L, Eve, the iron for hills, doubt that come You notice, when you debate an issue with a left us, and I watch this on these tv- shows all the time they Stay on point I want to stay on the subject you wanna talk about doctor for these,
user they want to talk about Anita Hill. You want to talk about any the hill than they want to talk about sexual harassment. Generally, you want to talk about throw harassment generally, then they want to talk about what took place in nineteen twenty three, because this is what they do. This is what they do. They don't really want to be pinned down they don't really want to be pinned down, And listen to the horrific things they have set about men about white men. About all white men Under the idiotic things they ve set about women women. Early, don't lie all them all of them is that our Justice work that our civil justice system works. He shopping court, oh you're, a woman, okay and you're, a man while we reverse this now so, rather than proving your case, plaintive woman, it's they defended,
EL, who has to prove that you're allegation is false. Is that what happens? Is that not stupid. Then why the hell should have happen in the Senate Judiciary Committee. That way why do we listened to these knucklehead these Democrats, who are nothing bottom fears in the United States Congress Pooch Don't try to turn group against group whether its skin color, whether its age, gender its income, whatever the hell, it is another problem, dont, Peach Cavanaugh after the fact, Management, even ahead of what are your rushing for: rushing for actually have a vote on the hearing. What Rushing foreign impeachment for God's sakes. I am telling you. I'm not talking this, just a hawk it I'm telling you please watch my Sunday show this Sunday, please on life liberty and live in ten PM, Eastern Sevenpm Pacific,
I cover this from soup. The nuts and that's the nuts, by the way and, I hope you're watching Levin TV, where were I want a hell of a good time and explaining so much My radio programme here his Katy Ter a nobody. And MSNBC host, and- and may I say because apparently this is what you need to say- she's white, but she preferred. To be a woman now I dont know what she of self identified as cut one go This is its. If this is true of the White House, thesis is credible and anyway, this is bad news. I imagine for run allege that this is the New York Times we ve, but you know what that's what I'm saying there: interchangeable diet for
ten year, I imagine the president would want to get rid of only already does want to get rid of them. This would give him justification for doing so. Would you so I'm S NBC, wants Trump. The fire rose instinct, the New York Times once Trump, the firers instinct, think it through that's what they want. Douglas Brinkley on CNN, partisan historian cut to go and the really running revelation, which seems to me to be source that he was considering wearing a wire century go in and now in secretly tape. The president of the United States, usually the Justice Department. Happy. I will do that with the mafia, king, pins or or Armenia drug dealers. In here
is on the verge of doing it. We actually do in the trunk campaign or may have go ahead. The net effect of all this is to kind of playing trumps narrative that there's a deep state people around. Get me. Do you know the witch hunt of them all investigation, which leads to the conclusion of course There are times peace, the fire Rosen stay right. Now. We also have this miscreant, Michael Cohen, whose plead guilty colonies. Who will lose as law, licence. They now he has built up by the media and the left. It is a very noble man, just Ass Lady Davis, Michael Cornish to be believed, even though his fallen, even though he will be disbarred,
Even though it violated attorney climb privilege and confidentiality, and all of you who have seen Lars and Talk delors, that's what you want from a lawyer. Isn't it now speaking like a stock pig nodes. Self serving. He's out there now you see he's In Japan, all of a sudden We now have our Russia collusion guy he's gonna, link it altogether. But why do we need Michael Cohen to do it? I thought it was obvious that the trunk campaign was colluding with the Russians. I thought it was. Obviously Trump family was colluding with the with the Russians but it was obvious that isn't I why we get a special council? Firstly, now you don't understand now it's Michael Corridor, Mister, Taxicab battalion guy he's got a good John trump him. I thought it was gates. Now I thought it was.
But dabbled now I Torres manner and now it's Cohen, he knows MR fix it. How do we know this? Because Adam Shift tells us cut three go? They have no idea what Michael Cohen, has to say and Michael Cohen, could certainly shed light on the issue of collusion or conspiracy if they were a pardon if the present reach out to him to try to get him historic here we have Adam shift, testifying for Michael Cohen. Adam shift is very excited his wedding themselves himself. He believes is gonna, be the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee he's raring a girl. He opposed area investigation. Undermine every investigation that now is very excited or gas MAC.
Head bent on either lash money payments or something else evidence of witness tampering, or journalism in this business guy just blurting things out and, of course, This is foreseen and this is real news. It's nothing but gossip, nothing, but propaganda. But it's are treated as news go ahead and then again, Michael CO and they have to say, look can't help you on this, but I can tell you about something else that you're not aware that you should be aware of there's ten years of that that by cocoa and could share with a special council while knowledge me used to find that out to the state of New York or the southern district of New York or anywhere else. But Michael. One is in a position to offer a great deal of special comes to Michael. How is the new James Coma? You see, I hated him, they trash them now. They love a man of nobility and integrity,
and he might do this anymore- do that any might do than any might do this and he might do this Adam shift. You. The biggest low life of low lives politics, you really are, and there are so many by you pal you're the lowest snake in a bunch. The lower snake in the bunch he justice and weed Back in four because these are overlapping it. This is the case with this, Judiciary committee and the southern stuff is a a pay. Part of the government any certainly a political party that has gone rogue. That has gone wrong That has gone soviet. So we move from that way. Montage of Democrats.
About bread, cabin on his accuser had tipped gravy and for putting this together Kirsten Jill, Abram, Tammy Duckworth truck sure, Jill Bran again come our Harris. Maisie Verona richer Blumenthal Adam, if some Sanders Jill Abram go ahead, I believe doctor z forward because she's telling the truth- and you Know- I believe our cause she's telling the truth. This idiot, Gila bran actually believes Enough Idiot Democrats, they nominate her for President United. I believe cause she's telling the truth. What kind of a fool is this denies being at the party. To begin with, does accuser might have mistaken him,
for someone else? What's your reaction to that? Well, I've heard many many predator, say and and refute allegations against so timid Duckworth has concluded he's a predator of very many predators, say things like that. And because time is a woman, And curtains, a woman there lay the sailors and you're not to criticise which, of course, I do because remember to take anything away from all. Is all women are telling the truth. All presumed to be telling the truth. All men are lying or presumed to be learned. All women are times are presumed to be victims and all men are perpetrators are presumably be perpetrated, etc. Taking individual cases do pray, this is out. The window. Objectivity is out there Your hearing, it right here, go ahead, professor forward. I think she's, credible
Think when the investigation is finished and when she testifies and judged carbon. What testifies a majority of senators we'll find her credible. What is at me, what does that mean? Chuck Schumacher, thinks she's kind, Well then, I guess she must be credible, but trot Humor is orchestrating this entire thing. He has in the past, as I will prove on Sunday go ahead as this. The trauma she's been dealing with their whole life. She doesn't want to being a bedroom but doesn't have to door. How does jeweller brand all anybody know. I don't believe this was in the media. Why? Because that conspiring? That's why their collaborating. The sharing information go ahead.
Can it be about listening to what each party has to say, but I believe her pupil users come our Harris, we're gonna, listen what each party has to say, but I believe her God. Forbid, if any these people, wherever on a jury, God forbid, if they were ever judges, go ahead, I could tell you did because I'm a ring of truth to it. I am sceptical polygraph for those who believe him. She is Now what has had me, Durban means nothing. But he wants to believe so. I believe, Major Verona who has been a stand out idiot in this whole thing, Democrat Hawaii go we re darted forward as I refer to her because she makes a very credible in case I believe, doctor for desired further. Why aren't you supposed to refer her? That's her name.
But she makes out a very credible case. What case? Where did this happen? I don't know What exactly did it happen? I don't know We get there. I don't know how you get home. I don't really know who'd. You discuss this with nobody. While it says we discuss it when you therapists, but I did, but you don't mention cabin on their well, that's what I meant why'd. You come so light to the committee. Why did you go to the Washington Post? First and foremost, I mean she shouted credible case, ladies and gentlemen, because Maisie is it Eddie And I say that as a white male, but not as an all white male, yet richer Blumenthal, another old white male go ahead, but we ve got before this
liver is every reason to do so. So now he believes are and she's a survivor. What is the point of having a here, ladies and gentlemen, why there? How are the Republicans putting up with this? This is a star chamber. Less than their telling you why we shouldn't have another hearing, there's no point to this. We can walk carefully here. We gonna walk very carefully. Does it sound like their walking carefully just tell the truth what's taking place here, I'll, be right back, I return you go online.
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just to get on the air right right, rich and just to do the show we go through as just incredible here. Let me take a call. Let us go to. Tricia Tucson, Arizona, the great can s t go. I mark I've, never called envy for em all required. So I have a lot of time to follow this very closely and you really struck and now- Me tonight, when you talked about your theory that they were turned to fire Rosen and I totally agree with you- because I thought to myself one of those tax to obstruct it was right after my case was in charge because call me was fired and a stupor re wasn't Virginia? He wasn't confirmed and one of the tax said we ve got
do this, while Andy is still in charge. While it is a great point well, I thought it would occur every year theory because I think was one of those people that was so annoyed with Rosenstein thinking. I thinking know away, he hasn't fired him already, but I really It was here- and I know I'm not saying he shouldn't just not now exactly not till after the election. Well. Let me tell you something: you're very, very sharp. You did put it together and I want it- you for your call very, very much. We have a powerful our left its last hours a week, so you want to stick with us and I'll, be right back
now run only underground the bowels of a hidden somewhere under the brick and steal over nondescript building. We once again made contact with our leader. Everybody Mark Levant. Here are number eight, seven, seven, three, eight one, three eight one one. I want to congratulate Tucker Carlsson and his producers. On the first hour this programme, I explained what I thought was happening with the New York Times, and he repeated almost word for word at eight p m tonight, so, let's least run the same sheet music here. This happens to the show all the time. Just so you know it's no brag. It's just fact you can check it yourself, listen to my first hour and then listen to that.
But since I am the one who said it. Certainly originally I'll, just Peter one more time, China, the waste, your time, watching that and it is that the New York Times peace with the Mackay Monroe. Instead is set up. They want trumped the fire rose and stay now before the mid term elections. There nothing on the present, the United States, I believe the leaky that came from the special council or from a keyboard- who were trying to go the present an undefined rose and sting they like rose and steam. They ve never attacked and before the pages of the New York Times better fact, they defend him. Defend him again. Republicans in the house and so forth. But here they kind of trash men, paragraph five of the article he regurgitate. What D Mackay put in himself serving memo and the entire purpose is.
To go the present, the United States in a firing, Rosen stained and you ve, had number of commentators exactly that now? Why would the New York Times what the present the United States to fire referencing to create what they believe would be an offence to create absolute chaos before the mid term elections see the Republicans run in fifteen different directions to set even those races that may well be a republican victories. And to create a massive landslide for the Democrats, this is a set up. That's exactly what it is. I'm not special pleader for rose and steam- quite quite the opposite,. Those issues about arose and steamer quite separate from what this New York Times pieces about, rose and steam has denied this ah They just apartments Eddie was being sarcastic. Professor Turley misinterpreted that to be a joke, They didn't say, made a joke. He was being sarcastic. Why? Because,
being pressured by none other than Andrew Mikhail than the acting directive, the FBI to launch a criminal investigation against the President Rosen steam apparently was resisting eventually buckled and then that fateful appointment of a space council, in violation of the Department of Justice regulations and his own conflict of interest, as he recommended the firing a coma and then on the footnote part the choice, Fifth amendment they flat out deny that that ever came up politician missed Mc caves, member will mister MC cave newly. Was writing these members to cover his ass this reason Commie wrote memos to these are called self serving memos. That's what they are. They mean nothing An interesting LISA Pages notes turned over to Congress and others has no references Twenty Fifth amendment or on she was one of seven people in the meeting became page rose in Spain and for others
In another person there was in the meeting said the twenty fifth amendment never came up and in fact Rosen steam was being sarcastic. Again, not a defence arose and stand in the least every I'm the New York Times goes to print. It has as its purpose to destroy this presidency. And you must keep that in mind. When you're reading their articles like the anonymous op Ipad. They never had an anonymous appeared before then. I'm aware of that, trashing, the president raising questions about his mental stability ass in the administration, though, grab on anything I'll grab onto a morose I'll grab onto a porn star in her lawyer LE grab onto whatever they need Egremont in Lhasa concoct things. The letter People around the president and his administration, like Nicky Hayley,. My great crime, only the curtains and her off
this problem. Why should in order the curtains and her office, the Obama administration in oh excuse, ass? We do want to trash Obama, we apologise So this piece in the New York Times the Holocaust denial New York Times and the criminally investigated Mister MC cave read this with your eyes. Wide open understand, what's being done here. What the purpose of this is, they think you're, buncher roofs, they think the present. It is simply an emotional rack who will lash out? have some conservators. Unfortunately, who have taken the hook. And I explained this all within the first ten or fifteen minutes, down this programme and It's been repeated almost verbatim on Fox, and I want to congratulate the host for having excellent ears, because this
What's going on here, and I would encourage the back benchers all over the country to take another look at this, rather than fall for the trap, the New York Times is out Try this president, like the Washington Post, Sir MSNBC Assembly, all arrested, they don't hide. The fact even though they pretend to be journalists, News organisations they are what they are, they can pretend to be were taken if identify as news organisations, but their genitalia tells us otherwise. They are a bunch of you know. What's I won't say MR produce, even though I could legally, I won't say it. We have Joe Biden Joe Biden, references deliverance. I would have thought he reference deliverance. He would be referencing Joe Scarborough, who does look like the banjo playing kid on the bridge.
It was apparently born of incest. I'm just saying the looks and not the conduct their remind me of Jos Garber very much. So why does Joe Biden is dumb as they come? Why does he reference the movie deliverance tat honour? Bert Reynolds now dimension my friend John White, no mother. Seen is very much in Joe binds mine. It's not much of a rape seen, thank God. But there was a grotesque part of the movie. Because he's comparing the allegations against cabinet to the deliverance scene had Tipp NEWS, busters cuts, it's important. It is important that people understand and I think people do
understand how hard it is to come forward and I always say the menacing. Why so hard? How about if you've been abused? Do you see the movie deliverance happen? If you were the guy strapped to the tree, would you come forward if you want to relive that Some dead we urge your deadly earnest and your stupid as adorn up supposed to take you serious Lee reference the movie deliverance. How about we reference the Duke lacrosse players who are accused of gang rape. Every one of them was innocent. Joe Biden, who would tell you that we need to defend people who are accused of terrorism. Used a mass murderer who accused of mass rape, they need to be defended through our judicial system. And yet when it comes to a head
how many do the Supreme Court there treated worse than a terrorist worse in a mass in Joe Biden should know Joe Biden, Then the head soviet style prosecutor, many these Is he conspired? Would many these leftwing organizations. Ten twenty years ago, to destroy numerous nominees. But this is what petitions do unlike the legal system, unlike the constitutional system,. The end, justifies the means and for Joe Biden, that's that's how it works. The end justifies the means. Believe. The victim in this is judged cabinet, the acute you didn't come forward in time for a full hearing during the hearing process. She can't remember particulars My turn about complicated things can remember almost any Our told that, while the the accused has to demonstrate that
That she's wrong and he's right and by the way in questioning the accuser you questioner on wednesdays, you can't quit There was a female lawyer. You can't questioner this can't questioner that so you got all kinds. Are rules out there two immunize, the accuser and two, and to hold that the accused is guilty. Before dealing is done. I played you some of the montage I couldn't play anymore, but last hour, just to disgusting too stupid. Here is more Joe Biden. Cut seven: go to do an FBI investigation. We therefore need a hill of today's number. One number two, most importantly I need a hill was vilified and she came forward. My allotted my call: anyone here was not vilified and need. A hill was question washing her to this day. As do many, many people. I also recall that
one point during her allegations. They took a pollination wide in the majority, I can people in believer either Anita Hill wasn't vilified needed help became famous she's. Now, a professor, at Brandeis University. She wasn't brave. And I get into this a little bit on Sunday too, because rewrite history, that's what the left do they rewrite history, So now we have this magnificent associate justice of the Supreme Court. Honestly, I think the best. And now we're supposed to believe Anita Hill. Why? Because Joe Biden is rewriting history because Gila Brand and all the rest of the Democrats in the Senate, not all, but the vast majority are miscreants. They ve dry, the judicial review process, They know who they are, and I know who they are. So we all know who they guy it
estimation I wish I could have done more to prevent those questions and away they asked and prevent the questions in the way they ask. Most aggressive? Questioner? Was Ireland spectre? Hardly a right, winger. And so you see, ladies and gentlemen, in a court of law, civil or criminal you get cross examined. If your witness your plane of two in the case of a similar case, you get. He get examined. You have depositions even Iraq or towards your discovery and similar case. You call to take the stand. You take the stand and your question aggressively by the defendants lawyer in a criminal case. Your question aggressive.
By the defendants lawyer- and you have a very high standard that you have made it through the plaintiff and criminal case. The government. Beyond reasonable doubt beyond reasonable doubt,. Here, the democratic. No doubt they will evidence. There are facts. There's no legal status, no standard, they just believer in so we get lectures by reprobates like Joe Biden, lecture from Robin. And we want to hear about his gay rape comparison either. This is a very stupid man who happened to it, elected vice president, I states, by holding a holding onto the coat tails of a radical left us by the name of Barack Obama,. He's the last man they ought to talk to his smear merchant, the way when after Bork
where they went after Clarence, Thomas the, whether when after genuine by the name of Miguel Estrato a latina the way they went after a couple of dozen honourable decent, brilliant lawyers and and professors and judges and so forth, as they were, seeking to serve their country in heightened position. Just destroy that's new in american history and thrilling. The last thirty years. It's not the way it always used to be. You know come to think about what I think of thee deliverance rape seen mister producer, I kind of do think it. Joe Biden will be Back then, ever hear of Donnie. Deuce Donny
is a regular guest on the morning schmo and soon to be Mr Smell, a K. The morning from MRS Smet on I myself, dusty, and the reason they invite Donnie douche every time To come on the programme is because he's a flake me, no, I just like. And Donnie do she's on there to say the most outrageous things he possibly can my guy by the line just thought I'd mention that any self identifies as a mail. But who knows so here's Donnie douche on the morning, Schmo show today had too bright bar cut ten go and they move for the Republicans at this point, because, basically, you sing on display a metaphor of like what this party is. Basically ignorant, white man and you just ignorant white men, all you females who
hobbled guns. You are obviously ignorant white men metaphorically, not literally I would love to smack this guy around you know me must introduce a verbal he, of course, verbally. He slobbering buffoon go ahead. Or a movie like what were they seem like all of us and they stepped forward any any leaders there and said you know what this is at the very least to stay. We can't deal with, and particularly of just say, this is not the right thing and we need to move on and would not send a signal women I non living in dreamland, but I don't know what the other players for them It's not a play. You moron. Sure this guy's lived a very, morally stray life doesn't I, like it like so many others in the media, so many other their hosts. Whatever happened a mouth mark Halpern anyway, where's mad Lauer Charlie rose
Too many, the name actually. To this guide, ninety douche. Is really another reprobate. Taking all white man, you know white men, men, the only group of people in this country can be talked about this way. And often by white men. So now you're supposed to be ashamed. If your white man and I guess children should be ashamed to and you and children should be ashamed to. You see how far these civil rights movement has come. You see how far the left has come. The left, the Democrats I've always use race, others, slavery and segregation, now There told white men. They are a truly. Honourable and unconscionable lot, then. Yet
we actually have so called news organisations they give voice to this. Donny You shouldn't be a a guest. If we had a serious news media in this country, Jake Tapir, the golden age of journalism,. We need a free press for morons like this. There morons like this in every country, particularly totalitarian countries, if Donny Douche wasn't on MSNBC, probably on a street corner in a raincoat coming out at the top of his lungs. Maybe he's into the movie deliverance too. Maybe he likes the rape seem like the vice presently announced that you never know. We were United States Senator from Rhode Island, so former prosecutor he's a trust fund. Baby. Let's wisely speaks like pork, the pig and Daffy duck
The red to yesterday, the peace by a professor, maybe was the day before from the universe. Now, if I am a school of law, Who was trying to tell the left the Democrats, the media had one peach cabin. I should he be confirmed all this. There was picked up by Sheldon houses, we like to call him Shelly, Picked up by Shelly White House, and tell you what Shelly had to say when we return in a world where they liberal abroad, these truck full of hot constant torsional asphalt mark within No hurried, seven, seven, three, eight one, forty eight one, one where
please Democrat women when we need a broader came forward. We're all these democratic women when Paula Jones, broader Lhasa,. We're all these democratic women cast Will he came forward? Where were they. These people are liars their frauds on the left. All these standards. He didn't say there to be believed they went out to destroy them. And I remember Joe Biden talking about Deliverance back then, even though we obviously harboured some man, some dreams about the rape scene,. That'll, remember all this talk about old white men, her men period. I don't remember this talk about bill. Went and having to prove his innocence COS
guilty until proven innocent. Do any of you remember any that have a merry Joe Copeck me. The worst situation of them all. Do they really want to know what TED Kennedy did course now they embraced had Kennedy Mccain, embraced, had Kennedy Biden, Durban Shoe The Kennedys were known as women, The old man, Joe Senior John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, God rest their souls seriously. Ted can
even some of the offspring. Now, though, respect women just a joke, Camelot, really warlike bread and circuses. Quigley LE lectures from these Democrats. Who have. We all know ship. Already, when it comes to morals, they lectures from them. The Republicans there's so gutless. They never stand up and defend themselves, let alone defend the rest of us. That is regular. Americans. The fact of the matter is they don't support women superwoman export abortion, they dont support women as independent.
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Effort, a Tom Hearken, a left wing cook, democratic, Senator retired, from Iowa We have invited truck taught on the programme and you know what he doesn't even respond. How disrespectful must be a white guy think he is a white guy. Cut. Eight go, there's no signed by the way before we go to this clip used to white guys talking to each other. Should that be illegal. Can I go? There is no such thing as a fair irritability check. Without the investor Sooner or later, I mark my words warrant investigation into this lady subsequent Congress, subsequent Congress. Will investigate a sitting Supreme Court justice. Ever happen to the independence of the judiciary,.
Not so independent anymore, is it telling you the left? This will burn down every institution, tradition, custom principle that we have. They do not give a you know what. And shallow you hear Shelly Whitehouse. May I call you Shelly while I well anyway, Shelly Whitehouse leading pack he's a tough guy from Rhode Island. You know: go ahead, With having something like this take place and then have a federal judge, perhaps lie about And then fail to most basic task of investigation, not generate. I don't understand they wanted an investigation right. Well, then, why didn't die Einstein bring the accusers name forward now, seven weeks ago well, you see, we didn't want it to them and she had repressed.
And now her memories, false image and full blown o. The timing is perfect. Her lawyers are perfect. No, ladies and gentlemen, I want an investigation to. I want to know the extent to which the Democrats in the Senate are feeding the lawyers for this accuser, I want to know the extent to which their strategizing together and I know they are, I want to know their email exchanges, their text exchange. Any hard document exchanges how many phone calls have taken place between these senators than these lawyers between their staff and these lawyers Because then, the whole city operation will be exposed to a matter of fact. We saw this they two thousand, as I will explain and show you my Sunday night factual. This is what they're doing
These lawyers and this accuser than on operating in a vacuum the being told what to do. Their public and say Wednesday. She says Thursday the Republican say, will have a female lawyer question. You see relic complain that there a bunch all white men. She insists that the senators question public and say: ok, you'll go first you're, the accuser. They accuse will go. Second, the Huge or we'll go second, the accused First, that is unheard of. Does a man you think, the accuser and her lawyer. Working up all these argument. No, no! It's! The Democrats who are in there In the Republicans capitulate, which they say they want in another hour or so, if the lorries have accepted the so called
firms like there's a negotiation going from the committee and the accused then they will vote on Monday, I'm not so sure she won't accept, will see Because I think, as she does, except it be prepared for something. They're gonna spring more surprises. But wait a minute. There was a witness. Oh really is she didn't want to come? but she's coming forward. Now, oh benefactor to witness really too, what does year. Oh, yes, wolden? Why didn't we know about this? Before I mean the public were publicly, she couldn't remember. She didn't want to come for the weren't any witnesses. Neither with hay. What a woman Haider? What are you a white guy? You don't get, they ask any kind Since when a boy, I'm sorry not, are you not sorry working to remember this organ just like we did during the Anita Hill. Where going to remember you? Oh yes, we are you hate
nine on. Yes, you do that Douche says you know. An Challis White House. He says so too so must be true. You got shallying Donnie douche, I mean they would never lie there, not political they're, not hacks, no they're interested in getting to the bottom up as I said to you the other day, put yourself in cabin our shoes. What do you do? What can you say, Other than no, I didn't know I didn't know, I didn't you're not presented with anything to counter. While this is we were at this house. While I was never happen,. While this is wanted occurred. While I was at another place when they occur.
While I drove home well, who did you? home with we'd like to see if you this corroboration. I know remember what kind Transportation, did you take when you going down- and I recall it at this time in this particular hearing. Under no system of real justice would this be tolerated, ladies and gentlemen, not under any, but this isn't about justice, about injustice. Take one item of nitrogen and bonnet with one atom of auction. You know it. You have now paradox. I no. Why is important because it is very, very important for your energy use Raided nitric oxide had to say miracle molecule. Your own body makes that use your cardiovascular health and keeps you vibrant now you needed at all ages,
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and I do want to thank the gentlemen who substituted for me early, in the wake, both white men by the way I notice, although by Gino is like me a little bit of olive skin man may I say, Man brought in modern, damn bond GINO, let's take it You more calls here, Cheryl Parks, you talk on the market of an app go a mark, we often refer to it at park city because our so dark friendly air wonders anyway. I certainly do not have repressed memories anyway. Discussing cursing Gilad brand earlier in the show, and my memory recalled dad She ran right to every camera she could get in front of and talked about how mattress girl I believe we all now that story turned out rumour that ok for this girl walked round with the matter. Executing student was fraud the up until now the fence-
one in her mouth that we should display this. Professor Ford, for the sake of it to find around this man's life over it either teenage China with wonder producer, and it I've been having some serious talk with him, about how he's gotta be rarely careful on. This? This is really. The point is, if you have a son or grandson and so forth, this. These are scary, scary times. A really scary timed, because the overwhelming majority of men, young men in this country a very decent, immoral people. Despite who here each and every day, We have a son I mean they ever target on them. They do they just do now. Thank you. A car at the end of the week
my country and on our view, America.
dont forget this Sunday, ten p m the Fox NEWS turn honestly, its especial don't miss it. We saw it our armed forces, police officers, firefighters, Ameriky person, other border patrol ice, all of our friends in law enforcement can each Friday can I Griffin, can I Pepsi Can I smoke Eagle, Eyed Zelda and get I tol you beautiful dogs and animals out there get out, yet the Taliban get around, get ISIS get all those subhuman pack.
See on Monday.
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